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- AH ACT '
emend aa act entitled "aa act defining thelu-
tisdictiea, had rarulatiog tbe practice ol Probata
tou," ptuM unci Mta, lsi3.
Sectioh 1. Beit enacted by the Gen
eral Assembly - q XA - State of Ohio,
That Bectiom forty-mno," fifty, aud fifty.
. two, of a aot defining the jurisdiction
and regulating th practice of the probate
eoarta, passed March 14, 1853, be, and
the same are hereby so amended as to
read as follows: See. 49. One hun
dred and eighty judicious persons, hav
ing the qualifications of electors, shall be
annually selected iu each county, to at
tend as jurors in the probate court, in the
manner prescribed by law, for the selec
tion of jurors to attend the court of com
mon pleas; and such aeperate list shall
be delivered to the probate judge by the
trustee or judge of election, at the same
ftnae the list for . the court of common
- pleas is required to be delivered to the
clerk of that court, and the person uampd
' in the list delivered to the probate judge,
, shall serve as jurors, in tho probate court,
under the provisions of this act : Provi
ded, that Trior to the selection and re
. turn of such jurors for the year 1854, as
provided by law, said probate court shall
causa to tw mmmenul fui iaiu term, the
' proper number of persons, having J.Le re
quired qualifications, to serve as jurors
for such term.
Sec. 2. See. 50. The names of the
persons selected to serve as jurors in the
probate court, shall be written on scpar
rate pieces of paper, and deposited in a
box, to be-provided at the expence of the
county ; and at least ten days before a
term of a probate court, unless by a writ
ten entry in his minutes, the judge shall
dispense with or postpone the attendance
of a jury, he shall, iu the presence of the
sheriff of the county, proceed to shake
the box and draw therefrom twelve bal
lots, and shall forthwith deliver a list of
the jurors drawn, to the sheriff, deputy
sheriff, or a constable of the county, with
au endorsement thereon, signed by him
with his name and seal of office, to the
following effect; A. B., sheriff (or dep
uty sheriff, or constable) of the county of
at , to which hi m delivered, is
required to summon the persons named
in the within list, to appear, before me
at, (naming the place) -on (naming
the day and hour,) to serve as jurors at
a prabate court, to be then and there
held, dated at , the day of
, to .
Sec. 3. Sec. 52. Each party shall
be entitled to two peremptory challen
ges, and such other challenges for cause,
as the probate judge may allow, and if
twelve jurors do not attend, or be not ob-
- tained, the judge may direct the sheriff,
or other officer iu attendance, to summon
any of the by-standers, or others who may
- be competent, against whom ho sufficient
cause of challenge shall appear, to act as
jurors. AY hen twelve jurors appear and
are accepted, they shall constitute the
jury. The failure to attend by any per
son, when duly summoned, shall be pun
ished as in like cases in the court of com
mon pleas, and the jury, when Bworn or
affirmed, shall hearthe proofs of the par
ties, which must be delivered in public,
and in the presence of the defendant
Sec. 4 That the original sections,
forty -nine, fifty, and fifty-two, of said act.
be and the same are hereby repealed.
Speaker of tbe House of Reps.
President of the Senate.
April 26, 1834.
53 AN ACT,
" Providing tor tbe appointment to officer of tbe
. Ohio Penitentiary, fixing tbeir compensation,
prescribing tbeir duties, sod determining tbe
Btaaaer of working Convicts.
Section 1. Beit enacted by the Gen
eral Assembly of tlie state of Ohio, That
there shall be appointed by the Gov
ernor, by and with the advise and con
sent of the Senate, three directors of the
Ohio Penitentiary, one of whom shall
hold his office for the term of two years,
one for the term of four years, and one
- for the term of six years and until tbeir
successors are appointed and qualified ;
but no person shall be eligible to the
office of director who is a contractor in
the Penitentiary, or interested directly
or indirectly, in any branch of business
carried on in said institution; and should
- any director become interested, either
directly or indirectly, in any business
. carried on in said institution, during bis
. teria of office, it shall be good cause for
His removal ; and npon information
given of such fact; or for other cause,
arhich, in the opinion of the Govcrnflt ,
is suffice nt, the Governor is hereby au
thorised and required to remove uflch
direotor. Which removal and the rea
sons therefor, he 6ball cause to be enter
ed npon the journals of the Penitentiary,
and report the same to the next session
of 'the General Assembly. The said
directors first appointed under this act,
to hold their offices according to the rota
tion in which tbeir names are presented
to the Senate ; the first named for two
years, the second for four, and the third
for six years respectively. ' Each of
whom, before entering upon the duties
of their office, shall take and subscribe
jan oath or affirmation to support the
Constitution of the United States and of
it he State of Ohio, and to faithfully and
dilligeatly discharge the duties of such
(director. In case of a vacancy in said
"board of directors, by death, resignation
or otherwise, during a recess of the Seu
atc, the same shall be filled by the Gov
ernor, until the next meeting of the Gen
eral Assembly. Said directors to re
ceive three dollars per diem for tho time
actually employed in the discharge of
their dnties, to be paid out of the Treas
ury of State, on the certificate of "the
Warden, that said services have been
Sec. 2. At the first meeting of the
board of directors under this act, they
.shall chose one of their number as presi
dent of tbe board, whose duty it Bhall
. be to visit the institution every two
weeks, examine the workshops, cells,
rooms, and the books and vouchers of
the Warden, and enter the result of his
investigation in a book e ailed a journal,
to be provided for that purpose. And
after the expiration of the term of ap
pointment of the first president, as di
rector, then the oldest ' member of the
xard shall thereafter act as president
daring his term of office. It shall be
the duty of all the' directors to meet at
the office of tbe penitentiary every three
months, to make a quarterly settlement
of the accounts of the warden, and in
spect the various departments and shops
' of the institution, and record the result
of their investigation in the journal,
signed by each member present, if all
shall be agreed. If otherwise, the opin
ions of the dissenting members shall go
.on record.
- 6o. The director shall appoint
a Warden, who shall hold his office for
the term of two years, unless sooner re
moved by the directors ; but in case of
removal, the reasons therefor Bhall be
entered on the journals of the Institution.
The warden shall take an oath or affir
mation,' faithfully to discharge the du
ties of his office, and give bond to the
State of Ohio, in the sum of ten thou
sand dollars, with at least two good and
sufficient freehold ' securities, to be ap
proved . by the directors, conditioned
tor tbe taunt ul performance ot the sev
eral duties which are hereby, or which
may" from time to time be required of
him by law: which said bond shall be
deposited with the Treasurer of Stat
The Warden, by and with the advice
and consent of the directors, shall have
power to appoint a deputy, clerk, and
such number of assistant keepers as the
directors may deem necessary, all of
whom shall take an oath of affirmation
faithfully to discharge their duties, and
give bonds to the State of Ohio ; the
clerk and deputy warden iu the sum of
two thousand dollars each, and the as
sistant keepers iu the sum of five
hundred dollars each, with securi
ty, to be approved by the. directors,
which bonds shall be deposited with the
Treasurer of btate. All the above of
ficers shall be subject to such by-laws
and rules as may bo prescribed by the
directors of the government of the pris
on, luc Uirectora shall also appoint
I - .. . f .
JaDhjsiciaii, who sualLattuna tOJtUUieJ4it out as herein proviaeu tor, numo
cases ot 8icKues8 among tno convicts
reside near the penitentiary, aud rceicve
a compensation for his services, a sum
not exceeding eight hundred dollars per
Sec. 4. The warden shall receive au
annual compensaniou for his services,
not exceeding twelve hundred dollars, to
be fixed by the board of directors, Ine
clerk shall receive an annual compensa
tion for his services, not exceeding eight
hundred dollars, lne deputy wardeu
shall receive an annual compensation
for his services, not exceeding seven nun
drcd dollars, aud each assistant keeper
shall receive a compensation not exceed
ing thirth-five dollars per month, except
the night watch, who may receive torty
dollars per month, to be determined by
the directors. A hat no person so cm
ployed shall be entitled to or receive any
perquesites, in the shape of board, pro
visions, carriages, or horses, or other
wise, eithcrfor themselves or families.
Sec. 5 It shall be the duty of the
directors to appoint a chaplain of tin
unio I'cnitentiarr, who snail bold uis
office during the pleasure of the "direc
tors, and who shall receive an anual sal
ary of seven hundred dollars, to be paid
quarterly, out cf the visitors' fund, on
the order of the directors. The chap
lain shall be a regularly ordained minis
ter of the gospel, iu good standing iu
some one ot the denominations of this
State, who shall be competent to teach
the first rudiments cf an English educa
tion, and who shall reside iu or near the
penitentiary, and devote his whole time
and ability to the interests of the con
victs confined therein, and shall, iu addi
tion to his services, teaeh such of the
convicts as he and the warden may se
lect, the art of reading, writing, arith
metic and geography, at such hours as
may be found most conductive to the
interest3of the institution.
Sec. 6. It shall be the duty of the
wardeu to make such arrangements with
the contractors who now hare contracts
for convict labor, and so to nuke all
future contracts, as will permit the con-
vicTs to nave a certain amount or labor
alloted to thorn each day for a day's
work, and the time so gained after the
performance of the task, may be occu
pied iu attending the prison school, or iu
labor for the contractors, at such' prices
as may be agreed upon by the warden,
directors, convict, aud contractor,
money so .earned to be collected by the
warden for the convict, the same as mo
neys due the institution from the con
tractors, (with the exception of three
month's credit,) and the wardeu shall
permit the convict to send the amount
so earned to his family, or retaiu it in
the office of the institution, for the use
of the convict when his term expires;
and in case the warden is dismissed, or
dies, or resigns before the expiration of
the sentence of the convict, who fats
funds iu his hands, he Bhall account for
the amount the same as for the funds of
the institutions in his possession. And
an accurate and detailed account of all
such moneys received, and to whom pay
able, shall be kept by sail warden, in a
book to be provided for that purpose.
Sec 7. The ' warden is hereby au
thorized and required, so far as practi
cable with existing coutracts, (aud a'l
contracts hereafter made for convict la
bor, shall so provide,) to classify the
convicts according to tbeir age aud dis
position; placing all young me t under
t wen ty-one years of age, (unless the con
duct of some shall forbid it,) in a shop or
shops by themselves, and give them such
work as will be most beneficial to them
wheu discrged; aud persons convicted f
of the higuer crimes, or who shall be J
convicted a second time of penitentiary
offences, or whose couduct vjSfJsrVe
it, shall be worked in a smjp by them
selves, at such euiplopmeut as the war-
den may deem most fitting for them, orl4raudJ smashes.
profitable to the State.
Sec. 8. The warden shall attend
the purchasing cf all articles for th i-
stitution, clothing, provisions, medicines,
material for building or repairs, or raw
material to be mauufactured iu the pen
itentiary, shall have iu charge the whole
operation of the institution, and shall
be its executive officer.
Sec. 9. The warden of the peniten
tiary shall, within five days after the
close of each month, file with the Audit
or of State, a certified statement, in
which shall be set forth the names of
the several contractors for prison labor,
the amount due from each, at the close
of the next preceding mouth, aud the
particular class of labor on which said
contract was based ; and upon receiving
such certified statement, the Auditor of
State shall forthwith isue to the Treas
urer of State, his drafts ou the several
persons from whom s ch money is due,
aud the Treasurer of State shall cause
tho same to be immediately presented
aud paid, and shall prepare and deliver
triplicate receipts therefor, one of which
shall be for the use of the person by whom
the mouey is paid, and one each, to the
Auditor of State, aud warden of the
Sec. 10. All moneys due the insti
tution, arising from sources other than
those specified iu the next preceding
section, shall be paid to the warden, who
shall pay over the same to the Treasurer
of State, at the close ' of each mouth,4
and such moneys shall be certified into
the treasury in the same manner that
other moneys are certified into the treas
ury ; and for all moneys eo paid over by
the warden duplicate receipts shall be
given, one of which sLall be forthwith
deposited with the Auditor of State, and
the other retained by tho warden. A
full and detailed statement of all such
moneys received, ' and paid over to the
Treasurer of State, shall be made out by
the warden, at the close of each quarter
of tbe year; such 'statement shall set
forth tho several amounts received, from
whom, at what time, and on what ac
count, and shall be immediately depos
ited with the Auditor of State.
Sec. 11. All accounts for claims
against the penitentiary for salaries, pro
visions, clothing, medicines, repairs,
buildings, fuel, &&, shall be certified by
the warden, countersigned by the tlerk,
and endorsed on the back, " approved,"
by at least one of the directors, and pre
sented to the Auditor of State, who shall
examine and adjust the same, and if
found correct, shall issue bills, payable
to the state treasury, for the sums which
shall be found due, specifying iu- each
bill the date of its issue, the name of the
persou to whom payable, and the appro
priation from which it is to be paid.
Sec. 12. All contracts for provis
ions, clothing, medicines, forage, fuel,
huildinf. or repairs, where the amount
shall exceed the sum of two hundred
dollars, fhall be civen to the lowest bid-
dor. No bid herein authorized, shall
be received, or contract made, in pur
suance thereof, unless the same bo rea
sonable, and not greater than the usual
market value and price. So far as pos
sible, tho lot tins of contractsshall ha.
( 1 . , . r. , .
other contracts shall bo let to run more
than six months, nor shall any contract
be valid uutil approved by tho auditor
and attorney ceueral. Notice of the
time and place of letting each contract,
shall be given for at least two consecu
tive weeks, in two daily newspapers in
Columbus, and in one of the weekly pa
pers, published iu each of the counties
adjoining Franklin county, and in such
othet papers as the wardeu may deem ex
pedient; and where any two. Dias suaii
be equal, the warden may select any
one of them, as the persou who shall
have the contract, and each contractor'
shall cive bond and security to the sat
isfaction of the directors, for the faithful
performance of his contract.
Sec. 13 All contracts for "working
couvicts. shall be given to the highest
reputable bidder, the letting of which
the directors shall give at least six
week's notice, in two daily or weekly
newnnaners. Dublished in the city of
Columbus, two in the city of Cincinnati
and one iu fhe city of Cleveland ; and
all contractors shall be required by the
directors, to give security to the State,
for the faithful performance of their con
tracts, in such amouuts as tho directors
in their judgement may think proper and
Sec. 14. Convicts may be hired, iu
any number not exceeding fifty in one
contract, aud for any term not exceeding
five years, in such uiaur.cr as the direc
tors in their judgement, may think most
conducive to the interests of the State.
Sec. 15. The directors : shall, iu
company, every three months, inspect
the Warden's- accounts, the different
apartments of the prison, and the condi
tion of the prisoners, and shall have
power to regulate, and fix their appoint
ment, duties, and salary, of all officers
or agents of the penitentiary, nol other
wise provided for by law, and annually
on or before the 15th day of November,
sudmit to the governor of the State,
a report of the condition of the prison,
together with suggestions, as to the im
provement that may to them appear
rmoessarv k 1 -
Sec. 1G. The directors and warden
of the penitentiary shall, from time to
time, establish by-laws, rules and regu
lations, for fhe discipline and government
thereof, and the warden, for himself aud
assistants; shall be held responsible for
the observance and enforcement of such
by-laws, rules and -regulations ; Provi
ded, always, that such by-laws, rules and
regulations; shall not be coutrary to lay,
aud the directors shall submit such by
laws, rules and regulations, to the legis
lature, at each regular session thereof.
Provi j'ed, always, that nothing in this
shall be so construed rs to prevent of
ficers of the Ohio Penitentiary, from
holding their respective offices -until
their- successors in office shallfbe appoint
ed and qualified.
Sec. 17. The act providing for the
appoiutnient of officers of the Ohio Peni
tentiary, passed April 26, 1852, is here
by repealed. F. C. LeBLOND,
Speaker of the House of Reps.
' President of the Senate.
" April 26, 1854. "
j3fA prize for the best conundrum
was offered at' Burk's benefit at Sacra
mento, and the following won it over
fifty competitors : " Why is a . China
man the most wonderful of known ani
mals? Because his head and tail sprout
from the same end."
r When you are low spirited,
aud teel like looking at tho world
through a smoked glass, take' to the
country, instead of tho bot'le. An hour
with birds aud mullen stalks will bring
you rouud better than a dollar's worth
inton. The Republican congrat
ulates the citizens of Clinton upon the
completion of the railroad between Cin
cinnati and Chillicothe, which forms a
new and important outlet to that county.
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Buyers will find it to their interest to call and
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August 30, 1354. 3ml4
1 nomas K. Castor, ) - '
vs. f
J. Q. A. Bull, J
YT my iustaiice an order of attachment was Is
sued on the Sd day of October lf-i-1, by Jobu
Taylor, a Justice of tbe Peace of Hanover town
sbi , Asblaud county, for the fum of ale. 50 anil
costs, against the property and effect of J . Q. A.
Hull, a uoo-resiueutof saiil county. " Causing B. F.
wiiitner to be earnished ill aid Dl'oceedinc.
' Oct. telh. 1651- 3W31
TVTOTIC E hereby Riven, that the under-
l sirned has been appointed Kiecutur of
the F.state of Sena Umphryes, deceased. Da
ted this 25th day of October, A. D., lt-64.
THOMAS BUDD, Executor.
Not. 1st, 1854, 8w23
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Diplomas and Medals by competition in tie
principal Stales iu tbe Union and alto baying been
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London as the very be-t article mauufactured, are
confidently offered to tbe cemmuuity as a great
deiidoratim for pure sweet sleep.
The piecess by which oor hair is manufactured
entirely precludes tbe possibility of moth orotaer
insect annoyances engendering therein as proved
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nials from the first chemists of the age, from wbick
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Experiment ha demonstrated that the puriyiig
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Professorof Chmistry and Toiculoy in tbe
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Ihtt Clothing Department (under tbe firm off..
H TvLEa de Co.,) will embrace a great variety of
well Made Garments, such as eanuot fail to give
satisfaction.- ' - -' -..ft
We invite tbs attention of casb and short time
fry We bave also secured" the services of W.
L STRONG, (late or Mauslield, Ohio.) who will
take areat pleasure in showing you through our
stock : when you visit this market, please favor
him with a call.
L. O. WILSON 6c CO.,
No. 13 COURTLAHD T., ADS 11 AHD 13 DsT ST., R
January 85. 1854. lr.
Administrator' Notice.
NO TICE is hereby given, that tbe undersigned has
been duly appointed aud qualified as Admins
tratorof the Estate of Samuel Wierman, deceased,
late ef Montgomery township. Ashland couuty,
uiuo. r ALU.
Ashland Sept. 90th, ISM, . W1T
; (i5DucQtional.
: v FOXiSOlU'S
E.G. POLROM. A B.. Principal, Teacher of Practi
cal and Ornamental Penmanship.
K. P. GOObKUGH Superinteiioent. Prof.of the
Theory and Practice of Book-Keeping and Lee-
turer on Mercantile Customs, General Laws of
Trade. Accounts. a;0. - v
W. H. HOLISTEK, Assistant in Book Keeping De
partment. GEO. VI ILEY. THOS. H. HAY and D. B. PREMLAi
of the Cleveland Bar, Lecturers on Mercantile
Kav. K. H. KEVIN and J. C. VAUGHN. En..
Lecturers en Political Economy.
R. P. HUM1&TOK. Lecturer on tbe History of Com
merce and tbe Art of Computatiou.
A. C. Brown well.
Andrew Freese.
John B Waring,
T. C. Severance,
Harmon L. f'tiapin,
Truman P. Handy,
8. H Mather,
John riherruan, .
If. P. Eels,
T. F. Hay,
John L. Severance.
G. W. Safrod.
For the Mercantile Course, Tine unlimited. $40 00
The same Couise for I adies 25 CO
Tweuty Lessons in Practical Penmanship
simply.. - 5 CO
For full Course in Flourishing, &c... 95 bO
Tbe Principal of the Institution, guided by the
wants and experiences of the Mercantile communi
ty lias breceutly secured some of tbe ablest men in
tbe state as Instructors and Lecturers in tbe va
rious departments of the College
The Prof, of the Science uf Accounts, has had
an experience of eight or nine years iu Coinuier.
cial Affairs, alternating his time, partly as. Teach
er, in the Mercantile Colleges of Ciiicinati, Pitts
burgh aud li?ve!auu, aim partly as au actual nook
kceuer in tbe besl Business House ill tbe Country
These rare qualifications, yet so desirable auxl so
seldom fouud in our Mercantile Schools, will en
able this College to impart a more thorough
knowledge or ihe real mtfutU cf Practical and
Theoretical Book-Keeptng lliau can be had proba-
Diy in any similar iubiiluuuu in me u. niair-
The subject of Commercial Calculations Till
have more prominence in this than in most Institu
tions of tbe kiud, since aseparate chair is to oe dej
voted to it besides tbe usual instruction given by
tbe tbe Prof, of Accounts. The modus operaudi
of Teaching is cnliiely new aud originat pursued
by. uo Mercantile School found iu uo text book,
aud may be justly aud properly styled telegraphic '
in its uature, siuce it will abridge tbe labors of
the Accountant, more than one half
Penmanship in addition to the usual methods
pursued, will be taught uew and unrivalled Sys
tem of Chirythmography, developed by the Princi
pal lu his exteusive experience aa lustructur In tlie
Public Schools of this city and elsewhere. I bis
system will produce the popular Commercial Hand
of tbe day, in about half the time usually devoted
to that purpose.
Try For further particulars see circulars just is
sued and tbe regular catalogues. Seuu for them by
Cleveland, Aug. S. 1854. 45if
LJEIiSONS desirous of becoming thorough
and accomplished accountants, will find it
greatly to their advantage to call on the un
dersigned, before engaging elsewhere, aa he is
prepared to demonstrate, fully, that his accom
modations forstudents, the comprehensiveness
oi the course of instruction, and facilities lor.
procuring situations for those desirous ajf ob
taining them, aro unsurpassed , (as it is be
lieved, nncqualed,! by auy similar institu
tion iu the United States.
In addition to the regular course of instruc
ti in, there will be a
on topics of great importance in a. commer
cial point ot view, delivered by Hon. Bellamy
Stnrcr, E. D. Mansfield, Esq., Rev. S.ininel
W. Eislier, Henry C. Lord, Esq., Prof. Chas
W. Wright, and other eminent Lecturers and
Uusines men. These lectures I eing a new and
important feature not introduced in any of the
other Mercantile Colleges.
Notwithstanding the great expeuse atten
dant upon securing the services of able' Lec
turers and Assistant, the Terms tor. Tuition
wilt remain aa heretofore, viz :
Kor a full course of instruction in D E
Book-Keeping, Writing. Commercial
Calculation,' Lectures, &c... ...... $40 00
Writing (only) per munth . 6 Oil
At a meeting of tbe Graduating Class of Bacon's
the Mercantile College, held in the Lecture Koo.n
i.-f College edifice, Friday. 1Kb Marcb, l53, J. S.
Kaker was appointed chairman, and Wet-ton Ar
nold, Keciciaiy. On motion; a com mill ee jf five,
composed tl il J. Bowman, J. S. Hakcr, K. J.
fr'oi th, T. O. (Sawyer and Geo. ISichol, wn ap
pointed to report reriolution expressive of the
high opinion entertained by the class, of the mo
lt ol this lustitutiou, and cf the character aud
qualifications of the Principal and his Assistants.
V hereupon, the committee reported the follow
ine preamble and resolutions, which were unaui
jji ouKlyadupied :
11 KU aV As. I, 111 v aMl- iiiucrD a,ua w auuai-
ing Clas uf K. S. Bacon, -Mercantile College, being
abuut to separate, desire to give expression to our
feelings of respect fur our esteemed Instructor, and
his corps of able aitaut. Therefore.
lUsoloedt That the thauks of tbe clasa, are due
to our said instructors for the uniform kiuduess of
their deportment toward us while in this Institu
tion at the same time the thoroughness or their
instructions has entitled them to our highest re
spect and confidence.
Resolved That we recommend to thia Instititu
tiuu to all who may desire to acquire a commer
cial education, as affording tbe greatest facilities
for such acquisition.
Re v Iced y That we as a class, affix nur names
to these proceedings, aud tbat a copy of them be
delivered to U.S. Bacon, aud that they be published
in ihe city papers.
H. A. Kowmau, S. Black, -Isaac
Baughman, J. S. Baker,
H. W. Carroll. E. J. Foisyth,
George Nichol, G. H. Hughes,
James ThoniPfOii.H. 1. Kygcr,
Wm.W. Suydcr,
Franklin EtliuU,
A. Paddock.
"Weston Aruold,
uauiei uoweu.
W. J . Kobinson, treorge Harvie, t. neiu.
Bacon's Mkrcamtilic ''ollkok. The examina
tion of thesludcut1 in Book-Keeping exhibited a
degree ot proficiency on their part highly ciedit.
able to themselves and Mr. Bacon, their Instruc
tor. The most ditncult problems in Double Entry
were as rapidly solved as tbe most simple, giving
ample proof to tbe audience that the information
imparted during the session would be of practical
benefit." Cincinnati Enquirer of March li!t, 1853.
The various complex questions proposed by the
Principal aud other gentlemen present, were au
swered witb great promptitude and conciseness,
which reflects great credit upou the course of study
pursued at this Institution.' Cm. Daily Gazette.
"Mr. Bacon is unrivalled as a teacher. A di
ploma from this College in Cincinnati, Is required
as a eaaaoaiu obtaining situations in the best
Mercantile Houses in large cities CkUticothe
Ancient Metropolis May Br, 1853.
Mr Bacon has constructed thei.pper portion ol
bis building expressly for the purposes of bis col
lege, and without auy doubt, it is the most com
plete arraugeuientof the kind in the U. States.-
Cincinnati Gazette. A0. 8, 1853.
This whole Institution is undoubtedly tlie most
elegvnt and finished etablirhuieut, for the purr
poses in the w irtd." Enquirer. . -.--.-
Feb. aa, 1H54. n40. U.
DIIS. I LAKK & K VNli would re
spectfully inform the citixens of Ashland
und vicinity, that they have associated them
selves tcigether for tlie practice of Medicine
and Su eery in all their various branches, and
hy diligence and close attention to their office,
nnd prompt attendance upon all calla at all
hours, tliev hope to merit a liberal share ol
nnlili", patronage. . Da. Clabk offers his thanks
t'j all those who have heretofore favored hun
tit) their business, and will bo under renew
ed obligations for a continuance of the same.
Da. Cbake, will devote special attention to the
aludv and practice of Surcery in all its vari
eties, and- more- especially in all diseases ot
the Ev . either acute or chronic.
Office, adjoining Millington's Drug
Store. onoOMte P. at J. Kisser's .tore.
jyDa. Clak" residence near tho Metho
dist Church. ;
Da.. Ckase'b on third street opposite
Wagon's. P. H. CLARK, M- D.
I. i.. CRANK, M. D.
April 19th, 1854 n4Stl
"TIT AS awarded the First Premium at the
V World'a Fair, in New York, in 1S53.
Also at the Ohio State Fairs, 'or three success
ive years: and at all other plrcea, whenever
exhibited. Warranted to hull and clean from 20
to 40 bushels perday, or from 2 to 5 bushels per
hour: aud with a new improvement, (now oe
ing Patented) to be attached to t.ie Machines
made in lKo4,they will null anu clean one touriii
more in the same time.
For sale by M.H.MANSFIELD,
Sole Manufacturer, Ashland, Ohio.
June 14, 1854. i3U".
N. B. Prosecutions will be promptly -commenced
for any infringement ol the rights of
he Patten tee. M. H. M.
MRS. PILGRIM & CO., would respectfully
inform the Ladies ol Ashland, ana vicin
ity, that tbey alill continue the - - . -
Milliiiery and Dress Making Business,
at their old stand, one door east of the T7te'
printing o tfice, and having just received the
LA f KST i-UMMKR STYLES, and from their
long experience in the business, feel fully con
fident of giving entire satisfaction to all who
may favor them with their patronage.
. Ashland, July 5, 1854.. , 6tf
ALAKSOK WALKER Announces to tbe public
tbat he is now prepared to make cofTiiis on
the shortest notice, at prices much fess tban they
are made at any other shop Asblaod. "He cau be
fou nd at KTiccbbaum'e old shop, 3d at. , Ashland
May Tth, 184.
Stabler Dinrrhra Cordial.
IS a pleasant Mixture, compounded in agree
ment with the rules of Pharmacy, of therapeu
tic agents, long known and celebrated for their
peculiar efficacy In curinp PlAKKHtEA, and simi
lar affect ion of the eystem. In its aetion, it
ai.lats NtF and producas a healthy condition
of the LIVKK. Umn removin tbe cause at the time
time it cures the disease.
stabler' Anodyne Cherry fSxppctora.it
Isconfidcntlr recommended to tnvali(ls as cksu
rpa m d by any known preparation, for the cure
of CBughtta Hoarse eB, and otheT forms of Common
TWN in an early si age. and for tbe Relief of the
patient even in atlvauced stage of that fatal dis
aese. It combines, in ascientific l.ianner, remedies of
long esteemed value, with others of more recent
discovery ; and besides its mm thing and (wicqualt
tiea, acts thro' the skin, gently and with great ef
ficacy, for the cure of this class of diseases.
The valuable Medicines above named have recen
tly been introduced, with the approval ot a oum
tsrof our Medical Prmfttiion in the city of Balti
more and evcy where, and in practice bave succee
ded most admirably in curing the diseases for
bicb they are prescribed. They are ollered to
the country practitioners or Medicines which be
can in all respects depeud upon as prepared in
agreement with the experience of some of the
most learned and judicious Physielans and strictly
in conformity witfc "the rules, of Pharmacy, and
-as especially serving his convenience, who can
not so readily as the City Physician, have his own
pre criptious compounded by a practical fbarma.
See the descriptive Pamphlets, to be hac gratis of
all who have tbe Medicines for sale, containing
ccom7)eiidaiions from lioctors Masti. Halt
zvi.i., iDii'Tin, Pavke. Hikot, Love. &c.
solloctor S. ti. MiETia says, "1 do not hesitate to
recommend your Ltierrkaa Ceriiml and jtHcijne
Cherrp Expectorant ," 4 .
iloct. Jouh Apdisok says, It givesmemncb
pleasure to add my testimony to that of others, n
favor if tlie ertramnlirarv efficar. ef your Diarr
Asa CfTfial. ifcc; aud of the Erpectorant, " 1 have
no hesitaiiou in recommending it as a icost valna
ble mcdiciue, &c
Doct. K A. Paihi savs he has used the Diarr'
km Cardial in his practice "with tbe happiest ef
feet, aud thinks it one of the most convenient
and ellicienvcombinations ever offered to ourpro
fessiuu.1' Hoci. 1.. II. Hiiot writes, "I have administer
ed yuux Amodqne F.rpectcrant in several cases of
lirouchia Affection, with tbe moat happy refalt-a,
aud from a knowledge of. ifts admirable effects,
I can, witb the greatest confidence, recommend
It," iVc.
floct. W. S. Love writes to us that he has ad
minisiered the Expectorant to his wife, who has
had tbe Bra-mchitia for fourteen yeara. aud that
she is fast recovering from her long standing ma
lady. It has in a lew weeks done ber more good
tban all the remedies she has heretofore used un
der able medical counsel.
Sixteen of the best ApoTHEriairs and Phirs
Ac-ECTisTs iu the City of Haiti more. W are satisfi
ed thepreparations knuwn as Stabler'a jfnWne
Caerrv Expectorant and Stabtera IMarrkam Cor
dial, aro medicines of Great Viltb, and very ef
firient for the relief and cure of the diseases for
which they are recommended; they bear tbe evi
dence or skill and care in their preparation and
style of putting up. and we take plead sure in re
commending theut. o
Twertv Sever of the most respectable Menm
ants. resideiifs-oT Maryland. Virginia and North
Caro liha. who have sold and also used these
meiliciues themselves. say.-'Frcm ourown expert
ence and thai of our cuatomera. we dn confidently
recommend theniPro Bono Publico. We have never
fcnowu any remedy used for the di-easey for ivlticn
they are prescribed, to be so etiicieut. and to give
such entire satisfaction to all."
The above notices nfrecommendation from mem
bers of the MEDICA FAUf.TY, f'll A KMA KOTISTS
of high standing, and MKKCHANTS of the firsl
respectability, should be sitrlcient to satisfy all.
that these mediciitcs are wort ay of trialbr the al
flcled.and thatthey are of a 'different stamp and
class from the. -Unackery" aud "Cure Alls" so
much imposed upon he public.
For Sale by Druggists,-Apothecaries and coun
try store-keepers generally.
A Revolution Is CVi turn, Vict.TV 1" Ours.
NEW THKOKY OF D1SK.APK if awakcr.inp tbe
inquiry in the minds i:f alt who leadii: How
il si that Americans bave been ko lour and pu
slavishly immured in dark ness aud iguoiauceon tbe
subject of disease.
is offered to tbe afflicted ol the States and Tcrri
siases. Hilious fever, Ague and Fever. Chronic
f.ung Fever. Iiropsical Affections, Consumption,
ftelow Complaint Uianbea. Dysentery, Kbeuma
tism, ttleedtiig; filis liliud Piles, Scrofula, rait
Khcum, llyBpepsia. Genera Debility, Nervousness,
Custiveuess. Indigestion, Ulstructcd Menstrua,
linn. Ate.
Dr. A. L. Adams' Liver Balsam has stood the
wrcc and test for the last fifteen years, and has
proved to tbe most skeptical, beyoud a shadow of a
doubt, llial it is
The only Reliable Medicine Ever Discovereu
(being purely all vegetable.) for the permanent cure
uf the above diseases. . Tbe most skeptical bave be
come its most sanguine votaries, and pronounced
tbe Liver Balsam to be the
Ouli Reliable Harbinger of He.:ltb to (he
Testimonials come np frorri every track It has
made, swollen with expressions of giatitude, fur
tlie relief received by its use. And in subm ittiug
this, tbe Liver Haleaiu is recommended to all those
suffering uuder tbe .
and at once procure one bottle of Dr. A- L. Adams'
Liver Balsam.
The readers is inferred to the Medical Tract
found by mas ing application to the Agent where the
Kaisam is sold, giving a lull epitome uf the cause
and cure of all diseases; couiainiug, al-o certifi
cates from those vli have tested its unparalleled
ascendancy over tbe diseased to whicn we are all
subject. Sold !y R. H. CHUBB, & Co., Ashland
John MoOrorey, West Windsor; Sturges & fiiglow
Mansfield; .1. P. Stauiels Kowsburg; J. H.
rlaumgaidedifc Co., Wooster
G, E. hco-iT. General Agent, No. 6T Randolph
Street Cl iaago, Illinois.
February 1, 1634. n:i7 ly.
Jaundice, lj spepiM, Chronic or Sier
roan Itcbi tity Disease of the ItiUney a.
And all diseases arising from a disordered Liver or
Stomach, such as Couslipaiiou, Inward Piles,
Fullness or bloc d to tlie Heart. -Acidity of tbe
Stomach, Nausea, Heait Hum, Dii-gust lor Pond,
Kuliuci-s or V etgbt iu the Stomach, Sour Eructa
tions, Sinking or Fluttering at the pit of the
Stomach. Swimmiug of the Head, Hurried and
Ditllculi Breathing, Fluttering at tbe Heart, Chok
ing or Suffocating Sensation wben in a lying
posture, Dimiiesa of Visiun, Dots or Webs before
tbe sight. Fever and Dull paiu in tbe Head. De
ficiency of Piespiration. Yclfiiw'liess of the Shin
' and Eyes. Pain in the side. Rack, Chest, Limbs,
Ac. Suddeu Flushes of flea', Burullig in the
Flesh, coustanl Imaainiugs i f Evil, and Great
Depression of Spirits, cau be effectually cured by
Dr. liooflantl's Celebrated German Bitters.
Jicine Stmf , ISO Arcb St.. Philadelphia
Tbeir power over the ibovediseases is not excelled,
if equalled, by auy olber prepaialiou in tbe LI . States
aa the cures 'attest, in many cases after skillful
physician bad failed.
These Bitter are worthy tbe attention or invalids.
Possessing gicat virtues in the rectification of dis-ea-e
ol tbe Liver and lesser g!ands,eerciiug tbe
most searching powers in weakness and affections
of tbe digestive organs, they are withal safe, cer
tain aud pleasant.
E. B. Pkrkihs, Marietta, Ohio, Ferf 19, 1P51. said
"Your Bitters are higuly prixrdby tthuse who bave
used tbeni. lu a case nf Liver complaint, uf long
standing, which I. ail resisted the skill or several
Physicians, was entirely cured by the use of five
boitles." C. L. Dsakc, Freedom, Poitage co.O..
April S3, 1852, said: The German Bitters you sent
me laxt have not yet come to hand. 1 have been out
ofthe ailicle for some time, tu tbe great detriment
of invalids. It is a medicine ruuch thought of and
sought alter in this community."
B. M. HoTcHisso . M. d., Bedford, Cuyahoga co.,
O. .:ugust 26, iS52, said: "Tbe Bitters you ship
ped me in Ma last are all gone 1 think il a
good medicine, aud I am recommending it to my
patientv and fi lends, (which I do tor no other pat
eut medicine.) You will please forward a large
supply." ,
S. Frknch. Wooster, O.. tiovT 30, IMS, said:
lhave used some three nr four hollies of Huofl
aud' Geruiau Bitters lor Dyspepsia, and derived
great bene fit from tbeir use. I believe them to
be good for all diseases for which they are recom
mended.' -
in. Oaa, Wooster, O., October S, law, said :
"You ask me my opinion of tho German Bit
ters. 1 bave used them for Dyspepsia and Indi
gestion, aud take pleasure in stating tbat 1 think
they are the very best remedy extant for theabove
complaints they are decidedly iu advance of all
the proprietary medicines of the day."
Mr. Orr is a distinguished lawyer of Wooster.
These Bitters are entirely vegetable. They never
prostrate the system, but invigorate it.
For Sale by H. H. CHUBB dc CO., Ashland, and
by Drugeists and dealers in medicines everywhere.
Ashland Feb. 1. n37 ly.
.. LEAVE Aah-
V ,mc? onm Und for New
London daily
at 7 o'clock
r - A M eon.
nection with the canon the Cleveland Colum
bus and Cincinnati Kail Koad.
Returning, leave Now London after the ar
rival of tbe trains.
Leave Ashland for Mansfield on Mondays,
W. inesdaya and Fridays, at 71 o'clock, P M
-' Leave Ashland for Wooster on Tuesdays
Thursdays and Saturdays at O o'clock y M.
September, 18.13" , I8tf
barter's SatitIi Iixlitrr.
AH Infallible Kemedy for Scrofula, King's Kvil
Uheumatism, Obstinate Cutaneous Kruptions,
Pimples or Pustyes on the Face. Blotches, Soils,
Chronic Sore Eyes, King Worm or Tetter. Scald
Head, Enlargement and Pain of the Bones and
Joints, Stubborn Ulcers, Syphilitic Disorders,
Lumbago, SpiBal Complaints, and all Diseases
arising from an injudicious use of Mercury, Im
prudence in Lite, or Impurity of the Blood. -
This valuable Medicine, which has become cele
brated for tbe number of extraordinary cures ef
fected through its agency, ha induced the pro
prietors, at the urgeut request of their friends, to
offer it to the public, which they do with the ut
most confidence in Its virtues and wonderful cura
tive properties. Tbe following certificates, select
ed from a large number, are, however, stronger
testimony than the mere .word of tbe proprietors ;
and are all from gentlemen well known in their
localities, and of the highest respectability, many
of them residing lathe city of Kicbmond. Va.
F. Botdkn, Ksq.. of the Exchange Hotel. Rich
mond, known every where, says he baa seen the
Medicine called Carter's Spanish Mixture adminis
tered in over a hundred cases, in nearly all the dis--eases
for which it is recommended, with the most
astonishingly good results. He says it is the most
extraoidinary medicine be Daseverseen.
Asn arb Five Gas at Cos a. 1 hereby certl 4
fy, tbat for three years I had Ague and Feverof the
most violent description.-, j nad several paysici
ans, took large quantities of Quinine, Mercury,
and I believe all the Tonica advertised, but all
without any permanent relief. At last I tried Car
ter's SpjUsisb Mixture, two bottles of which effect
ually cured me, and I am happy to say I have had
neither Chills or Fever since. I consider it the best
Tonic in tbe world, and tbe only, medicine tbat
ever reached my case.
Bearer Dam, near Richmond. Va.
C. B. Lci-k sa now in the city of Richmond,
and for many years iu the Post Office, has such con
fideiice in tne astonishing etucacy of Carter's
Spanish Mixiure. tbat he has bought upwards of 50
bottles, which be ban given away to tbe afflicted.
Mr. Luck says he has never known it to rail when
taken according to directions.
Dr. Mi nob. a practicing rnysician, ana lonnerry
of the ";ily Hotel, in the city of Kichmond, saye
he has witnessed in a number of instances tbe
effects of farter's Spanish Mixture which were
most truly surprising. He says in a case of Con
sumption, dependent on the Liver, tbe good effects
were wonuenui inucea. ,
Sami il M Drirkkr, of the firm of Drinker &
Morris, Kicbmond, was cured of Liver Complaint
of S years standing, by tbe use of two bottles of
Carter's Spanish Mixture.
or kat rRR or &caorri.A. j ne juniors oi ine
Richmond rtepnblican bad a servant employed in
their press room, cured of violent Scrotula, com.
bined with fOiettniatfsm, which entirely disabled
bim from work. Two bottles of farter's Spanish
Mixture made a perfect care of bim, and tbe Kdi.
ors. in a public notice, say they cheerfully recom
mend tt tu all woo are amictea wttnany disease o
the blitod." .
Still .Akothrr 3ra or SreoruxA. I bada veiy
valuable boy cured of Scrofula by Carter's Span
isb Mixture. 1 consider it truly avaiuable medi
cine. James M. Taylor. Conductor ou the K. F. &
P. K. R. .. Mchmuud. Va.
Mr. John Thompmir, residing in the city cf Rich
moud. was cured by tbreo hollies of Cartel 's Span
ish .Mixture, of Salt Kbenm, which he had nearly -!U
years and which all the phasicians of tbe city
could not cure. Mr. Thompson is a well known
merchant in tbe city of Kicbmond, Vs., and his
cure is mi.t remarV-able.
Wm. a. Matthews, cf Richmond, bad a servant
cuTed uf Sypi ills, iu tbe worst furm, by Carter's
Spanish Mixture. He rays be cheerfully recom
mends it. and considers it an iuvaluahle medicine.
Richard F. W'sst. of Richmond, waa cured ol
Scrofula, and what Physicians called confirmed
consumption, by three bottles of arter,a Spanish
Mixture. . -
Kdwin Bcbtok, commissioner of the revenue,
ssys he basaeeu the good effects of Carter's Spanib
Mixture in a number of Sypbiliiic cases, and aaya
it is a perfect cure for that horrible disease.
M. IT. HAKWOOP, OI nicnillfuuv w
sores and Ulcers, which disab led him Irom walk
ing. Took a Tew buttles of Carter's SpMlisb Mij
ture. and v enabled to walk without a crutch,
in a short time permanently cured. -
Principal Depots at M. Ward Close & Co., No.
83, Maiden Lane, Sew York.
I . w. Dvott oc bons, no. J.i, norm m oxreei,
HaaKETrdr Beans, Xo. 123, Main St., Richmond,
And for sale ty F. H. Cnraa, Asbland. H. S See,
& Co. Savauua, J.KavNiNoaR, Hayesvillc, J. Horr
inan, Jeromeville, Andkrson & Rowan, Loudon
ville, anuTf Alergin Medicines cvciy wrreTe.
Jan. IS, '54. n35ly.
Philadelphia Medical House Established 3d
years ago, by Dr. KINKKLIN, corner ol Thin4
and Union streets, between Spruce Pine,
biiadelphia, Fa.
Invalids are apprised that Dr. Kinelin con
fines his practice to a particular branch of med
icine which engages his undivided attention,
He cations tho unftanunate, against the abuse
of mercury; thousands arennually mercurial
ized oat ot lite. Keceut affcctious are promsrw
ly extinguised; Tvrenty years of Experience
in the treatment of a class of diaeasca hitherto
neglected and imperfectly understood, haa en
nbled Dr Kinkeiin, (Author of a work on Sell
Preservation,! to prove that nine-tenths ofthe
causes of nervous dehili y, local and constitu
tional weakness, mental and physical suffer
ing, are traceable to ceitain habits, forming the
most secret yet deadly and fatal springs of
domestic i isery ami premature mortality.
Take Particular Notice. There is an evil ha
bit aoinet.mes indulged in by bays, in solitude,
often growing up with them to rannbood, and
which, if not reformed in doe time, it not only
begets serious ub6tnclea to mutrinronial happi
ness, hut gives rise to a aeries of protracted,
tnaiduous and devastating affections. . tew ol
tk.. m urhn irivA u-tt v In this ntflrnir-inna nllr
B.. .. j --- r I
tice aro aware ofthe consequencea, until they I
find the nervous system sbattered, leeryauge
and unaccountable feelings, and vague fears
in the mind.
. The unfortunate thje Inflected becomes fee
ble, is unable to'Jabo- with accustomed vigor,
oi to apply hi4'mind to study; his step is tar
dy and weak, be is dull, irresolute, nnd en
giices in his i port with less energy than usual.
- if he emiiiicipate himself before the prac
has done its worst, and enter matrimony, his
marriage ia unfruitful, and hia sense tela him that
this i i caused Uy bis follies early. These are con
sideratiuns which should awaken the attention,
of thnse similarly situated.
Marriage requirea the fulfillment of several
conditions, in order that it may lie really the
cause of mutual happiness Could the veil
which covers the origin of domestic wretched
ness be raised, and ita trne source in every in
stance disclosed in how many could it be
traced to physical disqualificationa and their
attendant disappointments! APP'y then while
it is yet time, i n order to have your unstrung
and relaxed organization rehraced, from making
vour case known to one who, frpm education
and respectability, can certainlv be revivified
.nd strengthened. "
Remember that be who placea hhnself'ifn
derDr. Kine ill's treatment, may Religiously
confided in his honor jib a gentleman, and rely
npon the assurance, that the secreta of Dr. K.'s
patients will never be r'iselosed.
YonuJf man let no falae modesty deter yen
from naVking your case ki'V-Wn .to one who,
ir'om education and rcspectibility, can certain
ly befriend yu.
Ton many think they will conceal fhe secret!
in their own hrarts, and cure tbemselves
Alas! how often is this a fatal delusion, and
how many a promising-onng man. who-mighl
have been an ornament to society, has faded
Imm Ihe earth.
Strictures of the urethra are rapidly removed
by the application of a new therapentical
agent, used only by Dr. K. Weakness ana
Constitutional debility promptly cured, and full
vigor restored.
Country Invalids ean bave, by atating their
ease explicitly, together with all their symp
toms, per letter enclosing a remittance), Dr.
K.'s medicine, appropriated accordingly.
Forwarded to any part ofthe United States,
and packed secure from DAMAGE or CUJ110S-.
ITY. '
RF-UK '--'
Youth and Manhood a rigorena Life or m prema
tare Death Kinkeiin an Self freaarvatien Only
85 eta.
It ia a work eminently required, as a mean
of reforming the vices of the age in which
live. - Also,
frith rules far the Prolengatien of Lift, just from
- - the frets , .
; A letter with a remittance- of 95 cents, of
the vain., in post stamps, addressed to Dr. Kin
elin, Philadelphia, Pa , will secure a copy of
either ofthe above books by return mail of
I? copies will be sent f-ee of postage torsi,
Booksellers. Canvasserr, . Travelling Agents,
&c , supplied wholesale at tbe publisher's pri
ces,, which admit of a large i ro6l. tka Al
letters mtitt be post paid. . -March
22nd, 1254. Ij4
AT my instance an order or Attachment was is
sued on the 30th day or August. ISM. by Joseph
C, Bolles a Justice of lbs Peace of Jackson Town
shin Aaki.mi.iuinii. for tho mm of ten dollars and
eiebty-twocentugaius. tbe property and effects of
Isaac VautilbuJi.a non reaideuv or said couniy.
CeuaingoneCtieVierO. Matthews to ' bef2l!"hed
iu said proceeding. i JACOB eASl,
p Agent Tor Jacob Gochnaur,
A iew !Tlrihl
recently been made by Dr. Coartf, for
the cure of Asthma, Cnnvamptioa, Bronchitis,
Cgh, Colds, and all. Lang Complaints, hf
Medicated Inhalation. Dr. Curtis' Hygenm, mA
Inhaling Bygenian Vapor and Cherry Syrup,
has accomplished the most wonderful ansa 4
Asthma end Consumption in the Citv of NW
York and vicinity for a few months past, evei
known to man. It ia producing aa iirpressiea
on Disease ef the Inngs never before witness
ed by the Medical Profession. See certiG
cates in hands of Agents. .
The Inhaler is worn on the breast, under the
linen, without the least inconvenience, that
heat of the body being sufEcieat to era po rata
the dflid, upplying the lung constantly with
n healing and agreeable vapor, passing into
all the air-cells and passages ol tbe longs tbat
cannot possibly be reached by other medicine -Here
is a case: '
tlima. Cured". "
BaooKLiir, N. Y., Dec. 0th, 1853.
For about eight yeara I bave been aeverely
afflicted witb the Asthma; for the last twe
yeara I bave suffered beyond all power of da
leription; months at a time I bave nut been
able to sleep in bed, rettine what rest I could
sitt ing in my chair. My difficulty of breathing, '
and my sufferings were eo great at times, tbat
for hoars together my friends expected each
hoar would be my last. During the past ais
yeara I bave had the aid and attendance" of
some of ihe most celebrated physioierta, but
have received no permanent benefit, knd bat
little relief. I at length had tbe good fortune
to procure Dr. Curtis' Hygeana -Vapor and
Cherry Syrup, At the time I first obtained it,
I waa se Bering onder one f my most Vitrlen
attaeka, and was in great diatress, almost mmt
focatmg lor want of breath. In leas than Mat
minutes from the time I applied the Inhaler
to my atmomach, and took a teaspoonfol of th
Cherry rnp. 1 was relieved in a great meas
ure from tho difficulty ot, breathing, and had
COfforuble night. I bave since continued
it wun me greaieac possiote oeneut, nno ana -new
comparatively well. God only knows th
amnnnt of suffering thia medicine bos relieved
me from. My advice to the suffering is, try it.
' t'oiiMtmptn.ii Cured. ,
New Yoatt, Dee. J7th, 1863.
I came to New York in tbe ship Telegraph ;
my native place ia St. John's, New Brunswick;
when I reached this city, my health was vary
poor ; hr-d a very bad cough, raiaed a good deal
of matter, which was frequently mixed with
blood; bad pain in my led side, and was very
tbin and emaciated.' My friends and physician
pronounced my case Consumption, and beyond
the reach of medicine. I accidentally heard
ol Dr. Curtis' Hyaenia, or inhaling Hygean Va
por and Cherry Syrup, and obtained a package,
which I verily believe waa the means o saving
my life. Soon alter wearing tjie Inhaler. I
toolt the Cherry Syrup as directed, and cen
tiancd to do so, my cuofb gradually growing
better, until it entirely left me, nod I now con
sider my;ell' cured- 1 still wear the Inhaler,
as the use of it is rather pleasant, and believing
it strengthening nnd purilv ing to the lungs,!
fuel unwilling at present to dispense with iu
Sold by Boyd ft Paul, No. 149 Chambers .I.J
C. H. King, corner f John street and Broad
way, N. Y. Price $3 a package.
N. H, Any peraon inclosing 13 to Boyd at
Paul, or Curtis ei Perkins, New' York, wii re
ceive a package containing a bottle ol llygsaa
Vapor, one of Cherry Syrup, and an inhaler
in a neat box, by express, tree to any part of
the United Suites: or lour packages for $10
June 7. 1864 ; . ; lyS.
n A , K " OXT B 13 V Mr
An Inralnable Book for tvrnty-f It
cti.. Kverjr 4a.ntiJ.jr tJUoKia JbT
a Copy .
1 rA Copie sold in Jem tfi&n a year: A
J. UU)UVU new edition, revised awl iiuproTed,
JUS l IMUtd. -
Ur. HiRTta1. Medical Manual and hand Book far
th tid Contaiuing au oultiue of ibe origin.
progif, treatment aud cure of every form oi dia
tunc contracted by prouiiacuoasaexual iutercoorsa,
by lf-abue ok by aexual excese, wilii advice far
tbeir prevention, written iu a rmillaratyta, avoid
ing all medic tecfeni call tie, aud every tiling tbat .
would oft cud I he ear o decency ; with an outlina
of complaint, iucidra to F eatr from tbe remit
of aotne twenty year1 aocceesfel practiceezc a
iel devoted to Uic cure of lieeaee of ar del i eat v
or private nature.
To wtii ih ia added- ncctiaJa fur the care of the
above diaeatjea, at.d a tieatiate ou tle rauee, ymp
tum and cure of Le Fevar and Ague.
Teattmonf The Prmfemamr of Obeterics in Penny.,
Co Urge. Philadelphia- ir. Hcarsa'a McdiealMn
mal. 1 be autbur oftliia work, nnlihke the majurity
of those who advertise -t o cure tbe diseases or u kicki
H treats idTduaie of one of the best College ia
tbe United fetal?". It affords m plea-are to roron
mend bim to tbe unfortunate, or to tba victim af
malpractice, as a succjsJu. and experienced pras-titiott-,
u whose honor and integrity they mi
place tne greatest eoitfldeuce.
FromJS. Waadward. M. i?.. Penn. VnivorsUf,
Philadelphia. It gives nic I ensure tu add my testW
mony tu tbe prulcssional ability of tbe Author or
the Mir me a i. Macai." Numerous cases of Ilia
ease cf the Genital Organs, some of them of Ions;
staoding.'haveconaeuuier my notice, iu which hi
skill has been manifest -iu restoring to perfect
health, iu some cases where tte patient has been
considered beyoud medical aid. la the treat meat
of hernial a I weaknesses, or disarrangement of the
fun ctio us produced by self-abuse or fcxee-s ofven
ery. I co not know bis superior in- the profession.
1 have beeu acquainted with the Author soma thir
ty yeaaMttaSeeln Jt no more than justice to him
as welt a Fiudtrtn to tbe unfortunate victim or
early indiscretion, to recommend him as one la
whose profersional skill and integrity they may
safely coufide themselves. ' la
-- - inisWwswtiD,Jf. D.
"Thia is, without exception, tbe most compre
hensive and intelligible work published on th.
class ol diseases of which it treats. Avoiding all
technical terms, it addresses itselt to ths reason of
its readers. ' it is free from all objectionable mat
ter, aud no parent, however fastidious can object
to placing it iu tbe bauds of bis sons. The author
basevoted many years to the treatment of tbe
dte-is complaints treated of, and, with too littls
liTb to puff, aud loo tittle presumption to im
pose, be has offered to the world, at tbe merely nomi
nal price ofSS cents, the fruit of soma twenty ysars
most successful practice ,'7oa1feraU.
Ho teacher orwtnl should be without the
knowledge iniriasstfa in this invaluable work. It
wourd-ave-Tars of pain, mortification and sorrow
to'tbe youth under tbeir charge.'1-'.'! Jaieaaata.
A Presbyterian clergyman ia Ohio, writing of
- Hunter's Medical Manual " says: "Thousands
upou thousands of our youtb, by evil example and
influence of the passions, have been led into the
habit or self-pollution, wilhoutrealiliog the sin and
fearful consequences upon tbemael vea and their pos
terity. The constitutions of thousand who are
raising families have beeu enfeebled, if not broken
down, and tbey do not know tbe causa or the cure.
Anything that can be dune so to enlighten and in
fluence ihe public mind as to chek., and ultimately
to remove this - wide spread source of -human
wretchedness, would confer tbe greatest blessing
next to the relief, n of Jesus Christ, on tbe present
and coming generation. Intemperance (orthsass
of intoxicating drinks ) though it has slain then-
sands, is not a greater scourge to the human race, -Accept
my thaukson behalfof the afflicted, and, be
lieve me, your co.workerln tbe good woik you are
so actively engased in ."
One copy (securely enveloped) will b forwarded
free of postage, to any part of tbe United 'States fr,
25cente. or six copiesforfll. Address, (postpaid) '
COSUKN at CO.. Publishers, or Box 106, PttUa.
ypp Booksellers.- Canvassers and Book Agents
supplied on the most liberal terms.
Aug. 16tb. 1854. nl-ly
ing in the, cure of Coughs, Colds,' Asth
ma, Bronchitis, Sore Throats, Hoarseness,
Difficult Breathing, Incipient Consumption, and
Diseases ofthe Lunps. They have no taste ol
medicine, andany child willtake them. Thou
sands have, been restored to health that had
before dispaired. Testimony given in bundroda
ot cases. A single dose relieves in ten min
utes I '
Ask for Bryan's Pulmonic Wafers the orig
inal aud only genuine ia stamped " Bryan."
Spuri .a kinds are offered for sale. Twenty
live cent a box. Sold by dealers generally.
J -UK VAN (k Co., Rochester. New York. Pro
prietors. Wholesale by J. D. Park, Ci.ae.ia
nati.Ohio; W. Firke Cleveland j Ohio '
February 8, 18i4 n3Mt. :
Or Great Western Hair Restotatlv
If promotes the growth, softens, makes per
manent, snd rest 'es tne natural eolor ot
tbe hair. It gives healthto the skin and to the
glands which form the hair j removes nil
Scurf, Daudrnff, Eruptwna and Ftveriab Heat
from the scalp. It fastens hail, prevents bald
tie s, a ad even causes a full growth where tha
hair has lallen off. It contains no ooioring mat
ter, bul effects its wonderful ehaagea in the
condition of the hair, by giving health to .
the skin of the head, and glands which form
the hair. -
Price 60 eta. per bottle. A liberal deduc
tion made to wholesale purchasers. Address J.
HIGH WARDEN, Ashland, Ashland county
January, 11th, 1853 " ' " 'n
Joseph Waaaon, I
In Asblahd Coifatow Plca.
Samuel Rutan. . .
PURSUANT to the command of an orarrol
sale issued in tbe above Scaee from tha
Court o Common Pleas or said Ashland Coun
ty , to me directed, I will expose t'o publie sala
at the door of the Court House ia (aid ceunty,
on .,- "
Monday, the &th day of November t
A. D. l854,Tetween the houra of 10 o'clock, A. at.
and four o'clock, P. M-, of said day, the follow
ing described real estate to wit; being lot
BLmber twenty-four in aoulb Aahland, Asbjaad
County. Ohio. Terms of sale t Cash. i
' J- D.JON E,, Sharif,
Oct. 4 th, 1854. ISstpffS
1 I
I j
--4 M
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