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I The editor aha at Ma table, . - . ,
Writing, aa wall aa he 'a able,
' -'Paragraphs, leader and puff.
'- Hi aciaaora bide him are lying.
- While he U is agony trying
Ofcopy to furnish enough.
' "Toll, toil toil I
...... What aweary Ufa 1 mis. I
Wastlag the preciose midnight oil
la leader and tolnni, and line. .
Workiag from mora till night,
- 'Working from night till morn.'
Oh I why we that steam press aver made,
. r O I why waa the editor born f
- .
' Toil, toir, toil 1
And Whoae le the gain when won!
Whoae are the trophies we achieve,
s ' Aod for whom are the laarela won f
i To stand in the foremoat rank
- Of each hard fought party fray,
To ehare the toll, and only to get
t ; ' Abase and neglect for pay T
Toil, toil, toil I
What a thankless task la ours I
To hakethe bread and press the cheaae
That Senator Jones devours I
To ait os a three legged stool.
Whilst others have hair-stuffed aeata.
To prepare the hash and cook np the stew,
But never to taste the meats I
Toil, toil, toil I
Aa the constant drop on the atone,
80 aa the ceasless, endless work.
Wear away body and bone ! .
Though the poet splutter and write,
Chough the orator bally and brawl,
II It were not for the editor's pen.
What were the a so or it all I
Toil, toil, toll 1
Christians, Mormon and Jewa,
la there a man on that weary earth.
Bat grows richer by reading the new T
. ; - '.' Richer, richer, richer,
..Aa they read it by sunlight end taper -And
yet there Un't a aoul of them all
. . Bat gradgea to pay for his paper I
j "'' Toll, toll, toil
" There a row in the very next etreet 1
" . ' "' Somebody' going to murder his wife,
" .1" And ImnatbeTODTE SUITE.
-M t Yeeterday at thie time.
Two policemen got choked io-a riot : ,.
- And eo it goee n-om morning till night,
V;-: And aa editor never knows quiet.
(Gets op. knocks hi hat over hie eyes, and rushes
eat in a state of distraction, to pick up aa ileal,"
- ? i 1 ... . . .
What a queer name t and not much, of
name either. - It belonged to a very
small. Poston, a daughter of a Poston.
We thought it queer when we heard it,
and so we listened to hear more of it.
A lad j and a little girl was going by
or rather, we were going by a lady
and a little girl. The little girl had
aat down a basket upon the side-walk
and said, " Oh dear I"
The basket was heavy too heavy for
the little form that bore it. It con
tained the clean cloths of somebody's
washing. Somebody, perhaps, that was
just then raying Oh! dear ; that lazy
wash-woman, why don't she bring home
our cloths?" Not my cloths there
were too many of theiu for that. It
was a heavy load, and : the little girl
said Oh dear I" with such a tone,
coming so from her own heart, that it
went home to the heart of tho lady some
have hearts and she stopped and said
stooping down as she said it to lift the
"basket, "What is the matter, little
girlf" What made you say "Oh dear!"
Is it because this basket is so heavy ?"
44 Yes,, ma'nja, and because my arm
aches so ; -and because I am afraid I
shall be to late."
f Why too later.'
Because ma said she was afraid I
should bo late; for Mrs. Heartgrind
told her last week if she was late aguin
. she wouldn't pay her a cent."
: - Then why did your mother send
uch a little girl as you with such a
heavy basket ?"
' " Oh! It is because my mother is sick.
She could hardly set up to finish ironing
'I did some of the s.nall pieces. Oh
dear 1 I wiah John was here. John
used to carry home the heavy basket for
mother. John was such a good boy."
41 And who was John? And what is
your name ?"
... Mjname is Sarah Potson, ma'ina."
Just then there was a new listener.
The lady and the little girl did not no
tice either, perhaps, or that the writer
and a young, manly-looking sailor boy'
who just then came up behind him, were
getting interested in this street dialouge.
Sarah continued :
. And John was a boy that lived in
our ally. And John had no father or
mother, but John was a good boy, and
her used to split wood, and bring coal
and get water for my mother to wash
with, and carry the heavy baskets. But,
Oh, dear I John went to sea, and we
haven't heard from him for e'en a' most
three years, mother says; I think it
must be a great while longer than that,
I was a little girl then,"
' What was she now but a little girl ?
She might be three years older and three
years bigger; but they were three little
"yeans, if they were long ones.
' There was a slight movement behind
us as if the sailor heart of a young com
panion had been touched, and sailor like,
he was going to bestow a portion of the
wages, just paid him for his last voyage,
upon the first needy little girl he met
: in the street, lie understood ' the lan
jruageofa motion of our finger across
the lips, and said by action actions
speak louder than words " Aye, aye,
iSir 1 I will hold on till the little craft
"has fired her volley."
:' The " little craft" continued as she
lifted her basket : " Oh dear, yes mai m
it is heavy ; but I am rested now. I
hope the lady will pay me, because if
.she don't"- she stoped, sat down the
basket again, took up her little apron
it was a clean white one wiped away a
troublesome little watery . particle from
her eye, and
. " And what if she don't ?' said the
. " Why then it will be so bad and
ma sick and the man coming for the
rent Monday."
' : It was Saturday evening now. '
u Well Sarah, said the lady, for fear
she should not pay you, take that dollar
. to your -mother ; and that is my name
. and number ; if you are in trouble about
the rent next week, you come for me
arid Iwill Bee about it."
" Oh thank you ma'ma. . But if you
please, jou keep the dollar, anl let me
keep the card, and I will ask my mother
first if I may take it. Oh, but if you
' will let her wash for you then
- "Well, what then?"
'. .-j.'Then if John should come back,
and would help me carry the basket,
why then "
.- ' Why then hurrah," said the young
ailor, the lady and Sarah started ; the
latter said, " Oh dear, how like John's
" Why then hurrah my little jolly
boat -
John has come back aud will carry
tho basket and you too" and he took
one upon one arm and the other on the
Yes, there was a kiss reciprocal
hearty honest affectionate as a sailor.
It came from two happy hearts.
" Yes, and your mother on top !
And this lady God bless her good
heart, all the same, but John will pay
the rent, and "
Well it's no use talking. It dont
take much to make happiness. What a
happy party around the poor washer
women's daughter little Sarrah Pot
son. xV. Y. Tribune.
An important lesson to learn, aud the
eariler in life it is learned the better, is
to wake the best of everything. As the
old adage says, " there is no use in cry
ing over spilt milk." Misfortunes that
have already happened cannot be preven
ted, aud, therefore, the wise man, in
stead of wasting his time in regrets,
will set himself to recover his loss. The
mistake and follies of the past may teach
us to be more cautious for the future ;
but they should never be allowed to
paralizc our energies or surrender us to
weak repinings. A millionaire of Phil
adelphia tells the story that, at one pe
riod, early in his career, he had got al
most to tho verge of bankruptcy ; but
says he, " I ploughed a deep keei and
kept my own council; and by these
means he soon recovered. Had this
man given away to dispair, and ho sat
down to bewail his apparently impend
ing ruin, he might now have been old
and poor, instea ! of a capitalist in a lead
ing position. He adds that his char
acteristic was that through life, in all
circumstances, he did tho best that he
could, whatever that was, consuming uo
time iu useless regrets over bad specu
lations. .The rule holds good beyond
the sphere of mercantile transactions.
Disasters may sweep away fortunes and
the earnings of years, but neither c.iu
be removed by croaking aud repining.
The House of God. The glory of a
sacred edifice lies not iu its vaulted roof,
and lofty spire, pea'ing organ , but in
the glory that fills the house, the divine
presence; not in its fabric of goodly
stones, but in its living stones, polished
by the hand of the Spirit, not in its point
ed windows, butjits Gospel light, not in
its choir of singing men and sicgiug wo
men, but in the music of well tuued
hearts; not in its sacred priest-hood, but
in the great Higu Priest. If every stone
were a diamond and e ery beam of cedar,
every window a crystal and every door
a pearl; if the roof were studied with
sapphire, aod tho floor tcsselated with
all manner of precious stones; and yet if
Christ and the Spirit be not there, and
if the sacrifice of the heart be not there,
the building has no glory. The house
of God must have a glory boyond what
Solomon's cunning workmen can give it,
even the Lord God, who is 'the glory
thereof.' Rev. Wm. Jackson.
Correct Views of Life. The best
cure for misanthropy is practical philan
thropy. The best way to guard against
narrowness is to do liberal deeds. The
best way to make money a source of per
sonal peace is to share it as generous aj
you can with others, to iuvest it where
it will pay interst in the smiles of the
relieved or the affection of the benifited.
Somehow, as a general rule, the most
disinterested people are the most cheer
ful. We knew a thoroughly unselfish
person once, a person who seemed ever
thinking of those connected with and
around hcr.who bore serenely, for years L
and years, cares and troubles enough to
have made life tragical, indeed; and yet
stranger would have thought her ex
empt from anxiety and sorrow. JEz-
Aix immense, assortment- 01 ucvr
an J Fashioaab.e
for the summer season, of foreign
and domestic manufacture, con
sisting of a large variety of
from 2 to $5: Kossuth Hats from 50 eta. to
2,60; Mazyar Hats, from $1 to $3; Otter
Hats, from 2 10 63,50; a large assortment of
considered the most tasty, comfortable and dur
able summe liatr now in use, from 2 to 53,
50 jLeghom, from 75 to $1,25; Beaver Hats
from $3,50 10 5. Also a complete assortment
Also, an endless variety of Men's and Boy's
clotband velvet
and all kinds of Children's Hats. It would be
useless to attempt to enumcrato tho entire
stock, as it is admitted on all hands to be the
largest and best selected stock of hats, ever
brought to Ashland County. The subscriber
respectfully requests the public to call and
examine his slock, whether they buy or not.
The subscriber will pay cash for any quanti
ty of Sheep Pelts, delivered at his S tore fJtftr I
posite the Franlin House, and one dp- ;'t J ,
of the Post Office, Ashland, Ohio.
Ashland, April 19th, 1854.
n4fHi- -
jSVs 133 $-135, Wood Street,
WOULD call the attention of Country Mer
chants to the immense stock of
Consisting of over 4,000 cases Boots and Shoes
of every variety and style for Ladies', Gentle
mens', Misses' Boys' and Children's
direct from the Eastern Manufacturers. Hav
ing been purchased at the lowest possible rates,
principally for CASH, with great care iu the
selection f quality and sizes adapted to the
Western Trade, we can offer superior induce
ments to purchasers, as we are determined not
to be undersold by any Eastern or Western
Buyers will find it to their interest to call and
examine our extensive assortment before pur
chasing elsewheie. H. CHILDS & CO.
August 30, 1354 3inl4.
MRS. PILGRIM & CO., would respectfully
inform the Ladies of Ashland, and vicin
ity, that they still continue the
Millinery and Dress Making Business,
at their old stand, one door east of the ' Times'
printing o fRce, and having just received the
LATEST SUMMER STYLES, and from their
long experience in the business, feel fully con
fident of giving entire satisfaction to all who
may favor them with their patronage.
Ashland, July 5, 1354. ,.n6tf
A ttuctinient Notice.
AT my instance an 'order of Attachment was is
sued on the 3utn day of August, I.H54.-byv'oseph
fl Holies a Justice of the Peace of Jackson Town
ship, Ashland county, for the sum often dollars and
eighty-two cents agains; the property and effects of
Isaac Vautilburgh, a non resident of said county.
Causing oneOester O. Matthews to he garnished
in said proceeding. J ACO B F A ST,
Agcui lor jacoo uucunsur,
Sept. 28th, 1854. 3wl8
Manufacturer of Boots and Shoes t
Itliinuj ui ( ut er vj biiiibh. i
MlHKKK doors below the Times
CTJI X ing Ofticc, Ashland. Ohio.
& VJ Work done to order 011 the shortest
Waml moat reasonable terma.
fliilltr.K unors Deiow luc 1 iiucv ruin-
t notice
Scembcr 11th. If.!. 30
Qarfcujarc, &c.
JOHIS & &um,
INVITE the attention of the People in this
Congressional District, to their immense
Stock of Hardware just received, consisting of
every article in the Trade nsed by the most ex
travagant as well as the most economical purch
aser, whether liuilding Hardware, Mechanics
Tools, House-keepers artialea, or Farming Im
pliments. In any of the above goods, we hae
a larcer Stock than any one Storo in Mansfield
or Wooster, and aj it has long since been ac
knowledged by every body, that wo sell better
goods for the tame money, than either Mansfield
or Wooster can do ; all we ask is, that Buyers
will consult their own interest, by making an
examination of our Stock, before purchasing
elsewhere. All goods sold by us, if not found
as represent ed can bcr returned.
Opposite the Bank.
May 3, 1S54. nt0tf
20 doz. Sheep Shears, the only good ones ia
50 " Silver Steel and Cast Steel Scythes,
50 doz. Assorted kinds, Scythe Snaths.
40 do Hay and straw Forks, beat cast steel.
50 do Tuttle's Cast Steel Hoes.
5 do Socket's Cast Steel Hoes, the best ever
SO doz. No. 1. H-y Rakes.
20 do No. 1. Scythe Rifles:
20 do No. l.Scyth Stones, 6 to 9 inches long.
100 doz. Door Locks from 25 cts. to 1, each.
HO do Door Latches from 10 cts. to 25 cts.
100 do Loose Joint, narrovv,wrot & cast Bntta.
1000 Gro. Gimlet Point Screws.
300 Gals. Linseed Oil.
100 Kegs Pure Whito Lead.
100 lioxes assorted sizes Glass.
600 Lbs. Putty in Bladders.
6000 Lights Sash, ell sizes.
Doors, Paint, Brushes, Kash Fasteners, Butch
er's Filea (in any quantity ,)Jpean, Saws, all
kinds Sh .emaker's Stock and Tools, all kinds
Saddler's Stock and fools.
Kegs assorted Nails, warranted.
Tons Swecds and Pittsburgh Iron, tcar-
Bundles Russia Nail Rod.
Pair Seat and Carriage Springs, nt Pitts
burgh prices that is so !
doz. Boring Machines, less than $11 each.
The above 1 oods with a large variety of
every thing else, must be sold, ami persons
wanting Hardware can buy of ns, cheaper and
better goods than any where else.
Opposite the Bank.
May 3, 1S51. nSOlf
Table Cutlery.
E can and will sell Knives aod Forks 20
Store in Mansfield or Wooster ever did, will
or can, if you doubt it, come and buy some,
that much lower think of this !
May 3, '54.-5tf Opposite tho Bank.
Farmers, Read This1.!
sSOZlAH &. AS-.sL.EfV
Sealer inliardwarc. Iron A; Nails
Ai'J tilling the ltai:k
WILL buy all or the Flax Straw that you
can raise and deliver to thcin during the
present year, aud pay you the CASH fur it.
Short Flax nhould be pulled from the ground
that, (Aat 11 long may be cradled none want
ed in Straw before September. Instructions
regarding the culture and rotting ol Flax can
be had gratis during the Summer, bv calling on
Opposite the Bank.
March 1, 1854. n40. tf.
SMITH, EOVE cfc Go.,
WIM.pay the highest market price forlOO,
OC0' pounds of good clean Flax, deliv
ered at llic Hardware Store of their agents in Ash
land. JOHAK St AbLKN,
Opposite the Bank.
Ashland, Jan. 18. 1854. n35 tl.
Just Received.
Rifle and Blasting Powder, for sale
on Commission at mill prices, by
June 14, 1S54. Opposite the Bank.
BarnhillsPatenl Cora Planter man
ufacturrd by McBright Si Co., Cleveland. O.
A supply for this couuty will be found at the agen
cy of JOHNS & ALLEN".
Dec. SP, 32tl Opposite the Bank.
Griffeth A: Carvers. Concave Steel Culti
vator Teeth for sale Wholesale and Kctail at
tbeagei.cyof JOHNS & ALI.KN.
tUec. 28, 35tf Opposite the Bank.
New Hardware Store ! !
Forcigu and Bomeslic liar i ware!
INVITES the attention of the Hardware buy
ing community, to hia immense and unri
valled Stock now arriving and consist of ev
ery article kept in a Hardware Store. Farming
and Mechanics Tools, Houso furnishing goods,
building materials, together with the largest
and best selected Stock of Iron and Nails ever
brought to this place. Swedes, Nail, Hoop,
Sheet, Rod and Bar Iron of extra qualities,
Sash, Glass, Doors, Putty, a large and varied as
sortment of Locks and Latches, Butts and
Screws all sizes and discript.ons, Sadlery
Hardware and Findings, Tools, &c.
loach makers and Trimmers,
wil! find it to their advantage to buy their
Stock of me. In their line, Oil and Enamelled
Top Leather, Cloths, Lnces Damn rk, Moss, &xc,
Springs and Axles, Mailable Top and Prop
Irons, &c., Carriage and Tire Bolts, 1 to 6
inches long, Brass Bands all sizes, Oil Cloth.
White Le.id, Dry and in Oil, Paints, Varnish
es. Turpentine and Oil. Paint, Varnish and
Dust Brushes.
" Pump, Tubing, (Chain Double Galvanized)
best article in town, wheels and fixtures com
plete. Roger's St-el cultivator Teeth, Wings
and Plow and Hammer Alouldsbhovels, Hoes,
Forks, Bakes, Sythes, Snaths. White's Dou
ble Steel Axes, Broad Axes and Adzes, Sheep
and Cow Bells, Log and Trace Chains, Mill
Saws, an extra article, X Cut Saws, the only
good oues in town. Butchers Filea and Rasps
and Chisels.
Sheep Shears,
Ten different Urands, prices from 371 to $1,50
per pair. If you want a good article I have
them and the best in town, and tbey are going
fast. Also wool twine and cord.
Block Tin, Lead, Lead Pipe, Zinc, Sad Irons,
Tmers Wire, Gun Barrels made of Lake Su
perior Iron, Lox, Jlrass Castings and Trimings
cheaper than elsewhere.
If you want a good pair give me a call, I ac
knowledge I have the only good ones in town.
A few of those nice Carpenters Slick's Framing
Chisels, extra Cast Steel Augurs,
Ilcncli and Kloldins Plains. Rifts,
warranted, Brunswick Tea and Tabic Spoons,
Table and Pocket Cutlery.
Brass, Pillar and Chamber Candle Stic&s and
Snuffers, and Tongs, Walllo Irons, Brass Ket
tles, Stecbyards, Molasses Gates, Pugh's Augur
Bitts, Hunt's Hatchetts, Braces and liitts, prices
range from 40 cts. to $12 ; Exc'sior Sand Paper,
Spirit Levels, Saw Handles.
The half is not enumerated in this 'ist, lut
those in want of any articles in the Hardware
Line, will do well 'o call before purchasing;
my Stocft being entirely new, and selected with
great care lor this market, enables me to sell
better and cheaper than they do elsewhere.
&tTKelogg's Building one door above P.
& J. Risscr's Storo.
Ashland, May 17, 18S4. 52tf
land for New
London daily
at 7 o'clock
r 1 A M con
flection wun tne carson mo wieveiana toiam-
bus and Cincinnati Rail Road.
Returning, leave New London after the ar
rival of the trains.
Lcive Ashland for Mansfield on Mondays,
Wi 'nesdaysand Fridays, at 7 o'clock, P M.
Leave Ashland for Wooster on Tuesdays
Thursdays and Saturdays at 5 o'clock P M.
September, 1Sf3. 18tf
3 B ' t, "V
Importers. .Manufacturers. Com
mission merchants, and Dealers in
Fnglish, German, French and American
rfSIIIS House having the largest and most va
I rious stock in the United States, are fur
nishing Hardware Merchants, Contractors,
Tinners &c, with everything they want on as
good or better terms, than they can buy in New
York, Boston, or elsewhere. They invite in
vestigation. JAMES M. ALLEN,
Frederick town, Ohio,
6mo-n2 Traveling Agent.
Curled Hair Mattresses and Bedding.
OU R Mattresses and curled hair having taken
lUplomas and Medals by cootteiition in the
principal States in the Union and ilxobaviiie been
awarded the Prize Medal at the vorld's Fair in
Lcndon as the very bel article manufactured, are
confidently offered to the community as a great
desideratim for pure sweet sleep.
Vie piccess by which our hair is manufactured
entirely precludes the possibility of moth or other
inst annoyances engendering therein as proved
by the severest tests of analization and by tcstimo.
nials from the first chemists of the egc, from which
we extract as follows :
Experiment has demonstrated that the puriying
agent made use of in manufacturing your patent
curled hair is especially destructive cT animal
life, that it ha) the (acuity of bleaching and clean
ing the fibre, and that it is the most powerful dis
infecting body atpresent known to science.
Professor or Chmistry and Toicology in the
Medical College of the London Hospital.
1 cheerfully slate that the article submitted to
your process must be pure and sweet and will be
found of great value and from proof exhibited to
me I ain confident that the process employed ex
ceedall other methods of preparation.
W. BEACH, M. D.,
New York.
We also keep constantly on handafull supply
of Pillows aud Bolsters, under Mattra9sea and
Bedding of all descriptions aud a large assortment
of Wall Paper aud Window Shades, upbolstry
goods, curtains, lounges, tftc, die..
Orders respectfully solicited and promptly at
tended to.
43 Pullcs Block Bank st.
Cleveland, Ohio.
June 4, 1F54. nStf
THE subscriber again appears before you,
giving you fair notice of the arrival of a
larger atock of
Than he haa ever offered tt the fair Sons and
daughters of old Wayne and surrounding Coun
ties. Owing t our being iu tho Eastern Mar
kets when most kinds of Goods experienced a
Wo were enabled to buy our goods nt such
Low Prices that we defy any competition in
the wayof Cheap Goods for Lush ; oui stock is
comprised of everything in the .Dry Goods and
notion line ; also, an assortment of
for Men and Boys. Also, the leading articles
of GROCERIES, such as Coffee, Sugar, Tea,
Tobacco, 4'C- In all these departments we can
show yon Goods. As for prices we can beat the
World; and in saying this we do not wish to be
considered as bragging, but telling you plain
matter of fact.' Look at some of ur prices -we
can show you
Brown Muslin for Gi cts. per yd.
Bleached do good b't ' ' "
Kentucky Jeans 20 cts.
Heavy Tick 10
Cotton Gloves and Stockings. 00 per pair.
Good Lawns Si " per yd.
Delaines. 10 cts. & upward.
7-4 Table Diaper IS "
Fast Colored Calico 06
Silk Lace Veils 37
Cotton Batting 10 " "
Good Black Silk... 50 "
Tea 31
" Coffee 12J " per lb.
Tobacco chewing.... I-J " "
Iu all departments of our stock you will find
the above statement of prices corresponding.
All we asA: is a look before you buy. The price
of our Goods is a sure thing for your money. In
Ladies' Dress Goods we ore all fixed. Lawns,
Ucrges, Plain Black, Striped, Barred and
Changeable Sil&s at all prices. Our stocfc of
"lakes 'cm all down." Can sell new style
Gimp Bonnets for 25 cents. Every body that
comes to Wooster, comes to our store and sees
the show of prices and styles. We wont
chargn you anything to loot. Country Mer
chants supplied with their whole stocAs at low
prices and lair terms, at our store at the Old
Stand East of the American Uotel.
May 3d, 1854. nfiOtf
IR. GOODFELLOW has opened in the
new room, two doors east of Messrs.. Ris
ser & Risser's Store, on Main street, a
Watcli ana Jewelry Establishment,
where he will offer every article usually kept
in sucb establishments, at very low rates.
Among his stock may be found Unld and
Sil-vcr W atcli;f, of every description, va
riety and quality. Pins, Ladies' Gold Broach
es, Grape, Enameled, Cluster, Knot, Cuff and
Scarf Pins.
ear naops, HOOKS AND RINGS.
Gold Rings, Lockets, Pencils, Gold Chains,
Bagley' Gold Pens and . Holders, large as
sortment. SILVER SPOOLS.
Table and Tea Spoons of pure silver, Ger
man Silver and plated Spoons, Butter Knives,
Saltand Sugar Shovels, Silvci Forks, &c, &c.
Pocltot Ctitlcry,
of every description, from the best American
and English establishments. Also Needl-s,
Port Monies, Dressing and Pocket Combs, and
Pocket Books, Violin and Guitar Strings.
Gog'glef, Kye Shades, Compasses
and Acordeons. Eight Day and Twenty-four
flour Brass Clocks, in the most splendid Pa
pier Machea, Rose Wood and Mahogani case.
Cleaned and repaired, and work warranted.
Old Gold and Silver bought at the highest
price. 1 invite the public to examine my Stock
before purchasing elsewhere.
Ashland, Dec. 21, 1853. n3I tf. -
To Western Merchants.
lliHE subscriber would call the attention of deal
X ers generally to the extensive arrangements they
have made lor the Importation and sale of British,
Frencb, and Gerinau liry Goods.
Having a buyer permanently located in Eu
rope, whose entire attention will be given to the
selection of Goods for our sale, we shall be in re
ceipt of new and desirable Dress Goods by each
steamer. Our stock of
lYliite Ciuods, IlwKicry, shawls & Notions,
will be found complete. Also, a large variety
of black and colored Silks, Satins, etc, Cloths,
Cassimeres aud Vesting, Linens, Drillings, die,
otc. and Tailors Trimmings generally. .
Always on hand all leading styles of Domes
tic Goods, bleached and brown
(Jottou, ortlis. Ticks, Stripes, Denims,
with a choice assortment of Merrimack and Co
checc Prints, Laucaster Ginghams, &c, die.
The Clothing Department (under the firm of L.
H Tyler & Co.,) will embrace a great variety of
well Made Garments, such as cannot fail to give
satisfac tion.
We invite the attention of cash and short time
buyers, a
JTrWe have also secured the services of W.
L STRONG, (late of Mansfield, Ohio,) who will
take great pleasure in showing you through our
stock ; when you visit this market, please favor
him with a call.
No. 12 CoCRTLiSDST., ASD 11 AND 13 DST ST., K.
January SS, 1854. ly.
Administrator's Notice.
TVT O TICK is hereby given, that the undersigned has
X v been duly appointed and qualified as Admins
tratorof the Estate of Samuel Wicrman, deceased,
late of Montgomery township. Ashland county,
Aenland Sept. 90th, 1854. Jwl7
E.G. FOLSOM, A B., Principal, Teacher of Practi
cat and Ornamental Penmanship. -
E. P. GOODNUGH Superintendent. Prof.of the
Theory and Practice of Book-Keeping, and Lec
turer on Mercantile Customs, General Lawa of
Trade. Accounts. a;c.
W. H. HOMSTEK, Aasistant in Book Kecpiug De
partment. i
of tha Cleveland Bar.. Lecturera on Mercantile
Kev.'e. H. NEVIN and J. -C. VAUGHN. Esq.,
Lecturers on-Political Economy.
R. F. HUM1STO.N. Lecturerou the History of Com
merce and the Art of Compulation.
A. C. Brown well. . Andrew Freese,
John B Waring, John Ebcrmau,
T. C. Severance, D. P. Eels,
Harmon L. Chapin, T. F. Hay,
Truman H. Handy, Jobu L. Severance.
S. 11 Mather, G. W. gafrod.
For the Mercantile Course, Tine unlimited. $40 00
The same Couise for Ladies 2j 00
Twenty Lessons in Practical Penmanship
simply 5 00
For full Course in Flourishing, &c ?5 00
The Principal or the Institution, guided by the
wauts and experiences of the Mercantile communi
ty has hrecently secured some of the ablest men in
the State as Instructors and Lecturers in the va
rious departments of the College
The Prof, of the Science of Accounts, has had
an experience of eight or nine, years .u Commer
cial Affairs, alternating his time, partly as Teach
er, in the Mercantile Colleges of Ciucinati, Pitts
burgh aud Cleveland, and partly as an actual Book
keeper in the best Busiuess House in the Country
These rare qualifications, yet so desirable and so
seldom found iu our Mercantile Schools, will en
able this College to impart a more thorough
Knowledge of the real mitiulia of Practical and
"Theoretical Book-KeepHig than earn m had proba
bly in any similar institution in the V. States.
The subject of Commercial Calculations will
have more prominence in this thau in most Institu
tions of the kind, since a separate chair is to oe re
voted to it besides the usual instruction given by
the the Prof, or Accounts. The modus operandi
of Teaching is entirely new and original pursued
by uo Mercantile School found in no text book,
aud may be justly and properly styled telegraphic
in its nature, since it will abridge the labors of
the Accountant, more than one half.
Penmanship in addition to the usual methods
pursued, will be taught new jind unrivalled Sys
tem of Chirythmogiaphy, developed by the Princi
pal in his extcusi've experience as Instructor in the
Public Schools of this city and elsewhere. This
pystem will produce the popular Commercial Hand
of the day, iu about half the time usually devoted
to that purpose.
JTfp For lurtuer particulars see circulars just is
accd and the regular catalogues. Send for them by
Cleveland, A uy. 2. 1854 . 45tf
PERSONS desirous of becoming thorough
and accomplished accountants, will find it
greatly to their advantage to call on the un
dersigned, before engaging clsewhere,as he is
prepared to demonstrate, t'uilfj that his accom
modations forstudents, the comprehensiveness
oi the course of instruction, and facilities for
procuring situations for those desirous of ob
taining them, are unsurpassed, (as it is be
lieved, unequal ed,) by any similar institu
tion in the United States.
In addition to the regular course of instruc
ti n, there will be a
on topics of great importance in a commer
cial point of view, delivered by Hon. Bellamy
Storer, K. D. Mansfield, Ksj.a Rev. Samuel
W. f'iBher, Henry C. Lonl, Ksq.. Prof. Chas.
V. Wright, and oilier eminent Lecturers and
Business men.. Theo lectures 1 eii.g a new and
important feature not introduced in any of the
other Mercantile Colleges.
Notwithstanding the great expense atten
dant upon securing (.he services of able Lec
turers and Assistants, the Terms for Tuition
will remain a a heretofore, viz :
For a fu.'l course of instruction in D E
. Book-Keeping, Writings Commercial
Calculation, Lecturee, &c $40 00
Writing (only) per month 5 00
At a meeliug of tlie Graduating C'lapsof Bacon 'a
the Mercantile College, held in the Lecture Hooni
of College edit.ee, Friday, lllli Wared, jSK3, J. S.
Baker watt appointed chairman, aud Wenton Ar
nold, Secreiai y. . On motion; a-couintittee of five,
compiled ol M J. Bowman, J. S. Baker, K. J.
Forsyth, T. U. Sawyer and Geo. Kicliol, was ap
pointed to report resolutions expressive of the
high opinion entertained by the class, of the mer
its of Ui is Institution, and of the character and
qualifications of the Principal and his Assistants.
v hereupon, the committee reported the follow
ing preamble and resolutions, which were unani
mously adopted;
UiuRk-iH. We, the members of the Graduat
ing Cla of K. S. Bacon, Mercantile College, being
about to separate, desire to give expression to our
feelings of respect for our cftecmed Instructor, and
his corps of able as&iflants. Therefore,
llcsvlcedy That the thanks of the class arc due
to our iaid iuxtructor for the uniform kindness of
tVir deportment toward us while in this Institu
tion - at the same lime tlte thoroughness of their
instructions hnsenLiilcd them to our highest re
spect and confidence.
Jiesoiccd, That we recommend to this Instititii
liuu to all who may desire to acquire a commer
cial education, as affording the greatest facilities
for such acquisition.
Resolved, That we as a class, affix nur names
ti these proceed! ngs, aud that a copy of them be
delivered to li.S. Bacon, aud that they be published
in ihe city uapers.
H. A. Bowman, S. Black. Wm.'W. Snyder,
Isaac Baughman, J. S. Baker, Frnnklin Elliott,
P. W. Carroll, K. J. Foisyth, A. Paddock,
George Nichol, G. H. Hughes, Weston Arnold,
James Thompson, II. 1. Kyger, Dauiei Bowen,
W. T. Robinson, George Harvic, S. Field.
Bacon's Mkrcantilk Collkok. "The examina
tion of the studeut's iu Book-Keeping exhibited a
degree cf proficiency on their part highly credit
able to themselves and Mr. Bacon, their Instruc
tor. The most difficult problems in Double Entry
were as rapidly rolvedasthe most simple, giving
ample proof to the audience that the information
imparted during the session would he of practical
benefit. Cincinnati Enquirer of March ld(a, le'.M.
The various complex questions proposed by the
Principal and other gentlemen present, were an
swered with great promptitude and conciseness,
which reflects great credit upon the course of study
pursued at this i nstitution. Cin. Daily Gazette.
"Mr. Bacon is unrivalled as a teacher. A di
ploma from this College in Cincinnati, is required
as a Sine qua non iu obtaining situations yi the best
Mercantile Houses in large cities. Uhillieotke
Ancient Metropolis May 8t,
Mr Bacon has constructed the tppcr portion of
his building expressly for the purposes of his col
lege, and without any doubt, it is the most com.
plete arrangement of the kind in the TJ. States.
Cincinnati Gazette, Ji'ov. 8, 1853.
This whole Institution is undoubtedly the most
elegvntand finished establishment, for the pur
poses in the world." Enquirer,
Feb. 22, 1854. nlO. It.
DUS L.UIK & CKAM4 would re
spectfully inform the citizens of Ashland
and vicinity, that they have associated them
selves together fur tlie practice of Medicine
and Surgery in all their various branches, and
by diligence and close attention to their olfice,
and prompt attendance upon all calls at all
hours, they hope to merit a literal share ol
public patronage. Db. Clakk offers his thanks
to all those who have heretofore favored him
with their business, and will he under renew
cd obligations for a continuance ol the same.
Da. Cbahe. will devote special attention to the
study and practice ol Surgery in all its vari
eties, and more especially in all diseases- ol
the Ey . either ncute or chronic.
&2T Office, adjoining Millington's Drug
Store, opposite P. JSt J. Kisser's store.
83-Db. Clark's residence near the Metho
dist Church.
Dr. Ckane's on third street opposite W .
Watson's. P. U.CLARK, M. D.
April 19th, 1854 n4Stt .
'pHK suhsriber offers for sale his beautiful home
X at 321OO, which every sensible man values at
-2ju0. The properly is located on Hayesville St.,
a quarter of a mite from South Ashland, on elevated
ground, where the owner has a view of the town
and surrounding country, and consists of lot acres
of laud, eight cleared aud live and a half in good
timber, all under fence. The buildings are new,
consisting of a two story frame bouse, well paint
cd inside and outside, with nix rooms, aud kitcheu
and wood house adjoiniog, a good stone walled
cellar, 2 porches, a neverlailing well of water, a good
cistern, and smoke house. A good barn, room for
4 horses, 2 cows and six tous of hay. Acorn crib,
granary, buggy sbed. all under one roof. Also
fruit trees, apples, peaches, t-c, Now is your time.
If the property is uot bought this, fall by a wise
man, uo fool will get it next spring for less than
2500. Six or eight hundred dollars iu hand, aud
the balance in three or four years will do.
' Ashland, ugust 30, 1854. 'l-Uf '
WAS awarded the First Premium at the
World's Fair, in New York, in 1853.
Also nt the Ohio State Fairs, 'or three success
ive years ; and at all other plrces, whenever
exhibited. Warranted to hull and clean from 20
to 40 bushels per day, or from 2 to 5 bushels per
hour; and with a new improvement, (now be
ing Patented) to bo attached to tne Machines
made in lS54,they will hull and clean one lourtb
more in the same time.
For sale by M.H.MANSFIELD,
Sole Manufacturer, Ashland, Ohio. T
June 14, 1S54. u3tf.
N. B. Prosecutions will be promptly com
menced for any infringement ol the rights of
be PatteDtee. M. H. M.
Stabler' Diarrhoea Cordial.
IS a pleasant Mixture,' compounded in agree
ment with the rules or Pharmacy, of therapeu
tic agents, long known and celebrated for their
peculiar efficacy In curing DIAKKUfEA, and simi
lar affections of the system. In its action, it
allays nausea and producas a healthy condition
of the LIVER, thus removin the cause at the same
time it cures the disease.
Stabler' Anodyne Clierr -Expectorant
Is confidently recommended to invalids, as unsr
RPASsrn by any known preparation, for the cure
of Cough a b Jfoarxeneso, and other formsof Common
TION in an early stage, and for the Relief of the
patient even in advanced stages of that fatal dis
aese. It combines. in a scientific manner, remedies of
longesteemed value, with others of more recent
discovery;and besides its soothing and iequali
ties, acts thro1 the skin, gcutl) and with great ef
ficacy, for the cure of this class of diseases.
The valuable Medicines above namedbave recen
tly been introduced, with the approval of a num
ber of our Medical Profusion in the city of Balti
more and evey where, and in practice have succee
ded most admirably in curing the diseases for
"-Inch they are prescribed. They are o tiered to
the country practitioners of Medicines which be
can in all respects depend upon as prepared in
agreement with the experience of some of the
most learned and judicious Physicians and strictly
iuconformity wilb the rules of Pharmacy, and
as especially serving his convenience, who can
not so readily as the City Physician, have bis own
prescriptions compounded by a practical Pharma
See the descriptive Pamphlets, to he hac gratis of
ail who have the Medicines tor sale, containing
ecoirtmendations from Doctors Martin, Balt-
so Doctor S. li. Martin says, I do not hesitate to
recommend your Diarrhma Cordial and Anodyne
Cherry Expectorant, ie.
Doct. John Addison 'says. 44 It gives me much
pleasure to add my testimony to that of others, n
favor of the extraordinary efficacy of your Diarr
hea Cordial, &c; and of the Expectorant, I have
no hesitai ion in recommending it as a most valua
ble medicine, "&c.
Doct. R A. Patnk says he has used the Diarr
hea Cordial in his practice '-with the happiest cf
feet, and lliiuks it one of the most convenient
and eflicieir. combinations ever offered to our pro
fession." '-;
Doct. 1,. D. Handt writes, I have administer
ed y out Anodyne Erpeetormnt In several cases of
rironcbiaAnectton, wmi the -most happy re futt-s,
and from a knowledge of Hi admirable effects,
I can, with the greatest confidence, recommend
it," &c.
Doct. W. S. Love writes tons that he has ad
ministered the Expectorant to his wife, who has
had the Bronchitis Sox fourteen years and that
she is fast recovering from her long standing ma
lady. It has in a few weeks dosie her more good
than all the remedies she has heretofore used ua
dcr able medical counsel.
Sixteen of the best ApoTnEcinur and Pnmx
AcieoTisTs in the City of Baltimore. V are satisfi
ed tbepreparations known as Stabler Anodyne
C hurry Expectorant and Stahlcrs Diarrhtxa Cor
dial, are medicines of Great Value, and very ef
ficient for the relief and cure of the diseases" for
which they are recommended; tbey bear the -evidence
of skill and care in their preparation and
style of putting up. and we take plead sjjre in re
commending theift." -
Twenty Seven of the most respectable Merch
ants, residents of Maryland, Virginia and North
Caro lina, who have sold and also used these
medicines themselves, say, From our own experi
ence and that of our customers, we do confidently
recommend themPro Bono Publico. We have never
known any remedy used for the diseases for whico
they are prescribed, to be so efficient, and to give
such entire satisfaction to all."
The above notices ofrecommendaticn from mem
of high standing, and MEKCHANTS of the first
respectability, should be sifficicut to satisfy all,
that these medicines are worth y of trialbv the af-
flcied, and that they are of a different stamp and
class from the, -tiuackcry" and "Cure Alls" so
much imposed upon the public;.
For Sale by Druggists, Apothecaries aifd coun
try .store-keepers generally.
A lCtsvolution is Certain , Victi l j' is Ours.
DR. A, L. ADAMS'..-
T KV THEORY OF DISEASE is awakening the
- inquiry in the minds of all who read it: How
it si that Americans have been so long and so
slavishly immured in darkness and ignoiauceou the
subject of disease.
is offered to the afflicted of the Slates and Terri
tories for the entire cure of Liver Complaints all
stages. Bilious Kever, Ague and Fever. Chronic
l.ung "Fever. Dropsical Affections, Consumption,
lleluw Complaints Dianiica, Pyscutcry, Klieuiua
tism. Bleeding Piles mind Piles, Sciufula, S'alt
Hlieuni, Dyspepsia, General J)elility, Nervousness,
Costiveuess,- iudigestiou, Otstrucicd Menstrua,
tlrn, Stc.
IT. A. L. Adams' Liver Balsam has stood the
wrcc and test for the last fifteen years, and has
proved to the most skeptical, beyoud a shadow of a
doubt, that it is
The only Reliable Medicine Ever Discovered
ibciug purely all vegelaMc,) for the permanent cure
of the above diseases. The most skeptical have be
come its most sanguine votaries, aud pronounced
the Liver Balsam to be the '
Onlj Hjliablc Harbinger of lie ilth to the
Testimonials come up from every track it has
made, swollen with expressions of gratitude, for
the relief received by it use. Aud in suhm ittiug
this, the Liver llalsam is recommended to all those
suffering under the
IKON Ci rV oftlie IO.K rEUECKXSli
and at once procure one bottle of Dr. A-L. Adams'
Liver Balsam.
The renders is rnfeiTed to the Medical Tract
fnund by maKing application to the Agent where the
Balsam is sold, giving a lull epitome of the cause
and cure of alt diseases; containing, alo certifi
cates from those wh have tested its unparalleled
acei:dancy over the diseased to which we are all
sdhject. Sold i'jr K, H. CHUBB, & Co., Ashland
Jobu MoCrorcy, West Windsor; Sturges & Biglow
AJanslicld; J. P. Staniets Kowsburg; J. H.
Kauni'-'atdcd& Co., Wooster
G, E. Scott, General Agent,. No. 87 Irandolph
Street Gbiaago, Illinois.
February 1 , 185-1. n37 lr.
Jaunilicef19)'spepii:af lironie or Xer
vous liability JLi!cae of Ihe Kidneys,
Aud all diseases arising from a disordered Liver or
Stomach, such as Constipation, Inward Piles,
Fullness or Blood to the Heart. Acidity of the
Stomach. Kausea, Heart Burn, Disgust lor Food,
Fullness or Weight in the Stomach, Sour Eructa
tions, Siukicg or Fluttering at the pit of the
Stomach. Swimming of the Head, Hurried and
Difficult BTeathing, Fluttering at the Heart.Cbok
ing or Suffocating Sensation when in a lying
posture, Dimuess of Vision, Dots or Webs before
the. Sight. Fever and Dull pain in the Head. De--ficiency
of" Prespiration, Yellowness of the Skin
and Eyes, Pain in the Side, Back, Chest, Limbs,
occ. Sudden Flushes of Heat, Burning-in the
Flesh, constant Imaginings of Evil, and Great
Depression of Spirits, can be effectually cured by
Dr. Ilooflaud's Celebrated German Bitters.
mau Medicine Store, 1-iO Arch St-, Philadelphia
Their power over the above diseases is not excelled,
if equalled, by any other preparation in the U. Stales
as the cures attest, in many cases after skillful
physicians had failed.
These Bitter, are worthy the attention of invalids.
Possessing great virtues in the rectification of dis
eases of the Liver and lesser glands, exercising the
most scarchiug powers in weakness and affections
of the digestive organs, tbey are withal safe, cer
tain aud pleasant.
E. B. I'kkkiks, Marietta, Ohio, Feb. 13, 1851. said
'Ycur Bitters are highly prized by those who have
used them. Iu a case of Liver complaint, of long
standing, which had resisted the skill of several
Phvsicians, was entirely cured by the use of five
bottles." C. L. Drake, Freedom, Portage Co., O..
April 2:, le52.said: 'The German Bitters you scjit
me last have not yet come to band. 1 have been out
of the article for some time, to the great detriment
of invalids. It is a mediciuc much thought of and
sought alter in this community."
B. M. Hpt binso , h. d., Bedford, Cuyahoga Co.,
O. August 26, 1H32. said: "The Bitters you ship
ped me in Jlay last are all gone 1 think it a
good medicine, and 1 am recommending it to my
patients and friends, (which I do for no other pat
ent medicine.) You will please forward a large
S. Fbsniii. Wooster, O., Nov. HO, 1852, said:
lhavc used some three or four bottles of Hoofl
and's German Bitters lor Dyspepsia, and derived
great bene lit from their use. I believe them to
be good for all diseases for which they are recom
mended." Wm. Oaa, Wooster, O., October 2, 1P52, said :
"You ask me my opinion of the German Bit
tcra. 1 have nsed them for Dyspepsia' and ludi
festiqn, and take pleasure in stating that 1 think
tbey are the very best remedy extant for the above
complaints they are decidedly in advance of all
the proprietary medicines of theday."
' Mr. Our is a distinguished lawyer of Wooster.
These Bitters are entirely vegetable. Theyncver.
prostrate the system, but invigorate it.
For Sale by K. H. CHUBB & CO., Ashland, and
by Druggists and dealers in medicines everywhere.
Ashland Feb. J. n37 ly.
Office Ft-nil Klin A. Warren If .It. Co)
Fr ahklin. Portage co., Ohio, Sept. 26, 1H53. J
t-'i. r,'-'1 '-"?5J A T a meeting of the Diree-gMv-sW
t&'viil tor of the F. & W. K.
K. Co., held June 1 i, 1853, the following assess
ments upon Stock subscriptions were made, viz:
Ten percent, payable July 1st, 1853, and an assess
ment of ten per cent, at the end of each succeed
ing sixty days, until the whole amount is paid.
Three instalments are therefore now due. to wit:
The first when subscribed, (by tlie charter,) the
second July Ist, and the third. August 31st.
Subscribeis in Ashlaud village aud county are
respectfully requested to immediately pay all
instalments now due, and as tbey hereafter he
come due, at the Banking House of Luther, Crall
& Co.. Ashland unless called upon by th9 Colloc-
'ffimM$-$W M ill
Carter's Spanish Slixfuro.
AN Infallible Kemeily forScrofula, Khig'i Evil
Rheumatism, ObstinataCutaneouit Kruption,
Pimples or Pustyea on the Face, ttiutcl.es. Soils,
Chronic Sore yes. King Worm or Tetter, Scald
Head. .Enlargement and Pain ol' the ltones and
Joints. Stubborn Ulcer, Syphilitic Disorder.
hnmbago, iSpinal Complaiiitfl, and all Diseases
arising from an injudicious use of Mercurrv Im
prudence in Life, or Impurity of the Blood.
This valuable Medicine, irhich has become cele
brated for the number of extraordinary cures ef
fected through its agency, has induced the pro
prietors, at the urgent request of their friends, to
offer it to the public, winch they do with the ut
most confidence in Its virtues and wonderful cura
tive properties. Th following certificates, select
ed from a large number, are, however, strongeT
testimony than the mere word or toe proprietors :
and are all from gentlemen well known ia their
localities, and of toe highest respectability, many
of them residing in the city of Kichmond, Va.
F. Botdin, Eeq.. of the Exchange Hotel, Kich
mond, known every where, says he has seen the
Medicine called Carter's ftpanieh Mixture adminis
tered in over a hundred cases. in nearly all the dis
eases for which it is recommended, with the most
astonishingly good results. He says it is the most
extraordinary medicine he baseverseen.
Aavn icd Favra Great Cuke. I hereby ccrtl
fy , that for three years I had Ague and Fever of the
most violent description. 1 had several Physici
ans, took large quantities cf Quinine, Mercury,
and i believe all the Tonics advertised, but all
without any permanent relieC At last I tried Car
ter's Spanish Mixture, two bottles of which effect
ually cured me, and I am happy to say I have ba4
neither Chillsor Fever since. 1 .-on eider it the best
Tonic in the world, and the only n.edicice ttmt
ever reached my case.
Beaver Sara, near Richmond, Va.
. B. Lent Eq., now in the city of Richmond,
and for many years in the Post Office, has such eon
fidcnce in the astonishing efficacy of -Carter's
Spanish Mixture, that he has bought upwards of 50
bottle, which he has given away to the afflicted.
Mr. Luck says he has never known it to fail when
taken according dircetionrt
1 . Miifue, a practicing Ph)sician, and formerly
of the jity Hotel, in the city of Kichmond, says
be has witnessed in a number of instances the
effects of Cartpr? &Panih Mixture which were
most trnly surprising. He says in a case of Con
sumption, dependent on the Liver, the good effects
were wonderful indeed.
Samuel M Dkikker, of the firm of Drinker A
Morris, Kichmond, was cured of Liver Complaint
of 8 years standing, by the use of two bottles of
Carter's Spanish Mixture. '
Gpkit lZrRE OP StKo-ruisA.. The Editors of the
Richmond Republican had a servant employed in
their press room, cured of violent Scrofula, com
bined with Rheumatism, which entirely disabled
him from work. Two bottles of "arter's Spanish
Mixture made a perfect cure of him, and the Edi
ors, iu a public notice, say they "cheerfully recom
mend it to all who are afflicted with any disease o
the blood." .
Ftill Another "iiri of Scrofula. I bad a veiy
valuable boy cured of Scrofula by Carter's Span
ish Miituvoc I consider it truly a valuable medi
cine. James M.Taylor. Conductor on the R. F. 6c
P. K. R. "o., Kichmond. Va.
Mr. Joh.t TnoMPsoiv, residing in the city of Rich"
moud. was cured by ihreo bottles of Carter's Span
ish Mixture, of Salt Rheum, whicb he bad nearly 20
years and which all the phasicians oftlie city
could not cure. Mr. Thompson is a well known
merchant in the city of Richmond, Va., and his
cure is most remarkable.
Wm. A . Matthews, of Richmond, had a servant
cured of Syphilis, i u tlie worst form, by Carter's
Spanish Mixture. He says be cheerfully recora
mei.ds it and considers it an invaluable medicine.
Richard E West, of Richmond, was c it red of
Scrofula, and what Physicians called confirmed
cousumptiou, by three bottles of "arter.s Spanish
Kduii Burton, commissioner of the revenue,
says he has seen the good effects of Carte rs Spanish
Mixture in a number of Syphiliiic cases, and says
it is a perfect cure for that horrible disease.
W. G. Harwood, of Richmond, cured of Old
sores and Ulcer, whicb disabled him irom walk
inc. Took a few bottle of Carter's Spanish Mis
ture. and was enabled to wa(k without a -crutcb.
in a short time permanently cured.
Principal Depots at M. Ward Close & Co., No.
3, Maiden Lane, ftew voru.
T. W. Dyott & Sons, No. J"2f North 2d Street
Bennett or Beers, No. 125, Main St., Richmond,
And for sal e"? R. H Chubb, Ashland. H. S See,
& Co. Savanna, J,a.enhinoer, Hayesville, J. Uorr
mam, Jeromeviite, Anderson dc Row, Loudon
ville, and Dealers iu Medicines everywhere.
Jan. DV54. n351y.
Philadelphia Medical House Established 2d
years aRO,lr Ur. K1J KKLir, corner ol Thir
and Union streets, between Spruce Pine,
Philadelphia, Pa.
Invalids are apprised thai Dr. Kinelin con
fines his practice to a particular branch of med
icine which engages his nndivided attention.
He cations tho unfortunate against the abuse
ufmercury; thousnads are aunual ly mercurial
ized out of lite. Hecent anections are prompt
ly extinguised. Twenty years of Experience
iu the treatment of a class ot diseases hitherto
neglected and imperfectly understood, hasen
abled Dr Kinkelin, (Author of a work on Selt
Preservation.) to prove that nine-tenths of the
causes of nervous dehili y, local and constitu
tional weakness, mentnl and physical suiter-
ing, are traceable to certain habits, forming the
most secret yet deadly and fatal springs of
domestic l.isery and premature mortality.
Take Particular Notice. There isan evil ha
bit sometimes indulged in by hoys, in solitude,
often groving up with them to manhood, and
which, if not relbi mcd indue time, it not only
begets serious obstacles to tuatrimtmal l.opi i
ness, but gives rise to-a series of protracted,
insitli.ous and devastating anections. b ew of
those who give way to this pernicious ptac
tice are aware of the consequences, until they
find the nervous system shattered, feel strange
and unaccountable feelings, and vague fears
in the mind.
The unfortunate trios affected becomes fee
ble, is unable to labor with accustomed vigor,
or to apply his mind to study ; his step is tar
dy and weak, he is dull, irresolute, and en
gages in his port with less energy than usun).
If he emancipate himself before the prac
has done its worst, and enter matrimony, his
marriage is unfruitful, and his sense tels him that
this i caused by his follies early. These are con
siderations which should awaken the attention
of those similarly situated.
Maniage requires the fulGllnreni of several
conditions, in order that it may be really the
cause of mutual happiness.- Could the veil
which covers the origin of domestic wretched
nessbc raised, and its true source in every in
stance disclosrd-in how ninny could it be
traced to physical disqualifications and their
attendant disappointments! Apply then while
it is yet time, in order to have your unstrung
and relaxed organization rebraced , from making
your case known to one who, from education
and respectability, can certainly be revivified
nd strengthened.
Remember that he who places himself un
der Pr. Kinclin's treatment, may religiously
confided in his honor as a gentleman, and rely
upon the assurance, that the secrets of Dr. K.'s
patients will never he r'iseloscd.
Yonug man let no false modesty deter jou
from making your case known to one who,
from education and respectibilily, can ccrtaio
Iv befriend vou.
Too many think they will conceal the secret!
in their own hearts, and cure themselves.
Alas! how often is this a fatal delusion, and
how many a promising young man, who might
have bc n an ornament to society, has faded
from the earth.
Strictures of the urethra are rapidly removed
by the application of a new therapeutical
agent, used only by Dr. K. Weakness and
Constitutional debility promptly cured, and full
vigor restored.
Country Invalids can have, by stating their
case explicitly, together with all their symp
toms, per letter enclosing a remittance) Dr.
K.'s medicine, appropriated accordingly.
Forwarded to any part of the United States,
and packed secure from DAMAGE or CURIOS
ITY. .
YoviX and Mavieod a vigorous Life or a prema
ture Death Kiukelin on. Self Preservation Only
25 cts. .
It is a work eminently required, as a mean
oTreforming the vices of the age in which
live. Also, -- -
Wit raits for the Prolongation of Life, just from
the Press.
A letter with a remittance of 25 cents, of
the valuv. in post stamps, addressed to Dr. Kin
elin, Philadelphia, Pa , will secure a copy of
either of tho above bonks by return mail; of
U copies will be sent f-ee of postage for $1,
Booksellers, Canvasserr, Travelling Agents,
&C-, supplied wholesale at the publisher' pri
ces, which admit of a large rofit. tWT Al
letters muet be post paid.
March 22nd, 1254. Iy44
FRESH supply of Wright's Indian Veg.
.etable Pifls, a standard English Medicine,
for the reventton and cure of disease, to aid
and improve digestion and purify the blood.
For sale at the new Dru Stora in Ashland
A jew .Tie hod.
recently been made by Dr. t cans, for
tha cure of Asthma, ConiumptionBrpnchifWa,
Cntighs, Colds, and all Lung Complainta, by
Medicated Inhalation. Dr, Curtis' Hygena, ol.
Inhaling Uygenian Vapor and Cherry, Syrup,.
haa accomplished the most wonderful cares of.'
Asthma and Consumption in the City of
York and vicinity for a few montha past; vr'
known to man-... It i producing an ivpresaioa
on Disease of the longs never before witasss--ed
by the Medical Profession. Sea eertiG--catcain
hands of Agents. : -.;;.,..
The Inhaler ia worn oa the breast, aadr the
linen, without the least inconvenienca, iba
heat oftlie body being aufficicnt to evaporate
the fluid, supplying the lung cons' itly with
a healing and agreeable vapor, pssaiot; into
all the air-cells and pasaagea tit the langathat
cannot possibly be reached by other aaedieiaew
Here ia a cases . t ; . ., - n
Asthma Cored. ... -Kr,
B book Lin, K. Y., Dec. 20tb, 1853.
For about eight years I have beea severely
afflicted witb the Asthma ; for the last two'
years I have suffered beyond a power of-description;
months at a time I have ttut, boon
able to sleep in bed, vetting what rest I could
sitting in my chair. My difficulty of breathing,
and my sufferings were so great at times, that
for hours together my friends expected acfr
hour would be my last. During lha past ail
years I have had the aid and attendance of
some of ihe most celebrated physicians, bot
have received no permanent benefit, aad bat
Zittle relief. I at length had the good fortune'
to procure Dr. Curtis' Hygcsna Vapor and1
Cherry Syrup. At the time I Srat obtained it,
I was srfiering. under one f my most violent
attacks, and was in great distress, almost auP
focating for want of breath. In lea than, tea
minutes from the time I applied the Inhaler'
to my stmomach, and took a teaspoonful of the
Cherry Sjrnp, I was relieved in a great mea-
ure from the difficulty ot breathing; and "had1
a coiiifor'ablo night. . I have since eantiaueaV
it with the greatest possible beaeat, and IS
now comparatively well. God only knows the
amount of suffering this medicine haa relieved
me from. My advic to the suffering is,--try it.
Consumption Cured.
, Njew Yobk, Dee. 27th,' 1653. "
. I came to New York in the ship Telegraph I
my native place is St. John's, New Brunswick
when I reached this city,' my health waa very
poor : had a very bad cough, raiaed a good deal
of matter, which was frequently mixed with
blood; bad pain in my left side, and was vwy
thin and emaciated.- My friends and pliyaiciao
pronounced my cise Consumption, and beyond
ihe reach of medicine. I accidentally" heard
of Dr. Curtia'Hygenia, or inhalfhg Mygeaa Va
por and Cherry Syrup, and obtnined a package,
which I verily believe was the meana o aaving
my life. Soon after wearing the Inhaler. I
took the Cherry Syrup aa directed, and cos.
tianed to do sorny courh gradually growing
better, until it entirety leltme, aad I aow con
sider myself cured' I atill wear the Inhaler,
as the use of it ia rather p!easant,and believing
it strengthening and punning to the langa; I
feel uu willing at present to dispense withtw.
Sold by Boyd & Paul, No. 149 Chambers .1
C. II. Ring, corner of John street aad. .Broad
way, N. Y. Price $3 a paqkage. " ,
N. B. Any person inclosing fJS to Boyd fc
Paul, or Curtia 8c Perkina, New, York, wilrro
ceive a package containing a bottle of liygeaa
Vapor, one of Cherry Syrup, and an Inhaler
in a neat box, by expreas, free to any part of
the Untied Slides; or four packages for tltt- i
June 7. 1854 ..... .: . ly. . s;
An Itrvmliiattlo Book for twenty. five
ctn."Kvry IVauillr abomldL naxT
a. Copy . " :i.
1 HO Onfi Copies sold in less than a year. A
X JJ) JJ J new edition, revised and improved,
just issued.
Dr. Henna's Medical Manual and hani Book for
tho ajiicted Containing an outline of the origre,
progress, treatment and cure of every form of dia
ease contracted by promiscuous sexual intercourse,
by self-abuse or by sexual excess, with advice far
their prevention, written in a familiar style, avoid
ing all medical technicalities, and every thing that
would offend the ear o decency ;-wiln aa oatltao
of complaints incident to Females, from the result
of sonic twenty years' successful - practic., exclu
sively devoted to the core of diseaaea of a delicate
or private nature. - -
To whicb ia add-d receipts for the care of. tie
above diseases, aud a treatise on the causes, symp
toms and cure of tbe Fever and Ague. .-f -'
7'f(iMD3i of TheProfMM4rof Ohmtorico a'arswaj.
CoUtge, Philadelphia ' lr. Hears. 's Modieal Man
ual.'r Tbe auluur chills work, unlike the majirar
of those who advert icta cure the diseases ef whisk
it treats is a graduate of one of tbe heat Colleges ia
tbe United Slates. It affords me pleaare to recom
mend him to the uufortunale. or to the victim of -malpractice,
as a successful and c'xperiencsa -practitioner,
n whosti honor and integrity they mar
place tne greatest confidence. j
From A. WooiwarZ, M.D-,of Ptnn. Unieoroitf,
Pkiladclpkia.M gives me to add my te.lt
mony to Ike professional ability of Ihe AtiDor of
the " Mkdicai. Af ancai Numerous cases of Dis
ease of the Genital Organs, some -of tbera of long
staading.'bavecomc unJer my notice, iu which h,s
skill has been manifest in restoring to perfect
health, in some cases where tee patient has- been
considered beyuiid medical aid. in the treatment
of Seminal weaknesses, or disarrangement at taa
functions produced by scl f-abuee or Kxcesa of van
ery, 1 co uot know bis superior in the profession,
1 have been acquainted with the Author aoma thir
ty years, and, deem it uo more than justice to him
as well a kindness .to the unfortunate victim of
early indiscretion, to recommend him as one ja
whose professional skill and integrity tbey may
safely coutide themselves.
A Lra a o Worn waa a, M . IX
"This is, without exception, the most compre
hensive and intelligible work published fm tbe
class of diseases of which it treats. Avoiding oil
technical terms, it addresses itseir to the reasoa ef
ita readers, ft is free from all objectionable mat
ter, and no parent, bo wever fastidioue can object
to placing it in tba hauds of his sons. The antbot
haa devoted many yeara to the treatment of the
darinus complaints treated of, and, with too littla
breath to puff, aud too little presumption to lra
pose, be has offered to the world, at tbe merely nomi
nal price of 25 ceuts, tbe fruit of aome twenty yeara
most successful practice." Herald. ,-, r
''No teacher or parent should be without tbe
knowledge imparted in this invaluable work. It
would save years or pain, mortification aod sorrow
to the youth under their charge. "People's Advocate.
A Presbyterian clergyman in Ohio, writing of
Hunter'a Medical Manual" aays :-- Thoueanda
upon thoussnds of our youth, by evil example and
influence of the passions, have been led into tba
habitof self-pollution, wilboutrealizingthe sin and
fearful consequences upon themselves nnd their pos
terity. The constitutions of thousands who are
raising families have been enfeebled, if not broken
down, and they do not know tbe causa or the curs.
Anything tbatcan be done so to enlighten and in
fluence tbe public mind as to Cher k, and ultimately
to remove 'this widespread source of human
wretchedness, would confer the greatest blessing
next to tbe relieiu n of Jesus Christ, on the present
and coming generation. Intemperance (or tbe use
of intoxicating drinks) though it baa slain tboa
sands, is not a greater scourge to the human rao.
Accept my thanks on behalf of the afflicted, and, be
lieve me, your co.workerin the good woik yon are
so actively engaged in ." .
One copy (securely enveloped) will be forwarded
free of postage, to any part of tba United States Hr,
Socenls. or six copies for $1. Address, (postpaid)
COSDKN dc CO., Publishers, or Box 106, Phi la. . ;
JP Booksellers, Canvassers and Book Ageata .
supplied on the most liberal terma.
Aug. 16tn. 1654. BlS-ly j
ing in tbe cure of Coughs, -Colds, 'Asth
ma, Bronchitis, Sore Throats, Hoarseness,
Difficult Breathing, Incipient Consumption arid
Diseases of the Lungs. They have no taste o I
medicine, andany child will take them. Thou
sands have been restored to health that had
before dispaired. Testimony given ia bandied
of cases. A single dose relieve ia tea !
Utcs ! . . . . , .
Ask for Bryan's Pulmonic Wafer the orig
inal and only genuine is stamped Bryan."
Spuriu kinds are offered for sale.- Tweaty
five cent a box. Sold by dealer generally.
J .BRYAN & Co., Rochester, New York,-Proprietor.
Whole sale by . D. Park, Cincin
nati, Ohio; W. Piske Cleveland, Ohio . . -February
8, 1864-n3Stf.' ' .
Or 'Great Western Hair Restorative.
IT promotes the growth, softens, makee per
manent, and restores the natural color ot
the hair. It gives health to the skin aod to the
glands which form the hair; remove 'all
Scurf, Dandruff, Eruption and Feverish .Beat
from the scalp. It fastens h.iir. prevents bald
n e a, ad even causes a full growth Where tbe
hairhas fallen off. It containsae coloring mat
ter, bot effects its wonderful change in ae
condition ot the hair," by giving haoith to
the akin of the head, and gland which form
the hair. . . ' ., .. (
Price 50-cts. per bottle. A liberal deduc
tion made to wholesale purchasers. Address J.
HIGH WARDEN, Ashland, Ashlaad county,
Ohio. . i - ,r ..;! X: ; r .
- Jaauary, 11th, 1853 , , . . i ' . . 3t
AND - .
I7RNST BACHERER respectfully announ
J cea to hia friends and lover of good living
generally, that he haa made a complete reno
vationin hi establishment, one door west of
the McNulty House, Ashland, Ohio,' aad wilt
keep constantly on hand during the ensuing
summer every luxury usually found ia thia
" N. B. Know all men, that no intoxicating
liquorwill be kept in my establishment.
Aeliland, March Rth, 1854. 1)42 tf.
- V

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