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L3Ee3Kl S3ki.
' ' s ""V '
; gspnij. ftnion.
Tax Usrioe ia pablished every Wednesday
tneraiag ia the tow of Aahlaad, Ashland co.
Tihidj "v -c - - .
oa Main St., over R. McMahan'a 8tora.
The Union will b furnished to subscribers,
t the Btt rfTOO' DOLLARS per innum,
If payment Ve made before tbe eipiratioo of
ike year. Two Dollas abo Fittt Cests,
'rill hi variably be charged, if payment ba de
barred tilt after the expiration of the year.
- A failure to pay ia full, and give notice of
diecontiaaaece to the Publisher, at the close or
the time subscribed Tor, will be considered an
engagement for the aeit year, and ao on year
.after year. " " i'"-.1 .- '-.
Oae soaare, 11 line or less, 3 weeks
" or lsss,.....M. ....... ........ ,00
Every subsequent insertion.. ........ 37
-One square 6 months......... - 5.
One square one year......... 9,00
One fvarth column one year.. ....... . .,14,00
One third column oae year.. .......... 17,00
-Oae half column one! year. .V ; 25,00
Two thirds column one year..........: 30,00
Three bertha eolumn oae year......'.". 35,00
"One eolnmn one year... .... .......-. ; 40,00
, ..' Baring just purchased a supeib new press,
sad added large lot ef new type to our already
extensive assortment of Job materials, we are
I aow prepared to execute, in a style that cannot
, 4- aaroassed bt any office In this' section ol
" country, '--."': - '
' Books, . ".Bonds.' ; !: ' Labels, Circulars,
Cards,. ..: --. DnlU,i .r Receipts, Notes,
Posters. - Bills, is Checks, . .Manifests
Blanks, " Bill Heads, Tickets, Seeds,
' and, ia short, every desciiption -of Piain and
Decorative ;;.: -' 1
.- done in the finest stylo ef the art, uid caanot
faii to give' satisfaction., . All orders promptly
- attended to. J ; - ' ' " -1 -
;'.:.V' '. 'J"'r ALL' KINDS OT. ."'-' . '
- Blank Deeds and Justices . Blanks, ::
kept constantly on hand and for sale at this of
fice. Our Blanks are neatly printed and on the
-" beat quality ef paper; and give general aatisfao
: tioa with those who bate used them. Orders
respectfully solicited, j .. .r .
Half a Million f the State Debt Paid
;r Within Three-Fourths otfa Year. .
--'i The Journal, and other fusion papers
"by their misstatements in reference to
' the amount raised by. iaxation daring
the present year, drove us into the State
Auditor's office and -while there for the
purpose of gathering facts to correct their
. errors,' we made " inquiry into the pro
'gresa of 'the redemption of the State
I stocks, and find that HALF A MILL
' ION OP DOLLARS in Ohio stocks,
have been canceled daring the present
yeajfl :'. Thus" is liquidated, under a Dem
ocratic State Administration, . a debt
: that was taxing the productive energies
of our people thirty thousand dollars per
.ajaam- and a -debt, .which,-, under the
;l Whig" policy . which is . to never pay,
' -would Lave been, eentinued indefinitely.
E'TJnder,3v"liig financiering'this half, a
-millioav f dollars : would have gone into
the bands of i some favorite ''Insurance,
-Banking or Railroad Company. Which
policy ao people ' choose that of the
. Democracy, or that .of the eoalition of
'. Stockjobbers, Bankers, Whigs and Fu-
;eianists?-:---0?o Statesman,: x
.The 8andwich Islands Treaty.
- T Albany - Evening Journal gives
the jfailswiftg as the. particulars of the
'-liew treaty r:1'' v ' V-i" .
. " The Islands are to be at once admit
ten into the Union, not- as a Territory,
rrut asa.St'ate, with full State sovereign
, powers. Ia .consideration - of this sur
' Tender'of their national sovereignty, the
".United States' besides agreeing to res
tpect all existing charters, Jand titles',
.-&., are to pay some $300,000 or $400,-
O00 annually, as life annuities to such
. .'persons as the sovereign authorities shall
- designate. - It is beleived that the num.
"berwho will be declared entitled to share
"'in this' annuity.', will 'not exceed thirty
individuals, -including the Kin a, bis two
onr. and the' members of the House of
': NoblesJaHof whm re rich, and consti-
tote th great., landholders of : the king
. -dom. r,. Their ges will -nverage about
- forty years q and the sura " paid to each
will cease to he a debt cpoo the United
? States Govermsent at their death.- . .
' Besides the sovereignty of the Is"
lands, all the Government property---in-.
-eluding- -buildings, claims upon foreign
Governments, &c. will, it is under
J stood, be '. transferred to the United
" States Government, by this treaty. ; The
- value of the buildings alone is said to
- exceed $1,500,000," and their claims up
oa the French and. British Governments
rto-about $500,000 more 5 making an ag
. gregate of $2,000,000. ' -: M
"k. Treaty Ratified .'Free Trade.' !
. .The JSeciprosity Treaty' with Canada
is ratified by Great Britian. This treaty
,:is arioble trophy of the present Admin
istration.;",So long as the St.. Lawrence
flows free to American , ships, will this
j treaty be -referred to: wllh pride and
pleasure. 1 The Fishery difiiculties are
over. Canada is , practically annexed.
. There are no custom houses between us.
-. Oood will and free trade have made one
" more BtrideJ 's With the , National In
e Xelligencer, " we " congratulate the coun
, -ttry oa the first' fruit of a great measure
- of 'peace are international advantages ;
(.cne which,, but a short year or two ago,
.rjooked so -unlikely for a happy settle-
'- Bdnt, and in the present accomplishment
;' eof which, alT wfiohave ""Ee'enT concerned
ot instrumental, deserves r the public
thanks --- ' : : : ;'
r",lHewho aoeers at the Administration
"v's ineficieat, and, calls it a failure, is ei
ther a dullard or a demagouge, if not
j3qih.States7rtan and Democrat. 1 . ;
, JSxTERisa Land. The business of en
',"ivfipg land nnder the recent aet of Con
gress termed the ''Graduation Bill"
jgoes braa-ely on in this city. . For more
tnaa a meek past the Receiver's Office
on South Fourth street, has been throng
ed by eager applicants, and notwithstand
ing thousands of acres have been secured,
jbhere is ao dimmutiori, bat if anything
the rowd increases' daily. ; A number
. jot farmers -and '. o thers . from a distance
. Jiave beau two and ...three days in con
stantatteodanoe, and. their turn has not
'jXome.yet, 'Thelproceedings are con-
luetedon the priucipls of going to mill,
' first eome first served,: and to prevent
:confiision, each' applicant upon arrival
, has to d3cjare hia intentions " of pro-
- ing a little more of UneLa Sana's domain
provided some brisk Deighbor' has not
. . taken out the. final papers before he gets
- chance at it. St, Louis Intelligencer.
Bostox, Spt, 28,
- The Alps with four days later has ar
rived with .Liverpool dates to the 12th
Provisions Quiet for all descriptions
and the prices the same as per Arabia.
The London money market continues
easy with a tendency to lower rates.
Consols advanced 95 J. '
Manchester trade steady.
. The steamship America had arrived
out, all well,
' The news from the Beats of war is gen
erally of important nature.
The allied fleet numbering 76,000
men had left Varna and were on their
way to the Crimea.
The Austrian army was still in the
Principalities, while the Government of
that country was using its most active
exertions to stave off a collision with
Russia. -
. There are rumors of new propositions
between the respective Powers, . but
nothing definite has transpired.
The correspondent of the London
Times, writing from Vienna, dated Sep.
tember 8th, says, the opinions of the
Austrian Government as they have been
communicated to its diplomatic agents
abroad, may be given in a few words ;
these are, that Austria still looks on the
guarantees demanded by the Western
Powers as the only basis for a durable
peace ; and will therefore, at the same
time she maintains her armed neutrality
neglect no opportunity of urging Russia
to accept them.
The writer says that the Prusian Gov
ernment is ever inclined, as before, to
make common cause with the three
Powers; the excuse for holding back
being that the Emperor Nicholas has,
at the demand of the German Powers
consented to quit the Turkish territories
and therefore Prusia does not feel her
self called upon to actively interfere in
the quarrel between tbe Western Pow
ers and Russia.
The news from the Baltic is that no
further important movement will be
undertaken there - during the - present
season. ". : . . ' '
A Constantinople writer says that on
the 20th ult. not a solitary English or
French vessel remained m port or in the
Bosphorus, all having left to place' them
selves under the orders of the Admiral
in the contemplated attack on the Cri
mea." Mr. Soule has written a violent letter
to Dijaro and Paval, in reply to the
charges of the Madrid press, of having
participated in the recent events. The
following is a copy of the letter . .
Madrid, Aug. 24, bias : " The tone
and character of the article ' refering to
me, published,in your No.' of this day,
indicated too clearly the influence which
inspired it, "not to deserve from me the
honor of a reply. ' I have sent myself
from Madrid because it is my pleasure to
do so, being accountable to no one for
my acts or conduct. The fear of being
insulted by persons to whom ray presence
might be disagreable, would not induce
me to abandon my post. I fear neither
the sneers of impertinent fellows nor the
dangers of hired assassins; above all,
Sir: I do not fear the people. The peo
ple respect what is entitled to respect.
They only stigmatize the wretches who
flatter and deceive them. The people
fight but are not assassins.
With regard to the perfidious insin
uations in which your article abounds
they are beneath my contempt,: and I
leave you the merit of the varnish with
which you have glossed them over, and
to ' those who dictated them the infa
my of their invention. I am, sir, your
Signed, ..Pierre Soule.
Nothing authentic m regard to the
sailing of the expedition to Crimea bad
been received. The last advices that the
armament was to rendezvous at Beltic
hik within two days. Should this have
taken place, it is probable the whole con.
vov sailed on ' the 4th. The vessels
amounted to more than 400, besides pon
toon boats and rafts. Supposing no de
lay occurred, the expedition might be
expected to reach the Russian shore on
the 8th,' when a landing would ' depend
upon circumstances. " v
The total destruction of the forts at
Bomarsund, and the . departure of the
trench troops to J? ranee, is confirmed.
The fleet is gone from Ledsund to Naga.
- Barrguay d'Hilliers has gone to Ber
lin. : . ;,' ;', . . .'." ,.'" , -..
Count Corlini entered Bucharest on
the 6th, at the head of 4,000 Austrian
troops. " ., . .-.-' ;
By the first of September, the Rus
sians had completely evacuated Galatz
and Ibrailia.
The navigation of the Danube is now
free. . ' "'. '
- General Rrastern ordered the inhab
itants of Odessa to reduce the city to
ashes, if the allies should attempt to take
it. and then retire. His proclamation
concluded, " Woe to those who remain
behind or attempt to extinguish the
fire!" . . , , i; ,
The London Daily News publishes
the following letter, dated Berlin, Sept.
7 : il The Prussian oGvernment ; ad
dressed a circular, on the 10th to the
-Laafwwiimy ftrmimrt It. fcplltt t.hsm
although, for the sake of peace, she
supported at St. Petersburgh the four
points insisted on by the Western powers
she does not think they are indispensa-
Lble in a German point of view. The
King cannot recommend bis German al
lies to accede to the fourth condition in
such manner as to incur on their account
expenses.and obligations not commanded
by the spirit and end of the Austro
Prussian convention. The King hopes
the .Emperor of Austria will take this
view of the case, and adhere to it as it
becomes a German Prince. - He hopes
moreover, that the Emperor, seeing his
States are guaranteed against attack
from the side of Russia, will abstain from
every act of aggression against Russia,
and avoid all complication not necessary
for th protection of German interests."
' Charleston, Sept. 26.
The U. 8. Mail Steamer Gov Dudley
has arrived, having left Havana on the
23d. :;. . ,.':
Gen. Concha, the near Captain Gen
eral of Cuba, arrived at Havana on the
2 1st,. and was received by the Marquis
PegueJa aud the city aathorixiea initioec
rnagnifleept style.
' ' Halifax, Sept. 29. .
The Crimea expidition is the largest
in the annals of warfare. '- The fleet mus
ters 25,000 sailors, and 3,000 cannon.
Among tbe land forces are 20,000 Eng
lish, 35,000 Tu.ks, and 10,000 Egyp
tians. The English squadron left Var
na on the 3d. The French General Ar
naud and the Turks sailed on the 5th,
to join the British near the mouth of the
Danube. The debarkation was to take
place at Point Baba where there are fif
teen fathoms of water. Once - landed, J
they will entrench. They will next de
feat the Russians in the field. From
the sea, Fort Constantinople, mounting
110 guns, is the principle o'bject of at
tack Prince Menchikoff conducts the
defence of Sebastapol. '.',
There are 60,000 men in camp at
Odessa, besides a full garrison in the
city. Many ships are converted into
fire ships. A new levy of ten men in
thousand is ordered throughout the west
ern portion of the empire.
. There are rumors that the French Ad
miral Hamilton, is opposed to the Se
bastapol expedition, and that Arnaud
took the sole responsibility ; also, that
sealed orders were on their .way from
France to stop the expedition. These
rumors are not generally credited.
Orders calling home the Baltic fleet
to England causes apprehension that the
Russian neet,will escape rrom tuo isaitic,
and will commit devastation .upon com
A force of four thousand Austrians
entered Bucharest on the 6th, and were
formally received by Omar Pasha. It
is reported that Omar aud the Austrian
commander subsequently disagreed.
There is a complete rupture between
Persia and the Porte.
The Independent Beige gives the sub
stance of the Czar's reply to the last note.
The Czar expresses surprise that Aus
tria should have transmitted such pro
posals unaccompanied by anv conces
sions on the part of the Western powers.
The Czar unconditionally reiects the
proposals. He says Russia made every
concession compatible with honor, and
it only remains for the Czar to try even
tualities. The Emperor will avoid in
creasing the complications of the war,
but will repel with energy all attacts,
from whatever quarter."
Prussia has informed tbe (xermanic
Diet that she never bound herself by the
guarantees demanded by -the Western
powers, ana is resoivea to remain Birict
ly neutral..
.Military exercises continue at Bou
logne. On the 1 3th a sham battle ' was
enacted. The invading army of 40,000
advanced from St. Omer to attack Bou
logne. It was met by an army of defer S3
of 40,000. After immense - fire and
smoke, Boulogne was supposed to be
The French Minister is recalled from
Berlin. " Ferdinand Barrat is appointed.
The cholera in Paris is rapidly aba-
tlng- ... . . .
The Republican party in fepatn is ex
tremely uneasy. Another outbreak is
considered near.
Pennsylvania State Fair.
' Philadelphia. Sept, 22.
The State Fair closed this aftcrnooc-
The attendance was equal to yesterday.
The whole number of visitors is estima.
ted at a quarter of a million. In conse
quence of the large receipts, additions
have been made to the premiums, so as
to double the amount advertised.
The Plowing match came off to day.
Twenty plows were entered. Premiums
were awarded to Newell French, for the
Michigan plow and plowing: George
Buchman, for Wiggans' plow j Jacob
Sibbat, for' the best plowing ; George
Blake, for second, and Robert Blake,
for third best plowing; H. Randolph
Trego, best plowboy.
ISo annual address was delivered, in
consequence of the sickness of Mr. Mer
edith. .
New York, Sept 30. "
Rev. Dr. H. Potter, of Albany was
elected Provisional Bishop on the eighth
ballot last night.
Dr. Potter, the Bishop elect of New
York, is brother to Bishop Potter, of
Pennsylvania. It is a singular fact that
formerly- two brothers (Onderdooks,)
were Bishops of these Slates, lbe par
allel will run no further. Eds. Herald.
Boston, Sept, 30."
Letters received by the America, da-
ted Canton, July 24tb, report that the
insurgents were still beseiging the city
in great force, and that trade in conse
quence was almost entirely suspended.
. The friends of Mr. King, formerly
surveyor of San Francisco, and who is
charged with defalcation, have come for
ward and given ample security for the
same. -
New York, Sept. 28.
The ahual convention of the Episco
pal Diocess commenced its session yes
terday at St. John's Church, Rev. Dr.
Creighton was elected President, Rev.
Dr. Thomas of Hartford has been elec
ted Bishop of Rhode Island. -
Philadelphia, Sept. 26.
The Angel ' Gabriel attempted to
speak to night at Independence Square,
but was arrested by the police and lock
ed up as soon as be sounded his horn.
Two Frenchmen took lodgings in a
hotel on Dock street last night; one left
this morning, and the other was found
in bed with his brains blown out and
his pockets rifled. Neither of their
names are known. It is said they . had
just arrived at New York from France.
New- iioiiK, Septr30."
The captain of the Barque Mary from
Liverpool, reports seeing, on the 14th
August, the hull of a large iron steamer,
painted blaek, supposed to be that of the
ill-lated steamer VUy oj (Glasgow.
Boston, Sept. 30.
The America brings further news from
the city of Philadelphia.
. At the time she struck she was run
ning at the rate of ten miles an hour on
Cape Race. She backed off, leaking bad-
Ihe passengers - were safely landed
next morning, and pitched tents on the
spot, and remained for 36 hours, when
tbe steamer- Victoria come to their as
sistance, and landed them at Jt. John's
A sufficient military force has been dis
patched to take care of the propel ty saved
from the wreck.
Savannah, Sept. 29.'
Thers is no abatement in the ravages
of the fever, nor is the weather of a na
ture to promise early decline of the dis
ease. -Assistance irom otners is arriving
daily and $he sick are receiving the best
possible care.
..... Aanum, Sept. 27th 1834-.
Wheat ; ..-.$90
Flocs heavy at
...... .10
...30a 35c
...44 a 50
9,00 a 9o
...... IOC
OOBH.. -.-..
TlUOTUY .-.'.
Eoos. - . 4
' ' ... New Yomic, Sept. 30, 1854. '
Flour Unsettled ; business moderate ; 4000 bbis
ln eluding state 77,18. ...
Low grades wheat heavy, prices nominal, while
better qualities in fair requett for shipping ; new
Canadian in biiud held 1,40, and southern wh its 1,-
Corn Without movement of importance ; sales'
SO.OOUbu. 7&77t for western mixed.. bO fur round
white, TSfor onsonnd.
Cleveland, Sept. 30, 1854.
" Market very dull and little busiuess doing.
Flour Unchanged and market quiet, superfine
held at 17.50. best extra 8SSS.?S retail at S9
Wheat Sales of 1009 bu mixed at 1,50, white at
ai.uo, no sales, - - .-
Corn No sales, offered at Cue. . i I .
Oats Held at 4Si&S0c no sales.
;' TBurrALO Sept. 03.
- Thers Was fair speculative enquiry for fiouf this
morning and holders were more disposed to meet
buyers, sales reached 1300 bbla at 6.5a8"5' for
good t'i choice brands Ohio Mich, and 111., 7,50
lor extra do.
Crain Nothing in wheat.
Corn Dull buyers ask 64c with63 offered, sales
oi suuu bu to arrive witmn 10 days.
.Marled, At the Residence of J. B. Tilosk, Esq.
Buffalo H. Y.t" on the 27th Sept, by the Rev. Gso.
W. Hobmzr, A. D, KEDLKKGER M. D. or New
London Ohio to Mrs. SARAH I. BELDEN ofPitch
vil'e, Ohio.
On the SSfh day of Sept. by the Rev. T. Basa
Mr.: CLINTON WILSON or Buchanan Co.. Iowa,
and Miss ELIZABETH VV. daughter of Jacob Mil
ls. Esq., or Perry tp, Ashland Co., Ohio.
On Sept. 25th, by Rev. J. Kcbisor,' I, B.
ING, daughter of C. K. Drums Esq., all or Ash
land. JjyMay he always prove a 'GooDrsLLpw to
KosAif is the desire or many of the ' Young America
"Happy, thrice bappy they, whose friendships prove
One coostant scene of unmolested love ;
Whose hearts, right tempered, feel no various turns.
No coldness chiUs them, and no madness burns ;
But free from anger, doabts. and jealous fear, .
Die as they live, united and sincere."
Died, On the 24th ult. JOSHEPH WILLI 4.M
RALSTON, Son orJoaxra and Miioict A. Baown
aged one year, two months and sixteen days.
On the 28th nit. JOHN P. son orCuiTui A. and
ELIZABFTH HUME.aged nine months.
A4 Deleware, O, Sept. 23, JAMES D. LARIMER
after a short Illness with the prevailing epidemic
yeilded to the entreaties of that " riged Lord " and
bade adieu to the vanities of Earth. He was a young
christian, a kind Husband, a warm friend. A
loving wife and chil l are left, with those who
knew him, to morne bis death.
Lay him in tbe sunshine, friends.
Nor Sorrow, that our Brother isNa Heaven."
KM AIMING in the Post Office, Asiiland
County, Ohio, Sept. 30th, 1854.
McMicken Andrew
Alidorf Benjamin
Aten Alexander
Agan Jeremiah
Moolry Jacob -McClane
J Mr
McGuire Thosnas
Monrer Jacoe Mr
B eber Benaville
Miller Henry
Meyers Michael
Bczler Rev
Barrett Mrs F
P W H Miss
Bull Mr.
Bomeler Jacob
Pilgrim H N Mrs
jPallock H J Esq
Howkor Julius
Bryan Ann
Barr Henry
f aucroon A (V
Potter W 11 C Esq
Porter Henry T
Rees Abraham Mr
Burpes Peter
Bray Michael D
Buck Franx
Bark man Elizabeth
Boyer John
Rinehart Joseph
Rutan John
Rusell C M 4 Co
Rush George
Reed .Clark T
RouUong Jonathan
Ryan James
Rush William '
Reed George W
Rose J Y Mr .
Ryan Patrick
Rassling- August E
Reed James G
Ryan Martin
Stem Nathan
Spencer Graham .
Saner A Mr
Spiesy Henry
Sughrow Mrs
Stephens W W Esq
Snyder Michael
Smith Dr P J
Smith Joshua
Smith John
Shriner Lewis
Scovill Sarah Mrs
Slone T A Mr
Sholer John , .
Shaffer James
Slireder Jcstian
Shepard D C
Smith Frances E Miss
Sandles Rebecca Mrs
Ncheuflie Lodwig
Chas H Castel
Carrels Daniel G.
Campbell Wm
Cridenden Medad
Chen Allison.
Coles Samuel
Clay J StCrowby Walter
Cob urn WHIard 9
Cotner Jacob
Downard Edward
Drew Michel
Doty John
Dwire Elizabeth
Dibas John
Downey Mary Mrs
Fike Charlea
Forgason Richard
Forgason Mary Miss
George Peter
Grewbaugh Samuel Mr
Uoodman Charles .
Hart Elijah Mr
Hsnfy Dr. Mr -
Hershey Lidia Miss
Harrison George Mr
Hatfield Sirah Miss '
Hembrose C Miss
. J -
Jackson Anna Miss
Jackson James
Kobley Augustas .
Kraft Lewis
KaufFman Suson
Kimberlim Kliia Mrs
Kauffman J C Mr
Kennedy William
Kinsinger Henry Mr
- 1 -Lewis
James Mr
Lint John
Lawson Joseph Mr
Lee Sarah A Miss '
Sloan Jas A Esq
Sloan James -Stout
Tel Adam
Turr Susannah A Mrs
Tefom Henrietta Miss
. . . : v -- '
VanderhookCathariae 3
Vanaorthrop Ed M.
Vantilburgb Peter
- W
William John
Whitney Dr B F
Williams William .
Williams Joaotbaa
Williams Jane
Wright J
Welt' Nancy Mrs
Wolf John
. V
Yergin Susan . .
Law sou M irgaret Mrs!
Mathews T S Mr .
Moyers John -Mayers
David L
Martin Mary Ann
Marung Philip
McKincey William '
Madden Joseph A Esq
Martin Bell Miss j
Zehner James
Zehner Polly Miss
aVaV Persons calling Tor any of above Letters
will please say, "advertised."
Ashland, Oct. 4, f854. 1 2wl9
Hugh McKibben
In Ashland Common Pleat.
Benj'n Landis,
T)(jRSUANT to the cqmmand of an order ef
1 sale, duly issued from the Conrt of Com
mon Pleas' of Ashland County, Ohio, in the
above case, to me dirocted, I will expose to
public sale at the door of tbe Court House, in
said county, oa
Monday, the 6th dvy of November,
A. D., 1854, between the hours of ten o'clock,
A. M. aud four o'clock, P. M., of said day, the
following described Real Estate, to wit: lii
lot number twenty two (22) in the first addition
to tbe original surveyed plat in the village of
Rowsburg, sstuate in the south east corner of
tha avuth east quarter of section tilteen, f5 J
tewnship twenty two fi2J range fifteen fl&J
being filly eight fb8J feet in front by one hun
dred and fitly eigh. fl58J feet back. - Also
nine f9J feet ten flO) inchea ia front br one
hundred and sixty eight flOHj feet back. And
of lot number twentythree (23 J in addition
aforesaid, s tuste and being in toe 'onnty of
Ashland and State of Ohio. Terms of sale
Cash. . J. D. JONES. SAertir.
October 4, 1854. Idts-pfa5,25
THE undersigned announces to the public that he
has again takeu charge of the Hotel in tbe vill
age of Orange, Ashland eounty. Thankful for past
favors, he hopes all of his old customers will give
him a call. Everything will be doue. to make all
who may stop with bim comfortable.'
iTy A good Hostler will always be on band.
)CL, 4, r44. ltf JA3US8 ALBEKSON.
RESPECTFULLY begs leave to make his bow ngain to the goods-bnyrng public, and an
nounces that he has just received the largest, cheapest and best trier ted . .. . - . . .
that has or-will be brought to Ashland this fall. t This lie states aa a fact, and challenges a com
parison. It exceHs all his former purchases, and is bound to be the - -
A large portion of the stock will be sold THIRTY-THREE PER CENT CHEAPER than the
same Goods have ever been sold in this market beiore. ;
In this department we have concentrated all our taste and energy, to procure an assortment
of DRESS GOODS worthy tho attention and cop mendation of the better-half" ol creation.
Tbe extraordinary run which baa made upon this stock since its arrival, speaks more lor the
assortment and cheapness of the Goods, than anything we can say. We hjre in tbe lino of
DRESS GOODS, Morenoes and Paramsthas, Irom 28 cts. to $1,00 per ysrd ; plain all-wool
Delaines, of every color,' Irom 33 to 00 cts. per yard , Muslin Delaines, latest styles, at prices
from 20 to 33 per cent, below last year's prices; a large assortment oi all-wool Moreno, Par
ametha, silk and French Plaids ;' from 37 to 87 cts. per yard ; an extensive assortment of fig
ured, changeable and plain black silks, at much leas prices than they have ever been Bold in
this market ; Auction prices not excepted j a complete assortment of Velvet and Galloon Dress
Trimmings ; a great variety of Embroidorios, Gloves, Hosiery, Ribbons, ice. Of Bonnets we
have Silk Velvet, Silk, Satin and English Sirows of all kinds and qualities. As to
... .'... LAMES' OT C-3iiyG)TO ' IS 3 ; -;
Our stock cannot be excelled either in quality or price. In short, ladie: , we have never pre
sented a finer assortment to the public, and earnestly invite your attention to it. '
We have also endeavored to meet the wants of the " Lords of Creation," large and small
in every respect. We have a large assortment of English, French and American Broadcloths,
Cassimeres, Sattinettn, Tweeds, Joans, Veatings READY-MADE CLOTHING !
A large assortment of HATS and CAPS of the latest styles, and will sett them at prices
unusuaHy low. Also, a good assortment of BOOTS and SHOES, TAILOR'S TRIMIA'GS,
etc., sec. Gentlemen give us a call before purchasing elsewhere.
We have also a splendid assortment of QUKENSWARE and CROCKERY, HARDWARE,
GROCERIES, Yankee Notions. : , ' ,
&c, etc. Me n and Women of Ashland county , this mamma li stock of Goods mutt be told, and
you that wish gieat bargians must cull soon. ' We don't ask you to believe our say so about it,
but call and see for J ourselves, and yon will fiud that " lo ! the half has not been told you ! "
The Eaiporium is now crowded every day in the week, and more are turned empty away.
Come one, come all. aVaTAIl kinds of PRODUCE taken in exchange Tor Goods, at the highest
market price. Ashland, October 4, 1854 I9U".
Apple's Philadelphia Clothing and Furnishing Depot!!
THE proprietors of this extensive establishment beg leave to announce to the public' that
they are now receiving at their old stand in Ashlaud, tb e largest and best selected stock of
which they or any body else have ever brought to Ashland counlv. Their spacious store room
is piled full of Goods. We can new supply half of the count. We can fit tho largest and
smallest tbe shortest and tallest the thickest and thinest the fattest and leanest specimen
of naked humanity that stands in need of oar friendly aid. We can sell Overcoats at from $4
to $18; Dress Coats at from &C to $25; Vests at from 75 cts. to 910 ; Pantaloons at from $1,
25 to 10. We have every desci iption of clothing from the coarsest domestic fabrics to the
finest brodcloths, silks and satins. Our stock of -
consisting of Shirts, Collars, Cravats, Wrappers, Drawers, Handkerchiefs, &c- is unusually
large. The yublie will alao boar in mind that we arO hrcpared to do .
to order, on the shortest notice. We have a large number of finished workmen in our employ,
and our " Crook " is acknowledged to be one of the best, if not the best, in town. As we
have a full assortment of cloths on hand, which can be had at the purchaset'a own prices; tbe
public cannot tail to be satisfied. Letit be distinctly understood that we
and challenge a compariaon either in beauty or
aacnt.ore cheapness 111 price, we ao Business upon tne principle that a " nimble sixpense is
better t..an a slow shilling." and, consequently cau sell eur goods at CASH PRICES, which
our competitors cannot afford to do. Store
Wallack & Coffin, Ashland , Ohio. .
Isaac Gates, Adm'r of Ks-")
tate ot t homas uraoeu,
deceased. - -
Martha Braden, e. al. j
fl V- virtue of an order tf - sale issued from
13 the Probate Court in and for the county of I
Ahland in tbe abovecase, and to me directed,'
I will expose to Sale, oa tho premises, on
to wit: being a part of. the south east quaiter!
of section sixteen -(16,) township twenty-four
(24,) and of range seventeen (17,) commencing
at a stono o'n the siiuth line of ssdi quarter
thence north two degrees (2deg,) westsoventy
oue and seventenths (71 7-10) rods to a stone
on the west line of Andrew Burn's land
thence west Iburteen (14) rods to a atoue, thence
north three degrees (3deg) west sixty-one and
eight tenths (61 8-10) rods to a stone thence
sixty-four aud one-halt (641) degrees, west
seventy and seven-tenths (70 1-iO) rods to a
sloce on the west line of the quarter thence
south three degrees east ijdeg; one hundred
and seven rods to the sou'h west corner of the
quarter; thence east on the south line of the
quarter seventy-nine and one half 79 i rodato
the place of beginning containing fifty-nine
acrea and three roods ot land. Also, the south
east quarter of section tweuty-one 211 town
ship twenty-four (24) and of range seventeen
171 mure particularly decribcd aa follows, to
wit: Commencing at the north-east corner ot
the quarter; thence south on the east line of
the quarter one hundred and aixty-two and
eight-tenths 162 8-10y rods to the south-east
corner of the quarter; thence west on the
south line ot the qusrter, one hundred and fifty-eight
and four tenths lob 4 10) rod to the
south-west corner ot the quarter; thence north
on the west line of the quarter one- hundred
and fifty-nine and eight tenths rods to the north
west corner of theqr.; tiieuce east on the north
line of the quarter one hundred and tifiy-eight
ana tour-tentn roas ( ioa -iu to the "north
east corner of the quarter to the place ot be
ginning, containing one hundred aud fifty-nine
acrea, two roods ana twenty rods ol land f sav
ing and excepting out of this quaiter sixty -six
acres, one rood and thirteen rods of land off
the south side of said quarter in which ia con
tained the widows dower,J and a part of the
north westquarter ol section twenty one, town.
ship twenty lour and ot range seventeen and
bounded as follows, to wit : beginning on the
east boundary line lorty rods north from the
sooth cast corner of said quarter, thence along
said boundary line forty rods north to a post
tnence west sixty rods to a post thence south
forty rods thence east sixty rods to the place ot
beginning, containing mieen acres f saving and
excepting ten acres out of this tract which had
been previously sold and conveyed to one Rob
ert Mcurory. - -
Terms of Sale: One third cash, one third
in one year, and the residue in two years with
interest, Irom the day ul sale ; back payments
to be secured oy mortgage on the premises.
Ashland, Oct. 4, 1864. - nt9 4w
Earn L.
vt. III Ashland C out-
James D. Williamson, and f moll Pica.
Martha G. Williamsen. I
IJURSUANT tn the command of an order of
JL sale issued Irom the Court of Common
I leas ol Ashlaud, County to me directed,! will
exposeto public sale, at the door of the Court
Housein said county, on
. Monday, Uie 6th day of November,
A. D-, 1S54, between the hours of ten o'clock,
a. ax., ana lour o'clock, f. M. ot said day, the
lonuwing aescrioeu real estate, to wit: Lo
number nltr-five, in the town of Savannah, Ash
land County, Ohio. Terms of sale: Cash.
, J. D. JONES, Sheriff.
Oct. 4th, 1854. . 19st pf A3.50
Wm. WycofiV Adm'r of "1
John Augby, dee'd. I Pr.b-te Court i.f
vs. s. Alll A lad t:ouuli.
Andrew Myres, and I Ohio.
others. . f
rilHE defendants Andre.v Myers and Mary his
j wife, Benjamin Leyda and Sarah his wife,
uun-resiednts oi said State is hereby notified.
that said Petitioner has filed in said Court,
a Petition, tbe object and prayer of which is to
obtain an order of said Court for the sale and
conveyance of certificate or Land Warrant, No.
61,340 issued by the Com. of Pensions to the
widow and hiirs of William Dcviney, lor 160
acres, dated June 15th, 1S49, and by said wid
ow and heirs translered to one John Pnestand,
and by him to said John Augby, deceased, in
his lile time. '
WM. WYCOFF, Adm'r.
. W. Smith, Sol. Ptt'r.
Oct. 4th, 1854, . .; wnl9 .
Saturday, the Wth day of November ; ul Groceries and Conlecliunane. ; a splendi
.... i n t r i-i :l vr'eJot 1 oya and Notions of all kinds,
1854, at two o'clock, P.M., of said day, the vf -i , I- I no trim r 9 V r,
following described real estate, situate and be- iUlldlbJtr lilSiT umOQi S KG'., JfcC.
ICR in the County ot Asblajid and State ol Ohio, In hia SALOON be lias made arrangmenta fur
quality of goods, extensieness of the assort-
opposite Skiliing & Burns', and next door to
Oct. 4th, 1854. I9tf
lOVS, Ml'MCAL l.XSa'KUiTlEi'Va'S,
IVO t lUi, Ac, Ate.
INFORMS Ins numerous -customers that, he
has just received a large stock of all kinds
a cousin l supply of Baltimore and New-Haven
OYSTERS, Game of all kinds , Sardines, Pick
led Meats and the delicacies of the season.
Lunch served at all hours on toe shortest no
tine. Constantly on hand a variety ef Temper
ance drinks.
Thankful for past patronage, he is di termin
ed to spare neither pains or expense in cater
ing for the wants of those who Civor him with
a call.
Ashland, Oct. 4th, 1354.
Joseph Wassonl
cs. Iar Ashlaho CoHsion Pleas
Samuel Rutan.' 1
1 PURSUANT to tbe command of an orut-rof
1 sale iasued in the above case from the
Court of Common Pleas of. said Ashland Coun
ty, to me directed, 1 will expose to public sale
at the door of the Court House in said connty,
on . ". -
Monday, tie 6th day of November ',
A. D. 1854, between the hours of 10 o'clock, A. M.
and lour o'clock, P. M-, of said day, the follow
ing aescribed real estate to wit. being lot
ULinber twenty-lour in soulb Ashland, Ashland
County, Ohio. Terms of sale: Cash. ,
- J. D.JON E.-, Sheriff.
Oct. 4th, 1854. . 191 pf $3,50
As Might be Expected,
'pHANKFUL for tha past liberal patronage of
aV - generous community, tne subscribers
would again invite attention to their present
Stock of ;
consisting in part of Mens' Thick Kip and Calf
doois ana. sutoes, name made and Eastern Al so
Jiajts' Youtht' and Childrent' Boots and Shoes of
a better quality than they have ever seen in
this market- - Also, - -.
Mens' Boy 8 and CMIdrens' Shoes and Gaiters
of various styles and patterns, both fancy and
plain, which are of good quality.
The Ladies' and Misses Department I
of SliOES, BOOTEES and GAITERS ot all de
sirable styles and patterns are abundant, and as
to material and workmanship, we invite com
parison with any other work in this market.
P. S. Jn connection with the above Stock,
we have on hand a fine Stock of
Tiunks, Trat lin Bap, .Weni and
. Itoy'a Cau,
and a large supply of PARLOUR, DINING and
KITCHEN GHAIRS, that wa warrant to be
well made and of good material. All of the
above we are now selling at very Aw prices to
auit the times for READY-PAY, wa say to all
that it will pay you well to examine our Stock
before purchasing elsewhere. Mark well the
place, just opposite T. C. Bushnell's Dry Goods
Store, and one dour west of the New Bank
Ashland, Sept. 27, 1854. 18lf
Sale f Meal Estate by Order of Pro
bate Court.
ON the 23th day of October, A. D., 1854,
between the hours of ten o'clock, A. M .,
and four o'clock, P. M., on the premises herein
after described, wiil be sold to the highest bid
der, the fallowing Real Estate as the property
of Abraham Shearer, deceased, situate in the
County of Ashlaud and State of Ohio, to wit:
the south-west part of tbe soutb-west quarter
of section six in Township twenty-one of Range
sixteen containing eighty acres of land more
or less. Terms of Sore: on. third cash in
hand, one i bird in one year, and the residue in
-.wo years, with interest from the day of sale.
Back payments to be secured by a mortgage on
tbe premises. - -
Adm'r of Abraham Shearer, dee'd.
Sept. 27th, 1854. 4wlf -
N. B. On the above premises tl ere are a one I
story log house, a good bank bam, spring house I
and wasu hotiae, good young orchard of bear-
iug troit trees ; the larni is well watered, and :
lies about live miles soutn-west from tha town j
ef Ashland. P. BRUBAKER, Adm'r. J
Sheriff's Proclamation.
PROCLAMATION is hereby made to-all the
qualified Electors of Ashland County, (.;
that a general election will be held a required
by Law, on Tuesday the 10th day of October
A. D., 1854, at the several places of holding
elections in said county, at wi.ich time the fol
lowing officers are to be chi-gen via :
One Representative to Congress. :'.;' . '
One Supreme Jodge ; - '! ' -. ' '
One Member of the Hoard of Public Works.
One Prohali Judge ; v ;
One Clerk of the Court ; '
One Prosecuting Attorney,
One Sheriff; V. '-' '
One4nditor ' '
.. One Treasurer ;
One Commissioner ;
" One Infirmary Director."'''-"': ' ' " ':
Aud the Trustees ot the several Townships
in said County, are requested to return to the
Clerk of the Court of Common Pleaa, the follow-in-;
number of Jurors from thcirrerpectire town
shins, to wit t - - " '
do .
1 ownslnp Ofr nanover. ...
do ;
do Take....
do -Green
do Mifflin......
do Vermilion,.,
do Mohecan....
. 8;
f. 8;.
do ,
do Perry. .
do Montgomery 1 14 ;
.da Miltoe...
do Clear Creek
do Orange.. ..
do Jackaon.'. ; ..
do Sullivan....
do Troy
do Ruggles . . .
Making In -ill. ..................... 108 j
And the said Trustees will also, at tha same
time and in the same manner, return to
the Probate Judge the fbllovjng number of
Jurors from their respective townships, to serve
ss Juro'S in Probate Court, to wit : . .
From the Township of Hanover .
. 8;
8 ,
do do ' do, do Lake-
do do -do- - ' do -Green i i .
do do " do . do Miflltn.....
do do do ..." do Vermillion,
do tie do do Mohecan.. .
do do do ' - do' Perrv. ..'.
do do do : do Montgomery .04 I
do do . d:, da Milton. 6;-.
do do do do Clear Creek.. 6;
do do " do '' ' s do Orange..1. . 9 ; '
-do do - do ; - ' do Jackson.. ;.i 6;
do ; do .do , do. Sullivan., .... ;,
do do do do I roy., . . ... , . . 3
do do do do Ruggles.. .V 6
of whioh notice is given accordiag to
Sheriff of Ashland Co.
Ashland.Sept. 13,
Al Ilif Old Rricii Corner,
THE undersigned having bought the Lames
and Extensive stock of merchandise, for
merly owned by Robert McMahan in this place,
announces to tbe citizens of this County and
all others who wish to avail themaelvea ol the
privilege of laying in their Summe and Fall
svpplifs cheap, that his Store- is the place.
He intends keepingalwayson band a large and
general assortment of . - :
such as is wanted by tha people in thia region.
Among our unprecedented variety are
of all Kinds, Styles snd Varieties. GROCE
RIES, a large Stock Salt, Fish, Plaster, in
short every thing in that line, which will be
sold a' less, prices than any other Merchant
dart sell., I am now and will be selling for
somctiuie at eosVso that my present stock may
be reduced to make root for my -r
- KavAll who wish great bargains, are invited
to call soon and examine my Stock ast'.e goods
are going very fast, and you may not have
another opportunity to aecure your goods at
such low figures. All kinds of ' '
Wool, and any thing the Farmer has to sell, will
be taken in exchange for good a. . - - .
jr-Don't forget the place the old .Brick
Corner, East of the McNulty House. '
-' Ashland, Aug. 16, 1364... ' a I2tf - ,
31 A K i VOUU II A1S& UL'IS I,.
A CURTAIN LORD who went princely dressed,
once told Horspur that Pharmaceti 'Was the
soverignest thing on earth tor -Inward wounds."
Weil, we do not gainsay that; but we do know
that Prof. M. Louis Garvey's Celebrated Receipt
and Waiving
the Hair,
"is the sovereignest thing on earth." The pro
prietor, on leaving France, procured of tbe cele
brated Ci enlist and Physiologist, Moos. JAQUS,
this valuable receiiie al an immense expense.'
All persons desirous of having their Hair curled
and waive in beautiful ringlets till the latest perfod
of life cau have the same for one dollar, post-pa id.
. arsis is a disco very which most persons have rea
son to douSt. Human ingenuity has sought for
yesrs to perfect a HAIR LIQUID that would curl
aud waive it. and one that should combine the
requisites to give the bair a beautiful natural tint,
and at tbe same time aot injure it. All former at
tempts have failed. The compounds would cur' tbs
hair, but tbejr would scorch, burn and turn it 1-jXjr.
Now, however, tbe thing has been accomplished ;
and the splendid Hair Curling Liqui I which Profs.
M. Louis Garvey ard Byron H. Kobb offer to the
public may be relied Upon as a preparation com
pounded on recently. discovered, chemical priucl
pies, which have received the sanction of tbe most
eminent professors of'that science. It gives tbe
bair a suit glosny appearance aud causes it to curl
and waive in such beautiful ringlets that the most
credulous person cannot but admire them. . It docs
not destroy tbe vitality of the taai , but acts as au
emllient ! docs not irritate or stain tbe curitd ;
wssms the triaugula fibres with tbsir thousand
inperceptible branches in a natural activity, aud
never fails of success, it has been before tbe pub
lic but a few weeks, yet its, merits have already
established it. 8uch ever whelming popularity wa
never known at any age. of the world before. In
Uu western and southern states, it baa become the
only reliable Hair C'urling Liquid in use. Tbe re
ceipe-will ba sent to any part of the Uniyd States
by sending one dollar.
7TpBewareof counterfeits All letters should
be directed to " Prof. M. LOUIS GAR VKY. aud
BVROH U. KOBB, only.
- Aug. 23. 1854. Bl3-3m- - ? -
1 f RS. PILGRIM 6 CO., would, respectfully
IV I inform the Ladies of Ashland, aud vicin
ity, that they still continue the '
Millinery and Dress Making Business;
at their old stand, one door east of the Titles'
printing o flee, nnd having just received the
LATEST SUMMER STYLES, and from their
long experience in tbe business, feel fully con
fident ot giving entire satisfaction to all who
may favor them with their patronage.
Ashland, July 2, 1854. " ntf
Xr.-vkT' BACHEREK respectfully announ
JLJj ces to his friends and lovers of good living
Kcuerallv, that he has made a complete reno-
vationin his establishment, one door west of
the McNulty House, Ashland, Ohio, and wiil
keep constantly on band during the enauing
summer every . luxury usually found in tbis
market. ' "'- '
N. B. Know all men, that no intoxieating
liquorwill be kept in my establishment.
AsMand, March 8th, 1854. n42-tf.' . .
H. tl. POTTER,).
Dealer In Boaki, Stationery's Wall
rapcr, &c, a:c--CHOOL,
Miscellaneous and Blank Books;
Stationery and Fancy articlca. Have on
band, and constantly receiving, the latest pub
lications. Store two doors west of the Samp-
sol I House. ' - -
. Ashland, July 26, 1854. 9tf
Attachment Notice
Aaron Yarnall, Plaintiff,
B. F. Rowland, Defendan
A T my instance an attachment was this day
XX issuea tor tne sum ot 312,29 and corts,
by John Taylor, a Justice of the Pesce ia Han
over township, Ashland county, Ohio, against
the goods, moneys, credits and effects of B. F.
Rowland, a non-reaident of aaid county.
September 13, 1854. . 4w .7
- Attachment Notice.
AT my instance order of Attachment was is
sued outhe 30th day or August, 1U54. by Joseph
C. Bollcs a Justice of the Peace of Jackson Town-
snip, .asaianu county, tor tne sum of teu dollars and
eighty-two cents against tbe property and effects of
Isaac Vautilburgh, a non resideut of said county.
Causingone Chester 0. Matthews to be garnished
in said proceeding. . JACOB FAST,
. . Agent for Jacob Oochnaur,
.Sept. 98th, 1654. 3wl8
.' Save (hip A sin-
ASHES wanted by the subscriber, at his
Ashery in Ashlaud, for which the highest
mar. et price will be paid in gooda.
Oeteker" Jf,IS53. y .. tf
THE public ore hereby notified, that the
nndersigned has openecK splendid Da
guerrean Gallery, over the Store OCJ. R. Squire,
Ashland, Ohio, and respectfully solicits the
patronage-of the public. ' In addition to the
usnal appendages et a Picture Gallery,
subscriber has added a v : -
which pours down a flood offi jjTTt'upOB Ufte'pet
iton aetting, thereby enabling the Hpftrater to
take good pictures at short sittings. Tie sub
scriber understands si I tbe new and of'jrV
cesscs perfectly, and has no beaiiatioa ia say
ing that he dan give as good satiafactioa assay
operator in thissection of country. Specimens
can he seen by calling at the rooms.- Hears
for operating from 8 o'clock, A. M.te 4 o'
clock, P. M. Pictures taken in cloudy aa well
aa clear weather. F. KINNAMAR.
Ashland, Sept. l?th, 1864. - l6tf
Hayesville llarble Shop,
r.x i fi-:
1iS5 JH-Jjoawrv'-.' at .
M c K N I G H T & KIN G
Manufacturer of Monument, Tomb
Stone. Table, ire:, of Italian aha
.ffmertcart marble.' ' '
' HANKFUI. fnr past favors, would
respartfully inform the eitixeni ofAsI)'
land and thi- adjoining counties, that they eon.
tinue theabovft business in all its varioee
branches; ar.d having no Agents, they caa nJ5
will sel I Grave Stone from 10 to 15 per cent'.
cheaper than Shopscan that employ Agents;
It is evident that prr-sons buying el Agent
must pay the expenses of that Agency. Shop
on Main atreet, one door cast ef the Penn
sylvania House. 13tf ' .
rpHR nndersigned begs leave to Inform tbs eitr
X sens of Akbland, and the surroaadlng count?;
that he has just received at his Stove and Tin ware
establishment in Ashlaud, a LAKOK AMD SPLEN
DID assortment of the best and most improved
pattern of
sga'ggcpNsn -i9g
wbich he will sell at verv tew rstss. And alao. a
great variety of COPPER, BRASS, TIS and JAA
done on tbe shortest notice., v -
. It. B. Old Brass, Copper and Pswter tskea 1st
exchange for ware. R. atUTTKRY, -
August S3, 1854. ' , "v . Wl
. . . . . .v -. PATENT : " "' ''I
WAS awarded the First ' Premium at the
World'a Fair, in New York,, in 185JJ
Also at the Ohio State Fairs, lor three success
ive years; snd at all other plrces, whenever
exhibited. Warranted to hull and clean from xX
to 40 bushels per day, or rrom i to 6 bushels per'
hour; and with a new improvement, (new be-'
ing Patented) to be attached to tne Machine
made in 1854, they will hull andcleaa one fourthi
more in the same time. " -
For aale by M. H. MANSFIELD,
Sole Manufacturer, Ashland, Obio
. June 14, 1854. . , , 3lf.
N.' B. " Prosecutions will be promptly eonrV
menced for any infringement of the right of
he PaUentee. - 1 - M. H. M.
New Cabinet Warerooni
-.:-' XXSt
I that he his permanently located himaei
in the town of Orange, Afhlaad county, Ohio'
where hois prepared to manufacture all kiad
of Cabinet Ware, such
Dining Table. Centre Table.
to order, on tbe shortest notice and meat rea
sonable term. Particular, attention given to
. Country Produce taken m exchange for worky
and Caah always acceptable.! "
r . -a - JOHN WILL..
; Orange, April 5, 1854. ."" ' ' . 46t
MICHAEL MILLER presents hia regards
to hi friends and the puolic. generally
nil respectlully anneeace that be Ira Opened
a Public House for the accommodation of tke
traveling public, directly epposit Ihe Samp-''
sell House, Main Sueet, Aajiland, where he.
will be glad to accommodate all who six favor
turn with cail. ilia table will always be irpJ
plied with the luxuries ef the season Hia
parlors and sleeping apartments are large aad.
commodious. Good stabling for horses will also
be provided, and afailhiul Hostler always ie
tteiwnitcii-, . c . - ; . - .-' ..:
boarding ior private laittilies or single per-n-Mis
can te hul a' re.iKonsble rtes. , -
In connection with the Hotel, ke will also
coutuiue t" keep open hia BAKERY AND RES
TAR ANT, where he will at all .time keep eat
band ' '" '
CoDiectlonaries, Pies, Bread. Cakes,
all kind of Temperance drink, aad, in short
ivery luxury to be found os the table of first
class eating houses. ' ' - -Kr
He vrishe it distinctly understood, that e
1NTOX1CAT1NU uailOHS -will
be kept, either ia tha Hotel r Salooa.
Ashland, March 8th, 1S54. 43 tf.
In force Jan. 1854, trt'M reference to
prior late, in one large Octavo Volu'em.
- Faoa tbs Jusoss or tub Sovaaaa Ccoa.
The undersigned have examined 8 wan' Re
vised Statutes of Ohio, for 1854. Thi vols mo
contain a compilation of the Statulea of Ohio
in force on the first of January, 1854. Tbe de
sign and arrangement of tbe Book are good's
and carried out With great care and accuracy;
and we think the work of great utility, and re
flect much credit upon the Compiler and Pub
lisher. ...
The undersigned having examined Swaea
Statutes, concur ia the above opin'o. -.
- D. O. MORTON",
Dist.Atty.U. S. Court, Dist. of Ohio
- GEO. W. McCOOK".
Atty. Gen. of State of Ohio.
It will be found an indispensable hand-book
tacvery Justice of the Peace and Constable, a
wel as every Lawyer or public officer. The
book will be sent free of charge te any oae eat
receipt of (5. m
Address ' B.C. TlCfc NOR & CO.J ,
' Law Booksellers, Mansfield, Ohioi
: March 22nd, 1854. 44tf
Or Great Western Hair Restorative
II' promotes the growth, softens, makes per
manent, and restores the natural color of
the bair; It gives health to tha skin aad te the
glands which form the hair; removes all
Scurf, Dandruff, Eruption and Feverish Heat
from the scalp. It fastens hair., prevents bald-ne-s,
aad even cause a full growtn where the
hair has fallen off. ' It contains no coloring mat
ter, but effects its wonderful change ia the
condition of the hair, by giving hatltb td
the skin of the head, and glands wiifch fortrl
the hair. t
Price 50 eta. per bottle.. A liberal deduc
tion made to wholesale purchasers. Address il
H IGH WARDEN. Ashland. Ashland cut,.
Ohio. . . - ' - - - . ... -January,
11th, 1853 . J4tf
CI. Ak HUMES, ' .
Manufaetur-mr nf Kf rf'cz... .
i ......... uuui, dciow c itmea mat"
. 1 in i tJTt . .. I J ...... n .
rvl u a D v . . . . . . .
work doue to order on tke shortest aotioe :
"uimutruwiaakl.. .
- mm
enea 14th. IBM. ' af '
, H
- -t-

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