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Ashtabula weekly telegraph. (Ashtabula, Ohio) 1853-1873, July 03, 1858, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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1 fU .U Ifl 0( HO
,1 sov'n be my ife.''
"f. 6.!
i sat tuat avert'
, r iiul tuue.., rh lotcra talk;
; i to m iMn urination, nud
c:iW not to rpraS to
m phoui r, re iiau loienu-
wit m'-niitip, bat tit wait i
I h i.l fturncd to fie 1V
1 ft yitu.itioii from wliii'ti
. i . (..... j
1 ! : t'
.!' I
f tfX
;. ; : v a a qiu-cn in ipwm m.v
1.,Vl-,1 mii II llllS llT'lV UUl'tl
ft ml
tuTiil-1- ftti, i I when 1 went (town tony
to'-ix ti.ft n'I.t, it w witli vet re but
a t'-.f.fkhl l-'"ftrt.
Wc k-n Bt. Louis in three dar. A.r.
Cl-oa'cr and ji'. Potminff wero lo remain a
re'vt lonprcr; but 2 knew that betweea them
there wrf m-iilwr confidoneu or love, on
cm s.:o M l''''.'ftr J feared- uotlihij. .We
n u'trK'i t Nw York iff lb anffie vfJer in
uliich ve had left it, without further iuri
' it'Dt?, after I lind been at home neveral
cJ.irs I vent out JreesoJ. to make call?, to
nmmiit to my acqniuutunoes for my ab
Fennc, en J met Frank Chester who bad just
sw rived, lis plunecd nt my dress and wan
tier v-iih evijint surprise.
"You Bee.," said I, when the first greet-
..j Qvpr, "dint I ,.. right shoot a
r'tuation. I 'u coaipniiiou to Miss Mary
Piiiryropie,. and you will not marry a aer
ttnt p-ii ij now."
"iVbat do I enre I" be cried, "if only
5 0a it ill marry me, 2Jary. My. darling,
yon arc lovelier to others, bat not more be
loved or lovely to m thvt Ipg. dress,
tbon in yemr old bonnet; if ytt are mine,
the rest is nothing-."
"It sounds better at least," I persisted,
"when yoa come to see Die, to bkW lor Miss
IV.ryKj.le' companion, than for Mrs. Shcr
. luru's imrsery girl."
"So Harry Denu'.ng and I will call to
gether i nKstrtfa and maid," said be, witW
a cmile.
"ivol'' I cried; with burning Indigna
.tion; f,IIarry Denning will never call oa
roe V.'H oc tnore,"
lie stopped and looked at me in mote
tnrprine. I drew a card from my card case,
and gave it to hira 11a turned rj pale,
as he read the name. "Mary I" he said.
"Yes, Mart," I Answered, with tears in
my eyeR, "oly not Mary Dtan, bnt Mary
Bttlrjtnple, Dear Frank forgive me, and
Jet tu tell yoa all."
J did tell him all, drawing him away to
ft fitter etreet, wbere I could repeat the
tale of my fully and ita sweet punishment
to no ltenmg ears bnt his; and then, bar
ing receired full ablution, took bim borne
to rny grandmother, and telling1 ber the se
ratl t'f toy adrentare, introduced him as
ber fsture g-nidson, to her great delight.
The dear old lady had always been rather
tlistrtistful of the first pretender to that po
sition, but she lores Frank aa dearly as sbe
6oe m, and has forgiven me all my forau.r
follies, for the sake of tho success f my
last and greatest.
That same day Harry Denning came to
see me. Yes, my own identical Harry, my
fiance, aud my hotror; elegant, perfumed,
elender, facinating, handsome, courteous,
tender, the same aa ever; but jet not the
same. For now with me shadows had be
come realities, and, idle dreams were deep
troths. For the sake or my own ranity
and his, X did not tell him the reason of
jny sadden disenchantment, which was na
turally a great shock to him, as ha expect
ed to take cp the broken t hread of our at
tachment exactly where it left off when be
(Si4 I too, though be didn't know it,) took
thai fatal journey. lie mourned my deci
sion and chang of sentiment with becom
ing sorrow, and considered bimself ery t II
sed 1 telieve he think?, like every one
else but Emma Sherburn, that I spent the
dreary time of bis absence in L ; and
met there Frank Chester; who stopped oa
bis way back, to nuke scute Inquiries abont
the Dcaa family. lie pities me, I doubt
sot, and believes that I must often hava
bitterly regretted my rasb refusul of so
Each beauty and elegance. -
I am the happiest woman in the world,
I verily believe. An heiress not married
for ber wealth, a belle not married for
beauty, rank, or position, for nothing, if
ot for lore. Not that I despise wealth,
fvr I am very glad that by ita mesne I can
help my hosband on in his profession, and
spare bim the toil and straggle, by which
be would have snpported the poor girl he
mesDt to marry. Akboagh no merit of
mine, it U a constant joy to me to know,
that I could smoota bis path in becominr,
what be is already called, one of tho first
men in Lis profession; that I could thus do
a little for bici who did ao much for me,
and Lves me so entirely.
Of course I went to Emma Sterbom
immediately, and told ber the whole itory;
the was aehfruted.
' G'a, hiw romantic f tow delicions ! "
clupniog her hand. " To think
that jvwr hair-brained crape abonlJ end so
well, after all. How astonished Mr. Sher-a-nrna
will be ! My 1 how it will take hira
dawn after his scolding mo for allowing itl"
Did he f .
Did be? " Of course he did. lie told
vjo I might thank myself for any accident
that bapponed, or discovery that was made.
Ho Said if it ihoold come ont, th story
would be all over town, and I should have
rnjMtlf to thaiik for encouraging sncb ro
xaauUe fjlly." - '
" Dut be consented at the same time
yoa did."
"Ob, ye, I know, but b lectured me
tf'.orwards for what he laughed at in yon.
'J'r-nt's tbe way with men; tbey tolerate in
ctlere, what they won't iu their wive.
And lie coriseDta.J, you sco, bnt be threw
aii the responsibily oa my ehoalders, in cate
anything happened. Now, he'll take all
a.'! the credit of it Ob, my dear, you
don't know I yoa never will, till you're
rusxrii'd S Husband always do so I "
" h!y husland ne.vtr uill I tail to my
$flf, and I was right I
E::us CiE The early planted f elds of
Eaj-ar Cuoe in tlia sectioa do cot promie well,
i'il of tba aed was planted when tba ground
was coi l, and tba Ions; spell of wet weather
h followe edisd tba sed ta rof. TL
I .'As p'iwts'1 Itta lock more premising.
i;.s yoii'srt, named Adelaide, vf tha
t'"' .. '.' a 'A Y.i. Gov. n'iey of Etan
d',)tU'! a ii. 1 feald t.& CXpltliiutt
' ' .. ; . .. f.', d.-J of br injurioo,
' ; -S 'I le otler an J oidur d;tuj;V
t r . i ",:..i!.!y survme.
- ' H VJ x:iY 'IV1.E LLiJIlEDI
- i'v'U E'adij and ruled lo order.
w a. jj 1 ev.
51 It It IV At.
r o rt t
MtLOtitONS, A 0. 1 Ac.
GEO. HA Mi, nt Ahtabuta, Ohio, In-
Rntja dm t"K " hitir 'M" Kirnrn rr u th fnrr of lits rfc iv-
In hatff ie.x of b 11 1 tor Sty una qmnltty of rlmvn
ana Wcio iPTin or thf S r. Itin dt.d Svnmntr ti uOT n term
to mtlt lh hu d ttim-n. ft"l nof a little vl'ftiit at th
f.-aunpti( pmiMt bMvonrd ni on ilif DtHriit qiiiiti'f of our iu-
trc't w Pi tor to nTtiiitjf i r ivr4. iimnpmi-cr inas
xv bur notitt cl"r tr itifpt lor. and eviv tl.tntr a Wfcrinut
Ml rffvet Wt will foT hm n ivOr m'trrat tin int
u if pftn ViHv It. t wint hitt tin On mtrnnMtnt
if Ofitiir-- rti'Jii iU 1 ftva of It And 6 rooMiw for U
U14 f'immt ami Mt!4tm tkn l ttehanftfi jS'ttt t
stools ivkkh, liNsrm i riN n'OKj,
ttinijif-ntu r' tiifj 4 itViii at tli Ot-e of e K Urm.
I tiose ki t titr, -U W n Tell ri ti ft ibcmyh
tb y r r.erc to lid. I'f nt foil to tll an4 look, Ibovxh
Ton tr norelm III prt.
fotr to H. Fas1 fcl i, bo IU ti-ii4 to tlt 0 in-
AltMtM 7W r.rp.rtd rmi(iJ
VfM. OtO.HAl.l
Actii 10. h. I, "i.
PREMIUM $15, Sew in? Marines
rAlKNTKP Mnv Stn. ISi'i. Tl.lj ilchtn baj neither
looper, h'xik, ifbnttle, nt-.rlnn r cam. ttirnt nut t-f order. Hud
(II Will". .11 iMJkt 1I:V IMI.LK MAltllSlL. It
AWARl'r'O the FlKir 1'KEMH M t the New York S'ie
e'lir, bm Kt PuftVo, tct th. lor .Vimpiirife, Lmhtr
i,r:L'ua ..... mIilli L-a h St to V 1 l. Lwt
yvutr.ee we:e iii conivetition.r 3
kourmit-er 01 .twe.mii t,. v uitf, rutior or aiwj r.-
nrew. M. B. Klt, fietlol JHncbluli-t, l'.ocbeftt',
V., I'lnnep Stunton, cretiTy of luhkm I nlvereltf, N.
nrt Chin iluiliK.it, Kq., S. Y.
'I hi U emphMl.nllv tl.eMnehln for 1h peei. It has
bnt to be eren t be sdmlred, mid ued to be Bptrclrrd.
The tbnve Marl.li e m heeeiftnd w-nlert, fttlno rt.ot fttvl
?l,oe vik n . I hlS.l.lH. Apent (ur UW Mi 0 Ui t-
;iteT', And otlier ewtnjt Mnehii.w.
t-ii;o w" lb Bi Boot 31
A.nUbuli., AprU 13;
(if Etle P.. lite of St. Loolis
Vy be eonmltil Fre of t'Wp at i!loii :
!htlml, ti, AftUtabola rioime, Vrid, Sep'enibtr 3d.
ComKr-lt, O, Tiamout llou. It edwJfc.y, " l"t
jelldftnn. 0. Thnpipwiu Hotel. Saturdnv, th
touueauU l:.t, l'a, i'in lioura, iaunday, Ja'y lt
la treatment of dinnsra ol tbe Lo.rns ai-d Cusaf, 1 iver,
5to.-j.tl,. Irnna, Hurt, Xerran. Slil.i. Scrofula, aall Khenra.
ErrslLaiaa. or ant aiidall dhMcii trt;inrfioni impure KNwd,
Ak'ni, aud remaie I'teaa nt all kind.; al.O
all forma ol Crniomo or lonx etaticliua dirfawHl bave ((tvn Ur
Jacafcoa a fl'orii ruit ttpulattt.
Regular Visits 1
Ca Ja-so trill im' regular tWta to a vef rmn.brr of
Hie piincipal Town in Ohio, rrnnryUania, ai.4 Str Y.rtk
Faiientt can thill IjoUm pilvilege of oonultilir iTftuUrly,
once in trout one to three innntu a matter fn V mt.T
rtie 1ndtpemtb:o in prrfhrminir a cure. It i diflSeult t&r any
I breidan to pmeiibe a tmm of medrt?n by Anl onto ma
Ing palleat, to effrct a permanent and Uitlim cur.
Invalids Shnuli Mark Well Ikt Time!'
And Ciu. Eait m poeclWo. Tie time it lliulttd and tbe
r..intrrentM Kl hi, nunftuatli ktBi Oft aljO.e.
If kick a itk ana-Clllil'Mt d'i.'aiuic a aof ftVrf, aa Hate
onlr t; d to couirmand ctu&et a r mora pmtracttd and
diBcult. ...
Lin. Jicxtmt trill maVft eiaailnatlomt of Ibe Lnngft ao
Chest, by tli uee nt the iTfnionpoi'K. t're Of t:barn.
Dr. jACill Dot preilb irlthoat prpaticot ot
atunr hu naticnee. fco k.1o Drorciftea will ba aeaav, n. .
pen Incurred, aitbont eorreirrndin; proiect ol reerirer
iH- Jiramox dtM o tear down to build up and uses , ,
mineral ppu.w in any crwa.
Dit. Jm-x procurea bi medtcine from trie wflclerceai ot
the F.v We, analywo d compottndj tirom blm-elf.
Da. Jackkiwm wishes it dirtiirttty acdoratood that ba re
irantii Coinramoit aa a roRnauc eiftraiia, and U willing
uiat but c'-avne to public eon(k.'Dce may ba aiiUiciaU-i by in
mieK alter.dk'g bi trrata:r.t. .... . .
Da. J.kahh although r'inr tpfuU attention to Tami,
. i. llnAir. snil 1 1UA1.H flWAsKV. sIMi Invites 10 cou-
-i...,lw . 1 . . 1,11. UfllL li wwr inn'ita w vi.. w"-"
urtrsroit to rive tit eiun as i r ctu.v..... ... .-
t-r SO CH41UJE Vliil CO.NSUl.TA HON. JU.
A. C. JacESur, Indian, rhystctan.
C. Jrec. would aba say to all p."na arisninf to con-
pull- mm i.'.'i r. ... .
;.i.. kk. . a,n iiiiMiant of iMi ease, and it they oeeirn
to cava medictiMia sent tuern by Eiprean or oOier. i, tiiat
be anelortnir. a raatoruvble raa, wcflicine, wiio mii injinre
ttona for their ua, and adviue, wiil be promptly rorraroVdv
Pr. J.. has In the pa yaar treati d a laixe number scccra.
rou-T, Bon of whom ho ba eaaa fcoe t Jaeo-nt when
conwnieut ha woaio. an vise ail wt ooraroi. mw
I ssTsUrt." O n'". r r-"- 1
l. nr. iw eisn "i
M. - Wltbont Areaiiic or Qululn I . ..
Da. LEEDS' Qnlnine iuhetltute, or Narro Tontr, la a positive
. Cure for Chills and Fever, , .
aud all IrLseaeea artin' from Iersnjrement of the Nervous
ftysiatu, aua Tery suecvwiui m iiiTiTinuig
Yello I'anama, or Chagres Fevers.
Tba Rear was disrorered br a reeultrit tTadunted Phyfl-
ciaa, and la 1brvui entitled to the atiitte ountidencr as anr
other JKhywi'-t.ai a prescrijition. A si:i:lft trial a iU prme it
erboac e. ' One bottle to ordinary eaten of Fovvr and Akh5 fill
affecta nra. AH Uut h anU-d la a fhir lrt.il. All ao h.vre
osed it, pik loud! in lt furor. Head the circular.
J. U. ilA.iAnw, rw i ropnrnar,
o 11 ilaiden lAne, New Vorlt.
N. C. BKKiVEO, AKaf. WVt Fide,. Cleveland, Ohio. Jni4at
$1000 A Year J 1 $1000 A Year !
.hIy: TROF"tTABLE and Honor-
oort Tear. bi ernrToTinro. for U t(n. rrsiw
1 1000 Ycxt. in town or vmulry in tetiTh of ftirfkytiw
$!i0 a Year, u ft moarm of icconwt, or tc p tlieir !
t K00 a Vear. vurt bran, nifty kw of ueii by eoeUinf 9
$lt0 a YwiTs piainoii (lo pay ivjsufj to rmf, jam"
$l000 Y-t. HOiils E. tiiXciwl, New York Trt uf
ii'vxt ft YeiaaV ice. 1 tie e npioTwnl i 0rtu4 to itikr Ms;
$.t0 Tms. pt-ttirvn lo tile amaoftwcrisi. it U ft atiicift of
iltXH) Xtvt. 4 itr eottsumstiOD, tuxleu hr Hwii!'rtnrrl
$itx0 ft Vftau. l m pertnaocrni aa tur. Aa AtfOni ft
$tOOU ft Teu. wantort in evary town id b T.'ojAQ. r.tni-'ts
XI. fJraT PrnLiKuim.)
A Trtatim TtrwcnUi Liquor, or t. Art of Drfajriiif.
ffUHUtfiE, iKeciitj-irif atw MunuX"j.ciiJrior .Sahara, Winea, r'pir
Ha arttl all kittrt of Kinorw, incluuing Cider and Vinegar, rtlb
Wood CyU. T'al work, wbitb bu bwi fevoraWy iwvitTW. by
tbe K. V. Pr, contulua lKf raitiabia directtoua ia Melicifa
M;tal lurfT. I'jrotrcbT, ArlitjciaJ 4uiv), Cjiotk f, rtiSfXi
fiorn arultMv artiiitattl Cf-ca, lli-iij of febU Las,
Crin Mtfrjtp, Familv foana, Ftirrb W-1M.. CoSrenft and
vr FVrfviinnt4 H'wtft lr Dvtw
ftoo ioiaiv, uvnt- aca : tUTcitt g .naJU4a aua Ink.
t nm j-, itUi a rt iiic authnr.
1U. L. 1 trciiTtt AMjKH, rn.diral chT.W.t.
41Tt J3 J1ai.it) La-r. Krw York.
.-TBTW Carriage Repository
f AaUUbuU, Oliio,
- CK'V HALL haa for rale a Wra rtotfc of
CK'V HALL haa for rale ft Wra rtotfc of
Flit .Sarit. jLiituT. I'bMton, KorkAwar, Know NnUiinr. a4
otfrtt Uict o Cptjv11, wnrijj fmrn 7a to tifH VUar. at da
6f tiia hf Mok and ill wrranid- Any dHr-rt onlnp to
IjQprr'ftrt mfttaiaUJ or ttutaatactuxa, tU be uwio gnod o tba
'ih Karaiu rrriMcr tfsjwufaetiiro rrstmaftny. at Rnrmvm
Olil, U n,vf. tip toi man, aud prdwUca aa ftrticla ua
tbr b.rhw.t ntv'.r of tl-.e aii.
Tbs ir eiVitfiif Oaftintteirtttrc of bnba, apok-a am! lxrrt tiiff
frr gbipi'tuf. nallH tbrui to aclfrt jVir tl t-ir own uta ibn
ba4 V titbuvr, auid witi. (ftvMl rvrkuk(i aoi ft dttfnpii'&lioa
t- 4o tbi"ei urxra hdnor " uo ru i run in bu in iU Ike it
rrwk. lAtiira tuid U u li:trUsn . rfv in and " kmk
tka o tau:d rrf U HJL Kuir to L- Hml, or U. Faaenw AU
KutTni tnuui jr viU rtaiva leroaiul atfuiiou,
irly CKO HALL, Ant.
. AiabiVotypes,
rhotojTapha, Mclatnotypcs, k DngierreotTp
VV . .auiuu, of CIeTeIanJ. Ohio,
r f a wou'.d re-ipfstfuy Win;, the tisena of Ashtabula,
that heUprervad alftll ti-ae to UWa, U iba bet a.yle, ih
titie.t and i-i-at durati. litb-UWa pluuriH tiwl may ho cLiicd
tor. ilxviog baea antra K-'d In ti.w Art ffr a onnnxir U yuvt
and ba.unir a pori"-c4 ktiitrltdf.a ot itbatuaU ud in nrtdiu-
ing kti'ul rcuUa, ud kfpt up t.o tta Umca t ajiy
new or aiu-w uiiTv.in'ni o liU! un, &e ia tuny ab e to
Pl a t . 0M o aiitkHiacttoif. IA e are daily tUAg ui tu-n-nt
Atnbroti t-ea intt fan i wuno in vna .thus a. au at wamu:t-
t dnri. aid wtll cuaf ane wno may lav or hm wuk a a. a.
T.ia Miato'tri'a pict.j.a ia getMrf to ba rr popular, ar very
aoitahle f-T lot-'.t p. -.f.-jiw, aa ib. y an befitted in anv n'iaed
irca)l r ca. Uirr rts a vary biiJtwb4 piolavu, at; nil to
lit Ambfprvi-e. Jo'frrapl iiiatniu'd to any n. dairrd.
i and oo.orM tttv to ntttvjia by eoa ef tba hvt ArttHtn to W
fouod, PiM'.rapha Kinivj frmn amaJl pKturen oi tiiug or
4fi.Mid peia.KA, and a 4nrti tu oil. Nunvjrotia Mciriu-.u ea
ehihmou at my T(wro, tnti ah'-nld bo h'MM'.r TlJ any
th citiin.-. tf ."Atn ill, tha tntv bt ii'inx 'If 'aftd.
wb-'itfif.r wihli-Z lirPt.a vr no. II ao iimn i to r.ilf.
tiomftopvi frt:u A- Y.t fU ft P. l.t at V. iln UM, n
Srri'ir tT4,t. M. t ;UHrH.
.Citvchtrd, April lat, I 4 '-3
Q A &r'Fii o c ii l c o ' is.;
irrriLcaaioiT tatzri
A Friuciplo of WitLout or lok.
ft k ara-i)f-il trtif'.e.wtth wbi- h to write a letter and ob-tt-m
i. y 0t tea i'te t.in, witbott ti e uaw nf re rr
, iru-t. in it to. a. war). e U pt-miO trftVi!iof. Jr. it, til Uka
lit. ov r-;4 l..,.t.---r..n q( f.tj iraf, pl-i.nl Or lf!.vor. AtHt 10
i -H iy 'Ui i-o t-.r mr.mf crj parrtr, cn;tj, WfKd tt' tCXM, tn
pvti a it i ii a toifi et ojmira atick. Th If i 1'.
Ftrvrt frw t omi in Foi t-'im, and 1 wi'i a nd yon,
p".,, tvituxn bail, i.tt auk f'uJ dirr'Hi-iii.
J . CiiA.'lAV
Aviii'aifuia, Jan. 2, 19.
3? I
W, . 3 BrDa.PoaTun. nt.zis ftaitoor
I", tit The U Jrnin."! "V " J"
r Al nst "u-"''1 personal
f . V nm r. udT iH ."T4 P"rt
eVVarNas tbTOpK. It V';,"J
UiTiow aoiiooL.
isl $perimttJant,
DRUCR. A. 15.
M" L. A. rnnfrti.
i ' l. ri r.
. ; i Fihih Kux.
kin E. rp.
llKV. C E.
T'tf S
(irt.fr.vmt HvliPll, 1
In't-rrvA 1!nf
Itli'n !) rm"f limits tul tint " M!rt'?t UtMtwd Uwrvio j
fit chncft pcrW
Tr7 wt contitnK t r. Tti M ihr pii4 fto aliroiul
Kill I
rw l'rinrr twt wint, t t.ft"
I or Ii.tmirii.tt " .... lo.H)
' rorOtn-nTOM " 1?
J ot h School v . . ., 1U,0
JkP'J pi-o nil fiir M'-h tmn.
Tuition .n-iKl In Uvmic.
All upplicutiom K e(lmu.lu W ti nJ lo the Suporin-
Tup Sfnwimc Tirm Apttl Sft, 1SSS. Th Futl
Trm Si'utr ft, ml tin W Inter linvn, ,ltiwrf S, lKI'D.
Tt l bi lily dtnlmblt tlt nil nit.'. rlinuld lln t th nrmn
ln of Win No pi'l'ilK out ot Ht ttlln b rrrvivril lor
pnUJi thnn rm.. trim, anil no OkUuclwi tr iic fx
cent In ci.e f (Mr'inp. ot rt nTnl. 4.
Steele 5TB,
WATCH and Clk making and He-
V V tuirinff Ertalill-hpwnl. lomlcJI at Atubttlt, rlihn
l C'dvntt. Ohic, A. W. Blr! (iropiK'tnr. AvklMI b Mr.
.I.l.n S. Abl.tt. ol Boton. who In n nnftlcl Wntcb Uir.
lu u rvd irnrk don at thlx tiibilbmjf.t t any othir
la' lln,. rmnir kindt of ttn'olii-. r"' '"y
. , J v - A K. 1 .r th.t m.. kv . 1 -
,., H. . K br.Hiii or wiled, or lt ft
, j,r. M jth mr nrr nt IPr I m ftltodo!l
,nik intrusted M me with mneb nioia nrniTii.torn than bvre
tofnre. and as from thi. ite 1 susll net eb fti'T eitint, lll
en.l.'r me lo m 11 all cock In irv line All ir cent Iiiwit than
ev.M-liefort' otrrtl In tlili puintv. C.itl nd e Steele, the
Wii.-h Msler, at .No. 8 Vecltanlci itow, At li tabu la, Ohio,
Apiil 1, IV'8.
N. B. If ftn.r hn -e Wtcbes tbst hurt been rt)llet by poor
Wo'ltmen, tltre osit have tbew nmJe ss krk-d MS XtW. and
warmiiUd to ki-ef. iod tin, st tl. i. E'tub i bn ent. ,l
UULt-h. fclllp, felril
bctf .cava to in form tlia lnkatrian? of Arhtnbula and sloinitt,
tliat thry hava n)?nrl a "itOp, oor J. F. Hobr'rtwnt'a
wlirra th-v m ill hp found alirar on bund to rcit the follow
ins? in a workunnlikc ntanrar. Faln. i)manrnta1, Fwco, frlirn.
Fimuttir-, Fnamrl and Caniaca ralofine, lmitMna of alt
)'inUof Wood and Wftiblo, Flopa n4 Bmr Fuinttvl for
Procrrioita, fVc., window ibso puntpdany tWlrn, Winrtnff.
t.f!iu-rtnr, Vamifbinn; Jdrnnxipfr, c. rarriiif, Coloilup,
Wki'.fwosLiuK, OlHUiig, kc, Ac. Work br eo-nmcl or duy.
i rrrr.EKcE?. -
At.rarD HnrMiT, H. L. Mobki-x", iitn. Ilitr.
Alitbila, March A. 4.
FiUST CLASS - -Family
Grocerlei !
HCTOMBKh now rcfitrUiir nu.I
a irpletil.'.njc tbo HUo fopnlr orenrt led It Fnntlfi
ek Tombes and will o1)nnf tbo MrlrcM on hit nwn accnint
tba nature of tbe buainont aili be aubiiiuttitlty the cttrue mu '
b ia boen, . t , , , , . . p . , -
Dealing inProduce.
And keopi .tr On hnxiA fortha retail trada a choloe and caivfulij
flieted KatauiUixut of
. VamUu Groceries.
. - . r . e ... - J ,
Tl.f e ten tire addt fnns now lunkinto tbe St"ch on Itaod, will
pre dim a Strvk ful'y aqnal. if not boj eiior to any other to
thin ecUon of Uie Stiito. Aud as tbey bare bean purrbaeod at
tbe lowet C!teh rate., and will b anld at a small rivrn- from
MMt the publie may aeeora their eupiMira un tbe Bxmt Ikror.
ai'lettrnv. Fnm tlie chftmder uf tba OockIs, tho ctmrtetv,
promptrem and tkirnew of tbe manner nf doitf bnrlnaa, tii
nibci ITpt uoea Ui aecnie a fiiare i cuoutr natronrtpe.
AaltUTkMB.- Arrtl t 17-- '
Yet on Eartli'. tl'rtd ia Ashtabula.
THE Sabstriber (bcln aware
4&&jr that marry of hie old coetotnera and fi tend In tli
it6aSta9t4iJL eountrr aro ttrnorant of Lis wberealx-ulf. pome
net bai t (tiinkioff tb.t he h& iroho Wet, and other that be bap
bliate'l tiit Mq of eoiuo nttier poor fetlowa bo bia rllod of
aiarratmn.1 takee tliii n.rU.od to inform all who Atay'vant
aiivthiue in bit line, that be ti.l nmlvea, wid althoi.cri renvo-
ved from bit old utaiui on if -us StiTet, i still in AfM&lnilfc, ear
rvint nn Vi sin inpaii. vliAia h wM fr hrtnT to at
tend to tbe want of the n iv. Tbankful Ut iifl ftivor, be
would moat rfanectfull) r i-v.it ft continuance and iiucreaaa of
Mir samr, ,
Hunting, Kportlnjt and -trpft T.ilti marie tooiflcr, with all
Xte niowm lniprotrmviD , iuv rarrwura in rvrrv Mrvruusr,
vta ins in nrice from A to tklOO, aftdincr to fliiib and
fixtmrn. ihot Guna 1 i.ub.e and Finale, with aeenn tremor. U
eomplHe. Htnfle ami K-tolvtng rttofa A mo, tbC best a
ait ion in town, lll and re.
fbop on tbe eoraer of Svoona (treef, North of, and near the
tlivronoM Durrn. r. K. JlALi,.
Aahtabnla. June ft, 1VT. - 1 - - " 890
W"atT' Tti.ui,fioiv i rni-
rlealax Fare from Anlttabnla to War- "V
rm haa been pat kt Twxj Doilara, and from JeOersoa to AKbtar
bula, r itry Ccnta.
Yon that want to ride cheap an4 eomftrtab'r can do ao bv
taklnf this tine. Tbe entire line from Aehtabula to Kalara haa
ti?en atoeked with jEOoi liorrai new eoacbea and aieieha, rooets
fte, V. e mean to put traveiera throujrn on ttmr, and with com
fort, aa low on tijry eaa travel by tlieir own conveyance, and
eiuiout ue rmuote. . a. f. i.. il j, . a. it.
OfJioca Aflhtabuia ITouaf, Atdjtabula ; 1'reotiea Houae, Jef-
araon anoary ii 1007. " ov
100.000 Acres Wvtrii Lund for 8al.
A rinir for iale One Irundt-od Thouaond Acres of Heal E.
tftte, ituat.-d in tm-onty-aia different Cotmtii-a in Iowa, fitw is
Mtnueaoto, and two In Wiacnuain. Suid land hka been ac-
lcWd wilb frnt oara during eevecal pat yoara, aud are choiee
tract in the dUiricta whoaeia tbay an airatad. All of tbcm
are more or low affyted by the linea of Hmttrtmdt projected,
several of which are now in proraaa of completion. A a the
aettlemeiit of tba country increaaeft, they will rapidly advance
in value, and thu ia otfrred largor imhioairtenta in the apecu.
later aa well a to tow etiUier tuaa lvat tytar bvioro late oiiered
in tliia market. v . .
A Liberal Creuit
ill he criren. If dralrotL on many of these land. Some of
tlit if can k paid for
in uooa l'ropcrty,
including personal and real eatato, thui atTrling pemnna own
luj auuili fcnna, town aod villaira property an unnortuuity tc
achuie with or, and proorc a moat dm imblc home of airy
d-ftrnl4; u, wttu timherand praiiia that can be loitftn ttt tli
tli ri vine; weist. Tbe titlea being dmrd directly from tho t'mt
dStaW&f are auexceptiofaablo, and wfil be wamtatvd.
399 B. P. EX.Siri.V. Uud Age&t '
Office at hta reMnence, Fvnnerivania Avenue. ArbtarHtiii, 0.
k -J wibera bvr iwntlv uubliahcd the followiDi woika of
Ulft l-W. C Cl I itiiiVU,
Ky tba Ear, C H. SrCRGEOV, 1 rol, 13 ma. Prl $1
. - ABERM O.X 8 ,
Of the Kor. a II. SITRGF.ON', of iMdon. '
FlitST Kl!!E.1. With an Introduction and Fketrb of his
f ife, by th Kev. E. L. Maoonx. t U. 1 tmI, l.'ay), 400 nagn.
Wi'h a Sne. bl 1'lata Portrait. i nr$l. ,
rtcuND SEUiE.S. Cavisedby tb Author, and pnhlished
with bis sanction; eootntaioe; a new ateal J'Lala, engraved a
pmHiiy lor too v oiuni.. t tyx il.
TillliD SEHIES. Hi.-WI by tb. Aa'hor. and pnb'.i.hed
rritb bia asjiciion; ooiitaiuuur a fiusol l'late View of Suner
llu.-tr ri.m, Loadoo, .ngraved ..prewly tor tuo oluoj..
rnoc f i.
Tbe Set in 4 vols, lia'.f osir "tra, H.
Fait Dny Sermon and Servitf.
Tlald at Uw Crrtil Palace, Sydenham. October 7th, 1S57.
Py Her. C. H PrS!!r.T. Trice, Seiibrr clotb, 25 eta.
Life aud iiiuistry of the Ilev. C. II. Srceo!'.
Crwinilfl fro-n .i,irin.'Ll r.i ai:Uirn'le documents, wl'b
aameronft A.Mv-l"i. ..n Ir-jnenta of Tmvol; ana) lUnetrafed
wtih 1'nrt
of Xt raik-t.trtct rhSTM l, atr
fcei'Ji ChaL-l,
r.ia m:rit. u ijir.u-ilace.
.tc; with an Gi.i'u: of i tB Articles of jf'aith.
J rol., 12ul. l!ui.;.i. Prica n eenta ol, 13o. fa
j.rC vvers. 1'ilre 40 reuta.
Tba sooTidflrt fcivl n. -Kt rli.ti-.TMlvV,.,v paftrvre and nreaclifcra
h vartoua aVoor,.-,naUor.s line comunded the serroons of
tots Hnnaraib4a nm tut niwr'.oiiA p-on.-tron. of eanctiiied
peoias. bill,IJ0, Ll.AKhMAN CO,
a.'t 114 .Nasasabt., Jtew VoA.
la ia Want of Vnner, and wott!d reapactfuily ak all
thoM iiiOaJjted t bin) Ujr by
Noto or Uook Acconnf, -
U call and halp bitu to all the Caa they ean hnmadiaWTv, aa
be tnuat hava Cm u to ambi Liai to oieet hta engNteiit.
And I wowid my tn ail tboae eaneciallr a ho ha.e svt aetHtd
twrir aerOMi pewnona te tha it oi Qtitober, that 1 an tkai
roua of . .
Closing all vnj Accounts to date,
1 abih to ckc niy toL at oo?o, and cAnnot aonfltine to wtl
on ctKlit, only to persona who ul? tbjii a-orunta of too, aod
pay promptly. Eery wron ii' konw how to rate himtclf trr
tiio aU etaiemeut. 1 uut tueia wul be no 4 lay no the
part of n.y fie oa to a general r.:oniug of acconnta. Tia
ttiTiea demand it. Tbe tutcrvtU of b"U. debtor ftid crtidttor
rt-i'ir iiurb a u'jre aiwluifiy vtcotmty.
ru is the moi ae.ht3 of ojty Ui.'t), but nearly all kitxl
Vary nepecUall) , ke.
Abtftbitla, Doc. 2, 1K7. flEO. fV TLI.ARD.
TIGHT! LIGHT! I P. I Telerft
I'attut Noa-Explnaiv tlf-0nriitluj
, Oas Lamp I
Tb. rnt'ltr now fv red wtth thm bejet and atost ecoaimi
cal lifHt that cma Imi rnoiluLSl. Aumok ti varum .x)wti-
mrnt! to .ppr.niioal arttriinl Iit;l't to th. pure aod B.iliow
b:t nf nai.irsi sun, nu. bavo proved succciful uatii Uis
Kon-Exploiova Self-Gcceiating Gas Lamp
wf lnvfcvd This .s-np nily rc'ilrts u ti iJ to teal its I npe
riors.ivai,t.:n,v1 .l r,'tii. 1 De rnStance u4 lu KuUr
't"V a. ta tl t sAimAa thud " at'd lb. I;.mp is so uu it In
It. w u,:....,is itiitt it .e'.iiifi. oi l lt"i tmi or lr(r.ituily to
"'" ' rv hiin.i. c (.i,rt (n,a,(i in ow ne, being varc
na-'i uid Jtr.i. j OM cjiloil:!cttii aur '(
burners cu I li'Ud u, . 6ini.Mry B ui temji wllb. lilt!
f""". e-itriiut the M r ., !.,,,,.,., f tji.lotloo. 'lbs
t to a.'i. r, rlu.r :tt iiv and fo.ior.ir is unc-outl
hy any in n-.wli.-t. ) ..r , bv Li.-Mi.ill A JOII
ho OV. o lb- Til
or A but.. .'i,. 4j
HAKinVA UK. Iloavy H,rdure.
n-v.l., It.-ea, Ana, ftitcUi.!' Tooli, f-aw. of all
airvi, iiH'ti i ior.i , i t-mnp u tmeri, (iis4, Futte, ev.
rvlljii. oomivb-ine; a B.ni( Ifcl aMtltuunt rt kntb
liuiiy A auI i-iv..ic, lur mu. iusr hv . ,
Ri'nlT k WO.tRififlV,'
'"PAKKcmre ot roue Sole I Tha eu'u-
JL Dxr baa opened a sbop, . . ,
Over XT. Fasseii Office.
for Mending and Repairing Boots find KSoes 1
OrinTn'dar r-ruin,., ( i'nRI. ! N(,," wh.ch I will do wltl,
riruliH aud drflv'., .id at ,i .-. s t. cer.-. pool with tttr
ija.iiM.r,, hitaw ef-.o n f. ft c-tli V. M . WllH ti l.,
.'.j Iv .L.iii, J27,l..7. fit
Dcio & Uro'.hov's
" lir M'rncJ'rn-ri.i,Mrej.rpt C
w ' '-"'1. nud rwui' '.y tinl Uivy hve opened a ' I
New Cabinet ware room
in tK vwi.-1..- f-mivr otvtt;.W kt tin iftoi if Mr. Strwiutt,
DOUtti TKt '.-ui trr.
(nt hd, ' ina t'-M u-vt"t In Ooi-vrtn-r. in TWlia4r,t op
f.rt unity f"r lir'lnp thMr b'Wnr In Kt) i'n i'iTA,-tnvtHtja, mv&
hrf.iB liwH iwvfi-d vont ttt th fm'trn S(tci and ni-o ent
t!tt, on b"lnowi ,lt.-ron. itr llf IfM two Tr. tbsy ft cl
ui.UoiUci 0 tft t'v fvn tirrn. fimt-vnipr w'th work
In this eottnky. Aa NoTttneut of Cerinan, Frenuh and En,-
lBinoipn1iettt1rA- fr fThtbiMon to ttfltot. Had (hlrils
It iMlMKfnllr nolirltfti.
V ti. Vm ird nnt i b orittlo-nf, f ItiiT In th? onmlH?
of onr work or t)it chonrmr" of our article fTV 0l
t onlwr, pmmiMT, rril wm rnted to pvt tvtlstftctio-i"
Cert on biuxl, of All studs and sire., and mart to order, oa
ti,e .horteit boric.
t "f O"" t f.-et fb h1 iifr" of
three hnlkllitfri eouth ol F. 3. Jotiet Co." Marble Sfcop; an
reuienil.-r to call betrft p'trcluwim elsewheiT.
Aslitsbolo, Jul. 1. lC6lr !W
. ENT. ,
"Af Til "
Ashtabula Marble
'PlIE snbpcvibers' respect fully in- r
JL fot'TI. the eitlreir. nf tht anrl aiti'Anfn , J i
fnunllc-a Wmt having pnn-had the entire irtook oti
Ua:ble Ac. of ttie cll knowa e-Ublimrnt of F 1
J. Joneo e Co, tlfy kro fally prepared to fumib J rS
any dencriptioo of J. L J
Monuments, Ilerul-stoncs, ic, If V;
of tleljmt I'a'i.in and nutland M.trUt, In ma pa- "-j
lior attvl of 11 ni' b end dMyn.
W a hnre, end will keep conaUntlr nti hand, finely Cftrre-I
C.ipa, Lamina. Hoea, Ml ilea, WreatliP, and DraKtir,'on War.
ble offtiir nlrcd tliirVuepft, aMt Ktirwl'ura Uarble of any
pattern?, fin Wind in tbe nanteat manner.
Cemetery LoU enclosed with poata and elialn at rtaonaWe
V enrdWlv Invite all, fo e-tll and see for themael-M-j, an4
examine our t.ek and anicea before purcha,nr el-ewhoro.
AabUbola. May 0,lbA7 t , . WM. WTn.AHi). .
J. L. ltFt?VE.
.Cabinet and Chair, -.
f SAY AUK. would call the attcnti
KJm the cM-ru of Ah1bna nA Ticiuity. to lila p
ion of
stock, rvmihi l.irnr
alaboeanv Sofas :
" ' TiUuToti-i:
('.nti. Tables, mnrV.o tops ;
Oiairs si.rtnir seat ; . -
M Kosetrood, luiile, dressing I: common Bunaus ;
Onartetts ;
1 VI anh H tan. Is, common Tables, BeadfteadA, and
SUnds :
Larye llahofranv rnckfiia; cbaini ; . ' .
roiall . " - . -v
1 a nrx eane seat, eanc back dot
Small " do.
f ane scat and Windsor cLalra in tiiricty
Jan. 4, m:,7. M-tf
' Stores, A 'Stores!
STOVES. The subscriher hn now on
band A very lorcer rtock of K istrra nniK Stm-es, wbseb.
wiU be ld at rerv lowr prices for cash. Among wbteb ara
Tbe tjurle riot Air low ores Cook Sim.
" fuperior
" Centurion. (The bent disrated oven nard.)
" Kine;, .levated oven Cook Stove.
l'reM.lcnt, ' :. . " , .
oi theru Lljcbt," " " . -'
l;nioo, - . ..
" AaiUon, "
Ves'rn American - "
Jewett k Hm.t's i'arior oen,
TboCoHiv " . " r
" Vesuvius" " fSflye)
Tbe Xo. I S A: 4, Teravian Tarlor, tin open front.
Tho Gem I'arior with open front.
The No. 2 3 A 4, Kusria .sheet Iron e!f rtcKulalore, gat
nn In tliv tet ftvle: iiisna ffOod variety of Hos Stoiea, ftonie of
which are well adnutcd to warming Chiirehes A School Itooma.
Afhtstmla. Oct. 21 Ii, 1W, SS
Jtrrr rvtbivbii, by '
K O 0 T tk U 0 P. H I S O N.
at their Old EorpnrtiTrn
K 150 iMtlnMrn'atliickPoote.No.'BJt, 10, Kt
HO do do Kip lioota, , d 7. 10. 11. : r
ttii do Calf Uooti, tlo 10, 1), -
do linya thick Hoot, do . 4, 6,
do do Kip I toot a, do 4, , )(J,
do Youth Calf Boots, do 8, 10. 1?,
do IjulWa' Ktp. Calf, and EnAnielled Ioath
do Ilk's' Ktp, Calf, aud Enamelled leather Roots.
Geot'i Congnea. ftaiW. Kid. Calf, aid uauieiled Lfatber;
.at a t;on(m-Ps, iMiier. aia, vair, ana
do rlullulo and Hubbur Overshoes:
Indies' Morocco, Kid and Lasting Congress Gafters;
do Jenny Kind Patent leather and Knawejlad Bufiklna;
do filk hastins; Oaitera, foxed all round;
do Morocco and Eoamelled Oafters;
Miser.' 1-s.llno; Gaiters, Nn.'a 10 and 12;
do Enamelled and Calf far Hoots, 10, tu 2;
Children's Calf Hoots, for nlator.
do Lailiujr l ip'd Gaiters;
do Morocco I,aee ltoots; .
Boy's Talf, Kip aud Patent Leather Rhnes;
Lailics' and Gent's Rubbers, Husktns and SanUals;
do do Coik Bole. -
In fact avorrthtnir in tb. Hn of Hontj and Shoes. Havinc
flvea this branch nf business nor sped si attention for sereiai
yearn kunwuia; tb. want, of tli community, and bavins; non
bnt th. very btst of work, we tblnk we can think w. ean saiely
snr uuit, in this line wc are oi to oe near, uai.1. Aim ixkk
Ashtabula, "ct. . 18;m. '
XVTOULD mpcctfullj annonncc to the
T rltizna of A ah tabu la, and aurrounding country, that
he haa recently puicbai tbei-w'ire iu teres t of K. Howell ia
tho DagucrrciAon buin4M in thia piaoo. luclnding bia ra r
ri pv. leccntly patented, and that ha ia prepared to tale correct
Ukeuetaiea, in ail Uie different braucUee of tbe art, rad in the
moat proved atylo. Ilavtug had eaveral year'a asperivnoo
wilb the ftrat arttAU in tba country, I aw aoabled to keen up
with aii tle iinrTewrenia, and ttul aaJe in aaying-J will i urn
Ob at good picturea, and correct, to the lift, aa can ba ottained
ftnywboic Iu tbia aection of eountiy. Nopictarca thai I go
pom my roonia, tliat ara cot entirely aaiivtVcroiy, aid war
ranted. I'icturea taken on patent leaUvor, if dcaiied. leock
ala od -Jinoatura Hue filled at rtraeonable ratea. Particular
attention ft -co, in taking cbildraoa' likauwiwea. Boome, first
kutMing aoutb f the Katik, M.iin-atrecL wbaro I ean a 1 -ray a
he found from 8 o'clock, A. U. te 6 P. W. H. A-UAKsiL
, thl Hcitirea copied, and new 4nea taken is ftuy w eat ber.
' Aa.htab.ila, July Uth, J8..7. 9
TliE HOLUtN J'lil.E
TiiK f.dl.nilX rKlitE
" THE Gii i!K.V FHiZK
IliE 0 Ult.V PHI. -.
OOl.Iig.f HUZI
ju.V8Tka.ed: ii.Li-'.siKAiF.ni tlmsttaixd I
J!.l.r?TKAlKr KltHT WrKK
II i.ifiitATKn Lr.m ViEtK
JI.LfftlKAltll EtEKY WK.KK
si tcuifcix conti bt.Yf riifcL
Th. Kew Tork Wco.ly UtiLDliM I'l.UL iaunaof tb. lar
ral and best at ekly pavrs of th. day. An itc perUl Quarto,
etwttaiueiia; CKrttt raaiiM, or roMTtr cwtt'HNa, t awtarisuntnf
uritiwl nwiUir; and eleg.-i.iilr iiluptmtrd avaiy wets.
A Ul T worth finio Ml cu'ti to J.hXI 00 ia ftnlrt, wi". b. nre
sautc.1 ic eacn sultcritist i-niuediatcly cn reoript f tiio .uo-fccri-.tioa
munc) . K ;
On. eo.y f r one year ' "" t" 00 and t (ift '.
, On. ooj-.j- f js two yt-tti-s . 3 60 and 2 g' ita
- ... 0i c.iy tor tint. yrr4 .... A no and Z gilt.
(Jia cojy !br ft,, jirs S 00 aati 5 '
.fcr... A.vii 10 CU'Iii
, T'jie. ooi,ica aim ji-jjt JS SO uad t fifta .
I irt CO) it. on. )'.-ar . . . ,00 and i sill. '
le.o oo ii orn yeut . , J do and 10 gii:
Jn.otynu. U. out yt-ftjt uO 00 and 21 giiut .,
-Tu. artkii lo be distributed ant comnraniiawd ta tuft allow
in iiytt . . ... ,..,. , ,
t rachoget of Cold, eonteloiug ........ ,f 6no 00 ftjach s
- On j . do .......... uuo oa aaca -
10 do . .us a , , luo t) Mfa
Id Pinl Ivwr HunliBj tJaae Witvoca. .. JO0 oi)
' lo Ovid rVttii d.l -l
0 do ..... smi on atib r.
1"0 da , w (K) eju-n
foiO 1 arties .".old at'h.- fc0u aot-is
iam .- iivs lluutin Laasd W'atciiM , 3' (0 h
h-v iHl-tr V.t,-hi i $ld to i. Oil sr
Ci.ilo luai.-l. Vet and I oh absin. 10 t M 00 ucb
Oi.ld Ix-cri., llia-..!,-L., Itioocb.)., ar Prr-rs, riiwt f-iua,
Cntl I'ijj-, vn Vinous, l.iii,;s, i.t.t S-uil.;, r,.w!a Ktv.
Co.d a.d Irii.rr iiiiuutw., ajid a ajbjly lA U..f Ajliwi
Wurtu iiom f il'y C..UU lojlr. ra.h.
lnnduu?ly un fo -eipi M the suhfierlpiioa tnoney, the lu.b
.uilr'. a.iuo will bv ftutcv.d upuu imi' snb.ciipitun buok orv
pu.itc a wifiiiM.-r, aun Vor . .it yorioriv.eill .jj aitrt t.i'it num
ber will lu foiwiri. .1, nu. tu. at.. If Hut aubeuibtr, bg
ascif 0r trt pa
V1 CA.iumuulca:i,4ii, UiOuld ba aA iresr d (o '
bi..'k-. A CO, "
4'tend 40 MnlfM liul'ting, aij Mio,iw.r, N.w York. .
!-l tJ.!.BU sWw.il lf. .gent. t.-i. I
tOIl CASH, you ran buy B'lots & Shoes,
..t.ns H to. a Ii ll. ebeaprof K. hniLLie. (st th
tda nf Hi. ti; h-
, tii.ni yoa CMiat aay Met la tUtancjoiv.
ll. . , M
A.l. t. -Iwll.
Just I'uMisliri.l -Priee 6 (.'tiits-Post free.
Bronchitis A!k ;s, rrr,ilr,, fo'o, and Ke.-vom AtlVw
tmn. Afl-fitM fjp. 1R.tr Y fiCLi-hMES, fireat Cure of
Cennumpimn, w Yoik ( iiy I'vti Odi
-pTH A.M A BS h
rj ARTIST! p
tSf -i --pmfii'r
X l i-1 AIL IHUJH.
V". SS'a tlHaa . . i ir bo, r'.
Wo'intain OiottriMtt " if
S-vrr-pntiiia. f WoUle '.iJ ;
Cht 'tr-eu l1ana,r, " f4
Evo Lotifto , If t ' ,
.-iter m.d Vr'.a fceun'Iy pt lv., f) cta
jte.ilih linitt , per p't. eta - x
t'yMi'eiy Krr.ip ( ko Vt M"t
i nvmini tlm i-n'iT. J.IKJ
MatatiHti t t- r. CMLholietHI " j'.W
: ration vr, Ma l-rrnpily - - i.t'O
klr.u'Ml oi M-a:tn, per oot 2' era
For aule bv the city drnpfistiii alao by aeuta ii Uie princi
paUti na la Ohio. , . ' w f
7ai; TXST13I0XY.
ITrff.ivd. TramVnjll Co, 0., Vareh Tth, WT. '
1 horony eerUfy that 1 have beer d'allnj in tba OratTetiberK
Mtdmitiet for tii pat er, antt erift truly any that I bavtt
naver olft-red any rt,v.,'ine to the n''tc tVint 'have mrt with
thadpci'h( wtoWUfa of the ieo,lo lilta tnwa, imt tlfnUrl
the 1 ill and LV.hniicv.n, " ,t y will i a.tut.y ywerrorm tl aud
more thau ia pmmifd foi theiti. 1 bava old hoit flfv bot
tlin of the C-thr.iiw0 t, uhvt wtion. and 1 hear the be ra-
lulti U every cowj. . J. 11 li, JOHNSON, Medical Ai;t.
Poad what Ir. lUtahnell a'-a of the OralTenberg Merlltinra.
Dr. B.( la a phvtcUn of extviiclva prttdipo, and ona of the
nj'Wt atwepuil in th eotintr (Truniboll) in which be reiddva.
1kit cot tit1, that 1 hive" u d tba Oralfenboi pilla and
Mirahaii a t aiuoiieon, oiii hem by If. v. alohunon, in my
praclieo to ray onttiv aaibiuotioit. Thr-y are good tne tidna
Dr. . W. HUaU.NCLU
nartford, Tniiabull Co. 0., MtrcU T, 1WT.
1 STt ft prtyl'lan Vf thiiir vear'a ttrB'Tflce. lr prtTrrlnal
atmly haa Von diwrseof fimnle. Tbev bava geneially hatlicd
w i-eni eona. tntKit;itig the mnwnnls eomi.ottrg war-
alialla v tne t.athninin, I waa p'earrd wlfh thnn; give
tbcm a fulr trial, attd fmind mvelf nh'-nduiiMv aurca-fiil In
v ft)rmer piactlce 1 cnuid ot.It w.t'aKAte tiie armntotita of
ahontb-.lt the cuacaand coitid nnt cure one In ten. low 1
Cmtt nidiasJlr ooie at itwut -Wftiirart In tw-mty anl fnlthate
the lo-i. J ennihr liarnatl'a l-tnl'ie Catbnlicon tba sieat
ait b.emiug tu f- tu-vlpj 1 htre mt with.
J. H WILLIAM?, M. Cbarlctton.
Wotrt Rriilord, Cnahoctfn Co.. Mar U, 7.7.
Mr. IT- n. KlnttlT, fiir: 1 bwa bon aalllng tba' m-dlcine
of the Urft'f-iiLe(g eompnrt f(.f the ia-t ten .team, and have
Invnrtably found them to ghe gondarlfiietlon; and the pi lit
lhfive o:d to a get main fami lea aa retrntarty aa their ta
ami eoiTce, and with tor trade thr-v hue bacotoa a aaple ar
ticle. Mai-ba'.ra L'tfiina Cnthoiieon ia a HMdiciv tttst haa
done a rieat anion nt of pooJ in fr-mala tli en '. 'Jne ladr I
Kld It to told me ah had received move benefit frmn 6ne tot
tie titan ahe did frmn i lone ty trs ot medical treatuacnt by
Uie ost akilifnl physkiaoa. Youra truiy,
for l
IG:IIIAM k JOJtXSON', Aahtnbul.
Y . K. A l.l r-, .irlte son.
A. R. I.P.I Ktt ITU. New l.vm,
A. Met All :t I. A Ml, :ocl.rei-k. . . i
" . T. C( HI l, Tmmbult,
. 'Af:lH, Kl,i,ri!:.
- t l.YON", I'onnc.mtr ' '
, II. MORGAN. HaHssmr.,
- F. H. Mll.l KR ft Co.. Anrtlnbure-, '
II. l. NORTON, Andovor.
II. SrRlNO. fieneva. ,. '
Anl hi one Apenl in all f.rtnei,l towns In Ohio.
Far Ucdicincs and Ajrencle", anirrs
11. B. KlNUr.LEYlCl.vr.l.AN ,
W . Atreut frt Hiln.
'an si ual fcl'Tii' t-: si t a A-
or XKt
Mutual Bcnt flt Life Insnrance' Coinpany,
MHtHK, M-.W ttlvKt. .
Cslanec pfT stuteu.ent Jan.
ricini-inis ree'd durliir the year Si'V.O.O ST
2,"?O,005 47
Intere-t ree'd diirine tli. year . j I'.iStld V0
Totsrreeei t fur 1"MI 64,V"
Tsid lot', unn d Jan. 1, "46. ft0,709 00
l'sid loetes by datb da-
ling tae year 118..MJ 71
A. lt,H3 7 .,
f d canceled Tolkie. 2z,X s
l'ii salAriee, Isus, poatae, , , 7
exchaue, Ac M.3!J M
rdeenn.'4ons M agent Sn,S-JV IS
I'd t hyarcuui'ft fee 2,7M bv2i$,;,U 6i
' TJalaric '. . . I ,
fd dividend during tb. year , . .
Ket balanre January 1st, 1S'7
Amount unpaid, not due, and awaitiiig piooft
of dculh... $.'J,000
Twb on lmnd. ...... i t-K.W V7
Newark t'ltv 7 mr cut bnntLi. . . Ifi.iInO fH)
Albany City ' par cent bonds. . .. 2A,0"0 00
lroy City tl per c-nt b..nds o0 n(lo 00
ftrooklvn City ti per cent bonds. . . 6o,0oo CO
Massachusetts Aannily bond.. . . , 8n0 00
Itf.ndu and Moitpape. J,Ti18 fi
Ileal Estate. SS.ln 01
Fiv irwntrrcmiiiinottfs ti-23,27ft M
Loans on script 6,471 02
t3M,Sal C2
142i4 ill
2,4Hl,ili Vi
rrem o'.cs a eusu In trnivu. . . i.,7.1 4.
Nctsccumolition Jan.1,l7. . IS
Total of diildends pnl'l to ilutc. . . an7,rlT KT
Total oi Claims by deatttnu touVii l,iH,:;n bo l,b4H,.vii
lb. ltiieclor. bavins reserved llie volue of all rollcierin
fiice and obliKaiion AKalnst th. Company, bcsi.W '...M),000 of
flecinrea pronta, nave, rronl tne snrpiun, ce-iarvd a utiineun on
the noli.-i.i b.uod prior to Jnnunrv 1st. 18.rrtl.iexrent tenn bol-
Iclee) of So per oent on the premiums paid at table rates, paya
ble lo aeiid to tho. who hare paid titair pramintn. ia onsb.
and to tbe credit of tlios. who are iudebted to the company for
premium. : . . fc -
The Pirectoi liar also onion d (lie jnTnient of the '.Kb div
idend, being tbat declared January first, 1H&5 r the earn, t be
paid ta tbe member, at th. time their annual premiums be
come sfiie. dnrinv tho r.ar 18.7. Thn hnl,lln u.;.. .f Itff.A
aill be allowed the .me as cash lu pnymeut of nrcnilnm. ; and
tlioso wiioae dlndcndi bsr. been plooed to their credit, will ea
ch, the same br a credit oa th.-lr notes as tl,er mature.
OuuAttiV C. HIU.BB, Secy. ROB). 1"A rilCliao.V, Tiest.
JAS. IvKKI). Aeefit at AfilitRliiiIa.
' or th cc or
Incipient Consomption, Scrofula
Genoral Pallllfr. Wlilto Fwelllnp, Illr0nanatimf Ileaaea of
uie Liver ano aiu,at:a ui iMiteaM-t ariunc from Iiupuxitica ot
tba biood, and tho aliccta of uercury, e
FwAin'a TxxAcr. a baa been for inn re tha, Ibli tr reare oela-braU-d
in this enuntty and In Kurop foi Ita etiWdt'iary
cumw for the certitlcatea of which refcrenea U nintle lo tha
dhecttuna and bouka -x-bich toay be had gratia) awBipanj Ing
ibe Panacea. n
It has beoa need In hoapiUla and ptlTabt nrarUoe, and haa
had tbe singular fortmiv nf iwiug repntmneinled by Ute ttituvt
oeiebratcd phyaiciiuit and other ominont peraona. Among
them by t.
W Oibeon, W D, Prof o, Snrrery, Pa f nfveraity.
ValeiiUiw Molt, 11 d, Prof of .?nrgcrr, N Y I'ni arUty.-
W k Dewwa, M II, iVof of Mid, l a llciferaiiy. :-
N Chapman, M P, IVof of Pbsalc, Pa l nierity.
T. Parke, tt JJ, Piea't Ccdlega nf Phynt-Una, PUadoIplllaw "
Pr Df Vallo, i'tvfraeoraf ledi-iiic, Havana.
joae Eoureuco, da lata, Prcf oi Surgery, Ltshon,
J. rhipman. Member Koval College Surjfcouj, Iondon
W Ert ins, lata Minlater tn 8iain.
Sir Tbomon Pearaon. M -jor CaweraJ Uritiab Amy.
Gilbert Knnerteon, Hrttib Cnoaul, Ac, Ac
liosldee a large nttmnar of MinLntera of tha Goapet, Mem
ber! of ConDrcaa, J ilaiilhroouta, Ac.
And alo, tbe woodcrfttl curvt ettccted by fiwstm'i Panacea
have for many yeara made it an invaluable reonedy. Tba Pana
cea doe nt enutaia averonry in ane form, and bing an ioiaO
centpraparatioa, it may be ctven to the iirctt tendor infant. -
Tho retail pi ice baa bee a reduced to $1 60 pr hotUa, (on-
vtiuiuf utrve dui ptnuj or uiree oouiaa lor 4.
: -DewarQ of impsitioo.
fiwalm'a Panaeeft lain ronml bott'et, fluted lontoflii-allj.
wiui uie luttuwmg ittivina oiowo on ue giaaa :
'Swaimir -Panacea Phllada."-
aotl having tha nama of Jajl Mwatm r tamped on tba re!htg
wax, and written on tbe label covering the enrk, and a nf-w
iahel for the aide of tha bottle, csvtnpoevd of.geon-etrta tat be
wo tit, eotnpriviog nine dilTeient diee, which bare beoeo turned
for the eidtuiva aaa nf tbe prop-ietor, by Draper A t'O. Panic,
Note Engravera, of i'hi'ad. Fordioa of diJeraut paUernafiom
the ldy of the work, aod in the centre ia a ro-trait of the
late W wu.a, aeprated (mm tha bonder by two eire'ea of
lathe work. I ne worn "wattn a Panacea, are angmved coo
arlcuf4y on two turned itnpa, aod a large i-roii'cl'rriiar die
foime the upper a,argin, Tbe hordera aia comioj'd of lain
lath wttw atHpa, o-iUide of which t ongmred in email letter
UA ua tii. avaspj i iUfr - -
Also, SwVftun'a Vermifuge, " , .
i vwluahle Family Modldd betne a highly anprwved rtme
dy for tho dlar-oaeaariring from debi ry nf tlia dietiva orf.n. a
ich aa woniifta cholera mibue, dtrontery, fgvar aud a;ue,
bleeding piiaa, elck boadvhe, Ae. A patftpUlci acootopaa.iaa
the Vemuftipv, wbfrh nay he had gratia.
Prepared only at Swaitu'a Laloratory Old ciandV---Sventh
tftrrvt. w-iow thoatnut, fiitiaclpMi, and aotd ky all the ro-
apectatti) unggixtain lite Liiltefl ftia'ea.
- Camion to tlto Public.
Perann wiaMni tonbtiiin tha genuine PANACEA, and VCR
MlfLGE. ahould be ean.Nl to obf-erve iba tutuc. .
ia ineiled enrretly oa the botlla rd lal-f la. or thev mar be
imnnecd noon by ui-dicinea tnada in iaDitatKa of then by a
perfon Mintw a aomawhut altmlar natue, well caiculaUed to
otive. uejtcrai Agenta tor tha Limted Slatea, -
fcicm.FPELI?f I ROTH KJt & C(K
CnilM 170 William tret, Xew York.
Mori than
$25,OQ0 Worth of .Worcii'aBiuse.
rpiIE undersigned i now redevlojt di-
X reot fiom Htw Yorfchfa Kpiing aod ennnoor atock of
good, wLieh ft.r variety, cjuaiity aiid auantiTy Lcw neer
been airvikd in thin maiict. gonda have oeon aelec'td
with gitAt cart: and will ba old for euk or ready pay, at a
mi tail advance fron flrvt coat. In no ca- do 1 lutond to ba
nn leiaold. IttOir. in want of gnoda will do well to rW) aod ax
apiiuo roy gOfnU and prtroa U-toia puiehaing elaowktra...
Oft bina of iifxvy Kt'd yet to com via v.imi.
Partietilai-B baiea'tor. t CfiO. KILLASD.
AfliUbula, Way lbt7. 20
B 2f- 0 W ' S V E N S . c ;
BEST STEEL PENS. . Somtj Impor
taut improv'meutA have roada In tba aaaaufactura
ftuT pane, a we.imij; f'Oin aouia wo hare lately reoeivd front
the njfnuli5tAty of j. i'.boow. ijvary pan in iuO lot in wire
ly pointed, aud wiU wilt twice aa muoh aa tba ojfinry tut.
norted or other etrl peua, in oomruon uj. We rioim itujud
to all who nee att l jvvua. to give tho prkronoa to tbiaa maa
ul't- toved by Mr. buow'aAUililio Anglican.
,A , . , , J. -S. C HAPMAiV.
ftifihtah ilo,,Ice. tA, ISflt. . 4
9 A TOXS OF I K 0 N fmlirncirifr all
V .ia-s of R ui, Fwe. oa, .nd Enli.h Flat Barl oa.
luKind and e,us Jron, nj all tun f.cm si inch taiSi uwlius.
iloup, Baud, Hmn, fiorol', (n-l, aud 1111 Round li oa.
., 1H H'Js. Null Rod.
2b Mull!. o.:inrf lilc-l ajiSAItfd rbes.
A!e, Aifttricaa, EuB!u ti.l.uu', tniuuo,and Ct RtetT. F
slulowJ n ,M). tt .'1 i iFO. '
r REDlUiAD, 8at;Cf-f7"tij'"lJ."c
V V TOiisiliS, at t,u aid estab ihed Fbop on door
South ef In. bi.uk, bsa oow am baud, aud foe a Luc and
Si.icnui.1 a;'ln,.it of liirnee. ot if di-fcili tton, wuwli b
will sc. I ji iu.iy par. s low aa can he found m.ni: ; xe la lum
uniy. I-.isik wi.tiiug a buy.nud &..h .ij.h.: K-.m u
ri-. .re iirn., will Snd lite tu,ir ad.auu. to c II and
aauiin. hu woik h.&i. pufcbasinf elMwhei. All ww.s f it
up iu iuw uewwisiyie. aud lur .1, uaao. and aatabuity, fta&uut
b. ttutisKM-d. Ail worlt wanxnu (i
W ilii-w ill. ts,ilnu.ul of Whii i rei.r saai, nor l.lf
so eri.au r at prl.-rnl. Ji. is alo j.-.cr. r3 lo do u.l slud ot
car i-v Irlmmire wrte Tulmvu sntf oiiwh.
lii.rAiai.Nu, of all kiniie, nrnn.j.uy s 1 1.- ti.i. rt v. Po not far.
ret tii. place, one door soma r.f thf Hank, Ham Mart, lhty
Uila,'iht. June 27, liI. At.
ier nutl lilootl Til!;.
KV Sr. Ilotiat l't Ecimiitiatrian riofnedifl,
i SH. ,ll.;ikiiislil.
1 il
ITEM YE A US of Study and Exprr-
J.V Intent, Ir. P-Mrk, tlie Fmin.it Hweedi'h Phvatrlan.
nepfdwl hi prod'tcing f. it"iifina tt"m twpntvtbre ditlcre.4
urecioa. nf mnnntaUi Iim t- of hta nn'ie land, which "eta iHr-oet-U
n-n the emtaea of dijse in the bd.r.nd by rearing tba
rorrni-tfKl fountain of Wc. to a condition of btnith and pmitr,
enpeilf diarnre from ihea.atem. wberever It may be lo4-Hfpd, or
wha.prer mav ba ta eltarn"trr. iTid'trovll'-n, nermns com-pi-tir,
(jt'l oj'tlo, flnd other tlta, eotif'ia, coiatnptlin In ita
or!- ittti fa, aa;e thmat, hfoccbhia, fever mid Rtrne, erthnw,
lew r it, .jvinitil Inrvxi i'lJy, iPtotliirte wenKOPfa, piirfting oi
lle akin, avmp'otoaiic f pa'ialyaia, rlietunaliam, iicatalfjlrV tu
tmrtr, cincr, dinlyt'-a, lnn-itude and tWHIity, ditrHtea, and al
Other di'crdfra nf tne on:ai-a of reepimli.n, the lic, and kid
nrv, tiie almaro, to. Tiemoa, or the nuttnlr fik'r, fuw uirwr
rltig'r C'vpJ bv tint prvnam'sn. It U to the materit morftt
or eeda f diia-e wiiat an al'.-aii ia 1n an nevh it nputr.il
liiem with al..ltite eorti i'v, whileat the aaioo time it rvgtt
la'Pa the are-etivipa, removra ot.i tmci'-n frmn the bflweln,
reaieartpi.tite-, renwa twdi;v viaor, and reicnrratra every
ai'l inl fnncli -n Kueh i l!v nMurp, auch are the oifc'a of
Pr. Hhpck'afamni. Hr-arnnvlin Pl"pd pitHnar, v-HU-h, if
taka intvnlnnctU.ii wlih Wa cindlnaiian lllnod PiHa, will
not. only obliterate the mnt painful diyp.ipp, but prerput their
neurrei.ee. and tenet I ten life bvOnd the ordinary apart.
In tha Sotndinavlvt Ve;reti.b'it P ood Pllis Dr. HobaeV
prpif,iit the teault of twenty rear or PTr?crcrre. banl at.idy j
and eir-e'htcnt na to whit a neifiect pill ahmud br. No nna 1
em oniut ttn'iranpetlnritr nfter one al .trie tri.-u. Prleof tu
Scandinavian Ulood Pllla, conta per box, or fire Tor $1.
Pehc, Miami Countr, !ud., Aug 4, 17.
Pr. C. Fouapk 1 have rpcelrrd" ao nncb ipnefltfrom
your tcandinavUn BUrd Paiiber j tid Ulood Pilla, that I have
tbcutr.it it my duty, and it U no leaa my liicUu.V.in, tn civa
ym a nlaln aratemcntof tnt cate. I vma f"r yeara afflicted
with tdrl Nine of all comroTt', and pfBfiency in bHinef-, dyi-peivcH-v.
To rrwii ihiWo all the an all d reinediea which I ha-g
nfcd to rid n.r-rif of thii dipaer, would indeed nrnka a ineian
eholy Catalogue. I alao eon?u!tpd with the best phy'eiana 1
euld har rf, Iwm induced to try your remedies Ihmuflh
Uie peranatona nf a f tend, and after ulttg tbent A few daya
waa great Iv tteupilrtpd, and In a a.iort tlmp, lP"tltan ft month,
I waa mtirrlv and p'rt:.ntently cured. I waa alo afll'cted
a tth the nfOaf r tlpt nerro j. hoadache, whlclt I auito wa
tfpe-viltsH.t Ik. rnv ft.r-.wt-f.'t1 TfTTtAfri ftiv whpv mr Htn.'Vrl
left mc.wivh "adaCtie lv-ft with it. I now fuel Utter ia nrr
rt'vpcct thau I ItAre for tvo yeara.
.v huij TDara, tiuns, p. rtm III.
Ct-vrinTfATT, Fridav, lr-pt- 4, lKf.7.
Dr. PorAnr pprir tr:-Havine been aillictvd with neural-
gllor rltejnintp-ni for tlie p) yar and a hnlf, and hiving
artn year me-iH'tue, cancn tuo J'caiti.itavi".n H;od ruHfier,
bih-y rTrvrrtitnetidrd bv gnt'ernen vrilli whom 1 am acquniu-t.-d.
1 waa induced to try it, but rwt beiore I hava u-r-d variotta
other inedicinea. After ufinjr, two bottler, I fett ltd effect very
aenrdblT, and nona vdi i two fnore, i found tnywlf npr
Irctly cured. Yon will allow me, thp-Tfre, ta eongretu-ste
yon upon makli g a dlacovpry In niodleiut which ia piovin lt
lelf to be a wot kor of uch aoiidera in the difteaoa ef the bu
k.ftn ajnily - (;FjRiB f. PKXNETT,
, ,! " . - J-ocal Editor ClrxinnaU Diiy tnqulrrr.
lymAtfArOMN, Wedneedar, fept.S, lR.i7.
Pr C. TT, PotIacx Pear Sir: Having- been trmib.ad for
reverai renra with pxtrvTtip dflhiliiy and wealfneay, ao mtieh an
that 1 wafturtahle to attend to my erdinarv bnlneaaat thrvea,
and hfiriur heard of the wonhrfnt ras-a tbnt yoor Scar.Hna
vian Ulood Puritier and Pilli wot effecting, I woa induced lit
g friphd to try them. .
1 have been MFiug the purifier fnr tha laat twelve month-,
Mid 6ml tire medicine, fully eanal to Ita reeotumendatinne. Sio
raiu tble ia ita uae to me tit tt 1 canmH now diponae with Uifl
tin of it nt my ah-eneed are of life-Hveventf-Mj.en yeara.
' I cheerfullr give thia intbrmatiuo for thn benefit of those
imilwlr atreelorl. WORUIe 3foItK!d.
Tho alutva certiflcafea and wary ntliere, can )e ren at my
office by any ono et any time Gvt one of uiy f amily Uvdieai
Ahnanoa, praliv, ftom aiy aanta, .
Manufwctuio, .''ate-ltfionja and itfFc?, Ko. 6 Eatt Fourth-fct,
Sd bttildtug from JUtd'i atrcet, Cincinnati, t;fcio
For aale by Oro. Wim.arp, 'Iemia. A Jorfxso, Ashtabu
la t F W !mnh, Ki'leville; K K 8tone, Orwell? K W tlrirk.
Wimftnu-flrtd: W R Allen, Jelforann; L T.yon, Conneuit: 11
Ticknor, Weal Williamattelil; r. It Pratt, Wayne; Allee A Hitr
rington, CMhrnok; H Htbaway A Son, Hartprrrore; A U Heck
witb, .New Lyme: P Mead, Vi'eat Andoer; li I. SLaier, Loon;
W W UenU-k, Hiohtoond Ontre; M lutoa, Pierpont; A W
alvC-walan. Morgan; O VC Audi u, F.at Tiunibull, 0 H .ech
vetvil, Karperauo.tl: J G Ta.le, Auatirrbnrg: A lerange, Plym
0'ith; S PiiiTih, King villa; Thaa Ilarrelt, Aoibor; Smith A
Wbtt, Keilorgfvllle; U kt. flark, Pletfield; Havago A Sher
man, P.VtTook: li Northam, Oenea: Itavid Van fcja, Cnion
Mlle, aniit hy Dn)pMtaand Merchaata generally. 418
Th effect nfthla unrivalled antct nal remedy opon Semftila
ftud other virulent ulcere at'd amw , la alrooit mimcnlous. It
ftiat dlehttxgea tho poieon which producoa auppuratinn and
proud dmh, and thua tho enrea which ita -Lea, log propeitieo
aerwatuacompkt are safe a well aa perrruJueDt,
Wlunds, Bruise; Burns, end Scalds. '
TncAMf aftLa fracture ef the bones. Injur lea cauard by
Bteam expioelona, jUitUiaica, lie km a, SraiDa, ItUrteitiTiaat,
BTiyrjfkaa or tub JoipT. and eontmction f tbo ainewa, it ia
employed and warmly r wore trie ndrl by theiucuity. Tala mar
vetloua remcdv has been ititrndurod by ita iuventor in perfon
into all tbe laiftding Uoajjitaia of turope, ax.d no private houae
kold should be wtibout it,
The atri,ca. HtatT of th French and Knritdi Arm lea In the
Crimea oflieialiy finned tbelr approval of llulloway'a Ointment
aa tba moM nlnble dreetdug for aabia cute, tale, and gun
ahot wouuda. JtuaUouicd by the aurvoiia of lha Aiiicd
IS at ice.
Both the Ointment and. Bills should tc used
in the fdhrvins cases:
Mercurial Eruption
wetted (ilandr,
Cbap;a4 Hands,
HUtf Joh.la,
J uta,
liinrwornv , , -t
alt nheuoip
hkm Dlaeacea,
TVonnda of all kinda
Sore 1 ega,
fort Breaata
Fore Hoada,
for Throat a,
Boie of ail kinda.
aiierat roroa.
lyt'AI'TION! None are geutiiae au'en the word
fJ6tov4tytJVm Viirk4 Loh4J" are diaoeniible aa ft Wmttr
atari In every leaf of tha book of direct iona around ehch put or
box; tha rune may be plainly eeaa by holding f4 Uaf Aa
light. A huHiaotna ruward wilt ba givan to any dm reedtriug
aneb infermation aa may load to the detection of any party or
I iftrtie counterfeiting Uie aK-diciitea er vaaidiug tha aama,
now lng them to ba apurioua,
.Soldatthe Man u (Victory of Profraeirf not.iowaT, W
Maiden Lane, Kew York, and by all rt-epectnb.e Drugguiat and
Pea lent lu Medicii throughout the United Statea and the civ
liiacd worid, in pot at 2 oentS -2 ceota. and tl each.
Them tea eonMilcrablcaaung by taking tha larger pl;
N fl Piretrtiorja tor the guitUaea uf patiauta ia every cit
onW are a 'Hied to eae'a bos .
Liver Complaint and Costivncss.
IT may be oi' advantage to personn Rfflict-
L h! with the above compUlrsta tn know tWt among tha numv
....ll.l.w.. , 1. . . ,t Ai : 11 iV. '
fully uieeia and eticrtnillv retitvoa tnem, aa tbe
AMI COSilvt AMI LI V Eli Pfl'AnrtV
Kach ingredient in thena Potideraia in lLjif a w.tolcaome
meatetna and adaptoa to raeet and correct atnoa aynipiooi in
the above eoutptainta. 1 hoy at pei fuctly drv, and rvducpd to
a very ttno powder, contain m iiucr nuar acid uoralchnliol, and
are, therefor not liable, to IVrnioM and turn aour on the stnio
acb, aa ta uau&liy tit eaaa wit a httttn and Hyrwp, ntitber
will they ever purge and exliftttt tha Howe la and iaava them
more eoitive thao before utiutf tlwm. as da PiUxt but on the
eontrar. they iteutralira aud aboarb tba hot and acrid acid, and
rmtlur it harml.-aa, grntly atuoulato the ditive orgatta, euita
tlie liver, and iudu-w tiie bowels to mova with eoe and regular
Ity, thua rcmovitg through tha natural outleta of thw boily
witevarobetritcta the lice and regular action of Mi .ariona
oigna,wttn MKALTit beoon.ca the Dutmul loxj't And thia ia
done in ao gentle and ivituiaj a way, tb.t porvo!. t ait tcaroa
aware Uixt they have boon u.king a rm -li.-lne, er.ocpt ly the im
provement which grad'-a.ly, y?t Y.tr,!f, fi.Hcws tl irul. Per
aona, therefore, troul.icd wIid any of tiie di'rtrultici lor which
the, powder. arc ivcixiriu-.cndrd ouplrt to c.!i thero tat
reial. Foi Snleby fiEO. WIl LAMll.
CUB A i'; K GAD I NO.. .
- uie ,.
VERY bpt fiimilv pnppr pnblibhed is
It contain. 1 larpe cioely piinid quarto paros, riving dur
ing tb. year on. fourth more rending than any of the tutu
dollar monthlies. It is fillitd with th. very bet Talis, rkelca
e, Ac, that cu be procuied. II U niiui.i from clwir,
tyie, on lln.raiar, loatomyuiort thap ft bicg, a i,
baudi-.ni.ly lilusiiatcel; ll li,r J a jvae. Rp.oiu .u eipi.
nt fro., en ar-piiivtiun. Canvaar wsutod ia tier) town
and city 10 tha nuuntry to solicit subseilptioaft, t whom
Uuerai comuiiasiou mi; u.gi,u. Adihes.
1. . f H Cot.tr. stret, Ni-w YorV.
. . Heavy Qoodu.
' SO eetts Steel Ellptlo Spring ' ' - " v"
AO sett lr AAln. sssurts. ' 4
AtlO seit htittp 11 mces,
Alee, Falcnt ud ij.ilf r.ient Adw, Anvils, Vices, 8ledes,
I'oiiHenchSwi.i,,, Waxsua lki, MjllesW C.isilugn, tc
K2'A?icA!h!a c 'K)- wu.L a k n.
CrCXCER & KICK'S System of?ea
J suauulilp, tO)ioaJi4 Cojiy Hooka, at
.... ... j.t. ri,'.FM.iv.v
V i"ty Sturt , A.uttba's,
( OKX ' BHEljLKRS. .A cii&in &
A Hreiole may fQn..d at tt. r. Hl'nttmc
It' you want Silver Wit-is a little cheeper
tha a tho d.oayiest, cJl at BTFKLK'S and sea hli ip.-e.
rr.rns. 4:17
WAO0N for nalt. One. new two horse,
linn-., Ii.i.-V.?o miik. j tor al. cbc-ap for cvh.
AaUabuia, t-u
N Plill.l.'IVt.
Unr.w., i
STONES Rerea and Lfika
Grind fctuuN, attd r.i,, Hton riXTLP.Eis.
ousumiy " aau. CtukGg C. ilUiioAiiil.
BUJTBlt WANTED. 5000 lha Rut-
wrat , BflTH fc WffWOOD . .
T XNSIiUD OIL, $old by
A- WM. ALt K.V.
'AT ' 1
'!- till Itlttcro.
v- t
trftiitif) DOW VofortJ
r-.-r. of H''-.n iW, I'lr-ara, Vrii-vr, oe
e-er t r-T, Itrarpfp'.ta, IhfMY, n(
A t" (I r-tr etattT j fnpartl!.
,i,uitt the lnt twati'v fWe Y"W
ia f iiii n ,M ha'-e Vvn oena-tiw d by tho
1 a fvt vl.i.'ft iralr Toloin3 In iftVot
tt i f, t!1 ,( -
t '- It) ' .r r. ll,,.H'p ff i '!- pM.enti,
'"'''"'"t hflh,.,!!) w.nlA ai'd friA
Vn - 'f nx t all
1 1 haa lon "
XJpWht -f Of Km
liae of t ha1 rrt
of thrlr en i l .
frvnd t'i rvnt'ti
V? tlif Ir iiH Hi
fvm (ritniM
CJi"rfl ( K'f), h'lt 1
llU'.!'"4" rtr pi"
pn' r.Mln.y-,1 dnrtttp 1htr
f r .iiuf DO HlrMitt flOW
I hr ftttHi '.t J ba In tlie-ift mfi7,,-ltlt. r,
fir t hnn all itnt ni"h inr -n iv r-Y-rrnarfd
br W. ii. MOtK.S 1'. M r!
'V th-ti wn
Anrt t,i? vp rir
Aabtiilmla, Sepi
I'AHilAl. 1KA1 .M;i J.M)
rB ItjlllTI.rr bgs lo snnmm-e to tlio. of paMeuts w!tu ''
WlMm he hi, been in rnntmunl:tkm, th-.t he i,, itt .otm,ii.
ame a lth tiM'lr sin-dnl rti"et. tr.sri oirni.e-ruiefits to ..! "
his t:ir ln-llutii,n in New Voilti ml he (ri..,,-ir.il. u r-if.ni to
.ttentf all perrons sull.'rin,r fiovr, nlleW..Min nl (1. l...r, l,.v,t
cliityr., un'il r-ir-e.t-thrvrl.y proving bis M,,t',,iisllr,
and prft'ertin ihe (lo.H'icni being sirltvll! u l:y V' i'-n self. ,
strli-ij Aii! i. In exuihiisnt fr-esin sdvsnre, nud t!?o l..:lu-Mon af
slill more sorinus ovilr, hy pcrnillf Ins tli. spi.Hr-.'i'itl of 4m.
gerous remrilli . hv itiexin'rlonrd stid unUI 'Mil hsiuls.
l'r. H. roiv lu-re tj,e tluit he bs no rt.nnecti.m wltstrver
with any pr rs.in s'lvrT'l-lNpr to cure de-ifWeM rieUliet lis. b. ?
gli-n K-iT.ii.'t:ri for fie pulilliailon of a eorlilliytte, purnoit.
l;.g tn emnnite fi nm hlni: and can not. tltef for, be i-espnnsl.
bl- for sny alrotln iiL'uneiico. rBiiltim; froin rshm eu auA
denpeiaiicn. 1 iiu loss of money rusv not We msi.-i itl to anni. -persons,
hut ill? ueprlva'l.m of one of llin most iinpertwt ol
tliejnsi'S, onrlil u be rrjrnidfd and treuled with u.ot th. '
ordinarr solicitMrlf..
lvofn., noi-e fli tli. hf-fiit. find all dlinrreeiMe d'nehfttve. 1
from the K.ir, s'ei'ily .'id Denusueiitly removed, without
.iu ing the len.t puin or ii.coiiv,..ii..nce. A cur la ait eaard
g.Mirmilevfl where inalfom..'itiou does aoteitl.
'f hiret.an voire' c!o-. and almost nnillriih-d attention to thltf
branch of special prsciicr, lias ftnahle hlni to reduce his treit-"
ment to ftncil a dwgree uf succees a. In ffnk tiie most confirm. l
and obstinate eaaa. yield he arte uhr attention, to the tucaaa
The drntrnstionb. Sr.. ef fbe rhilji'lelortU Fur IniirroarT .
ofwliich Dr. Hartl.y was the hefid having -elcerd hlui fitins
Uis dollrs in that eily. be has e.Lihti.hed perm.in.ntly bis In--stltntton,
forth, etciesiv. troAtment af Aar iiiseftaet, at 700
Bmn.lwHV, New Yo'fc.
ronstili.vtlon nd Eismlnntlon ewb morning. 4oSy
TTi fultoytnjt TTjmroiie r ofTercrl to tha publio
a. the best, moil perfnet, nhit h mcrlknl .cipnee eaa
atr.ird. Avr.K'4 Catii.Rti6 Fulls h been pre- :
pared with the utmost .kill whiih the medical ore)
fc8?it.B of tills HRP pnacso!l, Itnd their elfect. cho
they hsvo virtun. which -.upas, ant combination
of medicine, hitherto known. Othcf preparation
do more or lew good; but thia cure och dunRortrua
compUiuti, o quick and to turoly, al to piov. an
efricecj' nnd a power t tiprcmt niseaae neyono any
thing which men have known before. By removing
the obstruction of the; internal organs and ititatt-
luting them into healthy action, they renovate th.
fonntsin of life and vtooriienltb course, anew
through tho body, and the ick man ia well again.
They are adapted to disease, and diae.se only, for
when taken by one in health they produce bnt lit
trp effect. This ia the perfection of medicine. It
i .nt-igoniatio to diseaie, end no more. Tender
children may take thera with impunity. If they
are aick they will eura them, if lliey axe well the
will do them no harm.
Give thmo to somo patient who has been pro
tratt d with biiions complaint ; aee hi. bent-up, tot
turing form atraighlen with strength again ; sea bin
Song-lost appetito return ; see his clammy featurea
blossom Into health. Give them to acme auiTorer
whose foul blood hat burst out in scrofula till hi
.kin 1. covered with sore; who stands, or sits, or
He in anguish. II. ha been drenched inside and
out with every potion which ingenuity could sug
gest. Give him thena Pills, and mark the effect;
ae. the scabs fall from hi. body ; sea the new, fair
akin that haa grown nndw them t act the lata leper
that i clean. Give them to him whose angrv
humor hava planted rheumati.m in his jointa and
bones ; mov him, and he acreeehea with pain: ha
too haa been conked through every muscle of hia
body with liniments and salve ; give hiaa these
Pilm to purify hit blood ; they may not cur. him,
for, alas ! there are cases which nn mortal power can
reach ; bnt mark, he walks with crutches now, aad
now be walks alone; thev have cured hira. Give
them to the loan, sour, haggard dyspeptic, whose
gnawing stomach has long ago eaten every .mile
from hi face and evory muscle from. hi. body. Se
his appetite return, and with it hi health : sc the"
new man. See her that waa radiant with health '
and loveliness blaated and too early withering
way; want of exorcise, or mental anguiith, or
some lurking disease has deranged th. internal or
gans of digestion, assimilation, or accretion, till
they do their office ill. Hot blood ia vitiated, her
health is gone. Give her the. Pi ixa to stimulate
tha vital principle Into renewed vigor, to cast out
tha obstruction., and infuse new vitality into tha
blood, fiow look again the rosea blossom on her
cheek, and whore lately sorrow aat joy bursts from
every feature. He the sweet Infant wasted with
worms. Ita wan, sickly features tell you without
disguise, and painfully distinct, that they ara eating
ita Ufa away. Ita pincbed-up nose and ears, and
restlesa sleepings, tell the dreadful truth in Ian
fuogo which every mother knows. Give it th
'iLts in larga dose to sweep these vile parasite
from tha body. Now turn again and see tne ruddy
bloom of childhood. Ia it nothing to do the,
thing, t Nay, sr. they not the marvel of this age f
And yet they are dona around you every day.
Hava you tha lose serious symptoms Of these dis
tempers, they are th easier cured. Jaundice. Co.
tiveness, Headache, Sidencho, Heartburn. Foul
Stomach, Naus.a, Pain in the Bowels, Flatulency.
Loss of Appetite, King's Evil, Neuralgia, Gout, aiid
kindred complaint all arise from the aortngemenU
which these Piils rapidly euro. Take them pen,
oringly, and under the counsel of a good 1'liysiclau
if you can if not, tuke them judiciously by uch
advice as we give you, and the distressing, danger
ous disease they cure, which- afflict so many mil
lions of the human lace, are cast out like the devils
of old they must burrow in the brutes and in tbe
sea. Price 2d rents per box 4 boxes for SI.
Through a trial of many years and through Try
nationot civilized men, Ayeb's Chphrt Pbctorai,
ha been found to afford mora relief and t car.
mora case of pulmonary diea than any other
remedy known to mankind. Case of apparently
aettlea Consumption have been cured by it, anrj
thousand, of sutler era who were deemed beyond tba
reach ef human aid hava been restored to then
friend: and usefulness, to sound health and the
enjoyment of life, by this all-powerful antidot. to
diseases of tba lungs and throat. Here aeold had
settled on tho lung. The dry, hacking onugb, th
glassy eye, and the pale, thin feature of him who
waa lately lty and etrcng whisper to all but him
CoifatiMmoif. Ha trios every thing; but i.a di
easa ia gnAwing at his vital, and shows it fatal
symptom, more and more over all hi train.. II.
ia taking tha CnikKT PatrronAi. now: it h
stopped hia cough and made hia breathing easy :
hia eleep ia sound at night: his sppetite returns,
end with it his strength. Tha dart which pierced
hia aide la broken. Scarcely any neighborhood oan
ba found which hsa not soma living trophy like this
to shadow forth tha virtue which hava won far th
Chebrt Pectoral an imperishable renown. But
its usefulness does not and here. Nay, it aocom
vlishe mora by prevention than cure. Tha count
loss cold and cough which it cure are tha ew
which would have ripened inte a dreadful harvest
of incurable disease. Influcnsa, Croup, Bronchi
tis, Hoarsene, Pleurisy, Whooping Cough, and
all irritations of the throat aad lungs are esuuly
cured by the CnriRT Psctobai. if uken ia -on.
Every family should have it by them, aad
they will find it an invaluable protection from the
in.idious prowlsrwhich carries off the wtnnt sheen
from many a flock, tha dulling lamb ti.ui many a
Trcparcd hy Dr. J. C. AVER, Practical and
Analytical Chemiat, Lowell, Mass., and sold by all
Druggist everywhere. . ,
Preiuwuauii wu ny Jaunt C. Atvh, Practical eiT.e?yt
leal Cuciukit, Lowell, Uuas.
r.T.Q. IVTLLA'lIt. Ashtabula; W. It. Allen, Jefferson; Stevej
& l it.-b, R. neva; 11. 0. V. tUt. r, AmM: U J, Webster, Con
neaut; A. Met aurbind, Morgan; A. J. Villfer, AuftUbburfr, sn4
by all do.iet iu M.ieines et erywLer.. j
loiportaut Auituuuccruent.
TO peraona afflicted with Sual Dlneasea
sorb aa 8l'ERMAToHr!H0!, P"jV4l a-,,..,,.,
Ito HOVVAW). A.v-OCI Al .,N:, t, ,ief theawfl.l cVwIrn
tlou nf human ll,e, canned iy tHiiual Di a. and th. es.
eeplinn.iiruuliauimn the UnJo-aMat. victuM of uU iia-Vluio-ks,
have Ol-nU-d cn.iulii. sitiguou, ss a
elitliaWetv.iJ.; ni.elr asm., to( in kii.7ili.ol AUtlf
j ' " I1""-0" 'hut. atliwled, ho apuiy l-i Uvr, wi
ft. do;ilitiou gl their eomlitioo, (-, oor.ipu..ik tilut. of hre,
.nn in eor.s of e.irei.,. ,,,, iv an. I .uUtatii. to i'L'U.
UlSHMHDIi'lMtS r'KKiS (,' CIUhl,t.
Ihe ilowaid AMO...t..in i.a bunnoiunt Tn.titution, Mtibs
liali.d hy suiwoial .ii.ii.vim.til, tor tb i-l-.ef f tb. tutt
distreMtw, alliottd with '-Virvl.ul n4 f ii-laniic 14.
eote.." It bas aev a surrJu f means, wuick (U U.i,-tnr
have vatwd to e p.ud i Aili .-timig tu. itot police, ltt
ntwlloia to add that tb. Au.e-aii.i eommsuiu th. Litist
Werikalsaiil of th. .fjo, aud will furainU tb. attt aniitoro4
saoilnrn treatment.. . "
J uu sjuulisrit-d, by th. Aasnrliliva, a ratiert on SrmaloiTh
or s-.ii.lnai Weukntsa, tlta Vio of Ituanwa, jfastuiUtloa ot
'' Alan, .nd olhcr diaw or th. bcvual Oigaiw, by th.
ronauitit.g rJ.in-.oii, wnb-U will bosvnt by mill ho a sealed
r.uvl.p,J t 0 ClUIioE, i lu twauutof tn-a stamiw
a.wii-m, r-t. cr.o. jt. CAi.onrv. rnsuiiin anrgM,
JWa.d Ais.wisti.in, N...J Somn ftl'fl Sut.il, J inlaa.uvhia,
i s. iiyorilwef UmlHMiotoi.
.... . .. ceo. r.trpnu! rt. Kcr-jvtuT.
9"" EZKA 0. HEaUI a t l.C. I-,, -.in. nt-
... COCO 113 & COLDS.
AVER'S Cherry rectorol. a fivorite an
.xi-euknt iuw.r fr soughs and aU 1( cou-i'-Uut
AlMwuur'. U.l.smiif UUiun;
WlhU.. CApSClUJail.
foj.is's i rup, llraiwort. Tar and Cr.chla(f"
f.lir f oii b byrup
'teuylian's 1 uuoi,t.it!e )ijiui.'
k.u.iudr's Moiliial I-l.oii.,y
lir annuds livt,iu!i.c..r
I ivui. l-iit.-is, lit Cm Oiaea
Blast's bioot I'utr'.e
Onraoits Y..:ow l.r. aod larsayli'l.
. &rait'. Puiiuon.rv 1.4 m o , .,
tUifthall'ft Cl.-l... Ciu.- i:-
rrtr'.nul. HV)iat.
Tr m s n.lr-m '" I UBS
r-l It.-.:... F.'rt J ir.w.-,4
Dr t W st' " k-mr ,
u V u.. I elLsr-lf
JTunr'ri'B lll"H, ryru ."-'ainris. Cm
Loii nk-i , 5. furMiC tr
s nu.I

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