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.r-Tmm Dmili published ovary Wednesday
. la th loom f Ashlaad, Aeklaad ,
V 01, '
& aaeia St., ever R. McMekaa'e Iter
"" Ta. CdIm Mil b. fuxniehe to Beeribr
, . h rat r two doll aks ,
fifktat a mad before the expire tioa ef
: th ye. Twa DotAAas a a ftm Cxa-n
-.- Will lavsriebly V charged, if Baysaoai ha de-
. "assail till after th expirstiea af the year.
. ...A failure to pay ia fall, ad giv aetic of
aUBtiaaa to th PaUiahar, at th doe af
: eXma bias ea ascribed fer, will ba eoasidered aa
, vagefesaeat for Ua aail year, sad aa aa jeer
3ae square, II lines ar lan, 3 weeks
-- er leas......................... f
Every rabeoqaeat insertion-... .----
T)sa square saoaths.,. ........ ...... .
Oaa seas ne year. ......... ,
Oaa raarth ooisMsa etra awe........
Oaa airdeoleaa. owe year.....
.. - . . . -
Oaa helfeefcewrB Jrvar...... ......
-Twa third tola. -e jaar.
Three reartae cefunam year.
ajntdim an year.....
: .l93cak onb. Sob printing.
fVHaf jest porchaaed a aapai b aaw preaa,
Wa4 added large lot of saw type to ear already
xtensiva aaaortataat af Job materials, wa are
... an prepared te eiecate, ia a atyla that caaaot
;Ve aarpaaaacl by aay ffica in tbia aactioa al
-wastry, --.-...
eke, . Beads, - Labels, Cirealare
aEarda.. Drafts. - Receipts. Kolas,
. eraeters. Sills. '-.' Checks, , Maaifests
-saUaaaa. Bill Heeds, Tickets. Deads,
- pamphlets, peogkammes. posters.
: -ad, ia skart, every deeciiptioa af Plata Bad
.. aerativ
4ao ia the Gaeat atyla af Ua art, tad eaaaat
fci to give aatiafaotiea. All ardere promptly
. atteaded t. .
' Blank Deeds and Justices Blanks,
' 'kept eaaaUatly oa baad and for aala at tbia of-
Sea.- Oar Blaaka are aaatly priated aad ea Ua
'. bast quality ef paper, aad give geaeral satiafao
tiaa wiU Ueaa wha have esad them. Orders
' especUully solicited.
The Union A few impartial Ststiftics.
,. ... The foliowiDff statistics, which we ex-
tract from the Boston JPost, ahow the
.-. (rounds upon which rests the oo Damon
boast that " this ia a great country :'
The thirty-one States, nine Territories
and District of Colombia, comprising the
TT -. 1 CT.'. - . ,
- uniteu states oi America, axe aibuaccu
v ' within the sarallels of 10 detrs. east Ion-
gitnde and 43 dega. west of the meridian
. Tiri.r a i a l : i .
. . lantio coast from 25 degs., and on the
Pacific coast from 32 dega. to 49 dega.
.Saiaark Yea 1 1 4 aay) A a a 4 JWtjS f kaWkaS aa aoy
. . graphical area ot d,3UO,ob square miles
oemg out one-tenw tess wma ane entire
continent of Earone. Thev contain a
' population at the present time of 25.000.
000, of whom 21,000,000 are whites.
Xue extent or its, sea-coast, exclusive oi
: .islands and rivers to the head of tide wa-
-of its principal rivers is 20,000 miles.
Th aiirfj&AA nf I r a tivA oaslk lurM ia Qfl .
000 square miles. The number of miles
of railways in operation within its lim-
lis is u,wu, construoioa at a eost oi
: $600,000,000. The length of its ca
nals is 5,000 miles it contains within its
limits the longest railway upon the sur-
.... ... . n 1. A I tnAia lAnHl
--TThich is 731 miles.:
The annual value : of its agricultural
- productions is $2,000,000,000. Iu most
valuable product is Indian corn, which
vifflrla annna.llT SilUt IMin linn artrl in
surveying the agricultural productions
oi our country, we are .not onjy stracK
- with their abundar.ee, but with the great
xarietj. Our territory extends from
the frigid region of the north to the ge
nial climate of the tropics, affording al-
most every variety of temperature and
every kind of grain and vegetables. ' Her
productions ran pa from the cold ice and
hard granite of the .North, the golden
''corn of the West, to the cotton and su-
gar of the South ; and nearly all in sum-
consumption and- furnish large supplies
lor exportation, thus furnishing nearly
, all the value aswell as the bulk of our
foreign commerce ; suggesting thereby
tne irresistible conclusion that airricui-
' tare ia thti errplkL tra.naeaiui&nfc intArMt nf
our country, "and upon which all other
interests depend. ' j
xua ajuuuui wi rvgiauirea uu enrouea
: tonnage is 4,407,020 tons. The amount
va MftMU u . u UUUiUWflilUCI JSI
J $600,000,000. The amount of its for
. sign in ports in 1853 was $267,972,647,
ana oi exports ;3u,yD,io. xne an
nular amount of it internal trade is $6,-
, 000,000,000. The annual value of the
" products of labor (other 'than agricultu
ral) is $1,500 000,000" The annual val-
. ue of the income of its inhabitants is $ 1 ,-
- 000,000,000. The value of its farms
and live stock is. $5,000,000,000. Its
mines of gold, copper, lead and iron, are
among the richest in the world. The
value of the gold produced in California
is $100,000,000 per annum. The sur
face of its coal fields is 133,132 square
miles. " ' Its receipts from customs Jlands,
&e.; in 1853, was 61,327,274, and its
" expenditures $43,543,263. - Its national
aomain consists 01 x,44,iB square
' miles of land. Its national debt is but
50,000,000. The number of its banks
' at the present time is about 1,100, with
a capital of $300,000,000. Within her
borders are 81,000 schools, 6,000 acad
emies, 234 colleges and 3,800 churches.
Only one in twenty-two -of its white in
habitants is unable to read and write,
and. nineteen of its: twenty-one million
of white inhabitants are native born."
; Giddiags Bs-Afoininsed- Close lit
' We this morning received the follow
ing dispatch from Warren :
. Giddings nominated on the fifth ballot
by two majority The last vote stood
as follows : ,
Giddings.. 42
Hutching 40
-Sutliff.. . 1. 1
" Old Gidd " is evidently on his last
legs. With all his experience in caucus
management, and knowing and probably
seeing every prominent Fwsionist in the
District, as he has been bray as a bee in
a tar bueket ever since he came home,
it is rather ominous that he could not
command a majority until the fifth bal
lot, and then only ttoo to spare. The
Whigs it appears has no candidate in
the Convention. This look omnibus too.
What is in the Wind. Clev. Plain
Dealer. '
The above close fit is evidence that
GaDdirgs' constituents think all further
slavery crisis improbable. He runs on
she ensis colt-vnpthing else.
Comp&tttioa opn to all the States.
Ohio and Pmnylvania Hone Ezhi
idim, f be hetd wt the Park, at Salem
. m a .
1 ItA, I21&, IZtk and UfA, 1834.
. ORDta KXttlBlTON.
Under the direction of Chief Marshal C.
II. Corwcll, assisted by his Aids.
Horses to bo entered upon the books
lot Exhibition or Sale. -
8 o'clock. A. M. Judges assemble.
Horses to enter
tire around.
9 Draft Stallions A
10 " " Draft Mares B
11 " " Spans and single,
U exhibited.
12 " M. Mares with foal
by side, one and
two year old
colts and suck
ing colts, D ex-
' hibited.
I " P.M. Match Horses, E.
2 " " Pacine Horses F.
3 . Roadsters under 6
years old, G ex
4 " " Roadsters 6 yrs old
and over, hi ex
Remainder of the day occupied in ri
ding and driving by those who have en
tered for Jf remium or sale.
8 o'clock, A. M. J udges assemble.
Horses enter up
on the ground.
9 " - Three year old
Stallions & Fil
lies, I exhibited.
10 " " Saddle Horses, J
11 " " Stallions for all
purposes, K ex
I " P. M. Thorough bred
Stallions, L ex
2 " ". Thorough bred
Mares, 01, ex-
. hibited.
2 M " - Trotting Horses,
N exhibited.
Remainder of the day as above.
8 o'clock. A. M. Judges assemble.
Horses enter the
Sweepstake Hors
es JjiXhibited.
if remiums awar
Sale Commences.
Enterings for all Stallions and spans
of Horses for
Premiums or sale .... $3 00
AIL other Horses or Mares, three
2 00
years old and over .
All Uoiu under tbree years, ana
Mares with foal at side .. 1 00
All Carriages with two horses- . 37
All Carriages with single horse. . 25
Season Barges .... 1 05
Single Jfintrr--- 1 20
Stages and Omnibusses not admitted.
At the ringing of the bell by the Mar
shal, a flag will be run up with the letter
of the class which is to come forward.
The Judges wilLiake the stand whose.
letter corresponds with the inscription
on toe flag, and will finish their examin
ation within their allotted time, or retire
to a place designated by the Marshal
The J udges will not award premiums
when there is no comppetttion and hors
es are not deemed worthy. Upon pay
ment of the entrance fee, the secretary
will furnish, cards to attach to the
horses, with their No. and Class to which
they belong. Horses intended for in
hibition or Sale, should be entered upon
the books on or before the 1 1 th of Octo
ber to ensure aecommodations.
The August Ejections.
Arkansas.- We have nothing definite
from this state, but we have no doubt
a Democratic Legislature has been cho
sen. " A. B. Greenwood and Albert
Rust have been chosen to Congress from
the first and second districts. No Whig
candidates were in the held.
Missourl The telegraph announces
the election of six Whigs to Con cress.
and one iJenton Democrat, - Waldo r.
North Carolina. We have the com
plete vote on Governor, except from the
counties embraced in the eighth ((Jling
raan's) district, Bragg is elected Gov
ernor. The legislature will stand :
Senatr. Commons.
Whig.... 20 57
Democrat 30 .63
Total 50 120
Two United States Senators are to be
chosen by this Legislature, to succeed
Messrs. iaangum and Badger, Whigs.
A he iowa returns are not yet com
Kossuth in bis Home. A lady wri
ting from London, says :
Jf rom itiohmond s, 1 drove out to
call upon Kossuth. We found him in
an obscure lodging on the outskirts of
London. . I would that some of the ed
itors in America, who have thrown out
insinuations about his living in luxury,
OOuld haVO Been his Utter bareness and
plainness of the reception room, which
had nothine- in it but the aimnlcitt
is more
But to me tho unselfish patriot I
I - r . .1
VeoeraDIe IOr tne poverty and
his misfortunes.
t : : j e
a uiu uucu iw juau- l
ame XVOBSUth, and he answered," I have I
not vet seen her tnvrlav " arid! no- " aha
no vet seen ner VO-oay, aaaipg, sne
. i
Has ner family affairs, you know, mad- I
:i v .,, ,
we are poor
fearing to cause embarrassment, I
not press an interview. "
Iowa Electiok. The Tribune, of
the 17th, has the following ; it changes
tne tace of anairs as lately reported :
a ue returns tnus iar received ' irom
t.. i .. XT , , . I
iowa, snow-an anti-Nebraska train over I
Pierce's vote for President of 4,000.
AwtTL' sTI --rr -r . ' i
Willg IxOTernor, Whig .Legislature I
and one Whig member for Congress, are
, I i , mi , . i I
ceriainiyeieciea. X ne Secona VOO trres-
t::.a li l , j
Bional District has not been fully heard
from. but has probably chosen a Whirr
The Chicago Journal, of the 14 th
inst., gives the following :
xsy a frentleman who lelt - Iowa Uitv
Friday afternoon, we learn that, as far
as heard from, Grimes, anti-Nebraska,
led Sates 1,500 and no doubt was enter
tained that ho was elected by 1,600. to
2,600 majority. Thorington, Whig, is
elected to Congress - from the Dubuque
District." The House is certainly anti-
Nebraska. The Senate probably so.
- r
9 " "
10 " "
10 " , "
Fxoic Madkra. By the Schooner
-Marta, 32 days ftom Madeira,
" "V" ""." ""VT .l"
I anni 1. aaaai ah a failnaa w A la a aatna
vnuig few uib ft.igu ustui araiu ap
peared on the vine and crape. The 4 th
of July was selebrated oa board the U.
S. ship Marion, in the port of Madeira,
and in the town at the house of Sir.
Welsh, an American.
Salk of the New York Crystal
Palace. We see it stated that the
New York Crystal . Palace Directors
held a meetinjr on Friday last, and au
thorised their President to sell the en
tice palace, gas fixtures. Iron fence en
closing tho palace, and all the property
01 tne association, deliverable on and
after 1st November next, for one half
its actual cost. The first cost is under
stood to have been about $700,000.
Shot at Sir Charles Napier. The
London Diogenes says : " Since " the
race is not to the svrift,' etc., why won
der. at the tardiness of the fleet f"
TKtw 3.5ncrtiscmcnts.
rpHK anderslicned bers leave to inform the citi-
A sens of Aahlaad. and the surround ins conntr.
that he has Just received at his Stove and Tin ware
estanusament la Ashland, a UAKtxK AND SPLEN
DID assortment af the best and most improved
paiiera oi
waica aa will sen at very irm rare. u also, a
(Teat variety of COPPER, BB ASS, TIM aad JA-
dona oa Ua shortest notice.
It. B. Old Brass. Copper aad Pewter taken ia
axcaange lor ware. A, suii bKI,
Aagustsa. 18a. Sw
Strayed or Stolen!
TT'ROM Hansfield's Clover Machine Shop ia Ash-
JO land.O on or about Saturday night the 10th inat..
aa old Clover Hulling Machine of no particular ass
to any one except the owner, aad ( aot very much
to him ; ) said Machine was very much dilapidated.
Veins about 14 years old. or there abouts. The cob.
cave and cylinder made with Balls drove in similar
to uoae of the celebrated Sutherland Jianufacture,
wun movaoie concave, sucn as never was Known
before, and so aa to prevent injury, etc.
This Machine is very much worn, the Bails eery
smooth, etc., and can be readily recognized by any
one taking particular notice to the above descrip
tioa. A reasonable reward will be rive a for the re
turn of said nacnine, or any information that w n
lead to the detection of the peipetratorsof the above
men. uon'l lorget the movable concave
Ashland, Aug. 83, 1554. 3wl3
Treasurers Notice.
THE Tax-payers of Ashland County
are hereby notified that the per centum
levied oa the taxable property of said County,
tor tlia year 1854, oa eaoU dollar's valuation is
aa follows :
For 8 tate aad Commoa Schools,. 3 11-30 mills.
do County purposes,.. ...... 1 7-10 do
do Bridge do .......... 4-15 do
de Poor do 3-16 do
de Road do .......... t do
ToUl. 6 13-20 do
Te which ia added by tbe Township Trustees,
Township behoof Hoards or bdueatioa and
Corporation Officera, the following Tax's :
Lake Township Tax 3-10 mills.
do do . Tuition Tax 10 20 do
School District No. 3- 3 Ju-10
do 5
Mohecaa Tewaship Tax. ......
School District No. 1....
6 7-10
2 2-10
7 20
9 20
14 1-2
2 1-20
1 1-20
2 1 10
2 I 10
13 20
4 10
1 1-6
10 3-5
1- 5
2- 5
2 1-5
3 7-10
de do do 6..........
Jeremeville School District.....
Perry Township Tax
do . cjo ecnooi lax.....
School District Number 4....
do do do 9....
do do de 10....
do do -do
Jackson Township Tax......,,
do do School Tax.. . .
School District Number 2....
do do - ' do 4. . ..
Mitflia Township Tax
School District Number 2....
do do - do 3. ...
do d do 4. ...
do du do 6.
Milton Township Tax.. ........
do do school Tax ...
Clear Creek Township Tax ... .
do do do School rax.
School. District number 1.......
Ruggles Township Tax........
Troy Township Tax...........
do oo scnool tax........
Sullivan township tax .........
do do school tax ...
Hanover township tax .........
do : do school tax....
Green township tax.. ..........
do do school tax......
School district aamber 2-..... .
do 10.
School district fraction tract at
tached to Ricblaad couaty, 10 mills.
VermUlioa towaship tax....... 7-20 de
da do school tax. 1-10 do
School district n urn bar 2. ...... 2-5 do
do . do . do 8 13 do
as :o. do 6. ...... 1-10 do
Hsyasvilie Corporation tax..... I do
Montgomery towaship tax ..... 3-10 de
do do school tax l-o do
School district number 2...... 6 3-4 do
Ashlaad Uaioa school tax. ..... 4 do
do Corpora tioa do. ..... 4 do
Orange township tax. ........ .. 3-4 do
do do school tax..... IS 20 do
School district number 1 . ...... 6 3-5 do
do do do 9 8 - do
I will attend by myself or deoutv. at mv of
fice, in the town of Ashland, Irom the fifteenth
day of September until tbe twentieth day ol
Liecemoer, to receive the taxes. All taxes
naming unpaid at tbe expiration of that time
will be sent on for collection. Nothing; will
be received, ia payment for taxes, but gold and
silver, or notes of solvent Uhio Banks.
Under the law, aa it now exists, it ia neces
sary lor tax-payers to have road receipts.
Treasurer of Ashlaad County.
Tbeascbek's Ornct, Ashland, )
August 17, 1854.
Note. Tba list for several of the School
iriatricta not being correct, ihe per centum
could not be given.
Aug 23, lb54. 4wl3
A CERTAIN LORD who went princely dressed,
once told Horspur that Pbermaceti was the
sovengneei tnmg on earth for Inward wounds."
Weil, we do not cainsav that : but wa do know
mat rToi. M. Louis Garvey's Colebrated Receipt .
FOf Curling and Waiving the Haif,
"is the sovereignest thing on earth
The pro
the cele
EV'Jf.VI"? I".'"! ."1 "lZ
nemist and Physiologist, Mons. JAO.UKS,
thl" luble receipe at an immense expense.
All nersoas desirous of having their Hair curled
aad waive ia beautiful ringlets till the latest period
latest period
of life can have the same for one dollar, post-paid
T,(.u.i : - V r :
. ... m m -., f null, uilk mi.ua. III. IC
n to doubt. Human ingenuity has sought for
"n ? a HAIR LIQUID that would curl
aoo it. and one that should combine the
requisites to give the hair a beautiful natural tint,
and at the same time not injure it. All former at-
tempts have failed. The compounds would curl ths
hair, but they would scorch, bura and turn it foxy.
How. however, the thine has been aceomnliahad
pianola nairiiurung iiqui-i wnicn rrors.
M. Louis Carve y ard Byron H. Robb offer to the
punuc may he relied upon aa a preparation com
pounded oa recently discovered chemical nrinri.
pies, which have received the sanction or the moat
eminent professors of that science, it gives the
hair a soft glossy appearance aul causes it to curl
and waive in such beautiful ringlets that the most
credulous person cannot but admire tbem. It does
sei uesiroy ue vuainy oi ue aai , oat acta as an
eminent does not irritate or stain the euried:
Lw"m" t$it,iri"n,'.."a fibre w.i,B .u,,lf, d
mpi.ivvK.iui uibmjvuiw iaa m. sea.ui tax ami, u aliy ( ana
never fil of aucceis. It bu been before tbe pub-
i'J Si.SL?.7 wltli.JZJ.
. . " . . . " I
never anown at any age, or tne world helore. la
thi western and southern States, It has become the
only reliable Hair Curliag Liquid la use. The re-
eiDe wiu om "ent p11 r th United states
bv aendins one dollar.
ir f Beware ol counterfeits All letters should
be directed to Prof. H. LOUIS GARVy. and
Aug. 23. l854.BlS.3m
Admirtistrater'a Notice.
NOTICE is hereby givea. that the undersigned
have been appointed aad qualified as Adminis
trators of the Estate of Hamilton Arthur, deceased .
All persons knowing themselves indebted to said
siuie, are requested to mase immediate payment,
and those having laime against said Kstale are
rcquvaxea o prasepi fneir accounta tegaiiy autnen
ttceted, within one ysr from this date.
. Aug. S3, lef -3w?3 T ' ' Administrators.
re ptrlicts.
Asblasb, Aaf.Sfllb 1SS4-
Wntf. . ....! JOalTS
Faeoa acarsa t.. ......... ................ SS.SralO
Oats... ..talc
C 44 a SO
TiaoTBT.... ....1,00
Bmsa freak la roU ,...Urc
Eeee. He
Labb 8c
Pbatbbbs. .......... ...... ... .................40c
BsaswAX MaSS
Cletelabd, Aug. tl, 1854.
Floer Firm ; small sales at the following prices:
Snperflaa g8,S3a8i50 . retail at S8.7S ; extra com.
trades f 9a9,SS i best extra ,30a9,TO ; ratal! at SIS.
Wheat Firm an more active ; we bear sales of
aOObu whits, at 11,85.
Cora Firm and la (air demaad ; sale of 4S08 bo
from atore at 60c and 1300 ba afloat at 60c.
New Tone, Aug. XI.
Fleur Thore is a good businses doing la flour
and the market is a sbae firmer. Sales 1700 bbls
at S8,35a8S for common to straigtt state, $8,75
9.25 for choi ee and favorite state, $8,76a8 JO for com.
to good western, and $9,7S for new Mich, and O.
Canadian unchanged.
Wheat Moderate request fc r milling and supply
small. Holders firm. Sales S000 ba slightly hrat
ed red southern at Sl.83al.aa.
Kye in limited supply and firm at $1,20a1,21.
Cora The stock ofTeringis small and with a good
demand for noma use the market is firmer. Sales
37,000 ba at TSiaBOc for unsound, SlaSitc for sound
western mixed and 78c for New Orleans.
Oat in moderate request at 47a49c for state aad
3D a? HOB-
DIEl-In Canal Fulton. Obis. en the 3d Inst.,
CHARLES EDWIN, sob of J so. E. and Isabslla
L. Eaaaaen, aged two months and twenty-six days.
The next term will commence August 28th
next, aad eontinue sixteea weeks. Teachers,
aad terms of Tui tioa for foreign scholars, same
aa heretofore.
J. D. STVJBBS, Sec'y of Board.
Ashlaad, Aag. 16th, 1854. SwlS
t (AssMfrkwerdsfAspMpfs , lit fill When
men become so infatuated with power, either ia
possession or expectancy, as to ran off after every
iv dogma, and at the oidding of their imperial
masters, pass laws in direct violation of tbe plain
est principles of our republican institutions, it be
comes the Vox Populi to rise in their might, with
out distinction of party, and compel our servants to
repeal those obnoxious portions of our laws that
strike at the root of our independence. So, also
physically ; when men ran off after every aew
fangled nostrum opened to the public. They not
only endanger their own, but the Uvea of their
fami'iee and friends. It is therefore w th pleasure
we again recommend to the afflicted the use of
McAlistxb's all-beaumo Oiktmbut, an old and
well-tried remedy, and almost certain cure for
Burns, Bruiser, Cuts, Weavels, Scald Head. Ague in
the breast. Corns, Spinal Affections, Fevers, and
all Febrile diseases, too numerous to mention.
That by restoring tbe insensible perspiration, it en
ables the system to throw off all the old worn out
particles, thereby restoring to sound and perfect
health. For aale by 3. B. F. Sampsel A CO., and R.
B. Cbnbb A Co . Ashland ; J. McCi ory, Mifflin : T
W. Coulter, Perry villa; P. E. Stockman, Loudon
villa; L. Spencer dr CO., McKay; J. Kinninger 4
CO.. Bayesville; Hagerinan and Buchanan, Hayea:
ville; Coulter and Goodwin, Lafayette; W. Spen
cer 4- CO.. Albion; J. J. Wright. Sullivaa: Michael
Kriege, Orange; H. 8. See. 4- Co., Savanah ; E. F.
Bealy.Troy. Jyn7
A Wonderful Piscovsry has recently been made
by Pr. Cnrtla, of this city, in the treatment of con
sumption, asthma, and all diseases of the lungs.
We refer to Dr. Cartls's Hygean or. Inhaliug Hy
geaa Vapor aad cherry syrup." Within this new
method the Dr.haa restored many afflicted oaes to
perfect health ; 2s aa evidenee of which he has
nnametible certificates. Speaking of tbe treat-
I meet a physician remarks: It ia evident that in'
haling constantly breathing an agreeable, healing
vapor, the medicinal pronretiee must come in di
reel contract with tbe whole of the au-ial cevlty
of the lungs, and thus escape the many and varied
changes produced upon them when introduced in.
to the stomach, and subject to the process ol di'
geetioa. The Hygeauais for sale at all the drug
gists throughout the country. Jr F. A?itfcaiea
See advertisement of Medicated Inhalation i
canother column of this psper. ly
Jteee tht fallowing Letter rem aa lul smb. ia fe
ver ef Dr. L. Matte' Liver Beleam.
Dr. A. L. A dams Dear Sir: Having -for some
time deemed it a duty which I feel la incumbent
upon me, to give in my testimony in favor of your
Liver Balsam, and with a faith which is unyield
ing, that I shall ba the means of saving some from
the tortures of disease. Allow ma here to give it,
hoping yon will publish the same. I was an inva
lid for three or four years, with (perhaps a scrofu
lous) humor; causing an eruption on different
parte of my body, forming scobs or scales oa the
skin, with sharp itching and burning ; and at the
aemetiu.el was a confirmed dyspeptic, and per
haps a hypochondriac. 1 was doctored by the moet
celebrated physicians of Homer aad CorUaadville.
aad was positively farther and farther from a cere.
Mr. Woodruff aeveral times edvised me to consult
Dr. Adams, then of Grotoa ; 1 did so, and he gave
me a bottle of his Liver Balsam, but gave but little
eacoaragsmeat of a care. I began to feel better
before the first bottle was empty ; obt ined mora,
and continued to take it, and was sooa restored to
good health. One of my children was cured after
wards of seemingly the same disease, by the aame
Invaluable compound. I would pay MS per bottle
for it. If I could not bny it leas, rather than not
have it by me. Tours, a)c.
Cortland, Cortland CO., If. Y alar. 25, '53.-4 w 10
Bee advertisement in another column.
IJjWe seldom ever recommend a manufactured
medicine, believing that, la most cases, nature
herself perfects a cure more rapidly and effectually
than can be accomplished by tbe vegetables and
minerals of medical science. But in the matter of
dyspepsia, there are chronic features about it.
which, very often, defy all the efforts of nature to
creote a healthy action of the disgestive organs,
and it not nnfirequenUy happens that thousands
suffer for years, diseased both in body and in miLd-
from Indigestion and ita kindred ills. To such
Hoofland's German Bitters, prepared by Dr. C. M.
Jackson, are truly a most valuable preparation.
It is a tonic medicine, giving a healthy action to
the stomach, and will be found highly serviceable
at all seasons, but especially during the spring. Dys
pepsia can only be cured by a patient perseverance
ia one course of treatment ; aud to all those suf
fering under this sad malady we would recommend
anapplieatioatotbodepotor Hoofland's German
Bitters, 120 Arch street, Philadelphia. PAtfa. af .
All-. 2, 1H4. 4W1U
Or Great western Hair Restorative
TT promotes the growth, softens, makes per-
tnanent, and restores the natural color ol
the hair. It gives health to tbe akin and to the
elands which form the hair: removes all
Scurf, Dandruff, Eruptions and Feverish Heat
from the scalp. It fastens hair, prevents bald
ae-s, aad evea eauaeaa lull erowtti wnare the
hairhaa fallea off. Iteontainano coloriag mat
ter, bat ellects its wonderful chanties in the
conditioa of the hair, by giving health to
the akin of the head, and glands which form
ue nair.
Price 60 cts. per bottle.- A liberal deduc-
tioB made to wholesale purchasers. Address J.
HIGH WARDEN, Ashland, Ashland county,
January, 11th, 1853 34tf
Livery Stable.
, A M0S LKW1S wishes it destlnetly
- AA. unri,r,lnnil that h h.. n fit nnil th.
Livery buesiness. and that he has lust made aulte
an edition to hie Stable in the the arliclea of Hue.
gies and 8:40 horses.
Hie Stable ia now keot immedlatelv back of
theSampeel House. Customers can always find
some person to attend to them either at the Sta
ble or the Sampsel House. Passengers carried from
Ashland in auy direction, at moderate rates.
Fit! FiU!! Pits!!!
LEWIS 4t FLETCHERS' Vegatcble Com
pound for the cure ol Epilipsy or Fits a
recently discovered invaluable Medicine,
purely vegetable, for tbe cure of tbia dread
ful diseases. Jus: received and for aiy by
R. H. CHUBB & Co.
Di -j?s-iata. Ashlaad. O.
July 6, 18ft ,f 7
HAVE tbe pleasure of informing the public
in general, that they have just received
from New-York their Spring and Summer
e'lock of Goods, which they offer to eel I at
very low pricea. To be eoavinced of this fact
the public will only have te eail and txamint
their large aad varied Stack ef
Jisody-Afade Clothing, Clot At, Cauimtrn, Vttt.
ingt, Simmer SftgT, Lfghorn and Palm
SILKS AND DRESS GOODS in great variety
ef Pattern.
soTTo trb Laoiks. We invite pnrticslar
alteitioa to our Stock of DRESS GOODS,
which ia one of the most desirable ever uttered
in Athland. And to the community'ia general
we aay, that wa will aot be undersold by any
firm in tbia or adjoining Counties for we are
determined, by close attention to business, to
see bow low we can sell Goods aad make a liv
ing. In short, vur Stock is very complete ; and
no pains, on oa-part, will be spared to make
our Store the eeat ol general attraction t!ru
out the aeason, by coastant supplies of such
Goods aa the country requires, and at pricea
that will ba certain to give satisfaction. -
Ashland, May 24th, 1854. 3ml
At the Old Brick Corner.
THE nnHersigned having bought the Laboc
and ExtERUVE stock of merchandise, for
merly owned by Robert McMahan ia this place,
anaouncas to the eitixena of this County and
all ethers who wish to avail themselves ol the
privilege ef laying ia their Scalar eb akd Fall
aurrLirs cheap, thai hia 8tore ia the place.
He intends keeping alwayaoa hand a large and
geaeral aesertmeat ef
auch aa ia wanted by tba people in thia region.
Among our unprecedented vaiiaty are
ef all Kinds, Styles and Varietiea. GROCE
RIES, a large Stock Salt, Fish, Plaater, ia
short every thing in that line, which will be
sold a' less prices than aay other Merchant
dare eell. I am bow aad will be selling for
aometune at cost, so that my present stock may
be reduced to make room for mv
MaVAll who wish great bargains, are invited
to call soon and examine my Stock ist'.e goods
are going .very fast, and yon may not have
another opportunity to secure your gooda at
such low figures. All kinds of
Wool , and aay thing the Farmer has to sell , will
be taken in exchange for goods.
XT Don't lorget the place the old Brick
Corner, East of the McNulty House.
Ashland, Aug. IS, 1S54. n!2tf
Penn. Medical University of Philadelphia.
rrUJE fall teim of this new Medical School
lor Ladies, will commence on the 1st Mon-
day in October, 1854, and continue four months.
Tbe Syetem of Teaching, hare pursued,
entirely new, and ia - more comprehensive
thorough, liberal and practical than that of an
other Medical, bchool in tne country. It
based, aa Iar aa possible, upon the positiv
Sciences, consequently, free from all sects am
dogmas. The branches of study are divided
according tn their natural order ot succession
and taught in four progressive courses of fou
months eaen , there are two coursea in each
year, thus- enabling the students to psss sue
cessively through all tour courses within two
years. By this arrangement the study ia ren
uerca easy, ana possessed ol daily increasing
Ladies desiring a thoroughly scientific Med
cal Education, or any part particularly interest-
ng tnem, have lacilities here nowhere else
we found.
For Announcements containing Terms, (which
om ai ware oe maae satisfactory.) list of Olb
cars, faculty, ana otner particulars, pleaaa ad
dress -JOS. S. LONGSHORE. M. D. Dux,
No. 160 Arch-st., or Box 1083, Philadelphia r. o.
a i a voce : .
AalBTaluakle Beek for twen ty.f iv-e
cts.-. "Kvcry tat nil y akteixtia Uare
1 nfl Copies sold ia less than a vear.
A JJ,JJJ new edition, revised aad improved,
iust itsued.
Dr. Hcarxa's Mtdieet JIfsauai d hand Bkfmr
1 .ii.-. uoniaining an outune oi the origin,
progres, treatment and cure of every form of dis
ease contracted by promiscuous sexual intercourse.
by self-abuse or by sexual excess, with advice for
ineir prevention, written inafamiliarstyle.avold
ing all medical technicalities, and every thinx that
would offend the ear o decency ; with an outline
or compiainis incident to f emales, rromtbe result
of some twenty years' successful practice, exclu
sively devoted to the cure of diseases of a delicate
or private nature.
To which is added receipts for the cure of the
above diseases, and a treatise on the causes, symp-
.u . . .u b.i. iii r.,ci ,jii Ague.
! The Prefeeemref Oleterite in Pen.
CelUr, P hiludelp hie "J. Ha una' MeiicalMmn
umi." The author ofthrl work, unlike the majority
of those who advertise to cure tba diseases of bich
i. treats is a graduate of one off the best Colleges in
the United States. It affords me pleasure to recom
mend him to the unfortunate, or to the victim ef
malpractice, aa a successful and experienced prac
titioner, .a whose honor and integrity they may
("v tu ic,lo,i vonnaence.
yin A Weedwerd. JaT. n.-mf Pmmm. r7..n-.w.
Philadelphia. It elves me nlesaura to add mv teat,.
moay to the professtoaal ability of the Anthor of
lae aasDtCAL, maboai." Numerous cases of Dia
eaae of the Uenital Organs, some of them of long
standing, have come nnjer my notice, in wbieh his
skill has been manifest ia restoring to perfect
health, in some cases where tee patient has been
considered beyond medical aid. la the treatment
of Seminal weaknesses, or diaarraagement of tbe
luaciunaproauceu or sett-ahuse or a.xcees of ven
ery. 1 do not know his eufrier in the profession.
I have been acquainted with the Author some thir.
ty years, and deem It no more than luatira ta him
as well as kindness to tbe unfortunate victim of
early indiscretion, to recommend him as one in
wnose proiessional skill aad integrity they may
vij vvuuuv insmscives.
Auitl Warnrii,. 11 D.
"This is. without exception, the most compre
hensive and intelligible work published on the
class of diseases of which it treats. Avoiding all
technical terms, it addresses itsslf to the reason of
us reauers. it is iree irom all objectionable mat
ter, and no parent, however fastidious can object
to placing it in the bauds of bis sons. Tbe author
nas aevotea many years to the treatment of the
darious complaints treated of, and, with too little
oreatn 10 pun, ana too little presumption to 1m
pose, be has offered to the world, at tbe merely noml
nal price ofSo cents, the fro it ef some twenty years1
most successful practice ." Hm-eid.
"So teacher or parent should be without the
knowledge imparted in this invaluable work. It
would save years or pain, mortification and sorrow
to the youth under their charee.,,-p,,.'. Mvtcmte.
A Presbyterian clergyman In Ohio, writing of
-- nunier-s Medical Manual" says: "IkoUHnei
upon thousands of our youth, by evil example and
anuence oi (ne passions, nave oeen lea into toe
habit of self-pollulioa, without realising the sin and
fearful consequences upon themselves and their pos
terity. The constitutions of thousands who are
raising families have been enfeebled, if not broken
down, and they do not know' tbe cause or the cure.
Anyimng tnat can he done so to enlighten aud in
fluence tbe public -mind as to check, aud ultimately
to remove this wide-spread aource of human
wretchedness, would confer the greatest blessing
next to therelieion of Jesus Christ, onthenresent
and coming generation. Intemperance (or the use
oi intoxicating annus) lnougu it has slain thou-
Sanaa, is not a greater scourge to the human race.
Accept mv thanks on behalf of the afflicted, and. be.
lieve me, your co. worker in the good work you are
so actively engaged in ."
One copy (securely enveloped) will be forwarded,
free of poslaee. to any part of the United States fir
5 cents. or six copies for $1. Address, ( postpaid)
uunur.n ac (jo., f ubllahers. or Box 196, Foils.
Tfp Booksellers. Canvassers and Book Arenta
suppuca oa tne most iioerai terms. -
Aug. lata, IES4. nls-ly
TrmE under
1 aigned bas
com ni e n c ed
running aEX
PRES from
Ashland tn Loudonville leaving- Ashland
every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8 o'j
clock, A.M.and arriving at Loudonville at SP.
M-, connecting withthe 3 o'clock P. M. train
for Pittsburgh and tbe 4 o'clock P M train for
Crestline same days. Leaving Loudonville
every Tneaday, Thursday aad Saturday ea
the arrival ol Eastern train at 10 A.M., and
arrives at Ashland at 3 P. M.. thereby enab
ing passengers to go either East or Weston
the earn aame day. or those coming on morning
rain eitner irom caster west can get to Asb
and without delay t and eitixena wiahina to
visit the south part of the county, can have aa
opportunity to transact their buainess and re;
rn tne aame trio, and etc eeraa. Fare
through one dollar.
A liberal deduction to familiea and pleas
ure partiea. Enquire of the undeisicned at
the Franklin House in Ashland, or at the
Railroad Depot, or Post Office ia Loudonville.
W. ROBESON, Proprietor.
Passengers tak a to or from anv Hotal ai.
thar at Ashland or Loudonville. -
Ashlaad, July 13, 1803. 3m 8
Ccgttl Notice.
Amos C. Totter, ")
nr. I
Daaial Beach, Sen., f
Aekland Cam-men
and oti.Crs. j
ANIEL BEACH, Soa., Daniel B. Beach,
Henrv C. Washburn. William W. Wake-
man, and aiman a. w axemen, ansnon i
the last will and testament of Jeasup Wakcman.
deceased, and the other children and heirs at
law of said Jessup Wakeman, are hereby noti
fied, that on the 14th day ot July. A. D., 1854,
a Petition waa filed against them ia the Court of
Commoa fleas ef Ashland couaty, unto, ana
where the aame ia bow pending, and that among
other things it is charged in aaid Petition, that
aaid Jessup Wakeman in his life time, was the
owner of a large quantity of land, in the Town
ship of Ruggiea, in the County of Aahland, Ohio;
and that he constituted, and appointed Daniel
Beach, Sen., bia agent in Ruggles, to manage,
sell, and dispose-of said lands for him. And
that as such sgent he sold the Sooth half ol lot
number thirty-five (i6,) lying in the third sec
tion of Ruggles Township, then in Huron, now
in said Ashland County, to one Marvin Richard
son, in tba year A. D. 1836, aad that aaid Rich
ardsea, immediately took possession of said
land, and made full pay meat therefor. And
that on or about the 11th day of March, 1836,
said Richard sob, sold aaid land to one Bradley
Potter, and that in the spring of 1840, aaid
Bradly Potter, sold said land lor the sum of fira
hundred and twenty-five dollars to Amos C.
Potter, the Plaintiff, who took immediate pos
session ef the same, and haa remained in poa
session uutil the present time. The Petition
further sets lorth thst neither the said Jesaup
Wakeman in hia life time, oor his Executors,
or heirs at law aince hia death, nor tba aaid
Daaiel Beach, Sen., as his agent have made a
Deed for aaid land, to aaid Marvin Richardson,
tho original purchaser, or to any of hia assigns,
although aaid agent waa often reqaested, and
often promised so to do.
The Petition further charger and sets forth
that in the month of March, A. D., 1864, and
while Ihe said Plaintiff was in possession ef the
land, the Defendsnle Daniel B. Beach and
Henry C. Washburn, well knowing that the
Plaintiff waa the owner of the land, made, o
prateaded to make a purchase of said land from
the aaid Executors of aaid Jessnp Wakeman,
and that Plaintiff haa been informed, that aome
time in the month of May, 1864, tbe aaid Ex
ecotors made out and forwarded a Deed from
the Stateof Connecticut, where they reside to
said Beach aud Washburn, conveying to them
the title to aaid land, and that aaid Beach and
Washbura, under their pratended contract, at
tempted to take forcible possessioa of aaid
premiaea, by turning upon them a number of
cattle, well knowing Plaintiffs right to the same.
Tbe object aad prayer ol aaid Petitioa ia,
that the contract if aay mada between the aaid
Daaiel B. Beach aad Ileary C. Washburn, aad
the aaid Executora of Jessup Wakeman be aet
aside, and annulled, aad that tbe Deed made
by aaid Executora to said Beach aad Washbura
be set aside, cancelled, and decreed aad be
null aad void; aad that the title to aaid laud be
decreed to be ia the Plaintiff, and lor general
relief. And said Defendants are farther noti
fied that unleaa tbey appear, and plead, answer
or demur to aaid Petition , on or belore the third
Saturday, after the retura day of procesa, the
Petitioa will be taken aa true, and a decree
asked for accordingly.
Pitffs Atty'a
July 19tb, 1854. 6w8
r I lHE following Executors and Administrators
1 having filed their accounts in the Court of
Probate ot Ashland County, Ohio, for settle
ment, the same are ordered to be published in
the Ashland Union, a newspaper printed in
said County for three weeka prior to the next
term nt saia vourt, to wit.
The final accL of John Smith, Administrator of
Henry Smally, deceased.
The final acct. ot Henry Hough. Administrator
of Solomon Houah, dee'd
The final acct. of Sarin Bare, Adm'r of Adam
Bare, dee'd.
The final acct. of John C. Wright, Adm'r of
Joseph Wright, dee'd.
The final acct. of William McNeil, Adm'r
Ida Scott, dee'd.
The finil acct. of Martin A. McHose, Adm'r of
reter Weaver, dee'd.
The final acct. of Isaac Kauffman, Executor of
John Kauffman, dee'd.
The partial acct. of Daniel Darrough, Adm'r of
i nomas Liarrough, dee'd.
The partial acct of Violet Colmery, Adm'r of
William Colmery, dee'd.
The partial acctof Gen. at LewisGuthrie, Adm
of Richard Guthrie, dee'd.
The partial acctof S. P. Jones, Adm'r of Geo
D.Cbambcrlin, dee'd.,
and the aame are continued for the inspection
of any person interested, and will be forbear
ing at tne next term of said Court.
A. L. CURTIS, Probate Judge
August 14th, 1854. 4wl2
-Adnainlstrmter'a Notice.
"rVTOTICE ia hereby arivca, that the under-
ll aiened ha been appointed aad qualified
aa Administrator of tbe Estate of Jesse Evans,
deceased, ot Lake township, Ashland county
Ohio. Those who know themselves to be in
debted to aaid Estate are requested to snake im
mediate .payment. All claims against aaid Es
tate are required ta present them legally au
theaticated for settlement within oae year from
this oate. junta YTKATHMtULK,
Adm'r of Jesse Etaaa, dee'd
Aug. 16th,. 1854. : 3wl3
A4mlnistrateri N entice.
fTPHE undersigned haa beea duly appointed
1 and qualified aa Administrator el the estate
of Henry D. Over, late of Perry towaship, Ash-
iana ceomy, vmo, accessed.
AngBst IS, 1854. 3wU
Hugh McKibbea,
va. J Athland Common
Benjamin Landia, alias r .- Pleat.
Fi. Fa.
TeURSUANT to tbe command of a alias Fi
I Fa. isaned ia the above case from the Court
of Commoa Pleas, of Ashlaad County and State
of Ohio, to me d. reeled, 1 will expose to Pub
lic hale, at tbe door of tbe Coast Howse in said
county, on
Monday, the 1 1th day ef September,
A. D., 1S54, between tbe boara ef ten e'lock,
A. M., and fbor o'clock, P. M., of aaid day,
the following deecrtbed Real Estate, situate
and being in the county- ot Asblasei aad State
of Olio, to wit: Lot number tweaty-two n
tbe first addition to tbe orisinal surveyed Plat
ib village ot Kowsburg, situate ib the seatB
west coraer of the south-east quarter of sec
tion fifteea, Towaship tweaty-two, Range fif
teen, being fifty-eight feet in front, by one hun
dred and eixty-eight back, alao nine feet ten
inches ia front, by one hundred and aixty-eight
back, and ol lot number twenty-three in tne
addition aforesaid. Terme of sale Cash.
J. D. JONES, Sheriff.
August 9th, 1854. 1 Its pf $4,121
VTOT1CK is hereby given, that tbe undersigned
aave been aulv aDDomted fcxeeutora of tbe
tate of John PotiokTiAW ciearcreek township,
Asniand county and State of Ohio, deceased, and are
authorized to settle tbe same. Persons having-
ciaims against saia estate are requested to present
tnemauiy autneuticatea lor settlement, ana tnose
who are indebted to said Estate are requested to
maae tiuiucuieio jtajmviii.
MAKItlA fOtiliUUlt.,
Aug, 9, 1S54-3WU Executora.
Attachment Notice.
AT my instance a writ of Attachment was this
day issued by Homer Peck, a Justice of the
Peace for Ruggles township. Ashland county. Ohio.
-against the property and effects of John A. Bounell,
a non-resident debtor. Da ed this 11th day of July
Aug. 2, J4.-3W10 JAS. GRINJiOLD.
. C. A. HUMES ,
Manufacturer of Boot and Shoe i
-A. rpHREE doors below tbe Times Print
Kijl -A. ing Office, Ashland; Ohio. Custom
f ill Work done to order on the shortest notice
a'SB-aad most reasouable terms.
December 14th. IUS3. 38
Ememoii'8 American Hair Restorative.
FOR restoring the. Hair on heads hopelessly
Bald, and to prevent the hair from fall-
ng,is winning goldi-n opinions . from persons
who are using it. This is a new article, re
cently intreduced to the public, and will
atand on ita own merits. Some of the best
eitixena ol Cleveland and Pittsburg, who were
hopelessly bald a few months aiace, have
now the evidence on their heada to shew of
its merits. The proprietors have such confi
dence in it tbat they authorixe their agents
to take heada on guarantees price to be
agreed upon between the parties.
C. & J. Risaca. I . . . ,
N. S.SAi.Aa.i.,J Anld
Hates Sc KiBB-iReza,Hayeaville.
K. FISHER St CO., Proprietors,
57, Superior at., Cleveland, Ohio.
May 15, 18L3. Iy4
A LARSON WALKER announces to tba pu.fc.Uc
tbat be is now nrenared to make coffilia on
tbe shortest notice, at prices much less than they
are made at auy other shop io Ashland. He cts be,
found at Krieebbaum'a old shon, 3d St., Ashland.
Mav fli. i baa. i ' n '
PERSONS desirous of becoming thorough
and accomplished acoouauate. Will find it
greatly to their advantage to call eh tbe un
dersigned, before engaging eleewhere.ne be ia
prepared to demonstrate, fully, that hia accom
modations fur students, the comprehensiveness
ol the course of instruction, and facilities tor
proeariag sitnalioas for those deeireaa of ob
taiaing tbem, are ansurpassed, (aa it ia be
lieved, unequal ed,1 by aay similar institu
tion in ibe" United States.
-In addition to the regular eoerae of iastrus
tiB, there will be 4
ontopica of great importance 2" a commer
cial point ol view, delivered by Hon. Bellamy
Storer, E. D. Mansfield, Esq., Rev. buTnuel
W. Fisher, Henry C. Lord, Esq., Prof. Chad.
W. Wright, aad other eminent Lecturera and
Buaineas men. These lectures Leiog a new and
important feature not introduced in any of the
other Mercantile Colleges.
Notwithstanding the great expense atten
dant upon securing the cervices of able Lec
turers and Aaslstanta. tne I erms tor 1 uitioa
will remain as heretofore, via :
For a full eeurse of instruction in D E
Book-Keeping, Writing, Commercial -Calculation,
Lectures, ate.......... $4000
Writing (only) per month............ AOO
At a meetlnc of the Graduating Class of Bacoa's
the Mercantile College, held in the Lecture Room
of Collet edifice, Friday. 11th March, 11853, J. 8.
Baker was appoiutea cnairman. ana weston Ar
nold. Secretary. On motion; a committee of five,
composed of H. J. Bowman, J. t. Baker, K. J.
Forsyth, T. O. Sawyer and Geo. H ichol, was ap
pointed to report resolutions expressive of the
high opinion entertained by the class, of tba mer
its of this Institution, and of the character aad
qualifications of the Principal and his Aasistanta.
Whereupon, the committee reported the follow
ing preamble and resolutions, which were unanl
mousiy auoptea:
Wheii.1. We. the members of the Graduat
ing Class of R. S. Bacon, Mercantile College, being
about to separata, desire to give expression to our
feelings of respect for ouresteemed Instructor, aad
his corps of able assistants. Therefore.
Xtemlvd, Tbat the thanks of the class are das
to our said Instructors for theonilorm kindness of
their deportment toward aa while in thia Institu
tion - at the same time tbe thoroughness of their
instructions baa anti tied them to onr highest re
spect and confidence.
Rtertved, That we recommend to this Instititu
tion to all who may desire to acquire a commer
cial education, as affording the greatest facilities
for such acquisition.
Reeelved, Tbat wa aa a class, aSx nur names
to thaae nrneeedinrs. and that a .oov Of them be
delivered t o R.8. Bacon, and that they be published
In the city papers.
H. A. Bowman. . oiacx. vm. v. snyeer,
Isaac Baaghmaa, J. S. Baker, Frank Ua Elliott,
P.W.Carroll, K. J. Foisyth, A. Paddock,
George N ichol. G. H. Hughes, Westoa Arnold.
James Thompson, H. D. Kyger, Dantei Bowea,
W. T. Robinsoa, ueorge Harvie. . Mem.
R.cna'a Mkbcajitilb f oLLeee. "Th examina
tion of the stodent'e in Book-Keeping exhibited a
degree of proficiency on their part highly credit
able to tnemseives ana nr. oaoon, tncir instruc
tor. Tbe most difficult problems in Double Kb try
were as rapidly solved aa the most simple, giving
ample proof to the audience that the information
impartedduring tbe session would be of practical
benefit." Ciacnaert Enquirer Mmrch 14, 1853.
Tbe various complex questions proposed by the
Principal and other gentlemen present, were an
swered with great promptitude and conciseness,
which reflects great credit upou the course of study
pursued at this Institution." Ci. Daily Gezt.
"Mr. Bacon is unrivalled aa a teacher. A di
ploma from this College in Cincinnati, is required
as a Sine fM Benin obtainingsitualiensinthe best
Mercantile Houses Ib large cities." ChilHtethe
Ancient JUttremeli Mae 8th. 1853.
Mr Bacon has constructed the upper portion of
Ms auiiuiac; expressly lor tne purposes oi bis coi
legend withcut any doubt, it is tbs most com
plete arrangement of the kind In the U. States."
Ctcim(i Qnette, JVe. 8, 1853.
"This whole Institution is undoubtedly the moat
elegant and finished establishment, for tbe pur
poses in the world." Enjnirer. .
Feb. M, 1834. n40. tf.
K. G. FOLROM, A B Principal, Teacher of Practl
cal and Ornamental Penmanship.
E. P. GOODNUGH Superintendent. Prof, of the
Theory and practice or Book-Keeping, and Lec
turer on Mercantile Customs, General Laws of
Trsde. Accounts. s;c.
W. H. HOL1STER, Assistant in Book Keeping De
of the Cleveland .Bar, Lecturera oa Mercantil
Kcv. K. II. KEVIN and J. C. VAUGHN. Kse.
Lecturers on Political Economy.
R. P. HUM1STON, Lecturer on tbe History of Com
merce and tne Art of uomputatioa.
A. C. Brownwell,
Andrew Freese,
John B Waring,
T. C. Severance,
Harmon L.r Rapid.
Truman P. Handy,
8. H Mather,
joan Bnermsji,
D. P. Eels.
T. F. Hay.
John L, Severance.
v. w. Balrod.
For the Mercantile-Course, Tiiieunllml ted. 00
Tbe same uourse lor Laaiea ............ xs on
Twenty Lessons in Practical Penmanship
simply. ...... ....... ........... .. 5 00
For fall Course ia Flourishing, etc.. ...S 00
The Principal of the Institution, guided by the
vim urn liptnntN li toe javrcaniua ranmuii-
ty has hrecently secureasomo of the ablest men in
tbe State as instructors and Lecturers in ths va
nous departments of the College
The Prof, of the Fcisuce of Accounts, has bad
an experience or eight or ame years ,a commer
cial Affairs, alternating his tims. partly aa Teach
er, in the Mercantile College of Ciscinati, Pitts
burgh and Cleveland. amLpartly as an actual Book
keener in the best Business House ia tbe Country.
These rare qualifications, yet so desirable and so
seldom touna in our mercantile acnoois. will en
able this College to impart a mora thorough
knowledge ef the real minutia of Practical and
Theoretical Book-Keepiag thaa can be had proba
bly in any similar lost notion ta tae U.Mat.
The sabjaet of Oomsaereial Calculations will
have more BiesaiaaBce ia tbis than la most Insula
tloas of the kind, since a separata chair is to oe de
voice to u Bjesiocs tie usual instruction given ey
tbe tbe Prof, of Accounts. The modus operandi
of Teaching is entirely new and original pursued
ky bo Mercantile ucnooi loans ib no text Book
and may be lustly and properly styled ' telegraphic
la its nature, since it will abridge the labors of
the Accountant, more tban-eae half. - -Penmanship
la addition to the Banal methods
pursued, win o taognt new ana anrivauea by
tern of Chirythmography, developed by tbe Princi
pal in his extensive experience as Instructor in tba
Public Schools of this city and elsewhere. This
system will produce the popular Commercial Hand
of the day, in about half tbe time usually devoted
to taat parpese.
Trr Fee- further particular see circBtars last la
eued end the regular catalogues. Send far them ay
Cleveland, Auf.S. 1854. 43tl
School ftotiee; '
fTIBB School KBBHuaere of Ashland County. O,
A will hold tacix next Public ExamiBatiOBS, as
la AshlaB. oa tbe third Saturday of May. At
Savannah, oa the second Saturday of July, At
HayasvRte. oa the second Setardar of September.
At Aisuas. on the first Saturday ol October. Al
so, at tbe same place, on the taira Saturday of
Each applicant for a CertMUata will be reeoxred
to furnish evictee of a good moral character.
Atxamiaaaaosetoaommesjee al 10 o'clock, A. a.
jsy orasr ei tae aware,
G. W. HILL, .
Ashland, May 1I,1S54. 51tf
New Cabinet Wareroom
rVtHE subscriber respectfafiy asneanees
I that he has permanently Incarlet bimseil
in the town of Orange, Ashlaad eo-awfyr Ohio,
where he is prepared to maaulactsre all hd
of Cabinet Ware, auch as
- Dining Table. Centre ' Tuttlt' .
to order, on the shortest notice aad most rea
sonable terma. Particular attention given to
me ,
Country Produce taken in exebaagefor work,
and Cash always acceptable.
junn will.
Orange, April 6, 1854. ' 46t
AS awarded lha First Premium at the
World'a Fair, ia New York, in 1853.
Also at the Ohio State Fairs, lor three success
ive years; and at all other plrces, whenever
exhibited. Warranted to hull and clean from 20
to 40 bushels per day, or from 3 to 6 beshels per
hour ; and with a new improvement, (now- be-
tig Patented) to be attached to tne Machines
made in 1864, they will hull and clean one fourth
more in the aame time.
For aale by M. H. MANSFIELD,
Sole Manufacturer, Aabland, Ohio.'
June 14, 1854. . 3tf.
N. B. Prosecutions will be promptly com
menced for any infringement oi the rights of
he pattentce. M. H. M.
MRS. PILGRIM CO., would respectfully
inform the Ladies of Ashland, na vjeia.
ity, that they still continue the
Millinery mi Press Maiine Business:
t their old stand, one door east of the Tne
printing office, and having just received tha
LATEST SUMMER-STYLES, and from their
long experience in the busineaa. feel fnllv eon.
fident of giving entire satisfaction to all who
may lavor them with their patronage.
A -1. 1 .1 a- id,, n .
'vfmferMmM JsvaBiwal wV'aVVrii
HaycsVilla Harblo Bicp,
Manufacturer of Monuments, Tomb
Stones, Tables, tfC., of Italian and
American Marble. '" .
'PHANKFUL for past farort, would
X respectfully lafbrmtha eitixena ofAab
laad and tha adjoiaingeoanliea, that they coa
tinae tbeabove busiaess ia all ita. varioaa
branches; ai.d having no Agents, they ean aad
will aell Grave Stones from 18 te 15 per seat,
cheaper than Shopaeaa tbat employ Ageata.
It ia evident that per-soas beiag ef Ageata
most pay tha expenses of that Agency, ffhep
en Main street, one door oaat of the Psaat-
aylvaaia Hensa. - - 13tf -
i. win Tine,
PROPRIETOR f the abova Machiae, re
apectfully aaaouaeea that be ia new
making, and will keep ceestantly ea baad fc
sale, these celebrated machiaes. They wilt
readily hull from twenty to sixty btuhele ef
Clever Seed per day, aad have a euperie
either, ia construction, caeapaeea er eoeetive
nese. The Proprietor challenge aad invite com
petition. -
Farmera will do well te eat aad examlaa
these machines, before purckasiag elsewhere.
Price of machiaes, t80.
For sale at the Shopol D. Whiting, Ashlaad,
and at the Shop ef T. 8. Sutherland, about l
miles south of Ashlaad. t -
Athland, Joly 26th, 1834. 4w
. A '-New iTIrtliod.
recently been made by Dr. t'caxis, tor
Ihe cure of Asthma, CooadmptioB, BroBcbiaia,
Coogbs, Colds, aad all Lang Complaiata, by
Medicated Iahalatio. Dr. Cartrs' JJfgemm, r
Inhaling Hygenian Vapor and- Cherry Syrttf,
haa accomplished tbe most woaderful cares ef
Asthma and Consumption ia the City ef New
York and vicinity for a few moatbs past, ever
knewa te mil. It ia producing an iwpressioa
oa Diseaae of tbe laaga never belore witness
ed by the Medical Profession. See certia
cates in hands of Agents.-
Tbe Inhaler ia worn on ths breast, ader the.
liaen, without the least intoavaaieae, tha
heat of ths body being ea$f (ea to oraposaHi
tha fluid, Aupplying th 'Mfg' eonsaantiy wit
a healing and sgeeUe vapor, passiag iatet
all the air-cells and passages of tbe laaga thaa
cannot possibly be reached by ether medioaa
Here is a case '
Aattuna Cored.
Bbooxliw, N. Y., Dee. SOlk, 135 f.
For about eight yeara I have baea severer'
afflicted with Ihe Asthma ; for tho last iws
yeara I have suffered beyond aI power of de
scriptioa ; months al a time I have mat bee
able to aleep ia bed, Betting what reet I celd .
sitting in my chair. - My difficulty ef breelbiag,
and my sufferings were so great al times, that
for hours together my friends expected each
hour would be my last. During the Bast six
yeara I have had the aid aad attendaace ef
some of the moat celebrated phyeiciaaa, bat
have received no permanent benefit, sad bvf
little teller. I at length had the geod fortaaw
to procure Dr. Curtis Hygeaaa Vae aa
Cherry Syrup. At the time I first obesiaed it.
I waa srfleriag under one f any aaest volB
attacks, aad waa ia great diaArcss, a an sat am
fbcating for want ef breath, la lass thaa tea)
minutes from tbe time I applied tba Inhaler
to my atmomach, aad took ataeapooaXalef tana
Cherry Syrup, I waa relieved ia a greaa as sua
urs from the difficulty ef breatBtag, Bad mam
a comfortable eight. . 1 have aiace cearti aol
it with tha M,lMt nnehihla. Ilillil. aad M
bow comparatively well.- God ealy haows the
amount of suffering thia medieiae Baa relisweel
me from. My advicoto tha suffering ia try it.
CoBsumptioD Cared, -
ISxvr Yobk, Dee. rfth, 1853.
I came to New York in the ship Telegraph I
my native place ia St- Joha'e, New Braaawaaki
when I reached tbia city, my health waa very
poor s had a very bad cough, raised a feed deal
of matter, which was freq neatly mix ad -with
blood bad paia ia my left aide, and was very
thia and emaciated. My friends and phynsMa
preaosnced asytese Coasamptioa, aad beyesjj
the reach of aaedrcino. I aecideaUHy seaaal
of Dr. Cnrtis'Hygosjiai, or iahaliag Hja,aaVar.
por sad Cherry Syrep, and abteiaed a paekage,
which I verily beiieae was tho aaseas ef saviaa
mv life. Sooa alter wassiaa the labalar. 7
took the Cherry Syrv aw dis acted, aad
tinned te do so; my conj- gradaally groB
better. aatil it entirely left ass, aad aaw
aider myself cured- I still wsr the IsaBiiae,
as the ase of it ia rather pleaaaat, aad beiievia
it streagtheaing and purifying to tae laaga,!
foal uawilliog at p reseat to dispense with iu
.rutin y WVLT.
Sold 1
ld by Boyd It Paul, No. 149 Chambers t-f
I. King, coraer of joaa street aad BroesV-
C. H.
way, f. x price d a pacaaga.
- N. xU-Aay persoa iacleaiar 1 to stove! aa.
Paul, or Cmrl is ft Perk is. Now' Teak, wi ie
ceive a packsge eeattiaiag a bolo of Hygaas,
Vapor, oae of Cherry Byxsai, ae s lakalsv
in a a eat box, by express, are aft aay east eT
the United Siate or four aaokagos fo I0 -Juus
7. 1864 , ty. .-
MICHAEL M1LX.EA preeeata his regard
so hia frieada aad tbe peblia gsBerally,
And respectfully anneaaeee that ha haa opeaed
a Pubiie Hoase for the accemmodatioa of tba
traveling public, directly opposite the 8 amp
sell House, Maia Street, Ashland, where hat
will be glad to accommodate all who aaay fhver
him with a aall. Hia table will always be sou
plied with tha lwatteet of ths aeeaox 4i
parlors and aleepiaf anaHtaeBta ara lao aa
commodtOBS. Good atabliag for horses wfll ajaa,
ba provided, aad a&ithfij (oaUsr always, in,
atteadance. . ; ' ' -
Boarding far riiale families oa aaeffa pota
sons can bo end at r sea enable ratesL,
Io eonaeetiea with tba Hotel, ha will alaa
eontinue t keep open bia BAKERY AND RES
TARANT, where he will at all tiaaaa keep sat
Caafectltnisries, Pies, Bread. Cakes,
all knee ef Temperaace driaks, aad, ia short
every lemory to bv foaaej oa the tables of tree
class earing hoeaea.
ty Md wake it distinctly tmderetaod that ae
ihtoxicaa-ino licjcoiis
will be kept, either ia th Hotel ar Salooa.
Ashland, March 8th, 184. a4 If. ; ,.
-p. fa. LARK dc CRANE wosld re
I apeetfwlly inform the eitixena of Asblaael
and vicinity, tlsat tbey. have aaaoeiated them
selves together for Ihe practice of M edicts
and Surgery ia all thwir various breaches, aaaf
by diligence and eloac attention to their eat.
and prompt attendance ape J1 calls at cat
hour, they hope to xasrit a liberal share erf
public patronage. Da. C-sa oaTere bia thaakat
to all thoae who have ' Heretofore favors hia
with their business, sad will be under renew
ed obligations for a continuances of the aame.
Da. Cbabe, will devote special atteation to the
study and practice of Surgery -in all ita vari
eties, ana more especially ia au diseases ot
the Ey , either acute or chronic.
aaP Orncc, adjoining Millington'a Druf
Store, opposite P. tt 4. Risaacs itore.
tTDx. Clabk's reaidoBo aeax the AlsUio-
dist Chnrch. . - - ; i
Da. Ckame's oa ' third street oppositsr TT,
Wasaon'a. P. H.CLARK, M, D,
I. L. CRANE, M. D.
April 19th, 1854 48tf . . -
ing in the euro of Coughs, Colds, Asth
ma, Bronchitis, Sore Throats, Uoaraoaass,
Difficult Breathing, Incipient Consumption. , v- &
Diaeaaca of tho Lungs. They hate a, taste oT
medicine, andny child will take tbeqa. 'Thoat
sand have bee restored to health that bad
before dispaired. Taatimoay given ib hundreds
- "rii' n ' 1 1 r i it ri fi m r3
of caaea. A aingle dose relieves ia tea atia
ateal - " - . - '
Ask for Bryan's Palmonie Wefbre th erig-'
inal and only, genuine ia atamped "Bryaaf, '
Spuriua kinds Ire offered for sal. Twaaty.
five cent a box,. Sold by dealers generally.
J .BRYAN St Co.,-RocbesterslNew York, Pro
prietors. Wholesale by J. D. Park, Cisrcid
nati.Ohio; W. Fiske Cleveland, Ohio " k
February 8, t854 B38jf ' "" - .
. - , - n .
uHUiuu,inilT o, lOifti putt

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