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1EWrStoti' &:mt!n;
EwTiinnw .The ' Agssjl ?yjf r km gii
llilllll.ll -tfc-
ASH LAUD," Feb, ' '22, .171
of ''SquireV Medicated I Gin" recejitj,
TuUed CacianBt( e&hlish
cy for his medicine (T). . Stopping at
LOCAL AND MISGELLAHFUS dng Drag atore, - fee inquired if
Ither kept "Squire's Gin." "Squire's
scriVers WpJ. tile J(ise that their time
fexpires on the first of April next
AU those failing to pay prior to that
time will find their accounts in the
hands of their Postmaster for t-ollec-
tion. We have been very patient on
the subject; but can wait no longer.
The expense lof the office is heavy, and
our hands must be paid.
Remember that Louis Leon is sell
In? his wiater stock of good. Terr
cheap, andi'jou want a good suit go
to him betoxa going elsewhere. ' .
. f ,
- LkcttirbSi Let the meetings oi
the Y. MX A. be kept in mod,
and let our Citizens be present ''and
hear the Mdresses of K. A. Burnell,
nd Mr. Boulton, on Wednesday,
Thursday and Friday, at the M. E.
Church. - - ' .
The HtDDEJf Hand. We nnder-
stand that Our Dramatic Club did
wonderullr jrell in - their presentation
of this charming Melff-drama. V Mr.
X. (we pnijtiiame by request and
Miss Y. fairly surpassed ' themselves.
For details see issue of next week.
"J. N." postpones his lecture at the
Town Hall, until April "lOth. He
''lifted the veil ' at Hayesrille, on last
Thursday evening and "removed the
Pressure," at Perrysville, on Friday.
He was the guest . of Wade A. men
trout, while in Hayesviile, and speaks
in high terras of the hospitality of
Wade and bis excellent lady.
FrxE FOwls. Master Eddy Mc-
Nulty, son of Wm McNnlty Esq ,
of-the MoNolty Hoose, has a lot oi
Silver Grey Dorking ! This breed of
fowls grow very large, and are admit
ted to.be the best layers extant. Ed.
will have plenty of eggs to dispose of
this spring at 2,50 per diz. j he boy
says they; are the best bird that ever
walked on two legs.. - -
Orange m ai l, It took our Orange
pack of paper.: just eight days to go
from .Ashland to that place, a distance
of lour miles, week before last. That
was sufficient time lor it to have gone
t ) S in Franclsjo Wa arc nuab!c to
nee why this, is so. We are loth to
charge it to a deliberate purpose to do
injustice to our subscribers. At least
there seems to be gross carelessness n
the partbfLihe Post-office Department
somewhere. .. .
neara oi it w e nave noDacsrs urn,
Plantation Bitters and other . Bitters,
but no "Squire's" Won't these do f
The pufly agent from Ashland de
clared that he had used several9 hun
dred bottles of Roback, and Plantation
bitters by thn ton, and they bad done
him no good. Said theagentj'I was
reduced by chronic disease of f the kid
neys and an unaccountable softening
of the brain, to about one hundred
and twenty pounds in weight, lUid felt
certa:n I. should soon die. (Te ex
citement of the bounty business was
still preying on my mind. Itould
find no relief until I get "Squire's
Medicated." You see what I am now?
I weigh a little leas than 280 lbs, can
eat nearly ten pounds of beef per day,
and consume a bottle of this splendid
beverage. It is a most remarkable
medicine ! It is used by all the pro
fession in Ashland " Fulling out the
following forged certificate, lie asked
the Druggist to read it
"This is to certify, that I hare used
personally, and constantly prescribed
Squire s Medicale'l Ciin id nrrprae
'ice, and believe it to be the only sure
remedy for a "vat mJL aud dis
ordered mind " a
He resumed "now what , do you
think of that!" The Druggist "said ;
"I understand the medicine to be com
posed of turpentine and mean whis
ky, which aro pernicious." "But"
said onr burly agent, "that don't
make any difference. We sell it to
make money. If we can head off the
dirty, saloon men,, and rnake.a little
mony it will be a good thiag "
"But," said the Druggist, 'the busi
ness is immoral and infamous." "No
matter," said the agent, "so we can
make it win under a respectable rame.
The money is what we are after, and
money we wilt navel 1 know the
business is mean, but then if it can
be covered under the name of medi
cine, it will win. . I he Gin man
failed to establish an agency in Cin
cinnati. "
- DARijm BpnoLARY. On Monday
night the Hardware store of S. W. fc
T M Beer,' in this city, was entered
through the ware room, and burglnr-
iz'il to the amount of five hundred
dollars., :. The stolen property consist
ed of fine table and pocket cutlery,
pistols, razors etc I he thief or
thieves opened the ware-room, door
by boring a hole large enough to ad
mit the baud, when the bar that t
cured it was easily raised. From the
ware-room thpy made their way into
the fron' Or retail room," by a similar
process. From this point the coast
was clear aud thev went forward to
the fancy goods show-ewe, which they
literally stripped of its contents, a-d
made god their escape. No clue, as
yet, has been found to tb.3 robbers.
Jonas Stkve.vs, at the old standi at
Stull & Charles, keeps on hand a full
supply of
Ladies' Gaiters,
Misses Balmorals,
Children's Shoes,
Gents' Fine Boots,
Brogans, Rubbers, and work nade
to order, which he will selj at reason
able rates. Also repairing done on
short notice- Call. and examine his
Rev. John Rohiusou offers his
property, consisting of seven acres ol
land with good buildings, and a'large
number, and variety of fruit tiees,
situated on the western edge of -the
city of Ashland, for sale. For terms
apply to himself or Judge Tully C.
UjCffAPPY Occukbesce After we
uad gone to press on- Wednesday last,
a difficulty took place between Jwha
Strayer of Kowsburg ad Jaob Keis
os A siVi 1 a .1 1 Vham4n1tr AnntoIlA WT .
wa m-M ma n m vmt j wi '30v w w m
Jey s tlt otore - Alter a short con
versation 'between Keister and the
wife of Strayer, John approached and
j lined in the discussion, .and after a
few words, drew a revolver and fired
twice at Keister, hitting him in the
fore-arm, and in the lett tide, in the
region of the heart.. Other parlies
interfering, (ft shooting was stopped
Keister was taken' borne, and medical
assisUncerpocuiedwille is - consider
ed, by hi jlrjsidahs, to bin a criti
cal conditioav .Strayer was 'taken be
fere Squire JV D 'Jones, and waiving
aa exauiinationwaa sabmitiad to jail
to await the retmU' of tl sboeting
On Friday he;; 'was discharged from
imprisonment jfwl'der a bood of 15000,
on which bisiather is raretjr. -It b
undentoooTtliatrthe quarrel origina
ted from an old grudge .This is an
Ather illustration of the imprudence i
And wickedness-of carrying concealed
weapons. . . When will such practices
ease iu civilized cotsmunities f
4lOTUt Pionees Gone. On
Saturday 1ast Mr. Leonanj Thomas,
living three miles South of Ashland,
on the JeromevJle road, while engaged
in threshing in his barn, by tramping
out grain with horses, was kicked in
ihe abdomen, by one of them, and
ffhen fon4 a short time afteiv&rtls,
lite vs KtineL II is family were
greatly ' distressed at th.e Bad occur
rence. He was buried on Sunday.
Mr Thomas was about seventy-one
years old, and lived for over filty yeare
we understood, oa the farm on which
the1 accident took place. He was a
Pennsylvanian . by birth. No better
p itijjen ever Jivetj hl'Montgomery town,
ship. - He. wa a uiet, industrious,
and exemplary man, and ' wjjs much
esteemed by all hie neighbors -. for bis
christian bearing atrd uprightness of
enaraeter.. .. ile bad seen many priva
tions and hardships on his first set
tling on his farm, but by industry had
surmounted them all. The end ofi
in juol uMin m peace. .
The statement of this staunch Ohio
Company appears in 'our issue to day.
its assets are already o.er six Hun
dred Thousand Dollars The erowth
of this Company through a time when
many companies have been receding,
sp aks much - tor the Home. - and
is sufficient guarantee that persons de
siring insurance can not do better
than patronize th Company.
lae Home ot (Jolumbus. Uhio. navs
for live stock covered lv their bolicies
if killed by lightning, whether the
slock is in the building insured, or on
the farm oi the owner, or on the high
farmers, stock droves, teamsters
or livery men, find the Hume of spe-
r . -
ciai nuvauiage.
he NoHSelsst Keoraeroff (EheTAew
grounds has been filled at an ex
pense of fifty dollars, and a di'.ch has
been dug near iv, to carry off the wa
ter for protection. Also the ditch
running through the culvert nnder
the main entrance street leading to
the Cemetery, which had become fill
ed with gravel, has -beau, cleaned' out
at the expense of nearly twelve dol
lars. The Secretary regret being
obliged to report that the application
of the Trustees to the Mayor and
Town Council to build a ide walk
Irorn Main street, as well as from
Sahduskjr: street Yb thV' Cemetery, has
been thus far unsuccessful This im
provement is one needed, and it is
hoped that nothing will occur to pre
vent its being made as soon as spring
The amount of money received dur
ing the past year, f.om the sale of lots
and collection of claims is8420.24, from
other sources $300, making $720.24.
Amount paid out for making fence
aud other items, is $664.53, leaving a
balance in the hands of the Treasurer
of $57.71. A large portion of the
money for the payment of the new
grounds purchased, was obtained
rom the First National Bank, of
Ashland, tor which the Trustees are
individually responsible. V
The officers ot the association last
year were, lrustees. J. D. Jones,
President, P. H. Clark, Daniel Shop
bell, L. J. Sprengle, Z. Greenewald-
and Henry Myers. Treasurer. J.
Hiliebrand. Secretary, M. H.
Officers for the ensuing year Trus
tees P. H. Clark, President, Daniel
Sh ipbell, Li. J. Sprengle,' Z. ' Greene
wald, R. P. Fulkersou and James
MuCool, J. Hildebrand. Treasurer.
M II. Mansfield, Secretary
The Secretary of the Association
wonld take this opportunity to con
gratulate it me nbers on the success
that has followed the exe-tions made.
and the permanent fmVroVemeiit be
ing made to render our cemetery
grounds an oruatnent to oar town.
However, there are very many lots
sold that are allowed to grow up with
weeds and briers and which for seve r
al jears have received no attention at
all, while others are thoroughly culti
vated, and taken ca.e of decked with
blooming shrubs and fl jwers. Many
lots nave evergreens, and other . trees
planted oa them, which have' side
tranches and limbs extending out so
as to entirely obstruct many of the
nai row alleys, and impede the pass
age of. the wider ones; this should not
be; all lot owners should have them
trimmed or cut down, and shrubs put
in their places. It is certainly not in
good taste fo- lot owners to plant out
too many evergreens, or other trees
on their lots that grow a large size;
for in a kw years t'.ev be
come so large as to render their lots
utterly unfit for the purpose for which
they were intended. On the other
hand there are a great variety of "ever
greens, and blooming shrubs which
nevergrow to a large size, and which
can be obtained at a comparatively
small expense, that will render their
lots ornamental and attractive,
You, can preserve your Cider . nice
and sweef, by1 using' Dr." Folta" pre
server. It is a sure thing, Try. .it,
Patent applied foiv ' ri J J 1 r i i
Uii j .j-r-i. ttf oner 'Cnnnnl Rnr
Gcks. Sam Freeman, has just re
ceived a supply of No. 1 fowling pie-
ce', which he can sell cheap.
South-wide Virginia, "Roanoke Valley
cheap lands, good noil, healthy , climate. I
For information or circulars, address
(2w30) . Savannah, Ohio,'
A Popular Dictionary oT General Kiu.wl
: CHcA!.vS A.UANA.
Aided Vv a Non s T " eloel Corn of Wri
ters, in all Brant i es " Science, An, and
' ' Literature.
In 16 Jarge rolutnet, 8vo, averaging 800
double-column pagt in tach volume.
For Sight Is
Friceless ( I
Attention Farmers. Mr. . Sam
uel McClain & Co., keep constantly1
on hand a good supply of Fork, Hoe
and Rake handles Tee' h for the Ro
tary Horse Rakes-Broom handles, to. .
This imporant work presents to. pan
oramic view of all human knowletlge,
as it exists at the present moment.
It embraces and popularizes every
subject that can he thought of, and
contains an incxhaiistable fund of ac
curate and practical information on
Art and Science in all their branches
including Mechanics, Mathematics,
Astronomy, Philosophy, Chemistry,
and Physiology ; on Agriculture Com
merce) and Manufactures; on Religion
made of the best material. It will be j Law, Medicine, and Theology ; on B
to the interest of farmers ' to call ' at
this establishment, which is located on
Centre street, near the bridge. Or
ders, also filled on short notice.
July 29, 70-2m51
A quality of Kerosina Oil, is sold
by D..Fo"ltz, that will not explode
or burn, if the lamp shall be upset,
and endanger.your lives and property.
Price 40 eta per gallon.
Mowing & Reaping. Machine
OiL "We can furnish you good Oils
for 50 cents to $2,00 per gallon in
large of small quantities. Call and
examine for yourselves at the Dru
Store of Dr. Foltz.
Our Kerosene oil is tested by a
competent chemist and - must stand
Government test or no sale. Try the
oil and feel safe. For sale at Foltz's
Drng Store. ; . .
The Board of ' Commissioners at
their regular session divided the coun
ty into three districts
Cowan, supervising affairs in Hano
ver; Green, . Lake, Vermillion -and
Mifflin. ' .
Smalley, in Mohecan, Terry, Jack
son Montgomery and Milton.
Uunlap. in Clear creek. Orange,
Ruggles, Troy and Sullivan.
Any person having business with
the Board when not in regular session
must apply to the Commissioner hav-'
ing charge of the district. "
ography and History, and Ethnolog3";
ob Political Economy; the trades, In-
vintions,'"- and Politics: on Domestic
Economy, Architecture, Statistics, the
Things of Common Life, and General
Literature. No topic, in brief, is
omitted, ripon which information can
be" desUed.' The work is a library in
itself , it is a complete universcl in-
structor'and opens' to the student and
general reader the whole held of knowl
edge. Its leading claims to public
consideration may be thus briefly sta
ted. '
It surpasses all otlicr works
in the f illness and ability of the arti
cles relating to the United States.
"t 2. Jio other work contains so
many reliable bicirnplues of the lead
tng mtfttof thiratiil other nations. In
this respect it is f ai ounerior- even to
j the more bulky Encyclopiedia Brit-
'3 ; The best minds in this country
have been employed in enricliidg its
pages with the latest data, and the
most' recent discoveries in every,
branch of Manifactures, Mechanics,
and general science.
- "4. It is a library in itself, where
information can be gleaned which
will enable a student, if he is disposed
to consult other "authorities, thus af
fording him . an invaluable key to
'5..-tIi is neatly printed,, with
readable type, on good paper, and con
tains a copious index.
,l . It is the only work which gives
any thing approaching . correct - de
scriptions of cities and towns of Amer
ica, or, embraces reliable statistics
showing the wonderful growth of all
sections. ...
Which are now offered to the public,
are pronounced by all the celebrated
Opticians of the World to be the
Natural, Artificial help to the hnrnnn
eye ever known.
They are ground under their own sup
ervision, from minute Crystal Pebbles,
melted together, and derive their
name, "Diamond," on account of their
hardness and brilliancy.
The Scientific Principle
On which they are' constructed brings
the cce or centre of the lens directly
in front of the eye, producing a clear
and distinct vision, as in the natural,
healthy sight, and preventing all un
pleasant sensations. "such as glimmer
ing and wavering of sight, dizziness,
&c, peculiar to all others in use
They are Mounted in the Finest Manner,
In frames of the best quality, of all
materials used for that purpose.
CAUTION.1 None eeuuine un
less bearing their trade mark stamp
on every frame.
Jeweler and Optieian. is Sole
Agent for Ashlajd, Ohio.
From whom they can only be ob
tained These goods are not supplied
to Peddlers, at any price.
i iMiam xiosr'ier or , i:ea at hie
residence in" Montgomery towm bip,
January- 3f , 187 1,. aged 72 years, after
ft short illness. . He was born in the
county ot franklin, fa; j and emigra
ed to Ohio in 1837. He was an ex
emplary member of the German Uc-
formcd ChU'rch. As a citizen, he was
much respected. -r
out ar-iee :
Mr. William Ilumrichouserof Polk
and Miss Lcuisa Richard, of Orange
at the residence of T. W. Richard, otr
he 8th inat.. by Rev. P. R. Roscber
West Endof Main
Street, Athland, O.
Agents Wanted. To canvass for
the Perkin's.d; House s non-explosive
kerosene Lamp. It is a beautiful
lamp and perfectly safe, doing away'
with all thedangeia which attend the
use of Kerosene in glass lamps. It
gives a bettor light with one-third less
oil, no explosions, no breaking no
more buildings burned and .no rcore
lives lost ' Address, R. M. Close-
general agent, Sullivan Ohio.
Besidence for Sale
In Kxtra Cloth, . $5,00
In Library Leather, 6,00
. In Half Ttukey Morocco, 6,50
In Half Russia, extra guilt, 7 50
In Full' Morocco, ant., euilt edg
es . - -v 9,00
In Full Russia, 9,00
.. ......THE . ...
Flour f3) barrel .....
Wheat J bushel,
Corn bushel . .
Oats , Vushel,
Rye bushel...
Barley bushel, 75 to
Butter pound, . .
Egg? dozen, .....
Cheese wound, .
Lard pounds ......
Tallow 4 pound
Beans bushei,
Dried apples pound,. .
Dried peaches p pound,...!..
Dried peaches pealed,
Clover seed bushel, .
Salt barrel,. ".
Timothy seed bushel,..
Ham pound,
Shoulder pound,
Bacon pound,
No. 1 white fish barrel,..!.
No. 1 pickeral half barrel-.
White bass ball barrel ....
Herring halt barr ti,
Joal . ton, .
Flaxseed ft bushel "
Potatoes bushel... so to 65
Onions bushel 50 to 60
Green Apples bu .....40 to 45
Flaur, white per brl. 48.00. Am
ber, 6,75 Red 6.'25. Country wh ite
7,25. Buckwheat flour, 6 50 to 7,25.
Kye flour, 4,7o to ft,2o. Wheat dull
11,25. Oats, 48c. Rye, 85c.
Pork. Mess 10c Lard,: in keei
13c Hams, smoked 16o- shoulder
lVc Butter, 25c. Eggs, 27c,
Pittsburgh Market.
Whoof SI 1 On
Ane east nan oi tne nortuwest quar winter white 1,30. Corn, shelled 68c.
uais ouc iye eoc Uarley 7oc.
Hour white wheat 87,00. Red
wheat in bbls. 6,60. Ohio flour 6,25.
Apples 3,50 per bbl. Butter, ohoice,
29C. Beans 1,75. Cheese, Ohio 16c.
Eggs 30c. Lard 14c
Pork, mess 21,00. Shoulders 12.
Hams sugar cured 19e
- G. M. Barber.
"- ' vs.-
A. Ligget
State of Ohio, Asland ccunty s.
By virtue of a certain Order of sale,
issued by the clerk of the Conrt of
Common Pleas of Ashland County,
Ohia, and to me directed I will sell
at public auction, at the south door
of th6 Court House, " in Ashland,
Ashland county Ohio, on
Saturday,, March 18, A. D. 1871,
at 1 o'clock P. M. of said day, the
following real estate, situate in the
county of Ashland and State of Ohio,
to wis:
. 7
2 00
2Ut?& liAtJK LiK, a
a irooa comiori&Dia mci Limr. air
accommbdatioli. trt'tBteeJi will leave'
Ashland for Woostrr,--i-wekly, leaTin
Ashland Mondays,- We3neslr fc Sriday,'
at 8 o'clock ia the morainf , via Bourcbure,
fill org, Uteds'bnr g ' aria" 3efferin:
Hack also tri Weet Jy fram AsIiIaBTto
Orangeand back tha sa,lnedy I'tHth
Ashland Taesdnyg.ThnrtdaTi and Sata'
days, Fr 60ctr- - J r.'
ter of section No. 22, townshio 19.
I range 16, containing eighty acres of
land, Appraised at 81.600. Terms
of sale, cash. ' .
Wm. O. PORTER Sheriff
Ashland County.
Please announce the name of J. HAHN,
as a candidate for nomination, by . the de
mocracy of Montgomery Township, for the
office of Justiceof the Peace, at ihc coining
Hayesville Faik. The . Haves
villa Independent Agricultural Socie'
ty, will hold iU next Annual Fair on
Tuesday, : Wednesday and Thursday
October 3, 4, and 5th, 1871.
A. NELSCN, Sec'y.
Profitable Figs.
Mr. Joseph Scott, of Stevenson
county, Illinois, reeently sold one lot
of twenty-two pigs, of the Poland and
Spotted China, or Magee boss, their
age being thirteen and a halt months,
and the average live weight four hun
dred and thirty pounds each One
little rug only eighteen months old
weighed sev. n hun lr. d and thirty
six pounds; an Dthenrrrfy one year oH
weighed four hundred and fifty pounds
another, sven months old weighed
three hundred pounds. -
Air. bodTrey Vouzht. of the same
county, sold about the same, time ev
entysix hogs, (Poland China and Berk
shire crossed the average age being
eighteen and a half months and the av
erage weight three hundred and forty
two pounds. Cin. Commercial.
Ashland Cemetery,
Report of the Secretary of the Ashland
Cemetery Association. .
At the annual meeting of the mem
bers of the Ashland Cemetery Associ
tttioa. it was resolved that the Secre
tary be requested to present a con
densed statement of the annual reports
of the Secretary and Treasurer to the
Ashland papers for publication.
According to the report of the Sec
retary, the following are the improve
ments that have been made during
the year: Eighteen acres of land.
South of, and adjoining the old Cem
etery, have been purchased of J. D.
Willis, for one hundred dollars -per
acre. paid for and a warrantee deed
received for the same. A. new fence
has been built around the entire
grounds; the new grounds have been
surveyed, staked out, and a map is
now being prepared, with the view of
laying it out with curved avenues and
walks, in the latest and tnol approved
Hardware. S. W. & T. M. Beer,
are keeping a splendid supply of table
Cutlery, pocket Cutery Oil Clothes,
children's Carriages Buckets, Wood
Pamps, wood Saws. Chains, Iron, stee
nails, and in fact every thing in the
Hardware line. Give them a call and
you will find a supply for all purposes.
lizabeth Evater and SaratMl Erster" who
reside in the county of Montgomery and
State of Iowa and Reuben Moreland, whose
place of residence ia unknown, heim at law
of John Morebind, deceased, will take no
tice that A . C. Kyle, administrator of the
estate of John Moreland, deceaxed. on the
3rd day of February, 1871, filed hi peti
tion in the Probate Court within and for the
county of Ashland and State of Ohio, alleg
ging that thetoersonaft estaeoof saidecedr
eut is fntiffocient fo pay-;htebtn!Mie
charges jf administering hisestata- that h
died siezed in1 fee- simple of the following
described real estate, situate in the county
of Ashland and State of Ohio, to wit :
bounded and described . folliow : . The
North-east quarter of th.e South-west quar
ter of section twenty, in township nineteen,
range sixtean, in the district of lands form
erly subject to sale at "Wooeter, Ohio, con
taining forty acres more or less, and that
Maria Magdalena Moreland as widow of
said deceased, is entitled to dower in said
premise. The prayer of said petition is
for the assignment of dower to said Maria
Magdalena Moreland, and for sale of said
premises, subject to such dower estate for
the payments of the . debts and charges
aforesaid t fitai petOtprywiU heo; -hearing
on the llUi day of Iarch! A'. 'D. 1871,
or as soon thereaftef leay' can be ob
tained. A. C. KYLE, Adm'r
of the estate of John Moreland, dee'd.
By J. D. Jones, his AU'y. (4w31)
I offer for sale my fine brick resi
dence in South Ashland, wtih good
out-buildings, fine well of water, a
large amount of choice Fruits of all
kinds, and Berries, Evergreens and a
nice lawn, cut in walks and filled
with beds of choice flowers. Brick
walks about the house, and 5 J
acres of land with living water. For
further information, please call ob
There is no doubt but Sampson was
the strongest man in the wortd and had
he lived in this day and age, so that he
could have bought bis . Medicines at
"Pancoaat's Drug Stbre," in Ashland,
he might have lived to be as old as
Methuselah, and if Delilah had shorn
his locks, Millers "Crowning Glory'
for the hair would soon have restored
them. Nothing equals Clark's Balsam
of Hoarhonn for Coughs Colds, o.,
sold at Pancotsts. ': ' ' 4w31
l.,T ' ' ' ' '
Notice is hereby civen that the un
dersigned : has been duly; appointed
aud qualified Administrator of the Es-tate-af:
Jalia-McGuire,. late of Orange
township, Ashland coiinfv. O.i, dee'd.
. J. P.- COWAN,
(4w3lv Administrator.
Register of Important Events for year
. ... ' " - JJMBKAC1KU
Political, Civil. Military. and Social
AQairs; Fiiblic Documents ; Biogra
phy; Statistics; Commerce; Finance;
Science: Airriculturc, and Mechanical
This work was commenced in the
year 1861, and is published one vol
ume annually, in tne senae Btyle as
the "New American Ci-clopajdia."
Each volume is intended to be a. Cy
clopaedia ot the material and intel
lectual development ofi the year, end
embraces the political, civil, military-
and social tufairs of all countries; im
portant Public Documents ; Biogra,
phy ; Statistics ; Commerce, Finance ;
Literature; Science ;. Agriculture ;
Mech&uical Iudustry, etc. fn a word
it covew the same field as the "New
American -yclopsedia," but each vol
ume is confined to the results of its
year.- Eight volumes have been pub-
usneu, viz , lor 1001, iooz. laoa, o-i
1865, 1866, 1867 and 1868.
Prices and Styles of binding same
the American Cyclopsedia.
The American and Annual Cyclopaedias are
by Subscription only."
In pursuance of an order of tha Pmluit.
Court of Ashland County, Ohio, I will offer
ior saie, at public auction, on the 18th day
of March, at 2 o'clock. P. M. noon th
premises, the following" described real es-j
iuic, eiiuaie in me vountr ot A9niand and
State of Ohio, to-wit: being in the south
west corner of the southeast Quarter of see-1
tion eigDtceri ui the township of Orange,
aim LK.-H1K eiifuiy roas lonir cast and vt
and twenty rods wide .North and South,
containing ten acres known as the real m.
tate belonging to Geonre Girkev at the tinip I
of his decease. Appraised at 8600. Terms I
otsale: . Lne half in hand, one half in one I
year Jroni the day of sale, with interest: the
deferred payment to be secured by mort
gage upon the premises,
Administrator of George Girkey deceased.
4wno32 by J. D. JONES, Attorney.
W. II. Sprinkle,
: John Crumens, et. al.
State of Ohio, Ashland county ss.
' By virtue of a certain Order of sale
issued from the Court of Common
Pleas ot Ashland county,- Ohio, and
to me directed I will offer " for sale at
public auction at the South door of
the Court House, in Ashland, Ashland
county, Ohio, on
Saturday, March 18, A. D. 1.871,
at 2 o'clock P. M. of said day, th .
following real estate, Situate in the
county ot Ashland, and the State of
Ohio, to wit. Being a part ot the
south west quarter of section eighteen
township twenty three, in Range fif
teen, also a part of the south east quar
ter of section thirteen, in township
twenty three, in ranere sixteen, boun
ded -as follows: GomtnencinG' at the
cd :
At Costi
but very many of my goods at a con
D. APPLETON A CO Publishers,
90. 95 & 84 Grand. Street New .York.
and I invite the public to come and
convince themselves of the cor
rectness of this statement.
I will sell
thirteen, thence east to the north east
Peterson's Ladies' National maga
xine for Mrrch brim full of choice
reading, is on our table. The Music,
Fashions and Illustrations are superb.
The Temtation Bessie Deane's Dis
appointmont No Choice Left and
Jarl's Daughter are well written- and
very entertaining. Published by
John Boss ) In Ashland county Court
vs. y of txmiuon 'fleas.
Catharine Jtosa J Said defendant who
place of residence is not known, is hereby
nnunea, tnat saia plaintitt, John ltoss, did
on the 18th day ot February. A. D. 1871.
nie nu pennon in tne Jourt or Common
fleas of said county of Ashland, diirrin;
the said defendant with willful absence for
th three yaara last oast, and askiuir thai
he may be divorced from said defendant for
said cause, which petition will stand for
h a, ing at the March term A. D. 1871 of
said court. Dated at Ashland Ohio. 18h
oay oi reoruary a. u. lot i.
- - - - JOHN POSS.
Bv John J. Jacobs his Attorney.
6wno33 ' . .
E Pittinger, Plaintiff) Before J.
; . ' vs I Jones. J.
Benj: Cunningham, of Montgom-
- ueieuaant. i ery township.
- i . : J Ashland Co.
,On the 15th dayof Febniary, 1871,
said Justice issued an order of At
tachment in the above action for the
sum of S2Q.0O.
Feb. 22, 1871-6n33
"The Children's Hour is crammed
with reading for the little ones. In
factl. full crown people can read
si this little monthlv with nmfi r. PnK
J. Peterson 306 Chestnut Street Phil-1 L'!" W T- 81 Arthur and Sons at
adtlphia, Pa. Precc W-OO
' f J.25 per year.
Are 'si-' reiuurKubie power in expelling
wornlsi-! with pleasant taste and perfect
safety; - They contain
They are entirely Tcgetable, and prepare!
with grrat care from the- concentrated ex
tract of two plants. They do not act as a
purgative or emetic, will not debilitare, are
bo simple an lniant may devour a whole
wiinoui narm, ana will at the same
time expel the worrup in an extraordinary
manner: . 3 . -
T , . ...
in uratr 10 assure consumers oi tne gen
uineness oi tnese izenges, we annex the
analysis of Dr. A. A. Hayes, State Assayer
of Alassachusetts :
"I have analyzed the Worm Loaenges
prepared by Fellows & Co., and find that
they are free4rtn mercury -and other me
tal ic or mineral matter. 'These Lozenires
are skillfully compounded jjleaaant to the
taste, safe, yet sure and effective in their
action'. Respectfully.
- . A. A. HAYES. M. D.
. 4 - Assayer to the (Hate of Mass.
TbcliiKnature of Fellows & Co.. is at
tached to each box. Prepared at the New
England Botanic Denot. Boston. Mnsn
John D. Park, wholesale. Agent. Cin.. O.
No 4
D. S. SamMt at & Glass, 1 Before
under the name and stvle
of Sampsel Mid Glass Pl'ffs
J. D
Jones J. P. ot
township, Ash
land county
Ohio. . .
Benj, Cunaingharu,, DePt.
On the 15th day 'of Febrnarv. A.' D.
1871, said Justice issued an order of attach
ment in the above action, for the mm nf
thirty-seven dollars.
corner of the Jot owned by Newell
and Metcalf, in aid section eighteen,
thence north on-line of lot uow owned
Dy saia crumens to - tbe north west
corner of said Crumens lot, thence
we-tto laud owned by John Jacobv:
thence south to the place of beginning
containing one acre and a Halt ot land
Appraised at 81 1 2.50 Terms of sale
cash. Wm. O. PORTER, Sheriff
Ashland county
Provision Store. DewaltGuth
has got back to his old stand. He
has purchased the Povision Store of
Steinmetz and Dessenberg, where he
will be happy to meet his old customers
and all others. Ho will sell as chean
as any establishment in town : and will
pay the highest cash price for butter
and eggs
Manufacturer aud Dealer in BOOTS
andSHOE8. Leatherand Shoe find
ings, furnished to the trade at the low
est cash rates. Store in Citizens Bank
Jan. 26, '70-AL
Z ell's Cyclopedia This splen
did journal has now reached the 271st
number; and is well advanced in the
letter -S." We regard it as one of
the best publications presented to the
American people for many years.
It contains a Library of Information.
Send for it! Address T. E, Zell,
Publisher, Philadelphia, Pa.
Subscribe ror the State? & Union.
of all kind, style and quality ; Ladies
- and oent s Chains, lireastpins,
Earrings, Bracelets, Neck
laces, Arm.'ets, Finger
Rings, etc.
Tea Sets, Fruit Stands. Cake and
Card Baskets, Butter Dishes, Cas
tors, Cups, Goblets, Syrup
Can.", Waiters, &c.
In Gold, Siiver and Steel Frames
Yes, anything at all in my line of bu
siness, r.t
that Auction Booms and Gift concerns
of the cities will be laid in ihe shade.
as represented by
One door West of First National
Where yon will find a largo and
choice Eilection ol goods, admitted to
be surpassed by but few Stores this
sido of New York.
Rember that, the sooner you come,
the better your chance for Bargains,
better than -vhich are rarely offered.
REPAIRING on the same old ac
commodating terms.
072) , . ,
The purest and sweetest, Cod-Live
Oil in the wor.d is Hazard fc Caswell"
Patients who have once taken it pre
er it to all others. Physicians have
decided it superior to any other oils
iu market. - Sold bv all Druggets.
Stofer & fLagey?
At the head of Maia street, Ashland
keep constantly on hand a large a
sortment of .
' STGAIT, " r :
WOOD and ' 1
" -e't-BUTTER,
AU of which they can sell cheaper
than any lwdy in town because they-
buy cheap, and pay low rents. Call
and see their goods.
(.240) STOFER .& KAGEY. ,
DavibVFax, PhuntilT,
O. J. Seflou, Defendant,
Before J. D. Jones, J. P. of Mont- -
gomery tp., Ashland county Ohio.
On the 21st day of December 1870
said Justice issued an Order of attach-'
ment in the above action, for the sum.:
of 857,6e. DAVID FOX
Sw25 " -..

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