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;' :t
,i !
, I"
' . ( ;
'.: .r We have come thie pleasant day -l
- T visit oar kiad friends 8 aw tell, : "
Before ha travels far away, . "
A,a' J"1 to "J Aa word " JMwaJ."
, Te tall him haw we tbaak him, too,
- Far kiadaass to this orphan baad, "
" aftrt when our aoble hoaae we ia
We thiak ef hiai, wha fare the laad I
Oa which oar A-ieada have hailt a heaia,
- Cleveland's) f eaeroae hearts; aad tree, '
Where poor erphaa-chtldrea come,
, 1: To thaai all, oar tbaaks arc daa. ,-.
; Bare will grow the rveea awaet :
r ta the shadow of the trees, " " -' J ;
Aad the swings, and mossy seat.
f 'Will recalHbnd memories.
Ji M'"
There jon'H see- the app te trees,
Aad the (rapes aad peaches too,
-lively frvuU. which childrea please,
NAad we'll show yea whore they grew.
- - - . - ' ..." OS .'"
White we play along the grass, -
Daaco) ia-riago apoa the gross,
Wo will thiak of him, alaa !
Tt bo no longer will be aeaa. v : .',..,.",-V.-.,
-- - -
. He'll ho goao beyond the ssa,
'- ' Seeking sailor-orphaaa poor, '.' " .
",riadiag homes for inch as wa .
, -, : la aha ships, aad oa the shore.
Whilo we live aad whea we die,"
w- wilj (,eu jj,, name, " KawtalL''..
' ; Aad whea people aak as why, , .
We will point them whore we dwell I
Clxvexass, No. 9, 1864."
" - ' ' " "' ' ' '
faaraeta frees the Crimea Correspondence of
, .- - the Londoa Times.
jVIaoj men died of cholera lait night
Mj sleep was disturbed fcj the groans of
the djring, and on getting np in the morn
ing I found that the corpse of a Russian
lay close to the tent in,hich I had been
permitted to rest. lie was not there
when we retired to rest, so that the
wretched creature, who had prcfobly
'been wandering about without food up
on the bilk ever since the battle, mast
bare crawled down towards ourtfires ai.d
there expired in the attempt to reach
them ; several men had died close to our
tent during tho night.
. 'Last night orders were sent round the
divisions to be prepared for marching after-daybreak,
and early this morning we
left the blood stained heights of the Al
ma a name that will be ever memorable
in our - history. Soon - after dawn the
French assembled all their drums and
trumpets on tho top of the highest of
tne bills tney carried, . ai.d a wild nour
ish' nd roll, repeated again and again,
s.nd'brokcn'by peals of souud from the
bugles of the infantry, celebrated their
victory ere they departed. It was spirit
ed, stirring, and thrilling music, and its
effect, as it swelled through the darkness
ofjfarly morning down over the valley,
can nerer be forgotten.
jfc,' ;XHE DYIsa AXD THE DE-ID. r
-But what is that gray mass on-the
plain, which seems settled down upon it
almost without life or motion ?. Now
and then, indeed, an arm may be seen
waved aloft, or a man raises mself for
a. moment, looks, around, and then lies
down again, 'Alas 1 that plain is cover
ed with the wounded Russians still.
Nearly 60 long hours have they passed
in agony on the ground, and now, with
bat little hope of help or succor more,
we must leave them as they lie. Seven,
bnndred and fifty wounded men are still
upon the ground, and we ean do nothing
for them. " Their wounds have ' been
bound and dressed and now, unable as
wear to take them along with us, we
canst depart. "-' . .
A little bottle of prcssie acid Jay so
Invitingly .near a box or bonbons that I
knew it would be irresistible to the first
hungry private who had a taste for' ab
mond,- and I eaccordiDgly poured out
the contents to prevent the possible car
tastrophe. Our men and horses' were
Bevelling in grapes arideorn, and
we pushed on to Eskeland .established
earselvcs in a house which had belonged
tan HiMuian-officer of rank -at least
uany traces of the presence of one "was
Tissiole. Every house and villa of rife
flace was" a similar scene to that which
have in vain'" tried to" describe. The
better the etass of the - residences the
more complete and pitiable, tho destruc
tion, v '
' .OOb.S'TE THE QUEE-t. ' .
Orand pianos and handsome pieces of
foraiKire covered wHh silk and-dam'asked
velvet, req to pieces by brutal violence,
were found in more than one house, but
one of the instruments re'aind enough of
it vital organs to breathe out "God save
the Queen " from its lacerated brass
ribs, and it was made to do so according
ly aye under the very eye of a . rigid
portrait of His Imperial . Majesty, the
Csar, which hung on the wall above1.
These portraits of the' Autocrat -were
not uncommon in the houses nearly, as
common as pictures of saints with gilt
end silver glories around their heads.
From the people who thus returned
we heard that the Russians had arrived
in the Katcha in rather a fatigued) and
dispirited condition the night ef the bat
tle of Alma, and bad taken up their
position in the villages and in the neigh
- boring houses. At 12 o'clock the same
night there was an alarm, however, that
the English and French were coming.
Up got the whole army of Russians
pellmell, and snatching np whatever they
could, they rushed off in disorder across
. the country. A part of the army went
towards BakshiseraL They were said
to consist of about 20,000, and to' be I
under the command of . JUenscbLkon. in
person. The rest proceeded direct to
Bebastepol and entered it in much dis
And now commenced a march which
deserves to be classed among the bold
est movements ever made by any mili
tary commander in the face of an enemy.
The whole army marched towards the
S. E. on the Black River, and so they
were obliged to pass through a 'thickly
road which allowed only one horseman
to ride by the aide of each gun. The
Duke of. Cambridge's baggage was ac
tually within gunshot of Sebastopol for
a quarter of an hour. As Lord Raglan
was riding on in front of his staff he
found himself, on emerging from a
wooded road on the open space in front,
in the immediate presence of a body of
Russian infantry, which turned out to
be the baggage guard of a large detach
ment of the Russian army marching
from Sebastopol to BakshiseraL They
were not more than a few hundred yards
distant. Lord Raglan simply turned
his horso, and quietly cantered back to
the rear of the first division of artillery.
The cavalry, consisting of a portion of
the 11th and 6th Hussars, were quickly
got in front guns were unlimbcred and
opened on tbo retreating mass of Rus
sians, the 2d battalion of Rifles in skir
mishing cider, threw in a volley of
Mime balls, tne cavalry executed a
chargo, and the result was that after a
few rounds the Russians broke and fled
along the road in great haste.
This was fair and legitimate plunder,
and the troops were halted and allowed
to take what they liked and what they
could carry. They , broke opon all the
carts and tumbled out their contents on
the road, but the pillage was oouducted
with regularity, and the officers presided
over it to see that there was no squab
bling, and that no man took more than
his share. Immense quantities of wear
ing apparel, of. boots, shirts, coats, dress
ing cases, ornaments, and some jewelry
were found in the baggage carts, as well
as a military chest containing some mo
ney (there are people who say it held
3000.) -
The carriage of Prince Menschikoff
fell into our hands ; in it were found his
grand orders as a Great Prince of the
Russian Empire. A Russian artillery
officer, who was found in one of the car
riages, was in a very joyial mood, and
had evidently been making rather free
use of the bottle. . ' Plenty of Champagne
was discovered among the baggage, and
served to cheer the captors during their
eold bivouac that night. A great num
ber of very . handsome hussar, jackets,
richly laced with silver, and made of fine
blue cloth, which had never yet been
worn, were also taken,' and sold by the
soldiers for sums varying from 203. to
30s. a piece.
Tuesday, Sept. 26th. He was a bold
mariner who first ventured in here, and
keen-eed too. I never was more as
tonished in my life than when I halted
on the top wf one of the numerous hills
of which this portion of the Crimea is
composed, and looking dowu saw under
my feet a little pond, closely compressed
by the sides of -high rocky mountains ;
on it floated some six or -seven English
ships, for which exit seemed quite hope
less. The bay is like a Highland tarn,
and it is long ere the eye adnata that it
is some half mile in length from the sea,
and varies from 250 to 120 yards in
breadth. The shores are sd steep and
precipitous that they shut out as it were
(he expanse ofhe harbor, and make it
appear much smaller tnau it really is.,
. . :- A ECSBEKDER. ' " . '
The dose of shell was repeated, but
by this -time the Agamemnon, outside
the rocks, was heard busily sending her
shot against the fort.1 The Rifles, also
advanced, and some of the light divis
ion, and opened fire within 700 ys. with
their rifles, closing up , as- they crept
along, and the fort, after a few harmless
rounds more, wassummnoed, hung a flag
of truce, and surrendered: The Colonel
joe, Commandant )ud only CO men under
him," and they were all made prisoners.
On being asked why he fired from a pos:j
tion which he must have known to be
untenable, he replied that he did so in
order that Lc might be summoned, and
that be felt bound to fire till required to
surrender. - . : . . . - -
Lord Raglan entered about 12 o'clock
in the day. . As he came towards .'the
DrineiDal streets 'the inhabitants "caind J
-out to, meet him, bearing trays laaen
with fruits andjlowers. bome of them
bore loaves of bread cut np in pieces and
placed on dishes covered with salt, in to
ken of good will and submission. " He
assured them of bis protection.
::, hot." ' ;. ... W
The first"' Amarican ' who discharged
his gun on the day or the battle of Lex
ington was Ebeoerer Xcck who died .at
Deering, N. Hi, about fifty jeWag: '
He resided at Lexington in 1775.
The British regulars, at the order of
Major Pitcairn, having, fired upon . the
few " rebels " on jthe green in front of
the Meeting House, killing' some aud
wounding others, it was a signal for war.
" The citizens " writes one, "might be
seen coming from all directions, in the
roads, over the nelds, and tnrougn tne
woods each with bis rifle in bis hand,
his powder-born slung at his 5 dc, and
his pocket provided with bullets
Among the namber was Ebenezcr Look.
The .British had posted a reserve oi in
fantry a mile in the rear, in the direc
tion or Boston. This was in the imme
diate neighborhood of Mr.'Lf, "who, in
stead of hastening to join the party at the
green, placed himself in an old cellar, at
a convenient distance for doing execu
tion w" A portion of the reserve were
standing on a bridge, and Mr. Lock
commenced firing at them, though there
was no other American insight, lie
worked valiantly for some minutes, bring
ing down one of the enemy at nearly eve
ry shot. Up to the rebels. The Brit
ish, greatly disturbed at losing so many
men by tho random firing of an unseen
enemy, were not long in discovering the
bullets which lodged on the wall oppo
site. Mr. Lock within remainiong un
hurt -continued to load and fire with
the precision of a finished marksman.
wa . 1 1 A
He was driven to sucn ciosa quuriers,
however, by the British on his right and
left, that he was compelled at last to re
treat. '
TTa bad inst one bullet left, and there
was now but one way to escape, and that
su throturh an orchard in the rear.
The soldiers were all around him, one of
them having even gained the orchard.
Not amomeut was to DO lost-ne level
ed bis gun at the near by, fired, drop-
As Might be ExPected,
pHANKKUL forths psst liberal patr6nSe tf
s ncrvni cooiDianujr, uio snovrnoers
would sgsia intita attention to their presant
sioca oi
consisting in part ol Mens' Tkirk Kip mni Caff
Boot ana Shoe. Horn Made ana tMtltrn. Also
Boyf Youthi' amd Children' Boot and Shot ot
a better qoalur than Ibej ba aror seen ia
to is market. Also, ,
Mens' Boys' and Childrens' Shoes and Gaiters
of various styles and patterns, both fancy mni
piatn, Klucn are or good quality. , ,
The Ladies' and Misses Department !
of SHOES, BOOTEES snd'GAITERS ol sll de
sirable styles and patterns are abundant, and ns
to material and workmanship, we tncirs rant'
pariton with any other work in this market.
P. S. In connection witb tho above Stock,
we nave on baud a bne Stock or
Xl aakl, Trov linn; Oaajn, ."Hens' staid
Boy's Caps,
and n large supply of PARLOUR, TUNING sn i
KITCHEN GHAIKS. tint we warrant to be
well made and of good material. All ol th
abcVe wa are now selling at very low prictt to
auit the times for READY-PAY, we say to sll
that it will pay yon well to examine our Stock
before purchasing elsewhere. ' Mark well the
place, juat epposito T. C.Bushnell's Dry Goods
Storr, and one door west of the New Bank
Building. .
A .hlandf Sept. S7. 1 864. 1 8tl
THE public are hereby notified, that the
andersigned has opened a splendid Ds
guerrcan Gallery, over the Store olJ.R. Squire,
Ashland, Ohio, and respectfully solicits the
patronage of the public. In addition to tho
nsnal appendages oi a Picture Gallery, the
subscriber has sdded a
which pours down a flood of light npon the per
son setting, thereby enabling the operator to
take good pictuies at short sittings. The sub
scriber understand! all the new and o d pro
cesses perfectly, and has no besitstion in say
ing that he can give as good satisfaction as any
operator in this section ofconntry. Specimens
can be seen by calling at the rooms. Hours
fur operating from 8 o'clock, A. M.,to 4 o'
c leek, P. M. Pictures taken in cloudy ns well
ss clear weather. F. KINNAMAN.
Ashland, Sept. l"th, 1854. 16tf
" prize Medal "
Curled Hair Mattresses and Bedding. 1
OUR Mattreases and curled hair having taken
Diplomas and Medals by competition in Iks
principal States in lire Union arid alsotiavrnc'be'en
awarded the Prise Medal at the Worlds Fair 'iu
London as the very be-t article manufactured, are
confidently offered to 'the community' si a'grcst
desidsratim for pure sweet sleep. ..
The piecess by which our hair is manufactured
entirely precludes the possibility of moth or other
insect annoyances engendering therein' ir proved
by the severest tests of snalizatioir and by testimo
nials from the first chemUtsYl ttie ae, front' which
we extract as follows : - .-'-'-
-Experiment has demonstrated that the pur lying
agent made use of in manufacturing your patent
curled hair"is especially destructive of sulmal
life', that it las the lacultjr bf bleaching and clean
ing the fibre, and that it ia the most powerful dis
infecting body at present known to science. -r
,, Professorof Chmitry snd Toisolegy in Mrs-?
Medical College of the London Hospital.
I cheerfully state that the article submitted to
your process must be pure and sweet snd will be
found of great value and from proof exhibited to
me I am confident that the process -cmyloyce ax
ceedail ether methods of preparation. it
W. BEACH, M. V., ,
We also keep constantly on band a full supply
of Pillows and'Bolsters, under Mattrases aud
Bedding of all descriptions and a large assortment
uf Wall Paper snd Window Shades, upholstry
goods, curtains, loooges, dec. die. - - -
uraen rcvpecuuuj sujicuca ana promptly at
tended tO.- . - -WISDOM & Co.
4SPultesHiocK Bank at.
- i - Cleveland, Ohio.
Juus 4. 1F54. - nStf
A CERT A IS LORD who Went princely dressed,
once told Horspur that Pharuiaceti waa tbe
soverignest thing on earth for inward wounds."
Well, we do not gainsay that ; but, we do. know
that Prof. M. Louis Garvey's Colebrated Receipt .
For Curling and Waiving the Hair.
is the sovereignest thins on esrth .H The pro
prietor, on Icaviug Prance, procured oftbe'eele
b rated Chemist and Physiologist, Mous. JAQUES,
this valuable receipe at au immSHse exwuse'-"
All persons desirous or having tbelr iiair curled
and waive in bcautilul ringlets till tbe latest period
of Hie cau nave uie same lor one dollar, post paid.
' This is a discovery which most persons have rea
son to doubt. Human ingenuity has soughs- for :
years to perfect a HA 1 K LlttUlU that would curl
and waive it. and one that should combine the
requisites to give the hair a beautiful natural tint.
nd at tbe same time not fbjare it. A 11 former at
tempts have tailed.-Tne cumpeunds'wourd curl us
hair, hnt they would scorch, bujrn aud turn it' foxy. '
and tha aplendld HairCurliug Liqui I which Profs.
M. Louis C-arvey a d Byron, H. Kobb offer to -the
public may be relied upon as a preparation-com
pounded-on recently discovered chemical princi
ples, which have received tbe aanctiun of the most-
cmiuent professors or that science. It gives the
hair a suit glassy appearance an J causes it to curl
and waive in such beautiful linglela that tbe most
credulous person oansot but admire thenu It does
not destroy the vitality of the bai . but seises an
emllient! does not irritate or stain tbe curied ;
wsrmstbe triangulaa fibres witb their thousand
iaperceptible branches -In natural activity, and
never isiis 01 success.- it nas oeen oeiore tne puo
lic hut a fevr .weeks, yet its merits have already
established it. Such evet'wLelmiug popularity was
never knowu at any age, of tbe world before. .In
thi western snd southern States, it bas become tbe
only reliable Hair Curling Liquid in- use. Tbe re
ceipe will baeeni'tokvy part, of the JJnit d States
by sending one dollar.
TTj Beware of counterfeits All letters ahonld
be directed to Prof, M.LOUIS GARVEY, and
' , ... BVKOft U. KOBB, only,
TitxiiiSToi', Trumbul Countv. Ohio.
A eg. S3 I8S4. n!3-3in - . - i
wooded country, intersected by narrow DJ)j .ran.. and the man was shot
v 3 -3 4l- V. :l 1 it. r. . ? , .
lanes winding np and down the hit's, the
troops were necessarily in some disorder,
and nad the enemy possessed the small
est enterprise, they might have inflicted
on its severe loss, and caused great an
noyance by a spirited attack on oar
flank,, while we were rounding the head
of the harbor.
: , . XABJtOW ESCAPES. ' ; "
Oar maroh was by different routes,
the artillery proceeding by a difficult
through the heart. .The ballets whist
ling about him. Lock reached the brink
of a steep hill, and throwing himself up
on the erround, tumbled downwards, roll
ing, as if mortally wounded. In4.his
way he escaped unhurt. At the close
of the war he moved to New Hampshre,
where lie resided until bis death, some
twenty years after. He lived in occlu
sion and died in peasce. Bolton Chron
rpHE 'follo'W'ing Executors, Administrators snd
J- Gusrdians having filed their accounts for set
tlement in the Probate Court of Asbland County,
tbs same are ordered to be pablisbed in the 't Ash
land Union ' for three weeks, vis :
Tbe final act of Joseph Strickland AdmY of Joseph
Strickland, dec 'a. ,
m John Brown, Adm'r of Afbldn
Clark, dee'd.
. '" ' Phillip Hettinger, " Eve Het
tinger, dee'd.
' -' Jacob T. Smith, " Ji
8mith, dee'd. . ' -
wni. H. Sprinkle, ' Solomon
: - " - -.- K. 6pnnkle, deceased
: - Robert Cowen, Adm'r of Andrew
fccott, deceased.
Kobert Cowen, Adm'r of Wa.
Karuahan, 'eceased.
; j. lngniand. Executor or Abrsm
Sheridan, deceased.
" Henry Jackson, Kxecntorof John
Riehardfoa. deceased.
9d partial ac't M John Van Best. Adm'r of Jacob
Brandt, deceased.
The final nc't of Jacob Fulmer, Guardian of Sela-
theal rast. m
And lhaasmc are 'continued for tbe exsminatton
of any person interested, snd will be for bearing at
tbe next term of said Probate Court. , ...
A.L. CUKTlS, Probate juage.
Kovember 15, 185JL 3w94
enocGBies, eojirEcriojiAKiEs.
rovs, musiCAL ijisrmjJTAJEiv'rs,
nvrionS) occ, etc. . .
INFORMS Ms numerous customers that he
has just received a large stock of all kinds
oi Groceries and Conlectionaries ; a splendid
variety of Toys and Notions of all kinds,
Musical instruments, &c, etc.
- In his SALOON- he bas made arranirinenla for
a constant supply of Baltimore and New Haven
J .... n J; n " L
OYSTERS, tiatneoi all Kinat , saraines, rics-
. . . 1 - . 1. n M.
led Meats ana me aencaciee oi mo
Lunch served at all hours oa toe shortest bo-.
tice. -Constantly on hand a variety ef Temper-
inrfl llrinltB-
Tbankful for oast pstronsce.he is determin
ed to spare neither pains or expense in eater-
ins lor the wants oi tnosa wnw " "
a call.
Ashland, Oct. 4th, 1854. atf
Off ieeFriink.liB! 6c WarrenB.B. Co
PaaaKLin, Portage CO., Ohio, Bept. 96 1843. i
pr- .iyiuiiun-a A T a meeting of the Direc-fciitJSSi"-
tor of the F. dc W. R.
K Co", held June 11, 1853. the following assess
.t. nnon Stock subscriptions were made, vis1
Ten percent, payable July 1st, 1853, and an assess
ment or ten percent, st the end of escb succeed
ing sixty dsys. until tbe whole amount is paid.
Three inatalmentsare therefore now due. to wit:
The first when subcrb,,i' T the charter.) tbe
second July Ist.aud the third. Auguat 31at. ,
8ubscribea in Ashland village and county are
respectmily requested to immediately pay all
nn hma and thev hereaCter be
come due. at the Banking House of Luther, Crall
i dc co.,Jtsniane unless cauiea p?"Z.lfLryu"
I tr. - JOHz.v. TTLIKy ass.
' t-1 he Ol l ' Kir els- - Corner;
THB andarsisned havlnj bought the Laaok
and Kxtbhsivb stock of mercbaadise, for
roerly owned by Kobert Mc Mohan in this pl.ee,
announces to the citisene of this County and
all others whaish to avail themselves ol tbe
privilege of laying; in theis. Suasrca aid FalB
scrPLirs CHCar, that his .Store ia tha plaea.
He intends keeping always on hand a large and
general assortment of '
as ia wsnted by tba people in this region.
Among our unprecedented variety are
of sll "Kinds, 'Styles and' Varieties.' "CROC JK
RIKS, a large broca Salt, i'ish, Plaster, ia
short every thing in that Jine, which will ba
sold a' less prices then any other Mtrckdnt
dart tell. I am now- aitd will be selling fur
sometime st cost, so that my present stock may
be reduced to ma'ke roTxn foruiy; ; : - i
'F A Is la S D P P "
KafAll who wish great bargains, are invited
to csll soon and examine iny Stock as tK goods
are going 'very last, .'and you may not have
another opportunity to secure your goods at
such low figures. -All kinds of
Wool', and any thing the Parmer has to sell , will
bo taken in exchange for goods.
(OT Don't forget the place the old Brick
Corner, aat of the McNully Houae.
' Ashland, ug. 16, 1354,, ; , J - nl3tf j
To Western Merchants.
THK aubacriber would call lbs attention of deal
era generally to tbe extensive arrangements thev
have made for tbe Importation aud aale of British,
rrencn, ano iermea utj uooas.
Having a buyer permanently located in Eu
rope, whose entire attention, wilt be given to the
aeiection oi booos iot our sate, we anali he in re
ceipt of new and desirable Dress Goods by esch
sieamer. Our stock of - - -T
V lute tiji.tls, Husier) , Shawls A Notions,
will be found complete. Also, a large variety
of black and colored Silks. Satins, etc. Cloths.
Caaaimeres aud Vesting, Linens, Drillings, dec,
etc. and Tailor's Trimmings generally. - -
Always on bsnd all leading styles of Domes
tic Goods, bieacbed snd brown
Cotton. rills.. Ticks, Stripes, Denims,
with a choice assortment of Merrimack and Co-
cbecc Pilots, Lancaster Ginghams, die, dec.
1 no illuming iiepanment (under the inn ot lj.
H Ttlis dc Co.,) will embrace a great variety of
well Made Garments, such as cannot fail to give
. . 1 1 a f . r tinn
- .i
We invite tne attention of cash and short time!
buyers. - . j
Trr we nsve also secured the services or w. i
i. STRONG, (late of Mansfield. Ofhtb.l who will
taae great Pleasure in.anowuig you -tnrougn our
slock ; -when you visit this market, please favor
mm wun a caik. . . ,
. . p:of wilsos co.,
Ko. 13 CocnTtaiiB X.. aan 11 aan 13 Dit ST.. K.
r. . ,
Janudry SS, 1851. ly.
-Ab1 133 4" l35t Wood Street,
WOULD call the attention of Country Mer
chants ta the immense stock of
Cb-nfslstrag of bver; 4,000 cas"es Boots and Shoes
of every variety snd style for Ladies', Gentie
mens9, Misses' Bqys9 and Children's
direct from the Eastern Manufacturers. . Hav
ing oeen purcnaseu at tne lowest possioie raies,
principally for CA$H,'with great caro in the
selection f quality and sixes adapted lo tbe
Western Trade,"we can otter superior induce
ments to purchasers, as we are-determined not
to be undersold by any Eastern or Western
House. '
Buyers will nd it to their interest to call and
examfbe'btir extensive assortment before pur
chasing elsewhere. H: CHILDS St CO. "'
August 30, 1304. ' 3m M
In force Jan. 1854, with raferencrs to
prior iaws, in one large Octavo I'otuem.
The andersigned have examined S'wa'n's Re
vised Statutes of Ohio, for 1861. This volume
contains a compilation of the Maluiee of Ohio
in force on the tirat ol January, 1864. Tba de
sign and arrangement of the Book are good,
and carried out with great care and accuracy;
and we think the work of great utility, and re
flects mach credit upon the Compiler and Pub
lisher. , .; f
The undersigned having examined Swan's
Statutes, concur in the above opinion. , .
' Diet. Atty. U. S. Court, Diet, of Ohio.
.. Atty. Gen. of State of Ohio.
It wilfbe found an indispensable hsnd-book
toevery Justite Of rhe'fe'ice and Constable, aa
we I as every awyer or 'p'ubUc officer. The
book will be sent free of charge to any one on
receipt of $5. .
Address. B. u. hikhok s ui., ..
Law Booksellers, Mansfield, Ohio.
March iind, 1S54. 44tt
MICHAEL MILLER presents his regard
to his friends and tha public generally,
und respectfully announces that he bas opened
a Public House for the accommodation of the
traveling public, directly opposite the Samp
sell House, Main street.-'Aaniand, wnere no
will be glad to accommodate all who may favr
him with a calf. His table will always be sup
plied with the luxuries of the season His
parlors and sleeping apartments are large and
commodious. Good stabling for horats will also
be provided, and alaithlul Hostler always tn
attendance. . .
Boarding for private families or single per
sons can be had at reasonable rates.
. 1 -BAKERY;
y .: :.w tih..i k M -1 .....
Ill tUUDCLUUN WIIU lilt? AJVT3if UD win aa
continue to keep open hfs BXKKRY KST AKS
TARANT, A'heVo ti'3 WiI at all 'times. keep on
Confectioneries, Pies, Bread. Cakes,
all kinds of Tentperance drinks, and, in short
every luxury to be found on the tables of first
class eating bouses. ,
tOr tie wishes it distinctly understood., mat no
will be kept, either ih tha Hotel or Saloon'.
Asbland, Murcn Ktd, I&04. - n4 u.
IH. 'GOODFKL'LOW has opened in the
new room, two doors east of Messrs. Kie
ser It Risser's Store, oa Main street, a
Wattcla ataicl Jewelry Eatatblialnxient.
where he will offer every article usually kept
in aucfa establishments, at very low rales, .
Among bis stock may be found Onld aud
Sil-ver W atcken. of every description, va
riety and quality. Pins, Ladies' Gold Broach
es, Grape, Enameled, Cluster, Knot, Cuff and
Scarf Pins. -
Gold Ripgs, L,ockets, Pep.cils, Gold Chains,
Bagiey uoiu rens ana noiaers, large as
sortment.' ,
Table and Tea Spoons of pure silver, Ger
man Silver and plated Spoons, Butter Knives,
Saltand Sugar Shovels, Silvei Forks, etc., be.
of every description, from the best Americso
and English establishments. Also Needl-s,
Port Monies, Dressing and Pocket Combs, and
Pocket Books, Violin sad Guitar SVrurgs.
Goirirles. Kve Shades. Comnasaea "i -
and Acordeons. . Eight Day and Twenty-four
nour srasa iiockb, in. tne most spienaia ra
pier Macbea, Rose Wood and Mahogani case'.
Cleaned and repaired, and work warranted.
Old Gold and Silver bought at the highest
price, i laviie tne puuiic to examine my stock
before purchasing elsewhere. . ,--.
' Ashland, Dec. SI, 1853. n31 tf.
THE undersigned begs leave to Inform the citi
zens of Ashlsnd, snd the surrounding county,
that he bai just received at his Stove and Tin ware
establishment in Ashland; 1 LARGK AND SPLEN
DID assortment or tns nest ana most unptovea
pattern of -
which be will sell at very Urn rates. And also, a
grest variety of COPrBK, UK ASH, Tlx and J A
done on tbe shortest notice.
R. B. Old Brass, Copper i
sxoaange for ware.
August n, 1895.
Pewter taken ia
Corner Pathlio Square, CleTeland, O,
rpHI OLD COLLEGE has removed to new and
-a splendid Koo.it, surpssstngln besuty snd con
veicuncethose of any similair nstitutions in tbs
Stas .
B. O. POLS 0.M, A B., Principal, Profeasor of tha
Sclecce ot Accounts.
W.H, HOL18TER, and J. S. CLAXTON, Assistant
Professors in Book Keeping Uepartmcat.
A. J. PHELPS and JOSEPH BEATT1E. Professors
- of Practical and Ornamental Penmanship
R. P, HUM16TON. Lecturer on Commercial His
tory and the Art of Computation.
J. B. WARlfiG, Lecturer on Mercantile Customs,
' Banking, Exchange, ect.
PALMKK, Lecturers on Commercial Law.
Bev.J.A.THOM E, Lecturer on Commercial Ethics.
i .i , VkkMS 1J ADVANCE.
Por tbe Mercantile Course time unlimited... A40.CO
Tbe same Course for Ladies, m,uo
9 or aeperate instruction in renmansbip,
; Flourishing, etc., as per agreement.
The design or tbe Institution is to afford as good
advantages as can be bad in "any similar one in the
Union, to youn - men about to assume tbe responsi
ble duties of the Countiug Room, and various mer
cantile pursuits. , -
Science or Acnooirrs. Book-keeping will be'ex
plained from anew stand polut, exhibiting tbe true'
nature and relation of accounts ; snd ths course
will embrsce some of-the best practical forms of
modern accountants. This science is often tsugbt
as if it were a species of conjecture, in which
multiplicity of forms are substituted for principles,
arbitrary rules for reasons, and venerable pre
cedente for genuine philosophy, making tbe whole
neld-of he acience a complete terra incoeniLa.
To procucegood practical accounts the understand
ing, and not the memory simply, should be addressed.
DAiLY LECTURES, etc. One or more lectures
will be given daily, on tbe following subjects
Accounts. Penmanship, Mercantile Customs. Bank
ing, Exchange Calculations, Correspondence, Com
mercial I -aw. Political Economy, Commercial
Ethics. Railroading, etc. Besides the usual lec
tures on Law, etc.. in Colleges of this kind, there
will be others by practical men thoroughly con
versant with tbe routine of business, to instruct
on points -allied to the coarse of study, 'and one
expressly on calculation.
PxnnaicsHip. Psactical iSDOasAwenTit. This
department will be undT tbe superintendence of
two of tbe best penmen of the day. Business wri
ting will be taught upon the new methnd of Folsom's
CLiibytbmograpby, exacting to the beat of an Ir.
slrument, and producing tbe popular commercial
band iu much less thau the usual time.
V. B. For particulars send for Circulars. Cats-
fogp"es,'ctc and address the Princfpal.-
,l' r A large library will De couuerted with ths
College, containing the vaiious works on Book
keeping. Mercantile Law, ett., to which the slu
dents will bave access.
Cleveland, Nov. 8. 1854 . 43tf
RAHAN S M E RH A ' X TI ! ,F. i'.C) U
PERSONS desirous of becoming thorough
and accomplished accountants, will find it
greatly to their advantage to call on the un
dersigned , before engaging elsewhere,as he is
prepared to demonatrate, fully, th;it his accom
modations iorstuuents, the comprehensiveness
ol the course of instruction, and facilities lor
procuring situations lor those desirous of ob
taining them, are unsurpassed , ias it is be
lieved, unequalcd, by any similar institu
tion in the Uuited Slates.
In addition to the regular course of inatruc
ti n, there will be a
on topics of great importance in a commer
cial point ol view, delivered by Hon. Bellamy
Stnrer, K. I). Mansfield, Esq., Rev. Samuel
W. Fisjier, Henry C. Lord, Esq., Prof. Chas.
W. Wright, and oilier eminent Lecturers and
Buaineas men. These lecturea teing anew and
important feature not introduced in acy of the
other Mercantile Colleges.
Notwithstanding the great expense atten
dant upon securing the services of able' Lec
turers and Assibtaiit8, the 'l'erms for Tuition
wijl remain as heretofore. Viz ; . ,
For a full course' oTInstruction in D E
Bouk-Keeping, Writing, Commercial
Calculation, Lectures, &c. ......... $40 00
Writing (only) perj. month.. ......... . 600
At s meetiuc of the Gfaduafinc Class of Bacon's
the Mercantile College, held W the Lecture Room
of College edifice,' Friday. Ulh .March, J. S.
Baker was appointed ckairman."aitd VVeston Ar
nofd. Secretary.. Oh motion; a coinniittee of five.
composed ol H. J. Bowman, J. S. Baker, K. J.
votfyiUi t.u. lawyer ana t,eo. aichoi, was ap
pointed to report resolutions expressive of the
blab ovinion eutei'taihed by the class, of the mer
its of this Institution, and of the character and
qualincaliona of the Principal and his Assistants.
- Whereupon, the committee reported the follow
ing preamble and resolutions, which were unani
mously adopted:
VTnaaKAS. We, the members of tbe Graduat
ing Clasf. of R. 8. Bacon Mercantile College; being
about to separate, desire to give expression to our
feelings of respect for our esteemed Instructor, aud
his corpa of able assistants. "Therefore.
Jtetelced, Tbat the thanks of the class are due
to our said instructors for the unilorm kindness of
their deportment toward us while in this institu
tion at tbe same lima tbe thoroughness of their
instructions bas entitled them to our highest re
spect and confidence. .v-
Resolved, That we recommend to tbia Instititu
tion to all who may desire to acquire a commer
cial education, as aifordiug the greatest facilities
for sucn acquisition. . .
'Jtesolvtd. Tbat we as a clasa. affix our names
to these proceedings, and tbat a copy of them be
delivered to R.S, ftacori, ami that they be published
in the city Dapere, .. v. ..
n, a. dovdiiu, o. hibck, m. w. oojuer,
Isaac Bauglunan, J. S. Haker, Franklin Elliott,
P. W. Carroll, E.J. Foisyth, A. Paddock, ..
Gedfse Nichol. G. H. Hughes. Weston Arnold.
James Thompson, II. D. Kyger, Daiiiei Bowen,
w. 1. Kobinson, George Marvie, t. field.
Bacok's Mxbcastilb ('ollkox. ' The examina
tion of tbe student's in Book-Kecping exhibited a
degree ot proficieucy on their part highly credit
able to themselves and Mr. Bacon, their Instruc
tor.. The mast difficult problems in Double Entry
Were as rapidly solved as the most simple, giving
ample proor to the eud-tence tbat tne lutoruiaiion
impartedduring the session would be of practical
benefit." Cincinnati Enquirer tf March 131, 185?.
The vanoua complex questions proposed by the
Principal end other gentlemen present, were an
swered with great promptitude and conciseness,
which reflects sieal credit upon tbe course of study
"pursued at this Institution.1 Cin. Dailm Oatette.
-- AT. HtUU IS UIIIIVBII6H a . ICiLllCI . a ur
ploinatroin thif College in Cincinnati, is required
aa a Sine vaa sosia obtaining aituatious in lheabest
Mercantile Houses ia large cities." Chillicothe
Ancient Metrepolis Afity 6t, 1853. . , . . . .
Mr Bacon bas constructed the i.'ppeT portion ol
Ms building expressly for tbe purposes of bis col
lege, and without any doubt, it is the most com
plete arrangement of the kind in the U. States.
Ciactmasti Odiette, Av. 8, 1833.
"This whole Institution is undoubtedly tbe most
elegant and finished establishment, for the pur
poses in the world. fmvairer.
reo. ieo. n-iu. u. -.
DHS. LAKk it t it V Mi would re
spe'ctfully inform the citizens of Ashland
and vicinity, "that they have associated them
selves t gether for 'the practice of Medicine
and Su'gcry in all their various branches, and
by diligence and close attention to their office,
and pro'rfrpt attendance upon all balls at all
hours, they hope to merit a liberal share ol
pnbli', patronage. Da. Claek oilers his thanks
to all those who have heretofore favored him
vitr their business, and will bo under renew
ed obligations for a continuance of the same.
Da. Cbaste. will devote special attention to the
tudy and practice ot Surgery in all its vari
eties, and more especially in all diseases ol
the Ey , either acute or chronic.
xTsaT OrriCEr adjoining Millington's Drug
Store, onnotite P. & J. Kisser's (tore.
JCy-Da. Clabjc's residents bear tbe Metho
dist Church. .
Da. CaAHE'a on third street opposite W .
Wa.son's. P. H.CLARK, M. D.
I. L.CRANE, M. D..
April 19th, 1854 n48lt
flHE nuder
I signed has
com m e n c e d
running a X-
PRE-S from
Ashland .. t Loudonville leavinir Ashland
eVery Monday, We'dnesdsy and Friday at 8 o'
clock, A.M.and arriving at Louaonvuie at r.
M.. connecting, withthe 3 o'clock P. M. train
for . Pittsburgh and the 4 o'clock P M train for
Crestline same days. weaving t-ouaonvuie
every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday on
the arrival ol Eastern train at 10 A.M., and
arrives at Ashland at 3 P. M., thereby enab
ling pasaengers to go' either East or Weston
tbe cara tame day. or those coming on morning
train either from East or West can get to Ash
land without delays and citizens wishing to
visit the south part of the county, can have aa
opportunity to transact their buaineas and re
turn the name trip, and vice versa. Fsra
throuch one dollar. . 1
A liberal deduction to families aad pleas
ure parties. Enquire of the nndeiaigned at
the FratlHiln Houae in Ashland, or at tbe
Railroad Depot, or Post Office in Loudonville.
. . , : c VV. ROBESON, Proprietor.
Pasaericen tak n to or from any Hotel ei
ther at Ashland or i;ouqkonviiie.
Aehland, July 13, 1853 Sm8
A LARSON WALKER Announces to tbe public
that he is now prepared to make coffins on
the shortest notice, at prices much less than they
are made at any other shop Ashland. Be cau be
found at Kricchbanm'soldsbep,3dst. , Ashland.
May Tth, 184 tf.
-, r- --V
Stablefa Diarrbapai Cordiatl.
Ia a pleasant Mixture, compounded In agree
ment witb the rulea of Pharmacy, of therapeu
tic agents, long Known and celebrated for their
peculiar efficacy in curing DIAKRHCEA, and simi
lar affections of tbe system. In its aetion, it
allavb KACssAand producaa a healthy condition
or tbe LIVER, thus removin the cause at tbe same
time it cures the disease.
Stabler' Anodyne Cherry Expectorant
Is confidently recommended to Invalids, as oust
aFASsso by any known preparation, for the curs
of Cswg-fts Heareenne, snd other forms of Crasn
TION in an early stage, and lor tbe Relitf of the
patient even in advanced stagea of that fatal dia-Aflse.
It coniblnes.in asclenttfic hia'riner, remedies of
long esteemed value, with others, of more-f eceut
discovery; and besides its mouthing- and tonic quali
ties, sets thro' the skin, gentl) and with great ef
ficacy, for the care of tbia class of diseasea.
The valuable Medicines above namedbavs racen-,
tiy been Introduced, with tbe approval or a num
ter of our Medical Profusion in the city of Balti
more and everwbere. and in nractice bave succee-
ded most admirably in curing the diseases for
rbtcn they are prescribed. They are offered to
tbe country practitioners of Medicines whicb be
csn in su respects depend upon aa preparer! in
agreemeut -witb the experience of some of the
most learned and judicious fhysicians and strictly
Jnconformity witb the rules of Pharmacy, and
as especially serving bis convenience, who can
not ao readily as tbe City Physician, have bis own
prescriptions compounded by a practical Pharma
CCUllSl. -
See tbe descriptive Pamphlets, to be hac" s-ratls of
all who bsve the Medicines for sale, containing
ecommendations from Doctors Mastih, Balt-
ill, AnoiTiic. Pavnk. HANnv. Lovs. dec.
.so Doctor S. R. HiiTiN says, I do not hesitate to
xscommena your iMarrnma Cordial and Jlnodrno
Caerry Expectorant" ae.
Doct. Jons Aoniso says. It elves me much
pleasure to add my testimony to tbat of others, in
favor of the extraerdinern efficacy of your lHarr
kaa Cardial, die.; and of the Expectorant, " I have
no hesitation in recommending it as a most value
ble medicine,' dec.
Doct. R A. Paths says he has used the Diarr
Mate Cordial in his practice witb the happiest ef
feet, and thinks it one of the most convenient
and efiicien'. combinations ever offered to our profession."
Doct. L. J). Hardy writes. "I have adminlrner-
ed your Anodyne Expectorant in several cases of
uronchiaAftectiou. with tbs meet kappa result-.
and from a knowledge of ifts admirable effects,
1 can, with the greatest confidence, recommend
it," Arc.
Doct. W. S. Love writes to us that he bas ad
ministered tbe Expectorant to bis wife, who bas
had the Bronchitis for fourteen ueare. and tbat
she is fast rccuvdring.fi uni her long standing ma
lady. It has in a few weeks .done her more good
than all the remedies sbe has heretofore used un
der able medical counsel.
Sixtkbh of the best Apctiiscakies and Phakm
ACKcTisTsin tbe City of Baltimore. "We aresatisfi-
ed thepreparel-ions known- as- Stabler'" Anodyne
Cherry Expectorant and Stabler'e Diarrhea Cor
dial, are .medicinea of Grbat Valci, and were ef
ficient ,toi itie. relief and cure of tbe diseases for
wnicn mey are recommended; they bear tbe evi
dence of .skill and care in their preparation and
style of,putting up. and we take plead sure in re
commending them." ,
Twisty Seveh or the most respectable Mekch-
AifTa, residents of f artlaho, Virginia and Norto
Caro i.isa. who, have, sold 'and also .used these
medicines themselves, say, "From ourowa experi
ence and that of our customere,. we do confidently
recommend tnemrro oono ruDiico. we have never
known any remedy used for'the diseases for whtcn
they are prescribed, to be so efficient, and to give
such entire satisfaction tn all."
The above notices ofrccommendation from mem
of high standing, and MERCHANTS of the first
respectability, should be simcient to satisfy all,
that these medicinesaremariAy fn'a'bv tbe ar
ticled, and thatthey are of a different stamp and
clasa from the. ttuacKery" and "cure Alls" so
lunch imposed upon tbe public. '
For. Sale by Druggists, Apothecaries and coun
try Store-keepers generally. t
A .lly.l4ry SO xil:it'd. -
A Revolution is Certain, Victory I" Ours.
Vf EV THEORY OF DISEASE is awakening the
J- inquiry in the minds of all who read it: How
it si tbat Americans have been so long and so
slavishly immured iu darkness and ignorance on tbe
subject of disease.
is6fforedto the afflicted of the States and Terri
tories for the entire cure of Liver Complaints all
stages. Bilious Fever, Ague and Fever, Chronic
Lung Fever. Dropsical Allections, consumption.
Below Complaints Diarrhea, Dysentery, Hheuma
tisrn; Bleeding Pile Blind Piles. ScroTuIa, Salt
Rheum, Dyspcpsia.Gcneral Debilixyierv.ou8n&as,
Costivenesa, Indigestion, Olstruclcd. Menstrua.
tion, die.
Dr. A. L. Aaamr Liver naisam nas stood tne
wree and test lor the last niteen years, and - nas
proved to the most skeptical, beyond a shadow of a
doubt, tbat it is
The only Reliable Mediciae Ever Discovered
ibeing purely all vegetable.) for the permanent cure
of the above diseases. The most skeptical bave be
come ita most sanguine votaries, and pronounced
tbe Liver Balsam to be tbe .
Oulj Reliable Hal biugcr of He..ltli to the-
Testimonials come up from every track it baa
made, swollen with expressions of gratitude, for
the relier received by iu use. And in subm ittiug
this, the Liver Balsam isrecorauieuded to all those
aufferiug under the, t ,. - .,
and at once procure one bottle of Dr. A- L. Adams'
Liver Balsam. . . -
The readers is rnferred to the Medical Tract
found by maaing application to tbe Agent where the
Balsam ia sold, giving a lull epitome of the cause
and cure of all diseases; containing, lt,o .certifi
cates from those wk) have tested its unparalleled
ascendancy over the diseased to which we are all
eubjecu hold by K. n. luubd, oc uo., Asnianu
John MoCrorey, West Windsor; Slurgea ck Biglow
Mansheld; J. f. Mameta. itowsnurg; j. n.
Raumgatdeddr Co., Wooster '-.-'.
G. E. Scott. General Agent, No. 67 Randolph
Street Cbiaago, Illinois.
February l.ie-H. ns ly.
JaundiceWy pep9ia,Clirouic or Ner
vous ifeoiiiiy visease va lueniuucfi,
And all diseasea"arisii)g front a disordered Liver or
Stomach, such as Constipation, luward Piles,
Fullness or Blood to the Heart. Acidity of tbe
Stomach, Nausea, Heart Burn, Disgust lor Food,
Fullness or W eight iu the stomacb. Sour Eructa
tious. Sinking or Fluttering at tbe pit of the
Stomacb. Swimming of the Head, Hurried and
Difficult Breatbiug, Fluttering at tbe Heart.Chok-
. log or Stiff-jcating Sensation when in a lying
posture. Dimness of Vision, Dots or Webs before
the t-ight. Fever aud Dull pain in the Head. De
ficiency of Prespiration. Yellowness of the Skin
- and Eyes, Pain in the Side, Back, Cbest, Limhs,
dec. Sudden Flushes or He.'., Burning in the
Flesh, constant Imaginings of Evil, snd Great
Depression of Spirits, can be effectually cured by
' uaing. - .-..- ,
Dr. Hoofland'u Celebrated German Bitters.
man Medicine Store, I'-'l) Arcb St., Philadelphia
Their power over the above diseases is not excelled,
if equalled, by any other preparation in the U. States
as the cures attest, in many cases after skillful
physicians bad failed.
These Bitter, are worthy the attention of invalids.
Possessing great virtues in tbe rectification of die
eaaea ofthe Liver and lesser gland, exercising ths
most searching powers in weakness and affections
or the digestive organs, tbey are withal safe, cer
tain and pleasant.
E. B. Perkiks, Marietta, Ohio, Feb. IS, 1851. said
"Your Biltera are highly prized by thoie who have
u'se'd them". In a case of Liver complaint, or long
standing, which bad resisted ihe skill or several
Physicians, was entirely-cured by the use of five
bottles." C. L. Drake, Freedom, Portage co., O..
April 83, 1859. said: "The German Bitters you sent
ma last bave not yet come to hand. I bave been out
of tbe article for some time, to the great detriment
of invalids, it is a medicine mucb thought of and
sought after in this community."
B.M. Hotchirso . at. n Bedford, Cuyshogs co.,
O.August 96, 1852, said: " The Bitters you ship
ped me in May last are all gone 1 think it a
good medicine, and L am recommending it to my
patients and friends, (which I do tor no other pat
ent medicine.) You will please forward a large
supply'.". - -
k ens' Wooster. O.. Nov. SO. 1853. said:
' lhaveused some three or four bottles of Hoofl-
and's German Bitters lor Dyspepsia, and derivea
great bene fit from their use. I believe them to
be good for all diseases for which tbey are recom
mended." -
SVm. Oaa, 'Wooster., O., October 9. 1852, said :
" You ask me my opinion of the German Bit
ters. I have used them for Dyspepsia and Indi
gestion, and take pleasure in stating tbat I think
tbey are the very best remedy extant for the above
complaints they are decidedly in advance of all
the proprietary medicines ofthe day."
Mr. Oaa is a distinguished lawyer of Wooster.
" These Bitters are entirely vegetable. They never
prostrate the system, but In visorate it.
For Bslsby R. H. CHUBB & CO., Asbland. and
by Druggists and dealera in medicines everywhere,
Asbland Feb, 1. nST ly.
- ' LEAVE Aah-
HeclioHwlth the earaon the Cleveland Colum
bus arid Cincinnati Rail Road. ...
Returning, leave New London alter the Ar
rival Of UI iri. . .
Leave Aahland for Mansfield on Mondajs,
Wtjnesdaysand Fridays, at 7t O'clock, P M;
Leave Ashland for Wooster oa Tuesdays
v I mw.A fiati1i At A 1 rw W P 1AV
apt ember, 18M. lfltf - '
sV!iiUjrf.:Si &iijaUies'
Carter's' Spanish .Tlixture.
not a particle of mercury
: in it. , . ;. . . ::
AN Infallible Remedy for Scrofula, King's Evtt
Rheumatism. Obstinate Cot aneons Ervntlons.
Pimples or Pustyes on the Face, Blotches, Boils,
Chronic Sore Eyea Ring Worm or Tetter, Dcald
Head. Euiareement and Pain of tbe Bones snd
Joints, Stubborn Ulcers, Syphilitic ' Disorders,
Lumbago, Spinal Complaints, and all Diseases
arising lrom an -injudicious use or Mercury, im
prudence in Life, or Impurity of tbe Blood.
This valuable Medicine, which bas become cele
brated for the number of extraordinary cures ef
fected Uirough its sgepcy, bas inducad tbe pro-
pxiciors, at me argent requcsi ei xneir inenas, to
offer it to the public, which they do with ths ut
most confidence in its virtues and wonderful cura
tive properties. Tbe following certificates, select
ed from a large nnmber, are, however, stronger
testimony man tne mere wot a or tne proprietors ;
and are all from gentlemen well known in their
localities, and oi tne highest respectability, many
or them residing lathe city of Richmond, Va.
F. Botdh, Esq.. of the Exchanse Hotel. Rich
mond, known every where, saya he has seen the
Medicine called Carters Spsnish Mixture adminie
tered in over, a hundred casea, in nearly all the dis
eases for which it is recommended, with the most
astonisbingly,good results. He saya it ia the most
extraordinary medicine be baseverseen.t
Aeca a no Favaa Great Curl Thereby eerti
fy, that for tbree years I had Ague and Fever of tbs
most violent description, i had several Pbyalci
aus, took large quantities of Quinine, Mercury,
and I believe all the Tonics advertised,, but all
Without any permanent relief " Jktalast I tried Car
ter's Spanish Mixture, two battles of WhichjcHect
ually cured me. and 1 am bappy to ray I bavchad
neither Chills or Fever since. I consider it the best
lonisan.uie world, and the-only medicine that
ever reached my case. - v-. r
Beaver Dam, near Richmond, Va.
. B. Lo a Esq., now in the city of Richmond,
aud for many years in the Post Office, has auch con
fidence in the astonishing efficacy of Carter's
Spanish Mixture, tbat he haa bought upwards of 50
butties, which he nas given away to the afflicted.
Mr. Luck says be bas never known it to fail when
taken according to directions.
Dr. Mines, a practicing Physician, and formerly
of tbe ity Hotel, in tbe city of Richmond, says
he has witnessed in a number of- instances tbe
effects of farter's Spanish Mixture which were
most truly surprising. He ssys in a case of Con
sumption, dependent on tbs Liver, the good effects
were wonoeriui maeca.
Saxuxl M Dsikkrs, of the firm of Drinker dc
Morris, Richmond, waa cured of Liver Complaint
of 8 years standing, by tbe use of two bottles of
Career's Spanish Mixture.
Gi cat "ZrK k or Sc-aorcLA. Tbe Editors ofths
Richmond Republican bad a servant employed in
their press room, cured of violent Scrofula, com
bined witb Rheumatism, which entirely disabled
him from Kork. Two bottlea of farter's Spanish
Mixture made a perfect cure of bim, and the Edi
ors, in a public notice, say they ''cheerfully recom
mend it to sll wbo are afflicted with any disease o
the blood."
Still Anotrer "ch or Scrofola. Ifasd a veiy
valuable boy. cured, of Scrofula by Carter's Spsn
ish Mixture. I consider it truly s valuable medi
cine. James M. Taylor. Conductor on the R. F. A
P. R. R. o.. Richmond. Va. -
Mr. Joan TnoMPSoK, residing in the city of Rich
mond. was cured by tbreo bottles of.Carter'a Span,
isb Mixture, of Salt Rheum, whicb be had nearly SO
years and which all the pbasicians of the city
Cou4d not cure. . Mr. Thompson is a well known
merchant in the city of Richmond, Va., and his
cure is most remarkable. '
Ws.A. Mmntwi, of Richmond, bad a servant
cured of Syphilis, in tbe worst form, by Carter's
Spanish Mixture. He says be cheerfully recom-
mends it. and considers it an invaluable medicine.
Rit HARn E West, of Richmond, was cured ol
Scrofula, and what Physicians called confirmed
consumption, by tbree bottles of arter.s Spanish
Mixture. . -..
Edwiic Rcrtoh, commissioner of the revenue,
says be has seen the good effects or Carter's Spanish
Mixture in a number of Syphilitic cases, and says
it is a perfect cure for that horrible disease.
Wa.,G. HASneon, of Richmond, cured of Old
sores and Ulcers, which disabled., bim lrom yxalk
ing. Took a few bottles of. Carter's Spanish, Mix
ture, snd was enabled to walk without a crutch,
in a abort time permsnently cured.
Principal Depots at M. Ward Close dc Co., No.
83, Maiden Lane, New York.
T. W. DroTT dt Sons, No. 132, North 2d Street.
Be un ett or Beers, No. 125, Main SU, Richmond,
A nd for sale iy H. H. Chose, Aahland, H. S See,
dr Co. Savanna. J.EsifNiiiaBR, Haycaville, J. Horr-
am, Jeromeville, Asnaasoii or Rowar. London
ville, and Dealera in Medicines everywhere.
Jan. 18, '34. a35ty.
ifleMrincfir- jj
Philadelphia Medical House Established 2d
ears ago, by Dr. K1NKEL1N, corner ol Thin
and Union str'dets; between Spruce Pine,
Philadelphia, Pa.
Invalids are apprised that Dr. Kinelin eon
fines his practice to a particular branch of med
icine which engages his undivided attention,
He cations the unfortunate against the abuse
of mercury; thousands are annually mercurial
ized out of life. Recent affections are prompt,
ly extinguised. Ttcenty year of Experience
in the treatment of a class of diseaaca hitheito
neglected and imperfectly understood, .has en
abled Dr Kinkclin, (.Author, of a .work on Sell
Preservation,) to prove tbat.nine-tentha ofthe
causes of nervous debili y, local and constitu
tional weakness, mental and physical suffer
ing, are traceable to cei tain habits, forming tbe
most secret yet deadly and' fatal springs of
domestic i.isery and premnture mortality.
Take Particular Notic. Theie is an evil ha
bit sometimes indulged in by boys, in solitude,
often growing up with them to mnnhood, and
which, if not reformed in due time, it not only
begets serious obstacles to matrimonial hsppi
ness, but gives rise to a series of protracted,
insiduous and devastating affections. Few oi
those who give way to tbia pernicious pi ac
tios are aware ofthe consequences, until they
find the nervous system shattered, feel strange
and unaccountable feelings, and regno fears
in tbe mind.., .. .. ;, .
The unfortunate thus affected becomes fee
ble, is um.ble to labor with accustomed vigor,
oi to apply his mind to study '; hjs step.is tar
dy and r.eak,bq is dull, irresolute.. Hand en
gages in his f port with less energy than usunf.
If he emancipate himself before the prac
tise done its worst, and enter matrimony, his
marriage is unfruitful, and his sense tela him that
th is ii caused by bis follies early. These are con
siderations which should a waken the attention
of those similarly situated. ' ' '
MaTrijige requires the fulfillment of several
conjirtfous, in order thatit may bs really tbe
cause of mutual happiness. - Could the veil
which covers the origin of domestic wretched
ness be raised, and iis true source in every in
stance disclosed in bow msny could it be
traced to physical disqualifications snd their
attendant disappointments! Apply then while
it is yet time, in order to kave your unstrung
and relaxed organization rebraeed,from making
your case known to one who, from education
and respectability, can certainlv be revivified
ind strengthened. .
Remember that he who pieces himself un
der Dr.Kinelin's treatment, may religiously
confided iu his honor as a gentleman, snd rely
upon the assurance, that the secrets of Dr. K.'s
patients will never he c'iselosed.
Youug man let no false modesty deter , oil
from making your case known to one who,
from education and respectibility, can certain
ly befriend you.
Too many think tbey w,ill conceal the secret!
in their own hearts, and cure themselves.
Alas! how often ia this a fatal delusion, and
how manv a promising vonnn man. who might
hove' been an ornament to society, has fadet
lrom the earth. .
Strictures of the urethra are rapidly removed
bv the sDDlication'of a new therapeutical
agent, nsed only by Dr. K. Weakness and
Constitutional debility promptly cured, and full
vigor restored. . . ,
Country Invalids (an have, by stating their
case explicitly, together with sll their symp
toms, per letter enclosing a remittance) -Dr.
K.'s medicine, appropriated accordingly.'
Forwarded to any part of the United 6tates,
and packed secure from DAMAGE or CURIOS
ITY. .
Tenth and Manhood s eigsroue Life or a prema
ture Death jn.lia sn Sslf Presarvsttsn Only
SSct. ..... -
- It is a work eminently required, as a mesa
of reforming tho vicea of the age ia which
live. Also,
With rule for the Prolan cation, ef iife.Juet from
. . (As frese.
A letter witb a remittance of S5 cents, of
tha vn In. in noit itamm. addressed to Dr. Kin
alia, Philadelphia, Pa-, will secure a copy of
either of tbe above books by return .mail of
12 copies will be sent f-ee of pontage for tl,
Booksellers, Canvasserr, Travailing AgenU,
bo , supplied wholesale At the publisher's pri
ces, which admit of it large roEt. MT AU
letters ptvet be post paid. ,
Marfch z2nd, 1254. Iy44
AdmixUatrator'a Notice.
VrOrTCE is hereby given; tbvt the undersigned has
IN been duly appointed and qualified as Adrnlns
traior of the Estate of Samuel Wiermaa, deceased.
late ef Montgomery township, Ashland county,
oeio. MivanAW
Ashland Sept. aoth, WA. JwlT
- 'A Iew iTSrlhod.
receatly been made by Dr. Cvaris, Saw
the core of Asthma, Connmptioa, Bronchitis,
Coughs, Colds, and all Lang Complsints, by
Medicated Inhalation. Dr. Cartis Hygenaett
Inhaling Bygtniau Vapor and Cherry Syrup.
has accomplished the moat wonderful earoa at
Asthma aad Cossnmptioa ia the City wf Ifsw
York and vicinity for a faw biobUm 'p-ast, rra
known to man. It is prodaeing aa iarpresstoai
oa Disease f ths lungs asver before, wttaoas.
ed by the Medical Professioa. Re certil
cates in hands of Agents. .-v.
The Inhaler is wora oa tha breast, seder tha
linen, without the least iatoaveniaace, the
heat of the body being sufficient to avapsrato
the fluid ,-rrAoppl ring the laags coastantly witk
a healing and agreeable vapor,' passing lata
all the air-cell and passsges ol the longs that
cannot possibly, be reached by other sacdiaiao.
Here is a case : . ,,'.;a!fli
- . Asthma Cared. .
BmookiihN. Y., Dee. 2Hh, 155J."
' For about eight years I bare been several
afflicted witb tbe. Asthma f lor the last twa
years I bave suffered bey end all power of de
scription ; month at a time I bavo axt basns -able
lo sleep in bed.jretting wbat rest I cools) -'
sitting ia my ehrair. My dif&ealty of breathings
and my sufferings were so great at times, that
for hoars together say., friends expected each
bour woe Id ba my iasW Daring too past - sia
years I bavo bad tbe .aid. and atlssdanc mt
some of ike asost celebrated physicians, bat
have received aa permanent benefit, end bat
ittle relief. I at length bad tbe good fortnao
to procure Dr. Corns' ilygeaaa Vapor aad
Cberry Syrop, At the tisae I Ate obtained it,
I waa si'ffering aader one ef amy aaost violsst
attacks, and waa ia great distress, almost ssf
focating for want of breath. la read than xetm
minutes from tho time I applied tbo Inhaler
to my etmomach, and took a teaspooaAd of tbo
Cherry 8yrup, I waa relieved ia a great ats ass
ure from the difficulty ol breathing, aad bad
a comfortable night. I bava sines ceatiased
it with the greatest possible benefit, aad aaa
now comparatively well. God only knows tbo
amount of suffering this medicine has relieved!
me from. My advice to tbe saft'oring is, -try it.
Consumption Cared. -- -
Niw YoK, Dee. 27th,186S.:
I came to New York ia tho ship Telegraph ;
my native place ia St.Joba'a, New Brunswick)
when I reached this city, my health was vary
poor : had a very bad cough, raised a good dost
of matter, which was frequently mixed witb
blood; bad pain in my left side, and was very
thin pad emaciated. My friends and physician
.pronounced my case Consumption aed beyoasTl
the reach of medicine.' 1 accidentally heard
ol Dr. Curtis' Bygenia, or inhaling Hygcan V a
por and Cherry -Syrup, and obtained a package
which I verily believe was the means o' saving
my life- Soon, alter wearing the Inhaler. r i
took the Cherry Syrop as directed, aad con
tiancd to do so, my coug-b gradually gro.wit
better, nntil it eutirel) lert me, and I now cop,
aider my.elf cured 1 still wear tbe Jnhalsr,'
as the use of it is rather plessant, and b'elieviag .
it strengthening aad pari Ii ing to tha lungs, I
feel nn willing at present to dispense with it.
Sold by Boyd It Paul, No. 149 Chambers .!.
C. II. King, corner of John street aad Broad
way, N. Y. Price $3 a package. ' 7 7"',
N. 11 An) person inclosing $3 to Be yd. It'
Paul, or Curtis st Perkins, Mew York, il ra- -. v
ceive a package containing a bottle of Uygeasj'
Vapor, one ol Chorry Syrup, and aa lahaler-
in a neat box, by expreas, tree to soy part of
tbe United Slates; or four packages for HQ-. .
Juna 7, 1864 , - ly3. ,
An InTSilumble Book for twcaly-flTS
. cts. ' livery latmily aJbould faatTO .
at Copy. is . . . ... . .., . .
i Art nnn f'" ,oid-1" s ti. a
IUVjUUU new edition, rovisedandlmprsvsd
just issued.
Air. nosTER-s Jamaica jaanuat ama Mama Boo jow"
the ajUtsrsd Containing aa outline of the origin
progress, treatmentand curs of every form, oi dia.M
case contracted by promiscuous sexual intercourse,
by self abuse or by sexual excess, witb advice tmx
tbeir prevention-, wriusn iu a familiarstyle, avoid;
ing all medical technicalities, and every thing that--would
offend tbe car o decency i with aa eullisie
of complaints incident to FemahM, from the tspv-11,
of soms twenty yesrs successful prsclice, sxsta '
sively devoted to tbe care of diseases of a dclisaU
or private nature. ..r . .
To which is added receipts for tbe tare of tha
above diseases, and a treatise oa tbe causes, symp
toms and cure of tbe Fever and Acme. j r . ,
. Teetimony.afTkePrefeenanafi Histories ia Proa.
CaUeje.Pkiladtlphma'' Dr. Hcstse's Medical Mam; '
The author of this work, anlike las majority
of those wbo advertise to curs the diseases of s bish
it treats 1b sgrsdustsof one of ths-oest Collsgemio
tba U nited States. It affords me pleasure la sssroas
mend him to the unfortunate, or to tbe eiatrss of
malpractice, as a successful snd experienced- prae ,
titioner, .n wboss honor snd integrity . tbey Kafs
plsce the grcstest confidence. ' '
from A. Woodward, M. D.,af Pen. University,'
Philadelphia. It gives me plessure to sdd my lsli-
mony to the professional ability ef the Author at
ibe "Medical Mahdai." Numerous cases of Jis,
eaAe of the Genital organ, some of thsm of luag .
standing." have comeuu tar my notice, ia whicb his
skill hss been msuifrst i restoring to perfect .
health, in aome cases where tte patient haa been
considered beyond medical aid. In ths treatment1
of b'emiaal weaknesses, or disarrangement of the
functions produced by self-abuse er Excess of van,
cry, I co not know his etuporior in tbe profession.- :'
1 have been acquainted with tbs Author some tbir-T -ty
years, and deem it no more than jusllxe te him ' t
aawell a kindness to the unfortunate victim of
arty. ipdisxEetion. to recommend hint as one -ia
-emm proiessionai skiii ana inisgnty tasy xumy -aafely
coufide tbemselvea.
1 Lnn Wsrivus, H. D.
. . "Thisis, witbout exception, tbe most comers- a
bensive snd intelligible work published-oa tbo,
class of diseases of which it treats. Avabllag all -technical
terms, it addresses itself to the reason ot .
its readers. It is tree irons sll objectionable mat
ter, and no parent, however faslidioas eaa ohject
to placing it ia ths bauds of bis sons. Ths authos "
bss devoted many years to tbe treatment of tbo ,
darions complaints treated of, and, with too little-.
breatb to puff, aud too little presamptioa to iaa-A:
pose, be has offered to tbe world, at the merely aoast-
nal price of 25 cents, tbs fruit of soms twenty years,
most successful practice." herald.
"No teacher or parent should fee without ths - ,
knowledge imparted in this Invaluable work. It
would save yearaof pain, mortification aad sorrow- .
to the youth under their lhalga." People's Adeaemm.
A Presbyterian clergyman ia Ohio, writiog of
- Hunter'a Medical Manual " ssys s . lb on sands . a
upon thousands of oar youth, by evil example anal u
influence of the passions, bava been led into tha
habit of self-pollution, without realizing tbe sia asut
fearful consequences upon themselves and their pern
terity. Tbe constitutions ol thousand wbo are
raising familiea.have beroenjeehud. if not broken ,
sown, and they do not know the cause or the core.
Aaytblng tbat ean be done ao to enlighten and in
fluence tbe public misdastocher.k, and altimaUly
Oy remove, this wids spread seerse ef hnmsa -.
wretchedness, would xoiwfer the rsatest blessing
next to ths religion of, Jesus Christ, on ths present
and coming generation, lntempersnce (ot the ssa , J
of intoxicating drinks) though it bas slain thou
sands, is not a greater scourge to the human race.
Accept my ihankB on behalf of tbeaftlictsd.and, be
lieve me, your co.worker in the good-work jua an,
so actively engaged ia." - -
One copy (securely enveloped) will be forwardsd . i
free of posiage, toany part of the United States fir. ...
25 cents, or six copies for $1. Address, (postpaid) - .
COS DEN & COM Publishers, or Box 196, Phils. -
fp? Booksellers, Canvassers aad Book Ageata .
supplied on the mast liberal terms.
Aug. 18th. 1854. aM-lr
ing in Ibe care of Coughs, Colds, Asthe
nia, Bronchitis, Sore Throats, Hoarsens,
Difficult Breathing, Incipient Consumption, aad
Diseases of the Lunge. They bava- ao vasle ol
medicine, andany cbitat will take theas. Thou-;
sands have been reatored to health that bad''"
before dispsired. Testimony given in handrods r
tut cases. A single dose relieves, in tea jnia-;
ntes ! .' .". ,
Ask for Bryan'a Pulmonic Wafers tbe orig
inal and only ; genoifle ia stamped Brjaa.?" ,
Spurjs kinds are offered for sale. ..Twenty- "
five cent a, box. Sold by dealers generaltyj.
J .BRYAN Co.; Rochester. New York, Pr.o;.
prietors. Wholesale by . Park, Ciacia
nati.Ohio; W. Piske Cleveland, Ohio , - .. :
February 8, 1854 n38tf. ; . ..- - - -..
Or Great Western Hair Sestoratlvi
IT promotes the growth, sofleai, makes por, -.
maaent, and restores tbe aataral color ol -the
hair. It gives health to the skin aad V" the
glands which form the hair; removes mlj -Scarf,
Dandruff, Ernptiona and Feverish Hast -from
the scalp.- It fastens hair., prevents bald -5
ne?s, aad even eaasesa fall growl srbera tho-
hair haa fallen off. ItcontainsooeoJoriag asat-
tor, bnt effects its wonderful ehsngoa ia tbo m
condition ot tho hair, by fi"ing health to
tho akin of the bead, aad glands which fora
(he hair. . - ,
Price 60 ets. per bottle. A libera) deduc
tion made to wholesale purchasers. Address J. . .'
HIGH WARDEN , Aahland, Ashlsad ceaaty,
January, 11th, 1853 ' S4ft
New Cabinet Warerccia -
- nv r-eaAia-3-3Eii ,J
. . .
rpHTS subscriber respectTnlly announces " .
J that ba his permanently located liimsell(
in the town of Orange, Ashland county , Ohio, .
where beia prepared to manufacture all kiad
of Cabinet Ware, such aa ,
Dining Table, Centra Table; -
.oAne-bottomed chairs,
to order, on tha shortest aotioo and most raav. -ioiWhlb
terms. Particultr attentioa given ta
Country Produce taken ia exchangefor work, v !
and Cash always acceptable. . .- - 1-.,
. -JOHH wtLL.-
" OrMga, April 5,1864. , 40

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