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Wo a-tv
. i .tiifi VoiiEsTXwn xke sea-
l i d J -' '-
' Jfir--.''ho tread tho o,kea deck
. -'Jl ' fjpj spread the Jtaciful aiil
.;;. T,era ,e nno tro-'"l with wejrj step
.---'- T 1. L . . , .."
Suthere'a to thi lad wIiok fearless heart.
-rOn land nr-d ocean free, '
,Ci. XlirfvcU hia, feet to range al'to '
-t The forest and the tea.
-" Who au'aechor or a rifle ball: ' -t"
J"' .With right good will can cast,
;Co6tent before the hunter's lodge,"
rim-H Content beforo the mast. ( .
To-whom the deafning thunder' erah
aouree of lightsome glee.'"
:.Vhcn threatiaiog storms in anger lasb
'"The forest and the tea.
V"VVTio"lighl'h1ifirelnay!raB g!en,. '
Where cliff o'er hang the deep,
And 'tween the howl ol wolf and urf
Goea canity to hi sleep,
Who never seek from danger' face
The path by which to flee, -
Bat meat unmoved the terror of
The fo reat and the ea.
He roaatathe ranger 'a Teniaon haunch,
lie cooka the, sailor' duff
And epreade on Jogeor coil of rope
His banquet rode and rough,
Let winda blow high and breaker roll.
A weather and alee,
l"he burden of hia aong ia a till
The foreat and the sea.
4 ri smokes his pipe and tclla biatale
' . To caoipmatesin the wood,
,-. Or turn hia quid and spina hia yarn
......To shipmates on the flood, .
With rifle or with marlinapike
v. He happy iccmi to be,
- -So he can fii bia dwelling in
i "The wilds, or on the aea.
His thoughts of earthly beauty
In wildcat measures run,'
; -a -To a handaome ahip a Joroly girl,
Atrustydog and gun.-
Adventure bold in landa untold,
. . From chains of fashion free,
' TFUh brood czpanae to meet hia g!ai.ce,
Of forest nd of sea.
..IT '!? t - ;
WJlh open heart and ready hand,
r , And warm ana generoaa aoul, . " .-';-
' -A' spirit nob.'e.wild and fearleae.
Scorning base control.
" ,Ti--An"ear awake to aorrow'a will,"
. And honor' just decree,- -
HeSftands aiilo the geniua of '.
p The forest and the aea. - -
was o;ilj a Lalf Lousekcepcr. Go
where-ou would about ber Louie tbere
-was-' 'neither taste nor neatness. She
ou!r legln thhigs with great aridity,
but lose her leal beforeshe got through,
'Other husband's half-dozen new shirts
,a.y were partially finished, one wanted
sleeves, another collar , and wriabauda,
another " bcsoia aud gussets, and so on
- trough, iho list. Several skeletons of
quilt lay unfolded ia her drawers, and
jeilv tables'. and trucks were loaded with
JtuagiiifieeLt promises.
Her. bread, was always unpalatable
"because she forgot, this; or that and
though slie bad been married ten Tears,
aii tnai uuic me taoie was never
:.rigbtly-. laid for a meal. Either the
salt was wanting, a knife, or spoon, on
some important ingredient. This afford-
j&tCgPPi-'ixercise for. the family, and
there was at all times a. continued run
ning to and fro.
She ' was a: balf housekeeper. ' Her
meats were nevpr properly cared for af-
:-tec dinner-&nd then it was " La! throw
it away; it ain't much." Much or lit-
W.'lf made tbe butcher's bill enormous
-and the husband half distracted. There
lway3 stood in her musty-snielling pan-
try, mouldy milk, mouldy bread, mouldy
meat, and mouldy cheese; .There al-
, jfja laid .'about :' ber room a- dozen gar
ments worn out by trampling rather
than use. She was forever tripping
orer brooms; forever wondering why
' z - k av a leal VA vJ XI CI "
forever running up stairs for something
" sbo had lift down cellar, or flying down
cellar for what she had thrown in the ear
ret . ... -, A..
Her childreos clothes came to pieces
; the second day because they were only
half , made; ber preserves soured the
- second month because they were only
'jhalf done," and her temper soured quick
er thau any thing else. She was contin
ually lamenting that she ever married,
and wondering where some folks got
fheir. knack of house-work. She loved
to cleai a corner for herself and sit with
Her arms I .Idea. She loved to gossip
-i in flftvo anm 1.
wu K.VfT CliiC Vll
nana, fnr thn sIia ;n :
was begun, always losing her enthusiasm
.at the first stitch. - "Oh I dear me!"
duuic uajo uie wuoie extent oi
her vocabulary, and it would make one
sad -tot watch ber listless movements, and
rhear her declare that no woman worked
-so hard as she, which was partly true,
for she bad no method. -'- '
rfibe ncjerjeoeIved company without
..an' apology on her tounjre. and never sat
' tbem down to a decent table. She drag-
:ged through life, and woried ttirough
death, for which, I fear, like everything
' else, she was only Jialf prepared, and
I Ft air rln.lI(Tltoia tt fullnw ks. n.'nmxvla
:and curse-the world with six more mis
er'ablfl '. half, housekeepers. 2VL 11 Or-
eatL. ..... .
"Tbere is a sacredn'ess iu tears. They
are not the marks of weakness, nor of
.power;-' They are the messengers of
overwbelinii.g grief, of deep contrition,
unspeakable love. If there were any
-argumer:ts to prove that man. is jjot
'Ujortai. i. would loox lur it iu tlie stroiis
, coiivuloive emotions of the breast, wbeu
the soul had been deeply agitated, and
ihe fuuutairis of feelirg are rising, and
wheu' the -tears are gushing forth in
-erystal streams. Oh, speak not harebly
to the stricken one weeping in secret,
C break not the solemnity by rude laugh
.ter, intrusive step.' Despise not woman's
tears -they are what make her an an-
gei. ocou not n me stern neartoi man-
.koodr is - sometimes melted to tears of
.i i . -t . . i?
sjiuuiiiut iucj iu? nuab net abu miu
,aDove tne Drute. x love to see tears oi
affection. They are painful tokens, but
1 s.' I. 1 rni i 1 :
Ktears :an awful pleasure. If there
were none on earth to shed tears lor me
-I would be loth to live ; and if no one to
'"-weep over my grave, I would never die
in peace.
ZZST A mountain of Spanish Brown,
estimated to be sufficient to supply the
.Tot'd for. rtirk"g, i reported 't.o hav-3
beeu-jiiscovered'iu the vioiuity f iiy
taww, Aktawa. '-
farmer's Calumn
How bleat the far.iar'a simole life
Far from the noise of the City'aatrife.
We copy the following from the Prai
rie Farmer.
The Best Time of Sowing. With
out much qualifieatiou we may affirm
this to be tho first half of September.
Some perfcr the last half of August ;
and of course ten days one way or 'the
other would be likely to effect uo con
siderable result, xccpt as it might take
us into a spell of weather wetter or
drier, . as the case might be than we
should otherwise meet. We have known
the autumn so dry, from the first of Au
gust, that no kernel oi wheat would
sprout till spring, and a splendid crop
to be the result. Other seasons August
is a very wet month; but it is much
more apt to be dry than September.
On the whole the first balf of this mouth
is the better rule, with such variations
as precuharities may justify
Quantity ok Seed. Something will
depend on the quality of the seed and
the mode of sowing. If put iu with a
good drill, and the seed&be good, we
should prefer one and a half bushels per
acre. Otherwise would say one bushel
or five pecks; but- plentiful seeding is
the better rule. If sowed broadcast and
the seed be perfect, one or two pecks
ought to be added to the quantity used
with a drill. If the seed is iu any wise
defected by shrinking or injured seed as
will be the case with the best wheat, if
threshed with a machine a portionate
quantity will be needed iu addition.,
As to foul seeds of auy kind, no addition
should ever be made for them since no
man ought to sow either cockle or chess
anywhere, or rye with wheat. . See ..
wheat, too, should be grown by itself
or at all events rijxned by -itself, and
not cut till fully ripened, and then
threshed with a Hail.. .. r
Best Mode of Putting in the Crop
We" have no hesitancy in believing
that to be with a good drill, with flukes
seven inches apart, There may be dif-.
ficulty sometimes in making the drill
work on very mellow ground, or iu stub
ble laud ; aud in our opinion it ought
not to work on the latter, since stubble
laud is not a fit place to sow wheat.
The drill is best because it deposits the
seed at even depth, covers it completely,
and thereby saves a portion of seed, and
leaves tho young crop iu such a condition
that the sand, instead of blowing away
from the roots, is blown to them, by the
wiuter ' wiuds. Plowing in sometimes
succeeds, but is very liable to bury the
seed too deep.
The Holler. This is a field imple
ment too little used iu the West, where
of all places in the world, it is most need
ed. ' Our prairie lands are always iu
danger of getting too light, and require
to be pressed together. Xu XiUglaud this
, - j ir . .
" . .
tarui practice, and in soma places am
lnals, aud eveu men aud wouieu, ure em
ployed to tread the ground all over, so as
to pack the repelling particles together.
The roller also breaks down the clods,
and puts-the field in good order for the
Lay or harvest machinery. In looms,
where the ground heaves, a spring fooling
is desirable to settle the eat th about the
roots of such plants as have been started
by the frost. It would do no harm on
light lauds but would not be so essential
as fall rolling.
There is a great difference in the vari
eties of wheat. The finest sorts for flour
are said to be delicato of coustitution,
and vice versa. " We have known the
Mediterranean - wheat to bring forty
bushels per acre while a beautiful wheat
by its side grew only fifteen.
Having spent some time in the coun
try among wheat-growers, and noticed
numerous huge piles and stacks of straw,
our attention has been called to the ways
and means best adapted to transform
this product into manure. Ita speady
decomposition is the object to be atauj
ed, where oue does net wish to feed straw
to his stock, nor use it for bedding. It
is proper to remark that by many good
farmers it is often distributed over land
about to be plowed, and raked into the
furrow and covered with earth as the
plow advances. On clay laud, this plan
is judicious; for strrw rotted iu this Way
reuders a compact soil more precarious
to rain water aud salutary atmospheric
influences. On light loams, saudy or
gravelly laud, straw covered with earth
in the manner indicated is of doubtful
utility ; for being too open already, it
needs more compact fertilizers, and roll
ing, or treading by sheep or youug stock.
To hasten the decomposition of straw,
care must be taken not to permit 'the
water that falls on the mass in rain or
snow to run off. Dry straw decays very
slowly, as is seen in the " durability of
thatched rodfs cr sheds, barns and
houses. To rot soou, straw mu&t be kept
moist : and the breaking down of the
tissues and stems of this and other ce
reals, like large corn-stalks, is promoted
by adding either quick-lime, or that
which has been recently slacked,-to the
mass. Both lime and ashes favor the
solution of the hard, glass-like flint so
largely deposited iu the culms of cereal!
grasses, which gives them strength and
durability. Water charged with carbo
nic has its solvent power much increased
robbing silicic acid of its bases to form
carbonate a.
I3y trainpiiig straw in a yard with
stock, breaking it up, and adding to it
the liquid and solid droppings of domes
tic animals, it rots soguer than when it
lies in a heap undisturbed. The dung
of cattle, sheep aud swine yields both
am. monia (a powerful alkali)aud freecar
bonie acid, which agists the rotting of
straw. Hence where one raises a good
deal of grain, he should bed all his stock
during the winter. A correspondent,
writing from Wayne county, Oltio, sug
gests that gypsum as well as lime is au
important iugredient in ' the rotting of
whole straw." Such is not the fact.
It improves the manure, but does not
aid in the decomposition of straw.
Genesee Farmer. , '
Tooth Ache. A French chemist
says this is an infallible cure : The lem
ony is powerful alum two drachms, spir
it of niter ether, ceven drams. One or
two grains are to be inserted into the
! cavity, if the tontii, witli a repetition on
i ea-ii re-couimeucemuut of the paln which
jwill in a eVrt titftf peas.
rsew Hardware Store ! !
-IP m prnrrE!
Foreign and Domestic Harhvare!
1N VITKS the attention of the Hardware buy
ing community, to his immense and unri
vuilrd Stock now arriving and conaiat of ev
ery articlo kept in a Hardware Storer Farming
and Mechanics Tools, House fiirniahing goods,
building materiala, together with the largest
and best aelected Stock of Iron and NaiJa ever
brought to tins place. Swedea, Nail, Hoop,
Sheet, Rod and Bar Iron of extra qualities,
Raslr, Glass, Doors, Putty, a large and varied as
sortment of Locks and Latches, - Butts and
Screws all sixes and discriptions, Sadlery
Hardware and. Findings, Tools, &c.
loach Jlakeri and Trininicrn,
will find it to their aiKautage to bur their
tock of me. In their line, Oil and Enamelled
Top Leallicr.Cjoths, Laces Dam.-trk,Mo8s,&c.,
Springs aud Axles, Mailable Top and Prop
Irons, &c, Carriage and Tire Bolts, II to 6
inches long, Brass Bands ail sizes, Oil Cloth.
White Lend, Dry and in Oil, Paints, Varnish
es. Turpentine and Oil, Paint, Varnish and
Dust Brushes.
Pump, Tubing, (Chain Double Galvanized)
best article in town, wheels and fixtures com
plete. Roger'sSt-el cultivator Teeth, Winge
and Plow and Hammer Moulds, Shovels, Hoes,
Forks, Rakes, Sythes, Snaths. White's Dou
ble Steel Axes, Broad Azcsand Adzes, Sheep
and Cow Bells, Log and Trace Chains, Mill
Saws, an extra article, X Cut Saws, the only
good ones in town. Butchers Files and Rasps
and Chisels.
Sheep Shears.
Ten different Brands, prices from 37( to $1,50
per pair. If you want a good article I have
them and the best in town, and they are going
fast. Also wool twine and cord.
Block Tin, Lead, Lead Pipe, Zinc, Sad Irons,
Tiners Wire, Gun Barrels made of Lake Su;
veriorlron, Lox, BrassCastings and Trimtngs
cheaper than elsewhere.
If yon want a good pair give me a call, I ac
knowledge 1 have the only good ones in town.
A lew of those nice Carpenters Slick's Framing
Chisels, extra Cast Steel Augurs,
Bench and itlolatiaa Plains JBitts,
warranted, Brunsw ick Tea and Tabic Spoons
Table anil Pocket Cetlcry.
Brass, Pillar and Chamber Candle Sticfcs and
Snutfcrs. and Tongs, Waffle Irons, Brass Ket
ties, Steelyards, MolasseB Gates, Push's Aueur
Bitts, Hunt's Havcliftls, Braces and Bitts, prices
range from 4U cts. ti (12; fc-iclsior band Paper,
fiptrit Levels, mw tianaica.
Iho halt rs not enumerated in this ist, 1 ut
those re want of any articlea in the Hardware
Line, wtir do well o call before purchasing;
mv StocA being entirely new, and aelected with
great care for this market, enables me to selj
better and cheaper than they do elsewhere.
It. u. uoiufc
kaVKellogg's. Building one door above P.
& J. Risser's Store.
Ashland, May 17, 1854. 93tf
INVITE the attention of the People in thia
Congressional District, to their immense
Stock of Hardware just received, consisting of
every article in the i rntfe used by the most ex
travagant as well as the most economical purch
aser, whether Building Hardware', Mechanics
Tools, House-keepers articles, or Farming Iin
pliments. In any of the above goods, we have
a larger Stock than any ene Store in Mansfield
or Wooster, and as it has long since been ac
knowledged bv every tody, that we sell better
i rwwf ior me wiiu immrv.inan Pimer Ainnmciif
,tir Wooater can do ; all we ask is, that Buyers
will conault their own intereat, 'by making an
examination of our Stock, before purchasing
elsewhere. All goods sold by us, it not found
as represented can be returned.
'- " - - ArlJ'iining the Bank
May 3, 1S54. n&Otf
20 doa. Sheep Shears, the only good one
' town. -
50 " 6ilver Steel and Cast Steel Scythes,
warranted. t
50 doz. Assorted kinds, Scythe Snaths.
40 do Hay and straw Forks, best cast steel
SO do Tuttic's Cast Steel Hoes. .
6 do Socket's Cast Steel Hoes, the best ever
20 doz. No. I. Hy Rakes. '
20 do No. t. Scylhe Rifles.
20 do No. ljScylfi Stones, to 9 incites long
100 doz. Door Locks Irom 25 cts. to CI, each.
HO do Door Latches from 10 cts. to 2a cts.
100 do Loose Joint, narrow, wrot St castButts.
1000 Gro. Gimlet Point Screws.
300 Gala. Linseed Oil.
100 Kega Pure White Lead.
100 Boxea aaaorted sizea Glasa.
500 Lba. Putty in Bladdera.
5000 Lights Sa'sh, all sizes.
Doors. Paint, Brushes, Sash Fasteners. Butch
er's Files (many quantity,) Spears, Saws, all
kinds Sh' emaker's Stock and Tools, all kinds
Saddler's Stock and Tools.
200 Krgs assorted Nails, warranted.
100 Tons Sweeds and Pittsburgh Iron, trar
ranted. 100 Bundles Russia Nail Rod.
50 Pair Seat and Carriage Springs, at Pitts
burgh prices that is so !
1 doz. Boring Machines, less than 811 each.
The above . oods with a large variety of
every tiling else, must be sold, and persons
wanting Hardware can buy of us, cheaper and
belter goods than any where else.
Adjoining the Bank. .
May 3, 1854. n50tf
Table Cutlery.
WE can and will sell Knives and Forks 20
per cent, cheaper than any Hardware
Store in Mansfield or Wooster ever did, will
or can, it you doubt it, come and buy some,
that much lower think of thia !
May 3,J64.-6tf - - Adjoining the Bank.
Farmers. Read This!!
Dealer in Hardware, Iron dc IM&ils,
Adjoining the Bank.
WILL bay all of the Flax Straw that you
can raise and deliver to tlie in during the
present year, and pay you the CASH for it.
Short Flax should lie pulled from the ground
that,Aaf is long may be cradled none want
ed in Straw before September. Instructions
regarding the culture and rotting of Flax can
be had gratis during the Sumper, by calling on
Adjoining the Bank.
March 1,1354. n40. tf. -
WILL pay the highest market price for lOO,
OOO poind of good clean Flax, deliv
ered at the Haidwaie Store of their agenta in A.h
laud. JOHNS oi ALLEN, .
Adjoining the Bank.
Ashland, Jan. 10. 1854. 035 tf.
Just Received.
Ci Kega Rifle and B I at ting Powder, tor sale
ms7 on tommi
June 14, 1854.
Adjoining the Bank.
Barn hi U'a Patent Corn Planter man
ufectured by McBrigut & Co.. Cleveland. O.
A aupply lor this county will be found at tbeagen-
. lnuvw.cAIfl.-v
cy of
Dec. 28. -fit!
adjoining the Bank.
Griffeth fc Carvers. Concave Steel Culti
vator Teeth for aale VVholerale and Retail at
the agency of JOHNSi ALLES.
I Dec. SB, 35tf1 adjoining the Bank.
lind for New
London daily
at 7 o'clock
r i A M con
nection wivh the cars on the Cleveland Colum
bus and Cincinnati Rail Road.
Returning, leave New London after the ar
rival of'the trains.
Leave Ashland for Mansfield on Mondays,
Wodncsdaysand Fridays, at 7t o'clock, PM.
Leave Ashland for Wooster on Tuesdays
Thursdays and Saturdays at 5 o'clock P M.
Septembsr, 1853. lStf
jCJ" Street
Haja.Tcaa.o, 3KTa3--i7f7- Yorll.
Importers, Manufacturers, Com
mission merchants, ana Scalers in
Enjrlish, German, French and American
rpiHlS House having the largest and most va
1 rious stock in the United States, are fur
nishing Hardware Merchants, Contractors,
Tinners &c.', with everything they want on as
good or order terms, than they can buy in New
i or, noston, or eisewnere. xney invite in
vestigation. JAMKS M. ALLtN,
Frederic k to wn , Ohio,
6mo-n2 Traveling Agent
Curled Hair Mattresses aDI Beddinf.
AU R Maltresui aud curled bair having taken
Diplomas aud Medal by competition in the
principal Stale in the Uuicn aud alfo having beeo
awarded the Prise Medal at the World's Fair iu
London as the very be-t article manufactured, are
confidently offered to tua community as a great
depideratim lor pure sweet steep.
The pieces by which our bair is manufactured
entirely precludes the possibility of moth or other
infect annoyances engendering therein as proved
by tne severest tests oi anaiixaiion and oy testimo
nials front the first chemists of the age, from which
we extract as follows :
".Experiment ha demonstrated that the pu Hying
agent marie use of iu manufacturing your patent
curled hair is especially destructive or anima
life, that it has the faculty of bleaching and clean
ing the fibre, and that it is the most powerful dis
infecting body at present known to science.
. Professorof Chmitry and Toicology in the
Medical College of the London Hospital.
I cheerfully state that the article submitted to
your process mu.be pure and sweet and will be
found of great value and from proof exhibited to
me l am comment that toe process employed ex
ceedall other methods of preparation.
W. BEACH, M. D.t
ew York.
We also keep constantly on baud a full supply
of Pillows aud BoUtcrv, under Mattraises aud
Bedding of all descriptions and a large assortment
or wan rape r ana window mi sacs, upholstry
goods, curtains, lounges, occ. Scc,
Orders respectfully solicited and promptly at
tended to.
42 Pultes Block Bank st.
Cleveland, Ohio,
June 4, 1P5-I. nStf
riIIE subscriber again appears before yon,
I giving you fair notice ol the arrival of a
larger stock ol
Than be has ever offered t the fair Sons and
daughters of old Wayne and surrounding Coun
ties. Owing to our being in the Eaalern Mar
kets when moat kinds oi uoods experienced a
We were enabled to buy en. goods at such
Low Prices that we defy any competition
the wayof Cheap Gooda for Cash ; out stockis
comprised of everything in ihe Dry uoods and
notion line ; also, an assortment nl
for Men and Boys. Also, the leading articles
of GROCERIES, such as Coffee, Sugar, Tea,
Tobacco, Jr. In all these departments we can
show you Goods. As for prices we can beat the
World; an J in saving this we do not wish to be
considered as bragging, but telling you plain
matter of fact. Look at some ol ur prices
we can show you
Brown Muslin for C; cts. per yd.
Bleached do good ...tii '' " "
Kentucky Jeans .....20 cts.
Heavy Tick 10 " .
Cotton Gloves and Stockings. 06 ' per pair.
Good Lawns Gj " per yd.
Delaines 10 cts.& upward.
7-4 Table Diaper 18 " "
Fast Colored Calico Lb "
Silk Lace Veils.. 37 "
Cotton Batting 10 " "
Good Black Silk SO " "
Tea 31
Coffee 12i per lb.
" Tobacco chewing ....1 Si " " 4
In all departments of our stock yea will find
the above statement of prices corresponding.
All we as is a look before you buy. The price
of our Goods is a aure thing for your money. In
Ladits7 Dress Goods we are all fixed. Lawna,
Herges, Plain Black, Striped, Barred and
Changeable Silks at all pricea. Our stoc of
"Takes "em all down." Can sell new style
Gimp Bonnets for 25 cents, livery body that
conies to Woobter, comes to our store and aces
the show of prices end styles. We wont
chargn yon anything to loofc. Country Mer
chants supplied with their whole stocArs at low
prices and lair terms, at our store at tne Old
Stafd East oY the American Hotel.
May 3d, 1S54. nnOtf
I A AS10, VI !
T R-
I new i
GOODFELLOW haa opened in the
room, two doors east of Measrs. Ris-
ser & Risser's Store, on Main street, a
Watch and. Jewelry Eilablishment,
where he will offer every article usually kept
in such establishments, at very low rates.
Among hia atock may be lound liIt and
iil-ver Matches, of every description, va
riety and quality. Pina, Ladies' Gold Broach-
ea, Grape, Enameled, Cluster, Knot, Cull and
scarf Fins.
Gold Rings, Lockets, Pencils, GolJ Chains,
Bagley' Gold 1'eua and Holders, large as
ii,vi:st siioi:M.
Table and Tea Spoons of pure ailver, Ger
man Silver and plated Spoona, Butter Knives,
saltajid Sugar Shovels, Silvei Forks, &c, &c.
Focltet Cutlery.
of every description, from the best American
and English establishments. Also Needi 'S,
Port Monies, Dressing and Pocket Combs, and
Pocket Books, Violin and Guitar Strings.
Gogglet Hye Shades, Compares
and Acordeona. Eight Day and Twenty-four
Hour Braaa Clocka, in the moat aplendid Pa
pier Machea, Roae Wood and Mahogani case-.
Cleaned and repaired, and work warranted.
Old Gold and Silver bought at the highest
price. I invite the public to examine my Stock
before purchasing elsewhere.
1. K. lUnjU Ct.l.UYV.
Ashland, Dec. 21, 1853. n31 tf.
Strayed or Stolen!
FROM Mansfield's Clover Machine Shop in Ah
land.O.. on or about Saturday nlaut the 19th rut..
an old Clover Hulliug Alacbine of no particular use
to any oue except tne owner, anu ( not vers muta
to him ;) said Machine was very much dilapidated,
beiug about 14 years old, or tbere abouts. The con
cave and cylinder made with nails drove In similar
to tLose of the celebrated Sutherland Manufacture,
with movable concave, such ss never was known
before, and so as to prevent injury, etc.
inis Aiacnine la very ruuen worn, tna nana ery
amooth, etc.. aud can be readily recognised by any
one taking particular uotice to the above descrip
tion. A reasonable reward will be given for tbe re
turn of said Machine, or any Information that w 11
lead to the detection of tbe peipetratora of the above
tneft. Uoii't forget tbe movable concave
Aabland, Aug. 23, 1554. - 3wl3
School Notice.
THE School Examiners of Ashland County, -O.
will bold their next Public Kxaminationa. aa
la Aabland, on tbe third Saturdav of Mav. At
Savannah, on tbe aecond Saturday of July. At
Hayeaville, on tbe aecond Saturday of September.
At Aabland. on the firal Saturday of October.. Al
so, at the same place, on tbe third Saturday of
Each applicant for a Certificate will be reoaired
to furnish evidence of a good moral character.
fexaminatioi'a to commence at 10 o'clock, A. M.
By order of tbe Board,
ii. W. HILL, See's.
Asbland, May 10th, 1634. Sltf
Old Iron Wanted.
rriHE aubacrlber will pay CASH for any quantity
X of old metal delivered at hia foundry in Asbland
.Feb. 1. 37U. tf- H. MAKSFIELD
. ': .iHiscllancous. )
ill crd) ants.
To Western Merchants.
THE subscriber would call the attention of deal
ers generally to theextensivearraueements ther
have made for the Importation aud sale of British,
French, and German Dry Goods.
Having a buyer permanently located in Eu
rope, whose entire attention will be given to the
selection of Goods for our sale, we shall be iu re
ceipt of new and desirable Vrtss Goods by each
steamer. Our stock of
t lUfe Ciootlet, HuMcrj-, haw Is fe Notions,
will be found complete. - Also, a large variety
of black and colored Silks, Balins, etcr. Cluths.
Casslnjeres and Vesting, Linens, Drillings, &cf
Ac. andTailorfl'Triinmin8eneraMy.
Always on hand all leading styles of Domes
tic Goods, bleached and brown
t "tt ii. Tllli. 'l icks. Stripes, Denims,
who a cnoice assortment or Merrimack aud Co
checc Prints, Lancaster Ginghams, cc.; &c. .
The Clothine Department (u rider the firm of L
H Tylkk A Co.,) will eihrice a great variety of
Well Mde Garments cuchas cannot fail to give
satiefae tioti.
Ve invite ihe attention of cash and short time
Tpr'We have also secured the services of W.
h iSTROKG, (late of MamMield, Ohio,) who will
taJte ere at pleasure in showing you through our
stock ; when you visit this market, please favor
mm wim a caiu
Y. . - .
January 25, 1654. Jy. . . -
Another Arrival of New Goods
IOR the third time thia season, sends forth
; his proclamation to the People f Ashland
aud surrounding counties, announcing that he
uu. jusi rectivea a iresn supply ol now
which he is bound to sell at some price during
the Summer, and make room lor his Fall sup
ply. The only "aovantaofs" m whi-h h.
can boast are. thit he has the newest goods, the
'"" styies, ineiargesi assortment, andean sell
his goods as
than any establishment in t e countv. He baa
lone since found out that the doodIo will het
.1. 1 - . ... -
nur una ncip mem, ana it is no alter ol sur
prise that the great rush is to the People's Em
poiium, uuu mm ma wia f ortresses" are
comparatively deserted, since his second st' ck
of New Goods has arrived.
I have an unsurpassed assortment or Pli-
and Figured Dress -ilA-s. Foreign and Do
Lawns and Ginghams, every description ol
uitc uhuu, Duiiiieis, ruDonns. and. 111 slinrt
every description of
necessary to complete a Lady's Wardrobe. Let
it be distinctly understood, that I have this l.ir.
gest and best assortment ol
ever brought to Ashland, and vc who Hulllif i
call and see for yourselves. Ladies, ifvou want
to purchase Queensware, the People's Empori
um ,s ins piace 10 get it. in the
Gents Department,
I am fully prepared to meet anv demands thai
may be made upon me. My Slocfe of Cioibs,
tassimeres, Veslings, and
is very extensive. Hals and Caps, in abundance,
I rave also a large, assortment of
and am also prepared to do custom wort on
short'notice, and warranted to give satisfaction.
lo conclusion I have only to say thnt the
Slocfc ia complete in all its parts, aud I can
warrant satislnction cither in ual ty, quantity,
or price. Highest market price paid lor
wool r
and all kinds of COUNTRY PJIODUCE.
Asbland, June 21, 1S54. 4tf
if ill i II rn cimi,Ti
iKMi Ltil V ilrll oiuiini
N immense assortment of new
and Fashion ible
Tor the summer season, offoreigu
and domestic manufacture, con
sisting of a large variety of
from $2 to $5; Kossuth Hats from 50 cts. to
2,50 ; Maeyar Hats, from SI to $3; Otter
Hats, from $2 lo 83.n0; a large assortment of
considered the most tasty, comfortable and dur-
ble summe hntr now in use, from S2 to S3.
50;Leghorn, from lo to $1,25; iieaver Hats
from $3,a0 to $5. Alsoa complete assortment
Also, an endless variety uf Men's and Boy's
clotliand velvet"
and all kinds of Children's Hats. It would be
useless to attempt to enumerate the entire
stock, as it ia admitted on all bands to be the
largest and beat selected stock ol hats, eter
brought to -Ashland County. The subscriber
respcctlully requests the public to call and
examine his slock, whether they boy or not.
The subscriber wi pay cash tor any quanti
ty of Sheep Pelts, delivered at hia Store, op
posite tlie Irani in Hourc, and one door Kast
ol the Post Ollice, Ashland. Ohio.
Ashland, April 19th, 1S54. n4!Slf
50.000 Majority, anil all the Counties
not heard jrom. Jor the
I'loiliiiTg ami Furnishing Depot!
TIHIS extensive establUhment hnajust
I received the largest and best select
ed stock of clothing, and gentlemen's
furnishing goods, ever brought to this town or
county. ' -
suitable for the largest limn or smallest boy,
and at prices that will perfectly astonish you.
Come right along and examine our etocK,
and see for yourselves. Here you will find
cartloads of coats, colds of trowsers, and a
tarnel pile of vesta of every style and vrai-
ety, large enough and email enough, warm
enough and cool enough for any season. Our
stock of Furnishing goods is complete; con-
isting of shirts, Collars, Cravats, Wrappers,
Drawers, tsc., &c, in fact everything to fit out
u mau in perfect order. Our motto ia Quirar
Salesand Small Frojits ,-xad nocharge lor alio w-
ng our goods.
of all kinds, made to order. The Foreman in
thia department i one of the beat workmen
n (,hio.
Kecollect the place, one door eaat of
Equirea, and one door west of Wallack St
Coffin's Store. This extensive stock is under
the direction of our agent, Mr. Z. Greenwald,
of Ashland.'
8. APPLE & CO., Philadelphia.
April 3, 1854. 46tf
No's 133 J 135, Wood Street,
WOULD call tho attention ol Country Mer
chants to the immense stock of
Consisting of over 4,000 cases Bootaand Shoea
of every variety and style for Ladies', Gentle
mens', Misses' Boys' and Children's
irect from the Eaetern Manufacturers. Hav-
ng been purchased at the lowest possible rates,
irincipalir for CASH, with great care in tho
selection f quality and aixea adapted lo the
Western Trade, we can offer superior induce
ments to purchasers, aa we are determined not
to be undersold by any KaBtern or Western
. Bayers will find it to their interest to call and
examine our extensive asaortmcnt before pur-
hjsing elsewhere. H, CH1LDS & CO.
August 30, 1So4. . 3mI4
ER, Dealer in Watchea, Jew
elry, Clocka. Yankee Notions, &c.
'Watches and Clocka repaired and
warranted. Higbeat price paid for
oldGold and. Silver. Opposite the
Bampsel Houso
Asbland, Ohio 30 If . Dec M, 1W3
E.G. FOLS01I, A B.. Principal, Teacher of Practi
cal and Oriiauicutal Pcuniaiisliip. -
E. P. GOOllXUGH Superintendent. Prof.of the
Theorv and Practice of Book-Keeping, and Lec-
turcr on Mercantile Cuatoma, General Laws of
Trade. -Accounts, q-c. .... ,
W. H. tiOLISTKK, Assistant in Book Keeping De
Bailment. -
of the Cleveland Bar. Lecturera on Mercantile
Kbv.'k. II. KEVIN and J. C. VAUGHN. Esq.,
Le-jturers on Political Economy.
R. F. IIUMISTOIS, Lecturer on the History of Com
tricrcc and Ur Art of Compulation.
A. C. Brownwell,
Audrcw Freese.
John a aring,
T. C. Severance, .
Harmon I., riiapiu, '
Truman 1. Handy,
S. 11 Mather,
' John eherman,
JJ. P. Eels,
T. F: Hay,
Jobu L. rievrrance.
G. VV. l-'nfrod.
TEKMS. . .
Fur the Mercantile Course, Title unlimited. f40 00
The same Course fur Ladies 85 10
Twenty Lessons in Practical Pcnman&lun
simply 5 CO
For full Course iu Flourishing, &c ..SS (10
Tbe Principal of tbe Institution, guided by the
wauia and experiences or the Mercantile communi.
ty baa hreceutly secured some of tbe ablest men in
tne Mate as instructors and Lecturers in tlie va
rious departments of ihe College
The Prof-of the Science of Accounts, has bad
an experience of eight or nine yeara tii Commer
cial Affairs, alternating bla time, partly aa Teach
er. iu the Mercantile Colleges of Ciuciuati, Pitts,
burgh and Cleveland, and partly as an actual Book
keeper lu tbe best .Business House in tne country
lhee rare qualifications, yet eo desirable and ao
seldom round iu our Mercantile Schools, will en
able Ibis College to impart a more thorough
knowledge of the real miswta of Practical and
Theoretical Book-Keeping than can be bad proba
bly in any similar lusiiiuiiou in me u. Mates.
The subject of Commercial Calculations will
Lave more prominence in this than in most institu
tioua of tbu kind, since ascparatc chair is to oe dej
vuica iu it DcEiiicH IDG usual insirucuou given oy
the tbe Prof, of Accounta. Tlie modua operandi
of Teaching is entirely new and oTigiaal puraued
by no Aicrcaiitne rtcfiooi tounu in no text nook
and may be justly and properly styled ' lelesraphic
lu us nature, since it will abridge the labors of
me Accountant, more man one ball.
Penmanship in addition to the usual methods
pursued, will be taught new and unrivalled Sys
tem of Clitrythinoeraphy, developed by tbe Princi
pal in bis extenxive experience as Instructor in tbe
Public Schools of this city and elsewhere. Thia
system will produce the popular Commercial Hand
ot the day, iu about balf tbe time usually devoted
lo thai pui'pot-c.
IPr For lurtlrer particulars eee circulars juat is
sued and tbe regular catalogues, beud for tbem by
Cleveland, Aue. S, 154. . 45lf . :
)EkSONS desirous of becoming thorough
I and accomplished accountants, will find it
greatly to their advantage to call on the un
dersigned, before engaging elsewhcre.as he is
prepared to demonstrate, fully, that bis accom
modations forstudents, tiio comprehensiveness
ot the course of instruction, and facilities lor
procuring situations lor those desirous of ob
taining them, arc unsurpassed, (as it is be
lievcd, nnequaled,) by any similar institu
tion in the United States. .
In addition to the regular course of instruc-
tin, there will be a .. :
on topics of great importance in a commer
cial point ot view, delivered by Hon. Bellamy
Miner, e.. X. Al.tnsheld, Ksq., Itev. Samuel
W.. iBhcr, Henry C. Lord, i-sq., Prof. Chas
W. Wright, and other eminent Lecturers and
Business men. These lectures l-eing a new and
important feature not introduced in any of the
other Mercantile Colleges. -
Notwithstanding the great expense atten
dant upon securing tbe services of able Lec
turers and Assistants, the Terms for Tuition
will remain as heretofore, viz :
For a full course of instruction in D E
Book-Keeping, Writing, Commercial
Calculation, Lectures, &c $40 00
Writing (only) per month. 5 00
At a meeting of tbe Graduating; Classof Bacon's
the Mercantile College, held in the Lecture Hoom
of College edifice, Friday. 11th Marcb, lrj3, J. S.
ttaker was appointed chairman, and vvesion Ar
nold, Secretary. On niotiou; a committee of five,
composed of H. J. Howmau, J. N. Baker, K. J.
Poivj lb, T. O. Sawyer and Geo. Kicbol, was ap
pointed to report resolution! expressive of the
high opinion entertained by the class, of the mer
its of this luslitution, and of tne character aud
qualifications of tbe Principal and his Assistants.
n nercujiuU) liic ifumiuiLiuc iiiui lvu lijc iuiiuk'
ng preamble and resolutions, which were uuani
muusly adopted:
WiitHEia. We. the members of the Graduat
ing Class of K. 8. Bacon, Mercantile College, being
about to separate, desire to give expre&eiou to our
feelings of respect forouresieemed instructor, and
his corps or able assislanls. Therefore,
Hcsolced, That Ihe thanks of tbe class are due
to our said instructors for the uniform kindness of
their deportment toward us while iu this Institu
tion at the same time the thoroughness of their
nstruclions has emitted tbem to our highest re
spect and confidence.
Resolved, That we recommend to Ibis Instititu
tiou to all who may desire to acquire a commer
cial educalioiH as affording tbe greatest facilities
fur such acquisition.
Jtciolced, t hat we as a class, amx our names
to these proceedings, and that a copy of them be
delivered to K.S. Bacon, aud that they be published
in tne city papers.
fi. A. Bowman, s. lilac K, vvm. vv. snyder,
Isaac Bausliman, J. S. Baker, Franklin Elliott,
P. W. Carroll, K. J. Foisyth, A. Paddock.
Georee Kicbol. - G. H. Hughes, Weston Arnold,
James Thompson, H.J). Kyger, Dauiei Bewen,
W.T. Kobiuson, George Harvie, &. field.
Bacon's .Mekiantilk 1'oli.eoi. "The examina
tion of the student's iu Book-Keeping exhibited a
decree ol proficiency on their part highly credit
able to themselves and Mr. Bacon, tlieir Instruc
tor. The most difficult problems in Double tntry
were as rapidly solved as the most simple, giving
ample pruul to the audience that the information
niparteddiiriug tne session wouia ne ox practical
benefit." Cincinnati Enauirtr of March Kth. 1853.
The various complex questions proposed by the
Principal and other gentlemen present, were an
swered with great promptitude and conciseness,
w:bich reflectsgreat credit upon the course of study
pursued at this Institution." Cm. Daily Gazette.
" Mr. Bacon is UHrivalled as a teacher. A di
ploma from this College in Cincinnati, is required
as a Sine aea in obtaining situations in the best
Mercantile Houses in large cities." Ckillieotke
Ancient Metropolis May btk, 1653.
Mr Bacon has constructed the upper portion of
bis building expressly for tbe purposes of bis col
lege, and without any doubt, it is the most com
plete arrangement of the kind in the U. States.
Cincinnati Gazette, A'oe. 8, 153.
'-This whole Institution is undoubtedly the most
elegant aud finished establishment, for the pur
poses in the wuld." jvKirr.
Feb. 82, 1854. n40. tf.
DH-. . LA It 14. it tit ANU would re
spectfully inform the citizens of Ashland
and vicinity, that they have associated them
selves together for trie practice of Medicine
and Surgery in ail their various branches, and
by diligence and close attention to their office,
and prompt attendance upon all calls at all
hours, they hope to merit a liberal share ot
public patronage. Da. Clark offers hia thanks
to all those who have heretofore favored him
with their business, and will bo under renew
ed obligations for a continuance of tbe same.
De. Crake, will devote special attention to the
study and practice ot Surgery in all its vari
eties, and more especially in all diseases ol
the Ky- , either acute of chronic. .
SdT Office, adjoining Millington'a Drug
Store, opposite P. He J. Risser's store.
jar-Da. Claek's residence near the Metho
dist Church.
Db. Ceabe's on third street opposite
Watson's. P. Ii. CLARK, M. D.
April 19th, 1854 n48tf
A BARCiA.rV OP S400.
rpHE aubsribcr ofTere for sale his beautiful borne
J- at R2U10, wbicb every sensible man values at
lioOO. Tbe property is located on Hayesville St.,
a quarter of a mile from South Asbland, on elevated
grouud, wnere lae owner nas a view oi me low a
and surrounding country, and consists of irl acres
of land, eigbt cleared and five and a balf iu good
timber, all under fence. Tbe buildings are new,
consisting of a two story frame bouse, well -paint
ed inside and outside, with six rooms, and kitchen
and wood bouse adjoining, a good stone walled
cellar, 9 porches, a ueverfailingwell of water, a good
cistern, and smoke house. A good barn, room for
4 horses, S cows and six tons of hay. A corn crib,
granary, buggy shed, all under one roof. Also
fruit trees, apples, peaches, JfC, No w ia your time.
If tbe property ia uut bought tbia rail by a wise
man, no fool will get it next spring for less than
SSC0. Six or eight hundred dollars in band, aud
the balance in three or four years will do.
S. K1TZ.
Aabland. i uguat 30, 1834. 14tf
Administrator' Notice.
XTO riC E is hereby given, tbat tbe undersigned bas
XN-been dulv appointed and Qualified as Admins-
trator of tbe Estate of Samuel Wierman, deceased,
late of Montgomery township, Ashland county,
Ashland, Sept. 90th, 1854. 3wl7
IS hereby given, tbat the undersigned was on
the second of September, 1854, duly ap
pointed Administrator of the estate of George
Murray, deceased, of Orange township, Asn
land county, Ohio. Those indebted to said
Estate-will please make immediate payment.
And those hoiding claims against said Estate
will present them lega'ly authenticated for
payment within one year from this date.
Adm'r of the Estate of Geo. Murray, dee'd.
Ashland, Sept, 13. 1854. - 3wl
Stabler's Diarrhoea Cordial.
IS pleasant Mixture, compounded in agree
ment with the rules of Pharmacy, of therapeu
tic agents. Long known and celebrated for their
peculiar efficacy In curing DI-AKRUtEA, and simi
lar affections of the system. In its action, it
ALLOTS mafsca. and producas a health y condition
of the LIVER, thus removin the cause at the same
time it cures the disease.
Stabler's Anodyne Cherry Expectorant
Isconfidently recommended to Invalids, as virsu
rpasskd by auy known preparation, for the cure
of Coughs Hoar a ene m, and other forms of Common
in an early stage, and for the Relief of the
patient eveu in advanced stages of that fatal dis
aese. It combines, in ascientific i.utnner, remedies of
longestecmed value, with others of more recent
discovery; and besides its toothing and toatequali
ties, acts thro the skin, gently and with great ef
ficacy, for the cure of this class of diseases.
The valuable Medicines above namedhavereesd
tly been introduced, with the approval of a num
ter of our Medical Profusion in the city of Balti
more and eveywhere, and in practice have succee
ded most admirably in curing the diseases for
hich they are prescribed. They are offered to
the country practitioners of Medicines which he
can in all respects depend upon as prepared in
agreement with the experience of some of the
most learned and judicious Physicians and strictly
in conformity with the rules of Pharmacy, and
as especially serving his convenience,, who can
not so readily as the City Physician, have his own
prescriptions compounded by a practical Pharma
See the descriptive Pamn4tleta,to be hac gratis of
all who have the "Medicines for sale, containing
ecommendations from Doctors Maktir, Balt
z.?LL, Add, tim, Payke, Hawdt. Lovb. oec.
soOoctor S. K. Mabtih says, 'I do not hesitate to
rvcorajnend your Diarrhaa Cordial and jgaerfyas
Cherry Expectorant SfC.
Doct. John Addison says. It eives me much
pleasure to add my testimony to that of others, a
favor of the extraordinary efficacy of your THnrr-
c Cordtal, vc.; and or ine Expectorant y I have
no hesitation iu recommending it as a most valua
ble medicine, ozc. - -
Doct. R A. Pathk says he has used the Diarr
haa Cordial in his practice with the happiest ef
feet, and thinks it one of the most convenient
and emcienl combinations ever offered to our pro
fession." -
Doct. h. D. Hahdt writes, I have administer
ed jOtoT -Anodyne Expectorant in several cases of
BronchiaA flection, with the moat happy result-,
and from a knowledge of ifts dntirab4 effects,
I can, with tbe greatest confidence, recommend
it," Ac. -
Doct. VV. 8. Love writes tons that he fqas ad
ministered the Expectorant to his wife, who has
had the Bronchitis for fourteen vsar. and that
she is fast recovering from her long standing ma
lady. It has in a few weeks done her more good
than all the remedies she has heretofore used un
der able medical counsel.
Sixteen of the -best Apothecaries and Pharmt
aceotists in the City of Baltimore." W are satisfi
ed thepreparations known as Stabler's Anodyne
Cherry Expectorant and Stabler LHarrhma Cor
dial, are medicines of Great Value, and very ef
ficient for the relief and cure of tbe diseases for
wuicn iney are recommenacu; tney near the evi
dence of skill aud care in their preparation -and
style of putting up. and we take plead sure in re
commending them"
i wiSTT deven of tne most respectable 31 kr ch
arts, residents of Maryland, Virginia andKoRTH
Caro una,; who have sold and also osed . these
medicines themselves, say,From ourown experi
ence and that of our customers, we do confidently
recommend themPro Bono Publico. We have never
known any-remedy used for the diseases fur wlticn
they are prescribed, to be so efficient, and to give
such entire satisfaction to all.
The above notices ofrecomraendation from mem
or high standing, and MERCHANTS ofthe first
respectability, should be sifficient to satisfy all,
that these medicines are -worthy of trial hw the af-
ncted,and tnattney are oi a tiifferent stamp and
class from the -Quackery and "Cure Alls' so
much imposed upon the public.
For Sale by DrusirUts. Apothecaries and coun
try Store-keepers generally.
A Jlyslcry Explained.
A Revolution is Certain, Victory Is Ours.
XT KW THKORY OF DISEASE is awakening; the
lv inquiry in the minds or au wno read it: tlow
it si that Americans nave been so long and so
slavishly immured in darkness and ignorauce on the
subject of disease. - -
is offered to tbe afflicted of the States and Terri
tories for the entire cure of Liver Complaints all
stages, Bilious Fever, Ague and Fever, Chronic
Lung Fever. Dropsical Affcctiona, Consumption,
HeloW complaints iiiarrnca, iyscniery, nneuma-
tisra. Bleeding Piles Blind Piles, Scrofula. Salt
Kaeum, nyapepsia.lrenerai jkuiui;, nenruusuen,
Costiveness, indigestion, Otstructed Menstrua.
lion, dec.
Dr. A. L. Adams' Liver naisam nas aioou me
wree ana test lor tne lasc nueen years, ana nas
proved to the most skeptical, beyond a shadow of a
doubt, tbat it is
The only Reliable Mediciue Ever Discovered
ibeing purely all vegetable.) forthe permanent cure
of tbe above diseases. Tbe most skeptical have be
come its most sanguine votaries, and pronounced
tbe Liver Balsam to be tbe
Oulj Reliable Harbinger of Health to the
Testimonials come up from every track it bas
made, swollen with expressions of gratitude, for
the relief received by its use. And in subm itting
this, tbe Liver Balsam is recommended to all those
suffering uuiler tbe
and at once procure one bottle of Dr. A- L.- Adams1
Liver Balsam.
The readera is rnferred to the Medical Tract
found by maaiug application to tbe Agent where the
Balsam is sold, giving a lull epitome of tbe causa
iluA cure of all diseases: containing. alto certiti-
catea from tboae whj have tested its unparalleled
ascendancy over the diseased to wnica we are an
subject. Sold by R. H. CHUBB, 6c Co., Ashland
John MoCrorey, West Windsor; Storgea dcBiglow
Mansfield,- J. P. Stamets, Rowsburg; J. H.
Hum?aided& Co.. T.Vooster -
6. E. Scott. General Agent. No. 67 Randolph
Street Cbiaago, Illinois. ,
February 1. 1854. n37 ly. -
Janndice,I)-spepsia,Fbronicor !fer
voum Ltebilily .Disease of tlie Ivilny,
And all diseases arising from a disordered Liver or
Stomach, such as Constipation, Inward Piles,
Fullness or Brood to the Heart. Acidity of tbe
Stomacb, Nausea, HeaTt Burn, Disgust lor Food,
Fullness or Weight in the Stomach, Sour Eructa
tions, Sinking or Fluttering at the pit of the
Stomacb. Swimming of the Head, Hurried and
Difficult Breathing, Fluttering at the Heart, Chok
ing or SulT-jcating Sensation when in a lying
posture. Dimness of Vision, Dots or Webs before
- the Sight, Fever and Dull pain in the Head. De
ficiency of Frespiration, Yellowness of the Skin
and Eyes, Pain in the Side, Back, Chest, Limbs,
&c. Sudden Flushes of Heat, Burning in the.
Flesh, constant Imagiuings of Kvil, and Great
Depression of Spirits, can be effectually cured by
Dr. Hoofland's Celebrated German Bitters.
man Medicine Store, ISO Arch St, Philadelphia
Their power over tbe abovediseases is not excelled,
if equalled, by any other preparation in tbe U. Statea
aa tbe cures attest, in many cases after skillful
nhvatcians had failed.
These Bitten are worthy the attention of invalids.
Possessing great virtues In the rectification of- dia
easeaoftbe Liver and tesaer glands, exercising the
most searching powers ia wetknesa and alfeotlona
Of tne digeative organs, nicy ticninBiiwWi
tain and pleasaat.
K. B. PsBKiita, Marietta, Ohio, Feb. 12, 1851. said
"Your Bitters are highly prised by those who have
used tbem. In a case of Liver complaint, of long
standing, which bad resisted the skill of several
Physicians, was entirely cured by the use of live
bnttjrs." C. L. Dbakc, Freedom, Portage so., O.,
April 23, 1832, said : '-The German Bitter m tent
me last have not yet come to hand. I have been out
ofthe article for aome time, to tbe great detriment
of invalids. It ia a medicine much thought of and
sought after in tbia community."
B.M. Hctchihso- K. nM Bedford, Cuyahoga eo.,
O. August 26, 1852. aaid: "The Bitters you ship.
oed me In May last are all rone I think it a
good medicine, and I am recommending It to my
patients and friends, (which 1 do for no other pat
ent medicine.) You will please forward a large
S. French, Wooster, O., Nov. 30, IB52, aaid;
lhaveuscd aome three or four bottlea of Hoofl
and'a German Bittere lor Dyspepsia, .and derived
great bene fit from thetr use. I believe tbem to
be good for all diseases for wbicb they are recom
mended.' 'm. Orr, Wooster, O., October 2, 1852, said :
"You ask me ray opinion of the 'German Bit
ters. I bave used tbem for Dyspepsia and Indi
gestion, and take pleasure in stating tbat I think
tbey are tbe very best remedy extant for the above
complaints they are decidedly in advance of all
tbe proprietary medicines of the day."
Mr. Obk is a distinguished lawyer of Wooster.
These Bitters axe entirely vegetable. They never
prostrate the system, but invigorate it.
For Sale by R. H. CHUBB 6c CO., Ashlsnd, and
by Druggists and dealeu in medicines everywhere.
Ashland Feb. 1. nS7 ly.
Office Franklin & Warren B.B. C
Frahklih, Portage Co., Ohio, Sept. 26, 1853. 1
iTT Us A T a meeting of the Direc.
fe&OSSjjEai A tor of the F. dc W. R.
ETTo, held Juuell, 1853. the following assess
ments upon Stock subscriptions were made, via:
Ten percent, payable July 1st, 1853, and an assess
ment of ten per cent, at the end of each succeed
ing ml dv until the whole tmouDt ia paid.
Three instalments are therefore now due. to wit:
The first wben subscrioeo. toy me cninet, inn
aecond July Ist, and the third. August 31st.
Subs'cribcis in Ashland village and county are
reapect'ully requeated -to immediately pay all
inatalmenta now due, and aa tbey herea'ter be-r.nm-
.in- At the Banking House of Luther.' Crall
Sc Co., Asbland unless called upon by th Collr.c-
r". JOEL W. TYLEH, 8ts.
Carter's. SpanisligS-Tlixturc.
IN IT. '
AN Infallible Hemedy rorScrofnla, King'a Evil
Kheumatiam, ObaUnaieCataneoua Kruptiona, .
Pimples or Pustyes on the Face, Blotches, Soila,
Chronic Sore Eyca, Ring Worm or Tetter, Scald
Head, Enlargement and Pain ofthe Bones and
Joints, Stubborn Ulcers, Syphilitic Disorders,
Lumbago, Spinal Complainta, aud all Diseasee
arising from an injudicioue use cf-Merenrr, Im
prudence in Life, or Impurity of tbe Blood-
Tbia valuable Medicine, which baa become cele
brated forthe' number of extraordinary enrea ef
fected tbxougb lta agency, baa Induced 'tbe pro .
prictors, at the urgent requeat of their frienda, to
Oiler it tO .qe pUDIlb, W U11U VHV- OU Vl IDV Hv
moat confidence 'n ita virtueaand wonderful cura
tive properties. The following certificate., aelect
ed from a large number, are, however, atronger
testimony than the mere word of the proprietors j
and are all. from gentlemen well known in their
localities, and of the higheat respectability, manj
of them reaiding in tbe city of Richmond, Va.
F. Bovors, Eeqof tbe Exchange Hotel, Rich'-'
mond, known every where, aays he haa seen the-
Medicine called Carter's Spanish Mixture adraiata
tercd in over a hundred cases, in nearly all the dis
eases for which it ia recommended, with the moat
astonishingly good results. He says it ia the moat
extraordinary medicine ha baaeveraeen.
Aook akd Fsvxb G111T Cor R. -1 hereby' certl
fy, that for three yeara I had Ague and Fever of tbe
moat violent description. 1 bad aeveral Physici
ans, took large quantities of Quinine, Mercury,,
and I believe all the Tonica advertised, but all
without any permanent relief. At last I tried Car
ter's Spanish Mixture, two bottles of which effect
ually cured me, and I am happy to say I have had
neither Chills or Fever aince. I conaider it tbe beat
Tonic in the world, and tbe only medicine that,
ever reached my case.
Beaver Dam, near Richmond, Va.
B.Loc-K Esq., now in tbe city ef Richmond
and for many yeara in the Poat Office, haasnch con .
fidence In tbe astonisbing. efficacy- of - Carter's
Spanish Mixture, tbat he baa bought upwarda of 50
bott'ea, which be has given away to the afflicted
Mr. Luck aaya he haa never knows it to fail wbem
taken according to dircetiona.
Dr. Minok, a prattling Phyaician, and formerly
of tba ity Hotel, In tbe city of Richmond, aaya
be bas witnessed in a number of instances -tba
effects of arter'a Spanisb Mixture wbicb wera
moat truly surprising. He aaya in a caaa of Con
sumption, dependent on the Liver, the good efTects
were wonderful indeed.
Samuel M DRixsca, of the firm of Drinker
Morris, Richmond, was cored of Liver Complaint
of 8 years standing, by tha use of two bottles of
Certer'e Spanish Mixture. . : , ,.
Guit Jj-Hl or ScRoroxa. The Editors of tha
Richmond l?epublican bad a servant employed in
tlieir press room, cured of violent Scrofula, com.
bined with Rheumatiam, which entirely disabled
him from work. Two bottlea of farter's Spanisb
Mixture made a perfect cure of bim, and tha Edi
ors, in a public notice, say tbey "cheerfully recom
mend it to all who are afflicted with any diaeas o
tbe blood." " '
Still A mothcr "car or ScRoroLA. 1 had a vl y
valuable boy cured of Scrofula by Carter'a Span
isb Mixture. I consider it truly a valuable medi cine.
Jamea M. Taylor, Conductor on tbe R. F de
P. R. R. Jo., Richmond. Va.
Mr. Johii TnoMPBOR, reaiding in the eity of Rich
mond, waa cured by threo bottlea of Carter'a Span. -tsh
Mixture, of Salt Rheum, which he bad nearly 90
yeara and which all the phaaiciane of the city
could not cure.- Mr. Thompson iaa well known
merchant rn the city of Richmond, Va., ana ale
cure ia most remarkable.
War. A. Mattbbwb, of Richmond, had a aervant -cured
of Sypbilla, in the worat form, by Carter'a -Spaniah
Mixture. He aaya he cheerfully recom
menda it. and conaidera it an invaluable mediciae.-'
Richard E. Wear, of Richmond, waa cured of
Scrofula, and what Physicians called confirmed
consumption, by three bottles of arter.a Spanish'
Edwiw Bcrtoh. commissioner of tbe revena
says be has seen the good effects of Carter'a Spanish
Mixture in a number of Syphilitic caaea. and eaye
it ia a perfect core for that borribte dieeaea.
Wit. G. HaRwoob, of Richmond, cured cf Old
sores and Ulcers, which disabled' him Irom walX
ing. Took a few bottles of Carter's Spaniah Mix
ture, and was enabled to walk without a crutch..
in a short time permanently cored.
Principal Depots at. M. Warb Closr- 4k Co., So
83, Maiden Lane, New York.
T. W. Dvott dt Sons, No. 132,North 2d Street..
Philadelphia. - -
Bekhbtt dr Bsias, No. 125, Main St., Richmond,.
Virginia. k .
And for aale oy R. H. Cbdbb, Ashland, H. 8 Fee,.
& Co. Savanna, i.KiHsiHoae, Hayeaville, J. Hops
mam, Jeromcville, AifrKRao Rowab, Loudoa-'
ville, andDealera in Medicinea every where.
Jan. 18, '54. n351y.
Philadelphia Medical Hoaae Eataiilished 2d
years ago, by Dr. KINKELIN, corner ol Thin
and Union streets, between Sprnce Pine,
Philadelphia, Pa.
Invalids are apprised that Dr. Kinelin con
fines his practice ta a particular branch of med
icine which engage hia undivided attention,
He catioui tho unfortunate against tbe abuea
of mercury ; thousand are annually mercurial
ized out of life. Recent affectiona are prompt
ly extingnised. Twenty year of Experience
in the treatment of a clia of disease hitherto
neglected and imperfectly understood, ha en
abled Dr Kinkelin, (Author of a work on Sell
Preservation,') to prove that nine-tenth ofthe!
came of nervou debili'y, local and constitu
tional weakness, mental aad physical suffer
ing, are traceable to certain habits, forming the?
moat secret yet deadly and fatal springs
domestic i.isery and premature mortality.'
. Take Particular Notice, There isaa evil Ha
bit sometime indulged in by boys, in solitude,
often growing up with them to manhood, and- -which,
if not reformed in due time, it not enly
begeta serious obstacles to matrimonial happs- ;
nesa.but give rise to a aerie of protracted,
iqaiduons and devastating affectiona. - 'ew oP
those who give way to this pernicioua piac
tice are aware of tbe couaequeacea, until they
find the nervoua system shattered, feel strange
and unaccountable feeling, and vague fear,
in tha mind. . ' '
. The unfortunate thua affected become fee
ble, is uocble to labor with accustomed vigor,
or to apply his mind to study; his step is tar.
dy and weak, he is dull, irresolute, and en
gages in hi (port with leu energy than usual.
If he emancipate himself before the prac
has done its worst, and enter matrimony, bio
marriage ia unfruitful, and his sense tela him that
this i caused by bis follies early- These are eoe
siderations which should awaken the attention,
of those similarly situated.
Marriage requirea the fulfillment of aeveral
conditiona, in order thatit may be really th
cauae of mutual happineaar ' Coo Id tbe veil
which cover tbe origin of domestic wretched
ness be raised, and its true source in every iav
atance discloaed in bow many could it be
tr.oxH to ohvaieal diaaealincaliene and. their
attendant disappoiatments!. Apply tbea hiie
it ia vet time, ia order to hate vo-r nnatmas.
and relaxed organization retraced, from making;
your case known to one who, from education
and respectability, can certainly be revivified
mo strengthened.
Remember tbat he who place himself un
der Dr. Kinelin' treatment, may religiously
Confided in his honor aa a gentleman, and rely
npon the assurance, tbat tbe secrets of Dr. K.'a
patients will never be ciseloed.
Youug man let no falae modeafy deter jon
from making your eaae known to
from education and rcspectihility, caa certaie,i
ly befriend you.' -
Too many think tbey will conceal the secret
in tbeir own hearts, aad cure ' Uiemselvee.
Alas! how often ia thia a fatal delaaioa, aa
-how any a promising yosag ail, who might,
have been au ornament to aociety, baa faded)
from the earth. ' -
Strictures of the urethra are rapidly removed;
by the application of a new therapeutical
agent, used only by Dr. K. Weakness an
Constitutional debility promptly cured, and fult
vigor restored. .'I.-. !
Country Invalid can bave, by stating thai
case explicitly, together with all their aymp
torn, per letter enclosing a remitunce) D,
K. medicine, appropriated accordiagiy.-
Forwarded to any part ofthe United Stales,
and packed secure from DAMAGE er CURIOS
ITY. . . . ' v;"''v
Youth and Mannsodm tigorons Life r a proa.
tnro Doatk Kinttlin on Self Prtroatiom Ontp
It ia a' work eminently required, aa a mean,
of reforming tba vice of tba age ia which .
liva. Also,
rules for tks Prolongation of Life, Just from
the Press. - ,
A letter with a remittance or S5 ceata, er
tr-e valni. in poat atampa, addreaaed te Dr. Kia-.
elin, Philadelphia, Pa., will aecar a copy et
either of tbe above booka by return mail of
I2oopie will be aent f-ee of postage for ft.
Booksellers, Caavaaserr, Travelling Agent,
&c, supplied wholesale at tbe publisher pri.
ces, which admit of a large - root. KaT't'
letter muet be post paid. .
March 22nP, 1254. " lt44 '
A FRESH supply of Wright' Indian Keg
etaofePtfs, a standard English Medicine
for the reventioa and cure of disease, to aid .
and improve 'digestion and purify tho blood.
For sale at the new Pruj Store in Ashland,
by .
' 1
' 'i-
r !
s I

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