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Ashtabula weekly telegraph. (Ashtabula, Ohio) 1853-1873, December 25, 1858, Image 4

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Potato Rot.
rinnge yonr foot in enltling hot wntrr,
and tlio fkin will lo KCtililciJ. Keep it in
fenlilisff writer, mxl I vix-ul !ioMt wouM
mortify. Put a potato in unter from 80"
to 00 Fob.., or sttTuni, it will rnt'. Keep
it hore nnH it will rot. . At fur,ns twenty
fife Jours brick, I hate had potato rot on
roy furn. Vpon my place it nU ayiroquirr
t l so ciuch heat villi so much pioisturo .nt
tlio aii time, to rot my potatoes. When
-e would have a week or ten dnyiof rainy
Weather Btont the first of Angus., with
the thermometer standing from SO" td 00
my potatoes would-still rot. The rot with
nm, in plnee of beginning la tlio stalks,
commenced in the tubers (probaUy com
tnenced nil over the plant nt the same time,'
but showed themselves to me in the tubers
firH.) lu 1848 I think It was, after tiever
al dnyj rainy wcnlhcr, with the thermome
ter ranging at 0'aj 1 went out to Bee a
field of potatoes I hud, on the 12th or 13th
of .AuRu-st. From the state of the weath
er I expected to find the, whole fulj past
redemption a mass of rotten potatoes.
On looking at the tops they looked pretty
fair to the eye, tut upon pulling a stalk to
which the potatoes adhered, 1 found the
. ose or point tud rottoa from a third to a
half, w hile the stcul end er that w hir.h wns
more matured, was. sound. , Tlio Erst stalk
was a specimen (f all I tried over the
whole field. 1 left th field calculating
teat the crop was lost, tuc more so as after
)Iunging t lie thermometer in the gronud
alter suuaowii, H got up to 85 , ml hot
steam would strike j our face when you held
it dowu to near the tnitli, as if irom a
wath of rotten grass. ' Tl:e fltme night
after I bad made my examinations and my
calculatious, the weather set in drv, with a
considerable of a wind, "which continued
for several days. Three days from this the
ground was very much dried up, and was
cooled down lroin littecn te twenty decrees.
Vpon examination, I found the potatoes
about the same as thry were three' days
previous, and as the weather continued dry,
when I examined days afterw ards I fouuj
the rot entirely stayed. Tops that I had
nj-read on the rows, and also those - the irt
ground, I found the rotted pnrt dried up
to the uurotted part, ft Inch was sound and
about the same as if the ends had becu
ticking cut of the rows and got frozen,
leaving w hat was unfrozen sound.
During the worst years of the rot, I had
good mauy acres planted tipbn old ground
beavily manured with old rotton manure in
the row. 1 found that ra the knobs where
the ground was poor and yellow, the crop
generally was souad and good, while in the
low rich parts of the same Geld they were
all rotten.- I reasoned (whether correctly
or not,) that the yellow poor ground ab
sorbed less Eun-htat than the black rich
low ground. It ripened its crop sooner,
and being a Sliob, no water set in the rows
but was draiued off iuto the rich lower
ground where the potatoes ' all rotted. 1
would as soon think of going back to the
old signs of the moon, wet or dry, in place
of selecting good weather to put in the
crop, as take any "6ure remedy" that I have
Been against the rot. Who ever heard of
potato, rot in a dry year? ,1,.v-,,,'.
Top Dressing for Lawns.
JL fine grass lawn is one of the greatest
ornaments to the pleasure-ground, should
have some little-care- bestowed upon it at
this season. Grass long laid down, and
constantly kept closely shorn, if not na
turally very fertile land, wears out, aud
should hate a dressing each winter of well
rotted manure. Poor sandy soil requires
it more especially, aud on w inch it can be
laid without stint. If the grass is already
Yerj thick and a close bottom,' such mater
ial should be selected as would pulverize
very Cue and work completely into the
sward. But if yet rather rough, it is not
of "Bo modi couseqaence, as what such
lawns require, 13 something fresh for the
grass roots to work up iuto. On lawns
away from the dwelling, or not much seen
ia the winter seasou, it may be allowed to
remain nudisturbed aud nearly covcruier
the grouud. Prominent places, on the con
trary, should have fiue dressings, BDd work1
ia if the weather continues open. When
the frost leaves the ground in the "spring,
everything likely to get iu the way of the
scythe, must be cleauly raked off; and, if
not well set with blades, should have some
red top and white clover sowu aud worked
in with the rake. Roiling has much to do
with an even surface, and especially in the
cyring it cannot well have too much of it,
Loth for the looks and the facility of mow
ing. Country Gentleman. .;' '
- Self-apprecatloa is a slow and .gradual
process. At first a child thinks ho can do
everything. I remember when I thought
I could lift a bouse if I would only try
hard enough. So I began with the hind
wheel of a heavy old family coach, built
like that in which my Lady Beautiful car
ried little King Pippin, if you happen to
remember the illustrations of that story. I
lifted with all my might, aud the planet
pulled down with all its might. The jilauct
beat. I
After tliat my ideas in reference to my
will and my muscular force wero moro ac
curately defined. Then came the illusion,
that I could, of course, "lick," "serve out,"
cr "polish off," various small boya who
might be oLuoxious to me. the event tf
the different "set-toes" to which the hy
pothesis led not uniformly confirming it, au-
cthcr limitation of my possibilities was the
consequence. Ia this way I gropod along
. into a knowledge of my physical reluliou
to the inorganic universe. . , ,
A man must be very stupid indeed,' if by
the time ho is fully ripened, he does not
kuow tolerably welt what his physical pow
ers are lit weight, his height, -Lis gen
eral development, his contitutioual furce,
Lis good or ill lookn, he has had time
find out ; and he is a fool, if he does not
carry reasonable consciousness . of these
conditions with him always. It is a. little
Larder" with the mind : but some qualities
are generally estimated', fuirly enough
Vhv'ir owners. Thus, a mau may be trusted
when he ears he has a good or bad memory.
Js'ot so of his opinion of his own judgment
or imagination, it i only by a very slow
process that he Cuds how much or hour lit
tle of these qualities he pobotsi ' ' Put it
eue of the blessed rivileges of grovririgf
older that we corns te have a much clear
er sense of what we cao do and what
cauuot, aud settle down to our work quiet
ly, knowing what ty tooU are, auo) infant
we have to da 'w ith them.
Top Dressing for Lawns. Dr. O. W. Holmes.
Tvfls a.
J.'- rae:iec'fiillr annnunuf.
4 to ii t'Ubwoi 1f AahULt!
Iltkiltr, Uutl .ii. i. tlralruua if oiitaliiljijr
' y. ipiflMM 111. IVTlTaalO.
a -i on ft.. ViAMi r"H!K ur HM.ul'k:iA. iiatuf bau
U.x-r Ui luLru.;',:"!! ul tU Wt UaUmmb iw ....
S'ef Iluven, Connecticut nd Xovy York,
aa.d a,M Lmviui; bail aiuiriilrHrila cariai aa taAfUer,
fc-.l.inihili rv.l.y ciu.ix-uul to uo junli-a tu an, alju
Ira J.;' ViJ Ulidej bt-r elu-rg. hli. W '1 alml UrarJ ,
TIIOHUIXi U.IIAsa, . , r
U tlsow alio nia 4m.. llvuau ou floor BirnUl 4f Chat
i tiiiij cu..i.
II. rASSKTT, Agent
ro run
S?h, rureh.iFP, and Rent of Rial Estfito,
Negotiation f Loans, Collection of pwbls, Ac.
' asiitaui LA, oiiio. '
1)ROrERTV Sold for" Commission only,
and no aal. no eliaraa. A Hal, dlrwot w hidlrtat, ton
ItlttitM Coaiaiianliwi. . i .. ' i
c Arre. of land nnoW irood atata of eiilllYatlon, wUh xt
fciil.lli.rf, Hull, ami lb tna; water, lean than a mil north of
Ootrt llonw p JHt ivnn mnt rtflnilp rfplwrtc nr mut
,1 ih trrf It. irl of fl'ii-t', with rry ry tnmip of ir
ntrnt, IiKliiIrt ul JtMCfik ClikU'W, V Jil VS Of vt II. I -ti
, A'liUlnilk.
R,tK KAIlW- fholrt fkrm na Poiilh HW r Hr
xrj U. IUltirr, niriiH l.j- M. , W iM-rlcr, coi.linln SS
mrrvm. wilii iotm! tMiHillnm. fvult. Urine wtr. .1mi1v 'of tim
V'rt Ant firt)ibifr 4cHirHhv Rr ft hnmmtrwl. fton W )im4 ftt ft
lArirain. lull on tlir awuh n ptufti wi 4 iuni.fi,
Atlilftoulft, for litlcuil. ...
t ACHE FAltM, In .Trff. rnon lownlilp X. W. from rll!iMr,
JH ftcifyt linprovrtl. Hi A Imlnnew roort woimI hud ftnil llinlr ;
llieilft froon1 finnipiUlUilig ftnij Mrn, plfiitr ol rniit of
.1..... Lt. A ll.t.. itcr Ac. in i.in.i.iM. A ilt'r) rMlle ftlUlill
fnrm. l.i iif J18WI. Enilll ftf A. A1KII1.V, ou lili mltms or uf
1:11 . nflftml. ISft roil. of tlit" Crnlrc of Ilfirrnrl'M,
3n ci of uliich wrr well timbrel, Kilnrf- uniliT (KKxl llo
lirorvwi i,KHli pnoil bnlMhirnamt finil. l liir S.i(nif of
wtir in ililli-rpnt loin. Mont of farm icnvclly Iviim si.li, r
Curl limno liner uoiiom iiiimh. iitiif., t. im-iv""........k.
Ttif rm of Andrew WUIpv. of 2!n," Brro, Hour Anlitalnila,
with ro.l llln,mv'llHnt bniiillntoi nullnl.lc f"r Iwo l.iinij, Willi
plrnli Imit, timWr, li liK irnU-r, wid ul t'M l'or cl . l'art ol
iuiv lmn ml llnci. on lotiir tli"'.
Tliftt well known linin Jind gmln Fnrni contiliiln(r of KO
ftrrom (ixilj- B nillfi. fioui Arlitnluila on I'lank Ifawl,) owncU by
11. llut.laTd, K'. l"fd buiiilinir", walor nncl fuiil. Forty
ftrrMtniibor. hl.inr mid. r cullilion. l'llce $S,OOU. Klnjniie
or owner or kt lrfve otlire. .
An nm. 'J ponfh. on j'Unli TInad : Ifif Fiinn formerly
owmd by Solomon Smiili einnll liouiw ftnd bnrnrruil and good
tlmli-r. fan br li:i'l t a lir lywin. ...
Two Imyft aud r.ilitrtb tirnm ownrd by F. llmion, El
One of - .7 arres nenj- erfitre of Slieliebl, nn-b-r l.i.'b sljife of
cultivation, exrpl 411 nm-f( timber, IJU' dwclllnfr aua s reirn.
liiH.- house, fi nil, fcc An exwllont il;iirv liirin, I'llnelo
er acie. One of 131 aerei V'i ntiln noulli tif llimne on l'l:ink;
one hiuMlri arn-a liuintviHl; gfnod biiLtlinft Xetiuft uf (viy-
liient on fi'her of almio, ainiiia.idaliiig.
fW'-THK Sahsci iliers nn-
BJESJ. uoniicc to their frienddi.'i
A-liUbulft fti.4 ritiuilr, that Uiejr Uav( aeMKUtcd thilnnelvn
la L'ast A?UahnIa,; t
nd would rtupectfiJIy call Ui atlrnlloii nf IIiom wUlilnj to
Turchasc (Joods for Cash or ltuudy Pay,'
. f fit to our tock of
Dry Geads and Groceries,
bouitht of lmiiortert A Manuficturee forCtuk, or Itpi eonlralent
at a terr low price. Onr rcnliKan' fht) in'r yoar, and tlie aatne
nnniout of louin on llalne iitrcet on tlift w ent m le, co.-U over
(-iOO, atxi nor other usifciiM ate in tho name ralio le.-e. On
account of there fact, wt are enabled to kay. to our cunIohh?!!
ut least 10 per cent, ou their ptirclnises.
i ' MAXX ft.SKVMOt'R.
I "W. V. Kill. .
Ka-t Alitabu;a, April 1, MoV
L llKa.vkTT MKYiiorn. '
hhnll receive direct from Xcw York,
few d.irv ufsli and well selected ntfJiteniotV
Etiglit-h L'urrvnU
"Jvaisinn, 1;tn, rortoric . v A ,(
A Kew Ot loanfl l)nwu 3utf?r
' Also. CrUsiipil, l'owdenu, and tf
OrmuitliitcU IXIiithI H riff an. ppcr.
?pif, Cniunrnon, cluvrxi. ciiintuituii but,
Kutiuegs ftnd Miicr, IuJiko iUicLi, Sttlrmtu
(a'inucr, Tt'litcco. Soap ud CamiJ. Vob .
irtit si) fin J Kt uir it ore I Iuur, fish, .
J'orii, Httnm, drita npi!ei, I'tfuchu A ,t .
Iilack berrU's. AIm) paints A oils,
naiinai.d b.tnt.vmr, ScvIh
aud imtlies, Futkn, . ,
fc'kftvcls II'ion tud 1
I.ak b, Tailn,
I'rt.viHion tnrv, au ui wuku win m uoin ai
advanct trom crt
11. C. TOMUEl.
) AshtabuU, Ohio, June 0, 1S5S.
ND FOR SALE. A few thousand
londf? of Pand will be i& bv the nulwcrilier frrun the lot
comer of theIenrrTlranK Avenue and Orthodox l'Hre.
Aobtal-ula, April a, las. 43 II. C. TOMBES.
UAU' J: UK ISALiJi Hy the load or
I J Single Irarrel, by 3. HKXHAM. Jr.
BOOTS ! BOOTS ! For the best
quality of Thick Booif. Prindlcs1 fhake
1 at the lowettk Cath mlcw. (all on
UcLStb, liiHiT k MORRISOV. -
G ROCKERY. The largest assortment
in lwo of White and Blue Stone l liina, While Omnlte
6Ueii China, Ohwa Ware, can be found ut
ftud nee them,
" Goods Sold to Meet the Times.
' N. B. X Journeyman Watch Multerjrlli be here In a few
days fitm the Kioit. " '
J. By Authority of the State of Ohio.
Of New llavcn, Ct.
i 1 .
Chartered Capital t M.OOO Paid Capital and Snrploi t23,42
rr,IlE above Company one of tlie best hi
JL Jteif Englaud -will tiil.erii.kii af-nin.t loint hr lire, at rea
ouabie ratea. - Wnu )ocruiroKTU,'lVeMideut. -
(uUKuk Jx. ka.vton, Eecretarjr.
4.TT Anp'y H- FASCTT, gent, AAtahnla.
HARDWARE. Heavy Hardware.
Jbovela, iiutfa, Aa Mwliauic't Toola, iSawa of all
kimU, Miu i'rowells rick, I'uiup tixuirM, UImh, 1'uUy, e
nUiiug aliuorit, eonipriiii)(( a complete aaeortmeni iii bulh
llvavy k aiieiX liacilwan. lur sale low by
TUST BECKiVKDieet Ui-Xew Cash
1 9 Store, another Mt of tUoae Very Dimhla. and Cheap
pKINTa. UINUJiAUS, an4 Xmmtnt Uwuk. which are lciii(t
frid cheaper Uiaa at any other utore in town. If you wruit
Chenp titxlw, er.it at ' Ki'MKKixi.N is umi bTitur:.
Relief for the Afflicted !
rR. L. O. CLARK, German Keform-
-aL ed Vrlpothic Phyhlciaii and Siinrt-on, (firn erly ( the
Arm of Clark Uib&tu) cuju be CotituJttU bt tho folio whig
time aud j.litct : . .
Acht&bula, Flak House, January 010
, Jellenwin, Aiaeriaiu 11 .
Hack Crevk, ijirU 12 U v ...
Cti Brok, KxchaiiKe floue, - 14
KittgvH!e, Ho4iiT' Houce 8
Couiieaut, Trvntoiit JUiit. T . T 7
Ottnud, WriLt'a HuU .J u ' '
Albion, AD'inn llutibe ft
C'uiitiuiutUlv, Tower Houm, 4
i I)r. L. G. Claik, having bnfl fieqtientaml urpent aollcltatlon
fioin hi patienU and tlit-irfiieniiK, to vi-it the neiiUb'trhuod
ocataiUj", Li.v Uiey migbt cwiwult Llij petMiKt-iy, s w-ll
M by ttwe. Will heiafivftcr visit the ubove uanjed placca ouce
Having bad seventeen Team exnerienca In the prnatfoe
tnt-diciiie, iluriiiff which titit he han treuteilr thouAaittis of pV
tii-nU iu ail furiui. of acute aiiU cbronie dieara with u it par
aJclifU success (of which amie of your fik'titl or nfitrhbnis
eiu ttwlifv ) and la, prepared 0 gtvu rcflef to aJ who nuty ap
ply. T&rticular attvutiuu will tie ifivt-o to tli cure of Cos
i mi-tiox, aui all tliiwas of the Iuiim ami clnt, lilriprptLa,
lSrrat IiMaeii. Jan tale deraogt'iutiiU of titery character
will be treat-! with hicwm.
AIm will cure old sores and all eruptive diiteaaM of what
ever character thry may be. lie uiakea u of uiiiveihal
Uoiomtrmi rouwuW. Jv o calomel or othtr duleterious drugn
Terolll at a d'ttane? deIrfng adie and Medlrine, will -nd
a ffriioral licripiioD of tlie a)-farntic of tbe urine, with
currtt fUtuusut of the cau-, orfiriii of tlie dis, aud
gt-ntral UUtry of th vniptiiiitfi, with name, age, kc
All coiiiUiUiacaitiulK must be UiifcUd to
444 8. G. CLARK, V. D.
Jantet(wn( lferrer Co., Pa.
Family Grooeriei!
HC. TOMCES, Is now refitting and
a ariileniirhinii the Utnie reeeutlr a(Xn.U(l ay I'realW
Jk T(ibiIni aiMl will couliiutr the buliieiia uii liM ttwa a(twuut.
Tue nature of tire biuiucM wiUW aubaiauliaily Ua aavta a.
; Dealing in Produce.
XnA keening: an liand lor Ui retail traue a eLelea and earrfill.
elecUil jawrtmeut of
- l amuy Grourvu.
The eirtenrtre arWltlopa now maWiif to the Htnetr. on liand, will
f ire him a rltoek fully equal, It not miwrior to aiie other
thia aeetion of III but. Aid a thee liave lacn iitircliait
the lowuit eaeii mtea, and will be mid at a nnall advance fiom
at tlje puUie uiuj ttui tlieir aupplira ou Uia uont favor.
ahle tenua. From the ciiararter of the (!oil, tlie eiiurtfur.
..ni(ne ji and (Wrncea of the manner of doiii Unlin
IUIM11WI UUIlVa W iUie . mmtv w. uuwul (.nir1
i. C. TOM8E9.
AjtUobula, Aprtl 24, 15T. - -
GOLD l'KMrs, rlf yon to get
Kiipertnr O..M -en eallin at STEELEd, au4 trj bu
fc. baa jirat rrat'.4 a tin lot liar Eiunvaa, . .. -
vaMUMHiic aim m, aaoi.
; , Slng Machines!
APraetictil Fftuiiiy Fewing MacMnc
$5. Perform.!. ruiV oih. N uilftIoK or rif-p-
InK of HiiUlu gutting fiU jl uitler. aAmbpar can
il; evory fcody will i-avc iu k
(Secured by fectntKQrBnt 6 Letters PuleL)
. axclu-,r hi-Jt fev'tatMaed CeanUea wUt bt pUe
d aitiiin titt .a.U )fly vaurprmg U,y-tk-4i ntaiu.
poitiim ol the Imi Uoi aliwly aeuaa4 )
Tb Prof it tort i" tiii i)Ily 1 til tUry itn ilace tniCvr
pntllf tlte rHU4 MttAre for teaiiub iive-4tnent eier
A toivuitf MiariiLue aittJ''aUg 1U nuwi 4411 it
liih. Vv ila aUioLliinir iujilhUy aud low tunt, eili tU um
ftO Ut liaal niaiVHN', .lV UV bteU aUa(MUl lW4ti.UiJ uf
ilorhine In wur withui their xraaf.
Ijjr" Pailitw ihiiit W puic.uu, are idted te- aail
OJacw, exjuoiiHi Uii to4t aundi-iUd a&'hit.tj4;i.t.aiii aecure
luouopoly ul tue Ht.tt j- tooty drfUkd , .
, j , MVKI.TV $6 fls.WI.su MArillNfCrt,
. Oice, UihTi.kn A to Wtdla ataiicranturere.
1iu4o4 ul Bna4ivayp Cor. tauaiat-. New
' CoU 9f tmd er a firm far trf A emit JW0iiM4s. -
nkw aoopyt
STEELE M lust receiving a fresh Bupyiv
of bood.. b bt. lb, aail aud aw : , ' ,
1 AalKabuia, 0 J, leol). 11 "
V(. hfJT'
Jl a chines
' Iric;cs
IXoa ncocl.
Kew Sty la Miirldne,.
, , .$50 00
alflium. on I'tniu Ut, f 74 0
llnlf ( ftr-f I'h.,hI Ml U
llulT rn-r, M ,,h nfcinr ur HUik W ft I mil,. . KA Ml
ruU'Car. M ikwfanT or Hurt Inn I.. Aw 00
, . ' nlt tu ItapawtMKl,. ....,. , .Jlfl
. Sum VI f)ii'liiitt( ,.. ( i (H
l-nrtfc Mnrliiufi. - t !.. 1W Htt
Ik-niuicnt, (extra,) '. ; 4 W
1?VKUV, Family "tinw-n-ilnj's liepus to
Ji ft-oltW linpnilaiirt 'f Uif' itwrhfnra, ut myr ina(
a Intm iii Ui-rliliiiK iii tltf nia1t-r i.f n-lcftiiiff, tiile i llinx lm e
liafUly putthami a i-l.rupi.tiit.lt tlipj-nU luiicMiie, lirh (hey
limi U biit iii'i't mK'-Mi aiawrflietiil th-rtiKt'ii. Tlmf
w lit have I km I o(.iortitnfiin lot a rmupaiUnn of th mtrilnttt
thftliUfPtit nmcliiin1 in rt'i'tii.v ilirovr niiirh lmlilliie
Mipaiiixiijr ana fy.tv iin" n-- jumut ptrium it, mw,
cvrrr 'itrlHpnt flvTVfr Hl adii.lt. etands million! a rlva
lljt mlvHiit.-iar'tn hit i i i ,(
1 lit ftitnhli-tlv and !traiitt'oi chfifctm'ct inn.
2 Th rsi'i ilt-iirr and uratni of il ftiU-h-nltkt on ItoMj
ttit-K, au it fct't'doin trrm anytiiitig liiiu ra,vliiif aruutu
lmm.s prud on tr uinliitlc.
3 Hrrd nrrnrnf v, nnl rrliul Lilly at aiif hite'of sued.
4 Fonnrmtr firtlitorid. v
& 1'orttioiiitv !.- nf of oration and marngrmrnt.
fl Quit tiif f. of nun rim-iit.
? 1::mI) uda;it.-uioa to1meryi;'ect(V(ffiQnllj tewing, gr.(h
erinir, kc.
I Thin In a pure and f Itnplr nnrratlon of Un qualified, which
will fttrHar Ut ificr h on tKiinauitiin with the inrtflrtne.
It (I-'-iun and n it ilniJ-iii K puch, as to make it ju-tme an
afNutMintn ti any nuc n unr.
( I lie iiniH-M' initciibM-n niiv I-p ppon In ojvraMnn ot tlie rp(dns
lf the ul-f;iW, win) W atatLori.i l tupl'l.v rJnTind for
Uini ;i thi tirlititr. JAlhr l.f.KH.
Their tx hot uiie Sewing fnrlii?ic, and 11ml i hwlvr &
'i!tni JriHiM lU4ia of t)i Aufiican lubtitute;
Aabtihulv. Februaiy L IbaK.. . 424
I IYieipml
; RKVi C. K
High School, - - A
Grammar School, - -Intermediate,
Fecond rntemidjale,
Trintarr, -
td infteriiitmilmiiU
V, lit. C.fc.Bm-CK,
j. - Mi S. L. PAiXR.
, Sli.-s Ei.niHi lux.
r' - 'lli? Lydia L. WillW
- Mlu W. M. Km.itoc(r
I The School JVee to all potTnw of a suitable ace residing
within the IlomnfrN liurtV, Htnl the " lifHrct ftttachtd thento
fttv School purrMiset."
Fu ty weeks constitute a year. Tan. is for pupils fc ooi abnpad
wlirbe. " t ' " ' "' ' t E' - '
For Trimary per annum, ' f' !$
t For Inti'nnediate (M,
For (iramiimr . r-i -i '" J-"0
' Fnr IHfch School ' . J luo
And pro rata Ar ench trm.
Tnitioji eavuiileiu atltmnne. ' - f t
All apphcuMons foi adiiiihRlon te be made to the puneria-.
1 he Sunimer Term will enmence Anril 2H, IMS. Tlie Fall ,
Tenn Septpnilier , and the later Ttuwi,J,iimmrv 3, 1S;.. I
i lt i highly desintblc that nil pupil fti-mld U triti at the npen
Inir of term. No .mill out of the vfll.-tm' will lie n'ived for
a pt rbni than ene term, and m ltdoctioii3 for absence Vx
eHit iu cut of KickntHJt or,rw - ovaU 4it 1
tj 11
E G 0 L 1) IT N P It 17 E.
TUK UOI.liF.N l'ltlB,
TUK (llll.liKN TKI.K
! . TUK (.DI.l'KN 1U.E IT
r TUK ;.U.IkN vvmk ' ,
' THE M.IKI'VltlZE ' ' 1
tiik coi.iikx eiir.u
, 5HK (i- I.HKX Hll.
, . me (ioi.iiiiN I'hi.e
illustrated: ii.h..ii:atkh i illustrated i
ll.l.l'STKAlKIt L:i(V MKKK
ll.l.rsTUA'l l-.ll K KIIY WLKK i '
' . ll.l.l STIIAIKD KVKKY K.Kit
11,1.1 'nl'KA'IKIt RVEKY -WEEK .
H'Kl'l M EN eol'IKS S-'KXT KKK8 .
Tht Ktw York VeMj- (KfLIlEN VHM. -.In on of tlie lar
frmt anil lnnt wtvlttv 4ijrii or tlie daj". An lmrivrl.il Quarto,
citrilttirtfhir Kiimr iaijki, or tonrr rott'ttjfv of vnlertainiiig
original maltpr: and elrirttiitl' illui.tmt.ii evrrr wefk.
A llll'l' irorth Irom 1MI crlitii In f."i)H) 8U in irnM, will b prr
n?nlel to tNicli aulincriber i iiuieilutcljr ou reci-int of tlio sub
fturljitlon money. . .'.:
lliif vniy forone jrar $2 00 aiid 1 rlftr '
, One epr Hr two ycam 8 ftO anr2g't9
; One aif 'f Ihf tluverarai JX i B"' i
One coj.y lor llw vrain 8 00 and 6 uilta
t Three coplt-n one y"ar $5 00 and 3 gifts
r ITU Ci).iei mw yi'iir . n u.f sou u pin.
Tl-n ei.len One yevr ' ' Ifl (Kl and 10 pilu
Twniy-otie oiai ooe year . !0 00 ainl il nilts.j
Tlie articles to be distributed arc eomprombed in the follow-
lnnli-l: '
i I'arknjrei of Gold, Containing f.X OS eaeh
6 do do do 00 cacli
10 do do ll 1U0 00 eadi
10 Patent l ererfluiitlng t'ttFFtl Watches. .. JnO Oil eoili
VII (.'old VYatciitift ?& 00 eaeli
IA do 6000 each
1:p0 do 60 00 each
SliO Mdm ftold tt aldie. - 8a 00 each
Ml Silter ilunlinn Liud Walchea U 1X1 saeh
6nO filter Walcliex t '0 to '2a Oil each
HHm (1..I.1 (iiiaid. Vent and (nb rlnlna 10 to '.0 00 e.uh
Hold Locket. Bracelet, llnioclie, kar IVrofiii. Itreaiit Pitir,
Ciitf Finn, Sliye tliiUonn, llinjra, liirt tud, Watch KeyM
(iold and lUVr TI,inbleK, and a variety of other article
irorth Irom Fifty et-utu to $15 eaeh.
Immediately on reeeilit of the ul.ctiptina oinnry, the ftnb-
eiilier'a tiaine ill ! entered U)D our fnlwci iption bonk op
noMte a nuinner, ann llie pill eorrespnnilinjr wuii that nuin-
ber will li-forwarded, within one week, to the. aubecriber, bq
man or tif rcsa, pvm fni.4.
XjT All coiiuuunicutioru taould tie nd'lrei.M d to
and 43 MnHat Bui'dlnir, S3o Broadway, Stw York.
teeiinen cote aent tree. Agi'nta wanted. a:J314&5
Iron, Steel. Nails, Glass and Fatty.
SWEKIS,and old entile hat lua iron,
K, 7i, 1, 1 J ' )aHd 'i inch aquare Pwoda toq
J, Ts, 1, 1 lij 1 'm, ' , and 2 inch, round iron. .
W. ah K. I.f inek Cinr'iah Tire iron. -
PUke, Hand iroo, 1 widliis: email fCooivl. gotianthnd
i?wdtHi iron; t nt ?tetl, (.ermiui, Knj'liidi, Mlifti-,aud pr4iijr,
Stevl; bent Norwegian -Nail Hod, Hpike ltoil, 5 tonx, Parker
Mtu ivaii, irom '.u luoou.; wroiifUt imibs wtodow frbua, putty
nvin, xlcfr A good UKKorUtittutol all theti uriitit) am U-"iud
eniHiur & MOUKISO,
Gt'Cut Jiarinins at -Ashiubula ! f
Carriages ! Carriage! !
GEO. II ALL wili srii atprrently redno
ed pilcea, thoae fine aUarriatrea. AU warranted. The
HunuiHciuifiit are luirq up and JiJtut Mute ths Mmey. ,ra
epiot1uuity wm evvrolffred for t-tting Cariiauoa m Uivk, in
this placy. ( nil noon if you want burg-un. Carriage t ill
' ;k. HAM..
A!io, A Splendid tUck of Piano. Melodeons and Guitare,
wi wir, J0t Mllft iUV IHlll "1"T UUIMIMb - i
Ahhuhulo, Au;. l&is 4au , n . GEO. IJ.VLL
CCIIOOL'HOOKS. For school books of
r anj Liua call at J. F.. TIIAI'MAX'S
' Book at Variety Mtor. '
KlitnUila, Oliia.
"LJOIJSK RAKKS. Corn Plows and Onl
XX tii alum, of tb beat quality, and at a rrrr reaanrnble
Bure- ... i' v J. i. tlloailV.
Ashtabula, June S3, 18.iR. 444
,.... . 1 of rum . r
'. ,i a'roaileo of irlrdUiiie, . ; j . ( , f
IIavinq permaiiL-ntly located in this place, of-i
ler lui-ir prux-kHmau ran low lu Ilia ruuauiuuiu nf Aahtabula,
and aui-rnumliiig Ti.wnliij, fpr tbe Cura uf all t'ubu.uj and
Ai't TK diManea uf erry KrB,'i-, tyjK', aud charucUir, to wbicb
the Hiiiiinu My.teni la liit-iili'tit.
Twenty yeara eieiii.nw, onld enublr- them to aaj, tliat tliej
fei-l contideiit tliat C01.11", t'oruH., t'o.vat'MiTuis, lliii,.
ckiTkm, Kfi.aHiiKU ToNaiLa, aud Sobk Tiikoath, wheu treati-d
In tlieir N't'W uy, will 10 aula, atrrealile, aud rt-liable. aud will
Cure wlieu any Mirana e.ara.4i. hy ihortal niarr, can cure."
Ilimiaea of tha y.rrrr, ti'.omark, kidneyt, Huutlt. ami $fta
oi IWgant, 4'realeil wllb thinai Aile; 1'uUnt. and 'oiiiloitr
cnneautiateu, and lU-zenol'I aKt'Di'l. 01 the fcclycUtt r huvlc,
whieb an. purely ana poailkely V kliKTA HI.K.
KiMfUUiaUain, Cbroula, Jvervnaa, or Aeata treated by
that tiever atliiiMr afteHt, wlnwi frOierly afHilie.!.) K1.n1
Taieiry. lliwaie. of the Heart, Siua, riaiii, jmil Glanilulai
).te.w, laiwlulhr fwaW All 4ori Atfectiaiia, tan
aal Her A.n-a, anerally eureil.
femala Weaaiiwrwa, wbelUer N'erroua or Oitcnuic, Cbrouic
T nUiarwUa, will be airid nr relie.nl in a abort ttiue.
Ihienear by, call COHault tliaill a" tbeir oftii, formerly
mi.io Uf lr. uue, i,.Klus lliilialn Vo. a CkiUOitK
llniiaa. lliif. at a distant can ouiiault bba, by Mudiii iu
their ce, with tl.rir fu ,mia and ai;e, um'lfd (111 tli. 1 Ul.
neial atlanlUm ii, tn di,e of tba tl aud HaU.
to the etnugbtmi of Cniked I.I, 1, In, kc-
SALldUt'lIX ii HCHl'llltEV.
' AayTaBPU, Auruiil2:,tb. K. . 4W
IIaYINO now rornmpnefd tlie Manu-
fcrturlny of f.i VXIMI Mll.l ia tlik liKaUily aaln by iiro
4nrir.r a betlor aiticle Mian ban av.r lairu miIJ u (Ui. Mute
aud rim. n..Ur.,r it .r.Hii .1 1, to ti fiutr, u, u,ulu. i
wuU b aaeura tliat uatlnil.?. a ' '
Jruiiflnr MiH" Mi?rtiirr- - -
A FannbYUlll I. On., Irt-YnK V' ft luade7 dneii Ita work uer
trt, an a. atiarrlilr aa Ur.l eil, aud 111 it will (Jr.. acrr.
""'" rf O.w ( Waci, Ml w afa frulu tlia l.it, ai.5
Aai. mU It. ff .iiW. ami rl.all all nlhar kinila of (mlu ai
aeed.aew.il. 'fur Miii J mnatiaike wlil'do all tliia, It ia M
a U. Mi)i- Ui iu aio.t any Kialury uaa awt !, aiwl
eati .... itoao u.iuit luau. MiicHiuoou aey 4a euhatantiail)
ant'lf of . o.au.ilw,a .in ,14 aa ah. au aa an)
If. . i, III aaa he bnuttM at. li orih-r. i,riiiiill. alteiuleu
hi. HlMHion Hawker iiQi.
- - l.ti U. LKOfeUI.
, ' ; . 41
-Rio. Mi-!chil)o.' Jav
A.hlalmla, .luue la 1.J-4.
7 " ', "
I ( .OFFinj, Coffoe
J V a4 Me4, OoOaa, mt
1 ' KfcW '. AUK AXUMKNt..' ,
AT TI1R ' r
Atihtabula Lldrblo V6rksi
(irwa the eltleni M nnA adiolnwif (Tl( , 1
MaM ftr, of the writ known rthi"f-meitt of r
i. Jone at Co, thT ate folly preiarfd to fhrtitftti
ut nrrlpilm (4 '
' 4 TT 1 t.-a -
nf thft Ttaltafl and Rutland MarMe, n fttnpe
rtor Ptvle ornnifh mt ow-ijrn.
We hav, eint will e-n rwdtantlr On hwt. ftneW farwt
rap. lAmha, l;wHit 1 HHn, Wiwtha, and lmr-'iM, on Mar.
twV of am- k"lrTTl thh-krw, at- Furniture lartle if eny
pnttmn. ntit!! In tlte rwiff- manner,
v Ceioetere Lota enclofd with pout end chain at reanrmWe
We ertntttiny Invft H, trt ealt end ere fnr themMe, awfl
exnmlne onr ft.-cMn end vt'tvrn before purHih'ir pl'whre.
Af-htetmla, War ,laft7 WM. Wll f, Vltl).
9, I.. liKKVF.M. -
Cabinet ! land Chair
T SAVAUK, would cull tlio ntu-ntion nf
Jt the clllrena of A.slitibula! a:id vkMhity, to liii preaent
tiH'k, einipri-in . ., i. ........... , j 'i ' ' ' '
liili..Kny ."ofaa j .
,( i vto - t'entie Tutiloa, aiarble tops ( . , .'
, k, w . Chair, mil lug aeala ; -
Ilnsi-wiioii, iluple, dn'.salng k couiiuon Itureaua;
, ynaitetln; . , ,
' ' Wash ("tnmla, eorum'ill T:i1ilc, Beadnteada, and
" ''' ' ''" " Stand: ' . .
T.at-.e Mahogany itn lng cliaira (
Small " " ' ' " '
l.nrpr cane weat. cane hack do; , .
Plimll tin .- ' ' '" "'
Cane Feat and Windor chairs ill variety
' Jno. 4. KIT. " ' "l-'f
J Stoics,
ST0VKS.1- Tlie miliscrilicr 1ms now on
hand mry la- r3,ff K.u4ra utada .Vve," which
will be wl4avcv law Vi((,M'at' ealur' Alinroar m hicK ara
1 In- Facie (I'd Air low oven I'oi'k Mole.
' '(VnttirinD. M (Tlie tiet eleraled" on lifted.)
Kii-ir. elevated oven Cm k .Stove.
rriM.lent, . . ' r f ( -J
Northern l.Mif, - ' ' ' ' " " ' ' .
Allien,. ... ' " "it. , '
Alnizm, " " " .!
We ni American " "'
Jewett A lUiol'a lariorovr' . I '
llie ( oiniL'e ; . ..
'esuina ; . 2 plxeal T
Tlie Xa. 2 3 A- 4. IVirlf Ian TNllor, with open ftont
- ..The Jrt'lil 1'arkw with 0ii front. I
1 he No. a ti 4. tliiia rjieel Iron 8elf Itefillatorw, ewt
up in the t.et sVioi aleo a (juod vari'-ty or 1Ui Htovea, iwime id
waicli are well a.lipted to wanuiug Churi'lica Ik rVhot.l Koiniia.
... tiEO. 0. Ul llHAJtll.
A'hliihnla. Oct. SStli, lS6fl.
"I UST I1ECKU El ley - . '
, K o o r Q r n ISO Jf. ,
at thrir I'M E.iimiluni ' t. .
i VA) pi!iiiMft.-alhh-U DootivXo.4e&; 10, . ia, , .
I 80 do KlpthtotN, 0 7, Hi, II,'
I r.O do do ( HlI.l.ot, I do' T,- Id, 11,
115 do Hnvh' thick J loot a, do 4, fi, lu, ( , ,.T
IU do" do Kl OontH. do 4," ft, 10,
24 dit YnutKM'airtWtii,'' do 8, ' lu, V , " '
0(K) do LadicH' Kip, t'ulf. and Knamellcd f.euttier TJnota,
tjent ('oiirn kh, Oditiiy, Kil (A lf( aim Enaaitkled Leulher;
1 do lhilliil" mid liublicr Uvi-jrIio;, , Vn
larTe' Wnnirrhc Kjd And T-istini; ("onrpr fJifterV; "' ;
j do Ji v Kind PntPnt I,otlir and Knainellcd IiuskiW;
I do Silk 1 ju-ilnjt fl.Jh-ra, fxt ell rouue;
( do Jloroeco and Kinnnlll Cirtilr-rn; . , . , ,
J KirtNrlAistiiir Suiter, o Id and V2; " ' '
(, KrianM aitd 'fiT fj.ee n-'Ota, 10, to2; (
ChfMrenX'all Ijiw Runt, for winter. , 14' , .
i do J.aMing 1 ip'd t:iilei-; ' '
tlO JHoroneo fcwire Bnotr; ' ' " I - 1
, l',v Coll, Ki( end 1'atent leather Phnes; - .,:..(.!,.
' l-odica' and .put's KuW,;, itnekuie a&d.SandAls;
do do Cork rih.' ' ' '
! In fact every tLlnc hn the line of Boots ni HhnmO llarine
pi Tim Uiia btancii of uumiumii our speciul attention f'r wvoiW
vt-an kwiwinjc tlie want of Ui tonmiunity, and haritaj none
but the rt Ut ot work, w thbik w can tliink we can iwUoly
wiy that, iu thia line we aie -hjI Woe Ijeat. t'AM. ami ukik
. A-lifahnla. Vt. 6, WA.
HOUSK, !Sliip,: Sifrn, Furniture aid
lenve lo inlorin tlie iiihahitmits of At-htatxiht and vicinity,
that tin y haw ri covd a r-hop, cr J. 1'. Holnj tKiD
w here th' T will te lound always on hand tn exeit tht'Tidlowe
in K in a MMiilmmnlikaV nmitiiur, rit.in, Oniaiiientitlj Kitmtu, H)itk
Kiirnitiiic, F.nHiiii 1 and Canine ruiniir tr, IniitultMtH o aU
Miidn of WotMl and Mnihlr, V lrt'n nnd .auneaw l'liiitti-d f,r
J'n.ceion, Ko.f window fhadrn painti'diuty 'hfpn, liiuii.tntr,
l.adfuiUia Varuifhing, Jtiiutuiiin, ko. i'aprriiifir, Oilotiu,
VLiww:ukuiK, Ulwing, kx.t kQ. Work by coutract ut day.
. ... fcEl'KKENTE. .
Al.FPFI) ITfmikt, II. L. MoHidt-oH
( Aahtiliula, March &, lS.rS.
Geo. Ham..
VesretaKe Pillt. . . . w . per box, 2.1 cte.
v Uroen jVlouiitoiiu UinUaeut. . 4 . . . Sift eta
j ' arfutiutiilla per bottle L,t; 1 ;'
, t'hildren's J'anacea . .1 ..i .r. . . " '2h cte
Kye Lotion 25 eta
' Kuver and Ajftie Heinedy.. . i , .. fierbox, Gu eta
.v ie.ihb..itU-ra. . .w . . ..v. .,. a$r k. U& cte , r
! tyeiiliMy Syrup ... . .,. .. per boille iiliota r,
ConmiiptiveH liuhn " -:t,(l0
MnrMhall Lter. inthnncnn " fl,"0
(irutltulxTK tile heeiedy , t . . l,tK)
1 klanttal of Health. Ir,fi y, eta
For utile by the city drugjjifctfij also by agent in the princi
pal town iu Ohio. 1 . ;
. , - Hartford. Trumbull Co. 0M March 7th, lSoT.
I hereby rvrtilv tiutt 1 have been doaliii iu the Gmtfenhenr
Medieiiie?. fir tne pat od Ciiii truly ay that 1 Iiuvh
litter ollend any nieilhines to the public Unit iui iiu-t with
tlie derided uptiotitiou of the -nplv like thestt, paitieuhtrly
tbe I'ill Hnd Catiioticon, They ivitl re.idily pvilmoi aJl and
niore timn I prOiidM-d tor thenu I have wild about fifty lnit
llf ol the t'atlidicoQ the pat K3m-oii. nid 1 hear tha het rv
eulti in every , J. il C. JOll.N'iUN, Medical At.
Head what Pr. ttiiMinell favk of the Gra.Trnlerg Medidnee.
Dr. 11., U a plijiclan of exteiiiv practice, and one of the
uiofwt Muotw-tu) in the coanty (TmnrtMiU) 4o which be roide.
' 1 his octtilio th:tt I haw beed the ralletdicift; pit If and
Miirnh.tH's C'atbolicon, anld here by J. II. C. JohiiMtu, in my
praciice to my entire atilaction. They are gonl inedicinea.
- , , Dr. ti. WliL'tilLNJLvU.,
artToTd; f rambtill Oo. P., V-rreh T, t
Iain a physician of thitty yt-ur practice. My pitneipal
tudy ha Iwen dhrcasp of ftiu;ile. The v huve peut'ially btillk-d
iny U'.st. etl'Tt. (lUtiipiiiijr the jiiateiitd coinpoioff , Mae
tiUV'i literlne ft. tho I icon, 1 -wa pTeaed with tlmn; Vitee
then 1 a fuir trial, and fmnd mywlf abttitdantly euooe-.fttl ro
iny foruivr pi act ice 1 could only mitiiiate tlie nymptonia of
akoet bait the cainaod could not cute ona in ten. Kw I
con rudiciliy cure at least eventecn in twenty end' militate
rflie reht. 1 consider Marsliatrn I'Urlhe t'elicon the gieit
et bleajing to females 1 hrtve met with.
: .fi - . J.JL WIM.IAM, M. D.( CharieetOD..
I .t Weet HedftrtiT CoehectOft Col May 14, 67.
Mr. H- B. Kioirialev, Sir: 1 have been nclling th? uirdicii.ee
ttP the flranVnlr(r eompncS for the iat ten jvar, and have
Invariably found them to give pimd tatiisfaction; aud theiill
I have Hold to a (fie at many fttati.ieii aa regularly aa their t a
pud coiTee; and with my trade they have become, a 1aple ar
ticle. MandiaU'K t'teilne t.'a4hoHeim in a medicine that lm
done a tfteat amount of iuxmI lit female di-euM't. )utt lady I
(mid it to t ild die hc had received more tno.it from one Im t
tltthun he did from long conr ol uicdical trcut4iijiiv by
the most iklllfut itbyfiiUiw., Yours truly,
. m . JAMES ttlLSON..
For ule by
HEXHAM h J0H.Of,.litubula.
W. K. AI.I.K.V, .Iffrwwin.
A. H. HKI K HU H. New l.rmf, '
A. Mrt'AL'Hl.AMI, Koekcniek.
T.CIilTli. Tnnnlaill,
K. FAHISII, Kintravilla.'
I. I VIINi. Cnnweaut.
II. HllK'iAN, Harl.t-rore, I . .
H. 9. rilll.l.ll'S, Colelin.k.
W. M. I'l l.H lr(W. Au.hutmry. '
J. H. WHKKI.KH. E at Truiubull.
N. II.- NihHi'OS. AiMluiar,
fIfil H. SIHINII, Cenera.-
And by nn. Atrent In all priuciial tnwua Id Obla.
'or Uedicinta aud Afrenriea. addrea.
11. II. KlXUtf LEV, CuvKLAxn,
430 . , , '"l furOMo",
Srhool Ho4k of tbe laU-Ht fiu.li ion (do not boy but ft-w .or
ft or tlit-jr would cJmna wln-ii ii.4 uioon (u'An) lut what
biive are for aale, also Biaul Book, Pit, Pen. Ink, Wnltrv,
Kntlopf Ack Ac. ItOOT k VHHii:iSoN.
'' January Ap pointments.'
Dll. H. TUBES' willbo "iu 'attcudanca
tw fuUow; , . -. - r .: : '.
Abkbibi, A b tabula IIoaie, Setordae, Jan. 1.
J'uinttiiie. CowUm .iuvae. aluuday Jail. B.
Comifautt illti, i'a., Poa-rr Hon, 'iiday, lec. 17.
CuuneauL, Juiuout IIoum. liiiluy, Hi. ,
For cnmuiltatloo un all dlsea of the Throat, T.unfri
Heart. U.er Momacb. KoWid, kidnt-v and Hj.let-n; aim
JrOtv, Oruel, Hhiimatin, Sr rvoiiKli, IM.illty, OvnjH').;!,
Kmalfcri'amw, Ague and l-Vvor, Fit, ImjiorltU'Mof th UUmmI.
Kiiidinn,eancirM, I'Ufr. and all other varit lien of long MlunU
iniT cotnplaiiitN, both exU'rual and interiml.
For iwore tf u yeare Ir. T. haa devoted hi entire time io
chonlc diaM'H, tfeating thouMimbi aunuuljv, many of wbnui
had exhauabrd er other rt'Mur witlitn reach. In mo cum
mre mineral or utker puisomt employed ,mur dot Ae mkt trk tm
ttdc4f ucll, ur tear dutcm tv build up myutn. 'J he medicinv can
be biken Kb Kalety by the mtt delit ut, and ktii.u may re
niain at hcu, and rontiniie. aiih urudenco, thflr iidioary
diet and -ci. Many bundr4i laave recovertwl unir the
treatment a4ter friend- aud iihyriciaiui had iriea up t hope
ui iniunnj.oi wiuncrn oi wiuni can aiwaya uc iurni&iiet.
Uivalida, itmm ver reduced or deMiairiiifi, aie invited to call,
and may he adored tliat io euHirueiueiit will bw f iveu or
eaeubc ujcurivu, wuuouia currwiiouuing uroojiect oi ivoorjr
a m H Ravaxxa, O., No..liiH.
Ph. II. Tijiiia Sin I am glu) to a.ld iu. teiiiui,ay to the
auniber nf thu.ia you are roreiv Lai- It wuaalier utucb ier
auaiiu that I ooiiaultetl yuu. I'n:aia tbi. amy iutlueuee Miuia
other biea4lir Imalid to veek it lef at your band. , Hurmu
Uie w inter or taoo, i vu mo rt-oucea a to oe uiwiiw. i lieu
tfmiiifeML to kit at the table. My atfeclion vim Mid Lo
diaeaM f llie left luny, heart aied Mtiimach. The conyh waa
very eevere, 4.tlendf d witb hortneol bteath. niiriit weaU.
and welliotf of the feet and anfe idttMllou w o tevblf,
that 1 onutJ,eat little iMm thau cmeker during the W inter, and
for two nuctaaMvw week, fitbeiid on ritsw water or g uiu anv
uie watar atone. Sinking tiiriii (j-oi on nearly ee y day.
4M3r.uiiiaall' eterai iu oiw day. 'leprivii( iue of npiirch, and
Mmetime of nli(ht. AIo, 1'alyHutinu ww diiiieidiif( 'Ihe
uttttrt &ireid to atop at tiioea, eaiinr a doalb-like e oration
mm ibouh the biimth waa uuite, and the eireuiation artenied,
TtHM mi Ik ti off tnwieseibHlilr. aud to U appenrane babtoeitiff
Wlwtwu Iii ium! draWit, 1 Jiopwmd tmlM ttm-t wa etittiord
timWr yoor tn-atatent. ! waa at 1hat time re id I In Nurtb
tWId, Suuiudt t'ot where Uie circimiattuue hei ieo aere
known (letiertdiy. mit uew ai ig nmiida Wli heatllli. ad
thHb aot tu aiKotoua a loany.aiu aJJe to petliMia bouM'kotd
dutuw .riitMut io4uovemoooe. and hava walkod ov two loilea
with (.uttejh.c iH.ii.io meiv limn Utinoa at the time. 'I he
ifrrat b.iHlil dented fioo your tieuiuieota and llie interest
you have Ptajmtatfd iua. hall ever be twdd in ff raUilul I
9embni)(. JtettwcUully. Voura,
1 M-e. MXHY JL SATE ii AH.
Wrrenanta and Trader will be. on their inaH lire!
ant be titMoed upon bj a onnntei fi.it "f More'a InHlaa
Knot rill. alitne.1 A. B. M-wtrt. All etinle India
Knot I1IU hare the aame and alfilatare f A. J. rVAatt '
41 CV.( oft aeft kol.
tm. HOK-fc Hi Inventor of MOHPE'S INntAl IinoT
ril.lJt, liMaiwitth itn'aler r of lit lit In traeelllrnt,
having nulled Kt roie, Aia and Afilea. a well North Ame
rica liae ieiit three renin ainen tlie Indlane nf onr Weetem
rnmitrrll waain tlita war that tna linlian H" Fill wei
nrKldlNCovereil. Ir. alorae wan Hih llrt man to etahliOi the
tnr that all iIImwh arLe from meraiTT nr Tn at noithat
our atieinrlh, licallli and llh' ilcjml lin thiltal fluid.
When the varlona fiaapca tw-eohrc eioeifn. "no no o.'i
aet In :ieifl'et hanneiiY with Ihe dilfeient Innetlona of the
llv, the hl"od loeee action hcn.ium thick, eormi led and
ril.ea'cri'. Ihi" ei'i'lna all in. lckne and dblreea nf vnVY
name! oorlreil(lh la exhu4ed, our lienlth wo ai dorjieil
oa and If nnlnie ia uot a.i.k-ted In liimnirnr oil. the ftriKieiiil
ll.ilnnra, llie blood will lewioe (limited and ceaae I" act, and
Hunt our li':ht of life will fnrcicr lie blown onl. How lni.nr
faiit than that we should keep the tfarlnne. fnn-nirea of the
l-elt flee and 0tell. Anil bow pleaMlit lo nslhnt we halW II
i.. "... ..i.t In fiuf a n.tli-lni. In vinir resch. namely kloree'e
laMlm Hoot lilt", mane fart re rwnw wkenta and rooU wbieU
Brow nnMiliil the inountailimiA I'llUa 111 rtillilli' giiruen, mr
he health and n coverv of dl!! fiinn. One of the root",
r.oin which Ihi'M' I'llla are innde la a (nrdorllle, which oiien
..opt of ther-kiti, aiwl HnWI. Knl(i- in throwing out the llmT
j,ait "f II e eorni.tlon within. The aerond la a plant which
la alt B.M eciomnr, wim oja-oa hoii iiiicii.Ht i"o iw-nn. !
liinrn. and thin, in a aoothhiff liinnner, cilbNi IU doty bj
Ihlowlnj: uH 1'hIi'i.MH. and other humoiji fioni the lilli(;H by
Milium. "I'illiiiir. The third l l'iul..(io, which (flvea cni-e
kniMt. ulif niflti Ttt i it Ri(,tnit' inn
duiw liOprc nmiuintN l impnttty finm the h.'-O'l, whti.li in then
n iinl iMHihtlfullv hv flip mliiiiiY or wntt-r itannire. nnd
which cni.M nt h-jvp Ihto diwchmyrd in eny 'dhcrwny. The I
fmii'th U 'ihin1ic and mi-fntipauii'i- the other propffllf of
ihe fill whllo en.im irt din pmlfyhiir hlood; the cnirwr
puitir'en ffTmpniitv whiih cannot itiinf hy the nllit-r nutlrtfi,
nrv tbuB tn'tveu up and coiiuvtu oil in ft tat qimnltlios by the
frmn the ulnve, tl I dmwn that flr. Moifie'e Indian Kn-tt
fill not ntdy enter th utonmch, hut lecoinc united with the
Mn'id. for llicy And wy to every part, mid completely rout one
mid clefiie the Vfteni fnin all In pin H v, ami the life of th!
ImhIv, which the Mood, l-colne lH il. rtly h"fll1hv: pnne
tititirlT.T all ickiMHB and pain t drri.ti fnnn tlte fytem, fhr
thfv riwinot nmaiwh- Ihe Imdv hemne pnre and eaf.
The iTnemi whyoeoplf e rfttti-iwwd whn irW, and whv
an mwnT die, h- imnnc thy do mt iret a m-dirine, which will
imM to hn afllictcl )rt. and which MM optni tin natur
al pa fi Are for the dlt.iM to le-f-n(-iii: hi-nr. a laire iptan
t(ty of NhuI aod olhor mnitiT i lori l. and the itntach nnd
irttVfttili at (irvmlly ovTllnTThrt; wlrh tlt eomn ted n'a:
tim nnde'if'dnff dta-rrpaMe fi'mionaatimi, ooni-tantlT ndxlor
with tlie blood, hifh thrown 1l'f rorrnp'ed omtter tbroneh
nveiy r'in mid artTv, nn4il hie Is t ir.en fiom the IhnIv hv .di
f ce. f'r. M"fv fl I.I.J hri- e adde'l to 1hMnelve vietoty
rtpim vtctorr, by rrt''rine' tninionn of tbr pr to Wondn(r
health f d hvf Jevp. Ye. thmtmituN harp hpn mrkM r'
formenh'dwMh f1ckne,r'" "d airfi'h, ;ind who ft-eMe
frnmif hive bp.-n rorhet hv tl.o bnrtdMff e'entPntn of mrintr
fecer. nnd who litive tf-n hmfiHit. n It wen, wlthtn n ptpp of
the lnt irtnv. mw ?d ren'iv to htfy thsif Iher wmdd
bn-p lnpn hnnibe-ed with the d-'ml, h- d tt not beon 'ftr tld
jrwtntld wnndoTflil owdlrhie, Mnrot1 Indlwn Hoot fill. At
trr one o to d'tWT IimH lepn' tnkon, !hv were ntndhed,
nd rihvote'y mnHed. In wttnelny tin It rbarndnr eirect.
Not ontv fl-vHii-T five immediate ene ftrd trenirth. and tfttte
awav nil sieknen. mill and anifniKh. hot 1bey at nnr ro to
work nt the foundation ot the itiepii-sn, which U the blood.
Therefore. It will la attoein. ereiillv W H e ne tl ee
fill that they will tm oletitifo and pnrWv, ha' dieae tin t
deadlY enemv -will lilke it lltrht, nnd the tlun'i nf youth hi d
liennrr will f.tridn ivtnm.nnd the -proepeet or u longr end hHp
pr life will cherub tmd tirb'htm voor dnyn.
' - A. J. WHITE, To., Sole f mpiletwr,
r. . ! - no Leomtrd Pti eet, Xew York,
"r,!..reTi,n,'n fto.it fill poU by S. V. JOnXSOX. Ashta
tabula, Obtn, and W Pcalern In Medicine.,,, ( , . , , ,
WM. lU'DftB k C.. fronrietora . of Dr. Tnwka Mayne
OinLnient, KarlviUe, ihidinoe (JeH IS'ew Yoik, Gei.eial Anta
I'rice L'a ct. 14A
December Appointments.
Prove ull ' Tlnnjca 1 ' " .
Phynkrian aud tSurtfecn, ill be in attendance aa follows":
Avhtahula, Ahtahula Tlnnaa, Thimrday, Pee. X 1 ';1
7 Jefl'ernon, Thn-iipnira WfdueFdiiv, Iec. Ii-.
aladiwtn,' Monday lHn. 2Hth. ' '
I'ainpfivlile, rnwH-a Honw, KrldflV, Tec. 2A M 57.
I'levidertd; .Ifdmann lloute. SM k 2t'dh. 1
Kinpvill. Tuesday, lee. JMth. ...
C'oufn'aut, Ittuidolph lloneo, Ttiet-dny, Per. 21t.'
The Mode of Examination jtursuod by Dr. W.
i Tery wimple and entirely hew; andhrlt di-one of nny
of the internal iil or(ran. I ia a wry few nWnile delisted
with facility and certainty without ar.'.iii(f the patient a ijueii
titm. or haaiiiLT tlte leai-t oieviotiK kiiowlt4lLre rt tlie cne. t
Aiuniifc the iie4t LicatL-il aucieiWuliy by hiuia. inay be
tuenuoiicu the iM,uivuit(.: . . ,
Setofulii. tint, nil I liscnes of a Scrofulous origin
ricern, Tuinon. Enhirrkd (Hindu, or .ftdntn. Hip IHea-e, swell
ed Neck ortioitre, Sciotulouab'iif; Kyef,.rald Heud, Ki uption
on Ihe Face or other part-, Cance.r, Ki.tula, Spinal IliM-acea,
lVt-iJ lrnYtd, IniMilenc', Milcture, fet, v llua U.uico, fci-
1..'.,,- I Mi ..ntii.i lliimct' Xf.
All U M'asCH puculiiir to V'einuh', and all chronic dlseaiie of
tlie lira. ii, ryep, llicoat, l.una, iletirT., Moinacn, i.tvor, .spleoii
Kiitoevis. Skin. pr other organ. A icedy cure wamtutcd in
all dicu.- ofaSyphilljitic or venereal character, without tho
ue ot mercury or in iter poiont,wiieu ucNtroy the oonMtluiion.
Heiriilar vlei will Ins maile durinir the year, ifivinir those
wltw commence treatment, opMiitunitv to couiinue till cured.
l)r. w. ha ful !y quulilied hmihelf for the pmctic of Ida
prof't.fon. of whi'vh any peihon thai, be autUIied by calliug
at m room.
No eerttAeater of enren- pnh!lhed. hot tpefereneee to anv
number of patienu, wlio have bceo cured, will be givtiy to
luuive utrmrttig tiiem. .
, ' ' The Poor Liberally Considered. y
Any peiaon endinfr a correct Litenient of their ymptom,.
and enelosintf $ will have im dicine, alaptrd to their cast,
u tit cunt I to inat one tuovtn er uve weeka, eent them i-y Jsx
picH. Addicts
II. V. WADS WOKTH, M, D., Hatavia X.
53 Tkvth Extract n witiioit Yaw. hv 'iai.vaxihm.
100,000 Acre Western Land for Sale.,
J- ferinar for nle One Hundred Thonwind Acre of ul Fa
tal1. hituaU-d in twenty-ci dillervnl Coon t leu In Iowa, lire in
.Miiuieotiu and two in VVucuuin. Suid land havt Un se
lected wi'h frreat care during; wveral pant earw, aud aie choice
tract, iu the Uif-t i-ict. wherein they are itiiatefl. All of tliein
are more or Ickh airectvd by tlio linea of Hmilrumilm projected,
Keeial of which are now in progre of completion. Aft the
Kfttlement of the country iiicreatei. they will lapidlv aovamre
la value, and thu ia ooVred htrper induoemente K the peeit.
biter aa Wfllaa to the acttlur tUiu has eier belore lama wUerod
in thin uiarktii.
' ' A -Liberal Credit
willlie plven. if dcitired, on many of thene landa. Soaie
them can be id for
in Good Property,"'
Inerndinjr peronal and real ettt thua(foidlnfr nerona own
lita aautll CariiiK, towu aud village pnieriy an uportunlty
exchantre aith me, iud procure a ntoht de-jrnblu honte ol any
doinible i?e, with timl-vrand prairie that wm lw found in the
thriving west. Tlir tUIn faelne; deihed directly fmin the Vu'tU
edSUiWisace uue&eetilion4ble, and will lie wnrrtnted.
olitf ' i U t-i''-. l-t Afceut.
fdUce at hi residence, IVntin) Ivania Aeltue, AtJituhula,
1?A1$K HEDL'CEI) ! The rT
X. Jterrnlar Fare from Ahtabnl to War-
ren ha lt-n put at Two Dollar, and from JenYiaoii to AmIiUi-
bul:i, i'ilty I'eut. - - , . . , , , . .
You Hint want 1o ridt phrap and comfortably can do o
tj.kinj: thin line. The entire tine from Ah tabula to Salem hint
lneurwtittiid with (tood Uon-aa, new crarhea and aleielm, rol-yn,
kc We mean to put traveler, thrnujfh on time, and with com
fort, aa low it they am tiavel by their own uonvovancc, aud
without the trouble. II. F. k J. L C l Elt.
Oltices At-htabula Houe, Anlitabuia ; l'tvotjce liouite, Jf
eraon. Janmiry IS. ihW.
iv n i wi pi . . Bi.i;.i'.r
Choice First Class Insurance
OK HAKTFOrtD, coss.
Fire and lulaiuf Navigation Insurance ...
Ce. - i .-'t-.T ' " i -i
ALLS Jha attention of iU frit'iitls.. pa
tioii, and the iiublic generally, to the fnlowiit (ocU;
Ot tta having a Otn). Cuoitul ot lfU0U.U0. with at amouut
iiig to $1,000,140 10.
lias transacted I Business svecessfvlly thirty-
nine years, t paid aggregate .Loss
i of ovrr U,i)00,UOU.
leoranturdoaSatiwnal Uis with focal' areneie ft
piiiiiiitl pla-e. under a pieiuantile yiem; founded on
Caih StaiHWid,' wii'r no V rn.itrn Mites, nor mwrnweuitf
enual b all emeii(i!uciet it Uhduiloke. and warlhv iue , liabili
ty and dignity of an endoent Aioeiiuan corporation Ou mer-
j J1 1,M. fundmK ita eUI,n- to patroimee and favor, mnL.
importance and ublte aervice Um
Compaui.-K of A it.
ut of File luuirauce
Iiifureiiat ratei and rules a Tllieral ai tlie rivaaiuiued per
ifiit. lur aolvei.cy and bur pioUL .
ticUl atlei.tion (fit en to the lnxuraure of Dwelltmra. And
Farm moperly and content. Kurta lintuitid lor priod oft
to 6 yean, on the unad rvaaiiutl!e terma.- .
I Attm euiUhly ljinilid aikd promptly (d. i
Appiicalioua eoliciud and politu buVdl by
' o. ii. fitch.' ;
"" ' Agaut at A.litulHila.
Blunt Uo(j8 mude an4 ruled to order,
' " ' ' ' W. t. ALl-SK.
, A clltttO tt ffOOtl
e ' uriiii i I'TiS
-' artiela, may br-' r
Wood Purifier, nnd ,l)lood Tilb.
1 TISR.ftfi TAKvriSIIKB " " '
Bt Tit. Robaok'a BcandinaTlaft Rmedli.
r. t.l-w-a- .w-
' '
! .1 1 1 ap.i i Vbi ii ilia s'i"!'
; ; . . s.
I.. .".'. : -.
mX0 r ,i. . yJvlaw
A VITM YKAKS of Sti.dy mid Kxfier-'
JL V tnwtit, lr. Itotwiek- tho Kminonl HenadNh I'hTntctnn,
inrwfded in prodocinr a no-dh-ine Irttni t mity-thiie (lid.-reut
FKcie of tnoMnhdn herb of hi natire Imrd. which act flhvct
ly upon the cm one ol 'dineae iu the MHd,and bv n-fhtiliiK the
corrupted mtiiit-iln of lii'e, to R condition of hmltli and purity,
fv-irihufioeatrom theyum, wbmevpr it iv be kcted, or
whfttever mnv m ll chtinieter. Indlllon, norvou com
.n fr, fpilvptlo, nml ethef 'ite. eoiifrha. oniimnpll"li iti tt
eaitv uar't, Rnre throat, bronehlti, fever nnd eyun, asthma,
hm phit,M'tUftl Iiici.hHI y, ft'inluine weakiwaa, prick ttnf of
Ihe Urtiiit PMiij'loitmllc of pniljnl, rheiiin!ttlpii, neuil((la, tn
tlnnr, finder, ilieKdee, latitude and dt-hllity; diarrhea, and !'
other Ohnidi'iw of I ha organs of ropirutiiu, the Mvcij, aud kid
in-v. the utotnaeh. tne nerves or tlie mnneular tllier, km uder
linif'v ciH'd hv thl prepninMon. It ia to the mttrit tnnrbt
or t'"('df af dlene wlml au alttnll 1 to an add: it iientnilijN
tlwMii iilh Bhvdute certainty, whllfnt the eame thne It re;ii
lati Ore TTitiom, rrmove olirlrliMl.vn! fnnn the 1ntvln,
create appeli In, lenpw rdiiy4TlnoF, a-ut iewT nine evei-y
nnlinal function Such U the tiatuie. ucli are Hie etlcefi of
Dr. iiohack' tUiuoim SCai dimvian toml I'milier, w hich, if
t.'ikvn in coni miclion with hi Sr indinin inn lllnod Till, will
not. onlv (ridftemte the mot painrul dimn. hot prevent their
trrnneiice. and lenpthen life levond the nnlininy unan.
lu the Scindiaavliii Vexetable IDood Mils lr RoWa
prreut the rtott td 'w nty yenr Mf eerivnre, haid Mudy
and eppilm-nt n tn what a t oift ct pill lmnld W. No one
can doubt their fiu;f rforltv nflr nno fjitc trial. 1H vof the
S3uidiiiaviJlXJIodd JIM, 2- eenta p r bot.flr ilve ror il. i
Vnr. Miami fount, l-td.. Ausr 4, WW.
Pr. C. tV'. 'ItOBArtir I lime received o lunch lMnertt fVom
vourHcandinavha lil.-od 1'urilier md Jllv',jl-,'ilK Hmt I have
thoUaThl M mv dntv, and It 1 no lr my inclination, tn eive
yon a ph-in iite)nent of mr cat. I - -lr f vara a:l1iicd
with that lane ol all comforts and eflirienry tn bniwt, dy
iieiTa. Tn n'-caj ThiiTo all theo-eilled niieIi which I h:ive
uwdto iidimM-tf4rf ihi dlrt.iwt.-wtail-HanVed make a melan
choly c.italoeue. I al-o conuitetl with the Wt phy cinn 1
could hear of. 1 w-t inducod to try your remedife thmnah
the ppreutUlmip or a Mend, and lift, r u'hiff lln ni a f w dav
wna greatly beli-liited, and In a liort thu lewtlian a n-onth
entindv and penimm-nllv cued. I w nlun aillicted
wllhlhe mot rbdent nerftma hetvliich, which I
produced Jv my diordereti lm.ich, for when mv di-o.-i ..
left on", mv twadncho Iff t with 14. 1 now fee! better In eery
reM-ct than I have for ten yean. . . "
Very truly your, 1 MOllX .TfTMUTH.
CrsriitVATi. Frldae, Wept. 4, is..
Ir. TlotiACK Pear fir: Hat itp been alllicted with neural
gia tT rUeinn;ti-iu lor the t yuar end a halt', and h ivinc
een yodr inrdicine, cntled the Scai dinavhm Hlod VnrltVr,
highly recommen'U'd by Ruthinei with whom mn actmuiiti
ted. i win Induced t tiy It, but no! Ik-Ioi I have iiKed iiilous
trt.ar metlicine. After Uhliift tw btttlf, i felt it effect very
netisihiv. Htid nrntn umho two more. I lound mvaelf ppt-
foctlv cured. You will allow tf thereftrro, to conirrHtuhtti'
yon upon mnklMji: a dicowry in medicine which t ptovtmr it
aelt to iw a worker of pitch wonder In tlie di-e tw nf them
man amiljr- tiKnliUK A. .IKNNKTT,
. '.. -i Local EdtUiv.Clneinnati Daily Kiupdrer
IxniNArui.iH, Wednpfday, ?ept.2, 1S"7,
Tr. tfVF. ItotiA OpnrHIrt Hiivinir been trmih!ed ftif
Heveral year with extreme deilnuty and weak nesa, ho muoh m
flmt 'I wue unable to attend to tny ordinary hninent time,
and havino bfnid of the wonderful eaatu that your Scandinai
vian lilood Purifier aud I'M were effecting, I wa induced bv
a fiVed tfttry tliem.' i , - t . t .
1 have lieen unn the pnrifler for the hist twelve month,
and Htm th medicine 4ullr einial to ttn r'comtnfnOMon.
valualu U Ita u tu me. that I fannot now dispem-e with the
um of it atniv advanced aveni lire eventv-Men vear.
- ioheerfMllv eive tliie Inlun nation for the beneHt of ttioiee
tdmUarlv aliected. , MOI.IUS MORUIS.
Tho wlHrtJecerliUcatea hnd tnenv otheiw. en ne nt-en at mr
olhc' by any one nt any time- iH oue of my Fiunily Aledica
Alniaift. irnitl. from mv atretiK 1 i
WanulaciJiie, Hla-lMmmeniVOfTioe, Xo. 8 Cattt Fourth-st.
3d holloing ftOTii Alain treel, i. inriiimtit, tniio.
Korwtle tvflKO. Wh iahh, Hkviiam k. Johnsow, Athtabu
ln: K li Smith. KilevilUt; 11 K Stne, Orwell; 1( W VUrk
WllUanvfleld; W H AHen, Jelfen-fmi h Lynn, Comvertnt: H
Tick nor. Went William-tbld; It 1'rntL Wiivi e; Alice i Mar
rlntrtot. Olhrrtok: f Hntlmwav ft Son, Hart.imre: A It Iteck
with. New Lyme: Y Mead, Wet Audover: H I. Slater, Leon
WW HeHck, llichinond Vntn; M llite, Hen nut: A W
Mc4'auland, Hornan; ti W Andno-, F.at TinmhttlU ti II Mgh-
veiell. Hn' iMitleld: J f! Oale, Auhtinhmv: A Ijieraritre, I'lvm-
onth: N PanUh, Kitifc ville: Ohaa Harrctt, AniNiy; Smith k
White, Ktdtofptvlllc; 11 ft E ('lurk, Sheffield: S-.H-;e k Slir
nan. Say brook; 11 Noiiha'-n, t.eneva; Havid Van Epa, Uuiin
villi, ann nr iini'ri' nnn nireinnT rpnoi-tniv. i
-: " endorsed 'by Eminent Physicians."
nnilE Gkkatest Kemf.dy Known For
:BiijiirNKes, -
1 1 KAHTIU' kf, .
JAl'MUfK. ' '
JHloou IrtSBAlKfl.
Ac, Ac . kc.
'DR.-1 RUN ON '8
AlaO. as nrouhy lactic aaint :
Fkvkr ami Act K, Choi.kka, ji wjiicr Complainth,
ThiNrreiuetlv 1ia a very deaant taate, nnd will be taUei)
ti-adily by chiidn.ii a$ by ndulta. Tlie illlicU-d aie iuviUd U-
try it. i- . ... ; .. . ; :
Vint B .Mcs Price 00 Cents. :
Send for a cifTulr civ(uj( full partirular. Addietet ,-
K. CltriKlt. Sole AihmiI. 74J Hiondwav. New Vot.
Kidd bv ItnttfrrW" and lenlen. vervwlieo. Rmt .t
A Homestead for $10.
A few more of.Uio.e (hiraljly Furnw n
XT Htiildinir Lot, in the (iold Kei:ion and other porlt iif
of Virginia, are to be divided amoiuret tho fe(iltHriten, litrtlo-
U'netit o too new town ot J.appultaiinot'k. ulr-ijilioiiK o.
dttllmrt eaeh; one half down, tlie rt on delivery of tbi
let'L Kvery ubciilKT will tet a Huiidinif I ot or a Farm,
ntnffintr in value from flu to J.'Vi.iNX). 'ihoe Farm and Iaii
art mIi! o clump Ut indocw fettifiucut, a fiiUii-ient nnioliei
ta-iiiK reserved, tbeircreiue in the rnb.e of wliH'h will cone
peiiMite for Uie atiareiit hw pricM now aked. lino aero lot
in town will be ffUen to iudurliioun mechanic, who W'il bufld
uimiu tbem.
A company of mttlr, eilleil The napnahannnrk llnneer
AhMK'i-ition," U now but dins; and will coiimHfuce their uttle-
mcnt in the Kptlii);. Ample fcurity will le given for the
faithful ?rlor.ua.u-eor coiilnu-t and promij-ea.
JTfr ibwe A Kent are w.inted to obtiln KulkKcriliera, to whom
tlwi iiMMk liboml induevii'eot i.k li given. iatie Afrenb-,
write that they are mukuii; f.( er iihjiiLIi. tor fi;U ia(Ucii-
lara, .rutMrtiionit. aBeiwte, kc, Appiv 10
jt'tti K. JUI'IIKH. J'trl ftnt'nl. Cttrnline Co. Tn.
, , 14 (3Iu i)oiuiihtJU "
OF FEE nnd TEA POTS, constantly
on hand. GfcO. C. Ul'lillAlll).
,.AMjilmla, Xov.fUi, Sol. " ; . ; ,,'
WATUII ondf Clot'k. making outi Ke
T T iniirlntr Entidilbhment. lociited at Aslit ibnln. Asbt.ihn
laCMihtv, hio, A. W. Steele rmHfnr. AKled hv Mr.
V. II. Ilam-eit, id' llancor, Maine, who cornea bete leooio
mended hy .Mr. Hum, or the mm of W, k u Mver, 4 Jinn
ovorjtt. iloitan, winth l a icuuiuntee of hi aUiltlea, as
wo:kni:in and Mechanic, the community cjin re v upon huv
iri(c a Kad work done at tlii fuHtabtiabrndnt an at any other
In mmi. ne re;tur au kimit ol tvuiuiieK, put lit any
pan a ion aa Aew, ami many even oeiier inafmny ny ncri'
dent or ny a onr h t7r.vn.4SM i niokcn or poiieu. or uuike
nmte 4 tmvrdef. and old one when i eon il.
Willi mv ireunt I'mue 1 am abU to do all kiial of wot
intrintted to Hie. with ninch mora pruinptneHa than here
tofore, nd a fnnn tiii dute I liall mrt ivo any credit, will
enable mo to wll all (rood iu my line AO per cent, lower than
ever I; fore ollered in thi emnty. Call ind eee Steele, the
Watch Maer. at No. 3 Mechanics Kow, Ashtabula. Ohio.
April 1, lHAo.
N. lt. If any have Walclie that have been Hpl hy poor
Workmen, they can have thrm made ac pood aa Nier, aud
warmnleu lo heep pooa Time ai lulu c.uiullliliieut
AJiUdiita. Nov. htht l-'iH.
"IV UEIJJ1KAD, Successor to II
T T Too Its, nt hhj old etab!i-hed Simp one door
Sooth of Uie Itank, lm ihiw on hand, and for nh a larjre and
Hplendjd loatiortuieut of JlnniUMi of every description, which he
will ell for teady pity, at) low n can be foiiiHl elnewhere ill the
oiunly I'ornoiiM wifliintc to boy a pood tubuuitial team or
tmni ijfe Ilurue-, will lind it to their ad- antae lo cull and
examine li in work hefoie puiehar-inir eUewheie. All work iot
up iu the newest t te, and lor elejfHJu mid durability, cannot
be uriafJte'l. All work warnint-d.
Wifi' Jli kMwirtment of U hi) wa never aa birye nor half
o cheap a at present, lit la aii-o prepared tu de all laiiid uf
car.'lae triuimiiifr with neatue and di-jKitch.
; I.ki'aJImmj. ol all kindf, (iromptly atteiub! to. Po not for
fretthe pUce, one dwir aouth f Uie llauk, Uaiu Street, ul.U
btila, Ohio. June 27. )7. 2-
WO. ittat. rospectfully infnrms the
lulialiitunta of Ai.lilnl.ula and lla rlciully ; that La
l ueiarl to auiii.lj tham with '
Euglish niadtf Kcnni'l, Stock and ' present use
! Alt-, or tlie tiiiost rjnolity,
warranUl genuifi', and reconimiTirli-il lijr lleilical Ccntlemcu
lur tli. U.6 ul iiivaliua aim unvaiv lauiiii...
! A.lilaljula, Juni! 1, 1M. .
'Ambrptypes, , (
riiotogropliB, iluliiiuoiypt' 4 Daguerreotype.
V C. NORTH, of. Cli-vfliiiiil, Ohio,
I I f e would reHpectfully inform ihe ciliten of Ahtubula.
that he I prepared at all time to take, iu the bent ftyle, 1h
(tuett and moat dm able life-like ,iitinir that limy bo called
Ar. llnviiiK been eti(fKd 1" thi Art for a numler of yearn,
aiid having a perfict kiMiwIede of clieiideuU ued in produc
kng beutilul icutt. and keepinir up wilii the tina iu any
'W or valuable Improvement in Iii line, lie I fully able to
give the uet ol natufactiou. We aie daily taking the ricbettt
AiitTdyfi that can be lound iu the Lite. AU if warrant
ed durable, and will rniit any who may fnvnr u with a cull.
1 he Melainotype idctoreia irvttintf to be very txipuhtr, are very
uiUMe f"" lotket ietore, a Ih.-y can latlittwd in, any haied
lirciaet ur eae, thev make a very brilliant picture, himlUr to
tlie Ambroivpe. Pboto,rraih umuihed tu any it deired,
and colored true to batuie by one of tha bt Artist U. bo
ftiund. lhototrraiaf made fiom email picturee of living ur
decfed lerwn, nnd cioied iu oil. Kuioeiou Rpecimeuu ou
evhibitioit tit iny rooiiin, and Hhould be happy to wait on any
ef the citizen ef A-lUabula, that nuty be eUitlnrf Cleveland,
whether wMiiim likei:eM or not. All are luiied to cl.
Koonmopeii from V A. UH till 6 P. Id , at Melodem Hall. 77
giijrior itieet. W, C. Xt-ltl H.
Cleveland. AMI 1t, MW.
Alta-IMSi, Ac.
If) BALE Caril, awiru-d ratlerna. 1 Bala Tikii
HulUng; auki, a Uua aawrtiueut nf Fltmr oil Cli.lh.
'ur aula by UKO. WH.LAHII'
IP you liQre nny Iiiitter, Ksrir, . or-any
utuar lloaia ilauufucturas to ilin.in of, taka tbrm to
kiiaamii h. KiiiiKitra.
VKltV JilJisT TKA (.it-en or
' . KDW. H. KIlilKJirs.
ailE very best aud lurgost as.orlnient of
. IVfea, at kllW. U. KOllBilTS.
A Etnernli ho,,tn,m, ,HMnl qrtml r.nmmM
Jeru.. H.l.rf ,4, ,klr, mht ,,rtrp-,4 .r4
X Tlrwr.f Hi. awful rli-.trnrtlnn l.f lininan III, r3aiia.i
Prvial llia-M and u. ili-iv(lon nraHlrri iiami tlia nn
fniliili.la ll. llni. nf .not, ili-. iw. Irf '(,.,,, nrt
ar. illiTctwl Ui.lr Kimniiii., , chahitXiiI.K
AI'T wnilliriillliflr nanw, tn n,.,.,, a ln.p.ri.arT l'a
iiratmnil if III!" laa nf ill-.w, n all ll,..r ftmiia. anil W
rlr. MKIiM:AI. AI1VH K' IKA . Ih, ta ,,, . ,r Wh.r
Willi a.h.iw.l.lilnf lii-lr romlllUn. (a,, ,, ' hhi,K
nf li., wfi.l anil lna M ..Irrrna .nv.n., , H HMIl
MKOH'liKl r'HKK 'K tilAtMlK. H I. n.ti, n mM .l,.f
th. AaanHallm, mrnmamlft "i hlli4 H..H.l ..n, Bf
airr. aaH will fnrwl.li Ilia Bi"t ?1""vl rr.nl.rw nlwnt. .
Tha lllrarlora nr tlia Aawlaikirl. in lli.lr Annual llrwnrt
llm III. IrralinMrt or Mxtnal lieaai, fi.r tha .KP .i.(tn
JaiMiaiy Irt, laai, ..tirip nil- niu i.-"i .' .in,
.n(T(W.. Wlilfri anfr-nv" i- mwr... ' , ' "" ' lir
fron In Ih. entw nr H n rwalnrrlinnw, KtoiIwiI l.akrw, lnw
.nt.i.n.. HnhnrrliiTW, inwi. f.pi ii "in i't ...o..i-m
.li-.bu.., ana a cniiliintanca of tbe nam plan tor.
Ilia nniniina Ttvir. ' '
Tha lllnftnin, on a rwvli'W of ilia wn.i, frnl anril lhat
llwr InlKir. In tl.i. ilici of banawilani ll"rl hara torn of
.nt ln, lit t thr alllli ll"!, wwr-ily lo the ..vnniifr, an
Om-v liava rvmlvnl lo ilnvi'Ui llii-mrelri a, w ll'i rim4 aval.
Hit. rrrv liiiMirlanl an'l tnin li liwihal mtiM. ...
An naniimlJ. Ki.i.rl nn fcumiatim ha nr Heinlnal V'k-
neiw, the Viw if ilrianlin, lanilmll"n ar H.lf Aliitaa, an4
nther illwiiaria nf tl.a raanl (lianin, btr U. l nnmiltmn Hur-
wlilrh will la eiit l, in.. II (In a willed H.nvalni,p
HlKK UK ( IliVIK F, on Hie rrci iit nf two alainf. for ia-
airn. other KinmiU .mil Tmcla nil the nature ana irenniiein
il renual mvnne. iili-l, Ai-., are eiin.hiiitljr Ik'HiK r'in'""iici.
t-riitiillini" illtill'iill"ii. ami will W rent tn tlie (1H. lrl. .
Smtie nt the lii'W rtiiKilii!i ami mefti'irln nf tre.itinelit dldcuf-,'
an rl fl.irlnff llie lii.l veiir. are nf g nflf vHne.
Ailitrn.". Ir. CEO. K. CAI.OIII.'N, OiiMillinl! Piiraenr)
llnwdiil Aaanctitinii, Sii.i Siniiii LNTH Stn-fl, I'll iladcli li
Fa. Ih oriler of tlio UlifclniH.
' i-rrl' Vltnnlnl l. A . -
" i .' r 1 1 1 .1 in., I", rern-m'T.
BA IV 1'PltTnH 1.. I're.l.'e'it.
Ague Cure, "
Intermittent Fever, or Fever aud Ague, ,
Ilcmittcrjt Fever, CMn I-ever, irnmo ;
Aeue, Periodical Headache, or niliont
Hcndnche, nnd Bilions Fevers, indeed '
for tho whole tla of disease origi
nating in biliary dernngement, canned ;
f the Malaria of miasmatic countries.
No ono remedv is louder called for by the :
necessities of the American people than a ur '
and wife cure Jwr lever and Ague, but i
we are now enabled to offer, with a perfect (
ccrtuiity that it will eradicate the disease,
and with assurance, founded on proof, that '
no harm .can arise fiom its use in any quart-
.tity.- , . ; .
Trint which protects from or nrcvents tins .
A'.mrAnr muafr. fin nf tmmnnan iiorvit. in tha
eommunitios where it prevails; Prevention ia r
better than cure, for tho patient e?capei the ,
risk which lie must run in violent attacks of '
this baleful distemper. This "Curb" expclt '
the tninsmrttio poison of Feveb awd Aova
from the system and prevent the develop.'
ment of the disease, it taken on tlie first ap
proach of it premonitory symptoms. It U':'
not only the best remedy ever yet. discovered;,,
for this class of. complaints, but also tha
chehpost. lite lrge quantity we Supply ft
.a dollar brings wuiun, tne reacn oi every m
body; and iir bilious districts,. where tY, ,
and Aovb prevails, every body should have it .
and use it freely lioth for cure and protection. '
It is hoped this price will plane it within tb r
reach of all tho poor as well as the rich..,,. A, ,
great superiority of this remedy .over any'
other ever discovered for thtf speedy and cer-1 '
. tain euro of Intermittents is, that it, contain' i
no Quinine or mineral, consequently it pro-. ,
duces no quinism or other injurious effects'
whatever upon the constitution. ' Those cured '
by it are left as healthy as if they had never.,,
had the disease. . . , .
Fever and Ague is not alone the conscqucnca '
of the niiamatio poison. A great variety of
disorders nrise from its irritation, among which
ere Neuralgia, Khcumatism, Uout, IIuDdache, i
liliudness, Toothache, Earache, Catarrh, Asth- .;
ma, Palpitation, l'ainful Affection of tha. ,
Spleen, Hysterics, Tain in the liowels. Colic,
Paralysis, and Derangement of the Stomach,
all of which, when; originating in thia cause, !r
put on tlie intermittent type, or become period- ; t
ical. This " Cims " expels the poison from
the blood, and consequently enres them all
aliko, It is an invaluable protection to immi- ,i
grants and persons travelling or temporarily ,
residing in the malarious districts. If taken '.
occasionally or daily while exposed to the in-11
fection, that will be excreted from the ysttrm;
and cannot accumulate in sufficient quantity
to ripen into disease., Hence it is even more
valuable for protection than cure, and few will' "
.ever ,uucr from Intermittents, if they avail
. themselves of the protection this remedy of- ,
fords. " :. . ;.'- ' - -. ' -"",
Ayer's "Cathartic Pills, ','!'.!
are so composed that diaense within the ranR of ' 1
their action can rarely uithstand or evade them. '
Their penetrating properties search, and cleane,'v.
' and inviforute every portion of the human orgnn. '
ism, correcting its diseased action, and restoring . "'
its healthy vitalities. As a consequence of thru,
properties, the invalid who ia bowed down witH '
pain or physical debility is aatoniahed to mid hi J
health cr energy restored by a remedy at once
.simple and inviting. ' - . M
, . kot only do they cure the everyday complaints ;
of every body, but also many formidable and
dangerous diseases. The agent below named is . i
pleased to furnish gratis my American Almanac,
containing certificates of their cures and directions
for their use in tli following complaint: C'e''u-n-.
tien, Heartburn, Headache ariting from ditorderett
Stomach, Kaiaea, Indigestion, Pain in and Morbid '-' '
Inaction of the Uowlt, t'lutulency, Lom of Apptr
tile. Jaundice, and other kindred complaint,
arising from a ion state of the body er obstruction "
of it functions. . They are an excellent ltarativ , , ,
for the renovation of the blood and the reatora- .
tion of tone and strength to the system debilitated " '
by disease. , . . ..Milli ,t i., ,..2,
Ayer's Cherry1 Pectoral
. , , :l . job rna bapid cobb of,., - .j , ... ,
Coughs, Colds, Influenza, Jloarseness,
, Croup, Brouchitis, Incipient Consump.
1 tion, and for the relief oftonsuinptive ''
' Tatients lu advanced stages of tho '
tf.isease. ' i '.' J:..". J:'.t
Bo wide is the field of its usefulness and so nn-.
tnerous are. the cases of its cures,; that almost
every section of country abounds in persons pub- t
liclv known, who have been restored from alarming
and even desperate diseases of the lungs by it, i
Use. When once tried, its superiority ovor every ,
other medicine of il kind is too apparent to escapa
observation, and where its virtue are known, tha
public no longer hesitate what antidote to employ , .
lor the distressing and dangerous affections of th
pulmonary organs that r incident to our climate.,..,
V"hile many inferior reinedie thrust upon th
community "have fuiled and been discarded, this '
has gaiiisd frienda by every trial, conferred benefit
on the alllicted they can never forget, and pro.
duced cures too numerous and too remarkable Ut n
lis forKollen.
DK. J. C.; ATER & CO '.
nKO. WIl.l.AUII, Aahtlilailal IV. It. Alien. JrnVrana Sl.Ta.i
fc FiuU, Ui.n.va; 11. 1). VV.uatpr, 'Aiulioy; I.. J. Wa ater, f'na
liaaul; A. .M an. land, klnryau; S. .1. Xillci, AuaU iburf, a.
by all oValara In Miliriue. av.rvubera. 'r.i
"teiy A Dook for Everybody. ..!..
I 111. 1 ELXII'I
JL-frat work fur tli marrlad.4
or tliuad cuilUinilatliiE iiiarriaga
two liuuilred pana full af
. . ' VbATKH,:.. ,ir,
I l'rlca 2fi ccnta at'iit to all narSa
lunlr aval, liy uiail, puat pmifA
fiO'tlOU citit'0 aulrl lliv iaat yB.
The .liilu. inariivi, and taa k
man Irnl liapiiy. A Imtur aa .
lira., or how to clioo, a Para
ai r a auinpli tti work on Mid-,
l! r- . 'I 'l t 3 niii'y. it ciiuiaiiia uunaipu.
ll.M'j! f-rT f.Ja of aecrata never betar publlah''
li . "- ';-..; A. d. -. warraiilwl to ba trarta
thrre tltn. the aruotitit snkeil for It. 25 cent in rla av '
nuptait nIhiihi.. furloMl, uill wi'iite a cifiv by ;iUira uiail. ,
XTiT I'a. TFI.I.F.Il ha. di'vunda lititimc to Uia cur af
dlwiuaa n kink lilt look tiaala. AiI.1ik 1 ,,
J. TKI.I.KO, M. n,
'" " Ko. , Beaver.., Alhavy, N. Y; ti
t" Ds. Viriiois" Fkh.lk l'n.u., tl a b"x. 1 ia full '
reoluma. Cent by mall. Aililiva. Dr. Tsi.Lit. aa aiai.a. lyira r
Atwater'a Premiuiu
Qj K k $25 Rowing Mucliinfs-
V a U SAY th, ins.
. a A r mn. i.ia. ... , 1
Tl aulmrilw hatiiuc uorrlulMMl tl rijlit to inn town. ur
lu tha alan. Miicl.iia. tukv. tin. nwlli'-l t" b-t "'"
to uuroiuv kaow, wli-r Hit r m V' "' bl'."1 ,",u' ",'''"
now ill umi, ami would aay that In- wl "I1!"'. I"'
arrant avary tlaclitn. ll lo ka l"' " f f
a,J a. the.. ff. ,.ri,ll. un-n i";l""""a
iulkla Mwl.lii.wlii.-v. it now ,uiiu.itbit a rival, ua4
la juat lwt ty tunil) l' i'li . '' " ' ' I
lt n,d il I . -i I - ...Ium at tlia K. Y. 8tala Fair
bakl at Biillalo. uci.tm , 1-'. ".1 lu SUiinlieiiy, Ihimlalltyfi
C'aiuirliv, ami 1'iui ili'J.I 1 t'l,!1 ,, . . , . , . i , .
MiiKera. and Wbeetar SUIwn bluh irlced UcblnM'
wera la couilie'itloa. " ' ....... . .
Ilia akova Maub'no aail'li a., and te.tad at tba taaraaacai
of tlio .uliMTill.-r. .Iir lm will lie imply to wall oo aoy wka
may Uaa Muk w lUi a oali. . ICxUa Ncillea kepi aa bau aa i
Uia 'aaaoaiiiiudauoa tluiM who Buy oad. Hli' t
alrmt. Bear III KularoJ Chaiatfc" ' F. SV MALL. '
1 AablaAula, Auf . I7k( Uo.

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