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Composed o. seeing a remarkably beautiful Lady
Imprudently but fashionably expose bet tiraaat.
st a. .
Thou bast a Bosom Si, sweet girl,
. ' The eia which moat allures,
' Two billow white to cast the soul
.': A. wreck oa unknown, shores I
r There glow a "wilderness of charms,
..With Cvna by the way.
' To lose the heart in love's r'arms,
And then that heart to lay I
In mercy hide those charma from view,
Which make een christian rove,
Before another god to bow.
The idol shrine or lore I
LAfCAtxca, " ' '. ' .
' Comb r-come," said Mrs. Gray, "von
V,3 ,lvave. peen.ittoping there long enough,
-i,.Depiev forgetting maonera aud 'every -:
thing else ;--IIere are the tipples waiting
"-td'po oneVttfhand '.them ' around, "for
wljea : I "ouceJ get', settled in -this easj
. j---.eha" Jiere- tli good -woman1 gave a
emHiag Survtynof her ample person, which
.fertaiiily.oferflowed the chair at every
point, leaving all but a ridge of the back
Jcdfcjc jiving arnjs quke.irwieible -
q" H iau I taj Terj nsj-; thing to get up
-egant "iXJw Rustle about, ana while we
old wynn-est urfcljcs, you and Julia,
Jhefefaft frj yonr luck with the apple
. seeds, i.rj i.j.tii - i
remember the firet time I ever sur
itilsed that Mr Gray had taken a notion
,Tt) nie-wa one w hen we were at an ap-
..pleruttiDg- together'-down in 'Slain.
'ijotneliow1 Mrl Gray got into my. neigh
,i, bior.hgod when, -we ranged round the great
.besket of -apples.-' I felt my checks burn
the, minute he drew his . seat so close to
"J" 'nitric, And took ut his. jack-knife to be-
fia work. lie pared- aud I -quartered.
Tjeverjopked up but once then his
t phoek-wa roddcf than mine, aud he held
the jnk;kTfe terribly- uneUndy. liy-and-By'he"
go.i. noble, great apple, yel
,i low:as "gold, and smooth as -a baby's
cheek.' I;was lookitf at his hands side-'
,J-wise" fi-Oia-'under my lashes, and saw that
,jlo wag paring-it carefully as if every
,Ttmnd t)f the skin was a strip of gold.
3- last he cut it off at the seed end, and
f he .soft xing fell down- over hi wrist
k ad took the apple1 from his fingers. ' - .
ow, said he'in a. whisper, bend-
Kg Lis head a little, and raising the ap
aU plevpeel carefully witb his right hand,
ii Mlifflf jostas srirctbfs will be the first
JIISl P? name I love, jis.I am that
ai-w6-aj:d aliveV! ?H began swiftly whirl
aciig the apple-peel round his head; the
t:oaipany were all busy,with one another,
and I was. tho, only persou who saw the
.syeilow- links quivering around his head,
Vtwie, wfc, three times. " Then he held
JSt Bfill a moment, 'and eat looking right
a.oto-my ye,-....I held my breath and so
idr he f - -'
ir -ow"'" saJ8 nad nis treath came
jjouji .with a quiver, what if it should be
; ysur name ?-J,'
t . j did not answer, and we both look
. cd baek at the same time. Sure enough
f-it was a; letter S. - No pen ever made
orie more beautifully.' "Just as I.ex
- jected,rV eaid lie, -and his eyes -grew
i-iiright aa diamonds, l just as I cxpect-
-ed" '.That was all he said.
V'ni. -in'A.what answer did you make him,
-e,Auat2" disked Kobert Otis, who had
keen listening with" a flushed face.
TTh'at djaVoisay ", , ...
X didn't speak a word, "but quartered
nsjost aa fast as I could.' ,As for Mr.
'Crej,: be'keit paring, and paring, like
- "all possessed.)' .1 thought he would nev
er -top' parings or speak a word more.
Byi-HBd-b he Btuekl the point of his
nif ifato Jail apple, and unwinding the
l'. jakla Xroni Around it, he handed it over
. '-o-ne. It-was a ted sHd.'I remember,
hntf tut "sfar smooth as a ribboa.' .
Irs at $
IhpaWn a bit wonder if that drop
. t 5ed iatxr a letter 6," says 3Irr Grayl
sbpsffyou tri it." . ;. t...
iVrr Hell, I teo tethered apple-ekin; and
i wkirled-it three times round my head,
-"id j&oiftf itweht on'ict the floor, curled
-iBr1V ifet?icisi capital G- thatyoa ev-tr-itet-eyeaon.r!
i jvu -.t -. m
jStfil h&&. 'qf gulwtae iuto my face,
- 335-lG-wy8 he, taking up the apple
mskiwaed thtlngt, -asf if it had been the
lirst ffi'chrthfjil, of A j:hnkagiYing dinner.
V.-CPW wuld. you like to eee them two
-Jaera-.n ona - aew - 'sbt of silver tea-
' "I.TAlyWa.Jdu .coald' have' lit a
- eile at imysface, it burned "so; but I
' Wouldn't speak more -thaa if I'd beeu
. 4oyw3rtt8d A T7 t 'X .? .T T T
TWtTaiirS-crujieVer answer abnnt the
aip0ons 'asked Jlia;
Hj'J'es, 1 btfiere' 1 did, the next
FW'aU", the, old.Udy, : de
- juurely, euioofchipgher apron. From
ijxahin'&nd Famine" lif2lr& Ann
u . j a. - n . .....
4 " " ' ' ' '" V'
A ladJfrieud of ours says the first tioe
'diti was kissed by " feller," she felt like
-iitigtnb ! roaes-Jewimmicg in honey
colognej'fttmcgJ;ndhackberries. She
is vJt.aSjit-eouiething was running
hrbnVh fiet:fnees on feet of diamonds,
.TrbjiJ'ereral- .little' capids in
jtcbaiiotoidrawTi-- by angels.-shaded hone
Jf1? f tne, spread by melted rara-
.HJefuseliu; wha power, there is
2C"CrVVwtd. kiss ! -
,JtCijr great - prompter of
,Ja?tpcsa, ..It, young men wish to accom
plish Snythingof moment, cither with
"nea6To,ind'4heyanust keep clear of
the i insVftatibn trnfirelyr A pair of sweet
fPt 'Pnt waist, swelling chest, a pres
.Bure of two .delieate hands, will do as
-JUiiei tounhinge a man aa three fevers,
- tbetoeasles, a large sized wboopingcough,
pair of loek jaws, several hydrophobias,
And the doctor's bill
' - ' ' '
.'.Sia;Jon.FaAjrKi.ui'8 Expedition.
.In the House of Commons recently, Sir
J. Graham' stated that her Majesty's
ships Erebus and Terror not having been
Beard of for- more than nine years, it
was concluded that they were lost, and
the Admiralty upon proper evidence,
arid upon receiving proper security for
refunding the money in the event of the
ships turuing up, had directed the ar
rears Of -nine years pay to be paid over
to th representatives of the oflaeers and
men. There were 24 officers and 102
eeaaieri'affached to these ships, and of
thesa. numbers, 19 representatives of the
first-lass and 88 'cf the second had
claiined and obtained the pay.
- 1 1 111 - "
;JJS"An' English jury, in a criminal
case, brought in this verdict" Guilty,
"wjtl same, little doubt as to whether he
tb maD.-! More like an Irish jury.
- . (From Blackwood. - --
.? .-: lSA&EL,rGUEEX OF 8PAUT.
- The present ' political condition of
Spain may be broadly stated iuja few
lines it could hardly bo explained in ma
ny pagep, so full is-it of anomalies that
could exist in no country but this. In
the first place, as regards the sovereign
who lias of late acquired so unenviable a
notoriety. Twenty years rgo, more than
one half of Spain flew to arms to defend,
against the remaining portiou of the na
tion, the qu' stionable rights of an infant
princess whose claim to the crown owed
strength and supporters to her associa
tion with the idea cr a free aud constitu
tional government, for . whose mainten
ance her mother pledged herself.
After a sanguinary war, her partisans tri
umphed ; the. "inriocent Isabel," as her
subjects then called the child for whom
they had cheerfully made vast sacrifices,
and cheerfully poured out their blood,
was seated firmly, as it then appeared
upon her-father's ; and Spain, long
distracted by intestine strife hoped for
tranquility, and prosperity. It was but
a dreaiuT-i TBechfld-queen had scarcely
reached .womanhood, after a stormy mi
nority, troubled by frequent insurrec
tions and incessant intrigues, when she.
began wilfully to estrange the affettiou
and respect her subjects were so well dis
posed to entertain toward ber.-- Selfish
iudiflence to their Welfare, dissolute pri
vate conduct, aud latterly, a scarcely
disguised intention of imposing upon
th cm a rule. as despotic, as that to escape
from which they had fought in her favor,
aiid made her their queen, are the effica
cious means she has employed to render
Tierself despised aud detested.; .
- The commeuceiuent of her unpopular
ity was unquestionable her .licentious
lite. Although the world has obtained
some inkling of her improprieties through
newspapers -and other channels, it has
yet luo idea, to what, extent they have
beeu carried ; but in Spaiu it 'is' well
knowu to very boy. I lo not echo mere
gossip, or, untrustworthy reports,, when
I tell.you that-the- excesses that-haye
bec'n. shared in by the present Queen' of
Spain, fiud no parallel,' except in the au
iuils of Orleans regency, and of the reign
of the Fifteenth Louis. To gratify her
vicious propensities, the daughter of Fer
dinand VII. (well worthy of her sire)
was not scrupled to associate herself with
men and women of low birth and station,
whose companionship alone was disgrace
ful to one iu her cxhalted position. ' In
a small capital like Madr.d, containing
an idle aud scandal loving population,
everything becomes knowu. It would I
not appear, indeed as if very great pre- J
cautious were taken . to conceal conduct
which the queen ought to have knowu j
would siuk her fathoms deep iu her sub
jects estimation For it is to be observ-
td, and bistory shows it, that Spaniards, I
however great-theTiiisgoverumeut they
have submitted to have never patiently I
tolerated. profligacy da the part of the
females of the royal family.. KordohfcyJ
now. Sullen silence ou the part of the pco
pie when her Majesty drives abroad and
a resolute holding aloof ou the part of
the respectable portion of the aristocra
cy sufficiently mark the nation's dises
teem. ......
When first this unfortunate princess
abandoned tho limits c-f propriety, the
disorder of her conduct was flagrant.
Within the last two years, or there-1
abouts, she has a. taced herself to one fa
vorite, who has assumed great ascenden
cy over her, and whose ambitious aspi
rations, real or rumored, have more than
once excited public indignation. Con
sidering her mothers shameful neglect of
her education, aud the disastrous mar
riage into which she was ensnared by the
vilest intrigues, the Spanish nation might
perhaps have been disposed to close its
eyes, to a certain extent, to this liaison,'
had it been "conducted with decorum, and
had the' object of her Majesty's . 'prefer
ence kept strictly aloof from politics.
Neither. of : these- two conditions have
beeu observed, and in the latter respect,
Especially, great offence has been given.
I have already remarked that everything
gets known. Many things are doubt
less exaggerated: many lalsc reports
spread 4 but tnese pass away aiid are
forgotten,";whilst the truth remains. It
is true and undeniably true,, that a
young cavalry, officer of th name of Ar-
ana is ali-poweful at court, where he has
lutrpduccd a' number of his own friends,
and established a sort of coterie .or cdm
vrilla, that surrounds. and influences the
queen.; "It is true,, that -applicants for
court : favor know ti-surer- ehaunel by
which to pbtain their wishes, than that of
this young man that aspirants to pow
er I mean lo the highest offices of the
State to the-' ministry, and to the, Pxcs
ideucy of the council do not seruple
(such'js the. .corruption of this--country,
and theilettespbf fisfimbiwi men) to
seek his society," to flatter him, and-to
.make- him- their immediate companion,
and continually to show themselves with
him in public places ; and that some of
the ministers now in power do not think it
beneath their personal dignity, or that
of their office, to retain place by defer
ring to"this person,", and . to avail them
selvw of his influence and intercession to
carry, in high quarters, poiuts which
they might otherwise have to abandon.
II Tho ascendency acquired by this "fa
vorite bverTiis-sovereign Is highly peril
ous, and may ultimately prove fatal .to
the Iiorbon dynasty in Spain. . It is not
surprising that the daugher of Ferdi
nand VII. and Queen Cristina (who al
though it .once suited her purpose to as
sume the mask of liberal principles, has
repeatedly proved herself a , despot at
heart) and the niece of the present King
of,Naples, should be disposed to abso
lutois'c ; and form plans for getting rid
of those constitutional trammels which
she considers an offence to her sover
eignty. When the late Duke of Parma
was on a visit to Madrid a few. months
ago, he said to his royal cousiD, who was
enchanted with his random scatter-brain
mode of talking and acting : "They
tell mo you have still got some remains
of old-fashioned usages here elections,
and chambers, and things of that kind.
Why do you not give them all a kick
over (puntapie,) and be mistress in your
own house V" Tire queen greatly relish
ed the advice, which was perfectly in ac
cordance with her secret inclinations,
and with the plans she has long intend
ed to carry out as soon as an opportuni
ty offers. Her absoluteist tendencies
are stimulated by the favorite, who was
brought up with Pezuela, the present
captain-general of Cuba, and his broth
er, and who, like : them, has a strong
leaning to a despotic government. - The
Spaniards know this, and detest the fa
vorite accordingly. Although, in fact,
no coup d'etat could make the condition
of the nation practically worse, or. the
tyranny that exists greater.
How bleat the Furmer'a aimpleltfe
Far from the noiao of the City'a atrife.
.-7.S r. is-'. s -.
Said a little Miss a few evenings since.
in a ball-room, as she scornfully., curled'
her pretty lip, on being introduced to a
fiue, generous, open-hearted jroung fel
low, whose broad and expansive forehead
was the symbol of his broad acres, 'lie's
nothing but a farmer'. . And who was
she that looked thus disdainfully on one
of God's noblemen ? She was the daugh
ter c-f a broken merchant, whose fortune
had been ruined by the extravagance of
a wife and foolishly proud.daughtcr.-
IThoucb- her fathet's -heart had - beeu i
wrung by misfortune and he had the i
penalty of e'travagance by incarceration j'
f ii. i '' ; r... ,i.
daughter had not yet lenrnt-' tho difi'er
ence, between prido and worth e'xtrav
ganee and .worth., The noblemen who eat
the bread of industry, and looked every
man iu the face,' with ' an independence
which said, 'I owe you nothing,', was in
her estimation 'only a farmer I' f
Did those upstart fools, who arc char
acterized as 'cod-fish aristocracy 'hav
ing mora .smelt substaucc -ever read,
even their bibles, they would 'find that
God himself ha3 selected ' his prophets,
aud kings from- anipeg farmers. .:-2foah
was a huKbandman, aud planted a vine
yard Abraham waS rieh in cattle, and
Lot had flocks aud hcarda1 insomuch
that there were not pasture enough for
both, and they divided the country. Lot
selecting the Dlaiusof Jordan,'a:,d AbraL;
ham taking the hi ly country of Canaan.
Jacob was a great cattle-grower, as
he presented Fsau with five hundred
head of cattle. a Mosses was a wool grow
er aud ' Gideon was taken from' his
threshing floor.' Saul was a heardsiuan,
eveu afterjie'was king. . .David, was a
shepherd' and was taken from that occu
pation to be king of Isrcal, arid the ances
tor according to the flesh of the Mes
aiali Uzziah was a cattle-grower. Eli
sha was plowing with twelve yoke of oxen
(probably breaking up prairies or turn
ing up sod soil) wheu Elija cast his man
tle o: hinif a prophet.
And yet, though God had honored the
husbandman selected -his'.-kings and
prophets from among tho farmers, and!
cvcu carriea 'on agriculture ou a suiaii
scale, himself (having 'planted a gar
- ' ? . -!.'- lit
den eastward of Jden') the try, cod
fish aristocracy, turn up their noses, that
were never wiped with "a paid for pocket
handkerchief and cry out, 'Oh, he's
nothing but a farmer j' Ohio Farmer.
; The Committee appointed by the Jef
ferson County Agricultural Society, to
the premiums on farms, made a most
valuable report at the late exhibition of
the society. They state that in viewing
the farms entered for premiums, they
endeavored to keep in view as standard
requisites and evidence of good farming
the lollowins points :
1 .' A good soil, well tilled, and kept
free of various weeds, both on the fields
aud the roads.
2. Lots well fenced,' and 'suitable in
number to' the size of the farm.
3. Substantial and convenient barns
and stables of sufSciout dimensions to
contain the produce of the farm, and to
comfortably house the cattle kept on it.
4. A judiciously. Arranged dwelling,
in neat condition, with a well and hHer
ing cistern,--.
o. Convenient buildings to iawlitate
the economical ' juauaceuieDt of farm ;
among which may be enumerated, a wood
house, a wagon aud topl-hottse, a jworkr.
shop,- a granary aud corn house, a coii
veulent piggery, an : ice-house, ash aud
smoke house, all secured against decay,
by being well-raised ;froinJtbeground
aud ne-Uy, painted c white-washed.
.. 6. " Convenient yards, attached tOithe
barn aud stables,- sd arranged as fo pre
vent wastage' "of the liquid, manure-, well
sheltered from the blasts of winter, aud
provided with water for the cattle
7. Door-yajds laid -wdth; grass, and
rose arid dower beds, and shaded by or
namental -treesj. indicating to the passer
by the. -dwelling of taste,' ; nealtb. and
comfort. ' ! .
'- -8.-A. kitchengarden. highly cjiltiya-
:ieu ana containing every species oi veg
etables that can bo raised m-oar climate,
with strawberry'and asparagus teds.'''
9. A fruit garden or orchard,' where
choice .apples, cherries and plums are
carefully cultivated, and where" can
found 'i eat rows of rasberry, gooseberry,
blackberry and currant bushes. '
Take for every gallon of clear' water
one pound of fresh made quicklime, mix
them well together, aud let it stand
twenty-four hours, then pour off the
clear liquid. Pnt the feathers into a
tub, and pour over them enough lime
water to thoroughly cover them. Stir
them briskly and rapidly, for aesumin
utes aud leavethcm ttr soak for three
days..' Then remove them from the Time
water and thoroughly rinso in clean wa
ter, and spread them dry. They will
dry better where a draught of air can
reach them ; and spread them thinly
and frequently moved until they are
quite dry. This plan may be used, ei
ther for new feathers, or such as have
become heavy or impure by age or use.
Here is a new way of making light
bread which we hit upon by mere acci
dent at first but now never try any ; oth
er way as we consider this bread equal
to that raised by yeast of any kind.
Make up the bread by using soda, sour
milk, and a little shortening, just as for
biscuit and let your bread stand in a
warm place for several hours, to rise. I
rub the soda in the flour, then the short
ening, of which a small quantity will do,
and add buttermilk until the whole is
wet up. If the milk is very sour ot
course more soda is necessary ; if new,
a small portion will do.
Tart apples or ' quinces makes " the
nicest jelly we know of. Pare, cut and
boil cores and all, as if to stew for sauce,
then let them drip through a clean flan
nel bag, taking care not sqeeze them ;
when done dripping, measure the juice
and add an equal measure of nice sugar,
and simmer slowly until done in a clean
brag or copper vessel.-.-''.- '
t . . c . --- f-. - '
TNVITE the attontion of the People in
I ton
nereeeianal Oiatrict. to their immense
&ckof Hardware just-receired, consisting of
trvagaot aawell aa the moat economical parch
aser, whether Building- Hardware Mochanica
Toolt, House-keeper artiales, or Farming Im
pliment. In any of the- above goods, we have
a larger Stock than any one Store in Miuisfi?Jd
or Wo08ter, and aa it has long aince.heen ac
knowledged by every body, that we sell better
goodt Tor the tame money, than wither Mansfield
or Wooster can do ; nil we ask is, thnt Buyers'
will consult their own interest, by ranking ao
examination oT our Slock, before purchasing
elsewhere. All goods sold by us, if not found
as represent ed can ba returned.
, ' JOHNS If ALLEN, - . .
' . Adjoining the Bank..
"May 3, VM. ' n&Otf
a( (ioy.'S'aac-R Miers, the only good ones in
. . T . tl U il .
5t ' Silvo-- Steel and Cast Steel Scythes,
50 doz. Assorted kinds, Scythe Snaths.
'--'4ft do Hay aed. straw Ko(Ls, best cast steel.
' "60 do Tuttle's Cast Steel Hues,
ft b dof Socket's Cast Slcel Hoes, the best ever
. -:- maiie- (j; . , .
'-20 uozNo. T. H-y Uaes.
20 do No. 1. Scythe RiHcp. . . -.-
r-' 20 do No. 1. Scyih S tines,-5-lo 9 inches long.
' .... .: v ALSO,
100 doz. Door Locks from 25 cts. to $lench.
; 1.L0 do Door Latches from H cle. to 25 cts..
100 da. .oose Joint, narrow, wrot & cast Butts'.'
1000 tiro. Gimlet Point Screws. . . . . :s-. v ' '
. 300 Gals. LiusecdOtl. . . - - ... !( ;."
100 Kegs Pure White Lead ' ' '
1(0 Boxes assorted sizes (ilaas. ,f .. .
' 506 Lbs. Putty In Bladders. '
SC00 Lights Sash, all sizes. ,
. -. . S ALSO, ;
Ddirrsr P-inrrflrushes, Rash Faslcriersr"Butch
er's Files (in any quantity, Spears. Saws, all
kinds Shuemaker's Stock and Tools, all kinds
Saddler's Stock and Tools.
- -. . - -also. " ". ' ;; . ...
- 300 Kegs assorted Nails, warranted.
"100 Tons Sweeds and Pitt;burgh Iron, U'ar
JOflf BtlndJe Kuisia Nail Rod. i
50 Pair Seat aod Carriage Soring, at Pitts
buri-b. oriccs that is so ! i.
' 1 doz". Borina Machines, less than 811 each.
"Tbe above kouil with a large variety of
every thins else, must be sold, and persons
wanting Hardware can buy ol us, cheaper and
belter goods than any where else.
Adjoining the Bank,
i May 3, 1854. nfiOtf
Table Cutlery.
TTE can and will sell Knives and Forks SO
- yy percent, cheaper than any Hardware
Store in MansSeld ot Wooster ever" did, will
or can, if you doubt it, come and buy some
that much lower think or this !
May 3, 54.-5tf Adjoining the Bank.
Farmers, Bead This!!
Dealers) in Hardware, Iron & Nails,
Adjoiiiiiijr the Bank
1"fTILLbny all of the F lax Straw that you
YY can raise and deliver to them daring the
nresent year, and pay you the CASH lor
Short Flax should he pulled from the ground
that, that is long may be cradled-'-none want
ed in Straw beiore soplemDer. instructions
regarding the culture and rotting of Flux can
be had gratia during the Sumver, by calling on
us. J(IMia K AL.L.C.1M,
Adjoining the Bank
March 1 , 1854. n40. tl".
SMITH, 330-7-3T! cs Go
WILL pay the highest market price ForlOO,
TOC poi'Bus of good cleau Flax, ikliV-
ered at the Hardware Store of t.ieir agents in Ash
laud. " 'i JUHXS 6 Al.LEN,
Adjoiningthe Bank
Ashland. Jan. IP, 1854. naa tf. j
-t::: ast Received.
CT 'Kegs'R:fle ajirf Blasting Po.wder, lor sale
JJ on Commission at mil I prices, by
June 14, 1S54.
Adjoining the Bank.
T" rt Ti:l:i J5t Sn.te nt Corn l'luntcr, man
i ttfcctiiifd. by McBright oi Uo., CleveiauU. o.
A sutiu:i' f.;r iUi couutx tviltbefouud attbeagen
rr f ' - JOHNS &. ALLbR.
fee. 'S?, 3itl ' '. adjoiuing-the Bank
-n-tff.-Mt iV Cnrvtm, Concave Steel Culti
V vator Teelh for sale Wholesale aud Ketail at
the agency of -
adjoining the Bank.
New Hardware Store ! !
.'Foreign- and domestic liar lvvarei
,T"NYl TJiS tbe attnuuon or the Marrtware Buy
I ine community- to his immense -and unri
valled eitocK nownrrivinK ana consist ot ev
ery article kept in Hardware Store. ..Farming
and Mechanics Tools,. House furnishing goods,
building, material, togetherwith-the largest
and best selected tock -of Iron and Nails ever
brought to this place, Swedes, Nuil, Hoop
Sheet.' Rod and Bar Iron, of extra qualities
Sash, Glass, Doors, Putty, a large and varied as-
aortmeat of .Locks and--Latches,-llutts una
Screws- all sues and descriptions, Sadlery
Hardware and Findings, Tools, Sc. .
'' coach makers ana Trimmers,
will nnd -itto their' advantage - to' buy their
Stock -of me. - In their line, Oil and Enamelled
Top Leather, Cloths, Laces, DamarktMoss, fcc,
Springs and Axles, Mailable Top and Prop
Irons. &c.. Carriage and Tire ' Bolts, 1 , to 6
inches long, Brass-Bands all sixes, Oil Cloth.
- -White Lead, Cry and in Oil, Puiuts. Varnish
es. 'Turpentine and Oil. Paint, Varnish and
Dust Brushes. ... . . -
-Pump, Tubing, (Chain Double Galvanixed)
best article in town, wheels and fixtures com
plete. Roger's Sfel cultivator Teeth, Wings
and Plow and Hammer Moulds, Shovels, Hoes,
Forks, Rakes, Sythes, Snaths.. White's Dou
ble Steel Axes, Broad Axes and Adxea, Sheep
and ow Bells, Log and Trace Chains, Mill'
Saws, an extra article, XCut Snws,. the' only
good ones in town. Butchers Filet and Rasps
andCbiaela. . . i -
Sheep Shears,
Ten different Brand, prices from 37, to $1,50
per pair.- H' yon want a good article I have
them and the best in town, and they are going
fast. Also wool twine nnd cord.
Block Tin, Lead, Lead Pipe, Zinc, Sad Irons,
Tiners Wire, Gun Barrels made of Lake Su
perior Iron, Lox, Brass Castings and Trimmgs
cheaper than elsewhere.
If you want a good pair give men call, I ac
knowledue I have the only good ones in town
A few of those nice Carpenters Slick's Framing
Chisels, extra Cast Steel Augurs,
Ranch and Moldinar Plains. Bitts
warranted. Brunswick Tea and Table Spoons,
Table and Pocket Cntlery.
Brass, Pillar and Chamber Candle Stic&s and
Snuffers, and Tongs, Waffle Irons, Brass Ket
tles, Steelyards, Molasses Gates, Pugli'a Augur
Bitts, Hunt's Hatchetta, Braces snd Bitts, prices
range from 40 cts. to f 12 ; Exclsior Sand Paper,
Spirit Levels, Saw Hacdies.
The half is- not enumerated in this 'ist, Lnt
those in want of any articles in the Hardware
Line, will do well lo call before purchaaing;
mv StocJt beinir entirely new. and selected with
ureal care ior this marAret, enables me to sell.
better and cheaper than they do elsewhere. ..
xt. u. BUll...
KeiloEE's Building one door above P.
& J. Risser's Store. .. .
Ashland, May 17, I8o4. ' 52U
lind for New
London daily
at 7 o'clock
ii AM con
nection wuh tbe carson the Cleveland Colum
bus and Cincinnati Rail Road.
Returning, leave New London after the ar
rival of the trains.
Leave Ashland ' for Mansfield on Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays, at 71 o'clock, PM-i
Loave Ashland -for Wooster on Tuesdays
Thursday and Saturday at 5 o'clock P M.
September, 18S3. I8tf
T3 Tft jT
HufTalo, JST-f "S'ox-Isl. '
Imvorteraf -nunnfactnrers,- :om
mlsiu Jlerchantu, mid Dealsri i 11
English? !Gtfhiffn,uPreiicn:Vn(l American
THIS House having the largest and m'ntva
. rious stock in the United States', are i'tir
mshing Hardware Merchonts, ; Contractors,
Tinners &c, with everything they wanton as
good or oetiet terms, uiiin incj cso ftuj in new
Y'orA, Boston, or elsewhere. . 1 hey in vite,inc
vestigntion. JAMES M. ALLKN,
Fredericklown, Ohio, -
6mo-n2 : ' " Traveling Agent.
Curlod Hair Mattresses aed Bwldins-
PATENTED N THE " "' ".-'.'
OUR Mattresses and -curled Jiair having taken
iliplotnanacU. Wedala by competition in the
principal btales-iu. the liuioii and alsohavincbeen
awaiUtil tlic j'ruie Medal at the World'- Fair, in
London as the very be-t article mauufa&tured, rt
confiilently. offered to ' ths community as great
deMtleraiim lorpure iweetBicopi i ' r
- The piecesshy which our hair is manufactured
entirely precludes the possibility of moth or other
insect snnoyances engendering therein as-proved
by Hie severesf testa-of-ailalf2atMnaua by testimo
nials Ironi. Hut first cheniislsetthe age, (root which
we extract a follows : t
"Experiment ha demonstrated that the puriying
agent made use erf in manufacturing your patent
curieu Pair la ctpetiaii) uceu uifiivc ui annual
lire, that it has the lacuityof bleaching and t loan
ing the fibre, and that it is the most powerrul dis
infecting body at present known to science. ' .
.. . H.-I.KI HEBV, M.T-..
Prnfepsorof Chmistry and Toicology in tbe -Medical
College of the London Hospital.
. I cheerfully stale that -the article -submitted to
vour process most lie pare and-sweet and will be
found of great value and from proof exhibited to
me I am confident, mat tne process cmpioyea ex
ceedall other methods of preparation.
, .. .. .e . W. BEACH, M. D., '
. New York. '
We also keep constantly on hand a full supply
of Pillows and Bolsters, under Alattrasses and
Bedding of all descriptions and a large assortment
of Wall rapes and window t hades, upnolstry
goods, curt&ius, lounges, etc., etc 1
Orders respectfully solicited and promptly at
tended to. - -
, ; - WISDOM or Co. '
. ... . 42 Pullea Block Bank st. .
Cleveland, Ohio.
Ji'ue4, 1PS4. o2tf
o ..
FTTHE subscriber again appears before yon.
I giving you lair notice ol tne arrival ol n
larger stock ol
Than he has ever offered tj the lair Sons and
daughters of old Wayne and surrounding Coun
ties, owing to our Deing in tne . e-asiern mar
kets when most kinds of Goods experienced a
material ,
We were enabled to buy' bur goods 'at such
Low Prices that we-'defy any competition in
the wayof Cheap Goods for Cash r oh i stock is
comprised of everything in theZri Goods and
notion line ; also, an assortment ot . J
Tor Men and Boys. Also, the leading articles
of GROCERIES, such e Coffee, Sugar, fea,
Tobacco, $c. In all these dcpVrtments we. can
show vou Goods. ' -As lor prices wo can beat the
World; and in saying this we do ho'f'wiBrt "to be
considered as bragging, not telling yon plain
matter of fact. Look at some of , ur prices
wc can show you
Brown Musi in lor. ....
Bleached. do good
Kentucky Jeaus
Heavy Tick
..Ci cts. per yd.
..6i . ' ." .
..20 cts. ' '
..10 "
Cotton Gloves and Stockings. 06 ' " 'per pair.
Good Lawns .6j" " per yd.
Delaines.. - -..10 cls.St apwaid.
7-4 Table Diaper. ........... 1S -- -.'
Fast Colored Calico 06 .. "
Silk Lace Veils... ....37, .
Cotton Batting - . , 10 ' "
Good Black Silk. 50 " "
Tea ....31
" Coffee...."....". 12t ."perlb.
" Tobaccos-Chewing .'..'. li "' "
In nil departments ot oar stock ytm will find
the above statement of prices corresponding.
Ait we as is a look btforeyou buy. I lie price
of our Goods" is a sure thing tor your money. In
Ladiis? Dress Goods vie are all fixed.- Lawns,
Herges, Plain Black, - Striped, - Barred and
Changeable. Silcs at all, prices.. Our stocAp of
nice . .-. ..-i. ..t
. z; silk b QNXE rs,
''lakes -em all Jown." Can sell new.. style
Gimp Bonnets for .25 cents. Every, body ..that
comes to Wooster, comes to our store and sees
the show of prices . and styles. " We wont
ehargo-you anything to loot'.'' Country Mer
chants supplied with their1 whole stocArs at' low
J prices and tatp terms, at onr store at the Old
Stand Knst ot :th American Hotel.- ;
i- - -Ml -ALLISON.
' May 3d, 1S54. i ; t -notftf :
CO.QPFKLLOW has . ppenel , in .the
I new i
room, two doors cast oi31essrs. Uis-
ser & Risser's Store, on Main street, a . , . ..
AVatch and Jewelry Etablllineiit,
where he will offer every article usually kept
in such establishments, at very low rales.
' Among his stocky may be found, tinld and
Sil-vcr Watches;- of every description, va
riety and quality. Pins, Ladies' Gold Broach
es, Grape, Enameled, Clnstcr, Knot, Cuff and
Scarf Pius.j. ' - '' l , i
Gold Rings, Lockets,' Pencils, Gold Chains,
Bagley Gold Pen and Holders, large as
sortment. . SILVER SPOOLS. 1
Table end Tea Spoons of pure silver, Ger
man Silver and plated Spoons, Butter Knives,
Saltand Sugar Shovels, Silvei Forks, etc., &c.
JPocltet Oxitlpry,
of every description, from, the best American
nd Kncriish Mt&bliahments. ' Also Needl"s,
Port Monies, Dressing and Pocket Combs, and
Pocket Books, Violin and boitnr btrings.
Goggles, Hyc Shades. Compassea
and Acordeon. F.igbt Day and Twenty-foor
Hour Bras Clocksv In the moat splendid fa-
pier Macbea, Rose Wood and Mahogany case--.
Cleaned and repaired, and work warranted,
Old Gold and Silver bought at the highest
price. 1 invite the public to examine my Stock
before purchasing elsewkstre.
. ,'.(, 1. It.. IUUUI'J'.IJ.UW.
Ashland, Dec, ai, laoa. ooi xi. t---;r yi
In force Jan. 1854, with reference to
prior laws, in one large Octavo J'oluem.
raoxt the Junes or tub burns c oosit, -
The undersigned haye.examided Swan's Re
vised Statutes of Ohio, for 1854. This, volume
contains a compilation of the Statutes of . Ohio
in force on tbe first of January, 1854. Tbe de
sign and arrangement of the Book are good,
and carried out with great care and accuracy;
and we think the work of great utility, and re
flects much credit upon the Compiler and Pub
lisher. i.
' JOHN A. CORWIN, .. l
The undersigned having examined Swan's
Statutes, concur in the above opinion. -- V'r..
Dist. Atty.U. S. Court, Dist. of Ohio. '
Atty. Gen. of State of Ohio.
It will be found an indispensable hand-book
toevery Justice of the Peace and Constable, as
we 1 as every Lawyer or public officer. The
book will be aent free dfcharge to any one on
receipt oi su.
Address . . ;'9. C..TICKNOR CO.,
Law Booksellers, Mansfield, Ohio.
March 2nd, 1854. ' 44tf '
Old Iron W.ttitt'd.
THE subscriber will pay CASH for any quantity
ofold metal delivered at his foundry In Ashland
Feb. 1. 37tr..
To Western, Merchants;LGfJ-
mHE subscTlberwoHld call tbe attention of deal
X ers generally to tue extensive arrangements they
havamada toE-tha Importation and aale- of Britisb,,
French, and German Ury Goods. ' ...'-'
Having a buyer permanently located1 In Eu
rope, waoiie entire attentiasi -will le-given to the
selection or Goods Tor our sale, we shall be iq re
eeiptof new: and'deairable Dress Goqds by .each'
teaiuer. Our trc)i ,f i.t -i, k: ;
Vblte Cloods, Il"tlery,r'iliatvl!i A Notions',
will be found eomplete't-AUj; -'large variety
or black anl cpIoreilEliJi, Satins, etc. Cloths,
Cassimercs aud Vestinss, Linens. Drillines. &G..
-vdtcjandTaikor'af'rrrmmingseeoerairyJ.' iiL.'-
i.iwuyi on nanu alt leaamgstjies, orjuomes
tic Goods, tif ached ana brown .
C'ntti.uv r'rltljj; Ticks, Stripep-Deiilms,
wun a cooler assortment, or ileiuraacl,4(na Co
chece Prints, Lancaster QingliamSt'orc.', 2tc.
SC. ! i fii
wHt MsdkiOaVnems, such as tnnuot lail 'to give
Satififac tion. t-
Te invite the 'attention of 'cash and. short flme
boyer!1 . ivi. :." .-: ': - ''- ;
Trp We have also secured Ahe- services of W.
t STRONG-, Gate of Mansfield,. Ohio,') who ,wili.
take great pleasure in sho'wlng you through our
stock ; when you-visit this .market, please -favor
him witb caIl:'i ' ' -"'- ' ;
No. 13 Cot-RTLAXS ST., XD 11 AUD 13 J)rT ST., K.
. a e. ;.:!..- .- i -. - t ; ,
. .January! 25, 1851. ly... r,- i :i.l ' ' '
Another Arrival of lVewGoods .
sftf:v-! A Tl'THEJ! 'r Si I
(Ti.-iifrri" ' ' -r
h1 T. CrBCSItNElTLr '" ;
I .''OR tho, third, time. this, season J sends forth
I his procljmaUonto the People rf Ashland
and surrounding counlies, antrouncingirhat he
ua9 just receM-ea a Iresn auppiy of new k
which he is bbund to sell at some price during
the Sumnierand mahn rom lor his Fall .sup
pll.' Xb-!y-'-' Air!tNTtsraol which -ob
can boast tire, that he has the neiteit gapit, the
latest styles; melargest assortment andedn sell
his goods-ii - . ,..ny.,'
than any establishment in tl e oounty.'Ife has
long since found ont that the .people will Help
thosrwho help them-,' and ft is no iratter of sur
prise that the great rusli is to ihf People's Erot
punuin, ana tnai ino uid fortresses are
comoarativeliL Hpjtrrifit. clnr. l,;a nn,i .'.l
. . I have an unsurpassed assortment bT'Plain
and Figured Dress Mlfcs, Foreign and Domestic
Lawns and Ginghams . cv.cry . description df
v hue Goods, Bonnets, Ribbons, andr, in short,
every nescription ot -j-i '-' - i
necessary to complete aLady's Wardrobe;- Lei'
it be distinctly understood, that I have the lar
gest and best assortment ol - -
ever brought to. Ashland, and ye who doubt t
call and see for yourselves. - Ladies; if you want
to purchase yueensware, the People's Empori
um is the place to get. ft.' . In lbe
' ' Gents Department,
I am fully prepared to meet anv demands that
may be made upon me.' -My Stock of Cloths,
lassiincres, vesungs, ana c - - tf -:,
iii very esieosive. Hati ind Caps, io abundance.
I dttve also t large,-assortmeDt. of
and am also prepared to. do custom wor on
short notice, and warranted to give satisfaction.
In conclusion I. have only to say that the
Stocit is complete in all iu parts, and' I can
warrant satisfaction cither in quality, qoaolitj,
or price, xiignesi maricet price paid loru
, . 'WOOL I . ', ......i
and. all inds. of COUNTRY PRODUCE.
Ashlandj.Junel, 1854. ..-;:- ;.4tf.-''
A;k immense assoriDiCDt.ui.uew
and Fashionable . r
forithe sn-mmer season, offureignJ
and domestic manulactore, con-siat-ing
of a largo variety of ,
from $2 to $5; Kossuth Hats from 50 cts. to
2j0;- Maryai Hats j from. $1 to $ 3 i. Otter
Hats, from $2 to $3,50; a large, assortment of
consi.dcr-pd the most taaty, comfortable and dur
able aumme. K-ltr now. -in- use, from $2 to $3,
oOjLeghorn, .froov ?5 to $1,25; Beaver Hats
from $3,50 to 5. . Also a complete assortment
of -
Also, an endless variety of Men's and Boy's
clotliand velvet
' - SUMMER HATS !.r, J
and all kinds of Cliildren's Hats. It would be
useless to attempt to enumerate ths entire
stock ,0s it is admitted on all hands to .be the
largest and" best selected stock ol hats,, acer
brought to Ashland County.' Tho subscriber
respectfully" requests the .public. to call-od
examine hi slock j'wheltier they buy ox not.
;; i;y srirap felts i Z
i, The subscriber win pay cash for any Quanti
ty of o'heep Pelts, -delivered nt his Store, op
posite the Franlin -House-, and one door Fast'
of the Post Office, Ashland, Ohio. ' ' ' " -"" : f
: .. -, M.' CAMPBELLS .
.,, AabUnd, April 19th', 1854."" ' ntStf ' - '
i- . i ..... .i '
50.000 Majority 's and all the Counties'
.. .""I iteirra ,jromf jor. ine .,,,.5
riotmnr-anu tTimisnins-'Heuoti !
, s! APPLE &:C0.v i :
.0-. -
rriHIS extensive establishment hasjust
' I received the largest and best select
ed stock of clothing,' 'and gentlemen's
furnishing goods, ever brought to this town or
connty.'-' f- " - -'-" . '.
suitable. fur the. largest man or. smallest bey,
and at prices that -will perfectly astonish -yoa.
.. Come right along and examine our -stock,
and see for yourselves. ' Here yoa -will find
cartloads of coats, cord of trowsers, and a
'tarnel pile of vest of every'style and vrai
ety, large-enough and small enough; -iwarni
enough and cool. enough for ny season. .. Our
stock. of'Farnishinsf goods is complete: con
sisting of Shirts, Collars, Cravats, Wrappers,
Drawers, sic, &c, in fact everything to fit out
s man in perfect order. Our motto is' Quick
Sates and Small Profits, and no charge forshow
ing eugoods4 i i '
efall kind, made to order. The Foreman in
this department is one of the best workmen
in ohio f ia'il 1 I. "-:;'!.! "1 "i'.tl
"'Recollect the place, one "door east of
Squire, and one door west.'of Wallack' st
Coffin' Store. This extensive stock i under
the direction of our ageut, Mr. Z. Green wald,
of Ashland. .
8. APPLE & CO., Philadelphia
April 5854.- J:j,:::ilf.,it
ERXST BACHERER' respectfully, announ
ces to hi friend and lovers of good living
erene'rallv. that he has made a complete reno-
vationin his establishment, '-.one door west of
the McNulty House, Ashland, Ohio, and will
keep constantly on hand during the .ensuing
summer every luxury usually found. in. this
market.' ... . ; -.. -
. N.. B.-.rJSTjsoto all men, that no intoxicating
liquorwill be kept in my establishment. 1 '
AsMand, March, 8th, 1854. . n42 tf. r
Dealer In Booka's Stettloiiery, Wall
JPaiper Ac, Acc.
SCHOOL, Miscellaneous and Blank Books;
Stationery and Fancy articles. Have on
hand, and constantly receiving, the latest puD
lications. Store two door west of the Samp-
sell House. . . .
Ashland, July 26, 1854. u
Suvc vour Allies ! ; .
SHES wanted by the subscriber, at hi
SHtS wanteu oy ni uu.. ...,..
J Ashery in Ashland, for which the hlghestT
marl .t nrim will be Daid in ttooda
r t n ditchmct r. .
October 26,1863. . .
ft r
is nlANciint Mixture, comnon
A mnt'wii4heTulsi of- Pharmac
tic agents, losig known aid celehra
. L L ; . X .ni.M-U ri? a ,..4.;-,:
lms affectia
ii.i.iTH MinnEi and oroducas a healthy comtitiaw
i 1 - - a- i ii r ii- . r
Stabtcr's AiSLrjrtaset. Cpxldtstl. i'va-Li5 A,
Ur4trbdiseaae.Ti,V T1" "c.'' .SpaHisTlt TlitittTV
- , ,,t n
'StaMdr's Anodyne Cherry B:p?ctorant
ftconfidentlyTecommended to in valid,'-a cwsu
iriMii by ny knowapreparation, for the cure
of Covghss Horvrttiuit. and other form.? of Common
TION la an tarly stage, and for tbe Relief of the
paticut even n advanced stage of that fata! dii-
It combines, in aacientific Manner, remedies' df
longesteemed value, with others of more recent
discovery ;ai?d besides its soothing and tonicqu&H
ties, actn thro the skin, gently and witb great ef-.
licacy, for the cure of this class of dieeattes.
The valuable MeJicines above named have recen
tly been introduced, with, the approval of, a num
tcTof our M'dieal PvnfAesion in (be cityof Balti
more and evey where, and in practice have succee
ded most admirably in curing the diseases foxu
-bicu they are-, prescribed. They are OHered to
the country -practitioners of Medicines which lie
can in all respects depend upon as prepared in
agreement. witi the experience-or some of the
'most earned aud judicious Physicians and strictly'
inoonformity with the rules of Pharmacy, and
as especially -serving his convenience, who- can
not so readily as the City Physician, have, his own'
preioriptionssnipounded by a practical Pharma ceutist,
See the descriptive Pamphlets, to be hai gratTs of
all w bo have -the Medicines for sate, containing
-ecommeudations from-Doctors-Mas n a, Balt-
i.t'.' lAnb'iTiit. Pavks. HiiniT;'Lc-vt.Jsrc. i
pDpctorii. K. MtRTii sayi,'Id not herniate to
recommend your Diarrhma Cardia( and Antdyne
Cherry Expectorant,' ' ' -
Doct. Jonn Addisou says. M It gives me much
pleasure to add rrry testimony -to that or othera.-a;
lavor of tne sxcrs-vr-ixiiar-y.' efficacy or yoicr iitarr
kaa Cordial, Ad.; and or the Expeetartni, " I have
n hesitation in recommending it as a most valua
ble medicine' &c. : 1
i Doct K A; Pitsi says be has used the DiHrr
ici Cerdialin-fxt practice "'with -the happiest ef
feet, and thinks it one of the most convenient
and- elltcienL -combinations ever offered to our pro-,
fessiQn.V . . ; , ! '
' 13oct. bi'P.'Hiitnv "rites, "I have sdrpinisner
ed yoiir Antiynr Kzpecierant in several Uases of.
BronchiaAncction, with the most happy reaA-s
aud from a knowledge of ifts admirable effects,
i can,w.ith th greatest confidence, recoinmend
it. &C.'
R1 Doct. W; Si Love writes tons that he has ad
ministered. the Expectorant to his wife, who has
had in Broncat.tta lor Jourteen
Bronchitia for fourteen year, and that I
She is fast recovering from her long standing ma- 4
lady. It baa in a few weeks done her more good
hart alt the remedies she has heretofore used nir
der able medical counsel. 'r
, Sixtxkn of tha best ApoTnscARips and. Pa ah m
aceutists in tire-City of Baltimore. "We aresatrsfl-'
ed- tbe preparation s known as Stabler1 jSnrndyns
Caerrtt JLipecroraut ana btaoier's Utarrhaa Car
dial, are - medicines of Great Vaick. and very ef
ficient for the relief and. cure of the diseases for
which they are recommended; they bear the evi
dence of -skill and care in their preparation and
style of putting up. and; we take plead sure ia re
commending them. - ' 1 --- -- -.. j
Twenty Seven of the most respectable Mrnm
Airrs, residents of MaR71.a)id, VntoiWiA nd Noarn
C&RO IsIma; Who. hay, sold, and ao need these
medicines themselves, say,iFrom ourown experi
ence and that of our cuatmmer. we do confidently
recommend ittcmPro Bono Publico. We have never.
Known any remeuy usea ior me aiseases lor.wntcn
titey are prescribed, to be so efficient, and to (ive
such entire satisfaction to all."
The above notices ofrecommendation from m em
f high stand nig, and MERCHANTS of tbe firet(
respectability: should be sitHcient to satisfy all.'
that these medicines are Vmrtki of tYial b the al
ficted, and that they are of a different stamp and
class from -U.eruackery"and VCre iAlls" mo.
much imposed, upon the public. - , -r
For Rale fcy-lragg!fct, iApotbetaVres and conn
try Store-hecpers generally. . .. ; y
A It e o Lait Hon"Is CJeVt al Vict oVy h 9 -SursT
1 DR; A.riiADAMS
XTBWTH'EORy '6Fl)ISEASKiswakfuiiig thel
-1. v inquiry in the;minas of all who" read it r How 1
IV si that Americans have been so( long i-and so.
slavishly immured id darkness and ignorance en the
subje.cjt-of.lisGase-------W.fUr: , '
I' TllEGaST ;rAlACr,A Or 33ISEAil!, t -I
is offered to the afflicted or the States, and Terrf.
tnrieirfortheeniire-'cure' of Liver- Coranlafuts all
stages. Bili'jus tever. Ague i and Fever,, :CHtonio
laing ever.
Dropsical Affections, Consumpsion-
BeluW Complaints Oiarrhea llysentery, Rheuma
tism, tlleeding piles mica rues, &crotuiabait
Rbeum, Pyspepsia.Geoeral J)ebilitytJervousness,
Costiveness.i indigestion,' -Otstructsd -Usnstrva;
lion,.dzc. . ' ' . . '. " ..-' f-:-r- - -ji '.
Dr. A. L; Adams" Liver" Balsam has stood th
.wrec and test forthe last fifteen- years; and-nas-proved
to the most skeptical, beyond, shadow of a
donbt, that it is " " " .- '" ''. "l "', ; ',
The only RcliaLIo Medicine Ever DiscpTered
being purely all Vcgcitahle.i rortne permanent! cure
of the above diseases. Xhe most skeptical have be
come its most sanguine votaries, and pronounced
the Liver Balsam t be tbe . "; '' " :
Oulj Reliable HarBliijer-of MeaJtlil& thf
Testimonials eonte p from - every tracit -tt-has
made, swollen with, expressions pf gratitude fort-
LUC rUllCI 1CCC1VCUU, ilb uoc. jiiiu cuu.ii ..i..s
this, the Liver litlsam is recoenuiended t o -all those
sufferingunder the I
and at oacerprt)cufeioinbotil9A)f!U3U'iA- L. Adams'
Liver Balsam. , , ;
JThe readers-i roferred.W-tB 'Medical ..Tract
found by inaKinj application tatlieA gent, where the '
Balsam is sold. giving a: foil- epitofne df 'the cause ,
4ud ure eX all-diseases;-eoatainiDS, aifcOocitifi
cates from those whj have tested 4ts snpaTalleled
aoceidacy'4)verrhe'disea?edto 'Wieh-we'are' alt
.v,i-KnMhvR H. DHIIHB Hi.f.o.! -Ashland'
John MoCrorey, West Windsor; Slurges diBialow
faasrujld;.f.- P.' ftametn: Howsbirrgr- Jt"iH-
I . .11. " ,. . . '
' G. E. Scott. General' Agenc, nor 6T RandolDU.1
Street ChiaagorUlolSi.i, 1 Jfl 'il- J .
JaundicejUyspcpsiaChronio orlVer-
Vf 1 1." Kidney s t'
d 'disordered L.ver'orldX
VOUN saeDtliiy luseate
An.TtDiseasesarisinr' from
Storoach, ucli as; constipaiioq, -mwira j-rie,
' Fullness or" Blood to fhe Heart. .Acidity- of the
-SlomachiJJaueea; Heart Burn, Disgust'. lor Pood,
Pnlineaa or Weicht in tbetitotnachi Sour Krocta-
tions, Sinking or" Fluttering at the pit of theJ
.-Stomachi Swimming orthe Head, Murrieu ana
Difficult Breathing, Fluttering at the UeartvChok
fng or-Snff-jearing Sensatiod Vhen In a . lying
posture, Pimnestdf Tision; Dotxxr Web before
the tight. Fever and Dull pain in the Head. De
ficiency of PrespiratlOn', Yellowness of the Skis
an Eyes, Pain in the Sidej Back; Chest, Limbs,
&c.'. "Sudden Flushes of Heat, Burning n the
H Flesh,- constant Imagiin'gs-f Evil, and "Great
, Depression ol.tpiri.ts.xanlierfectuany. cured by
1 using. - f ,e
Df. Hoofland's Celebrated 'Gcman'Mtere,
PREPARED BY BK. U.M.JAVKSW. at ins trer.
man Medicine Store, 120 Arch St., Philadelphia
Tberr power over ine aoofeuwsca i uwi - -if
equalled, by any atrrerpTeparatroTrrn-the V. states
as the cures attest, in many caaea.-aftec, WUIul
physicians badTailed. '" " ' ' '. " -j i
These Bitter, are worthy ths attenaoBoMnvjlionj
p.in (rrrjil virtues in the reelincaUprt ot dis;
ease ef the Liver and lesoer glanctir, exercisiiig thet
LtlTer tUO WBlWr glBIIUD, CACI Viaiuj iu
powers in weaknuas aDtl alfecvons
ve organs, they axe withal sae.cer-
ant. i :f .
most scarchin
of thedicestive
tin and nlasant
, K. B. Pmsiiis. Marietta, Ohio; Feh.j2,18r.said
"Your Bitters are highly prizedby those, who have
used them. In a case of Liver complaint, pi long
standing, which had resisted the. skill iO (several
Physicians, was entirely curca dt iqo u.c.oi u
hoUle."- C.-L. lhtAK, Freedom,- wrtage eoijui.
April 23,' 1862. said : -The German Bitters yen-sent
me last have not yet come to hand. 1 have been out
of the article for some tim,.-to-the"irrt detriment
nf invalids. It is a medicine much thought of, .and
ought after in this community.'"' Tv '
O. August 26,' 1852, :said l 'The Bitters you ship.
n..l main Mav'-Ust are alt eonh--f "thfhk tt"a
gooiLniedicme, and I m . recoatntendirtg jttotmy
patients ana irienas, (wnitu uo tut uw .rf
ent nedicine;-YBa ; wHl.pleaaet.torward.-e- large
UPP'J.' - .Vtr-ni,Jr ) r-"!bv:r3rf. i8a2. siii":
ii..,,- .rfantrut -three on foax bottlek of Hooft-
aiid's German Bitters lor ; Dyspepsia, and dertved
mat bene fit from their use. -ptielieve -them" 16
be good rorall disewcsjcwhich they je recom
mended."' , . .
Wra. Oaa,' Wooster, 0 October' . 1852, said :
i-'-You ask me my opinion of the -German Bit
ters 1 have, used them for Dyspepsia, and -Indigestion,
and take pleasure in stating that J think;
they are the very best remedy extant for the above
complaints they are decidedly In advance of all
the proprietary medicines of tbeday.", , . ;
.Mr. Oaa Is a distinguished lawyer of Wooster,
These Bitters are entirely vegetable. They never
prostrate the system, but invigorate it, - .-
Foe Sale by R. H. CHUBB & CO., Ashland; "and
by Druggists and dealers la medicines every where.
Ashland Feb. 1. n37 ly. - . ... .,
r.kniriiM l-Wnrrsn BB. 'C
. .. " u ..,. ohm Sent. 26. 1653.
tor of the F. W. , K.
i tl, Following asaess
ments'unon Stock su'bscrip'tions were made, vi:
Ten per cent, parable July 1st, 'S"""""8"-
f -r . ,h end of each succeeds
ing sixty day. unUl the whole. amount iapaid.4
Three instalments are therefore now duetto i wit :
The first when subscribed, toy ins j..
second Julyjst.r.d the third. Aust Stau-i
Subscribets in Ashland village aud county are
respectfully, requested tor-imrned latrty'-P J all
r'.' h and . as tbev
""" ,,, -1 the Banking House ef Luther,
& Co., Ashland unless called npon by th Collac
Vr;-1.! -' : 5 ; -' rrtEL'W j TYLERl'iiec.'
ivt irn
:;)f!Mir : ft t sit, l a -t"f ft
Af Infallible Kemedy forRerohiia, Ini'i Evil
Rheumatism, Obstinate Cutaneous abruptions,
Pimples or Pusyesn ths Fc, aMotskes, Soils,'
Chronic Sere yes, ting Worm orTetMs, Kcalc
Head, Enlargeirent and Pais of the torn and
Joints, . stubborn . Ulcers,,. Syphilitic Kioorders,'
Lumbago, Kpinal Complaints,, and. all Biseass
arising from an Injuclicioas use ot t-Ierctorr, Isai
urudencein Ufsr " ians-arity f Um Blao-a
This valuable MediiiB. which has become cele--bratcd
for ths -number of extraordinary cures ef'
fected through -its sgeser.-sa Induced tas pro
prietors, at ihe urgent request of their friends, te
offer it to the public, which they do with th nt
most conscience i ita virtues and woaderfll cura
tive properties. The following certificates, select
ed froin-a -h-rrge-mrmber, are, however, stronger
testimony than ths mere werd of th prorrrietors ?
and are all from gentlemen well known in their
Idealities, and -ot the highest respectability, man-
(if tlusiu residing, in th,it-t of-Kicbm.na, Va.
F. Botdss, Esq.. of the Exchange Hotel, Rich--mond,
known every where, says he has seen tfa:
Medicine called Carter's-Spaniab Mixture adminis
tered in over a hundred cases, in nearly all tbe dis--eases
for which it is recommended, with tire most
astonishingly good results. Ue says it is the uotU
extraordinary medicine he baseverseen.
-Aoo-rxiift Fsvan 6rT Ctn.-l heTeby eertl'
fy, that for three years I had Ague, and Fever of the
most violent description; 1 had several Physici
ans, took large quantities of Quinine; Msrcury,
and-1 le-ly-ye all the Tonic.;advertid. ut all
without any permanent relief,, At last I tried Car
ter's Spanish Mixture, tw6 bottles of which eflect
rutly cored me,; and I am-bappy toey lhsrs bad
neither Phkts-et FejMr-rince.nl zossiasr is she bevt-
XoBicia the. world, and- the-f.pnty -ucedjclne that.
ever reached my case. ' ,--.--.-
j.l ! :y ? . -.a - JDHS- L05GDEN.- !
Beaver Dam; near Richmond, Va., ,.
. B. Luck Esq., now in tbe city oi Rlcnmond,
nd for many, year In ths Post Office, has such con
science So .'the astonishing, efficacy- n Carter's
Spanish Mixture, that he has bought upwards of SO
bottles, which he has given away to'the afflicted.
Met Uuck says he has nevex kli( to (axe when
taken according to directions. , . .
Or. Miasa, a practicing Physician, and formerly
or the 2ty Hotel, in the city of Richmond, aays
he has witnessed in a number of instances th
f n"ccts of Starter's Spanish Mixture which were
1 Aut ti-iilv MitnTiiinr j. Um ..v. In r . mj. : r T Pam
.,-r.i... '.inA.mi.iiih-i.i. tt.. .nna Hr.ri
were wonderful Indeed.'' ' t -- ' " --r
SaKDitvN IJsiMKSa.nf the firm -of Driaher eV
Morris, Richmond, was cured of Liver Complaint
ef 8 year tending', by the - use of two bottle of
Carter's Spanish Atixture. , .,. r - r..j'
Gs sax or ScaorcLA. The Editors of tbe
Richmond Renublican had a servant employed in
.-4-ihair-piess soom,,ciirsd-o'Tlolent-BcYofaia,com.
Dlnea WIlB Kneumaiiam, wnicn cniirciy uisauien
birh frora worar. - JP we bottle ef "2rUr'apsnih
Mixture made a perfect cursor htm, and th tun
ers, in a public aotice, sy they "chserfaHy recom
mend it to H who are afflicted with any disease e
the titniut ." - ' ' 4- " ' "'
the btnod."
-, Stili. Ajcoth "t'li or Sen arm. j. I had a vet y
valuable boy, cured of Scrofula by Carter's pan
ish sfixtor. ' I consider it truly a valoable medi
cine. James M. Taylor, Conductor en ths B. F. dc
' Mr. Jona Tnonrson, residing in the city of .Rich
mend, wsscsred-by three bottles or carter's bpaa
isb Mixture, of Bait Rheum, which, he had nearly SO
yeaTS and which all ths pbaslcians of the city
could ns& cure -Mr. Thompson Is e Well known
merchant in tbe city of Richmond, "Va-and his
cure is most remarkable." '. -"" ' ' ,
nWa.A. Mirrnvi, of-Rich mead, 1iad a servant
cured of. Syphilis, in tbe worst form, by Carter'
Spanish Mixture.' -Ha sayS'he cheerfully' recom-
Lznsnds ijt. and considers it aa iacvalnaht.nedicine.
- KicRAaa- .. w bst, or 4ticnmona. was cured or
BCrofla and' -what Physicians' called conftrmes
consuinpUQnj)y4hjee,SoUie of Ilsrter, Jisantsh
fixture. t- 't - ,
:'dwik BoavoK, setamtsstoner r the revesne.
aaysh has seen- the good effects of Carter's Spanish,
Mixture in a number of "Syphilitic cases, and seys
tis a-perfectxure fotbthoribleiiea. '
wa, ij. Mar wood, oi nrcsmona. .curca -wi um
bores and 'Ulcers, which disabled 'him jrom walk-iag-.Tookiafew
homes ef Carter's-Spani' Mix
turcand was enabled to walk without a .crotch,
in hort-vime permanent!- eoredt
, .Principal Depots at M.- Was. Ch9 Cn, Ko.
83, Maiden Lane, New York. ' r-
.' V. Ws -Drwrtt es Eons, Ko: 13S, Sort ?d Street.
Philadelphia. ... -I s;,.-., ,.; ''
'-UeitirrT-T AJBrts. !Vo:123. Main St.i Richmond.
ijginla. Li I. tt ,- V-jV ''-'l
. And for sale ir R..H. Cans, AfJilaad, H. 8" See,
dc CO. farmilt, 7;KKirkiifoaa', Hayesville, J. ITorr
,mji, 'eromevillel, AnQzasoat aV Bowsit Leodon
ville, anfl Dealers in Medicines everywhere. ,
i-Ja18,-'5i. i-i' - ' - n3Siy.'
Philadelphia Medical House Established a
years ago, by Dr. KINKLtN,corner el Thirrf
and Union street, between Spruce -Pine,
Philadelphia, Pa. . '. , . r
'' Invalid are apprised that Dr. KineTid eon
Snes his practice to a particular branch of med
icine which engages bis undivided attention,
lie cation the unfortunate against the -abuse
fmorcury thousands are annually mercurial
ixed out of life: . Recent affection are prompt
ly extinguised..,(Ticny year of Experience
in the treatment of a class of diseases hitherto
neglected1 and imperfectly understood, bas en-
abled-lJr-JLinkeliB,,AutBor or a wora es oen
Preservation.) to prove that aine-tentna et tne
t causes of nervoii debili'yJocal and constitn
f tronaj"; weaKness', mental and physical suffer
psgare traceable te eertain habits, forming the
moat secret yet. peaaiy mner .xaiki springs v
domestic iiisery -and. premature mortality.
TaKe Particular Hotice.- There is an evil ha- -nit
sometimes-indulged in by boys, in solitude,- .
often growing tip with them to. munhood, an4
which, if. not-reformed, if due time.it ;net only
'begets serious obstacles to rostrimonisl bsppi
es. bet -eive: rise to a' series of protracted.
Lissiduaus and.iaevaatatillg 'ffectiensi ' ' et
S.hose.v4io.gve way o,.th4s.-perni!jn prac
tice a're aware of the consequences, until they
"m ihw nerVotis Svsteni shattered, feel strsnije
and maaccnuntable- feelings, and vague' fear
in.the mind.:-- j'
The unfortunate thus affected become fee-
blUjia uptblc to labor with accustomed vigor.
"VP1 T' his'. mind to study? hirstepis tar-
M i.dnl-.VX'lL T
gage.s'in his (port with less energy tbsa usual.
line emancipate nirutseii omorv u - prpc-'bii-dniie
it worst-, sad 'enter matrimony, hie
"to ftrriage is unfruitful, and his sense tel him that
tii is ieaued by hi follieaesrly. These are con
"Biderationi which should awaken the attention
.of those similarly situated. ' "" '
,-Marriage requireatne iiuiniimeni oi several
conditiona.in ifrderthat it may .be really the
cause of mutual 'happine, ..Ceuld tbe veil
-which eoverethe origin of domestic wretched
aesaabaraisedand its true eonree ia every in
stance disclosed in bow maay could it be
traced to physical, diaquaiification and their'
attendant disappointments! Apply then while
it i yet time, -in order te k are your c a strung'
and relaxed organixaiionrebraced.from making
vour-ease, known te one who. from - education
and respectability, 'cah-certainlv be revivified
and strengthened. " '-'"t ' ' ;
,-,rB,emembr .tbat hef- whe places himself on-
.det W. xvineua'a ireatmeni, snsyj reiigiovsiy
cohfideiTin bis honor as a eentfemna. and . rely
upon the assurance, that the secret ofDr. K.'s
patients will never oe nsaiaseu. -
, young man-? et no iaise xnooeaiy rjoisr
-from' education and1 rcspectibility can eertaixt-
-Jy betriend'Srnoiii.ti; i ''- '"'t "
:,Tor-mqny think, they; will Conceal the setcrst.1
in , th'eir--bwB hearta,- and.nre themselves.
;A !. hri W'oltem is tliis a fata delusion. and
-how xnaay 4 tiromrsiegyeunirrsn ,-whe might,
hayejjW.fa a -oi4meai toj -ibejetyLhaa faded
"From the earth-)., ,.-xf-r.t 1 l -i . -' - t
'i'Stricture'of the urethra are rapidly removed
by the application' of -'h new therapeutical,
agfr)t,.-,used -only byr D.i K. ivWeas-mnf,
'Constitutional debililyjpmjtltr.odtainX&tt
vigof1restbrid.""' ' -
Country InvaTfaTreanna"ve, by stating, their
capl:xpfciettryr-iegohAx&ihal e.bsir-syBp-tomr,
per, iotoor eoclosing. a-, remittance Dr.
jC.'s medicine", appropriated accordingly. . . ;
Forwarded to' any part of the United State,
and! packed secure from DAMAGE er CURIOS
READ!' - , .,'( ' c
Tenth and Manhood a vigorous Life' r a prema
t r ypcatK Kintttin. J)n . Salt. PtnatnOnly
25st. -.. ' !-!!
tt i t " wbrk" emfnehUy required, as a men
of reforming the rice of the age i a which '
live,' Alo, -: :- -' '
... ..:NATU.KE'S,GUIxJB,',' v I
mtt i'nisftr the Frolongatin of lift, jet Jron
-. - , -. ths Prut.
A letter '-with e. i-emittance ef SS cents, o
the valtw. in pest stamps, sddressed to Dr. Kinr
elin, Philadelphiak Pa., will seeare a copy o'
either of tho above books by return mail or
1 S copies f will be ent ee of postage fer (1,
Bookseliersy Cnavassersy Travelling Agents"
&e , supplied wholesale at the publisher' prK
cei. which admit of a large ptofit- r AO,
Utters mvet bt post paid, ' " ' ,
March 22nd, 1254. t iy
7R0M three to 6ve. dollar per -day, war-
ranted to-a'nT toucb man of energy. Ad
drees; Post-paid A.i P. CyaaT, New London
Huron t-ouoty, tmioi-f .,.. i-i hi r rrms
julv26lh, .JT a.,
----- ;
". ri.i'vfrW .h3j- wsr'i mT J
jr. ofthraioV1-S.-f?-iVi'-' .73 '
edofos thelikfeVf!3-'?C;'uvV j ..Jit
r; i!
' I
r 1
i k
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if I
1 v f: -i
.etl .ioY
-j;a:3 a'-5
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,T. a-tBs

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