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BY JAMES REED. New Advertisements.
E. O. Oi.nnon 0'h pal" " nhlppng Fori.
ITT M. 0. pint Valentines, Zephyr, kc.
TT Om. Wii.lam Lamps, Col Oil, FluM, .
-JT ?nnil k rATi Filing of Petition.
7 8t t W. Hi arnaiT Building Lota.
Road Nnrtrt.
fJT Barkr Mimrmnd On Omnd, Entertainment
17 U H. Ca Public Free Lecture.
f IitiAT Rioixn.L Patent Coin Detector.
-y Oto. Willard Fir and Mertn tnuranc.
." BcL Bskham Room tn Let
Hr Oo Monday erenlng Inst, we took a trip
to Palnesville, before the denizens of which. Dr
Holland, more familiarly known as '-Timothy
Titeomb ." wa announced to loctnre. Arriving
In the Eastern Mail train about 6, convenient
time was allowed for a comfortable supper at
the Cowled iTonae. and qnite as comfortable a
greeting from its gentlemanly and obliging land
lord, before repairing to Moody Hall, where tt.e
literary entertainment was o be enjoyed. The
IJall was well filled, and at half past seven. Pr
Holland was escorted in and introduced to the
ndienee by the Re. Mr. Thelps. This being
onr first opportnnity of seeing the popular
nuthor of the "Titcoijb letters," and " French
1 nes upon Popular Proverbs," his pcrsonelte
was a matter of interest. Our preconceived
notions of Uncle Timothy wore soon dissipnted,
and we saw a young man of medium size, well
developed, the energies of the body like thoe
of the iind ready and forcible, with a slight
but deeply shaded moustache, a pair of black
piercing eyes, with "speculation" and significance
In every lance and gesture, and with a spruce
faultlessncM in everything pertaining to person
nl appearance.
The theme of the lecture was M Work and
Play," showing the necessity of a free and pro-
per blending of these, in order to balance and
bring to the highest state of perfection, noeltil-
ness, the families of mind and body with which
God has endowed us. The effort was a master
ly one, ctiaracteiiEed in every portion by terse
ness vigor, and originality of thought and ex
pression. We have ample evidence, that as a
bclleslettres scholar, the author has but few
superiors, and quite as few equals. His elocu
tion is in very good keeping with his other at
tainments. Taken together we have no hesita
tion In saying, that no lecturer that we have
ever listened to, has coyimended himself more
faultlessly to our slnndnM of excellence.
Upon the close of the lecture we sounded him
npon the practicability of bringing him before
an Ashtabula audience, and we are hnppy to in
form our citizens, with a somewhat hopeful and
satisfactory result lie named Monday evening
the 20lh of February, as free from engagements,
and if upon correspondence he should conclude
to come to Ashtabula, that would be the only
evening for which he could offer any encourage
ment. . What say our citizens T Shall Dr. Hol
land favor us with a lecture f
We would not close this notice without an
allusion to the courteous and generous atten
tions and hospitalities of our Painesville neigh
bors, and reciprocate heartily the wish that has
been more than once expressed by them, for a
closer neighborhood, and friendly relationship
The estimate formed of a place is often very
mach regulated by the hotel one fulls iuto. In
this respect, Painesville owes very much to the
Cowlet Home, and the efforts of Mr. Booth to
impart to his guests a pleasant home feeling.
For the Weekly Telegraph.
Ashtabula County Bible Society
The annual meeting of the Ashtabula Co.,
Dible Society, was held in the CongregHtiona
Church in Jefferson, oo Tuesday, Jan. 17th, at
11 o'clock, A. M.
The meeting was called to order by the pre
sident, Rev. A. 1). Olds, and opened with a
prayer by Rev. C. J. Gumming, of Lenox The
minutes of the last meeting were read by Ibe
Secretary, Re? Titos. Oliver, and approved.
The cointy agent. Rev. B. Y. Messenger,
then presented hie report, showing in detail the
work accomplished by him throughout the
county. By Ibis report it appeared that an en
tirely new plan had been iuitiated recently, and
with far more flattering results than any in oper
ation for years previous. This plan embraced
tbe formation of a branch Bible Society in every
township. ' where sufficient aiateriut could be
found for forming one, and tbe appointment of
a local or aupuid ageut in every School district,
for the purpose of conducting the work of the
society, in supplying the destitute and soliciting
donations. In this way fifteen township Bible
Societies have been formed, and furnished euch
with a suitable depository of Bibles and Testa
ments, and one hundred and forty local, or
school district agents have been visited, initiated
and furnished each with subscription books and
blanks for reports, and au encouraging degree
of interest has thus been awakened, through
their christian co-operation in the work.
The receipts of the County Society the past
year were reported as considerably in advance
of any previous yeur for a long period of time.
The following exhibit will show tbe condition
of the branch societies, and the amounts con
tributed by them the past year :
Geneva Society cash contributed.
Bonks in Depository,
Saybrook Soc'y -cash contributed.
Books in Depository,
Kingrville Soc'y cash contributed,
Books in Depository,
Amtinburg Soc'y cash cootribut'd,
Books iu Depository,
Lenox Society cash contributed,
. Books In Depository,
llarperijield Sc'ycash contributed,
Books in Depository,
Morgan Society cash contributed,
Books in Depository,
Rom Bible Soe'y cah contributed
Books iu Depository,
Oruclt Society - cash contributed,
Books in Depository,
Windsor Society cash contributed,
,'..' Books iu Depository,
Andtver Society cash contributed,
Books in Depository,
Wayne Society' cash contributed,
Books in Depository,
h'illiamtfitld c'y caeb coutribul'd,
Books in Depository,
Bales la County Depository,
840 2C
33 00
11 31
10 75
19 31
3 42
26 07
12 H
31 75
3 99
6 22
12 C8
6 79
15 64
8 69
27 91
10 93
21 43
9 56
12 02
10 28
53 22
B 66
40 26
8 74
90 00
ToUl Cash IWeipIs,
Add legacy secureJ,
410 40
600 00
?910 40
Tb Society resolved to bar tbe remaining
-.,,. - , . , . ,
poriloo or thai Couuly Ciplored, SOll eerv dea-
litnU honaaholil aiin..!lrf W. -fi'1-4
. . . , " rr , "
a ... e ' . . 1 ... -
uou. Aoa doo.s lisvo been ordered oa for
tblt purpose), nod the work will bs autered nm.n
t ao early day. After aa lulereelior aad nro.
SI ..kl,. s..,t., U I, . .
sivauiw iucwviu, uis ouuioiy aojouruea 10 west
ft tbf qsaal place next year.
Ashtabula County Bible Society T. O. HARTSHORN. Agent. A. B. S.
Tk. f..iinincr ttus are two
years old. They were written by Robert
My conscience is my crown,
Contented thoughts my rest,
My heart Is happy In itself,
My bliss is Id my breast.
My wishes are bat few,
All easy to fulfill;
I make the limits of my power
The bounds onto my will.
I fear no care of gold,
Well doing is wealth;
My mind to me an empire Is,
While grace affordeih health.
I clip high climbing thoughts
The wings of swelling pride.
Their full is worst that from tho height
Of greatest honors slide.
IV. V.
Binco suits of largest size
The storm doth soonest tear,
I bear so small and low a sail
As freelh me from fear.
IV. V. VI,
No change of fortune's calm
Can cast my comforts down,
When fortune smiles I smile to thiuk
How quickly she will frown.
And when in froyard mood
She proved an angry foe,
Ptnuli gain I lound to let her come,
Less loss to let her go.
Musical Soirkk. Our fellow-citizen T. H
HorniNS, of well-known musical attainments,
and who in the face of great natural disadvan
tnges is so commendiibly sustaining himself, as
sisted by some dozen amateurs of this and neigh
boring towns, proposes to give a musical enter
tainment at Smith's Hull, on Wednesday even
ing, the 8th inst. We need uot urge consider
ations .to induce our citizens to attend. Their
generous impulses will leave them no alternative,
to say nothing of the inducements held out for
the enjoyment of a rich musical treat.
Firk A fire broke out In Mechanics' Block
in this village, on Thursday morning last, injur
ing slightly tho toof over the Barber Shop
The fire company was sooa on hand, and our
citizens out in large numbers, but the fire was
soon got under with water carried in with pails
New Puotographic Gallkbt.-A. A. Thay
er, well-known in the county as an artist of
more than ordinary skill, has closed np his so
iouro at Conneatit, and taken rooms over the
store of J. P. Robertson, which are now In tli
course of preparation, and will be ready for re
ceiving company in a day or two. Mr.T. Iu
forms us that he comes among us with the in
tention of diiving his stakes permanently.
He will speak for himself next week.
JSfThe Stenra Saw Mill belonging to
Messrs. Root ti Marsh, in Cherry Talley
was destroyed by fire on Tuesday night lust
Loss about $1,600. No insurance.
A Ductal Murder occurred about three
miles from the village of Warren, on the nigh
or Saturday the 21st. A woodchopping bee
had been held on that day, at tbe house of ono
Laughron, with a promised dance at night
Among those in attendance were Archibald
Reeven, jr.. of Howland, and John Rlinging-
smith, of Warren. An old grudge, it appears.
existed between them. In the testimony, be
fore the coroner, it was stated that Klinging-
smith challenged Reeves, on that night, to figh
bim, and told him if he refused, he would have
his heart's blood, if he had to watch him ten
years. When they met at Laughron's, a rec
onciliation was by some one proposed. Reeves,
soon lfter went out, and was followed by Kling-
ingsmitli, who extended his left haud, saying,
"how arc you. Archy," and while Reeves grasp
ed the left hand of Klingingsmith, doubtless
thinking, his proffered friendship was sin
cere, the latter had a knife in his right hand,
with which he In the most cowardly,' heaitless
and treuchorous manner, stubbed Reeves, above
the groin, severing the femoral artery, aud caus
ing him to drop dead instantly. Israel Ham
mel laid hold of Klingingsmith, telling him he
had killed Reeves, bis life being threatened he
released him. When the murderer ran in
northern direction, no one immediately pursu
ing him.
Five bundled dollars reward has been offe
ed by the Sheriff, and 8100 by Wm. Reeves, for
the apprehension of the murderer.
John KTingiogsmith is a man about 22 or 23
years old j 6 feet or 6 feet 2 inches in heigh
complexion inclined to be dark, hair dark, not
bluck t slim build.
(7 If you want any Jewelry-, now la the
time to obtaiu it, at .So. 3 Mechanics Howe, for aluioat Dal
log. t-aii ana ouunme IL
Anhtabula, Moveinuer, 1600.
Palpitation of tbe Heart. There are many per
eona ajmcu.ii wun me auuvn aiaease) wuo snouiu gli-e Ine rol-
uwinttT ineir ai'e'iiiuu.
" I liln la to certify, that I have been troubled with the nal
pltation of the heart for several yeaia, and nt times so severe
that i coulilnut iny auwn ana sleep at night, aud alter ar
ing several remedies and Ainnd uo relief. I procured of th
airent, P. A. liiilluiaii. one bottle of lloolland's (lennan Bit. i
ten, irerrd by Mr. C. M. Jackson, of I'lilladelphia, and I
found an much n-lief from one. I oonttnued to use It. and now
I am trteetiy relieved of the iliM-aae, and i 4o recommend It
to all a ho nuty lie nniicted with the saaiv diaeaaea, aa 1 am aat
Sed it la a valuable medicine."
tiiven under my hand his the 14th or October, I'M.
Waco, Elllaton Col Ky. Valkktimk Bai-mstark.
These Hitters are aold at 75 cents per bottle, by druggists
and dealers in medlcinee everywhere. 2woj
Dr. Ileatettera Bitter bavereoeived the wa arme
encomiums from the Press aud people throughout the Uuion.
Aa a valuable tout tor th cur of Dyspepsia, Flatulence,
voustipatiuii ana general nervous aebtiity, 1 1 eannol be ap-
icled thn
Everv day new eaeea of It irreat effect are chnin
led through our public journals. There ia nothing equal to
the anjoymeut, to that which the aflticted eaierience when
slug this valuable spectue. Its mild tone, lta sure and vigor
ous action uion a disordered stomach, and Ui eleaclugof
uie anure nunian oooy, enouia recommend tt lo all classes of
our community. All that will ba neceaeary to eonvUioe the
skeptical of tt healthy effect, la to percuaa a bottle and be
Sold by druggist and dealer generally.
ggV" Be advertiaeuieut iu auolhr oolwaneu
Sea advertisement of Dr. SaufcmTe Liver Invlgore
tor aud Family Cathartic Pills In another column.
In ML Matthew. Church Plymouth, on Sunday, Jan. 29th,
by Rev. John Hall, LEVI GRAHAM of Plymouth, to tllta
DIANA E. MEAD, of Hartrgrove.
In Orwell, January 2d, by J C Dlmmlck, Esq.. Mies MATIL
DA WAl.l.lNGefOrwelLto Mr WM. W. CREASElt of Bloom
"Id, rrumbull oo Ohio.
; ' , , ' t.i..i.im - nr lie Oi lwlS B. Oilier,
, " daughUr of beorge C. and UuU Auderson,of Jederaoa!
In rnu., , ,
.JH . iu Mrt EMMA, wife of Hone atataoa,
age" ee yeara.
a.1" iJMT' J'i ,.?! S4lh Mr CAROLINE ROBINSOM,
daughter of Kernel t ueaey, luvmerly of Coaueaut.aged 27rs!
la Monena. Jan. Ilu. w -.,,,.. ... . .
is . J H. fi' f,'."z"K,B'' RICHARDSON, aged
T , . ? ' U'U v-
I InPerrv. UkeCo . O.. Jaa. 10th. of a. sv.t.
Vl.N IllbbVt. aged oo year. ' """"' "' v"
1 .
A large sewrtiaeut for 188. -.
At tli :tw or niora,
Reenertrhlly Inform till MA Mid the Publle
that lit heaoiened a Hhop, over
Smith k Lockwood's Store,
he will be found at nil reaaonaM hour, ready U farm
nd s.W fop ill. and hopes hv strict attention t buineee,
merit and receive a hurt of Pnblle Patroaage.
Latest London and New York Fashions,
always on hand.
Cutting done to order and warranted.
All klndi of Prodoc 'alien In Eiehange for work.
Aahtahula. Oft 84th. 1MI,
Terr nice, can he e.und at WnERT8'.
George Cunningham hat taVea i
room orer the Dm Store of A. Ilendrjr, where
will ha h.nn. tn ua 1,1- aIH frl-nHa And amnaln-
taneea, and Mipply their wants In hl line. Aa he does hie
work, he ia determined to nut hla nrlnee at the loWeet
llvlnv etamlaril. t rench f air Hoots for M.w , nip u". t
H.76. and for tannin Men's boota 60 eenta. Other work In
proportion. (Jlvf us a call. .... w
Ashtabula. Dec 14. 17,0. 21
NEW ROOKS. "The Impending Cri
I. of the South."
The MlnUter'e Wooinij."
"Oold I'oil" hj Tlmntlij Tltcomh.
at M. 0. DtrK'S
Stoke i
has removed to
SXkrltlx'Ei 3NToxxr Bloolx,
Firt Door North of Fik 1 1 on re,
Where will be found a full and complete aMortment of
Staple Dry Goods !
whUh will be wld
TIIK SnWrihf-r ht ink on tlm afmv nnin-! Store, for a
term of yearn, and hoped by lair and liberal dealing to receive
lism ut nulilir mlmnsmi. Hla fawiHttM ar euch W will
enable bim to oell niot kiDI of ;ood in hU line lower than
can be bought el tw where in thU count.
His motto is "CHEAP FOR CASH."
A flnc anaortment of
PuciGe and Manchester Delaines, for 20 ets,
a thing never before done to Ashtabula.
Also A nice lot of Prints.
Theae Calico are the beat ever offered for the money.
Shilling Prints for 10 cents.
Cotton Cloths,
Bleached and Brown Shirtings,
Cloaks, Shawls, Hoods, fcc,
Nice, New and Cheap.
4 More New Goods next week. "I
Gooda Received Weekly, make the Stock alwayi new and
frcith. Ketnniber the pluce.
No. 1 Smith's Block "Cheap for Caik."
Ashtabula, Jan. 12, 1 8C0.
IJ YPOPHOSPIMTESof Lirne, of Soda,
.L of Pntaxli, and of Iron.
A new article, Just received,
at tbe brag Store of
eO Received from Xew York.
Sal Soda,
A half Ton, just received, at
ton pure, Just
at the Drug Store of A. HENDRY.
GOLDEN Svrup, end West India Mo
lasses. MALAGA RAISINS, fresh and nice. Just
Received at the urug store or
Drugs and Medicines.
HAVING purchased the entire Drujr es-
tablUhmeiit of A. H. Stoakwell, In this Village, and
having added largi lv to the old stock, I am now oreuared to
sell to all who may favor me with their custom, a first elaaa
stock of
of a perfectly reliable quality, and at reasonable price.
I till retain the serv ices of
Mr. James M. Allen,
a gentleman long and Ikrorably known as a practical Dwa
(JIHT nud Chkit.
Pbyalcians prescriptions carefully and truthfully attended
to. I Intend to add to niy stock from time to time, uch
nrpDerationsas claim the attention of the Mrdical Phofkii-
eioK, aud be prerd at all time to oil any breaeripUuo
A splendid stock of
Including almost every grade of
Teas, Suoars, Coffee, &c, 4c, Ac.
Pure Wines and Llquora,
from Imnnrters bands In New York. Whisker of me aw
Rectifying for medicinal imposes, aud warranted FREE FROM
UKWW. , . .
I cordially Invite Physicians, Merchant, Farmers, and Me
chanic. Ui an examination of my stock, willing at all time
coin pure price and quality, wilb any similar establishment
In Northern Ohio.
Ashtebula, Oct. 149. 610
rpjlE Subscriber
-L ha started in th
Dra Istg Bnslassi,
and will devote his nnre-
n.Kli.,.. Kltmitinn to Its
prorecutinn. If prompt
nena. anarvv and fidelity
will entitle him to aahare of bualneas, he hope to merit It.
All orders Sir hauling to aud from the Depot, r about th
village, will be thaukfully received and aatisnKtorily evecutvd.
He will be Kill Hi n wa ,iw m.it Miuea, doi aeceawaniy
devoted te reel and leed.
ia Mea. eie w. it. Tr.KKY.
Relief for the Afflicted.
DR. S. G. CLARK. German Reform
ed Cripotble Physician and Surgeon, (furmerly f the
Inn of Oark a Uibaon) can be couaultcd at the follewlng
etuiea and places:
CoaneeutvUle, Power lieu, Feb.
(Ilrard Ulnud ' "
Ct.ntwaut, Trement iluuse,
Klngaville, Kilvfa Heua "
lieueve, Union liouse. "
Centerville, Wberler House,
ralneevllle, lowie liouse, "
Aahlabula, Fik lluuae,
Jelferson, Tbompeon,
Rook Creek, Llnpar
' Orwell, Smith House, . "
Cole Brook, Kichang Houae, "
Jaiaeatowe, fa. from Feu, I oik, to Mar. 6th.
Dr. L. Q. Clark, havtug bad frequent and argent solicitation
from his patit-nt and titeli (rleiula, lo visit the neighbor bead
eecaaionally, mat tney migm oouwii. , pempuauy, a wen
u by ease, will hereafter Visit the abeve earned piaoM aooe
Having bad seventeen year siperieoo la th pract'c
mediciue, during which time he has treated thousand of pa'
tienU in all tonus oi asut aua cunuue uiaeaare wiia anpar-
hMM (f which some of your f.iaud or aeighbrug
I testify ) and U prepared to give' raUof u all ,ha aly ap-
ply. rarucuiar atienuun win vw w w, pin ai tm
Ii aHTlon, aud all diseasea of th luug aud theat, Diapepaia,
Nervou. Diss-.. Female deraugementa ef every characle
will b. treated wltu suooea.
Also will cur old suras and all eruptive disease of What-
.... th rn- ba Ha Biakea ua ml Mntsrl
Jlateawraf reuedie. Ke ealousal er ether eeletarlou drug
are used.
Panuu at a distance dealring advlM and Medicine, will eeod
eorraot tuteoieat of the eause, erigla ef th disease, aud
'vl bUtury ef tbe aymi-ioan. with naaie, age, Sua.
Spalding! rrepared Glue 1
Economy I Dispatch I
IJT -A Stlteh in Tlm eare Ntna..J
Jt mntdmtt will Aavawa. area in tMtt-rnll9d rewti toa. It
In very deMlrahle to hare eomo cheap and convenient waj frw
repairing Fomiliire, Tori, Crocker, are.
Spalding's Prepared Glue
meet all ftuch emerrenclee, and no koneehold ean e fiord to be
without 1L It la alwava readr and no to the Rtlckina- point.
There la no longer a neceiultj ,r limping ennlra, aplinlcred
veneers neaaieu Holla, and broken cradle. It la )uat the ar
ticle for cone, Rhtl, and other ornamental work, ao ponjler
with ladle of refinement and taate.
Thia admirable preparation la need an Id, being themkraltr
held in aohitlon, and pnaaeraing all the valuable qualitleaof
the beat eaMnet-maker' (Hue. It mav be need in the place of
ordinary mucilage, being vastly more adheaiva.
N. B. bruab acoompanlaa each bottle. Price U eerWi.
Wholesale Depot, No. 48 Cedar st., N. York
Addreat Henry C. SpldtnaT at Co
Box No. ,a00, New York.
Put nn for Dealer In Caaee containing four, elrht. and
twelve dinen a beautiful l.ttliof raph abow-card accompany
ing cn pacaage.
IJT A aingle bottle of SfAi.nrsn'a PagriRrn Gixe will
ate ten time itacot annually to every bouaehnld.
roio. oy all prominent fttatlnnera, OruirgiaU, Hard ward and
Furniture Healer. rocer, and Kaney Store.
Country v erchant rhould make a notef SrAi.nmo'a Pan-r-iKKD
(Ilck. when uiakina- un their lilt. It will atend anv
ftpaltllng's Prepared Glue, Useful In every Hoaaa.
BPAUMNti'S PKRI'AKP.D GI.l'K, Sold by Stationem.
SPALDING'S PREPARED OIXE, aold by Dnigglata.
SPALDINO S PREPARED OIXE, aold by Hardware Dealers
SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE, aold by Honee-Fumtibinf
SPALDING'S PREPARED OLUI, aold by Furniture Dealers,
tPAI.DlXD'S PREPARED (il.l'K, aold by Fancy Gooda "
Mann factored by Henry C. Spalding da Cefef
48 Cedar rtreet, How York.
Addreaa Port Office, Bor No. 8,000.
Annexed la an Alphabetical I.Iat of Article which. If dam
aged, may be reHtored to their original atrengtb and uaeful-
neai oy
. . .Mend Account Books. .
. . . . Mendu Itureaui
I c Meads CradeU.
! Mendu Doll
R Mendn Rtaerea
1 . HftDQUFHill
G Menda Guitar Q
H Mend Ilarn H
I Menda Inlaid Work I
J . Mend Jar . , ...... .J
K Meuda Knoha K
I Menda leather Work I,
M Mend Mirror-Frames M
N Mend Newel Poata X
O Mend Ottoman .. .O
P. Mend Piano Forte P
Q Mend Quilt Frame Q
R Mends Kncklng-IIoraes
H M-rr's Sofa
T Mend Tables
, ...9
U Menda Umbrella Stick
V Menda Vase.
w .
Y. .
. Mends Work -botes . .
, .Mends Xylographle Work. .
. Mends Yard-sticks. .
, .Memla Zephyr Wood Work
..In conclusion, 8 P A I. DING'S PREPARED
ULL L Is useful In Libraries and bebooia.
4. .
. .
6. ,
7. .
S. ,
. ,
.8. .
.P. .
.A. ,
.1.. ,
.D. ,
.1 . ,
N. ,
.0. ,
.8. ,
.R. ,
. Vends Sofa
.Menda Pitcher ,
. Mend Accordeona
. Menda Letter Sealing
. Mends Damierreotype Caaes. Vi .
. Mend Imaer
. Menda New Breakagea ....... .
. Menda Gun Stocks
Mend School Books
.7.7.V.L.' .'
.D. .
....O. .
. . .8..
...R. .
. . A.
...R. .
. Mend Parasol.
Mend Rulers
.Mends Electrical Machine. .
11. ,
12. ,
13. ,
15. ,
IS. ,
P. . . Mend Paper Hangings . .
A . . . Mends Ajm-chalra
It. . .Mend Rickety Furniture . .
.Mend fcraer llandlea.
.E. .
.D. .
.a. .
.U. ,
.E. .
.Mend Desk... 1.
IS. ,
19. ,
20. ,
.Mendn Globes O... .11
,.Mend IOnaened I.eree L. .19
.Menda Upholstered Furniture V. . .20
.Meuda Egg-Heater E. . .21
Menrli Aoorn Work. .,..,... 22
M until Chow-BoanU 23
Men4r FtddlM 24
MemU Htiell-Wnrk 26
Menda Fillet-Work. 2
Mendn Ht)l.y-Honat 2T
Mrd(ln KnletdnRcnpcii 28
Mendn Money Boxen .29
Mendn Picture ran re 30
Mendn Srtjrie, . , . 31
Mendn Veneering . . .82
Mendn School Furniture &3
Mends I'nnler-SuUcli .34
Mendn Ward rot irn , .35
Mendn Pnrlaa Marble ". 36
Mendn CriU .37
Mendn Babv-.Iiunperf .,.., ...38
Mends ivorv-Work k. k. ...... P0
Mendn Match-Safes ....44t
Mendn Pictures 41
Mendn QuM-Whewls 42
Mendn Towel-Rackn ,., 43
Mendn VVab-Standn 44
Mends Bednteada .46
4A -
Mendn rruma 44
47 -4S
Mendn "hennmen . .
Mends Bui lot-Ho-.es
Mends llerlnriiimn.
, ...4s
60 .
61 .
62 -
Mendn Hvck rrnrron- Boairdn . . .
Mends Band Boxen. .
Mendi Bluck-H on nis
Mends Bans-Viol . .
Mends BillUrd-Tables
Menda Bitliard-Cuea
Men4ls Bird-Caffen ...
Mendn Broonmtickn
Menda Book-Cases.
Mends Boot-Crimnn
Mends Brush -Hand lea
Mendn Urunhen
Mend CaMneta . . .
Memln Oburnn.
Mentis Clock-Casea
Mendn Crutehen.
Mends Cupboarda
Mends CurtAins
Mends Casing.
Meods Caddiea
Mends Cameraa .,
Mentis Chairs. .................
Mends CharU
Mends Clothes Frames
Meinis Card -Cases
Menda Chexts. . . . . . . , ,
Mendn IHaries
Mends Work -Standi . v. .
Meuda Draught-Boards. ........
Mends IMnhen a . ,
Mends Divans
Mends Hioe-Boxea
Mends IWvorn .,. .......
Mends BiHuinoes .... .
Mendn Firehoarda .... h k . . .
Meuda Flute, .a .
Mendn Hn. I lusters
Meodi (tlawware
Mends Handles
Mendn Guttapercha War .
Mendn K.tea . ..
Menda Tups ........
Mends Ortrana. . . . . . .
Menda Models . . .
Mends Sewing Mach ine Stands
Mends Panela ..
Mends FaaUboaiil-Work e . . .
Mends Patterns
64 -
,. . .M
. . .66
66 -
52 -
53 .
ft -
. ."T
. . .69
. . .60
. . .64
. ...64
. .ii .66
.. . .67
.. .. .69
. .71
, . . .75
. . .71
.. . .7
. , .S4
HA .
SH .
89 -
70 .
73 .
76 .
75 .
79 .
80 .
HI .
82 .
83 .
84 .
85 .
80 .
87 .
88 .
89 .
90 .
91 .
92 .
95 .
94 .
96 .
9B .
97 -
98 .
9U -
. . .87
. ...M
i.. .M
. ...f-l
. . .84
Mends Hldebtmrds. . .
Mends Woodea-Wara.'
Menda W ill w-Ware
100 .
Beld ky Statloaer.
Sold ky Druggist.
Sold by Grocers.
Bold by Hardware Stores.
Bold by House-Furnishing Stores.
gold by Kaocy Goods Deal!.
Bold If Country Merehaot generally.
M.fa..rtdbyuary f tpm.ldlAg t
41 Cvdar atreet, Nw Yerk
Addree Post-OOea, Boi No, t,4O0i
rSitapUeaaMeeiiaalnlng etther Fdun light
Dnaaa each A baautllai LilbographW Blswr-Csl
er Tw.lv
Inf sack packegw.
t r, Hal la Aahtabol , at HENDRr Daoa BTOal
ClAalA' aBdPltlk a VamigTf Sxoaa. ,
T. Or, Wrlflit.
and av your menej, at ke ka tie
Largest and Rest assortment In Northern
Too will save 25 to 49 per ecnt.
Examine his stock be cotmnccd of this fact
Sold at low rates, and all Warrante d
Ashtabula, Nor. 18.16.
A Popular Dictionary of General Knowl
X . edge, etiltrd by (ieorie Ripley and Charle A. Daea,
aid5d by a numernu aeleet eorpi uf writer In all branch t of
acienoe, an, ana uieravuie.
I. The deltn of Tar. Nrw AmmcA.v CtcLoroia ia t
Hirnlah tbe Kreat body of tntelliient reader in thia euantry
wun a popular juieuunary oi (enerai awnowleuga.
II It I intended that the w,rk shall bear uch a eliaracter
or practical utility aa to make It iudiapenMbl to every Ameri
can library.
Ill Throughout It ancceyalre volume Til Nkw Amkiu.
CA.f Crri.or.coiA will preaent a fund of accurate and copious
IrtHirmatlon on Science, Art, Literature, Pliiloanphv, Relirinn,
Asncniture, ommeroe, nanufactuiea, Ijiw, Medi
cine, Matheinatic, Aatronoiny, lliatory, Hinirninhr, Geograr
pny, i ravel, Lnemiairy, ncciianica, luveniKina, iraue.
In HirroHT It will rive, not merely a catatonia of barren
date, but a coplon narrative, under their appropriate head,
of ine puncinai evenia in file annate ui toe worm.
In (iKOORii-HV and ETnloiwr It will enilndr all the re
markable reenlte of orirlnal Inventigtition whiob ao brilliantly
winviiiijuinu mc prvnwni century.
In RioneuriiT it will not only record the live of men eml
nent in the pait, but will devote a large Rpace to eketchea of
uimnfUMiiea nvin; peraon, preianl by writer who, rrom
locality, personal acquaintance, or ineclal research, are most
competent to ao lliein complete ana unbiased uUce.
Agriculture, In all It branches, will have the most care
ful atuntlon.
The IirnuarwrAL Art, and that Practical SctrscK which
baa an Immediate bearinir on the neeeasitiea of daily life, such
Domeetic Economy. Ventilatieal, tlie lleatina of llouaes. Ffiod.
at., will be treated of with the thoroughnea which their
great importance aemafias.
The History of Rellalon Sect will be written, a for a
possible, by diatiua-uialied members of the dillerent denonai-
nattona, reapectivety, wuo nave tnaae ineir history end. aoe
inne a special stuoy.
IV All the lareat intelliffnee on every tord ha been pro
cured, and the information brought dowa to the very Uy of
In fine, nothing has teen left uoilone to render Tint New
Amkkican Crcl.or.ttmA the beat, aa well a the most recent,
won oi uenerai neierenee in tne r.ngiixn language.
Tbla work will be published by Subsei lotion, in lifteesj larre
Svo. volume, each containing 7-MI twn-columu pnKca. Vol
umes l. to it are now ready, ana subsequent vol, will be la
sued every two to three months, euch payable oo delivery.
In extra cloth, per vol $3 00
In Library leather, per vol., 3 &o
In Half Turkey Morocco, par voL, ... 400
in llall Kuata,etra gill " eoQ
In Full Morocco, antique, gilt edges, per vol., fr 00
Also, in Monthly parts, (A parts to vol )each $1.
D. APPI.ETOX k Cov Publisher.
THE Volume will be delivered to subscriber, as fast a
issued, at the tuUuker't Hriru.
A full advertising circular will he sent to all who apply.
All erdera by mail, from responsible parties, promptly at-
tended to.
C. Q. Calkin, Ashtabola, Ohio,
8ol Agent for Ashtabula County,
More New Goods i
tlarc seen thcru. tbcj are all 0 K.
Bring on jour Catb, Apple. Peachea and Illckory Nut, and
take tiieui away,
New and Increased Stock of Goods.
SC. OSBORN, late of Kinsrsville, j,a,.
e Ing purebased an interest in the Grocery Bminea ef
Prentice &, Smith,
the business will be hereafter conducted under tlie name and
Ann of
Prentice, Smith & Company.
in nearly the same ranire of trade as heretofore, but with mnch
enhanced stock and facilities
One of the arm baa just returned from New York, where
time has been taken to wake liberal nurchaees, with discrimi
nation, of such goods a will not faail to nitet tile wanta, and
challenge to meet th approbation of the eitlsens of tbe vil
lage and county. The results of these purchases may be seed
and judged of ; as tbe goods are coming to hand daily, and
will be followed, by others as necceesity shall require. The
condition of tbe market Raat la a suMcirnt guaranty of the
favorable ranee of prices, at which these purchases have been
made. That thsse inducements offered may be put to the test
is the chief desire of those making them.
In thia denartment tbe establishment wilt as Well sup
plied with aa general and choice a selection of good as can be
louoo in toe couiiiv.
Consisting of Pails, Tubs, Wash Boards, sugar Tuba, Mops,
Brooms, Butter laneis, turning una. sic,, sc.
In large variety, such as Clothes and Market Baskets, Rocking
Hilling and Sitting Chairs for tbe children, Buggies and Cabs
llobliy Horses, nana moos, mr tue txjs :
Berlin HaakelB for the Ladiee,
In tlie Drv Gooda Line, mav he found an assortment of Do
mestic Good Sheeting. Khtrting, Ticking, IHJniuu, Prints, 1.
this Is a trade to which special attention will be given both In
the purchase and sale Will keep constantly On band a full
stork of Flour. eo Pork. Fish. Salt, together with Water
i'mnnt PiimmI 1 1 and Shoulder, for fkmilv use :e
Daily supplies of Fresh Can Oysters, both Fair Haven and
Baltimore, i'ickled Clams and Oysters, Lobanira, and Sauree. .
Small Dealer fnmiabed with fresh aopplle on Hbetal term.
l'Ufc.VUlfc,S!UU bU,
AshUbula, t)ec 1st, 1SS8.
XU oner M. O. DICK'S la the place to buy. II. has just
opened a laiye lot. Cheep I Cheap ! I w
ii cent Ifsgauuea, ngularljr takfn at
18 cent do uo do
a iwnt Panera. do do
1M1 eta each.
14 eta each.
4 cts each.
4 eta eaah.
4 eent Peuere, ao do
J. E
LETTER PAPEU Cttll und iret some
of that WITEKIOK articl of LETTER PATER and
Envelopes, cheap at
J. E. Chapman g
Kew York Dry Good and Variety store.
DU. II. W. WADSWOUTlt, Eclectic
Physician and Surgeon, will ba Id attendance aa follows
Ashtabula, Ashtabula H, Wedaeedar, Thunder, Feb. S3.
Coooeaet, TreniOnt llouee, .... Tueedav, i-.br.iarr glslt.
Paiueaville, Cowlee Houae, r ridajr, . . . . K.bruarv . . . . X4
Chardoa, Chase Hotel oatiirday, febrnar; loth.
IMniano, jounaon Houae r ebruarjr xbta aad 2TU1
Tbe Mode of Kiamination pursued br Dr. f.
I very lmite and eutirel, new ; and bv It dines s ef any
of th Intem.-vl vital organs, is la a very few mlnutee delected
with facility sod certainty without asking the patient a uuee-
tlon, or having thteat previous knowlwlg ol the ease.
Among the diseaaea treated aeeeasfully by kiin, atay k
naeiilioned the following i
All diseaaea peculiar to Female, and all chronic diar ef
the brain, Eyea, Throat, Langa, Heart, Stmuach, Liver, rlpleea
aiuiiey, okla er other orgaaa. A aiweay our warranteu ia
all dlsiaiiisa of a dynhiliplic er venereal eharavler, without the
uea of mercury orotuer poiaona,which deatroy ttte const! tutioa.
Kegular vialta will be made during the year, givlug those
whe eoiumenee tnaatment, opKrUinlLv to ooutiuue till cured.
Dr. W.aaa fully qualified himself tW the practice ef hi
profession, of wulvh any parson shall be aatianed by ealliaf
kt hla room.
No eerttueato of (nrea puUllahed, but refarenee to any
number of naUenti, who aave keea eared, will be gtvea to
those dealring them. t
ficrofu!, and all Diaeasei of Scrofulous origin.
Ulcer, Tamnra, EaUrged Ci lands or Joint, nip maease, swou-
4 Keek or Ooitre, ttorolulonaaor Eyes, Peel Heao, arupuoa
i.l ula, Mplaai liiseaaea,
an Ui. Face er outer nana, uanrwr,
Itysuensl) UravaL Impotence, (Mrlcture,
leusy, RkHHimstuun, Uropay, o. .
7 as far LtttnU CtnMfi.
A ay proa
aed eeoieaing
aeodlag eon-ret sUkraWDt l? their symptem
ga, wiU aave Bivdt-'.Ja, adapted a th.ir ease
si ana a.eaib ar five weeaaeul Ueoa ky atur
aaikUval telaat
tJT T(ITI Vitsuctb wiTaon Ptix, ay OAaTagiaat.
Address R. W. WAUS W0UTU, U. BtvU V. T
New Boot and Shoe Store 1
Subscriber ilesirci to call tlie atten
tion of the cilitens of Ashtabula and vlclalty, to hi
Large and well selected assort
ment of Goods,
embracing every variety la the abort line. Having been en
gaged for eoai Unit past, and being now connected with a-
Large Jobbing and Manufacturing House
in Xew York,
Is enabled to offer Good for Cub, at prici
NYr yet Reached ia thii Market.
can supply themselves In this Una,
At Xew York Wholesale Prices !
T. S. ULY.
Store Two Doors South of Fisk LIcusc.
Ashtabula, September 30, 1859. 510
Mitchell's Patent Metallc Tipped Shoe for Children
well known lor their durabilttv, mr sale very cheap at
LAV'8 New Boot and Shoe Store,
John r. Robertson
Has the Largest,
, qnil.
Dry GOod,
such aa
Shawls, Organdie, and Priutcd Muslins,
Beragcs and Challicg,
Prints and Ginghams,
Black and Fancy Silk, .
Hosiery and Gloves,
Shirts and Parasols. ;
Hats aud Capa,
Ladiet Sboeie, - '
' Boots and Shoes,
Wall Taper,
And a large amount of floods that can not b enumerated, that
can be found nowhere else ia tuia village.
AshtalHila, Oct H, lHiit-
NbW Croodil
THE uiidersipiieil ImsJiiKt rettirned from
KtiVT YdilK. with a new BUm.lv ol Goods, conaistinir
ol all the varielii-s usutlly kept by biuu
These Roods have been nurcueaed si oca the recent decline
In prices lu new York.
My asaortnwol Is now? a vew deadralde nne. and those In
want of Uoods, eao 4iid almost anvtliieg the. need, at price
lt belew any other eeUbltshnieut la thia v'l'iage.
Remember, I am dosing out Stock, and this are addition
baa been made to give my etiMtouier and the public a more
gvuerai aMinuma I. BUUCl ITUOV X , , . ,
I desire. If noaetole. to eloa out wit entire stock br th 11
ef April nest, and respectfully Invite oy friends, oa awl all,
so give me a call.
AshUbula, Oct 2T, lo.
WoaUo Qod t Clothing I
THE undersigned has received from New
YORK, a In assortment of
Broad Cloth, Cassimerpg, SatioeU, KoDtar-.Vr
Jeaus, Vestiugs, c, 4.,
and having secured taeeerrleew ef eeasneteat) Workmen,
prepared to mauularlura v loiuiua ui .very uiecnntHju, TO
; w i
a"iaoj. u.. r nl,l,
uc u u asoal reeeouabl
i-JT Ready ItedeC ntblng on hand, and lor sale chaauor
than ever brlbi ollen-d in thia maiket. '
"r Cutting doe at all time, and warranted to. M if pra-
penv aiawp
fJT All kind of Trimming furnished cheap.
AUb-K St. 2 ' - Vttl
A LargQ ussoriuient of Ladies Culf, Kir
r r. i
A V Kumalad and Morroeo Bootee, from 41. np tt, tli.
KM; rMXif.
OTw liar. M st Kail.. .
NE of J. Stulu, Superior a Horse
aa-one, of tbe beat imureved sttle and taiau, iron etlea,
uiuvwl eoupllnga, wiU, Keck Yule brake, aud every tslu
uuiUiU, new, aud la guwd Oldof
( asuiie ei
' July ii, U-ii
NOVEslKh'et TFHH, ISiM, - - - v .. v
Dun Farkcr Krustnj T.oomfa.
Mr vlrtn of an Order of sl dnlv I vned frem sld Conrl
In the almve ewaa, to me dlierted, I will oner for sal b way
ef I'abllc anrtlon, at the Joor of the
Court House, In Jefferson, . -
Ashtabula Conntjr, and State of Ohio, ' ' ' " " e '
On Wtdnetday, February 22aj, A. D. 18C0
between th honr of 10 sed 4 n'clocV of said dav, the follow.
Ing deaovibed Real Ratate, to- wit 8ltna4e tn th ownhi
of ;neva, Conetr of Aabtanula, nd tat ef (llilo, and
bnnmled and deecr!!! a lollows I being a fiart of lita S'e.
twelve and thirteen, tn tract nnmher Tour, TowoMtlp imW
twelve; aforesaid, arid eonnded aa follows! l,nt nnmoet l'i
boonded oa the West ef ffranty Una road ; oa the Nfvrth and
Kaat by the lot line t and Sonth br Wm. heeler's land f
hatnw the North half of said Lot intended to be eoaerved.
containing II fig eere ef land. Appraised at I
Also th .'onth half of Lot No IS, trad and tewnaliln afore.'
aald, bounded on the TVeat aide by the Totintr line n-ad : on
Hi. North br th North half of anld Iit No. IS : on th Kaat
and South br the lit lines of said lot, ron'sinlng finy acne
ofland. AppralxM at f w n. nr.Mmr,
rsiwr LoinmiiaiOTiw,
Wirlir OfBce, Jan. IT, lUflO. " twtve
- . ,Or 11KAL CiTATK
Aalilaonla Common Pleas Nov. Ti'fm 1S5P.
Hector King rgp. H. Wool tiJ Wife, j
BY vlrtn of aa Order to Sell, duly leaned f om aald f?our
In Hit above east, to tut directed, 1 will Ofiti f ear of t '
: Tublic Auction,
at Ok Door ef the Conrt Hovav In tlw township nt ;
Jefferson, AsMutuIa County Obio,
0d Saturday tbe 25th day of January, a. d. 18G9,-'
between the hour of 10 k 4 o'clock of said day, tbe following
' ' Real Estate, to wit : " , 'V) '
Situate in the township of UarpersfielJ,' "
Countv of Aahlabula, and State of Ohio, known and deacribM
aapnrtof lot No. thirty-two () tnwnehip No eleven (II) Iu
the flflh (6th) range, aud bounded as follows, to wit : begin--ning
in tbe North Fast comer of the Bor) in Ground In L
tnnvilla, on the Month line of Uie Kidire Hoad, tbenre !kuta
seven and a half (7 1-2) rods, thr-nre Fat three 3) roj,
thence Xoath seven and a half (7 1-3) rods to the Hl.l, Road,
tlience West along the south line of said itlde l'.oad tbrt-e
(8) rode to the piar of brginning, eontaliiliig twelttv-two (-'
rods of land, appraiaed at t
WM. HKVDI1T, Master Commlaalnnw. '
Sheriff's flffirt, Jsmiary 17th, lt-nTt. 6tAift7i
MO.V rLEAS-K'evrmbrr Term, 1.B.
William FuU . )
vs. OrdiroSatc. ,
Horatio V. Rankin, ) , ... ,-. '
BY Virtue of an Order of Sale, duly leaned fiwgi aidCoart
In the above case, to ine directed, lwill oOer ( .
For Sale by way of Public Auctiou, at tlio door
of tlie Court House in Jefferson, Ashtabula
County, Ohio, on eunesday the 22d dy cf
Febtuury, A.D. 18C0, between the hours of 10 4
o'clock, of aald day, tlie following described Land and Tnr-
ueuta, to wit t being an acres situated in lot so. eighty-eighl
In the Township of Saybrook, '
In the County of Ashtabula, and Stat or Ohio, bounded on
the North by tanas 01 a., a. Atvoro, r.M). on tbe Kat by Uie
Highway, en the South by land of C. B. UeillL on the Weal
by lot eighty-nine.
also, twelve acres oi iana m lot ao. eigiity-nint, in ssaa .
tnwnahlp of Saybrook, bounded on the North by land of Hetlr
B. Hart, on the VmI br lot No. edrhtr-eluht. on the South I
lands of Enos Hider, on the West br lands of O. D. Ueudsrsoa
appraised at $ ,
n 31. ribiiKV, pnenu, a
Special Master Cowmlaalnner.
Daud tbla 17th day of January, 160. 6tWCJ4 Ti
Wheeler &, Wilson Machine.
' f
IPrloos Ileduoodi
Kw 6tTl Family UacIiIm, .$-'-0 00 .
ritttttti. on Plain Table, 7ft 00
Halt Caw Pawl M) 00 ,
Half Can. Mahoganr or Black Walnut,. . 8ft .
M Full Caae, M.boKMny or Blaok Walaut. .100 0O ,
M Full Case, HotwwoML 116 00
I rn Uachina. - .100 00 .
.lemma, (extra,) . . . 6 00
NO FAMILY at thU d.y tun ftOord to do without ft
" Sewing Machine.
Tlroir graat utility ii now beyond question. An nbataeto in
the wny of their general adoption, U a want of aequaiutanr
witb thequality and merit of the various patents now in aiark
et. Tbe ominoent imnnottions of Intensted afrents. and tltn
norry experiencw of tbosn who have purchased the aing-U-threada
ra.Tlinff machines, on tbe strength of those renraseut-
aUoiWa bare somewhat shaken tba public confidence, T
avoid deception, a purchase should not be hastily made, or
without full opportunities for a deliberate tent of tit rei4t:t
ire merits of the Uiiferant natenta. One urni-i-inff ffulde snar
be relied npon, in selecting. The lock stitch is Uie oulv desir
able Mitch taken. A Dtmhi Thrmd, Lock Stitch Machine.
ii one that you cannot well be deceived In. The
IMtecltr 5" Wtfson's JHachint
is ott of ttils denTrlption, and for a Family Machine bes mora
goou points than any other in use. It has stood the test of
time and etperienco, and ocenp.es a bf irner place in public
timation, than any of its ttHnpetitom. It infrtiijrea on no otlier
patenta, and has no injunctions hanfrititr over it, aa a score of
eheap machines hnrm. H has responsible local agents totnako
good all that is clalmvl for it, and tn Mpply ereiy tiling need
lul to keep It ia sucvessTal o pern Una. Enlightened economy,
and eperfcewe point to this aa th cbeapeat machine now be
ora tuw pubtie. Its adrantafm ftre theae, and if any one
Wisut-M u CeM tiiem before purrnafing, t bey are invited to do ao t
1 Its simplicity and besmty of eoostructfon..
Z The excellence and neatness of its stitch-alike on both
piistfa, aMl its freedom from anything lika rareUug or putu
bmus cord on the wntJerside.
S Sieed--Htcuracy. and reliability at any rata of speed.' '
4 Bconttmy ef thread. t "
a Portability easuaoperatlom aad mapagenieut. - .
4 Quietness of movenieiit.
f leMwly aAftptatton to every tpeciea of family tewing, gaily
ering, ke.
The li-wamer, whldt has recently been added. U ee af tba
most serxicable iiiTeutlons of tbe day. A beso ia trnd wilu,
the same facility that an ordinary seam issUtcQdaAtrwfeu a
diiifomiity and beauty that cannot be approached by hand, lta
iertViriMce never sails to elicit admiration.
This is a pure and simple narration ctf lta grilles. wi,lja
Will agijaear to every one oa aoquaintanco vita she atebista.
lta djrn and mechmnism is such, as to make Its preisue an
acqumtion to any one's parlor. For tbe truth ol toeee ee
iaratiuns, ?afereiice may had to the Auoiliea of Rut. J. at UaS-
lett, lr. FarrinfTton, L Trier, alavar Uattdrr John Mkjia
liekt. Uetirfre C Hubbard, fc. C. Hubbatss; Cwps. A B. trail,,
tie. W. Dickinnun, and Mrs. A. hU HtMrv, ai el AwhWlMbtK
Some of thee arMna ean speak fr aiera tiw.a a vaar"s en
erienve, and from a etmipurutan wi-rti- asan of Um akaap ana
chines, having purchased and a4 snaas until tlie oonvkUMn
was foreed Ufton tiieni, that the akMrttgrend, tareltrvf aaao
chines were not adspted U meat the wju)- 4 tli tkaiUy.
The testimony of Jrnua at si cm, IWkiant of th A merles. '
Institute, is that Tkiae U buk eae tiewlng Maoluae. an
that U M'hevler at Wilstaa a.
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Fine Old AVLisklcs mid Scgnrn,
PicKLi ts Phisibvk Fat-its, te. '
Ko. 3 111 liouse Ttlork, : : s Erif, P.
HAUD WARE & Uuildino; .,teriU
A fu'l aeeiwtment of Hhelf, and Heavy Hardware, Ball'Jr '
era' kiateaials, and atecheaiaa' Tools, at very h-w fior.
.OOD Letter paper at 1 sliil. ter ijuii r.
0OOJ KXVEI.0PE3,atna parkag.
, ' nd Steel Pens, and Choice Gold Ten.
Beet quail tli-s of Inia, liUck and Red.
. A mold4 a Ink, Quart, 1'luta, aad HaH rii.t
At tbe Cbonp New Ycrk Variety Store, , ..
Renembet tbe place,
' J. E. CtfAPMAa'.
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( Doors, Busies aad. liliuda,
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Ing we eouai.ier our facililiea uuauriaased by ajay eluer men-
ufacturer n Nurth.rn Ohio. We th.relore tTiiuk it would I. .
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TOBACCO, will Snd.at Lumlr Muii's Fvci.aar.tl. IWt
Si U.I. of Honey Ikev, KruUek Fig, Worlu fair end Calt.
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. W. R. Al.lt V.
lAMILY" Table Fait. Ogtatrs. ,b
A He Nie, P-ugar, Ac. Xante ('urn.nl. Ac. Ar.

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