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, Tsx;Usjie U pablished every Wedaesday
aaeAiag i4k-town of Ashlaad, Ashlaad co..
.Bee ti Uua Sc0 war B.. McMahaa'a Store. J
tyfcaioa, will-osi furnished to ssibacdbersj
a the rate of TWO- DOLIno jw ""-i
if paysajt be aasda before tha expiration
ka a(Vr;wo,lDoj.4-Ao-fr,rTTr Cmts,
.,.riU variably ba charged, if payment bede
tttecTiitr after the expiration of 1he year. i .
VUCtiri'9J isfall, odi;iTa otic,oC
idrseontiBaaees ta tha Tb!ither,Vt tha cloae e
"...lkVia aubacribod for, ,wille coasideredan
eagagemeat for tha Mt')nt," aor oi yearly
Utaf year; : -- " , , ,
"iaaioIjiT n'-1' Unit J ' ''
;Oaa '.equere, U lines or. Wee, waeka ; ( . '
f- . m;; . v. . u ....' 1 1 ,00
nfiTaryaabeaqaaaliaeertieai. ...... 37
Dee eanare months.. ............... -s. B.TJO
. , - . . ......
luae square ana rw... ...
-'na rbertB column on jwr.
4)ae third column oa year....-...-.; .17,00
One. hal f column oi year 25,00
-"TNrw fhirde column . year. V.V . 30,00
'. iTbraa fifthV ooJ nana . year. 36 ,00
-'Pae eblamtt' one year.
Hrftur Joet purchased aupeia new pre t,
e4 iad Urge lot of new type to ear already
exteaatYa aaaortoneat of Job materiala, , we are
liew rapre aa xeeater4a a atylolbat caanot
'M aarDaraad bV anr office iai thia acctloa o4
TBab,"'',, Boaai," Label a, '1 Circulara,
CuairM'DnAitrf KeeeipU, . Aetee,
rVaetareja BilU. r... Cheeka, : Maaifean
-aaiaakrai' r '"BntHamd," Trek(, ' Deeds,
4, la abort, erary deaciipUoa . of Plain and
;-4Mii tfae iaait atyle of the irt,- tad caanot
yait'ta gite aatiafactioow, :.,X. ordara proaaptly
;-BaU-t Deeds- ani; Justices Blanks,1 j
-apViita9ty oa haad and for ale at thia oft
. s.VuOar Blaaka are aaatiy priated aad oa tha
beaff aalty of paper, aadgira gaaoral aatiafac
aie.wub tboae who have aaed them.- Ordera
aapatfhlly aolicitad, tl.
' JC3T Thirteen deaths by cholera in
Toledo-da j beforeyeaterdaj official.
"'"Aa ld lady ia Ceirinatj,' who seUa
gg, has oyer her door, "'New laid -eggs
-TMrery morning,-bj Betty Briggs."
ri T.'. 'a-- - ' ' - " n
-.X3rThe JS"eW York. Times has been
.'jnterdlptedfjom circulatio J Ji France, on
' mctfonnt of its eensTirea of Lons '.NiPo-
-""JCS'TlIdlatest accounts 'fjrotn',, Mel
bourne, Australia, ;represent,that ,the
obeittrtt ana- dysentery preraiiea tnere
to ailarming extent.' f f
io ' --" 'i ' r ' ' -'n'i'"'-' ' '
JgTie German citizens of ous-
tonJkl,Iexas, JEiaVe, repudiated, the plat-
jFonnof the Freezna P,em6critsof.' Xhe
W-esfc.'' A truly sensible move.". Jj-'-.'
if - ': ; .- ; - -. ; t .' ' ;it
" ' jCSk, The .ouisville JpepiocTat says
ftiS Reported than one of '.the-' Hardin
aieamty jury,;; which acquitted ;''.Matt:
Ward, was recently bitten by a snake,
'jand tliat thmake died.
Three - expert English burglars,
iwith all the implements-of their profes-
- ion, hare been, arrested by the police pi
CVrXoraV: - .One of them was but about
jajmontha pqtJpf the,tate Prison. 'J
,3353rThV "deaths by -cholera in New
York for the week ending 'July 8, were
aun ley eight. There were thirty death8
by the disease in.Brooklynr L. L, during
.the, same period. ' ;, "...
.-r.'-A; a a..- i ..a...- . - .
, Dbcijwation. The LouisTille; Jour-
Ttal states that Gen.-1 War; - CX"1 Butler
has written a -letter tor he xeeuthre;
- -deeUning the office of G orernor of Ne
braska, to which h has- just been ' ap
pointed. s,!-" .
Suit Strock. Two
weresun -s truck oa last Saturday. - One
of iemjiamed Thomas Gabdiner, was
laborer on the landing, who died short
ly afterwards. The other. drayman
jtassed Georok HKmAji, who fell on
Main! near Sixth street, was for. some
iime,'.nsidered in danger. Can. '. Co
...Tbr -Fcsioir Th Abolitionists and
Freesoil "Whigs held, a convention at
Jackson, " Michlgah," "on the 6th, and
nominated Kwgslev S. Bingham, Free
joil Democrat, for '. Governor, and a coa
litior ticketT" Kesolntions to repeal the
Nebraska Bill and the Fugitive Slave
Law, and to abolish slavery in the Dis
trict of Columbia, were1 adopted unan
unoHsly - The Advertiser- and conserva
tive Whigs bolt, and there will proba
bly be a straight- Whig - ticket nomioa-
ted;': ., '
:"JiijLTB. or the Turkish Cokmander at
4SiLiSTRfA.Official intelligence has at
length beenreeeived relative to the death
of Muss Pacha. I The 3 1st of May. was
probably the day paVwhich the gallant
Osmanli was killed.; He was on his
jknees at midnight,' reciting his prayers,
And -while in the act of bowing his head,
a- cannon-ball struck him between his
shoulders. . When, some years ago, the
Prussian Captain of Artillery,' with six
pdn conuaksianed officers, arrived at Con
aiantinople, to each . the Turks the sci
enc' of -; gunnery Mu.ssa was a simple
- eannonierj but ; bi! closed, his career as
Chief of the General JtafiF of the' Artil
lery, and President of the Ordinanoe Pe.
partment in the Counsil of War,
r.i..- - - ' r
' 1 - -' . , " i' -
- CoisoRJiss Doings.-A letter from
Washington says the Civil- and Diplo
matic Appropriation Bill, which has
passed the House in a moderate shape,
will certainly be increased by several
.-millions In the Senate,- perhaps three or
four.' 'Pereontra, there will be no Riv
er Harbor BiU this session. No such"
bill can be got up now, without leading
to an interminable diseussion and delay
ing every other! business.
AlkfS'tmi ASIA.
00,000 AJIea T?oopaJisseiApitt online
. -
New YorbK Julf 12-9;P. M.
The steameiCisia, wfth rblar days later
h$ws from Europe, reached her wharf at
8 .Oj'clock this evening. - ; tt-;
Liveool Markets. McHenry's
Circular of June 30th says: ' "There
was a fair attendance to day ;. Flour sale
hie at Tuesday's rates; Wheat and In
dian Corn in good demand at reduced
quotations.. .
. ... Flour Western Canal 36s 6d37s;
Philadelphia 37s37s 6d;- Baltimore37s
37s 6d;- Ohio 40s40s 6d. . s
Advices of startling importance from
seat of war. : : - -
Napier fleet is anchored 25 miles from
Cronstrandt. '-
The allied squadron had been ordered
to blockade Russian- forts on the Black
Sea by the 1st of August. .
The operations in ten days will have
an army of.- 300,000 men stationed on
the frontier of Dalmatia to Bukooissa.
' Three British ships shelled Boomer
shultd on the 21st. .
" Ninety-two "buildings -were- burned,
and much- other property destroyed.
The embarkation of the French troops
for Varna continues. - '
; The French and English had 60,000
troops between Varna and Shumla. -.
' It Is stated that in an encounter at
Silestria between theRussians and Turks,
the latter lost 4100 and former 155.
.- Turkey has consented to open her forts
to the Greek flag.
-; The Pontoon Bridge at Kalarsch had
been destroyed by a storm, and 500
Russians drowned..' .
' A Vienna despatch Bays Czar's answer
to Austrians note had not arrived. -
Mahomed Pacha is marching to the
relief of Basava with 30,000 men.
. . E?JGi.AKn. The conclusion of a fishery
treaty between the United States and
Great Britain had been officially an
nounced to the Parliament.- ' - -;-,
JDhe Canada bill had passed through
committee."-' ;
The position Austria' had taken is
looked on with great distrust, and there
are many who. believe her object in tak
ing possession of -Turkish principalities
is to aid .the Emperor. .'. She is closely
watched however' by both England and
France. ... J-V.'-..-.-
France. Very little of importance
from this country -. - -.-:
. . Prince Charles Lucien Bonaparte fell
from bis horse and fractured a leg. - '
". The Turkish troops are marching on
Triscasta. - .
The Latest. The Czar' has left St.
Petersburg for the South.- ;." :;'
An allied expedition against Crimea is
actively fitting out.' , ... .
.' AH Austrian vessels of war have been
ordered to leave Trista for the east. : -' :
1 The flight of Russians from the Prin
cipalities is confirmed. '. .. ' ;
The Czar is about inspecting the for
tresses on the Black Sea. ' - -
" The new Austrian loan will be 350,-
000,000.' .;,
The works on the fortifications of St.
Petersburg are carried on incessantly.'
The French papers deny that 'Russia
evacuated the Principalities out of re
spect for Austria but that she preferred
a peaceful evacuation tq being driven out
by the combined forces of England and
France.. ;;. -. ; .
A letter from Odessa to the 15, states
that nine persons among whom were two
Russian .officers, had arrived in that city
from whence they were to be conveyed
by an escort to StJ Petersburgh. . " ; '
... These. individuals are accused of hav
ing set on fire the Military naval Maga
zine at Cherson, had been sentenced to
imprisonment for life, although they
pleaded their innocence to the last.''' ,
Admiral Phunridge is recalled from
the Gulf of Bothnia to the Gulf of Find
land and is replaced by Capt. Hall. -.
The .New Austrian . loan is to be in
creased to 400 millions pounds to be di
vided over a rather wider space of time
as regards the period, when the instal
ments are to be paid up.. The necessi.
ties of the government are very great. .
Paris, - Thursday. Intelligence has
been received here from Bucharest of the
24th that the Russians had carried off
the archives of Wallachia as the sole
trophy of their disastrous campaign.
The convention concluded on the 14th
of June with the Ottoman. port assumes
to Austrians and sanctions hef liberty
movements for the occupation of the
Principalities but the cabinet of Vienna
will not adopt any . resolution - on the
subject before receiving the answer of the
cabinet of St. Petersburg to its last sum
mons. '.'.-'-V ' '
'- The movements of Russia are of no
doubtful character. They are already
retreating, but Austria will delay her oc
cupation of the Principalities, to which
she is entitled by hef combination with
Turkey, until after the reception .of the
Russian summons, and the answer to the
Prussan note.which is every day ex
pected. .....i . - -. , - . - . ".
A letter, from Copenhagen to the -22d,
snys Danish vessels continue to be cap
tured j- and a great sensation is produced
among the merchants. . -.' -
Russian agents, have tried, to .excite
differences between the' Greek and sol
diers of the army of occupation.
Spain. Madrid, ,24th June The
city isperfectly tranquil. ' . -
, EasttortJ July 10. A large' fire occur
red at Lubee yesterday, consuming Fow
ler's paster mills, store, dwelling-house
and -two vessels.-: -Loss estimated at
$100,000, : - ,
h Albany, Tuesday,' July 11. The
business portion of Cexsackie village
was entirely destroyed by fire last night.
Forty buildings totally consumed, in
cluding three hotels and post office. Loss
from $50,000 to $75,000. ' -
Washington, Tuesday, July 11 The
Union offiicaly announces the appoint
ment by the President, of John McKeon
to the office of District Attorney of New
York, vioe Chas. O'Connor resigned. ;
AA.nb Wecrjuavvvlna'TiS
v at mm a i i
M OccBplstiooflPritod
I - . V StS V
. , J ASHIASD market. ( ...
' AaaLAKB. Julr 19. 185-
WaaAT.. , . . $8,00 a S.00
Ptoca per barrel.. .......-.....". $10,00
OATa. . .. ,V; 25 SS
COR )!( -s a eaiaea-a aaH 3? 40
TlHOTDT.... 9,00
Boi-raa fresh ia roll ...... 4 He
Eaaa. .......m .......... v . ........... ...... Se
Lakd. 6a
FtATHiai.,. ........ ...(j. . .J ............. ....40c
Bbkswax U.SOAtS
.. ., ,,: Kaw Yoaa, Jul 10.
. Floar More doing; market firmer ; aalea 8000
bbla 5,68 a S.75 for inferior atate; ,9 for commoa to
strait So; S.S8 a 7 for choice and favorite do; 6,87 a
7,15 for common to fancy brafide western; consid
erable portion of above taken for export; Canadian
firmlT lield at 7,85,' '
Wheat No important change; fair demand for
export; 3700 bn npper lake oa private tarms; 3600
Inferior do 118 a 180c; 1800 good red Miesoari l.STic
Bye firm; sales 4200 ba 1,18; now held 1,80,
Barley nothing doing. :.-.-.
. Cora Market for inferior parcels of corn a shade
easier, wbile better Linds are scarce and held pretty
Arm; sales 81,000 bo61a64 for distillery parcels,
68 a 67 for good western, 68 a 69 for prime, nearly
yellow, 70 for common round yellow, 83 for prime
white Southern. - . -Oats
Steady; 56 a 54 for State and Western.
WLis-iey Very firm r sales 150 bbla western at
881; 100 drudge 88 on time
Provisions Pork has lost its buoyancy, and pri
ces materially declined: sales mess 11,75 aad prime
10,37 a 10,50.
JBeef Transactions only retail character, 18,00 a
13,00 for country mess, 15,50 for city, 16,00 for re
packed C blcaxo, prime mesa beef unchanged,.
Beef bams, nothing doing.
Cot meats, transactions to moderate extent at
former prices. - "-1 :
Lard la request at 9?a0t closing firm at outside.
iTIARBIED,On Wednesday morning last;
by Rev. E. Bccuoba, Mr. WILLIAM J. CULLY,
of Hebron. Ohio, and Miss ELLEN J. DUNBAR,
daughter of Capt. Jobs Dunbar, of Canton, Ohio.
, Lt tkm aMfckverd tkt pplm Arpssif When
men become ao Infatuated with power, either in
possession or expectancy, as to run off alter every
new dogma, and at the oidding of their imperial
masters, pass laws in dfrect violation of the plain
est principles of our republican institutions, it be
comes the Vox Popull to rise in their might, with
out distinction of party, and compel our servants to
repeal those obnoxious port ioaa of our laws that
strike at fta root of our independence. So, also
physically ; whs a men run off after every new
fangled nostrum opened to the public. Tbey not
only endauger tb'eir own, but the lives of their
faml'.ies and friends. It is therefore w th pleasure
we again recommend to the afflicted the use of
HcAlutii'i ALi.eiaAi.ixa OiirramT, an eld and
well-tried remedy, and almost car tain cure for
Burns, Braises, Cuts. Weavels. Scald Head, Ague in
the breast. Corns, Spinal Affection, Fevers, and
all Febrile diseases, too numerous to mentiou.
That by restoring tbeinaensible perapi'ation, itcn
ah Us the system to throw off all the old worn out
particles, thereby restoring to sound and ; perfect
health. ' For sale by J. B. F. Sampsel ox co.,aud R.
B.' Chnbb oi co , Ashland ; J. McCrory , Mifflin j T
W. Coulter, Perryaville; D. E. Stockman, London
villet L. Spencer at eoj. McKay; J. Kinninger fc
Co. Hayesville; Hagerman' and Buchanan," Hayes
wille; Coulter and Goodwin, Lafayette; W. Spen
cer a; co.; Albion;' J. J. Wright, Sullivan: Michael
Kriege. Orarigc; H. sj See. 4" co., Savanah ; E. F.
Bealy, Troy'. "" ... .- , .lyn7..-.
A Wonderful Disc qvery has recently been made
by Dr. Cartia, of this city, in the treatment of con
amnption, asthma, and all dieeavesof the lungs.
We refer to Dr. Cortis's Hygean or, Inbaliug Hy
gean Vapor and cherry syrup." Within this new
metbod the Dr. baa restored many afflicted onee to
perfect health ; Ss an evidenae of which hebas
naumerabia certificates. Speaking of the treat
ment a phrsician remarks: It is evident that in
baling constantly breathing an agreeable, healing
vapor, the medlctnal propretiea must come in di
rect contract with tbe whole of the serial cavity
of the lungs, and thus escape the many and varied
changes produced upon tbem when intioduced in
to' tbe stomacb. and subject to the process ot di
gestion. : The Hygeanais for sale at all the drug
gists throughout tbe country. JV T. Dutckmmn.
See advertisement of Medicated Inhalation .in
another column ef this paper. lyS
Ncio bDcrtiscmcnts.
1ua.ruu1 uwuar r-arr-hri r ri- if - - - - i-ri-f -nf -h --- ryyyi rvrn
Amos C. Potter, ."J - '
vt. 1 In Atkland Common
Daniel Beach, Sen., f . Pleat.-
DANIEL BEACH, Sen., Daniel B. Beach,
Henry C. Washburn, Wiliitra W. Wake
man, and Zalman B. Wakemin, Executora of
the last will and testament of Jessup Wakeman,
deceased, and the other children and heira at
law of aaid-Jessnp Wakeman ;-arv-horeby noti
fied that oa the 14tHday ot July, A. B., 1854,
a Petition was filed against them in the Court of
Common Pleas or Ashland County, unto, and
where the same ia now pending, and that among
other things it is charged in said Petition, that
aaid Jeasup Wkenian in bis life time, was the
owner of a large quantity of land, in the Town
ship of Ruggies, in the County of Ashland, Ohio;
and that be constituted, and appointed Daniel
Beach, Sen., bis agent in Ruggles, to manage,
sell, and dispose of said lands for him. And
that as such agent he aold the South half ol lot
number thirty-five (?6,) lying in the third sec
tion of Ruggles Township, then in Huron, now
in aaid Ashland County, to one Marvin Richard
son, in the year A. D. 1835, and that said Rich
ardson, immediately took possession of said
land, and made full payment therefor. .And
that on or about the 11th day of March; 1836,
said Richardaoa, aold aaid land to one Bradley
Potter, and that in-the spring of 1840, said
Bradly Potter, sold said land lor the sum of five
hundred and twenty-five dollars to Amos C.
Potter, the Plaintiff, who took immediate pos
session of the same, and has remained in pos
session until the present time. - The Petition
further aeta forth that neither the said Jessup
Wakeman in his life time, nor hi Executors,
nr birs at law ainee hia death, nor the aaid
Daniel Beach, Sen., as hia agent have made a
Deed for aaid land, to aaid Marvin Richardson,
the original purchaser, or tn any of his assigns,
although aaid agent waa often requested, and
often promised so to do.
The- Petition further charger-, and aeta forth
that in the month of March, A. D, 1854, and
while Ihe said Plaintiff was in possession of the
land, the Defbndanta Daniel B. Beach and
Henry C. Washburn, well knowing that the
Plaintiff waa tha owaer of the land, made, or
pretended to make a purchaaaof aaid landliom
the aahl Executora of aaid Jessup Wakeman,
and that Plaintiff haa been informed, that aome
time in the month of May, 1854, the aaid Ex
ecutors made out and forwarded a Deed from
the Statc'of Connecticut, where they reaide to
aaid Beach and Washburn, conveying to them
the title to aaid land, and that said Besch and
Washbefn, ander their pretended contract, at
tempted to take forcible possession of'' aaid
premises, by turning' Upon them a number of
cattle, well knowing Plaintiffs rightto the same.
The' olject, and prayer ol aaid Petition is,
that the contract if any made between tha aaid
Daniel B. Beach aud Henry C. Washburn .and
the said Executora ef Jeasup Wakeman be set
ai3e, and annulled, and that the Deed made
by said Executora to said Beach and Washburn
be aet aside, cancelled, and decreed and he
null and void; and that the title to aaid land he
decreed to be in the Plaintiff, and for general
relief. And aaid Defendanta are further noti
fied that unless they appear, and plead, answer
or demur to aaid Petition, on or before the third
Saturday, a'ter the return day of process, the
Petition will be taken as true, aqd a decree
asked for accordingly. -
; FUtTOtf ft MpCOMBS, '
- - Pltf a Atty?e.
July 19tb, JS54. " :- " t)w8
Fit! Fit!! Fit!!! ,
pound for the cure ot Epilipsy or Fita-a
recently discovered invaiuapie raeofpino,
purely vegetable, lor -the cure of tbia dread
ful diaeues. Just received and for aaly by .
: . .. ;: R. fl. CHUBB fc Co. .
Druggists, Ashland, O. ';
July?, 1807. ' tf7 .
To Western Merchants.
THE subscriber would call the attention of deal
era generally to theextensive arrangements tbey
have made for the Importation aad sale ot British,
French, and German Dry Goods. - i .
Haviag a buyer, permanently located la Ea
rope, whoseentiraattentton will be given 40 the
selecti on of Goods Tor ou r sale, we shall ba in re
ceipt of new and desirable Drees Goods by each
steamer. Oar stock of . ' 1 ' ;
Vv bite Ooods, Miwiery, nawla & Notions,
will be- found complete. Also, a large variety
of black nd colored Silks, Satins, etc. Cloth.
Caselmeree and Vesting, Linens, Drillings, Cj,
etc. anH Tailor's Trimmings generally.
Always en hand ell leading stylaa of Domes,
tie Goods, bleached and brown
CiittoB. itrlila, Tlcka, StrJpea, Denlme,
with a choice assortment of Merrimack aad Co
chee Prints, Lancaster Ginghams,' etc, Ac.
Tha r.lnthinz Denartment fonder the firm of L.
H Tn n A. Co.. will embrace a (Teat variety of
well Made Garments, such aa cannot fail to give
We invite the attention ef cash and abort time
Try We have also secured the services of w;
L. STRONG, (late of Mansfield, Ohio,) who wi
take great pleasure In showing you tbrougb our
stock ; when yoa visit this -market-, please favor
him witb a call. - ; - - '' - ' " 'J , j
-. , ,. L. O. WILSON ek CO,,.'
' NO. IS CoUaTLAXB ST., AXB 11 A 13 DxY I.
Y. . !
January 85, 1854. ly.' t
DUS. CLAKK te CD A NE would re
spectfully inform the citiiens of Ashland
and vicinity, that tbey have associated them
selves togethes for tbe practice of Medicne
and Surgery in all their various brancbee, aid
by diligence and close attention to their office,
and prompt attendance upon all calls at ill
hourt, they hope to merit a liberal share oi
public patroaage. Da. Claxx offers hia thanks
to all those who have heretofore favored him
with their bnaineaa, and will be under renew
ed obligationa for a continuance of the aame.
Ds. Cbahx, will devote special attention to tie
study and practice ot Surgery in all Ha vari
eties, and more especially in all diaeaaea at
the Eye, either acute or chronic. ' .
av Orrica, adjoining Millington?a . Prsg
Store, opposite P. St J. Riaacr's store. i
Jt3rD. Claxk's residence near tha Methe
dist Church. -. i
Das. CkAiri'i oa third street .opposite W.
Wanon'a. , P. H.CLARK, M. D.
.1. L. CRANE, M.D.
' April 19th, 1854 n48U . .
Of the . Receipts and Expenditures of
Ashland County, for the year ending
June 16, 1854. , :
State JETixixci
Dr. To total am't placed on
duplicate of 1853
To total amount of delin
auents of '53 collected.
" To total am't balance on
bands, June 10, '43....
To total am't auction du
To total amt show It-
cense ..... ........
' Cr
Cr. By am't of delinquents
... of 1653
. ' By am't of treasurer's and
.. printer's fees on am't,
col. on dupl. i
44 By am't of irsasurers peri
' 1
. cent on abow license
and auction duties....
" By amountof paid State
.... treasurer .............
; s
- Oounty: IHxncl
Dr. To an.t of tax placed
: on Duplicate of lt53. .
ir. in
13083'88: 8
aA To am't of delinquents of
collected ...T.. ......
To amt of tavera license
V . ' flues paid -in
- by justices of the peace
..33' 37
To am't of Hues paid in
by tbe Probate Judge.
" To am't of Jury lees paid
by the bneriu
" To am't of fines and un
: claimed costs pahl in
- by sjieritoi sjoun .a.
To am't of auction li
cease ....... . .
" To ain't paid by A.L.Cur
..484 S3
tis ou contract for a
" To aoi'tpaidb CommU
siouers on sale of old
" To am't paid ia treasury
on sale of stolen goods
" To am't paid by Denial
-. .Layman for road dam-
. se..r.. .... .-r .
Cr. By am't of Delinquents
Ol tbj
i " By am't of treasurer's and
printer's feea on -am't
collected on duplicate. I
" By am't of fees on otberl
monies paid in.......'.
' By am't of orders redeem-'
ed. .. . ..'
" By am't overpaid. Juue
, 10. JM53
' By am't overpaid June IC
16396 '90'
' JU54
tridgo Fund.
Dr. To in't oa duplicate of.
To am't on hauda June
10, 1853...,
" To am't of delinquents Of
.3390; 18
185S coiectea
Cr. By am't of delinquents
OI 1H53
" By am't of treasurer's ek
1 . printer's fees.
By am't of orders redeem -
.' cd
'" By am't of bal. In treasu
ry ...48 85
.1072:41 .0
HAfi'07 O
.1169.'2xj 4
Poor 3?-ia-rri
Dr. To am't on duplicate of.
1853 ...
. 4. To am't of delinquents of
- 1852 collected.... ). . .
87 1
Cvm Bv am't of dellnauents
of 1853. -i H...56 74
,Bv am't of treasurer's " t i
printer's fees.. 11..33 53
" By am't overpaid June in"
1B53 . .69146
By am 'tof orders redeem
ed 2134'83
" By am't overpaid. '. . ,.
BnllrHTitf Fiivifi
Dr. To am't on duplicate of i
xi. ' C. M
..... .. ..
. . i
..360 71 .4
..S13 35 .0
.'40 45 .0
15483 9s! .0
. -SOC 47 .0
...xe 0118
.. .1(083 88 4
,0.SS94 56 j 9
..I. .3106815
a. e. n
.7853 18 (
.81 08 7
.7934'7 6
.. .
.6143 30 7
.179ljua f
To am't of delinquents
. 1853 collected ........
f v - R, -mt nf dellnouect-
of 1853 l!.. 219 83
' By am't of treasurer's ekj
printer's fees.... ...... I
By am't of orders redeem
By arat overpaid June 10,
. 1853
Bat. in the treasnrey
Town mTn -I x jPrxxxdl
Dr. To amt on duplicate of I n.
1833 ....
Toam't of delinquents ol"
C. I D. tO.IM
...1961 43 3
I I ! J.Jl
1853 collected
.3909 39
Cr By amt of delinquents
Ot A. D. IBM
By am't of treasurer's
By am't of orders redeem
ed . . .(.:. ......
' I-
.01.3009 59
. .. SolxoolFiuid.
Dr. To amt on duplicate of.
.r , 1853 as levied by town-i Ic" .e
shipboards.... !...... .... 10497 S4
la am t uu oupuuaie uij
. a, 853 as levied by Ash-'
land U. School Board. 1.. .. . 197660
r loam't oupucateoi jewii-. :
aa levied ay Loudon
ville school district.
.1368 83
" To amt of delinquents of I
WSM couectea
To amount arising from
. - state com. school fund
11573 56
To am't arising from in.
terest on section 16.. . .
To am't arising from iai.
, terest on western Ka
"' serve school fond
.1400 34
..60 00
To amount arising from
show sicense received
To amount arising from
.. interest on sec io trom
Kicalaod county
.3 43
To am't 'on bands June
10, 1653.
Dr. To amt brought over.
. V.' H
127169 38 0
Cr- By am't of delinquents
of le-53 In Loudon vins'
By am'tofdeliaquentsof
1853 ia Ashland U.S. .
16 .1
n By amtofdelinquentsof
the several townships.
By amt -of treasurer's dk
pnnter'an b.tuna lev
ied by Tp. and county.
87 .3
" By am't of treasure's per
et. on bee 16 and wes.
- tern-Reserve fund...'.
63 .0
By amt of treasurer's per
. cent on show license.
Bv am't of school tax re
funded in Loudonville
district -"
y amt of 8. tax refund:
ed in Vermillion Tp. ..
! By am't of S. tax refund
ed ia Montgomery Tp.
'f By am't of S tax refund
ed in Clearcrtek Tp: ..
" By am't of S. tax refund
ed Ahland U.S. .. ..
f: By amt of orders redeem-
., , ed ,
- ; Balance rsmaiaing in
CxoxTas.tleaaa. VP c
Dr. To amt placed on 4u-
plicate ef 1853.
To am't placed on dnpll j
'-cateot 1B93 ror pavtng;
in a soiana.H... .......
To amt of delinquency
oi W53 collected..,.
Cr. By am't of delinquents'
1653 testa m !
By amt of treasurer's ek
printer'e feea... . .......
" By amt paid tieasurer of
Ashland corporation..!
By am't paid treasurer of
. Haysvllle corporation.!
By amt paid treasurer of
f Loudonville corpora-!
' ' tion .1
"By amt paid treasurer or
jeromesviiis corpora-
Dr. To am't of delinquents
of 1853 collected
Cr. By amountof orders re
j deemed .......
,...w m:
,., Bal.ln treasury...
.j... 18,5010
- Xleoapltulatlo
Dr. To total am't of state
- c,l
. fund collected and on
38970 91
To total amt of Co. fund
collected and on book.
To total am't of bridge
. fund collected and on
" Tototalam'tofpoorfund
collected and on book
To total am't of building
-'- fund collected and ou
u To total amt of town
: ahlp fund collected and
, I
.3009 59-1
. on book . . . .......
To total am't of school
fund collected and oi.
To total am't of corpora
tion, dec, collected dt
on book ..............
f To total am't of road fund
collected aud oa book
Cr- By amt of state fund
. disbursed dc delinquent
40 3
- Bv am't of Co. fund die
burscd and delinquent
" By am't of bridge fund
disbursed ds delinquent
By nm-t oi poor runu ais
.. bursed and delinquent.
56 .9
By amt of building fund
disbursed oi delinquent
'By am't of Tp. fund dis.1
nursea aaa delinquent
'M By am't of school fuud
disbursed dc delinquent
" By am't of corporation
fund disbusred and da
Br amt of road fund dia-
.3903 86
r bursed and delinquent
..43 43
. . rtaiance remaining in
. AcniTea'a Orriox, Asblaxd, June 34, 1854.
"I do hereby c ertify tbe foregoing to be a correct
Exhibit of tbe Receipts. and Expenditures of said
county, from the 10th of June-A. D., 1853, up to the
10th of June, A. ai- l&M. . ,
' : . - ': - . ' ditT f Atklnd Ceuaty,
Examined and approved by us. this S4th day of
June, A. D., 1854. 4W6 .
- A IVew
Jflf thud. -
recently been made by Dr. t'cXTu, for
the cure of Asthma, Consumption, Bronchitis,
Conehs, Colds, aud all Lung. Complaints, by
Medicated Inhalation. : Dr. Curtis' Hygena, or
Inhaling Hyrenian Vavor and Cherry Syrup,
baa accomplished the most wonderful cures of
Astbma and Consumption in tne t-ity -ot new
York and vicinity for a few months past, ever
known to man. . It ia producing an impression
on Disease of tbe lungs never before witness
ed by the Medical Profession. See certili
cates in hands of Agents. 1 :-? .
- The Inhaler ia worn on the breast, under the
linen, without tha least inconvenience, the
heat of the body being sufficient to evaporate
the fluid, supplying the lungs constantly with
a healing and agreeable vapor, passing into
all the air-cells and passages ot the lungs that
cannot possibly be reached by other medicine.
Here ia a case :
-Asthma Cured.
' -BaooKUir, N. Y., Dec. SOlh, 1863.
For about eight years I have been aeverely
afflicted with tbe Astbma; for the last two
yeare I have suffered beyond mil power of de
acription 5: months at a time I have not; been
able to aleep in bed, celling what rest I could
-Bittina; iai jxnr chair.--' My-cHraonlty of breathinr,
and my sufferings were so great at times,, that
for oours together my friend expected each
hour, would be my last,, jCJrig ibe past, aix
years I have had the aid and attendance of
some of the moat celebrated physicians, but
have received no permanent benefit, and but
little relief. I at length had the good fortune
to procure Dr. Curtis' Rygeana Vapor' and
Cherry Syrup, , At the lime I first obtained it,
I waa srffcring under one f my most violent
attacks, and waa in great distress, almost suf
focating for want of breath. In less than ten
minutes from the time I applied the Inhaler
to my stmomach, and took a teaspoonful of the
Cherry Syrup, I was relieved in a great meas
ure from the difficulty oi breathing, and had
a comfonable night. .1 have since continued
it with the greatest possible benefit, and am
now comparatively well. God only knows the
amount of suffering thia medicine haa relieved
me from. My advice to the suffering ia, try it.
Cured. , ..
New Yobe, Dec. 27th, 1853.
' I came to New York io the ship Telegraph ;
my native place is St. John's, New Brunswick;
when I reached tbia city, my health was very
poor : had a very bad cough, raised a good deal
ef matter, which waa frequently mixed with
blood; bad pain in my left side, and waa very
thin and emaciated.- My friends and physician
pronounced my case Consumption, and beyond
tbe reach of medicine. I accidentally heard
of Dr. Curtis' Hygenia, or inhaling Hygean Va
por and Cherry Syrup, and obtained a package,
which I verily believe was the means of saving
my life. Soon after wearing tha Inhaler. 1
took the Cherry Syrup aa directed, and con
tinned to do ao, my courh gradually growing
better, until it entirely left me, and I now con
sider myself cured' I still wear tha Inhaler,
as the use of it ia rather pleasant, and believing
it strengthening and purifying to the lungs, I
fuel unwilling at present to dispense witb it.
Sold by Boyd 8c Paul, No. 149 Chambera at.;
C.H. Ring, corner of John etreet and Bread
way, N. Y. Price $3 a package.
N. B. Any person incloaing 93 to Boyd St
Paul, or Curtia t Perkins, New'-York, wii re
ceive a package containing a bottle of Hygean
Vaoor. one of Cherry Syrup, and an Inhaler
in a neat box, by express, free to any part of
the united States; or four packages lor iu
June 7; 1864 ..': ...... Iy2.
T R. GOODFELLOW has opened in the
JL new room, two doora east of Messrs. Ris-
aei k Kisser's Store, oa Main street, a
Watch and Jewelry EatatoliaUmeiit,
where he will offer every article usually kept
ia such establishments, at very low rales.
Among hia stock may be found Gnld aud
Sll-vcr vVatenea, of every description, va
riety and ouaiitv. Pins, Ladies' Gold Broach.
ea, Grape, Enameled, Cluster, Knot, Cuff and
Scarf Pma.
Gold Rings, Lockets,' Pencils, Gold Chaina,
Bagley' Gold Pena and Holders, large as
Table and Tea Spoona of pure silver, Ger
man Silver and plated Spoons, Butter Knives,
Saltand Sugar Shovels, ail vet forks, etc., etc.
Foolcet O-xx-tloxry,
of every description, from the best American
and English establishments. Also Needl-e,
Port Monies, Dressing and rocket tomDi, ana
Pocket Books, Violin and Guitar Strings.
Gogglea, Eye Shades, Compasses
and Acordeons. Eight Day and Twenty-four
Hour Brass Clocks, in tbe most splendid Pa
pier Maebea,' Roae Wood and Mahogani ease.
Cleaned -and repaired, and -work warranted.
Old Gold 'and Silver bought at the highest
price. -I invite tbe public to examine my Stock
before purchasing elsewhere.
- 1. 11. buutiri.i'liUVT.
Ashland, Dec. 21, 1833. n31tf. , - .
, Impetrtatxt Disco-very I
ing in the cure of Cougba, Colds, Asth
ma, Bronchitis,. Sore Throats, Hoarseness,
Difficult Breathing, Incipient Consumption, and
Diseases of the Lnngs. They have no taste oi
medicine, andany child willtake them. Thou
sands have been reatored to health that bad
before dispaired. Testimony given in hundreds
of caaea. ' A. aingle dose relieves in ten min
utes I . i.. -: .'::.
Ask for Bryan's Pulmonic Wafers the orig
inal and only geauine is stamped "Bryan."
Spurjus kinds are offered for sale. . Twenty
five' cent a box. - Sold by dealera generally.
J. BRYAN ft Co., Rochester, New York, Pro
prietors. Wholesale by i.D. Park, Cincin
nati, unio; w.riaxe neveianojurpo.
. Iclatl b. Ic.'h
.... .1390 1815
41 --!-!
.... 34Q5 1
ill I.MOf asla
I i i -
..630 03 .9 1.. I .
.196t3 .oj.. .. .
9485 -Otteet aa
..176:86 .Ol .
j....3 86 .0j.S9O3 86 ',8
J.. ..i.eoooloolo
. p. c.; I . jc.-M
.. .. ...62 0310
... .49 431.0
i .....;..i.
t etjruaryB, IBS4- aaait,
Another Arrival of New Goods
' A T1 THP.
- T. C."5iUSIINELLf r
FOR the third time this aeason, sends forth i
bis proclamation to the People .f Ashland
and aurrounding counties, announcing that be
has just received a fresh aupply of new
which he is bound to sell at aome price during
the Summer, and make n.om tor hia Fall aup
ply. The only ADVaKTAOEt " ol which he
can boast are, that he haa the newest goodi, the
latett etyltt, the largest assortment, aud can soil
hia goods aa
than any establishment in the coanty. He has
long since found out that the people will help
those vrho help them, and it is no n alter of sur
prise that the great rush is to the People's Em
porium, and that the "Old Fortresses" are
comparatively deserted, aince his second stock
of New Goods has arrived.
1 have an unsurpassed assortment of Plain
and Figured Dress HIAs, Foreign and Domestic
Lawna and Ginghams, every description of
White Goods, Bonnets, Ribbons, and, in short,
every description of
necessary to complete a Lady's Wardrobe. Let
it be distinctly underatood, that I havo tha lar
gest and best assortment of
ever brought to Ashland, and ye who doubt i
call and aee for yourselves. Ladies, if yon wan
to purchase Queensware, the People'a Empori
um ia the place to get it. In the
Gents Department,
I am fully prepared to meet any demands that
may be made upon me. My St'oc of Cloths,
lassimeres, Vestings, and
is very extensive. Hats and Caps, in abundance.
I have also a large, assortment oi
and am alao prepared to .do custom worJc on
short notice, and warranted to give satisfaction.
In conclusion I have only to aay that the
Stocfc ia complete ia all its parts, snd I caa
warrant satisfaction either in quality, quantity,
or price. Higheat market price paid tor
. . WOOJjl
and all kinds of COUNTRY PRODUCE.
' Ashland, June 21, 1854. 4tf
AN immense assortment ol uew
and Fashionable
for the aummer season, of foreign
and domestic manufacture, con
sisting of a large variety et
from $3 to $5; Kossuth Hats from 60 cts. to
$2,60: Maeyar Hats, from 91 to $3: Otter
Hats, from $2 to $3,50; a large assortment of
considered the most tasty, comfortable and dor
able aumme Hatr now in use, from S3 to S3,
60 ;Leghorn, from 75 to $1,25; Beaver Hats
from $3,60 to $5. Alsoa complete assortment
Also, an endless variety of Men's and Boy's
clotband velvet
and all kinda of Children'a Hats. It would be
useless to attempt to enumerate the entire
stock, as it is admitted on all banda to be the
largest and beat selected stock ol hats, ever
brovght to Ashland County. The subscriber
respectfully requests the public to call and
examine bia alock, wnetber tbey bny or not.
The subscriber wii) pay cash for any quanti
ty of Sheep Pelts, delivered at hia Store, op-
paeite the Franlia House, and one door East
01 me roil umce, Asniana, unio.
' Ashland, April 19th, 1S54. n4Stf
HAVE the pleasure of informing the public
in general, that they have just received
trom New-York their Spring and Summer
Stock of Goods, which they offer to sell at
very low pricea. . To be convinced of tbia fact
the public will only have to call and examine
their large and varied Stock or
: 2TCx5"vyy CSCECECSlS 8
Ready-Made Clothinr, Cloths, Cassimeres, Vest
- ings, Summer Stuff's, Leghorn and Palm-
ibto .mm LHILC0
SILKS AND DRESS GOODS in great variety
of Patterns. .
HTTotbi Lapim. We invite particular
atteition to our Stock of DRESS GOODS,
which is one of the most desirable ever offered
in Ashland. And to the communityin general
we aay, that we will not be undersold by any
firm in this or adjoining counties ; tor we are
determined, by close attention to business, to
see bow low we can aell Gooda and make a liv
ing. In ahort, our Stock is very complete ; and
no pains, on our part, will be spared to make
our Store the seat of general attraction thro'
out the aeason, by constant supplies of such
Goods as tbe country requires, and at pricea
that will be certain to give satisfaction.
Ashland, May 24th, 1854. 3ml
50,000 Majority, and all the Counties
not heard jrom, Jor tne
Clotbiog and Furnishing Depot !
HIS extensive establishment hasjust
received the largest and beat select
ed stock of clothing, snd gentlemen's
furnishing goods, ever brought to this town or
suitable for the largest man or smallest boy,
and at pricea that will perfectly astonish you.
Come right along and examine eur stock,
aud see For yourselves. Here you will nna
cartloads of coats, cords ol trowsers, and a
'tarnel pile of veala of every style and vrai
ety, large enough and small enough, warm
enough and cool enough for any aeason. Our
stock of Furnishing goods ia complete; co
sisting of Shirts, Collars, Cravats, Wrappers,
Drawers, ate, tc, in fact everything to fit out
s man in perlect order. Our motto ia fjutcK
Sales and Small Proits ,andno charge lorsnow
ing our goods.
of all kinds, made to order. The Foreman in
tbia department ia one ef the best workmen
in nhib.
Recollect the place, one door east of
Squires, and one door west ol waiiaek s
Coffin's Store. This extensive stock is under
the direction. of onr agent, Mr. Z. Greenwald,
of A'hland.. .
: S. APPLE CO., Philadelphia. .
April 5,1854. 46tf
Or Great Western Hair Restorative
IT promotea the growth, softens, makes per
manent, and restores the natural color ol
the hair. It gives health to the skin and to the
glands which form the hairj removes all
Scurf, Dandruff, Eruptions snd Feverish Heat
from the scalp. : It fastena hair.j prevents bald
nes, ajd even causes a full growtia here the
hair haa fallen off. It containano coloring mat
ter, but effects its wonderful changes in the
condition ol the hair, by giving health to
the akin ef the head, and glands which form
the hair. .
Price 50 cts. per bottle. A liberal deduc
tion made to wholesale purchasers. Address J.
HIGH WARDEN, Ashland, Ashland county,
January, 11th, 1853. 34tf
S;ive your Ashes !
ASHES wanted by the subscriber, at his
Ashery in A sbland, for which the highest
market price will be paid in axM?s.
Oeteber 36,1853. 2Stf
-- rr 'i 11
. T 4lli0f cltaneous. f !
IS kept in lull blast, by the constant arrival
of Staple and Fancy Goods,' from tbe east
ern Manufactories, embracing a, beautiful .
such as rich Brocades; Plaids and Fancy Dress
Silks, Plain ttud Rich High Lostred liiack
Silka, Plain Mode Colored Merinos, Cashmore
Delaine,. Coburge aud' Paramatas, Silk aad
Woolen P.nids, Elegantly - Rich Printed De
laines, Black and .Colored Alpacas, French,
English and American ' u
Dress .Trimmings, of every style and variety;
Shawls of every description) Bonnet and Cap
Ribbons; Taffitta, Satin and Velvet Ribbors;
Plain and Embroidered Linen Cambric Hand,
kerchiefs; Ladies ana Gentlemen's Gloves,
Cravats, Scarfs, Under Garments, to.
Also Broad Cloths, all colors and prices;
Sattinetts and Caesiraeres.' Tweeda aad Drill
ings; Vestings, Satins, UufTs, Marseilles, &c.
In short, every article in tbe Gentleman's De
Sueh as Linen and Cotton Sheetings snd Shirt
ings, Table Djmasks, Napkins, Towols, Tpw
elings, Crashes, Diapers, &c, &c, which we
are prepared to sell st as low prices as can be
found in this or any market arest of New York.
An examination of my Stock by tha public is
respectfully solicited.
N. B. I would call the attention of my
friends and customers to the fact, that 1 have
removed from the Empire Store to the Old
Fortress nearly opposite. Don't mistake tbe
Ashland, March 29, 1854. ' 45. tf
MRS. PILGRIM & CO., would respectfully
inform the Ladies of Aahl and, aaa vicin
ity, that they a till continue the .
Millinery and Dress Making Business,
at their old stand, one door east of the ' Times'
printing e Sice,, and having just received the
LATEST SUMMER STYLES, and from their
long experience in tbe business, feel fully con
fident of giving entire satisfaction to all who
may favor tbem with their patronage.
Ashland, July 6, 1854. . n6tf
Hayesville Marble Shop,
Mcknight & king
Manufacturers of Monuments, Tomb
Stones, Tables, 4"c of Italian and'
American Marble.
rpiIANKFUL for past favors, would
JL respectfully inform the citizens of Ash
land and the adjoining counties, that they con
tinue theabove .business in all its various
branches; and having no Agents, they caa and
will sell Grave Atones from 10 to 15 per cent,
cheaper than Saopscan that employ Agonta.
It ia evident that per-sons buying of Agenta
must pay the expenses of that Agency. Shop
en Main street, one door east of tbe Pann
sylvania House. 13tf.
T TICHAEL MILLER presents his regards
XTX to hia fnendaand the public generally,
and respectfully announces that he haa opened
a Public House for the accommodation of tha
traveling- public, directly opposite the Samp
sell House, Main Street, Ashland, where ha
will be glad to accommodate all who may favor
him with a call. His table will always be sup
plied with the luxuries of the season His
parlors and aleeping apartments are large and
commodious. Good stabling for horses will also
be provided, and afaithl'ul Hostler always in
Boarding for private families or single por-
sons can be had at reasonable ratea. - .
In connection with tbe Hotel, be will also
continue to keep open his BAKERY AND RES-
TARANT, where be will at all times keep on
Confection&ries, Pies, Bread. Cakes,
all kinds of Temperance drinks, and, in short
every lufury to be found on the tables of first
class eating houses. '; '
$3T He wishes it distinctly understood, that.no
inio&IUAlliiu Liujituna
will .be kept, either in the Hotel or Saloon
A ahland, March 8th, 1854. n2 tf.
TIT AS awarded the Firat Premium, at tha
VY World'a- Fair, in New York, ia. 1853.
Also at the Ohio State Fairs, lor three success
ive vaars: snd at all other plrces. whenever
exhibited. Warranted to hull and cleaafrom 20
to 40 bushels per day, or from 2 to 5 bushels per
hour ; and with a new improvement, (now be
ing Patented) to be attached- to tne Mashiaas
made in I304,tney wiu nun anacieaa one lourin
more m the same time.
For sale by M.H.MANSFIELD,
Sole Manufacturer, Ashland, Ohio.
June 14, 1854. 3tf.
N. B. Prosecutions will be promptly com.
ssenced for any infringement of the rights of
he Pattentee. m. a. tn.
ERNST BACHERER respectfully announ
ces to his friends and lovers of good living
..n.rillv that bn lias made comoleto reno-
vationin hia establishment, one door west of
the McNulty House, Ashland, Ohio, and will
keep constantly on band during the ensuing
summer every luxury usually found in this
N. B. Know all men, that no intoxicating
liquorwill be Kept in my estaDiisnmeni.
AsMand, March Sth, 1854. n42 tf. '
rpUK attention i per
I sons wishing to pur
chase western land is
called to a tract lying in
ltTiiknlAn CTnuntv. Iowa.
upon the east half of the aoulh-west quarter of
section leven, in townsnip seveniyeigui, uuiui
of range one, west, containing eighty acres.
Said land is dry Prairie, has on it a never fail
ing Spring, lies in the midst of a thickly settled
country, and within a fewmilea of the county
seat. Terms reasonable. For further particu
lars inquire at thia office. - ...
June 2S, 1854. 6w5
THE under
aigned has
com m e n c e d
running a EX
PRESS from
Ashland I" Loudonville leaving Ashland
every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8 o'J
clock, A.M. and arriving at Loudonville at 2 P.
M-, connecting with the 3 o'clock P. M. train
for Pittsburgh and the 4 o'clock P M train for
Crestline aarao days. Leaving Loudonville
every Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday on
the arrival of Eastern train at 10 A.M., and
arrivea st Ashland at 3 P. M-, thereby enab.
ling passengersto go either East or West on
the cars same day, or those coming on morning
train either from East or West can get to Ash
land without delay; and citizens wishing to
visit the south part of the county, can have. an
opportunity to transact their business and re
turn the same trip, and rice versa. Fare
through one dollar. -
A liberal deduction to families and pleas
ure parties. Enquire of the undersigned at
the Franklin House in Ashland, or at the
Railroad Depot, or Post Office in Loudonville:
w . KUBtsUN, Proprietor.
Passengers tak, n to or from any Hotel ei
ther at Avhland or Loudonville.
Ashland, July 13, 1853. JmS
Old Iron Wonted.
TBE subscriber will pay CASH tor any quantity
ofold mats! delivered at bis foundry! n Asnlaad
Fee. l. STtf. at. a. tuifBgiiLLD.
ill jll " '
ficaai; Koto.
Administrator's Male of Real Ketal
IN pursuance of an order of the Probate Cnart
tirade at th July term, i 84,-1 will offer for
aale on the premises' on tbe IStb day of Aagaat
next, between the hoars of lOClock JL. M. It
4 o'clock A. M., trie-following described 'Real
Estate, situate ia jVstflamt oonty f Ohio, to wit
Part of the south-west quarter, ui- tectioa 14;
township 21, range 15; beginning at, the seetiod
line west nf the quarter post between section 14
and 23,; 1' chains 14 links t thence north S
chaina 75 liaks the ace weal 4 chains f thaaam
north IU degrees, west .38 chains SO liaka t
quarter line; thence west on the quarter lis
to the ' north-west corner of said quarter, S
chains 10 lints" 4keno3, a eeotton liae t
chains; thsnce north 87 degrees, east 10 ehaiaes .
thence south 47 degress, east Chela 75 liaksi
thence south 46 degrees, east .3 chains 75 liakaf
thence south 14 degrees, west f3cnains S5liake
thence south 87 degress', west S chains SO links;
thence south 29 degree,'' chains SO liaka
to section lice :,' tbence east eaaeetioB use aa
chains 30 links to the place of beginning ; aaa
taining 74 29-100 acres Oat of lrr middle part
of aaid qusrter.' Also 3 Seres co-ntareneinga
tne east sno west lino.-s roae. west ot aorto
west corner of north east quarter of seetiea S3,
same township as aforesaid; thence, west Si
rods 3 feat;' thence north 14 rods 1 1 feats
thence east 21 rods 3 feet I theaee south 14
rods 11 feet, to the place of .beginning" on
taining 2 acres, more pr less.
Terms of sale one-third cash In hand, a s
third in an year, -and he balance ia I year
from sale with interestonback paryaaenta. Back
payments secured by mortgage oa .tha premi
ses. ' "
of Jacob Brandt.
J. W. SMiTai,wl'yr PtVr..
July S, 1854. , , ., , A au
... ...aaurvMio-BV Nstlcsml
JOHN Scott, sen.,. and Matilda Ms wife, Da
vid Scott and Elisabeth his .wire, Joseph
Scott and Elizabeth his wife, Samuel Ecett aad
Mary Ana his wife,' William Cilraore aad Naa
cy bia wife, John Aloxsnder, Jr., fa-d Msry hia
wife, George Smith, John Smith, ktavid Smith,
Joseph Smith, John Scott, jr., snd Elizabeth
bis wife, will take notice that, .a . Petition waa
filed against them on the '8th day of" July, A.
D., 1854, ia the Court ef Common. Pleas of Ash.
land County, Ohio, hy. Walter Craig tad Elisa
beth his wtfo,and is bow pending, wherein, the
said Walter Craig and Elizabeth hia wins, de
mand Partition of the following Real Esuta, te
wit: The south east quarter of sactioa twealy
seven, township twenty-one-, of Raaga mi Me a,
aituata ia the Coua'y of Ashlaad, and State of
Ohio, containing one hundred and sixty acres
more or less; and also tbe north East quarter
of aection tweaty-feuf township four, aorta,
nnge jine east, situate ia the Coanty of Wood
and state of Ohio, containing one haadred. and
sixty acres, more or less ;' and that at the neat
term of said GoarV application' will be made
by the aaid Walter Craig aad Elizabeth his wila
fisr an order that parti tioa may ba made by a 14
premises. , WALTER CRAIG,
By Fultoa k MaCombs, their Atty's
July 12, 1S54. -w7--
H. N. Musgrave ,a partltlonVn' AsMaJiaT
R. W. Masgrave.S h. i "".
PURSUANT to the eommaad of aa slla or
der of sale in Partition, issaed ia the
above case from the Court of Commoa Pleas,
of Ashland County and State of Ohio, to me di
rected, I will expose to Public Sale-at the deer
of the Court H ouse, in said Count y j; oa ' :
Monday tlie 2st day of : August, n
A. D., Id54, between the hours of tea o'cloak,
A. M., and four o'clock, P. M., of aaid day,
tbe following described Real Estate, to- wit
Lot number thirty-six, (36) aod Lot number thirty-eight,
(38) in tba tows of Jereiaevilje, in
said county ., appraised at four hundred and f
ty dollars. Terms or sale ana third cash, ea
til a day of sale, one third in one year, and hue
third in two ysara thereafter,', with IntoieSt: .
Deferred payments to be secured by aaoftgige
en the premises. , ' ' , i
. . -tit .AjTy. JONES, Sfierlfff
July IS, 1854. , ; ,r T n7tf-pf$a,7a
Mary B -JindaGrubb. Plff. AMtCA
John R.Grubb.Doft. : "J'- ; ' PUf;i"2 ''t
rrUE aaid defendant will take iuktrce, that
I the undersigned en the. 16th day f Jeae,
1SS4, filed her Petition in aaid Court agaiast
him, allaeging In substance, thatjsaid deeaoaat,
about the 13th of March left aaid Petitioner,
and went to California, without providing 'asly
means for tbe support of Petitioner and their
minor child. 'That be has before and sisce-beea
guilty of adultery, with one Rachel jvfoffit,' fad
with divers other persons unknown to Petitioq
er. Petitioner al ledges as caasea-'for Livonia.
1st. Gross neglect'of duty.' . 2d.Adulteryr,i JLmA
the prayer of aaid Petitioner is that marriage
contract may be dissolved; that she may ba
restored to her maiden name, that shs may
l.... tl, nH r,nliul,r lliirirtiM.
and for reasonable alimony, so., aad ua less aaid
defendant plead, answer, or demur 19 aaid Pe
tition on or before Ihe first day of tha next tern
of said Court, to wit : - the 28lfe day of August,
1854, the same will be taken as confessed, and
a decree taken accordingly. , .
By Kellogg Jc Allison, ber Atty's. ;
June21,lS64. 6w4
. Samuel Zerba'a Estate vs.
NOTICE is hereby1 given, thsf tne -nadef-.
signed has been abppinted and qaaliflsd
aa Administrator oa tbe estate at. Samuel Zot
ba, late of Ashland County, Ohio. deceased. ---U.-.
: July 7, 1854: ait; 1w f. tmlfispJ
'13 .T
B A LD WE S S , C 0 JVB ft..:tK!
Emerson's American Hair Restorative
i.-'i:-. ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' U'H. uu '
EOR restoring tbe Hairoa heads bopelavsjy
Bald, and to. prevent the harr froai 4UU
ing, is winning golden opinions from persoasw
who are using itTbis is a new artis la, re
cently intreduced to tbe puhlrc, aad- vsiiL
stsnd on iu. own merits.; Some. f, the jbest,
citizens of Cleveland and Pittsburg, who were
hopelessly bald a few months since, bar
now the evidence on their beads to shew ot
its merits. The proprietors have each. seal
dence in it that tbey aathoriza their agenda
to take heads on guarantees prise te h
agreed upon between tha parties. " - "'-" ,' 4
. . -:.: .--A risli. jti.n'l-ie-'- i
W. S. Salt ASELL,)., t .. . J
'- Hates tc KiRiriiteK3,Hayssvill.
. . R. FISHER fc CO., Proprietors,'
67, S uperior at., Clavelaad, Obi- :
May 15, 1863. . ; ... ; -r . ljw-,v
Off ice FranatliD c WarrtnB.B. Cmf
Feikxlik, Portage co., Ohio, Sept.SCv 183. , V
jt-biwajvaq ATI meeting er tne lures-
p -ht oi v. as .vv. n.
t o., held June J). 1853. the followlac 1
ments upon Stock subscriptions ware made, vlsi
Ten perceut. parable Julr 1st, J83,aad aa ass
ment of ten per cent, at the end of sack succeed,
ing sixty days, until the waole- -amount Is paid.
Three instalments are therefore bow daa. to witi
The first when subscribed, (by the charter,) , tbe
second July Int. anil the third. August 31st, h.ir.
Subscribers in Ashland village and coemty .are
respectfully requested to immediately pay all
instalments now due, snd as they hereafter ba-.
come due, at the Banking House ef tather, OtU
dc Co., Ashland unless called upon by a CeHnc.
tor. .. -, : . . '. "
' 19 . , JOEL :tr-. tYLRB. tes
I HAVE procured a right tor an improve
ment in building houses, by which a hove .
may be built for a small amount of money,
with all tbe conveniences aad comforts ef tha
dearest houses; and aal have appointed Job
Small ey, of Ashlaad, as my agent for thiacousw
nty, please eall oa him and examine the mod
el, and procurea right. tf i;;rT
... ... Aixutiu-w . nujt.JS.ia. 1
Troy,' Ashland co., Aug. 8, 1353. . 2tf.,.
New Cabinet ;WarerD03&
THE subscriber , .respectfully , annoaaee
that he has permanently located' himself
in the town of Orange, Ashlae county, Ottas4
where be is prepared to manulaeture aJ. Jtta
of Cabinet Ware, such as
V- Dining 7'ables, Centre Tables, ,
to order, oa the shortest aotioe and meet raa
sooable terms. Particular attention given ta
the . -i.
Couatrv Produce taken in axebansefor works
and Cash alwaya acceptable. - .
juaiv w 11.U. -Orange,
April 5, 1854.' -'. " 46l
. i ; a.iua. v.a ai5
. land for, Hew
Loadea daily
at 7 oaleck
t A M eoa-
nection wub the caraoa the Cleveland. Col
busanat-mcinnatvjK.au rvoaa. r .
Roturniag, leave New Loadoa after th ti
ivalof the tralnt. ' in 5 i.ii.-rwvl! ' -iCi'l .
Leave Ashland .Tor Maushejaoa moaaays.
Wednesdayaand Fridays, at ,7, o'clock,? M-J
-Leave Ashland for WooateY'on Taesdajs;
Thorsdayaand Saturdajjjvat 6 6elock f He-"1
Ssptembar, re3. .'.

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