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Ashtabula weekly telegraph. [volume] (Ashtabula, Ohio) 1853-1873, December 04, 1858, Image 4

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The Pedler's Bargain.
One diiv tin j'i;.-r, wiili nn nsortnirnt.
of snick an-ncks, nriivcl at a tillnpe and
ffll!i-J rt od7 of IIiMi'mum to rc!I Ills wares.
Afirt linpo.injr cf ft f-w articles to tho la
fly of the lmne who rcmt1 to lite In the
midst ot rhiMrcn, alio clrclnrei. her inabili
ty to t Hiy more Tor the want of money.
Tut mnrm, hain't yon any rngs T'
. "None to sell, sir.'. , . , . . i
'Well,' suit! ho "yon norm to have flenty
. )f cliildrmi. , .AV ill you sell me ouo for . tin
wore f j
'What will you give, sir V I
" 'Ten dol!nr8 fur one of them I'
)h, jts, tnann the lest.'
1 'AVrll, sir, H'b a Imrpnin.' ' ' '
She then handed one of the orc,iins to
thepedler, who Kiirpriw. that the ofiV'
Wao accepted, yet convinced that the moth
rr would not port with her boy, placed him
In tho cart, and supplied the woman with
tins, nntil tho ten dollars wag made nn
. The man feeling certoin that the mother
would rather raise the money tlinn part
with her child, seated himself by the side
rjf the boy, who was mnch pleased with the
idea of bavins a ride. ' The pedler kept
1 liis ryes on the house, expecting to see the
wman hasten to redeem the little one, and
rode off at a slow pace. ' After proceeding
some distance, ho began to repcut of his
bartrnin and turn back.
The woman had just finished ornament
ing her dresser with the tin, when the ped
ler returned.
- 'IVeli, I think the boy is to small, 1 guess
On had better take liira back again, and
let me, hare the ware.' ..' ..
.No, sir, the bargain was fair and yon
Kball stick to it. You may start off as soou
as yon please.'
Surprised at this, the rjcdler exclaimed ;
Why, marm, how can you think of part-
iu wua your ooj bo young, to an utter
'Oh, sir, wo would like to sell all of our
town paupers for ten dollars n henrl '
' Th boy " dropped at the door, the
whip cracked, the tiu rattled, and tlia ned-
dler measured the ground rapidly aud he
vi;r ivigui. ma pauper speculation.
Traveling in England.
Ilev. 1. A. Mood, in a letter
Charleston Advocate, March 4 th,
to the
Some of Lis experience in English tra?els :
As free as England is, an American
that is an ordiuary Americaq traveller, one
who is not called to position bv rrovern.
, . mental appointment, or bv some other an.
cideutal deration feels constantly "hamper-
eu uuu ureavues an aimospnere of re r int.
."Wherever you go, with whomsoever yon
mingle, be it even a Methodist preacher,
yon can see even if you are not made to'
feel that the Hindoo idea of efrjtfe has ua
conquerable domination in English hearts.
Unquestionably we have in America as
full-grown my pen almost made it foul
; grown snobs, as are to be found elsewhere
the wcrldover but then they iramediate
' ly become conspicuous,, aud consequently
contemptible; because the large, generous,
icyuui.cuu neuumeui oi America will not
.tolerate it but it is otherw ise in Kmrlunrl
Yon see that, so far from its being disre
garded or despised, it is courted and ad-
mired, and he only is any thinf who claims
10 oe a great atai. lue consequence is,
that not one ootof fifty of any Englishmen
yon meet, but will, after a few minutes'
.conversation, rieek to impress yon with the
idea that he is either directly related, or, if
not related, at least very intimate the'bo
. soni frieud of Lord Thingumbob, or Earl
- What-you-may-call-it. Even the laboring
", peasantry inherit the same proclirity ; and
when their own good sense shows them the
impropriety of claiming intimacy or rela-1
tionship with his lordship, he will be apt j
to inform von that he nr his fnthow I
j . - -' " i" ' uti noa UIJ
Jord favorite servaut Somethiug on the
' principle of the Irishman, who boasted to
Lis fellow that he had seen the kin who
bad spoken to him.
"And what did he say V eagerly asked
uus ttKring companion.
"Why tie said 'get out of the way, you
tagabond 1' "
So I have thought that some of the
nation feel it an honor to be cursed by roy
alty. It is not for an American to sit in
judgment upon this peculiar ambition ol
Englishmen it may be politically health-
l ful to an American it often appears in-
tensely stupid and disgusting.
That I do not exaggerate this sentiment
will appear in a little circumstance that
took place with me in London. A card is
an indispensable travelling companion
abroad particularly where yon meet your
own countrymen. One of the first move
ments of an American abroad, when he
discovers that you are a fellow-citizeu, is to
thrust his card into your hand, ' coutamin"
iris name and address.
I was at the house of Rev. Dr. Boyee,
President of tine Wesleyan conference of
Australia. Tfce matter of cards, as a c.n
enient method of introduction, came up
and he kindly offered to have a plate en
graved for me, ete. Upon giving him my
add i'css, he looked at me iu some surprise
And said :
, "Did I not not understand yon to ssy
that yon had been to College ?"
"Yes sir."
"Well, it must goon your card."
' . I objected very strenuously, and told him
that Americans would regard it as a stupid
' jnieee-of vanity.
"O, but," said he, "yon are not In Amer
ica Europeans cannot understand bow
man cam be respectable at all without some
sort of title f and as I was ambitious to
to be respectable, tue "A. M." was forthwith
. Effects or Tim a t'HOK Corrr.E. Coffee
fcerrics undergo a change called ripening
vj .eeing : mat is, tney improve in flu
rorv jtDe Arabiau coffee ripena in three
yur,and it is said that in ten or a dozen
years the inferior American coffees becomes
as good, and acquire as high a flavor as
any brought from Turkey. Uut it is dif
ferent after trie coffee is roasted aud ground
its navonog ingredients have a tendency
at -a If.. !-. m .
w rt.i -je, auu u snouia tucrefore be con
unea iu vessels closed from the air. It
-noma not ue exposed to foreign or disj
(cueaoiB ouora, as u bag a power of irabib
ing oauexnaiations, by which it is often
injured. Many cargoes of coffee have been
eponeu irom being shipped with, or eveu
put into vessels which hud previously been
freighted with sugar. A few bags of per
ni.1 n.n r..fr...l 4 !l - I i . . f
! ic tuujui.ui, vo epoil a wuoie blllploud
Doctor, aai-J a young oiiss of the ligb-
vm mo j Will
you t hat butr Murie Uphemie Dulcy Lou
lo LiioJa J.tt Lus got Bore above the
wrist of her left f.i.
TLe following toant wa. roceutly iriren
ij a stricken young aito
a oe lauies .nay we kiss the girl,,
jiltabe, aud j.lcuw the girls wo kisV
; ' II. FAesKTT, Agent , ;
ro mi '
Rale, Purchase, and Kent of Ileal Estate,
Negotiation of I,Onns, Collection of Debts, Ac.
' AsllTAIH I.A, OHIO. " j
IJUOl'KRTV Sold for Commission only,
and no ml no chare. A Sal, direct or Indirect, onn
stltuta a t'omniiwlpiw , ; j
84 Aranf land nndarrnnd .tnton enltlvattnn, with t od
bufl'linja, fruit, and liv ing walrr, tr-aa tl.an a nil), north of
Court How In Jt-ltarann-- tnnat na.lrat.lr rr-lilruro lor a. I
at th vary low tvrW nf Siksii, with vvy wt tinn. nf nay.
wu-nt,. KiKtutrrnf J.,h. (iallvt., an pramvW, oi f H. I'm-
rftt, AVl,'lla. , . ' v '
V flliK FAUM". A ?r Kit on mitll ntr,,?,' nMr liar
fT U. Oivlonl n, owt..l hv M. W, Wl.rt.itr, ctuvUliiiiit. AS
rra, wltnr,l tmlMlivra, fruit,: riving watur, plant- of lm
br, anil t vaivtlitng di-alrahl tor a htviiirataad, nan br li a a
hartain. rail on Ilia nniir en piYmlar. or u. H. raaakTT,
Aahlatuila. for paillrolar.
(In. ACT.K FAIIM, In .tnlfaraon tnwmlilp N. W. from HM)rs
SS worn Inti.invtTl, i il rnlnimp eoort voorl lnnll nd llmlmr i
t)Mrrla rnd finnidFlllnr Kim burn, prcntv of frnlt nfr
rimm kiiid living witnr, Ar., on prpmlwu. A k-rirbl ml
fnn. nrl.o1H(HI. Bixlr nf A. ABOHN, on premium, or uf
II. r AS.sk i t.
las Acnn of lnn.1, ISO mok Rant of tha Contro nf flsrrianiflolil,
80 acraa nfwlilrh aro MI tlmbcrad, h.nlan.-a umler (THid lln
provenvnta, llli.erwMl bulldlnpnnil fruit. Mvhiir Hprlnr of
wntor rn dHlVront lota. Moat of farm (rmvaHr loam anil, n,,
part llraiMliiwr bnttnin IhihIk. Tentt, Arc. accommodating.
Th farm nf Andrew Wilier, nf 2WH, acrea, nir Aalitahnla,
wltb pMnl Impmvoniont. buiidlriifa auitabb' for two farm, with
pli'iit v fruit, tii..lr, lit luir wator, ana at HO r aoaa. fart M
pay doa-n ami balaiiop on lour lima.
That well Known irraaa and R-ain Farm containing of 220
arrra, (only 3 mllaa from Aalitarwda on l'ljtnlt Knaa,) nwnml by
D. Hnbbanl, F.. i?oorl tn i idiutra, whr and fmlt Kortr
arrextimlarr.linlanrauridiTcultiiation. 1'ricv tuuo, Jtnquii
of ownor m at abnv orrit-e.
60 acroa, 2 nil! aoutli. on tHaiik Road ; th Farm fhrrnorly
owimm! by Solomon Smith ainall liouaa and barn, fruit aodgood
timlr. Can Itr bad at a br nratn.
Two larpo and ralnabtr fiinna mntwi by K. Harmnn, Fan.
Onp ol i? acrw, noar arntrw of HhMbdd, nndpr liiirh atatr of
aiinvaiion, f acrea llmwr, lar dwrlling and 8 barna,
olirw honae, fnilt, Ac An OTrvllrnt dnirr rann. Prlr .)
pornCTw. inn- oi i.n arrea. i, mtla aoutli af Monroe or I'lank;
........ r"" rmiirjinga. Tertaaofnay
arttl on aither of abora, acontQawMlattna;.
THE Subscribers an
nounce til thoir friencis in
Ashtabula and ticlnity, tbat m, hare aaaoclatad theraMlraa
iu busiuoaa
In East Ashtabula,
and would rpctfully call tha attontioa of tboa wtahlng lo
Turchase Goods for Cash or Ready Pay,
' ' ' In or atock of '
Dry Goods and Groceries,
bought of fmnnrtara A Mnanfncturer fbr Caah, or IU rnnlralpni
at a vry low prioa. Our icutaare Jnl) prrycar, and tlio aantc
amitont of room on Main atreet on tha Wpat aidp, coata over
tJOU. and our othor oxinara are In tho aamt ratio laa. On
aoouuat of tkora tars wt ara aubid to aara to our cuatonwra
at leant 10 per ceuL on their purchases.
w. w. Mvs. .. iitaixm Skvhoi;h.
r-am Aantannia, April 1, 1HS8. 4.?9
HAVING purchased of H. MATSON
hU otira ntock of
a mscouni irom xiw lowert panic prlcea, to which I am
making auch aiditinna aa will make aa full and good an aaaort
ment aa can be found In any eatablisl.inont of the kind lo the
. .. . . ..V
CLii k , .; . p 'vmning of the kind
"" "tus wcauny, arm raelimnalle ennimiinitv.
I have no 1'EIM.AItS out, and intend to aril (iooda enough,
chearer and better, to induce ouo I'l'aroxxKs of Mr. Mateon
Ui buy of me, rathsr than go to eoine other market, or pur
Thaae of TravtUng Agtntt, who bar no abiding plaoa."
Watch Work & Repairing, or all kinds,
Aa heretofore, by Mr. J. A. B AHCOrK, whoae reputation aa
t puperior workman ia too well known to need comment.
Painearille. Keh. 17, '6S. 43U J. jiixe.
I shall receive direct from New York, in
a few daya, a freah and well .elected aaanr!ment r
Fruits aud Groceries, such as
Plga, luMna,
English Current
Prea'ed Citron. IVaa
Raiin Teaa, I'ortnrica
New Orleana Brown Sugara,
Alao, CillKhed, Powden-d, and
Oram, la ted Kenned Sngara, l'epper,
"pice, Cinnamon, elovoa, cinnamon buda,
Nutmeg, and Mace, Indigo Mtarch, Salemlua,
Oingi-r, Tolaicco. Soap and Candle. Yoa
will alao find kt my .tore Flour, FlaL.
l"ork, Hama, dried apple.. I'eachea
Black berriea. Ainu palntaa oila,
caii. and hardware, Sevthea
and Mnatliea, Korka,
Shnvela, lloea and
Kakea, Caila,
Ax, kc,
and Imhort everything nanally found in a Oroeerr anA
Croviaion Store, All of which will bo gold at a Keaaonable
uiotiwiriHu cuaw
Anhttbula, Ohio, June 9, l5g.
CAND FOR SALE. A few thousand
KJ load, of Sand will be aold by tbe aiibarxiber from the lot
corner or thePennxylrania Aveuue and Orthodox Flare
Aahtauula, April , InoH. 433 . H. C. TOUBES
C ALT FOR SALE-By the laad or
J ln''' rrrr, by ,i. )EliAM. Jr.
SHe BOOTS! BOOTS! For the best
f III "a"y f ' li'ek Boots, Prindles' make
' loweat uash prlcea. Call on
(el- " Sis. - K(T k MORRISO.V.
"MIOCKER Y. The larp-est assortment
.,'hi!? d " Stono thina, White Granite
.HUM, uwm n mir, aO DO IOODO at
t,n : f L If To (iva
and aee them.
Goods Sold to Meet the Times.
N. B. A Journeyman Watch Maker wlU be here In (few
Wltnoitt Araenfeur On ntna I
UK. (Juiurji auUtituie, or None Tonic, Ua posiUre
Lure for Chills and Fever,
and all Dlneaaea art-log from Derangement of the Neryotu
ay.Uuo, aud vary .ucoerWi.l in preventing
Yellow Panama, or Chares Fevers.
The Recipe waa discovered by a regularly graduated Pbyal
cuui,and i. therefore entitled to the nine corilWence a. inv
other Phyaicuin . preaeripUon. A .ingle trial will prove ita
elticacy. One bottle in ordiimry eaaea of Fever and Ague will
ellect a cure. All that ia aekvd ia a fair trial. All who have
uad it, apeak loudly iu iu favor. Head the circular
J. a. il..Alil), Sole Proprietor,
. No Ml Maiden I jure, New York.
t.C. BHEWER, Agent, Weat Side. Cleveland, Ohio. lnr4lH
HARDWARE. Heavy Hardware.
Shovela. Hoea. Axea. Mechaoic'a Ti. e r.n
kinrta, Mam Trowella, Pleka, Pump tUtnreg. Olaaa. Putt v. eve-
thing a nioat, ouiprialng a complete aanortaient of both
Heavy k aneil Hardware, for aale low by
PrlVTSr rTr h'a'm V.ry Oeairahle ,d Cheap
PUNTa, Ol.SUHAM.S.aod Mourning Uwna, which are XxiZ
.Idchper tha at any other .tor. In town. If ym, want
Cheap f.ood., call at B'HIBIIT-ION'W CASH StoRK
Relief for the Afflicted !
T)R. L. G. CLARK, German Reform-
ed Iripothic PhyMclan and Surgeon, (formerly mt tlia
Brm of f lark a (.ibeonj can be cunaulttd at the followiua
Uum aod plaoua I
Aahtabula, Fiak Huuae, January ( a 10
Jelfereon, Americaa i
Rock Creoa. Ip(rd lie 18
Cole Brook, Exchange Rouae, M ,4
hiugaaille, Rodger'. Ilouvo g
Cmineaut, Tretuont llouae,
Oerard, WrighC. Hi.U-1, - g
Allaon, Alhioa Houae '
UuiuiauiitUie, per KouM, " 4
iW ili.LS.'.11' '"V'" hd f'"l"t"l nrent aolielUtlona
ooca.LZ?,,,',,?,ia',, '"'" 10 l" "iK-l.borbond
a!''vi u MnM1" ' ln.aally, u well
a. oy eaaa Ul uaiaafl vi.ii .1. - 1
aiiiuUtu. -" J-i-ra ou
. leatify , and 1. pre,.rS gfv.''L '".'u -b ari'tb'"'
ply. ftailar .LeLuo. tha our. rfCoT
Ht lllTlui., and all diaeaar. of the "unei and cTJT,
will be treated with auewaa. S0"1 "ry character
Alao will mire old tore, and all anit.lt.. ai . . .
ever charUr they may be lie makea a7a anlv.i
hotoairal reuiediea, bo calomel or ether fniu
are used. ""
Peremi. at a diatane deairing advlae and Medieina will arad
a general di.crtption of the appearance of tha uriue witha
correct atateinent ef the cauae. ortg of the dhraaaa, and a
geueraJ hiatory af the ainptmu.. with aasva, age, Ac
aommuuieauou. aiuat M turected to
S. li. CLARK, U. 0.
Janaaatown, Merger Co., r.
Family Orooerloi I
HO. T011IES,I8 now refittinfr aud
e replenishing Uie Store recently Aeei.o..lerf 1.. p .ti
ft Tomlaw, and will eiHirioue Cue busiua. ..m 1,1.
ve nature ui uie ouaiueai win ue uu.uuitUui the aaiue aa if
hae taven.
Dealing tn Produce.
And keeping eo hand for the retail trad choice aod oaefulrj
Mkveicd aaKnrUueut of v
Jamil t Groceries.
The extra tire addltloo. mow makimr lo the fltora oa KanA m
f ive him a Slock fully etiual, II not au;irlar to any other ia
hia asetiae 0 the Stat. And aa the hava hmm 1
tli lowaat eaah laloa, and will be auld at a email advaoce froin
coat tl. pubti ana acur tiMsjr aoivi.lv-. i.m nuuI, a. w...
Id trnua. roui Um) character of II.. Oonda, til courtesy
proiapt.nvMi aad launaaaof tU aauuvar of aouig eaiaUiea, the
aubaeikber hope u. aeou a .hare ef paUlc uawvnage
Aahtabula, AprH 24, 186T.' ' 1,1 iUJ,UIa
Q0U PENS.If yog wlb to get
VAl urt..r Hold Pru eallai at HTEK.1.F1. and Ly hi. aa I
Xuj6 - 1T
wwivil'. j ... IT V
A...T,.n.a. Aug,.., Mlh UL1ir "
and Mcha, Cote. M UWiUii u
'i( L.-.r
rrlocM noduoed.
yew Stylo Marhln
' Untiling nn Haln Tbl, . , '..,, "
" Half I'aao I'.L.nl '
Half Ca.e, M:ih(an)r nr Mark Walnut,.
" Full ('una, Mahiiifltny or Uluck Walont..
M Full Caao, UohowimmL m ,
Small Harlilne ,
latira alarlilt!:
f.V) Oft
, 7n IK)
rill 00
, SI (10
1IKI 00
lit no
in no
ltai no
Ilpiiitnfra, (extra.)
6 00
IVEUY Family now-a-dnyg begins to
J fWal tha Imjinrtanca of tlirsa niarlilnaa, but many art at
a loaa In dividing in tlii niattor of falrrling, while r-thora liavo
haatili purrhaai-d a rbap, airglr thioad Hiarhlnp, whirh thr-y
find ia but pcMirly aititrd to anawpr tha end designed. Those
who bare had opfvortnhitfea for a rompai-lann of the merlta ol
thi dillerent mai-hlnea In uae. riadlly dlrovor which holtla the
upariority and "give the palm where juatiea x.inla it due
Whrtlrr t)- II
rert Inteltlgont nbaerrerwlll admit, atanda without a Hra
Ita advanUga are
1 Ita almplicity and beauty of onnatrurtion.
Tho aot-llcnre and matneaa of ita alltrh alike on both
anti iu inooom triim ailTUiimr ike nii-i.li.. nrnu.
brona cord on the under hie.
8 Sad aoriirnry, and reliability at any rate of ipeed.
4 Kconmnr of thread.
6 I'nrtability caronf operation and management.
Quirtnce nf movement.
T Kad adapUtinn to every apeciea of Quiilly tewing, gath
ering, Ac,
Thia ia a pure and elmple narration of Ita qualitiea. whlrh
Will aiinear to everv one nn aninalnljinrA with ti
Ita daign and meriiinim If anch, aa to make Ita preaeuce an
aoqulaition to any one'a parlor.
One nftheae marhim-a may be aeen In operation at the reafdenre
oi ineniorruier. wiio la autuorlanl to aupplr anv doiiumil A
them in Uiia virinitT. JaWKS I.KKII.
There ia but one Sewing Machine, and Hint la Whi-eler k
niirnna.- jrnnx MKKia, or the American Inetitute.
Aahtabuly, February I, iM'rS.
Prinripml mnd SupirintendanL
IHgh School,
Rev. C. E. DRt'Ca,
Mlaa S. L. Paixk.
Mhw Elhika Fox.
Wis. Ltria I.. Willt.
Mlaa W. H. Kkli.ooo-
Grammar School,
Intermediate, '
Second lutermediate,
Primary, -
The School la Prt to all peraoaa of a anltablo are realdlng
within the Borough Umlaj, and tho Iliatriet attached thereto
tor School purpoaea."
wlflTe'' WWk" oon"tlt,,1" Te- Tenj" tor puplla from abroad
Fiw Primary net annum, - . . t S no
For Intermediata - - 10 no
. For Grammar !'- . . . lMo
For High rtrhool i . . . . r.
And i,m rata lh, M.k 'W
Tuition payable In advance. p
'Ail appitcatioD. rbr admbudoo to be made to tbe Supario-
The Snmmer Tern, will comence April M, 18AS. The Fall
Term September . and the It Inter Term, January S, Hint.
U Is highly ceairable that all puplla ahould begin at the open
ing ol tenna. No puplla out of the village will he receive
a leaa perhai than one term, and no deduction, for absence ei
cept In caeca of aickneaa or re oval. . a ci
December Appointments.
Prove all Things !
Phrsician and Sunreon. will lie In
Aihtabula, Aahtabula Houae, Thuardav, Dec. 23.
Jellernon, Thomfvaon'. Wodneielay, llec. 2.
Madiann, Monday llec 2sth.
PaiiH-aville, I'ow'lea Houae, Frl.lny, Pec 25, 28 27.
Cleveland, Johnann lloute, i'S " 2th.
Kiugaville. Tueaduy, Dec. Mth.
Couueaut, Raodolph Houie, Tneeday, Pee. 21t.
The Mode of Examination pursued bv Dr. W
la very aimde and entirely new ; and br it disease or any
of the Internal vital nrgana, la in a very r. ir minutea delected
with facility and certainty without asking the patient a uues
ttnn, or having the leaat previou. knowledge ol the cue.
Among the dlaeaaea treated ueceaafully by him. may be
mentioned the following : '
Sciofula, and all Diseases of a Scrofulous oriirm.
I'lcera, Tumora, Enlarged Bland, or Jointa, Hip Piaenae, well
ed Neck or Goitre, ScrohilouH sore Even, Scald Head, Eruption.
00 the lace or other pert, Cancer, Fiatnla, Spinal Piaea.ea.
... -","- iwuiv,ah v itua isance, Epl-
lepay, Rheumatiam. llroov. Ac Aa. ' 1
All diaeaaea peculiar to Kemalea, and all chronic dlaraaea of
!!" """ r.', 1 moat, l.unga, lleart, ritomach, i.iver. Spleen
hldneya, kin or otlier organ.. A epeedy cure warranted In
all diaea-ea of a Svphillpllr or venereal character, without the
uae of mercury or other pisoita,which deatroy the con.titution.
Regulnr viaii. will be made during the year, giving Umae
whe commence treatment, opportunity to continue till cured.
Or. IV. baa fully onnliiied hiuiarll for the nra.-it nr 1.1
profeaaion. nf whih any peraoo .hall be aatb-tted by calling
hi. nHiioa.
No certlltrate of enrea nnh'Uhed. but rereronrea to ....
number of patient, who have been cured, will be given tii
The Poor Lilerally Considered.
Any person aendlng a correct abitement of tlieir aymptnma,
and enclosing i, will have medicine, adapted to their case
hp 1 i.i uue ii.oniii or live weeka, acut Uiem by Ex
preaa, Addreaa ' .
H. W. WADSWORTH, M. D, BatavU N. V.
Blauk Books made and ruled to order.
W. R. AU.E.V.
New Book and Variety Store
rriIE sulKcriber has opened a Hook nnd
.y.a,ri,y R,"r' "Sno"' "ath ot Tl Collins, where
will keep coni.uuitly on band
Mlaceluuieoua Booka, SUtlonery, Pena and Ink
Sheet Muaie Embroidery Silk pina and Needle.
Drafting paper Embroidery Braid ljidiea' baeketa
Tixaoe " W 01 king Cotton W illonCib.
Blomng . Crochet " Skirt. Hoop
a I? 1 I;;r. r me Dreaalng, Pocket, Cl.cle, Pull, Side
and Back enmba, iolill atiinga, c
A C'holee Mock of 'oiifitioiiarw
Toy. of all varilie. to pleaae Uie little folka, and in fact al
article, that are kept in a drat ela Country Variety Stor,
I .lull keen all the nootilar .,... .a . ..
forl. an r.Ji S. ' , M P?l-ni 01 tne
to call
Aahtabula, April 22d, 1858.
Iron, Steal Nails. Olaaa mrA -a..,,-
SWEEI IS,and old n.Me Hat bua Iron, '
'' X'"l 2 inch amiare Swedaimn
J, Jt, 1, m, 1 V, and 2 inch, round iron.
H. M lock K.mtii.i. ti 1
8take, Hand Hoop Iroi,, wldtha: .mall Round, Square and
Nailn id'; '2?"
m iiaai aaaoruueuiol all tbeae article, e... lf. a
at Koi it k MoRKlSOM.
Great Bargain at Ashtabula
Carriage! $fp Carriages J
Manufactun-rahard nu an. A,-- iL Z' T.U
opjairtunlty waa .verotlere.1 lor getii,,,, liriawaj!. i.
hla place. .11 anon if you want a barir.ii, I- ? '
avid from 20 to 40 dollar. I-., i' a.1'. ,UI(" ll
AIM). A Snlendtd 91..1. nf tl ... . ."""i
aale, to ,h. In-ti "WandST"
A.iitabuia, Au(. 1M
ceo. hall.
CCTIOOL IJOOKS. Fo7d,ool books of
muj sum cau aa
Book ft Variety Store,
pallia Quia, Ohio.
IJOHSE RAKES, Corn Plows and Cnl
- s.a, in mrm Huailt, ua at a ery reaennable
Jtobah, June 28, ISM, ' "' "
or Tiia
Practice f Medicine,
HAr.0 permanently located in this Dlace. of.
3.. v"io,."U wrviee" to U" l"W""i or Aahtabula,
theliun;; ohar:ter, to which
Su2 lw "tZLZ 'H-'lHKO.T- when' trea-ed
.lieu any ni'a". .vttt'udT .", " vUi
ich ar. purely and poJUvel. VW?." ShooU,
""-'''"" " " "J oarvou., or Acute
treated by
iry. Dboaae of Ui. Heart. SoIiml k.' "
- ' -' mi"". s 1 v- iwuen
auocaaafully IreaUid All iWuia AdVuL r
odFev.rSra,g,rally cured. "--lu.ua, Cauaira.
Female Heaknoaaea, whether Nerrou. or Oceaula n 1
otuerwlae, will be cured or relieved in a laW tiin,
Thiaat near br, can consult them a their otlic formerly
occupied by Dr. McCune. opa.ll Hrigham At Co.a' ClotTu..
Tho. at a distant can ounaolt hhn, by aenduia I11
eaa, with their full nam and aire, marked on tl.. "ud
Special atumtion u to diaeae. of the Fra and J
ki Uw BUaihlli.j uf Crooked Limb, ftc.
L'ailio. Jura
it .
1 have
77 7
. ..
1858. IitlII ARniVAt, 18Ag,
P I A IT O r O It TES.
MKLODEONS, Ac, to. '
C KO. II A 1,1,, af Ashtabula, Ohio, in
A rltea the attention nf thnae dcalrlng to purchaae Inatrn
nunta during the aptlng nr rummer to the fuel nf bla reia-iv-llig
a large alora of Superior Slvlea and quality of i'liinoa
and Meloilenna for the Snilng anil Mummer trade, on tenna
to ault the " hard Dim Y, , fetd not a little plea.ure at tha
frninent pralae bealnwed njwn the aiiprrlor quality of our In
atruminta alreadyVild and tn-ff loave in aay, that our prearnt
ator la aiierinr to anything vet received. Keinemlier that
we buy nothing cheap nr inferior, and every thing la wiirrant
ed i-erliTt. We will not have n poor mimabli Ihinr nhout
tia If we can help It. Ve want a i7 down on 'Initniuienta
If io,flhle credit will l given, of 3 and 8 mouth, for the
OU Hanm md Mrlmlrim$ InktH im KTrknflfar Kem !
Aa, on hand. Young Ijidlca who are teaohlnir. can have In-
i rtnimentiby pntlug a portion at the rl.ie of each term.
1 hnae who wiab tn nnler, will be Juat aa well aeri-ed aa thniiLdl
I tli. y werebeie to aelrct. lo not rail to rail and look, though
yon nray not wiah to pnrcliaaa at preeont.
Itefer to II. KASSK1T, who will attend to the aale of In-
; atrument In our alweuce.
fiaarai t, Milrdrant IWarat aj Ktpmred tnii Warranted
(iKO. IIAI.l..
A.rll 10th, ISM. 4:
Ashtabula Marble
-M-. fnrnie
subscribers respectfully in
hers rcspectfullv in- F?
form, me eitltena
ena nf thfa and adjoining B . ! i
nrrliaaed the entire ntnck "ft f j I
....... .. iik.iii, nnrviian iiieennre .toca nli'
Jla-ble Ac, of Ihe well known ratnhlicniil of F.I
J. Jooe. Co, they are fully pre.iarcd to furnlah"
Aioiiiiincnts, Ilend-stones. Ac,
of the heal Italian and Rutland Marble, tn rnnre- 1
..... ... iiiiii.ii himi oe.lgn.
We have, end will keep conatantlron hand, IWly carved
t aiav lamba, Row. I.llllca, Wreatha, and lralariea.'on Mar.
ble or any de.lred tntekneaa, alao Kurnllll'.- Marble of any
patterna. Aiil.hrd in the neateat manner.
raVea ''"' enc,0c,1 w'tb P"" cliiUn at reaannnble
We eor.llnllylnrlteall.ro call aod aee Sir them aelvea, and
examine our atocka and price, before purcha-ing elsewhere.
Aahtabula, May 0,1857 WM. WII.1.AU1I.
Cabinet and Chair
I SAA AGE, wonltl call the nttentionof
J-e the cltijen. of Aahtabula And rlciuity, to hi. preaent
atock, compri.ing .
Mahogany SofH. ;
- Tete a Tete. i
" Centre Tablea, marble top. J .1
" Chaira, anrliig aeata ;
" Roaewood, Maple, dreaalng ft common Bureau. :
' Waah standa, enmmon Tablea, Beadttead and
Stand. 1
Irge Mahogany rocking chair. !
Small "
Large cane aeat, cane back do;
Small " do. . '
Cane aent and Windsor chair. In Tarlety
Jan. 4, 1X37. v
Sloe m,
CTOVES. The subscriber has now on
KJ hand a rery Urge atock of Kaatem made Stove, which
will be aold at very low price, for caah. Amonir which .r.
The F.agle Hot Air low oven Cook Stove.
14 fciurior " u
" Centurion. (The beat elevated oven used.)
King, elevated oven Cook Stove.
Prentdent, mm.
" Northern Light, - u
Vnlou, u h
Amizon. w a
Wes'rn American " a a a
Jewett A Root'. Parlor oven,
The Cottage
" 'eu iua " " (J alrea)
pie N'o. 2 3 ft 4, Perurian Parlor, with open front
The Oem Parlor with 0ven front.
The No. 2 3 A 4, Ruasia Sliect Iron Pelf Regulatora. got
in the l?at at ie: nlao a good variety or Hex Stove, aome of
Which are well adapted to warming Churchea fc School Kooma.
Al,tahKOct.2Mh.l85A. UE- - Hl BBA1U8
L'urri 1
v vm nr oio r.mponiim-
160 pair. Men', thick Boota, No.'. 8, fl,
SO do do Kip Itoota, do 7. II)
60 do do Calf Hoota, do 7, 10,
116 do Boy.' thick Boota, do 4, 6,
76 do do Kip Boota, do 4, 6,
24 do Youth'. Call Boota. do H in
300 do Ijlcilea' Kip. Call: and Enamelled l enthar Do.
Gent'. Congreaa, Oniter, Kid; Call, and Enamelled Leather:
do llu.lalo and Ruhlwr Overalioea:
Ladiea Monicco, Kid and Ijif ting Congreaa Gaiter.
Jenny Kind Patent leather and Enamellod Buakina;
Silk luting Ouitera. foxed all ro,i,l-
do Mnrocco aud Eiuunelled l.'MilUH
Miaaea' lAxttng tvaitera, No.'. 10 und 12;
do Enamelled and Calf Ijice Boots 10, to 2:
Children'. Call Lace Hoota, for winter.
do luting Tip d tiiiitera;
do Moroccu Lace Hoota;
Boy'a Calf, Kip and Patent Leather Shoes:
Ladiea and Cent'. Rubhera, Uuakiu. and Sandala;
do do Cork Sole.
in laci everytmng in tne line or Boota and Shoe. Hiivint
Liutwvtti.r ari. ..r 41. ,.
7i 1 " Winn iu ii 1 iv, ana imvuijr nrif
Hwiw, ucm, m -orK, we juuik we can think w can wif.-li
uiai. in nun une nn -H)t to be lieat. Call ax i.or
a 1.1 . a "wwo HOOT & MOKKIriON.
TJOUSE, Ship, Si?n, F'urnirure amJ
( AK11MGE P.1INTI!V(. !
leave to Inlonil the Inhabitant, of Ahtahula and vlcinitv.
J "I" aiMip. over J. 1". Kobcrtsoli . .lore,
where tney will be lound always on band to execute the follow.
In a workmanlike manner, Plain, Ornamental, Fresco Sisrn
Furniture, Enamel and Carriaire Painting, Imitatiuiis'iif all
kinds of tt ood and Maihle, Flaga and ;aniirra Palmed for
Proces.11.na, Ac, window shade, painted any dwign, Hioiiiinir
I.aciuering, 1 arnb-hing, Jnnning, Ac Paperfng. Coloring
uuvwasuiiig, uioxuig, ;e., are.
u. ..1. . . .
.....rn vj .1 ok i or uay.
Ashtsbula, March 5, 1K58.
Oio. Hall.
VegeUble Pill..
. . per box, 25 eta,
" SM ct.
. per bottle fl.oo
"25 ct.
" 25 ct.
.. per box, bo eta
. . per p'kg. 2i cU
. per bottle Mlct.
" r't.uo
" l,50
" ),(
tirecii Mountain Ointment.
Children'. Panacea
Eye Lotion
Fever and Ague Remedy . . ,
lleulth Hitter.
Dysentery Syrup , ,
Consumptive', lialm
Marshall . I ter. Ciitholicon .
Oralleiiberga Pile Remedy .
For mile by the city draggLta; alao by agent, iu'the princi
pal town, iu Ohio. 1
nuuuui 01 ueiiiiu.
Hartford, Trumbull Co. O, March 7th, 1SS7
...reoy remiy uial I nave been dealing In the Onillenlwrg
Medicine, for Iks Mirf v... un.l ...?. I1
rr . .. ' hi
d 1 i 1 l""'r Hint have met with
T-in . !.' r , l'P'r " these. rt rularli
Cilia aud Catholicon. They will readily la-rfnrm .11 .. d
than is promised foi them. I have sold about tifty bot
tle, of the Catholicon the awl aaon, and I hear the heat ro-
-"j 11 m. juhasii.v, Medical Agt.
l..A 1 . ri .. 1 . 1 " '
11 1 . 1 , 1 ,".0, orauenberg Medlchiea.
!U;r.UWi vl aau-miivv practice, arid one of the
.fi iZ . , .. . 1 il 1 1 rumoiin 1 in wi.ich be reside..
This certihe, that I have used the Uralleiila-rg pill, and
Marshall'. Catholicon, add here hy J. II. C. John!!,,;, " " 2
DracLtce to mv euiire MMiuiueii.. Tk... . : " '
- . sic a'aiu iiiemclne
Hartford, Trumbull Co. 0., March 7. 157,
am a phyalr-lan of thirty year"', practice. Wy principal
ha been dliwaaeof feUwl. nJ,
1.. """" tu malarial ouuiiKismg
u I terine r.tl...li. I ...... '.. B
a fair iriii ...d r......A ...u..Air 1. . . r .
. , " "'i-wii auviouitoviy .ucecaslitl in
i irii T ' """W" "b" ymptooia of
, , e'v cure one in leu. Now 1
radically cure at least aevent.i in twenty and mitigate
- 7 "arauaii . i irruie Laiuellcon the freat
ul.Ui( to btnalu 1 have met with.
J. H. WILLIAMS, M. D, Charleaton.
. wt Bedford, Cobochn Co, May 14. '67.
OVlVr,;.... 2' mrST " U" '"irlne.
.. . w..,v:i ,ur lu hui, urn lara, and have
invariably found them to glva grmd aatWactiou: and thenill.
aold to a irreat ft.... nl. " suv pin.
aadaoltVv. -nd . T' , - g'"a"y Ihelr tea
' . 7 . ' V u,ry nave Decome a .tenia ar
Mamhall a I teiln Catholicou i. . nx-dicin. tUt ha.
,7 . . .7 . leniaie aiseasea. One ladr I
it to told me aha bad rl..,.l I . ... 1
than .In did from a long course ol medical trcatnieut lor
ttioat aklllful uhaiciaua.
ouia truly,
! by
BRMIAM k JOHNSON, Aahtabula.
1 W. H. Ai.l.KN, Jefferson.
, A. R. lilif KV.H H. New Lvov.
MoCAtiiaLANO, Kockcreek
- ' T.CIiKTM, Tnimuull,
X. PAK1S1I, Klng.vill,
1.. LYONS. Coniieaut.
H. MOKOAN, llartagror,
f. 11. MILLER k Co.. Auattubar.
k. M. Nnniov. Andovar.
R. HPHINO, Oeiaav.
by ma Agent In all prludsil town In Ohio.
Mjdicin and Agencies, addrew
H. a. K1NOWLET, CLgvai ixo,
' Agent fbrOhlo-
v . . - .
Warranted to be the best quality !
At tb eery Lowe.t Market Price. Alao,
lMmps, Cans, Wicks, Set., for salt a:
f .AAK, Main street. Aahtabula, Ohio, 41
-cllOol Hook, of il.a lalat faahL.a ido n..t k... i.t 1 J r
they would change .hen tk luouu full.) hut what w
aio uuuia tMKlka raar, I'wui, Ink, n alar.
"'Hxliii it, HOOT MORKISON.
pUOUR! FLOUR I ! J hove made
ud 1 aluui .u ,t ih, u.wvM pwibl flguiV
. . ' J-VO. J. MuBMltl'SOef.
i A
Marnhanta and Trader, will b on thaly guard and
ot be impuaed npon kr a emmtarrVII of Mora a India
Root I'ilia, .lr;ned 4. H. Mimrt. All geaulne Indlae
Root Till, have the oau and .Ignatore ef at. J. IF AIM
t C , oa aeon boa.
PH. Miiu.-K the Inventor of MORsr INIilAN ROOT
P11.I.S, haa.ent the greater part of hi. life In travelling,
having vi.lled Kl rope, A.la and Allien, aa well aa North Anie
rica ha aient three rear, among Uie Indiana of our W eaten
country It waa in thl war that the Indian Mont 1111a were
(bat dlenvwred. ir. Mora, waa the Ural mall to oataiilKh the
Ikot that .ill die,ioa arlwe from mri'HiTr or thr ni.onn tlrat
our alrength, health and Ufa depende upon thlavlrainnld.
hen the vailnu. paaaagea ia-come clogged, and do Hot
act In jwrtVrl liarmony with the diHereiit hincllona nf the
btxly, the hhiml loaea Ita action bccnniea thick, conui.teil and
dl.eaied; thua oait.lng all Miina. aickneaa and dlftrva. of eery
name: nnralrenglh ia evhanated, our health we are deprived
nf, and If nature la not aaaiatrd In throwing nIT thul atagnalit
humor., the Mood will liecnme choked and eeaae to act, and
tlma mtr light of HtV will forever l blown out. How Impor
tant than that we ahould keep the varloua paaangea mf the
oooy nev aim open. And how pleaaant to n that we liave II
In our power to put a medicine In vnnr reach, namely Mnrae'a
I Imlian Root IMIla, maniinietnred fnim planta and rwta which
I grow around the mnuntainnua rlllT. In Nature', garden, for
he henlth and reenverr of dlaeaaed man. fine nf the mnta,
from which the I'm, are mode la a Surdnrlde, which open
pnraa of the akin, and aaal'ta Nature In throwing out the liner
part, of the corruption within. The aecntid la a plant which
i. an K vieetnrant, Out! njien. and nneloga tha pnaange of the
Intiga. and time, tn a annthlmr manner, rlhrma Ita duty by
throwing off phlegm, and other humor, from the limga by
eo loua .plltlng. The third I. a IMurectlc, whlrh give, ease
nd double alrength tn the kldneva: thua encouraired, they
draw large amount, of Impurity from the blood, which la then
thrown out bountifully by the nrinarv or water imaaagc, and
which could not have la-en iliaeharrred In anv other way. TJie
rourth 1 a Cathartic, and armnmauic the other pmpertlc. of
I the I'llla while eno-aged In pnrilvlng the blond: the mnreer
pnrlicle. of iinpuritv whlah cannot aaa hr the other nutleta,
are thua taken op and conveyed off In great nuantitiea hr the
I boweta. J
From the above. It re hown that Pr. Morae'a Indian Root
Pill, not only enter Ihe .tomach, but lacomc milled Willi the
Wood, for thev flnd war to everv part, and minnlelplr root one
and cleanae the ay.tein rrom all iiupnrily, and the life of thlf
badv, which la the Idnnd, become, perfectlr healthy; con-e-'
qiiantly all .Irkne.a and pain ia driven from the eyrtem, ftir
1 thev rannot remain when the laxtr hemmee pure and clear
The ren.nn why people are an ill.tre.aed when alek, and whr
I m many die, la heennae ther do not cot a medtclnr, which will
pa to the aflllctod parte, and which will open the natur
a! paaaaire. tor the diaeaae tn Ire caat nut: hence, a Ian quan
tity nf mod and nthormalter la lodged, and Ihe atomaeh and
lntetine. are literally overflowing with the eorruoted ma..
thna undergoing dlangreahle fernventatlon. con.t.mtlr mixing
with the hlood. which throw, the corrupted matter through
every vain and arterv, until lire la t-.een from the body by dia
e ae. Hr. Morae'a I'll. I.S have added to thein.elve. victory
rmuinnr niiniona 01 ttie aick tn blooming
health and happlnewa. Ye, thoiiannda have been racked or
tormented with elrknee., pain and anguLh, and whoae (eehle
framea have be n aoorched hy tlve bunilng eleuienta of raring
fever, am! who have been brought, aa It were, within a atep or
the ailent grave, now atand ready to tratify that ther would
have been nninliered with the d.-ad. h d it not been for thla I
great and wnnderful medicine, Morae'a Indian Root Pllla. Af
ter one or two doaea bad been taken, ther were aatoniahed,
and absolutely aurprlaed. in wltnea.log theli charming elTer.t.'.
Not onlr do they glee immediate eaae and atrength. and take
away all airline... pain and angui.h, hut they at once (to to
work at the foundation nf the al'eaae. which la the Wood
Therelor. It will be ahown, eapeclallv by thoae who nae theae
Pill, that they will an cleanae and pnrlfv, that diaraae that
deadly enemy -will take it. flight, and the fln.h of youth and
lienuty will i.galn return, and the proapect of a long and hap-
'7 ... HIM l-nvilo inn lir.L'Mim vour o.y..
A. J. WHITE, A5 Co., Sole Prorrlrtora.
AO lnnard Street, New York
Mnrae'a Indian Boot Pllla .old br . P. JOHNSON. Aalita-
unriiin, .'no., nou mi 1 irnirtn 10 mciiiciiie.
Prlci ai ct. "v"'ron .r6 n. '.eneral Agent n
WOL LD lvsiiectfully announce to thi.
' cltiena of Aahtiibnln, and anrrniinding country Hint
he haa rtwntly purchaid Uieentire intiaeet nl E. Howell iu
...o .'iiK'ii-i iv-itutn uiiMioena in nil. iiumi vne .lit... i.i.. I.
lv. 1 ..... ... . . v . " '. V" larr-
Ji" i-neiiiv-.!. mm iimi ne ia premrril Intake roircct
llkeiieaviea, in all the dillerent hranche. of the ar .nH i .1..
iniwl approved atyle Having had ae.-eral year1, exneriem
11 .1 . 1 ena"Wl 10 keep up
Willi all the ilnnrovoinent.. and leel ufu In 1 .! . 1
.1 n I lflhll ..I .1. In ll.a.n..... I V . . . '.
I11 , . . ' " v '"a w"i iiirn
lah a. good picturea. and correct to the li a...... 1 ..i.i..i j
aivwnere in tlila aectiuli of country. Nonlclurca .hall go
," ',"y ,l"lt "re nat ""ly aatisiacrory. and ,
"." a ...icl"."'" t"ken on lMUmt leather, If deaiivd. a
a and Mine atiire Pin. tilled at. reaaoimble rate.. 1'artici
I war
"7 K".. ."""'"If children.' likeneaaoa. Rooma. Ilrat
it 11 ;.",IKK'"f c"llorena' likeneano.. Room.. I
building aouth nl the Hank, Main-street, wh.re I can ln
be found from H o'clock 1 11 iii J u . .......
r..,...rf - i,;n-:1.rf e. !'" I can nlwav.
Old I'icti.rea copie.1, and new one. taken In any weather.
Ahuibuli, July lith, io7
. . , " " V'"' o o r. .11. h. a. MARSH.
100,000 Acres Western Land forlal..
-I fi ring for sale One Hundred Thnnannd Acr-. , ..Yi.
lute, situated in twenty-six dillerent Coiintie. in wa. live 'in
Mmne,ot.i and two iu tt iscousin. Said land have been ae-
... " ' ' ' ' anai vnnr me Severn miI veam so.
" ve wuvoeiu inev are .itoateil. All of then
arc nimv or leas allect. d M the line, of RaUruad. projected
.111 . . r . Igrert of completion. As the
n v"r """i".! increnaea, uiey will rapidly alli ance
. r 'orv iiiceuieiiui u tne aiacu
n tiu Lr ",,tler u-
A Liberul Credit
il.. 'lT" i" -' ,H 00 Mn7 r the, land. Some o-
til l.s. i If I 11
111 Oood Property,
including personal and real wtate, thuaalTordlng pereon.ow,.
ing snu.ll Iannis town aud village pm,rly an op,a,rtiinitv t
;, . r "' i"'"-"v ""'si uesiiaoie home o any
ilcslnible size, with timber and i,r.lri.H,. v c. , .
thriv ing weat. The uth, lieing' derived direcilym; li!. Cm.'
tua uucAWHiuiMuie, Mia win ie vrarriited.
mll hU reeuence- I'vnnaj lvanU A.enu'e, A.htabula, 0.
n f hVaaltlV I I a -
Regular Kara fmsn aat.t.Ki. nr
You that want tn vide. I,... a . ..
talon ll.i. II... Vk '" .. ' , 7' . r "mioruiDly can do 0 bi
len stocked with ' " ''
lor! hT!;.eL
without Vi,. i " ' "rl,:.own."'r". "
FAXXIXfi Mri.T.s
TT . ,v.
MAU.Mt now eommpiinor, i10 nr.,,,,,.
I'aclurlng of FAN'.vl.Vf! MIl.l s ir. i,i 1. 11. .
during a better artlel. il... " "T T l'"
I tlma making it proHtablc to the far.uer. to uae hem i
...... a
1'uu jr Mill Merita.
rU'STl,,'. &J.-?... pe.
uarlich of Cars. (Vl,l, .J. ....'"T' eerr
,.7 . ..if vr vara, iroin me wheat, and
X.lllVr-2Z?amnM kil"I t trrnln ar.u
lMV.ru Mill ..III 1 -...viusiiHiiii. III. not
!e3V. '." m,", nv e-raiury-lia. more slve. ,
. 1. r j "" 1 um. suonmiivoo eaay is anlatanthilli
made of giKul ,.terial.and will be aold el...... ' .1
goon mill can la- bought at. All order, promptly attende'.'
Simp on Hunker rim.
Aahtabula, June lit, lo5S.
HOLD PENS-Thebcst in miirki7
in Africii.
v INOsSTON'S Travels
Ir a una, ana J. w. Hradlev edition n. a
ge..iisei.uonN,dTh Angel of the Demono. a tele nf
!-....j..sui uy i. 3. Anniir, tor ante by
. M. f). DICK
rjLOOK REPAIRING All pc.,...
livln In the vlllnu ...A it. - ...V... .
Repaired at their Dwelling, by leav ing'thvir nanua-at o,v shop.
, - . ...... A. IT. rir. tl.E.
X E V G O O I) U I
STEELE is just receiving u fresh supply
of Oood., la hi. line, call and i 1 1 '
A.hubula, "ct.
J aim Of Kuasiil,
IKON emliracinir all
SwM-d. aod Vnrli.h ICIut M,.r I..
iwiiiiu aoo m uare iron, or a 1 vv.u r,n. 1. tut, in Ll 1....!..
hand, Slake, Scroll, oval, and Half Buuud Iron.
KSJ Uhla. Nail Koda.
26 Blila. ftorinir SUl assorted sires
Amarioan, BugiUh Blister. Ueruuvn. and Cast tceL V
mieUm or OEO. WILLAKI).
Heavy Ooodi.
64 ett Steel Ellptlc Springs.
60 aeitt Iroo Ax lea aaaorted.
600 aette Slrao Hlneea.
Alao. Patent and ILill Patent Aale. Anvil. vr,-. 01...1
Bench Screw, Waggon Boxc, Mulleuhle C.istlnga A!
OEO. WlLLArll).
GAIN would I notify my friends and
the -ubl!c tliat 1 am .till uuwufacturLir
quallly allowed bv all who have had an opportunity of i.iug,
l..lii.g it. U,U aud JjurobUu,, to be decidedly lh. beat
in uae fur elevating water ti.r all practical l.uriaiae.
My Tubing la .11 Vnnled to be aa renreaeulstd. he'll
of tli, beat No !i4 A .,.! Uoitoniud Ir.m
Aner u.mg this kind of Pumu from ,. lo f...,r ...a,
coiiiineud theui bring the HE.-vT in uae .
. ruLLKK, ' Hki'IIK WaIkUi,
J. K. OinDigua,
J. C. A. In auaaix,
D. Cilif.L,
A. WiM.aA,
J. A. iiaasar, ,
l. r hii'k u, tt . C. ilowau.,
L. Cuarra. t. B. Wooi.Hi ar
A. Pi.n,, . . 11. N. Smu-kr,
Divia, J. A. Onii.iMoa,
Pump eopetantlv keot nn 1.. ..A .1 rvwit w . ,
Beaaonabl reduction mda to wbuiewl bujers.
Je(T.on, Ohio, June , 1858. - V'
000 U5&i of WOOL WANTED
"u.yUV on w.uut, or tot eh. for which the
priue will
1 Ss
1ST! hi
rMniaouu 4 '
1 li
r - PR. ROBACK'S i
Hlood I'urificr, ami UluoJ Tills.
HlrtAr VANQl'tSHKP ' '
Br Dr. Robck'i Scandinavian RemedUa.
1 1 1 1 1 i a 1 s 1 1 . 1 1 1 i 1 1 4
' ItlCUIItillllllltil
A- S t"'.'
AFTER YEARS of Stn.ly un.l Ex.-cr-
I V Inient, Dr. Kobark, the Eminent Sweadl.h Phvrielan
.iireeeded in producing a medicine fiom tweiitv-th?e diireren)
.pecle.nf moantaln heibe nf hi. nalli e land, wMrh act. .Ilnct
ly iiioii the eauaer ordUeaae hi the blood. and by raatnrlug tha
corrunled fountnlnnf llle, to a condition of health and purltv
evKll. dlaenre from the a alem, whciever it may lie locnted, Of
whatever may lav it. chara-ter. Indlge.tloti', nerroiia com
plain epileptic, and otlier flta, enngha, enti.iiinptlnn In II.
early .lagea, aore throat, bronchllla, fever and ague, aallima,
low .ilrit,aexiial Incapacity, feminine weakneaa, prlrkllug of
Ihe akin, avmptmnalic or pmalraia, ihenmiitiain, nenialgia, tu
tmor, cancer, iliahetea, lawltnde and dehilUr, diarrhea, and al
nlhcr di.ordera or thenrgana of reanlrall.in, the liver, aud kid
ney., theatonmch. tne nerve, nr the muanilar lll.'r, are uner
rlng'y cured hy thla preparation. It la to the mnlrrm mnrh
or aoed. af diee what an alk.ill la to nn acid: It neiitraliea
them with aliaohile cert.iluty, while at the name lime I! regu
late. Ihe aerrcMnna. reinovea ohrtnicilnn. from the bowela,
Crealer aptite, renew, brallly rigor, and regenerate, every
nnliiml lunclb n Such i. the nnt'.ire. anch are the elleeta r'f
Drt llolmck'. famoiia Svandinav i-m Hlood P'iritier, w hich. If
taken in coni unction with I la -'(vrndlimvliin Hlood Pll!., will
not only obliterate the mnt painful dUeawv, lait jireveut their
reciirrcnee. and lengthen life lavnud the ordinary apan.
Iu the So-mdi'iav im Vegetnhle lllood Pill's Dr. Rohack
prenta the reault of twenty veara of evperlvinre, ha'd .tudv
arid experiment a. lo what a perfect pill ahould he. No one
can d. in I it their aiiierioilly after one aingle trial. Prl-eof the
Seanillnavian Ulood I'llla, gl cent, (ear box. or lire Tor tl.
' Paar, Miami County, Ind.. Aug. 4, 1S.17.
Dr. C. W. Roara: 1 have received an much benefit from
your Scandinav ian Hlood I'urlller and lllood PHI., that I have
thought it my duty, and It Ia no leaa mr Inclination, to give
you a plain alatomeiit of my caae. I waa for yeara alllicted
with that banc of all comforta, and eulrieiicr In' hueine.., dya
peiada. To recapitulate all the an. called reiiiedle whlrh I have
u.ed to rid myaelf of thia di'-enac. would indeed make a melan
choly catalogue. 1 al.n consulted with the lieat phy.lciaiui I
could hear of. I waa induced to try your remediea through
tlieperauiisinoa or a fi lend, aud aftor ii.lng them a few day
waa gcratlv hent-ntted, and in a ahnrt time, lea. limn a month
I wn euUrrly and permanently cured. I waa alao alllicted
nun me nhai violent nervoita ueailaclie, which 1 .lippoae wa-
productil by tny disordered .tnin,irli, for when my dixpcp.1 .
left me, my headnche left with It. 1 now feel better In even
reaped than 1 h:ive for ten years.
Very truly ynura, JOHN S. DEMCTH,
CrwivXATI. Frldar, Sept. 4, 1W
Dr. RnnACK Dear Pin Having taaen alllicted with neural
gia or rlieiimatlani lor the paat year and a half, and havino
aeen your nieilicine, called the Scandinavian Hlood Puriller,
hiirhly recomuiended by gentlemen with whom I am aruualn-i-d.
I waa induced to try it, but not hvrnro I have uaed varlou.
otlier medicliiea. After using two bottle., I felt It. elTect very
aeiislhly, and li.on using two more, I found my.elr pei
fectlv cured. You will allow i... il.nPnrA ::....
you iimn makli.g a discovery In medicine which la proving l
aelf to he a worker of uch wonder. In the ilirea.ea of Hie hu
man amlly - OEillttlF. S. RKWETT
.' Loa'1 Editor Cincinnati Dally Eiupilrer.
. ' IxniAXAfot.m, Wednedav, Kept. 2. 1S57
Dr.C. W. KnaArg-riearSIr; Ilavhig been troubled fo
aeveral yira with extreme deihlllly ai d wcnklles an much
that I waa iinnhle tn attend to my ordinary business at time
and having heard of the wonderful easea that vour Sranilin,.
viar, Hlood I'urilier and Pill, were effecting, 1 wan Induced bv
a frlond to try them. . .
I have been using the puriller for the Inat twelve month'
and lind the medicine fully eouol to ita recommendation.. ..
valnalile I. Ita nae to roe that I cannot now dlinnse with tin
uae of it at my advanced arenf life aerentv-aeven veaia
Iclieerfiillv give thia inlonnation for trie brnelit of tho,.
similarly aliecte.1. MllURIrl MllRHIH.
1 he above certillcatea and manv nthera. can be ai en at n
office by any one at any time, llet one of my Family Medic;
Alinauai-a. gmtta, fiom my agenta.
Maniiractme, Sale-Koolii. anil nffice, N'o. E iat Fourth 1
3d huitdiog from Mnln atn-et, Cincinnati, Ohln. . ,
Koraile hr lieo. Wll.l.Alin, IlKXHAM JoilMI, Asht .b .
hi: K II S1111U1, Ea b-ville: R E -itone, Orwell: R W n.,,1
H'lMiainsllehl: IV li Allen, Jelleraon: I. I.von, t'onneiiiif
Ticknnr, West Williamalleld: II Pratt, W.vi.e; Alice A lln
rington. Colbmnk: S Hathaway A; Son, llnil.grore: A R He,'
with. New Lyme: P Mead. West Andover; II I, Slaler I eo
W W Herrlck. Richmond Centre; M Hates, Pieri out; A
Mcfanaland. Mortran: li W Andrus. East TY.,.,,l...i. 11 11 . ..
rerell, HarfieiwHehl: .1 ft Dale, Anstinhurg: A Ugn'mge Ply
outh: V l'.irrih, King ville- I'haa Barrett. .Amlmv: Smltl.
W bile, hellnggaville: H E Clark, SlielHeld; Sni age ft -l.
nian.Savhrook: B Northam, (,'eneva: David Van Epa. l i.lo
vllle. and hr HrilgLTlst and Merchant, genenilly, I
Choose Bel wem Tktm.
T,IK 1,,'0, fl,1'nisl','8 f niaturiul ol ever
B'wd ubre In the liunutn frame. Wl
imr it MCU.l' llfiittll lo erv Ortmn: when N.rM.i.i It
Ntniy (..oaticer. tiiM-aw. Jl'tl.LoVVAV'rt I'U.LS oiNfrmtf tli
teeny upnti li.e t'.eii.tuU.oi tbe Mienni of Hie, iieutruliiinr I,
r....v.,..r .i uij-e-;(fsf, aiiu uiut rsuiuiny cnrinu thf nmlu.
WlK'tJjl r llli.'ittl-J III tilt nt-ViM. ti.B (4.. .1... U 1- a.
ti.er tne uiuhcies. tUe ikiu, tliebraiii. or ttujr'uther part ut th
IIOi.l.OWAV.S PlI.LSareeuuallv ellicri,,.,. I,, ,,, ii .
ouuiioii to ilie whole htiuian race, aiid in disorder. i.e..ii, '.
cer.aiu climate, and loalltie..
Dyspepsia aim iieninL:eo.eiil ol' the. liver ti.
lim it.! and aolleiliig, and the cause of innumerable dea l.
ield to these cunititca, ill all aiaea, however agmmteil, m
ii'gaa a mild purgative, alterative and tonic: thev relieve t
bowels, purir.v the llui.ia, and iuvigoiaU) the av.Uui and tl .
constitutiuu ut the aaiue time.
General Weakness Nerrous Complaints
When all stimulants fail, the eaoov-i.llo.r (....I K.i . .
ties of these Pills L'ive hriin.ess tn the .,.L1,, :...i'
leeblid muacle. ol the lictim of general debility.
All irregularitle. and ailmenta incident to the delhate ., A
ariiMiire oigana ol the rex aie remoied or preienU-d by lev
dose, of these mild, but tnlallible alterut'.ve.. So mother wl.
.rvi.iue oer own or ner cuuareii . health abould tulllohavi
tliem within her reach.
The Unidon 'rijuiceL" th Ijindim v-MiMiici tj..-iu o ....
most emiuent of the faculty in (iieat Britain, i ramje aiu.
tiennany, eulugued Uie Pill aud tlu ir iuveutor. ,
tlolloway's Pills are the lest remedy know
in tne worm for mt Jolloicms diseases:
Asthma Diarrhoea
Bowel Complaint Dmnav
Inflammation. '
Inward tt euknea.
Liver Complaint.
Stone aud Oiaiel
W omw of all kind.
Cough Debility
"I11" Keverand Aim
t.'hi'st Dinea8e
Keuiale Couiplaiut
Invnea. of Spirit
Ilea due be
euercal Aflectlonf
ecouitary symp-
t "'AI TION! Nr.near rrennln. .mlo-u !....,.
'Iiullutrau, JtlC iurk and lj,.dan " are Hi,ee.r.,... A .u . u-...
in every leul of tut, book of direction, oiound e..cl
isitor lsix:the aan.e uiav lie nluiulv ...n 1.. .1.. .
Ittjkl. A balidsiiine reward will Is- given Pi anv one Tei.
"""' ooiiiiiaiiun aa may lead Ui the detection of
party ur aiiliv. ouuiiterleiting the iiietiicine or vending tl,
ine, Knowing tiiem lo be .puriora.
-Sold at the Maiii,r..irv ..1 pr. . it .
Maiden Ijiii. ..rw S ork. and hv all ,,..,...,.1.1.. 11 .
iHMlera In mediciiie thrninrhoul the 1 r.iiul wt..t.. u.i ., ..
world, in bono, at cents. HI 1-2 neut. ...,l 11 1.
tThere is a aunslderable wtvlmr hv I..LI..., ti.u ...l....
and Ague permanently cured, or no charge,
ar"l'nticiil at a di-tinre can have tli-dicine tu.nl hv r
atlilresaiiig a letterdescrihiiig their ayuipUiin. and enelit
7 KEIMIBAI), Sum-sHor to ll.i
T TtHiMliS, at bis old .Ul..ihei Bbop on duo
of Uie Lf-vik. bu now nn IuiimI. &nd for nr. a ittrire aim.
?.... id iuiJiiiiiiit of l.arnett ol avrv demri,.ti)ii, wnicit tn
i-fli for reaAJy Iamv, u low u out br (.mml em- J.en lu tin
mnty. FrAuui wiUiiiiK to hoy m n4 titxtt.irtal trnui it
oini.te imriH-r-i, will niid tt ui uifir mivuMMg to ouii am
eAiiiiiie liU work t-(ot pureUaiiiub tlM.ivl.tre. All work xt
iu the newttBtvl, ftiid fur eleeiinoe eUid durability, oujuoI
HuriMiwMHJ. All work warrmiitd.
Will" HU atwrtniit of VS Iiij wtw nvrer as larj e nor hall
cheap as at iniit. lln is alHn nreuirt-d to do all kiuds ol
trimiuiitfr with DMtnew ana di"-tch.
Ki.tA)Hi.vii, of all kiudts, promptly attcoilwl to. D not fitr
Ktth pbtcv, Onf door south of tha UanJt, Uaio 8tret, .Khta
Ouiu. Juow 27, 1H67. Wi .
W0, NiTTAi. rcspecl fully informs tin
Inhabitant, of Ashtubula and it vicinity; that be
prepared to .upply tbero with
Englibli untile Kciinct, Slock und present uae
Ales, of the finest qtiulity,
warranted gamilue, and recommended by Medical Geutlenten
the uae uf iuvelid and private hiiiiili.
Aahtabula, June 7, loos. 442
; Ambrotypes, .
Photographs, Moluinolyptis, & Daguerreotyp'.
W(J. NORTH, of Cleveland, Ol.io,
would reactfully inform the citizen, of Aahtabula,
hei. prvtsiied at all time to take, lu th beat at vie, th
and most durable life-like picluir. that may be culled
Having hi mi engaged lu thia Art lor a uumlwr of years,
bav iug 11 Krl, cl kiiowletle of chrniical. used in produc
ing bwuitiful reault.. aiid irepiitg up witu the time iu any
or valuable Improvement iu hut liu, b la hilly abl to
the best 01 aati.laction. Vi e aie daily taking the richest
Ambrotype. that can be round In tbe Ulea, All are warrant
ed durable, aud will ault any who may favor ua with a eall,
MelainotyisB picttii 1 getting to b very aipulr, are very
iiitaiile fur locket pletui., Ibey ran untitled iu any ahaia-d
ur ens, tliev make very brilliant picture, .liiiil.r t.
Ambrolyte. Photograph maguiiied to any .iae desired,
oolured tru to ualuie by on of th beet Arliata to b
Pnotogiaph. mud from .mail picture, or living or
deceased prstm, od eolored In till. - Kuuierou. .tatciuMiii. o.
lie, 1. .1 u., asi auouiu it nappy lo wall u i,y '
the citineo. af Ashlalaiia, that Uiav b tislllng I'lereuiui
whether wlsbiim llkeuesavea or not. All ai iitv .wl L,.r.,l i
Kooio. op.u from A. M, till P. M., at Melutleon Hall. 71
lienor .tiect, W. C. W' it rii.
rirwiiu, wprn tar, lorrti. jft
I'lll iiFTiiTT
0 BAI Ei fsrpela, jutairtrd' Pattam.
A Maitw; alao, a Bos saaertaieut of I
1 B.ls Ooma
Floor (ill fluilt.
1 a 1
M i! tl
I ', 1 r 1 ,! -
1 r;tr& '
la th
In t
of Ui
0Ki. WI1XAH1.
15 A8SOCtATlC)N If-
A D . .
a' ear rw "ITmnrM tn, a.' I a.
A.,. J Pt'ff'.
fortunate vl, tl,n. f . " I .TTP'""." 'acticd upon tl,. B.
e i TiiTp '! "l'tlie ...
""illng amg.n, , f A Kir A ft 1 .10
ar" llll-l"-ieo Mlelr con.,,
Ai'T wnrlhi ofthelr nan,
rcalineitt of this ela. of dl
fts n a Dtaoeowtrv Ihs IU.
""a. In all Ibelr fh.ma. aud to
go-- iir.i'i. ai, ant II r iji.a
with adewilptlonnf their eondlu'on.
'... apply In letter.
iag-,necupatlon, hihit
ilfsm the tieatii.eut of Sevtiuil III
Janun.y 1st. 1"M, etpre". the highest
a-ae., f,.r i),
i" year ending
rum s, which h. atlended Hi l.laira nf th. t
aim.iaelion v. Ill, to.
"'laultJiig Sur-
rcun in roe cure nl .-i.erivv.inri i.nr... v.&M.t...i ..
pteiic.Onhorrhira,tlleet, Svphlll., th. vh-e of (liiaiilam .
. ell-abuse, Ac, and Oilier a continuance or the annie i,lan ?.
the en.nfng year. 1 . 1 " ,wr
Th. Illrecjoi on a review nf the past, feel aamred (hat
tlu ir lalsirs In this sphere nf hrneviileiit eftort b.v.
n . ... . F r-.,,...n, v. eiiai,.,M
givat In ix ll t to the alllicted.
vhey have resolved to devote then
i-sieci.iy 10 III youpg.
to till" vow iiniairtant and much dc.pi.ed cause
ami renewed aeaL
An ndmfnthle Kejiort on Sjiennatorrha-a or Seminal Weak
nea. Ihe Vice or (Inanlaln, oaaturliation 01 Keif Araiae, and
otlier dl.ea.e of the Sexnill Organ, by the Con.ultm. Sur
','.wl",,' wl" " "7 nrnll (In a aeuled Knv'elora. )
HIKE r-MlAK!!R, th reedpt or two alanu fo,
age. Other He,a.rt and Tructa nn the nature and treatment
of aexnal iHaoaivea, diet, oH are eonstantly Nlng puhlrshed
gratinlno. di.trilaitlon. and will lav sent to the afflicted,
Some of tlK new renreille. and methods nf treatment dlacoe
fred I dnrlog theln.t year .re of rreat value.
Addre.-. Or 0E0. hi. CAI.OIII'V. Comnilllng "orweoo
Howard Aa.nclation.Nn.gviouU, HlS'tll Street, l'lilladelpbut.
Pa. By order of the Dlrectora.
... iEO. rtmrtni.D. ecratarr.
K7.MA D. MKAI1TIVI 1,1.. I'resl.lent.
Fever and Ague,
from which mankind MlTer over a larpo pnrt of
the frlobe, is tho ronacncn're of a tliaensrrl action
In the ayatem, inrltied by the pniniHtma ioia,m of
encuble decay. Thi exliRlatiiin ia evolved br
Hie Action of eolar heat on wot anil, and riae witli
tho watery rapor from it. While the aim ia below
the horizon this vapor lingers nenr the earth's sur
face, and the Tims is taken with tt throuRh tha
lung's into the blood. There it acts a an irritating
poison on tha internal viscera and excreting organs
of the body. The Hrcr becomes torpid and fails to
secrete not only this virus, but aUo tha bile from,
the blond. Both the vims and the bile accumulata
in the circulation, and produce violent constitu
tional disorder. The spleen, the kidneys, and tha
stomach sympathize wnh the liver, and becoina
disordered alao. Finally, tha instinct of our ar
ganism, as if in an attempt to expel the noxioua
infusion, concentrates the whole blood of the body
in the internal excretoriea to force thorn to east it
out. The blood leaves the surface, and rushes to
the central organs with congestive violence. Thia
is the Chiix. But in this elfcirt it fails. Then tho
Fkveb follows, in which the blood leaves the cen
tral organs and rushes to the surface, as if ia
another effort to expel the irritating poison through
that other great excretory the akin. In this
also it fails, and tbe system abandon the attempt
. exhausted, and waits fbr the recovery of strength
to repeat the hopeless effort another day. These
are the fits or paroxysms of Favsa and Aovn.
Such constitutional disorder will of course under
mine the health if it is not removed.
We have labored to find, and have bund, aa
' antidote, .;i . . . ,.
: Ayer's Ague Cure, .
which neutralizes this malarious poison in tKa
blood, and stimulates the liver to expel it from tho
body. As it should, so it does cure this afflicting;
disorder with perfect certainty. And it does more,
or rather does what is of more service to those sub
ject to this infection. If taken in season it expela
it from the system as it is absorbed, and thus keepa
those who use it free from its attacks ; keeps the
system in health although exposed to the disease.
Consequently it not only cures, but protect from,
the great variety of affections which are induced
by this malignant influence, such as Remittent
lever. Chill lever, Dumb, or Masked Ague,
renodtcal Headache, or Bi ious Headache, Bilioua
fevers. Neuralgia, Hheumatism, Gout, Blindness,
toothache, barache, Catarrh, Asthma. Palpita
tions, Painful Affections of the Spleen, Hysterica,
Colic. Paralysis, and Painful Affection of tha
Stomach aud Bowels, all of which, when arising
from this cause, will be found to assume more or
less the intermittent type. This " Aoua Cubs "
removes the cause of these derangements, and cures
the disease.
This it accomplishes by stimulating the excre
tones to expel the virus from the system : and
Iu"' "IS"" by degrees become habited to do this
their office of their own accord. Hence arises what
we term aeclimatation. Time may accomplish tha
same end, but often life ia not long enough, or is
sacrificed in tho attftmrt . whfla tl.v. ti im .
does it at once, and with safety. We have great
reason to believe this is a surer as well as aafer
remedy for the whole class of diseases which are
caused by the miasmatic infection, than any other
which has been discovered : and it has still another
important advantage to the public, which is. that
it is cbcip as well as good.
DR. J. O. AYE II & CO.
Pwc On. Dollar psr Bom...
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
has won for itself such a renown for the cure of
every variety of ihroat and Lung Complaint, that
it is entirely unnecessary for us to recount tho
evidence of its virtues, wherever it has been em
ployed. As it has long been in constant use
throughout this section, we need not do more than
assure the people iu quality is kept up to the best
it ever has been, and that it may be relied on to
do for their relief all U has ever been found to do. .
Ayer's Cathartic Pills,
For Costivrnbso;
' Fob the Cuhb op Dyspepsia;
For Jadndicb;
For the Curb op Indiqestioh :
Fob Hbadachb;
For the Ci'rb op Dysentery.
For a Foul Stomach ;
Fob thb Curb op Erysipelas;
For thb Piles ;
For thb Curb op Scrofula ;
Fob all Scroptlous Complaints r
For tub Cuhb op Rheumatism:
For Diseases op thb Skin,
Fob trb Curb op Liver Complaint:
- For Dropsy ; .
Fob thb Cure op Tetter, Tumor and Sax s
Kiibum i
' For Worms j . "
For the Curb op Gout;
For a Dinner Pills
For thb Curb op Neuralgia t
For Pukifyino thb Blood.
They are sugar-coated, so that the most sensi
tive can take them pleasantly, and being purely
vegetable, no harm can arise from their use to any .
quantity. , ' ,'
Prlos 25 cents per Bo j Six Boxes fo? $1.00.
Great numbers of Clergymen, Physicians, States
men, and eminent personages, have lent their '
umiit-a to cermy the unparalleled usefulness of these , ,
remedies, but our space here will not permit tha '
insertion of them. The Agent below named fui
liit.li gratis our Amehican Almanac in which ther
are given ; with also full descriptions of the above '
complaints, and the treatment that should be foi
lowed for their cure.
Do not be put off by unprincipled dealers with
cither preparations they make more pro6t oa.
Denisnd Ayer's, and take no other. The sick
have it" bt Bi1 thete tbeW' 1-eT Should
All our Remedies are for sale by
L.i- a ViT- ,' a "'"'lri Ailiooy; I..!. Wsatar.CoB
.vaut A. Mrt au.land, Woman; A. J. llillri, AluU.itairi. and
all Ut-awr lu M.-ilicino. .rami tat re. . VAa
lu U-tcinsi everrwlMre,
tk& A Hook for. Everybody. tJi
Till i i'i'
Kraat work for tli majTitL
er Uiuae conttfinulatlu inarria t
two hlindretl pKa full q(
Trios 26 or ii la at-nt te all aart
tnidvr al, by mall, aviaa ,
ftJ'OOO co,ira vtilvl lh paat y.ar.
'Hi aluglu inarriid, aud th '
Bianled hui,y. A luctur. ua
tut; or how to sliuoiu, Part
ner a oouiult-Ui work oo Mid
wiliery. It ooiitaln liuu.lird,
ol sacrat nvr twCur publl.li- .
.11 - - ..rrunlul ... , -
time tlia amount aaked tor It. UA out lu iwd
pnatajre .laur,.. .nrloawl, aill .cur . c,.y by rr.tur. b-L
oil whioh hi. book treat.. Aililre- " "
T. J. TKl.l.lt, If. f
No. , llvaver .t., Aluiliiy. 1. Y.
rjDB. VirHois rum Ph i . si . i ' ,.f.' H.ii i.
rectiuu.. -.nt by mall. Addrew Dr. Ti.ls. aa'anov. 1,40
Atwater'a Premium
K k $'25 Sewing Machines rutent'd
LU maV 6tb, lHfra.
.tv .uiavriir Having nureli.aed tli rlfrlit to tnu Iowa-nip
bv HadiiiHi. tak. ibi. uillid to Irt tl."- wi.l.u.
iurclia kuuw, wlutr llivy nan (.I 111. lot buiily Maeltlia
lu iih, ttd wuuld wy that b will dvllv.r, .ul up, anal
vry Ilailiii.r l.r Mil tu b irlvot In all It part,
a tlirtv ha reorutly Imw-d oo or two huiritvniiiui uo
la ir. tlut-hiua, wr bt-llrrt It now .tanua without a rival, sue
jut wliajt ev.ry family nt-eda.
waaawaidvd tli. I'lrrt Pn-iiilum st tli N. Y. Hlal Faia
Halo, (let. Vih, 1vlS7, for It Munpllrlty, liurabilll '
aod Frartiral Cliliiv. . ,
riliistirs. and lirlr VVIImui' Lluh iirietd ULhia
the Asaochillon ciMiimand. th l.ial.al, iTa I"? ""I
age. and will furnish the moat ,,. p'eTn. nC 'k " ! U,
The Dlreetrir. of the Aa-ortal on. I Vol ! ". "ahu-lit.
, mm in cnp ot 4.,xn...
r"T ft -B-
lu cointtlH'iD.
alav Maoli'u eaa u an and ttd at the rlfan
aouaoriuar, whr h wlU U. Ilpiy to wait on muf wit
bvior l.lm with oall. lit, a Net-die. krpt oo band far
aooituitiaMlaUi.M of Uio wli tuay aetal. BraM-no oa
tret, oar tli Kplwooal Churul. J7 . t ' .'-
Aahlabuls, Au. 171

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