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concluded rno first page
All the disposable force of the army
is already employed in this service, and
is known to bo wholly inadequate to the
protection which should be afforded the
public mind of the coontrv has been re-
cenwj snocKea by savage atrocities com
ifig exigencies of the wealth .fid'com
merce of the country. I cordially ap
prove of the proposed apprentice system
for our -vessels, recommended by the
Secretary of the Navy. ,
. The occurrence during the last few
months of oiariDe disaster of the most
; mitted on defenceless emigrants and bor'j tragic nature iuvolving great loss of hu-
rlat wliloinint. -.. .-I i n i r l ik. i nun lif.i 'm nrnriuictui intense motives
der settlements, and haruly less by the
unnecessary destruction of valuable lives
where inadequate detachments of troops
have undertaken to furnish the needed
aid 'without -increase of the military
force. These -soeuca will be repeated it
is to be feared on a larger scale, and with
-more didaatcrons consequences. Con--.
gTess I am sure will perceive tfiat the
plainest duties nr d responsibilities of
food are involved ia this question, and
doubt not that prompt action may be
eonnaontly cxticipated. When delay
' must be attended by such fearful Las-
' 1 .1 . . I 1 . ' .
, Bras, me Dili or me ias session prura-
-r ding for an increase of pay of the rank
- and file of the army, has had beneficial
results not only in facilitating enlist
' went but iu obvious improvements in
the cjass of men who en:er the service.
I regret that corresponding considera
t - Hiou was not bestowed on the officers,
who in view of their characters and ser-
vices and the expenses to which they
- are necessarily subjtcted, receive at
present what is in my judgement iuade-
- quate compensation. -
The valuablo service constantly ren--,
dered by the army and its inestimable
. importance as the nucleus around which
- the volunteer forces of the nation , can
- promptly gather in the hour Of danger
-sufficiently attest the "wisdom of main
taining a military peace establishment,
- bat the theory of -our system and the
- ' wise practice under it requires that any
' proposed augmentation in time of peace
De. only commensurato with our extcn
- ded limits of frontier relations. While
v -scrupulously adhering to this principle
. . I fiod in existing, circumstances a we-
cessity for increase of our military force
and it is believed that four new regi-
- ments of infantry and two of mounted
men will be sufficient to meet the prcs-
ent exigency if it were necessray, carer '
, fully to -weigh . the costs in a case of
. such urgency it would be shown that
tho additional expense would be campar
tirely light. .-With the increase of the
numerical force of the army, should I
think,' be combined, eertaiu measures of
: reform in its organio arrangements and
administration. J. he present organiza
tion is the result of partial legislation
directed to special objects and interests
and the laws regulating ra k and com
mand, having been adopted manyyeais
- ' ago trom the Jbritish code are not al
- ways -applicable to our service, it is
not surprising therefore that the system
' -should be deficient in the symetry and
. simplicity fl-rseatial to toe harmonious
ororkiftg of -its several parts and require
a careful revisor. The present organi-.-..'
zation by maintaining large - staff - corps
or departments separates many officers
from that close connection with troops
and these active in duty in the field
. which are deemed requisite to "qualify
m for tbe varied responsibilities of
uigh command. Were the duties of the
army staff mainly desparaged the officers
-intaclied from their regiments, it is be
lieved that the special service would be
- equllay well performed and the discip-
line and instruction of the army improv;
ed. .'- : - .' . -:;
While due regard to the j?i!xii tsL
CTinis oi o mcers ina to tne nice
sense of honor which should be cultiva
. ted among them, wou'd seem to exact
' v compliance with the established rule of
-.. promotion in ordinary casses, still it can
hardly be doubted that tbe rage of pro
motion by selection, which is now prae-
1 ticallyeonfined to the gmde of general
- - offioers, to be somewhat extended with
V"to befit the service. Observane of the
nile of seniority leads especially in time
of peace to promotion of officers who are
.. meritory and . ever distinguished ser--vices
may have been rendered by age or
iufixinitv iacabable of active dutv. and
whose advancement"- tlicrcfure, wor.I'LL0!!3
. tend to'lmpairtho effic'Jencyof the a flir
"..Soitalrle" Brovisiotre f-iM-J-js class of" of-
-fioeipr'rtBPrTSfujQ ol a retired list
: wouldremedy the evil without, wound
ing the just pride of men who, by past
. services, have established a claim to
.."high cooslslration. - In again comincnd
ini''E!?3mrcsur9 to the favorable con-
ieratioa of Congress, I would suggest
that the power of placing offioers on the
retired list Delimited to one year. The
practical operation of the measure would
thus be tested, and, if after the lapse of
years there should. . be occasion to re
verse the provision it can be produced
with any improvements which experience
4nay indicate. ' ... ..
The present organization of the artil
lery into regiments is liable to. objec
. tions. The service, of artillery is that
of batteries and an organization of bat
teries into a corpse of artillery would be
more consistent with the nature of their
duties. A large part of the troops now
called artillery are and have been on
duty as infantry, The. distinction be
tween the two arms being merely notnl
of sympathy and sorrow throughout the
cou-itry. It may well be doubtful
wether all these calamitous - events are
wholly attributable to the necessary and
inevitable dangers of the sea, - - The mer
chants, mariners and ship-builders of the
United States are, it its true, unsurpas
sed in far-reaching enterprise, skill, in
telligence and courage by any others in
the world, but v.ith the increasing am
ount of our commercial tounase iu the
aggregate aud the larger size and im
proved equipments of the ships now con
structed, a deficiency in the su, ply of
reliable seaman begins to be very seri
ously felt. The inconvenience may per
haps bo met in part by due regulation
for the introduction into our merchant
ships of indented apprentices. It would
afford useful and eligible occupation "to
numerous young men ; would have a
tendency to raise the character of sea
men as a class and it is deserving of seri
ous reflections whether it may not be
desirable to revise the existing laws for
the maintenance of discif.lmu at sea,
upon, which the security of life and pro
perty on tbe oceau must to so great ex
tent depend. ' ,
Although much attcutioa Las already
been giveu by Congress to the proper
construction and arrangement of steam
vessels and all passenger ships, still it is
believed that the achievements ofscienCo
and mechanical skill in this direction
have not been exhausted. No good
reason exists for the marked distinction
which appears upon our statute between
the laws for protecting life and proper
ty at sea and those for protecting them
on land. In most of the States severe
penalties are provided to punish conduc
tors of trains, engineers and - others em
ployed in tbe transportation of persons
by railway or by steamboats on rivers,
why should not the same principle be
applied to acta of insubordination, cow
ardice or other misconduct on the part
f i 3 1
oi masters ana mariners, producing in
jury or death, to passengers ou the high
seas, beyond' the jurisdiction of any
State aud where such delinquencies can
not be reached only by the power of
Congress. The whole sabject is earnest
ly commended to your consideration.
. The report of the Post Master Gen
eral to which you aro referred, for many
interesting details' ia relation to this
important and rapidly entending branch
of the public service, shows that the ex
penditure of the year, ending Juue 30th,
1854, including $33,483 of balance' due
to foreign offices amounted to $3,61 0,907.
The gross receipts during the same
period amounted to $6,935,580, exhibit
ing an expenditure of over $1,759,321
aud a diminution of deficiency as -compared
with last year, of $360,756. The
income of the revenue to the department,
forj the year ending June 30th 1 854 over
tL-jB3eUing year was $970,39 No
proportMMtte increase however, can be
anticipated for the! current year in con
sequence of the act of Congress of June;
23d, 1854, providing for iucrease - com
pensation. - - . ... ''. ." ;
During the last fiscal vear ecvea mil-.
JlioP.Bcven tj thqosan J-nina nnd reiL V"
and imirty-five acres of tnepublic lands
have been surveyed and eight muiior.s,
one hundred and ninety thousand and
seventeen- arces brought into market.
The number of acres Sk.lJ-'is seven. mil
lions, thirty-five thousand, seven hundred
and thirty-five, and the amount received
therefore nine million, two hundred, and
eigbty5?tesaWl"five hundred and thirty
three dollars, the ; aggregate amount of
land sold located under raiiiUfl-Cw?
and land warrants selected as swamp
lands by States aud by locating nnder
grants for roads, is upward of twenty
three millisms of acres. "'The . increase
cilcnUUona, when w contemplate th eaormoui
absorption ofcapllal -mlbdrawa from tha ordinary
channel of busiueM, tb? extravagant ratea ol In
terest at tbis moment raid to continue operations,
tbe bankruptcies not merely in money but in char
acter, and inevitable effect upon finances generally,
can it be doubted that tbe tendency it to run to
excess ia this matter t - - - - -
Is it? wise to augment tbis excess by eacoa raging
hopes of sudden wealth expected to flow from mag
nificent scbamei dependent t poo the action of
Cungressl. Uoealhe spirit which bas frod'ced
such results need to be stimulated or checked 1 Is
it not better rule to leave ail these works to private
enterprise, regulated, and wtaeu expedleut aided
by tbe co-operation orstates 7 If constructed by
private capital the stimulant and the tbeck go to
gether, aud furnish a salutary restraint against
speculative scLemes and exlravagancleti
It ismanilest that with tbe most effective guards.
Ik.rfajlan.rnrrniuf to Ia9t aud tOO far.
may well pause betore a proppsitlon contemplating
. ........,.... mnviiiiHtliir tbe construction of
ri,r.i,l. which in exleut will equal, exclusive of
ik. rii ictiie Toaiiand all its branches, nearl
uoe-thiid cf the entire length of such works now
completed In the United States, which cannot, with
,nn,rnn. cost less than 15P.O00.OOt. Tbe
.i. na.tr. lilfflv tft (VOITl COItl bl OJltiOnS Of in-
terests ol this character, can hardly be over estl
n.t. Km iiwinti.lntv cf these considerations.
vt-h-r ia the uieurais knowledge, tne compreben
si ve intelligence, which shall discriminate between
ilia rxi.tive claims of these tweoty-eiRht proposed
mads, in eleven States and one territory 1 where
win ! ht-ein and where end toenable those coin
nmiM n ei-Miita their nronosed works. It is neces
sary that tne aid of the General Government be
primarily given, the policy will present a problem
a eomnrchensiveln its bearing, and so important
to our politica1 and social well being,, as to claim
in anticlivation ths aevercst analysis. Eutertaiu
iug these views. I recur with salisfac.ion to the
exoerience and action of the ladt session of Con
eres. as furnishing assurance that the euMect will
not fail to elicit a careful re-axaminaticn and rigid
It was my Intention to present on this occastoi
sucgeetions regarding international improvements
by the General Government, wnicn want oi time
at the close of the last session prevented my sub
mitting on tne return to the House oi i.cprescuta
tives with object. ons the hill entitled an act. n.ak
ing appropriations for the preservation and- com
plvtion of certain Public Works heretofore com
menccd under authority of law. but the spare In thi
coinrouiiiiation already occupied with tther mat
ter of immediate public exigency constrains me t
reserve that subject for a special mesage, which
will be transmitted to the two bouse ot tongies
at an carl day.
The Judicial establishments of the
At the Old Uriel. Co in c r,
iiAivm, onto.
ions year is
and the sal
urinn; T3w--a-traarter3 of tne cor
rent vear from the cxtrftordiuarj.rcSuli
of five and a half million sold, exceeding
nearly four millions ot acres. The sales
of the corresponding juartos of the- last
year, thus increasing to .- an extent . un
paralled during any like period in our
past history,- the amount of revenue
provided from this 'sourcctothe federal
treasury. '.;v'
-; The commendable ; poHiy ' ef '" the
government, in relation to 'setting apart
public domain tor those woo served
their eonntry in time of war, is illustra
ted by the fact, that since 1 790; no lees
than oU,UUU,0UU acres nave boen applied
to mis oDjeet, t
l ue suggestion wnicu I. suomitea in
my annual message of last year, in ref
erence to grants of land in aid of the
construction of railroads, were lc3s full
and explicit than ths maguitude of the
subject, and subsdijueiit developments,
would seem to render proper and de
sirable. -: Uf the soundness of the- prm
ciple there asserted, with regard to
naL This nominal artillery in our service the limitation of the pover of Congress
is entirely disproportionate to the whole
, force rnd greater than the wants of the
country demand. -1" therefore commend
the discontinuance of a distinction which
-has no foundation in either the arms used
-or the the character of the service expec
ted to be performed. . Connected with
. the proposition for the increase of the
Army I have presented these suggestions
with regard to certain measures of re
form as - the complement . of a system
which would produce the happiest, re-
- .suits from a given expenditure and
which I hope may retract the efy at
tention and be deemed worthy of the ap
proval of Congress.
The i rrrmiiTaenrhtinn of the Secretary
of the ifflvy, having reference to more
ample provisions for the discipline and
treneral improvement in the character of
seamen, and for the re-organizatioa and
cradual increase of tbe navy, I deem
. eminently worthy your favorable conci
deration. The principles which have
controled our : policy in relation to the
permanent military force by sea aud
- land, are sound, and consistaut with the
theory of our system, and should by no
means be disregarded. - iut apply the
force to the objects particularly set forth
in the preceding part of this message.
We should not overlook the present
magnitude and prospective adventition
cf our commercial marine, nor fail k
- give due weight to the fact that, besides
the 2,000 miles of Atlantic seaboard, we
Lava now "a Pacific coast, extending
from Mexico to the BritUh Provinces in
the north, teeming with wealth and en
erprise, and demanding the . constant
esence of ships of war. The angmen
- tation of the navy has not kept pace
with the duties properly and profitably
assigned to it in time of peace ; and it is
inadequate for the large field of its oper
ation not merely in the-present, but
still mee In jthe progressively increaa-,
I entertain no doubt; but in its appli
cation, it is not enough that the value
of lands in a particular locality may
not be enhanced; that in fact a larger
amount of money may probably be re
ceived in a given time for alternate sec
tions, than could have been realized, for
all the sections, without the impulse and
influence of the proposed improvements.
A prudent proprietor looks beyoud
limited sections of his domain, beyond
present resu'ts to the ultimate effects
which a particular line of policy is likely
to produce upon all his possessions -and
interests. The government, which is the
trustee it tne matter tor tne people in
the States, is bound to ttiko the same
wise and comprehensive views. Prior
to aud during the last session of Con
gress upwards of thirty millions acres of
laud were withdrawn from public sale
with a view to applications for grants
of this character pending before Con
gress. A caretui review oi the whole
subject led me to direct that all such or
ders be abrogated and the lands restor
ed to market, and instructions were im
mediately given, to that effect. The ap
plications at last session contemplated
the -construction of more than 5000
miles of road, and grants to the amount
of more than twenty millions of acres of
the public domain. Even admitting the
right on the part of Congrcsato be un
questionable, it is quite clear that tee
proposed grants should be productive of
rood and not evtl.
The different projects are confined at present to
eleven StaUs of the Union, and one Teri
to ry. Tbe reasons assigned for the grants snow that
it is proposed to put tne works speedily in process
ol construction. When we reflect that since the
commencement of the construction of Hallways in
the United Stales, stimulated as they have been by
the large dividensrealized from tbe early works
over the great through fares between tbe most im
portant points of commerce, and population en
couraged by state legislation, and pressed forward
United States requires modification, and
certain reforms in tbe manner of. con
ducting tho legal business of the govern
ment, are also much needed, but as
have, addressed . you on . both of these
subjects at length before, I have only
to call your attention to the suggestion
made in my former recommendation in
relation to suitable provisions for various
objects of deep interest to the Juhabi
tauts of the District- of Columbia, are
renewed. i'-Al any of these objects par
take largely of a national character, and
are independent of their relation to tbe
prosperity of the only considerable or
ganized community in the Union, entire
ly unrepresented in 'Congress.
I have thus presented suggestions on
such subjects as appear to mo' to be of
particular interest or importance and
therefore most worthy of consideration
daring the-short remaining period alot
ted to the labors of the present Congress,
Our forefathers of the' .thirteen united
colonies, m requiring their independence
and in founding this Republic of the
United States of America have devolved
upon 'us. their decetsdents, the 'crrca'tcst
and the most noble trust ever committed.
to the hands of men imposing upon all
and especially -such as the public w 11
may have invested for ihe time being,
with political lunctioirs tne -most sacred
We have to maintain inviolable tho
great, doctrine .of the inherent right of
popular sell government. 1 o receccile
tbe largest liberty of, the ludiTidaal
citizen with complete security of the
puHia order, to render cheerful obo
dienwto too laws of .the Jand, to
unite iu enforcing their execution
and to frown!, indignantly on all
combinations to resist, them. To har
monize a sincere and ardent devotion to
institutions of religious faith with the
most univei sal religions tolciation, to
reserve tbe rights of all. by causing
them to respect those of the. other. To
carry forward every social improvement
to the uttermost limit of ovnan perfec
tibility, by the free action of mind upon
mind, not by the obtuse intervention , of
misapplied force, to uphold the integrity
tv.d guard the limitations of our organic
. To prcservacrerdfrom all touch of
litical 'rTirTiT'-rT sup i m-TTrd powers of
the several btaicsaod c-r.the people to
cherish with loyal fealty and devoted af
fection on which the hopes of civil tiber-
To administer government-with vigil
ant integrity and rigid economy," to cul
tivate peaee and friendship with foreign
nations, and to demand and exact equal
justice from all, -nut trvtio wrong to none,
to eschew intermeddling with th3 in-
internal policy and domestic repose of
others goods, and to repel from oar own,
never to shrink form ' war. when the
honor of the -country ." shall eall us to
arrss. . . .r V ..: - v -
1 But i to cultivate ia preference, the
arts or peace ine enlargement, oi tne
rights 'of neutrality, and elevate and
liberalize the intercourse of cations, and
by such just and honorable means, . and
such only, whilst exalting the condition
of thol llepublie, .to assure to it the le
gitimate, influence, and the- benign
authorityof a. great example amongst
all the powers of Christendom. ' -,
Under the solemnity cf these convic
tions, the blessing of Almighty God is
earnestly invoked to attend upon your
deliberations,' and upon all the counsels
and acts of the government, to the end
. .. -
THE nndercignrd having bought the LaBGB
and KxTcnsirc stock of merchandise, for
merly owned by Robert McMahan in this pLce,
announce to the citixen of th County and
ail others who wish to avail themselves ot tbe
privilege of laying in their Boxnci ard Fal
rurruri cheap, that hi Store is the place.
U intend keeping always oa hand a large and
general assortment of . , . ,
anch a if wanted by tha people in this regiia.
Among our unprecedented variety are
of all Kind, Style and Varieties. fiUOCli
R1KS, large' Stock Salt, Fish, Plaster, in
short every thing in that line, which will be
sold a lea price than any other Merchant
dart sell. I am bow and will ba selling for
otnctiiao at cost, so that my present stock may
be reduced to make room fur my
F A t 1 j s u r i : 33T . ;
UTAH who wish great bargains, are inritod
to call soon and examine my Stuck as t-'.c goeds
are going very fast, and you may not htve
another opportunity to secure your goods at
such Ion figures. All kinds of ' ; . i '
Wool, and any thing the Farmer ha to sell; will
be taken in exchange-for goods.
$J- Don't lurget the place the bid Bruk
Corner, East of the McNutty Hunse.
'. Ashland, Aug. X,'135-l. . nl2lf A "
To Western Merclitints.
MU1K subscriber wouideall the attention r.f u-tiI
L ers generally to tbecxteusive arrangement lcf
have meile fur tbe Importation and sale of HrUju,
trench, and German Dry tioous i- P - .
Havlnf a buyer permanently located Inli
rofe, whose entire attention will be (riven (oTB
selection orGoods for our sale, we shall be iu re
ceipt of new aud desirable Dress Good by each
steamer. Oar stock of
ililte Uiiudk, ll.it.lerj, Shawls Notlo:ift,
will be found complete. Also, a large variety
of black and colored Bilks, Satins, etc. Cloths,
Cassimerrs and Vesting, Linens, Drillings, dec,
esc andTailor'a Trimminis-reneraJly.
Always on band all leading style of Domes
tic Goods, bleached and brown -Cotton,
Oriils, Tick--, stripes, Ieiilm,
with a choice assortment of Merrimack and Co
Cfcecs Ptints, Lanrater Ginghama, -be, &c.
The Clothinc Department (under the lirm ofL.
H Trsrui Co.,) will embrmcc a great variety of
woll Made Garments, such-as canuot fail to give
aatisfac tion.' '
W e invite tbe attention of casb and short time
buyers. - -
TrVVe have also ocured the services of W.
L TRONG,late of Mansfield, Ohio,) wl.o Will
take great pleasure ia Slinwins yon through our
slock ; wheu you visit this market, pleoze favor
him with a tall.
. ; . r h. O. WILSOX & CO .7 -
No. 13 Colxtlahd T. , AVB 1 1 AKD 13 Day ST., K.
January S5, Ie3. ly. .'- . '-
AUTIODSi, Vc. Arc.
INFORMS hi numerous costomers tint he
has just received a largo stock ef all kinds
ol Groceries aad Conleclionaries ; a. eplcudid
variety of Toy aud Notions of all kinds, '
. Musical instrument?, &c, &e. '
In his SALOON he has made arrancments for
a constat.! am. ply of Baltimore and New Haven
OYSTERS, Came of all kindi , Srilmes, Pick
led Meats end the delicacies or l!ie season.
Lunch served at all hours on too" shortest jus
tice. Constantly on hand a variety el Temper
ance drink.
Thankful for past patronace.he is d terroin-
ed 4o spore neither pains or expense in cater
ing for the want of those who f.tvor him with
call.; - - - - '
AsHaad.Oct, 4lh, 1S54. 19tf
Corner rublic Mquare, Cleveland, O.
rTIHK OLD COLLEGE has removed to new and
X splendid Rooms, surpassing in beauty and con.
veienncewose oi any sinuiair nsiitutions In tne
Staa. . . , , .
' .? - . FACULTY. - - ,-
E. G. FOLROM, A B., Principal. Professor of the
8cieLce of Accouuts. .....
W.H. HOl.lSTliK, and J. S. CLAXTON, Aaslutant
: Professors in Book Keeping Department.
A. J. PHKLPS and JOSEPH BEATT1E, Professors
of Prar.tleal and Ornamental Pcumanehlp.
R. F. UUM1STON. Lecturer on Commercial His
tory and the Art of Computation.
j. 11. WARIKG, Lecturer on Mercantile Customs,
Bankine-, Kxuhanpe, ect.
PALMKH. Lecturers on Commercial Law. ' -
Rev. J.A.THOME, Lecturer on Commercial Et'hiea.
For the Mercantile Course time unlimited,.. S 10,00
The same 4Jourae for Ladies, 25, uO
For'seperate Instruction In Penmanship, . '
Flourishing. etc., as peT sgreenieuu
. Tbe design of the InstilDlion is to afford as good
advantages as can be bad in auy similar one iu the
Union, toyoun: men about to assume the reapoiMi
ble duties of the Counting Room, and various mer
cantile nursuits..
' Ki laMf.'B or Aonocirr. .Book-keeping will be ex
plained rrom a new stand point, exuiBi ting the true
nature and relation of accounts ; and Ilia coarse
will embrace some of the best pract ical forms ef
modern accountants. This science Is often taught
as if it were a species of conjecture, in which
multiplicity of forms are subsiitu'ed for principles,
arbitrary rules for reasons, and venerable pre
cedents for genuine philosophy, making Use wbolo
tie lit of 'he science a complete " terra inoojuita."
To prucucegood practical accouuta tbe understand
ing, and not the memory simply, should be address
ed. DAiLY 1.F.CTUKES, etc One or more lectures
wU4 bo given daily, on the following subject.
Accounts, renroanahip.aiercanlila i.ustonts.Ha&k
lug. Exchange Calculations, Correspondence, Com
mercial Law,. Political Economy, Commercial
Ethics, Railroading, etc. Resides the usual lec
tures on Law. etc.. in Colleges of this kind, there
will be others by practical men thoroughly con
versant with the routino of bueine, to instruct
on point allied to the course uf study, and ooe.
expressly on calculatiou. ; - . -.
Ps-icaaHsmp. Piicticil I'DOimisiiiTit.-This
department will bounder tbe superintendence of
two or tue neat penmen ot ine aay. uusiness wri
ting will be taught upon tbe new method of Fotsom'e
Chirbytbmograpby, exacting to tbe beat of an ii -strument,
and producing tbe popular commercial
band tu muck less than the usual time.
X. B. For particulars send for Circulars, Cata
loroes, etc, and address the Principal.
- )r A large library will be con nw ted wih the
College, containing the vaiious work on liook
keeping. Mercantile Law, ett., to which the a:u
dents will have access. .
Cleveland, Nov. 8, 1854 . 43CT -.
'r. r. ... . . i V J"?e
in i vrce jui. isji, n.npi-sr. i r u?k
ijF.RSONS desirous of becoming thorough
end accomplished accountants, will find it
greatly to their advantage to call on the vn
dorsigned, before engaging el;ewhore,as he is
prepared to demonstrate, fully,, that his accom
modations forstudents, tlio comprehensiverress
ol the course of insirnclion, and facilities for
procuring aitualions fos those desirous of ob
tnioing them, are unsurpassed, (as it is be
lieved, nneqaaled,1 by any simrrar institu
tion in the United Statea.- -
lu addition to the regular eoarso or instruc
ti n, there will be a - . ..-'-'-
pn topics . of great importance in a commer
cial point ol view, delivered by Hon. Bellamy
ttorcr, H. D. Mansfield, Esq., ilev. Samuel
W. Fisher, Henry 3. Lord, Esq., Prof. Chas:
W. Wright, a-qd other. eminent Lectorcrs and
Business men. -These lectures Icing a inn and
important feature out introduced is any of the
other Mercantile Colleges.
Notwithstanding; tbe great, expense atten
dant upon securing the services of oblo .Lec
turers and Assistant, tfie. Terms for Tuition
will remain as heretofore. vi :
or a full course of iristructioit is D K
Bouk-Keepii:, Writing, Vouimrireisl ' - '"
Calculation, Lectures, &e... ....... $4000
Writing(onl)) per monlh. .......... . 6 00
Stabler' Ditt Cordial. :
16 a pleasant Mixture, aojnponndcd In agree
ment with the rules of Phai"acy, of therapeu
tic agents, leuig known and celebrated for their
peculiar efficacy la curing riAKimoT.S ? ini;
t .V . n.rtimi. f th. ...Lni In . U M Mt'O , it
accavs ntiaa and producas a healthy conJt10
of the LIVE)!, tbusremovin the cause at the saiT?.
time it cures the disease
Stabler's Anodyne Cherry Epe ctoraiit
Is confidently recommended to-tnvalids, as cvsc
iriHiD by any known preparation, for the cure
of CsuAss osr-jtsaess, and other forms of Cmnni
'i'lON in an early stage, and lot tbe Relief ot the
patient even la advanced stages of that fatal dis
aese. - . -
- ItcomMnes.in asciontlflc wanner, remedies-oT
long esteemed value, with others- of more recent
discovery; ami besides itsseefsia and rssiV quali
ties, acts tbioUlie skin, gcntl) aud with great ef.
flcacy, for the cure of tbis class of diseases.
jort'or laicsin oneJf clouds
ll,. Vd tbe gale, turning
vised StaurV :K BhadOW T011-
contains a iU aa iDBfantall 13-
ln lorce on V -- issai ' f
snd carried vrnt with
and we think trie war
ilTrctu mtrctj credit cp
liaher. , -
wlvd? At a meetinv nf the Graduating flu, nf Rnrr.rr1
4 . i U ae Mi.re.ntUA lint Leltl i n 1 ti Ic i !. lmn
"a'aT'if College edifice, i-'iida. Ilth Warcb, i!l;i3,-J. S.
Calm sLeker was appointed cbainniiii. and Weston Ar-
m, .ld,?5e;ieiai-y. On motion; a committee of five,
; Vmposed of U. J. Bowman,. Baker, K. J.
ogyerSife YTt. f iO. JSawyer and Geo. KttLjsi was ap-
c , Vi -ftedi to teport resolutions eipieaaivS'jif the
.-t jz)X j,h opVuon entertained by the class, of mer-
(Tla.rrcfAu r l' instituttoii, and or the character and
reat cere.al Jf o. Vaiiricatlon cf the Hnocipal and b .'jrf! 'fts
k of greet utiiitr-fiK mT X liercMpun. tbe committee repci t- isI.e -)liw
en the Compilefknd Vi
, . J In C
Tli v&lualiliMeiilclnei1 above namedhtva recen
tly bee a inlroduced, with the Approval of a nam
tr of onr Medital Proftim 4d tbe city ofRalU
mor ar1 evey where, and ia practice have succte
ded inot admirably in curing ihe liiAsen for
whjch they are prmcribetl. They are offered to
tbe country practitioners of Medicine which bo
can In all ret-nects depend upon ar prepared in
agreement with the experience-of some of tbe
mont iritrne, and jndicioua Phyrieiana and strictly
iuronfnrm.iy with the rules, of Pltarinacy, and
ai e.'pccjai.y aervtnp his convenience Who cn
nt so readily as the City Physician, have bis own
prescription compounded by a practical PCaraia
"Hte the descriptive Pamphletr.to be haf gratis 6f
all who hdve the Medicine for sale, cowtninmg
ecouimendations from Doctors JUiwaTiir, Hxi.t
KCLtt AnvmN, Pavkb, IIahdv, Lovk, fcc.
o Doc tor S, K. Martir says, M do not hesitate to
recommend, your WottAm Cardial and Jtnodyn
Crry Expectorant 4
.Duct. Jokk Abdisoh says. It fflVee me much
f1amre to add my testimony to that of ethers, in
avor of tha cxtraoniinarp rfficary of your Diarr
kam Cord iai and of the ICtpectormnt I have
no hesitation in recoa.ineiiiitJjg it as a motft valua
ble medicine' cC. ; . r. . . i -
loct. H A. Patkb say btf harcsetl the Hiarr
kaa Cardial in his practice "with the bapplt. ef
feet, and thinks it one of tbe most convenient
and efficient, combinations ever offered to oar pro
fession." Doct. 1j. -D. Havwv' WTites, "I have administer
ed your Anodyn fr.peztorent in eeveral case of
BronehiaA (Tectioiv. 'with the Mf kappp rervit-m't
and from a knowledge of if is mdmtrablt eiTects,
I can, with the greatest confidence, recommend
it," &c. -
- Doct. W.- g. Love writes tons that be has ed
mi metered the Expectorant to hi wH,tvbo baa
had ths Bronchitis for fourteen years, arta that
ehe is fast recovering- from ftcr long; standing ma
lady. It has in a fcw weeks done her more good
than all the remedies she faa heretofore used on
dcr able medical counsel. : ---" . .V'i:
. fiumn of the best AroTnacaKiiti "and Ptixtix
ackctists in the City of Baltimore. 4t"W are saI is ti
ed tbeprepara'tions known as Stnbfcr's Anodnno
Ch err Expectorant and itobter JDiarrhtxs - Cor
Vial, ere medicines of Grkit VAiaTa, and nerp ef
JLeitrt for tle relief and cure cf tbe diseases for
which they are recommended; tttey bear the evi
dence cf skill and care in tueir preparation aud
style of putting up. and we take plead sure- in rc
commending them." i - Vli
, Twefcry Sevrs of the mot respectable Mcrpst
ANTS.rwtutsof MARTi.vwri, VrRemi .and N oitn
CiRo taiwA. 'who -have sold and also used these
medicines tfaemselve, say,yrm ourowa experi
ence ar.d that of our entomers, we dO cHfidf uHy
recommend themPro Bono Publico. We have-never
known ny remedy used fur tfcedieaaes fur whlcn
liey are proscribed, to be so efTiciciitt. and to give
such enure satisfaction to all."
( The above j:oticeta ofrecommendation from mem
bent ofUie FA fJf.TY, PHA HMAKUTJNT.
of bich etamiing, axl MKKCH-A.MS of the first
respectability, should be atiiicient to satisfy all,
that these raeIicinesare iPtway flf- triatbv the ef
ficteil.antl tbatthey are of a diiTiTiit clamp and
c4sji from the, "Quaclieryand Cure A IU so
much imposed upon the public. - - z .-
For Sa0 by Druegtt. Apothecariea and conn
try Store-keepers gtimraUy.
sfi5 fc.
las. We, the meraners of tbe Gradur.t-
la&a Hacon, Alercantile College, being
: to separ-te, deatre to trive czpreasion to our
TVW. BABTIKV", WM. B. CALDWELL. 'eens of reap .'t forourcsteemed lnstructoj-, and
Th. j,:j 'u.; a o.. bis corps of able aatiiatits. Therefore,
The undersigned having examined Swan's! ,..,j tii ,,,.!.. lt,
Jtatntesconcur is the above opiu o-n. -. ( i0 Bur . instructors ftr theunilorui kindness
. . Dist. Atty. U. S. Court, Diet, of Ohio.
-'--.- , Altr. Geo. of State of Ohio. '
it will be found an indispensable baad-hook
toevery Justice of the Peace and Constable, is
wc 1 as every Lawyer or public otjieer. . The
book wilt bea-ont free of charge toaany one
receipt of $3. - "
Address B. G. TICKrJOR & CO.,
Law Booksellers, Mansfield, Ohio.
March S2od, 154.' . 44tl
TBB nudorslpned begs leave to Inform t'je cltl
zrns of Aanland. and tha surrouodiir? countv.-
that be has just received at his Stove rr..t Tin vrsre
establishments Adblaud, LAKGK AUD SFI.K.N-
Dll) assortment of the best and most improvsJ
pattern of .. . . m m -.
vrhicb he will sell at verv low rate. And also, a
great variety of COPPivK, bKASS, T1S ana JA
PANO WAKE, - ... ;
,' 1 WOZIK ;
one OB the shortest notice. . t, . ;
IT. Old Brass. Coddct and Pewter taken ia
exebang. for ware. - K. BUTTKUV.
August aa. imss. . - w!3
I the4r deportment toward us while ill this lustitu.
nun - at tne same time uis t-ueroushness .of their
instructions bas entitled-them to our b4'best re--sneet
aud confidence. - - ; ".
- Jisaeieaif. That w recommend to tia Ioftitita.
tlou to all who may deeire -to acquire s eotumci
c:ai education, as eirorciug tlx greatest lacunas
for such acquisition.. ' - 1 -
" i?4faffc'l'''ot we as a class, aMjr our nLiiicr
to tuem sjrfcceqiiige. auaWtV-at a i-ai'-aaa. them be
delivered (K.S. bacuje.rf.a Ibat th77VrT)ibliahea
in the city nayer. , - - - -.. - -
M. A. llutrmuL, 8. Black, ..." AVm.W. Snyder,
Inline Bangbman, J. K. liaKer, 'Franklin Elliot:,
P. W.- Carroll, K.J. Potsyth, A. Paddncc.
George Nichol, "G. H. Hughes. Vett.i Arnold,"
James Tbumpsou.H. D. liyger, ' Uauici liov.eu,.. .
W. Tv-itobiiisoa, George fia.rvie. &. Field, - - .
.c Bacom's MeacaxricB Coi.TjeoK. Tlie eTamiuar
tion of tbe stndeut- in Boolc-Ksenine; exhibiltd a
Ueji-ce of proficiency on their yart highly credit
able to themselves aud Mr. Bacon, thcis. lustruo
tor, Tbe most dirftcult problems in Double iiiitry
were as rapidly solved as the most slmulegiviu;
ample proof to the andiciice that tho information
irupaj-teddurinr the session would be of practical
benefit.'' CKa)aiisti-atrer Mart 12(. 1H5S.
The various complex qucstluus propoced by the
Principal aud otber enllemeB present, were an
swered with great promptitude and conciseness-,
which reflects great credit upon tbe course of study
pursued at this Institution. u Ci'n. -.- QaztHt.-
"Mr. Bacon is unrivalled a a teacher. A di
ploma from tbi College in Cincinnati is required
as a Sine qua Kiu obtaining situations in lb best
Mercantile Homes in large cities," Chiilicttkt
jlneient Aluropalie Mmf t!tktSSX ". - - '-"
Mr. Bacon bas constructed the upper portion ot
hia building expressly tor the purposes of bi col
lege, and without any donbrv it is the nioM.com.
. j piete trrsncmentof ins aiua in luc u. aiates.
.! Ctnetaaeet Gazette JVe. e, 1853. -
"Tbis whole institution is undoubtedly tbe most
! elegant and untshed establisbmeut, fur tbe pux-
tlat with coin uiou zeal and common
efforts we miiy, ia Luinble submission to
tho Livino will, co-operate for the pro
motion ot the Bupr'enje p-ood of these
U tilted States. .-
by tbeainazing energy of private enterprise, only
1,700 mile have been completed in all tbe State in
a quarter of a century. When we see the crippled
condition of many work commenced andprocecu
ted on it Hat we deem nound principle and eaie
J Stai-r.-s tx kscller, Slatloncr, &c
Hasjuat received a large and splendid aMort
ment of -
Tbe new addition now made to hie alreadv
Larce Stock, enable him to fill any orders with
which hie patdrons may avor him, and upon the
sKtrr or Term. 'He bas also, just completed ar
rangements for receiving; new and valuable publi
cations soon as published. ,
Among his fine Stock of Stationery iust opened
win be fonnd all the new style of White and
blue better. Cap Balb Post, plain and gilt ge,
Futto rnt. Commercial Note and Bill Cap Paper.
Also, the new style of tinted buff and damask
Note and Letter Papera with Envelope to match ;
Envelopes of all style s. Buff, White and fancy ;
Buff tiuted aud plain Visiting Cards : Note Drafts,
Copying Books, Copying Passes, PortfolioBaukers
Cases, Post Offi ice and Kill Head Boxes, D- Cal
enders, Gold and Steel Pens, ttuilis. Writing Fluid
Carmine luks. Ink Stands ol all kinds. Pencils
Seals Wax, Wafers, Papey Weights, Letter aud
Bill Clip-Jetter Stamps, Ivory Polders, Wilting
Pads, Btottiu Pads, Ink Erasures, Sand Boxes, dec,
dec. Also a fine Stock of Cutlery, from ihe best
Blank Books.
Day Books, Journals, Ledgers, Cash Book, full
or half bound and made of tbe best linen paper,
Time Books, Pass Books, Memorandum Books,
liaics sSec.. 4c.a .Every description Blank Work
made to order.
Wrapping Paper and Twine, white and Gray
Bonnet Boards, etc, etc.
Law, INfedical and School Books.
lie has now a complete stock of Law, Medical,
Theological. School and Standard Literaty Books,
which he offers at very low prices. Also, a very
large assortment of
Window Curtains, Borders Fire Beard Views, Ac.
IOTo this and adjoining Countjr Merchants be
would sSd. that he is now prepared to fill orders
for Books and Statiorsrj at the lowest rates, and
on aood terroa.
Mansfield, Kov.99. 1834. 7ni27
MICUAEL MILLER present hi regard 1 P"??lln"?rwy "v"'r'
to his friends and tbe pul.lic generally b. . bJO.-U
nil respectful! j announces thnt he baa opened
i uiic xaonse iur ine accummoaati
traveling public, directly to posit t
eell IJoase.Mani Htrett. Ashlari where he
A ','HJyste'Vy Eiplaicid.
.V Revolution li Ct-rtuttj, Vlcd'ry ij Ours.
; ; DFl; A. U ADAfvIS'
VKW TnKOKVOF JJISKAPE is awakening tbe
i v inqnirr ia the iMtntis of all who read it ; How
it si that Americans have been ho long and so-
slavHiily immured in darkness and ignorance en the
subject ofdisease. - : -
V IrHt em:Xf Jasacea of srssaSE. r' ':
is olTercd to the atliicled or lUe Siates and Terrl
Uiie fur llig entire cure. of. Liver - OmtilttiurK all
siApes, bihojs tevcf,- Jgi:e and rtvir, Cliruuic.
UlUiS FevcrT lrof.i--ical .-rrection. Ccasuinr- a,
l;elutv Coiuplaint lfan-ftea," liyw.-MU'ry, Kheuirin
tiem, Bleeding lJi'.ea Hliiul Piliur, Kcrtifuia,- b'ait
Hheunr, llyspciisia. Ck-neia' Penilily, Nervousness,
Costivenes, Iadigcslioii, Ot atiucted Alenatrua.
tion, &c. . v - -
Dr. A. I.. Adams' l.l'er Balnam nas stood ti e
wrec and teat tor the last fifteen TCar.. and lias
proved Lti tlie inusLkeptical. beyoul a slracluw of a
doubt, tl:otrtrs - . V- :y''
TLc only lieliable Sitdkinarer ftscoyeit:!
: tbcing purely alt vegetable.) lertnepermauent otire
.ui Lite abuvc diseaaes. - The motl .skeptical luive be
enwe. iis most HMigtmie votarieer x1''01iuuu'etl
tin liVer Jiaieati t'.i te-t?w.' - "
Qr.Xj Rliable flatbliir of lie ilth to thp
. : jtrrucTED, nKBiwetic. J ' . .
Tesliooniais come up Jrom". every trech ir eas
made, swollen rviOi exprecsiona of gratitude, for
tte relief received by its one. .And in subm itting
tbis. ti.e J.tver Haleem jsreecinuieiidcd to airthose
-cCeri; tttulei tbe ' -. --
lit-rjTi UT.iV.TP oftlie SiOiSB fliDEi fclAE
and al once proeuie one bottle of Ur. A h. Adams
Liver Balsam.
Tiie readurs is rnferreU to f So Medical Tract
rouudby nia'iiu'apiitictttiwii to the Agent where the
Balsam Is sold, giving a lull epitome of the- cause
aud euro of all diseases: containing, alae certifi
cates from theme whj have tested its unparalleled
ancettdancy over tbe diseased to whicb -we are all
subject. . Sold by R. H. CHUBU, Co.." Asolaud
Jobs MoCrort y, West, Windsor; Stnrges esBigluw
Mansfield; J. P. Htaniets, Kowoburg; J. H.
; . BanmiratUedA Co. v.'orwter. -: .
r-G, K. Keen. General ageat, Ka. r Kandolph
Street Chisago, Illinois, , ,. ,.. '. . .
! -February ,leo4. n37 ly. .'. ' ' ' .
Carlfr's S-pan ihlt ?5 ixturr,
: ". .N l'JV ' . .. :.:.v '
A If lnfalireie Keirii??.f"-EerofuIa, Kibe's Evil
IS. HheBnu.iism.'CbstinatsC'itaneous truptioiis,
Pimples t-r Punycsii tbe FsvWctches, Soils
Chronic Kore X.-tcr, King M'orM .oT-J1lr Bc'
Tlesd, Enlargement ami Pain f the Z"" "
Joints, tuljborii Ulcers, Syphilitic - l)isc?f.ao,'
Lumbago. Spinal Complaints, and all Diseaa?.
arising from aa injudicious use of Alerxnrr, Jm
priidence in Life. r Impurity of the Blood.
Tbis valuable Medicine. v bick has become cele
brated for tbe-number of extraordinary cures ef.
fectcd throve! itsageney,- ba tadnesd the pro
prietors, at the urjreut request of their friends, to
offer it to the public, which they do with the nt
most confidence In IU virtues and wonderful cura
tive properties, Tbe following certificates, select
ed from a -large number, axe, however, etronger
testimony than the mere word of the -proprietors ;
and are ail from gentlemen well known in their
localities, Snd of tbe highest respectability, many
of tbem residing in the city of Kichmond.Va. -
P. BoYDksvBsOf.. of tbe Esxbeiree Htitel, Kiob
mond, known every where, say be bas aeeh tbe
Medicine called Carter's Ppaniah Mixture adminis
tered In over a hundred cases, in nearly all tbe dis
eases for which it is recommended', -with the most
astonishingly good results. He says it is the most
extraordinary medicine be has everseen,
Aecs n Favaa GiutCdhi I hereby certt
fy; that for three years I had Ague and Fever of tbe
most violent description. J bad several Pbysici.
id's, took lame quantities of Quinine, Mercury,
and I believe all tbe Tonics advertised, but alt
without any permanentreliec At last i tried car
ter's Spanish Mixture, two bottle of which effect
ually cured me, and i am happy to say I have bad
neither Chills or Fevex since., 1 consider it the best
Tonicin the. world, and the only medicine that
ever reached my case. ;
. Beaver Dam, near Richmond. Va. - - !
... . it. I.r Kq-, now in the city, of Richmond,
anu lor-many year, in Luei-osi umce, nassucn con
fidence in the- astonishipg efneacjr of - Carter's
Spanish Mixture, that he has boagbt upwards of SO
bottles, which be-bas given away to- the amicted.-
H;. Mick says nc has never known It tolaM when
tahen accoiding.tvo.dir.cetions.
Dr. Mtnos. a practicing Physician, and formerly
of the ity Hotel, in the city of Richmond, aaya
he ha witnessed in a number, of. iustances the
effects of "arter's Spanish Jlixtuie which were
most truly surprising.. -He saysinacase of Cun-
sumpUun, dependent on the Liver, the goodr. effects -j
ivcic nuiiucnui iiuctu. . .
Sm-it M UHiitaaa, of the firm of Drinker 4
Morris,..KicbmoRd, -was cared of Liver Complaint
ef r) yeara-alanding,. by the use of twe bottle ol
Carter's Spanish Mixture. ' .
Gttif IItrk of :b'citorOaa The Editors of the
Richmond Republican bad a servant employed ia
their press room, cured of .violent' Eerofuia. com.
biued with Rheumatism, wbich entirely disabled
him from work. Two bottler of arter Fpaniah
Mixture made a perfect cure of bim, and the Kdt
ors, in apublic notice, say they '-cheerfully recom
mend it to all who are afflicted trltb any disease o
the blood." . .
Etili. .A iotkci r c or Scaortri,. I bsd a veiy
valuable bor Cured of Rerofula by Carter's 8pan.
IsbJJixtere. I consider tt truly a valuable modi
cine. Jame M. Taylor, t'onductor ofi the R. F. &
P. R. R. T.n-. Richmond. Va. T . . - ;
Mr. Jonn Tnoarsoir, residing ia'tbe city of Rich!
mond.-was cured by threo bottles of Carter's Span,
bib Mixture, of Knit Rheum, -which be had nrarlySO
years aad which all the phasiciana ef tbe city
could not cure. Mr. Thompson is a wel Jtaowa
.merchant in the city cf Kicbmcnd, Va, , aud his
cure is most remarkable. ...... ,
V.".. A. Mi-ra-mtws, of Richmond, had a servant
Curtd of Syphilis, iu the worst form, by-Carter's
paniFli Mixture. He say h cbeerfuily recom
.mends it. and considers it an invaluable medicine..
Ri'liAaD K Wrw, of Kichmucd. was cured of
BcrofuWand what Physicians calltd confirmed
constinttioii, by three bottles of arter,a Spanish
Mixtere. - - ... - ..
-Mnwiir 'Burton, commissioner of the revenue,
sey he has seen the good effects of Carter's Spanish
Mixture in a number of Syphilitic cases, aud says
it is .rferf-ct cure forthat horribls disease,
- w'm.-G, HAJtwooi",f Rlehnrfbd, csred of Ol
sores aim VlcrM. which diaableif him irrui walk'
lllg. Tooh s lew Douie. ot carter', ftpantwh Mi :
ttue. and was enabled to walk wilUoula crutch,
in a short time permanently cured.
Principal iJepols at M. VA Closs fi CO., Ko.
K3, Maiden Laue. Wew Vork. .
T. W. ilyaTX c Bona, So. 1SS, Korth Sd.Street.
; BexHSTYeV BaaRS, 50.125, Main St. Richmond,
Virginia. ? - 7. --
cdforsale f RVM.CnciB, Ashland, H. 8. See,'
.V C.S vauna, J.KsanaGSK, Hayesville, J. Ear'-
Ma?, Jev.imrviMe, Avdf.' ft. bawi, Luudon' .
riie, and laiera Id Medicines eyerywbeie. .'."
' Jan. 18, j4. . v. : - . ; ti341y. I
Xi. recently been made by Dr. t'tsni, - for "
the? cure of Asthma, Conaraprli, ttrvrnekitia. '
Cwughs, Colds, Ind all Lang Comnlsint, bv
Medieatdd letralationa Dr. Cnrtis ilygenm nt .
inhaling llygtnian Vafor and fjherrf .fyrup,
has accomplished tbe most Wonderful core, ml t
Asthma and Consbmptios iaths Cits of Ifew "
York snd ticmitv for a ftw enenths past, ei
known to msn. It is producing aa irpresiioi V
o Disease of Ihe Jan Ss fer belore witless
ed by the Medical Profession.. JKae etiu--' '
cate in haada of Ajreat.. .. .--..'., , ,
The Inhaler ia wore est tlia Weat,anJer tT. ..
linen, niilioat the least iitteBveaieiic,..4l '.'.i
heat of tbe body being sufftciest to enponKVf
the flu.d, aepplyiag the langs eaasisatly wi js-.'
a healing end agreeable vapor, passiag i:r
all the air-cell and passages al the lea. that . -cannot
pnsaitily be reached bv oilier mtdieia - .
. Here is a case .,. .
AKlliuia Curc4. '
? ' ' "BaooRLrt, If, Y., Dc. 20thi 1853.
For abont eight years I ha be a severely' .
afflicted with the A'thm t. btr the last I w.
years J have suffered beybnd all powef of de- . '
tcrtplion ; monlh. at a lime I hare not bt.a
able to sleep in bed, tretting what rest I csuld
sitting ia my chair. My diffieclty efbrealuirg.
a. mS snnenngs were so great at times, that
for-ho.'"' togetber my frir-nde expecleet each '
hour wood.be my last., fier.ng the -past - ii
years I have -tad the aid and atl.nusec v -some
of ihe most c6ibrstea5 th;riir!S, i. .
have received nt permaeeai behit inii;t
ittle relief, I at fenirtli had tha good urtun f
to procure Dv Curtis'. liygean Vtpor and
Cherry Syrup. At the time I firs obUiaed it,
I was sr Bering onrter one f rsy moat violent
attacks, and was in great :: stress; almost, mat- ."
locating for want of breath. Ja ese tban tea
mjootes from the time I applied the lnbilet .
to my stmoraach, and took a Kaspoonfel of the; " -.
Cherry Syrup, I was relieved in a great sneas . ;'
ore from the difficulty oi breathing, and Jraal
a comfortable night. -1- have sine, costi suea
it with the greatest possible benefit, and-east :
now comparatively well. Coi only knows tbe- . r
amount of suiTering this ssedir ine has rehcied' ,
roe from. My advice to the sufferine; is, try it. "
: margahkt kasto.";. j
. ',. ,r "' Consumption Cured. . -'".-;!
, " New Yoek, Dec. 27th, 1853. -.
. 1 esme to New York ia the sbip Telegraph
my nsiive place is St. Jon', New Bruti h:i; .
when I reached this city, my health was very ..
poor t had a-very bad cough, raised a good d.sl
of matter, which was frequently mixed with
blood; bad sain in my left side, ami w s. very
tbia and emaciated. - My friends and phyaiciaa '
proaoanced my cise Consumption, aad beyond
tbe reach of medicine. . 1 accidentally- hearsV
of Dr. Curtis' flygesia, or inhaliBg Hygeaa Va 7. -por
and Cherry jrup, snd obtained a packs? c. .
which I verily believe was the means oT saving !.
my life. Soon alter wearing the Inhaler. I
took the Cherry ftyrop as directed, and to.;.-'!
tinned to do so, my cony b gradnnllv growing '
better, nntil it entirely loft sue, and I n r cosj- "
aider myself cured- ' 1 still wear the fnhlier. -
as tbe use of it is rather pleasant. and believing
it strengthening aad pnriljig to tho langu, r
feel unwilling at present to dispense with it.
;-'-'. JOHN WWII),' -''
Sold by Boyd It Paul, No. 149 Chambers .1
C. H. Ring, corner nf Joha street aad Broad- ' .
way, N. Y. Price $3 a package. . ,
: N. H. Any person iacUsing $2 1o Boy j St . !
Paul, or Cnrtis at Perkins, New York, wj tm
ceive a package containing bottle ot tlygeas)
Vapor, one of Cherry byrap, and as Inhaler ,
in a neat box, by express. Ire toaoy part wf
the United Slates; or four package for $ 10- t
Jona 7, . . .. Jy2. -;.( .'.':! v
onll ::- ;HEDICAL CAES.
.... if - TT.
ttAUK 4.CHtN8 woald re-
wilJ be glad to accommodate all who may laVjpi! J pefuiiy mtorm tire cttixensot Ashland
him with a eall. 11 i table ill alway be nvr vicinity, that they have associated them
plied with the luxuries of the season ' llis selves u gether for the practice of flcdicine
parlors and slcepinir apartment aro lawe ahd t n Su'gery in. all their yarinas branches; and
commodious. Good st.ibling fr horses will also j hy diligence and close attentioa tr their office,
oj ways in J jaIiaiiaaa - - " . ctin. av bh
y nop
..uuiuimuiuu bwua siauiiiig; i ' r uoracs win also I J f
be provided, and afaithful Hoetlor always in ) anVJiEE
tttandanco. - ' f noiffTDe;
to merit a liberal sh;rTe ol
Rnar.li,. r.., nr;.9t. p.miK.. ! onblw, nstronare. Vx. LLAtiK oners lnstbanlts
sods can be had at reasonable rates.
In connection with the Hotel, he will -also
continue to keep open his BAKERY AND RES
TARANT, where he will stall times keep on
Confectionarles, Piss, Dread. Cakes,
all kinds of Temncranee drinka. Snd. in ehnriJk
everv luxurv to bo found on the tables of first t dist Church
class eating houses. -.-. Da.. Chawb's on
tlr He wtihet it distinctly understood'- thai (:??'
will be kept, either in the Hotel or Saloon
Ashland, March 8th, 1854. n42 tf. ;' ')
tt all those who have Heretofore favored him
-vitl their bo)inese. and will be under renew
ed obligation for a continuance of tho same.
Da. Cbaite, will devote special attention to tne
study and practice oi Surgery in allith vari
eties, and more especially in all diseases ol
the Kyr , either acute or chronic. '
Ba Orricc, adjoining Millingtons Drug
Store, opposite P. et J. Risser's store. "
OrDst-Clai K'l residence near the Metho-
5 April
third street opposite' W '.
-: I.t.CRASKjM.D.
19th, 1854 n48ti
Livery Stable.
Tfarled Hair Mattresses and Bedding.
C.-J'TT'vsL. A MOS LKWIS wishes it destinctly
cS-ay S. understood that he has uot quit the
lvery buesiness. snd that he baaiust made unite
edition to his Stable in tbe tbe articles of lius
gies aud 2:40 horses.
His Stable Is now kent tinmediatelv back of
tbeSampsel House. Customers can always fisd
some person to attend to them either at the Sta
ble or tbe Sanipsel House. Passengers carried from
Ashland in any direction, at moderate rates.
aaay 17, ih. S5tf,
fTHB person, or persons, who borrowed a
I pair of Piicra, a sruill steel Hammer, and
gl iss Lantern, will confer a lavor on tho on
dersigned by returning them immediately or
as soon as they can dispense with the use oi
them. WM. RALSTON.
Mev. 30,1864. - Sw
Dealer In Booka, Slallanerr, 'Wsxll
I'ater, A;c, Ac. . -
OHOOL, Miscellaneous and Biauk Books;
U stationery ana fancy articles. Jiave on
hand, and constantly receiving, tbe latest pub
lications. Store two doors west of the Samp
soll House.
Ashland, July 26, 1854. 9 if
Office Franklin &z Warren 11. IC. c(
Fmxtn, Portage oo., Ohio, Sept. 88 1833. (
fTTT rci:J--.ii?-teq AT meeting of the Direc
f 2tye?r'sif2 . tor of tho F. ec W. R.
RTTo., held June 11, 1853, the following assess
ments upon Stock subscriptions were made, via.
Ten percent, payable July 1st, 1853, aud aa assess
ment of ten percent, at the end of each succeed
ins; sixty days, until the whole amount is paid
Three instalments are therefore now due.- to wit :
The first when subscribed, (by the charter,) the
second July 1st, aud tbe third, August 31st.
Subseribeis in Ashland village aud county are
respectfully requested to immediately pay all
instalments now due. and aa thev. hereafter t.
come due, at the Banking House of Luther, Crall
A Co., Ashland unlsss called upon by ths Coll.c-
ior. JOTL.W. TYLM W. See.
OUR Mattresses and curled hair having taken
Diplomas and Medals by competition in the
principal States iu the Union and also having been
awarded tbe Prize Medal at the World's Fair iu
London as the very bet article manufactured, are
confidently offered to ths community as a great
desideratrm for pure sweet sleep.
The piecess by which our faair'is manufactured
entirely precludes tbe possibility of moth or other
insect annoyances engendering therein aa proved
bv the severest tests of anaiiaation aud by testimo
nials from the first chemists of the age, from which
we extract as follows :
"Exoerlment bas demonstrated that the puriying
agent made use of in manufacturing your patent
cnrled hair is especially uestructive oi animal
life, that it bas the faculty of bleaching and clean
ing the fibre, and that it is tbe most powerful die
lafectiug body atpresent known to science.
Professor of Chmistry and Toicology in the
Medical College of tbe London Hospital.
I cheerfully state that the article submitted to
your process must be pure and sweet and will be
found of great value and from proof exhibited to
me 1 am confident that tbe process employed ex
ceed all ether methods of preparation.
W. BEACH, M. D.,
New York. -
We also keep constantly on bands full supply
of Pillows and Bolsters, under Mattresses and
Bedding of all descrintions and a large assortment
of Wall Paper and Window Shades, upholstry
goods, curtains, lounges, Ac, Ac.
Orders respectfully solicited and promptly at
tended to. . WISDOM Co. . '
3PultesUlock Bank at. -Cleveland,
Ohio, '
Juue 4, 185. nstf
Jaandiee,Dyiipepsi3,Chronic or IVer
vocs tsebiti y iieae oi' tke liidncys,
And all diseases arising from a disordered Liver, or
stomach, anch as Constipation, inward Pile,
" Fullncasor Ulood to the Heart. Acidity of the
Stomach, Nausea, Heart Burn, Disgust lor Pood,
' Fulluett. or w eight in the stomach, heur trDcta
tions. Sinking or-. Fluttering at the pit of the
Stomach. Swimming: of the Head, Hurried and
Difficult Ureatiiing, Fluttering at the Heart, Cliok
' in? or tuffocatfiii; Sensation when in a lyius
v,9tine. Dimness of Vision, Dots or Webs before
.1o sight. Fever and Dull pain in the Head. Do.
ficieiicy ef IVespiration, Yellowness of tbekin
aud iiyea. Pain In the Side, Back, Chct, Limbs,
' Ac, hud.len Flashes f Ilea, Knrning in the
Flesh, Constant Imaginings of Evil, and Great
Depression cf Spirits, can ba effectually cured by
Dr. ilooflanO's Celebrated German Bitters.
X mau Medicine Store, 420 Arcb St. , Philadelphia
Their power 4ver the abovediseaeesisnot excelled,
If equalled, t- any other preparation iu tbe If. States
as the cWes "atlast, in mauy cases after skillful
Dhvsiciaus had filled.
Taese bitter, a.eworthy the attention of invalids:
Possessing great virtues lu the rectification of dis
eases of the - Livor and lesser glands, exercising the
most searching powers in weakuesa and affections
of the digestive organs, they are withal safe, cer.
tain and pleasant.
E. B. Piiiui, Marietta, Ohio, Feb. IS, 1851. said
'Yoar Bitters are highly prized by those who have
used them. In a case or Liver complaint, of long
standiu?, which bed resisted the. -skill of several
Physicians, was entirely cured by the us of five
bottles." C. L. IJRaar. Freedom, Portage co., O..
April 3, 185$, taid : Tlie German Bitters you sent
me last have not yet come to band. 1 barn doen out
of the article for some trme, to the great detriment
of Invalids. It is a medicine much thought of and
sought after in this community."
B.M. HwTiuiyw , m. d., lirdford, Cuyahoga Co.,
O. .August inj, said: The Bitters you ship
ped in e in May last are all gone 1 think it a
good medicine, and L am recommending it to my
patients and ft icndsfc'( which 1 do lor no other pat
ent medicine.) You will please forward a large
S. FasacH. Wooster, O., Kov. 30, 1852, said:
lhave used some three or four bottles of Hooil
and's German Bitters lor Dyspepsia, and derived I
great bene fit from tbeir use.' I believe them to
be good for all diseases for which they are recom
mended." tVm. Ona, Wooster, O., October S, 1853, said :
' Yon ask me my opinion nf the German Bit
ters. 1 have used them 4or Dyspepsia and Indi
gestion, and take pleasure in stating that I thiuk
they are tbe very best remedy extant tor the above
complaiutsi they are decidedly in advance of ail
the proprietary medicines' of the day."
Mr. Oan is a distinguished lawyer of Wooster.
' Thase Bitters are entirely vegetable. They never
prostrate thesystem, but invigorate it.
For Sale by K. H. CHUBB A CO., Ashland, and
by Druggists aud dealers iu medicine everywhere.
Ashland Feb. 1. n37 ly. .
:r AITFLXCEI) bead.
Philadelphia ModicaJ House ICslalithrr) 2d
yrars ago, by Dr. K JIS h.LJ ft, corner- ot I liifr
and. Uhjou . streets between Spruce Fine,
Philadelphia, Pa. . - . s
. Invaliils ar c apprised that Dr. Kinelin eon
i'-:c4 his Lpmc,tice te a particutarbrnnch of med
tci&v -tvjtoh" c-i55SCs his undivided attentiop,
lie cutioiiS'L'rii uolurl'jnte against the abuse
ol"t-i'"frctrry j t:,onSndr anpally mercurial
ized out ol liio. iteceitt au.ctiOHs are prompt.
ly extmguisca. . i wenry years of ;xpertenct
in -te treatment of a class of diseases bitucitb
neglected ! imperfectly understood, has en
nbted Dt KnikoHti, Arrtb-Of of a work on Self
l'roaensiion to prove that ains-lenths of the
c-ienes -erncrvous debili'j, local ana const itu
tional weaKncv,':meptsl -and phrsical enficr.
ing, arc,traccable to certain habits, forming the
most secret yet deadly end fatal springs oi
domestic o.J'cry and premature mortaiitv
- Take ParticuUff Notice. There is an vil ha
bit soniotimes intfuiqd in by boys, in solitude,
oitcn growing up-witn. tuem to nrrnnooo, ana
which, if not reformed in. due time, it not only
beget serious obstacle to matrimonial happi
ness, but gives rise to a series of protracted,
insiduous and devastating atteevons. tew o)
those- who give way to this pernicious pioc
lice aro aware of tbe consequences, pntil tbey
GnJ the nervous system shattered, feel strange
and uneccodntuble feelings, and vogue fears
iu the mind. ' ; , .. ..
- The unfortunate titos affected becomes fee
ble, is nnr.ble to labor witli accUBtom'ed vigor,
ot to apply his mind to study; hi step is tar
dy and weak, he is dull, irresolute, and eo
gsges.in his (port with less energy than usual,
if be emancipate himself before the pr.tc
has done its worst, ead enter matrimony, his
marriage is unfruitful, and hi sense tela him that
this i i caused by bis follies early. These are eoc
eiderattons which should awaken tbe attentioa
of those similarly situated.
Marriage requires the fulfillment of several
conditions, in order thatit may-be really the
cause of mutual happiness. Could the veil
which covers the origin of domestic wxetcfceuV
r-.eaaoe raised, ao-J its true source in every in
atanue. disclosed in how many could it be
traced ta ,pb.ys:cal disqualifications and their
attendant disappointments!- - Apply then while
it is yet time, in order to save your unstrung
and relaxed organisation rebraeed,from making
your coso known to one who, from education
and respectability, eaacertainiv be revivified
;cd strengthened, v . '. . i - - .
He.mcroUcT that be who. place himself -nnder
Dr. Kineiin's treatment, may religiously
confided in his'honor as a gentleman, and rely
upon the assurance, that the secrets of Dr.K.'s
patients will never be iselosed. . . : ,
Youut; man let no false modesty deter yoa
from making' your case known to- one who,
.TJ A , K A O W ill YSHZl.l
Aat luvfslwatble Rows: fsvr twen ty-fi v -ets.
-livery jraiasillf ahosalol kave
inn nnncop,M ,oM tB -
JLUWjVVU new sditioB, revised ad ImpirvTra, .
just issued, : - - , . -
Dr. HcSTli'i Mciicml J6W aaar'aaasT Be f,r
tke aMUud Coutaiuing ulli! of the eiigia, .. ,
progress, treatment and cure or every form ol dis.
ease contracted by promiscuous sexual fatercouraer - -by
self abuse or by sexual excess, with advice for
their prevention, written in afamiiiarsiyle, avoid-
ing ait medical technicalities, and every thing ttnsS
would offend the ear o decency ; with aa uio
of complaints incident to Females, from tfe r trait , :
of soma twenty years' successful practice, esc'a
sively devoted to ta save o diseases of a tleitcat ' ,
ar private natuse.' . . - . . . - .
Tu whith ia added receipta far the care of the
above diseases, and a treatise os the rauiea.ivma. -
toms aud cure of the Fever axd Ague.
J'earistaity Ths Prefetmovef Otitrrierin Ft mi.
Ctlleee, Pkiletlelfhia " Dr. H ssrraa 's Mtdual Jtlaw
." The author ortbis work, aulike Iftva.nocikv -,
of those who advertise to cure tbe diseases ol alixs '..
fttreataiseeradualeof oneot the best 4:ol!eca iai ' -
rtbe UnitrdSiates. It affords me plea-i-.eto r.:c om-
niend biui tor tbe anfortanaf ev.er (o lliff victim it ,'T
maipracUce, as a successful aud expesieaceA pra
titiouer, .a wbos hour and inlegricy they mass '
fi:ve c Bieate--wiiiiicnec, - - .j. -
" sw. b. losgsho.i. ar.p," "
r Vrvm Jli WrriteTi, .If. D.,vf Pen. tVirrry,
Pkiladlpki.H gives fuc pieasurs to ad n,y larti
mony tuthc professional aMllty oi the Anther of
Ihe ' Msoicai. MiKcti." rCcmcrous cases of lua-:.
ease of the Genital urgans, some of them ef ions;
standing.' have come under my notice, ia which hi ..
shllt has been oiSLnilest tu reatoring to perfect. v.
health, in some catpea wliere tts patient has tests .'
considered beyond medical aid. )u th trswtmeat.
of Seminal weakpesaea, or disarrangement f tbar .
functiuus produced by self-abuse or Kxcess of rea- '
ery, I to sot snow bis mmperimr in tbe profession..
1 have hten acquaiutcd with the Author semsthir' .
ty years, and deem it no mure lhaa Justice te bins
as well ai. kindness to the- vufurtunate vistisa of
early indiscretion, to recommend him a oae lis .-.
whoee professional skill and intsgrity thary Mimsr .'.
safely coande themselves.
' ' - - . . ALrais.wncswaas,sf.B.
'Tkisis, with on i exception tbe most compre
hensive and intelligible work published ea the.,
class of diseases of which- it trials. Avoiding ail
technical terms, it addresses itself to the reason 4
its readers, it is free from alt objectionable mat
ter, aud no parrs, however farflidiou ran object
to placing H in tbe haurfof h sons. Tbe swUiot
has devoted many years to tne treatment art IM. .
darious complaints treated cf, and, with too ttttus -breath
to puff, and too little presumption t im
pose, he bas offered to the world, at tbe merely nonal
nal priceof25 cents, tbe fruit of some twenty years
most successful practice." Herald. . i ..
"o teacher or parent should be without th
knowledge Imparted in tbis invaluable work. It '
wonld save years of pain, mortification aad sorrsr
to the youth undertheir charge. "-Fespss'a jtdwtmtm.
A Presbyterian clergyman in Ohio, writing of ' :
'Hunter's Medical Manual" says t ' Thousand -upon
thousands uf our yotitbrby evil example and
inlluenc of the passions; have been led inte tb ;
habit of self-pollution, without realising the si a and -.
fearfulconsequences upon themselves nnd tbeirpoa- -terity.
The constitutions of thousands who aro "
raising families have been enfeebled, if not broke
down, and they do not know tbe cans or tbe cure.
Anything that can be done se te enlighten and in
fluence the public minde to check, aud ultimately
to remove this w Ida spread source of buinaa-- :
wretchedness, would confer tha greatest blessing
next to the reiieion of Jesus Chriat, on to present
aud comiuc generatiosh Intemperance for tbe eseV
of intoxicating drinks) though it bas slaia thou
sands, is not a greater scourge to the human racv '
Accept my thanks on behalf of the afflicted, and. be .
lieve me, your co.workoria the good work yea are
so actively engaged in." .
One copy (securely enveloped) will beforwardsd
freeof postage, to any part of the United Stats far. -
S5cents.or six copies for ;. Address, (postpaid, '
COSUKa or CO., furnishers, or Box 196, rtiila.
Vy Booksellers. Caavassera and Book Aceat
supplied on the moet liberal terms,
Aug. loin, ie-54,, . y . . . nl-ly . -,
. tug in tha-eure of Coughs, Colds, Ath-..
Bronchitis, Sore ibroata, tloarsea
DitEcult Breathing, Incipient Consumption, ,.aBd
Diseases ef the Luags. - Tbey have aa ta l .
medicine, andany child will take tbem. Thou-- ,-
sands have been reatored to health that bsdV
before dispaired. Testimony given ia k and rests
of cases. -A single dose relieves in ten. mi.
utes! -.- - - . . -.
Ask for Bryan's Pulmonic WafW 'h
inai and only gea-dino is atsnnped Bryan
c. u: i- nir-u. rx ..1 Tvastf.
from .-lucation and respectibility, can pertain. ten boXi ; Sol(, hf 4er, generally
J .BRYAN ft Co Rochester, New York, Pra-
1 Vlii 1 " I
land for New
London daily
at 7 o'olock
r AM con
nection with the cars on the Cleveland Colum
bosand Cincinnati Rail Road.
Returning, leave New London after the ar
rival of the trains.
. Leave Ashland for Mansfield on Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays, at 7 o'clock, P M.
- Leave Ashland for Wooster on Tuesdays
Thursdays and Saturdays at 6 o'clock P M.
September, 1853. jgtf
Iv befr'.end vou. . v " ..
Too many thiuk they will conceal the secret!
in their iOwn hearts, and cure themselves.
Alas! how olten ius a lala delusion-, aed
bow many a promising young man, ytlO might
have been an ornament to aocjetv, has faded
from the earth, ' f -
Strictures of the nrelhra are rapidly removed
by. the application of a new therapeutical
ngrnt, need, only by Dr. If. Weakness and
Uonstuuttouai deoiuly promptly cprea; and Jull
vigor restored. . .... . .
Country invalids can nave, by-stating their
case explicitly, together with all their symp
toms, per letter enclosing a remittance) Dr.
K.'s medicine, appropriated accordingly.
tor warned to any part of the united States,
and packed secure from DAMAGE or CURIOS-
IT x . . -
- - ' RK. 1)1 '
Youth and Jlankuod a snsrsas Life r a prema
ture Death- Kinkelin on Sell Preservation Only
25 cis. - -
It is a work eminently required, as a mean
of reforming the vices of the age in which-"'
live. Also,'
Wit rules far the Prelenatiou of lif,Jt rem
- -'. the preset
X letter with a remittance of 25 cents, oi
the valu,. in post stamps, addressed to Dr. Kin
elin, Philadelphia, Pa-, will secure -copy of
either ot the above books oy return man; oi
12 copies will be sont f-ea of postage for
Booksellers, Canvsaserr, Travelling Agents,
fee, supplied wholesale at the publisher's pri
ces, which admit of a large i rofit. tUT AX
letters mud be post paid.
Match 22nd. 1254. ly4 - . "
prietors. Wholesale by J.D. para, l,iaci-
nati.Ohio t W. Fiske Cleveiand.Objo
rhrirary e&Hii - ' - ajTaUsVra
i ; SC1THEREAN ILftBt in -large ....
Or Great Western UvB br eU n
TT promote, the Br,wtbtkthee F f??' .
A manent, and reat-.rea triJkO impair tM
tne hair, r It gives health to oB-r"' ikssa
glands which form the hc.i,4-v.uiues all
Scurf, Dandrsff, Eruptions nXd verisb Heat
from the scalp. It fastens hair, prevents bald- .
ne-s, aad even causes a ull growth where the s
hair has lallen off. It arontsins ao coloring maU f '
ter, but effects its vvonderfnf change, ia the''
condition of ho sir, by gWing health to "'
the skin of the uefd, and (lands which form '
the hair. . ' ' L
Price 60 cts. per Tjottle, A liberal deducV' '
tion msde to wholesale purchasers. Address J.
tUGHWAHUtlV. AshUnd, Ashland county,
Ohio. - - .; . Jl -
; January,'! Itn, 185"3j;v t Sin
New Cabinet :7urercu:ii
A LASSOS WALKER announces to tbe public
that hie Is now prepared to make coffius on
the shortest notice, at prices mucb less tban tbey
are made at any otber shop Ashland. He cau be
found at Kricchbaum's old shop. 3d st, , Asbland.
May 7th. 1854. .... . -iSlf,. i
;; xr on AWCra i -. , ,r
! " . . - ' -- - rtn
THE subscriber respectfully xistosstsa. r
that be haa permanently .looatad JiimawU
inthetowa ofOrange, Ashland conaty, Ohre,
where he is prepared to maoafactur all k mo
ol Cabinet Ware, sueb aa -SOFAS.
- Dining Toble$; Centre Table, ; ...
tu order, on tha shortest notice and moat rea
sonable terms- Particular attention (ivea
Country Produce taken in exchange for work ..
.and Cash always acceptable, - - " .'
.- . . jutirr will.
Orange, April 6, 1864..!, ' . ... ',..,; A f t ' '
. t
-t i
- i
- - - '' l- .
3 I
:- - :
' '

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