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To baxxiag, feathering, filthy race I
" With open Band I'll giv you ehasa, -TMikilliotnttiil
my c. ' "r
A Pm a slna-r ; "
- X,ea should I fail to aak for grace
Over my dinner.
f - - - . -
' Ton ktn no Manner a at a whit I ...
Bight aa my podding there yea alt, .
. Aa Uyoa ewneditavary bit,
. . . The dish and all ;
Bat faith 111 giv. you such a hit.
I fneaa y ouU fall.
Down thara yon go, plump In the bntterl
Mow bun and kick and sprawl aad splatter.
Tore welcome low te frik and Bo tier,
And bite 1 ,11 risk y a ;
T.u'er safe aa drunkards in the fatter,
Skicfulofwhisky r
.--.-- - -
: Miad there, Mima Fly, what yoo,re about I
That not contain! notraim nor kroot,'
w ad when-you'reta yon HI find It out i
-a - - t Sy strength of murtard -';
.-? Hniv faith, I'm gladyon took that routef
' And mlaaad the cnataxd. '
. affav-s.' c j '
With eyea protruding from y our patea, .
.Tm cling like "setter" to the plate, ;
. -v." Kapaciaily to Mistress "Kate;" .
t . - - That aecma to pleaae you,
---. ' But, faith, you'd better IcaTa the State, '
. , . Than have her aeise job-
Mr. Stanton, Sbolea writes a3 follows
to the National Intelligencer of August
In Septorrrber, 1791, 'we entered tho
mighty waters of the great river Ama
zon, ot south America, and moored our
ship far up the river, near its left bank,
and abreast of a plantation. My ob-
Iject.in recurring to this part of my jour
nal 19 to show my views of the connex
ion of the waters of the great Amazon
of South America with those of the
Gulf Stream of the North Atlantic
Ocean. After that voyage to the Ama
zon I made several voyages to the Cay
enne, the Surinam, and tho Demerara
rivers, so that I became well acquainted
with the coast as well as the interior of
the country, , . -
1 will now fcivo my views to prove
that the waters of tho Gulf Stream are
nothing more nor less than tho waters
of jtho river Amazon. This great father
of waters is bedded mote than one thou
sand miles immediately under tho equa
tor, and all its tributary streams for
many thousand miles . are constantly
pouring their hot water into this mighty
reservoir of water. As these waters are
gathered in under the burning sun of
the equator, it is extremely warm ; far
Ivies' Qtpxtmtxit
Mrs. Stowe's new work, " Sunny
Memories of Foreign Lands," is attract
ing very general attention, and is re
ceived with much favor by the - Ameri
can press and people. The following
extract will be worth a little reflection
on -the part of oar American ladies. It
is really a jiractical question of great im-
'Qar&iuare, $zt.
Foreign and Domestic Harlware! -
INVITES the attention of the Hardware buy
ing community, to hi immense and unri
valled Stock now arriving and conaiat of ev
ery article kept in a Hardware Store. Farming
and Mechanics Toola, House furnishing goods,
building materials, together with the largest
and beat aelected Stock of Iron and Naila ever
hrniiffht tn fhia Dlaco. Swedes. Nail. Hood.
DOrtance to US. to settle satisfactorily Sheet. Rod and Bar Iron of extra qualities,
, , . Rash, Glass, Doors, Putty, large and varied a-
111(7 JCQDUU W11JT aUiCvau i. uiuuu v
fade, and lose their personal beauty, in
comparison with the ladies of -England
and indeed of Europe generally. But,
hear what Mrs. Stowe has to say about
it: .
" A lady asked mo this evening what
I thought of the beauty of the ladies of
the English aristocracy ; sue was a
Scotch lady, by the by, so the question
was a fair one. I replied, that certain
ly report had not exageratcd their
charms. Then came a homo question
how tho ladies of England Compared ble Steel Axe. Broad Axes and Adzes, Sheep
:!. ! lo.-o. rvf A-noT-Inn Nnw fnr Bells, Log and I race Chains, Mill
sortment of 'Locke and Latdhes, Butts and
Screwa all aizes and discriptiorrs, Sadlery
Hardware and Findings, Toola, &c.
Coach natters and Trimmers
will find it to their advantage to buy their
Stock of me. In their line, Oil and Enamelled
Top Leather, Clothe, Laces Damark,Moss, etc.,
Springs and Axles, Mallablo Top and Prop
Irons, Slc, Carriage and Tire Bolts, 11 to 6
inches long, Brass Banda all aizes, Oil Cloth.
White Lead, Dry and in Oil, Paints, Varnish
es, Turpentine and Oil, Paint, Varnish and
Dust Brushes.
Pump, Tubing, (Chain Double Galvanized)
best article in town, whecla and fixture com
plete. Roger's St' el cultivator Teeth, Wings
and Plowand Hammer Moulds, Shovels, Hoes,
Forks, Rakes, Sythes, Snaths. White's Dou-
Whea la my chair I take my doae..
Yoa parch on-self right on my nosa,
- -Or elae yon creep beneath my clothes,
' "' And act uncivil ;
"Yon would disturb in bis repose .
The Tery devil.
i.- . ; I --.. f ...... ik.
it, patriotism,' said 1 to mysell; and, good ones in town. Butchers Filea and Rasps
nd Chisels.
mnrtt an rfiAn tha Ar.1n.ntin tlnpnn- wnfira
under the equator. This great body of invoking to my aid certain fair saints of a
heated water shoots out into the Atlan- my own country, whoso faces I distinct-
tio more than a hundred miles, in the My remembered, i assured her mat j. iiaa
face of the eternal trade winds. The never seen more Deauuiui women man
A mnn ciVt.tr m;ia m-,1, nJ ' nfw I had in America. Grieved was I to bo
JbiuCfalo, 3J"o-vjcr Yorlt.
Importeri Alaanlactnren, Cam
minion merctaanta and. Dealers In
rviT takiett or
English, German, French and American
THIS House having the largest and most va
rious stock in the United States, are fur
nishing Hardware Merchants, Contractors,
Tinners &c, with everything they want on as
good or better terms, than they can buy in New
YorA, Boston, or elsewhere. They invite in
vestigation. JAMES M. ALLEN,
Fredericktown, Ohio,
6mo-n3 Traveling Agent.
Ton should not bite young laaaea so.
Through stocking boles about the toe ;
Yoa know they'd blush befoTabau,
To stop and scratch It ;
.Knowing that's tender toe,
Toer imprudence I can't abide ;
' Mis Piieal if yoa had abame or pride, -My
pen yoa would notfthua bestride
- Without a aaddle ;
And while I write, atick on to ride, -
Squaw like, a-atraddle,
O for one eold December aiht '
' 'With stormy wind that flercTy fight.
To dclvethe hateful plagues from sight.
Back to old "Ceiro," -
- Where Moses callsd them forth fo bito
The hoat of Fhareob..
- From an article on " "West Point navigation.
being belted in its irresistable course, it obliged to add, ' but your ladies
curves off to the left and scuds off be- "eir beauty much later and longe
fore the strong trade winds till out of This fact stares one m ine lace in every
tlreir reach. Driven along with great company ; one meets ladies past fifty,
I - -i, ; .j fflowinff. raaieni anu otoouiiusr,
i VC. a w vaavo its vuuioo uiuuuu uu i a A . . 1f
I v.. a u freshness ot comciexion ana iunness oi
J . . I Jl. C .1. T .. . n ninfamnUfii
tmenta F North and Konth America. oumuo rcu v vUUa.t.. v.
! n,oi,; ,fT,. ,ot 1 Whatman bo the reason? Tell us,
q. a a : u i Muses and Graces, what can it be ? Is
UUUtu Atiici tva an- uaosiui' iu iuc . ivu- i . - - .
ward of the West India Islands, it leaves ttu conservative power oi sea-iogs anu
the shore of Cuba, and proceeds along coal-smoke the same cause that keeps
the shores of Florida, the capes of Vir- turf green, and makes the holly -and
. . . .. . . . i ; n .,, v
avim and tha annfh finaof aF Atrh I IVY UUU11DU
America, and, passing the shores of New- How comes it that our married ladies
foundland, ends its mission among the dwindle, fade and grow thin that their
ic-Mol. flnof. nt ,.f N-rtl,nn noses moliue to sharpness, and their el-
Ocean. Cut off the Uulf Stream, and DOWB l ai.i,
it wonld not ha mtnv veara befor the lite when their island sisters rouna out
I I . a a 1 1
Knrtli AtUnfiV MnU K filing ttWTi 1V0. into a comlortaDie ana Decoming am-
beres that would be verv destructive to pUtude and iunness r xi 10 is ine log
? . - .. 1 1 ! 1 . 1 I. I ... . ,J
I -i i r rt . I rn chfill nvor nnia nt with them.
mu vaaec Jiie, in tue Angus uuiuucc i j . - , . ,
Sheen Shears.
. XT ' -&fii.i Tr : m..n..,.. 1 i;
Ten different Branda, prices from 37, to $10 UHCU iail iUdlllCSSCa dllU ueuuiii.
OUR Mattresses and curled hair having taken
Diplomas and Medals by competition in the
principal Statesin the Union and alo having been
t,jje j But perhaps there may be other causes
.of Putman's Magaxine, we extract kaok 0f the cold Atlantic to its destina- country which starts some of the
-passage relative to appointments, which t;on where, after spending its
may be. useful to young aspiring genius. warmth among tho icebergs, it is hurried
We have known mors than, one smart away by a new supply ot native warm
.young gentleman give way before the J water from the great Amazon. Seamen
. - ordeal of initiation and first year's drill: JB i V i a Vv.
' "How can I become a Cadet ?" is LrftfA,nir,r,1;(i s.i, tllA ;arnm nf acrid poison of saleratus, something
-question very prone to rise zn a "young Und ll-irio Being is wonderfully dis
Amencan's mind when stirred by fifes -,iavpj ;n thpRn ,j- v
Aaajeamertv -jjrieny jnna. nor eacn ,1.:- flt hnAv n wat. t, ap.
course so soon as it is free from
the-confines'of its great reservoir.
Undoubtedly this view will be new to
some readers, but what I have written
is from experience, and was seen while
I was roving upon the mighty deep
The Gulf Stream I repeat, is nothing
more nor less than the waters of the
great Amazon, of South . America. I
have crossed it in many places, and for
many years have glided through its
warm water, always pleased to hare it
astern. .The most violent storms from
whatever quarter they may come, never
ohange its course or its current, but it
continues to more on in that irresista
ble Power abovo.
;,.i I most beautiful girls in the world produce
" I - . . t TI .
so few Deautnui women, aiave noi our
close-heated stove-rooms something to
do with it? Have not the immense
amount of hot biscuits, hot corn cakes,
and other compounds got up with the
do with it ? Above all, has not our cli
mate, with its alternate extremes of heat
and oold, a tendency to induce habits of
in-door indolence r Climate, certainly,
per pair. If you want a good article 1 have
them and the best in town, and they are going
last. Also wool twine and cord.
Block Tin, Lead, Lead Pipe, Zinc, Sad Irons,
Tiners Wire, Gun Barrels made of Lake feu-
aerior Iron, Loz, Brass Castings and Triminga
cheaper man eiaewnere.
It yoa want a Rood pair civo me a call, 1 ac
knowledge I have the only cood onea in towi
A Tew of those nice Carpenters Slick's Framing
Chisels, extra Last steel Augurs,
flench and Idoldlnsr Plains. Bills.
warranted, Brunawick Tea and Table Spoons,
1 auie ana rocket cutlery.
Brass, Pillar and Chamber Candle SticJts and
Snuffer, and Tongs, Waffle Irons, Brass Ket
tles, Steelyards, Molaases Gates, Pugh's Augur
Bitts, Hunt's Hatchetls, Bracea and Bitta, prices
range from 40 cts. to $12 ; Exclsior Sand Paper,
&pmt i.eveis, &aw Handles.
The half ia not enumerated in this 'ist, tut
those in want of any articles in the Hardware
Line, will do well lo call before purchasing;
myStoci being entirely new," and aelected with
great care for this market, enables me to sell
better and cheaper than they do elsewhere.
KzTKellogg's Building one door above P.
K J. Kisser's More.
Ashland, May 17, 1854. 52tf
Awarded the Prize JUed&l at the World's Fair
London as the very bet article manufactured, are
confidently offered to the community aa a great
desideratim for pure sweet sleep.
Thepiacessby which our hair is manufactured
entirely precludes the possibility of moth or other
insect annoyances engendering therein as proved
by the severest tests of analization and by testimo
nials from the lirst chemists of the age, from which
we extract as follows-:
Experiment has demonstrated that the puriying
agent made use of in manufacturing your patent
carted hair is especially destructive of animal
life, that it has the faculty of bleaching and clean
ingthe fibre, and that it is the most powerful die
Infecting body at present known to science.
ProfessorofCbmistry and Toicology in the
Medical College of tho London Hospital.
To Western Merchants
fTHB subscriber would call the attention of deal
J. er generally to the extensive arrangements they
nave mane lor tne importation and aale oi uriusn
French, and German Dry Good.
Having a buyer permanently located in Eu
rope, whose entire attention will-be given to the
selection of Good for our sale, we shall be in re
ceipt of new and desirable Dress Goods by each
YY bite Cioods, Husierr, Shawls fc Notions,
-will be found complete. Also, a large variety
vi diick ana coiorva bilk. Dallas, etc, Uioltts,
Cassimere and Vesting, Linens, Drillings, etc,
dec. andTailor's Trimmincscenerallv.
Always on hand all leading styles of Domes
tic uuoas, Dieecnea ena crown
Cottou, Drills, Ticks, Stripes, Denims
with a choice assortment of Merrimack and Co-
cnecc rrmts, Lancaster Ginghams, dec, e.
The Clothing Department (under the firm oft.
rl TLia es Lo.,) will embrace a great variety of
well juaae (rarments, sucb-aa canuot Mil to give
We invite the attention of cash and ahort time
fry We have also secured the services of W.
L hTKO.NG. Hate of Mansfield. Ohio.1 who will
take greet pleasure in showing you through our
stock ; when you visit this market, please favor
mm wiiu a call.
L. O- WH.SOK a r.rt
No. 12 CoCKTLAH n ST., ARB 11 AMD 13 DT ST., B.
January 25, 1854. ly. "
I cheerfully slate that the article submitted to
your process must be pure and aweet and will be
found of great value and from proof exhibited to
me I am confident that the process employed ex
ceed all ether methods of preparation.
W. BEACH, M. D.,
Sew York.
We also keep constantly on hand a full supply
of Pillowa and Bolsters, under Mattrassea and
Bedding of all descriptions and a large assortment
of Wall Paper and Window Shades, upholstry
goods, curtains, lounges, dec, dec.
Orders respectfully solicited and promptly at
tended to.
42 Pullea Block Bank st.
Cleveland, Ohio.
Juue 4, 1854. n2tf
Congressional District one Cadet is al
lowed, whose appointment is praticallj
ib tne em ot ttitf xvepresenure in uotx-
eress from that Diatriot. Contingencies
.considered', vacancy occurs about once
in three Tears for each, district. Bo,
-jraeriflfc, your appointment depends first
on there being a racaney Tor your xis-
trict, and secondly on your wortny or un
worthy M. C. The President maxea
twelve, appointments at large each year,
but as yoa Talue your peace of mind, do
not hope te be one of Jus elect. -And bo
not of er-aanguiae on any score, for it is
aid that daring the Mexican war, nearly
ton thousand applications were made
'daring a single year, if I remember cor
rectly. Appointments ail eome from tne
Secretary of war, to Whom ft formal ap
.plication should be made : oat your M.
J- really, selects for appointment now ow uTing; u some one oi our navai gen
far more vital auestibn for you to con- I tlemen would- aift-- theso suggestions.
aider ia whether you - are fit to d- J nd cast overboard whatever ia chaff:
pointed...?- Of ninety-six "Candidate ap- j remembering, however,- that they have
pointed in the classof i850.only twenty-1 come : from, the hand;. of ono who has
fe.gradaa(ed, in.rgeneralLy. oolj: from st.00d tnojrheel through many a ra-
fiaif to a tnird of inose nrst appointed elu- nMii.uu,uu.tnu,iie gram
JaoSf iha Cadet to don' the'.Brayet." pnde in our 'young naval .officers, who
:TAfrgra; exainmatioii fteri aigni; wJl be the pride and bulwark of our na- late a cagual i terview 1 chanced to have
with ail liaglish lady, in going up in the
express train from London to York.
Her husband had bought a book at the
stand as we were about starting, and re
marked to her that " it was one of her
favorite American authors Hawthorn."
in America is the multiplication of wa-
iA,.miM oaf oTUalimTiT a nr ri ArA mil 1ftdlf9.
- It would be Tery rleasincr to me fper-1 ;e
haps one of the, oldest seafaring men I idea as to the necessity of fresh air, reg
ular -exercisa-simple diet, and tlie laws
of hygiene in general."
From Mr. HoIcomVs Address before tba Maryland
Agricultural society. j
As showing the in! erest English la
dies take in agriculture, I cannot but re-
Las a great deal to do Wltn It ; Ours IS TNVITE the attention of the People in thia
evidently more trying ana more ex- -on
hausting : and because it is so, we should
not pile upon its back errors of dress
and diet which . are avoided by ' our
neighbors. They keep their beauty be
cause they keep tbeir nealtu. it nas
been as remarkable as anything to me,
since I have been here, that 1 do sot
constantly, as at home, hear one and an
other spoken of as in miserable health,
as very delioate, &o. Health seems to
be the rule, and not the exception. -. For
my part, I must say, the most favorable
omen that I knew of for female beauty
gressional District, to their immense
Stock of Hardware just received, consisting or
every article in the 1 Taae. used by the most ex
travagant as welljia the most economical purch
aser, whether Building Hardware, Mechanics
Tools, House-keepers articles, or Farming Iin-
pnmenta. Jo any of the above goods, we have
a larger stock than any one Store in Mansheld
or Wooater, and as it haa Ions since been ac
knowledged by every body, that we sell better
good lor the tame money, xatn either Mansheld
or Wooster can do ; all we ask ia, that Buyers
will consult their own interest, by making an
examination of etrr Stock, before purchasing
eiaewnere. jiu gooat sold by ns, it not tound
as represent ed can bo returned.
Adjoining the Bank
May 3, 1854. . - - abOtf
30 doa. Sheep Sheara, the only good onf in
i faa ezeuni for ioien neophytes, and as I tional defence. God grant it 1
. many more exiupit suca inaosynoaoics in
eeading, writing, orthography and arilh
ioeiie, that the unsympathizin'g Academ
ie Board onletlv remand them baok to
'itizenohipt ..Then comes the January
examination, when tne algebraio wrecks
are consigned in fearful numbers, to the I stone peaches. To one gallon of good
parental underwritorg. Ho too in June vinegar add four pounds of brown su
and January, even to the last, the i!l-bal- gar; boil this for a few minutes, and
.lasted, the weekhelmed, the mal-adapted take off any skum which may rise. "Bub
rre singled out from among their stout-1 the peaches with a flannel cloth to re-1
er fellows, and witn stern lustiee are move tne down, and stick a- elove in I
banished from seM too rough for them. I each ; pnt them in glass or stone jars,. j and she handles the 'scissors' for
Pickled Peaches. Select ripe cling
" Silver Steel and Cast Steel Scythes,
50 dox. Assorted kinds, Scythe Snaths.
40 do Hay and straw Forka, best cast steel.
60 do 1 uttle's Cast Steel Hoes.
- 6 do Socket's CastSteel Hoes, the bestever
20 dox. No. 1. Hy Rakes.
20 do No. 1. Scythe Rifles.
20 do No. l.ScythStones,6 to 9 inches long.
100 dox. Door Locks from 23 ets. to 1, each.
ICO do Door Latches from 10 cts. to Zo cts.
100 do Loose Joint, harrow,wrot & caat Butts.
1000 Gfo. Gimlet Point Screws.
300 Gala. Linseed Oil.
.100 Kegs Pure White Lead.
100 Boxea assorted sizes Glass.
Ann IK. P in R I orlrl spa
I casually observed, 41 1 was pleased to 5000 Lights Sash, all aizes. '
see young American authors found ad- I ALSO,
nurers With Jinglish ladies,". When the Doors. Paint, Brushes, Sash Fasteners. Butch-
Conversation turned on books and au- -' Files (rn any quantity,) Speare, Saws, all
thors. . But I said to myself pretty
soon, " this ia a literary lady probably
her husband is an editor or reviewer.
.3L?he martial aspirant should consider and pour the liquor upon them boilin
; -rthe-e things before beooming a Cadet, hot. When cold," cover tho jars, am
, ' ana - remembering veil mat tjaaeisnip let tnem stand in a cold - place for a-
. is no mere holiday' training, on refined 1 week or ten days, then pour off the li
peacockism. but a four years of discipline quor and boil it as before, after which
.to body, mind and heart, severer by far return it, boiling, to the peaches, which yersation could only turn on crops or
a. I . 1 . 1 1 1. tail t..a . t I - -T - . .
inan any ouer eaucationai course in our snouia De careiuuy coverea ana storea cattle, then I should feel quite at home."
land involves. L- But if a sentiment of away for future nse.' : If 'ydim peaohes I finally pointed 'out a field of wheat,
vigorous manhood, a eorage patiently to are very hard 'boil them in. water, till and remarked it was very fine. The la
endure present triat. for future; good, tender, before you pickle them, and they dv carefully observing it, said : "Sir, I
him ; at all events, I must retreat from
this discussion about authors, modern
poets, and poetry. . What should a far
mer know critically of suoh things ? If.
I was only in those fields if the con-
and above all, if an orderly seal for in
tellectual culture and hardihood are liv
ing facts iu his nature, then I know not
. ;how else a youth can- become so much
Amu, as by a West Joint education.
- The editor's table of the Knickerhock'
erha the subjoined morceau :
A young gentleman, a member of
will be fit for use almost immediately.-
national Uooc Hook. .. . .
There is no better pie or tart in winter
than that made from properly preserved
tomatoes. ,. Care should be taken to se
lect good, sound fruit, when they should
be put down m sugar by the usual pro
cess of stewing, and put away in stone
jars with the custoinary care. They
-it , , " nj t it-, muo uub uuiy au ciuviiciiii pie, uu. a
uur cuuckv, wm iai.ciy ucucu tur iua Ivi ' . .- , ,
3-: 1. j - t,- I wuuicwjiiiej pie, 11 uuy uia.enai uau uo
. . . . j 1 . 5 this.: Germantown Telegraph.
room at night and letting them down in
the morning, by means of a' rope and a
basket arranged from his window. Of
-course a great deal of gossiping conver
sation was the consequence. The fol
lowing colloquy ocourred between two
young ladies: Jane do you really
.believe that students draw girls up to
their rooms ?" " Certainly, my dear :
'more than that ' I know they do."
-llowr' '-Well,! was going by the
-eollege one morning ; it was just before
light : -'twas very early in the morning ;
and I heard a noise in the direction of
.one jof the college buildings. I. looked
that way, and as plain as I see now, I
aw :s girl in a basket about half way
fxpm a threes tory window to the ground
and just then- the rope 'broke' and down
J. earner Ohi Jane.
JC2T"A gentleman in an eating house,
the other day, looked in vain for a bill
of fair. Not finding one, he inquired of
of a waiter, a new comer, who was yet
hardly initiated into the mysteries of his
vocation, Willyou bring a programme?'
" Yes, sir," he replied; " will you have
it boiled or roasted ?u The gentleman,
fearing it might be rather indigestible,
declined both propositions. - - - .
" Pa," what la punctdation 1" " It's
the art, pf, putting, stops." - "Then I
wish- you would go - down in the sellar,
and : punctuate . the, 'cock of the cider
barrel,' as Jhe oideris running all over
- To Make an Excellent Apple Pud
ding. Take one pint of scalled milk,
half a pint of Indian meal, a tea-spoon
full of salt, and six sweet apples cut in
to small pieces, and bake not less than
three hours. The apples will afford an
excellent rich jelly. .
A Bemedt. Dear Telegraph: See-
mg you pnae yourseu somewhat upon
your medical family"' receipts by which
benefitted myself, I : will send you one
which I thoroughly tried for colds, rhu-
matism, summer complaint in children,
anji I may say any inflamatory disease,
also dyspepsia.: ihe dose m six (not
more) drops of pure brandy, three times
a day or oftener. ' For threatening lock
jaw, sudden or violent oold ; one drop
for a child one year old. Laugh, but
try it. uermantoum lelegraph.
u , . n 1 1 i
jjitiiiscs iflii vuiv.-iiiiuuBii every l , - - , s . , , 0
- . n .. . I whnc a. hfIn-mat n haa lti her r .
bruises and cuts, yet few know how aim- not an extraragant wife ther, not an
pie it is made. A phial with the bios- ormune about her." The train stop-
somsofSt. John's Wort, (Hyperieum Pd at York; no sooner had my travel-
nfirforLnm nnrl ant.nrnterl with oliv mg Companions Btepped upon the plat-
oil, will if riWA 5n tha mn. make fo.r? than I noticed they were surround-
nJ n;i f . rJ ;t, ed by half
- 1
kinds Shoemaker's Stock and Tools, all kinds
saddler's stock and tools.
200 Kegs assorted Nails, tnarranted.
100 Tons Sweeds and Pittsburgh Iron, tcar-
r antra.
100 Bundles Russia Nail Bod.
50 Pair Seat and Carriage Springs, at Pitts-
burgh prices-! that is so 1
1 dox. Boring Machines, less than 1 1 each.
The above gooda with a large variety of
every thing elae, must be sold, and persons
wanting Hardware can buy or ns, cheaper and
oeiter goods than any wnere elae.
- ' Adjoining the Bank
May 3, 1854. ' nSOtf
Table Cutlery.
T"E can and willaell Knives and Forks
VV per cent, cheaper than anr Hardwa
Store ui Mansheld or Wooater ever did. will
or can, if yoa doubt it, come and bay some,
taat much lower in in a oi this I
May 3, 64.-6tf Adjoining the Bank.
Farmers, Head This!!
jons & A I.LE A
Dealers in Hardware, Iron te IValls,
Adjoining the Bank.
WILL bay all of the Flax Strata that yon
can raise and deliver to them during the
present year, and pay yoa the CASH for it.
Short Flax should be pulled from the ground
that, that i long may be cradled none want
ed in Straw before September. Instructions
regarding the culture and rotting of Flax can
be had gratia during the S miner, by calling on
Adjoining the Bank.
March 1, 1864. n40. tf. -
JE33VIITX3C, X30-7-33 c Co.,
but since the introduction of Croskill's WvSoVWl'.
THE subscriber again appeara before yoa,
giving you fair notice ot the arrival of a
larger stock of
Than he haa ever offered t the fair Sons and
daughtora of old Wayne and surrounding Conn-
ties. Owing to onr being in the eastern Mar
kets when moat kinds of Goods experienced a
We were enabled to bay onr goods at such
Low Prices that wa defy any competition in
the wayof Cheap Gooda for Cash : ooi atock ia
compriaed of everything in the .Dry Goods and
notion line ; also, an assortment ot -
for Men and Boya. Also, the leading articlea
of GROCERIES, aucb aa Coffee, Sugar, Tea,
Tobacco, i-e. In all these deportments we can
show yoa Goods. As for prices we can beat the
World; and m saying this we do not wish to be
considered as bragging, but telling you plain
matter of fact. Look at some of ur prices
we can show you ,
Brown Muslin for . .6i cts. per yd.
Bleached do good 6J " "
Kentpck j Jeans 20 eta.
Hij v Tick... 10 "
Cotton Gloves and Stockings. 06 " per pair.
Good Lawns ...6 per yd.
Detain ea. . ......10 cls.& upward.
7-4 Table. Diaper. IS "
Fast Colored Calico 06
Silk Lace Veils 37i
Cottou Batting 10 " "
Good Black Silk..... 50 " -
" ' Tea 31
Coffee 12 per Ib.
" Tobacco chewing ....li '
In all departments ol our atock you will find
the above statement of prices corresponding.
All we as ia a look before you buy. I he price
of our Goods is a sure thiug for your mouey. - In
Ladies' Dress Goods we are all fized. - Lawns,
Herges, Plain Black. Striped, Barred and
Changeable SilArs at ail pricea. Our stoc& of
"Taltes 'em all down." Can aell new style
Gimp Bonnets for 25 cents. Every body that
conea to Wootitcr, comes to our store and seea
the show of prices and styles. We wont
charge you anything to loot. Country Mer
chants supplied with their whole stocks at low
pricea and lair terms, at our atore at the Old
Stand East of the American Hotel.
May 3d, 1854. noOtf
Another Arrival of New Goods
I .OR the third time this season, sends forth
Ins proclamation to the Fcnnle -.f AnhlanH
and snrroundins counties, announcing that ho
na jusi receivcu a iresn supply ol new
which he is bound to sell at some price during
the Summer, and make room lor hia Fall sup
ply. The only "i?ArAoes" ol which" he
can boas Ua re, that he haa the newest goods, the
iaii siyies, i ne largest assortment, and can sell
nis gooas as
than any establishment in the county. He has
long aince found out that the people will help
those u-ho help them, and it is no n. alter of sur
prise that the great rush is to the People's Em
porium, and that the "Old Fortresses" are
comparatively deserted, since his second stock
ot xvew Uoods has arrived.
I have an unsurpassed assortment of Plain
and Figured Dress SiJAcs, Foreign and Domes tfr
Lawns and Ginghams, every description of
imcouwia, owuuciB, itiooons, ana, in snort,
every uuscripiion or
necessary Jo complete a Lady's Wardrobe. Let
it be distinctly understood, that I have the lar
gest and best assortment of
ever brought to Ashland, and ye who doubt i
call and aee for yourselves. Ladies, if you want
iu purcnase tueensware, tne reopie'a .Empori
um is the place to get it. In the -
Gents Department,
I am fully prepared to meet any demands that
may be made upon me. My S toe A: of Cloths,
Cassimeres, Vesting, and
ia very extensive. Hats and Caps, in abundance.
I have also a large, assortment of
and am also prepared to do custom wort on
short notice, and warranted to give satisfaction.
In conclusion I have only to say that the
Stocfc ia complete in all it parta, and I can
warrant satislaction either in quality, quantity,
or price. Highest mar&et price paid tor
and all fcinds of COUNTRY PRODUCE.
Ashland, June 21, 1854. 4tf
think it ia too thin a common fault this
season, aa the seeding was late; those
drills, she added, turning to tier .hus
band for his confirmation, " cannot be
more than ten- inches apart, and you
see, sir, the ground is not completely
covered twelve and eleven ' inches is
now prefered for the width of drills, and
two bushels of seed to the aore will then
entirelv cover the erround. on cood land.
bo you can hardly discover tne arms.
If the Goddess Ceres had appeared
with her sheaf, or her cornucopia, I
could not have been taken more by sur-
. TJ 1 1 . ,- H I. 1
prise. A. may aecanting on ine wiazn
of wheat drills Una tne quantity oj seeai"
" X will try ner again, said. 1, " this
may be a chance shot," and remarked in
reference to a field of plowed ground we
were passing, that " it broke up in great
lumps, and could hardly be put in good
tilth." " We have much clay land like
this," she replied, " and formerly it was
difficult to cultivate it in a tillage crop,
R. GOODFELLOW has opened in the
new room, two doors east of Messrs. Ris-
ser& Risser'a Store, on Main street, a
Watch ana Jewelry Establishnieiit
where he will offer every article usually kept
n such establishments, at very low rales.
Amonc his stock may be tound bold ana
Sll-ver Watches, of every description, va
riety and quality. Pins, Ladies' Gold Broach
es, Grape, Enameled, Cluster, Knot, Cuff and
Scarf Pins.
Gold Rings, Lockets, Pencils, Gold Chains,
Bagley' Gold i'ens and Holders, large as
Table and Tea Spoons of pure silver, Ger
man Silver and plated Spoons, Butter Knives,
Saltand Sugar Shovels, Silvei Forka, Sec, &c.
Pooltot Cutlery.
of every description, from the best American
and English establishment. Alao Needlea,
Port Monies, Dressing and Pocket Comba, and
Pocket Books, Violin and Guitar btnngs.
Goggles, 13 j e Shades, Compasses
and Acordeons. Eight Day and Twenty-four
Hour-Brass Clocks, in the most splendid Pa
pier iaacnea, nose w ood and Manogan cases
Cleaned and repaired, and work warranted.
Old Gold and Silver bought at the highest
price. .1 invite the public to examine my Mock
belore purchasing elsewhere.
Ashland, Dec. SI, 1853. n31 tf.
AN immense assortment oi uew
and Fashionable
for the summer season, of foreign
and domestic manufacture, con
sisting of a large variety of
from $3 to $5; Kossuth ilats from 50 cts. to
$2,50 ; Magyar. Hats, from ! -to 93 ; titter
Hats, from $2 lo S3,o0; a large assortment of
considered the most tasty. comfortable aud dur
able summe Katr r.ow m.uae. from $2 ti. $3,
50;Le;liorn, from 75 to 11,2.5; Beaver Hats
from $3,50 to 85. Also a complete assortment
of -
Also, an endless variety of Men's and Boy's
clothand velvet t
and all kinds of Children's Hats. It would be
useless tu attempt to enumerate the entire
stock, .is it is admitted on all h.iods o be the
Wriest and best selected stock ol hats, ever
brought to Ashland County. The subscnl.tr
respectfully requests the public to call and
examine his stock, whether they buy or. not.
The subscriber will pay cash for any quanti
ty of Sheep Pelts, delivered at his Store, op
posite the Franlin House, and one door East
of the Post Office, Ashland. Ohio.
Ashlnnd, April 19th, IS54. " n4Stf
Stabler' Sistrrlicen Grdil.
IS a pleasant Mixture, compounded In agree
ment with the rules of Pharmacy, of therapeu
tic stent, lone known and celebrated for their
peculiar efficacy in curing DIAKBHffiA, and imi
lar affections of the system. In its action , it
ALtars KADsaaand produces a healthy condition
ot the LIVKK. thusremovin thecauseat the same
time it cures the disease. .
Stabler's Anodyne Cherry Expectorant
I confidently recommended to invalids, as dkso-
fasssd by any known preparation, for the cure
ot CoiifkaB iloaraencas. and other form of Common
TlOJi in an early stage, and for ths Belief of the
patient even in advanced stages oftbat fatal dis-aese.
It combine. in a scientific Manner, remedies nf
long esteemed value, with others of more recent-
uicovery;ana besides its uoothing and toiuequau-
ueg, acis inro- me-sKin, gently ana -witn great ef.
ficacy, for the cure of this class of diseases.
slaVi'-V'VJai. J f . .t
The valuable Medicines abovft nunedhtva raean
tly been introduced, with the approval of a nam
ter or out -Verfica Prafission in the city of Balti
more and eveywhere. and in nractice have lucr.ec-
ded moat admirably in curing the disease or
-nicn they are prescribed They are ottered to
the country pracl ilio tiers oT Medicines which he
can in all respects depend upon an prepared in
re erne nt with the experience of some of the
most learned aud judicious Physicians aud strictly
ioconformity with the rules of Pharmacy, and
as especially serving his convenience, who can
not so readily as the City Physician, have his owb
prescriptions compounded by a practical Pliarma
ceutist. . . . .
See the descriptive Pamphlets. to be had gratis of
an wno nave ine meaicines lor sale, coutaimne
ecommendations from Doctors Mabttii. Ba.lt-
zill, Additih, rirm. Hakdt. Love. Ac.
so Doctor S. K. MvRTiM aays. 4I do not hesitate to
racoinmend your Diarrhma Cordial and dvt
Doct. JoHit Addisoiv says. " It eivetme much
pleasure to add my testimony to that of others, . a
lavor of the -extraordinary ejpeaey of your larr'
htra Cordial, dec; and of the Expectorant, 1 have
no hesitation in recommendinz it as a most valua
ble medicine' Vc. 1 . - ' 1 ,
xocr. k a rTNi says no nas used the JJtarr
haa Cordialin his practice "with the happiest ef
feet, and thinks it one of the most convenient
and efficient combinations ever offered to our pro-
Doct. L. D. Hiitdt writes. 4tt have adminisiAr-
ed your9aodyns Expectorant in several cases of
BroncuiaA flection, with the moot Aavw rH,f-.
and from a knowledge of ifta admirable effects.
can. with the greatest confidence, recommena
it," dec. -
Doct. W. S. Love writes to ua that he has ad
ministered the Expectorant to his wife, who has
had the Bronchitis for fourteen mearm mmL that
she is fast recovering. from her long standing ma-
lany. it has in a lew weexs done her more eood
than all the remedies tee has heretofore ased nn
der able medical counsel.
Sixtckw of the best Apothecaries and Phirm
ackutisis in the City of Baltimore. We are satisfi
ed thepi-eparations known as Stabler JSnodyne
VMerrw expectorant ana btatner's Lnarrkaa Car
dial, ere mediciues of Great Valce. and very ef
ficient for the relief and cure of the diseases for
wnicn iney are recommenaea; -iney seat tne evi
dence of skill and care in their preparation and
style of putting up. and we take plead sure in rc
conimending them.'
twenty sevem ortnemost respectable merch
ants, residcuts of Marti.ahd. Virqihia and North
Caro lira, who have sold and also used these
medicines themselves, say, From ourown experi
ence and that of our cuotomero, we do confidently
recommend them Pro Bono Publico. We have never
known any remedy used for the diseases for whicn
they are prescribed, to be so efficient, and to give
such entire sal isfaction to all."
The above netices of recommendation from "mem
of high standing, and MERCHANTS - of the first
respectability, should be stffioient to satisfy all,
that these medicines are wort h of trial bv the af-
Hcted,and thatthey are of a different stamp and
ciass irom tne, -uuacKery" ana uure Alls" so
much imposed upon the public.
For Sale by Druggists, Apothecaries' and coun
try biore-keepers generally. ;
Patent Clod Cmsber, they will make erelat.the Hardware Store of their agents in Ash-
" Adjoiningthe Bank.
Ashland. Jan. 18. 1854 n35 tf.
Jnst Received.
fZt Kegs Rifle and Blasting Powder, for aale
on commission at mil I prices, bv
June 14, 1854.
Adjoining the Bank.
and unaffected, dressed bo seat and bo
very plain, mast be a farmer's wife, and
a dozen servants men ana
'5 tl If V. . 3 x A-
plant ia very abundant this season, and mai?9T1 J it T Iuraca
; fT t.. i.. . be sir John and Lady H . - This
gentleman, I learned was one of the
Red Oil m forty eieht hours.
this is the time to gather them. .
Doobt -MIts. lNearIv'"!verTr Vinrl nf I largest land DroDrietors in Berkshire.
mat has' been tried in the publio schools I and his lady the daughter of a nobleman,
at Columbus, and the mats made of oak-1 a peeress in her own right ; but her ti-
um,- are found tno most durable. Ho i tie added notlnng to ner ; sue was a no
says tho Ohio Journal of Education. I ble woman witjjput it.
tho most beautiful tilth on these lands.
She spoke of the best breeds of cows
for the pail, told me where the best
cheese was made Cheshire the best
butter Ireland where the beet milk
maids were to be found Wales. "Oh 1"
said I, " I was mistaken : this charm
ing, intelligent woman, acting so natural i5J'--'orr
a nppij lor mis county will lie round at tbeagen-
tj HI JUHflS ft ALl,li.
Dee. 88. 39tf adjoining the Bank.
V7 vator Teeth for sale Wholesale and Retail at
me agent j 01 JOriH or ALLEN.
I Dee. S8, 35 tf adjoining the Bank.
land for. New
?rrrX&FT3KZX?tf Lonaon daily
at 7 o'clock
nection with the canon the Cleveland Colum
bus and Cincinnati Rail Road.
' Returning, leave New London after the ar-'
rival or the trains.
Leave Ashland for Mansfield on Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays, at H o'clock, P M.
Leave Ashland for Wooster on Tuesdays
Thursdays and Saturdays at 5 o'clock P M.
September, 1S53. lgtf . .
Strayed or Stolen!
FROM Mansfield's Clover Machine Shop in Ash
land, 0( on or about Saturday night the 19th inst..
an old Clover Hulling Machine of no particular use
to any ons except the owner, and ( not very much
to him ;) said Machine was vsry much dilapidated,
being: about 14 years old. or there about. The con-
cave and cylinder mad with nails drove in similar
to tLose oi tn ceienratea sutaenana Jianuiasture,
with movable concave, such aa never was known
before, and so a to prevent injury, etc
Tni Machine i vary much worn, tb nail vsry
smooth, etc., andean be readily recognized by any
one taking particular notice to the above descrip
tion. A reasonable reward will be given for the re
turn of said Machine, or anv information that wll
lad to the detection of the pel petrators of the above
tnelt. lon'l lorgst the movable concave
Ashland, Aug. 23, 1554. 3wl3
School Uotice.
THE School Examiners of Ashland County, O.
will hold tbeir next Public Examinations, as
la Ashland, on the third Saturday or May. At
Savannah, on the aecond Saturday of July. At
Havesville. on the second Saturday of September.
At Aakaaad, on the first Saturday of October. Al-
at nil-Mint place, on tne tnira baiuruay or
Each applicant for a Certificate will be required
to furnish evidenc of a good moral character.
iSxaniiaatioo to commence at lu o'cioca, A. at.
jBy oraer of tne is oar a, .
O. W. HILL, Soc'y.
Ashland. May 10th. 1854. 51tf
Old Iron Wanted.
THE subscriber will pay CASH for any quantity
ofold metal delivered at his foundry in Ashland
Feb. l.-37tr. M. H. MANSFIKLD.
50,000 Majority, and all the Counties
not heard from, for the- .'
Cloiliing and Furnishing Depot !
THIS extensive establishment hasjust
received the largest and best aelect
ed stock of clothing, and gentlemen's
furnishing goods, ever brought to this town or
suitable for the largest man or smallest boy,
and at prices that will perfectly astonish yon.
Come right along and examine our atock,
and see for yourselves. Here yoa will find
cartloads of coats, cords of trowsers, and a
'tarnel pile of vesta of 'every style and vrai-
ety, large enough and small enough, warm
enough andcool enough for any season. Our
stock of Furnishing goods is complete; con
sisting of S birts, Collars, Cravats, Wrappers,
Drawers, Sic, tec, in fact everything to bt out
man in perlect order. Our motto is tjuicie
Sale sand Small Profits, and no charge for show
ing our goods. -
ofall kinds, made to order. The Foreman in
this department is one of the best workmen
in ohi.
Recollect the place, one door - east of
Squires, and one door west of Wallack &
Collin's Store.. This extensive stock is under
the direction of our agent, Mr. Z. Greenwald,
of Ashland. "
S. APPLE & CO., Philadelphia. -April
5, 1854. . 46tf
A Mystery Uxplaiuetl.
A Revolution is Certain, Victory is Ours.
NEW THEORY OP DISEASE ii awakening the
inquiry in the minds of all who read it: How
it si that American have been eo Ions and so
slavishly immured in darkness and ignorance on the
uoject oi disease.
is offered to the anricted or the States and Terri
tories for the entire cure of Liver Complaint all
Biases, Bilious Fever, Ague and Fever, Chronic
Lung Fever. Dropsical Anectioos, Consumption,
Below Complaints lharrbea, tiysentery, Kbeuma-
tism. Bleeding Piles Blind nies. !croful. bait.
ue&u. Dyspepsia, General Debility, .Nervousness,
Costivencss, indigestion, ursiructea Menstrua.
tion, &c. .
Dr. A. L. Adains Liver Balsam has stood, the
wrec and teat forthe last fifteen years, and ba
proved tu the most skeptical, beyond a hadow of a
doubt, that it is ' -
The only Relhibte Medicine Ever Discovered
being purely all vegetable.) for lhe pernianent cura
of the above disease. The most skeptical have be
come its most sanguine votaries, and pronounced
the Liver Balsam to be the
On!; Rulfable Haibuiffur el Hcith tu llie
Testimonials cpme up from every -track it has
niade. swollen with expressions of gialitude, for
lhe relief received by us use. 'Ana lu subm ltliug
this, tbc liiver Hatf-aui is recommended to all those
sufl'ering under the
IRON U1'A1 ufthe 1IK1 EBECK IS10
and at onceprocure one bottle of Dr. A- L. Adams'
Liver Balsam.
The reader ia rnferred to the Medical Tract
found by uiaKiug application to the Agent where the
Balsam is sold, giving a lull epitome of the cause
and cure of all diseases; containing, also certifi
cates from those who have tested its unparalleled
ascendaucy overthe diseased to which we are all
anbject. Sold by K. H. CHUBB, & Co., Aolilaiid
John MoCroreyWest Windsor; fcturge & Biglow
Mansheld; .!. P. Stamefs. Kowsburg; J. H.
Bauiugatded& Co., Wooster. . .
G, K. Scott. General Agent, Bo. 67 Randolph
Street Chiaago, Illinois. -j 1 -
February 1,1854. u:t7 ly. .. r". - -
Carter's SpanfshSIIixtare
. -i,-,lr : .. . IN IT. t-.....-
AS Infallible Kemedy for Scrofula, King's Kvll
RheumaUsra, ObstlnateCutaneous EruptioBa,
Pimples or Fustyes on the Face, Blotches, Soil.
Chronic Sore Eyes, King 'Warm orTet.er, caid
Head, Enlargement and Fain r ths Bon and
Joints, Stubborn Ulcere, syphilitic : Dtordra
Lmnbira. SDinal Complaint, and all DiMaaea
arising from an injudiciou use of Mercury, Im
prudence in Life,-or Impurity of the Blood.
Tlii valuable Medicine, which haa become cele
brated for the number of extraordinary cura ef
fected through its aeencT. ma inducad the pro-
Lprietors, at th urgent request of their friends, te
offer it to tne puouc, wnicn iney do wita tne Ml
most confidence in its virtues and wonderful cura
tive properties. The following certificates, select
ed from a large number, are, however, stronger
testimony than the -mere word of the proprietors ;
and are all from gentlemen well kuown ia their
localities, and .-of the highest respectability, many
of them residing in the city of liiclimond, Vs.
- F. Botbik, Koq-.of the Jxchauge Hotels Iticn
mond, known every where, says he has seen tha
Medicine called Carter's Spanish Mixture ad nil nis
tered in over a hundred casesn nearly all the dis
eases for which it is recommended, with the most
astonishingly good results, tie says it is the moat
extraordiuary medicine he has everscen, -
Aoua ahd Fevsn (jriit Cuke. I berevjy cert!
fy, that for three year 1 bad Ague and Fever oftbe
most violent description.- 1 had several Pbvsici- "
ans, took lare quantities of Qtuiine, afercury
and I believe all the Tonics advertised, but all
without any permaneut relict At last I tried Car.
ter's Spanish Mixture, two bottle ef which effect
ually' cured me, and I am baypy te ray 1 have had
neither Chillsor Fever since. I consider it ths best
Tonic in the world, and the only medicine that
ever reached my case. f
. Beaver Sam, near Richmond, Va.
. B.Locx Esq., now In the city of Richmond,
and for many years in the Post Office, bassoch cos
fidence in the-astonishing efficacy of CaTtra
Spanish Mixture, that he has bought upwards of 50
bottles, which he has given away to the afflicted.
Mr. Luck saya he has never known U tb fail whea
taken according to dircetiona. -,
Dr. Miitqc, a practicing Physician, and formerly
of the ity Hotel, in the city . of Richmond, seya
be has witnessed in a number of instances the
effects of Carter's Spanish Mixture which were
most truly surprising. He says in a case . of Cen
sumptieiK dependent oths Li veT, the good effscte
were wonderful indeed - .
Surrt M. Daiaaxa, of the firm of Drinker at
Morris, Richmond, waa cured of Liver Complaint
of 8 years standing, by the asa of two bottles ef
Carter'spanish Mixture. - r . .
CrP tiT gaac er Br aoroi-i. The Editors of the
Richmond Republican had a aervaut employed ia
their press room, cured of violent Scrofula, com.
bined with Rheumatism, which entirely disabled
him from work. Two bottles of farter's Spanish
Mixture made a perfect cure of him, and tha .Edi
ors,in a public notice, say-they "cheerfully tccobb
inend it to all who are afflicted with any diaeaae
the blood." '
Still AnoTHaoa or Scaorcn. I had a veiy
valuable boy cured of Scrofula by Carter's Span
ish Mixture. 1 consider it truly a valuable medi
cine. James M. Taylor, Conductor oh the B. F. or
P. RR. o.. -Richmond. Va.
Mr. Joan Tbokpsosj, rasidine in the city ol Rich
mond, was cured by thrco bottles of Carter's Spaa
ish Mixture, of Salt Rheum, which be had nearly SO
years and which all the phasician of the city
could not cure. Mr. Thompson is a well known
merchant in the city of Richmond, Va., and hie
cure is most remarkable.
Wa. A. Mii-rni ws, of Richmond, bad a servant
cured of Syphilis,' in the- worst form, by Carter's
Spanish Mixture, ile says be cheerfully recent
mends it. and considers it an invaluable medicine.
RicBTARS ; Wear, of Richmond, was cared of
Scrofula, and what Physicians called confirmed
consumption, by three bottles of garter, Spanish
Mixture. ;-:- r
Edwin Boutor, commissioner of the revenue,
says he baa aeen the good effects of Carter's Spaaiah
Mixture in a number of Syphilitic cases, and. says
it is a perfect cure for that horrible disease, -
Wm. G. Hakwood, of Richmond, cured of Old
sores and Ulcers, which disabled him from walk
ing. Took a few bottle of Carter's Spaniel 'Mi,
ture, and was enabled to walk without a cratch,
in a short rims permanently cored.
Principal Depote-at H,Wi Cun ?..'.
83, Maiden Lane,.Aew York.
T. W. Dtott S bona, Ko. 132, Sorth 2d Street
Philadelphia.' -
" Bbshxtt or Bbxrs, So, lU, Main St., Rfchmead.
Aud for sale y R. H. Chubb, Ashland, H. 8 See,
dc Co. Savanna, J.Kjenmikqbr, Hayesville, J. Hotf- .
MAir, Jeromeville. .Akdkbson dc Rowan, Loadosi
ville, andDealers in Medicines every wher. .... '
Jan. 18, '54. ... . u351y.
No's 133 .4- 135, Wood Street,
WOULD call the attention of Country Mer
chants to the immense Btock of
Consisting of over 4,000 case Boots and Shoes
of ever; variety and style for Ladies', Gentle
mena', Misses' Boys' and Children's
direct from the Eastern Manufacturers. Hav
ing beeB purchased at the lowest possible rates,
principally for CASH, with great care in the
selection 01 quality and sizes adapted to the
Western Trade, wa can offer superior induce
ments to purchasers, aa we are determined nut
to be undersold by any Eastern or Western
Buyers will find it to their interest te call and
examine our extenaive assortment belore pur
chasing elsewhere. U. CJJ1LDS t CO.
August 30, ISO. , Sml4
Jaundice. Iyppiai. Chronic or TVer
vns) Debility oiicate of tne Kidneys,
And all diseases arising1 from a disordered Liver or
- Stomach, such as Constipation, Inward Piles,
Fullness or Blood to the Heart. Acidity of the
Stomach, Kausea, Heart Burn, Disgust lor Food,
Fullnes or Weight in the Stomach, Sour Eructa
tions, Sinking or Fluttering at tba pit of the
Stomach. Swimming of the Head; Hurried and
Difficult Breathing, Fluttering at the Heart, Chok
ing ox Suffocating Sensation when in a lying
nosture. Dimness of Vision. Dots or w ebs before
the Sight, Fever and Dull pain in the Head. De
ficiency of Prespiration, Yellowness or the Skin
and Eyes. Pain in tne bide. Hack, inesc, jjimbs.
A c. Sudden Flushes of Heat, Burning in the
Flesh, constant Imaginings of Evil, and Great
Depression of Spirits, can be effectually cured by
- using. -
Dr. Hoofland's Celebrated German Bitters
X man Medicine Store, 120 Arch St,, Philadelphia
Their power over the above disease is not excelled.
if equalled, by any otner preparation in tno u. maiea
aa the cure attest, in many cases after skillful
physicians had failed.
Th. Ritter are worthy the attention of invalids.
Possessing great virtues in the rectification of dis-
nf the Liver and lesser elands, exercising the
mn.it scarchine nowers in weakness and affections
of the digestive organ, they are withal aafe, cer
tain and pleasant. . ,
E. B. Pcrkiks, Marietta, Ohio, Feb. 12, 1851. said
-'Your Bittera are highly prised by those who have
used them. In a case of Liver complaint, of long
standing, which had resisted the skill of several
Pbysiciana, waa entirely cured by the asb of five
bottles." C. L. Dkakb, Freedom, Portage CO., O.,
April 23, 1852, said: '-The German Bitters you sent
me last have not yet come to band. I have been out
of the article for some time, to the great detriment
of invalids. . It iaa medicine much thought of and
aought alter in this community."
B.M. Hutcbixsos m. d., Bedford, Cuyahoga co.,
O. August 26, 1852, said: "Tha Bittera you ship
ped m. in May last are all gone 1 think it a
good medicine, and 1 am recommending it to my
patients and friends, (which 1 do for no other pat
ent medicine.) You will please forward a large
S. Fbckch. Wooster, O., Nov. 30, 1852, said:
lhave used some three or four bottles of Hoofl
and's German Bitter lor Dyspepsia, and derived
creat bene fit from their use. I believe them to j
be good for all diseaaes for which they are recom
mended." -
Wm. Ou, Wooster, O., October 2, 1859. said :
"You ask me my opinion of tha German Bit
ters. I have used them forDyspepsia and Indi
gestion, and take pleasure in stating that L think
they are the very best remedy extant for the above
complaints they are decidedly in advance of all
the proprietary medicines of the day."
Mr. Orb is a distinguished lawyer of Wooater.
These Bittera are entirely vegetable. They never
prostrate the system, but invigorate it.
For Sale by R. H. CHUBB fc CO., Ashland, and
by Druggists and dealera in medicinea everywhere.
Ashland Feb. 1. n37 ly.
EK, Dealer in Watches, Jew
elry, Clocks, Yankee Notions, ore.
Watches and Clocka repaired and
warranted. Higheat price paid for
oldGold and. Silver. ODDoiit.fh-
Samps.l House. ...
Ashland, Ohio. 90tf Dea ls, 1893.
Office Franklin & "Warren U.K. C
nmti, Portage co., Ohio, Sept. 20, iea.i.
K. Co., held Juue II, 1853. the following assess
menls upon Stock subscriptions were made, viz:
Ten perceut. parable Julv 1st, 185."!, aud au assess
ment of teu per ceut. at the eud of each succeed
ing sixty days, until the whole amount is paid.
Three instalments are therefore now due. to wit:
The first wnen subscribed, by the -charter.) the
secoud July 1st. and the third. August 31st. -
Subscribeis in Ashland village aud county are
respectfully requested to immediately pay all
instalments now due. aud as they herea'.ter be
come due, at the Banking House of Luther, Crall
ot Co., Ashland unless called upon by tha Collec-
t0r" JOBh W. TTXI ,.
Philadelphia Medical House Established id
years ago. by Dr- KliNKELllV .corner ol ThirH
and Union , streets, he t ween Sprnce ; Pine.
Philadelphia, Paw. ., " t, . ' y " -
Invalids are. apprised that Dr. Kioelin col-
fines bi practice te a particular branch. of med
icine wjiich engages ma undivided attentioa
lie cations the unfortunate -against the abuse -
ol mercury; thousand are annually mercurial
ized out 01 lile. - .Hoceut ahectioua are prompt
ly cxtinguised. Tventy years of Experience
tne treatment ot a class ol diseases hitheito
neglected and imperfectly'unrierjtood, hue en
abled Ir Kiukelin, f Autlior of n:work on Sel:-
Pre.irrvation,) to prove that nine-tenlha of the
onuses of nervous dehtli'y, locul and constita
nunul weakness, mental and physical Buffer
ing, are traceable te cettain habits, Arming tha
most secret yet deadly and fatal apringe ef
domestic .isery. anil premntnre mortality.
Take Particular Notice. There iasn evil ha
bit sometimes indulged in by boys, in selito.de
often growing up with them to m:inhoed, and
which, if not reformed in due time, it not enly
begets serious obstacles to matrimonial happi
ness, but gives rise to a series of protracted,
insiduous and devastating affections. ; Few a(
those who giveaway to this pernicious piac
tice are -aware of the conequences, until they
find the nervous system shattered, feel strange
and unaccountable feelings, and -vagae. fear
in the mind. " .. .....
The unfortunate thus affected becomes fee
ble, is.unnble to labor with accastemed vigor,
or to apply hi, mind to study ; hia atep ia tar
dy -and weak, he is dull, irresolute, aad ea
gages in his sport with less energy than usual.
If he emancipate himself before the prae
has done its worst, asd enter matrimony, hi
marriage ia nnfruitful, and his sense tele bins that
this it caused by bis follies early. These are cest
siderations which should awakea the attentioa
of those similarly situated. . --- .':--i
Marriage requires the fulfillment of several
conditions, in order that it may be really the
canse ef mutual happiness. Could the veil
which covers the origin of domestic wretched-'
ness be raised., And its true aouree.ii every in
stance disclosed in how many could it be
traced to physical disqualifications aad their
attendant disappointments! -Apply then while
it is yet time, in order to have your oaatraBf
and relaxed organization rebraced.from making
yonr case known to one who, from edncatiea
arid respectability, can certainly be revivified
lnd strengthened. - .--..'
Remember that he who placee himself aa
der Dr.' Kinelin's treatment, may religieusly
confided in bis honor aa a gentleman, and rely
upon the assurance, that the secret of Dr.K.'a
patient will never be disclosed. -
Youug man let no false modesty deter year
from making your case knows to one- who.
from education and respectability, caa certain
ly befriend yon. -, - . .
- Too many think they will conceal the secretl
in their own hearts, and care themselves.
Alas! bow often is this a, fatal delusion, aad
how many a promising young man, who might
have been an ornament to aoeiety, ha fadedr "
from the earth.
Strictures of the urethra are rapidly remove.
by the application of a new therapeatieal
agent, used only by lit. X. - Weakness and
Constitutional debility promptly cared, anal Jull
vigor restored. - --
Conntry Invalid san have, by atatrng tbeir'
case explicitly,, together, with all their eya-a-toms,
per letter eneloaing a remittance. Dr-
K.'a medicine, appropriated accordingly.
f orwarded te any part ot the united ststea,
and packed secure from DAMAGE er CPH.IOS-. ,
ITY., - - - .; "
- RBAin -
Youth aad Manhood uigoroum Life 00 m promo
ture Death Kinheli on Soil froom esrt a Only .
25 et. .
It is a work eminently reeuired, a a aaeaa
oTreforming the vice of the age ia which "
live. Also,
With rule for the Prolovgttitn ef Lif;jt from
. tho Press. . ;
. A letter with a remittance of J5 cento, er
the vlnu in post stamp, addreased to Dr. Kia
elin, Philadelphia, Pa., will aecare a copy ot
! either of the above books by retnra asail -ef
12 copies will be sent f-ee of postage for tl.
Booksellers, Canvasser-, Travelling . Aetata,
tc , supplied wholesale at the publisher's pri.
ces. hich admit of a large t refit. WsW AM
letters mvet be post paid. -, . - - ' .' . -t .
March 22nd, 1254. : f- '
AFRESH .npply of Wright's Indian, Feg
etable Pills, a standard English Mediciae.
for the reventioa aad enra of diseaae, to aid
aad improve Jdigestioa and purify tae.bloed. .
Far sale at the aew Drag Store ia Ashlaad,
-. i
1 f

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