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A S 11 T A 1'. U Ii A .
Sa.r!.?r Iarn:n- July 17,1858
Republican State Convention.
1 c
orivvf.t.-in ivl at t,oUmiitis on I uei-
o Mill .i..it.. f'.:iy suction of Hie
Mill Jii.it.. t-.;i
tc t. (
.i M. Aiii.v.t, of Ldtw,
as rppointed
temporary I"rii.lijut; A. liKitrDK-r aud
two o'.U'.i, ts-i.-porary PcCretaAn. ' hi taking
the Chair, Kr. Ah!ey rv'nrtied thanks' lor Ibe
c-.-p'iuvxl, M.d spoke happily of. tie' object
tn ! duties of the Convention. ....
A Co'iiniitlce on Resolutions was appointed,
of otvj from euch Congressional, I'bteict,. of
v f.iv h I!, r. Wade was Chairman, rcpregeating
in" '-i.'lh l'Uliict. ' '
T'de usual committees on credentials, pcrmS
noiit organization, business, ic, were appointed,
and rct'ir-d from tl;c convention to SlU'iiJ. to.
th.'ir r.vjioctivi! dulits. In the iuterhn, lion. J
A. i;i..'crrM, and Hon. Calfb U. Smith, enter
t.iiuc.l Uio convention nntii I) hour of adjourn
meut, in fpcethci fall of eloquence aud force,
wbLh were raptaoojly received.
.A t t!i? assembling after dinner, the rvport of
tu) organization committee being first in order,
St.l Crmqiieap, of Mositgotnery wee led to
lie tluir, ami the usual namber of vice I'rCsi
djuts, and Si-creta;-iea among whom was promi-
tieut, oar typo friend Jous S. UKr.RJCK, of the ,
Ravenna Democrat - -
Tbe coaiinMteo on resolution reported the
following, wbiih ure brie? pointed, and cover
the ground witLoat vcrbiago, or net-less detail.
In the ceminoa seuse conception of them, wo
t'aiuk we can truce the matter of fact views of
the chuirman. They were udonk'd wilUjt hour
t unanimity:.' ' ' ' !' '
Hcsolvcd, That -tlio Republicans of Ohio In
convention assembled, enlerlajuing , on abiding
commence in me caruiunt doctrines ol tne par.
T" r.crrtoiore inscribed upon ita banners, ana ir.
tho (lefenca of which, it, hoi never failed to M!
enre from tlnj iufelligent end patriotic freemen
f tlio Btate, no ardcut aud triumphant supprt
nertoy re-iuni m mo Kamo and again eoDinionu
them to their fuvornble consi-icrHlion.
JUsolrtd, Thnt the President of the Unitod
Statts and bw servile partisans in Congress, aid
ad by eiuiwrtriea in Kansas, in tlwir persistent
e.yoriA la eniorco Dy iolencnMKl. bwocry
una Jiiimiidutiou. apoa tlio poopl M that ler
ritory, a Cons'. itu lion in oppoailion to their will
and in ft and of their undoubted rights, tleserve
and ought to-recwive tlt unqualified condewua
tion of all Uie Amorican poopla.
Resolved, 'I hiit the astoontlin dipclysnrea of
ruinoua and corrupt prodigality of the Dutionul
adiui,ii,.t ration whicii, )u the brief period of
ightoeu iiiotiths of profound peace, lias cx
kstcd an ovorriowing trcaury and added to
the pablic debt forty millions of dotlar wilhmit
any visible indications of a proposed remedy or
a ceFsatiou of the evil, eubmita to the people to
r.lioosa between the alternative; of national
bankmpicy or national reform.
Jlcsoloed, That wo invite all men of all par.
Iim to join with as in restoring lh government
to. it&.oi ikuil pcrity aud princijilfa aad proeerv
ing it as a isberUancc tboee who way come
tftcr Ufc. - i r :. -?
Hon. Wmv V. Pboe, orSoJota, on tko second
ballot, was declared the choice of the -convention."
Judge "P. is a gentleman of big-b legal
attainment, and is beld in mac-h considvralien
by the bar r the State, ii well aa the laity, and
i looked npoc Oa all baoda u a, strong and un
eieeptionablc candidate. ,, -
The present Attorney General Woouorr re
ceived a uotmbatjon by acclamation. - - j .; "
For Comptroller, bat one ballot wae taken,
resulting- in the choice of Wy. B. Thbaix, of
rranklin, the present incumbent' by appoint
ment The nomination was a compliment to
Mr. Turaia and to Governor Chaser, wose
appoiotea he i., w. ... ...
Vol nieruber.of the board of robHc Works,
there was snore competition. The fjret Fallot
showed more thae a bakers dozen of candidates.
On the Mh bullot Joa.i L. MifiTi, of Hotter
county, was norainaied s t ,i, . . t
Mr.'llARtis is epoken of iu lenna fct kig'a
commendation. His strong native good eenae,
arid his practice! cTjaraxiter, together with bis
acrnpaloM fidelity an3 Iionesty7ln)'Penl'j -S'
bint for the place to whicl) JsiS uomiiialion is an
1ml ft." ' ' .: ' i : T3 '.';
The; Central Executive Cowtrrittte are
follows ;-. v-' t ..-.-i t. ': .-
.Us. .Dr.'jiiSON, Lpciax BOTTIKH, SVjI. S
Six diiu. rl K.-'Bakh,' N1T. SwAtmc, j. fl.
Ccvnv.:, t-ii? GEfJ.'M. PARSo.iof Colnmbng.
At !..;.'. Jo:,iif.R. GiDMNoa -anij Citfci B.
Toe eveuiug was rlevoica tp public Bpeaking.
T.'ue large haiKwaa Siled to oversowing, to lUten
to the Hon. Mr, Staxtqi?. a&d. Sonatq Vaib.
The pleasure and otfcojtigm of the- oeeesioa
ev'iccad by .frtncnt bnrsta.of appJsn&
T? -'h of both tf!w gf?p(rri) wore full
of ttronj, con.viuclug evidences' nf the injustice,
CTTOplien and wrocj, which characterise the
e.miuistration of pnWie- aJuirs, and- the ne
crazi'y for speedy rcformatioft, - ' '
Government Expenses.
'onipasiscna may be ediou. but ealatary.-
For e.tampli1, it is not pWaaant, '-thgh
thouid prorn profitable, fitr.ua io know that
ihe Go' erl Government has fptnt inre tbao
twice s much money luit year, as it did seven
years s-o. ' , : ; . . ,. J." :
t Tie fjUiw!!ij Uble eiuibits the annnal ex
jjf;..' i: s dr.ripg Ipe last rn years, incladjng
this ada.itut.t.ratiorjS of Taylor, FUlrnore, Fkrcc
r. 13 n-i!il T.yJot tV.TM.WI K
j, t, liiujvie . . . fr'rt.i-i tl
I , .li , I nor 'i . 40,44'J 12
it-".' i iihrr ... ...... . . Art,. ).', W) tt7
i- .i 'i ' . .h.4
1 -i M 1 1: i ....... ... l,tl(i.V'ie
1" . . Im ,3'w',j i'i 1K)
i fi,...ti .it'.' vi et
'1 Iicio i every prospect that present ad-
nj.i.i .iratiou. wilt, upou tt rcliremettL leave a
I:',-;3e-y of one hundred DiiHioos of national dt:bt.
H liitich Air the loud pruils-iiiJES , of eccaooiy
which chapucteiized ilr. Bnohanaw'i jnangural
Y.'o by
a Iciter I'. oin preniJcr.t Buchanan to
,a o-1-.-br.tiioo comgiitloe at rhi!ali;!phij, t!if
-pr.;vi-a the iriuoi: i:aa actui.l'y aaveJ
IV':" a fe laonihs, aud by act of Cougreia.f
-!. cv.-.i-t' y will I Mto.LheJ ta tear tUt it
ft, i . 1 a. . a, er.,i io easily. AVe silppai
ff. - . 1 '.hn .ie '.'Ju t;ll iu the fI-
, t;.a,,.,;,u,-
;.e f in!
' . it
y i,.v
. 1
i e."
"U 1
I. : I
I ive
-; 8
o I-.
.' 1
i al c f t:
u t 1,
u h
i,'M.r tf (uc g.u-j.u."-t
4 tc
Mm f.cio djni'er.'
'iit.Miq ask Maok. '" in
.hn If.: - . and tnttl t v.lroade
, mi1' in)'
liutrly th?p?iH! of i
itinffh i'5ipi f .-r down from (!,(? f!.n'ni(i of
to the lowest fixm which either road may
bit upon. The pri-e Is now $3 on each road
biwi-en KoW York and Buffalo, all way tickets
rcmuininj a leiuterore, 10 that in going half
the distance it i far cheaper U hy e tUojfl
ticket, raasengers who go wt from SpvWgfk-ld
do not hit these prices, bnt pay ?0v for a ticket
freiW Albany to Bf7'l boi h- commjr frnm
the wees, ft levator bnys a'ticket (Vom Bo IT Jo
- t - a
to New Torlt for S5 "and at Allma folia the
balance, tor from ft U SIM so (hat he gots
over the rosd nt a saving of nearly half tho
ntnal fare. The Albany fellows are making a
grent trade in baying np ttiew tickets which ore
really worth S3 each, while the Speculators al
bothKoA'Toik and B.iT.do are investing hirgo
lywJn fict laying in a year's stock, the tl.kota
being without Oiite end good until redeemed
Via stockholdara in each road are eijoele(l to
enjoy this fipht most Lnpe'y. ;
Tub V av 1
ft'itut so oi'ii-a
rot into ti wrm
fKVATOa Pofoi.AS. The telegraphic summa
ry of the speech f SeuniorPonglea ot Chl-Jflgo
was Biifth-ientry exlerKh-d to nfTord Tuir idea
of 1t purport, Mr. Douglas adheres to his do-
moemey as miht havo been expected after
the actio a taken by the llepnblicam of Illinois.
The fl(ht letwfcn him nnd Mr. Lincoln, tlio
Rersblk'nu enndidato for TJ. S. Senator, wiU bo
One ot the most netive end inrerentiiHT. in the
political history of the west. As Mr. Douglas
enly diftcrs with tlie administration on tho single
poinl of Locmnpton, and supports it in all its
other iniquities, there is no reason why he should
nrtw any 'strength from the Opposition, while
he can linrdly command the united action of
hie'own party.
From Sonn Kansas. The Lawrence Re
publican of the 11 snys a company of "Southern
emigrant," endor Cel. Titno, made a visit to
tbt . XeoFhe Taller Jast week, and stole fifteen
horse ; The Wiff of the county, w ilk a small
poss' trwUeil then tho next day to Titus's
dnmp.Velow floniboldt, near tho Osage mission.
He refund to give up the horse?, and the sheriff
returned. A messenger was despatched to
Capt, Monlpoincry, who. refused lo go, because
he had promised to leave' the field, and allow
Gea Peirvcr 8 plan to be carried out.
Cnpt. Hamilton has a camp in Missouri, about
lirn iUci from the ". Trailing PnHt. lie ttill
breathes thrvalonings and slaogktcr against the
inhabitants-of Kansas. His men bohII,y report
thai they nie supported by the Southern pro
slavery fund, and do not expect to leave till
(her have driven every free tte man from
Lieu 'and Bourbon counties. Some- threaten
the whole Territory.
w the poisoned nnd fil.tby state of the
Thames, at London, that the fish are nirk
ened, aii(J beewne so helpless that they con
e taken out with the bands. On being
placed h) pure water they revive. An offi
cer of health w rites to tlio. Times that the
tKjcct and edor of on open sewer is not so
ffftiv or unhealthy fi tbo Tliaine., for
h.e reajwm that therp is n con.stant ngRa
tioa Bd whipping op of iU filthy contcntt
ty Bteamboats. lie prcpotcs that the
iraffic betvrecn the bridges by stwimboats
be stopped entirely, and their proprietors
Compensated. :''.... -. ,'
j Jekiji Et'CHiNAx-i Hurt's CaoAtt Ed
irAntf:EVEETTJWhen in 1841 James Bu
elianan rose, in the Senate of the United
States to move the rejection of Edward
Evtrelt ns minister to England, Lacking
that motion by a long, subtlu and ftialig
hant Speech, wherein be disclaimed all per
sonal antipathy to Mr Everett, all ques
tion of tiie ability and 'personal worth, but
condemned and proscribed liim Simply at
eii Abolitionist, the first mail to repl the
hnputatloii and hnrl volcanic-tlionders at
tl inorer was TAt. ILnfus Choate, tiow
fatheF-iiv law of Mr. Buchanan's sub-trens-
uter at Boston. ..Henry Clay's clarion vok-c
of coar;e was heard, loud above the roar
of faction. "Yon pretend," said Clay, "to
fear that the Luton 11 be dissolved it atcli
men as Mr. Everett are called to high of
fice:, I tell voa that if such men arc r"ject
cd on such uiete-tte, the Union is nlready
dissolved. The conspirators were cowed
by the-defiant, indignant licar'mg of : th
Whijr Trtatefimaii, and jtha cold-J.eartcd,
orafty. treaeherous mover of Mr. Everett'
rejection devoured his choSrirj in siler.ee
Ti''n Messrs. Everett and Choate did not
doubt that they stood on the Dntional Side
fr tho contest, and that Buchanan's motion,
though rriled by a p-elsnded live rf and
cacc or tlte Lntont was intensely iacnou.,
scctioual, and in Us drift hostile, to the in
tegrity of tho Union. Mr. "Buchanan is
the same to day that he was in 1841, where,
then; arc Messrs. Choto and Everett?
New York Tribune.
A.FrMALr. Catabiasca. Among the pas
eengors lout on Jhe iil-laUid I'ennsylvania, was
an old lady,' wh' after seeing lier husband and
eliiliren inttsntly killed, refused fo bo rescued
fi-om the wreck. She replied, when aid waa of-fert.-f
h, t hat she bad aothtng to lira for now,
aad preferred to fhare the same fata that had
bf.fllfn her family. She had been blinded by
the flying fragments, and was suffering mock
pain; yet aba would not receive any aamatanea,
bnt Mood still on the wreck, and perished in the
Trv. PaFasniNT and Col. Kane's Mission.
The Wafchingion Union denies that Col. Kane
has had aiiy authorivy frotn the' Prcjidcnt dur
hig his recent journey to Utah, and apserts that
bis mission was purely personal and individual,
made at his own impalse mi ea Vt owe reipon-
eibility.; . - . v .
Bomethino CoMlSiO. The powers ef Europe
seem to "have taken a Dew inspiration from the
w.AtU, "ia time of pewe prepare for war," and
ore at tho work of pieparatioa with all thuir
wight. ;Tle Taris correspondent of the New
IVrW Commercial Mutriitcr writesv
. "It is a strange feature ii the political
history of Europe, at the preseut moment,
that every state is arming aud fortifying it
pelf agiiinst some Imaginary enuiny, and
ilat the works are being hastened, accord
tft thiic owa words, 'in the provision of
event tkiit' may saon, ariie,' liven littla
Ibiliia ia g'ii5 to fortify, to the' extent
of liJi-ty imlUoi4 of frati'-s, one of her twi
tCwos at lrsst a ninjoriry of herruhrs fu.
vnr Jhe iiro'ect aud thi-y, like the -reft
t,i!k cf the ovhi tmr.iTii)
storm. Viheiics
is ft -i-i torm to
t:i i;tii n'l tui t.G
Msg I 1 ii! lltiVfil f:qiltp.
.itr.iii of Cherbourg,! ik
r .iui '.ul l ieu b f.aval ttj.ti.jiv, aifcei4
iliftl ttattoiV, tit Stld
I .) l fcoil-l-tllil'.
i .:. fijf l1 r pi
1 iie-.o wo: k. w
bor It -ft tig oo the utarvsV
:rJi '..'tkn aiut Diaftttitude.---hic
h are to be iuannratcd
:.y the f.i!i:. ror ia Aug't. will tu dostlit
-;n!"ii t'.e? i ... i. n r.avai ii'fii vim jjhoo,
t'.r iiotliin in n;UuJ tiiiil.s (-r even ap
projiches theia. One Lutulred Eni-ib i.w a-
l ww will be present ai ittia nvai m ic.
15y lute i A viot s f. 'iu t ort Scott, it t ;
urs . thnt. the vi.-'it of Got. Denver t-iui
Charii's II .binROn ts that locality nas it-,
KiiUeJ lu restor'imr" peace, at least (of
the preseut Gov. Denver called a meet
ing of tm? citizens tf Fort Snrtt, -.which
was addrcsaed by himself and Ooveroor
Robinson. Gov. Peorcr said he hnd Come
as a peace-maker, and proposed -that . by
gones should be by-gone, did au past o,
fenaoe be-loft to the Grand Jury -j that-al
good citizens should refralu Iroro k!nc,
and nsit in thu ehrorcSratnt of the laws ;
thnt obnoxious officers, if reported to th
Governor, would be rcinovuj so thnt others
might be elected by the people. The plan
met with general approval.. The Sheriff of
the County was reported bj obnoxious, and
was at oiipc removed, "when the people elect
ed T. R. Roberts, a Free-Slate man, in his
stead. ' The Governor announced that the
United States troops would be removed
from tho Fort, and thut he wonld commis.
sion a company of CO militia, nnder Major
Weaver, a Free-State man to protect the
Eettlers in the vicinity from marauding Mis
sonrians. If Gov. Denver m correctly reported in
regard to the Fort Bcott difficulties, his
action would seem to confirm the recent an
nouncement that he intends to resigin the
Executive Clink, as it exhibits a degrco f
fairnrts toward the settlers in Kansas that
will not be tolerated nt Washington.-Trib.
The Africa brings an unusually Impor
tant budget of news lrora the Old World.
The seizure by an English cruiser of the
French ship Regina Cosli, with negroes on
board, and tho remarks made upon it in
Parliament by membcra of the British Gov
ernment, ufford the occasion for very angry
discussion iu the Parisiau press, and may
very easily be converted by Louis Napoleon
into the occasion for that foreign war which
he seems to regard as tieceessary to his con
tinuance in power. ; Tho English seem to
have got over their late alarm, but the
matter now in hand is icallv much more
likely to result in war timn the recent dif
ferences. The latter were in fact but per
sonal oiTairs betwecu Eouiu Nupoleon and
England ; but the present questions are
easily capable of being wronight up iuto
material importance which will enlist the
point of liutior and tho ciithtvsiusm of the
whole French people. In England the new
India bill lias made progress, and has safe
ly passed throngh an attempt of Iord Pal-
nierston 1o change its character by an
arae'ndnient. Ilis Lordship's "proposition
was voted down by , 62 majority in ho
House, where but a short time ago he was
absolutely dictator. ' A new illustration,
this, of the fragility of political greatness.
the great speech of the India debate thus
far has been made by Bright, who seems
to be rising daily into nt w prominence.
He advocated a policy of conciliation and
tolerance for India ; iucltidinp: its division
into six provinces w ith each its ow n govern
or and administration board, of which na
tives might be members ; a high court of
Justice to settle questions between 'natives
and tho Crown ; with amnesty for the past,
and full religions toleration for the future.
From India itself tha news is very gloomy.
New mutinies and new difficulties rito on
every ban d, and it is impossible now to snp
pose that the struggle will be ended at any
proximate period. From Spain wo learn
that the Mexican Embassador there, Scnor
Lafragua, adheres to. the Constitutional
Government, tnd refuses, to recognize the
administration of Zulouga. The French
Government arc said to have encouraged
tho Spaniards with assurances that the
Biitish cruisers will not be allowed tc inter
fere too efficaciously with the slave trade in
Cuba. Ia Syria another American mission
ary, the Rev. Mr. Dod, has eu tiered outrage
at tho hands of the natives, stirred np by
their fanatical priests. " . Tbo American
Consul at Beyrnut lias taken measures to
procure redress.
Sherman 6. Booth, of Milwaukee, editor of
the Free Democrat, has obtained a final victory
ia- the series of suits growing out of his connec
tion with tho fugitive slave case. Ilia press
aud types bad been attached to satisfy the judg
ment of the United States Court against him
for assisting the slaves of one Garland to their
freedom. Judgo McArthur has released the
property from attachment, taking the position
.luat as the Supreme Court of Wisconsin has
declared the fugitive slave law unconstitutional,
a peuaily for damages under that law hi not col
lectable. Tne Aoricu.cbai. Bireao 'I'. The Ag
ricultural Burean of the Patent Office ' are
making' preparations, says the Washington cor
reitpondotit of the. Timet, to test the cultiva
tion of tea in this country. The seed will be
preserved in China specially for the purpose,
planted in glass eafs, and shipped in October.
By the time of their arrival here they will have
sulhciently sprouted to be set out in bed. Af
tor being tested here, tha plants. If successful,
will be distributed among the Southern States.
An order for a great variety of seeds will also
be sent to LVvnt in a few Uyi through a bouse
in Loudon. The list include wneat, barley,
rice, clover, Trifoliwn AUjonUrinnm, te.. te.
Arrangements are also making to commence a
nursery for the growth of ornamental trees for
the pablic grounds ia this and other cities.
Thsy can be (applied from a public uuriery at
one twentieth of their present eott. Such is
me etiimate tf Uia lotenor Dt-.purtment.
Cleveland Herald.
UrAiwThe Uluh correspondent of the Rt.
Louis UepuhUea-n, nuder d'te of June 18th,
says : -
Condition ngrsed npon at a conference be
tween Gov. Cummin. Pear Commissioners,
and heads of Monnou Church are t . :
Troops shail water the city without opposi-
Civil officers will be pem.ltt-J to pnrfo'rn tho
dutie of ttioir oficts without hiurription. and
an nucoiidition.il obudieai.a to tie 0'f tb
bin k
On the otk-r Land, past orT.-tcs b1ih!1 be for)
gotten, as stiitv'd ia the Prv(...!tuts fio:.Uia.
Akt tl.j 1 ,uhi in Salt Lake C.'y 1hv buen
miuveo ag.;. ,.,t run civil ocicicers ana 't v,,g
eAc-i)V oi.e, .!.. ' is occupied by the ii ivoriior
aut CIS Im.iy
r; Udy uUo are obliged t
Ie'p ia thtif v.
or ou I ha ground.
fear-The I'...
tn a stop for
is Cu'iie
i .I iA fuluia'.
Western LirLioo bat bea suspeoded
Vi(l. oa
From California.
tu of the V-'est prrive
at rew York, .7 jly l?th,-wlth two
later ntwg front" California. She
ftl.400,000 in treasure.
we 1 i
The Fratcr River gold excitement was
luoreaking fa: cuscqncnce of "the glowing
accounts furnished by the miners who have
returned from thnttrglon. San FrnnciHCO
was crowded with people on their way to
the l rarer Mines, and tlironghout tb istate
parties were making arrangement for the
same purpose.' The effect of the rcite
ment was beginning to be felt in tha Kiate.
Labor was scarce, and wages had gone np
20 to 80 per cent. It is' estimated that
b.POO people had a!rndy left for tho diggings.-
Six steamers had been pot upon
tbe route besides ten sail vessels. ;
Several American newspapers are pro
jected in the Eritisli Possessions, and one,
the iorlh Arwrir.cy bad already been an
nounced at Victoria. The ktcumer Cortes
hud taken 1500 passengers for that city,
nnd every berth in sailing vessels had been
taken in advance. The Hudson Bay Co.
has stationed armed vessels on Eraser river
to. prevent emigrants from carrying goods
into the interior .to sell. An American
with merchandise it was reported had en
tered the river in epite of the blockade, the
Brtish Commander not daring to fire upon
her. .
The defeat of Col. Sttptoo is fully con
firmed. His tioops fell into an ambuscade,
when they were attacked by a large num
ber of Indianx, end were forced to retreat,
with a loss of 1 killed and 15 wounded.
The troops were not sufficiently supplied
with umniunitinn. A general Indian war
waa anticipated, aud Gen. Clark had dis
patched troops from San Francisco and Los
Angdos. Much excitement existed in San
Lnis pbispo .county, nnd olso iu Carson
Volk-v, in consequence of numerous ro-
beries and assassinations by organized ban
ditti. '
In the former place, a Vigilance Com
mittee had been formed and hud already
bung four culprits. In the latter place, a
murderer named Snow had Lcen seized and
hung by the people. Before his death he
made a confession, w hicli led to the cap
ture of seven , of his confederates, who ot
lust, accounts were under trial , for their
lives by a. body, of citizens
i The Indians in ,the northern counties
were again committing outrages. A U. S.
pack train was lin-d upon, a Mr. Baker
killed, aud the train captured. Massacres
had been committed oh the river, tind
outrages in various other places had . oc
curred. A geucral rising of the Indians
was indicated. ' ? - , .
The ship Carribcan arrived at San Fran
cisco, had picked up at sea a dismasted
Chinese junk containing 12 men. She had
been floating about helpless for Gve months.
Two. disastrous fires had occurred in
California. A large portion of tho busi
ness part at Maripos was burnt on the 18
of J une. ..-
Themcws from tho Isthmus is uot spe
cially important. : , .
Governor Wise Again.
The Governor of Virgiuia made a charalcrh-
tic speech at Richmond, at the banquet that fol
lowed the burial there of the remains of Mon
roe. He said our fathers went iu for nuion for
anion's sake, and, "By all tbe Gods f by' all the
altar! of my country ! I go in for ' anion for
Union's sake." Applause, that continued several
minotfs, followed this roinark. ;' '
Lie said further ; ,
It ia time that Virginia was turning lier
attention to manufactures, mechanics, min
ing aud fore'gn commerce. No couutry, uo
State can live npon one only ot tbe live car
dinal powers of production. She imut re
sort to all the five combined, and she is
doing it. Go, before you leave here, my
friends from New York, and look at the
iron factories that are growing np around
t bis noble scenery. . 1 ay that labor is mil
tlie "mud sill of tocuty ; and 1 thank M
that the vld telonial aristocracy of Virginia,
which desplted mechanical an I mdnxtal labor
ii nearly run out. . Thank God, thai ice art
beginning to raise miners, mechanics, and
manu facturers, that will help toit vchat is
left of that aristocracy up to the middle
ground of respixf.abiiity. Laughter and
applause.1 LooX at the iron factory hero;
look nt tbe tobacco factory here that fac
tory that is every day stealing my life away
with the very weed of luxury. , (Tho Gov
ernor chewa tobacco freely.) :-
Woman's influence over Man.
The instant a woman tries to manage a
mau for herself, she has begun to rnin him.
The lovely creeper clings in its feebleness
with grace to tbe stately tree ; but if it
out-grow, as if to protect or conceal iu sup
porter, it speedily destroy what it wonld
otherwise adorn. Wheu he serpent had
persuaded Eve that she should induce her
husband to take ber advice and become as
knowing as horself, uho no longer felt her
self made for bim and both for God, but
rather that be was made to admire her
When she prevailed, tbey soou bickered
about their right pieces, no doubt for God's
law was lost sight of by both. One grand
purpose of woman's power over man's heart
now that both arc fallen, is tho maintenance
of roan's self-respect. A man who loves a
true hearted woman, aims to sustain in bim.
self whatever such a woman can love and
reverence. They mutnally put each other
in mind of what each ought to be to tbe
To th? formation of the manly character
tha love aud reverence of the virtuous fem
inine character is essential. . One must see
iu tho other's love the reflect ion of the
character desired. Hence the pertinacity
of true lore and reverence often recovers a
character that would otherwise be lost for
evert If once mutual respect depart, then
farewell the love that eaa alone rectify what
ti wrong ; then farewell the heart-res t
without which life becomes a delirium and
aa agony. If it bo the faculty of wo
man to love more tenaeiosly than man, her
might surpasses his so far as 6ho is winy in
showing jt. a epresing love without at
the some time indicuug ber foilh in the iu
herent dignity of juan however obscured,
sba only repel him to a worse condition, by
exciting a reckless sense of his own worth-U-Ksnesa,
together with a hatred of her for
giving patronage. When uaa bates him
self, what eau he love? Give bim time,
aud be will Jove the soul that dings to him
to &e htxijjd&Uuz ixtomo. 1
The operation to which fcrjator Sumner Bob.
mittted iu Puris, is more painful In appearance,
than in reality. r 1'ha fact that tha . oporotio,
has been repeated for the fftk time, indicates
its aature. A little netullio batten with
smooth, flat surface is heated to a white heat
i:3 n.tickly apMiud to th skin. A slight fria-
zl'u :g ton'id, aa odor of roast, a puf of nA
me t ne pr ji , s4. 'fiid i.aiii to the patint w fir
, Icr thftu tliat occrte
1 by a Mi..li;r, aud it
UiOjunlylu appkruutly ti.hUuut thaxaticr -which
I bas kepj it froia comuiua una amoig fkyskiaiaS.
f.T'Tfii tfleton nf a M' tulon bus bem
discovered in Long Island. Portion of a sin i
lar skeleton ti found near the amo p'iKi
soma months since.
It Is said thnt Mayor Ticmann is about to
mk onulimght upon a number of pront
contemplating matrimony oa the gionnd tbut
nmriiiiga ! only a lottery."
pt A rerrant akcd her mistress whether
she could oblige ber by going out on a particu
lar afternoon, ns the xvm going to have a party
of friends, nnd wanted the louii of tbe drawing
XJT It I S'sfod that thew are bat threa Re
volutionary soldier in Ohio. Their nnmea and
residence are as follows s JonaS Frunze, liar
rinon, 'William Jones, Batavia; John Srlait,
Oullipolis. ' .. .
9 City Marshal Bcnrd, of Lexington, Kyi,
was murdered by n man named Barker, while
endeavoring to arrest him. A crowd collected
and liunc; the murderer a few hours afterward,
on the 10th inst . "
Tho trial' of the rant aid nnd crew of the
schooner Francis French, on the charge of
stealing slaves, commenced at the nostinRS
Court, Smiihficld, on tho 6th. The Steward,
Thompson, pleaded guiltv, and was rentenced
to ton years imprisonment in the Penitentiary.
. pv II. C. Gilbert, commercial editor of the
Buffalo Commercial Mvrrlirrr, nnd commer
cial reporter ot the New York Associated
Press, was instantly killed on the Oth, by the
tailing oi a sciinoiu at Ventral V Hair.
Fir A man named porter was blown in pie
ces on the rtb, at New London, Ohio, bv the
premature discharge of a cannon, which is said
to bo the same piece that has been the occasion
of fatal accidents In Klyrlo, Sullivan and Mount
A certain cockney blue-beard, overcome by
his scnsioilities, Bunted at the grave of his
fourth spouse. " What can we do with bim?''
apked a perplexed friend of his. " Ix-t him
alone," said a waggish bvstauder, " he'll soon
re-wive I "
fir The British War steamer Styx, from
Havana 00 tbe 1st Inst., arrived at Hali
fax, Friday, July Oth. She reports the yellow
fever raging badly there, llor officers appear
to be highly amused with tho American ver-
sum of their proceedings in the bull ot JVlcxi
co. ' '
fT Plutarch says, in his life of Alexander
that the Babylouintis used, during tho dog days
to slcen on skins tiled with -water, me lios-
ton Times nddn that in theso days men bleep on
skins tilled wrth liquor,
" Madame Jennv Lbid Ooldschinidt re
solvedas is well known, u long time ago, after
he bad given up lier projected journey to Kua
bia, to Icavo her present residence, Dresden, aud
settle in England. . Thin intention she bas now
carried out. Jenny Lind will repose in retire
ment on her laurels, at a villa near London. ,
.555" An immense estate in Louisiana, em
bracing over four thousand acres of land, with
2."0 negroes belonging to the plantation, waa
recently sold for a quarter of a million of dol
lars. The purchaser was a free negro, who is
f-aid to DO one of tlio wealthiest men of tho
. 2& Qneon Victoria has long shown an aver
sion to Buckingham Palace which it has puz
zled the Court gossips to explain . It now ap
pear that the building is infested with rats and
bugs. Every attempt to expel the vermin has
proved unsuccessful. The rats have got into
the new ball rooms, nnd every apartment dis
plays thevonders ol the insect world.
The Society of Friends have addre3?cd a let
ter io the Fronch Kmperor, entreating him so
to exercise the power entrusted to him that no
proceedings on the part of the French govern
ment may in future open the way for tho ruvi
val of the trado in human beiugs; that all at
tempts to introduce into the colonies of France
nutives of Afrisa, under tho name of free emi
grants, may henceforth bo , absolutely prohibi
ted. . ' v. " ' .... T -
A strawberry, was picked. in tfie garden
or an nmoteur, says the Buffalo Commercial
Advertiser, yesterday morning, which measured
right and five-eights inches ia circumference.
.If"' '""'""""""-IrtviiBllnniwilr.
1 he weight Of the berry waj Olie ounce, twof
pennyweights and twelve grains. , The specimen
was of the Britioh Queen variety, and is per
haps ns large a berry as any on record.
John V right, an Englishman, who has re
sided in Willouuhby fur some time past, was
killod on tho Bailroad near Willoughbv, on
Thursday morning last weekl Ilis legs Snd
arms were cnt on and he was alhertviso horrib
ly mangled. He was an intemperate man, bad
purchased a pint of whiskey the eveninc pre
vious, nnd it is supposed became intoxicated,
laid down on tlie truck, ami was thus ran over.
He leaves a faaiily.
Oa Sunday hist Mr. Frank Qnant, who has
been in the employ of the Cowlos House, at
rainesvillc, for a few weeks, says tho Commer
cial Jdvert:ei:, went out shooting frogs, and
in attempting to get aboard or a hard car,
gun was accidentally discharged, aivVrfij con
tents lodged in bis right hand, shattering it so
oauiy that amputation at the wrist became ne
cessary. i ,,.,,..
JSS A man named Gidncy, who was walking
on the track of the H. A. Railroad, as a train
was leaving the citv a few days since, was hit
by tbe locomotive, thrown several feet into the
air, and so tcariully mangled thnt be died with-
in a few .ninules. ' John McShaQcr was on the
other track, and was calling to Gidney, caution
ing him to get oat or tbe way ot tbe approach
ing train, when a downward truia suddenly ran
against bim, mutilating him in a terrible -manner,
from the effects of which he died in less
than half an hour.
J-- Tfce First Presbyteriaa Church of lt
Vernon was destroyed by fire on Saturday.
Some tinners wtro at work on the cupola,
and accidentally permitted fire to drop below,
Igniting the wood work. I ho fire spread rapid
ly, consuming the building in spile of the efforts
mado to save it. No estimate of the amount of
loss. The last instalment of debt on tbe build
ing had just been paid, from ths procecJj of a
raspberry festival given by the ladies.
- 33F Withiii a few days past several Teste's
have arrived st tha port or JSew York, from
Cuban ports, with their whole crews sick with
yellow fever, and cf others which have, lost a
large portion of their number by this disease at
saa, which has awakened considerable anxiety
in the public mind, and bas furnislwd the health
officer with frfc-h arguments for the rigid en
forcement of the Quarantiuo regulations for
protecting tbe health or the port. On their
arrival at New York they are sent down to the
Lo.ser Bay to avoid danger to the city.
DwAtor Si.avcbt: ix Misocl The St.
Louis Democrat shows the tendency of free
emigration to drive slavery out of Missouri by
comparing the free and slavo population of
soverul counties in ISM and 183G. Then Gas
conaJu counfy had 4,86" whites to l"-t slore;
now 6.854 whites to 46 slaves; then St. Frau
eui eouuly had 4,233 whites to 1.321 slaves,
now 5,933 whites to 726 slaves; tbeu Cole co.,
had ft.771 whites to 1,037 slaves, oow 9,210
whites to 804. slaves. There are twenty four
other comities in which slavery is fast disappear
ing, and it is not a 'little reiuuikuhlu thut many
of these counties are in the middle and south
erg sections the border-ruSan portions of the
, 1 , , . v ; j
A Weijtuno Match. A whistling
match latoly came oDf at Mol'irone Hill.
Two whistlers commenced at half past nine
o'clock in the evening, and kept it up till tee
minutes of two tha next morning, whn oue
of tfieio caved in, and wae forced to stretch
bis mouth in all sorts of ehapes to get the
1 " packer" takea out of it. lie ',' allowed"
bis lips ftlt like tbey were "the toe of an
clfj boot with, a. largo hole jo it."
CosDccTOfis. The Jonesviile IwltjHndenl
Staies that the Michigan Southern H. It. Co.,
Oi'lerud some detective police put ston thoir
trains to see whether the conductors reported
evrroctly. It says that tli.f of thenv Wood
bury, Hamilton aad Bolie have since resigned-
tliililllc w.ik, emanating finm a rraallfled moml)er of tbe
Not' c to Hon " keepers I
A. SIM PI,:: aMi.rC itual. uiodo of CX
hftattlnf th mlr fioru fruit otnl.
Call and Examine it before putting vp Fruit.
July 13, V.. S'-J'' "',",,',r
pOTJCK. -Tho subscriber will on Mon-
htiMm- ft ii.m(t fir tMnr a ' -i IntiMt ro Abutment
waiter lb HrMica, r AMi tt"t Mi ', tu Ait-.iiul.
tV. T. PMl' iMri, toiuny Vvn
RAIN CRADU:. Ovnpe Vine mid
n' 1V
..ly , :".
' T
Fvli. Cask, OrKH, $12 "
"IT' VERY Family now-a-days begins to
.klj frr tl) lniporlunt it '.lic ncliliwt, bnl TlllT r At
ln In rliH-l,lincr in tho rifelter of -clrcliliff. wltllft ''tlsrrF llv
IiimUIv ruticl.nffti ch'ur. nrnjx ttirf-au iiinrhiK-, niii. 11
I'uiJ it but poorly niilnl Ui mifr the ffnil Srpnfl. T1k
hu Imvc hul ,i,r li,i,lil(, fur cnmp!l"n of tiic mrttlKCl
tin- aiUeirnt ma'-lilncf In ue. rrarllly uiovfr lilcli tiuli the
fii(ilorU.V And "kIvb Uib palln wbrro JustiCO poinll It ue,
Wacctcr cj- Wihov s machine
.cnr Intt-lllirnl ob-orvrrwlll admit, stands without rival
ltd iwlvAnltWNI r
1 Itu iiimnliritr Mid bofttitT nf iMnrlmcfirtn.
2 Th tcpllcncf and nemtni-FS of ll ililcli alike on boih
eJ.tt, am! IU fiw-dom I'rnin anyUitiiK Mtu raveling orcutr
rjrou com on thf nrtor-trtr.
S Krd accuracy, and rrlUMHtj at any rat of tpec-d.
4 Etvnomv of tlirrad.
A 1'ortnMlitT taTof operation and mar&(-cmcnt.
5 Oulrtnca of nun-mieiit.
7 liil a'laptAllon to avory aj acifla of family acwin;, g-ath-erlnr,
Thia ia a pure and aimple narration of Itu qualltlca, which
will aptiear to vvty ooa on aattinlittAnco with tlia mchlna.
lta d-(r;ii and mcciitnlm 1w aucb, aa to niako Ita proacuce an
aen,ulOion to any oite'a parlor.
On- of ttipa- macijinca mar b acan In oporalion at tlto rcidonca
of the tubfcrlbor. who la autlioriaad to aupply anr dentnrKi for
them In thia ticinlty. JAMKi 1;KKI.
Then la but ont Sewing Machine, and that ia Wheeler It
Wilton a.. Jrnna Mama, of tho American luatiiutc.
Aahtaboly, February 1, 18.;S.
HORSE RAKES, Corn Plows and Oil
Uvatort, of the beat. quaUty, aud at a ve-y reaaonahh
b. cnosnv.
Aehtalmla, .Tuna 23, 1SSS.
Relief for the Afflicted t
rVl. L. Cm. CLARK; German Reform-
.1 ed TTripotliip rbviciui and fcdrjron. (formerly thf
firm or Clark Gibtym) can be comm. 14 at tbe following
u Die ana pmcrs t
Axliiftbula, Flek IToum, ?unda7f Ang't-t )T
JfTorwirt, . Amfricna M Monday a Turndir 44 1H 17
Hork Crook. LeCppftrd N V ttinrwlnv a Xhuritdar 18 a 19
Conoeaut, . Trrniont IIoum HrttmBiy )4
0rrd WriKhf Ili.te. FiWUr ,A
Et.o, Pa.. Urowo Ilulot, Wednefidajr i Thuivdjir H a
Dr. I. O. Clark, bating hid frtwinont and urtrciit Kotlcitatlonn
Ttoio In pAtlcatn una Mit-lr trtPiKlf, to risil tlt tn ihlvrh(Kid
oocaHionallj', thnt tbe-y miht commit i Im praonnlry, bm well
aa bf v. ft ill hfealuv vicit tho ahotv uauod placva ojico
IlAvinif had aevenf ti rers fXariivueo In the prmrt1 f
DiMiirim. during winch tnoa be bait treiitra ihouiuiittu ol pa
tient fn all forum of ftraito and chronio iii?Mi wtth wnpar-ah-llpd
w.cfPSd (of which fm of ror fri'nri. or irlphloti
cn testify ) ni Im ptfiwxid to give rticl to ail who nity ap
ply. l'rticMUr attention iil Iwgirvn to tlm ure sf Con
Mi ypTio, nnd all diMitti nf the VunfrR ani the!, OisppiK,
Nr-rTOim piaprtupn. Fvmate dernoriueuta of ttorj' chAtactw
wltl lie treated with siieccw.
Al a-tll cur old and all rui-tiio dieaara f wliat
evrr cfiftrwetwr they py lae ila iitukec u of uiiIvcimI
Hoinnirtsl roinediu. Ko calomel or other dck tcrlou drug
am mhcL .
IVimv.4 at a distance driHnp aidi itt and MMi:iua, will Rnd
a feoersl dlariptton tf tha a,t)iiiraace of th Miiua. with a
correct gtatKDiciit of th cauksA, oiifriu of tha diHict aud a
grnernl bUUry of the irmptiMii", nith name, ag, &a
All eomtnuDlcattonp nuet hu diircUd tn
444 ... . . ti. O. CLAUK, 1LI).
-Jamoftown, Morcor Co., Ta.
.A Now and Important
.Tut Oot.
UK. Ct"I.VF.RWF.I.L"S RF.I-OKT wo ivrinBt.T www axt
rrnrBCV rcufiiy for Snotinatorrliov or Roxtnal Weokoeea,
Debility, Ktrvou-uoaa, beoraeaion of Suiilta. l.oaa of Energy,
lAwitnda, Timi'liiy, Involuntary aeminal Piwharge, Impir
od Hiffbtand Mamorr, Hlotobe and Pimplea on tbe raoo, rilca
Indifc-ai-tion, Paliital'ion of the lieart, and bodily TrMtraiiou
of whole nysleio, udung tiujiotriicy and rueotal and
me llcal nrnfc)o. eirca THa mo"T mrortTAvr iNroHMATioH
kve rriil.laHin, to all peraona onlortaining rloulda of their
phyidclal eonoition, or who are eooacioua of having bazardod
tbeir baaltb and happtueaa. .
It la irauad gratik to auilerioa; hurmrtity, for thetr bteaflt,
and tbe Mipp.-b-eiaa nf cmuirieUin and exnrblunt (eaM
Sent tree to any addreae. on rcaeipt of 2 atamiia, by Dr. Chae.
K1.1NF, 4n 1.4 Avenue, .New Voik. 444.1m
Ilokaa poka, the fblThwtn dlsarihed TVaichca av de
parted (fm my hop to part unkrH.at nt and pm I ar dMiroMn
of n dinc tlir (aheiwb-.utc I will rV a liherul amoitnt
for aiy infr-rmatwOB tbt wili -4 4t their dlneovary, mpccwl'y
tha Uiiiitlna; Watch, at tbnt wait irretwit fiom a friend tn
r.tielatid to a lMdv In thli oountrr. They are described an fol
lows i Oue fMlv-ftr Deih-d arcr, M. J. ToU makfrd Ur
erpnol, N- 4,i,j;7( mj pnmle mrk In ca, Od Stlicr
19010; IMvatr mark in eaat. W2b. Any ponsou ribifr me any
Information of the above iatrayi, liall be n waided VrHt,r.
E IT OKD AIMED by the Council of
a the incorporate ViUape. of Anhtalmla.
SeclUm U. That if any Mmn t-hall koep ullliiti (lie II ml in
of. hi Villro, a bou or it-oni of puhltc ief.it, for th pur
ptiaa of acltiug UH-rt-m ale, bevr, fOrUT, wine, arother iuii
eatine; Hquons and shall )imsdf, or by bin airent, ttell to any
perMn, any ate, beer, porter, wine, or other tntoaimtlnp; li
quor, to he diank at nuh hnuce or room, or at any room
otrapted or controlled hy mrh rrnder, the per in no Mlina;,
hall forfeit and pay to MvWUUoe, fr eaoh attd evrrv nurb
ale, tho peoaUy of BAeen dnUr, t b reonvrred by auit;
ttr kfaocu Itrd in the nam of aairt v,lln7e, b-f'.re the Mavor tltr
of; and Mich wit nhnHi be an4pd na to jwiipneiit. In atoor
dane with tba lawa, rejrubtttntr nroeeedinjra In eivil eVtWrna
before Jtirticia of the iacr, and the ptrraon proumtted, if con
victed ehutt nay theoosbiof pruaeoatn, and if aruurtted ahall
recmer bia eaate afT'iiiiat. a'd i Mage, and upon the rendition
of iuutfrnent for mid nenaity and euata, tbo Mayo tear ia
awe rmecrtinn iminnliiiU'lr, to anllfct the me out of Uta
gooda and chaUlea of the dfercmlaiit, and after the exptrattnn
of ten daya (rain the time of tbe wkHUob ofm-h iudirmrnt.
the aame with tbe enata aliaH not bar beea paid, nor mffi.
eient property of ilia deff-ndant levied npon tn aatinfy the
Mnie, and if no aptwal from Judtrrnmt ehalt bare beu per-
fc-ctod, the Mayor uwy order tba Marabal nf aaid Vitlatre, to
imnriaon ttt defendant for any time, excrctJinz twenty
daya, und Uie Hnraijal, Jjion rcceMnn anid frdfr, ahall Uke
ile aVftindant into bia auetody, and abatf aafvly keep bim
within Uta lock L p nf the MtU f iUafo, or at bard Uhr, oa
the atret4S aikya, and imitim pmurKWi i Ui UiaV, nntii tbe
tiina apet'lfied in wtld nrd..r fhall hnve expired, nrorlrted that
apnn the wmMq Mid judriiM-uI, and ail eotdx by the d
fend&nt, be ahali m riiehaj'tn'fl fuwn eMaYoy. .
&ec1lnn2ii. That nroeeutf'.re, for the viola tiwa of atrH'iB
Brat, ahali nu!y be conmreiired liy the MarwhaJ nf Mid Village,
or ny Mmve peraofj duly autuomrd oy ttoaa itTor tiiereor.
And it ahull he the duty of tbo M&rhbal to prosecute any
pcranii who f-hnll lJat the nm'. pmvldiMl tbt no wi
Aproaecutloo ahall n cmunenecd hy hum, uulew bj the order o
lie Council of mid Village, bjvalhsi in one, who, Hpon the
flret Monday of Auguat next, aud iifoo the- ftret Monday f.
fl-ery aucetlifte; rminth. ehall pay in to lit treaaury of aaid
Villas;, the aim. of thrct dollar, uoieae aurb froo ab&ll
bate eold within one m.nlh, ale, Ixer, j-orU-r, win-, or other
intoxiMtins llflnor, tn rone nnf who waa intoxicated at tle
time of (tut-h aale, or omr one who war at tho time known te
be io tbe habit ef erttine; lnJoilratwt Nor hi!! ary proii
be flanituf meri under tlita ordiuauoe, uuleaa within ou e njoolb
after the ttolatloa theitvof.
Section M, Thia ordinance ihall Uke rfEcet ftoea and after
the arat day of Auauat miL
. H. I.. UORRI90X, Mayois
A '.(cat, J. P. IhiBri.HO.x, Bccoi tier. 444
T Tinxt ftrl frnm Itnnmnc at rpe.-tc It Ordalm-dbr
Htm Maynr, hrirdrr, and Triee nf the Incorporated Viilfe
of Aiabula--That ench aud err-ry perfton owntne; nr having
eharpenf any Oznn, Cowa,or Sent t'attie nf anf kind iO in tha
Kuiita of thia oorporation, ahall, sod they are hereby Ptwpitrt-d to
aecurelv yard tb aatite, no earfa a every night, ht-fora the hour
of 0 a'eWk, p. M- and keep tbetn ae yarded wuitU tt.e hour of
half pat 6 o'cloek, a. w. and any peraon or peAna ao owuing
or having rbarp ot "V citile found ninmiip at Urfa on
tbe aUfi-U, line, alii va or public pmntrita wiitito tha Uunia nf
thieeor)Kratu betwfea the faoura nt H f M.aud i N, aball
be fined tor th hret o(f.nc, nite doiiar, and for the aeooied, and
each auhwqu-ut off-nce, to dtiliare, to be ajiaeret-d by the
Mnynr, aud ooileeted bv tha Marehal, aud paid iittsi the tieaau
tf for tba uie o4 I ha mrpomiHa.
" This ordnaut-e to tasVe eih ft, aud be iu force front and after
Use 2oih iUj f -June, X , 1K.
H. L. MOP.R1S0.V, Mayor.
Attaat, P. oanaTaajf, rveoorder. 443
f?cTir8AUE of tho Far
JL wr rlnvxeb Bank. Enquire of -
AaliiMiMii.iine I, 1H6S. 4i a. r. Hrniunn.
f PIIE mltscriber has just opened, in Shop.
JL ard'a Illnak. a bhiaa and teatber Store, wber ta bla t4
aurjjii all daoiantia furaujrtbiug iu
a ' , Hoot and Shoe lit, '. .
; Beth saU.tnd Order Work! '
Tbuj dorartqierA will ba under tba aupprtiitendanoaof , ( j
wajil aad fayfrablr know u to our citUeaa. Tha tora w UI alas ba
8-jpiilieJ willi Lealter, snub as Freneb atidj
iloaia tanned Calf bkios, Liniujj Hkim,
, Maucbtur tod Fpajjista. ,
Also, fihocuiaker1 Findings,
le alt their rariety. AH the abnea wilt be efwe4 at rrieea aa
fcsvtv"lo aa aay be fV be-ie or el a ft in-rx
JN . H. ih paid i..r ii.or 01 hLt, at ti.e htorv, or it Uta
TMIirVMrir rttf I i a., r. i-k m.m ur l Litn
. Main .St., hheyard ttiook. tJM
Wwr :i Old ' nnrters !
e -i .,)- and , ,,U'ln(r at Uialr nominal
. 'X - m toy Hue, t-H lMflin
x vnt v A Ir f.,
" ""e o..",,,. n n a entlcfor tiitm
wl f..r
In rw.h,
Alitahnla, June S,
A. W. HI r.M-a.
rPJIE subscriber hn recently opened
J tbe Nlnra vf ( A. An-.den, In AahtaVila, A tare
ai.d torjr auperlor ato k i.f ,
d at
. .. Writing Paper, Envelopes, 4c,
of JlOI.VnKB F.M.I S MAKI'FA'Tl. I!R. i,ih ha off.ra la
11, a ritt-tr. of IhU plica aud ticinlty, ( a -ry n.l.leta ad-tau.-c.
f'r t'-h. .
lie will vl.lt tbe aeeeral lowtiti of tl,li eom,lr, a(,a enrl.tinpa
hl fn,uU f.,r H 'M, or rAH. IWera m ai,,.iv j,.
relven itoru tl,lj k at tx-ttcr llure than l.-'i e;. ..-,,,
found. . 11. A. SiOtKAtl.l..
AahtaKnla, Jim ir., lr,a. 441
on account, yt for rash, for which th
hi Rtie.t price will V p"1,1 . ORO. Wll.LAKD.
A-I.tl.lft, .li.ne 11, 1V'.
JUST received by Express a fine Mock
of f.'old rena. M. O. Ml K.
I have Just received a full afisortmcnt of
MITUOFL'S Extracts and rarfumeiiea, kafollvirai
FAtract M'ipV.
KUraet MtrnoKa,
i'.ltracl I'HlchcnliT,
F.xtmet Hlrae Itcrrv,
F.Ttreet .lorVey rltib,
l'enfi'le I'iilima,
tt et I attvna,
Etlraet Vanilla.
Talrrct Waat l.nrt,
F.tract I1ii0ppla,
tvt ct New Mnwn Her,
Fara nil and ttoae mi"
i nl-a
H. C
AGAIN would I notify my friends and
tha -rublte. that I am atlil maaufac4irln
Olmlll XA--lTf!,
with tVfll.lnil OAI.VAM7.ltn .R"N I L IiINR. of Superior
qnftlily, allowed hr all who havo It-d an uf'h".ti,tty of u,iof,
and toallny lta lttl-tlf and l.wroaiy, to be decidedly tlio bwt
article In oaa for elevating water for'all pracllcal purpo-es.
My TuMtiflf ta all warranted to ha aa rcpreranUd, bain
made of the beat Ko. 1!4 Urolith CVr.lf;d roia,
After winf thia kind of I'unip from on U four yvara, art
can conitueud UiCtn aa being tbe IILsr In uro.
T. S. Frixra, IIecbk Warbiw, J. K. f!inr.i(to?,
F.. I.. iRAriH, W. C How-Ki.i a, J. C A. KcauxiXL,
N. I.. Ciiarraa, K. n. Woonni nv, D. I'aowsi.t,
II. A. I'M. 11 D. 11. N. SMaLLKT. A. WaKHEK, . ...
11. IUvih, J. A. (llmri:a, J. A. liKI:Mtr,
Fnmpa con-dantly kept on hand at Pwla Warebonaa.
Keaaonablc reduction made to wholrtala but era.
W. O. DAV1H.
leffem.n, OIit, June 4. IS.'.. t .
"7"AR with Utnh nnd IMcxIcn, whnt
j neif !nm in np too, rui ifiiiai.ua ia Einr ikciw
ug F? r fminit the l.vnf Credit ,yttmt and ha hu ac -
cording. rcjjltiiiiKhtd hi
btock of Boots and Shoe?,
and inlaid to fell thcra for CASTf or IlKAVY FAY
cljtyap cufjuli, to make It an ohiet for lil.-a customprf to huf
wsiat they want In tlwt lirm rf him. He hita pot tha h-f
apsanrttreiit of liOotp and Sbnoa, made of tha Vtry Wat nf
lode, warrAUttd Qst to rin, aud mill tvH them ctintprr ?'r
Oa!. titan aa be bought at any a to re to tnwo. AO HVM
UVU. mtt tbe proof of tho pudJtnft in ehwlna; Uitt atihtf.
oill and examine hia atook 4 Uxi and Huoe before pur
cbMinjr flwwhon. itnd H'O what HHIM.ll'S ean do. Ton"
wi!l rind hu phop at tliu tlgn of the Big Hoot, Ktxk fllwck,
AKhtahula. Ohio.
V. S. All kinks of Xl Ofk In lib Uuc, made tn ordrr and tha
work nrmnird. 44 J I. fMHXIrM.
Wf CI. Nlttal reppfctfuily fnforms the
M Inhabitant of Athtabula and ita riclr-lty; that La
l nriMud to auppl them with .
English mado Kennet, 8tock niwl present use
Ales, of the finest quality,
wan-oittrd ptnniur. and neonmindpd by Medical Gmtleirteat
fur the umj of Invalida and private familkt,
Aahtuhtil, June ?( lb;K, ' 441
Cleveland Infirmary, May 12, '53.
TliEUU nre in this lnBlitutun nrf a
rtmr)r .iron the City a mm ber of-lilely Lor and ghla,
IncUidiiif IntantA whom tha Iirr4roni will hind to aertion un
til tfciy Irecoiiie of (tare, v ith aoitahte juirnniia ttpnti their pr
ducin t'-athimnial from the Ckrivmnn, Map.wtrT.fe tr
Trtw-te- of tlieir town, tht tliey are tuiiahif prrom, to hat-a
the cart oi and to bring np eucli tshildrnu. Aptjliation uty
baniaJeto K. HEIISSKY,
Olcvelam!, O. SmlS ' ' Acting Director Inrrmaiy. "
"iNM5WLI,S. :
Having now commenced the Mann-
Uctmh of a'AMNLN'O Ml 1.1 S la Uila l.iculity ajraln. by ,ro
dueing a better article than haa ever ran anid iu tli Slaf,
and tiina mnkiiK It prolitab!o to tlie fanrera to uc tbem. I
w lali to aeur tbat pattonupe a
Fanning Mill Merits. ' :
A Fanning Mill la one, biint; well mad, dca ita work fter
fect, and apoe.iily aa deatie!, and tbat wilt C7ean avrry
rrrjrre of ea Coektit, amwat ar aa, from tlva wbeat, ai4
Aai-a mm the tf'kf nt. are! eloao all other kinda of slain a4
K-ada aa well. 1h Mill I now make will do all tbia. It la not'
a lara Mill will en In moat any sraluiyliaa more ive ,M
Hereena than nanar tenia mwuioow-n oaay 4a aobklaiiilallf
made of pood material aud wUl Vat anld' aa ebeaji aa any-
IKlod n.lll aan be booplit at. All oideia proaiptlr ntlended
tu. Shorion Daukor mil. LEWld M. CKObUV.
ahlahnla. June let, llaS. 441
, , rf fc, -TBAKSrOUTATlON...
K?i?"fra ew Annnjrment. The Ameri-Vi.'HAi-ViSa
ma Tran-portalKm Compare? will run tha
Propeller Spudding; CapL I hut,
between Ituffaie and Cleeeland, eaiiiogr reifutarly at tlto Wa
i'nrw. 1 ime mf arrival at thra nort Wdneaditra. r"inr ant.
and Frtdura aot'if Caet 'ntraehj w til be made by tba ander-
npncfi (or Krelpht to New York, at ratea an Uiw, tltat it will hw
for tbo lutereat of hlimer of propel tt to (Mitionita tbl lit.
FreiKiiU will be blpocd to tlta npner lakea. U. ao trambiin d
atciuvvlaud, at Ilia aauia raleaea U abipucd died fiom ( laxw-
ii. nrnn.vr;n a r... Aeawt. a. t. r.
PArblabnla Harbor. May !f.th, IVr. w4V
' v Will be Fftblib-hed in July, -
Timothy Titcomr LrrrrRft, to tha
Yoontr, S'tiivle and Mnrricd. ui one volume.
MUHUN, Piwr f i. Samhw, Hownt! h Co., here meda aa
arraiiireinettt with Mr. HeiBmar by which tbey wtti b aWa
to luroUh Usrir aubscteheni in ane put W i e United Siaiea
with tl.l v-rliimi', fwwUee free, en 6o rtr-it't of one 4 llr.
Any wiwibrf eennif aa in dMara will receive eleven
opiea. They traat that ilnba wlU he formed wberew tha
etuirfi Qateitm read in thvir pajtaf-e ttirotiKb tha ticpuba
eau, and that order will be ecnt in aa emm ae nmy h-v tiwt
Ibe may Min Mrtv aunnl jT Tlie vnlunw will
be pubKalu-d in a . Uiat mil otaka it worthy a placa ou
y ajvuirw lautc
BAJIUEt WWI T.9 co, ,
ftprinKUeld, tlaaa.
r N OTIC IG iabereby given, thai i stttprrUir baa Uni
ay.iutrd and luaiilitd aa Adintnltrtir of tbe Mate of Uo-
ry lalchaidiott, lata of Aahtabula Conotr, trefaed.
uia I'nwotT, ireceed. -MARY
Pated at AabWbuli, 3vy Ifi.lbod. 447 Adniicitat.U.'
Xlte only Complete Kt(IUb Dlctlonarr-
f -- - vw aiwuvuujri
..""l,Cr r"aui io Mhn c"KU-h nictiona Coru-.lted
In till, coniit-y, or any AbminHn,t u,i -..r(. , ('-.n
CRAI'IIII.'AL TAHI.E 4it li.ftOO Nuwi II.U?Tmfl(
Ot'OTATIi KS, aud other peculiaritiea and axxauU.ea fouud
in IK other work. Ala .
Webster's School Pictionaries; viz:
, WcraTrs's lunionttT, Conullna; House Editloo.
WaanrKH' Aoapcmic I)ictioi!:v.
WcvaTKk'a f-aiNAWy rw-noot DrcTiriART
M eT&u A Eu'-aiKATAST hrcu.i.a Loon.
Fortf.inf a oomo'.el. aeriea of Ktaodard Pietkmarir, of tint
laniriiaee, curn'i; unnoruiity in tha naa of language oa well
aa in lirliiojrrni'by anrt rrouuneiati4A.
The neiinili.lo Wrnatcr'a Sebool Piotionariea are tatea
from bi large work, and eonbina tha aarellauciea, ia U.W
and otber ft aturca, of til lattw. Publlnbod kr
o. k c. n;itw,y. .
t-iayfleld. Iliff.
Crags and Mwdteioas.
1. inr former etf
been rcccivinfrlmrce'fidflitir-ir.a u
iny formar etnek. and can n,rr )', ....,.. . . . ...
ttaaboMaaaortueut of ' ' vnur
)rui Modiclns and Chemicals,
thateau be f und in tliia vicinilaj eiiuor a .
tVboleaula or lie tall,
P. S. riiyiiciana' J'reacririllona put u j. wth rare.
New &. Seasonable Merohandisel
$20,000 Worth ! !
HPITE UNDERSIQXED is now receiv-
J- in direct from Xrr Yota, tha largett sad beat aMrt
toeut of
General Merchendiae . ...
cocalaUaf of
- Dry Goods, Ready Blade Clothing,
Crockcy and Glass Ware, Hard Ware,
- Esdlery, House, aad Carnage Tiimuiiogs
IrOa, Sloe, Kajla, Aorra, tlora, Sptioga, Aula, Is, A a.
' 1 GU0CEru.;3, ; '' :
mc win ii-TKioae, ramte, rnia, pyw own, viaaa, rum-, a a
all of wkfcfe kea waaa ,eibaei aa Ka Voik, aiaaa tba
1 . s
Oraat fareu(ory AceUan Salaa,
and wif ba w-14 aa eh-an foe Cab or Raadr Far urn aaa ba
aMir 04 A V l'l.il 1-'. Jiia ti M I. , m
'"" CLiJ. WiLLAllD.
A.h-nhi.la. Jii.- 17. 1K.
myi' 033iu i iuii t tu AjtMiRilf t, 1
' lltMIAM 4 JOaL. :M S.

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