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X fe.KKTDATT,- . Editor.
'Tbui week we are only able to give to
PiuMcriberi a hair sheet. Ourapblo-
XJ ia tiM faeC that we hare failed to re-
eeire our usual aopplj. from the Paper
--Ilia. 7' The general deficieDoy of this
'rrUeC Bu be found ia the fact, of ill
i h 1th and ot defeat a. eahdidate for
-d Cloak, whioW 'oar friends '. we" know are
' many for, and our enemies exceedingly
baa " oC V Io a short time' we. promise
.;v .caore puaotuality in issuing our sheet,
-tfir aad better paper than heretofore,' if
L.Kd. mch , thing can be, although it is now
oasidered ' sufficientlj good, , judging
iir.ixnm iM stse ot our subscriptioa list.
' -! &";IJ...T ; -i--
War's ff W, Utli HBT TRB EHEHT,
-u ii harwdk the election is orei-the battle
M'c s fougfat--od oar own fate, with -wfcbv
J t" p.auowB. .. iuiiwM saust action
oi.W beg Jearo U " ave" oa (he- general
fciap'v raaalt. - The Foaion has triumphed 'the
' 1 ' i State oyer. The DeuiocraU are beaten
-1".""TrJ eountj in the State, Wt shall
.j.f : cot hae one single aaember of Congress'
-ci;nrao ran ob the regular ticketscol one
aas twhile the Sute ticket u beat well
. ." the Lord only knows how much. . Sotue-
- ( thing has beaten the Democracy bad
(,... Mt what it is we imagine- will be very
- JVtCJiard-to tell. Some charge one thiag
"' -Jme another but; that the fact "is so,
'.?fr y ,'hera is ao ienjing. Our Whig friends
botr ' .'-."""J' .'them seem to feel pretty
- M . - - . f . ' "
i,M":ra, vws -wey oare not claim it as a
?-- - "Whig victory-. The Know-Nothtogs
" j also look smiling, as though they must
. , nate bad a nnger ,ia, lV!, .While the
. Free Soilers look upon the result as a
: death blow to the ''Slave power "and
: claim it as an antl-slafery triumph!-
iriahland "County has escaped better than
. , most of the counties, having elected : all
.. - -our county ticket but two Mr. Smukr,
i ll -ad ourself "Next week we shall pub-
c lish a. tabular statement of the result,
.-and the returns from the State gener
aUy. s '.., ; .
The majorities in this County for the
si'-i different candidates are as follows; -''
Jidge3oE?s R. Swan, (w) , .31
&P.Wori-r-J.J$i.icKEssv$&FXJi,(vr) 3
Congress- P. iJuss, (w) . . l 47
: JPr. Judge A. I, Cuktis, (dem.) 247
Clerk J. O. Jknnings, (w) . 1.5236
JVos. AWyJ. S. Fcxton, (dem.) 228
T." herif--J. J). Johxs, (dem.) - 465
, ; - Auditor L Gates, toUl (dem.) 2,784
Treasurer J Caati, (Fusion) ' 224
-Com. Q. McCoinrELL, (dem.)" .1 ' ".70
. ,r'2w-ac.i- tt McCfoiaa; (dem.) ,337
. ; t.i StAfilCIAK.
J r' Tha eitixena of Ashland will haVe the
cJinitf opportunity to hear and. see this
.i ? celebrated Magiciaa: and Ventriloquist
mi?L oW' Saturday ereniog next - " Judging
'2'-" A. from the reputation of this ' gentleman,
we think we can safely promise the citi
wvpm$.i Ashland a rare, treat. 31 r B.
-axhihUei last week at Wooster, and we
Botiea .the press of that place speak Very
.VhigWj pr hU'perforuiaBce.' ir i ; .
..inj lXa mtok Dariag the .progress of
ta!.ar eveatfoi sre it beorntaes
catiaeas of aa enlightened and intelligent
oeaiatanity, aad as oooservatiTes of the
"-peaod a&Uty oi each other, to ikeep
-a rigilaaVwatch continually set against
the nia;hiLaiioiis and depredations, of
him who wilfully and maliciously seeks
.-to.iajura the .eharacter of his neighbor
fiUi.'-and fellow- eitiaen.
4 sin -The Democracv of this County ire '.iu
' fs aware that. a. report has., been .put
'I": ciroulatipni that ;I .was a whig pre
od if toeomiug into this county. 'This
f -report font have believed ; and it has
ai Vt started'wp the inquiry, ' " has JDr..' Buck
" j f beeti imposiDg' himseljfiou the Democracy
' in in ia wa tt A t Ar ..... -.-
i.A'il eommiication; -endeavoring: to reoulse
'-h5 foul ' eharge, T was' on the track of
'.the land -repUls, but had not as yet
. "wacou mm wj uis aismai -Haunt. X now
Jh ,rhave and propose o-arraigu tie cul
. prit before the eof Utiaisiirg inteligence
- and honesty --oT "thw community, as the
tribunal that shall .'judge,, . him. And
' now for the fasts and -testimony in the
: ease. :, The first man I traeed it to . was
" Dr. Riddle ' he' gave Dri ' MrLLsa as
ihu author ; Miller, gave, J)ave Samp-
. . iSEX. as hit author; Dave Saxpsxc hav
ing no author to give, and knowing well
that if he gave any one in this community
as his author, he would be detected,' so
he gave as his author, r a aaan by the
same of David Fox, near Narth Georgo
. town, Columbiana County, Ohio, the
Aownahip and County where , my first
. voting was done; thinking to put it so
far off, that it would not be' hunted up.
',,1 In this he is the victim of his own im
- lecility; little ! thinking ' the trivial
iiT am out ef time and expense, in this age
of railroad facilities, neoessary to go to
f . Columbiana, County' and head the refu
j gim in. hit flight .frosa the truth ; but
honest men com up and sustain the
The following is perhaps suffi-;
cient to set at naught the croakings of
this miserable nuisance. Hear it :
Mmtb Goarow v, Cafuaabian Co., O.,
September Sad, 18M.
Whereas, there being a report in cir
culation relative to tbe"princ'rples of Dr.'
H. Buck, of Ashland county, Ohio, de
claring him to be a whig whilst residing
in our vicinity, wc, tne undersigned, be
ing personally acquainted with he Doc
tor for many '.years, aad haye always
known himas s Democrat, andr always
recognized him as such, and can recom
mend him to the public, in whatever
position he. may occupy, as an .honest,
upright and moral man. Signed, S. S.
Stergeon,-Dem. f' A. Summers, Deal!;
David Frylogel,' Whig ; D. H. Eckstein,
Whig ; Thomas Densmore, Dem. ; C.
W. Dellenbaugh Dem. ; Thomas Thom
as, Dem. ; Jacob Dlfehl, Dem. ' 't
The State of Ohio, - l) 1 1
Columbiana County, ss. J .
.Before me personally appeared David
Fox, who being duly affirmed, deposeth
and saith that he is well acquainted
with Henry Buck of Ashland , County,
Ohio, and supposes he was born a Dem
ocrat, and believe him to be suoh ever
since. I hsve been Trustee in my Town
ship, he has voted there and was looked
upon aa a radical Democrat.' , ., Whereas,
it hag been reported in Ashland County,
by David Sampsel, that David Fox told
him (Sampsel) that Henry Buck was a
Whig while living in Columbiana Coun
ty.', Fox further states that he has not
seen Sampsel for the last twelve years
and never . told him . anything
Buck s Democracy; ., . , ,
-, .. ; DAVID FOX, :
Affirmed to and subscribed before me,
this 2nd day of September, A. D., 1854.
j; Now what is the : conviction ,pf com-
manity in reference to the case in hand ?
The inference' is irresistible. that"; this
recreant, exorementitioua mass, stalking
' , ' ", .. 'i.' ' j
wirougu vuuiuiuiiiij .u .u.puu
under the appellation of Dave Sampsel,
has lied I and' that it it wilful and ma-
licious, with intent to injure the charae
W'n'r . ft.n .rt;An mnin tn Ko
' , - .
clearly demonstrated.
; ' This, however, is only another of the
foul execrations, that have characterized
his circumvent! ve life ; and it would
; ... vi f
seem that if thu s thing - was capable of
making rational deductions from the his-
tory of his past life, and the awful de
nunciations couched in the good book,
that he might readily decipher his final
destiny. . But perhaps all is not yet lost.
it is to be hoped that he may lay aside
his verdant puppyism and ' hereafter be
governed by moral' rectitude, that at
the close of his otherwise ostentatious,
fantas'-ical and ephemeral existence,: he
may exhibit the evidence of the upright
and peaceful, instead of the mark of him
who he now so fitly ' represents. And
hereafter, let this sibilant vulpine exhib
it sagacity enough to mark such for his
prey, as are within his reach." ;
Horrible Harder near Lexington. ;
The Louisville Courier has an ac
count of a horrible murder near Lexing
ton, which took place on Saturday night
last. Mr. Frazer, a farmer, had: been
at New York with stock, for some months
and on Saturday telegraphed his family
that he would be home that , evening.
One of his neighbors met him at the de
pot and walked home with. him. .About
an hour after his arrival: home, the re
port of a gun was heard at the .- house;
and a Mr. Castleton proceeded to 'see
what was the matter. He found Fra-
ser dead, the house darkened, Mra. F.
above stairs, Grigg, the overseer, below,
and a daughter, ,aged eleven, with the
mother. . :-.' : i
They accounted for the death of -the
man by the accidental .discharge of a
shot-gun which he bad in bis nana pre
paring to shoot a rat.' Suspicions were
aroused and .the overseer and Mrs; I Fra
zer both arrested. Abo body, of tne
deceased was terribly bruised, a' hole
shot in his head, another through his
body, his throat, very nearly cut, and
three ribs broken, enects not reasonably
caused by accident. There appear, to
be no doubts in the minds of those ad
vised of the j facts, asjto the. criminality
of Mrs, Fraser mod Grigg. Previous to
this time the neighbors had: suspected'
improper, intimaces - between tne two,
aud. it is supposed . that it,, was for the
purpose of. getting' Fraer out' of the
wav so as to render a marriage feasible,
that the awful deed,. was, accomplished
There -are various, circumstances' con-:
oected with ;the affair which go to crim
inate the . suspected .parties. ; i ,. During
Monday .and yesterday the; were under
go ujg preliminary trials. r:j BWi j J "
y f..i; Ai -.' ' r :. f li. : "
. . Smash ofon thjk Rock Island. Rail-
koad. The; Express train oa the R.-L.
R-,R., near Morris, run into a- drov of
cattle on Thursday morning at 3 o'clock,
throwing the engine and three cars off
the track. ,. The Chicago Journal says :
As far as we are able to learn from the -scanty
particulars,: 'furnished, several
were fatally injured, i The baggage mas
ter bad his leg broken, one of the brake
men had both legs ut off below the
knees bv the platform of a ear, the : eri-
gineer and firemen were seriously if not
fatally scalded. ' i A passenger had his hip
broken,- and numerous others had ' limbs
broken, or recieved severe bruises. -: ;
From the Chicago Journal of yester
day we learn, that a brakeman named
JEllwood had suffered amputation of one
leg and must. have the other taken ' off
His recovery. is more than, doubtful.
j( -Many; others were injured badly. " '
' Heavt , Land Sale. The Williams
Estate embracing lands in various parts
of the city was put up at auction yester-
day, and about $35,000 worth of proper
ty was sold.. The prices ' ranged much
higher than at any previous sales ; and I
it is a noticeable fact, as indicating that
foreign capitalists are beginning to dis
cern the yast advantages of Toledo as a
growing business point, that.. the , pur
chasers were principally from Cincinnati,
and elsewhere in and out of this State. -
Toledo Republican.
A Novel Cistebn. There is nothing
like a life in California to brighten 'the
intAiiect and teach one to turn every
thing to account. In San Francisco, a
few weeks since, the hull of an old yessel
was discovered buried beneath the pur-
face of one of the principal streets, and
after some cogitation it was decided tol
mnvArt il into a hno-e cistern or resivoir. I '
for the reception of water. The thought!
-. -i . 1 f . m l.i i .
was no sooner . conceived tnan executea,
and the fire department of the city turned
oat in high glee to fill it from the bay
r .-jNewJSTorKj. Pctt.7t.r-
The ioslructions issued to the troops
axf Varna atriae, "moment ot tusir departure-
had' been ; published','' and displayed
evidence of the most minute care and
forethought, and indicate that the inten
tion -is to make -aa immediate attack on
SebastopoL' : - - - .. ' - -
A dispatch dated Varna, the 22d,
ssys : From Russian sources it has
been ascertained that the Russians did
not - oppose toe landing of the allies; be
cause . their entire force in the Crimea
was only 34,000 men, besides the garri
son1 at Sebastopol. The Russian have
3,500 men and 43 guns on the heights
of Sebastopol, and will defend them to the
utmost. The allies march on Sebasto
pol via Symperpool. iTho first encoun
ter wss anticipated about the 21st or 22d,
unless the Russians advanced from their
position to meet the allies."
Ships with troops were off the fortress
of Kiiiborn and the Island of Tenbira,
I -0uJ)tleE8- w'tn the view of intercepting
The English are. said to have captured
a Russian express steamer, with impor
tant dispatches from Sebastopol. '
' The Vienna Trentiden.Bludt States
that on the 13th, all the strand batteries
recently erected at Odessa, were destrov
ed by part of the allied fleet on the 1 2th
"'. A powder" magazine had exploded at
Mseaop. xns saia tnere was great loss
of Iifa on the part of the Russians. A
number of vessels of the allies were also
I damaged.
A number of Russian regiments have
I teen inspect by the Emperor, and have
left to join in the campaign in the South,
, . xt'l.:i l I..!' " 1 j
ii uiio uiD cuiuuiuvu wu pruceea-
ing at Varna, an English vessel upset
two gun-boa ts, and twenty lives were
lost.' .
The French commander has demin-
"s vua n,uw kruups uuuuiu ue receiv-
ed Mhc The Kbg
6eA declaring that he would rather leave
his capital. .... ;
ir'riuce IN apoleon has sent a lot of mus
kets to bchauiyl.
Persia is threatened by the Turka
mens, who have taken the fortress of
Moro and Meschild.
."The Grand Duke Constantino was ex
pected at Symperpool.
, The Emperor of the French, it is ru
mored, is to visit England. .
''A most diabolical outrage has been
perpetrated in Ireland. About 900. in
habitants of Enniskillen and neighbor
hood, including the Earl of Enniskillen,
proceeded to JJerryon tho 15th, by rail
road, and had a grand Protestant aud
Orange celebration. As they were re
turning, the train came in contact with a
large fragment of rock, placed upon the
rails near an embankment throwing the
train off therails instantly killing the
stoker, and wounding numerous others,
including the EarL It is stated to have
been' a deeply laid Popish conspiracy.
Suspicion of it being entertained beforo.
unusual precautions were taken, and the
train was going at a very slow rate ; oth
erwise, the loss . of lit e' would have been
frightful. ''.- ','! ,7i I
" ,AU the Electoral Committees of Mad
rid have adopted tho programme of the
,4 - f.
Yellow Fever at the South.
: Baltimore, Oct. 7.
. . .The number of deaths from yellow fe
ver at the Charity Hospital, New Or
leans, for the three days ending on the
2d inst., was 1 22. The total number of
deaths in the city for the week was 420,
of which 269 were from fever.. The ep
idemic was on the decrease
. .At. Savannah, o.n . Wednesday, there
were sx deaths from fever. - The total
number -of interment for the week was
55, of which 27 died of fever. .'.
Freshets at the South. : - i .
.' Baltimore, Oct. 7.
New Orleans papers as late aa Sun
day have been received., Immense fresh
ets have occurred in several interior
countries of,. Mississippi.'. .Bridges and
buildings were;. carried away, the roads
rendered.', impassable . lor. several days,
. cattle. drownded, and great damage done
to . the crops. -' : Ram . fell without inter
mission for six. daya, , ,i , , : '
. J- .v! i-:l !
Further Haws from New Mexico Pro-
grass of tha KeTolutioit. v ';
ijy mail, we have new Urleanes pa
pers of fast Thursday, in which we .'find
dates from Brownsville, to the 16th inst.
; The Revolutionists in Northern Mex
ico were progressing, It is stated, and had
obtained possession of several towns, in-
eluding Monterey, ' and the govemmenti
troopes were unable to check them. ! Li- I
narea, Monte, Morelas, Uadajta, are in
possession of the' rebels.
It is stated that the government troops,
who captured Victoria, burnt a number
of the houses, and committed great ' ex
cesses. The insurgents are very; san-
goine; and,'having divided into parties, j
have commenced
a system ot guerilla I
The Indian depredations were nuiner
ous on the American side of the Bio
Grande.'. . Capt. L. Jones, with a detach
ment of ten riflemen, persucd and defeat
ed a party of fifteen Indians, killing lone
and wounding three, and capturing sev
en horses. Jones
and two wounded.
loss was one .killed
' The accounts of the damage by the I
storm at Ualveston aud Matagorda are
awfuL A large number of lives" were!
lost an the coast and in 'the;citiesV The L
steamer Kate Ward, and the schoooner
Tom Ham', with all on board were lost, i
a i i v. v r.- 1
a iciwr u iuo new uuvoua i tutysflei
says the attempt by the rebels to take I
Monterey was unsuccessful , and denies I
the correctness of the statement that I
the' revolutionists are unsuccessful in
Northern Mexico. " The letter distinctly I
states that' the revolution is at an end.'' I
,.i A eollision occurred -on the Georgia
JiaUroad on 1 hHrsday last, by which the
ngmeef and fireman were idled andaD(i between them, Jies a fallen tree arid
several utuers scriousiy wouuueu. me
passengers escaped without injury.
, . - .
' ' ' ; : " ' Cincinnati. Uct. 9.
' The Bankers to day threw out the pa-
per of all the Indiana lfree lianks, and f
refused to purchase their' notes. ' They
are also refused in trade.
. - - - -. - DrTBoiTr Oot. 9. '
The steamer El-K. Collins,- from the
Sault St. Marie, for Cleveland, left'the
eltv last sight between 10 and 1 1 'clock.
. I About . midnight, when a little , below
1 ' At W " 1 . - TV -A At.
iaiaeo near me Aiigui xiouno iuo
mouth .of-tho riverr she was discovered
to bo on fire, aud before she could be
got-ashorof she was completely envelop
ed in flames, v and twenty-three persons
pfei8hed(! 'eitUej- in the ; flame or in 'the'
water. ' The passengers missing are
Mrs. Diblc, of N. Y. Samuel Powell, of
Cleveland; Thomas Cook, of Pittsburgh;
Mrs. McNeely, wife of a waiter ; Mrs.
Tratrous and child, of Astabula, (the
body of the child was recovered), and a
colored man from Virgiuia.
Of the crew, the Mowing are missing:
Chas. ' Adams, barber j John MeNeely,
warier'; John Dennis, do : J. r Trinkner,
do';' John Halstead, head waiter ; -
Lyinan, bar-keeper ; Mrs. Fanny Lewis,
cabin maid ; Saml. Brown, fireman ; An
tony Allwick, deck hand ; Thomas An
derson j J. A.'' Greman, James Grrnett,
cook ; Mat. Robbinsons, : colored cook ;
and one wheelman. "
' The Collins took fire' on her ' boiler
deck, and so rapid was the spread of the
flames that tho passengers and crew, who
had mostly retired, were unable to save
any clothing, except a few articles. She
took fire in the bay, aboui a quarter of a
mile belovr Maiden, and nearily abrest cf
the lig!-t-house.': She was Immediately
headed for shore, but. was " unable to
reach shallow water before the flames
had complete posession of her. . ' .
' The after part of the boat - swung
round into the river, and nearly all on
board were driven to that part of the boat
and were obliged to jump into the river,
and had it not been for Captain Longley
and the arrival of the propeller Jj intry,
nearly ait voniu nave inunetiwM-ijr uw"
I drowned. ' Seeing the- licrht.' CaDt. L
j hastened to the spot, and had his boats
all ready to let go as soon as the scene
I . i m,, j, 1
i was reacnea. - mil wasaone. du near'
ly all who were saved were picked up
by hiihi a few only reaching the shore,
some of whome were nearly exeaustcd.
Everything was done that could be to
relieve ine sunerers dv tne crew oi in
FintrJ who actcd nob gome wretch
in the tumult; stole eighty dollars from
I a sick man, who had been at work at ahe
oault, and which constituted bis ' earn
ings. A purse of twenty dolars was
made up for him. : The Collins came
out last October, aud cost one hudred
and five thousand dollars. ' Sho was in
sured for Only thirteen thousand.' ' She
i was owned by Capt. JS. B. Ward.
Later from California.
. . New York, Oct 9.
Tho' Northren Light, from San Juau
on the 1st ins t., arrived yesterday eve
ning, with 594 passengers and 96U,UUU
dollar!". Everything, was quiet at San
Juan. The town is being rebuilt by the
The'general election on the 6th result
ed in the success of Donver and Herbert
anti-Broderick Democrats, for Congress.
In the Legislature,, so far as heard from
the Whigs hare elected 7. and the Dem
oerats 26 Senators. To the Assembly
the Whigs have 35, aud the Democrats
45. but i t is doubted whether the Dem-
I crats would be able to unite upon a -can-
didate for United States Senator.
In San Francisco, the Know Nothings
carried i everything before 'them: and
elected their candidate for. Mayor, S. P.
Webb: formerly Mayor of balem, Mass.
bv over -500 plurality. .The Know
Nothing vote was 4,500, out of about II,
000 in tho whole city. Die new Uom
nion Council is composed of 12 whigi
and 4 Democrats,
News from the mines .continues favor
able; the Southern miners especially
are more successful than ever.
The overland emigrants are arriving,
but not as .numerously as in former
years. .,, Uhinese to tne number ot ovv to
1,000 arrive- at San ,rranctsco every
week or ten' days, most . of whom are
slaves to their more wealthy countrymen.
There are about the average number of
murders, assaults, &c, recorded.
The- British and French steamers left
San Francisco on a cruise. . On the 2d
the English, bark Amelia, Thompson
master .stranded north of ban bimeon
bay, ...
The. buerra Nevada passed on the 22d
the. steamer . Panama,; for Panama, and
on the succeeding night the J., It. Stev
ens, for San . Francisco,
-Tho banking; house : of (Jarrothers
Anderson & Co. has suspended. ; It it
one. of tha smallest in San Francisco. T
The anniversary of the admission of
California into the Union, was celebated
at San Francisco, on the 9th, with great
pomp. - More .Indian massacres of the
overland emigrants of Oregon are re
ported. : v.j b;..:; . ;jny; -';
Wheeling, Keduut. and
., . ; iiatiroaa.
The annexed extract, from the Wheel
in Times, shows the interest taken in
this work, by the people of . .Wheeling.
X he present . emcient omcers are aoing
all that can be done; to forward it it
'ould command tne aid or every citizen ;
" The citizens of this place: are how
ia the enjoyment of one railroad, and
: re engaged with other . parties in the
construction of a railroad to -lap the
Cleveland and Uoium dus road at (xrat-
ton, and open a short route to Chicago.
It is hoped that it mar at an early day-
be constructed into the City of Wheel
ing, and thus open to us adirect connec
tion with this ai cart of tho wheat coun
try, and through that to the great North
west. ;. The success of this project de-
penda greatly' on the interest manifested
m it. oy tne citizens oi r ueeuug to wnom
it is the most important road that can or
wilt be made."
-. '
. . Th r Kansas - Seal. -W e have ; just
een.the seal of the Territory of Kansas,
engraved by Bobert Iiovett, of rhuadel-
i.T. . j: !. j: r
kuw. . suwiuuie -av ura wvoiacu va
fteeder. v. It consists Of a shield with two
supporters and surmounted by a scroll
motto,, and is emblematic of the life of
the pioneer, and. the agriculturist. heT
lower compartment of the shield contains
the buffalo and, the hunter the upper
contains the implements of agriculture!
he: left hand supporter is a pioneer with
hawfc whit nn the'rio-Uin trie OrKtHcs
Ceres with her' sheaft and at their feet.
axe.' '.The motto is a beautiful and stri
king a lusion' to the principle on which
the Territory was Organized, and consists
of the " Poruti voce nata " trenslated
Bom of the popular will. The whoie
design is, we think, well devised, highly
suggestive, and in excellent taste. -
ton Argus. "
. . ADLAKD, Oct. Hth, 18M. -
Wbut, . . . 1 37
Plook hcvy t. .. 90
Oavb - gt.t-3ii 3 C
CoB-ii 4 C9
Ttiotli ,. m sPQ
Bdvtss sVeak km roll t . ... I4C
EM in ................ BS
La.......I........ Ss
Tminwm . . . .................40c
Bimwh ...... ...... ......... ... .... ........ .90aS$
: t . r, r. New Yobk, Oct. 10, J864.. ,
FVour Demand for flour coutiaaei gooa ; priee
land upwards ; receipts rslli ng off ; sales 8,000 6,50
a8, 00 common, closing with none to be bad below
7,757, 878,12 common to goo d Ohio and mixed to
fane. MUliigan ; 8,50a9,S9. Gentaos-:" inclcde la
sales TOO bbla extra Michigrn S.S.-s ; 1300 extra 8,"
S0a95. Canadian In good repuest ; sales 1200 bbls
70.dosing Arm at 7,79 aid a sale or superior rye
floor at 6,00.
Wheat Firm demaa for export and home-trade.
Genesee scarce and held firmly ; sales 800 hash fair
white Canadian datf paid 17xi and 330 good white
Southern at (. . . :.-
; Buffalo Oct. 10.
The marhst this morning ts very quiet, and on
commomly dull, there la bat little dlspoeition evla
ced oa the part of buyers to opera te, and holders are
very firm ; the sales in flour are about 500 bbls t
(6.25 'or good Upper Lake, and S7 lor choiae Ohio
and Michigan.
' Wheat has improved under the em aU stock and
a fair enquiry for milling ; holders firm, 7000 bu.
Milwaukee at 1,30.'
. Corn Holders have advanced their views and
buyers ars unwilling to follow : their were sales of
1 cargo reported, but oa prsvate terms supposed
at 66c, holders ask 9667, buysrs offer 65.'
!-HARRICDw Oa the 6th iast by U Re,
W. A. G . Easersan , Mr. C. C. latru, te Mies
HaaTBiA. dasghter af EL Cirasa. Em., all af
Taraailliaa township, Aehtaad coaaty.Ohio
Ja Csebactosj aa Tuesday aveaisg the 10th
is at., by the Rev. P. H. Jacob, -Rosxbt Baca,
Esq., of Ashland, and Mies Fli rt Mobbisoic,
,of Cosheeten.
T&txB 3bertiscmcut9.
' ' riHE School Commissioner deems it im
I portaat to call the attention of Local
Directors. Township Clerks, and Boards of
Education, o certain duties imposed upon them
by the School Uw, and to tho inconveniences
losses and penaltiee which must inevitably ac
crue if these duties are neglected or unreason
ably postponed.:
1. By section 8, it is made " tha duty of
the directors in each sub-district to Uke, or
cause to be taken, annually between the firtt
and third Monday of October, (from October Sd
to October loin 1854,) an enumeration o, all
the unmarried" while and colored youth
ins them sepa-ately, between the uses of fire
and twenty-one yeass, resident witbia such sab
dialrict and not temporarily there, des gnal',ng
between male and icniale, and return a certihed
copy thereof to the Township Clerk."
2. If the directors fail to make and return
the enumeration, tha Township Clerk must
employ a competent person te doit and collect
be expense troin the directors individually.
3. - Th Township Clark shall snake aa ab
stract el tha eaameralioa a reversed to bias
desigaatinf tha number of youth ia each sub
district, and iraasmil such- abstract dulyeert'B
ed to the County Auditor, within Ivtnty days
after the return made la him by the Directors
or lite person appelated to take such enumera
tion. . . ,
4. By sectioa 19, ft is made the duty af tk
Board ar educatiaa. ta prepare, or caase ti
be prepared, and forwarded to the County As
ditor, at the same time when the return of the
enumeration of scholars is required to be made
a statement exhibiting; the number of children
in the township between the ages' of five and
tweuty-one years, distinguishing between mate
and female; tho number of schools, specifying
the diuarent grades : the number ol teachers,
male and female the number -of children
male and femsle, who have attended school
during the past year ; the average attendance
the leneth of the terms of schools, compensa
tioa of teschers, male and female; the number
and condition of the school honses and furni
ture, and the estimated value thereof; the
number and condition of the books in tbe
school libraries, the number of libraries, tbe
kind of school books used la the schools, the
number and value Oi school apparatus, and
lull account oi the expenditures for school pur
poses, together with such other- statistics and
information ia relatioa to schools as the Stale
Commissioner ol schools may require
o. Sectioa 40 directs the County Anauors,
on or berate tbe twentieth day or December
annually' to forward abstracts ol all the re
turns of school statistics made from the town
ship to the State Commissioner,' and attaches
a penalty of fifty dollars for the neglect,- be
sides making tbem responsible for any loss
thereby sustained by any township or county.
A similar liability for damages follows upon a
fuilure by a township clerk to make and re
tarn the abstrscls and enumeration required
by the act.' .
From the loegoing summary, the duties ol
the dinereot omcers areapparent ; and it aow
remains ta coasider tha consequences of ec
lectics their performance. Tbe state Auditor
apportions the school fund among tbeeennties,
upon the ennmeratien ana returns msae to
bins by tbe stale tommisaioser,' ana - tne
County Auditors shall annually, immediately
after their annual settlement with the Coanty
Treasurer, apportion the school funds lor their
respective Counties, according m ta eausser.
atioa and returns ia their respective offices ;
and ao township, or other district, city or vill-
sa. wbisa shall bare tailed t make sad return
sack annate ratios, shall ba oatMIe to receive
any pruea af thecesimea school fsad.' (8
itoa n.i
Still more explicit aad imperative; istha last
elaase ol sectioa 67, to witt It shall aot
la wful fow asr Ceualy Troasaiar to pay evsr
aar portion ef tho school fund o any local
treasurer, board of education, or other school
officers of any eity, township, or village, or
ganized as ta schools either under a general
or a special law, except aa tbe order of tbe
proper county t and ao sncb order shall be
drawn by the county auditor, unless the local
tressurer, clerk, recorder, or secretary oi sucn
board, or other school officers, shall first de
posit with said auditor, annually, aa abstract of
the enumeration ol scholars, ana other statis
tics relative to the schools onder their charge,
as required by this act of Teachers, Local Di
rectors and Boards of Education in Townships.
As the reports required ot tbe several grades
or school omcers follow escb other in a sort ol
ascending aeries, with nearly the same length
of time sliolted to each grade for making and.
reporting their respective abstracts, it is highly
important that these reports De promptly maae
within the time prescribed. This is indispen
soble not only to avoid losses to school dis-
trics,and penalties to school omcers, but also to
tbe barmomous and emcient working oi tne
hole school system.
The reports required or tbose school omcers
whose duty is to take the enumeration of youth,
should not be delayed beyond the 20th day of
October, nor those required ol 1 ownship Clerks
and Hoard of Education, beyond toe 20tb day
of November. If tbeso reports be promptly
made,. then will the County Auditors be able,
OB or beloro the 20th day ol December, to make
out and transmit to the Commissioner of Com.
men Schools, aa abstract of all tho returns of
school statistics asaao te thesa, aad the XJem
anissioner will bo able to make his report oa or
before tho 20th of January, and tha Auditor of
Male will be able to apportion, at tha proper
time, tbe common school funds among tho dif
Isrent Counties." , -i.
' H.U. BARNEY.Com.Cem.Scbeels. ,
Columbus, Sept., 1854. . ,,, 3wSP;.,..(
NOTICE tajhereby gives, thatjthe subscribers
' hava been appointed and qualified as Ad
ministantors on the Estate of Amos M. Ford,
late oi Asniana county, aeca
. 3w20
Oct. 11, "1854.
TRB undersigned announces to the public that he
has again taksn coarse- of the Hotel in the vill
age of Orange, Ashland eounty. Thankful for past
favors, he hopes all of hi old customers will sivo
him a call. Everything will be done to make-alV
bo mar stop with bim comfortable.
JO" A good Hostler will always be oa head.
TXSPKCTFULtT legi laava to make his
JL Bounces that bo ass just received tne largta, cneapeti ina om azi.
that has or will he brought to Ashland this fall. This he states as a fact, and challenges a com
parison. It excel W all his formerpnrchsses, sad is bound to be tha - -
A large portion of tha stock will be sold THIRTY-THKEE PER CENT CHEAPER than the
same oooos have ever been sold in this market
Ia this department we have concentrated all our taste aad energy, to procure an assortment
of DRESS GOODS, worthy the atteatioaaad co. mendatiaa of the " better-half" ol erestioa.
Tho extraordinary run which has made upon this stock since its arrival, speaks. more for tho
assortment aad cheapness of the Goods, than anything we can say. We have ia the Uao of
DRESS GOODS, Moreaoes aad Paramethas, irom 58 cts. to $1,00 per yard; plain all-wool
Delaines, of avery color, from 33 to 60 cts. per
from 20 to 33 per cent, below last year's prices
ametha, silk and French Plaids ; from 37 to 87
ured, changeable and plain black silks, at much leas prices than they nave ever been sold in
this market ; Auction prices not excepted ; a complete assortment of Velvet and Gallooa Dress
Trimmings ; a great variety of Embroideries, Gloves, Hosiery, Ribbons, fcc- Of Bonnets we
have Silk Velvet, Silk, Satin and English Strews
Our stock cannot be excelled either in qaalitj
aw si ivu on, ncrGi mviiwvui tuu f uiiVj ss, uu vcai uuvii i sasoaavs vvui attvuwua t aa
We hsve also endeavored to meet the-wants of
n every respect. We have a large assortment
Cassimeres, SattinetU, Tweeds, Jeans, Vesttags.
- A large assortment of HATS and CAPS of the latest styles, and will sell them st prices
unusually low. Also, a good assortment of .BOOTS and SHOES, TAILOR'S TRIMINGB,
fee, Jtc. Gentlemen give us a call before pure basing elsewhere. , ,- '.
We hsve also a splendid assortment of QUEENSWARE and CROCKERY, HARDWARE,
UKiruMtJUS, xankoo notions.
ttc.,aic. Me a aad Women of Ashland eounty, this mamouth stock of Goods mutt bs sotdVand
you that wish great bargiana must call soon. We don'l ssk you to believe our say so shout it,
but call aBd see for yourselves, aad yoa will find that lo ! the half has not been told yoa I "
The Emporium is now crowded every day ia tha week, and mora are turned empty away.
Come one, come all. . aVaTAU kind of PRODUCE taken in exchange for Goods, at tha kigbast
market price.
Apple's Philadelphia Clothing and JFurnishingADepotl!
fTlHE propriators of this extensive establishment beg leave to announce to tho public that
I they are now receiving at their old stand in
which they or any body else have ever brought
is piled full of Goods. We can new supply half of the count. We can fit the; largest-sad
smallest the shortest and tallest the thickest and thinest the (attest and leanest specimen
of naked humanity that stands in need of our friendly aid.;' We can sell Overcoats at from $4
to $18 ; Dress Coata at from $6 to 925 ; Vasts at from 75 cts. to $10; Pantaloons at froml,
25 to $10. We have every description of clothing from the coarsest domestic iabrica 'to tbe
finest broddotbs, silks and satins. Our stock
consisting of Shirts, Collars, Cravats, Wrappers, Drawers, Handkerchiefs, Jtc, is no usually
large, i ho yuolio will also bear in mina taat
to order, en the shortest-notice. We hare a
and our " Crook" is acknowledged to be
have a full assortment of cloths oo hand,' which
public caanol iail to be satisfied.
aad chalteare a coaparisoa either i
beauty or
ment; era cheapness in price. . Wa do basiaosa
better tt.oa a slow shilling.' aad, conseqaeatly
our competitors cannot afford to do.
waiiack at coma, asoiaad , utito.
. IVOXIUNS, &.C., dec.
INFORMS his numerous customers tliat he
has just received a large slock of all kinds
ot Groceriea and Conlectionariea ; a splendid
variety of Toys aad Notions of all kinds,
Musical Instrument s, &c, &c.
- Ia his SALOON he has made arrangments for
a constant supply of Baltimore and New Haven
OYSTERS, Game of ail kinds, Sardines, Pick
led Meats aad the delicacies of tbe season.
Lunch served at all hours oatoo shortest no
tice. Constantly oa hand a variety ef Temper
ance drinks. - - 1
Thankful lor past patroaage. he is determin
ed to spare neither pains or expense ia cater
ing lor the wants or those who lavor him wise
a call.
Ashland, Oct. 4th, 1834. nl9tf
Joseph Wesson,
la Asmihd Cohb ok Pleas.
Samuel Rutan.
TURSUANT to the command of an ordorof
I sale issued in the above case from th
Court ot Common Pleas of said Ashlasd Coun
ty, to me directed, I will expose to public sale
at tbe door of the Court House in said county,
on " ' - - - - -:-
Monday, the 6th day of November
A. o. 1854, between the hours of 10 o'clock, A. ;
and lour o'clock, P.M., of said day, the follow
lag described real estate to wit; being-lot
number twenty. Tour in south Ashland, Ashland
County, Unto. Terms or sale t Cash.
-. . . J- il.jun b , oaer-ijr. , j
yc. in, iaoa.- - - : la" pi f'y"
As ' Ilight ibe Expected,
rriBANKFUL for the past liberal patroaage of
a ' a goneroue aommunity, tbo subscribers
would agaia invite atteatioa to tbair present
Bloca pi,...: ; , , , ... ; - , '
consisting ia part e Ment' Thick Kip and Calf
Boots and Shoes, Hone Made and Eastern. Also
Boys' You Ax' and Children s Boots and Shoes of
better quality than they hava ever seen ia
this market. Also, . ,
Mens' Boys' and Childrens' Shoes and Gaiters
of .various styles and patterns, both fancy and
plain, which are or good quality.
The Ladies and Misses "Department I
or SrlOfc,s,B001 th-S and GAITERS ol all de
sirsble styles and patterns are abundant, and aa
to material and workmanship, we invite coin.
portion with any other work in this market. ,
F. S. In connection with the above Mock,
wo bare on hand a one block or
Tinnki) Trawllnir Baa's, -tf ens' xtnd
Boy 'a Caps,
and a large supply of PARLOUR, DINING and
KITCHEN GHAIRS, that we warrant, to be
well made and of good material. All ol the
above we aro aow selling at very low prices to
suit the times for READY-PAY, we say to all
that it will pay you well to examine- our Stock
before purchasing elsewhere. Mark well the
place, jnst opposite T. O.Bushnell's Dry Goods
Store, and one door .west ot tbe new. nana
Building. , ,"
Ashisnd, Sept. 27, 18o4! x . 18U
Sale) eC Meatl Estate tr Order f Pre
xate Csarl. .: .
ON the 28th day of October, A. D., 1854,
between the hours of tea o'clock, A. M.,
and Four o'clock, f. ta., oa toe premises nareiu-
after described, will be sold to the highest bid
der, the riil low ing Real Estate as the property
of Abraham Shearer, deceased, situate in the
Coanty of Ashland and State or Ohio,' to wit l
the south-west part ot too soutu-wcai
of section six in Township twenty-one of Range
sixteen containing eighty acres of land more
or less. Terms of Sale: one third cash in
band , one t bird ia one year, and the residue in
two years, with interest from the day of sale.
Back payments to be secured by a mortgage on
the premises. -
yt.lt.ll. inuDA.a.r.na
Adm'r of Abraham Shearer, deo'4. .
Sept. S7th, 1864. 4wl8
N. B On the above premises tl ere are a one
atorv loo house, a good bankbain, spring house
and wasb house, good young orchard of bear-
no: fruit trees tbe larm is well watered, and
lies about five, miles south-west Irom tha town
of Ashland. P. BRUBAKER, Adm'rj
h 1!
bow again t tha f ooJyia?Widr aaa aa-
betore. .
yard ; Muslin Delaines, latest styles, at prices
t a laree assortment ol all-wool Moreno , Par-
cts. per yard; aa extensive assortment of Cgv
of all kinds and qualities. - As to
or price. In short, ladier, we havn never pre-
the ' Lords ol Creation," large aad small-
of English, trench and American Broadcloths,
; s Ashland, October 4, 854 ltf
:l. ' . ij. i. t 'Ji.tift i3. u t
Ashland, the largest and best selected stock of
to Ashland counti. Their spacious store room
of ' .J .
we aro orepared to do - t. i ,-
WOKKf Y !-
large number ol finished workmen ia oar employ,
one of the. beat, if not the best, in town-. . ;As we
can be had at tbe. purchaser's owa prices: the
i.et it io distinctly understood tnat wo '- ' ' J
;oiMiPtinniTN a
ouality of goods, extensive
lol tha assort
upon the principle that a " aimble sixpOnse Is
can sen eur goods at VASIi HHJSt, which
epposite Sktliing fx Burns', aad next deor to
...... t Oct. 4lh, 1S54. I9lf
Isaac Gales, Adm'r of Es-"
.late of Thomas Bradea,
Martha Braden,et. al.
T)Y virtue of an order ("Bale issued from
Jfj the Probate Court in sad' for the county of
Ashland n tne above case, and to me directed.
I will expose lo bale, on the premises, on
Saturday, tie 1 If A day of November,
1S54, at two o'clock, P. M. of said, day, tho
luliowing descnoeo real estate, situate and be
ing in the County of Ashlaad aad State ol Ohio,
to wit: being a part of the south east quarter
of. sectioa sixteen (16,) towashipv twenty-four
(24,) and of range seventeen (17,) commencing
at a stone on the south line of eadi quarter
toence aorta two oegrees (2Ueg.) west seventy
one and seventenths 111 7-10) rods ta a stoae
on the west line of Andrew -Burn's Isnd
thence west fourteen (14) rods to a stOgOd", thence
aenn xnree aegrcea (,aaeg) west sixty-oee aad
eight tenths (61 8-10) rods to-a stoae thence
sixty-four aud one-halt ( 6440 degrees, west
seventy and seven-tenths (70 7-10) rods to a
1 sloue on the west line of the quarter thence
south three degrees east Ida eel one hundred
and seven rods to tbe souih west corner of tbe
quarter; thence east on the south line of the
quarter se venty-nine and one half 791) rods to
tbo plaoe of begiuning containing fifty-nine
acras and three roods of land.- Also, the south
east quarter ol section twenty-one 211 town
ship twenty-lour (24) and of range seventeen
(171 snore particularly decribed aa follows, to
wit J . Commencing at the north-bast corner of
tbe quarter-, thence' south on the east, line of
tbe quarter one- hundred -and sixty-tuco-.a
eight-tenths. (l1i63 810 rods to tho south-east
corner ol t ba q,u arte s thence, west, on tha
south, liaa of the quarter, one Iruitdred aaaV suV
ty-eigtot and lour tenths I VaS -iQ rooa tot ahe
south-west corner or tbo quarto , whence aorta
on tho west line of tbo aaartox-oae haadrod
and fifly-aine and eight taaths rods to tha north
west coraor of tbe qr.; tbeace east Ob the aorta
lina' of-lke quarter one hundred and fifty-eight
and four-tenth rods ("158 4-101 to the arth
oast cprr-er, of the quarter to the place ef be
ginning, containing oa bandied aad Glty,
acres, two roods and twenty rods of land aae.
iag aad exceptiof out af tais q sartor sixty-oil
aeres, one rood aad Ihirteea rods of Isaq esT
the south side of satdausrtir ta which
tamed the widows doWor, aad a part at the
aortb west quarter ol seetieo twenty aaa,toe)a-
sbip .twenty lour aad el rasge Mveatoea aad
1ouDded as follows, to wit i beginning oa the
east boundary line forty reds north irom -the
south east corner of said quarter, thence along
said boundary line forty rods aortb to a post
thence west sixty rods to a post thence south
forty rods thence east sixty rods to tbe place of
beginning, containing niteea acres (-saving ana
excepting ten acres out of this tract whiah had
been previously sold and conveyed to one Rob-,
ert McCrory.
'Terms of Sale: One third cash, one third
in one year, and the residue ia two years with
interest, from the day of sole) back payments
to be secured by mortgage on the premises. - ."'
' ' ISAAC GATES, Adm'r.
' Ashland, Oct. 4, 1864. a 7 : . Bl9 4w
Ezra L. Garrett, . 1 , -
ef. ' I Iu'AahlatidCoitt
James D. Williamsoa, and f tuou Picas.
Martha G. Williamsea. : i ' . j: , X
TTjURSUANT to the command of aa order of
sale issued from the Court of Common
Pleas ol Ashland, County to me directed, I wrl I
exposeto public sale, at - the doer of the Court
Housein said, county, oa Ml,ri; .1 - ,,j j j -i...,
Monday ,$lie 0th day of November, "
A. D., 1854, between tbe hours of tea o'clock,
A. M- and lour o'clocaw P. aa. ol said day, the
follow ID? described real estate, ta wit I Lo
aomber fifty-five, ia the tewaof tiavaaaas., Ash-
land County, Ohio. - Tarsus or aula t-r-iissm.
- t . ' J.i. JOHlia, snerw
; Oct. 4lh, 1854. ' " , 19sl pf d3,60
Wm. Wyeoff, Adra'r ofT ;
Jobs Auirhv. tleeM. . I
- s.r. , ?, .tBI"
Andrew Myresj rWd:; I 'l ! ' ; "
f. other..rri;-; I J !' -'i ' .. .
THE defendants Andrew Myers and Mary his
Wife, Benjamin Leyda and Sarah his wife,
non-res iedntaot said State is hereby notified,
that said - Petitioner, has filed an : said Court,
a Petition, the object and prayer of which is to
obtain an order of said Court for the sale and
conveyance of certificate or Land Warrant, No.
61,340 issued by the Com. of Pensions to the
widow aud biirs of William Deviney, for 160
acres, dated June lath, 1849, aad by said wid
ow and heirs transfcred to one John Priest and,
and by bim to said John Augby, deceased, ia
his lile time.
WM. WYCOFF, Adm'r. .
W. Sxfiru, Sol. Ptt'r,
Oct. 4th, 184- - - 4waI9 '
; j., i .,. ... --t. '. , .7';, ,,rir. 1
iniscllaucous. -
AMhe Old Uriel. Corner
j TTiiAiro, omo.
THE aadorsigaed baviag bought the La Bea)
aad XxTcauvs stock of aarcbaadiee, fs
Bserly owaed by Robert Me Ma has ta this slaaeV
aaaoaaees to tho eiliaeas of sate Couaty see
sji-etaera who wish to avail themlsse ot sae
privilefe of layieg ia their Svararca ana Paaa
rurrtiu cbcap, that Bis Btero as sae plaea.
.ds keeping al ways aa a aad a laree aeer
general sssortmest af
such fata wanted by tha paoole-ia-lbU regieer;
Among our unprecsdentsd variety aro
rms? cs2irs23e
of all Kinds,"Sfirles Bd 'Trretiee.6aVOca
RIES, a large Stock 8alt, Fish, Plaster, ra
short every -thing ia that-1 !,- bieb will be
sold a' less prices than aay other Merchant
dart sell. I aat bow and il) tW selling tmr
sometime at aost,'ao that in) present stock saaf
be reduced to make room tot my
F a is i- s i? iptrap .
KaT"AJl who wish great ItarxaJssL are invited
to call boob aad eismine my atoch as tl.eg ssde
are going very la. I, and yoa may. not bav
aaether opportuaity: ao.-eeaaro year seeds at
suoh low figures. -i All, kuwU a, st
Wool, aad aay thing the Farm baste ecll , will
be takea ia exchange tor geedsi ' ' - -
tt- Don't 4reet the- place elui elsl JsVsrlb
Corner, Xaat or the McNulty House.
Ashland, Aug: 16. 18ti f
REMAINING ia tho Pest Office, Ashlaad
County, Ohio, Sept. 38th, 1864 .' l- -
' A ' .McMiekeVAa'drevs
Aladorf Benjamia
Moolry -JaaatJ L
Aten Alexander :
Agaa Jeremiah
B eber Benajrille'
Better Rev
Barrett Mrs F : '
Bull Mr.j . - ,
Bomeler Jacob? '
Bowk'er Julius' S"
L'MeCJane J iMrii
iMtbuin rnocnas'
Monrer Jxcob 'Mr
Miliar near -rr
p. W M MtsV .'t
Pilgrim i Mrs
PaHoak HJCaj
Pstterapa AC,
Potter W H fj Res;
Porter Nawrsi ft
Rees Abrabass Ifr
Riaehart Jssssb
Rtaa Joba-
Reselt C Mat Ce
Rash Oeerre -7
Bryan Ann JJJjT
Bart Henry . . ,
Burses Petar 1 '
Bray Miahaei JJ. ,j '
Back Frnae set . .
Barkmaa Elisabeth , ;
Boyer Job a '.',:.
' ti - - 4 f
Chas at Costal . sl'JJ,
Carre le Danie) 9 j
Campbell Was ' '
Cridaadea Medad
Cheav Alliaoa . J 1
Celss' Samuel .
Reed CJark f.
RoatcoB r JeaaaNaat
Ryaa Jssaes) .A
istaoh WllrSB "
Reed Geerge W
Roes JY Mr
Ryaa Petrisk. T
Raseliag A sae si K '.
RaJasaese .
Ryaa MartiB -
! . : .
Stem lfatrmaTT
8peaoer Graham
Saner A' Mr-. -Spiesy
Sughrow Mrs
Stephens-W WMCoa
Clay J fcCrewby Walterj
Cobura Willara ' - ''
Cotaer Jscob' -
Dowaard Wwarrl'.
Driw Miehet ,-J'.
Doly JohsL , i , T,1U. , .
Dwire Elisabeth
Dibosjohn .
Downey Mary Mrs v
" k '
Fike Charles 4-" r"
Furgasoa Richard v.
Forgasoa Mary Miss -
.. ':'
George Peter
.Sayder Michael
bmith Ut rs ,,.
Smith Joshua 1
Smith Jonsiio".
Scovilt Sarsh'MVs
Sloaa T A Mr. .
;8boler Joba
'Shaffer JasaSMjp
Grewbaugb Samuel Mr!
boodmaa Charles -
H . ' :"
Hart Elijah Mr' :
Hardy Dr. Mr '-'
Hershay Lidiaifiss
i Shrefler JeethnV -
Harrison George Mr '
Hatfieid Si rah Miss '
He morose C Miss
:. . . . .. J ' -" '"-
Jaeksoo Anna Miss -:
Jackson J'mes , .
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EumpTssei; .i si
Kobley Augustaa
Kraft Lewi. 3 ";
KaufTuiao Susoa " .
Kimberlim ElisaMrs
Kaaflmaa J C Mr
Kenaedv WrlfUaa
Smith Frances T Miss
Saadles Rebecca Mrs
Bcheuflie Ledwig
Sloaa Jaa A Esq
Stpttt Davjd" l
Tel Adasso iw
Purr '. luabjiA Mra
Tefpm Henrietta Miser
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uABaderbeekCstbarsae tb-
HYsataertesea Sd M.
Ciasinger Be'ary Mtf "j
t aay u
La wis James Mr . . v
LisUV Jebs - V I j... .
Lawson Joseph Mr?". '
Lee Sarah A Mies ...
W7wB Wlrsj .
WTiitneyTr T T
WiHiams William
Williams JeaoUaa f
Williams Jsao aV
wfight j-,r-. .
Wolf Joba--,,.,
t V-
Ysrgia Sussa a
Z '
Lawsou Mugsret Mrs!
.... . IfS . ,
Mathews T S Ml '.
Movers Joha
Meyers David L . ,
Martin Mary Ana
Marung Philip'
McKincey William
Zehnec Jaaea f
Madden Joseph A' Esql
Zabaer Pelry Miso
Martin Bell Miss - - ' ' VJ-S't
Persons calling for any of above Let tore
will please say; "AOVEaTisED. '
Ashland. Oct. 4. 1S54. ' - "'- l
; r i I ! 1
Hugh McKibbea V - - - '! ft ...
es. , y In Ashland CvmmSntU
Benj'e Laadis..,), i.i
PURSUANT to the commaad of aa order of
sale, duly issued from the Conrt, ef Cesa
mon Pleas of . Ashland Couaty. Obie ia the
above case, to me di roc ted, 1 wiaW axpeoa to,
public sale at the door of tbo Coert Mease, ia
said county, OB ' ' "J '; " ; ' """'
,; Jllonday, ttjs 6th dvy of November,
A. D-, 1864, betweea the bouse al tea o'cleek,
A. M. aad four o'clock, P. said 4tay, tho
following described Real Kaialj ae ant: la
lot number twenty two (22i ia the first addiuea
to. tbe original surveyed plat in. the village of
Rowsburg, sstuate in the south ' eatt coraer ef
the south east quarter of section, 'filtera, (15 J
tewaship twenty two f'J2rsrig'fiftoeB flbj
being fifty eight 681 feet in-front by oue kua- -dred
and fifty eight f lai feet hack. Alse
nine f9J feet tea (0J inched 4a - frees 4y sae
buadred and sixty eignt r ih leet aaca. a so - ; t
of tot uomoer tweetytbree- fV addities . t 5
aforesaid, sxtnaie aad beisg iaf too yjttaty ef ' ;' -
Ashland. aad State of Ohio. Torxas Vt.saia i. -. .
. J- ft. iOPtES,' tMrif
' Oc tober a, 1854.
ims pltota
i - '
; Aarosv Taraall FUuMiI, ,j v .
B.F.ReerlsBd.DefeadsBt. .: vl
AT my iasUBce aa attaeboteat wad teaa dee
.- . i r. ,k rsiM to -J -
by Joba Tsvlar, a "Justice of tbe Pesea te HeaM
ever tewaships Ashlaad aunty, Obia aseiassl
tha goods, saoaoyo, eredit s aac effects af E'
eeptaaaoer 1. SU.' ..: T4,
- ' .,S
I T my lastaa re aa Queer et AtsBsBsswvee s
lvsuadeatne-zotheer ef Auaast. J44. bsJsssssj -
C. Bo lies a Justueef the .Peace of Jacksoe Tour a-
ship, Ash laad county, for Use sum of tea dotlaxe aad
eighty-t we cents scaias: the aroaerty sad sfTecte ef
Isaac Vaulilburgfe.a bob reaiaeu el saie-eeaavyr
Causing one Chester C. Matlkews to be s-araisaedV
1b said proceeding. - JACOB PAaT.
... (.-.Agent tor Jacob Oocnasaty
sept. a8U, IBS. - s, lK..v..vr.
IS hereby given, that the sndersigaed was oa
the second of September, 1S64, duly ap
pointed Administrator or tho-estate ef Geeige
Murray; deceased, et Oraage teweeain, Asa
land eounty,' Ohio. -Those iadebted 4e said
Estate will please make Immediate psyssest.
And those holding claims against said Estate
will preseat them legally aelheaticated fK
peymeal wilhia oaa year from this data.
Adm'r of the Estate of Geo.Morray, deo'e.
Ashland, Sept, 13, 1864. - - . , . 3wl
6 riCK is hereby given, that the uaderslgaesl baa
been duly appointed and analineaT as: Admtae.
been duly appointed and enallnesT as
Iritnr nf th Kl .t M nf K-mtfnl WmTIItl.
late of Montgomery .township, AsSlsed eouatf .
Ashland, Sept. SOtb, jest.
' ' ' PATENT
WAS1 awarded tfca?Pirs Pismiesw a OVs
ur..lrf. Fair, ia, Wow Yarfci' ia IBM.
Also at tho Ohio State fairs, for throe isiiiis
IvsTsarsf inu u su ww r -V -1
exhibited. Warraatrd te ball aad cleaafreaa M
. -a . , . . r a a -
to uusnejB peroay, w . m ill iwww
hour t and with aaeW Hnprovemeet, (sew be.
iug Patented) to be sttacnea tor tee Jri scats
made in lB04,tney win uuij a.u.u ciuu "
tnoro IB me same iuu. .
For sale by . , M. . oiAnorta-ajj,
i . .. Sole Manufacturer, Ashlaad Okie.
June 14, 1854. ; ' .-
"N. B- Prosecutions Will be promptly caaa-
menced for any infringement ol tha Trghts of
be Pattentee. , a- an.
. C. A. HlinES, . '
Xfanufacluref of Boots and Shoesi
rpllKKK doors below the Times Prlat.
1 JL ing Office. Ashland. O aio. Oasteaa
I Work dose to order on the shortest aotiee
VS.iiil mmt niMMftlt Mrmi.
tomboy 14th, tea, ,v , ;i t ifiOj
- f
-'at '1
' 1
is .
2 1
i - I
"X 2
: 1
. -' il
I r
1 'r
S '-
u 1
III : If , -. ,: . '"

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