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. .Take a robia'e leg
Mind the drum stick merely-
Put it ia a tub
Filled "with water nearly.
Set it eol ef door,
In a place that's shady
Let it stand a week
"Three days for a lady.'
Dip a spoonful in,
To a fire-pail kettle ;
It should be of tin.
Or, perhapa, bell-metal. .
Vill the kettle op.
'): 1
It .
I .-;-?;
"h )-!
ii. -.1,
-.:' --
v - -
W -----
-Put it oa a boiling,
Skim the liquor well
-To prevent its oiling.
. For thickening and salt,
Take of rice one kerne) ;
Use to light the fire,
" The Salina Journal."
Let the Uqaor boil '
Hal f aa hour, no longer ;
.- If til Tor a maa, '
You ma j make it stronger.
Should yon now desire
That the soap be flsvory, '
Stir it once around
With a stalk of savory.
If of thyme yon choose
-Just put a snatch ia,
'Twill be flavored fine,
If you drop your watch ia, .
When the broth is done.
Set it by to "jell" it,
Then three times a day
Let the patient smell it.
' If by chance he die,
Say 'I waa nature did it ;
. Bat if he get well,
Ctve the broth tbe credit. '
'. "' As these newly organized territories
ij-are now attracting general attention, we
JiaTe taken the troubleUo collect from
our exchanges all the information in re-
v gard to them that we could. The fol
tlbwing articles are all that we can col
i- lect that we deem worth publishing
; Correspondence of the Missouri Republican.
' 'Westpoet, Aug. 25, 1854. On leav-
"hiR: TVestport, the last point in the
States, and where the emigration find it
tne moet convenient to obtain stock and
'."fiupptiesfor their outfit, we first enter
nthe Reserve. Thin being the cream of
tn lemtory, and aa we find it under
a high S tate of cultivation, and teeming
!il ii l , 1 1 f, J. T
- wiiu tuu . ucaiut-sa auu mrm oi inaiail
husbandry, nothing can be better cal
."culated to embolden the ambition and
'. j,-strengthen, the hopes of the adventurer,
V be goes onward to become a grateful
. recipient "of the bounty of an indulgent
Government.- When across the Waka
. : -xous, w have left the attractions pre-
sentea By tne tnrut ana industrial ac
,' couiplisbiuouts of the Indian farmer,
and the beautiea of the seemingly bound-
less prairie open to our view. We con
'.'tiuue. our march over the roll of the
prairie, and aa the province of our vis
ion becomes more extended, we find the
sameness of the prairie relieved by scat
tered groves that here and there spring
tt wiin a luxurious growtn along tne
rich bottoms of the creeks.
TTf a a . -e '"
we can ne more explicit and give
a more intelligible account of this pro-
, ymce if we speak of it in sections,
than by making general remarks; and
' as that ' portion from the Wakarousa
i west for twenty miles has been the most
""iuckiy settled, and for other reasons
entitled to a special consideration, we
5' Bhall"speak of that first.
5-The prairie within these limits is
.'auite undulating, with great uniformity
in its wave, roiling to tne westward upon
a line nearly north and south. A great
portion of the surface is thus made a
" i -it i , ? i . -
- aiiisiaej we - tneunations are - very regu-
jar, ana Mine bou is equally as ncn,
'nd the timber and water equally as con
i Tenient, the hilLsido is as readily occu
rJpied by claimants is the more level
plains. - The soil is very fertile, being a
. neavy Diacn 10am, witn an average vnicK-
ness perhaps of twenty inches. This
,-soil is susceptible of tbe highest cultiva
tion, and when so cultivated, which can
'. be done with little labor, a plentiful har
vest most be the reward of the husband
- man.
i7 ..As a grazing country, there can be
none-better than this prairie j the grass
,-is wick ana neavy, ana even during tbe
-.great drought of this season it has not
'.. "failed or beeome - parched. Water, at
j the present time, is very scarce ',in con
sequence of this drought ; we are in
. , formed, however, that when no drought
us prevailing it is quite plenty, ana sucn
i, is the physical formation of the country
j'-that we should judge this statement to
v bo-correct Tillage is all that is want
'"Ing to develop the richness of the prai-
j-Tie; give it the seed, and in due time
'"Lese fields of herbage shall wave with
r . abundant crops. - The Creator has made
-this land as rich and beautiful as the
Eden home of the young Italian. IIow
much gratefulness for this boon of Prov
idecce is acknowledged by the blood-
j. thirsty strife of its recipients' seeking
fox the sacrifice of its beauty at the cra-
ter of political incendiarism ?
.Vf::-- Of. the game of the prairie, birds are
the most plentiful. The whole prairie
-ia oiie vast aviary; prairie chickens,
7a quails; partridges and plover startle you
'' at every footstep, while in the air do
float the vulturous birds, awaiting some
repast, " No buffalo, and but few deer
are found in this section. The wolf and
the cayole have not relinquished the pur-
3-chase, but still remain to make night
iideous with -their yell, prefering death
by the bullet to butchery by the arrow.
Timber can be had in abundance upon
. 1- l a -..mi v. i .., e . -
but? uubwut lanus, stun uiuiu ui tue (XY.r,
-...In Borne cases, however, the haul is long
distance you may reckon in miles
.,. pa. as a general mine tne claims are
J - . L A iL. xt 1 . .
i . ftl. :i : i i f .1
" uieBv. xuv prevaiiiug uuarac.er oi me
. umDer is oax, ana in piaces vaiuaDie
,'. patches of Cottonwood is found. These
bottom lands are also very rich, and nn-
- der horticultural cultivation win aouDt-
- less be made very productive. As the
( Territory becomes populated, navigation
Will pe oprueu, auu a rcaujr ui4i& iiu-
' lushed for these garden proaucts. jiany
claims have been made in the timber
ana .tne smojte is now mwcuumg -iuu
.,. their cabins.
- .'Along the river, within the limits of
our section, are some few favorable sites
for towns and cities, with one exception,
havwever, we think that none of these
will be built up for years to come.
This is a site which our Abolition pi
oneers have selected for -their .town of
' New Boston," a we understand they
are to call it. - That it is a favorable one
there can be no doubt, or they would
never have selected it, for with all their
spurious notions of political tactics, to
gether with the disreputable and iniquit
ous character of their mission, there are
none, we think, who deny them the char
acter of true and original Yanke8 saga
city. Some good old man or woman baa
told us to give a certain old sinner bis
due, and as we consider that advice
healthful, we will not injure the feelings
of his niaicstv bv withholding anvthinir
from his subjects. L They are shretcd-
- . " . . "
and it is proballe to thier virtue ulona
Oi-cm are tndcbtetl tor the fngn position
tin y now hold as staff officers in the
brigade, tcilh a brevet commission in the
dragoon service of higher law1 opera
tions. This town, or city, will bo the
first on the river after passing the Re
Bcrve. It is the intention of its agents
to immediately commence the "building
of the city." Mills, warehouses, resi
dences, churches and school houses are
to go up simultaneously. Machinery,
and seven hundred strong of the rank
and file will be here in a few days.
Ought not somebodys' lamps be trimmed
and burning ? Itcish somebody on the-
frontier tcito has not forgotten tie fate
of the foolish vtrgtns, tcoiila cons-der
tiiat question.
Correspondence of the N. Y. Tribune.
FonT Leavenworth, Kansa?, Aug.
13, 1854. "We who are in the disputed
Territory and are eagerly watching the
changing phases of the battle for free
dom, see constantly incidents which
arouse alternately hope and fear. For
the hist fortnight, tho indications have
been of rather a cheering character.
First among them I may name the arri
val of the pioneer party of thirty men
sent out by the Massachusetts Emigrant
Aid Company. J. heir appearance and
bearing as they passed through Missouri
did much to conciliate tavor and sympa
thy. . They were Been to bo men of a
quite different character from what had
been unreasonably enocgn anticipated,
neither : paupers, thieves, nor incendia
ries," as the western Missouri papers
had given out. This company passed
immediately up the Kansas river through
the Shawnee reservation and have loca
ted themselves near the Wakarusa river.
This section of country had already been
previously known as a free soil district,
so much so that at least one slaveholder,
i. , i f :.i 1 .
atter locating nimseii witn nis property
there, becoming - acquainted with the
sentiments of his neighbors, precipitate
ly returned to Missouri. The valley of
the Kansas with its recent infusion of
New England emigration and the moral
influence of the prospective accessions of
the same sort, may now be said to be en
tirely Anti-Slavery. A recent journey
through the settlements of that region
convinces me that the Free Soil senti
ment is now at least twice aa strong as
the opposite. If one may judge by the
tone of the hotel and bar room talk, in
the neighboring frontier towns of Kau
sas, Independence, and Westport, dis
couragement has taken hold ot the pro-
Slavery party, and the opinion is freely
expressed that ilansas will be tree.
But while the southern half ot the
Territory will be the New England por
tion: and will contain a very large ma
jority of northern settlers, the part north
of the Kansas river presents less favora
ble indications. The country around
Fort Leavenworth lying contiguous to
the comparatively well peopled Platte,
Clay, and Buchanan counties, of Mis
souri, whicu contain tne pugnacious
towns of Weston and St Joseph, has
received Bwarms of Missouri seHlers,
who two months back passed at Salt
Creek some flaming resolutions, threat
ening "non protection to Abolitionists,"
&c. Lately some Indiana and Illinois
settlers have established themselves in
the vicinity, and at a meeting of the
squatters held on the 29th of July, lh.
V. Andrews, JiiSq., recently ot the .Bos
ton bar, who has fixed himself at Fort
Leavenworth, and who had been threat
ened with a" routing out,1 from thence,
simply .on account of his Northern ex
traction, came forward, and in an elo-
t ech avowed himself warmly in
&vor 0f freedom in Kansas, from rea- I
sons drawn from interest and prudence,
as well as humanity. II is speech was
listened to with attention, and received
much applause, although in truth the
majority of the meeting was composed
of pro-slavery men. One thing is sure,
that the slavery propagandists no longer
have it their own way, in and. around
Fort Leavenworth. Northerners will
receive as effectual " protection," if the
thing is at all needed, as the men of the
Mr. Osborn, tho editor of the Gov
ernor's organ, The Kansas Herald, has
arrived, and will commence- publication
on the 1st of September. - He declares
himself a Northern man with' Northern
principles, but will not at present at all
agitate the slavery question. buch
was the sentiment of a conversation
which he held with members of tne
Massachusetts party at St. Louis. The
Weston Chronicle, however, claims him
as a pro-slavery man.
A new city, three miles from the fort,
and to be called Leavenworth, has been
started by the Missourians of Platte
county, and the work of clearing the
ground is rapidly going forward. Sales
oi lots taxe piace in ucioDer. s. xj.
CoL Sawyer of Auglaize county, O.,
has lately returned from a tour through
the Territories of Kansas and Nebraska;
from a letter to the Dayton Journal we
extract the following:
" Fort Leavenworth is in Kansas Ter
ritory and is I believe, the present seat
of Government. It is Bitiiatcd on" a
high; rocky bluff, and is one of the
handsomest locations I have ever, seen.
West of Fort Leavenworth the country
is almost an unbroken prairie of the
richest soil. ' The timber becomes more
plenty and of bet ter quality, as you ap
proach the south. From this point west
and south, to the mouth of the Kansas
and up that river, to the Big Blue, (a
distance of near two hundred miles,) is,
I think, the best country I ever saw.
It is well watered with springs and'
many good mill streams and has an
abundance of stones of the best quality.
It is well interspersed with timber and
prairie a very lair proportion of each.
After a thorough examination of a great
portion of eastern Nebraska and Kan
sas, I must say that they far exceed my
expectations. They abound in all things
necessary to speedily make a happy
home for millions of freemen not the
least desirable of which is, an excel
lent climate.
1 greatly prefer Kansas to Nebraska.
The Kansas river now is navigable for
steamboats a large portion of the year
for two hundred miles and can easily be
made navigable for two hundred more.
Running through the center of the Ter
ritory, from west to east, is the most
desirable country on this continent, and
I venture the prediction, that ten years
from this time will nnd tlie valley ot tne
Kansas unsurpassed in point of popula
tion, advantages and beauty, by any
country on this continent.
I desire to correct an erroneous im
pression to the tide of emigrants and
present settlement in these territories.
I have been frequently 3ked as to the
number of inhabitants there, "and rthe
Douulation of towns, of which we have
heard much said ; there are literally no
whites in the country, and no inhabit-
I .... . ? 1 j ai
ants m uiese lowns; inueeu mum reuu
towns exceDt those on paper. But this
will not long be. the case for so soon as
the Indian title is extinguished, and the
Indians are removed, the country and
towns will fill up with a rapidity unpar
alleled in the settlement of any other
portion of the Lnion.
There are now many locations made
on the squatter principle, which is done
by going on tne land, laying the found
ation of a house which mostly consists
of four logs laid cross wise with the
ends resting on each other, in the shape
of a foundation. Tho squatters then
stake off their half or quarter section
and record a meagre description in a
book of their own arranging. Much of
the land bought by the government near
the mouth of the Kansas, is not suppos
ed to be subject to this kind of location.
These lands have been sold to tho gov-
crnmeut and the agreement, that the
lands are to be put up at public sale and
the proceeds, after paying the expenses
of sale and survey, given to the Indians.
I conversed with many of the Indians
on the subject, they say that squatters
will not be permitted to enter -upon
these lands or form combinations to get
them at reduced prices nor do I think
the government will permit itl This
will doubtless rotard in so'ce degree, the
early settlements of a fine portion of
Kansas, as settlers will nave to wait a
survey and sale of these lands.
I passed through the Wyandot, Shaw
nee and Delaware tribes, and hadnjmuch
conversation with the Indians in regard
to their future intentions, and have
made reservations of land for each mem
ber of their tribes. They are now liv
ing entirely by agricultural pursuits:
and I was highly gratified by the signs
of prosperity I saw everywhere among
them. They have hne tarms, in a high
state of cultivation, they have an abun
dance of corn, wheat and oats, and hay:
their farms are well stocked with horses, '
cattle and hogs. They all dress in tbe
American costume, have many good
schools in which the youth are taught
the English language and the Jliiighsh
literature. 1 passed on the last sab
bath day I was in their country, two
churebes, one frame, and the other a
hewed log-house; there appeared to be
a large congregation present. All
around tho churches were hitched fine
horses with handsome saddles and bri
dles : indeed tho entire '"rig" would
have been considered superior even
among the settlements of civilized whites.
Tho. side saddle was frequently seen
among the equipments, which was a fa
vorable indication ot the progress of re
finement among the red men.
Nearly all the Indians belong to the
Methodist church ; they, like the whites,
have "Church North" and " Chureh
South," but which is in the ascendancy,
I had not the means of knowing.
Ihere are many incidents which feu
under my observation, that I should
like to narrate, but 1 fear if I should un
dertake it I would become wearisome to
you and your readers. I will close by
saying that there is a vast amount of as
good country in these Territories as can
be found any where on earth, and I
would heartily advise persons of energy
just commencing in the world with a
small capital, to locate in the (ireat
V est and in a few years you may revis
it the homes of your childhood more
"better to do" than your parents, or
those you leave behind you.
X hero has been much said about the
probability of slavery being introduced
lulu ncuraa&a auu xxu-iisas. j. vuueiuer
tvtv l j v t :j
such an expectation utterly futile, and I
venture to say that no well informed
lu "y w, ."orm?.u
BaeDseryanfc person aiternaying Tine
art thaaa TAsi rnvma tdi l hAoitntA -
ed these territories, will hesitate for a
moment to declare that the introduction
of slavery into either is as impossible a
thing as would be the introduction of
the "peculiar institution" into Ohio or
With great respect,
The following extract from a St. Louis
correspondent of the N. York Tribune,
exhibits in true light the feeling of the
people of Missouri relative to the intro
duction of slavery into Kansas :
" Here let me say a word to the men
of the .North who intend to settle in
" While I would not abate one jot cr
title of my principles, nor sacrifice them
to any timeserving policy, and while I
would not hesitate to proclaim them
boldly and earnestly, when the occasion
shall demand it, of winch each person
must judge for himself, yet my advice is,
by all means, forbear uttering hot and
angry words. Ahey ertect no good
whatever, but tend only to exaspe rate
the feelings of the slaveholder and south
ern men generally. It is my earnest con
viction that a large majority of the peo
ple of Missouri are not only willing but
eager that rLansas shall be secured to
Freedom. But if they once set the idea
that organizations are formed in the East
for tho purpose of interfering with what
they call their rights in the State of
Missouri, such an intense degree of ex
citement will be raised as must neces
sarily defeat, or postpone indefinitely,
the accomplishment of our objects. It
is part of the plan of the few fire-eaters
to excite this belief among the well dis
posed citizens, and the utterances of
some few . impetuous men of the North
in regard to the assistance which they
mean to give to runaway slaves in this
vicinity, have made the story probable.
"Now,' freemen of the North, come
into this Territory peaceably and quiet
ly, entertaining your own sentiments,
and acting up to them ; but interfere not
at all, nor proclaim that you are going
to interfere, with the legal rights of any
citizen ot any State. Come as citizens
of the United States, with all the rights
appertaining to that character, determi
ned to enjoy and defend them in a legiti
mate manner ; then you will be welomed
by those very men who, you may at first
suppose, would oppose you to the death."
' J ack," said one sailor to an
other ""I don't want to hort your feel
ings, but shiver my timbers if I don't
eve you stole my watch."
" This augurs well ! " as- the musquito
said when he settled on a fat man's nose."
jjorftnmtc, &c.
INVITE the attention of the People in this
Congressional District, to their immense
Slock of Hardware -just received, consisting of
every article in the Trade used by the most ex
travagant as well as the most economical purch
aser, whether Building Hardware, Mechanics
Touls, House-keepers artistes, or Farming Im
pliments. In any of the above gooda, wo hate
a larger Stcck than any one Store ia Mansfield
or Wooator, end as it has long since been ac
knowledged by evtry body, that we aell better
goods for the jam money, than either Mansfield
or Wooster can do ( all we ask is, that Buyers
win consult their own interest, by making an
examination of our Stock, before purchasing
elsewhere. All good sold by as, if not found
as represent ca can oo returned.
Adjoining the Bank
May 3, 1854. noOtf
-SO dos. Sheep Shears, the onlygoed ones i
town. .
60 " Silver Steel and Cast Steel Scythe
60 dos. Assorted kinds, Scythe Snaths.
40 do Hay and straw-Forks, best cast steel
60 do T little's Cast Steel Hoes.
6 do Socket's Cast Steel Hoes, the best ever
20 doa. No. 1. Il-y Rakes.
SO do No. 1. Scythe Rifle.
SO do Mo. I.Scylh Stones, 6 to 9 inches long
100 doz. Door Locks from 25 cts. to 91, each-
110 do Door Latches from lO-oriJo cts.
100 do Loose Tii irjHTTQw,wrot it cast Butts
TOOO Gro". Gimlet Point Screws. -
300 Gals. Linseed Oil.
100 Kegs Pure White Lead.
100 Boxes assorted sites Glass.
500 Lbs. Putty in Bladdera.
5000 Lights Sash, all aisea.
Doors. Paint, Brushes, Sash Fasteners. Butch
er's Filea (n any quantity,) Spears, Saws, al
ainda Memaaer'adtoca and Tools, all kind
Saddler's Stock and Tools.
200 Kegs assorted Nails, warranted.
100 Tons Sweeds and Pittsburgh Iron, tfor
100 Bundles Russia Nail Rod.
50 Pair Seat and Carriage Springs, at Pitts
burgh prices that la so I
i doz. Boring Machines, less than $11 ench
The above .oods with a large variety of
every thins; else, must be eold, and person
wanting Hardware can buy of us, cheaper and
better goods than any wnere erse.
Adjoining the Bank
May 3, 1854. n50tf
Table Cutlery.
E can and will sell Knives and Forks 20
per cent, cheaper than anv Hardware
Store in Mansfield or Wooster ever did, will
or can, if you doubt it, come and buy some
that much lower think ot this:
May 3, '54.-5tf Adjoining the Bank.
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Adjoining the Bank
WILL buy all of the Flax Straw that you
can raise and deliver to them daring the
present year, and pay you the CASH for it.
Short Flax .hould be pulled from the ground
that, that it long may be cradled none want
ed in Straw before September. Instructions
regarding the culture and rotting of Flax can
be had gratis during tne Summer, by calling on
Adjoining tbe Bank.
March I , 1854. n40. tf.
SMITH, 33-7-23 Go,
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OOO pounds of aood clean Flex deliv
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Just Receiver!.
Cr Kegs Rifle and Blasting Powder, lor sale
J J on Commission at mill prices, by
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June 14, 1854.
DarnhilPa Patent Cera Planter, man
J- uractured by Aicurient at i;o., oioveiana. u
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the agency of JOHNS 6t ALLEN.
I iMc. sk, 35iij adjoining tne liana.
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my Stoc being entirely new, and selected with
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R. u. buiufc. -rKellogg'a
Building one door above P.
& J. Risser's Store.
Ashland, May 17, 18S4. 82tl
land for New
London daily
at 7 o'clock
c 1 A M con
nection wivh the cars on the Cleveland Colum
bus and Cincinnati Rail Road.
Returning, leave New London after the ar
rival of tbe trains.
Leave Ashland for Mansfield on Mondays,
Wednesdaysand Fridays, at 7J o'clock, P M.
Leave Ashland tor wooster on 1 uesdays
Thursdays and Saturdays at 6 o'clock P M.
September, 1SS3. lau
liJt aVT a a j&a-
3?M 6 Mvy
Suffalo, TVT3X7cr Yorlt.
Importers, manufacturers, Com
mission SlercUantss and Dealers in
English, German, French and American
fJAHIS House having the largest and most va
1 rious stock ia the United States, are fur
nishing Hardware Merchants, Contractors
Tinners &c, with everything they want on as
good or better terms, than they can buy in isew
YorA, Boston, or elsewhere. Tbey invite in
vestigation. JAAIK-S Al. ALLCn,
Fredericktown, Ohio,
'6mo-ir2 Traveling Agent.
Curled Hair Mattresses and Bedding.
rnR Mattresses and cuTled hair having taken
' Diplomas and Medala by competition la the
principal States in the union and alio having; been
Awarded the PrUe Medal "Woi ru s - Fair lu
London aa the very be-t article manufactured, ere
confidently offered to the community as great
Theoiecessbr which our hair is manufactured
entirely precludes the possibility of moth or other
insect annoyances engendering tnerein aa proved
by the severest tests olanalixation and by testimo
nials from the first chemists of the age, from which
we extract as follows :
"Experiment baa demonstrated that tfeepuriytng
'agent made Use of in manufacturing your patent
curiea nair is especially aosirucuve oi animal
iuet uatu nas xns lacuiiy oi nieacningana clean
ing the fibre, and that it is the most powerful dis-
tniecting noay aiprcsem Known to science.
Professor of Chmi'try and Toicoloey in tbe
Medical College of the London RospitsJ.
I cheerfully state that the article submitted to
your process must be pure and sweet and will be
found of great value and from proof exhibited to
me 1 am connuent mac tne process employed ex
ceedall other methods of preparation.
W. BEACH. M. P.,
New York.
We alao keep constantly on hands full supply
of Pillows and Bolsters, under Mattraises and
Bedding of all dsacriptions and a large assortment
ot nan raper ana window snades, upbolatry
goons, curtains, lounges, etc., oco..
Orders respectfully solicited and promptly at
tended to.
43 Pultes Block Bank st.
Cleveland, Ohio.
Juue 4, 1CS4. nStf
rrtHE subscriber again appears before you,
giving you lair notice ot tne arrival ot a
larger stock or &
Than he- has ever offered t the fair Sons and
daughters of old Wayne and surrounding Coun
ties. Owing to our being in the Eastern Mar
kets when moet kinds of Goods experienced a
We were enabled to buy our goods at such
Low Prices that we defy any competition in
the wayof Cheap Goods for Cash ; out stock is
comprised of everything in the Dry Good and
notion line; also, an assortment ot
for Men and Boys. Also, the leading articles
of GROCERIES, such as Coffee, Sugar, Tea,
Tobacco, 4rc In all these departments we can
show yon Good. As for prices we can beat the
World-: and in saying this We do not wish to be
considered as bragging, but telling yon plain'
matter of fact. Look at some of . ur prices
we can show you
Brown Muslin for ..6i cts. per yd.
Bleached do good 6i "
Kentucky Jeans .....20 eta.
Heavy Tick 10
Cotton Gloves and Stoekus.ue per pair.
tiooa Lawns .......
6i per yd.
. . . 10 cts. & upward.
...18 "
...371 '
...60 " "
7-4 Table Diaper...
tast Colored Calico
Silk Lace Veils. ....
Cotton Batting. ...
Good Black Silk...
Tea ,
per lb.
Tobacco chewing
In all departments of our stock you will find
the above statement of prices corresponding.
All we asfc is a look before you buy. " I he price
of ourGoods is a sure thing for your money. In
Ladies' Drett Good we are all fixed. Lawns,
Merges, Plain Black, Striped, Barred and
Changeable Silts at all prices. Our stodfc of
"Takes 'em all down." Can sell new style
Gimp Bonnets for 25 cents. Every body that
comes to Wooster, comes to our store and sees
the ahow of pricea and styles. We won
charge you anything to look. Country Mer
chants supplied with their whole stocAra at low
prices and fair terms, at our store at the Old
Stand East of the American Hotel.
May 3d, 1854. n50tf
R. GOODFELLOW baa opened in the
new room, two dooraeast of Messrs. Ris-
ser& Risser's Store, on Main atreet, a
AVntch mud Jewelry Establishment,
where he will offer every article usually kept
n such establisnmenta, at very low rates.
Among hia stock may be found Uold and
Sll-ver alcliea, ot every description, va
rietv and quality. Pins, Ladies' Gold Broach
es, Grape, Enameled, Cluster, Knot, Cuff aad
Scarf Pins.
Gold Rings, Lockets, Pencils, Gold Chains,
Bagley' Gold Pena and Holders, large as
silver sros..
Table and Tea Spoona of pure silver, Ger
man Silver and plated Spoons, Butter Knives,
Saltand Sugar Shovels, Silvei forks, etc., sc
fooltet Cutlory,
of every description, from the best American
and English establishments. Also Needl-s,
Port Monies, Dressing ana Pocket Combs, and
Pocket Books, Violin and Guitar Strings.
Goggle. Eye Shades, Compasses
and Acordeons. Eight Day and Twenty-four
Hour Brass Clocks, in the most splendid Pa-
ler Machea, Rose Wood and Mahogan case
Cleaned and repaired, and work warranted.
Old Gold and Silver bought at the highest
price. 1 invite the public to examine my atoca
before purcbaaing elsewhere.
Ashland, Dec. 21, 1853. n31 tf.
In force Jan. 1854, with references to
prior laws, in one large Octavo Voluem.
Fiok tbi Junoss or tub Soprihi Coobt.
The undersigned have examined Swan's Re
vised Statutes of Ohio, for 1854. This volume
contains a compilation of the Statutes of Ohio
in force on the first of January, 1854. The de
sign aad arrangement of the Book are good,
and carried out with great care and accuracy;
and we think the work of great utility, and re
flects much credit upon the Compiler and Pub
lisher. JOHN A. CORWIN, v
The undersigned having examined Swan's
Statutes, concur in the above opinion.
Dist. Atty. U. S. Court, Dist. of Ohio.
Atty. Gen. of State of Ohio.
It will be found an indispensable hand-book
toevery Justice of the Peace and Constable, as
weil as every Lawyer or public officer. The
book-will be sent free of charge to any one on
receipt of 95.
Address ' B. C. TICKNOR & CO.,
Law Booksellers, Mansfield, Ohio.
March S2nd, 1854. 44tf
Old Iron Wanted.
THE subscriber will pay CASH for any quantity
orold metal delivered at his foundry in Ashland
Fab. 1. 37tf. M. H, MAJiSFlXP.
To Western Merchants.
rp HE subscriber would call the attention of deal
X erscenerallv to theextensive arrangements they
have made for tbe Importation and sale of British,
French, and German Dry Gooda.
Having e buyer permanently located in Ku
rope, wboseentireattentlon will be given to the
selection of Goods for our sale, we ahall be in re
ceipt of new end desirable Dress Goods by each
steamer, uur at oca oi
W bite Good. Hosiery, Shawls & Notions,
will be found complete. Also, a large variety
of black and colored Silks, Satins, etc. Cloths,
Cassimeres and Vestings, Linens, Drillings, dec,
Ac. and Tailor's Trimmings generally.
Always on hand all leading styles of Domes
tic Goods, bleached and brown
Cotton, I'riiU, Ticks, Stripes, Dentins,
with a choice assortment of Merrimack and Co
checc Prints, Lancaster Ginghams, Ac, Ac.
The Clothing Department (under the firm ofL.
H Tn.ru cs Co.,) will embrace a grevt -variety of
wen Made uarments, sucn as cannot fail to give
satisfaction. -
We invite the attention of cash and abort time
TTr We have also secured the services or W.
L. STRONG, Gate of Mansfield, Ohio,) who will
take gTeat pleasure in showing you through our
stock ; when you visit this market, please favor
him with a call.
ItO. 19 COCBTLABPST., iD 11 1HS 13 DsT ST., It.
January 85, 1854 ly.
Another Arrival of New Goods
IT'OR the third time this season, sends forth
. his proclamation to the People f t Ashland
and aurrounding counties, announcing that he
has just received a fresh supply of new
which ho is bound to sell at some price during
the Summer, snd make riina lor his Fall sup
ply. The only " auvamtaoes" oi which he
can boast are. that he has tbe newest good, the
latest ttyles, thelargest assortment, andean sell
his goods as -
than any establishment in the county. He has
long aince found out that the peoplo will help
those teho help them, and it is no n alter ofaur-
kprise that the great rush is to the People's Em-
puuuiu, uu mat tne uid f ortresses" are
comparatively deserted, since his second stock
of New Goods has arrived.
1 have an uosurpaased assortment of Plain
and figured Dress KilArs, foreign and Domestic
Lawns acd Ginghams, every description of
U hite Goods, Bonnets, Ribbons, and, in short,
every description of -
necessary to complete a Lady's Wardrobe. Let
it be distinctly understood, that I have the lar
gest and best assortment ol
over brought to Ashland, and ye who doubt i
call and see lor yourselves. Ladies, if you want
to purcnase tueensware, the People's Empori
um ,s uie piace to get it. in tne
Gents Department,
I am fully prepared to meet n dfemanrfB that
may be made upon me. My Stocfc f C.6ths.
I : T7 . : . i '
vuviiuercBt reelings,, ana
is very extensive. Hats and Caps, in abundance.
I iiave also a large, assortment of
and am also prepared to do custom worAc on
short nottte, and warranted to give satisfaction.
In conclusion I -have only to say that the
Sloe is complete iu all its parts, and I can
warrant satislaction either in nuat ty, quantity,
or price. . Highest market nrice Daid to
- WOOIj! ...
and all fcinds of COUNTRY PRODUCE.
Ashland, June 21, 1854. - 4tf
AN immense assortment ol uew
and fashionable
for the summer season, of foreign
and domestic manufacture, con
sisting of a large variety of
from $2 to $5: Kossuth Hats from 50 cts.' to
S2.50; Mazyar Hats, from SI to $3; Otter
Mats, irom to J,ou ; a large assortment of
considered the most tasty, comfortable and dur
able snrame Hatr now in ase. from 82 to 3.
50;Leghorn, from 75 to $1,25; Beaver Hats
trom $d,o0 to So. Alsoa complete assortment
Also, an endless variety of Men's and Bov's
clothand velvet
and all kinds of Children's flats. It would be
useless to attempt to enumerate the entire
stock ,aa it is admitted on all banda to be the
largest aad best aelected stock ol hats, ever
brought to Ashland County. The subscriber
respectfully requests the public to call aud
examine his slock, whether they buy or not.1
The subscriber will pay cash lor any quanti
ty oi oneep reus, delivered at his store, op
posite the f ran! in House, and one door East
ol the Fost Olhce, Ashland. Ohio.
Ashland, April 19th, 1854. n48tf
50 000 Majority, and all the Counties
not heard from, for the
Clothing and Furnishing Depoi ! .
HIS extensive establishment haf Just
JlXed st
received tbe largest and best select-
stock of clothing, and gentlemen's
furnishing goods, ever brought to this town or
suitable for the largest man or smallest boy,
and at pricea that will perfectly astonish you
Come right along and examine our stock,
and see for yourselves. ' Here you will find
cartloads of coate, corda ot trowsers, and a
'tarnel pile of vests of every style 'and vrai
ety, -large enough and small enough, warm
enough and cool enough for any season. Our
stock of Furnishing goods is complete; con
sisting of Shirts,'Collars, Cravats, Wrappers,
Drawers, be, fee, in fact everything to fit out
a rasttD perfect order. Our motto is Quick
Sale and Small Prqfit ,und noeharge for show
ing our goods.
of all kinds, made to order. The Foreman ia
this department ia one of the best workmen
in obio.
Recollect the place, one door east of
Squires, and one door west of Wallack &
Cothu'o biore. This extensive stock ia under
the direction of our agent, Mr. Z. Greenwald,
of Ashland.
S. APPLE ft CO., Philadelphia.
Aprilfi, 1864. 4tf
ERNST BACHERER respectfully announ
ces to his friends and lovera ol good living
generally, that he haa made a complete reno-
vationin his establishment, one door west of
the McNulty House-, Ashland, Ohio, and will
keep constantly on hand daring the ensuing
summer every luxury usually found in this
N. B. Know all men. that no intoxicating
liquorwill be kept in my establishment.
Asiiano, March th, 1854. n4Z tl.
Dealer In Hooka, Stationery, Wall
Paper, Ac, Ac.
SCHOOL, Miscellaneous and Blank Booka;
Stationery and Fancy- articles. Have on
hand, and constantly receiving, the lateat pub
lications. Store two doors west of tbe Samp-
sell House.
Ashland, July 26, 1854. - 9 if -
ER, Dealer in Wetches.Jew
elry. Clocks, Yankee Notions, dec.
' Watches and Clocks repaired and
warranted. Highest price paid for
old Gold and. Silver. .Opposite the
Bampsel House.
Asbiaua, Ohio. dun irec is, m j.
Stabler' Dirrliee CorsUal.
IS a pleasant Mixture, compounded in agree
ment with the rales of PHarmacy. ortheraneu-
tie areata. Ions known and Telebrattd for tbeir
peculiar eoicacy in cttnne; JJifl nnnu-.At ug simi
lar affectious or the system. In its action, it
allits nciii and produces a healthy condition
of the LIVER, thus removin the cause at the same
time it cores the disease. - -
Stabler' Anodyne Cherry"Expectort
Isconfidentlyrecommended to invalids, as tun
RriniD by any known preparation, for the cure
of Caugkat Ifffaraenees, and otherformsof Cemmen
TION in an early stage, ami for the Relief of the
patient even in advanced stages oftbat fatal' "dis
ease. Itcombines.in ascientiflc tuanner. rsmclca nt
long esteemed valne, with others of more rtunt
discovery ; and besides its evething and fatcquali-
tiaa arl, Ihrn'thM akin aantli mnA .ith..t -.
ficacy, for the cure of this class of diseases.
The valuable Medicines above named have mum.
tly been introduced, with the approval of a num
tsr of our Medical frotau in the city of Balti
more and evey where, and in practice have succee
ded most admirably in curing the diseases for
"men xney are prescribed. . rney are oflered to
tbe country practitioners of Medicines which he
can in all respects depend upon as prepared ia
agreement with the experience of ' some of the
most learned and judicious fbysictans aad strictly
in conformity with the rules of Pharmacy, and
as especially serving his convenience, who can
not so readily as the City Physician, have his own
pre icriptioae compounded by a practical Pharma
See tbe descriptive Pamphlets, to be bad gratis of
all who have the Medicines for sale, containing
ecommendations from Doctors Man-rut, Ba.LT-
zkll, AnoiTiH. raTMi, Him, Love, dec- -
so Doctor S. K. Mabtih says, "I do not hesitate to
recommend your Diarrkma Cerdial and Jintnu
Ckerrj Eipteteramt,9 eye.
Doct John Adduor savs.' It eives me mnch
pleasure to add my testimony to that of others, an
favor of the txtrmr4in0.ry tfficcy of your Diarr-
cersiax, etc.; and ol tne nxptctarmnt, " I have
no hesitation in recommending it as a most valua
ble medicine,' ore
Doct. R A. Pa,TNS savs be has used the fiurr-
aats Cardial in his practice with the hannicst ef
feet, and thinks, it ona of the most convenient
and enjeient combinatidns eVer offered to our-pro-
fe.nirtn '
Doct. L. D. TfafcDT writes. "I have admlnlr..,.
ed youraadym Expectorant in several cases of
BronchiaAffection, with the assst happy ruaU-a,
aud from a knowledge of ifts admirtklm effect..
can. with the greatest 'confidence renmmn
it," etc.
Doct. w. a. Love writes to ns that he has ad
ministered the Expeetarant to his wife, who has
had the Brtnchitim for fturtaen far, and that
she is fast recovering from her long standing ma
lady, ft has in a few weeks done her more good
than all the remedies she has heretofore used an
der able medical counsel. -.
-Sixtckm of the best Apothbcabibs and Paaan
acxuTisTsin the City of Baltimore. "We areaatisG
etl tbe preparations known aa Stabler' jlnrndyw
Caerrv Expectorant aud Stabler' JMarrkata Car
dial, are medicines of Chat Valok- and sera ef-
Jtctent for the relief and cure - of tbe diseases for
which tbey are recommended; they bear the evi
dence of skill and care in their preparation and
style of putting up. and we take plead sure in. re
commending them."- - . -
Twbmtt Savsx of the most respectable Mbbch
abts, residents of MiTl.HD, Viboimia and Nous
Ciio lima, -who have sold and also used three
medicines themselves, say, From cm r own experi
ence and that of our cut tamer t, we do confidently
recommend them Pro Bono Publico. We have never
known any remedy used for the diseases for whicn
they are prescribed, to be so efficient, and to give
such entire satisfaction to all.
The above notices ofrecommendation from mem
of high standing, and MERCHANTS of the first
respectability, should -be sifficieirt to satisfy all,
that tbese medicinesare'aPertat; of trial bv the af
flcted,and thatthey are of a difTe'rent stamp and
claxs from thf, -Quackery" and "Cure Alls" so
much imposed upon the public. -
For Rale by Iiraggtsts, Apothecaries and coun
try Store-keepers generally.
-..-A ifljlery. iaiiilaiufU. - ;
A Revolution Is Certain, Victory I Ours.
NEW THEORY OF DISEASE is awakening the
inquiry in the minds of all who read it: How
it si that Americana- have been so long and so
slavishly immured in darkness and ignorance oa the
subject of disease. . " . .
is offered to the afflicted ol the States and Terri
tories'Tor the entire cure of Liver Complaints all
stages. Bilious Fever, Ague, and Fever, Chronic
Lung Fever, Dropsical Affections, Consumption,
Below Complaints Diarrhea, Dysentery, Rheuma
tism, Bleeding Piles Blind Piles, Scrofula, Salt
Rbeum, Dyspepsia. Genera- Debility, Nervousness.
CsstWeneea, indigestion, t Otstructed Menstrua,
lion, &c.
Dr. A. L. Adams' Liver Balsam has stood tbe
wrec and test for the last fifteen years, and has
proved to the moat skeptical, beyoud a sbadew of a
doubt, that it is -
The oaly Reliable Medicine Ever Discovere;'.
ibeina purely all vegetable.) for tbe permauent cure
of the above diseases. The most skeptical have be
come its most sanguine votaries, ana pronounced
the Liver Balsam to be the
Ouly Reliable H,i-biHger of He Ithtntlir
Testimonials -come op from every track it has
made, swollen with expressions of gratitude, tor
the relief received by-1ts use. And in subm itting
thiB, the Liver Balsam is recooiiueuded to all those
suffering under the - . - . r - ,
Or vP ofthe MO-R EDE- El K
and at once procure one bottle of Dr. A L. Adams'
Liver Balsam.
Tbe readers is referred to the Medical Tract
found by malting application to the Agent where the
balsam is sold, giving a lull epitomsof the cause
and cure Of all diseases; containing, also cert lo
cates from those wb baveteateit its unparalleled
acendancy over the diseased to whicn we are all
suhieci. .sold ny K. tl. i;hubb. M uo.. . aniauu
John MoCrorey, West Windsor; sturges eV Biglow
Alanstield; J. f. Msinets Kowsburg; J. 11
- Kaumeatdeddr Co.. Wooster
G. K. scott. General Agent, No. 07 Randolph
Street Gl'iaago, Illinois.
: February 1. 1854. n37 ly. : -.- , :
Jaundice, DyspepSia,l'b renie or !Vr
rsst Iebilit " lfmeaae of tlse Kidneys.
And all diseases arising from a disordered Liver or
Stomach, such as Constipation, Inward Piles,
"Fullness or Blood to the Heart. Acidity of the
.' Stomach. Nausea, Heart Burn, Disgust for Food,
Fulluess or Weight in the Stomach, Sour Eructa
tions, Kinking ur Flutteriug at the pit of tbe
-r Stomach, swimming of the Head, Hurried and
.. .Difficult Breathing, Fluttering el the Heart, Chok
ing or . Suffocating bensatiou when in a lying
posture. Dimness of Vision, Dots or Webs before
the Mght. Fever and Dull pain in the Head. De.
-- ficiency of Preapi ration. Yellowness jf the Skin
- and Eyes, Pain in the Side, Hack, C'best, Limbs,
ccc Sudden Flushes of Hea', Burning in the
Flrsb, c-onstaot Imaginings r Evil; aud Great
- Depression of Spirits, cau be effectually cured by
using. - -
Dr. Hoofland'o Celebrated German Bitters.
man Medicine Store, ISO Arch St. Philadelphia
Their power over the above diseases is not excelled,
if equalled, by any other preparation in tbe U- States
as the cure attest, in many caacs after skillful
physicians bad failed.
These Bitter, are worthy the attention of invalids.
Poaaessina ereat virtues in tbe rectification of dis
eases of tbe Liver aud lesser-glands, exercising the
most searching powers ia weakness and affections
of the digestive organs, they are withal safe, cer
tain and pleasant. -
R. B. Pica aura. Marietta, Ohio, Feb. IS, 1851. said
Your Bitters are highly prized by those who have
uswd them. In a case of Liver complaint, of long
standing, which had resisted tne skill oi several
Physicians, was entirely cured by ths use of five
bottles." c. L. uiau, freedom, i-onage co.,u.,
Anril 23. 1852. said: "The German Bitters you sent
mc last have not yet come to band. I have been out
of the article for some time, to tho great detriment
of invalids. It is a medicine much thought of and
sought alter in this commruity."
tf. M. HcTrnixso . h. d., Bedford, Cnyahoga Co.,
O. August 96, 1859, said: " The Bitters you ship
ped me in May last are all gone 1 think it a
good medicine, and I am recommending it to my
Datients and friends, f which I do lor no other pat
ent medicine.) You will please forward a large
S. Fbkkch. 'Wooster, O., flov. 30, 1653, said:
Ihave used some three or foor bottles of Hoo fi
end's German Bitters tor Dyspepsia, and derived
great bene fit from their use. I believe them to
e good for all diseases for which they are recom
mended.' ' ' " - .
Wm. Oti, Wooster - O., October a, 1858, said :
You ask me my opinion of tba German Bit
ters. I have used them for Dyspepsia and Indi
gestion, and take pleaa jre in stating that I think
they are the very best remedy extantfor the above
complaints tbey are decidedly in advance of all
the proprietary medicines of the day.
Mr. On ia a distinguished lawyer of Wooster.
These Bitters are entirely vegetable. They never
prostrate tbe system, but invigorate it.
For Salebv R. H. CHUBB de CO.. Ashland, and
by Druggists and dealers in medicines everywhere.
Asniana ran. 1. nav ty, . - .
Office Franklin A Warren M.R. C
FBaBBLiB, Portage CO., Ohio, Sept. 96, inpj- i
aCEMtq A T a meeting of "lr"'
?,aiygA tor of the F. 4 w- R
held June 11. 1853. the following assess
ments upon Stock suhscrintions were made, viz:
Ten percent, parable July 1st, 1853, and an assess,
ment often per cent, at the end of each succeed
ing sixty days, until the whole amount is paid.
Three instalments are therefore now due. to wit:
Tbe first when subscribed, (by the charter.) the
second July 1st, tnd tbe third. August 31st.
Subscribe! s in Ashland village aud oounty are
respectfully requested to immediately pay all
instalments now due, and as they hereaUer he-
come due, at the Banking House or burner, i-raii
dr. Co., Ashland unless called upon by ths Collec
tor. '
j"'' -'- -r ' 1 a. " f nit til f,
JIJvMLV .i r'. r
mmm )
Carter's Spanitiii TljxIUre.
AS Infallible Remedy for Scrofula, King's Kvil
Rheamatism, Obstinate Cutaneous Kniptiesta;
Pimples or Pustyes on lbs Fsce.- xUotches. Soala.
Chronic Sore yes. Ring Worm or Tetter. ttcalA
Head, Enlargement and Pain of the Boaes at
Joints, btubbom Ulcers, Syphilitic Disorders,
Lumbago, Spinal Complaints, and all Diseases
arising from an injudicious ef Mersnry,' Im
prudence in tafe, or Impurity of tbe Blood- - ,
This valuable Medicine, which has become cele
brated for the number of extraordinary curse ef
fected through its agency, has inducsd the pso
prietors, at the argent request of their frieods, to
oner it to tba public, wbic they do with tats at
most confidence in it virtues and wonderful cura
tive properties.. Tbe following certificates. aalact;
sd from a large number, are, however, stranger
testimony than the meTe- word of the proprietors ;
and are all Irom gentlemen well known ia their
localities, and of the highest respectability, auy
of them residing in the city of Hiehmuad.'Va.
'. F. Botb-bs, Esq. .-of the Exchange Hotel. Rich,
mond, known every where says he has see'Oj the
Medicine called Carter's Spanish Mixture adminl
terecrin over a hundred cases. in nearly all the diaC
eases for which it is recommsuded, with the most
astonishingly good results. Be savs ft is the meet
extraordinary meduine he haseverseea
Aoca ikd Fsvsa Gbkst (-on. i hereby certl
fy, that for three years 1 had Ague and Fever of the
most violent description. I had several Physici
ans, took large quantities of Quinine. Mercury,
and I believe all tbe Tonics advertised, but all
without any permanrnlTelieC At lasr I tries Car
tsr's Spanish Mixture, two bottles of which effect,
nally cured me, and I am happy to a) I have haat
neither Chills or Fever since. I consider it the best
Tonic in the world, aad ths only asedlclae- that
ever reached my case.
- J. B. Loi re Esq., now iu ths 'city of Richmod
iwi J j caii ib incrviivuLW, aaiiutiEV,
fidence in the astonishing efficacy af Carter's
Spanish Mixture, that he has bouchi cowards of sor
bottles, which be has given away to the atsictadi
nr. loci says ne has never 'sows It to rail whan
taken according to directions.
Dr. Mi bob. a practicing Physician, and fornserty
of thety Hotel, in the city of Richmond,, sera
he has witlieaaN! In a iianHa- nf inal.apaa (k.
effects el farter's Spanish Mixture which were
most truly surprising. Ha says ia a Cass ilCai
sumption, dependent on the Liver, the good effects
were wonderful Indeed. .
KainiL M DarBxaa.of the firm ef Drinker fc
Morris, Richmond, was cureat of Liver Complaint
of 8 years standing, by the ass oi two bouus of
Carter's fspauisb Mixture. .
G' in "en or huoraiav Tba Editors of the
Richmond Hepublicaa liad a servant employed ia
their press room, cured of violeut Scrofula, com.
bined with Rheumatism, which entirely disabled
him from work. Two bottles of 2arter's Spanish
Mixture made a perfect cure of him, and ths Edi-
nr. ins nMhlii. nnlir mmw Ika r.ttmtn II i i
mend it to all who are afiiictcd with any disease
tbe blood." . - -
Still Abotbbb tZcas or Sraortt'La. I hadevety
valuable boy cured of Scrofula by Carter's Span
ish Mixture. 1 consider it truly a valuable medi
cine. James M. Taylor, fonducter on the B. F. 4c
P. R. R. So., Richmond. Va.
Mr. John Tsomfsob. residing ia tbe city of Rich
mond. was cured by threo bottles of Carter's Span
ish Mixture, of Salt Rheum, which ha had aaatiyM
years ana suit, ail xne pnasicians ot tea city
could not cure. Mr. Thompson is a well ksaws
merchant in the city of Richmond, Va., aad, hie
cure is most remarkable.
Wbt. A. MaTTiiaa, of Richmond, had a servant
cured of Syphilis, '"tbe worst form, by Cartes'
Spanish Mixture. As-says he cheerfully recom
mends it. and consider n an invaluable uedieias.-
RirtTaBD E West, of Richmond, was cured of
Scrofula, and What Physicians called confirmed
consumption, by three bottles of arter,s Spanish
Edwib Bobt, commissioner of "the levsaa.
says be baa seen the good effects of Carter's Spanish
Mixture in a number of Syphilitic cases, aad says
it is a perfect care for that horrible disease.
Wat. G. Habwoob, or Richmond, cured of Old
sores and Ulcers, which disabled him Irom walk
ing. Took a few bottles of Carter's Spanish Mia
ture. and was euabled to walk without a crutch,
in a short time permanently cured.
Principal Depots at M. W&bs Clos 4c Co., Ha.
S3, Maiden Lane, New York.
T.-w. Dtott fc Sons, Ko. 139, Horth M Street.
Philadelphia. - ,
Uenkett dr Bscxs, K 0.125, Mala St., Richmond,
Virginia. :
And for sale ty R. H. Caoaa, Asblaad, B. B See,
ck Co. Savanna. i.KsBMiiaeaa, Hayeevilie, J. Horv
maw, Jeromeville, AnerasoB dt Rowan. Loudon.
vine, anaireaiexa in laeaicuaes every waers.
Jaa. jd,'S-i. BUI . '
. ' J.
Philadelphia Mea( House Kslsjiished ti
jears ago, by Dr. KINKELIN, corner oi Thirr
and Union atreeta, between Spruce Pises
Philadelphia, Pa. :
Invalids .are apprised that Dr. KiBelia con
fines his practice to a particular branch of med
icine which engages his undivided attentions
He cations tbe unfortunate against the abuse
ol mercury thousands are annually mereunal-
nont nnt nr Ilia,. kar.ant attaM-tiaita ara nramnt
y extmgoised. . Twenty years of Experience -
in the treatment of a class ot diseases imbeito
neglected and imperfectly understood, has em
nbifd Dr Kiakelia, (Author of a work on Self
Preservation,) to prove that nine-tentbh of the
causes M nervous debili y, local end eonsiith-
tioaal weakness, mental abd phttieal auSer"-
ing. are traceable to ceitaia habits, formiag the
most secret yet deadly and lata, springs el
domestic l.ieerv anv prematura mortality.-'.
Take Particular Aotire There is aa evil ha
bit eumtttimes indulged ia by boys, in solitude, -..fti-n
growing up with them to to ahood, and
which if not relormed it dne time.'.it not only
begets -serious obstacles to matrinn Biai happi
ness, bol gives ris to a series of protracted,
infliduons nil devaatalinn :ifiectiolis. Few aal
those who give wa to this pernicious piae
tice are aware of the consrqneaees, until tbey
find the nervous system shalte-red. feel straage
and unaccountable fellings, and vague fears
in the mind.
The unfortunate thus affected becomes fee
ble, is uni-bie to labor with accustomed vigor,
or to apply his mind to stady ; bis step is tar
dy and sent, he is -dull, irresolute, aad en
IS K pa a,a.i.,
If he emancipate himself before, the prac
hus done its worst, aad enter matrimony, bis
marriage is anlruitfuLand hia sense tels bin that
this i caused by his fol lies early . These are col
siderations which should awaken the atteattoe
of those similarly situated. - r
... Marriage requires the fulfillment of several
conditions, in order that it may be really the
cause of mutnai happiness. . .Coeltl -the- veil
which covers the origin of domestic wretched
ness be raised, and its true source. in every in
stance disclosedin how many could it be
traced to physical disqualificationa aad their
attendant disappointments! Apply then while
t is yet time, in order to kite yonr unstrung
and relaxed organization rebraced , from making
your case known to one who, from education
and respectability, can certain! v be revivified.
nd strengthened.
Remember that he who plsces himself aa-
der Dr. Kiaelin'e treatment, may relieieestr
confided in his honor as a gentleman, and rely
npon the assurance, tnat the secrets ol Dr. Jk.'a
patients will never be rMselosed. '-
young man let ne false modesty eeter von
from making your ease known to one wb-.
trom education aad respectibinty. can cartel sa-
1? befriend yo.
Too many think tbey will cosseeal the secret! .
in their own hearts, and core themeeivee.
Alast how often is this a fatal delasioa, tad
how many a promising young man, who might
have been an ornament te society, haa fades,
from the earth. -
Strictures ef the arelbra are rapidly removed
by the application ef a new thcrspeatical
agent, used onjy by Dr. K. Weakneo east
Consfi'ftaiiaaaf debility frwmfHj eutod, eind Juli
vigor restored.
. Country Invalids can havej by stating tbeir
case explicitly, together with all tbeir symp
toms, per letter- enclosing a rsmittance) Ur.
KVs medicine, appropriated accordingly. -
Forwarded to any part of the United States,
and packed secure from DAMAGE or CUAlOtf-
ITY. - -"
. R 12.1 D!
Tenth end Manhood a nigorone life e promm.
tnra Death Ktnkelin on Belt irn satisa . Only
25 eta. -.-'-. '
It is a work eminently required, as a aossa
of reform ing tbe vices of the sgs ia whick
lire. Also,
JV ta B v aa msr aauasaav, . . ; . .
With rnlee for the Prolongation of Life, foot rem
- the frets.
A letter with a remittance ef 5 cents, is
the vain, in poat stamps, sddressed te Dr. Kin.
elm, Philadelphia, Pa , will eecare a copy o .
either of the above books by retarn mail j e'
IS copies will be sent f-e or postage for ml
Booksellers. Canvassers, Travelling Areata
See ,aupplied wholesale at the publisher's pri
ces. which simit of a large i roCt. sas AL
Utters mvet be post paid. ' -
March 22nd. 1254. lye"
-Admimiatrstter's Notice. . -
THE undersigned has been duly appointed
and qualified as Administrator ef the estate
of Henry D. Over, late of Parry township, Ash
land county, Ohio, decsassd.
- avail, v
Aagust 16, 1864. twit

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