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SafardAy McrnUig, Dec. 25, 1858.
Mr. Dong1.il teems jnst now to hsv no friend
at Washington. Tlio democrat have tbowo
Lim tbe doer ont of their political cbarcli by
rvfutnrig to re elect him chairman of the tenato
ril commit too on territories ; tlie wpnblicans
do not feci any call to sympathy . or fralemisi
lion, since he abused thera an stoutly aod beat
them to badly io the Illinois canvass ; and th
pure and proper anli-Lccomptoo democrats,
like r.rodcruk, Clark, Forney, c, are soared
toward him because of hi southern election
eering toor, and the proclivities of his speeches
towards slavery aod continued affiliation with
the sonthem democracy. They have no Idea
cf going buck to apprenticeship tc slavery, end
rather enjoy than otherwise the reception which
Mr. Donglns's advances have met from the sen
atorial caucus. Nevertheless,, Mr. Douglas
holds a commanding and In many respects en
viable position ; and he can much better afford
to receive such persecution than Mr. Buchanan
and and the democratic pnrty can to indulge in
It. It is pretty sure to kill them, and add ma
terially to his chances for future elevation and
Mr. DocoLJts is an adroit politician, if he can
snub the slave power In the prosecution of so
favorite a scheme, as that of overrunning the
territories, and then conciliate them by tacit
as trell as expressed toleratien or the institution,
claiming no advantages for freedom over slave
ry, or the reverse of this, and endorsing the
Dred Scott decision, and steer his bark safely
between tho contending current. Such a
course would be easier on the stump than when
yon come to the business of voting. He will
.hardly be able to carry this game into the Se
nate chamber. It is at variance with bis politi
cal history, and he will be forced to array him
relf, on one sido or the other, when he comes
back to hi seat
Lord Nafikr and his Recall. Tl.e specu
lations at Washington upon the recall of the
British minister run into an unexpected aod co
rioos channel. Like most of the foreign minis
ters, he had established intimate relations with
tho pro-slavery side of society at Washington
nod throughout the country, and excluded the
representatives of the free labor sentiment from
his intimacies, if not from his courtesies ; and
has thus identified himself with the home poli
cy and purposes of Mr. Buchanan's administra
tion. This is believed to bare been distasteful
to the new minister of England, whose atten
tion It Is suggested has been called to the po
sition of their representative by Mr. Sumner
vow in Europe, and who prefer, it is iuferred,
to be represented here by a gentleman of more
independent if not opposite sympathies. If the
successor of Mr. Nspicr should therefore be
more impartial in his intercourse with Washing,
ton society, and represent more faithfully the
English view of our domestic politics, his pub
lic usefulness may not be impaired, or his pri
vate relations rendered less agreeable and in
structive, while that class of our social politi
cians who worship distinguished foreigners,
and lire Lords will cot escape an instructive
lesson. The republicans at Washington are
certainly quite reconciled to Lord Napier's re
turn, much more so, it is believed, than eilher
himself, or tba representatives of the other par-
J& Lord Lyons, who is to succeed Lord
Napier as British Minister at Washington, is of
American decent, his great-grandfather having
been Pbiladelpbian, who removed to Antigua,
where Lord Lyons' father was born.
Tire Ttsrr of British officers to the steamer
'Washington, suspected of having filibusters on
board, abont which there was at first an eleva
tion of the back, has narrowed down to a mere
visit of courtesy, a sort of social punctilio, ob
served aroonir aQicers of National vessels. So
we ruler from some of the representations we
have met with. The N. Y. Courier Enquir
er letter writer denominates it the practice of
search in contradistinction to the right of search,
which is said to be quite allowable. This man
ner of accounting for the thing is all satisfac
tory nongh, probably, bnt it contrasts rather
fuoifly with the furor raised during last cession
of Congress, when IliO whole British Navy
caene so near forming an acquaintance with the
- highways, and by-ways " of the Gulf of Mexi
co. There arc some aspects about this matter,
that onr phylosophy is not qnite equal to.
A difficulty occurred between Congressmen
English Montgomery on Pennsylvania aven
ne on the 18th. They happened to meet for
the first time this session, when Mr. English ex
tending his hand said, "ITow are you Mr. Mont
gomery." Mr. Montgomery withheld his own
land aod ottered an insulting expression like
"I don't rpeak to Puppie," whereupon Mr. E.
trutk him a severe blow over the head break
3ng bis case to pieces and knockiug Mr. M. in
"the gaiter, bat not entirely down. Mr. M. ris
' 1ng hurled a brick at Mr. E. striking on the
- fcoot, but doing bira no injury. Mr. Entrliab
states to lis friends that be was entirely unarm
d and was ana wore that Mr. M. had anv ill
feeling towards him np to the time of the vn-
enntre. Mr. M. iu strength is superior to Mr.
Fbom Wabtwoto The Old Soldiers ren
aioo bill, for the relief of the veterans of 1812,
now before Congress, has been so loaded with
ftroeodmeot in Committee of the whole, that
It cannot pass atflesa tbe House rejects them.
The majority of the Republicans support the
bilL 50a Monday Oast Mr. Giddinos made
warm speech in Its T-or.
Be nor Meta, the Mexican Envoy, ha ioforro
. ed our Government that be is fully empowered
to negotiate treaty on behalf of Jo are, which
hall make a cession of territory. President
JJuchauan, though desirious of acquiring Mcxi
cm Territory, is not quite ready to pay highly
for it
Petitions from aearly every Coatity in Peon-
vlvuuia, are pouring iota Congress, asking for
pretectiea to Americas Interests and industry.
The Hob passed tha Pension bill for tbe
benefit of the Soldiers of tha War of 1812, by
veas 130, nays 73, on Tnesduy last
Oa motion of Mr. Pbelj of Maine, tho
ITouae resolved itself into a Committee of tbe
Whole ou the state of the Union, ou tbe bill
fur the payment of the IovalM and other Pen
sions appropriating $852,000 thereto.
DxciMO or Ekhiko Macimkb Cases. At
New-IIavto, Conn., Monday Jec 20tb, 1858,
JttJ'i) Wilton rendered his decision in the Sew
ing Mac Line cases, which have lately been on
triuJ there, sustaining tho Wilaoo patent for tha
rough surface and spriug-preasure (bed, t grant
ing injunctions against tlift At water And tho
Hufou njacliucs, aa lafiiugctcuts.
Cleveland Correspondence.
CLEVELAND, Dec. 21st, 1858.
Friend Tclegrajh: We are passing thro'gh
the terrors of the relpo of Mud, It is existing In
superabundant quantities, everywhere. It steals
quietly into parlors, drawing rooms, and count
ing housrs on the feet of industrious pcdeitraine
It Is laying around loose thror.gn the streets in
all the different States of semi fluidity that can
possibly bo conceived of. It is aa admitted
fact, eveu in the minds of tha most skeptical,
that the supply of this artical, at present, far
exceeds tbe demand.
Amusements this season, have partaken of
tbe general feeling, which has characterised th
commercial life of onr city. The accumulation
of wealth is the great central American idea,
around which revolve all others, and thns when
an unwarranted and premature depression in
trade and commerce has resulted in a mo men
tary collapse, it is hard to tickle the public
mind with any of those little pleasantries, which
under more favorable auspices, would prove
vastly amusing. Thus tbe merchant prince and
heavy manufacturer set gloomily pondering over
their ballance sheets, and profit aod loss col
nmna, fully resolved npon being as miserable as
circumstances will allow. While the palo care-
wome book-keeper and smiling salesman, with
the impress of care and premature age upon
his soul, read in their employers' fuce, as if the
leave of the future were there spread out be
fore them, potcntions foreshadowings of re
trenchments in tbe current expenses of tho year,
aud the loss of lucrative situations, thus their
expenditures which have heretofore flowed so
profusely forth to furnish the life blood of Thea
tres, Billiard Booms, aud Social gatherings, are
diverted from these channels, and fall into a
reservoir of surplus funds, to provide against
any contingency that may arise, resulting from
the loss of situations, 4c. -
This train of circumstances has, without
doubt, had its edict npon tbe Cleveland Thea
tre, which after a most desperate struggle for
existence through last Winter months, finally
expired in the Spring. Its soul in the shape of
the Stock Company, has been transported to a
more congenial field of activity, vis: the city of
Detroit, while its body still remains upon Bank
st, tbe sheriff having of late exhibited a strong
attachment for it, has taken it under his protec
tion. Thus this school of immorality and vice is
for the present closed.
Lieutenant Macrsy has delivered four lectures
before the Cleveland Library Association this
winter, to large audiences. His subject was
tbe phenomena of the sea, which be treated io
a most able manner.
Gko. Vanderhoof delivered a lecture last
week in this city, npon Poetry and Poets. He
read extracts from Longfellow, Scott, Byron
and Holmes. He is a good reader, but his elo
cution is still susceptible of improvement lie
carries too much of the rant of the stage into
the Lecture room, which in a measure detracts
from the interests with which he invests his
Spiritualism has not of late exhibited the
life and vigor here, which it has in former years.
Occasionally it makes a spasmodic effort to
convince the public, that its vitality has not en
tirely fled, but generally with very unsatisfac
tory results, and tbe impression appears to be
gradually gaining ground, that it is a humbug.
But perhaps this fact may be attributed to its
imperfect development, being here, as yet, in
the embryo State, but when it arrives at the
high perfection which it has attained at Berlin
Higlita, it moy then like its proto-type there,
find it convenient and absolute necessary for its
health and well being, to spread its wings aud
seek more congenial climes. Yours,
G. W. C.
Thurston's Bodt Fochd. A knot ol Spir
itualists in Michigan have renewed the search
for the body of the lost aronaut, and under tbe
guidance of tbe spirit of the lost, finally fixed
npon the identical spot where ho went down.
It seems he descended head foremost, striking
in a marshy spot, and went several feet iuto the
earth. The bole be went in was quite percep
tible, bnt excavations to recover the body were
impracticable from the presence of water and
quick-sands, but a pole driven down successive
ly, brought op human hair which put the mat
ter beyond question. There u a triumph for
yon, ye skeptic.
Tbe new Governor of Sooth Carolina says
in bis inaugural message:
' It is to be hoped that no occasion will
arise requiring this State to call upon her
song for tbe defence of tier rig.it and in
stitutions; but believing that this hope will
prove falacious, we should not only endea
vor to unite tbe btate. but tnc entire bouth,
so that when we can no longer main onr
places iu the confederacy we will be prepar
ed to form a more perfect Union under the
style and title of tbe Lnitcd States of the
Imports roa tub Yiab. Tbe total value of
the dutial imports for the last fiscal year was
$202,293.8:5, against 294,160,835 for 1856-7,
and $257,65-1,230, for the year 1855-6. Tbe to
tal value of free goods last year was $80,319,-
5. against 66,729,306 lor 1856-7, and 856,-
955 706 for 1855-6. Of the free goods receiv
ed last year $64,756,975 were free by the tariff
of 1846, and f 15,562,300 were made free by
tbe act of 1857.
How Jcries arr Selected is rue United
Statu Courts in the Northern District.
As some inquiry has been bad on this subject,
we subjoin tbe 4th rule from those adopted at
tbe March term, 1855 :
"Rule 4. There shall be provided by the
clerk a box, in which, at tbe clerk's office.
at least thirty days previous to each stated
term of this Court, the Clerk aud Marshal
shall deposite on separate slips of paper,
one uuuuicu iiuuivo ui uieu iu me District
having the qualifications of Jurors in tbe
State Courts, and tbe Clerk and the Mar
shal then and there, in the presence of the
judges of this Court, (or. in case both be
absent then in presence of one of the Jud
ges of the Court of Common Pleas of Cuy
ahoga Coauty,) draw from said box twenty
lour names, from which the (J rand Jury
snaii ue taken, ana men 'it other names
shall bo drawn, from which tho Petit Jury
ball bo selected, and the names thus drawu
and selected shall forthwith be inserted in
the respected "venires" for Orand and Petit
Jurors, which stall, without delay, bo plac
ed in tbe Lands of the Marshal for service."
Tk St. JW Pioneer of tho 7 lb says
-The rumor that Lords Groeveoor, Cavendish,
aod Mr. Ashley, wbo went hasting in tbo Rod
River Valley, were killed by Indian, is not true.
It is Dot their throats, bat tbeir eye-teeth, which
have been eat by tbo natives, Tbo last wo
beard of theta they were paying one hundred
dollars each for Red River carts, which were
worth about fivo, and were plunging into a wild
career of speculation in broken down Red Riv
er homer"
Senator Wilson's TacKlo Railroad bill, pro-
tides s ib;aotialy as follows t
The President and Senate shall appoint five
civill engineers practically experienced In the
laying ont and construction of railroads, who
within two years shall locate the ronte of a
Railroad from the M'ssonrl River to Son Fran
cisco, through the region between the 35 th and
43d parallels.
If tho President approves of their decision,
the railroad, as located by them, shall be built
by tbe Government, under tbe direction of a
Board, to consist of the Secretaries of War and
tho Interior, the rostmaster-Gencral, and the
A toroey -General, who shall contract with the
lowest bidders for its construction, in sections
of not more than twenty-five miles in length.
Money to bnild the road shall bo raised by
loan, as needed, in sums of not mora than $10,
000,000 antinally.
From the passage of tho set till tbe location
of the road, all public lands between tbe afore
said parallels shall be withheld from sa!o but
shall be open to pre-emption by actaal settlers.
After the road is located, tho proceeds of tho
sale of lands, for one hnndred and fifty miles on
each side, shall constitute a fund for the con
struction of the road, and the payment of tho
debt Incnrrcd for it
Mr. Wilson proposes this on the ground that
the Pacific Railroad is a public necessity, and
that there is no hope that private capital will
invest in it. If done at all it must be dono by
That jury, to ithose lobors we are Indebted
for the finding in the Wellington fugitive slave
case, we do not recollect to have seen tho names
ot It wouid be a matter of some interest to
know how such juries are composted. We sup
pose they are not all P. Ms., and P. M. expect
ants, for we suppose it would be unfair to
conclude that there are not to be found
in the rank and file of the party, a sufficient
nnmher ready to adopt the Fugitive Slave Law
and the Dred Scott decision, as the rule of their
conduct, and make haste to do the bidding of
their Southern task masters. Will not some of
our Cleveland cotcmporarics give us the cast of
this jury. Let ns see bo" far tbe administra
tion of these speciul laws is entrusted to a pro
miscuous jury of the people, and if otherwise,
hnw far the "packing" process is found necessary
to sustain them. Let us see the record.
Tub Last Mexican News. A chief difficul
ty in getting at the truth of Mexican affairs
conies from tbe fact that most of the fighting is
done in the newspapers and by fulse rumors.
War seems to be conducted very much like one
of our political campaigns, and all tbe factions
busy themselves in circulating tremendous sto
ries of their own victories, in order to frighten
their opponents. The Vera Crux newspapers
are full of reported defeats of the Zuloaga par
ty all over tbe country, while the news from the
city of Mexico iudicatcs that the actual gov
ernmcnt is in fact strengthening itself and sup
pressing all opposition. It seems to be the fact
that all communication between Vera Cruz and
the city of Mexico has been cut eft, and that
the casMe of Perote, which commands the state
of Vera Cruz on the inland side, has fallen into
the bands of tbe Zuloagist And if we may
believe the Vera Crux papers, Gen. Echesgaray,
by whom the castle was taken, has with shock
ing cruelty ordered all the officers snd one firth
of the men taken to be shot in revenge for the
assassination of Gen. Manero and others, by the
liberals at Zacatecas. The city of Vera Cruz
is evidently in danger of attack by the govern
ment forces, from tbe fact that the military
commander has ordered all who may scale tbe
walls of the town to be shot, except boys under
eighteen, who are to be flogged. At tbe city
of Mexico, Zuloaga was forcing another con
tribution from the capitalists, to provide for the
defense of the city.
Tbe last steamer from Europe, brought the
gratifying intelligence of the safety of the steam
er Indian Empire, which was pretty much given
up as lost She reached Broadhaven, Ireland,
on tho 26th ult., all well on board, but with her
fuel exhausted, a portion of her cargo and wood
work consumed, aud short of provisions. The
ship laid to for a week within a day or two's
steaming of Galway, during two furious storms.
Commander Paulding asks tbe Navy depart
ment to relieve him from tie expense of the suit
of McDonald, one of the filibusters brought
home by him with Walker. Tbe act was an
official one, in obedience to the President's or
der, and yet it is quite probable the gallant
Paulding will be driven by tbe Administration
to appeal to Congress for relief.
Arrangements are on foot in New York to
give Senator Douglas a handsome reception
when be reaches that city, on bis return from
Ilavanoa, where he is spending a week or two
in consequence of the ill-health of his wife. His
confidential friends in Washington deny that he
has written a letter stating that he will ont b;
a Presidential candidate in I860,
The Senate of Indiana bos agreed to the
amendments made by the House to tbe bill to
provide for the election of U. S. Senators, by a
vote of 27 to 22. There is probably little
doubt but the Governor will veto the bill, and
that it will be passed over his head.
.The new Democratic paper in opposition to
the Atlat and Argue, called tbe Standard, has
made its first appearance at Albany N. Y.
There are seven hundred aud twenty-two con
victs in the Ohio Penitentiary, being seventeen
more than there are cells.
A Paris correspojdent states positively that
the Czar of Russia, with a full military house
hold, will visit Napoleon in the spring, aud will
extend bis visit to England.
Tbe total expenditures of the British Gov
ernment for the year ending 3 1st of March last,
in rouud cumbers, was $365,000,000, or a mil
lion dollars a day
Tbo Montreal Commercial Advertiser
wonders that President Buchanan did not put
Canada along with Cuba and Mexico io bis
message programme of acquisition, but consoles
itself tbat, io the progress of our national rav-
ishment, tbeir charms will not be disregarded.
It says tho lust of tho president after Cuba is
like tbat of Ahab tor the vineyard of Nabotb,
and his arguments tbo same.
T- Tbe Albany Journal thinks that tbe ep
ithet "black republican,' is decidedly oat of
place, considering tbut tbo republican atates
now bavo 13,530,650 whiles, while the demo-1
erutio bavo bow bnt 6,422,418 tbo former bo-1
lug io tha proportion of two to one. Accord
ing (o the ceiua tbo republican is pre-eminently
the white biau't party. -
'.'.fir Tie ancWut Greeks bnried their dead io
jva, teoce the ezrrewjoo "lie's one to pot"
Congress voted Mondny to adjonrn over
the Christmas holidays. Mr. Uiee Intro
dnccd Into the Sknatc, a bill which . wa
referred, providing for the organiintion of
the Territory of Dacotsh. Mr. Crittenden
gave notice that he would call np the
French Spoliation bill on Jan. 6th. Mr.
Wilson offend his Pacific Railroad bill.
Mr. Foster moved an amendment to the
bill before the Senate, which required the
road to be built of American iron. This
gave rise to a discussion between Messrs.
Clingman and I verso n in opposition, and
Messrs. Seward and Bigler in support of
the amendment, which was finally carried,
by a small majority.
The House adopted a resolution instruct
ing the Committee on Ways and Means to
atteni to the Eighth Census. In Committee
of the Whole the Pension bill was disenss
NORTH EAST, Dec. 20th, 1858.
Mr. Edtlor t A most destructive fire oc
enrred in our town this morning about I o'clock
The fire originated in the boot and shoe store
of onr fellow townsmen, Mark Loo, ax, who lost
his ell ! The fire communicated to the dwel
ling of D. IIouss, from that to C. D. Jameson's
Cabinent Shop, thence to the Boot aod Shoo
store of II. G. Housa, and from there to Dr.
Holts office, from tnere communicating with
the building occupied by J. M. Conrad, Sadler
the contents of all of which were totally de
stroyed. Great credit is due to the citizens for
their timely aid. The citizens of North East
are especially indebted to tbe exertions of P.
Goodwin, for his self sacrificing bra cry in sub
duing the flames and rcscuiug property. No
J. H. P.
The President argoes, in his message, that we
cannot permit a province like that, of "Cuba, al
most within sight of ourshores," to be controlled
by a distaut government, like Spain, and not
allowed to settle its owo disputes. If it was
possible for the President to look North, as with
his nu.r.erous faces it ought to br, he might see
broad provinces qnite within sight and under
our very noses, thut are governed by a foreign
kingdom, to whom all their international disputes
must be referred for settlement.; and if he is dis
posed to insist on a different arrangement, here
would be an excellent opportunity to go io.
M'Elratu'8 New Pater. Mr. Thomas M'EI-
rath. formerly of the firm of Greeley & M'EI.
rath, proprietors of tbe New York Tribune, has
issued proposals for a new paper, weekly, to
become a daily hereafter of tbe size of the
London Time$, with the largest plans for the
extent, variety, aud value of its contents. There
is room for just such a paper as is proposed,
and Mr. M'Elrath is admirably qualified for its
A gay young gentleninn in St. Louis en
tered a dnguerrean establishment a few
days ogo, and prepared to lie done in the
highest style of art. Pending the prelimi
nary arrangements he suggested that he
would look better if he had a gold chain on,
whereupon the operator kindly took out.
his watch and accompanying pendent, w hich
he linnded over with a patronizing air.
The likeness wos taken, the plate removed
from the instrument nod taken to the dark
ened chamber where certain mysterious en
clinntmonts ere supposed to be pronounced.
At this critical moment the gay young gen
tleman took his hut nnd departed, forget
ting to leave behind the watch and chain.
The daguerreotypist has abandoned lum-
seit to despair. .
Tub Baltimore Patriot on Sexator Sew
ard. Tbe Baltimore Patriot devotes a long
article to the importance of the union of oppo
sition for tbe next Presidential cttnvass, and the
comparative availability of the different candi
dates. The following tribute to Mr. Seward
is new language for a Southern parcr, aud we
cannot forbear quoting it :
"Mr. Seward is, without doubt, one ol
the most remarkable statesmen of the age
and of tliis country. Of vast culture and
acquirements; of shrewd, clear eyed, broad-
irisioned and thoroughly philosophic iutel
ect; of a temper and temperament singu
larly self-possessed dignified and serene
combining in an extraordinary degree the
shrewdness of the politician with the be
nevolence of the philanthropist of spot
less life nnd character of perfect consist
ency iu his whole course, aud heroic fear
lessness in utterance of his sentiments, Wil
liam II. Seward stands to day on an his
toric eminence which few other living pub
lic men now occupy."
Steamers Between ltirrALo and Cleveland,
Tbe splendid steamers City of Buffalo and
Western Metropolis are to form a line between
Cleveland and Buffalo tbe coming season.
They will form a part of the great through line
between Chicago, Cincinnati, St Louis and N
York; and that the Southern Michigan, Cleve
land and Toledo Iioada, the Columbus Road,
and the Indianapolis and Uellefuniaine Road,
will run with rofurence to this line, thus giving
Eastern passengers a choice of conveyance to
Tbe Atlantic Cable is giving signs of life
again. Last Saturday, good currents were re
ceived from Valencia, and the word "Henley''
was made out at about the hour at which Hen
ley's machine was to have been put to work.
Tbe steamship Ariel, which left Southhamp
ton on tbe 1st inst, put into Halifax, on tbe 22d,
short of coal. She bos had a terrible passage.
A sea struck the ship on the 6th inst, killing
the captain and injuring the second officer aud
two seamen.
At a Methodist Festival iu Warren, Mass.,
held a few evenings since, tbe floor gave way,
precipitating 300 persons into the store below.
A woman rushed to an adjoining store, saying,
"I'm scared to death," fainted and soon died.
The stove and boiler in nso for the festival went
down with tbe people, seveiely burning some
and scalding others. It is thought none of
them who full will die.
Jo a dttliberite review of tbe Fiesidoots' Mes
aage,tbe Bic-hmond Enquirer tlecluro in refer
ence to tUs programme of Mr. Buchanan, tbat
"iu oar opinion, its departures from i.be rules
political fuitb, laid down in tbe platform of tbe
duniocrulio repoblicat psrty, are too marked
and frequent to admit of its endorsement br tbe
democracy of Virginia.
Tbe Troy Timet says that Ben Perly Poow
or wheelbarrow notoriety, a sort or byhrij
politic, American, Iiepublicao, old Whig, and
Democrat, put together and shook np, bus be
f on auiaiaut editor of the Wiuhi-iftOD Union,
in place of the poor man turned adrift for tbe
J criru cf riutiog od of PoogW speeches.
Drt Goons In reference to Dry goods the I
N. Y. Inedependont says 1 There Is a moderate
demand for goods for all runts for the more
distant parts of spring goods, and for tho near ;
by trade of seasonable goods. . Tho principle i
of business In practice everywhere now, except
with the largo wholesale jobbers, Is to keep no
large slocks. Tho expense of keeping np stocks
Is thus thrown entirely on the large distributing
housrs. Short credits, quick returns, no stale
goods, and constant replacement, seem to em
body tho principlca of tho trade generally.
Prices of all kinds of goods vsry little. Staple
silks aro well held, and the season for fancies is
over. Woolca roods are in moderate request.
Beavers seem tho most active. Tbe prospect
for domestic made goods aro very promising.
Tbo stock of staple kinds is accumulating, and
prices sre firm. Woolens are In heavy stock,
and only fancy styles aro at all buoyant in pri
ces, VI inese lew goods are onering. spring
styles come forward. very sparingty. Erom re
peated inquiries relative to the probable Impor
tation of goods for tho coming spring, we do
not think they will be excessive, or so large as
has been generally expected. The supplies
will bo regulated by a sense of the reduced
wants of tho country only slowly recovering,
and by the reduced credits of tbe importers a
mong the bankers. Tho number of importers
have been reduced, and only a few of those im
porting will do so to any increased extent
There are, however, a few wbo will distance
their competitors and themselves, as compaired
with previous seasons. The healthy feeling re
mains of caution lest the supply shonld exceed
the demand, and tbe cost of over-imports is
closely counted.
A Yankee Lady ahead or Eugenie. A
well known fashionable lady from the Uni
ted States, who was sharing the splendid
hospitalities of the French Emperor at
Compeigne, appeared one evening at a ball
in a dress precisely identical with that
worn by her imperial ranjesty in person !
Great was the astonishment and dismay of
the court ladies, for it is known that the
Empress Eugenie, whose soul appears to be
nbont equally divided between her muntua
maker and her confessor, insists npon the
strictest secresy being observed as to what
is destined to adorn her imperial limbs.
Evidently, however, the secrets of the con
fessional had been this time betrayed, and
the audacious "citizenries" vied in fashion
and novelty with the Empress. Nay, worse
still, when her mnjesty at last stepped np
to her rival and good naturedly asked,
"which dress was to be considered original,"
the American lady was able to reply thai
that was her "second" appearance in that
A National Calamity 1 Keitt Hon.
Lawrence Keitt of South Carolina is u
l out to close his Congressional career.
We entreat our renders not to be Inrhry
mouse. It is among the ordinances of Prv
idcuce that national calamities slioulil, like
misfortunes in the career of individuals, be
encountered. But of what offence lias
Congress been guilty that it should be-dias-
tened by the retirement of the hero of
Whippy Swamp T Tell us to. v. bug in
that body, will the kvepim? ol live Ameri
can Engle be entrusted ? Who wUJgroow
that "gel-o-ri-ous" lirdj-o-fiedsm now T
Keitt tins been the - keeper of the sacred
euge. iic Has re-gaiojiett lite uiet oi me
patriotic fowl, lie has traikd niia to the
duty for which latterly he has been kept.
He has taught bun to pounee, with Ins
most YorueioAis scream, upon "Abolitionists"
wherever they are seen, und always to keep
a Digger iu his nest. Who now will under-
tak.0 the-orwtliologu'al duties which Keitt
hns so handsomely discharged 1 Must the
Union, go to wrei"k oiur liberties be destroy
ed, and the hopes of mankind lie nipped iu
tbe bnd, because Keitt will retire nnd leave
Congress, the President and the E.iglo to
die his neglect? " Cruel Keitt I who, then,
will take cure of Grow? Ciicago Press.
An Indirect Protectorate over Sonorv
Mr. Mc kiblien, one or the representatives iu
Congress from California, has addressed a com
munication to the secretary of tbe navy, iu
which be sueirests tbat the Uulifonuaos are a
highly migratory people, and that the thirty
thousand who have just returned from Frus-r
river, will be very likely to go next to northern
Mexico. He therefore asks that a naval force
may be sent to the neighborhood of Guaymas,
the chief port of Sonora, to protect the lives
and property of such American citizens as may
make that port tbeir poiut of destination. He
says the Mexican government is unable to pro
tect our citizens iu that quarter, and that Pes-
chiera, the dominant chief of Sonora, is deadly
hostile against all Americans and there is there
fore an absolute necessity that a sufficient force
should be sent to protect American emigrants.
Ouce the reply to this would have been that
our citizens choose to emigrate to other coun
tries, they mast take tbe institutions of such
countries as they are and ruu their owo risks.
Now it seems to be assumed that we may estab
lish our own governiueut within the Mexican
government, and the California representative
d.-mauds this action in behalf of his migratory
constituents io ad vance. The fact, as we sup
pose, is that this is a part of the process by
which Souora is to be appropriated. ..
It is stated on tho best authority that
the schooner Susan sailed for Kicurajfiia
with the firm detenniiiatiojtou the part of
the lenders of the expedition not to allow
the British, or any other forcign'power to
stop them without resisting them until
Mood was drawn. Their puqiose being to
test the disputed points of international
law, aud compel England lo make an early
exposure of the grounds of her assumed
protectorate over the San Juau lliver and
the adjacent territory.
Mr. Sumner' Casic. Private letters
from Mr. Sunnier confirm the report, that
he will not return at present to the U. S.
Senate. lie will go to Moiitpelier, in the
South of France, where be is to be sub
jected to a system of treatment which has
been prescribed for him. lue treatment
by fire is to be omitted, but instead of
dry cupping will be substituted, together
with the use of powerful medicines to reach
two different symptoms of his case to be
followed by cold douche.
Alfred Myers was bung io tbe jail yard at Co
lumbus on Friduy. It will be recollected that,
iu tbe spring, be murdered Neville, a fellow con
vict in the Penitentiary. About thirty persons
were present, aud no diatarbance occurred. lie
persevered iu his brutality and profanity to tbe
last moment.
Tbe surest way to lose your bealth is
be all tbe time drinking tbat of other folks.
dr For tbe consolation of tboae wbo travel
on railroads, it is stated tbat tbe chance of
ptewwmrer to bs killed or maimed on the can
are aa only one in furor, to several milieus
against it,
Rut. Da. Trm, of St George's, was reecnt-
solicited to take a torn In preaching at the
Academy of Musio, Sunday evenings. "No,
said tho doctor, " I have been In that place du-
ring tbo present revival, as you call it, and have
not been able to discover. In those gilded boxes,
or In that velvetted pnrqnclte, any of the poor
and vicioos, who wander on the highways and
by-wnys of the city: the ierons who attend for
the most part have pews In regular ploccs of
worship, but prefer to have their churches clos
ed In the evening, In order thot they may visit
the theatre, a enjoy the novelty of tbe scenery,
I shall not preach to such people. Drive thorn
out, and Invite in persons who are not in the
habit of goit.g to church, or who aro afraid to
go there, having no money to buy a pew, and
jo aro welcome to my services, not only on
Sunday, but every evening In the woek.
The Ltgislatnre of Indiana, Dec. 22, by
concurrent resolution elected IIknky S.
Lank and Wm. MoCabty U. S. Senators
In place of Bukiiit and Fitch, the former
till 18G3, the latter till 1861.
The arrival of the schooner Harvest, from
Sundusky City at Hamburg, is aunomiccd iu
the recent foreign arrivals. It occasioned both
surprise and gratification, and her cargo of
vuluuble forest woods brought fuir prices at
Last Sunday afternoon
twenty-two sailors
mado a public profession of religion aud
took of tbe Lord's Supper on board the Uni
ted States receiving ship North Carolina, at
the Navy Yard, Brooklyn, N. Y.
J. X. Mating of the Share llolifera of th Karmsr'l llalik of
AKlilxlmlK. will h hoi.li-n on the flmt MomiuT la Jauuarf
wt, al th Bunk, al I o'clock T. M.
AnliUbiila, Ivc. if-'d, lnftH. A E, IimilARn, rVhl.T.
Tbe latest improved Macbiue for the People
Good bulistantiRl Family Al ndiin.t
X. plncvil, br Ha low eoftt, In the reach of all.
It la Mi fm-
pie Iu iu ooiiKtructlon, that II la not ltil:e,
chluea, to get out of reir, when a ed bjr
llke larger tut-
Inexperienced Operators,
at the mm time It ! warranted to do rood work. All are In
Wind to call aud eiauilue it, whether tli'7 wivb to iuielaK
M. G. DICK, Agent
AMITARtTLA, Dm. 2&1, IWi. 4T
SIIKRIFI'S SALE o' Real Estutc
s S Order of Sale.
JHTtroou J. TvTittA othen. j
BT Y.rtut of act orrdvr ot Sato, duly innuil from mid Court
In tutt iov at I lukvuirt'Cteu, i will otltr tor wilt by way
of p'lhllc aiilkm. at the door ol the Court IWmim Iji JuIummhi,
AjitatMtla,Cv Ohio, ou Sttt unlay, tli'.iUi 4ny F J;uiunry,
A D .Hiri, tptwii tlie hour of lO sunt 4 oclocb; of a-ttd day,
tho tVltavriiig drttrnb-d fcntut, to wit: Hluit' in the
Township ol hijirldt AiUtiJtbui t'oiinty, nrd State of Ohio,
and i bumidi'd and di'iscrihe! a twin, to wjt: N'ortb and
litrt na Land, owned by Klijab Prkt South by I jtnd nee'ipivd
hrlhtHafi Onike: West by the CVutre Kottd, o culled h ading
fHnn Sbj-tHVId to Denumrk. and cm tat us, 2 li-fi acre of Land,
with. the biiUdlnic ajd uiacbiuury theivoivsUid. aiiurteniuica
Aftpnihtd nt tiXL
25 TM. HgSOKV, PlierilT.
f ASTKK COaMMISsFoxkiiS Sale of
' 1VL J.fcAI. (TATE Afh tabula Coumien ! lean.
la. B. ULakfflee, )
m uelooL'r Demi, l&s.
Chaw la W. W.lionf eta!. 5
BT virtu of an order of mile, dulv Unocd from mid Cou.it
ip Vie atNivft rae to ma directed, i will oliVr tur ra.e by aay
of uiblie auction, at the 6 tor nf the i.'ourt llotie in .IhImimmj
ArditbfcMila Co., Ohio, on Saturday, tho LftLb day of January,
A I iK,'t. between the hmirn of IU and 4 o'clock of at Id day,
the futlnwinff nVhCiibcd Ileal folate, in k: Situate in the
TnwiiMhlp of sht'llield. In the County of Ashtabula, and State
of Ohm, beirijr honnoVd nnd denerilre! as tbltown, via: Keifm
iiifC at the North Ktt Corner of mhl Ut and SontU Rtt of
oi St ei ben (Jaire, at a rohiL from thence South fix rodtt and
twenty-tour HnKR to a point, thence Wefttwehe rod and live
ink to ttte center of the iNorth and South Kond, thence
North nlonjr the center of mid Kond wen rod and four link
to tae Smith Went earner (if Stephen .ajrei lot, and finm
1 1 tenet South NU chiiinr. a 45 link Kuat to the nlace of beirin-
ninir, eont'ilitiiiff l MtiinaUnn eia-hty rode of !,and; aitid
preml-ee U-hi In 1-"t No. 15, in "aid Townchin of Shef-
iitua, ana upon hteb tbe Store ureai'ied by mtiit tlnn aud
rnuon i kuunti'U. Ai-pntleil ti $ u. Jrlr.M'(f l ,
Dec. 2 A U 183.. at 4 70 a 5ft Wither Com.
o o ror m i o opt xwx ass jxt t .
TYfUS T positively sold, if bacriliced,
IT JL within 30 day
Gko. Hall, .Vslitubula, Ohio.
8 Fine Kiifnrti-g nil .tvlea.
1 etna Uutlur Kintubed.
3 fine Cuttor Wooda unflntiihed.
1 S.tenti nnfr.to Kobe.
4 Hold Lever VYateliea.
1 Silver du Ait
1 HftpHMl rufcnd Hiano.
5 .-ieKni hand Malotleons.
1 lutciuier--Hril quality.
Tlie above oan be aeon at tbe rrntdonoe of CEO. I1AT.L,
AMuauuia. a Minnen-aii given aestn-.!. I all antlneo them.
UTENCIL PLATES ent, anil Iu.ltlil.le
KJ Ink, for marking clothing, at STKkl.r.a Jrwelir Store
Tannery for Sale !
AS' earn Tannery, lately occupied by
Hr. WOOD, located In the Tillage of
Uuionville, Luko Co., O.
Said Tannery ha all the adrantarea of Location that can
denired, with an uKandance of the beat of Water, Hemlock
Bark and Wood, and plenty of Hide, cart be obtained, with
.era oi lauq, on wuicu it ta auuau-a.
A .so A lot containing acre, on which
a good Owellfng houre. Rant and out-houaea.
ALSO Five other vi'lage InU of H acre vach.
Said annery, llnuae and l.ot, and Village Lota will be Mld
on eery reaeoiiawe lerwia. lenm ol ruyment made eaay.
Enquire in I'ninnrille of Mra. H A. GI.KZKN, or In Axlv
tabula 01 r. CAHLIrll.E, or A. I1RMIKY, Agent.
lyOTICE To Hornce H. Jones, of GhI-
li llollis Pallia County, giate of Ohio, tucy A. rinny,of
YoU, ColutnbUootinty, itute or WUcotinio, nnd KlUaWlb
A(frt gupiKNted to live In tlie Rtate of WitHwin You will
Notice, th.it a Fftitiin han ben pnMscntctl tn the Ilrn. Hoard
of I'oiniii'Miiorwni of Alitlmlcnun(jr And tatc of Ohio, aik
ing them to apfKjlnt rend out a eonuiiitU tu nun ey A Imy
a Uoad in the tnwtuhlp of AihUbula, ounty ptat? afortrnaid,
enmnirnciiiB; at the corner of tbe rond neur the rvflueiioe
tieorp I.uchj and ntntiiti in a nouthe-rly diivctton, (throuffh
landa in which the above Horace 11. Jmten, I.ucjr A rimey
ElUahetb V. Arr, reKitM f'v inU'rotcd an ownrit,
oiwiWU.i until M i-it?wi the Kvik Hiiad rt of Matthew
lltibbard'a. The aaid Horace H. Joe. I ucv A. Hunrr,
fClUatietsi W. AfrrlH tke notloe that tlie ivifd C--iniiilrlon.
era liav aetfd uon anid itttion bj aii"'n,i"ir a enudttee,
who will meet at the onrtMr of the road nr iull (limrKe
the UttU d.ijr of Jnnuary next, at 10 o'elnek. a. ro.
tuner and lay out atiid rond. C. E KX(
Ajthtabula, Pfoenilser 9, HliH. 4t4T Idling Petloner.
J AUK Klt'S CoiupoiiDcl Sjrup of
TIIH eeletirated medicine la aiirlor to any otlier ever offer,
ed to tlie publie Sir tlie letnoval and Permanent cure of
Ifliw-taea, ariaiug from an impure Btate of the blood or habit,
of the .y.teni, via: Scn.fula, Klieuinatlwo, llhatloate
Kru4looa, C'b'onle -oiw Kjm, Mng Worm, or Tet
ter., Illntchea, ililea, Hoald Head, bait lihtuin, Ci-yaiuelaa,
Sliohillia, aod (ilaudular AllecUoua.
The Coinjouiid Syrup of Stillingia,
Haa been tested by the moot eminent Phyaictana, and pre
oouuomI tbe
Best Blood Purifier
rer known to the Profeaaion.
freiiared aod auld WUoleaale and Retail by
Sui46S Sclecti. OruKhfi.U, CUoiland, O.
Hold by all ranieetable Druyxiu iu the Country. A.
STOCKtiELL. A.bUbula. el'HINO t W KUSlKIt, (iitieva
Kit. Patented Auiruat W, 1H6S. TI U llMblne
plant any mjotied amount of wed in a hill, at any reiiilred
depth, aud at tarioua tntarvala, two iuwi being planted at
Hlirhta tor aale en Stenrahle term. So- eah or trade. Arwnta
wanU-d U Mil riyhta, tbiwa liariux bad erieuee In the burl
una, u.Tend. t'urtlHv InCormatWn reelecting till, luveutiua
can be ebtaiued by auUrevntu. the Patentee.
IIOHAIE H ilil'UAN, Klngnille,
auirl Anlitabula Cnuntv, tliiio.
-A woman or lcIiI, aide
t v
and wIMInK-todo the general boaat work of a ftuully.
Api'iy t th
Si 150
raaiuVuw ei Uu
fa on. y Inula Aoeuae, AablaWla, 0.
ea'oii to
taneou. H.
BUY School Books of
V. O. IMi K.
M. n. im k,
M. O. PII'K.
u n lifj'V
q.ii. h.iw a pot, h Wj mott0i M; n ,U K;
Ij(IHv." '''"'"Inv last, a Sione Mar-
And rrwlr. Ih IhM.k. nf 1 v "
LE DEPOT 1 1 !i ,. ,uB
rt t" tli l of RMinrt, RWk .n n.
bj ihr MS anil Imir bbt. ' .
I wll It at tht Brmrr print, Hlnt tnmorun,.
Th fr-nt r-rict of pr-.t nop Al, hr U bM Sft OS. U
bbt dllt" S Ut, trnir1ntlm to kr urt.lM. m
AMitukoU, lim Sth, !. m . o. tomrks
Guardian Sale
ON the 3rd day of limitary A I) 1859,
t 10 'rlnrli In tho SireiMxm, on 11h prmnlm, In h i
n.hlhnf Orwell, in Ol ( ntintrnf Anlitnlniln. nil SUt
Ohio, will tx mid In Hi hlrhfrt rriiMr, th Sillnwli. H
Rotate, aa tit timnertr of Lnreoao Mnrvan. a l.nnatlc. to wit!
One rileee or parrel of1 lanfl.lvlnu and ulliiale In tlie tnwn.hl -
of Orwell, helnf town.htp No S, In the 4th ranne of townal,li '
In the rVinneetlrnt Weatern Reaerve. and known M rert a,
bit No S, and IwmnnVd aa willow.! Il,.hinlni at the Month-
went rorner of rntil kit Nn S, at a atake, tlirnrw Ea on thw
tine a. aaid lot Jn roda to flake, thenr K'mth 40 rod,
thenoe Went parallel with the """th line, in rodr to tbe Int.
line, thenea South nn the lot Hue to the ple.r of bralmilnr,
Inclii'linc road, containing nfly-nei en acn-i of land, a ptal4
a f.l,4'2fl.
ai-"i, tine ntner piece netnf in mi in I, in renwn no
In aaid townnhln, and bounded aa follnwat Iteiiltinlnff at the
Knulh-Raat corner nf aald lot No 1 thence Went ife Snath
SHIS rod, thence North ie( uet nH md, tliewee Beet S
North Will, n.l. to the Kant line or aaid lot, tlienre Kotitlt
i . Kaal HI 4 roda to tlie place of beelnnlu. eontnlnlnw
one hundred ami x aerca of land, more or leaa reierlnir lfr
roda ol rand Sir the Hchool IVMrlct, OO wlih-b tbe Heliool
ni.e ptnridH. Appraiacd at f.?,1'.!0.
TKKM.-t nf Sale, one third down and the balance In defereoV
payment, of not more th.-in two tenr.
I iir.nr.r. .n.n-.int, ,amian or
LOltK.SZO MOHOAN, a l.nn.ltr.
Drntjinrn, Sth. 1 4i47
Torrey's Infallible Door Spring.
W11KHK nil oilier Sirinirt Iihvh fuilni
thia ha )ecn fimnd entirely tellable, and wherarer In
troduced liaa aniiMiled all nthe-a.
Thin Spilrifr on he put on aod any amount of nwer applieit, t
by a child ten venm ot ae, and I. e jnaly apiitlenlae to cliwlnir'
tiie door or Imiilin it ojn. Hv el uplr .ll'iiiir Hie eHleh. tle
wer can at iiU-anie I IN-TAM I Y KKMIlN Kl), and the
dn-ir allowed to At'T KXTIItEI.V U.F.K.
The Trade ropr-lc-d be K. I'. T"HHKY, Mamifcctniee ana
Patentee. No. S IMatt Ktreet, New Ymk. 3m4Cl
1859. G. ASIITA15ULA, IL 1859.
Poa tub .Nkw Yrab,
Pinnn Fortes, Mt-loilcotis,
Guitars, Htuols,
Instruction Books,,
1) usters,,
on terms tbut ca.iuut Tail to, i!uum
GKOllliE II ALL, Will tloso out liis r
maki itn? elilct "dock of lnntru!iaiit.for tiie Doal'3t &jm
at Kreully reuuc4 pth Tar qahloa'aair ircu-er.
Hare 0oriuitilyK
Thme expeednp to prr1rtu thin three yearn nhmild be cut
bund at once 1W a iBUK-t,. H)9r iplrumut w;wraiitt-ti hi'
every leHQt. XiiixCaitlkiuiUit bwruieed.
ftr Viaeg lefiiiDft, Melmtaon or (lultur of
Goo. Hall, AshtUti)n.
1st. Mr HitH ' i ;m know!HiKed bi bu tlieoldefit dealer hi Me
hdiiinn nit in. rtieiv iv Fc:ile iu the I.. S., and !! Lept par
Ith all hiipiovtuietitf time tlie tiirtniuieut o. lliuited, iu th
year of !.',,
Jnd. lie b it elw .jr- d-ult iu the l-tt the maiVet afTortK "4
by c!oe ob-vrviitio i ai.d pal:. l-awiug, hv ih enaU 4 to judgs,
criilruiry of tlit-fr oompnrailvc itierife.
3rd. Mr. Hall ban alw.iy furrhiiied infttrnmeote at ft an (form
prit-e, fwJ a fewae can be bought of tiie Manufacturer.
4ih- He deliverK instrunteutv when dAii-eL and vuaiauteee
them tu every te-nTt.
Mh. Ity hU nietlMHl of denlitif. the nnnat anmurt paid for
clerk lilie, and stttire rent, te Maed U the pincltr.r.
r.ra. iiimi unifniin are n ert- eu new an. I rfiei-t. witliout hT
tog teen up ii roni, antt nnundl mien iimmct h-al
handa, an ! itMially Ue eaea wkLta Ifauee bHivtht fraai waiat.
rooinai in cithti.
6th. The purch'ner enn rvlioce hi lmtrun-nt Iter a hirli-.
er prired one, any tiiae wtthiu a yi , 1 rvUic tti dllTttnaica
ill iir rvpiiiiar irnm in iuj iiiMiniint'OUa.
Kth. T lie purch.-iMer of a inelodeiMi, watMnt; rVeo,, can,
elianei-any time within twro yettre, hy mtnr tbe .
only in the regular prictn of the two. Old fkuio aud Uitv-
denni aim M-ifn.
ltth. Mr. Hail s.-ee full direetione wuen tli inntmn.ent la
taken. In relalloti to It pn'Hervntl tu, uvt aud ptojer courie of
vofiy in eusiure a nou pm jer.
10th. ftlr. HmU prni'Oa'aii Iteret'dor. token the heft In
trunientft tlie tn-iHtet ntfortla, and to ftttid hhcli Io bin pro
Hflwiifu v. uuauug lainy wuu l cuhMHuvrn iu ti U lu.e.
A portlna down, and the botance Id three and ell ttionthh.
Twelve Jicw und Itcaotiful '
trice nf Mrloilenna, of fine roaewnod Sulali, Tarring to price.)
fruu 45 te XK) dollar.. .
Eleven Styles
of rinn. of deatmtte patterns mniitly 7 octave, of tone anr
mil!l;ly lovely, and ImilKht upon the propiieUi a il:iltortn o
action from a boy III' Y NOTHING CIIKAP Ol; IM KUloltJ.'
I'orenrit Cn-iioiiifrs.
Mr. Hall haa rent Invtmnteub tfrtnoat of the Honthern anrl
Wertem Htatea and Canadaa. Feraona mar enfrr nf Mr. H
with aa much eoutidence of aatinlaetlon, aa though they wete
UV1V W " vv
Question often asked.
Vfliy uW yon keep lower priced, cheaper, !ntnimt
Aiinwer llecauM we like tu m a cuatomer aatint at tlie
next nv eting.
Eleven I'lirtienliirs,
In which our Iimtru nienta are auiietlori
1. Quality nf tonr. free, pore, rofl and loud.
2. Ureal poirer of tonrmfjrttic and Sublime.
3. Perfect Equality of tone. (
4. Quick, roiy and rvrn touch.
9. Great durability.
6. Simmelry and beauty of ftttish.
7. licing in excellent tune.
II. rxxsm. J. E. C .Ai-iiAX.
Direct all order, and let ten of Inquiry to
Depot on Park RtreeL AabUbulj, Ohio.
AaiiTKri a, December 10th, 1S5S. ''
1 8 5 9.
MR HALL litis iiuidt iirriinifoimnts for
greatly eatendwl buninera in the anle of
toe the next year. Great Central Depal at Aahtiibula, 0.
A few fluitara on eonalnmeiit, are to be aold ont at a Great
Second Hand l'inno
at tVit. A rery good one.
Second Hand Melodeons, ' ''
from 30 to in dollar.. A few mint be aold. ' GKO. HALL.
4 000 !SL1) ! Lirh,8,,tu
tone a
For Fixteen jcai. in the
Wilds of Sdiiih Africa, ",
U tli luoit Mlcalle Book .nUUbi d. AkcuU can eaaily maka
$100 IYr M inth.
We want Agent, in all parta of the United HUWa.
For paiticiilar of Airency, with rutaloiraea (wlilrh an aent
fctrj cuutainiug a LU-t of our I'uhlicuuoiui, aildn-a.
a, . nitifi.c.t , ruiaianer, .
iH North fourth Mreet.
miaiieidbie, I'a.
N. D Specimen Coile. of l.lvlnnbiue'. Trareli" aent
free of oUye, In recent of tbe retail prloe, l,-'a. 8niw)
EVERY one of the lovr of art, evcirj
one who admire, tbe beautaul, andenpreially, every one
who delijfliU to look npon tbe fcunUiar fa, uf a dear frlrud oe
relative, Uiou(h that Irien4aiaji.be th.euaand.ol uit.ee away,
or in tlie spirit l.and.) take notice Utak tu aa (et Vive--life
likenea. of ouneU ur b ataua at
Maroh's (Jitllery of Art in AshtaWa,
and aluo, that dining the Uelydeya, In eonrulantiaa) of
cloaeueay ol tluiee, 1 will aruiU aujieriiur pieiurq. aj,
Much Ui-daoedi 4Vices
What Chriftma. or Keet Year Gift, are autre appreprtatav
than to prei-etit a tKect LSteuMea of vot'aHKi.r lo you frWnda.
I intend to keep eoiuitaiitljt uq hand a variety of aoit aurabla
eaMi., alao fratnem to hang ui, ao that aa ou alt by your Sra
tle. you can behold the (toe you. litre, braiptog upon yon,
waking up obi meuMiea,audoaIiiug W uii"Ji Mat aeena. ur
piea.lire aud enjnyuient.
Having receullv relitted aiy room., I .haM endeavor ta mka
It aa pie uant ami aKreealile aa iiowibla, lor all wbo may give
me a call, whether wietiiug p'uture. or nut. Uut rememlor,
time waiu for no man, ami hard tlmey duel uoi preteut death,
from removing thoae you love.
Secure tiie ahadow,
ae the eubiUuioe fade.;
which you ean do at
Mu rsli's Ambrotvie Qullery,
la elnudv aa well e. e:ir weather, belweea I A U and 4 P. U.
Uoum dial buildillf; auuth of Hank. 4,u
A.liUbula.ljecuth, lbM. H. A. MARSH.
gg'jyjk STRAYED into the Intltwura
XMH of the suliM-ribcrs on or aboal iba
Aa L.miile of HoUibar but, a
A Red Veuilinir Steer,
The owner U eruuented to prove hi. pwiuvahlp, lT all
mm Muuw poargua, auu laaa It away.
llAitklON k BLSStM.
EartA.hUbula, Ilea, a, 184. '4f
More New Gooda I
J UST Received, an additional Sujijtlj cf
ALSO a Urge lot of
Of tbe celebrated HAKKI " ruanu&Mture, -Uee froal -.
'acl4jjy, and at
" Cuu't bo Beat Prices.
Aabtabula, I lee. S, ISM.

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