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From the Greece Farmer.
The Wheat Crop—Salt an a Manure.
f''.1."t Vmfal Dj
! ic'.iltnra U tlio tnalo fonti-
vliii U it jurr ti,i. f irinrr, injures all oilier
i.-. "Wi'.l tha mide cootinnt so do
slrur'ivij m to fui ce farmers to Suandou
!h:uI cu'turt 7" in now ths anxious question
r.K'.S by ilo ni'lipr the merchant, ths me
iW.iic, find the mnnufuctuter- bnsikers,
broker,, forwarder "middle men" of ev
it rlu.i U li' 1 that their prosperity ds
! ni'.a on tin ability of t be farmer to meet
this aliiruing sdversiary. Many intelligent
poisons dvociite the temporary ceimatioo
of wbtat, ir.n'm$, a the hope that the midge
moy pws over. But the experience of
farmers tu the Enitern Statu indicates that
this will bo uni'less the midge Is now aa
injur ions there as it TM twenty firs year
80. The mid'B enn propagate itself iu
cili'T plant. .s fcave found, it iu barley
and io couch grass. If we give up wheat
cultuio novr, we cau hardly hope to renew
it nt a future day. So; we niunt meet "the
jellow villain" uow, or acknowledge our
selves vanquished. Vt'e hare Seen fields of
vrhcat, the present season, cut for fodder;
and it seems almost fool hardy to coutiuue
to sow w heat ondcr inch ciicumstances.
15ut we mwrr not trill nut suocoruu.
The niidgo is no new thing j it is proba
bly ss old as wTlcat itself. JSeatiy thirty
yenra ago it was 83 destructive in Scotland
s it haj ever beta in the worst affected
districts of this country. It prevuili to a
preater or Iocs extent in all parts of Great
Britain. Iu the London Gurdver's Chron
icle for 1841, Prof. II en slow cays: The
wheat midge, ) Ctddotnyiti tritid,) millions
and millions of which infest erery wheat
field, is hardly kuown by our farmers to do.
them any wroog; and yet on aa average it
destroys one-tweutieth of a crop, n3 May
possibly destroy a great deal more."
Previous to the introduction of nudcr-rlrainlno-
L'ph niannrintr and rood cnltira-
0, O ' Q
lion, In Euglaud, mildew, rust, and smut,
were much more prevalent, and the midge
and other insects more numerous and inju
riotm, than at present. Many Enjliah farm
ers still living have sold wheat for mcikk
iloUdrt per bathe); and one man we are ac
quainted with declared, when wheat fell to
S3 rcr bushel, that it was :'cheanenonh to
feed the pigs;" and yet this tnaa to-day,
owing to aa improved system of culture,
realizes more profit from his farm than
when lie obtained $T per bushel for wheat.
English farmers bare been forced into a
better system of sgricultnre, aud each will
be the case in this country. At the pre
sent time, there is scarcely a plant grown
by the farmer or gardener, that is exempt
from the attacks or insects. Aa a general
rn!e, it will be found that the means neces
'eAry to escape these attacks will be such as
promote the health, vijrar, and productive
ness, of the plants. This we believe will
Trove trne la regard to the wheat midge,
t is A Ifymcsis scut to scourge us into good
T. .Ml 1 -..V. t t- ... t-
lUb Will gOOU LUlllUO CllttUtC 113 tU CBUevliej
the ravages of the wheat midge? It may
cot enable as to escape entirely, bat it will
certainly crcallr mitigate its injuries. It
will enable us to raise good wheat, at a fair
profit. Those farmers who adopt the best
svstem of culture are even now affected the
ie&st; bat they suffer more than they would.
fcrota toe fact that the propagation of the
midge is encouraged by thj bad cult'vation
uf those around them. Probably there is
no farmer in Western New York who has
liis land in a higher stats of cultivation
than Jon Johnston, of Seneca county.
Us has thoroughly nnderdrained ever?
part of his farm. He grows great crops
-of clover, and feeds it oat in bis baro-yards
to sheep aud cattle. Though he has raised
tas years as much as 30,000 . bushels of
rft, he has ivr sold a bushel off the
farm. He has for many years purchased
largo quantities of oil-cake, which, together
with the corn, clover, straw, etc., are fed
to cattle and theep, thus making a large
quantity of rich manors. The result is that
Is has always hni good crops of wheat,
m oas nude himself rich by farming.
True, he lias suffered somewhat from the
midge, bat aoUuBg; ia comparison to bis
wijUiori Two years go, one field of 25
acres produced 741 1-2 bushels of good
ionics wneat, or over i a dubucis per
acre. The same field is in wheat (Soulea)
gain the present season, and we had the
pleasure of examining it the second week in
To grow wheat every other year, is run
tiflg toe. (and pretty hard, and the crop on
portioa of the field the present season in
(licates that the unaided soil will not -bear
such heavy cropping. Eleven acres were
sows without any mannre, and fourteen
acres vers dressed with one barrel of salt
lbs.) per acre. Otherwise, the con
ditions were precisely the same, the same
previous crops and tillage, the same seed,
nd sowa at the sams time. The line of
Icasarkatirm between the salted and onsalt
ed portions is very d'stinct throngbout the
whole length of the Gold. On the eleven
acres without salt, the crop is an unusually
good ont for the seasoa ; there is, perhaps,
ctratr enough for nearly thirty bufhels
fxtr acre, but it is considerably alected by
tBe midgi, and will not yield probably more
than 20 bushels per acre. On the H acres
where salt was sown, the straw is heavier.
Hitler and brighter, and the heads larger.
It is, too, some four or five days earlier, and
t nearly free from midge. It ripened too
soon fur them. The insects attacked it, and
wo found a few of the larva nruler the chaff
on the outside of the grain, but they have
done very little damage. We agree with
Jlr. Johnsio in estimating the yield at full
S3 bushels per acre, probably it will be as
great as it was en the same land two years
a ', or nearly thirty-four eutAelt per acre.
Mr. JouNbTog has tued salt occasionally
m his wheat for twenty years, and always
fjiini it to promote the growth and early
maturity ot tue crop; lie tuiuks ta sailed
uheat is four or five days earlier. He
ows the salt at the time of seeding. Tl I
ypar ha iutends to sow 400 lbs. per acre.-
lie thinks it would be better to sow it on
tLe fallows in the early part of summer;-
!.3 more intimately it can le mtxca wjta
tie 80.1. tfae better.
'J ho fact in regard to tho beneficial effect
tf fc'i, is .an exceedingly interesting one,
l . th ij a practical aud sciuutiSc point of
:cr. Cuut contains two elements wlncn
utcr into tho coinpof ition of all our culti
vated plants j bri, wethiuk its actios, in
this 3(Rtace, at lent, i not to be ascribed
to its fiaj plying these th'tucnis ; they are
lfiicti;rit iu cuil. If we adopt
Vav's hypotheilrf ia regard to the
i ia which wheat and other ceralia take
i s tU tlllca rv jUiicJ to stifl'ca their straw
v .5 t B a.di;uUe Silicate of alumina and
id iiia we have at onee an explanation
tf tie l.ct ; f r this duuMe silicate winncb
!.:; n.'aaLla ia water coutainj suit thao
i. u.,i: ot Skit would, te eiuiv.ok-Jit to a
.. ; ,f, auinioitio, whlclv id. known, to
h..v auh.a tuuoli'iiuii eit'tct oa whtat, not
only pron.t.tiiig its growth, but iucrcHiiiij
its early t;iitnrity.
If tins hvpotUsis is correct ai we stftte
it nmivly as an hypothesis salt will do Jit -tl
if any good on )oor ooll ; and even on
rich land its effect will be merely temporary,
unless the soil Is furnished with ammonia, in
manure, or bv plowing in clover, etc.
To grow wlivat, the soil must be natural
ly dry, or thoroughly undcrdruincd ; it
muflt be rich, aud especially in ammonia,
without en txtt'S of carbnnaceont mattrr, as
is apt to bo the case when clover is plowed
iu for a number of years. Better make it
into boy and consume I by sheep or cattle,
and retiirii the mannre to the land. By Ju
diciously enriching the land, and by sowing
the earliest varieties, wo believe that wheat
can still be raised ia spite of the midge.
Mr. Johnston's experience confirms this
view. It is consistent alike with sound the
ory and practical experience.
Six Feet in
said Mutreius. '
His Boots. "Go way,"
'you can't stuff sieh non-
sense into mo. bix feet in nis ooots i
Bah 1 no man as ever live stands more
nor two feet in his boots, and no use talk
ing about it. You might as well tell me
that a man had six head in bis hat."
f ilMI lUUIViL.
G1 EO. HALL, at Ashtabula, Ohio, in
X MM tb tt io of tbMe dtinf to parch? Initrn
nt durinr thinrimr or tun-mf r lo th tct of Ills rc4v--
Uif ft laryf stock af bnprrlor Style ftikd unltly of FUdo
ad ttetoaeon tor u 3priat ana bummer vrfc'jf , oe lerma
tr suit ttm " bii (lnm W rl not littl plruur t tli
frrqurnt pri bwlowed uron tb upeiior qualitr of our io-
trumnU ftlrftdyTold ftnd bt)r Uato tt any, th&t our virttflit
tor u upcrior to ayttime jri rciva. Kememtor ttut
vo our noUiing ebup or iittorlor, ud ovrr Uiinfp u w4mot
d mrfrct. VV wtu nor hro poor miMtrmbU sbout
an If vo M holp it. a mat a tut it dov-a oa lntminoiU
If powiblo crtdit will be gurcn of i ud nxwth Im Ui
Old Pimf W AfrMxm r In icliir rx !
ke., hmL Toan( LtdlM who ro trkchlnc, cut hsro Ia
tmiuenu by pavUi portioa at tfaa clvm of Mcb trim.--'
Tboat who wibto ontor, irill U jnrt as well mottmI as though
Utrr war tar to stlect. lx ant fall to call and look, uwucli
rou mar Dot wirb tu purcbasa at present.
Kefar to H. FASSETT, vbo iU atutid U tha sale of Ia
stnunant la our abacac.
F If Mtlodt. Twitr mnd Xtpair aa WtrmnUt
Rigu. Ceo. hall.
April lath. lf . 43.
PREMIUM $15, Sewing Machines.
PATENTED May 6lb, Ml. This Machin bis Mithar
loopar, hook, shnttla, apriug or cam. to get out ordar, and
a WARUED Uia F1H3T at Ux ffw lor oTaM
Fair, bold at Buffalo, Oct. Kill, 1)7, tux iumpiuilf, JJurmtUi-
tjr SINGERS, aud WF1EELIR k WILSOVS fcigh prieti
lUcuinat wars io oompUtitm.3
Commlttoe of Awards J. C. i ulrrr, Editor of Alban Zx
im, M. B. Oviatt, Etq, PrarUe.ll ' Machiuist, Kocbastar, S.
V.. I'tiineas Btanttn. Secratarr of lnruaia I'Dirarutr. t. T
and Calvin Huribrrt, F.q , N. Y.
This ia ampbaUcailr Uia Hacbln Pir ifi peopw. it caa
but to h aaau to ba admtrrd, aud usad to ha apprrrlatad.
Tba abova Kachina can ba saaa and tested, at to Boot and
Sboa Mora of N. FUILUPS. Agent fur the sale of Uw Al
wmtr'.. and othr Sewtug MacbuMSa.
17 Sign of the Big Boot. S34
AiUtabuia, April 13, 1KA8.
Withont Arsenic or Quinine !
Da. LEEDS' Quinine Subtbuda, or Kerr Tonic, Is a potiUr
Cure for Chills and Fever,
and an Diseases arirtng from Derangement of the Norroua
a ayateiai, ana very eucceeuui us prevenuiig
Yellow Panama, or Cbagres Fevers.
The Kectpe eras dlsconrcd by a regularly grednated PhysJ-
claa, and la tnereJors astiiiea w me sejus oonnoeuos se any
other Paysiciaas preecriptioa. A sinrle trial will prove it
erbeaey. Oa bottle tn ordinary aasa of Ferer sad Aru will
effect s cor. All that ia asked la s fair trial. All who have
aaed it, apeak loudly iu iu famr. Head the etrcniat.
J. O. HAZZARD, Sols ProprietoT,
Ho 121 Maidea Lane, New York.
N. C. RREWER, Agent, WeetBidei, Cleveland, Ohio. oro3
$1000 A Year !
$1000 A Year I
f 1000 a Tear.
bit mplojiuut for U tim. Phwhm
la to wo or tunUf 1b smioI ot wnyloyniAat
m toaroe f iucoiu, or to nil up thtu" In
cur e liosirft, our hmt ol well bf ncloirr S
staaipi (t ptxj poaiApi) ia frv(, JAMES
HOUKU. box No. 4aal. Nfw York Fot Of
ftM. Th ruplcTinr.t ii fttd U titber hi;
Jlooo a Tear.
SlOOO a Yew.
f 100S a Year.
tlOUO a Tear.
$iQ?0 a Year,
(luud a Year.
tlOOO a Year.
$10011 a Year.
jliK s Year.
ftUttoa in life ttnm&terial. Uiiia arUrl of
aiooo a Year.
iliy otwstni7fptioiB, o4 tu be Wavnoliacturc-n
in th AftMit dtieVliiJ runrtl bf erwrlbt;
ml m ptmkiwDt sm floor. Am Agu ii
mntd in vM7 tovyaioth rpl. 3rotArS
lions a Year.
1 1009 a Year.
,1006 a Year.
VERY best family paper pablibhcd is
n .Im m nrinld siurw nacre, arivtn snir-
ine to year oa Dearth mora readlDg thaa ane of tb tbre
doUar BiootnrteB. I ia mm tnw umiij c.w.
mm i m Uii ma be nroeured. It ia printed from clear, nee
tyu. on no paper, in a wmrawn ww mam
Illustrated: all lor Sa a year, fipeeunea oouiee
erat fras, aa appileaUon. Canraasen wanted iu vrery v.wn
aad dty la the eruotry to solicit aubeoripUona, to whom a
Uueral asouusaioa wuise eivea. Auureee
tniXt Til Centre street, bVw York.
Blank Books made and ruled to order.
w. a. Ai.I.EK.
taj kind cell at
For school books of
Book Variety Store,
ehunola, Ohio.
"'ASH for Butter. The subscsibers will
tiEmT Ceset h Pt 13ooJ YeJlow Buttrr. fre from BtilX, etc4
not aUtiHl too birb. at th.r Flour and T4 atom, one kw
ontb m rrootir lyaiiiQ mot, nw Arnawia, .
April WMH, inir. f niPBAitjj m. Biujsitff.
COFFIN PLATES for Youcg and Old,
Trove all TbiDgs 1
R. II. W. WAPSWORTn, Eclectic
Physician and Surgeon, will be la attendance as fcliowej:
aril tabula. Anhtahals Hoius. Tneeday
Sapt. T
Jeflemoa, Thouspsoa'a Vnaday
Hadtsoo, wwuiecoay
Pauwerill, Coerlei Douaa, Thursday
tlvTvlaud, Johnena House, Friday Sarania
Conaasut, Ksudolpb liooae, atoada
Tbe Mode of Examination pursued by Dr. W.
m very timet an enuraly sew ana by w cuseas or any
of to e internal vital organs, is in a very few eninntee delected
with laetlity aod oertaiiity without aalung tb paUeat a naa
hob, at na.inr tu Meat prnous kaowieoee Oi tue cas.
Aiwarif tha gimn treated successfully k blia, assy k
saeaueuMk Was ieuowio( i
Scrofula, and all Diseases of a Scrofulous origin.
Ulcere, Tumor, tulared Oiaaus or Joiuta, Kip Diaoiee, swell
ed Neck or builre, herululouaior Bree, rteald Head, Lrupiiooe
ea the terlhar pari, Causer. Vistula, Spinal lXseaeea,
Dyspepsia, brarsl, Imtjoteaoe, strkliu, ok Vitus Daoca, tcl
Utpsy, hheiubatisin, iJroinv, ke. 4.
All duaases peculiar to Femslea, sad sU ebranle disease af
the Brain, Kjea, fhinot, Luojja, Heart, htoraach. Liver, hpioea
kidneys. Bkiu r otber eriiaoa. A ameov un Mmnii.l io
all dueeae af Arpniilptc r venereal etiaracter, without ta
SS Ol WWOTIT mm fw puwuup, ""S WWWOV UM eOlUtlUlUUU
rVrer nd Aau pennaneuUr (ured, er se eharfe.
f "jypatieuu at s dutaaes eaa aava stadveme sent by Es
prcM, addreeeiur sistlar, deembur their rraiptoe9saD4eaeia-
nu s salliihie
Is. sua. saudnur.ill,lt. D.
katsvia W. T.
Importaat to rarmert.
M-.k. cetebsatvd (tm hM ban grows the Valleys at aha
Mlaua.i aad Dee eiuuiea, ia the btat of lows, lor tba tw
pat Mruuoa, by a laaire siHaoerof th vary beet saraaera ia
tbe nunc tone tavarUbly base laatluiony is its anireedea
ted yteid, tatuacy naa. keloe ea l.l:-h mm .ihL male aver
aed Aiur toe to tue aete, of a meet healthy and autrttioas
m v ouumis ec area ta tu acre,
wl.lrJi snakes euoenor faed to ears u ute for lloreas er sstti,
and which UidvpwMleot af the gmw, will any the urmT ao
tiiaa auy ilv er'.p b eaa rie. nxm a( the WHiiraoa
fimMwe nor any ootuhinaiiua of then, wul hitea lattl aod
l.xaae o iickur, or ijiv tiiwo a L.:iliUr aad U4tr (rawia.
Tu sulyi at of rrs and pwlure laoua is of deej imJortanoe
to tb uu-oiaia nt thia Couuty. Iu grval at, ,mj tha te th
famer b rUlre the realst etitou il of fcui and buy,
ete frttrn a rt.ee enontiLy of lead, k jr ttH&mwiiua and tee
ttraonials aaT this vaiuaoJa arou, veioaire of u.r u) br
JltaUSlw eui ill
Ashteheila, Msy t, lam. ,yi
OOIia Church l'saluiist fratM
Hour Mitd The gouge at Zlua, tar sals tar
k a. rui'E.
cbiMl htiak. af the hUet 6mhh (do unt say nut few frr
sear Uioy waai ehaug wim ta aiooa fi.iu bit whet vs
bar ate tor sate, atoe liiauh statute, l ...or. reus. In, v arers,
KO'f a 3f(lhXIosi.
U article, (ue ta) lued aV
A cheup A irood
U. V. ULliUAIli'S.
Friunfal mud Si-perwiraaAaa.
ni(b S-hool, .... Mia U a. flAaTtiA".
0,...,nr Brhool, .... " S- 1-
liitarmr ll.w, .... kiw Elxib o.
"..-wid Irnermediata, M T "
fnn.rY ..... M. h " ""-
ri.e hii la FVa all ri.sof a anltaMa rNin(
ritl-intii Hmo.irri iiiata, aud the " KistrM atutcbeal Uiemw
rrrreks constitute area. Twui ft mrJa from abroad
IU a. .
Fnr (Mmar raw anaase. ISnO
For lrm.ilU " ... 10 ')0
S"rtf 'inimtnar al...... 12 00
For Hlith Hrhool .... . lo,oa
And (ro rata for aarb wm.
l.nir.a mhM In adrinre.
All appbeatiuM (at adaritaton V Mito W Ore Supeila-
Tba Hnmmav Tarsi eHll eonr ArO S, K'X Tba Fall
fmm rVpfrmhar A, and the U intar T.rm, January 9, lt-a.
It la bli'hlr dMirabla tbat all pnpils ihould twu-ia at uia oi
Ine of tei-nia. No ptipila nut of the rlllar trill ba ret
a laa aeriod than on terat. and no deduetlotul for abeenee n
Off in of atrknfMa or r moral.
WATCH and Clock makinf? and Re
nalrtn r.tahit.hmant. laeatsd at Ashtabula, Aitaba
hi Cttinty, Odio, A. W. atoela proprietor. Aa-iurd br Mr.
John a. ithiiLM Rnaton. who la a practtral Watrta Maker,
and a tborourh Ma-hanla. the ooromi-ritv oan rely nnoej bav-
Int as riod work done at this atabllbTnant as) at any other
Is Oliio. w repair all kind of Watehe put In aoy
part as (t od New, and many een betiar that mty by aort
dent r be a poor It'ertvaa ba broken or ipollrd, or make a
nrm awe le erdr r. With my prewrnt fore I an able to do all
ererk tutrietad to ane wi'b mi.rk more promptRras than be-e-ttre,
aod aa rVm thie date I shall not riT snr erprit, will
enable m to eel I all frcds in m? line 60 per aettt lower than
e'er befo-e offend lo UUs county. Tail and sre Steele, tne
Watch slater, at .No. S sleuiaatcs liow, AUitabula, Ohio,
April 1, lfM.
N. B. If any bar Watches thai bar been po"ed be poor
Wo'kmen, thry ca.ii l.ae tbem msiia as yrood aa Kvw, and
warranted to keep rrod time at this Er.tMihment. aja
UULMJ, !Slitn
Shin, Sitrn, Fornitnte
be lev lo Inform the lphblsjita of Ashtabvla and vtdnlty,
tbat thry bar opened a bop, rr J. P. Pobertnon store,
wher they will be found alwari on hand to oieeute the follow
Inn in a workmanlika manner, Plaia, Ornamental, Preeco, Si(rn,
f urnltiire Enamel and Carrlae t'alntine. Imitations of all
kinds of Wood and Marble, flags end Ilanncra Pmnted for
ProreeRions, fte., window suede painted anj drfiKn, liromun.
I aeouerinr, VarnlaliinK, Japanuinit. e. Pareiuoe, Oloilog,
V biteaaklD, UlaUiig, lie, 4c. Work by contract or day.
Airare KiytrT, n. L. Mokkiton, Oto. llaix.
bt.bula, klarcb , "t
Family Groceries!
HC. TOMBES, Is now refittine; aud
a replenlshlne tb Stor recently occuupied by PrenUrr
S lorn bet, aad will coutinoe the busuiew oe his owa acoount.
Tbe nature of the busiueis will ba substeaUajly the aaioe ae t'
has been,
Dialing in Product.
Aod keeping on hand for the retail trade a choice aad careful,
selected assortment of -
Fa mill G roar Us.
The exteiitlve additions now nuking to the Stock on hand, will
gire bun a Stock folly equal, U not superior to any other In
this section of the Stat, and a tier oar been porcbaaed at
tbe low eet cash rates, and wni e sold at a etnau acrance irom
cost the publi may eeeure their eupplla on the most favor
able terms, r root trje enaraeter or we uooui, tue courwer.
pmmptneee and fainaeaa of the manner of doing buainee, th
satfem er nope to ercure a snare ei puoue pai.ron.re.
it. St xoAinE.
Asbtatula, April 24, W7.
Yet on Earth, aud in Ashtabula.
TIIE Soltscribcr (being aware
that taraWMV if kiss AM MlblrMH SkMfl Mtftlff ft fh
irWrift ountrr tr lgiHrnt of bis wiiet-Mboutf. tnins)
p4ibp tsiinkiDg ttut h b goo Wct, Dd othenibtvt h hM
ftbtarsvt tbo fcito of ai otber poor fellowt vbo diotl of
sUrv&tton.) iftkei tk.M mfttbod to inform all who my vaitt
nrtfainr in hi tbat be till lurvWei, and although veme-
1TU IlUUt UW wtu CUU1U vas m tu giltwi, ir rn,HJ IU nnuwarur-e vea-
ryiuf- oo bia old tuHaMs, hre b will ever be bappy to at-
und to tue wante ot toe t. .luinujut lor pani nvrorw, ue
would tuoot rcepcctfuiJj f licit a coutiniiaucc and iucrea&o of
tbe tame.
Hub tin-;, spotting and arfttt KLfl made to order, witn all
the modern iraproventen .aud warrmntMl in overr narticular,
Turin in price from $ to $ OO, aconMitur to finieh aud
llxturee. Shot Gun I ubt and Hinglo, wuh aoroatreascute
completo. biogw and rt toivmf mw. Also, mt oeti uma
oitloa in town. Call and ae.
Shop on tbo corner of beooad hire t. North nft and near the
Eplrcopal Cbarcb. J. . HALL.
I AalituVwila, June 1T.
JL Eealar Fare from A th tabula to War- ,
ren ha be-o pnt at Two PoUare, sod from Jetteraon to Aiut
bula, Hftj Ovist.
You tbsl want to rile cheap and eomfbrtably can do ao by
talviog thii Moo. Tbe entire liu froia Ash tabu 1 to Salem hal
rHo stocked with good boreea, Dew eoacl.ee and teiphs, robe a,
sVc We mca to put traelen fbroorh ou ttm. and with oom
fort, e krw aa they cau travel by tbeir Own conveyance, and
wirnoui tne rrouoio. n. r. U 4. c. Ci H trt,
OtnceaAebtavbuia Honse, Atabula ; Prvntioa louse, Jf
' ereon. January 14, IWT. 69
Photographs?, Melin9tjpet, & Daguerreotyp-a.
WC. NORTH, of Cleveland, Ohio
would reapectfully Id form tba ritueite of Afhtabnla.
that h la preparti at all time to take. In tbo beat etyle. tba
flnoet aud njt durable life-like plcui ret tbat may b called
lor. rivtng Doenengntffoa iu tut a Art tnr a nomrjer oi yeaxe,
and having e perf-et kAowiede of cheinlrALe njaod in prodtve-
tng oeMtttui rceuiux ana aorrinx cp wiuj tne unite lu any
otw or f alu&ble unprowiocnt in nie lino, bo it fully able to
rl. tbe beat of MUtf action. w aro daily taking tbo ricbet
Ambrotrpoa tbat can be found in tba Statea. All are warrant
ed durable, aod will euit any who may favor ue with a ciU.
Tb Melainotyr- picture is getting to be very ppalar, are very
ui table for locket picturee, as they can be bttd in ny tibarxd
locket or case, Uir maku a rery brilliant picture, tiinUar to
tbe Anibrof-jT1. Fhotoffrapha magnified to aoy sit dcirrH,
aud colored true to nature by one of tha best ArHts to be
Ibuud. Photnj-rapns made from email pictures of living or
deeeod persons, eud colored in oil. Numerous tpecinrveua on
exhibition at luy rooms, aud ahiUd be happy tn wait on any
of tbecuixvns of A ab tabu la, tbat may be iiitio Clevolaiid.
wtvetiier wirbtus likeiaessre or not. A 11 art invited to ca li.
Rooroa open from A- till & P. at Mrlodeon Kail, 77
&upsjrrior at ttt. V. C. NORTH.
Cleveland, April let, 1358. ' 432
A At J. E. Chapman's Variety Store, nntU farther notice,
will he opened oa
Tuesday, Toursday.anJ Saturday afternoons and
In the afternoon Ymm J till S o'clock tor Ladies, and in the
venuig lor I on nft sua.
Come sperM a pleasant honr or tiro
And uaui'ul knowledge fain.
Zdr A Book for Everybody, -a
i ULER'8
-A--' rrea
craat wot k for the married.
oi those oocrtemplatiog marriage
i wo uuuarou pages iuu ot
fMc ivnrav awnt tn all raatrtjj.
. 4 uudtfr omi T mall, posjei paid.
wwu ontnoa so to me pan rear,
Th ae.Mr.laa sn.eK-aa.sl mi .las.
1 man led happy. A lecture pa
mcs, or now to ebooro a rart
nr, a couinlrte work on Hid-
wtiery. U eon tains hundreds
I- 9 (ocrets nerer bt fore pubUcb--Jjtmmt
ad, warranted to be worth
tore times tha amount aked for it. 1 cents in sped or
nostatre stamp, ottcloeed, will aecura a onpy by return mail.
ljT Pa. TELLER bas deroM a lifetima to tbe cur of
nun isoi oa wtuoa ma doox uoaia, aiireM.
J. TELLfcR, M. I)..
Kn. I, Bearer at., Albany, K. T.
fi"3T Da. Vicwom Fimalk Pti u, i a box. M'h full
rectsona. Hfot br mail. Addreer Dr. Trttri. af irvm.
f ONEV: WANTED 1 Tbe snbcriber
i'A is ia Want of Hooey, aad would respectfully ask all
wiose uaaauveo w aim etuMr oy
Note or Book Account,
ta sail and help bins ta all tb Cash they eaa immediately, as
n maes n ruiiOs 10 f nAote oira to meet bis enra?eiente.
And 1 would say to ail thoM eepocially whs hate not settled
thau aeosaai previous te u iu ot uctouar, that 1 sat aeal
re of
Closing; all toy Accounts to date.
I wish to sioaa ssy books at asea, sad rosiest aoaUaae te sell
oa atadit, aoJy to psreous who arttla their soeoaat af tea, aod
pay promptly. Every perroa will know bow ta rate bhueelf by
the shoes statement. I Croat thee anil be ao delay aa th
part af say fnsods to a lecersl reckoning of scesaal. Tas
tiroes demand it. The tntoreat f sola debtgy aad iBsdiavi
reader ouch s courts absolutely aeosanary.
Casta is ths most aaueahis af soy tbiuL bat aaarre all kiads
SI aroouoa wul oa rewivai a note mm eraonat.
v ery respvcuttiiv, sc.
A.btabola, Dee. t, lboT. CEO. WILLAKB.
Fatsot Neei-Ejiplaatvs SeltMieaamUBt
List Xjmp I
Ti wuhli Is bow flavored eritS tb best aad xaet acaairai.
sal light that eaa be produced. Among tha vanoo eaperi
SMnte t aonraalaiaaB artlhraal lil'bt to U.S ssr aad n.rni.
bahtwf tae sauiral sua, Don bavs provsa susoasaful aanl Us
Koo.i,r.loivo Self-GeoeratiDs; Gas Lamp
waskneated Tats Lamp saly feenires a trial t test ttasapa.
rior advauUsea over all others, the eubstaaca need is i.a
eiatiog gas e the eawtaioa Suid I aad the lamp is s susule Iu
lie euiuLmetioa that rt j,, b, , Jl,tf. uat M lureuully io
keep it is i"od bairoiue order it terma it owa gae, bvuigevap
arwed and decomvue ay ua na seiertneauen; wur ps'sat
burner caa b. blicd to aoy orduary euld ian,e with little s
pn, ao ttl-,ui LU ui c.,t,ia da-is-er or etiplwlon. The
WP us rasuect ia seuty, suai.tliij eud ewooo.y ie aaequal
ed by any ta tb a4i. nr ale by llaAliAJJ doil W
bO.N, who ow the rt(r,t las A.btauile 4M
HARDWARE. -llravy Hardware.
Shovels, Hnee, Aies, Mwhaiic'e ole. Saw OS sU
ktuna, Masoa Trowaiil, fults, llunv axlurra, hla, Hty va
ntumg aiioe't, euprt.jg a euiRiUi a.aniism af'heib
Ueavv a alialf Uantwars, lu Sal Iu by
F'KlT k HOViBisr,!.
T PAKE care of your Soles I The sub-
srriias ba arninei abop.
Over H, I'absctt's Office. .
for !cmvg ssm Jttpairiitg JSvmd elrecf ,'
ariaalar parUoee, "roilBUMI," whioh I wiH do with
aUe aad 4"ual., aa4 as bi-im. aa r..i......ii v,ta u.
haid liu.aa. rinrr (... u a call. Y S. ItwWKl.l.
AhUhuia,Jali,,li,V . tSI
Ducro TJiother's
Veie Cabinet Wan Rooms Aihtalula.
v 111? srrWRlPFI!" would re
. ft.llr luf.mn the H'irns of A.l.ti
and riciiilty that they hare opened
New Cabinet ware room
tn tbe V'il'riftr foTwiMy aMapld M tbt slot of" Mr. Bteward,
son'h wrt Main ntrpn.
lU-Hnsr hid, duTins; a rfiinee m wrroarrf, an efseiin ow
portunitv r k-arning thftr buatn'a muiu dpsrti--Tt't, aud
La rinc ai- Krrnl ran in tbe Ki'itorn Btatee and a er
ried en lnilnis m fff-nwn, r the tart two yearn, they fral
ftutlkoriaed to say that they ran prMnt eustomara with work
tn tbis aonntry. An aaaortmant of Ueman. Frraeli and K&f
isneersnhsndreedf ftr nthiMtloa ta visitors, and their eU
sre reepeetfullv solicited.
We s determined sot to be ostdone, ettber In the qoallty
of our work or the eheapiwe of sor srtlelre. tV 'a ou
t order, promptly, aad warranted to give eerlefactioB.
Kept ob band, of sll kinds and sites, aad mads to ardor, as
tbe .fiprtst notice.
lW IVta't fi.ret b p'ac snd sign of
cvffl.vt r ty- covfuv H JJtEnooMs
three buildings sooth of V. J. Jones S Co." lUrbl Shop; and
remember to call before pnrohaaing elsewher.
ArhUbula, Jan. 1. !.' "
Ashtabula Marblo Works.
TIIE subscribers repect fully In
forms the eltirene of ti lt at.d adioliilnr
eoentlre tlie heving pun-bared the ecUre stock
Ma.ble Ac, of the wrll known eslsWirftnent of K I
J. Jones Co, they are fully prepared t furnish J
any deeoription of
t.v.i.....i..tn TTdnVtitAhaa .t- n K
of the best ttslian and Rutland Marble, la a supe
rior rrvie oi ftnicB ana ae'iga.
We here, end will keep eonrtatitly on htid, finely earred
Cape. lAmhs, Kokcs, I illirs, Wreaths, and Draperiee, on Mar.
ble of any oVrired thickness, also Furniture Marble of any
patterns, finished in the neatest manner. ..
I'einetery Lot enclosed with poets and chain at reasonable
rat .Mi.
Wt eordiallr io-rlte sll. to e all snd se for them selves, and
examine our rtuclr and prices before purchasing elrewftere.
Ashtabula, Msy ,loof VIM. WII.I.ARl).
Cabinet and Chair
T SAVAGE, would call the attention of
As the ritirrni of Ash ta' uia aud Tl-tnltr, to his present
stock, comprising
Mahogany ofes ;
" Tet a Teres ;
" Centr TaMas, rnnrblt tops I
H Chaira, spring erat ;
" Kosewood, Maple, dressing 1 oomzuob Bureaus ;
1 Wth Stands, common Tables, Beadrteads, and
, Staods ;
1 arre Mahogany locking cliaira ,
fcmall '
Large cau seat, can back do:
Small " ft" " do.
Cane seat and tndsor rhaln in variety
Jan. , IR67. 2S-tf
Stores, $ totes!
STOVES. The subscriber has now ou
band a verr large stock of Eastern msd Stoves, which
wiU be sold t vorv low prices (tar eesh. Among which are
1 be Eagle H"t Air low oven Cook b'tove.
Hoperior " "
" Centurion. (The best elersted oven used.)
" King, elevated orrn Cook Store.
" ftesideut, " ..
Northern Light, " " - "
" Cniou, "
" Amisou, "
Wee'rn American" a a a
Jev-ett h Iloot s i'arlor oven,
Vesuvius" " (2 sizes)
The So. Sikt, i'emviaa Parlor, a llh open front
The Oeui i'atlsr with open front.
The No. 2 3 t. Russia hheet Iron Rrlf Regulators, got
up in the best sty ie; afro a good variety of liox Stoves, some of
which arc well adwted to warming Churches It School Konins.
A.bhtit, Oct th, S
K O O T Sc
at their old Emporium
l.rfi pairs Men a unck Moots, o. t a,
an no Kip rioota, no 7,
do do Calf Boots, dn 1.
do Boys thick Boots, ds 4,
do do hip Doota, do 4,
do Youth's Calf Boots, do ,
dv Ladies' Kip, Calf, and Enamelled Leather Boot.
best's Congress, Gaiter, hid; Calf, and Enamelled Leather;
oo uunaio ana Kuooer uversnoes;
Ladies' Morocco, Kid and Lasting Congress Gaiters:
do Jenur hliud Patent Leather and Enamelled Buskins;
do Mlk Lasting Waiters, roxed all round;
do Morocco and Enamelled Gaiters;
Wisses' lasting Gaiters, No.'s 10 snd 12;
do i.naiDefled and Calf Lee Boots, 10, to 2;
Chrldreu's Calf Laos Boole, for winter,
ds Lasting Tip'd Gaitem;
ds kloroooo lce Boots;
Boy's Calf, Kip aud Patent Leather Shoe;
Ladies' aud Gent's Rubbers, buskins and Sandals;
do do Cork Boles.
In fact aver j thing In ths line of Boots sod Shoe. HiiIok
given this branch of business our special attention for eaveral
yearaknowing the wants of tb eommruiity, and having none
but the vry beet of wsrk, wa think w n think w can safely
say that, ta this line we are not to be beat Call and look
An too wiu. n cos-vinced. U00T a M0K1U30N'.
Ashtabula, Oct , laoA.
"VrOULD respectfully snnonnce to the
V V citizens of Ashtabula, and surrounding oonntry, that
b bas recently purrbeacd the entir interest of E. Howell ta
tbe Daguarreiaan businnss in this place, including his Paper-
type, recently patented, aud thst h ta piepared to take correct
likenesses, in all ths diilerent branches of ths art, and in the
aiosteptiroved style, lisviug had several year's experieuot
wlib ths Srst artiste in the country, 1 am enabled to keep up
with all the improvement, and feel safe in saying 1 will turn'
ish as good pieturea, eud correct, to the life, as can be obtained
anywhere ia this section of country. No pictures shsll go
from my rooms, that srs not entirely eatisfacxoiy, and war
ranted. Pictures taken on patent leather, if desired, lock
ets and Mlnsature Pins Cikd at reasonabl rate. Particular
attention given, in taking ehildrene' likenesses. Rooms, first
building south of the Lauk, Main-stroet. whsr 1 can always
be lound Irom a o'clock, A. H. to I, si. 11. A. i Atixu.
Old Pictures copied, and new one taken ia any weather.
Anhtahnla, July 1Mb, IHoT.
Tb New York Weekly GOLDEN PEIZE is on of fb lar
geel and beat weekly paper of the day. Aa Imperial Quarto.
contatoing lion raoxs, or roxrr rou'sns, of eniartaiaiiig
ongiuai maiivr, ana ieganuy uittriratea ry aea.
A GIFT worth from 6V cents te (Ms) 00 in gold, will b prs-
ssatad ta each aubscriber iTunidiatoly on, receipt of tas sub
scrtplios Boney.
On espy for on year $2 00 and 1 girt
On copy for two year M snd 2 g'tts
Oas copy for tbree yesrs S oo sad I gil ts
Ou copy for fits years S 00 aud 6 gut
Three sonies ana year $S 60 and S gift
1 iv o ie on year t 00 aod t gift
Tea copies on year Is 00 snd 10 girt
Tweaty-aas copies sas yaar Stf OOaad 21 gilt
Ths articles to distributed sr ccrmra-omiaed ia th follow.
tag list:
- 2 Paakage f Gold, eoniaiuiog $SO0 00 each
2U0 00 ach
luO 00 each
loo 00 each
16 09 each
M 00 each
60 00 each
66 00 sack
14 da
16 Patent Uvwr Uuasiaf Cased Watches.
20 Guid Watches . . ,
6 da
l'O. da
& Ladias Oeld Watabe
2u0 Ollvar HuaUng Caasd Watches
SO 60 eh
6m0 Silver Watches SiO to 24 00 ach
louv Gold Guard, Vast sad Feb chains 10 ta DO 60 each
Gold Locketa, tlraeelels, Broovbos, Ear Drops, Breast Plus,
Calf Plus, Kleev Bullous, Kings, blurt Btuda, Watch Reya
Gold aad btltae Thhnblos, ana a vsrsstjr of ather articiaa
worth from Kifty oruta to $14 each.
liwmidiaurly oo reoetpt of the subscription svnoey, th aab
erlber' asm will he entered . u our subacilpluM aeok a.
poaite a aumber, aad the gift eorrewndlug with that an ru
ber will bs forwarded, witbia oa week, lu aba subaoribu. Of
ssatf r sifria, peel ast.
t7F Ail ooiirniliu aUKMS shaeild be sddraeeed ta
ltKAN m BAl.TF.a.
4 snd 44 Mnfat leaflding. He Uroedwav, hew York.
" Specuaeu soptee seat Ire. Ageale wauled. da&Vu
I?Oll CASH, yon can boy Moots & Shoes,
J I'ulei Uuie. a little ebeainrr af M. Pail.:.ira. (tu Ilia
alga of Uia Big Bttl, l.aa yea taast auy stoc io lu ouauir.
A-Jjtabula, ei.t. -', .'w
Just rublitihetl-l'rie 6 Cents-Tost Fre.
ar.aitis, Aethnia, tr.Mi, Col-ls e4 hervous Alfve-
. TKAI.Y ii.l.Httilv, Grvl turer of
CoiuuuitAivn, hew ( ui t iljr put l'lv
V.ir.'tM Pills
Orro Mr.ntitaio Ointment. .
PNr.nfMiriila. .,
( liil'tren's Panacea ...
Kvs Lotion ,
perer aud Arus Betnsdy .
Health Htlti re
Ilveeutorv frnip
t'oosumntivr s Halm
BsralMll S l t. t .IhfvUcos ,
far mt, or. rt,
, . !- ete
, , per bottle '.i")
. rts
, . ill rti
,, pee b-t, 60 cts
par p ar. 2ft ete
far bottle Ho.'is
W oo
. !..'-
(Iraltri.brrtra I lls Remedy " ' JI.UO
tlaiiual ol Mealtb ,, ...... , per Sftpe, 26 cf
For sale by th city druriristsi sis by astute lu ths orlnel-
pal towns ia Ohio,
Hurtfnrd. Trumbull Co. 0. Msreta Vh. 1VT.
I hereby eertifr that I bar heea dealing tu the Orarterberf
Medicines ror wis pa.it rear, and can truly r that I have
never ottered aiy mciicines to the public that bars met witl
tbe dert-led ari-i-otiation of tli people like lhee, partlcularli
tb Pill, and Cathollcm-. Tl-ey will resdily perform ell end
mere tbsu is nromi.ed for them. I fasve sold about flrtv bot
tles of the Cstbniiooa tb p-ist season, and I hesr th beet re
sults la ev-ety asss. J. H C JOHNSON, llelical Agt
Pead what Dr. Bituhnell mvs of tb flrattsnborg Ueillclnea.
Dr. B , Is a pliyali isn f rileuslv prsctic, and one af th
most sucressnil in the county (Trumbull) In which be resides.
Thl orrtitlee Hist 1 nave erd ths Qradenerg pills and
Ifsrshsll's tthollcoa, sold her by J. H. C. Johnson, in aiy
prasUce to ruy snthe aatitfacUou. Tuet are gofd medicines.
, Dr. O W. BUSU.NbLL.
Hartford, TnunbuU to. 0., March T, 1967.
I an a physician of thirty year's practli. My principal
study bss been disease of femele. 1 hey bar generally battled
my best effort. Obtaining the materials compft.itig Mar
shall's pterins Catholioon, I was p'eased with them; gev
them a fair trial, aod found mreelf abatidantlv succes.fil in
my former prsctic I could only mitlgat th symptoms of
about bslf th easvsand could not cur on In ten. Now I
csn radically core at least seveutren is twenty and mitigate
thsrtft 1 consider Marshall's Uterine Cathalicoa ths grsat
eet blescing to female I have met a ith.
J. H. WILLIAMS, H. D, Charleslaa.
West Bedford, Coshodoa Co Vy 14, '67.
Mr H B Kinrly, Sir:-1 bar been eeliing the medicines
of the nra?eiilrg compact for tits last ten years, and have
InvsriaWy found them to gi good aallshction: and the pills
1 bare sold to a grest nuiiir nitnillns au regularly as their tea
and ooffce, and with my trad thev bar become s staple ar-
ticls. Mareball'a L'tetin Cstliolicon is a medicine that has
done a great cmount of good In female dinar",. rn ladv I
sold It to told rrt she hftd received more benefit from on bot
tle than she did from a long course at medical treatment by
tha most skillful physiciana, Yours trulr,
For tale by "
W. R. Af.I.EV, Jiffe'son.
A. R. BECKiWNI, New Lvme,
A. McCaCSLAND, Rockcreek.
T. CUHTIt. Trumb'ill,
N. PARISH, Klngsvifle.
L. LYONS, Connesut.
ii. MOKDAN, Hartsgrove,
P. 11. MILLER Co.. Austiukurg.
B. M. NORTON. Audover.
H. SPRING, Geneva.
And br one Agent In all principal hiwnt in Ohio.
For Medicine aud Agencies, address
Ii. B. KLN0SLEY, Ci ariti.Ass,
430 Agent for Ohio.
or ths
Mutual Benefit Life limnrance Company,
Bslauc per statement Jan. 18f4 f"!,?30,00S 47
Premiums roc a aunng tbe year Hi7,tiV 7
Interest ree d during th yew 138.816 60 ,
Total receipts for lHott 4e,3o6 27
Paid los s unp'd Jan. 1, '64, 60,700 00
Paid losses by death du
ring the year 116,643 76
fl6.MS 76
rd canceled Policies V2,C2i 66
pd SAlarlee, tare, postage, ,
exebanre, Ac 23.903 78
Pd commissions to agents SO.S'JT 76
Pd Physician's fee 2,766 60j24,M4 66 396,821 62
$2,6,2B,cS27 OS
Pd dividends durtug th year
142,314 01
Nat balance) January 1st, 1667
$2,484,612 18
Amount unpaid, not au, sod awsitlog proofs
of death j.1,000
Cash on hand $57 041 77
Newark City 7 per cent bonds. . . i'2,000 00
Albany City 6 per rent bonds. . . . 2.Q00 00
Troy City 6 per eeut bonds "6, UK) 00
Brooklyn City 6 per cent bonds. . . 60,000 00
MsasachtiseUe Annuity bonds. . 6tK) 00
Bonds and Mortgages. .1 LrUiv)
Real E.Lite 23,1" bl
Six percent Premium Notes o3,:78 S'i
Loaus on script 6,-ill C6
Prom Notes a cash in tratuitn. . . 17.721 4.1
$2,4S4,S12 IS
Net accnmuiatiOB Jan. 1, innr.. fz.tM.nri is
ToUl of dividends paid to date. . . K61.erT 67
Total of claims by death pd lodat l,606,;;ut 60 (4,64)1,664 Sfr
Th Directors, having reserved the valo nf sll policies ia
three and obligation against th Company, besides 1200,000 of
aeciarea prouts, nare. irom tne surplus, acciarra a aiviaesn on
tbe policies uvsuoa pn.rr to January 1st, lboo.fexccpt term pol
iriee) of per cent on tb premiums paid at tab! rates, pava
ble in script to those who hav paid their premiums in cash,
and to th credit of those who are indebted to the company for
Tb Directors have alee ordered tbe payment of ths 6th div
idend, befcig tbat declared January first, 1856 ; the same ta be
paiu to roe memurrs, at roe rime tneir annual premiums bo
eomc due, during the year 1S..7. Those holding script of lb&S,
will be allowed the asm as cash In paymeut nf preminins ; and
loose wDose uivmeoo oave seen nisc41 ta tnetr credit, will re
ceive tb same by a credit on their notes as thev mature.
Bixiauin C. Mill, Sec'y. KOB1V PATTKRMON, Prsst
J AH. KKKl). Atrent at Aslitalmla.
rot thi ecu or
Incipicut Consumption, Scrofula,
General Debility, trhlt Swelling, Bhenmatttui, Dlsesee of
uie i.iver sua asm, ana au uisrascs anting from Impurities of
the Blood, aud the elfect of Mercury.
Swaim's Pakscca has been for mors tbao thirtr years cele
brated in this country and ia Enrope lot its xtreordtuary
cures for th eertiheatss of which rv fen-no is aiad to ths
directions and hooka whicb may be had gratia) scconinanyinir
th Panacea. -
It has buea Bsed in hosidUls and private practice, swd ha
had th singular fortune of being recoinmended by the most
celebrated physicians and utucr euihieut peraoua, Auions
others by 8
W Gibson, M D, Prof Oi Eurgery, Pa Cnlversity.
Valentine Mott, M d, Piof of Hurgery, N Y Cni.craity.
W P Dewass, M I), Prof of Hid, l a Ociverslty.
N Chapman, M D, Prof of Phytic, Pa Univarrity.
T. Parke, M I), Pres't ('ollcre nf Physicians, Ptiadslphia.
Dr Del Vallo, Profcwior at sledicino, Havana,
Jose Eonronco, de Lux, Prcf of tfnrgeiy, LIshoD.
i. Chinnvan, Member Royal College tiurgeous, Londoa.
U W Erving, lata Minister to Spaiu.
Rir Thomas i'eamon, Major Ganoral Brtrizb Army.
Gilbert Itobjrtson. Britiita Consul. Ac. sa
Besides a lsrge number of ilinister of the Gocusl, Mem
bers of Courroi PilanthroDists. eVe.
And also, tha wonderful cures effected by Swalm'a Panacea
bave for mane years made it an invaluable eeroedv. The Pana
cea do aot ooutaln meroury in anv form, and being an hioo-
cent preparation, tt may tie given to the most tender Infant .
Tb retail price bas been reduced ta II 60 nor bottle, (oun
taioiag three half pints) or three bottles for $L
Duwaie of iraposilioo.
Rwalm's Panacea Is tn round bottles, fluted 'oncltudlnally,
witn toe louowing wivers siowa oa uie glass
'Bwalni's r&Dacea I'liiladu."
and having tbe name of J a. Hwafn stamped oa tbe sealing
wax, aud written on tb label covering the cork, and a new
label for th aid of the bottle, oomposod of.geometrle lathe
work, comprising nine different dies, wbtrb have bceen turned
for the exclusive use of tbe proprietor, by Draper a: la. Uank,
Note Enrrarers, of Philad. For dies of different patterns from
the body of tli work, and in the centr ie a vortratt of th
late Mom Swaioi, separated from tbe border by two circles of
lathe work. 1 b words "Swaina Panscea, srs engraved con
spicuously on two turned strips, aad s large semi-circular die
ioross the uppr aisrgin. Tu borders srs composed of plain
lathe work strips, euUide of which is engraved io small letter
to entry ot in oopyngnt.
Also, Swdiai's Veruiifuere,
A valuable Family Hedieide, being hirhy approved reme
dy for the diseases arising front dehi'ity of the digestive organa
auch aa worms, cholera morbus, dysentery, fever snd sgu,
bleding nils, sick headache. Arc A pamphlet accompanies
the Vermifuge, which may be bad gratis.
Prepared only at Swaim'e Laboratory Old stand Seventh
street, oelew Cbeetnut, Pblladrlnhia, snd sold by sU tha re-
spectauio iiruggisu 10 ins vnitea at es.
Caution to tbe Public.
Persia wishing toehtairi the genuine PANACEA, sad VER
ULFUGE, ehould bs csrcf'tl to observt tLe asms.
kit S.I Kg
is sptllrd carrsrtly ftn the bottle and labels, or Ihey msy b
imposed apoa by aiedirluce made ta imitation f them hy
parroa bearing somewhat slmllsr name, weU calculated to
ui'ceHva, bcuerat Ageoi lor in t tilted histcs,
Bcueffelin Brother cV Ci.
tWtM no William street, Now York.
More thai
$25,000 Worth of Merchandise.
rPUE ondersirrned is now recicvinrr di-
A rect from New York his dprssg sad auumvr stock of
goods, which Ut variety, quality aud nuantity hav uever
bea xeelUd ia this tuu-ket. goads have bea avlected
with great cars aud will bssuid for cash or ready pay, at a
small advsoe from Orst cost. Ia no eaa do I intend to be
andersold. 1 boo iu went of goods wiu ds well to us'l aad
SBjuuv my goods snd prices bd'ors purchasing slsevrhor.
30 tons of Heavy goods Tot W uu II cauai.
Pardculsrs hereafter. GEO. WILLAIU).
Ashttbula, May 16, 166T; 26
llKg tlaav Steal I
tent improvements havs taads la ths aaaaafaoturs a
eta! psns, aa we judge from soma we have lately received from
th uiaAteZMtory of J. P. buow. S wry pea in ths lot is aios
ly poiniod, and will writs two a much as ths ordinary tuq
ported or other .Ujl paaa, ia summon as- W nioouaauvad
t all who use steel pen, to give th prefvjanc ta th) isaa
afactured by Mr. nuow. (rx tea Uhc American.
SOTBMeny l UArUA.f.
Ashtarwla,D. 10, 1867 41a
OA TONS OP IRON etnbrsclnjr all
AW J sties of Rnsela. Swaeda, and Eorltsh Fist Bar Iroa.
pound aad Hoiisra Loa, of all sates iivra i. inch to 21. tocjuta.
Hoop, bmi. Ht,k, feurelL Oval, aud Half Kouad Uva.
lot) Hols. Nsii Hods.
26 hl.ls. Spring blral sssnrtsd sire a
Also, American, English iiu.wr, Uerauvu, sad Cset Steel. T
sal (owJ.e U:0. WILLARIX
W REDHEAD, Successor to 7c
TfKiMHd, at bis aid eatbltebd Shop ana door
South of th bank, bas now ou hand, au4 lor ssle, a larre and
splendid aiwurtmsul of liamese of vry dtacrlutluo, which b
will sell for rvMMly fiay, a. Lo as eaa b found slsewhr lu the
ounty, Persous willing to buy a goad substantial teain or
Osrruu liarnwM, Will Slid it to their advautrvS ttt call and
Saau..u his aoik heuir purchasing elsewhere. All work gut
p la Ui newest styi. Slid for clruo sad dunhiliV, UvuUut
be siiruaased. All wurk wsrranted.
Wni' a-v-l!i aawrtmnut af tt hip wa sever aaVr'S nor ban
as ntap as at preernt. lie le ale prevarv to So all ataus at
sar. iari tnauuiug with seaCprse aud airwh.
Bsr.tiatao, af sll kinds, piumptly atwuitrd to. Tie aot for-
Cbs plaos, eu auor auiith ot tu Bank, sWia Btrcei, dvhta
, Uhu. Jons VT, i1. At
;oJ Purifier, and Blood Fills.
PI: :'EASrS V AN0. 1'lSlI K0
Vt. riohacVs EeindlnTia rtmtllfS.
1 I ...
1 1 t s r I 6 i . I 1 a I 1 1 i I T
itutsissiiiiiifiui; I
11 I
B 1
1. a.--.-
A ITER VEAR3 of Stndr snd Exper-
X JL Imonl, Dt. Pobtrk, U FnitTt. nt 9trfrf1ih ('hvRiclmi,
nivrOpd in prtdurins medlclns from twntr-thr dUfTcni
t snr ten of motiritnln ho'b) of hij nuttvp Und, wliich urtus dlrvct
It upon th wapcn of di'-wc ia tlir blood, mid bv rpBtortnjr iti
oorruptrd fountain of lif, to eonditioa of bith And ptiiitv.
err4llpiilitPSAs from tb vpitm, wbfrTr It mr W rorwtd,
whftfvsr rmf t it ftirftir. ImHRMM' n. BM-vont com
pl.itntsL Bhiieptic, and ilior ftt-i. eourti. fwnimrilion tn Its
Mrly sUrtM, oi-t throfit, bronchltl. ft-vr sxi A igne, -thmA,
low eipiriu, fjoxitisj incApAclty, tYmtotrra wpaknw, prtokltnK of
Ibf arkln, flympoiTistits rf rmrftlyntn, rhfnm-tliiHB, Mumlfriivta
tmor, CAuror, jiVtr, lMituir tnd firMHtT, dlnrrbvya, ind il
othrr disontt'in of Uif or-Tun-i of reftpir) Km, tli liver, ud kid
wrt ne iiornAcn, tn ncrrfM, or Uie muipoitftr t.wr, r unwr
riiip'r eurod br tbU prOtaiton. It in to th mnfrrtt wm-fo
or ifdp if dirf' what hi. alknli H to ah Bctd: It ou(riliro
thrg with hsjo1t) certAtiitr, wl.ilr At tli mm ttm it r-'l-lafe
th ettionA, rtrrmrM ot-rtructlf-Pt from th Uwcit,
citnotit. rerrPWi borlilr viror. And rccirAtn rv
atiiinAl function tiurh is tM nAtur, ttioh ar tii ffwnif ,
Pr. RobArk' fAtvotit Scmtinavnn Mord Pnnfirr, whlcit. !f
tAkn In onir.rtion with lil Ft-andinAv.AO Itlood Fill, will
not only oblitsrat tb mo"t pMiiful d;.rt, but prerrut their
tccurrnc, nd rfiif'bAii lif bvond the onlinirj ftpaa.
In the rcand.na jAn w table Blood Pill, Dr, RobAck
pr?ntt th rrault of twnty yn of xprtnr, hard itudr
and Mperirrwnt a to what a nrfecl iU hovld b. No on :
cn dmtut thir nprnritf tiVr on iitifrl thai. PH? of the !
ScAiidiiuvlAD Blood Pill. U6 ceuta per box, or fire for (1.
Pem Mtatui ConntT, Ii.d., Aupr- 4, 11fT.
Ir. C. W. Poback: Ihivf rfCfifd ao muoh liilit front
vor 8cAndinAvin Blood P-JitOir and Blood HH, that 1 bar
thought it my duty, and it ia no lean mr tnclinntion, to give
vou a tlain stAtf-mcnt of tu caA. I wa for TArs afBictd
'with that bn of all comfort i, and frlciency in' buninr-A dyt
pia. To rcranitulflt all tho-all-d rindii which I hara
upd to ild myself of thii dl-pAr. would indcd msk a mPiAti
choly catalokru. I aleo conititd with the ltt phynlriaua 1
could hear ot I wu Induced to try your n-mcdiea thmurh
thprnAflon of a friend, and aftrr nuinfr tbn a few dava
waa irreatly bnenttd. and tn a abort tnur, lexi than a montb.
1 wm ntnrlj-- and permAnantly currd, I wai alro affile td
with thfi niOtit Tloitnt nrvou hcadacb. which I tmppn waa
traduced by my disordered itomcht for wbo my diepria
Aft , mv badne)( left with it, 1 no feel Uttar la tmy
rvepect than I bar for tan veara.
Var truly you JOHN' 3. CEMUTIf.
CiivoiffVATi. Friday, 8pt 4, Wjt
Pr-RoriAf-ir rnr Fir; HaTinp; born aftiicted with nenrai
irlorrbeuniAti;Ln for the pant j far and a half, and havina;
An yanr medicln. (mll-xl th hcandtnavian Blor.d Puri-lor,
hlphly rcominndcd by f-eotlomen with whom I aru acquain
ted. 1 whs inducod to try it, but not before I bvr Urd rariona
otber owdictnea- Anrnaiiia: two bottteiu 1 frit it effect very
encibW, and upon nFii(t two mnr, I found tnyelf per
fectly eurwd. You will allow me, tlierefom to eonKraUi.at
yon "upon making a diiycovrry in medicine which la prorn(r it
eclf to be a woiker of auch wondr in th di-w. of the hu
man ajjilly GROhGB H- BKNNETT,
local Editor Cincinnati Daily Enquirer.
If'DAH.rotiA, Wdnad.y.8pt.S, 18.r)7.
Pr. C. W. Kovack Dear Sir : -Ilavmf been troubled for
aareral year with ewtmne deibility and weakneea, m murhno
tbat I waa nnable to attend to my ordinary bittinea at time,
aud bavietj beard of tba wondrful m that your Scandina
vian Blood Purifier and Filla were eflectidj 1 waa induoed by
a friend to try them.
I have been tiffing the purifier tat tha last twelrv month a,
and find tbe medic iu fully equal to Its recommendations. Bo
valuable ia it an to me that t cannot now dincna with tha
tue of It at my advanced aeoof life eeventy-scren veara.
I cheerfully air Uiia iuiorinaUon for the benefit nf trios
imtlarSy a6ectd. MORRlrt MOKK1H.
Th above certificates and many other, can ba srn at my
office by any one at any tane. .Ot on nf my Family Mescal
Alrnanaca, aratis, from my afrents.
Manwrcfuttft, SalHooin and Office, Vo. ft Ect Fourth-st,
3dbuildinf- from Main atroet, Cincinnati, Ohio.
ForsAle by tiro. Will. an, Hemiaj it Jow?o!f. Ashtabu
la: F B Smith, KA'levtlle; R K Htono, Orweiti R W Vlnrlt,
WUlianjuftfld; K Allen, JefTeraon; L Lyon, Conneant; H
Ticknor, West WUttftinrlHd; . B I'rfttt, U ayne; Alleo A Har
rington, Colbrook; if HHttiaway k Sen, liartfiprovo: A R Bck
with. New Lyme: P Mead, Went Andovor: li L Slter( I.eou;
W W Herrick, Richmond Otitre; M Bat, Pierpont; A W
HcTaufiArid, M'trran; O W Aodru. East Trumbull; ti H tech
verH, HATjrryfiem; J 0 Dale. Aattiiiburjrt A Itrranra, Plvrn
amth: H Parrifh, Kinjf ville; Cha Barrett, Ainbor: Jjmith k
! Whit, Kllod7Ksrle: II tb Clark, ybrB-td; Sava It Sber-
iTsNsy &ay brook ; B Nortbam, Genera; lavid Van Kpa, Ciiion
till), and by Oruggiata and tterchauta generally. 18
Tba affect of this unrivalled external rmcdy upon Pcrofula
aud other viruleut ulcers aud sorca, is almost oiiiuculous. It
ttrst discharges the poiron which prodn'a snimuration and
proud tlesb, and thus the euro which its healing properties
afterwards complete are aafu aa well aa permanent.
Wounds. Bruises. Burns, and tcaldu
In Jam of tit frarHnre of the bones, injuries caused by
srara eiplo.ou, Bkuisks. BrcNa, Scalds, KiikcmatiK3il
bTirrKKMi or thx Joikta, and eoutntctlon f tle ioewa, it ia
employed and warmly rtvommeixk-d by the faculty. Thif mi
veilovie rir-iv has been introduced ty ita iuentr in ,erron
into all tbe leading Hospitals of k-iuop, aod no private houie
boid should he without it.
. UNDEaMABLE testimony.
The Idodtcal ttUfl of the Fronch and KnirUhh Armietilu the
Crimea oiticialtv eigned their approval of Holloway's Olutmeut
aa tbe most reliable dreasu; for aabre cuts, stabs, aud gun
shot wouuds. it ia aiso tuod 1 the aurgrons ot the Allied
K a vita
Both the Ointment aud Pills should be used
in the fMncing eases:
Mercurial Fniptions, Swelled GUncb,
Chapped Hands,
Btif Joiuta.
Veneral fiorea,
rii, nore uega;
Kheumatism, ' ISoie Breants.
Ringworm, Sore iads,
tSali Bheuus. Hore Throats,
hralds, Bore ol all kinds,
Fkin UUease Snraiua,
letter. ticcra.
V ounds of all kinds.
fiVCAirTIOlN't Nop are genuine unlesa the words
uJloUoaift iVttf Ftfri osst lndony" arayti eroible ta a JfWsr
atari in every leaf ot the book of directions around eath t r
box; the aame may he plainly aeeu by holding tha Uf ie tk
tight. A bandHome reward will be given to any one rendcriug
auch information aa may lead to the detection of any party or
parties counterfeiting Uie tuediciuea or vending the tame,
knowing them to be spurious.
8old at tha Manufactory of Professor Hoixowat, W
Maiden Lao, iSew York, and by all respectable Drufrfruisft and
Dealer in Medicine thjougboutthe LniKd btAtcs and theeiv
lilzed world. In pot at 26 cents, 62 1-2 cuuta. and $1 each.
ftjy" There Is a eonsiderable saving hy taking the larger size
B- Direction for tha guiu'ajwe of patient in evvry du
order aerafhxed to each box .
100,000 Acres Western Land for Sale.
ferine for sals Ou Hundred Thousand Acre of I'eal Es.
tate, situated io twenty-six different Gouctira ta lovra, Sv ia
Miuaeeeta. aud tw iu Wiscouaia. raid lauds bav boea se
lected vritb rreat ear duriur several past years, and are caoics
tracts in th districts wherein tbey sr situtd. All of them
are more or less affected by Uie lines of RoUromdt projected,
several of which are now in progress sf eoinplctioo. As tu
settlemsnt of the oountry iocreasea, tbey will rapidly advaucs
lo value, sud thus is offered laruer iuducernent tn the sneeu.
later as wll aa to tue settler tkau ba atsf to flu been uitered
lu this luarksvi
A Liberal Credit
will be riven, if desired, on nuny of these lauds. Borne of
them can be pai4 for
ia Good Tropcrty,
Includior psrsoual snd real estate, thus affording persons ewa
inr small farms, town aud village prop-arty an crportuuity to
ekohanr with nis, and procure a meet desirable home of any
dVslrabie sue, with timber aud prairie tbat eaa be found In tb
thhvingseet. Th titles being derived directly from the Unit
ed states, srs unejuaiuUottabW, aod will be warranted.
' B. P. ENSIGN, land Aeent.
Office at his resHance. rVmti) I'm. A'cwa, Abtbula, O.
Hsavy Good.
60 setts Sleet Eliptic Sprlnrs.
40 sett lrua AxlasorUHl.
frtsi sett strap Hinge.
Alio, Pstaut snd rlnlf Fsient Axles, Anvils Vices, Slsilgrr,
Iraa lisucii bvveaa, Waroa IdallesMs f 'siines, Ac
for aaia ciieap by GtO.WILl.AJlU.
sall'JSXCEK & KICK'S System of Tea
I asaueuiu. Corias aad Cvtu books, at
Vsrity,tnre, Ashtabula,,
P you wtiut Silver Ware a. little cheeper
thua to cheapest, sail at STEU'S aad se his sjiecl-
"TAGON for sale. One new two borse,
V Y lroa-ex., Buckeye m.ie j for sal cheap fur easb-
Asbtabula, Be!. iiS, '!. 4u N. PHII.UM.
SOAr t Soep ! Fay'b Best Bar Trans
parent, Genoa Eiasiva, Uoasy, t'bemlcal Olive, and K ea
sy SOAl-3, s tU. U. ttulitsird.
C0VG113 & cOLuUa .
YEK'S Cherry Pectoral, tt favorite and
excellent revwdy fur eonirbs a4 all luo- ouaiplaluU
Also ivuvar-s BalsaiBSf Ti uu t terry
Jau' tsiwctoraut
Kocera'e rtyup. Liverwort, Tar aivd Caacualajua
fvcller's tk.ui.-h Syrup
Vssgbau's Litlieutiiptte Miltaia
Keuuevtv's MtKlicl l.iavsry
Irr saulbrd s liivi:or.ur
(is.iireuated I in.-.-, ui Ceo Cieea
Kraut s bluod f urlller
fiuysutt'e .!'' aa SaisSBtllla
Ilraut's Puliuonary llal.ain
UsisLall's Lwuuv ratuolleaa
tailors Kriuale he.wr.lli
Irr Jrt m li.il s b. U.ru ("I the Lasts
f- -. -" - V V ....... t.A
lrr ti VI ttuu's Cub l.ltsir
Vegclable ( atharti
yiungartsn Halsam, rlyrup Kautt.a. t'nurl CaneHe., Ceug
lotrua-ra, Ae. lursalrbl bMiA. Juil.MI O.S.
I Ife Ills and i-lineulx Itittara,
'"piIPi ToH Fftmily Medicine tinw befors
A 111. r-iti.ic a..r .(,, ,,., ef tton.f.ila, I'lrvrs, '3mrvy, or
F.nitini.v i'l H. i-ln, m-..rand Airue, Dv.pon.i'v, Drop.v, s.i
in Biol mifvt sll rlUrv.r.- .r,,,,, v, l, to llirir ourative preperllee.
It has been omui o'i n tt.nt rl'vi tug the lt twenty-live year
Sr.wanl.or Four Milium, of persnns have been bpn6ted by th
mmt of these msuli'inne ; a f.ct w,h-b rieve volumes In fkvor
bf Ot'lreurallve prr.ve.tl...-i !. tri ll will plso them bB
yoed tli reach of eomr-tltlon in tbee.tin.ste nf every pstionl.
Br theirs tbe blood i. rv.lnrei tn a h-.IUtv rt.t Snd fr-4
from til Imimrltlea. I he evx.ro Is not winced during their
openvtifS but iiivigoraUd, and tnry mgnirs oe restraiut fioas
bn"inas or pleasure.
The sffli'teil hsve tn ths medl.dnee a remedy that rl'J ia
br tl.nr all tbet medlolne can peristole trtcct.
Pn-ivared br W, B. MOEKA T, M 0 , Preprl.ror, rfrw York.
And for sets by OEoBOR WllXAllU, DpiggW.
Aihtatnillt, Sept 11, 1167. 40S
t)h. Fa an it lypsto annrmao to tho of Sis ptlealtu
whom he has been in communication, tht hhw, In Compli
ant with tbelr pdal rn"MW, iwidrj arnmr"-11
his KAt lniitlut(oii In Nr Votk: snd he gnrmrif iTra to
attend alt prrofis sufferln IVrmi affrettrma of th Kr, wHuomw
chartA. until cirad thercht proving bt uecp"B uaenuailrd,
ad project in the donf ft om bnlnfr awlndl6 by py1n(t ax-lf-tvlrd
Anrluyorbitantfcsln advanWa and the tfiflwUr. of
still mom wrtnoff jviln, by permititnr th tw!pliAtfcB of ian
fferauti rnr-lit. br !nfprrined and uan-kiihul bauds.
Dr. H. av her stnt that ha bas u connartn batttrf
with wy pvrtrtn adverttiikr to enr dfafnrast nei'her has b
pernjiMlon for th publication of a certiflnate, purport-.
v.,. fn.tttiktta. f.fvr 1,1m St.tH fflLH HOL threfOm bO ttl"--
ble for any alarmlnjr conceiiieTic.-'S renulf n from rvhDee aaul
denperatinn. Tba lot of money ma 7 not be material to So in
rkrao-Mt but th deprivation or on of tha moft tmiwrttnt 1
lie wnsra, otipht to be reyardtd and treated with mora Uusii
rdtnary nHcitudo.
Dvafiieoa. oois in the hrad, and all dinfreesbl dHcbarjr
from th Kar, spoadiiy and penraneiitiy reniovsd, within
eautitnr u loAst pain or liicour.tiii nc. A .ui lu ait casta
7nTineri whrr BiS'formation ooi not iht.
Tbtivtf fti voaia" clo and almowt unrtiviued attfntinn t thta
brfinch of wpi-'dAt piacticr", bis eiiaWrd him to reduce hn treat
ment io sucn a dc,r o r sucoesfj as to fink tbe most OAunnrreq
and obstinate cases ykld b astc idy aileution to tLa mean
inrflfir(it7Tion uj iiro, oi in- rui.Aiinpfiia r.ar iiinrmarT-
afwhtch Pr. Ilaitlny w-ns tiie bead tw inp rete'i him fiom
bin tie In tlat city, h has iab!ifli'd pcnonnrntiy hta In
atltntlon. forth ev-etesita troatmaul af tar iJiscaers, at 7d0
ItiOAdwuy. New York.
Consultation and Kxamlnntlon curb mornincr.
Tha ollowinff rcmrclics sre offered to the pnblia
ba the bust, moat perfect, which modiral science eaa
all'nrd. Atbk'4 CaTitanTlo I'lLta have been pre
pared with the utmost skill which th medical pro
fession of this ttge possesses, and their altects show
they hyo Tirtucs which aurpass an combination
of medicines hitherto known. Other preparations
do more or less good; but this euros such dangerous
complaints, so quick and so surely, as to prors an
efficacy ana a power to oproot disease beyond any
thing which men hare known before. By removing
the obstructions of the Internal organs and stimu
lating them into healthy action, they renovate the
fountains of life and yiRor health courses anew
through the body, and the sick roan is well again.
They are adapted to disease, snd disease only, for
when taken by ons In health thy produce but lit
tle effect. This is the perfection, of naodicine. It
ia antagonistic to disease, snd ito mora. Tender
children may takt them with Impunity. If they"
are sick they will core theto, if they an well- the)?
wiit do thoia no harm.
Oivo them to some patient who has be on pros
trated with bilious complaint see his bont-up, tot
taring; fovra straighten with strength again ; aee his
ronglbst appetite return i aee his clammy features
blossom into health. Give them to some suflerer
whose foul blood hat burst out in scrofula till his
skin is covered with sores-; who stands, or sits, r
lies in anguish. He has been drenched inside anoV
aut with every potion which ingenuity could sug
gest. Give him these l'lLLa, and mark the effect
see the scabs full from his body ; bos the now, fair
akin that has grown under them ; see the lata leper
that is clean. Give them to him whose angry
humors have planted rheumatism in his joint and
bone ; move uim, and he Creeches with pain : he
too has been soaked through every muscle of his
body with liniments and salve; give him these'
Fill to purify his blood; they may not cure him,
for, alas t there are cases which no mortal power can
reach ; but mark, he walk with crutches now, and
now h. -Talk alone; they have cured him. Give-'
them to the lean, sour, haggard dyspeptic, whose
?nawing stomach has long ago eaten every snviler
rotn his face and ovary miisclo from hi body. Seer '
Ids appetite return, and with it his health ; aee the
new man. See her that wa radiant with health
and lovelines blasted and too early withering
away; want of exercise, or mental anguish, or'
soma lurking disease baa deranged the internal or
gan of digestion, assimilation, or secretion, till
they do their othVe ill. Her blood is vitiated, her
health is gone. Give her these 1'ilia to stimulate)
the vital principle into renewed vigor, to cast out
the obstructions, and infuse a new vitality Into the
blood. Now look again tbe roses blossom on her
cheek, and whore lately sorrow sat joy bursts from
every feature. See the sweet infant wasted with
worm. Ita wan, sickly feature tell you withon
disguise, and painfully distinct, that they areeatinr"
it life away. It pmohed-up noe and ears, ana
rustles sleeping!, tell the dreadful truth in lan-
fuaga which every mother knows. Give it th
'ill in large doses to sweep these vile parasite
from the body. Now turn again and sue the ruddy
bloom of childhood. I it nothing to do these
things ) Nay, are thoy not the marvel of this age I
And yet they are done around yon every day.
Have you the lesa serious symptoms of th'eser rlrft
tetnpers, they are the easier cured. Jaundice. Cos
tiveness. Headache, birleache, Heartburn. Foul
Stomach, Nsusea, Fain in the Bowels, Flatulency,
Loss of Appetite, King's Evil, Neuralgia, Gout, and
kindred complaint all arise from the derangementa
which these Fill rapidly cure. Take them perse
veringly, and under the counsel uf a good Physician
if you can; if not, take them judiciously br such
advice as we give you, and the distressing, danger
ous disesses they cure, which afflict ao many mil
lions of the human race, are cast out like the devil
of old they must burrow in the brute and in the
sea. Fries 2d cent per box 6 boxes for 1.
Through a trial of many years and through every
nation of civilized men, A YKu's Cherry Fkctokal
haa been found to afford more relief and te cure
more cases of pulmonary disease thaa any othnr
remodv known to mankind. Cases of apparently
settled Consumption have been cured by it. sud
thoussnds of sunerers who were deemed bervond the
reach pf human aid have been restored to their
friends and usefulness, to sound health and Vie
enjoyments of life, by this all-powerful antidote to
disease of the lungs and throat. Here a cold hud
settled on the lung. The dry, hacking congh, the
glassy eve, and the pale, thin features of him who
waa lately lusty and strong whisper to all but hint
ConscttrTiOH. He tries entry thing ; but tbe dis
ease is gnawing at his vital, and sh?w its fatal
symptoms more snd more over all his frame. Ha
ia taking the Ciikkkt FurroRAL now: it haa
stopped hit cough and mads his broathing easy t
his sleep is sound at night : his appetite returns,
and with it hie strength. The dart which pierooti
hi tide is broken, fiercely any neighborhood ssn
be found which has not some living trophy like thi
to shadow forth tha virtue which havs won for the
Cheeky Pectoral an imperishable renown. But
. ita usefulness doe not end here. Nay, it accom
plishes more by prevention tbsn cure. The count
less cold and coughs which it cure are the ased
which would have ripened into a dreadful harvest
of incurable diseases. Influenza, Croup, Bronchi
tis, Hoarseness, Pleurisy, Whoopirg Cough, and
all irritation of the throat and lung are easily
cured by the Cherry Pectoral if taken in sea
eon. Every family should have it by them, ant)
they will find it an' invaluable protection from the
insidious prowler which carries off the parent sheep
freai many a flock, the darling lamb from many a
Prepared by Dr. J. C. ATER, Tractiesl and
Analytical Chemist, Lowell, Ma., and sold by all
Druggist everywhere.
r.-e i axed aud said by James C. Avsc, Practical anxTAaaJyt
teal LDerrusl, laweit, siaas.
CEO. wrLI.ARD. Ashtubotsj Vf. B. Allen, Jefferson: Rtersj.
k Fitch, Geneva; B G. ebcter, Aluboy; L. J. Webster, On
waut; A. MoCauslsiid, llorgaa; A. J. slillw, Austin bur;, ana
by all itcalers in M-uVmes ev eryw'uere. irfvn
J saDutnt fasti latum, ot.klitktd special E'dnumwHl
sr las h'Mtf af las 0cA Dutrtmd, mfitcud
SPUA I Ir-Miaul aaa i-sWcww.' i'nlnu,'.
-A- view of theawful tteatructlmi of human lite, eauaed by
Revual Disrseeand the ekcri.iion. practiced upon th ua
fortuoat victim, of such dl.avea by Uuaoks, eereral years
ago directed their corjaiiltiug surgeon, aa a CHAKiTAbLB
ACT wortoy aft heir nam, to op?s a Dispensary for tbe
treatment of this class of i!ieaes, iu all their forms, and ta
flvs atEIUCAl. AUVll t. OltAllS, to all a bo apply by letter,
with adesertptLou of lhlr aouditiou, ge, occupation, hfttlt'
of life. Ac. ) aud In eases of ertrein poverty, to rU'llMr)!!,
MEUJCINEH FKtal Os" CHAlttiB. It is need ess tn add tbat
th Aasoeistioa eoininsnds th highest slrdtcal skill of th.
ago, sud U1 furnu.li ths most approved uodero treatment.
Tu llrecturs af the AsMK-iatiua, tn their A.""M lienor!
upon live treatment of 8extvial Dus-eera, fr the year ndiea
Juuuary 1st, 11M.B, exnrese the biKheet aatisfkctiiiB a ith tu
euccsse wnieb h.s atteoded th laiar of tlis t'oosultui; Sur.
gao us lb ears of Siruiatihocaa, aerutiial n eaknass, rase
potoace, Gohorraoca, Gleet, rlyvhills, tha tiis af Ouai.tsat ar
. ttll-abufia, sut., aad Oidur a euiUuiaauoe of tu sams plaa tug
tu sosulug ) ear.
Tbs Uirecturs, on s review of ths pant, feel assured that
their labors ia this sphere ef huevuluut effort havs been af
6raat broefH to tb amictcd, upecislly to tbs young, sad
ley bave resolved la dewita Ihvmeelvea, with reueweU aeaL
tu this very linivortaut aod much despid cause.
Aa admirable Keport aa hueruutorrhaia ar Vcniieal Wak
aesa, la V tea af Ouaniass, asturljatum ar H.J Abuse, aud
tuer disease uf th sexual Orua, by the Consulting nur
Jeon, wlur h will be sent by Bull (lo sealed Envelope.)
IttB tif CHArflE, en th receipt of two stamtw f..r pus
sua. Other keparts and Tract ou th uature and trovtment
ef testis! diseases, divt, So., are onuatautiy btlng p.ii.n-i s4
patuitmia distrtiiuiton, aad will be ssnt to the aU!i-id--fiome
of tbe uw remedies slid avsth.id af trt.uuul dutvwtr
srad durinf tbe last year, are of i-ient valu.
Adds., Dr. tito. K. CAI.OIIl'N', CeosulUi.g Sai-gsoe
Row. Association, N.J South Mlv 111 blieeli IhUadslpiuav.
1. Uy srdar af Uu limctors.
GEO. K ATBrHr! n, SecresaiT.
E7.HA tl. llh.AHl H 1 f L. P.'vrl l. nt
Q1I0UE anil LOT for sale, situated,
in the Village of A!)tubula, on Centre'.
in.-vt. Alsa, for sal at low ri"'VJ tla.h Top fiiigirl.s,
Koeaaser, 1 epa Musiry. and I h rvy te hint Luuilr
iaitoe, suiuMe f..r Ha'.k Ivoad b tk la.
ArtiUvjuia, t:;iy 12, 11.
!f RaEL tt-fntr.
SAM) H)H AI-K A few ihousnd
loads of rvr.t w ll I" nl4 ly the stiStcriber from tha Jo
ouniar el tn I'sun.vlvshi Aveuue'sn Ortl.odna ris"e. I
AfcttUulSf I"1 . C TOxlUtS

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