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Tn Union is published every Wednesday
sseraiag the tows of Ashland, Ashland co.
' o Mala St., over IV. McMahan's Store.
'"TEBiiHerstBscitirTioji. .
-'t1i Union 'will e furnished tn" subscribers,
tV rato of IWQ DOLLARS per annum,
'"if passasan b aad before the expiration oi
b-yaK 'Two Dou.li i Tim Cim,
Wilt, fa variably be charged, if payment be do
fstrrad tilt after the expiration of lbe year. ;
-riA4aiara o pay sr foil, aad give notice o
draconririoaVice to the Publisher, at tho close of
,m time, subscribed Tor, will be considered an
-susfesjaaaeat or the- ncit year, aad ao oa year
-ftr year. " . ;
Oa Bqsaie, 11 Tine or lesa, 3 weeks
;' 3'
: 6,00
Kvwrj snbsequcat insertion
' Oaa eons 6 months...... .
wjnare one year. ..
' IHe, fourth column ono year.....
.) third eolonia oa year.......
Om half col am a tMt 7 sar. ......
Two thirds cofuma oao year.. I ..
."Three fourths column one year..
.Oaa eoloaaa one year. ... . ...
oakviHib;-Sqb; riutiug.
fBiis just purchased a sopor b new press,
' and added large lot of now typo to oar already
eityisive assortment of Job material, wc are
prepared to eiecuto, in a style that cannot
be earpaseed by any office ia this sectioa ol
'teuatry u.;
' BoaU, i.,. Bonds, . Label,
Cara.' . - Drafts, . - - Receipts,
Nolea, ,
'Pnatera, 7 Hills, j. Checks,
'Uaaks, .Dill Head, ' Tickets,
Vast, ia abort, every description vf Plain and
tecoratie " ' '
MwaieiB the Saest style -of ttyo art, tad cannot
l"nir-to ;"-satisfaction. 'All order promptly
"aHtrtdea to. ". " ' . , "
V- " vi ' "" ' mis'- '"" "
- - -' :. ALI IKD OF ... ,
Wank Deeds and Jnstices Blanks,
constantly on hand and for sole at this of
- Our Blank are neatly printed aad oa the
bjost tonality ef paper, aad give general satisfac
t pa with, those who have ased them. ' Order
. : Sews by the HaJfs. .
' "XJ!!2"Ii the course of about four weeks,
flections are to take place which will dc
enuiiH the politioal character of the
tiext'IIoose of Kcpresentativca in" Con
gress. , .The "elections occur iu the fol
lowing order : New York, November 7 ;
New Jersey,- November 7 ; ' Michigan,
jNoTember 7 "Wisconsin, November 7 ;
Massachusetts, November 13. " Uestdes
Representatives, -nearly all these States
"are also about to elect a Governor.' '
' ju3C'Q.ue 'of the escaped seamen of tho
Arctic shipped on board the Atlantic
a'I Saturday. T Just as the steamer
VaB about to. sail h6 was discovered b'
Capt AVest, who took him by the collar
ana marched hltu ashore, saying ho wiish
ed no such men to go to sea with him. "
V8otrrii Carolina Election. Messrs.
"Aiken, Keltt, Orr, Boyce and McQuecu
' have" been elected to Congress in that
Stat.' -
rH There is probably a majority in the
-lower branch of thogislature in fa
.or of giving the election of Presidential
-electors ia the people. j
'"TntAts oy Mrs. Coi.trss. The
'following is the opening paragraph in the
lotter of Capt. Luce to J5. K. Collins,
' Kj; "It was omitted iu the first publi
'ations.: ; r:. . V "' " "" - "
-n-.M It beeomes- my painful duty to iu
Jform you. of the total loss of ' the .Arctic,
Hndr- my command, with many lives;
tud I fear .among them must be iuclu-i
ded your own wife, daughter and son, of
tclwni I look a lust Zcaee Ute vionictit the
'tiip tras going dtnen, without ever ex--pceting
to see the light of another day,
'to give you an account of tlic heart-rending
in Pennsylvania Pollock's
' majority for "Governor, in "47 counties, is
(:3'2,207.- Mctt; the Demotratie Know
. Nothing Canal Commissioner, will'have
;ibout' 100,000. The State Senate, it is
Mid, will be eomposcd of 10 Democrats,
-rl,5'Whigs,: 1 Independent Democrat, and
1 Independent Whig; and the Hougo of
"4 1 J)emoerats, aud 50 opposition.
The official returns elect John Cad
'"walladcr, Democrat, from the fifth Con
rresaioDal District, by eight votes.
Tho Governor of Kentucky, like tlje
. Governor of Maine,- has designated the
5Pth"of November as Thanksgiving day.
--ei" -X3VBy' the late foreign arrivals, we
. haver the following sanguinary item from
r Italy At military, man was in love
with young lady whom he could not
ohtaia ia mariaga - Incensed - at her
jefusajjlid resolved oa vengeance.'- Arm
. 'ing: himself with four revolvers, he re-
paired to the mansion of the fair one.-
-The first person that appeared was her
1 mother he shot her ; tlic next was her
""father he 'shot him ; '. then came the
young- lady herself he shot her ; then
t?me the uncle and aunt he shot them
ejad- then he shot himself. -
The' alarmists " are- right ! Let the
f freoveniigrants turn back on their route.
" Th fete of the territory is decided agaicst
1 '"them ! ' One of the greatest slaveholders
",, la ,'thd". world has made a settlement in
k.KADsaa. --We have the dreadful fact
""from 'the Kansas Herald, which says :
"We are informed that the celebrated
M"rjuKam, Powers' has given directions for
--the purchase of real estate in our new
-Titr of LcaTenworth.";
-a3,JC3SrRev. Thomas Chilton, alternate
ly a lawyer',' politician, and clergyman,
recently died in Kentucky. . In 1819
was) fi, .member of the Kentucky legisla
ture, Ihcn a clergyman, aud subseijuent
. eij.'fwfo&elected member of eongress, as
Jackson man. - Afterwards he, becapie
"friend, of Mr." Clay; and being a ean
T didate . third time was defeated. This
J-Ws hr 1831, but in 1833 ho was again
"jent; Id' congress, and in 1835 to private
liB,,n4 ended his days as a clergyman.
?jES"The potatoe crop has been gath
red. ia - throughout - Montgomery and
Bocks counties, Pa., and is said there
has been a fall average, one, notwithsand-
iog the recent severe draught. The corn
is also a much better crop than was an
ticipated it would be a month ago?
; r.-XSThe .San Diego Herald publish
es the following, written upon a young
f faan who was accidentally shot ; -
" here lies the body of J eeins Ilambrick
who was accidentally shot .
-i-;: i on. the bank of the pacus river
" ' - . by a young man
T.t'e was aocidentaUy shot with one of the
large colt's revolver with no stopper for
he cock to rest on it was one of the old
fashioned kind brass mounted and of euch
ja the kingdom of heaven. , .. -
If x
Nkw.York, Oct. 20, .1854.
The Africa arrived at her dock at
half past 3 o clock this afternoon.
..The news of the fall of Scbastopol,
the ilestruction of tho llusnian Coot, the
explosion Of Port Coiistantinc, and tho
surrender of Menchikoff, is all falser
Outer Pasha's dispatch is a forgery. The
allies were , investing Sebastopot at the
date of tho latest accounts received. An
official extra Gazette published the fol
lowing dispatch from Lord Stafford de
liadchffe to Lord Clarendon :
" Constantinople, Sept. 30.Tlie
allied armies have established the b.isla
of (heir operations at Balaklava, and on
the morning of tlio 23th they were pre
paring to march without delay upou Sc
bastapoL A number of vessels ore
at' 13:ilaklava, disembarking battering
It is stated that MenchtkolT is iu the
field with 20,000 nnent and expecting
reinforceiuents. , ,
The French Ambassador at: Vienna
telegraphed to the Minister of Foreign
Affairs on the 4th, stating that the re
port of the battle of Alma was cxager
atcd. ' The Austrian Consul at Odessa
telegraphed that the struggle recom
menced on the 25 tli, and continued when
the courier left. -
On the 27th, the" Allies were ten
miles from Sebastopol. " ' ' '." "
On the 27th, Omer Pasha issued or
ders for a part of the' army to be ready
for embarkation for the Crimea.
Austria intimates she will consider
the Czar's prolonged refusal of the four
conditions a casus belli.
Tho latest intelligence received at
Liverpool states that the Allies occu
pied lialaklava, and were in - communi
cation with the fleer, and commanded I
t i cji i ... i Ti :i
doubtfully erumorcd that the second line
of defense had been carried.
'. ; Tho steamer Fury arrivod from Con
stantinople, with Lord Burghers, bearer
of dispatches, to the English Govern
ment Sebastopol was invested on the
25th. The second line of defense was
carried and the city entirely silrrounded.
Menchikoff has been driven to a dis
tance with tho wreck of his army.
Generals Ost en-Sack en and Luders
have cutcrcd the Crimea with forty bat
talions. . ' -'.
At the battle of Alma, 2000 prisoners
were taken. The Kflssians are shut up
in Sabastopol, which will bo attacked by
sea and land.
Allan & AndcrsoD, the largest Amer
ican grain dealers in Loudon, have failed.
T cir liabilities are very heavy. They
were connected with James Mclicnry,
whose bills were refused.
Hemains of Sir John Franklin and
Crew Found.
Montreal,-Oct. 21.
The Herald of this morning has tho
following: Iu our extra of last evening
we informed the public that a rumor was
current iu town that the remains of Sir
John Franklin, his crew, and their ships
had been discovered. "Wc immediately
dispatched a special messenger to the
Hudson's Say Co.'b House, at Lachine,
and, thiough the kiudness of the Gover
nor, Sir Goo. Simpson, enabled us to lay
before our readers the following outlines
of a dispatch from Dr. ltae, who has
been absent ou the coast since the 1st
June, 18!3, and returned to York fac
tory 28th of August last, from whence
he forwarded letters by Express to Sir
Geo. Simpson, via Red Kiver Settlement
After briefly noticing the result of his
own expedition and the difficulties
which they had to contend with, he pro
ceeds to state that from tho Esquimaux
he had obtained certain information of
the fate of Sir Johu Franklin, who had
been starved to death after the loss of
their ships which were in' the ice, and
while making their way south to the
Great Fish river of Buck, near the out
let of which a party" of whites died, leav
ing accounts of their sufferings. The
mutilated corpses of some of these whites
had evidently furnished food to their un
fortunate companions.
- This information, although not deriv
ed from' the Es quimaux who had commu
nicated with the whites, aud who had
found their remains, but from another
band who had obtained the details from
them no doubt is left of the truth of the
report, as the natives had in their pos
session various articles of European make
which had been in possession of the whites.
Among these are silver spoons, forks, &c.,
on oue of whieh is engraved, " Sir John
Franklin, K. 13. C," while others have
crests ou them which identify the owners
na having belonged to the ill-fated expe
dition.". Drawings of some of them have
been sent down..
This fearful tragedy must have occur
red as 'ong ago as the Spring of 1850.
Terrible Savages of Cholera in iSieily.
We translate the following letter from
the Italian journal, Ojjitiiorte, published
at Genoa:
Messina, Sept. 2. This city has been
afflicted in the most awful manner. 5,0GS
persons died from the 23d to the 28th of
August. On the 29th there was a com
plete slaughter; the geueral terror in
creased the number of victims. Of the
5,000 soldiers composing the garrison,
2,000 perished, and almost all the po
lice. It is impossible to describe the des
olate appearauco cT the city. Entire
families have been destn3-ed. Of the
family of, Mr. Uuggieri, Sardinian Con
sul, composed of twelve persous not ono
survives. The shops are all closed, and
their occupants have either fled or shut
themselves up.
There were not vehicles enough to car
ry tho dead to tho cemeteries, and the
police were obliged to seek ox -wagons in
the country, luafew days, 13,000 per
sons have died. The sick was left with
out food, medical aid or the solace of
clerical attendance m their dying mo
ments. The physicians, as well as the
druggists and priests, all shamefully
took to flight Large numbers of galley
prisoners, condemmed to chains for life
for capital crimes were pardoned on con
dition of burying tho dead. Such a spec
tacle has not been seen in any-Italian city
since the plagues of the Middle Ages.
From a subsequent letter of September
10. we see that the Government had sent
a steamboat, with physicians, druggists
ntnl .. f i1 n.Ai-!uiiitia mul that the
' i vc I'D 'iv, imvuj - j
disease had begun (.o decline.
AsilLAMB, OcUSSth. IK51.
WnAT..... ".I... .: 137
KLoi'a hcaTjr at
Oat 35a 3.'c
Coin 30 aOi
Ti motbt . . S.liO a 8,50
BDT-raa freh In roll ...U
Euu.... :.. .. 10
Laa.... 8c
Fkiti ira s. ... .. ...... . . . ................. 40c
Baasvax ..
' .' '.. , ','" Cl.EVEi.ASD, Oct St.
Flour Holders firm, aad market quiet, superfine
we quote at 97,50afl, extra medium grade 8a8,50,
best extra 9, retail at .0.50.
Wheat Slightly advanced, sale yesterday after
noon of 1000 bu and 300 do wbi'e at 1,80 from store,
and 22O0 bu red at 1,70, to-day no transactions, hol
ders firm at yesterday's rates. - -
- aw You, Oct, 81."
flour Rather more doing; market for better
grades a shade firmer; eastern autl coual demand
good ; sale 6.088 bbla 7,758,00 fur inferior, 8,I3a8,
00 for common to straight state and cboice and fa
vorite state 8,50a.", 55 for common to good Ohio and
mixed to fancy Mich, and Ind; market for Canadian
firm 8,C0 and there abouts for good com. urauds.
Grain A limited sjpply of wheat; good dcinanat
for milling ; prices advancing; sales 3.01.0 bn piimo
white Mich. 2.15, and 2,0b bu inferior white south
ern 1,76, and 200 bv common southern l.PD; 130(1,
red southern l,80alr2 ; 250 bu red Missouri lt5 ;
Genesee very scarce, and new held 3,28aS,30.
JHCarricd On Tuesday, the 84 lb inst.. by
Rev. A. K. CwKES,Mr. SAMUELS. HOW, to Snitu
AMANDA S. HBABBEKT, both of Savaunan, Ash
land county, Ohio.
May life's moat dark and thorny path
A velvet lawa be found.
And bliss, throughout a lengthened life.
Their footsteps ever bound.
And while we wish them happiness.
Throughout their earth probation.
'Tia hoped they'll raise a youthful boat,
Ia their day and generation."
There will be an Kxamination of Teacher on
Saturday November 4tb, JP54, at Ashland.
This meeting is the last fur this year. All those
expecting' to teach are therefore requested to- be
present, promptly at 10 o'clock, A.M. Each ap
plicant is requested to furnish a certificate of a
good moral character, or bis application will bo
rejected. By order of the Board,
Oct". 25, '54. Sw29 G. W. HILL, Sec'y.
The Alpha Nu Literary Society of Asblai.d, will
bold its first anniversary on Friday evetiin-., Octo
ber C7tb, In the Methodist Cliurcb. All are cor
dially invited to attend. Exercises to commence,
at six o'clock.
H. LcmiR, Sec'y.
Ashland, Oct. 25th. 185-J.
At a meeting of the Stockholders of tho Ashland
Manufacturing Company, held at the Office of P. 3f
J. Kissea, at Ashland, Oct. 171h, 1854, the follow
ing Directors were chosen. 6. M. Smith. P. Kisser,
J. P. Kexnor, J. W. Smith, and J. Risaer.
The Directors subsequently elected :
P. Risaaa, President.
J. W. SaiTS, Treasurer. ,
8. U. Smith, General Agent.
- P. RISSEH, Sec'y.
Ashland, Oct, Stb, 1854. "
IBdl')Ar'Ruggle"'cornCT 93d inst.
Mr. PHOEBE SUTHERLAND, aged 05 years.
fiM mb wiktse mm
RESPECTFULLY bega Irarc to make hia bow apain to tbo goods-buying public, and an
nounces that he lias jjjst received the largest, cheapest and ltct selected
that has or will bo brought to Ashland this Hill. This lie states as a fact, :tt:d challcngc3 a cm
parisoji. Uexcelij all Uia former ourchascs, and is bound to be the
A large portion of tho stock will be sold T HIIlTV-TUJtEE PER CENT CI EAPEJl than the
game tiuoda have ever hue a sold in t!;is market before.
In tlii department wc have concentrated all our taste and energy, to procure an astur ont
of DRESS GOODS worthj tho attention and co inundation of the ' better-half" of . eatinn.
The extraordinary ran which has mado upon this stock sinco its arrival, ipcak more for the
assortment and cheapness ol the Goods, than anythiug wo can any. We have in the lino of
DUES GOODS, Morenoes and I'aramolhas, from 28 eta. to 1 ,00 per yard; plain all-wool
Delaines, of every color, Ironi 33 to 50 eta. per yard , Muslin Delaines, latest styles, at prices
from 20 tn 33 per cent, below last year's prices ; a large assortment ol all-wool Moreno, Par
ametria, silk and French Plaids ; from 37 to S7 cts. per yard ; an extensive assortment uf fig
ured, clia ngcnble and plain black silks, at much less prices than they li ivo ever boon sold iu
this market ; Auction prices out excepted ; a cumpletc assortment of Velvet aud Galloon Dress
Trimmings ; a great variety of Embroideries, Gloves, Hosiery, Ribbons, &tc. Of Uoniicla we
have Silk Velvot, Kilk, Satin and English Strows of all kinds and qualities. As to
" " ' IL&iiMM' MOILOiIETO J-3IE3
Our stock canaot be excelled cither in quality or price. In short, laclier, wo have never pre
sented a liner assortment to the public, and earnestly invite your attention to it.
We have also endeavored to meet the wants of tho " Lords of Creation," largo and small
in every respect. We have a largo assortment of English, French and American Uroadclotha,
Cissimcrcs, Sattinctlx, Tweeds, Joans, Vcstings REAUY- MADE CLl) Tlll.Nt;
A large assortment of HATS and -CAPS of tho latest styles, and wii: sell tlinm at prices
unusually low. Also, a good assortment of BOOTS and SHOES, TAILOR'S TRI MINGS,
&e., &c. Gentlemen give us a call befuro purchasing elsewhere.
We have also a splendid assortment of QUKENSIVAHE and CROCKERY HtRDWARE,
GROCERIES, Yankee Notions.
&c., &c. Men and Women of Ashland county, this uiamonth stock of Goods must be sold, and
you that wish great bargians must cull soon. We don't ask you to believe our say so about it,
but call and ee for j ourselves, aud you will Itnd that " lo ! the half has not been told you ! "
The Emporium is uow crowded every day in the week, aud more are turned empty away.
Come one, cme all. Bar All kinds of I'KODUCE taken in exchange for Goods, at tho highest
market price. . Ashland, October 4, 1S54. 19U"
theTjews ahead ofll-oompctTtor's!
OJTlMs ...
Apple's Philadelphia Clothing and Furnishing Depot!!
TllIE proprietors of this extensive establishment beg le.ivo to announce to
1 they are now receiving at their old stand in Ashland, the largest and best
P SPSS m B W. BP1. Mt A r AW. M BK
which they or any body else have ever brought to Ashland couotf. Thoir spacious storo room
is piled full of Goods. We can new supply half of the county. We caa fit tho largest aad
smallest the snortest and tallest the thickest and thinest the fattest and leanest specimen
of naked humanity that stands in need of our friendly aid. We can sell Overcoats at from 94
to (18; Dress Coats at from $6 to $25; Vests at from 75cts.to$10; Pantaloons at from $1,
25 to (10. We have every description of clothing from the coursest domestic fabrics to the
finest brodcloths, silks and satins. Our stock of
consisting of Shirts, Collars, Cravats, Wrappers, Drawers, Handkerchiefs, (fee., is unusually
large. The yublic will alao bear in mind that we aro hrcparcd to do
to order, on the shortest notice. We have a large number of finished workmen in our employ,
and our " Crook " is acknowledged tu be one of the best, if not the best, in town. As we
have a full assortment of cloths on hand, which can be had at the purchaser's own prices; the
public cannot fail to be satisfied Lot it be distinctly understood that we
and challenge a comparison either in beauty or quality of goods, cxtensiteness of the assort
aienrore cheapuess in price. We do business upon the principle that a " nimble sixpense is
better than a slow shilling. and, consequently can soil cur goods at CASH l'RU'ES, which
our competitors cannot u fiord to do. Mt" Store opposite Skilling & Burns', and next dour to
Wallack k Collin, Asliland.Obiq. Oct. 4;h, 1S54. I9tf
!SEPEAI,!JKK!,.MIfi !!
Let the watckmord ( people , Repeal! When
men become so infatuated with power, eirhcr in
possession or expectancy, as to run oftafter every
new dogma, and at the oidding of their imperial
masters, pass lawa in direct violation of the plain
est principles of our republiaan Institutions, it be
come the Vox PopuU to rise in their might, with
out distinction of party, and compel our servants to
repeal those obnoxious portions of our laws that
strike at the root of our) indi'iendence. So, .also
physically ; when men run on after every new
tangled nostrum opened t- the public. . They not
only rndaneer their own, but the lives of their
families and friends. It Is thercfirro wtb pleasure
we again recommend to the afflicted the me of
McALis-rsa's all-hi-": Oi htm kut. an old nd
well-tried remedy, and aluiostj. certain cure for
Burns. Bruises, Cuts. Weavels, Scald Head, Ague in
tm breast. Corns Spinal AHections. Fevers, and
all Febrile diseases, too numerous to mention.
That by restoring the insensible perspiration, itea
able the system to throw off all tho oi l worn'otit
particles, thereby rostonna to sound and perfect
health. For sale by J. B. F. Sampsel k to. ud K.
H. Chnbb & co.. Ashland ; J. Mcoiory. Mifflin : T
W. Coulter, Perrysville; 1. . Stockman, Loudon
villc: L. Spencer A co.. McKay; J. Kinuinsor dc
co., Hayesville; Hacernian and Buchanan. Hayes
vitle; Coultrrand Ooodwin, Lalayette; W . Spen
cer co., Albion; J. 1. Wright, Sullivan: Michael
Krieie. Orange; H. S. See. co., bavanah ; K. F.
Bealy, Troy. ' . 1,t;7
A Wonderful Piscovcry has recently boen made
by Dr. Curtis, of this city, in the treatment of coil
sumption, asthma, and all diseases of the lungn.
Wc refer to Dr. t'urtis's Hygean or. Inhaling Hy
gean Vapor ami cherry syrup." Within this new
method the Dr. has restored many afllicted ones to
perfect health ; 2s an evidence or which he has
innumerable certificates. Speaking of the treat
ment a physician remarks: It is evident that in
haling constantly breathing an agreeable. healing
vapor, the medicinal propreties murt come in di
. iih the wholo of tho usrial cavity
of the lungs, and thus cacapo the many and varied
chances produced upon them- whon introduced in
to the stomach, and subject to the process of di
ecxtion. The llycaiiais for sale at all the drug
Kist throughout the country. JV r. Dutekan.
kk ilvcrtisemcnt of Medicated Inhalation in
canothcr column of this paper. Iy3
The wholo press of Philadelphia are out in favor
of Hoofland's ucrinau imiors, n i Vr"
by Dr.C M. Jaeksoii. Weaxeglad to record tho
success of this valuanlclremedy for l)yH P-ia. as
we believo it supplies a desideratum in the medical
w, rid long needed. Tho wretched imitators; and
counterfeiters have withdrawn their nostrums
from the market, and the public are spared from
thedanser of swaUowing poisonous mixturesn
lieu of lb real Bitter." H erulu. Sw9l
'TrpTliebeat evidence that can he adduct-dn fa
vor of tho emcacioumiefs of Hoolland German
Bitters ore pared by Dr. C.M.Jackson is the un
r recedeui T'.naud for Jthem from all parts of the
llnion; and altnouSh fthcrc :may be nn, com
pounds preparrd aud represented as ben g woi thy
of a liberal patronaRo. yet we feci constrained j to
remark, that the vast number or testimonials (..with
which tho worthy doctor baa hoon honored, by per
son of the highest character and respectability,
wto found it necessary to;iiave recourse to his
preparation, is testimony sufficiently conclusive
that a more effectual remcdylfor the almoat imme
diate relief or those afllicted with that direful mel
ady, dyspepsia, baa never been discovered. aw Jl
School Notice.
rpEAfHKKS will take notice,' that thcro will bo
J- four Quarterly Kxamination as follows :
The first on the secend Saturday In January, at
Ashland. The second on the first Saturday iuj April
at Savannah. The third on tho second Saturday in
in July at Hayesville. And the fourth on the first
Saturday in October at Jeromevillc. '
There will alo be five Special Kxamlnations-aa
follows: The first on the second Saturday of March
ta Ashland. The second on tho third Saturday of
April at Kowshurg. The third nn the second Sat
urday iu May at Sullivan The fourth on tbo sec
ond Saturday of September at Hayesville.. And the
fifth on the third Saturday of October at Savannah..
By order of the Board.
O. Vf. HILL. Sec'y.
Ashland. Oot. 25th. 1H54. 2Sly
Ezra L. Garrett,
in, and
Ar-liland OVm
m on I teas.
James D. Williaman
Martha G. Williamson. J
PURSUANT to the command of nn ordor of
salo issued from the Court of, Cnnnnnn
liens ol Ashland. County to mo directed, I will
expotcto public sale, atv the door of the Court.
Housein said county, on
Monday, the Gt'i day of November,
A. O., 1S54, between the hour of ten o'clock,
A. M., and lour o'clock, V. M. of aiJ day, thft.
tallowing described real rstiite, to wit : l.o
numlinr fiAy-fivc, in tfic town of Savannah, Ash
land County, Ohio. Term of le: Caali.
J. P. JON KS , Skerijf.
Oct. -4th, 1854.- I9st pf 3,50
TflK undersigned announces to the public that be
has again taken charge f the Hotel in the vill
age of Orange. As'nlaudeouuly. Thankful for past
favors, be hopes all or his old customers will give
him a call. ' Kvcrything will be done tu iudkc all
who may stop with him comfortable.
It-?" A good Hostler will always be on hand. '- a
ri.4 a ' -1 in,r iiuvc iiutfuunff '
to tho public that
selected stock ol
Every woman should know that if she is In poor, sickly,
debilitated oondltluli or health, making existence a burden
to berseir and a source of painful anxiety to her relatives
and friend, and perhaps, (horrible reflection 1) entailing
and Inflicting her own maladies and sufferings upon her
children, that It Is her duty to nuderstand why and from
what cause her sufferings arise, tlmt remedy and relief
may, while yet there Is lime, lie availed of, the causes be
avoided In future, anil her health reutored, that she may
ba fitted for the duties aud cupakle of thu enjoyments of
life." '.''- ,
Lei every woman look at the emaciated form, the death
like complexion, the deep-boried, lustreless eye, the sunk
en cheek, the gloomy and depressed spirits, the shattered
nerves, the prostrate and helpless condition of many a
wife, mother, dnueliter, or sister, If not herself included,
within her owtr circle, whose days are days of agony, and
ask herself, " Must this continue f Must thb be f Is
there no remedy ? No relief? No hope i'
The remedy is hy knowing the causes and avoiding
them, and knowing the remedies and benefiting by them.
These are pointed (jut in
. BT DR. A. M. 'AlAUitlCEAU... . -rROpitvoK
or DuttAEt, or womks.
. One hundredth Edition (S-KijOOO). l.mo., pp. 230.
OM riNK rAPKH. SJCTUA BiatlilNG, 1 00 J
Kvery complaint to which a woman U subject, from girl
hood to wo.oanhoofl, as li6 as wife and as mother, are ful
ly described, with the causes, tlic symptom, and also pro
per niode of trenUneiit, In n plain, siuiplo, but In the most'
ehjnte lanppmgc, easily undenttooa. Ami thus every wo
man can dfticover, by camj taring' her own symptoms" 1th
tliose described, Uie nature, character, and en uses of her
complaint; and be spared much anxiety and suffering.
The wire about becoming a mother has often need of
instruction and advice of thu uttno.it importance to her
future health, h. respect to which her sensitiveness for
bids consulting a medical grntlcrmin, will find such in
struction and advice, and also explain many tjjrmptotns
which otherwise would occasion anxiety or alarm.
TUrtrmany are suftVrlnfj tmm obstructions or irregulari
titMpcculiar to Uie femaJe sy.stmn, which undermine the
hONHh, tho enects or which Uiey arc ignorant, mrul
which their delicacy forbids seeking medical advice f Jfow
itlfttiy snfier from prtthtpstts ittnri (falling of the womb).
or trom.jlnor ttlbns (weak rt ess, debility. Ac.) ? Kotr many
ire In constant agony for many uiou His prtccdlng coafine-
meutr How many have difficult, if itut danfrous deliv
eries, and slow and uncertain recoveries ? Some whose
liveB are huearded during such time, will each And in its
pages Uie means of prevention, ameliorate, and relief.
How many u:tter momenta, hew mucji unguis!., might
navo Deen siarett to the suOerL-r, to hvr hutibnnd, to her
relatives, by the timely possesion of this little volume.
It is impracticable to convey fully the various subjects
treated of, as they are of' a- nature strictly Intended for
tue married, or those contemplating marriage.
But no husband, wife or mother arc excusable If they
till continue in ignorance of those physiological laws, by
the knowledge of which their own health and happiness,'
as also the future well-being of tlunr children, are secured.
COMPANION is a standard work of established r epila
tion, round classed in the catalogues of the great trade
sales lit New York, Philadelphia, and other cities, and
sold by all the principal booksellers in the United States.
ft was first published In 1SI7, since wMch'ttme-
have been sold, of which there were upwards bf
attesting the high cstiinatiou In which it is held as a relia
ble popular Medical , Tm, -
the author having devoted hti exclusive attention to the
treatment of complaints peculiar to females, fn respect to
which he is yearly consulted by thousands.
In consequence of the universal popularity of Uie workt
as evidenced by Its extraordinary sale, various ! imposi
tions have been attempted by Imitations of title-page, spu
rious editions, and surreptitious infringements of copy
right, oa well upon Ifeblcsellers as upon (lie public ; It has
been found necessary, therefore, to
to buy no book unless the words " Dr. A. M. Maucickau,
129 Liberty street, N. Y.," are on the title-page, nnd Uie
entrv In tlifaprk's Offico nn lh hnrlr nf th titl.nn.. .
.... - a- i
and buy only of reppecttible nnd honorable dealers, or
enu oy jaraii, ana naares3 10 nr. av. .iiaunceau.
TTpon rccoipt cf One Dollar " THE MAR
ION" ia sent (Mailed free) to any part of tho United
States, the Cana3r.s and British Provinces. All
letters mast be postpaid, and addressed to Dr. A. H.
MATJBICEATJ, fiox 1234, ITow York City. Pno-
hshms Offica, HO. 129 Liberty Street, Now York.
' AGENTS! E. k; Newman. Norwalk.O.: W. E.
Earl, Massillon, O.; A. Hincknian. Salem ; John
Saaton, Canton ri). I.amh, Findlar, O.; Geo. Hall
A-shlabuIa.0 ; John Perkins, Atheus; S. A. iar.
rinuiar,-vnio. -October
I8tb. 18M. - "' Cm51
CERTAIN I.OJtD who went princely dressed.
once told tiorsiiur that i'h&rmaceti was the
soverignest thing ou earth for inward wounds."
Well, we do nut gainsay that;' but we do know
that Prof. M. -Louis (Jarvcy'a Colebrated Keceipt .
For Curling and Waiving the Hair,
itbo suvereiguctit thiug on earth." Tbe pro
prietor, n leaving I'nxtioe,- procured of-Uia ccle
brateU Cncmim and Physiologist, Moub. JAUUiifa',
tli id valuable receive at an immense expense.
All persona deairons ol" having their Hair curlcl
and waive iu beautitul rinlettill the latest period
of life cau have tho same lor oue dollar, poet-paid.
Thu is a discovery which most persons have rea
son to doubt. Human ingenuity had nought for
yearn to perlect c HIK LIQUID that would curl
and waive it. and one that should combine the
requisites to give tho hair a beautilul natural tint,
and at the same tiiu; not injure it. All former at
tempt have failed. The ouipoundu would curl ths
hair, but they would scorch, burn aud turn it foxy.
Now, however, tfic thing haJ been accomplished ;
and the splendid Hair Curling Liqui t which Profs.
M. Louis iarvcy a d liyrou H. Kobb otKer to the
public may bo relied upou as a preparation com
pounded on recently discovered chemical princi
plcs, which have received the sanction of the most
eminent professors of that science. It given the
hair a sou glossy appearance an J. cauCri it to curl
and waive in such bccuiiftil ringlets that the most
credulous ptrson cannot but adutiro them. It docs
not destroy the vitality of the bar , but acts as nn
emllicnt! does not irritate or stain tho cu tried ;
wanna the triaugulna fibres with I heir thousand
inperccptible branches in a natural activity, and
never mils 01 success, it lias been bctorc tue pub
lic but a few weeks, yet its merits have already
established it. Such overwhelming popularity wa
never known at any asre, of the world before. In
tht western and southern States, it ha become the
only reliable Hajx Curling Liquid iu use. The re
ceipe will ba sent to any part of the Unit d States
by sending one dollar.
ITT Beware of counterfeit! Jill letter should
be directed to Prof. IU. LOU IN GAKVEY, and
HVIiON ll.KOiiil, only,
Fikmirutok, Trumbull County. Ohio.
Au. 2a. 1854. ills-am
IS liorohy given, that the nndorsigued was on
the second of September, 1864, duly ap
pointed Administrator of tho estate of iteorgo
Murray, deceased, ol Orange towuabip, Ash
land county, Ohio. Those indebted tu said
Kslatc will please make immediate payment.
And those holding claims against said Estate
will present them legally authenticated for
payment within ono year from this date.
Adm'r of the Estate of Geo. Murray, dee'd.
Ashland, Sept, 13. 1854. 3wl6
Joseph Wasson,
.Samuel Rutan.
In Ashland Cojisoir Pleas.
1 PURSUANT to the command of an orurof
sale issued in the above case from the
Court ol Common Picas of said Ashland Coun
ty, to nie directed, I will expose to public sale
at the dopr of the Court House in said county,
on '-' "-'
Monday, the 6th day of November,
A. D. 1854, between the hours of 10 o'clock, A. M.
and four o'clock, V. M.,of said day, the follow
ing described roal estate to wit : boing lot
number twenty-four in south Ashland, Ashland
County, Ohio. Terms of sale : Cash.
J. D.JON , Sheriff.
Oct. 4th, 1854. lOat pf$3,50
Sale of Heal Estate by Order of Pro
bate Court.
ON"lhe 2Sth day of October, A.' D., 1854,
between the hours of ten o'clock, A. M.,
and four o'clock, P. M., on tho premises herein
nftor described, will bo sold to the highest bid
der, tho following Real Estate as the property
of Abraham Shearor, deceased situato in the
County of Ashland and State of Ohio, to wit :
the south-west part of the south-west quarter
of section six iu Township twontr-ono of Raogo
sixteen containing eighty acres of land moro
or less. Terms of Sale : on ; third Ciish in
hand, one third iu ono year, and tho residue in
two years, with interest frum tho day of sale.
Back payments to be scourod by a mortgage on
the premises.
Adm'r of Abraham Shearer, doe'd.
Sept. 87th, 1854. - 4wtf -
N. B. On the above premises tt ere are a one
story log house, a good bankbain, spring homo
and wash bouse, good yoang orchard of bear
ing fruit trees ; the farm is well watered, and
lies about five miles south-west Irom thj town
of Ashland. . P. JJKUBAKKK, Adm'r.
NOTICE ts hereby gircx,that tho subscribers
have been appointed and qualified as Ad
ininist.mtors on the Estate of Amos M. Ford,
lata of Aslilaud County, dee'd.
Oct. II, 1854. 3w20
Sareyuiir Aslifs!
ASHES wanted by the subscriber, at his
Ashory in Ashland, for which the highest
market prico will be paid in gooda.
October 36,1853. i2'-f
illcaljnnts, Sc.
A& Miglit be Expected,
STOCK, ; U)'J.i .tKD SI 1 OIKS
UANKFVI.- for the past liberal patronage of
would again mvue attention to their urcscnt
Stock of .
consisting in part ol Mms' Thick Kip and Calf
Boots and Shoes', Home Made and Eastern. Also
2,'nys' Youths' aud Childreus' Bouts and Shoes of
abetter quality than they huvo cer sem . in
this market. Also, -r
Mens' Ikiys' and Childrens' Shoes ami (railcrs
of various styles and patterns, both fancy and
plain, which arc of goud quality." . '
The Ladies' and Missus -Department!
or SHOES, HOOT EES and (IA ITERS vl all de
t irahlc styles and patten s aro abundant, a ml as
to material and workmanship, we invite com
parison with any other work in this market.
P. S. In connection with tho .above Stock,
wo have on hmid a line Stock of
TruuLiii Trav " 'PZitirs, Jlcns' nitil
15 t aps,
and a large supply of PARLOUR, DliVIXG and
KITCHEN CHAIRS, that wc warrant to be
vtcil made and of good material. All ol tlio
almvo wo arc now soiling at very tow pricts to
suit tlic times lr l( K A I ' - PA 1 , wo any to ill I
Unit it will p:iy ynii well to examine' our Stock
h'lf'ore f'lircliarfin irUew here. Mark wc-ll the
place, just ppi5;le T. C. Iliinhnol I's Dry Goods
torr, iiiui oho aoor west ot ttio JNcw Hank
Building. . ,
' Ashiand, Sept. 27, 1S5-1. IStt
GtttK i:it !kk , conFF.(rna!v.t it n;s ,
. RU1IUIIS) AC.) tC,
INFORMS h:s numerous customers that ho
Las just received a largo stock of all kinds
ut Groceries and Conlrctionarics ; .a fpl'ndid
variety f Toys and Notions of al 'kinds,
- f.lasiij-u 'UisiruniBHts, &c, &e.
Iu his SALOON be has made arrangmcnU for
a constai-t supply of Baltimore anil Now Haven
OYSTERS, Game of. ill kinds. Sardines, rick
Icd Meats and" tlic delicacies of tho sen son.
Lunch served at nil htmrs on toe' sliortost no-,
tice. Con&tautly oh hand a variety ef Tempc r
incc drinks. .
Thankful lor past patronage, be is dt-termin-ed
to spare neither pains or expense in cater
ing for the wanU of those who favor htm with
a call. .
AshluudOcl. 4th, 1S54. u.9lf
At thv Olil tlricli Conner,
5 niji.Krr, onio.
rTIIE niidersicned having bought the Lajice
- I and Extfhsive stock of merchandise rtr
merly'owned by itohcrt McMahau in this place,
announces to the citizens of this Comity and
all others who wish to avail themselves ol the
privilege of laying in their Summer and Fall
sitplxfs cheap, that his Storo is the place.
He intends Jicepinjr always on baud a Inrgc and
general assortment of "
such as ia wanted by tha people in this region.
Ainonir our unprecedented varictyjire
of all Kinds, Styles snd Varieties.' tBROCK
RIES, a large Stock Salt, Fish, Plaster, in
short every thing in :i-Iiat line, which will be
sold a' less prices than any other Merchant
dare sell. I am now and will bo selling for
sometime at-.osl, so that my presentstock may
bo reduced to wake roim fur mv
I? A Ij Sj & II B P Sj V . .
2T A 1 5 who wUh great bar-'iiR, arc invited
to call sooii anl eaanitne my ttock an t'.c good
arc going very faFt, and you may not ii;tve
auothcr opportitiitty to cecure your goodj at
euch low figures. All. kinds of '
Wool, and any thing the Farmer has to sell , will
bo taken in exchange fur goods.
$p- Don't forget the place tho -old Brick
Corner, East of the McNulty House.
. G. W. 11ASSFORD.
Ashlaud, Aug. IS, lS.r4. nl2lf-
Dealer la Hooks, Mritirsit-r j', AVall
' .J'ujjcr, &c, &c.
SCUOOLaMiecollaneoua and Hlank Books
Stationery and Fancy articles. Have .on
hand, and constantly receiving, the latest pub
lications. Storo two doors west of the Samp
sell House.
Ashland, July 20, lSo-l. 9if
Hugh McKibbcn i
rs. i In Ashland Common Pleas.
Bcnj'n Landis. . .
IUP-SUANT to the command of an order ef
safe, duly issued from the Co-irt of Com
mon ricus ot Ashiand County, Ohio, in tlic
above case, tu mn diroctcd, 1 will expose to.
public sale at the door ot the Court House, in
su:d county, on
Monday, thc Gth day of Novcitocr,
A. D., 1S54, between the hours often oclock,
. M. and- four o'clock, P, M., of said day, tho
following described Ileal Estate, to wit: Lu
lol number twenty two (221 in the first addition
to tho original surveyed plat in. the village of
llowsburg, sstuate in the south cast corner of
tho south cast quarter tf section fifteen,
township twenty two fi2 J rango fifteen (t)
being fifty eight f5iy feet in front hy ono hun
dred and fitly eigti' feet back. Also
nine f9J feet ten f'lO inches in front hy ono
hundrod and sixty eight flSSy feet back. And
f lot number twcntytfirce (23) in addition
aforesaid, a tuatc and being in the Comity of
Ashland and State ot Ohio. Terms of sale .
Cash.' J- D. JONES, Sheriff'.
October 4, 1854. 19ts-pl35,2fi
At tachmcnt Notice.
Aaron larnail, flaiutnl,
utiif, jt
i.Innt. )
B. F. Rowland, Dofcn
A T uiy instance an attachment was this day
f issued for the sum of $122,29 and copts.
by John Taylor, a Justice of the Peace in Han
over towushij), Ashlund county, Ohio, against
the goods, moneys, credits and effects oi 13. F.
Rowlaud, a non-resident of said county.
AARON YA1U4 1.1,.
September 13, 1S:'.4. 4v ,7
tbomus E. Castor, ti
vs. '
J. O A. Bull, ( -
AT (my instance fin order of attachment was is
sued ou the i!d day of October 1854, by John
Taylor, a Justice or the Peace of Hanover town
Bhip, Ashland county, for the sum of $13.50 and
costs, asatn"' the nrcnerty and enects of J. Q. A.
Hull, a nun-reiucutof said county. Causing li. Y.
Whitney to be garnished in said proceeding.
. ittOMAS 11. liAMUll.
Oct. 18th, 1854. 3w21
ALAKSOX WALKKK tnuounccs to the public
that he is now prepared to make coffins, on
the shortest uotico, at prices much less than they
are made at any other shop Ashland. He cau be
lou nd at Kricclibaum's old shop, 3d St. , Asbland.
May "Ul, lf54. . i2tf.
tpllE uuder-
8,SDed hl
SS'fYtrai running an EX
vih'i -'a,iit " " rllr TU K-'l from
Ashland to Loudonville leaving Ashland
every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8 o
clock, A.M.andarriving at Loudouvillc at 2P.
M., connecting withtho 3 o'clock P. M. train
fur Pittsburgh and the 4 o'clock P M train for
Crestline same days. Leaving Loudonvillo
every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday on
the arrival of Eastern train at 10 A. M,, and
arrives st Ashland at 3 P. M., thorcby enab
ling passengers to go either East or West on
the Cars aame day , or'thosc commg on morning
train cither from East or West can get to Ash
land without delay; and citixens wishing to
visit the south part of the county, can have an
opportunity to transact their business and re
turn tho same tripj aud vice versa. Fare
through one dollar.
A liberal deduction to families and pleas
ure parties. Enquire of the undersigned at
the Franklin House ia Ashland, or at the
Railroad Depot, or Post Office in Loudonville.
W. ROBESON, Proprietor.
- Passengers tak n to or from any Hotel ei
ther at Ashland or Loudonville.
Ashland, July 13, 1833- 8m8
4 FRESH supply of Wr ight s India n I'eg
tetnblc Pith, a standard English Medicine,
for the rcvention nnd cure ol disease, to aid
and improve digestion and purity tbo blood
For sale at tho now Dru Storo in Ashland'
by , ,
K'lLLA 11 UH'Ua&CO.
.cjml 'Notices,
Si 1'oit '' 'ah SotYcf,' ''i;e" sciioo
rflHE School Commissioner dooms it im
- JL p'Ttiuit to call the attention of Local
Dir'cti;ri, Township dorl;., nnd Hoards of!
Education, 'o certain iluti;s inipnsed upun Them j
" the School f,aw, simI ti the incouvunienccs, I
losses and pitualtics v h,c-li mutit u.evit:ihiy ac- !
erne if thc-t.0 duties arc neglected orunruusun
ahly pnsipntd. "
1. By stcl.on 8, it ia made " ti er ilutv of
tho directors- in each ruli-district to t:ike, or
causo to be taken, annually between the first
ana intra Monday of October, (Irom October 2d
to October lb in IS54,) an enumeration .of all
tha uumarriod white and colored youth, nu
ing them separately, between tho ages of five
and twunty-one ycais, resident within such siit
district a-il not temporarily thcro, designating
between male and fi'iuala.und return a certified
copy thereof to the Township Clerk."
2. If tiic directors fail to make and return
tho enumeration, the Township Clerk must
employ a competent person to doit and collect
he expense from the directors individually.
3: The Township Clerk shall mako an ab
stract o' the eiitimeiation s returned to him,
designating the nutiiNcr of youth in each sub
district, and trantmil such abstract diy certifi
ed to the County Auditcr, within twenty days
after the return made to him by the Directors
or the person appointed to take such enumera
tion. 4. Hy section 19, ft is made the duty of the
Hoard of Education " to prepare, or ctisc to
he prepared, and lorwardud to tho County Au
ditor, at the same tiuio when the return -of the
ctiuiiicr-'tioii of scholars is r-(juirod to ho made,
a statement exhibiting the number if children
in tho township between the ages of live and
twenty-one years, distinguishing between male
and female; the number of schools, specifying
the dillerrnt grades j the number of'tcachcrs",
male and female; tho number of children,
male and temple, who have- attended school
during the past year; the average attendance,
the lengtTlof the terms of schools, compensa
tion of tesclicrs, male and female ; tho number
and condition of the school houses and furni
ture, and the estimated value tbcroof; tho
number and condition of the books in the
school libraries, the number of libraries, the
Kinu or seiioo! books used ia tho schools, the
number and value of school apparatus, aud a
lull account of the ex pen Jitures for school pur
poses, together with such other statistics and
information in rotation to schools as the'Statn
Coininissioucr ot schools may require.
5. Section 40 directs the Couutv Auditors.
1 on or before the twentieth day of December,
annually' so lurwaru aostracts ot 'aHl tho re
turns of school statistics made from tho town
ship to tho State Commissioner,' and attaches
l penalty of htty' dollars for the neglect, be
sides making -them responsible for any loss
thereby sustained by any township or county.
A similar liability for damages follows upon a
failure by a township clerk to make and re
turn the abstracts and enumeration required
by the act."
From tho foirgoing summary, tho duties ol
the different officers arejapparent ; ancUit low
remains to consider the coiisequeuccaof neg
lecting their pcformance. The State Auditor
apportions the school fund among the counties.
' upon the enumeration - aud returns mado to
him. by the State Commissioner.' and ' the
County Auditors shall annually,, iinmcdtatcly
aAer their annual settlement with the County
Treasurer, apportion tho ssthnol funds for-their
respective Counties, accor ling to the enumer
ation and returns in thoir respective .offices j
and no township, or other district, city or vill
age, -whieh shall have failed t make aud return
such enumeration, shall bo entitled tc receive
any portion of the com mo u school fund.' " (Suc
tion )
Still more explicit and imperative is the last
clame ot section G7, t wit: It thill not be
lawlul for any County Treasurer to pay over
any portion of the school fund to any local
treasurer, board of odiicati'3n, or other school
officios of any eity, townshipf or' Tillage,- or
ganized as to schools either under a general
or a special law, except on the order of the
proper county ; aud no such order shall be
drawn by tho county auditor, unless the local
treasurer, .clerk, recorder, or secretary of such
board, or other school oiBccrs, sha!l first (To-
posit with said auditor, annually, an abstract of
the enumeration ot scholars, and other statis
tics relativwlo the schools under their charge,
as required hy this act of Teachers, Local Di
rection and Boards of Education in Townships.'
As the reports required of the several grades
of school olliccrs follow euch other iu St sort of
ascending scries, with nearly the same lengths
of lime allotted to each grade tor making ynne
reporting their respective abstracts, it is highly
important that these reports be promptly made
within the time prescribed. This is indispen
soble not only to avoid losses to school dis
trics,aud penalties to' school olllcers.'iut also to
the harmonious and efficient working ot the
noie scnoot system.
The reports-required of those school officers I
wuose uuiy ,is to ukc mo enumeration oi yomn,
should notLlic delayed beyoud tho 20th day ol
, . . . - .. .-
October, nor those required of Township Clorks
and Board ot .aucation, beyond the ztuti day
of November. If these reports be promptly
made, then will the County Auditors be ablo-
on or bclbre the 20th dy of December, to make
out and trsnsmit to the Commissioner of Com
mon Schools, an abstract of all the returns of
school statistics made to th-rov and the Com
missioner will be able to make his report on or
Dcloro ttie 2Utu o. January, and the Auditor ol
State wrll be able to apportion, at tho proper
time, tho common school funds aiming the ilif
Icrent Counties."
II. 11. BARNEY, Com. Com. Schools.
Columbus, Sept. lSo'4. ' . . . - 3w20
Isaac Gates, Adm'r uf Es-'
tatc ot 1 nomas uradei
ts. '
Martha llriidcu.ct. al. J . .-
BY virtue of an order of salo issued from
the Probate Court in and for the county of
Ashlaud in the ahovu case, and to nte directed,
1 will expose tu Sulo on the premises, on
Saturday, the 1 Itt day of November, .
1854, at two o'clock, P.M., of said day, the
following described real estato, situate and bo
ing in the County of Ashland and State ot Ohio,
to witt-bcing a part of the south east quarter
of section sixteen (1C,) township twenty-four
024,) and of range seventeen (17,) commencing
at a stone on the south line of sadi quarter
thence north two degrees (2deg,) west seventy-,
one and seventenths (71 7-10) rods to a stono
on the west line ef Andrew Hum's land
thence west fourteen (14) rods to a stone, thenoe
north three degrees (3deg west sixty-one and
eight tenths (61 8-10) rods to a stono thenoe
sixty-four aud one-halt ( 64;-) degrees, west
seventy and seven-tenths (70 7-10) rods to a
stoue on the west line of the quarter thence
south three degrees east 3degj one hundred
and seven rods to the south west corner of the
quarter; thenco east on the sooth lino of -the
quarter seventy-nine undone half 79 JJ rods to
the place of beginning containing fifty-nine
acres and three loods of land. Also, tho south
cast iiuartcr of section tweuty-one 211 town-
Mhrp: twenty-four (.24) and ef range seventeen
mie particularly docribed as follows, to
tjimiiciicing at the north-east corner ot
trtor; thence south ou tho east line of
uarter one hundred and sixty-two and
eight-tenths 162 8-10) rods. to the south-east
corner ot the quarter j thenco. west on the
south lino ot the quarter, ono hundred and fifty-eight
and four tenths 168 410) rode, to tho
south-west corner of the quarter ; thence north
on the west line of the quarter one hundred
and fifty-nine and eight tenths rods to the north
west coruor of the qr.;. thence east on the north
line of the quarter one hundred and lifly-eight
and four-tenth rods flbH i lOJ to tho 'north
cast corner of the quarter to the place of be
ginning, containing one hundred aud fifty-nine
acres, two roods and twenty rods ol land ( sav
ing aud excepting out of this quarter sixty six
acres, one rood and thirteen rods of land'off
the south side of said quarter in which is con
tained the widows duwerj and a -part of the
north west quarter ol section twenty one, town
ship twenty four and of range seveutecn aud
bounded as follows, to wit: beginning on the
cast boundary line forty rods north from the
south cast corner of said quarter, thence along
said boundary liue forty rods north to a post
thenco west sixty rods to a post thence south
forty rods thence east sixty rods to tho place of
beginning, containing fifteen acres f saving and
excepting ten acres out of this tract which had
beeu previously sold and conveyed to one Rob
ert McCrory. .
Terms ul Sale: One third cash, one third
in one year, and the residue in two years with
interest, from the day of sale; back payments
to be secured by mortgage ou the premises.
Ashland, Oct. 4, 1854. n!9 4w
Wm. WycofT, Adm'r of)
John Augby, dee'd. I
Andrew My rcB, and I
Probate Court of
Ashland Couuty,
others. J "
THE defendant Andrew Myers and Mary his
wife, Benjamin Leyda and Sarah his wife,
non-resiednts ol said State is hereby notified,
that said Petitioner has filed in said Court,
a Petition, the object and prayer of which is to
obtain an order of said Court for the salo and
conveyance of certificate or Land Warrant, No.
61,340 issued by the Com. of Pensions to the
widow and hiirs of William Devincy, for 160
acres, dated Juno 15th, 1819, and by said wid
ow and heir transfcrcd to one John PriCBtand,
and hy him to said John Auglty, deceased, in
his lile time.
WM. WYCOFF, Adm'r.
J. W. SutirH, Sol. Vtt'r.
Oct. 4th, ts54. 4nl
ffUIE public are hereby aotiCed,? that lbo
JL undersigned has opened a. splendid Ds
liuerrean Gallery, over Uie Store ofj, R. Squire,
Ashland, Cl.io, and respectfully .solicits the
patronage of the public:" la addition to the
usual appendages ot a Picture Gallery, tbo
sahrcrtber baa added a ''
which poors rTowa fiood f fight npon the per-
on setting, rnrtrewy ' enaoiing me -operator to
tako good fiictflrOs at short sittings- The sub
scriber understands ail :the new ad tad pro
cesses perfectly, aad has no besitatioa ia say
ing that he ran 'givo as good salisfactioa assay
operator in this section ofcourttry. 8peciaiei.8
can ho seen bycalfing at the rooms.. Hoars,
lor operating from 8 o'clock, A. M., tu4 o'
clock, P. M. Ticturos taken in cloudy as well
as clear weather. " - V. KtNNAM AN.
Ashland, Sept. 1 th, 1S54. ' - 16tf
Hayesville Haf ble Shop,
Me R NIG Ut:&:;p G
Manufacturers of ' Monuments, Tomb
Stouts, Tables, $-c of ftttliah and
Jlmertcun marble.'- " .
' f-'IIANKFUI. for.xiast favors. Would
a respectfully Inform the citizens of Ash
land and tho adjoining counties, that they cots
tinnc thoabovc bnsincss in all its various .
branches; and having no Agents, they caa and
will sell Grave Stones from 10 to 15 per coat,
cheaper than Sbopscan that employ Agents
It is evident that per-sons buying of Agenta
must pay the expenses -of that Agency. Shop
on Main street, -one door east of the Penn
sylvania House. - 1 3 ti . .- : .-';
H XX 13 It 'V, S t x" 'A a E A o t
THE nndcrstrned beg leave'to inform the citi
zens of Atehland, snd the surrounding cosuatyV
that he haa just received at his Ntove andrTiiv ware'
establishment tn Ashland, a LARGE AND SPLBJV
DIU assortment, .of the best aad most Improved
pattern of - :
which he will sell at very low rmi. And also, a
great variety of COPPEK, BRASS, TIN aad JA
PAN D WARE, ' ' , '
- jon xvO"j.Ba:':r-
done on the shortest notice. - -'- -' ''
K. B. Old Brass,' Copper and Pewter taken In
exchange for wars. - B. BUTTERY.;
, August S3. 1855. . ,., ,v13 s.
IT ewICabinet! Waxeroom
xur o-rt3Jirc3-ia s . -... .;
TII12 subscriber' respectfully '' announce
that ho has permanently located himself
iu the town of Orange, Ashland county, Ohio,
where he is prepared to manufacture all kind
of Cabinet Ware, such as '
' Mains: Tubles; Centre Tables. -f
to order, on tho shortest notice and most rey
souable terms. Particular attention given tu
- X'.ouutry Produce takeu in exchange lor wort,
and Cash always acceptable.' "1
- - - JOHN-WILL.
. Orange, April 5, 1854. ' - -4t l .
MICHAEL MILLER presents hia' regards
to "his friends and the public generally,
and respectively announces that he has opened
a Public Honae for the accommodation of tho -traveling
public, directly, "opposite the Samp-'
sell House, Main Street, " 4i?btand' where" he
will be glad to accommodate all who may favor
him with a call. His table will always be sup
plied with the luxurics -of' the season. .-Hie
parlors and sleeping apartments are large aad
commodious, flood staid ing for horses will also
be provided, and faithful, Hostler ajwavijjtl
attendance. ' . . ... . r .. - -".
Boarding for private families or single per
sons can be had ut reasonable rates.- - ' - o
In connection with the Hotel, he will also"
continue to keep open his BAKERY AND RES
TARANT, where he will at all times keep on
hnnil -.. y 'V --" ' ' " - ' '
Confeclionarics, Pies,Bread. Cakea,
all kinds of Temperance drinks, and, in short
every luxury to he found oil the tables of first
class eating houses. ;-
rfj- ie wishes it distinctly understood, that
be kept, either in the Hotel or Saloon
Ashland, March 8th, ISo4. n42 tf.-..x'-i1
In force Jan. 1854, with refer ence$ to
prior laws, in one large Octavo Voluem.
raost tub juxoas or tub ddfsssj uuwti .
The undersigned have examined Swan's lt&
vised Statutes of Ohio, fdr 1854.-. This volume
contains a compilation of the Statutes of Ohio
in force on the first of January, 1854. Tha de
sign and arrangement f the Book are-good,
and carried out with great care and aceurecy
and wo think the work of great utility, and re
flects much credit upon the Compiler and Pals'
lishcr. ' ..-- - . -
- - JOHN A. CORWIN, U--;
R.P.RANNEY, ' : : A. G. THORMAN, -T.
The undersigned having examined Swan's
Statutes, concur in the above opin:en ' '- &;r
--. ,.. . ,. ,t D. O. MORTON f. v
., - Dist. Atty. U. S. Court, Dist. of Ohio.?
' " i '" GEO. W. McCOOK.
. ; ' Atty. Geu. of State of Ohio.'
. It will bo found an indispensable hand-book
toevcry Justice of the Peace and Constable, aa
wo,l as evory Lawyer or public ofllcer. Tha
book will be sent free ofchargo to any one oa
receipt of $5. - .i . "' - , J
Address.. , B.C.TlCKNORk CO.,, ,
Law Booksellers, Mansfield, Ohio.
- March S2nd, 1854. - - - : 44tf
OfficeVranklln A;WarrcnU.K4 CSI
Fbikklik, Portage cc.,Ohio, Sept.S8 16S3. t
. -iMl. tor of the F. fc W. R.
T3 I.....T ii 18.13 the followinK assess
ments upon Stock subscriptions were made, viai
Ten percent, payable July 1st, 1853. aad an assess
ment often per cent, at the end of each succeed-
in, ml, davs. until the whole amount is paia.
Three instalments are therefore now due. to witf
The first when subscriDca, toy me tniim,) us
second July 1st, and the third, August 31st. ...
Kubscribers in Ashland village aud county are
respectfully requested to immediately pay all
instalments now due, and as they nerea.ter be
come due, at tho Banking House of Luther, Crall
& Co., Ashland unless called upon by ths Collec-
t0r" JORL W. TYLBR, S.
MRS. PILGRIM St CO., would respectfully
inform the Ladies of Ashland, ana vicin
ity, that they still continue the
Millinery and Dress Making Business, ;
at their old stand, one door east of tho Times'
printing office, nnd having just received the
LATEST SUMMER STYLES, aad from their
long experience in the business, feel fully cou-
.. . . C - - - .: . - i, 1.-.
Iineut oi giving enure vhiisiaviiob
may favor them with their patronage.
Ashland, July , 1854. .
all whor
Attatcliment Notice.
AT my instance an order of Attachment was is
sued on the Hh day of August. 1854, by JosepH
C Holies a Justice of tho Peace of Jackson Town
ship, Ashland county, for the sum often dollars aad
eighty -two cents against the property and effects of
Isaac Vautilburgn, a non resident or said county.
Causing one Chester O.Matthewa to be trarniaead
in said proceeding. JACOB FAST,
Agent Tor Jacob Gochnaur,
Sept. 38th. IS54. ' ' 3W18
C. A. HUMUS, .-. ..V
ilanufacturer of Boots and Shoes I !
oui uuv .ir. hnluw the Times Prliit-
ing Cilice, Ashland. Ohio. Custom
Work done to order on Hie shortest nvtlca
anil most reasonable terms; v. ,
Kcembet t4tb. 11333. - . '
fV?rli M oT
fvtr ..-;--. . A ;
V? .-Sir;-
; 1 P FM

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