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( Concluded from first .page, .
thereof, shall nd my gF&nt ' writs "of
CCtbeM corpus in all cma in which ' the
eame are granted bj the judges of the
United States in the District of Colom
bia; and the first six days of every
term of said courts, or so much thereof
as shall be necessary, shall be appropri
ated to the trial of causes arising under
the said constitution and laws, and writs
01 error ana appeal in all such cases shall
be made to the supreme court of said
Territory, the same as 'in other cases.
The said clerk shall receive in all such
cases the same fees which the clerks of
the district courts of Utah Territory
now receive for similar services.
Sec."28. And be it further enacted.
That the provisions of the act entitled
" An ; act respecting- fugitives from
justice, and persons escaping" from the
-aervice of their masters, " approved
.Fehfuary twelfth, seventeen hundred and
ninety-three, and the provisions of the
v- -act entitled " An act to amend, and sup-
plementary to, the aforesaid aet, " ap
" s , proved September eighteenth, eighteen
- hundred and fiftv, be, and the same are
V'Asrdbv.dlaTed extend to and be in
force within the limits of thesaid
Territory of Kansas. . -: - -
Sec. 29. ' And be it furtJier enacted.
""That there shall be appoipted an attor-
-.Bey for said territory, who-snail con-
fiiiu in office for four years, and until
B5bld succebsorrshall.be appointed and
'qualified, unless sooner removed by the
President, -and-who shall ; receive the
-same fees and salary as the attorney of
jTtne United States for the present Terri-
tor? of Utah. There shall also be a
marshal ' for-the Territory appointed,
'""vrho shall hold his office for four years,
ouid.no til his successor shall be appoint--ed
and qualified, unless sooner removed
by-the president, and who shall execute
" all 'processes issuing from the said courts
.tr when exercising their jurisdiction as
'circuit and district courts of the United
States ; he shall perform the duties, be
- subject to the same regulations and pen
altiesand be entitled to the same fees,
as the marshal of the district court of
U-;tha, United States for the present Terri
m itory of Utah, and shall,' in additiop, be
. tipaid two hundred dollars annually as a
"vtoropensation for extra services.
ftTl Sea 30. And be it further enacted.
That the governor, secretary, chief just-
ice, and associate justices, attorney, and
7 marshal, shall be nominated, and, by and
with the advice and consent of the Sen
" nate, appointed by the President of the
United States. The governor and sec
retary to be appointed as aforesaid shall,
-'before they act as such, respectively take
" n oath or affirmation before the district
, Jjudge or some justice of the peacn in the
limits of &aid Territory, duly authorized
to 'administer oaths and affirmations by
the laws" now in force therein, or before
e,, the chief justice or some associate just
! -ice of the Supreme Court of the United
. f States, to support the constitution of the
United States, and faithfully to discharge
X' the duties of their respective offices,
which Baid oaths, when so taken, shall be
certified by the person by whoni the same
'shall have been taken ; and such certifi
cates shall be received and recorded by
" the.eaid secretary among the' executive
proceedings ; and the chief justice and
.'the tssociate justices, and all other civil
officers in said Territory, before they act
--as Buchv shall take a like oath or affir
. Jnatien before the said governor or secre
. 4ry or, somo judge or justice of " the
jcace of the Territory who may be duly
commissioned and qualified, which said
Maath at affirmation shall be certified and
"transmitted by the person taking the
samfi to the secretary, to be by him re
corded as aforesaid ; and, afterwards the
like oath or affirmation shall be taken,
certified, and recorded, in . such manner
""and form as may be prescribed by law.
The governor shall receive -an annual
MSSlary of two thousand five hundred dol
.lis. The chief justice and associate
justices shall receive an annual salary of
two thousand dollars. The secretary
tshall receive an annual salary of two
thousand dollars. The said salaries shall
be paid quarter-yearly, from the dates of
"the ; respective appointments, - at; the
Treasury of the United 8tate3; but no
TBuch payment shall be made until said
Vfficer8 shall have entered upon the du
Uea of : their respective appointments.
ffhe- members of the legislative assem
Wy Thall be entitled to receive three dol
H?rs .each per day during their attendance
-4at-ih session thereof, and three dollars
- each for every twenty miles travel in
. goIPg to J"d returning from the said
..sessions estimated according to the near-eat-usilally
traveled route; and an ad-
don al allowance of three dollars shall
.Tba paid to the presiding officer of each
House for each day he shall so preside.
Ad chief clerk, one assistant clerk, a
-Sef JZeant-at-arms. and drwirk-oonpr tnnv
bo olio sen for each house : and the chief
vnert: snau reeeive four dollars per day, ;
,ibd the said other offioers.three dollars
.speralay, during the session of the legis
lative assembly ;' but no other officer
i"DJJ be. paid by the U. States : Provi--ied,-Ths.,
there shall be but one session
of the legislature annually, unless, on
an extraordinary occasion,- the governor
i shall think proper to call the legislature
together. There shall be appointed,
'-annually, the usual sum, to bee-pended
Jty the governor, to defray the contin
gent' expenses of the Territory, includ-
ing the salary of the clerk of the execu-
. five department : and there shall also be
'-appropriated, annually, a sufficient sum,
lo be expended by the secretary of the
Territory r and upon an estimate to be
nade by the Secretary of the Treasury
or tne united. States, to defray the ex
penses of the legislative assembly, the
, printing of the laws, and other' inciden
tal expenses; and the governor and sec
retary of the Territory shall,-in the dis
'tburaement of all moneys intrusted to
them, be governed solely by the instruc
tions of the Secretary of the Treasury of
vtue United states, and shall, semi-annu--ll
eoant to the said Secretary for the
manner in. which the aforesaid moneys
.snail have been expended ; and no ex-
peaditure shall be made by said legisla
tive assembly for objects not specially
" aitfiorixed by the acts of Congress mak
yinpthe appropriations, nor beyond the
eunio win apprujirAaveu lur Bucn ODjectB.
SecC 31 And be it further enacted.
.That the seat of government of said Ter
ritory is hereby located temporarily at
at JFort Leavenworth; and that such
-portion of the publio buildings as may
vot be actually used and needed for mil -
jtaryv purposes may be occupied and
used under the direction of the govern
or and legislative assembly: for such
public" purposes as may be required un
der the provisions of this act. '
v-STOf &2;And be it further enacted,
IThatfa delegate to the House' of Iiepre-
aeatatives of the United-States, to serve
sa the term of two years, who shall be a
. i?en" of the United States, may be eleo
. 2ed by the Voters qualified to lMt manK
bers of the" legislative acmbry,who
shall be entitled to the same rights and
privileges as are exercised and enjoyed
by the delegates from the several other
Territories of the United States to the
said House of Bepresentatives, but the
delegate first elected shall bold bis seat
only durtng the term of Congress to
which he shall be elected. . The first elec
tion shall be held at such time,, and pla
ces, and be conducted in 'such a manner,
as the governor shall appoint and direct ;
and at all subsequent elections the times,
places, and manner of holding the elec
tions shall be prescribed by law. The
person having the greatest number of
votes shall be declared by the governor
to be duly elected and a certificate ther
of shall be given accordingly. That the
constitution, and all laws of the United
States which are not locally inapplicable,
shall have the same force and effect with
in the said Territory of Kansas as else
where within the United States, except
the eighth section of the act preparatory
to the admission of Missouri into the
Union, approved March sixth, eighteen
hundred and twenty, which, being incon
sistent with the principal of non-intervention
by Congress with slavery in the
States and Territories, as recognized by
the legislation of eighteen hundred and
fifty, commonly called the comprruitse,
measure is hereby declared inoperative
and void iit being the true intent and
meaning of this act not to legislate -slavery
into any Territory or State, nor to
exclude it therefrom but to leave fhe
people thereof perfectly free to iorm and
regulate their domestic institutions in
their- own way, subject only to the consti
tution of the United States: Provided,
That nothing herein contained shall be
construed to revive or put in force any
law or regulation which may have exist
ed prior to the act of sixth of March,
eighteen hundred and twenty, either pro
tecting, establishing, prohibiting or abolishing-
Sec. 33. And be it further enacted,
That there shall hereafter be appropri
ated, as has been customary for the ter
ritorial governments a sufficient amount
to be expended under the direction of
the said governor of the Territory of
Kansas, not exceeding the sum hereto
fore appropriated for similar objects,
for the erection of suitable public buil
dings at the seat of government, and for
the purchase of a library, to be kept at
the seat of government for the use of the
governor, legislative assembly, judges
of the supreme court, secretary, mar
shal, and attorney of said Territory, and
such other persons, and under such
regulations as shall be prescribed by law
Sec. 34. And be it further enacted,
That when the lands in the said Territo
ry shall be surveyed under 'the direction
of the government of the United States,
preparatory to bringing -the -same into
market, sections numbered sixteen and
thirty-six in each township in said Ter
ritory shall be, and the -same are here
by, reserved for the purpose of being ap
plied to schools in said Territory and in
the States and Territories hereafter to be
erected out of the same.
Sec. 35. And be it Jurthar enacted,
That until' otherwise provided by law,
the governor of said Territory may de
fine the judicial districts of said Terri
tory, and assign the judges who may be
appointed for said Territory to the sever
al districts ; and also appoint the times
and places for holding courts in the sever
al - counties or subdivisions in each of
said judicial districts by proclamation,
to be issued by him; but the legislative
assembly, at either their first or subse
quent session, may organize, alter or
modify such judicial districts, and as
sign the judges, and alter the times and
places of holding the courts, as to them
shall seem proper and convenient.
Sec. 36. And be it fu ther enacted,
That all officers to be appointed by the
President by and with the advice and
consent of the Senate, for the Territory
of Kansaa,-who, .by virtue of the pro
visions of any law now existing, or which
may be enacted during the present Con
gress, are required to give securities for
moneys that may be intrusted with them
for disbursement, shall give such securi
ty, at such time and place, and in such
manner, as the Secretary of the Treas
ury may prescribe.
Sec 37. And be it further enacted,
That all treaties, laws, and other engage
ments made by the government of the
United States with the Indian tribes in
habiting the territories embraced within
this act, shall be faithfully and rigidlj
observed, notwithstanding anything con
tained in thia-act ; and the existing agen
cies and superintendences of said Indi
ans be continued . with the same powers
and duties which are now prescribed by
law, except that the President of the
United States may, at his discretion,
change the location of the office of super
intendent. Things to be Desibed. A method to
make truth as agreeable as faslehood ; a
recipe for praising a pretty girl without
giving ottence to her older sisters ; some
way of collecting a debt without having
to earn the money a second time in the
attempt- how to mdnce a " constant rea
der " of a newspaper to become a con
stant subscriber ; a plan of editing a pa
per without being considered dull by the
giddy, frivolous by the serious-minded,
unappreciated by three-fourths, and
cheated by the other quarter.
A Dutch Sentinel. A newly im
ported Dutchman, having enlisted in the
service at a military station not a nun
dred miles from N. York, was one even
ing placed on guard. Seeing a couple of
gentlemen approaching, he challenged
them with "Who comes dare ?" Friends,
with the countersign." . " Veil, if vou
ish friends, and knows as ' Putlet ' is de
gounter-sign, degounter-sign ish gorrect
Fass, frents, mit de gounter-sign ! '
Prayer to the Point. Rev. Mr.
Balm, of Chicago ( Illinois,) inserts a
prayer of his own in the Olive Branch
of that city, which runs thus :
" O ; Lord have mercy on our ' spec
ial revivalist preachers ; ' mercy and
goodness, we humbly beseech thee, keep
them from taking ladies ' who become
converts oh their knees and folding them
n their arms and kissing them.
TJ. A gentleman having- frequently
reproved his. servant, an Irish girl, for
boiling eggs too hard, requested her in
future to boil them only three minutes
by the clock. . . pure, sir, " replied the
girl " how shall I do that, for your hon
or knows the clock is always a quarter
ter of an hour too fast . ' .
EST It is a treat privilege of Dover
ty to be happy unenvied, to De healthful
without physio, and secure without re
gard ."
. S U - - '
3"" There are two things which can
not be too short pie crust, and comma
jsieatiena fer a newspaper. . '
- - - - .. - -
INVITE the attention of .the Pfeopltt in this
Congremonal District, to their immense
Mock ol' Hardware jast received! cenlttng of
every article tir the Trade used Dj the most ex
trovsganlaawell as the most economical purch
aser, whether Building Hardware, Mechanics
Tools, House-keepers articles, or Farming Irn
piimente. In any of the above goods, we have
a larger Stock than any one Store in Mansfield
or Wooster, and as it has long since been ac
knowledged by every body, that we sell better
roudt for the lame money, than mther Mans6eld
or Wooster carl d j all we ak is, that Buyers
will consult their own interest, by making an
examination of our Stock, before purchasing
elsewhere. All goods sold by us, it not found
as represent ed can be returned.
Adjoining the Bank.
May 3, 1 854. noOtf
90 doa. Sheep Shears, tbo only good' ones in
60 '' SiHre Steel and Caat Steel Scythes,
60dr. Assorted kinds, Scythe Snaths.
40 do Hay and straw Forks, best caat steel.
60 do Tuttle's Cast Steel Hoes.
6 do Socket'sGsstSwel'Hoes, the best ever
aOdox.Uo. l.'H-y'Rakes.
30 do No. 1. Scythe Rifles.
SO do No. l.Scytb Stones, 6 to9 inches longs
100 dox. Door Locks from SS cts. to 81, raeh.
110 do Door Latches from 10 cts. to 2o cts.
100 do Loose Joint, Barrow, wrnt k cast Butts.
1000 Gro. Gimlet Point Screw.
300 Gala. Linseed Oil.
100 Kegs Pure White Lead.
100 Boxes assorted sixes Glass.
600 Lbs. Putty in Bladders.
6000 Lights Sash, all aiscs.
Doors. Paint, Brashes, Saab Fasteners. Butcn-
er' Flies (in any quantity,) Spears, Saws, all
kiadsSh emaker's Stock and Tools, all kinds
Saddler's Stock and Tools.
200 Krg assorted Nails, warranted.
100 Tons S weeds and Pittsburgh Iron, toar-
100 Bundles Russia Nail Rodl
60 Pair Seat and Carriage Springs, at Pitts-
Durjtn prices inai js so-i
1 dox. Boring Machines, less than 911 each
The above fc.ood with a large variety of
every thing else, mutt be tola, and persons
waaung Hardware can buy of us, cheaper and
better goods than any where else.
Adjoining the Bank.
May 3, 1854. n60tf
Table Cutlery.
ITTEcu and will sell Knives and Fprks 30
V f per cent, cheaper than any Hardware
Store in Mansfield or Wooster ever did, will
or can, if you doubt it, come and buy some,
that much lower think of this !
May S, '54.-6tf Adjoining the Bank.
Farmers, Head This ! '.
Ovalen 1h Hardware f Iron A IV at i 1 s ,
Adjoining the Dank.
WILL buy all of the Tlax Straw that you
can raise and deliver to Ihein during the
preaent year,, and pay yon the CASH for it.
Short Flax should be pulled from the ground
that,ao( it long may be cradled none want
ed m Straw before September. Instructions
regarding the culture and rotting of Flax can
be had gratis during the Suruv-er, by calling on
Adjoining the Bank.
March 1 , 1854. n40. tf.
SMITH, 3DOVB cs Go.,
WILT, pay the highest market price forXOO,
O pounds ot good clean Flax, deUv
a red at the Hardwate Stots of their agents in Ash
land.. . ..... - JOHNS -oc ALLKN,
.Adjoining tne Bank
Ashland. Jan. 18. 1854. n35tf. : ;
Just Received.
rn Kegs Rifle and Blaming Powder, for sale
ty v on Commission at mill prices, by
June 14K1854. Adjoiorag the Bank.
BartaltilPa Partem I Corn Planter, man
ufactured y McBrigut et Co., Cleveland. O.
A supply for thn-conty wlll be found t the agen
cy vr JUHKS dr. ALLKil.
I Dec 5Bi, Xillj -enjoining vne oui.
Griffetn Sc. Carvers, Concave bteel Culti
vator Tee rti for sale Wholesale and Retail t
tbeSLCCBcyof - JOHNS-fc ALLN.
Luec. xe, aoiij adjoining tm hbk.
New Hardware Store ! !
Foreign and. Domestic Harlware!
INVITES the attention of the Hardware buy
ing community, to bis immense and unri
valled Stock now arriving and consist of ev
ery article kept in a Hardware Store. Farming
ana mecnanics i ooii, nam lurnisnmg gooas,
buUdittC vatensls, together with the largest
and beat selected Stock or Iron and Naila ever
broosht to i bit. place. Swedes. Nail, Hoop.
Sheet, Roil and Bar Iron of extra qualities,
Sash. Glass, Doors, f-ntty, a targe and varied as
sortment of Locke and Latches, Butts and
Screws . all sixes and discriptions, Sadlery
Hardware and Findings, Tools, c.
Coacla naken anal Trimmers,
will find it to their advantage to buy their
Stock of me. In their line, Oil and Enamelled
Top Leather, Clot lis, Laces Da mark, Moss, fcc,
Springs and Axles, HaiiaDie lop and rrop
Irons, &.C., Carriage and Tire Bolts, It to 6
inches long, Braes Hands all sixes, Oil Cloth.
White Lead, Dry and in Oil, Paints, Varnish
es. Turpentine and Oil, Paint, Varnish and
Dust Brushes.
Pump. Tabing, (Chain Double Galvanized)
beat article in town, wheels and fixtures com
plete. Roirer'sSf el cultivator Teeth. Wines
and Plow and Hammer Moulds, Shovels, Hoes,
Forks, Hakes, SytUes, baatha. White's Dou
ble Steel A ies. Broad Axes and Adxes, Sheep
and Cow Bella, Log and Trace Cliaias, Mill
Sawa, an extra article, X Cut Sawa, the only
good onea in town. Butchers Files and Rasps
and Chisels.
Sheep Shears,
Ten different Brands, prices from 371 to 1,60
per pair. If you want a good article I have
them ami the best in town, and tbey are going
fast. Also wool. twins and cord. j
ALSO, r ;
Block Tin, Lead, Lead Pipe, Zinc, Sad Irona,
Tmers Wire, Gun Barrele made of Lake Su
perior Iron, Lox, Brass Castings and Trimings
cheaper than eisewnere.
II you went a good pair give me a call, I ac
knowledge I have the only good onea in town.
A few of those nice Carpenters Slick's Framing
Chisels, extra Cast bteel Augurs,
Bench and Blaldlaa; Plains, Bills,
warranted, Brunswick Tea and Table Spoons,
Table and Pocket Cutlery.
Brass, Pillar and Chamber Candle Sticis and
Snuffers, and Tongs, Waffle Irons, Brass Ket
ties, Steelyards, Molasses Gates, Pugh's Augur
Bitts, Hunt's Hatchetts, Braces and Bitts, prices
sange from 40 cts. to f 12 ; Exclsior Sand Paper,
SDirit Levels, Saw Handles.
The half ia not enumerated in this ist, lut
those ia want of any articles in the Hardware
Line, will do well o call before purchasing;
my Stoc being entirely ne.v, aod selected with
great care lor tbia market, enable me to sell
better aud cheaper than tney oo eisewnere. .
. ... IX. D. BOICEi
lasrKellogg's Building one door above P
at J. Kisser's Store. .
Ashland, May 17, 18M. . S2tl .
Dealer In BMki, Mtatlatmery, Wall
. . Paper, ac.i 4tc. .. . . . .
SCHOOL, Miscellaneous and Blank Books;
Stationery and Fancy articles. Have on
hand, and constantly receiving, the latest pub
iications. Store two doors, west of -the Samp-
-sell Hease. ! .
Ashlasai, Jtaly St, 1884. Jtf
ffSh. kind jjy-iV
lmpsrlera, Mankl acturers. Com
mission OTercIiant, ana Dealers In
kveby mun or
English, German, French and American
rrHIS House having the largest and most va
I rious stock in the United States, ire fur
nishing Hardware Merchants, Contractors,
Tinners fcc, with everything they want on as
good or better terms, than they can buy in New
Yor, Boston, or elsewhere. They invite in
vestigation. JAMES M. ALLEN,
Fredericktown, Ohio,
6mo-n3 Traveling Agent.
Curled Hair Mattresses and Beddins.
OUR Mattresses and curled hair having taken
Diplomas and Medals by competition in the
principal Males in the Uuion and also having beeu
awaiJ. .1 the-Priie Medal at the World's Fair in
Loti1jii a the very be-t article manufactured, are
eminently ..iN-ied t Hie community as a great
ieiltratim for pure sweet sleep.
"I h? itcce4 by winch .r.ir bair is manufactured
ectirir preclude, the 'ot:ibilily of moth or other
insect annoyances engrmlering therein as proved
bv the severest tests of aualiaation and by testimo
nials from the first chemists of the age, from which
we extract as follows :
"Experiment has demonstrated that the puriying
agent made use of in maauracturing your patent
curled hair is especially destructive of animal
life, that it has the faculty of bleaching and clean
ing tb fibre, and that it is the most powerful dis
infecting body st present knows to science.
ProfSssoTOf Cbmlstry and Toicology In the
Medical College of the London Hospital.
I cheerfully state that the article submitted to
your process must be pure and aweet and will be
found of great value and from proof exhibited to
ms I am confident that the process employed ex
ceed all ether methods of preparation.
W. BEACH, M. D.,
New York.
We also keap'eonetantly on tf&nda'futl 'supply
of Pillows and Bolsters, under Matt raises and
Bedding of all descriptions aud a large assortment
of Wall Paper and Window Shades, upholstry
goods, curtains, lounges, dec, &c.
Orders respectfully solicited and promptly at
teuded to.
43 Pultes Block Bank st.
Cleveland, Ohio.
' June 4, MU4. nStf
rpHE subscriber again appears before you,
I eiving you fair notice ol the arrival of a
larger atock of
Than he has ever offered tj the fair Sons and
daughters of old Wayne and surrounding Coun
ties. Owing to our beirag is the Eastern Mar
kets when most kinds of Goods experienced a
We were enabled to buy our goods at such
Low Prices that we defy any competition in
the wayof Cheap Goods for Cash ; out stock is
comprised of everything in the Dry Coodt and
notion line; also, -an assortment ot
for Men and 'Boys. Also, the leading articles
of GROCERIES, such as Coffee, Sugar, Tea,
Tobacco, ire. In all these deportments we can
straw you oodr. As (or prices we can beat the
Worla: ana m saying Una we do not wish to be
considered as hiagging, but telling you plain
matter ot tact. Louk illume ol . ur prices
we can ahow you
Brown Muslin lor. .t; cts. per yd.
Bleached do .good ......... .6i "
Kentucky Jeans.. ........ ...20 cts.
Heavy Tick..... 10 "
Cotton Gloves and Stockings. 00 per pair.
Good Lawns 6 " per yd.
Delaines.-. . . ............... 10 cts. & upward.
7-4 Table Diaper IS " "
Fast Colored Calico 06 "
Silk Lace Veil 37,
Cotton Batting 10 " "
Good Black Silk 60
Tea ..' 31
Coffee 12, ' per lb.
Tobacco chewing ....1 Si
In all departments of our stock you will find
the above statement of pricsa corresponding.
All ws aaa ia s look before you buy. The price
of ourGoods is s sure thing for your money. In
Xadtex' Drett Goods we are all fixed. Lawns,
tferees. Plain Black, Striped. Barred and
Changeable Silks at all prices. Our stocJb of
"Taibee 'em all down." Can aell new style
Gimp Bonnets for 33 cents. x.very body that
comes to Wooster, comes to our store and sees
the shn.v ot prices and styles. We wont
charge vou an tiling to ionic. Country Mer
chants siiuuiied with their whole stocAs at low
prices and 4uir terms, al our store at the Old
Mand fcast ol the Ami-ricau Hotel.
May 3d, 1854. . nSOtf
IR. GOODFELLOW has ope fled in the
ew room, twe doors east of Meaara. Ris-
serac Kisser's store, on main street, a
Watch and Jewelry Establishment,
where he will offer every article usually kept
in such establishments, at very low rales.
Among his stock may be found Cinld aud
Sll-ver Watches, of every description, va
riety and quality. Pins, Ladies' Gold Broach
es, Grape, Enameled, Cluster, Knot, Caff sad
Scarf Pma.
Gold Rings, Lockets, Pencils, Gold Chains,
Bagley' Gold Pens and Holders, large as
sortment. -
Table and Ten Spoons of pure silver, Ger
man Silver and plated Spoons, Butter Knives,
Saltsnd Sugar Shovels, Silvei Forks; fcc, etc.
Zoolset C3-sjL-tXMry,
of every description, from the best Americas
aad English establishments. Also Needls,
Port Monies, Dressing and Pocket Combs, and
Pocket Books, Violin and Guitar Strings.
Goggles, ljre S assies. Compasses
and Acordeons.' F.ight Day and Twenty-four
Hour Brass Clocks, in the most splendid fa
pier Machea, Roae Wood and Mahogan case-
Cleaned nsd repaired, aad work 'warranted.
Old Gold and Silver boaght st the highest
price. 1 invite the public to examine my stock
before purchasing eisewnere.
Ashland, Dec. 21, IS53. n31 tf.
In force Jan. 1854, toil h references to
prior laws, in one large Octavo Voluem.
FaoK tbs J d do is or tub Surasss Cuoit.
The undersigned have examined Swan'a Re
vised Statutes of Ohio, for 1854. This volume
containa a compilation of the Statutes of Ohio
in force on the brat of January, 1064. The de.
sign aad arrangement of the Book are good
and carried out with great care and accuracy
and we think the work of great utility, and re.
fleets much credit upon the Compiler and Pub
The undersigned, having examined .Swan'a
statutes, concur in tne above opinion.
Dist. Atty.TJ. S. Court, Dist. of Ohio.
' Attyl Gen. of State of Ohio.
It will be found as indiapenaable hand-book
toevery Juatice of the Peace and Constable, as
wel as every Lawyer or public officer, tne
book will be aent free ofcharge to any one on
receipt ol f o.
.Address B. C.TICKNOR a CO.,
Law Booksellers, Mansfield, Ohio.
March 82nd, 1864. 44U
Old Iron Wanted.
THE subscriber will pay CASH for any quantity
ofold metal delivered at his foundry is Aahlasd
Feb, 1. 37tf. ,M. ft. MABSFIXLD.
To Western. Merchants.
THE subscriber would call the attention of deal
Ncensrally to taeextesetare arrangements taev
bavs mads for the Importation and sale of Brltisht
r rencD, and bermaa ury uooss.
Havinr s buyer permanently located ia Eu'
rope, whose entire attention will he given to the
selection tioons lor oar sale, waali tie in re
ceipt of new and desirable Dress Goods by sack
steamer. Our atoch of
V bite Goods, Hosiery, f bawls dc Notions,
will be found complete. Also, a large variety
of black and colored Silks, Satins, etc. Cloths,
Cassiansres and .Vesting,. Linens. Drilling!, Ac,
Ac. and Tailor's Trimmings generally".
Always os hand all -leading styles' of Domes
tic Goods, bleached and brows - -Cotton,
I'rlll. Ticks, Stripe, Denims,
with a choice sssortment of Merrimack and Co
cbecc Prints, Lancaster Ginghams, Ac, Ac. .
The Clothing Department (under the Arm of I..
H Tvlss A Co.,) will embrace s great variety of
well Mads Garments, such as cannot fail to gi?s
satiaTac tion.
We invite the attention of cash and short tims
tfr We bavs also secured the services of W.
L. STRONG, flats of Mansfield. Ohio.) who will
take great pleasure in showing you through our
slosk ; when you visit this market, please favor
him with a call. -
L. O. WILSON ac CO.,
T. . . ' r . . -
January 35,1654. ly..
Another Arrival of New Goods -
FOR the third time tbia season, sends forth
his proclamation to the People f Ashland
and aurroundinf counties, announcing; th ho-
Has just received a Jrevn supply ot new
which be is bound to sell at some price during
the Summer, snd make room lor his Fall sup
ply. The only "advahtaoes" ol which he
can boaat are, that he haa the nearer goods, the
taicti siyus, intiargett astorlrnent, and can sell
his goods aa
than any establishment in tf e county. He haa
long aince found out that the people will help
those tcho help them, and it is no n atter of sur
prise that the great rush is to the People's Em
porium, and that the "Old Fortresses" are
comparatively deserted, since bis second sti ck
of New Goods has arrived.
I have an unsurpassed sssortment of Plain
and Figured Dress Mls, Foreign aad Domestic
Lawns acd Ginghams, every description of
w bite Goods, Bonnets, Ribbons, and, in short,
every description of
necessary to complete a Lady's Wardrobe. Let
it be distinctly understood, that I have the lar-
gest snd best assorttnerrt ot
aver brought to Ashland, and ye who doubt i
call and see for yourselves. Ladies, if vou wan
to purchase Queensware, the People's Empori
um is the place to get it. lathe.
Gents Department,
I am fully prepared to meet any demands that
may be made upon me. My StocJk of Cloths,
i'assimercs, Vestings, and
is very extensive. Hats and Caps, in abundance.
I nave also a large, assortment ot -.
and am alao prepared to do. custom worc on
short notice, and warranted to give satisfaction.
In conclusion I huve nnlv to u that the
StocAr is complete in all its parts, and I can
warrant satislaction either in qual'ty, quantity,
or price. Highest marftel price paid tor r-
vvOOZj I
and all kinds of COUNTRY PRODUCE.
Ashland, June 21, 1854. 4tf
i rf immense assortment of ucw
XjL and Fashionable
for the summer season, of foreign
and domestic manufacture, con-aiat-ing
of a large variety ot
from 92 to $6; Kossuth Hats from 60 cts. to
2,50 ; Mazyar Hats, from 1 to $3; Otter
Hats, from $2 to $3.50; a large assortment of
considered the most tasty, comfortable and dur
able summe Hatr cow in use, from $2 to $3,
60 Leghorn, from 75 to $1,25; Beaver Hats
rrnra 3,a0 to Zo. Also a complete assortment
Also, an endless variety of Mea'a and Boy's
clothapd velvet
and all kinds of Children's Hats. It would be
useless to attempt to enumerate the entire
atocka it is admitted on all sands to be the
largeat and best selected stock ol hats, ever
brought to Ashland County. The subscriber
respectfully requests the public to call and
examine bis slock, whether tbey boy or sot.
- The subscriber wiil psy cash ior any quanti
ty of Sheep Pelts, delivered at his Store, op
posite the Frsnlin House, snd one door East
of the Poat Office, Ashland, Ohio.
Ashland, April 19th, 1854. : n4Stf
50,000 ' Majority, and all the' Counties
not heard from, for the
- f : A T-bTOT. s-s IV. T A
Clothing and Furnishing Depot 1
.9 ITPHIS extensive establishment hasluat
hL I received the largest and best select-
ITXed stock of clothing, sad gentlemen's
furnishing goods, ever brought to this town or
saitable for the largest man or smallest boy,
snd st prices that will perfectly astonish yes..
Come right along: snd examine our stock,
and see for yourselves. Here yon will find
cnrtlosds ef coats, cords ot trow sera, snd a
Harnel pile of vests of every style ssd vrai
ely, large eaougb snd small enough, warm
enough snd cool enough for any season. Our
stock of Furnishing goods is complete; con
sisting of Shirts, Collars, Cravats, Wrappers,
Drawers, tec, Ac, in fact everything to lit out
s man in perfect order. Our motto is vmr
Satesand Small Profit ,nd nocharge for show
ing our goods. .
of all kinds, mads to order. The foreman in
this department ia ose ol the best workmen
in rihio. ' " :
Recollect the place, ore door east of
Squires, and one door west ot wallacJc &
Coffin's Store. This extensive stock is under
the -direction'of our sgeut, Mr. Z. Greenwald,
of Ashland. -
S. APPLE 8t CO.', Philadelphia.
April 5, 1854.. : y. , : 46tf ,
T?RNST BACHERER respectfully announ-
JLli ces to his friends and lovera ol good living
cenerallv. that be has made a complete reno-
vatienin his establishment, one door went of
the McNuIty House, Ashland, Ohio, and wUI
keep constantly on hand during the ensuing
summer every luxury usually found in this
N. B. Know all men, that no intoxicating
liquorwill be kept in my establishment.
AsMand, March 8th, 1854. n42 tf.
rjpHE attention ol per-
I sons wishing to parvffs
.k.M MMlars land is
celled to s tract lying in
Muskateen County, Iowa,
upon the east half of the south-west quarter of
section leven, in township seventyeight, north
: . .Irrhl lerCI.
or rsngo o"j w., wwa. a j -Said
land is dry Prairie, has on it s sever rail
ing Spring, lies in the midst of s thickly settled
country, snl within n few miles of the county
seat. Terms reasoasble. For further particu
lars inquire at this office. .
June SS. 1854. - , .',
' -' K NOTICE. .
Amos C. Potter, ." : .
. r.. I Itt AsUand Common
Oasis) Beach, Sea., f .i- .fleal., !
and others. I -
TVANIEL BEACH, Sen., Daniel 6. BesehJ
I I Honrs C. Washburn. William W. Wak
roan, aaaV Zalmaa B. .Wskeman, Executors
the last will and .testament of Jessnp Wakematf
deceased, and the other children snd heirs at
law of said Jessnp Wakenran,' are hereby norl
6ed, that on the 14tb day ot July, A-D., 1854,
a Petition was filed against them in the Court of
Common Pleas of Ashland County, Ohio, and
where the ssme is now pending, and that among
other things it is charged in said Petition, that
said Jsasup Wkemanin hia life timec waa the
owner of a largequantity of land, in the Town-,
ship of Ruggles, in the County of Ashland, Ohio;
and that he constituted , asd sppointed Daniel
Beach, Sea.', his sgsnt in Ruggles, to manage,
sell, snd dispose of said lands for him.. And
that as such agent he sold the South half ot lot
number thirty. five (M),) lying in the third sec
tion of Reggies Township, then is Huron, now
in said Ashland County, to one Marvin Richard
son, in the year A. D. 1835, and that said Rich
ardson, immediately took poasesslon of said,
land, and made full payment therefor.' And
that on or about the 11th day of March, 1836,
said Richardson, sold said land to one Bradley
Potter, and that in the spring of 1840, said
Bradly Potter, sold said land tor the sum of five
hundred end twenty-five dollars to Amos C.
Potter, the Plaintiff, who took immediate pos
session of the same, snd has remained in pos
session uulil ths present time. The Petition
further sets lorth that neither the said Jessup
Wakeroan in his life time, nor his Executors,
orheiia at law aince bis death, nor the said
Daniel Beach, Sen., as his sgent have made a
Deed for said land, to said Marvin Richardson,
the original purchaser, or to any of bis asrigns,
although aaid agent was often requested, and
oflen "prontid so to do. -
The Petition further charger, and sets forth
that in the month of March, A. D., 1854, and
while (he said Plaintiff was in possession of the
land, the Defcndanta Daniel B. Beach and
Henry C. Washbnrs, well knowing tbst the
Plaintiff was the owner of the land, made, o
pretended to make a purchase of said land Irom
the said Executors of said Jessifp Wakeman,
and that Plaintiff has been informed, that some
time in the month of May, 1854, the said Ex
ecutors made o-it and forwarded a Deed from
the Sta.tef Connecticut, where they reside to
said Beach aod Washbura, conveying to them
the title to said land, ami that said Beach and
Washburn, under their pretended contract, at
tempted to take forcible possession of said
premises, by turning upon them a number ot
cattle, well knowing Plaintiffs right to the same.
The olject and prayer ot said Petition is,
that the contract if any made between the said
Daniel B. Beach and Henry C. Washburn, and
the said Executors of Jessup Wakeman be aet
aside, and annulled, and that the Deed made
by said Executors to said Beach and Washburn
be set aside, cancelled, and decreed and be
null and void; and that the title to said land be
decreed to be in the Plaintiff, and ior general
relief. And said Defendants are further noti
fied that unless they appear, and plead, answer
or demur to said Petition . on or before the third
Saturday; alter the return day of process, the
Petition will be taken as true, and a decree
asked for accordingly.
. PlttTs Atty's.
July 19th, 1854. 6w8
Administrator's Male of Real Estate.
IN pursuance of an order of the Probate Court
made at the July term, 1S54, I will offer for
sale en the premises on the 12th day of August
next, between the hours of 10 o'clock A. M. &
4 e'clock A. M., the following described Real
Estate, situate in Ashland county, Ohio, to wit:
Part of the south-west quarter ot section 14,
township 22, range 15; beginning at the section
line west of the quarter post between section 14
and 23, ID chains 14 links; thence, north 3
chaina 75 links; thence wert 4 chains; thencs
north 1 1, degrees, west' 36 chains 20 links to
quarter line ; thence west on the quarter line
to the north-west corner of said quarter, 22
chaina 10 -linArs; thence S..on section line 15
chains; thence north 87 degrees, east 10 chains;
thence south 17 degrees, east 5chains 7 links;
thence south 46 degrees, east 3 chaina 75 links;
thence south 14 degrees, west 13chains25links;
thence south S7 degress, west 2 chains 30 links;
thence south 29 degrees, west 4 chains 60' links
to section line ; thence east on section tine 25
chains 30 liu ks to the place of beginning ; con
taining 74 29-100 acres out of the middle part
of said quarter. Also 2 acres, commencingon
the east and west Kne, 2 1 rods west or north
west cornerof north east quarter of section 23,
same township as aforesaid; thence west 21
roda 3 feet; thence north 14 rods 11 feet;
thence east 21 rods 3 feet; thence south 14
rods 11 feet, to the place of beginning con
taining 2 acres, more or leas.
Terms or sale one-third casn ia Hand, one
third in one year, and he balance in 2 -year
from sate with interest on back payments. Back
pay menu secured by mortgage on the premi
ses. JOHN VAN NEST, Adm'r
. of Jacob Brandt.
J. W. Smith, Att'yfor Pet'r.
July 3, 1854. n6u
Partition Notice.
JOHN Scott, sen., snd Matilda hia wife, Da
vid Scott and Elizabeth hia wife, Joseph
Scott and Elizabeth his wife, Samuel Scott and
Mary Ann hia wife, Williaai-Gilmore and Nan
cy his wife, John Alexander, jr., snd Mary bis
wife, George Smith, John Smith, David Smith,
Joseph Smith. John Scott, jr., and Elizabeth
his wife, will take notice that a Petition- was
nled against them on the 8th dsy of July, A.
D., 1854, in the Court of Common Pleas of Ash
land County, Onio, by Walter Craig and Eliza
beth his wife, and is now pending, wherein the
said Waller Craig and Elizabeth his wile, de
mand Partition ofthe following Real Estate, to
wit: The south east quarter of section twenty
seven, township twenty-one, of Range sixteen,
situate in the Coun'y of Ashland, and State of
Ohio, containing one hundred and sixty seres
more or iess; and also the north East quarter
of section twenty-four, township lour, north
noge nine esst, situate ia the County of Wood
and stale of Ohio, containing one hundred -sad
sixty acres, more or iess; aud that st the aext
term of said Court, application will be made
by the said Walter Craig and Elizabeth hia wile
for an order that partition may be made by s id
premises. WSLl tK ckaiu,
By Fulton Jr. McCombs, their Atty's
July 12, 1854, 6w7
H. N. Musgrave
la Partition in A&hland
Cum muii Pleas. .
R. W. Musgrave
TkURSUANT to the command of an alias or
I der of sale ia Partition, issued in the
above caae from the Court of Common Pleas,
of Ashland County and State of Ohio, to me di
rected, I -will expose to Public Sale st the door
ofthe Court Masse, in said Connty , on
Monday, the 2 1st day of August.
A. D., 1854, between the hours of ten o'clock,
A. M., and four o'clock, P. M., of said day.
the following deacribed Real Estste te wit
Lot number thirty-six, (36) snd Let number thir-tv-eiirht.
f3Sl in lheIown of Jeremeville,
said county, sppraised at four hundred snd fif
ty dollars, r erms oi sais one una cn
ths dsy of sale, one third is one year, aed oar
third in two years thereafter, with interest.
Deferred payments to be secured by mortgage
on the premises. "
J. D. JONES Sherifi.
July 12, 1854. n7ts-pf$2 75
T 8- hereby given, tha . the undersigned has
1 bees appoiBteo. ana qaannea as aamisis
trator of the Estate of Henry S hanebarger, deceased.-'All
persons hsviDg accounts against
said Estate are requested to- present them le
gally authenticated for settlement within, one
year from this date. . -- - ,
s-j- -;-.-: rjmr. oi H. Shanebarger, dee'd t
July 26th, 1854. . t.; .-,- - 3w i:
r-fnHR-undersiirned will self on Saturdav ths
I 11th day of August, 1854, the building of
B bridge in iluggies townsnip, oa tne .aai roaa
from Savannah to New London, across the
Buck Creek River near John Gribben,aad near
Mr. Pardey, the plan of bridge to be made
known on day of sale. ;
July 26th, 1854. ... 4w9
THE undersigned will sell on Saturday the
12th day of August, 1854, the old Bridge
about one-half mile up the mm Creek, ,
... Commissi oners. .
July 26th, 1864. 4w
Pit! Fils!! Fits!!! '
LEWIS St FLETCHERS' Vegetable' Com.
pound for the care ol Epilipsy or Fits a
recently discovered . invaluable Medicine,
Jiurely vegetable, for the care of thia dread
ol diseases. Jus: received and for aaly by
v Drsggtsts, Asjiland, O.
Jaly., '-.J8fi,; ... vtri. ; w5-.4
nalsJAssV tenJ ssvE'nj
IS'a pjeaant'J'i.'"'fe'1!rr"
mt with the ru'es of Pharmacy, oftherspeu-
tic. .rent. lonr k now?1 snd celebrated for their
peculiar efficacy to enrinr "AJA j simi
lar affections of , ths sfsWt. jls. .J J setioif it
....... .h . healthy condition
ofthe LlVERrtousremovin the .-assent the ssme
time it cures the disease. - -
Stabler' Anodyne Cherry ExprcU'"'"''
Ia confidently recommended-to invalids, as. t.
spassbb by any knows preparation for the cui5
of CaarAaa oartfeseaa, and other forms of Comm.n
TION in an early stage, and for the- talis of the
patient even in advanced stages of that fatal dis
aese. ltcombines.in ascientific uianner, Temedies of
longeateemed value, with others of more recent
discovery; and besides its eemtking and taatejquali
tiea, acts thro' the skin, gently snd with-reat ef
ficacy, for the cure of this clasa of diseases.
- The valuable Medicines above namedhave recen
tly been introduced, with tbs -approval of s num
Isr of our Medical Prtfutimn in the city of Balti
more and evey where, and in practice have succee
ded most admirably in curing the diseases for
-hich they are prescribed. They are offered to
the country practitioners of Medicines which be
can in all respects depend npoa : as prepared is
agreement with the experience of some of the
most learned asd judicious Pbystcisss aad strictly
in conformity with the rotas or Pharmacy, snd
as especially serving bis convenience, who can
not so readily as ths City Physician, have his own
preicriptiona compounded by a practical Pbarme
ceutist. - - --
Sen the descriptive Pamphlets, to he hsc' grstis of
all who have the Medicines for sale, containing
ecommendations from- Doctors Mavtir, Balt
xbli., Additis, Pavss. Ha.dt, Lova, Ac.
so Doctor S. R. MiiTis says, "1 do not hesitate to
recommend your JPtarrasta Cerdiml snd Amedfne
Cherry Expectorant," Sec. -
Doct. Jobs Abdisou ssys. It gives me much
pleasure to add my testimony to tbat of others, e
favor of the extraordinary efficacy of your JHarr
kma Cardial, Ac; and Of the Expectarant, " 1 bavs
no hesitation in recommending it as s most valua
ble medicine." Ac. .
Doct. R A. Paths says ha has used ths Diarr
kma Cardial in his practice "with the happiest ef
feet, snd thinks it one' of the most convenient
aud efficient combinations ever offered to eur pro
fession." .
Doct. L. D. Handy writes; "I have administer
ed your-4iya Expectarant in several cases of
BronchiaAffection, with the happy re.ult e,
and from a knowledge of ifta admirable elTecta.
I can, with- the greatest -confidence, recommend
it," ace.
Doct. W. 8. Love writes to us 'that he has ad
ministered the Expectorant to his wife, who has
bad the rsscaifis for fanrtmen years, and that
she is fast recovering from her long standing ma
lady. It has In a lew weeks done her mors good
than all the remedies she has heretofore need it
der able medical counael.
Sixtbss of the best Arornscaniss ssd Pans
AcioTurra in the City of Baltimore. " We are satisfi
ed theprepaiations known as Staklar'o Jtnadynt
Caerrw Expectorant and Statue's JHarrhma Car
dial, are medicines of Gsiat Valci, snd nary ef.
fldent tot the relief and cure of ths diseases for
which tbey are recommended; they bear the evi
dence of skill snd cars in their preparation sad
style of putting up. snd ws take plead aurs ia rc
com mend ing them."
Twssrv Ssvsn of the most respeetsble Msscn
airrs, residents of Maiiuhd, Visoisia ssd Hosts
Caso Lisa, who havs soM asd alao used these
medicines themselves, eay,"From our own experi
ence and that of our cnetomere, we do confidently
recommend themPro Bono Publico. We aave never
known any remedy used for the diseases fur whicn
they are prescribed, to be so efficient, and to give
socn Mure Miiii.uuii iu-u. -
The above notices ufrecommendation from mem
of high standing, and MKHCHAKTS of the first
respectability, should be sifncient to satisfy all,
that these medicines are nrll) trial bT the ar
ticled, and thatthey are of s different stsmp snd
class rrom tbe, -Quackery" and "Cure Alls" so
much imposed upos the public.
For Sale by Druggists, Apothecaries ssd coun
try Btore-heepers generally. '
: . -i- : . ' : 1
-r A.Mj'slery lxpliiiiied...
A Revolutiou la Certain, Victory Is Ours.
. DR. As L. ADAMS'
NKW THEORY OP U18KARE is awakening the
inquiry in the minds of all who read it i How
it si that Americans have been so long and so
slavishly immured in darkness and ignorance on ths
subject of disease. i
is dflered to the afflicted of ths States and Terri
tories for the entire cure of Liver - Complaints all
stages, Biliuus Fever, Ague and Fever, chronic
Lung fever.- iropsical Affectiona, Consumption,
Below Complaints Diarrhea, Ilyscnxeryv Kheama
tism. Bleeding Piles Blind Piles, Scrofula, Salt
Rheum, Dyspepsia,Genera Debility, Nervousness,
Costiveueas, Indigestion, Ol strutted Menstrua
tion, Ac. '
Dr. A. is. Adams' uvsr Balsam oss stooa ins
wrec . and test lor tne issi nueen years, ana nas
proved to the most skeptical, beyond a shadow of a
doubt, that it is .. . -. j
The ouly Relialle Medicine Ever Discovered
being purely all vegetable.) for the permanent cure
or the above diseases. The most skeptical have be
come its most sanguine votaries, and pronounced
the Li ver Balsam to be ths ;
Onlj Reliable Harbinger of Health to the
Testimonials come up from every track it has
made, swollen wita expressions oi grauiuae, ior
ths relief received by its use. And In subm itting
this, the Liver Balsam is recommended to all those
suffering under the
and at once procurs oas bottle of Dr. A- L. Adams'
Liver Balsam.
The readers is referred to tbs Medical Tract
found by maKing application to ths Agent where the
Balsam Is sold, giving a full epitome of ths cause
aod curs of sll diseases; containing, ' also certifi
cates from those whj have tested its unparalleled
ascendancy over ths diseased to which ws are sll
subject. Sold by K. H. CHUBB, or Cow Ashland
John MoCrorey, West Windsor; Sturges ABiglow
- Mansfield; J. P. Stameta, Rowsburg; J. H.
BaumgatdedA Co.; Wooster :- , ':
G, B. Scott, General Agent, Bo. 67 Randolph
Street Cbiaago, Illinois.
February i, 184. a37 ly. .: ' i " "
Jaundlcet Iy spcp-iia,Clrironic or Nsr
-rents Isebilit-f Islseatse of tlaeltidroe-rs.
And all diseases arising from a disordered Liver or
Stomach, such as Cosslipatiso, Inward Piles,
Futlnsss or Blood .to ths Heart. Acidity of ths
Stomach. Nausea, Heart Burn, Disgust for Pood,
Fullness or Weight in the Stomach, Sour Eructa
tions, Sinking or Fluttering at the pit of the
Stomach. Swimming ot tne Head, Hurried aad
Difficult Breathing, Fluttering st the Heart, Chok
ing or Suffocating Sensation when in a lying
posture. Dimness of Vision, Dots er Webs before
the Sight. Fever snd Dull pais in the Head. De
acisncy of Prespiration. Yellowness of the Skin
. and Syes, Pain in the Side, Back, Chest, Limbs,
Ac Sudden Flushes or Heat. Burning in ths
- Flesh, constant Imaginings of Evil, ssd Great
Depression of Spirits, can bs effectually cored by
Dr'Soofland's Celebrated German Bitters.
man Medicise Store, ISO Arch St. Philadelphia
Their power over the above diseases is sot excelled,
il equalled, by ssy ether praparslioa is the U. States
as ths cures sliest, ia ataay cases after skillful
physicians had failed. ... .
These Hitter, are worthy ths attention of invalids.
Possessing great virtues in the rectification of dis
eases ofthe Liver and lesser glands, exercising ths
most searching powers in weakness sad affections
of the digestive organs, they sre withal sae, cer
tain snd pleasant. - - "
E. B. Pebhisjs, afarieUa. Ohio, Feb. TS. 1851. said
"Your Bitters are highly prised by those whs have
ased them. In s case of Liver complaint, of long
standing, which had resisted the skill of. several
Physicians, was entirely cured by the uss of fivs
bottles." C. L. Dkakb, Freedom, Portage CO., O.,
AprilS3, 1853. said: Tbs German Bitters you sent
ms last have not yet come to band. I have been out
af the article for some time, to the great detriment
of invalids. It is a medicine much thought of and
sought after In this eommenity."
B.M. HoTCHisao,.B Bedford. Csyahogs CO.,
O. August 26, 1852, said: "The Bitters you ship
ped me in May last are sll gone- -I think it
good medicine, and I am, recommending itts my
patients and friends, (which I dolor no other pat
ent medicine.) You will please forward a large
"s.PlFaBTCH. Wooster, O.. Hot. 30, 185!!. said:
I have used some three or four bottles or Hoefl
and's German Bitters lor Dyspepsia, sad derived
great bene fit from their use. I believe them to
be good for all diseases for which they ars recom-
"wnOiii Wooster O., October 9,1852, said
You ask me my opinion-of the German Bit
ters. 1 have used them for Dyspepsia and Indi
gestion, and take pleasure in.-stating that -t think
tbey are the very best remedy extant for the above
complaints they are decidedly in advance . of all
the proprietary medicines of theday."
Mr. Oas is a distinguished lawyer of Wooster.
These Bitters are entirely vegetable. They never
prostrate the system, but invigorate it. -1 :
For Sale by R.H. CHUBB A CO., Ashland, and
by Druggists and dealers in medicines every where.
. Ashland. Feb. 1. n37 ly- . 5- - . . '
Office Franklin tc W r re-n t. 1 . Co 1
T- II . . AAiA..fiBt. 96. K3. 1
I A ter "of thi F. et W.- R.
held !.... 11. 1853. tBS uouua.
ments upon Stock subscriptioss wers mads, vis?
Tss percent, parsbls July 1st, 1853, and aa assess
mentof ten percent- at the end of each succeed
ing sixty days, until the whole amosat Is paid.
Three instalments are therefore now das. te .wit:
The first wben subscribed, rthe charter,) ths
second July 1st. snd ths thir. August 31st.
lubicrib.., is Ashlsnd Tillers and asuat, re
respectfully requested to immediately pay- all
islmeal aiW due. and a. they be
come due, at the Banking House of Luther. CraU
or Co., Ashland unless called upon by ths Collector.-;
-. . - -i YoZL W TTLER, Se, -
f f.
1. 1JIJ LTlJ'sn. T I ' ssr-stsft Sll
Ca 1 ttrr " S pa n i i I X I u re.
.-. r -s 4 flNTT;
A Jf fctlHe Vtrmenrf torncfoHltHhrwU Kvfl
J.2.- Rbcnms1isvn0slinsteCutaaees Krsptisaa,
Pimp.' ' Psslysses tSs Pass, Blotches, Soils.
Chronic ye JHsfWevat srYsttv, -Scald
Head. EnU.'rmal 'sin af ! )om ssd
Joints. StubbC-"' Tevs, Rtptrilitls Biaordars,
Lumbago, Ppinaf 4ssy)lalaas aaa. svt BVamaea
arising from an iniuu'eisss nam Im
prudence is Life, or ImrItltf sf ts Blood.
This vatuabls Medicine. th a SvlewiSeals'
bTated for the number pf extraordtssv surss sf'
fected through its agencr, has I.-dscs fls pref
prietors, st Iks argent request ef their -uleaesv t
offer it te the public, which they de with
most confidence in its virtues snd wonderful curV
tivo properties.- Ths following certiScstss, salsct
ed from a large number, are, however, strengex
testimony than the mere word ef ths proprietors s
snd sre sll from gestlemen well known ia taeirr
localities, ssd of ths highest respectability, assay?
of them rssidlsg is the city of Krchmead, Vs.
F. Bovbss, Esq.. of the Exchange Hotel, Rich
mond, known every where, says he has ssss ths
Medietas called Darter's Spanish Xixtntw adminis
tered in over s hundred casss. in nearly sll tss dls
eases for which it is recommended, with ths moss,
astonishingly geed results. - He says it Is the soil
extraordinary medicine as hsssverseen. . . .
Aeos ass Fbvsb Gsiat Ccas.l hereby certr
fy, that for three years 1 bad Agus sad Psvsr af ther
most violent description. 1 bad several Physici
ans, took large quantities ef uinins. lfrcury,
and I believe all the Tonics advertised, sat all
without any permanent relisC At last I tried Car
ter'e Spanish Mixture, two bottles of which effect
ually cured me, and I am happy to ear I bavs bad
neither Chills or Fever since. I consider It the best
Toaicia the world, snd the only medicine that
ever reached my case.
Beaver Dam, near Richmond, Va.
C- B. Luck Esq., now in the city ef Richmond,
and for many years in the Post Office, has such can
fidence in ths astonishing -efficacy af Carter's
Spanish Mixture, that he has bougbt upwards of SO
bottles, which he has given away to the amtcled.
Mr. Luck says he has never now B It to Jail Whea
taken according to directions. . .
Dr.Miasa, a practicing Physician, aad formerly
or tbs Uy Hotel, In the city of Richmond, says
he has witnessed ia a number of instances taa
effects of Carter's Spanish Mixture which wars
most truly surprising. Hs ssys in s csss af Coa
sumption, dependent on ths Liver, the good effects
were wonderful indeed. - - s i---.
Sahcbi M DsiBKBB.of ths firm ef Dr aksr 4t
Morris, Richmond, was cured of Liver Complaint
of 8 years standing, by the- -ass el twe botllss ef
Carter's Spanish Mixture.
- Giiit Ens or Scaovtrta. Tbs Editors of ths
Richmond Republican bad s servsnt employed ia
their press room, enrsd of violeot Scrofula, cast,
bined with Rheumatism, which entirely disabled
him from work. Two bottles rf "trier's Spsnlsb
Miiturs made a perfect curs ot him, .ad thsEdi.
ors, in a public notice, say they "cheerfully recess"
meed il to all who ars afflicted with say diss ass "
ths blood." .
Still Asotssb JJoss or Scaoret. I bad a vei y
valuable boy esred ef Scrofula by Carters Spaa
isb Mixture. 1 consider it truly uvalaebls medi-
cine. James M. Tsylor, Conductor oa the R. F. A
P. R.R. Co.. Richmond. Va. ., : -.
- Mr. Jobs Tnoarson, residing ia ths city of Rich
mond, was cured by threo BoUlesof Carter's Spaa
isb Mixture, of Salt Rheum, which he had searly rS
years -sBd which all ths phaaiciaaa af th ally
could not cure. .Mr. Thompson Is a wslL.hsawn
merchant in the city of Richmond, Te., and hie
cars is most remarkable. ; - (.. .,
W'x. A. MiTTBiWf, of Richmond, bsa servast
esred of Syphilis, in ths worst form, by Carter's
Spanish Mixture, -Hs ssys keshaufslly sscam
mendslt. and considsrs it an invalnabls madieiae.
KicbaBS B. Wsst. of Richmond, war eared of
Scrofula, snd what Physicians -called con fix so ed
consumption, by three bottles oT arter.e Spanish
Mixture. a. .j.U i'- .i-. -
. Edwib Bcbtok, commissioner of the levsnse,
says he has seen tHe'good effects or Carter's Spanish
Mixture in a number of Syphilitic cases, and. aays
itis a perfect cure for that horri ble disease,
T-Wbt. e. HaBwoob, of Richmond, carreT of Old
sores and Ulcers, which disabled him from walk
ing. Took a few bottles of Carter's -Spanish Mix .
ture. and was enabled to-wak without a cratch,
in a abort time permanently cured.- "
- Principal- Depots at I. Wits Closs A Co.,Ke.
83, Maiden Lw.liiv York. ..
T. W. Dtott A Sons, So. 13S, Korth Sd Strsst.
Philsdelphia, - - - -- - - -
Bibscti; A Bins, So.125, Main St, Sichmpad,
Virginia. ' .
And for sale-iy R. H. Cnras, Asblsnd, H. ft fee,
A Co. Savanna, J. Ksbbimobb. Hayesville, J.Horr
aaif, Jeromevills, AndbbsomA Rowas, Loudon
ville, and Dealers in Medicines everywhere.
Jan. je.'M. - B39Iy.
Philadelphia Medical House Established Sd
years sgo, by Dr. KINKEHN.corser ot ThirW
sad Union streets, between Spruce Fine,
Philadelphia, Pa. . . - .
Invalids sre apprised tbat Dr. Kinslia eos
fises bis practice te a psrtieular branch of med
icise which eagsgss his undivided atteaties,
He cations the unfortunate against the abase
of mercury ( thousands are annually msrcnriaU
issd eat ef life. ' Reeest affections ere prompt
ly extinguiaed. Tventy yean of Experience
in tbs treatment of a clsss of dissases hithsrte
neglected and imperfectly understood, bss en
abled Dr Kinkelin, (A nth or of a work oa Self
Preservation,! to prove that aiea-teaths ef the
causes of nervous debili'y, local ssd cosetits---tional
weakness,, mental nnd physical suffer--ing,
are traceable to certaia habits, forming the
most" secret yet deadly aad fatal springs ef
domestic -Misery sad prematura asortality..
Take Particular Notice. Tbsre is aa evil fas
bit sometimes indulged in by boys, is solitude,
often grewisg ap with them to manhood, end
which, if aot reformed ia due time, it not only
begets serious obstacles to matrimonial happi
ness, bet gives rise to a series of protracted,
insidsous and devastating affections. Few el
those who give wsy to this peraieiens 'prac
tice are aware ef the consequences, ostil they
find the nervous system sbsttered, feel strange
snd unaccountable feelings, end vsgse feara
in the mind. r- ' :; . ;
The nnfortunate thus affected becomes fee
ble, is unable to labor with sccustomed vigor,
or to spply his mind to stndy ; his step is tar
dy and weak, ha ia dull, Uresolste, snd en
gages ia his aport with less energy than asaal.
If he emancipate himself before the prae
has done its worst, aad enter aastrimeay, bis
marriage is unfruitful, and his sense tels him tbst
thisii caused by bisfolliesasrly. These sre est
siderstions which should swskea the attsstioa
of those similarly situstsd.
Msrrisge requires the fulfillment of several
conditions, in order Jhat it may be really the
cauae of mutual happiness. Cosld.ths veil
which covers tko origisef de-saestic -wretched-aessbe
rsised, ssd its trne searce ia every ia- ,
staaee disclosed is how assay coeld it be
traced to physical disqualincations asd tbair
attendant diaappoiatmeatsl Apply thsa while
it is yet time, ia order te kae year sastrang
and relaxed organnatioa rebraeed , treat staking
year ease ksows to ess who, fress. educstiea
aad respectability, caacertaialv be revivified
lid strsngtheaed. .
Remember that be who places himself tra
der Dr. Kisalin's treatment, aaay relif Voasly
confided in hishoaor as a gentleaaaa,aad rely
npon the assursnca, thst hm secrets ef Dr. K.'e
patients wilt never he rMselosed.
. Youug ni-let a fslse modesty deter yea
from making your esse kaowa: to ose whs,
from educatioa aad respsctibilitycaacsrtaia
ly befriend yon. .
.Tee many think they vrtH soneearthe saeretl
is their owa hsarU,-snd enrs" themselvas
AJas! bow. oflsn is this a ihts.1 dslasios, ssdl
how many a promising young' man, who .might
have been sjr ornament to society, has faded)
from thsiearth -m fr J v- i -- .-r-..;,?
. Strictures of the are t bra- srs rapidly e moved?
by the spplicatroa of - a. new. thsrspeaticsf
agent, used only y Dr. .K. ' Weakness and
Constitutional debility promptly cured, ant) full
rigor reitorsdt --..,;! iiT"
Country "Invalids tan have, by stating their
case explicitly; together with all' their symp
toms, per Jetter -eacleaing a remittance) Dr
K.'s medicine, appropriated accordingly...-.' t
" -fnrwsrdpd trt'inv narl ofthe United States.
nI packed secure from DAMAGE ef CURI Olf-p
. - BEAU! , . ..i
Tautk and Monlieie aigerans lift er a yrema
Sara DeataMTtneelia as Sett Press eettea Only
SSctM. .. ... . "'i .- . i -.
It is s work eminently required, ns s mesa
of reforming the vices ofthe sgein which .r
live. Also,
IfiliKln far the Fralenyatieu af Ufa, j as ram
--.,-' rss Press. -1
-' A letter with a rentittaace' ef S3 ceate, er
the value in post stamps, addressed te Dr. Kiay
elin, Philadelphia, Pa., will seenre a copy of
either ofthe sbove books by retnra mail t or
It copies will be seat free teT postage far 91,
Booksellers, Caavassera, Travelling .Agents,
Ac., supplied wholesale at the publisher's r.
ees, which admit ef a large profit. W A1
letters must be post paid. --
Msrcb Sand. 1254-- .-' j ly44 ' '' .
-1 ..Save yur A lies ! 1
, 1..8HES wanted by the ssbscriher, at hia
Aahery ia Ashlaad, for which the highaet
mark et pries will bs paid i a goods.
- - J ' - T.C BUSHNELL. '
October St,lSe3. 32tf
-J'-r-T-r"-"isn ms i Tin i in.., i i .r"
5 1

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