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J,8nmPiilr E4itor.
For J udge of the Supreme Court, "
For Member Board of Publio Works,
- - OF mrw.ERr COUNTY.
i-.Fbt Congress,"!-
ttic;;il f Fbr-Probate Judge, '-
For Clerk of tie Court, . '
.r For Piraeeating Attorney, ;
.-- V." For "Sheriff, -
1 - 4 11
r i r -
x;j jr or -.vuaitor,:,; .-..
,-.ri'i iISAAC GATES.-
- - ,
fc ... x or , liomnussioncr, ,
i'-For Infirmary Director,
"it YJ'-t jtUGTl . McGUIRE :
:"JrHi The Tickets. : ;
Our Democratic- friends will take do
jice, that there will.be tickets . left at
- the ueaal places of holding elections, ou
Monday3 evening next. H The reason for
so. doing Is-, that.it will prevent their be
Jxag counterfeited, by tho Whig?, Dem--eorats
need not, therefore, be disappoint.
ed, if they do not find the tickets thrown
round ii? the profusion which they usu
JallyJareJThey will be left witb relia
: Jjle Democrats, near, the polls- Deuio--crats-
will: do well to be on their guard,
- --as we fire satisfied that the County will
Ibe flooded with counterfeit tickets! ' None
Tut dishonorable opponents would resort
to such ineana. We will never resort to
-HUioht means, so long as we have the con
trbl'of a press, no matter what might
be' gained by it." " ' . ' r ' ' .' .
. vlText' Tuesday, ;
. :i'FellowriDenocratg, is the day of the
"election t' Democrats, Jaro you ready ?
lave';. jooJW' thorough organization ?
,Wiiil every .Democrat be at the polls?
If your townahip is not- thoroughly organised,-
ge about it at once. Are any
Democrats careless or indifferent in re
gard to the. result? go and see them
immediately. Don't let a single .man
. stay sway from, ihe polls, If they can
josaibly be. induced to attend. : Uavo
Dybeen led astray by the thousand-and-one
electioneering dogmas and lies of
'the opposition ?reclaini i them if possi
ble. Are any w baiting between two
"opinions ? go and see them at once, and
present? to them the issues between the
parties, and ' leave no -honorable means
r untried' toTenlisf them in the cause of
jrVth and-.ight. , . Oet up conveyances
ad.; brjng in: those who have no means
-of" getting' to 'the j polls. Hundreds of
-votes-onay, Be gained in this way.-' And
' ?aloee ally watch TiiE: movements of the
'.ENEMY 1,. J there'arej fais'ehoods ut
" tared iaregard toasy of our candidates,
orrect--theai;-J-.If yo. see- old Whigs
'.undertaking to lead astray an unsnspec
tivg Democrat,' 'unde the'.specious guise
$if jo-part y- flj"to the rescue. . Let
jio honorable means be left untried, to
4hsttire a victory Jbr the Democratic tick
et. TTri work4-W0RK let every
. man Work' and the day isours." " ETER-
in'a Vigilance is the price
; QF.vLiBERTY-t'. 7 - ; -
hiLie Niled; ;
We have just learned that in different
portions of the-County we are charged
witb "belongiiig to the secret order com-
.:moatyJcallel 'tbe'. Know ' Nothings .1'
Tols- nej'waa'putjin. circulation by our
enemies,,'.to.-incite-.-.ioreigners : to vote
against us. It soems as if no lie too fla
grant '-or no5, ealumny 'J too - base, can be
ut m circulation against us by Our ene-
..-"inies.to'defeat'baj.TfiiH last falsehood,
Twitifcinany-others, has, been toldin. Per
lysburgh,, Jackson township, and in La-
fayette Perry.'.townshrp, ( and in this
. iplac.'- -It-was strongly insisted upon as
fact. In, order, toTnaH this last lie to
-J the counter'," "we propose to" back up our
. denial of the charge by our OATH, and
- nbt4o-satujfv every Democrat who is
-' ISoiiaaf&ted. with us. ' - '. , "
.. Thb State pf Ohio, Y ':' '
a lWnA' Cnuntit. is! i ' Pers'onallv ao-
neared -before me -ions Sheridan, Edi
tor of the Ashland , Union. ' and makes
V e limn oath .that he is not a member of
. the order which is generally eaJlea tne
Know Knothings, or ot. any, ponwcai,
religious or secret society whatever, hav
. M KST of asinela FOREIGNER in
the -United States, or that interferes
. : .-with their interests, religious or politi
cal,' ,the remotest degree. That he
Jhas never -visited said.ordejry or made
application i to- become a. member of the
Isani or caused such- application ta be
i made for him bv any "person whatever.
-J." That he has no knowledge of said order,
-.-. jcithetdireetly or hidirectly, except what
,'cpminon, rimfr.says about them, either
In this county or any otner.
' iwara to and subscribed before me;
- thi8-3d day Of .October, A. D-, 1854.
A.4LCURTISS, Probate Judge.
C K?? fe"J"Boic"gl has removed his
'Hardware :s"e to Lvthek & C&all
-new building, one door west ot Motch-
jciss' Battw stors.
Democrats Remember !
That NEXT TUESDAY is the day
of tha election the day when you will
bo called upon to exercise that preroga
tive dear to every freeman,- and ." for-,
midable W tyrants only "the right of
choosing your own officers.
!- That you have thesame foe to oppose
at this election that you have always
had, and that every mau should be at
his post to insure a victory.
That the Whig party have always op
posed a Tariff that operated for the ben
efit of the poor, as well as the rich and
the Well-born. - -REMEMBER
That the Whig "party are in favor of
fostering Ranks and nionied " Corpora
tions Conferring upon, them "privileges
and benefits that are not enjoyed by the
That " the greatest good to the great
est number ," is one of the cardinal prin
ciples of the Democratic party.
. That it : is to. Democratic Men., and
Measures, the country owes its present
,.j That the Democratio- party has an
nexed every foot of territory to the Uni
ted States that has ever been annexed,
and that the Whig party has always op
posed territorial annexation.
; That the Whig party has taken sides
with the enemies of our country in eve
ry War in which the country has been
engaged, ' while the Democratic party
has stood by the country in every hour
of peril. - .
That the present Democratic Tariff,
which the Whig party claimed would
ruin the country, has. not only met the
expenses of the Government, but has
plaoed in the National Treasury a sur
plus Tevenue of over THIRTY-NINE
been applied to the payment of our pub
lic debt 1 : -.. . -
' That the present Administration has
established, free trade with Canada,!
whereby the laboring portion of the coun
try will be vastly benefited, as Canadian
produce can now be shipped to the Uni
ted States' free of duty, and, consequent
ly, must lower the price of breadstuff's in
the present hour of scarcity.
That the present Democratio Admin
istration has compelled the nations of
Europe to acknowledge that much-dis
puted doctrine heretofore, : that " free
ships make free goods ," and our ships
now traverse the high seas unmolested.
That the present Administration has
settled the Fishery question in one year,
which the Whig Administration under
Fillmore failed to do in four years, and
then came very near precipitating us into
a War with England !
That under Democratic rule in Ohio,
there has been paid off within the last
year, JMJAKLiX ilAlir A JMtLililUiN
OF DOLLARS of our State debt, and
reduced the State tax THIRTY THOU
That the taxes in every county in the
State, unless increased by local taxes,
will be lower this year than heretofore.
That tho : Whig party now professes
whereas the past history of that party
shows it to be the most ultra pro-slavery
party ttat has ever existed in this coun
try I
That the present Fugitive Slave Law(
hich the . Whigs now denounce in un
measured terms, was foisted upon the
country by a WHIG Administration
signed by- a WHIG President
unanimously approved by a WHIG Cab
inet, aud was endorsed by the last WHIG
REMEMBER! . . '7 ""
That the avowed object of the Fusion
if they cannot compass their ends. . :
That the Fustonists are" thoroughly
organized that every Whig vote will
be out, and that it will require the uni
ted vote of the . Democracy" to defeat
them. And don't fail to -; ' '
That every Democrat who stays away
from the polls, virtually gives one vote to
the Whigs. Once, and for all
That if you desire the success of DE
vote only for DEMOCRATS, to admin
ister the aff,irs of government.
The Brag Game. -
This is the game invariably resorted
to by the Whigs on the eve of an elec
tion to deceive Democrats. They talk
loudly of Democrats bolting in every
part of the county, but we predict that
when voting time comes, like the Irisn-
- u : ni
man's flea, thev woi t be ih
Democrats, be not deceived by these
Whig pompinjays. Our majority in this
county over both Whigs and Free Soilers
is nearly one thousand, and it will be a
burning shame if Democrats, by staying
at home, suffer a single man on the tick
et to be defeated. ' -
Keep i I bt fore the People !
That Jacob Crall, the Whig candi
date for Treasurer, although claiming
to be R Democrat, is running in opposi
tion to John Smurr, the-regularly nom-
iaated Democratic candidate.
Ilr. Crallaiid Smurr.
At the risk of incurring the displeas
ure of a certain class of voters, we here
beg . leave to institute a comparison be
tween the claims of Mr. Crail and Mr.
Smurr, the candidates for Treasurer..
We think this is due from us as the Ed
itor of the organ of the Democracy of
this county. We shall endeavor to do it
calmly and dispassionately, and, at the
same time, respectfully.
Mr. Cball is a good citiien honest
and upright in all his dealings, for ought
we know, and qualified in every respect
to discharge the duties of Treasurer.
The same may be said of Mr. Smurr,
Mr. Crali. is a wealthy man one of the
wealthiest citizens of our town, and one
of the heaviest stockholders in the Ex
change Bank of this place. Mr. Smcrr,
on the contrary, is a man in moderate
circumstances-, and needs the office. Mr.
Crali. is an old citizen of the county,
and bis private character is above re
proach. Mr. Smurr is also a man of
unimpeachable integrity, and an old citi
sen of the county. . Mr. S. has been for
years a Justice of the Peace in Orange
township, in which capacity he has gain
cd for himself a high reputation. Few
cases have ever been appealed from his
decisions and 'been sustaiued. - As a
business man, he has always shown him
self competent, honest and faithful.' No
man can make any distinction between
them as business men and citizens. Then
wherein do they differ ? In this, and
in this only. Mr. Crall is the candi
date on tho Whig ticket, and depends
for hi" election upon Whig votes; Mr
Smurr" is the candidate on the Demo
cratic ticket, and depends for his elec
tion upon Democratic votes. Therefore,
the only issue is, between Whiggery and
Democracy. Therefore, all who desire
the success of Democratic men and meas
ures, should vote for Mr. Smurr.
Bat, it may be claimed that Mr. Crall
is also a Democrat. We propose to ex
amine into his claims to Democracy, and,
in doing so, we shall not state a single
fact that Mr. C. himself will deny. Mr.
Crall was elected a Delegate to the
Democratic Congressional Convention.
He was allowed - to ., hold his seat in
that Convention upon his stating that he
had not accepted the nomination of the
Fusion Convention. He voted for Mr.
Johnson in" that Convention, and yet
he is now acting with men who are mov
ing heaven and earth to defeat Mr.
Johnsqn and "elect Philemon Bliss.
He is running on the Whig ticket, as
the regularly nominated candidate of
that party. He is strongly supported
by the Whig press in this town. His
bosom friends are Whigs. If Mr, Crall
wished to be .elected Treasurer as a
Democrat, why did he not cofne before
the Primary Meetings, and stand his
chance for nomination ? If he did not
intend to abide the choice of the Prima
ry Meetings, why did he vote there at .
all ? If he is a Democrat, why does he
not conform to the usages of the party ?
He that is not for us. is against us. Mr.
C. may be able to reconcile all these in-
concistencies, but we confess we can't
see how he will do it'
Mr. Smurr, on the other hand, is an !
old-line Democrat. Daring a long and
eventful life, he has .never faltered in
his support of Democratic principles.
His has not been a cold and formal sup
port, but an active and zealous support.
He now" comes before the Democracy,
and asks them to reward him for these
long years of hard service in the Demo
cratic cause. .He comes before you,
Democrats, as the regularly-nominated
Democratic candidate, And having con
formed to all the usages of the party,
has he not a right to expect that you
will support him ? Nay has he not a
right to expect an active and zealous
support ? Democrats, answer at the
ballot box. next Tuesday, by giving him
a good, round, old-fashioned Democratio
majority .- - - . -
A Sharp Stick.
The Fusionists recently held a meeting
iu Frie,. where Mr. Giddinqs made a
speech. Tho - Observer quotes him as
having actually made the following dec
laration: '
The Whig partv " said he, " is the
most radical anti-slavery party in the
country as Ion? as it is out of power,
but the moment it gets in, presto change !
it is then more ultra pro-slavery tnan tne
Democratic party dare be I"
Ah, Joshua, that is a most cruel stab I
And yet, is there an intelligent Free
Soiler in Ashland County who will gain
say the truthfulness of the declaration ?
You, all know this to be trie, and . yet
you nave abanaonea your organization
and are now " cheek by jowl " with this
same Whig party, which, when in power
" is more pro-slavery than the Demo-
vratic varty dare be !" We make no
pretensions to being a competent advi
ser in the premises, but respectfully sub
mit whether your present course is very
honorable to yourselves or In accordance
with your anti-slavery professions. Mil
lard Fillmore was as loud in his anti
slavery professions while out of power,
as any man north of Mason's and Dixon's
line : and when in power, signed the
whole of the Compromise measures, the
Fugitive" Slave Law included, and he
was unanimously sustained by the Whig
party. What assurance have you that
Philemon Bliss will not " go and do
likewise ?" He was never known as an
anti-slavery man until he wanted an of
fice. Are such conversions reliable ?
Mr. Bliss turned Free Soiler to get of
fice Mr. Johson voted against the" Ne
braska bill while in office, nd without
hope of reward. Which, of the twain,
u th bent anti-slavery man ? Choose
jye, and choose intelligently, next Tues-
Old Wayne all Right.
The Democracy of Wayne County are
up and doing. . On Tuesday e.vening last,
they held a very enthusiastic meeting in
Wooeter. They go into .the fight de
termined to conquer. The - camp fires
are burning and that, too, with an in
tensity that will consume what litfle of
Whiggery that may be found in that
county. After this election Whigs will
even -deny their association with the Fu
sion Party. The Wayne Co.. Demo
ocrat iu. speaking of the meeting, thus
speaks of the speech of Hon. H. H.
Joukson, -tho' Democratic nominee for
Congress :
" The spacious .Court room was liter
ally jammed full. Hon. M. Totton, of
Chester township, was called to the
chair, after which Hon. II, H. -Johnson,
our worthy and able representative in
Congress, arose. II is appearaace was
greeted with a -storm of applause which
shook the old court house to its founda
tions. After silence "was restored, Mr.
Johnson proceeded to address the audi
ence. We took no notes of his speech,
and are unable to report it. It was a
calm, candid and dignified defence of
his course on the exciting issues of the
last Congress. It was a noble, high
toned and manly appeal to the sober
judgment aDd reasoning faculties of
man. lie abused Jnot his traducers, but
with a mind that soared abovrpetty li
bellers, he exhorted all to rally around
the banner of democracy, stand by the
time-honored land-marks of the repub
lic, and all would be well, lie spoke of
the danger of sectional parties and sec
tional agitation. and referred to the fare
well warning of the great and good
Washington, against sectional strife and
geographical parties, or the agitation of
subjects that tend to array onC portion
of the Union against the other. . He had
in the discharge of his duties at Wash
ington, attempted to' represent the views
of his constituents, and on all important
subjects had voted according to the im
plied instructions of his district. He'
was elected as a democrat, and as such
he had voted on party, issues. On mi
nor matters he had been left free to act
as his judgment should direct,, and on
such subjects he had acted fearlessly,
openly, independently, and with a view
to the public good. He had never dodged
a vote nor would he. If they expeted
him to vote in Congress, as Tom, Dick
and Harry voted, because such persons
voted so, they had elected the wrong
man. He was untrammelled and voted,
when uninstructed, as he thought best.
His speech was listened to with atten
tion, and was frequently and loudly ap
plauded. ;
Look out for Eoorbacks !
Democrats, look out for all manner of
Whig Roorbacks between this and the
election ! It is one of the games almost
invariably resorted to ou the eve of elec
tions, to defeat the Democratic nomi
nees. J. lie private character of our can
didates will be traduced, and the basest
and most infamous lies will be put in
circulation in regard to them." It has
already been resorted to iu various parts
of the county, and will be kept up until
the election. Some of these have been
exposed through our columns, but oth
ers must necessarily go uncontradicted,
for their name is legion. . Democrats,
be not deceived by these electioneering
lies. The calumniators dare not meet
the men whom they belie and slander,
face to face. No but they will prowl
about the country like so many whipped
curs, and retail their villainous slang
about men whose characters are above
reproach, knowing that before their in
famous, lies can be contradicted they
will have succeeded in their nefarious
designs, or their victims will be triumph
antly elected. - Democrats, ?shall this
game succeed ? Will you allow your
selves to commit an irreparable - wrong
by voting against thede men? Recol
lect that if these men are defeated, these
charges will be taken as true hereafter,
and - their characters ruined forever !
Democrats of Ashland, we call upon you
to administer a rebuke to these slander
ers, that they will remember to their
dying day. Spurn them from your fire
sides, as you would an adder. Their
very breath is corruption. '
The " Tickle me and I'll
Tickle you" Game.
We arc at a loss, sometimes, what
course to pursue . towards these Fusion
ists whether to get mad and " pitch in
to them ," or to sit down and watch the
Hard Cider ' work ." The last maneu
ver of fhe Fusion-Whig party, of which
we have heard, is certainly laughable.
Only think of it, reader! . Old blue-
light Whigs perambulating the county,
offering to swap votes with Democrats
that is, the Whigs offer to go for our
Coupty ticket if Democrats will go for
Bliss! Now ain't that cool ?-Whigs
offering to vote for our county ticket,
when every mother's son of 'em is cer
tain to be eleoted without their votes, on
condition that the Democrats will help
to send Granny Bliss to Congress ! Ah,
gentlemen, that is an artful dodge, but
it won't win. Democrats, look out for
these truck-and-dicker gentlemen on
election dav. These promises are easi
er made than kept, especially bjr Whig
politicians. No, no, fellow Democrats !
Let us have none of this "fusion."
There's not a man engaged in" it, but
what will be ashamed to own it before
two years. . -Vote the whole ticket, and
nothing but the ticket. It merits, and
we believe it will receive, the united sup
port f the party.
Democrats, Don't Bolt!
Democrats, don't bolt next Tuesday,
We appeal to your past experience, and
6av have you ever gained' anything by
bolting ? Nay, have you not often had
abundant cause to regret that you ever
bolted the regular nominees of. the par
ty ? Judge of the future by the past,
and go the whole ticket. The Demoo
racy never had a better ticket presented
to them for their sunrageB,' and should
receive their united support.
No Party ! No Caucus !
Onr "Whig friends seem determined
to " out Herod, Herod ," in insisting on
the point that they belong to no party
that they will support no " Caucus nom
inations ," &c. Well, that sounds very
well, but is not the Fusion ticket com
posed of the strongest politicians in the
Whig and Free Soil parties ? nave
they not been all their lives most bitter
partizans ? Now, when the Whigs wish
to succeed, they unite with the Free
Soil party. Is that no party? This
" no party " party is not arrayed against
the Democratic party. ' Oh, no, of course
not! What a striking difference there
is between tweedle-dum and tweedle-dee !
Another strong argument is, no Cau
cus nominations. Well, let's weigh the
Fusion party in their own scales, and
see which will be found wanting. The
Whig-Fusion ticket was put in uomina
nation by a Convention composed of forty
five delegates, which assembled in the
office of J.'W. Smith, Esq. This fact,
we presume, will not be denied. : These
delegates were appointed by perhaps
ten or twenty persons, in the respective
townships. In this township there was
not over twenty-five or thirty 'persons
at the meeting to appoint delegates, "and
yet the Whig and Free Soil vote in this
township is nearly three hundred ! The
Democratic ticket was put in nomination
by one thousand voters of Ashland coun
ty, who expressed their choice at the
ballot box. We ask every sensible, hon
est, intelligent and candid mau of either
party, which ticket was nominated by a
Caucus ? . Further comment is unneces
Giddings on Whiggery.
Giddings, in his late speech at Erie,
made use of the following strong lan
guage in relation to the Whig party :
" It (the Whig party.) has done more
to extend slavery and the slave trade,
than any Democratio Administration has
ever done. They have brought upon us
the infamous Fugitive Slave Law, and
they stand pledged to eternize it. J. hey
have squandered more funds in Galphin
claims thau perhaps all administrations
that have gone before ."
Free Soilers iu Ashland County will
please bear in mind, that this " same old
coon " which " Old Gid " compliments
so highly, is the one with which they
have joined hands in this county, to
extend slavery and the slave trade ,"
the authors of the "INFAMOUS FU
-v p . m - -
The Banner Township.
From all parts of the c'ounty we hear
the cheering news that the Democracy
are marshalling their forces for the grand
contest next Tuesday. All that is want
ing to insure the success of the Demo
cratic ticket, is to get the Democrats
out. Let the Democracy go to work in
the right spirit determined to conquer
or die fighting and victory is certain 1
We go in for presenting the township
that shall give the largest vote for the
entire Democratic ticket, in proportion
the number of votes cast, with an appro
priate Banner. Which shall be the
Banner Township ? Democrats, let there
be a noble struggle for this prize ! The
township that wins it, will be covered
all over with glory !
Counterfeit Tickets.
Democrats, beware of counterfeit tick
ets ! They will be circulated by thou
sands throughout the county, on the
morning of the election. Democrats,
look well to your tickets before voting.
Get them from some one in whom you
have implicit confidence. The man who
would deceive another by furnishing him
with a spurious ticket, not only commits
a moral wrong but violates the laws of
his country, and deserves the contempt
of every honest man. Again we say,
look well to your tickets
o ;
The Great Avalanche. The Ava
lanche is the terror of the inhabitants
of the valleys of the Alps and Pyrenees.
Most of our adult readers have doubt
less read much about them,' ard are fa
miliar with the scenes connected with
them. The Peasants are aroused from
their "Slumbers by the the cry of " the
Avalanche the Avtjlanclie " and they
have scarcely time to escape from their
dwellings ere the ponderous mass comes
thunderiug down the mountain's side,
crushing ever thing in its path. It has
become : onr lot to chronicle a similar
event, connected with our own town.
T. C. Bushnell, the Merchant Prince
of Ashland County, has bad. a similar
calamity happen him, iu the shape of an
Avalanche of New Goods, which, fortu
nately for the public, fell into tho Em
porium instead of on it. . Never have
we seen a more beautiful or cheap stock
of Goods, than this last arrival at the
u Admiral's ." We need'nt tell the peo
ple to call in, as half the population of
the County have been there there al
ready. See his advertisement. "
. o '
Ernst Bachereb, Tbis gentleman
still maintains his well-earned reputation
as a successful caterer for the public in
the confectionery business. His custo
merers invariably become gormandizers.
His saloon is always provided with the
luxuries. " Oysters for fifty," was the
order last evening, and, having been one
of the crowd, we have felt good ever
since. Ernst is one of cleverest fellows
on terra firma. See advertisement.
James Alberson. This gentleman
has recently opened a Hotel in the vill
age of Orange, in this county. The
travelling publico should bear this in
mind. All who stop with him will find
his table supplied with the best the sea
son affords. See card in another column.
Corrfeapondenae of the A.hland Union.
thint as they arc Death of Bishop
WainwriglU and Samuel Nichols
French Frigates in the harbor 'The
Whig nominations Murder cases
JtetvaYd .for Shuyler Introduction
of the Fashions Rioters sentenced
; Verdict against the Mercantile Agen
. -cy Deatt, of Dr. SwettStockiold
eri meeting Reciprocity Treaty, SfC.
.New York, Sept. 23, 1854.
The 'cool Weather has driven into
camp the latest lingerers at tbe 'Suiatfret
resorts, and the whole army of fashion
being now " withdrawn from the prov
inces," is preparing for a brilliant fall
and winter campaign at home. People
talk of hard times, and the fancies in
Wall street have just received a small
Lshock from the New York and New Ha
ven expose; but, nevertheless, the thea
ters and other places of amusement are
drawing, in the aggregate, about $12,
000 per night, from the pockets of our
light-hearted population ; thousands are
won and lost, daily, on the National race
course, and it commercial disaster is re
ally staring 'us in the face, Vo meet its
frowns like laughing philosophers ' -
A great loss has been ' sustained by
the Protestant Episcopal Church, in this
diocess, in the death of." Bishop Wain
wright, who expired at 4, P. M.,' on
the 21st inst., after about a month's ill
ness. . lie was, in the first instance, at
tacked, with billions remittant fever,
which subseqaently assumed a typhoid
character. Bishop W. was an English
man. He was "born in Liverpool, in
1793 and was, therefore, in his sixty
second year at the time of his disease.
By this event the Episcopalians of the
diocess arc again left without a ' Bishop,
and another provisional appointment be
comes necessary. It is not unlikely that
the vacant mitre will fall to the lot of
the Rev. D. Vinton, of Brooklyn.
Death has claimed a victim from tbe
Press, as well as from the Church, du
ring the present week. . Mr. Samuel
Nichols, editor and (iu part) proprietor
of the Sunday Mercury, was fatally in
jured on Monday night in consequence
of missing his footing while attempting
to get into a city railroad car." The ve
hicle was in motion and poor Nichols
falling under the grooved wheel, was so
fearfully mangled that he died in about
nine hours after the accident. His re
mains were interred on Thursday in
Greenwood. . .A-large number of his fel
low citizens, of all classes and professions,
attending the body to the grave. . Mr.
N. was, perhaps, the best theatrical crit
ic in New York a man of high integ
rity and of the most kindly and benev
olent disposition. Only the day before
the catastrophe, he was talking of writing
a strong article against the folly and
madness of attempting to mount the for
ward platform of a car while under way ;
and yet, strange to say, this very act of
temerity was the cause of his death -Mr.
N. was in his 44th year.
Our harbor presents quite a gay ap
pearance just now in consequnce of the
presence of three French Frigates the
Aclieron, Spheginic and 'cnelope. -.
They are albfrom St. Pierre, Newfbund
land,"'and have been cruising off the
banks for the protection of the 'French
fisheries, it is said. It is quite as like
ly, however, that they are on the look
out for Russian prizes. The Acheron
is a steam frigate the Penelope and the
Sjiiieginie are sailing vessels, carrying,
respectively, sixty and forty guns. Com
modore Materes commands the squad
ron which has put into this port for pro
visions and repairs. They will proba
bly remain here two or three we'.ks..
The political leaders of every stripe
are industciously stirring the political
cauldron. The nomination of Clark
and Raymond, as the Whig candidates
for Governor and Lieutenant Governor,
is considered a Free Soil triumph. It
is said the Know Nothings will support
tho Whig ticket, but of this I " Know
Nothing." The confusion of tongues in
the Tower of Babel was not a finer sam
ple of discord than is the conflict of po
litical factions and opinions in the State
of New York There are at least ten
distinct organizations in the field, and
there is but one subject upon which they
agree, viz :. that the possession' of office
is the most blessed of all political coo
sumations. ; '
There are six murder cases on the
calendar of the Court of Assessions for
the October term. " Dr. Graham of
New Orleans, who killed Col. Lorino,
at the St Nicholas Hotel, about two
months ago, will be tried some time du
ring -the term for ; that offence." His
counsel wiil attempt to show that Col.
Loring was the assailant and hope to ob
tain a verdict of "justifiable homicide"
but if the testimony adduced on the trial
should be 'identical with that given on
the Coroner's inquest, such a result is
impossible. Dr. Graham is said' to be
very wealthy ; and if justice were a com
modity to be bought and sold might pos
sibly escape punishment.
A. tempting, sum has just been offered
by the stockholders of the N. Y. and N.
H. railroad company, for the apprehen
sion of the arch-swindler Robert Shut
ler: Thief-takers, anxious of securing
$5000 and doing the State a service,
should be on tho qui vive. - I
On Thursday our leading modistes in
troduced their fall fashions, and long
lines of carriages at the doors of all the
celebrated Artistes who " make up " the
fair dames and demoiselles of New York
for the promenade, the ball room and
the opera, indicate the deep interest
which our lady-birds take in the cut and
colors of their plumage. Rioh velvets
seem to be the favorite material for bon-
nets. The flat crown supercedes the
rounded one ; and the hats are about as
far in the rear of the face as. ever.. Ma
ny of them are trimmed with rioh lace
and embelished with velvet flowers and
drooping plumed of Ostrich feathers.
The prices vary from $15 to $18. The
mantua'tnakers still adhere to'the basque
waists and Multitudinous, flounces.-
Sleeves are of all shapes and aro puffed
or " slashed " with- material of a color
different from the dress Skirts1 are
made "'sufficiently long to- sweep tbe
side-walks thus performing, at a heavy
cost to husbands and fathers,- the dut y
which the street contractors neglect.
The provocative chemisette remains in
vogue." ".' ...,T,
- The prisoners convicted by having
participated in the riot at Brooklyn, be
tween the Irish and Native Americans,
iu June last, were sentenced in the
King's County Court of sessions on
Thursday. Their terms of imprison
ment are from one year to ten days.-
The sentences afe too light for the of
fences. . .. ...... : 1
In our Court of Common Pleas a ver
dict for $5,000 has recently been obtain
ed by Messrs. Hole and MurdOck, ' a
Mississippi firm against a mercantile
agencyin this city, for injuring the char
acter of the house by libelous represen
tations. It will be recolected that a
verdict for 810,000 was rendered some
years ago in favor of a western concern
for a similar libel, perpetrated by one
of the spies of (I believe) the same agen
cy. One of the Tafpans was the party
mulcted on that occasion. ' In this case
Sheldon P. Church is the individual
fined. It is rather expensive to play at
ducks and drakes with the credit of re
spectable merchants. " "' '
The medical faculty in this city, as
well as pulpit and the press has been
visited by the hand of death during the
week. Dr. Swett, one of our most
skillful physicians, was yesterday con
signed to his last resting place, at Green
wood ; and I - fear that the ' venerable
Dr. Lewis, who now lies ill at his resi
dence, will soon be laid there.: The de
stroyer has struck many a shir, iog mark
within the last few months.' ri
It is generally believed that the stock
holders of the N. Y. and N. H. Railroad
Company will repudiate : the- spurious
sthek issued by Robert- Shuyler) and
that this will have a disastrous effect
upon American securities generally, both
in England and this country.- ' It is said
that nearly all, if not all of the spurious
stock can be identified. - At the meet
ing of the stockholders on the 21st inst ,
in this city, it was shown' that the eight
directors owned only 1 95 shares real
stock, out of 30,000; and that more
spurious than real stock was holden by
them. That one director owned but
one share, and that two or three owned
no genuine stock. " The ' directors were
requested to resign. At the meeting in
New Haven on the 30th of October, it
is thought the whole matter. wilL be, jdo
ciced. ; ; .' ;"' :- v : ; .
A meeting of the Anti-Know-Nothings
was held last evening, and ' it was
found that .there were a. majority present
in favor of the Know-Nothings, and an
adjournment was declared, nothing- be
ing accomplished. .. . . .
The Cadadian Parliament has accept
ed the Reciprocity Treaty, and when
the Legislatures of the other Provinces,
Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, ac
cept it, it will go into immediate effect,
which will . not be until they meet in
February next. -
Of the $7,000,000 of -Mexican funds
which was received from the United
States Treasury, and placed on deposit
in this city's banks, - only one and a
quarter , million remains on deposit,
most of it having been sent to England.
' ' ST. CYR -;
. ' ' - " . -
- JGS" Ugh ! how cold it is I Yester
day we were visited with a shower that
fairly deluged our Borough, and this
morning there is an unusual , number of
red noses. . Every thing gives evidence
that the long dry, scorching days of
summer are gone, and Autumn'and Jack
Frost are upon us.' " His most inevita
bly create a great demand, for Ready
Made Clothing, and we may as well tell
the people where to' get them.' Apple,
& Co., have just received a large-assortment
at the Philadelphia Clothing Store.
Greenwald, -their Salesman, is just the
man to. get good bargains from.:.- Give
them a call.,. Their advertisement will
be found in another column. '' ' ' "
Rev. S. Ritz: We regret to learn
that this able and popular Minister has
determined -upon - leaving Ashland, for
some point in the .West.' . He has dis
posed of his property, and - will preach
his farewell sermon next Sabbath morn
ing at the Lutheran Church. During
his residence among us, he has gained
thejmiversal esteem of our" citizens by
the purity of - his life and the eloquence,
and ability which he has displayed in
the cause of religion. Success attend
him.- -" : ' '"- -:' ' ' V 4
' F. Kinnaman.- We dropped in to see
Fred's Daguerrean Gallery the other
day, and found everything fixed up as
neat as a pin. . Fred was as busy as a
bee, and seemed to be -doing a" fine busi
ness. We saw some specimens of hjs
work which were ',. perfectly life-like.
Fred is winning " golden opinions" by
his courteous treatment of visitors, and
the skill which he displays as an Artist.
Rooms over J. R.' Squire's Store. ,
Swan's Revised Statutes cf Ohio. -Much
inquiry has been made in regard to
this work, by officers in the different
townships of the County. All interest
ed will take notice, that the number ap
portioned to this County have been re
ceived at the Clerk's Office, and are now
ready for distribution,. - .. ....
Clay and Bebraska A Tonlo for Fn-
.. -7- . sion Stomachs. m
--The great statesman, Henry Clay,
throughout his whole life, supported the
principles of the Nebraska bill. He
held that the restriction imposed by tho
Missouri Compromise, was unconstitu
tional. And, had he been living, who
can doubt after reading the following
extracts from his speeches, that he would
have sustained and voted for the law or
ganizing the territories of" Nebraska and
Kansas f Not one.. ,
" No restriction "ought to be imposed
on the State of .Missouri ; hut like-other
State, sho ought to be left free to decide1
for herself . the, question -of slavery"-
Speeehof Clay -in sl 820. -i ; J 'J
" A State wbn forming for herself .
constitution and proposing to enter into
the Union, should have exclusive, power
to decide for herself whether; she would
or would not have the institution of
slavery." Clay's Speech in 1850. '
On the 29th .of January, 1850, Mr.
Clay introduced his celebrated eompro
tifise resolutions, in the U. S. Senate.
His second resolution was as . follows s
See Con. Globe, page 110. i"u
.'f Resolved, That as slavery does not
exist bj law, and is not likely to be! in
troduced into Nebraska or Kansas, o
into any of the territory acquired by the
United States from the Republic of Mex
ico,' it is inexpedient for' Congress-' to
provide by law for its introduction intd
or exclusion" from any part of -said terrfc
tory ; and' that appropriate' territorial
governments ought to be established by
Congress in all' of Said territories not
asigncd os the boundaries of the proposed
State of California;' without1 the adop
tion, of any restriction. -or' condition on
the subject of slavery." -.' ': :
Again - s d -i - 4 1 ,v
" The great principle upon which was
the cob test-upon the memorable occasion
of the introduction of Missouri into the
Union was whether it was competent or
was not competent for Congress to im
pose any-restriction which should exist
after she became a member of the Union ?
We, who. were in favor of the admission
of Mitsouri, contended -that by the con
stitution noBuch restriction could be im
posed 1" Clay's Speech in theU. S. Sen
ate, Feb. 5th and 6th, 1850. " '
Anti-Nebraska is a cloak used by them
(the Fusioniits) to cover up and conceal
their real designs. "Under the cover of
anti-Nebraska is concealed more politic
al abomination, -( iniquity,- and treason,
thau ever at . any one time found advo
cates in - this government. -Burlington
(Iowa) Hdwk-eyej a Whig-paperi j.
"vYhiggery's Protean shapes" A Di id.
;. . : of Isma.", ; ;
. ; The " Fusion 7' nominees ' for Judge
of the Supreme Court and, Board of
Public . Works, Messrs. Swan and Blick
ensderffer (confound that long name !)
are thus presented in several Whig ana
Abolition papers in this State : - -;
- From the Cleveland Herald y"
From the Cleveland Deader :
From the Toledo Blade i T i.
. :;: -- TIONS." " V
' From tho Akron Beacon': ' .
From the Painsville Tcleqrapli i.
From the'Medina Gazctt .-' ""ZL
From the Cadiz Republican ' "
From the Zainesville Courier: -1 -"DEMOCRATIC
From ' the Progressive Age :
'." : . - . ET. . ---
-From the Ohio State' Tirnes : ' ' "'
From the Newark Timrst
In looking over Norton's true Whig
we don't find the Confusion ticket at alL
Several other prominent. Whig" papers
have declined supporting tho - mongrel
affair. : Old Bank -Whigs know that
Judge ISwan is one of the most radical,
hard money men in the- State is now a
Freesoilerjand has never been a' Wing
He hates. "Whiggery with the utmost. in
tensity, so we have been credibly inform
ed by those who know him intimately.
Hundreds and thousands of - Whigs, ' in
all parts of the State, 'will not support
him." And as for B-1-i-c.k-c-n-s-d-e-r-f-f-e-r,
its all over with himl His name
is entirely too long to go into the ballot
box 1
Public Opinion on - the Isthmus about
' the Oreytown Affair. . .
. .While the Whig press is denouncing
the Administration for the Greytown af
fair, it is warmly approved; by those on
the Isthmus, familiar with--the circum
stances in the case. ; We make the fol
lowing extract from the Aspinwall Cour
ier : . v; -'. .: .
We believe ; Captain J H. did right
but we beleive, too,' the act was without
precedent in the annals of the American
navy.'- ' Were it right, the lack of a pre
cedent would" not have: detracted from
its merits.: On the contrary, we hope,
though' this punishment - may have been
executed in a manner somewhat revolt
ing, it will be safely accepted by Amer
ican citizens, resident abroad, as an ear
nest that their Government is reviving
the foreign policy; which 'made her res
pected in the" days of her earliest' and
comparatively helpless infancy. V :
We rejoice to believe that we descry
the dawn of that day when, we and all
American - citizen who . have - resided
abroad for years, may revert to the diss
graceful neglect which they have expe-.
rienced at the hands of their own Gov-,
ernment, with a surety that the like will
never again be - known. Then shall' tba
United Staes flag, her ministers, and
her citizens, all enjoy the protection nsdt
redress ,of wrong she ever can and should
five them. May her citiaens strive to
e worthy of the new era.
The 'Whole Ticket, If the Deme,
cratic party is;worth preserving if the
iuterists of the -country are worth preser
ving, by its polioy in the future, as they
have been subserved by its policy in the
past then its usages, by which our can
didates are presented, are worth preser
ving;" Every voter, who has the Demo
cratic blood in his veins, will forget all
personal considerations, and Vote an n
sct atclted ticket t Listen not to the'dick
ering chaffer of designing men, who would
love nothing better than to dethrone the
Democracy from the popular heart
Democracy can never gain anything by
barter, '- Our' principles are neither fu
sionable nor negotiable for a considers-'
tion. .; ... -. . .
Stand by"them,sTemocrats! vThey
are honorable, time-honored and eternal,
State Detn. '":'" 'j
t 4
.1 .
i, ;
- K

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