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ASH T A V, U , A :
air.rtUj Jlan,:., Oct. ! 1858.
Jl'irerf Oia S'lpmn Court.
V'11,1.1 AM V. m K, of Scioto.' '
WILLIAM B. TlIHALTi, of Fiautlin.
Attorney Gerw-r-al,
UeniVier of Roard of Pubti Week,
JOHN Ii. MARTIN, of Butler.
For ym)mt J Owiws
For An.'.ilor, :
J. C. A. 1'SIINELL, of Jefferson.
G. W. ST. JOHN, of Morgan.
NOAH UOSKIN, of Jefferson!
iHrector of Infirmary,
I? A AC R STEVENS, of Ashtabula.
Election. Tuesday next is llio day of Elec
tion. It U usual, we know, to muko a last so
leniu appeal to the pntiotism of the reader -tit
the voter, to do big duty, bat onr time hag been
so much taken op this work with oar township
fair, that we are reluctantly compelled to "let
tee Uoioti slide," so far as its savulioo depends
upon onr present admonition.
?-r Tbe Cleveland Herald in allusion to the
approaching election, says: "The Battle
Bpon us. It will bo a disgrace to the Republi
can", bdJ a fatal blow to the cause of Free La
bor, if the Democracy is allowed to win a vic
tory iu Ohio at the coming election. . But the
tactics of the Administration will certainly wiu
jnless the Republicans in their strong holds
oat full vote. Tbe plua of the enemy is this:
to abandon the strong Republican holds of
State to os without even aiming a blow, thus
completely putting the Republicans of those
section asleep, and to bring all the power
the Federal Administration to bear npon the
canvass in the close and doubtful Congressional
Districts. Thus they expect in those Districts
to elect their members of Congress, and in
Republican Districts produce that fatal apathy,
engendered by too great confidence, which shall
reduce the Republican rote in (how districts,
and elect the Locofoco State ticket. And
tell the Republicans of the Reserve that utiles
tey bestir themselves the game will be a suc
cessful one.
Cask ob iu Slater Echo. The examina
tion of Captain Townsend of the sivaver Echo
was coocladed at Boston on Tuesday, aud
prisoner was fully committed for piracy, to tuke
his trial before tho circuit court, ou the 15th
October. Several of the U. 3. brig Dolphiu's
officer! were recognized as witnesses iu 8500
each. A new complaint was entered against
Townsend for a misdemeanor, noder tbe fourth
lection of the act of 1819, to which be pleaded
not guilty, and was held in the sum ef 8,5000,
and the witnesses were held in $ 100 each. This
alleges that Townsend was engaged in the trans
portation of slav3g, and if convicted, (nukes
liable to Cue of from $1,000 io S3000,
imprisonment for three to seven yearn, according
to discretion of court. The prisoner is lepre
enled as being calm and confident that he
te sent to Charleston, S. C, for trial, and
acquitted there. Ilia counsel, Messrs. Train
Taine, will make an effort before the circuit
court to obtain a transfer of jurisdiction.
Bask Coxtboverst. In reference to
eontroversv now coins: on, between the Suffolk
bank Boston, and the new England banks,
Springfield Republican snys: The coutrover
y between the country banks and the Suffolk
f Boston waxea warm, and nw events in
Vwtory daily occur. Tbe Lowell bauk, whose
experience with iU billff we have described,
tempted, on Wednesday, to obtain them by
writ of replevin served upon tbe officers of
Suffolk, but tbey professed ignorance of
w'jereabontsj and theo tbe Lowell bnok
tioned Judge Bige'ow of the 6uprem3 court
an injunction upon the Suffolk, and an
poo it to deliver up the bills, on tbe preseuta
of specie. Gen. Cushing and B. F. Butler
peared as counsel for tbe Lowell book, and
that the withholding of the bills was
inconvenience to its business, and prevented
(Iron the full exercise of the rights a.id privile
ges guaraateed to it by its charter, and which
tbe state was fairly obligated to protect
P. W. Chandler appeared as counsel for
Suffolk, and aaiMHtoeed that it was now
to give up to the Lowell bauk its bills on
premutation of the gold tor them, which it
Ijretofore refused to do. Judge Bige.low
fused the prayer for interference and injunction
fco' ding that any bank, as any individual, had
ri'lit to keep bank bills as long aa they pleated
a td that, however tyrannical and oppressive
8 :ffoik bauk bod been, it wasuot a case aoremc.
di e or severe a to justify, nnditr the law,
interference of the court.
On Wednesday, Suffolk sent down to
Newmarket, N. II, bank, and drew 820,000
specie upon an accumulated store of its
After paying over the coin, tba Newmarket
bank turned about and sued the Suffolk for
gnj and improper anuoyaoce, and the sheriff
$5,000 of the specie to satisfy the
So the Suffolk messenger went home with
815,000. Tho suit will hardly be maiuUined,
' but the Suffolk may be taught by its commence-
men that it can be bothered and subjected
loss of interest and expense, aa well as
CRrsTAt, Falaci Destroyed bt Fire.-
' Tliiib aoted struct ore of glass aud Iroti,
- for the Worlds Fair in 153, at a cost
750,000, and in the use twiil occupancy
the American Institute Uifr was
its animal exhibition, vat dtotrejed by
, no Tuesday evening last, at aboot 5
The were soma J.000 persons iu the
nt tba time, who raauO a narrow
Very few of the articles on exLibitiou
'. saved from the rapid progress of tbe
c The loss of contents are estimated at
The building was a credit, aud
jm-at to the city, and its loss will be ft
rit us oaa. TLe fire is aupposed to
tu n the work of design. - -
. f
t J' Ti.e i'reiich Stave successfully
tie :i cuuicat of bliiii K aud drying
to, s for future ue. H Is done by
Cleveland Correspondence.
CLEVELAND. Oct. 6, '58.
F'hnd Trl'grtij'h Pome considerable in
terest has been manifested this week by our
Manufactures and Agriculturists, In making pre
paragons for the Cuyahoga Uonoty Fair, which
is to be held hi this city, commencing the 6th
of the presetit month and continuing three days.
The grounds of the Society on Ohio street, east
of Erie, have been placed In good condition,
and the indications at present aeem to warrcut
a successful exhibition. There has not beea
the interest taken In these fairs by onr citizen's
which ihpy are entitled to, and kt this reason,
many of tbe Ciyahoga County Fairs have been
eclipsed by their country cousins. But there p
pears at present to be a disposition on the part
of Clevelandcra, to make this Annuul Exhibi
tion of greater Interest thau heretofore, by con
tributing more extensively the products ..of
city skill and industry, that they may enter in
to friendly competition, with those from the
country. A large number of entries have been
made, aud there arc indications that it will tut
aurpnss in point of interest its predecessors.
Our city was visited by a very destructive
fire on the night of Oct 2nd, which destroyed
MX dwellinirs in West Cleveland. A consider
able portion of the property consumed was in
sured in the Washington Insurance Co. A
high wind was prevailing at the time, and it wus
with the utmost difficulty that the conflugratioo
was subdued. '
Fire company Ko. G, has been disbanded by
the late action of the City Conncil, aud their
Engine presented to No. 9. The occasion which
gave rise to this action of the city fathers, re
garding Xo. S, was a display of tho fighting
quaiilies of some of its members, nt the late
tournament held here, the tenth of lust Sep
tember, wheo some tco or twelve of these mo
dern heroes fell upon three firemen from a
neighboring city and gave them a. severe po
lishing off in a remarkable short space of time,
and in consideration of these services rendered,
they hate received a very polite invitation to
retire for the present from the fire department,
which they can do with tho pleasing cousola
tion, that they have left tbe department of pub
lic service for the public good, for iu society, us
it now exists iu cities," among the firemen in
particular, we too often fiud that the whiskey
jug supplies the motive power, which is applied
to tbe breaks, aud that this power is Dot always
confined to ti.e engine, but brtaki ont in other
directions, with most deplorable results, and
often by the time that the fire without is fairly
extinguished, the fire within bus been kjndled to
such an extent, that it is ready to commence its
work of destruction. Not npon inorganic, but
upon orgauic matter, and thus many a bloody
fray places the crown of a more complete deso
lation upon the ruins left by the war ot the cle-
The subject of temperance has been engross
ing the attention of the public miud to some
exteut here of late. A series of Sundny dis
courses on this subject, bave been delivered iu
the principle churches of the city, to large aod
attentive audiences, and an interest has becu
minifested which speaks well for tho future,
There are at present six different Temperance
O'ganisut ions in tho city, of which tbe Father
Matbew's is the most numerous, composed most
ly of Catholics. Tho Iudepeodant Order of
Good Templars, number some five hundred
members, divided into four lodges. The Sons
of Temperance have one hundred active mem
bers in their organization, and among (he mem
bers of these orders, are all, or oearly all, of
our working temperance men, nnd against them
is arrayed an opposition, which will call forth
all their energies to overcome, for tbe spirit of
adulterated liquor is decidedly iu tho ascendant
at present, with us, and nnless its inroads npon
the health and morals of our citizens, are not
met by a determined opposition, a fearful bar
vest of crime and destitution most inevitably
G. W. C.
gued an
Morc Habmonial PnocKKOisos. Another
national barmonial convention baa been held,
rat luuritone Valley, Cboutuuqne couUy, N. Y.
According to the accounts, the free love speak
ers, especially the women, became disgustingly
indecent iu their language. It is said that J ohn
M. Spear has boon living in the place for the last
year, with somebody's wife, ood that nndcr his
spiritual direction some rich oft fellow there has
8ent $20,000 in digging for the ruins and treas
ures of an aboriginal city. The harmonials pro
pose to estublish a homo in the valley, uhe:c
neither marriage nor any other earthly misery
shall bo tolerated. Everything .is expected
move spontaneously 'on Uio love principle."
taefted suit
ing cscse.
COfl. erna
thiuery. Two Pacific Inlands Okfs;bkd to tub U.t
tki Status. Two of the Society Islands, Tuliaa
a id Raiatea, have offered themselves to the Uni
ted States. They are said to be two of the
8 test ialanda in the eroan. and have a harbor
protected by a corul reef, which is large eoougli
to float all the vefgj's of the world. The loca
tion is very desirable for a station for our whal
in ' vesaels. It appears that on the 25th of May,
the U- S. consul at Tahiti, visited Tahaa,
during his visit the natives without his knowl
elge drew up a paper, which was signed by
tbe governors and principal officers on the island
presenting the is! aud to the United States.
Owner was oatnrally very much surprised when
the nature of the document was explaiued
binu He promised to seud it to tbe President
of the United States. This, at first, did
satisfy the people, as they wanted the "stars and
trijies" boUted immediately. Soon after Raia
tea followed in the wake of Tuhaa, and all
tbe governors, with the exjeptioo of one, (aod
be was not present.) signed a similar paper.
all that remains for the United States to do,
to accept or reject the gift
Four days later from Europe by
steamships Ilammonia, at N. Y .(one
the Bremen line which exploded her maga
zine, and killing two or three others
was compelled to put back,) and Nova Sco
tia n at Quebec. A report from' Mr. Tar
ley, tbe electrician in charge of tbe Atlan
tic Telegraph at Valentia, affirms
there is still some chaaca of its working,
inasmuch as faint signals are still received
froui Newfoundland, but at the same
expresses the belief that there U another
defect beside that heretofore keowu,
locality of which can only ba determined
at Trinity Bay. There is no political new
of (importance. ,
Moss ef tuc Austria' Pass exc era.
Tbe Korwegkta barque, sceu about
wreck of tbe Austria, ou the morning
the lire, has arrived at Quebec with
j luora ff the surviving passenger.
Somkwimt SrKNStm.K. A graduate of Yale
College, oim lloRATto Hubbbu, a lawyer o.
fie City of Brotherly Love, has been appealed
to for a contribution of 85, assessed against him
ss a voluntary tax apon all graduates, to liqui
date a debt incurred in tlie erection of a hall
for the Linonian Society, a lltertiry "instilutlou"
connected with the college. Mr. 11. domurrs
to tto payment, and his letter is rather highly
spiced, ablo, lacking in justice on somo poiuts.
but striking, and perhaps truthful, on other,
points, lie thns refers to the tendency of the
ogo to loquacity, or that which is synonymous,
6i: .
" You ssk for ossistnnce for a society or
club institution to train youtig men tc pre
meditated or extemporaneous speakinjr or
discussion. Gentlemen, what madness has
seized npon you ? Do you know of all the
beset ting sins of this siniiinu: nation, the
most innate and original is this propensity
for gab; thnt by it we have wasted more
time, Fpeut mote money, ond paralyzed
more decision than can bo rightly estimated?
Instead of being encouraged it should bo
repressed. Do yon know, that under the
influence of this mania, tinkers, rowdies,
and snobs throughout tho land nre rushing
to the bur, the pulpit, tho stnge, and the
halls of legislation? And tint t these windy
sons of wtv'las, nnder a supposed inspira
tion, are howling, like midnight wolves,
from one end of the continent to tho other,
Clamor ibat ad cilurn!" It is (he fatal
epidemic of republics. What distracted
Greece Y Gab I What fktbnized Rome?
Gab! What onaicbized FrunceT Gab!
What wiil dismember this Union? Gab!
This eternal propensity of gabbling, upon
all occasions and at all times, is the curse
of our country. Ask me to subscribe to
support the dead lunguoges; to ruise a deuf
siid. dumb institution; to build a tuuKer
mettinir house: to erect some mounraental
itone; in short, to do anything that implies
or promotes silence, and my pnrsc strings
will in all nrobnbilitr be oneued. 15nt do
not ask me to commit a breach of con
science. I nm a true d sciplo of Pythago
ras. I believe in siletise; I hold it as the
true mother of meditation of wisdom. I
have a great contempt for tho efficiency of
nil orators from Ujii to Denimiieues.
The perfection to wli ch eloquence was car
ried bv the latter iustiGcs my nssertiou.
lu the majority of his glorious efforts he
Tailed; und wheu nt length he succeeded,
lie brought npou his couutrymeu the futul
efforts of Clierontca.
InroRTAXT rnoji J a pax. The Paris rays
publishes intelligence from Japan to the
10th of July, oecordbg to which the au
thorities were doing all iu ilieir power for
the faithful execution of the terms of the
treaties. Au imperial decree authorized
the erection of commercial exchanges at
Simoda, Sangasnki, and Ilakodadi, and
appointed a number of merchandise brokers
to facilitate commercinl intercourse with
the Turious nations included in the treatise.
It will be rcccollccted that the Ameri
cans presented a railroad and a telegraph
to the Emperor. The latter has been put
np by a Japanese engineer, and is iu suc
cessful operatiou. It is five leagues in
length. The Emperor is so well pleased
willi the invention thai, he has ordered tel
egraphic communication to bo establiE'-ed
between Jeddo and several provinces.
An American house established at Simoda
has offered to furnhh the requsite materi
als. The most important act of the reigning
cmncroi is tbe revocation of the edict
against the Christians issued by the Ein-
p.Tor Duuia-Fiisaui in 1GH. In foreigu
agents accredited at Japaneeso ports will
ba privileged to bring with them one or
more Christiau preachers, forthcirown and
their countrymen's benefit.
AUSTINBURG, Oct. 8th, '58.
Dear Sir: I have just obsoir-
cd in the Reporter of last week, a notice for
meetings of the Board of Scltool Examiners
for the Examination of teachers, published.
suppose, in conformity with a suggestion, which
I had made, in correspondence with a member
of tbe Board, respecting times aod places
meeting. Owing to a recent illness from which
I am just recovering, the examinations cauuot
be held outil a later date, notice of which will
be given iu the County papers of next week.
Clerk of the Board.
Accident at ocb Office. On Friday
afternoon of last week, as W3 were print
ing Doctor Richmond's circulars, on the
power press, one of bis sons, a'lad of about
tuirteeu, came wilhiu reach of tbe Press,
and bad his arm drawn before it agaiust
the main frame, by which it was broken
just below the shoulder. By a timely stop
page of the steam engine, he was released
without gt eater injury. He is now doing
well, being able to do h!w duty on the play
grouuds witb his arm iu a sling. Sent.
The N. Y. Central Railroad has increas
ed the fare between Buffalo and New York
eight dollars.
Abouctio or a Nsqbo Boy. Mr. R Mer
win, of St. Louis, was returning home via
Great V.'cilcm Railway, accompanied by a
gro boy, a slave, who hud been traveling
his master. The boy's entire family are
property of Mr. Merwin. At London, where
passengers dine, a fugitive slave discovered
the boy was a slave, and was beard to say
a slave eoulJ not be takeo through Canada.
The traiu proceeded westward, and atoppod
Chatham, the bead quarters of the ranaway
negroes iu Canada. The boy occupied a
seat iq the ear, his master setting further back
A crowd of negroes rushed into the car,
by main force succeeded in dragging the
fellow from it, though screaming to bis master
all tbe while for protttotion, The negroes
armed with knives and revolvers, ond numbered
several bundled, Mr. Merwiu was obliged
leave bis ohattel, his life being ta danger if
persisted in attempting te recover bis body.
Pliutsis Lik. our energetic friend Cuu.y
ruing from uis asbes, ana rttbuildidg on a much
larger scale, and wiln lucreaaad securities
ategaarda, 1 is engine boase and boiler,
be substantially Ore-proof, and build outside
tbe maiu building. No steam planing mill
safe ander any OiW eircnuutanoea
tear Two cbapa in Georgia swopped
wives, tbe other day. One of them receiv
ed two and a half bushels of potatoes
NovtiATtox p am Assessor. -We have
been requested to cnil a meeting of the cili-
Bens of Ashtabuln, without reference to
party distinctions, to assemble at Firemen s
Hall ou Saturday eveuing of the present
week, for the purpose of putting In nomina
tion some suitable person, to fill tho office
of Township Assessor. Half past seven
would be a very good time to get together,
aud promptness would be h saving of timo.
The mystery of Montonk is cleared tip.
A sbiver, the Haidee, fitted ont from this
port, ran 900 chattels into' a cubsn port,
was abandoned by her enptnin, sailed
North by the mate, but having uo papers
which would permit her entry into porl,
she was sunk off the eastern end of Long
Island. The mate and some of the sailors
arc under arrest.
Conneact Fair. We learn from the
Reporter, the following facts in reference to
the Fair nt Conncaut: The number of en
tries exceeded those of last year some hun
dred or more, nnd but for the storm would
have been double; but the receipts are con
siderably less, and will hardly cover ex
penses. Upon the whole tho exhibition was a
creditable one. Not less than 150 of the
h irso kind were entered comprising oil
ages und breeds, from the heavy Englh
horse and the courageous Morgan, to the
gaunt racer and dimiuuitive pony cath
with his admirers ond "backers."
The exhibition of Cattle was not largo
but good especially iu niilch cows.
Of fchcep, also, thcYe wero somo fine
specimeus the Leicesters by Mr. Calkins,
of Ashtabula, were particularly uoticed and
The Vegetable Deportment was well fill
ed. We have never seen a better exhibi
tion of Ycge tables.
There was a good display of the Fine
Arts: Paintings, Drawings, Landscapes,
&c, which attracted much attention.
In Mnchinery aud Farm Implements the
show was not lurge. A Mower each by
Mr. Tinker and Mr. Jidsov, a model of
Mill's Thresher, a Kotary Harrow, and
Funning Mill, were the most noticeable.
Dairy Products made a fair display.
Tbe Sweepstake race closed the exhibi
tion. The track or ring is 90 rods around,
and was in good condition. But one a
gaunt runt of a mare, by Geo. E. Nettle"
tox of Ashtabula was entered for the sad
dle "heat," and of course took the premium.
Five contestants entered for the trot in hor
i,es3 three times around, or 270 rods, os
Nettletou's mare time 2.27
Lockwood's horse " 2.35 '
Phelps's horse " 2.38
C. C. Gibsou's horse " 3.02
Wilsey's mare " 2.40
Subsequently tbe little mare made the 270
rods iu 2.16.
An unfortunate accident occurred to Mr.
President Skinner, ou Wednesday. He
was exercising a colt iu a sulky on the
ground, wheu by a sudden spring Mr. S.
was thrown to the grouud with great vio
lence. The bono of one leg was fractured,
. , it . . i
ana no was oinerwise uauiy urutseu.
Agricultural Meeting. The Officers of
the Ashtabula County Agricultural Society
ore requested to meet at the Treasurer's
Office in Jeffersonon Thursday, the 14th
iust.. at 9 o'clock. A. M.. as business of
f . , ,
importance will be before the Board. Also
those not satisfied with the premium list
as published since the lute Fair will please
attend. Shelby Smith, Pres t
Lenox, October 4th, 1758.
Forty-oino of the camels belonging to
the TJuited States are now at Campe Verde,
ixty miles from San Antonio. Only one
of thoso imported has died, while ten have
been added by birth. These young Amer
icun born camels thrive well, aud promise
to grow np equal in all respects to those iin
The Warren, Trumbull County Chzoni-
cle says, that the other night the whiskey
shops of that town each displayed a piece
of craDO from its door-handle. . Whether
in mourning for the deaths they have cuus
e 1 to others, or for their own death, the
Chronidt docs uot say.
Cebedo. Thirty families passed Onyandotte,
Va., on the 6lh, on their way to Ceredo, Eli
Thayer's uew city iu Western Virgiuia. The
settlement seems to be taking a new start; tbe
steam mill is in operation.' a large and comforta'
ble hotel is completed, and there are good in
ducements to emigrauts to settle in aud abou
the place-
England Ahead in Central Ameimca
The draft of a new treaty between Eng
land and Nicaragua is published, and Si
Willium Ouseley will soon leave for Central
America to secure its ratification. Lng
land guarantees the neutrality of the Istli
mus on her own part, and agrees to induce
other nations to do the same. Jf fionra
gua fails to protect passengers across the
Isthmus, England may employ force for the
purpose, lu other respects the treaty
strict nnd comprehensive, ' bo h upland
gets ahead of us in Nicaragua, which has
just refused us the same stipulations.
Didn't we hear a democratic irubcrnutorial
candidate boastiue. a few days sin do.
the achievements of our government i
settling the Central American difficulties
Tht Spiritualists are searching for Tuubs
ton, the lost seroaaut, through tlioir medi
urns. Tbe spirits ought to be able to tell
the whole story. Oueof the mediums says
Thurstoh is alive and safe. Such stuff and
nonsense would be amusing were they uot
connected witb a terribly tragic fate,
and did it not show so forcibly and deplora
bly the degradation of human Intellect,
The comet now at considerable distance
from tbe "dipper," seems to be, like
A l-o T .In Iii bis piinniiritAra with Donrr-,
las LHKbter ond Lrigbter .yer, ti?e
fuakti ii ppesraDce. uoogias mus iu un
prove pcrbups front bis keeping to near
"dipper." - t .
Tai'L Monrny is ahead of hi preat chess,
antagonist, IIarwitz, the sfoio being three
for Monnir and two for IIahwitx. The
chess writers on the other side of tho ocean
are all but unanimous in acknowledging
that MoRrnr Is the strongest living player,
and should he succeed In tho present match
with Harwitz, there will be very little
doubt of it. He has yet to meet Stanton
and Axdirsox, but thoso who are capable
of judging, entertain no doubt of tho re
sult. .
Di IIevierk's Lerturcs hove proved nn
entire failure much to the credit of tho
New York public. On his first Appearance,
he was prevented from fulfilling his an
nouncement by tho service of n writ just
nbout the time for his lecture to commence.
The postponed discourso on "love" was de
livered on Friday evening, but there were
not more' thou fifty persons present, and
many of those left before he completed a
tedious nnd trite discourse. He left the
Hall without finishing his lecture.
SitAnr. Messrs. Jackson fc Thompson,
a law firm nt Schenectady, writo Mr. Wm.
A. Bealf, of that place, thut nnder instruc
tions from the Central llailroad Co., tltey
must prosecute him for selling "expired ond
invalid ruilrond tickets" that being the 1
term by which the Central designates its
ow tickets. Mr. Beale responds that he
shull be happy to have Juckson & Thomp
son sail in, and adds relutivo to the "invnlui
tickets," "Mr. Thompson, one of your firm,
has one left trih me for sale." It looks as
thoegh that Inst bnck slightly damaged one
Thompson. Statetman.
The Atlantic Telkorai'II. The N. V.
Evening Post says : The electricians en
gaged ou the Atlantic Telegraph Appear
uiiunimous in the opinion that tho insulu
tion of the cable has become injured by
being suspended upon some projecting point
of o steep bank, and thus gradually injur
ed by its own weight. The soundings taken
a few hundred miles from tho Irish coast
show that a bank or steep range exists, the
hichest and lowest poiuts of which are
eight miles opart, showing a difference of
elevation of 7200 Teet. lint no one -con
form an idea of the nature of the gronud
in this intervening space of eight mileR
whether the sales oi tne sunmaruie moun
tain be broken by ravines or precipitous
cliffs, or whether it be a gentle 6lope.
The spot, which is obout 300 miles from
the Valentia end of the cable, is supposed
to be the one where the insultntion of the
cablo has been injured.
SuNBtRY and Erie Uailhoad. This road
is now being hurried on to completion ns
fast as it is po-sible. Several car lotds of
iron came up the Luke Shore road thin
week, and a number more nre soon to fol
low. The contractors are putting on nil
the force they can find, and the route be
tween Eric and Warren will soon be en
tirely graded. Beyond Warren tho work
progresses with all possible dispatch, and
in'n few mon lis, the "Sunbury and Erie"
the long talked of, and the long wished for
improvement, will be in full operation.
B&" If a steamship could travel at the
rate of speed which is attained by the com
et, it would make the distance around , the
globe 25,000 miles iu about thirteen
minutes. But its immensity is equal to its
swiftness. At the present time it is snp
posed to be traveling at its highest speed
hundred and ntty thousand miles an hour.
Even at this hardly conceivable rate, it
takes it nearly two days to go the length
of its own tail.
82y The Law rence llepublican says that
iu view of the rapid rush of emigration to
the gold regions of Western Kansas, Gov.
Denver has organized Arapahoe couutr.
which embraces the gold region, by the ap
pointment of the following officers: Mr.
Smith, of Lccompton, Probate Judge; J.
11. St. JUatney, Uistnct Attorney; 10. W.
Wyukoop, Sheriff ; Hickory Rogers, Clerk
of Supervisors. The most of these officers
ore actually en route for the gold region,
in a Lccompton company which has just
Arrivals of Emigrants. According to
the weekly statement of tho Commission
ers of Emigration, 1 158 emigrants landed
at Castle Garden N. l. during last week,
making a total of 61,823 arrivals of this
character since the first of January, 1858,
against the 145,157 reported for the corres
ponding period of lust year.
tSf A New Orleans paper says of the
overflowed district known as the "Bell Cre
vasse," that the spot looks like a desert.
Not a blade of grass appears where once
was smiling plantation verdure. 1 he ground
is furrowed mto every shape, and the clian
nel of the crevasse is wide and deep enough
to torm a resoectaule river.
JUr In Albany, on Wednesday ofter-
noon, wii lj a farmer was eutennjj tbe citj
. . - " w.
with-a load of bay, some vagabond, Creep
ing oehiod stealthily, set tho buy on fire
Tbe wagon, as well as the bay, was entire'
ly destroyed, and it was with difbeulty the
farmer saved his hor-cs
tijT No one is admitted to tbe cable ope
rating room at Trinity Ray, not even the
superintendent of tlie ewroundlaiid line
An officer of tbe U. S. coast survey madf
n pilgrimage to Trinity Rny to witness the
work of operating tbo cable, but Mr. )e
Miuiy wus innexioic, ana the omcer was
only allowed to peep through the window
JBrjyTbe Stamford Mercury mentions
the death of a woman 00 year of ugc, who
bad seven husband?, and by her will order
ed that she should be buried next her fifth.
So it soems thut the old lady had a prefer
enoe. - George 1). I'rcntice, the epigramat
jc editor of the Louisville Journal, is to
niiike a sorious tour of Illinois in the month
of November, to deliver lectures in the great
towns of t'jat State.
t&" The Boston Atlas states that Rev.
D. A. Mason, Gro vela ml, Mas., id the au
thor of "the New World and the New Man,"
in the last Atlantic. The paper has gen
erally been attributed to Whipple.
, Tho Wunhingtni) Union declare that the
most important part of the bred Scott de
cision ia that part which affirm that slave
ry goe into every territory oi I lie Union,
under the constitution, aud that the people
of the territory have no power to rid them
selves of it. The Union also declares that
that portion of be Democratic party belong
ing to the south, must not agree to allow
the Democratic party of the north any lat
itude of opinion ou uational Questions. It
further says that the letut indulgence
liuerty or opinion on thuse questions, will
it dSS-T'
. ri' i i , ,
in jouug lauy wno uoes avt apologue
wneo you Oud bcr at work in tb kitcUca,
will not fail to mko a good wife.
Clerk of the Board. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.
1 71 L L AGE ( ) 1 : 1 ) I N A N CK . Be it or
V ht O Cwim.m Connftl lif i Inenrpnitud Vfl-
IHAt in or tirnr (! imin OUT .vi
rh ftmt rrwrr Trmr fmnln. Of Imrlnf
A I) I", !
on Mln ttnwt Wwwn Oi North I'urii twl l.M rtr-vlj
of Uw IMIo ni di!1
on lli pirrl Iwlwm Mtilt, nnd thn Intnrwmon of I ron1
tmnt;on I'rf.i-.t-t ntwl, ttn-nn l.nlm irtrvet nd h lnti
pncllon ot I'MInn irtms't; rn Vlnn nt.imt, bwtwnn Miiln n(J
mn'W t mM; on Turk I'lnfo knhvnrn Mntn nd Pi h tlt,
on IHvtinon ulr, North fldo. Wwmii Hnrk nl lrnfHnl
MrorUinn "r MrM-l tvtwfn Vln mt'A I-nfcn lrl, ln,nl
th? r hnhy mn,t,(rml to ,nmfo all fonrnt ot Mor Oh
trnetoni from Mid Ntrt. )Vrtnr (h frnfan il UnM of
intd PW- mir-rd t Wm. W. Hnpklnt, Tonoty HurvrTnr. .
Pt.' 8. Jf nt thn -Ytrntlon of ton term rfHitd, nn? fr-nwi
nr nt!tr nUtHtrtlnnn mmiitn within tit Itrolti of wild trfa,
lMtl h tl. dntf of thp Mnrnhnl f n ni'P.tl wn-ttmlth im r
tnor tlm wnin, ptinrirtnj t)i rnon. of mirt rrmornl In th
I'd or M. of Inod In Iron! of which lndi rronTnl wm mftdo,
wlilrh f tmiTrf nhuN hrrnmo ft lln on iwtd Innd, nnd pnld ntnonnt
If not pnid within AO dnvn, tlinll bo Ktihirrt td ftehnlty frf 10
pnr Of tit for non-payment. Pawr-d OHoh-r 4, IfcMl.
M. 1. MOHKIf (in, Jlntor
of th Ii ornoniUd Village of Aditabnt.
X P rnnrprno'T, KrwiW. :it4"d)
FALL, TRADE 1 8 0 8.
I take plensnre In say
inir to my frienda, thnt I
now prr)inrr4 to nlilblt on of (lit Rfchnt, ami rarlrd tad
vmortromt f
eror dUptayrd la tlih ttllap', ml enmrnw.lng In pnrl aa Mlnwa:
HUSSEUN and CASHUEl'.t ROUES, of rtr mi ftrpmt
riuin Merinos,
Rich Printed Pe Loines,
Saxony I'laiiln,
Printed Merinos,
. Ginghams,
Ac, Ac.
riaiu and fancy Silks,
Black Gro He Rhine s,
-' Alpacas.
A Large Stock of Sheetings,-
Bleached I".
t A nipeilor lot of .
Cloths, ' Satinets,
:a..si meres. Kentucky jeans
Printed flannels, . Vctings.
A Urg line of
A good anortmeot of . ' '
s Broth a, Stellut Silk and Cashmere, . -
All of the aVoro I pledge mrx-lf to nil aa low, for the name
quality u can lie taught la thin city, for VA .' Trust
very unfaabionnble. Vary I a'.to have a good atock (
Boots, Shoes, Rubbers,
Huts, Caps, Teas,
Coffee, Sugar, Molnsses,
Hardware, Crockery,
' Ac., Ac, c,
I'lcere call nnd examine prion) and quality, and If I don'
rell you, the lault wl I not bo mine.
Octal rr let, 1H58 J NO. I. ROBERTSON.
Nvw Goodt at tlie
A. EEII'LE fc Co., ProptMoim.
WE ar now Apetilnir In our Srw Balpt 1 0
1 0 0
Tanta '
Cape '
Iaonm, fnrnwrly ocrui led br J. A. Talcott Hhtita
' one door Muth of SUennan h Vmniff thirU
Law olli re, tlx bmt and cboaptht ntock o bhirta
Mrcd oil red In thin Tlao. Mr. Ptjlplv. Wmj
wbo i a practical lailor, and bat bin Tar W ra'pr
fire yuan, and U now coitm-ctod wiUi tbe Umwera
lrpest e.otiiitig Houw tn N. Ynrk, put lrawrii
oc In a ponsmioa fr fspU-ct inland riecur- ilrnwrm
I ig all the nm fttrlea tuat no other Houpt (.lovep
In tliU aection ixjper. W 11t t wn)- a
tit ion. e ak an Examitmt.nu of our GIovm
ltock. We left our lluoka In New York, 'I it
and of eourx? slutil Mil tor He-id." Iay on Tire
lv, and a mrull amount of coab will bay lUm
of CLsOTHifiU. . -v . Collar.
TAKE NOTICE J. A. Talcolt lias
ao!d Ida atock c'othing to A. Seiple At Co aa per above adver
tisement, tlierefora, all thnae who are iudebti'd to tne either liy
Knfe or Book account, will call at once and aettle the aniue,
aa it win aae time air expenae by ao aotng.
Aahtxbula, Oct. 7th, lAs
a. talc rr.
1858 Autumn Trade. 1858.
IDWAUD II. ROBERTS, laving rc--A
turned from tho East, la now xhlbitlua hia
Rich avd Extensive Slock of Gotufs,
and Im-itea the attention of Caah and Ready Pay Buyer, guar
a teeing to cell at leaat aa Chan aa tlioae who aeli lor "Airontt
Nothing," He would call the attention of th people ui tU
tact, tuai mere is a great ouiereoee Drureea
Goods Cheap, and "Cheap GootW .
He aella Gooda Cheap, and haa no thing to do with Cheap Gooda
His assortment DRESS GOODS, is magnificent.
Rieli Black Silk Iriata I'apUna
Fancy Silk ' "S Silk 8trlu Poplin
French Merino Silk Stiij Valentia
riatd Marino Poll d Cherre
ValentU PUld Poplto de Beg
Union Plaid t Uoualln d Lalne
Paramctta 3 s French Print
Imperiala Gingham
Wool D Utne Llnwrs
ko. kt kc Ae.
Stella 8hiwla Long BroUa Shawl
Thibet ShawU
Bar State Shawl
Printed Shawl
Cloth Cloak
at all prioei.
Square Brocha Shawl
Seotch Shawl
Caahmer Shawl
Drab Bearer Cloak
Cloth Duatere.
Lot for which aa offer 1 eoltdted.
In Yaukoe Noiions and Fancy Articles, a very
large Stock at Wholewi or Retail.
Iii House Keeping Goods
Bleached Lloeo Table Cloth, 7-4, S-d, and. M 1 4
Brown do do
Table Lines br th raid
l)aioaak Table Xepkiue Vry Handaolu
Linen SUeeting V iand 10 4 Ula
Cotton r-lieetlng tM and 11M wide
Pillow Caa Lhieua. S- aud 4 in width
PUinw Caa I ottuiia, - and 4-4 in width
Ilaokabuck in 1'o.waJa, aod by the ard '
Maraiiitlea OiilUa J'eu and elereo uuarier
Knilxuiilervd and Laee laitauia) fiieh FarrHere Print
Faary Tabi tn I Bed tUaukeU at rartvu (ii ieea
Broara ShVtlng . "t
Bleaolvad Shetiu(
Bleached SWrtwiga
CoUoa Flannel
Woolen Flan net
Cotton Trp Piano eU
Aproa Check
Table Diaper
Th above b but (mall noHa W eery larg Htoak. that
waa bought ehra-i and ll he auid ebMap. lnjiect)oa aaj
eooonanaoel WUI aernouaMae wm aaaa,
Wall and Curtain Papers Iarge AssortmeDt
at reduoed priced, to tnaA roo for a ear) bug atock out
BOUTd I UOOTd 1 For the best
f 1 I quality of Thick Blots, I'rLudles' make
ai ID tuWMt Caab larioea, tall uw
Oet. tk, iwti. liottr k afOHBISON.
ePIlirniALlSM l S. P. Id-nord and
A. n PltRVI'M, H lrlt.ml Vwltnmn, -will wrw tn rt
Anlitnhnln, Knndnr, Oi-t. 1 Uh. n o'clock
and hiin..,, .T f Hvli Idmllnn.
inv' of truth rr Imlld to nltrod.
a. m., apow im
DISSOLUTION. The cfvpnrtnrrshlp
rrtnfor nM! tottrmi tht mirwrthw, hi m Hr
nudll kii.tn ndr the nm mnf. Arm of Brnihnm Jrdw
wm II.H.W 07 mutual nimnt t Uit (tb dftf ot Brpr
P. JOllNSOX It thargi-d with th. wttlnnnrl of fh kU ,
; : . , OKiihiiK kknhaM,
.!-. JOHNMOX. .
A.litahnla. Oft Tf I'M. CU
PUB PEOPLE of AshtubuU nre in
r .1 that I will rk In Ihvm on Mondtr Ctmlw
tha lltk Inat. lt tha oil ba U'r or th. trH, ,
B. W. H!( HM.IK1,
LIST OF LETrEBS remaining in the
r. O, t Ailitabula, OUk), Oct 1ft, 1M.
Kll.tia, WHO
Andrcwa U
HcNfann Caroline
Haannn II N
Mahar W llllim
Mnnael Henry
fJapll Hi'V. A
Knrthwny la la Vn
ft-lwrn Itaie
FliU h Mr
fewe II 1
I'erklna II n
Kir Aurelia Mr
Raaier I'arlul
Itower Jane
Smith Ore Refd
Stark E P
Srltutt Chefr
S fet il-li la Jamia M
Seward RnM 0
Satterlee M L
Ftevrua A C
Sharp Margaret
Tilpt. i A
A anduveer Johra
Vrlt 8 E
Wlr-nt hain't
W'bite Jnttn
W nndwnrth It O
W el Daniel
Wallnee am1
Wexnlworth It Rer
Hnilad Jame
Connelly IVtpr
Carpenter I II
rowall Julia A
rolbnrn lulling
O Wr
CraniM 4 D
W O M Or
Jor-I A
rlannah ft
Itwtrtit It I.
l- M
W. M Min
HripkluB I) T
HarTer (i L
LronnTd UtuiC
larT."iy Haro'l
Roy t II
Fart oiu tailing far (lie abort plr
I ear "Arlrert lard.-
t. c. root, r. v.
Ckinn, Crockery,
House Fnritisbing
aaA&aiKiii:' '.;-
rVllK snlcribers having' nnit'd their two
eitnbllr-hiiienta, and now oecrror TWO STttRES en tho
Corner of Sr.veca and Superior slrtrls, .
Would reapertfullr lnrlte Hnnpekeenera. and fhnae anoot ra.
to Hniiwki'eriiiig, aa well aa Strnneem vii'ltlna' fTneerand,
end and examine their iramenee atock of Uio abor rjnvied
gooda, which coinpt laea the
Lffut md RtcktM Sttek of Cat, Weal JVea Ttrk.
We bare on band a complete aaaortmcnt of
1h IliJMt qnmHtf, warmnftMl not to crack or turn tUow
bot rnlr, and for , la
Dinner, Tern and Breakftttt Seta
bv tho inprlr pleo. m tw an can tir bought Id tit e.tj.
ut mifMi iwfnij-ny5 nincrrnt poitirmtj m
eoroprMng manT new and eery rt-h aeta, and we feel aaaared
we can ault In atyle and' Price th moat faatidioua ad
uolrer of Ol.lna. Atai all kinda of
Olnas Waro,
and a variety of
House Furnishing A rtlcles, .'
ei'on ai .
Itnnnlj, AlMta and Stlrer Plated Ware,
Zinc nnd Tin chsmlier acta,
ice t'reaai Kreiwra,
Valir Coolera, . .
fake Itnaea,
Looking Gbirte,
Cutlet y,
Caatora, .
Tea TrBTa, '
A-e. A
Our Sloe's oontplaea e-.-ery variety of
cas nxiiurs.
All ordcra for C-aa Fixtu ea and for Stting up Houae with
l'iiea, in the city or lu th neighboring tuwua, promptly
atteuded to.
Gooda careful! packed and delivered at Hi Dejiota Tie r-r
Ckarge. ...
roc.a, rvs worth ft co, '
Noa. ei TSi ztl Huperkar One. or Seeieea,
' CYarafaad, O.
The Old Dominion Coffee Pot 1
THOUSANDS JFTiiis new Coffee Pot.,
hare alreatry bwe tn a 4 the detnand front all art rf
United State U rafid: tm tlw i:creas. ar (h
(roducrU, it bap given the tnoni eup.ete aaibdaeiion.
Tin: orn oomikion rorrKi: pot
Make ltM noffce than tt k imaaihle to oblnin In anr other
way becaiiM, bv an Inireninus In it iui.le arranvenHmt, tho
hniitekp(per ninjr bmi hir fflf er Irmgtk e titkm
lo$ ef orento, tliun vxrn nil the el sti renin of the codee in
their natural end proportional eombinationa.
fiirea a hcelthr hevrnirB. Nnto, dvwntie. aid btillmta
imiMi who had mt dared to one crllee fr Mrs, hare been
able to drink t.K-1'- fiivoiitr ht-reraire piin when mad in tbitf
new bi!cr, and ahhnut art tcurnitce of anr of the oJ4 nn
nleaftant cnntteatieneea. Jt t bealthv, triiia br the to nf a
e!.deniKr. evaiMration U prevented, and the eITee ean be b-U
lung enoti(in to reieaMe all the Waiurai eicmeuta w lb
berry, and get them la Just pro i -or Hon in the beveraip.
In the mt eomioniical. far nnthlnti brine hmt br era no ra
tion In bailing, one fourth letfe enlTee refitrMl; ahi'e tho
beverage ia ktrongrr, more fragrant, aud ntorr dvlicloiia. .
Never f:iil- to du ite wmk ritrlit. Cook eanoot apidl roar
eup of enflVe br neplrct or fnrgptfnlocaa, alter ah baa ptaeod
the boiler on tbe tove or ntiifre.
la uianufuctureO aidi-r the nate nt Ur tlie United 3tatea by
AKTHI It, Br itVH .M ft flll.ROV.
117 A H9 South Tenth M.eet, I'l il M ! ia.
a Alfo, nm nil fact nrer for the l'nltd tahnn of Afl
"Ja rs cr.LHHRATtJ) pjtlat j;r tiuh SEi.r
SLJLiG CA.VS if J J H 9 4i
th l.md or
Single liarrel, he
MKAVK1) KllOM 1 It K bub
8Ciilier, on thr 2Hth hint, one dark
red, Itetnn Cow with tlie end of her horn
aawed nil.
A'-y pawn retiirninir anid eow, or alrine tnfnmaa
in whei
AalitalHi'a, Se.t. ;ltli, 1Ka.
aa itirai'T lewaim-q.
IOUND A Wallet con-niiiing n small
. amount of mom j and napera of nme vlna. The uwner
enn olitniu it iu H!'.loatlun at tula ofliue, and the payment vl
ill 1. NMITIlllllirilk.
Aahhibula, re) t 2, ICS. 45S
Wtdiudan. 7'Aeradoe, aad t rtUoe, Oeleear
W, UH, i.'ilA, ISoS,
rrioea to be awarded to the amount nftl.&OQ, t26S ha be
diatiitwted for Udiea llidine I A tiraud iluii! Itao by la
dle I Aud a Aiule race will alao coute uit.
Tbere ia on the rrnnnda one of the beat jdl irarka In
th Sute, which ha been put in good order th preaent
Among the prlxee r four or five, ef $100 each, to th
faateat tro'.tiiifr horaea, and all the other prize r borara and
eolta of di.ktient elaaaea, are en the innel iiiier! aoale. -
It ta rapeclrd that there will be a large alk-udanee of good
borne from a iliatanen, eud all having horae which they eli.li
to exidliit or teat, are incited to attend. Saturday, the lota,
will be devoted to the aale ef burara.
I.. L, BAUTON, tlendillle, I',
W. C. JJKA1.EY, E ie, Fn,
2t45S SnCoin. or Arranireiaente.
Miss a, n. SAiTTruliYT
reaiiectfully announce to the i'lleni of Aahtabula and)
Viciully, that alte ia deairoua of obtaining
A. Olraseat lxx 2VZixaatlo,
either on the I'lAMO FOKTE or MEIl)EON. lU.ing beef,
nuder the luatructlou of the beat teacher in
New Haven, Connecticut and New York
and alao baeintr had onnkiiV-raWa x.irieao teacher, ahj
feela heierlf fully eomt-leut to dn jiiaiirj to ane wbo ui
te placed under her charge. SU wii ahuateaeV
to thoee who may deair. Boeen at ti.e FISH yoUSf, U
Mai Ilia, Towuaa
J ri'Ve.
Hosier Townaaod. I
THE shuI llomt r 'inwnRpnd is hereby
noliUed that th I'lalutT, ajtUI Townaaod aa tbe ,
auj u r.yiiM.uivr'.. wirw er pe'en W Ibe Vnur ft
( niuiunn 1'leua, in tli ('in.,tr of Axhtalviia, and Ktat oi
Oliln. tber, in
anna, to ba dlroreed Criuu aid (aBdant, aal
mac adUul auaene for aioia tliaa fire eai,
MUi'NUS A CAltWgl-U'
Attmea lue hauilA
gaaignUig lor
A Hear Ye I Hear Ye
I.L THOsg i.v WANT Or BOUTS and 8UOES; fU
do wall to anil a th .
Boot uiul Shoe Store, of p. hiif'P.
belore purehaalng elaewher, t yna he gut tli BftATT
rjrt hliu, it not, rou can go iwUi. a he ier
niined to aril t,r Heady Hay, d oi.lhuuf la. loat klau of
produa takn ia eirnajiga (or Kuala aud """J",1',.'' -frlblti
baa redueed ti)a n Wa In eiaie.od .""!'- U'oea,
ud ie bound nut to be uudrraold. Hi work ia got up out i
fta good atpek, aud aa well owl aa ai.y work you wlU Sad ta
Tit County or Stale, " '
and h I bound to aell it aa cheap, if no cheeper. Uian Veaj
emu pureliaae Ktm woik. r..r uia a"" f U
heaper, timo nan U bought n e'aewner.
i..!T . i. . .. ai tbe Aura (A J
K0 lea. Flak
1. ThiiaIfb.
Bluok. AahUbula
RAIN CKAniS Grape Vine ana
duly ,

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