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Ta Unoa is published every Wednesday
Montng in the town of Ashland, Ashland co.
-Ob.io-.'. i'.;
1M on Mala II., Tr E.HeMihtn'i Store.
Tke Onion will ha furnished, to ubseribers,
to rata of TWO DOLLARS per annum,
if payment be road a before the expiratioa oJ
the year. Two Doixabs afo Fittt' Cht,
wU invariably be charged, if payment be do
tarred till after the expiration of the year.
CA failure to pay in fall, and give otice of
diecontinaance to the Publiaher, at the close of
the time anbacribed for, will be considered aa
engagement for the neat year, and ao on year
baeeqaarei It line oj ,les,"3 week), '
or I ess-. .'..'........ 1
,JEtorv aabaeqne.at inaertioa.
J si
One etjhareo month. ......... ......
7(0ae. ssjaara aaa year.
;Jne fourth" Qolnraa' on "year. . .. . -
Oae third olama aae year...
One. half column one year.;.........
:Tm third coiaaaa ana year ".
Tnree fbarth; column one year. . . .
'One eoliai year...............
; ,00
iTSodfe';:anb 3ob ' Sriutiug.
S ? 1 - ,', , , ." r 'm a. i m i - "
''"Bating jnet purchased a aupeih .new press,
-.mad added large lot of new type to oar -already
oxtensiva. assortment of Job materials, ' we are
-bow prepared to execute, in a style that cannot
a serpasaed by any office ia thia section ol
aantry,'-J,:;r;T;;' : '-""1, :
- Books, , ; Bonds, M Labels, .. - Circulars,
-Cards, Drafts, ' Receipta, Notes,
-Tester, 'Bill, '. Checks, Manifests
- Blank. . '" Bill Heads, Tickets, Deeds,
.find, ia abort,' every deaciiption of Plain and
: Decorative .-'- ? - .
"'done jn the finest' style of the art, and cannot
-laiite give satisfaction. Ail orders promptly
":ttendd to. '' " "
AXJL KINDS OF .. . - . r
Blaiik'Deeils and Justices Blanks,
'"jeirt constantly on hand and for tale at this of-
-iee.- Oar Blanks are neatly printed and aa the
'nest quality of paper", and give general aatisfac-v-ti
with those who be sed tbem. Orders
; j espectAilIj solicited. ,'."". ,.
- aaaasaasssssasssssssasasssssssssBasaasgssaai
"IX A New Orleans editor, reeord-
vna the ; carcre of a mad dog, says :
' We' are -erired to say that the rabid
irimal before -he could be killed, eerer
lit Dr. Hart.1 M. T and geveral
tber doga:"' ; T ' c
-5A Smart J3ot. To the Knickerbocker.
blovK'the .-eredlt of the following: "One
pleasant day in csanier. l took my seat id
? he stage coach bound from Falla river to
. C,i . .t -.. -
Anone the passerjeers waB a little een-
tlemao who had possibly seen five sum-
mers: "The COTeh ;:bejngK qmte full he,
at -i-tot -tha lap of another passenger.
! While ,' on the way something was said
aboat piokpackets, and soon tne eonversa
. iin beearfie general cn that interesting
subject- The gentleman . who - was then
vholding our yoQog freiad remarked :. : -".My
. fine fellow how easy ; I could
-piek jour- pocket I" ; --'- -
-- - No -you jsould'nt," replied. , he, I've
been looking oat for yon all the time !" ;
.i;.-r--r- !' ' "
. Qhild, Drowned in a .fail of: water.
Aa inquest was held, yesterday by the
'.Coroner on. ihe.body- of. a-child . named
Richard Miller aged six months, who was
drowBed in a -very singular -manner.
The,motherof the child was inthe habit
fTt tiring W bedf ".every Afternoon after
vdinaer. On - WedneaSsy- she retired as
-' ustiali and went to sleep with the child in
' her arms. , When she awoke she missed
.the child,; and on looking for it, diseover
' -d to her horror that it had ' creeped to
' the edge of the bed aad fallen into a pail
. f water, in which its head'was immersed,
" its lega hanging over the sides. She haul
d the infant out of the pail, but it was
r.dead. r-iV T. Evening fost
"ii. jPring Prcet, Pulpit and 'Petti--coait
These re tbe three great levers
that govern the world. ' Without them the
"Twttoni' would fall put, and society would
-become, chaos -. again, r. The press . makes
Vpeople" patriotic, the pulpit religious, but
..woman Jsways all things. There would
-;b bo going to church if there was no girls
there, aeither would there be any going
' 'to war were the soldiers to meet with.no
, applause but from tbe masculines. With-
out the sunshino shed by woman, the rose
--of affection would never erow, nor the
powers of eloquencegerminate. . In short,
she i the steam engine of life, the great
motive power of love,'' valor, and civiliza
Itionl'In proof of this, truth all .history
1 aapeaka -trumpet-toogued. . : --
Z'. The-Dayton Empire relates how provi
"entially ' Mr.--Hosier escaped death from
. a stroke, of Lightning, a few days . since
.while walking home -.in a . storm. The
-rlaii artered his- bat where tbe crown
'"joins'the rim,"burniBg A large holo and
- tearing the. rim, to pieces, passed down
bia faoer lacerating it severely, ' knocked
"'BtfiVe' ef bis teetb, tore off the greater
" tart of the lower, lip, . then passed down
"Lia body, tearing it frightfully, and finally
t"pessed out of bis slippers, into the' earth
,teai)Dg about half a dozen holes in them
. sad dipping off the sole of one of them.
At the time of the casuality i t was rain.
B'g ib torrents, 'which must have accoun
s4r his. not having been instantly killed.'
'xtKe'Crop :in::Minnespla:---Slrirgers
tjow.osi a vjit itzonr. territory, expres
-great sarprig- at theaxurianco of tho
crops ' .Raised tb.13 season . i a Mi n nesota
'a, and Jaclareabat- they far exceed . their
mmt sanguine expectations, and are mnch
"Iktger thAii.tSqse in Ohio,' Indiana. " Illi-
iHiiB, or Iawa. ; The foctjs, Mianosota is
i jmatpgeUiag kaewa as an agricultural re
gion,' and r long ber rich lands will ba
Tapiilj taken up Djr. tUa , enterprising far
.ixaera from- the older States, who are anx
ionXto escape feTcrs and agues, and at ths
"arflis time secire fertU .farma.T7-'i3iriie-toter-Pioneer-
. f ; -
CItsaryPWAmCT During the
inaon-eotion at Madrid, a youne man of
iwehty"fivei was" detected in picking pock
ets In the crowd. The insureents seized
him, aDd lediiro to a barricade, on which,
".son ally was inscribed the words, "J. he
j)TUshrjQont of ,the thief is death." , "Can
"! yen readj". they . asked him,, He could :
tnd-was ordered to read' the inscription
"aloud:, "They then hnng fiTe stolen hand
kerchiefs around bis neck acd shot bim.
.1 Wlrl: -i- i s I I ;' '
jr-Tbose two' celebrated divines and
scholars,; Dra. South and Sherlock, were
- "diffbutine on some.'eligious subject, when
the latter accused -his apponent of using
'?wit in- the eontrov-ersy.-- Well,";-said
vEouth; "suppose it had pleased Ged to give
Asm. an, Sept. 1 3th 183-1.
Wan. a 00
Pun scars at.. 10
0.T. ...4...... , k.. sea 31
Coll..-..'. a SO
TiaoTa-r-..-. ...................... ...........9,00
Btrr-rsa rresb ia roll .,........ ...15s
oe-...v. ............................ 8
LAan..... 8e
FaaTHcas . . ............. ..-.40c
Bacswax ... .90aS8
- ' - Clitelakd, Sept. 9, 1854.
riocr Ia oonsqunce of the limited quanti
ty in our market and the high rates which it
commands a .considerable quantity is shipped
from Detroit and other Western porta, several
hand red barrela baring arrived within the last
twadays. . We bear sale to-day, of 260 bbls.
City Hill I Extra at $10 retail at 10,25. "
Wbeat Sale of 450 bu mixed at $1,75. .
Corn Advanced, .re hear sale of 1445 bnsb.
afloat at 68c. . - - ... " ... ,.. .
Oats Unchanged, held from Cars at 40a42,c
retail at 45c. . ' .
DIED On the nth of JalT-, at Mifflin, Mrs.
JULIA M. BEVERIDGE, wife of Mr. Jona Brvra
idsb, andjdaughter f Mr. Joaa McKahas, former
lr of Jaromeaville, in tbi eonatr. Mrs. BKVER
IDGK was 31 rear and 15 dars old at the time of
her death, aad was for several veare aa acceptable
member of the Church of the Lord- Jeai Christ,
and lived ao far as the writer knows, a consistent
Christian 111. Her last illness which was severe,
sba bore with Christian fortitude and patience, un
til she breathed her. last on earth, and her happy
spiri went to Join her kindred, and mingls with the
spirits of ths Jost forever, where Redemption will
bs the science, and the song of all Ktsrmity. With
To die was what t to fall asleep.
To Cease to mourn, and cease to weep ;
To quit the Shores of time, and flr
A way to mansions in the say . "
lTIarried, On the 5th inat., at Rowsburc, by
Joaa Vaji JfasT. Eq Mr. JAMES BROWN, and
Miss MART J. McGIKLET, both of Ashland coun
ty, Ohio. .
At Church, in Reggies, Aug. 15th, by the Rev. W
F. Millikak. Mr, Wa. B. STURTWA5T, to Miss
AKHA B. WALCOTT, all of Rugglea. -And
also at the parsonage, Sept. 7th, by the Rev
W. F. all lu a is, Mr. HIRAM M.KING, of New
London, to Miss PHILER A. daughter or W. J
VaaniLT a, Eq of Rnggles. ;
Let tkiwmtctwori cf tkt ptople he, Repeal! When
men become so infatuated with power, either in
possession or expectancy, aa to ma off aftev every
new dogma, and at the Bidding of tbeir imperial
masters, pass laws in direct violation of the plain
est principles of our republican institutions, it be
comes tbe Vox Popult to rise inlheir might, with
outdistinction of party, and compel our servants to
repeal those obnoxious portions of our laws that
strike at ths root of our independence. So, also
physically ; when men ran off after every new
fangled nostrum opened to ths public. They not
only endanger their own, but the lives of their
families and friends. "It is therefore w:th pleasure
we again recommend to the afflicted tbe use of
McAurrznV ALL-BSAiasa Oihtxskt, an old aad
well-tried remedy, and almost certain cure for
Burns, Braises, Cuts, Weavels, Scald Head. Ague in
the breast. Corns, Spinal -Affections, Fevers, and
all Febrile diseases, too numerous to mentioa.
That by restoring tbe insensible persplrtion4iten
at) lea the system to throw oft" all the old worn out
particles, thereby restoring to sound and perfect
health.' For sale by J. B. F. Sampseldc coaod R.
B. Chnbb fc co-.Ashland ; J. McCrory, Mifflin : T
W. Coulter, Perrysville; D. H. Stockman, Loudon
vllle;L. Spencer & co McKay; J. Kinninger &
co.; Hayesville; Bagerman and Buchanan, Uayea
ville; Conlterand Goodwin, Larayette; VT. Spen
cer If CO., Albion; jr. J. Wright, Sullivan: Michael
Kriege, Orange; H. S. See co., Savaaah ; E. F.
Bealy, Troy. Iyn7
' "A Wonderful Discovery baa recently been made
by Dr. Curtis, of this city. In tbe treatment of con
sumption, asthma, and all diseases of the lungs.
We referto Dr. Curtis's Hygean or, Inhaliug Hy
gean Vapor and cherry syrup." Within this new
method the Dr. has restored many afflicted ones to
perfect health ; Ss an evidence of which he has
enumerable certificates. Speaking of the treat
ment a physician remarks: It is evident that in
haling constantly breathing an agreeable, healing
vapor, the medicinal propreties must come in di
rect contract with the whole of the criai cavity
of the lungs, and thus escape the many and varied
changes produced upon them when introduced in
to the stomach, and subject to the process ot di
gestion. Tbe Bygeanaia for sale at all the drug
gists throughout the country.. JV T. Dutckma.
See advertisement ' of Medicated Inhalation In
canotber column of thia paper. Iy3
Taa relaxing heats of aommer leave behind them
along train of evila. Tbe most universal of these
J. are general debility, and ita sutb attendant, low
ness of spirits. For these we can recommend a
speedy and unfailing cure, in tne shape of Hoof
land's German Bitters, prepared by Dr. C. M. Jack
son. Philadelphia. It is, In oar opinion, a medi
icine ntVrt elne unapproachable. Itseems
to reach the fountain head of the-"difficulty In the
digestive organization, and thus to relieve the se
cretions and the blood of the wiactries wtarii, or tbe
cause of disease," Its tonic properties give vigor
to tha membranes of the stomach, and promote tbe
secretion -at the gastric juice, which dissolves-, the
food, wbile its cordial, soothing, and alterative in
flueace imparts general regularity and strength to
tbe action of tbe secretive organs and seems to
fortify tbe constitution .. Such is our own experi
ence of its effects, and we believe it ia confirmed
by the evidence of all who have tried it. or bad an
opportunity of witnessing its operation. For sale
by Dr. Jackson, 190 Arch street. ' Swl4
Wi bave frequently beard tbe celebrated Ger
man Bitters, spoken of in terms of tbe highest com
meadation, and we honestly believe tbat it i on
of the best medicines advertised for thir complaints
for which it is recommended. They are pleasant
to the taste, and Can be taken under any circum
stances by tbe most delicate stomach Tbe press
far and wide, bave united in commending this in
valuable remedy, far dyspepsia, debility, Src: and
such, are tbe healing effects of Ibis panacea, tbat
we bo-e it may be introducrd to every family where
dyspepsia bas. or is lixely to have a victim. Swl4
Read tkit Letter in favor of Dr. Jt. L. Mams' Liver
- Baleam.
Da. A. L. Adams Dear Sir : I hereby certify tbat
your valuable Lim er BaUam, tn my opinion, is tbe
best remedy tor Ague and 1'ever, Bullous or IAver
Complaint, that bas ever been introduced, and this
I am convinced is tbe case from my owa experi
ence ; therefore x speaa wun connocncc ui us nut
merit. -. Yours.
Pimriiu. Michigan. "...
JJjSee advertisement in this psi er. 4wl4
irsr Brlnckitii. Throat Die eat et, -Backing cough.
x h. ff-n-tnflmnrndnt use of Mercury. No
medicide ha ever been discovered whicn nas ei
fected sueh cures as Carter's Spanisb Mi xture.
Throat diseases produced by salivation, flacking
Coueb. Bronchial Affections, Liver Disease, Jieu
ralgia and Rheumatism, have all been relieved and
cured in a wonderful manner, by the great purifier
of tha blood. Carter's Spanisb Mixture.
The case of Mr. T, H. Ramsey alone should sat
Isfy any who doubt. Call on tbe Agent andprocure
a pamphlet containing cures, which wUl astound
yoa. - lLrsee advertisement. - - 4wJ4
DlasolatioiaNotlce. , '
NOTICE is hereby given tbat the partner
ship heretofore existing between U. H-
Case and Solomon Lewis, under the name and
stvle of Case St Lewis, in the goods business , is
this dav dissolved OJ uouu rKrasmcDl. A ue
books and accounts are left with Henry Her
sbey, of Mifflin, for settlement. All persons
knowing themselves to be indebted to said hrm
areoereby notinea io can uu wua imiueu
ate settlement, either by money or note.
- U. H. CASE,
THE publie are hereby notified, that the
undersigned has epeiiad a spleadid Da.
lasrrean Gallery, ova the Stare of J. R. Squire,
Ashland, Ohio, and respectfully solicits the
patronage -of the publie In addition to the
uanal appendag-e ol a rictnre uaiierr, tn
subscriber has added a ' t
which pours dowa a flood of light upon the per
son setting, thereby enabling the operator to
take good pictures at ahort sittings. Tbe sub
scriber understands all the new and o'd pro
cesses perfectly, and has no hesitation in say
ing that -he can give as good aatiafaction as any
operator in tnissection otcoontry. bpecimecs
can he seen by calling at the rooms. Hours
for operating from 8 o'clock, A. M., to 4 o'-
oleck.P.M. Pictures taken in cloudy a well
as Clear weather. F. KINNAMAN.
Ashland, Sept. 13th, 1854. - - - 16tf
Sheriff's Proclamation.
PROCLAMATION is hereby made to all the
qualified K lector of Ashland County, O.;
that a general election will be held as required
by Law,' on Tuesday the 10th day' of October
A. D., 1854, at the several places of holding
elections in said county, at wnich time the fol
lowing officers are to be cb sen via :
' - One Representative to Congren.
One Supreme Judge ;
One Member of the Board of Public Work.
One Probate Court . ' -",
, One Clerk of the Court; "
' One Prosecuting Attorney,' .
" One Sheriff;
One Auditor ; .
One Treasurer j .
Oae Commissioner ;
One Infirmary Director. . - - r-r ;-
Aud the Trustees ot the several Townships
in said County, are requested to return to the
Clerk of theCourt ofCommon Picas, the follow
ing numberof Juror from their respective town
ship, to wit : ' From the Township of Haa-
over 8, Lake 6, Green 8, Mifflin 4, Vermilion 11,
Mohecan 8, Perry 9, Montgomery 14, Milton o,
Clear Creelf-6, Orange 9, Jackson 6, Sullivan 6,
Troy 3, Rav.H6 making in all 108 to be re
turned to the sferk of Court of Common Pleas
And the said Trustees will also at the same time
and In the samo manner return to the Clerk ol
said Court tbe following number of Jurors trom
tbeir respective townships, to wit : From the
Township of Hanover 8, Lake 5,Green 8, Mif
flin 4, Vermillion 1 1 , Mohecan 8, Perry 9, Mont
gomery 14, Milton 6, Clearereck 6, Orange 9,
Jackson 6, Sullivan 5, Troy 3, Rue; trie 6 ; to
serve as Jurors ia Probate Court. All of which
notice ia given pursuant te law. '
Sheriff of Ashland Co.
Ashland, Sept. 13, 4wl6
TS hereby given, that the undersigned was on
JL the second of September, 1854, duly ap
pointed Admmiatrator of the estate of George
Murray,, deceasea, oi u range townsnip, Asn
land county, Ohio- Those indebted to said
Estate will please make immediate payment.
And iiuiso holding claims against said Estate
wiil present them legally autliunticated for
paymonl within one year from this date.
Adra'r of the Estate of Geo.Murray, dee'd
Ashland, Sept, 13, 1854. - 3wl6
Attachment Notice.
A T mv instance ao order ef Attachment was ia-
-fx sued on tbe 30th dsy of August, 165-1, by Joseph
V. Holies a Justice of the Peace of Jacksou Town
ship. Ashland county, fur the sum often dollars and
eigbty-two cents against the property and effects of
Isaac vantlburgn, a non-resiaeni oi sua eounty.
Causing one Chester C. ilattbcws to be garnished
in said proceeding. jaiUo rAM,
Agent for. Jacob Gocbnaur,
Sept. 13tb, 1854. 3wl3
50,000 Majority, and all the Counties
- r - . . not heard Jrom, Jor the
Clothing and Furnishing Depot I '
rrTHIS extensivo establishment has just
I received the largest and best select
ed stock of clothing, and gentlemen's
furnishing goods, ever brought to this town or
county. - . . .
suitable for the largest man or smallest boy,
and at prices tbat will perfectly astonish you.
Come right alonz and examine our stock,
and seo for yourselves. Here yon will find
cartloads of coats, cords oi trowsers, and i
'tarnel nile of vests of every style and vrai
etv. larce enoutrh and email enough, warm
enough and cool enough for any season. Our
stock of Furnishing goods is complete; con
sisting of Shirts, Collars, Cravats, Wrappers,
Drawers, etc., fcc, in fact everything to fit out
c man in perfect order. Our motto is Quick
Sales ana small frojiis, ana nocnarge lor snow
ing oar goods. ' . . . i
of all kinds, made to order. The Foreman in
this department is one of tbe best workmen
in nbio. '
Recollect the place, oce door east of
Squires, and, one door west of Wallack &
Coffin's Store. This extensive stock is under
the direction of our agent, Mr. Z. Green wald,
of Ashland.
S. APPLE St CO., Philadelphia
April 5, 1854. . 46tf
In force Jan. 1854, with references to
prior laws, in one large Uclavo I oiuem
The undersigned have examined Swan's Re
vised Statutes ol Unto, tor 13ot. 1 ins volume
contains a compilation of the Statute of Ohio
in force on the first of January, 1854. Tb de
sitrn and arrangement of the Book are good
and carried out with great care and accuracy;
and wo think the work of creat utility, and re
flects much credit upon the Compiler acd Pub-
Jisber. . f
P. RANNEY. - . A. G. TH17RMAN,
The undersigned having examined. Swan'
Statutes, concur in the above opinion.
. Dist. Atty. U. S. Court, Disl. of Ohio
.... . GEO. W. McCOOK,
Atty. Gen. of State of Ohio
It will be found an indispensable hand-book
toevcry Justice of the Peace and Constable, as
we 1 as every Lawyer or public" officer. The
book will be sent free of charge te any one on
receipt of go. ' - - .
Address B. C . TICKNOU & CO.;
. Law Booksellers, Mansfield, Ohio.
March Sind, JS54.
TRNST BACHERER respectfully announ
JJj ces to bis friend and lovr of good living
gonesaliy, that be ha made a complete reno
vationin bis establishment, one door west o
the MeNulty House, Ashland, Ohio, and will
keep constantly on hand during the ensuing
summer evert luxury usually iound in tbr
N. B. Know alt men, that no intoxicating
liquurwill be kept in my establishment.
Ashland, March th, 1854. b42 tf. . :
Dealer in liooka. Ktationerr Wall
Paper) Ac, Ac
OCHOOL, Miscellaneous and Blank" Books
n Stationery and Fancy articles. Have on
h.inH.and constantly recoiviux, tbe latest pub
lications. Store two door west of the Samp-
soli House. - - - -
- Ashland, Jul? 26y 1854. t 3..'9tf;
- VV ER. Dealer in Watches. Jew
. eirv. Clocks. Yankee Motions. 4c.
Witches and Clocks repaired and
oiauoiu tua.DiiTvr. vi'pusitciiio
Bampsel House.
Ashland, Ohio. 30tf De 14,1853
Administrator's Notice. - -
f I1HE undersiened has been duly appointed
a0d qualified a Administrator ot the estate
of Henry it. .Over, laie oi rorry townsnip, am
land county, Ohio, deceased.
. ... JOHN OVER,
Grecian Arena Circus,
Superbly Eqnlped and Appointed for
the Traveling' Season of 1854.
MiKAon... i.K. DERIOUS,
TnaAsuaEB,. .......YV. HORNE,
Equestrian Director, R. RIVERS,
Leader or Orchestra,- C. POOR.
The unbounded patronaire and immense pop
ularity -enjoyed by the Grecian Circu of Riv
ers tc Derious; in all parts of the United
States wherever the Company has appeared,
emboldens the proprietors to still further en-
tarprise and exertion lor the amusement and
gratification ot a magnanimous ana generous
public. - They have, therefore, - augmented
thoir hitherto unrivalled Troupe with
Consisting of the finest stock of running Hor
ses, the most graceful and daring Equestrian
Artistes, and the most accomplished Acrooatr
ic and GymnoBlie performer , with Grot-'sque
and Original Scenes, Fairy Pantemine; Rus
tic Ttaliet, &c. being the most novel, elegant,
Refined, and Original Entertainment ever giv
en tn the Circle.
The Eoterior, which is of sufficient capaci
ty for the accommodation of 3000 persons, is
brilliantly lighted by means of portable GAS,
manutactured on tne ground, wi n seated eie
vations aiound the entire space, for the con
venience of visitors. The whole scene en
livened with the papular Airs and Melodies of
the day by the suberb GK&CIAN COKNtlF fc.AIX
BAHDilKUuMr. CHAS. I'lKJK. xwo dis
tinct EntertainmeiTts "' Alter nun, tn
To be ExhxbUed at ASHLAKD, on
Thursday, Sept. 14, 1854. Reserved
Scats 50 Ucnts. :. Uhxlarcn to lieservea
Seats, Ibalf jjrice. Boxes 25 Cfs., no
luilf price. Doors open at 1 j . and 6J:
to commence half an hour afterwards.
c. vt . UA.L.CU, Agoni.
September 6, 1854. 2wl6
Jacob Cronncwctt't Estate.
"1VTOT1CE is hereby civen that the undersigned
1 has been appointed and qualified aa Ad-
mmistraior ot tho estate of Jacob Cronnewctt,
late of Ruggles Township, Ashland Gounty,
Ohio, deceased
September 6, 1854. 316 .
iVb's 133 4- 135, Wood Street,
TTTOULD call the attention of Country Mor-
y V chant te tiie immense stock ol
Consisting of over 4,000 cases Boots and Shoes
of every variety and style tor Ladies', Gentle
mens', Misses' Boys' and Children's .
direct from the Eastern Manufacturers. 11 a r-
inu been purchased at the lowest possible rates
orinciDally for CASH, with great caro in the
selection ii quality ttuu niiufl uuupiuu iw imb
Western Trade, we can oiler superior induce
ment to purchasers, as we are determined no
to be undersold by. any ibastern or westi
House. - - - : - :
Buyers will find it to their interest to call aud
examine our extensive assortment oeiore pur
chasing elsewhere. U. CHILDs It CO.
August 30, &6i. imn
MlHE snbsriber offers for sale his beautiful boms
A. at S210U, which every sensible man values at
t25UO. The property is located on Hayesville St.,
a quarter of a mil from South Ashland, on elevated
ground, where tbe owner has a view of the town
and surrounding country, and consists of ?i acres
or land, eigbt cleared and five ana a nan in goou
limner, ail unaer lence. ibb duijuiii ucn,
eonsiHiiiii' of a two storv frame bouse, well paint
ed inside and outnide, with six rooms, and kitchen
and wood house aujoluinc. a cood stone walled
cellar. 2 porches, a nevevlailingwell of water, a good
cistern, and smoke bouse. A cood Darn, room lur
4 horses. 2 cows and six tons of bay. A corn crib
eranarv. bueey shed, all under one roof. Also
fruit trees, apples, peaches, -c. Now is your time.
If the property Is uot bought this fall by a wise
man, no fool will get tt-next spring for lees-than
85UO.- Six or eight bumlred dollars In baud, sua
the balance in three or lour years will ao.
b. mifi.
Ashland, ugust 30i 1654. 1-ltf
At the iilil Bricli iner,
THE undersigned-having bought the Laioe
and Extensive stock of merchandise, for
merly owned by Robert McMahan in this place,
announces to the citizens of this County and
all other who wish to avail themselves of the
Drivilrre of laying in their Summer and Fall
sl-fflifs cheap, that his, Store is the place
He intends keeping alwayson band a large and
general assortment ot
such a is wanted by tiia people in this region
Among our unprecedented variety are
of all Kinds, Style snd Varieties. GROCE
RIES- a largo Siocx Salt, t isli, y laelc-r, in
short every thing in that line, which will be
sold a' less Dricea man any oiner iticrcntnn
dare sell. I am now and will bo selling fo
sometime at cost, o that my present stock may
be reduced to make room lor ray
V A I- L . S U-P F Mj Y '."
&S-A11 who wish crcat bargains, are invited
to call soon and examine my Stock aa t'.e goods
urn cninrr verv faat. and vou mar not have
another opportunity to secure your good at
such low ugure.- Ail kinds ot . - .
Wool, snd any thing the Farmer has to sell , wi
be taken in exchange for goods.--
try- Don't lorcet the place the old Bridfc
Corner, East of the McNnlty House. ' '
Ashland, Aug. 16, 1SA4. niatf
A CERTAIN LORD who wentpriuccly dressed,
once to!d Horspur tliat Pbarinaceti was tbe
soveriguest thing on earth fur inward wounds."
Well, we do not gainsay that; but we do know
tbat Frof. M. Louis. Garvey's Celebrated Receipt
For Curling aad Waiving the Hair
"is the sovcreiguest thing on earth .". The pro
prietor, on- leaving France, procured of tbe cele
btated Chemist and fnysioiogist, jmou. jauuw,
this valuable receipe at an immerse expense.
All persons desirous of having thoir Hair curled
and waive in beautiful ringlets till the latest period
of life can have tbe same ror one dollar, post-paid,
This is a discovery whicb most persons bave rea
son to doubt. Human ingenuity has sought for
years to perfect a HAIR l.KtUlD that would curl
and waive it. and one tbat should combine the
requisites to give the hair a beautiful natural tint,
aud at the same time not iuiure it. All former at
tempts have failed. The compounds would curl ths
bair, but tney wouia soorca, ourn ana turn ii loxr.
Now. however, the thine has been accomplished j
aud the splendid Hair Curling Liqui-i which Pi of
M. Louis Carvey ai d Byron II. Hobb offer to-th'e
public may be relied upon as a preparation com
pounded on recently discovered chemical princi
ples, which bave received tbe sanction of the most
eminent professors of that science. It gives the
hair a sott glossy appearance anl causes tt to curl
and waive in such beautiful ringlets that tbe most
credulous person cannot but admire tbem. It does
not destroy the vitality of the hai', but sets as an
eminent: doe uot irritate or stain tho curied ;
warms tha rriangulaa fibres wltb tbeir thousand
inperceptible branches in a nstural activity, and
never fails of success. It has been before the pub
lie but a few weeks, yet its merits have already
established it. Such overwhelming popularity w
never known at any age. of tbe world before. In
thi western and southern States, it has become tbe
only reliable Hair Curling Liquid in use. Tbe re
ceipe will ba sent to any part of the United States
by sending one dollar.
- TT-j Beware of counterfeits. All letters should
be directed to Prof. M. LOUIS GA RVKY, and
BY HON H.HOBB, only. :
Aug. 23. 1S54. nl3-3m .
MRS. PILGRIM & CO., would respectfully
inform the Ladies of Ashland, ana vicin
ity, that they still continue the L. ,. ... ,, .-:
Millinery and Dress Making Business,
at their old stand, one door east of tho ' Times''
printing o fiice, and having just received the
long experience in the business, feel fully con
fident of giving entire satisfaction to all who
may favor thorn with their patronage..
Ashland, July 5, 1S54. . n6tf
C. A. HUMES, ,
Manufacturer of Boots and Shoes i
rpHKKE doors below tbe Times Prlut-J-
ing Office, Ashland, O bio. Custom
Work done to order on the shortest notice
and most reasonable terms.
December 1-ftb. KJJ. , ...; . ' - 3 ;
Hayesville Marble Shop,
. 1 jl is! m
1 1 urn m n
M c K NIG II T & ; K I N G
Manufacturers nf Monuments, Tomb
Stones, Tables, $., of Italian and
American Marble.
rpiIANKFUL for past favors, would
A respectlully inform the citixons of Ash
land nnd the adjoining counties, that they con
tinae theabovc business in all its various
branches; ar.d having no Agents, they can and
will sell Grave Stones from 10 to 13 per eeot.
cheaper than Shopscan that employ Agents.
It i evident that pcr-sons buying ct Agents
must pay the expense of that Agency. Shop
on Main street, one door east oi the Penn
sylvania House. 13tl -
THE undersigned begs leave to Inform the citi
zens of Abhland. and the surrouudinE county.
that he has just received at his Stove and Tin ware
establishment in Ashland, a LARGE AND SPLEN
DID .assortment of the best ana most improveu
pattern of
wbtcb he will sell at veryivw c And also, a
f rest variety of tofrtli, BKAbo, iitLum u
done on the shortest notice.
K. B. Old Brass, Copper and Pewter taken in
exchange lor ware. - ii. nuiitni
August 23, IMS. wi j
TIT AS awarded the First Premium at the
yy World' Fair, in New York, in 1853
Also at the Ohio State Fairs, lor three success-
ivoveara: and at ail other plrcen, whenever
exhibited. Warranted to hull and clean from 20
to 40 bushels per day, or front 2 to 5 bushels per
hour; and with a new improvement, (now oe
ing Patented) to be attached to the Machines
made in 1864, they will hull and clean one fourth
more in the same time, -
For sale by M. H. MANSFIELD,
- - Sole Manufacturer, Ashland, Ohio.
June 14, 1854. - u3tf.
N. B. Prosecutions will tie promptly com
menced -fur any infringement ol the rights o
he Pattentee. ai.ti. m
ITew Cabinet Wareroom
THE subscriber respectfully announce
that he hi permauontly located himsel
in the town of Orance. Ashland county, Ohio
whoro he is prepared to manufacture all kind
ol Cabinet ware, such asf
Dining Tables, Centre Tables,
tu order, ou the shortest notice and most rea
sonable term. Particular attention given to
.Country Produce taken in oxchangefor work
and Cash always acceptable.
" Orange, April 6j 1864. 46t
H TICH AEL MILLER presents hi regard
111 to hi friends and the public generally
&ud respectfully announces that he has opened
a Public House for the accommodation of tho
traveling public, directly opposite : the Samp
sell House. Main Street. Ashland, whore he
wrll be clad to accommodate all who may favo
him with a call. His table will always bo. sup
plied with the luxuries of the season Mil
parlors and sleeping apartments are large and
commodious. Good ambling for horses will also
be provided, and afaithiul Hostler always in
.Boarding for private families or single per
sons can be bad at reasonable rate.
-. In connection with the Hotel, ho will also
continue to keep open his BAKERY AND RES-
TAR.ANT, where tie will at an times keep on
hand .... . - -.. .
Confectlonaries. Pies. Bread. Cakes,
all kinds of Temperance drinks, and, in short
every luxury to be found ou tne tuoieaornrsi
Class eating nouses.
tr He vrislies it distinctly understood, that n
Will be kept, either in the Hotel or Saloon
Ashland, March tith, JS64. ti4i tf.
Or Great Western Hair. Restorative
IT promotes tbe growth, softens, makes per
manent, and restore the natural color o
the hair. It trives health to the skin and to th
Elands which-form the hair; removes all
Scurf, Dandruff, Eruptions and Feverish Heat
from the scalp. - It fasten hair, prevents bald
ness, aad even cause a full growtu where the
hair his fallen orf. Iteontainsno colo'rins mat
ter but effects its wonderful change in the
condition of tho hair, by giving health to
the ekin of the head, and glands which form
the -hair." : : "
Price 50 cts.- per bottle. - A liberal deduc
tion made to wholesale purchasers. Address J.
HIGH WARDEN, Ashland, Ashland county,
Ohio,. - . . ... .. . .. '
, January, lltb, 1S5 ... .. . . 34tf
new cToopsn
HAVE the pleasure of informing the public
in general, that they have just received
from New-York their Spring and Summer
Stock of Goods, wbich' they offer to soil at
very low prices. To be convinced of this fact
the public will only have to call and examine
their large and varied Stock of '
Ready-Made Clothing, Cloths, Cassimcres, Vest
. -ings, Summer Stuffs, Leghorn and Palm
. Leaf HATS, GROCRLES, : -v
' p -
SILKS AND DRESS GOODS in great variety
of Patterns.
aTTo the Ladies. We invite particular
attrition . to our Stock ol DRESS GOODS,
which is one ot the most desirablo over ollered
in Ashland. And to the community'in general
we say, that we wilt not be undersold by any
firm in thi or adjoining Countie ; for we are
determined, by close attention- to business, to
ee how low we can sell Good and moke a liv
ing. Ia short, onr Stock is very complete ; and
no pains, on ou. part, will be spared to make
our Store the seat of general attraction turo'
out the seaaon, by constant supplies of uch
Goods aa tbe country requires, and at prices
that wiU be certain to give satisfaction.
-.-." - H. BURNS.
, Ashland, May 24th, 1854. . 3ml-
Vital Vitll ViUlll
LEWIS 8t FLKTCHKRS' Vegetable Com
pound forthe cure ot Epilipsy or Fits a
recently - discovered - invaluable Medicine,
purely vegetable; ior the cure of this dread
ful diseases. Justroceived and for nly by
- -: R. H- C'HCBB & Co. '
Druggists, Ashland, O.
Ju!y6, 185 tf7 -
.A FRESH supply ot Wright's Indian Veg
J e table Pills, a standard English Medicine,
for the revontion and cure oi disease, to aid
and improve digestion and purify the blood.
For sale at th new Drug Store in Ashland,
Save your Ashes !
ASHES wanted by the subscriber,, at his
Ashery in Ashland, for which the highest
market price will be paid in gooda.
October 26,1853. v ..?2U" , . T
(CbiK ationaU -
B. O. POI.ROM . A B., Prtnelpai, Teacher of Practi
cal and ornaraeniai fenmacsntp.
. P. GOOOMUGH Saperiutendent, Prof. of ths
Theory and Practice of Book-Keeping, and Lec
turer on Mercantile Customs, General Law of
Trade. Account". c.
W. H. HOLIBTEH, Assistant la Book Keeping De
partment. .
of the Cleveland ear, Lecturers on nercaniiie
Law. . .
Hsv. E. II. KEVIN and J. V. VAUGHN, Esq.,
Lecturers on foiiticai economy.
R. P. HUM1STON. Lecturer ou the History of Com
merce aud th Art ot computation.
A. C. Brown well. Andrew Freese,
John B Waring,
T. C. Severance,
Harmon L. r.hapin,
Truman P. Handy,
S. H Matbcr,
John fifaermau,
v. f. neis,
T. F. Hay,
John L. Severance.
G. W. Safrod.
For the Mercantile Course, Tine unlimited. $40 00
The same Course for Ladies 84 00
Twenty Lessons in Practical Penmanship
. simply . a uu
For full Course in Flourishing, die ...SS 00
Tbe Principal of the Institution, guided by tho
wants and experiences of tbe Mercantile communi
ty has hrccently secured some of the ablest men In
the state as Instructors and Lecturers in the va
rlous departments of the College
The Prof, of the Science of Accounts, bas bad
an experience of eight or nine years in commer
cial Affairs, alternating his time, partly as Teach
er, in the Mercantile Colleges of Ciuolnati, Pitts
burgh and Cleveland, and partly as an actual hook
keener in the bast Business House in the Country
These rare Qualifications, yet so desirable and so
seldom rouud in our Mercantile bcaoois. win en
able this College to impart a more thorough
Knowledge of the real- minutia of Practical and
Theoretical Kook-Reeping than can be had proLa
bly in any similar institution in toe u. btates.
The tubject of Commercial Calculations will
have more prominence in this than in mostlnstitu
tious of the kind, since a separate cbair ts to oe dej
voted to it besides tne usual instruction given dj
tbe tbe Prof, of Accounts. The modus operandi
of Teaching is entirely new and original pursued
by no Mercantile School found in no text book,
and may be justly aud properly styled telegraph io
In its nature, since it will abridge tbe labors -of
the Accountant, more than one half. -
Penmanship io addition to the usual methods
pursued, will be taught new and unrivalled Sys
tem of cmrytamograpny, aeveiopea Dy me r-nuci-pal
in his extensive experience as Instructor in the
fuMlc cnoois oi mis city ana eisevnere. jnis
system will produce the popular Commercial Hand
of the day. In about ball tbe time usually devoted
to that purpose.
TJ-j For further particular see circulars Just Is
sued and the regular catalugues. Eend for them by
mail. -
Cleveland. Aug. 3. KM . - - . 45tf
"TiERSONS desirous of becomins thoroush
X and accomplished accountants, will find it
irreatly to their advantage to call on the un
dersigned, before engegieg elsewhere,as he ia
prepared to demonstrate, fully, that hi accom
modations forstudents, the comprehensiveness
oi the conrso of instruction, and facilities ior
procuring situation for those desirons -of ob
taining tnem,-are unsurpaasea , i .m u is uc-
lieved. uneaualed.l by any similar institu
tion in the United States.
In addition to the regular course of instruc
tisn, there will bs a -
en tonic of sreat importance id a commer
cial point oi view, delivered by Hon. Bellamy
Stnrer, E. D. Minsfield, Esq.,' Rev. Samuel
W. Fiaher. Henry C. Lord, Esq., P?of. Chas.
W. Wright, and other eminent Lecturers and
Business mon. These lectures being anew and
important feature not introduced in any of the
other Mercantile colleges.
- Notwithstanding tbe great expense atten
dant upon securing the services of able Lec
turers aud Assistants, the Terms for Tuition
will remain a heretofore, vix :
For a full coarse of instruction in D E
Book-Keeping, Writing, Commercial
Calculation, Lectures, kc. ......... $4000
Writing (only) per month....;....... 6 00
At a meeting of tbe Graduating Class of Bacon's
tbe Mercantile College, held in the Lecture Room
of College edifice, Friday. 11th March, J1853, 1. S.
Baker was appoiuted chairman, and Vreston Ar
nold, Secretary. On motion; a committee of five,
composed of H.J. Bowman, J. S. Baker, K. J.
Forsyth, T. O. San yer and Geo. Kichol, was ap
pointed to report resolutions expressive of tbe
high opinion entertained by the class, of the mer
its of this Institution, and of the character and
qualifications of th Principal an his Assistants.
VYbcreupou, the committee reported the follow
ing preamble and resolutions, which were unani
mously adopted : . . ,
. Whekkas. Wi, tha members of the Graduat
ing Class ot R. S. Bacon, Mercantile College, being
about to separate, desire to give expression to our
feelings of respect fur our esteemed Instructor ,!aud
his corps of able assistants. Therefore, .
Hcsotvcd, That the thanks of the class are due
to our Baitl instructors for the uniform kindness of
their deportment toward us while in thi Institu
tion - at the same time the thoroughness of thoir
instructions 1) entitled them to our highest re
Bpect and confidence. ... t - - -
Resolved, That we recommend to this Instititu
tiou to all who may desire to acquire a commer
cial education, as alfordiug the greatest facilities
for Buch acquisition.
Ruolvcd, That we as a class, afBx our names
to these proceedings, and tbat a opy of tbem be
dolivcred to R.K. bacon, and that they be published
in the city papers. -
id. A. Bowman, S. Black, Wm.W. Snyder,
Isaac Baughman, J. f. Baker, Franklin Elliott,
P. VV. Carroll, K. J. Foisytb, A. Paddock;
George Micliol, G. H. Hughes, Weston Arnold,
James Thompson, H. 1). Kyger, Daniel Bowen,
W. T. Robinson, George Harvic, S. Field.
Bacon's Mercantile Tollkok. " The examina
tion of tbe student's in Book-Keeping; exhibited a
degree of proficiency on tbeir part highly credit
able to themselves and Mr. Bacon, their Instruc
tor. The most difficult problems iu Double Entry
were as rapidly solved as tbe most simple, giving
ample proof to tbe audience that the information
imparted during tbe session would be of practical
benefit." Ciaeisnatt Enqvirerof .March 121, 1853.
The various complox questions proposed by the
Principal and other gentlemen present, were an
swered with great promptitude and conciseness,
which reflects great credit upon tbe course of study
pursued at this institution." Cin. Daily Oatetts.
Mr. Bacon is unrivalled as a teacher. A di
ploma from this College in Cincinnati,, is required
as a sine tiua non in obtaining, situatious in the boat
Mercantile Houses in large cities." Ckillicotke.
Ancient Metropolis JN , l3.
.Mr Bacon bas constructed the upper portion of
Ms building expressly for the purposes ot nis col
lege, aud without any doubt, it is the most com
plete arrangement of the kind in the U. States."
Ci'nctmsati (alette, JVov. 6. 1853.
This whole Institution leunaounieaiy tne-mosi
elegsntand finished establishment, for the pur
poses tn tne woria. jtwyutrrr.
Feb. 22, 1H54.' nlO. tf. .
Tl Ki. i.LAHK Si CIUMJ would re
I I soectfully inform the citixen of Ashland
and vicinity, that they have -associated them
selves together for the practice of Medicine
and Stircery in all their various branches, and
by diligence and close attention to their office,
and nromrjt attendance upon all calls at all
hours, they hope to merit A liberal share of
public patronage. - Da. Cuax offers his thanks
to all those who have heretofore favored him
with their business, and will bo under renew
ed obligations for a, continuance of the same
Da. Crane, will devote special attention to the
studv and nrautice ot-Surgery in all its vari
eties, and more especially in all diseases of
th F.v . either acute or chronic.
Be- OrricE, adjoining Millington'a Drng
Store, oppotite P. St J. Kisser's ttore.
fyDn. Clabjc's residence near the Metho
dist Church. . -.
Db. Ckake's on third street opposite TA
Watson'. ... P.H.CLARK, M. D.
- -1. L.CRANE, M. D.
April I9th; 1954 B48tt ' " -
School Hotiee.
THE School Examiners of Ashland County, O.
will hold their next Public Examinations, as
'0IaDAshland, on the third Saturday ot May. At
Savannah, on the second Saturday of July. At
Hayesville, on the second Saturday of September.
At AHad, on tbe first Saturday of October. Al
so, nt.? same place, on the third Saturday of
October. ' - -
Bach applicant ror a Certificate will be required
to furnish evidence of a good moral character.
Kxamiuatiocs to commence at 10 o'clock, A. M.
By order of tbe Board,
O. W. HILL, Sse'f.
- Ashland. May 10th, 1854. - - iltf
Strayed or Stolen !
FROM Mansfield's Clover Machine Shop in Ash
landtO., on or about Saturday night the 19th inst..
an old Clover Hulling Machine of no particular use
to any one except the owner, and ( not very much
to him ;) said Machine was very much dilapidated,
being about 14 years old, or there abouts. Tbe con
cave aud cylinder made with nails drove in similar
to tl.ose of the celebrated Sutherland .Manufacture,
with movable concave, such as never was known
before, and so as to prevent injury, etc. .
This Machine is very much worn, the nails very
smooth, etc. i and can-be readily recognized by any
one taking particular notice to the above descrip
tion. A reavonable re want will be given for tbe re
turn of said Machine, or any information that w-11
lead to the detection of the peipetrators of the above
theft. Don't forget tbe movable concave
Ashland, Aug. S3, 1554. 3W13
Livery Stable.
Jtr-tp L, A MOS
LKWIS wishes it destiuctly
that he has not Quit tbe
,.--v hllKina. an1 ttint ha h.a 1lla TT1 Kfi l OUitO
an edition to his Stable in the the article of iiug-
piRfi and Q-4ti hnriie. . .
His Stable is now: kept immediately back of
the Sampsel House. Customers can always nnu
some person to attend to them either at the Sta
ble or the Sampsel House.' Passengers carried from
Ashland in any direction, a.t moderate rates. -May
17, 1854. .
Treasurer's -Notice.; :
THE Tax-payers of Ashland County
are hereby notified tbat the per Centura
levied on the taxable property of said County,
lor the year 1854, on eaah dollar's vsiuntiou is
aa follow: , - .. .
For Bute aadCommon Sc'iool. I 11-30 mill.
do County parpos,..,....... 1 .. 7-10 do .
do-Bridge .-do -.. 4 15 do
do Poor do 2-16 do
do Road -do r do
Total, ..76 13-20 do
" To which is added by the Township Trustees,
Township School Boards of Education, and
Corporation Officer, tbe following Tax's :
Lake Township Tax.......'....
do do Tuition Tax
School District No. S. ....... i . .
-3-10 mills.
15 20 . do
3 1-10
. 3-20
do do ' do 6. ......... .
Mohecon Township Tax
School District No. 1.. .........
do do do 0.....
Jeromeville School District.....
Perry Township Tax.....
do 1 do School Tax.....
School , District Nnmher 4. . . .
do do do . 9....
do -do- do '10. ..."
do .do"- do ll...
Jackson Township Tux
do do School Tax. . . .
School District N ember 2....
. 3-10 do
1 10, .do
6 7-10
2 2-10
' 7-20
9 20
14 1-2
do .
do :
do do do
Mifflin Township Tax ...
School District Number
do do - do
- do . r do .. do
do do do
Milton Township Tux
do do - b'ebool Tax . . . .
Clear Creok Township Tax . . . .
do do do SchooiTax.
School District number 1,
Ruggles Townsbip Tax........
Troy Township Tax
3-20 do
3-6 do
S 1 19 do
- 3-20 do
S 3 10 do
13-20 do
S9-20 do
7 SO do
4 10 no
. 1 1-6 do
.7-10 do
10 3-5 dc
l-: do
- 2-5 -da
2 1-5. do
3 7-10 do
1-0 mills
7-20 do
",. 3-10 do
: 2-6 do
18 da
1-10 do
1 do
3-10 de
gl-5 do
5 3-4 do
4 do
4 ' do
M do
.18 20 do
' C 8.6 do
8 - do.
do do bcuooI tax.
Sullivan township tax
do do school tax ...
Hanover township tax ........ i
do do school tax. . . .
Green township tax. ...........
do. do - school tax. .....
School district number 2-..... .
do " - do . . do -3.
do - do do 6. ...... .
" do " do- - do 6........
. do.:- , do . do 8, .
da " do . do 9.......
de de ' ' do 10........
School district fraction tract at
- tacbed to .Hichland county,
Vermillion township tax. ......
. do . do school tax.
School district number 2.
-. do - do - . do - ' 8. .
no do ... do .6. ..
Hayesville Corporation tax
Montgomery township tax .....
. do .do school tax
School district number S ......
Ashland Union school tax. ......
do Corporation do. ...
Orange township tax........'..
do do school tax.....
School district number I ...... .
do do v do 9
I will attend by myself or dencty, at my of
fice, in the town of Ashland, trom the fifteenth
day of September until the twentieth day of
Liecemoer, to receive trie taxes. All taxe re
maining unpaid at the expiration ef that time
will be seat out. for collection. Nothing will
be received, in payment for taxes, but gold and
silver, ot note of solvent Ohio Bank.
Under the law, as it now exists, it is neces
sary for tax-payer to have road receipt. -.
- .... . 1. W. BOYD,
, Treasurer of Ashland County. 1 .
August 17, lo4, J
Note. Tha list for several of the School
District not being cor.-cct, ihe per centum
could not be given. ' " ' - .
Aug. S3, 1854. - 4wl3 ;
fT 1 11 K followinn Executor and Administrators
I having filed their account in the Court of
Probate of Ashland County, unto,- lor settle
ment, th same are ordered to be published in
the Ashland Union, a newspaper printed in
said County for threo week prior to tbe next
term nf said Court, to Wit : "" '
Tbe final acct- of John Smithi Administrator of
- Henry Smnlly, deceased.1
The final acct. oi Henry Bough, Administrator
. . of Solomon Hough, dee'd.
The final acct. of Sarah Bare, Adm'r of Adam
Bare, dee'd. -" -T " :
The-fiual aect. ef John C. Wright, Adm'r. of
Joseph Wright, dee'd. .
The final acct. of William McNeil, Adm'r ef
Ida t-cott, dee'd.
Tbe fintl acct. ol Martin A. McUore, Adm'r of
- Peter Weaver, dee'd.
The final acct. of Isaac KaufTioan, Executor of
John Kantfman, dee'd. -
The partial acct. of Daniel Darrough, Adm'r. of
.. . , - Thomas Darrough, dee'd.
Tbe partial acct of Violet Colmery,, Adm'r k of
William uoimery, oec'd.
The partial aect of Geo. 8c Lewis Guthrie, Adm'r
. . . . , of Richard Guthrie. dee'd.
The partial acct of t. P. Junes, Adm'r ef Geo.
D. Cftamberlin, dee'd.,
and the samo are continued for the inspection,
of any person interested, and will be for hear
ing at tbe next term of said Court. ,. - v .
A. L.. tUKl tsx f roDaie uage.
August 14th, 1854.' 4W12
AduaiKtIetra.tr'e Notice. .' -
NOTICE is hereby given, tbat tbe undersigned
have been appointed aad Qualified aa Adniinisr.
trators of the Estate of Hamilton Arthur, deceased .
AH persons knowing themselves inrteeted to said
Kstate, are requested to make immediate payment.
and those having claims against said Kstate ere
requested to present their accounts legally authen
ticated, within one year from thin date.
-- .. nAncraiiBi- aninus,.
Aug. C9. ieM.-3wl3 . Administrators.
Hugh McKibben,
en, . "I
1 In Ashlar
lis, alias c Pit
... vs. :
Benjamin Landi
d C wun on
- Fi. ra.
PURSUANT to the comrosnJ of a alias Fi.
Fa. issued ia the above case from the Cour'
ol Common Pleas,of Ashland County and tfiata
of Ohio, to me directed, 1 will exposa to Piib:
lie Sale, at tbe door of the Court House in said
county, on -- .a s
Monday, the 1 th day of September',
A. D.,1854, between the hours-f ten Clock,
A. M., and four o'clock, P. M., of said day,
the following described Real Estate,, situate
and being in the county, of Ashland and State
of Ol io, to wit : Lot number twenly-two in
tho first addition to tb original surveyed Plat
in village of Rowsburg, situate in tbe south,
west corner of tbe south-east quarter of sec
tion fifteen, Township twenty-two, Range fif
teen, being filly-eight feet ia front, by one hun
dred and sixty-eight back, also nine feet ten
inches in front, by one hundred and sixty-eight
back, and oi lot number twenty-three in the
addition aforesaid. Terra of sale Cast.
; J. D. JONES, Sheriff.
August 9tb, 1854. : - . Uts pf $4,12 v
Administrator's Notice. ' " ' .
NOTICE is hereby given that the undersign
ed has been appointed and qualified as
Administrator, oi Daniel Campbell, sr , dec,
late of Montgomery township. Ashland county.
All persons having claim against said estate,
are requested to present tbem legally authen
ticated within one year from this date. Those
knowing themselves indebted must make imme
diate payment. DANIEL CAMPBELL.
August 25, 1854. - ' 4wl4 :
- rrtHK urider-
1 signed haa
com menced
running a EX
PRESS from
Aahiaud tu Loudonville leaving Ashland
every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8 oJ
clock, A.M. and arriving at Loudonville at 2 P.
connecting with the 3 o'clock P. M. train
for Pittsburgh and the 4 o'clock P M train for
Crestline same days. Leaving Loudonville
every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday on
the arrival of Eastern train at 10 A. M ., and
arrives st Ashland at 3 P. M., thereby enab
ling passengersto go either East or .West on
the cars aame day, or those coming on morning
train either from East or West can get to - Ash
land without delay; and citizens wishing to
visit the south part of the county, can have an
opportunity to transact their business and re;
t .rn the same trip, and vice versa. Fare
through one dollar.
-A liberal deduction to families sod pleas
ure parties.- Enquire of the undersigned at
the Franklin House in Ashland, or at the
Railroad Depot-or Post Office in Loudonville.
- . W. ROBESON, Proprietor. .
Passengers tak n to or from any Hotel el
ther at Ashland or Loudonville. -.
Ashland, July 13, 1853. : ' 3m8-:
A LANRON WALKER announces to tbe public
tltjtt h-. is miw nrenared to make eoffiu on
the shortest notice, at prices much ies man mr
are made at anv other shouin Ashland. - He can be
louna al n-necnoaum out saop, o. oi--, ""h;
j. . . . . : , n . . . a ..i.i...
May 7th, 1834,
-. jyitr.
enn. Medical Uniyersity-tif Philadelphli, .
f pilR fall teim of this new Medical Sehoel
1 tor Ladies, wu i comma aee on tn 1st Ma
jy in October,' IBM. and contnrae foar montlw.
The System of Teaching, bare parraed, if
ntirely new. and is more comprehensive;,
thorough, liberal and practical tba tbat erf ant
other Medical School ia tb oontry. Il is
based, as far as posuble, upon tha positive
Sciences, consequently, fr:e from a'l sect aartL
dogma. The branches of study are divide
ccording tn their nsterar order of suecessroiit
and taught in four progressive course af four '
month each; there are two courses ia each
year, thus enabling the students to pass tic
cessively through all four course witbin twa
years. By tbi arrangement tha study is rear- -dered
easy, and possessed of daily increasing
merest. . ;
Ladies desiiing a thoroughly scientific MedU
cal Education, or any part particularly iatref
ng them, hae facilities her nownere else ia
e found. .
For A n uouncementa containinffTerms.i wh'eh
bill always be mad atisfactoy.) list of Offi
cers, Faculty, and other particulars, please ed.
dress JOS. 8. LONGSHORK.M. D. Daw,
No. 160 Arch-st.,or Box 10S3, Philadelphia r.o.
Aug. Ib, 1B04- nlUtt
"medicated INHALATION 1
A New iTirfhod.
recently been made by Dr. Ccaris, for
the cure of Asthma, Consumption, Bronchitis,
Coughs, Cold, and all Lung Complaints, bt
Medicated Inhalation. Dr. Curtis' Hygena, ot
Inhaling Hygenian Vapor and Cherry Syrufi
has accomplished tbe most wonderful euros of
Asthma and Consumption in tne t.ity ot new
York and vicinity for a few month past, ever
known to man. It ia producing an impressioa
on Disease of the lungs never before witness
ed by the Medical Profession. See certifi
cate in hand of A genta.1 "
I he Inhaler i worn on the Dreast, under tr.a
linen, without the least insoavonienoe, th
heat of the body being sufficient to evaporate
the fluid, supplying the lungs constantly with
a lieauug ana agreeauie vapor, pasaias; ibis
all the air-cell and passages. ot the lungs that
cannot possibly ba reacned by ouier medicine.
Herein a caser
AstTiroa Cured.- .
BnooKuv, If. Y., Dec. 20th, 1863.. -
For about eight year I have been severely
afflicted with tha Asthma for tha iat two
year I have suffered beyond aif power of da- .
acriptionj months ot a time I bave not bean
able to sleep in bed, getting what teat I aould
itting in my eliair. My diffion'ty of breathing,
and my sufferings were o great at times, that
for hour together my &iend expected each
hoar would be my last. Daring the neat ai
year I have btid the aid and attendance of
some of the most celebrated physicians, but
have received ne permanent benefit, end oat
little relief. I at length bad the good fortaaet
to procure Dr. Curtis' Hygeana Vapar and
Cherry Syr op. At the time 1 Art obuined it J
I was eiifjering under one af my moat vtoleat
attack, and wasio great distress, almost smU
focating for want of breath. In les thaa tea
minutes from the time I applied the Inhaler
to my atmomacta, sod took a teospoanful of the ,
Cherry Pyrnp, I was relieved ia a great 'meas
ure from the difficulty ot breathing, and had
a comfortable night- 1 nave ince conttaaaa
it with the greatest possible benefit, and aaa
now -comparatively well.- God only know tho
amount of suffering this medicine ha relieved,
me from. My advice to the suffering is, try it
, - ' ' - MARGARET EA8TON.
:-.- !- Coonnmption Cured. .. -'-
. . . Knr Yoax, Dec 27th, 1859.
I came to New York in the ship Telegraph a.
my native place ia St. John's, New- Brnnswtckf
when I reached this city, my ' health was vary
poor : had a very bad eough, raised a good deal
of matter, which was frequently mixed with,
blood; bad pais in my left side, and was very
thin and emaciated. My friends aad physician,
pronounced my case Consumption, aad beyond,
the reach of medicine. 1 accidentally heard
of Dr. Curtis Ilyganla, or inhaling Hygean Va
por and Cherry Syrop, aad obtained a package,
which I verily believe was tho means of savins:
my life. Soon after wearing tha Inhaler. I
took the Cherry Syrup as directed, and cos-'
tinned to do so, my eongh gradually growing
better, until it entirely left me, and I now sr
aider myself cored- I atill .wear the Iabaler,.'
as the use of it is rather pleasant, and believing
it strengthening and port tyrog to th longs, II
fuel anwilling at present to dispense with it,
. , ,. ... JOHN WOOD.
Sold by Boyd & Paul, No. 149 Chamber st)
C. H. Ring, corner of John street and Broad-'
way, N.-Y. Price $3 a package - i .'
: N. B. Any penoa inelosjog f J to Boyd fci
Paul, or Cnrti tt. Perkins, New! York, wil
ceive a package containing a bottle of Hygesa
Vapor, one of Chewy Syrap, and aa lhaler
in a neat box, by express, free to any past off
tbe United Siatee; or four package for 910
June 7, 1854 y2.
An IiiTti.lTiB.ble Bk for twenly-flv'
c.--" li-resT Cetniilir should txatvr
a Copy ." -,
inn nnf Copies sold io leas than a year. - A
lUUUUv new edition, revised andimprovd
Just issued. - -. V ' - -j- '
Dr. He ma's Medical Manual and kani Bk fort
the qflictvd Containing an outline of the origin.
progref s.treatmeDtand cure of every Jona l die
ease contracted by promiscuous sexual I atarcours,?
by self-abuse or by sexuat excess, with advice fr
tbeir prevention, written in '.miliar sly 1, avoid- ' ,
ing all medical tecbnicalities, s.ud every thing that
would offeud tb ear of dtseocy ; with aa outline
of complaints Incident to Pemalss, from tha r.ault
of some twenty years' saccessful practice, excla
tuvely devoted to th ears of disease of a 4eUctu
or private nature.
Te which is added receipts for tbe sure of that -above
diseases, and a treatise an tb eaa, yma
loins aud cure of th Pver and Ague. .
Teotimany of The Prof eoeor of Okoteriem in Pewtu.
College, Pkiiadtlokia " Dr. Hcsrsm's ModicnlMmn
nol. Tbe autbor ofthis work, unlike th majority
of those who advsrttse to cure tbe diseases of w blca.i
it treats is a graduate of oae of the best Collsgssia
tbe United States. It affords me pleasure to recom
mend him to tbe unfortunate, or to tb victim oC
malpractice, as a successful and experienced praa
tltioner, ,n whos honor and Integrity they mot"
place th greatest onfidence.
From A. Weotwnri, M. D.,of Penn. Univormitfr
Philadelpkiaslt give me plsssare to add my testi
mony to tho professional ability of the Author of
the "MtmcAX, Miirnxi.." fiumerou essts of Di
ease of the tienital Organs, some of tbem of loagt,'
standing, eavecome unaer my nonce, in whicb ai
skill has beep manifest ia restoring to pertss.
bealth, iu seme cases wbr tie patient ha bee,
considered beyond medical aid: la th treatment -of
Seminal weakpeesea, or disarrangement of too
functions produced by self-abusor Excess of vea
ery. I do not know bis emporiof tn tae BTofessioB
1 have been acquainted wltb the Author some thir
ty years, and deem it no more than luetic e to him -
as well as kindness to th unfortunate victim of ;
early indiscretion, to recommend him as one la
whose professional skill and Integrity they mayr
safely confide themselves.
. ALraaoWocnwaas,M. D.
- "This!, without exception, the most compre
hensive and intelligible work published OB th"
class of diseases -of whicb It treats. Avoiding alt
technical terms, ttaddressesitself to tbe reasoa of-'
ita readers. It is tree from all objectionable mat
ter, and no parent, however fastidious, can objsak
to placing it in tb bands of bis son. Th anther'
has devoted many years to tbe treatment of thw
darioas complaint treated of, and, witb too littiw
breoth te puff, and too tittle presaraptlon to im
pose, he bas ofiersd to the world, at tbe merely BOtnl
ual price 0135 cents, tbe fruit of some twenty years'
most successful practice ." BoraU.
"Ho teacbsr or parent should be without the
knowledge Imparted ia tbi Invaluable work. It
would save year of pain, mortification and sorrows
to the youth under their charge.r,-mf' Aivoeato.-;
- ' A Presbyterian clergyman ia Ohio, writing of
- Hunter's Medical Manual" says : Thousand
upon thousands of our youth,-by evfl example and.,
influence of tbe paesioce, have beea led into tbe
habit of self-pollution, without realising tbe sin ndt
fearful conaequaneesupon themselves and their pos
terity. The constitutions of thousand who ar
raising families have been enfeebled, if notbrokoa
down, and they do not know tb cans or the cure
Anything tbat can be don so to eulighten and ia -fluonce
the public mind ma to check, and ultimately"
to remove this- wide-spread soarce of humaa
wretchedness, would coufer tbe greatest blessing;'
. next to th rellgio a of Jesus Christ, on tbe present,
and coming generation. Jntmpranca (or tbe use
of intoxicating drin&s 'though It ba slain thou
sands. Is not a greater seourg to the human roc.
Accept my thanks eu behalf of th afflicted, and, be
lieve me, your eo.workerio the good work, yoa are
o actively engagedlo."
One copy (securely enveloped) will be forwarded:
free of postage; to any part of the United State fsri
5 cents, or six copies for 01. Address, (postpaid
COSHER & CO., Publishers, or Box KM, Phil.
"IT? Bookseller, Canvasser and Book Acaatst
supplied en the most liberal terms. - j
Aug. 16th, 1854. . " nlB-ly-
ing io tho cure of Coughs, Colds, Asth
ma, Bronchitis,' Sore Throats, Hoarseness.
Difficult Breatljiag, Incipient Consumption, and
Diseases of the Longs, i Tbey bav ao tast of.
medicine, andany child will tak them. Then-'
sands have been restored to health that had!
before dispaircd. Testimony given ia hundreds
of cases. A single dose relieves ita rain,
ntesl ' : .. . .
Ask for Bryan's Pulmonic Wafers tho orfg"
inal and only genuine is stamped "Bryan."'
Bpnrius kinds are oSbred - for sale. Twenty
five cent a box.. Sold by dealers generally.
J .BRYAN & Co., Rochester, New York, Pro
prietors. Wholesale by J. D. Park, Cincin
nati, Ohio j W. Fiske Cleveland, Ohio ' -Februarys,
1854- n38tX. -' -
Hnsrla K rumens' Eatette.
"Jti" OTICE is hereby given that th ondersiga
l ad- ha been aDDointed and Qualified ao
I Executor on the estate of Hngh Emmons, lata
f AoMnnit nni, nhin it-al.
i u. Ashland ec unty, Ohio, deceaed.
r - : - -
-i .
August 2S, 18(34.'
-. Tf. -

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