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y Remember the Concert of the Bak
er Minstreln, this Friday evening.
t&" Dr. Clark will be at the Fink House
Tuesday next.
'WonK AND Pl.AY." Dl. J. O. II01...AND,
more fMrnilinrly known by the fwme deplume
of 'Timothy Titcomb," bus consented to
give tlie above lecture In tin place on Mon
day evening, the 20th innt. The honr will
be half past 7. Admission 25 cents. We
have hed occasion to speak of this produc
tion, ft need not therefore pass any encomi
ums upon it here, further than to say, that
in our humble opinion, our citizens have
had nothing In the lectnre line, which, for
literary pen;ns and finish, crrma up to the
standard of Work and Play.
TiiXiOB Walks. There are portions of our
village that are sadly ((efficient in walks, unci
perhaps none more bo than that extending from
the Baptist to the Congregational churches.
Cortainly no portion of the village, considering
the children in attendance at the Pubiie schools
is more traveled over than this. The fact that
two of our churches, and our public schools
are sitnated on this black, makes this appeal to
the authorities and property holders a strong
one, and we cannot believe, but that our efficient
Mayor and the Council will take this mutter in
hand. A cross walk should also be provided
from the centre alley of the Park to the school
bouses, for the accommodation of jhe schools.
It is painful to see both children and teachers
in soft weather, fording the mnd that lies be
tween these points.
BY JAMES REED. A Murder--Almost.
Onr quiet citizens have been somewhat ex
cited for several days past, in consequence of a
brutal assault npon an inoffensive man by the
name of Pbat, who for the past 30 years has
lived isolated from the world, and followed the
useful vocatson of shoe-muking. We have re
frained from givin earlier publicity tc the aflnir,
io the hope that some satisfactory light might
be thrown npon the dark Heed. In consequence
of Mr. P.'s secluded habits, several days elups
ed before his neighbors became fully aware of
the atrocious outrage that hud been perpetrated
upon him. (lis own statement of the fuct. is,
that about ssven o'clock, on the evening of
Wednesday, the 25th of January, a sirnngor
into his shop, and wanted a rip mended in
seam of his boot, which he then pulled off
and handed to Mr. P., who immediately com
menced preparing a thread for that purpose ;
whereupon, without another word being said
the ruffian immediately knocked hi in down, and
beat bim senseless, and then, as if acting upon
the maxim that "dead men toll no tales," he re
sorted to the i;arrotiug process, which was in
tended as a finisher upon the old man. as the
black marks, visible on his throut 13 days after
wards, would plainly indicate
Io the melee, the light was extinguished, and
the old man shouted for help, hut soon became
unconscious, until some time in the night, he
found himself groping about in the durk. just
coming to himself, in a very bewildered state -It
is nut believed the old man hud a personal
enemy on eurth, but he has been $usprcled of
having some money by him, which do'ibtless
was the only incentive to the foul deed, and from
all the circumstances there is little room for
doubt that the wretch contemplated the double
crime of robbery ulid murder ; ami hat he be
came ulurmud from some cause, before the con
sumutiou of hU designs, and made a hasty re.
treat, leaving tho said boot behind him, .which
we trust may yet lead in his detection.
Mr. Pray describes the fellow us lull, with
rather u full flush lace, sandy hair, and about 24
years old, wearing a black hat, and frock coat
of a dark or brown color, but not black. The
boot is a- well made kip, for the left loot, slim
aud long, probably made on a ten size last.
Let this notice he published by each press in
the county, and let every reader note well the
facts, and it is believed that some one of them
.., rBc...;. ..av.ugseen a person answering to
the above scriptiou. on the night of the 25. h
a If -or surrounded by other suspic
Ion circurmtUoces which may lead to hi. detec-
Let all who can. exam.ne tho buot. which may
be round with the Sheriff. A liberal reward
will be pa.d for any information which may lead
.1 , - , ... .
io tne oeieciiou ana conviction or tne assassin.
Who is safe while such a wretch is prowling
about uuconfined f Any important fact relevant
to this affair will be duly appreciated and
promptly investigated, if communicated to
Sheriff IIkndry, Wii. Pclis, or the undersign-
Austinburg, Feb. 7th, '60.
Thb Uomckbt of Wednesday evening, given
by Mr. Hopkins, proved a very satisfactory and
successful affair. The hall was filled, ami the
receipts must have been decidedly wholesome
There weie present, nine gentlemen and ladies
who participated in the performances, the,
three Hopkins brothers, Messrs. Nehemiuh
Hubbard, J. Mansfield, and J. F. Gilford, aud
Mrs. Oscar Tsrrill, Mrs. H. Munn, Mm Scroggs,
Miss Salisbury, and Miss Wadswortb, of Madi
son, The selections and preparation of pieces
indicated taste and judgement, and the several
performers acquitted themselves with credit
Aside rroni the performance upon the violiu by
Mr. and Master Hopkins, perhaps, the m.,t
marked and boisterously applauded feature or
the eveulng. was the singing or Miss Wads
worth. To a voice of great compass aud pow
er, she added comply control, execution and
smoothness. Miss Salisbury's playing upou the
piano, was decidedly commendable. The eomio
character of the "Irish Cavalier," was very well
done by Mr. Oifford, in costume. The compo
sition of the quarietts aud duetu, as to voices
was happy aud effective. The commou semi,
meut, we believe, was oue of satisfaction with
the enterUiumeul, aud pleasure that the result
bad been so pecuuiarly remunerative.
Mb. 11 opsins requests us to teuder his grate
ful ackuowlucigeuieuis to those gcuiltiineu aud
ladies, J ho so kindly voluuieered their assis
Uuce ou this occaaiou.
JfcsT The School Examiners for Ashtabula
Couury will meet at
- Amiiuburgli, ou Saturday. March 10th.
riaybronk. Monday, March 12ih.
Kliifc-sville, Tuesday, March 13lu.
Couuaaul, Wadueaday, March Ulb.
Flerpout, Thursday. March 15th,
Amos Dbcoseb, Clerk.
Orwell, Fb. 6, I860.
jr Judfee Wiuisawlll commence bis sprlna
terqj cf Poqrls st Paintsville, op Monday next.
Disunion Fum aid Follt. Oar citiiens are
enjoyinf the priilfge of series of lectures
from bo apostle of Millerism, or the second ad
tent doctrine, and not a few, we bctice, ere
rilin(t themselves of it. We do Dot know
much about the theory submitted, bat under
stand, it looki to the general " wreck of mat
ter, and crash of worlds," in about six year.
If tills conclusion it sustained, and six brief
years Is all the hold we have left upon lime, the
0 Union, becomes r,t.infullv annn'rent.
For so short a time, it would seem as If we
might manage to get along almost any way
Unino or no Union.
Tub Bibi.b Cacsb The Uev. Mr. MesienRer,
ilible Society agent, hits been for the past week
or two canvassing this village, calling at every
house, raining contributions where praclibablc,
and in cases of destitution supplying copies of
the Scriptures. Without crossing the line of
the Railroad, his collections amounted to $100,
aud 17 copies of the Bible were left with fumi
lies who were unable to reckon this among their
earthly porsesMons. The fidelity and discretion
with which this work has been prosecaled. is
worthy of notice and commendation.
i of oflVriujr and pnyinjr n liberal and encoor
came ( aging premium list, J. P. Jennings of Ply
the mouth, wns appointed ngent to enn'ass the
AcRict'i.Tt'RAi, Society. At the meeting
of the Board of the County Agricultural
Society, held in Jefferson, on the 3d hint.,
The 11th, 12th, nnd 13th days of Septem
ber, were inforniily fixed upon for the next
Arrangements were adopted to fully pay
the premiums of 1859. and t f-.rnih one
copy ench. of the different kii..l of agri
cultural pnpers awarded to ruccessful com
The premium list of 1858, was adopted
as a busis m which to establish the premi
um list of 1860, subject to revision at the
next meetinff.
The report of Abel Krnm, Esq. Com
mittee on Farms, nnd Improvements, sub
mitted and adopted.
C. G. Calkins, the late efficient and ac
tive Secretary of the Society, was elected
Manager, to fill the vnenney about to oc
cur in place of Ernstns Hnlett.
In consideration of much needed repairs
of the groni'ds, and the necessity of ex
tending the same, so as to obtain a hnlf
mile tint k, thereby rendering the show of
horses, ample nnd'nttrnctive and in view
county, and to solicit aid by way of sub
scriptions, for these purposes, nnd to awa
ken agricultural interests generally.
Adjourned to meet at the office of N. L.
Chnffee, Esq., in Jefferson, on the 2d day
of March, I860, at 10 o'clock, A. M. All
persons interested in agricultural exhibi
tions, nnd n fine show, the coming season,
are solicited to attend.
C. S. BUSHNELL, Sec'y.
The hotel occupied by Mr Keith, at
Penn Line. Pa.,'was destroyed by fire last Wed
nesday The fire broke out in the roof, and
had ladders been at hand it might have been
extinguished. Most of the furniture was re
moved. Loss about $1,000. No insurance.
Tkmpkranob Lkctures We are requested
says the Rrporter, to say that W. J. Qosse, of
Wisconsin, will spend a week in thin county,
lecturing on the subject of temperance, as fol
lows :
Windsor. Monday. Feb 13th.
Morgan, Tuesday. Feb 14lh.
Fast Trumbull, Wednesday. Feb 15th.
Jefferson. Thursday. Feb 16th.
('onneaut. Friday, Feb 17th.
The friends of Temperance will see that pla
ces for ipeukiug are secured.
Petexfon for March, with its uiaal fund
of attractions is already on hand.
Sl!11,jne, was awakened by bearing an unusual
noiM! in , hmwe which on examination, prov
minus . eJ l0 be , , ,;,, firei havl)g ev ,,
. , own wuy in ,lig pttrlor, By pr,,mpllieM JA
great exertion it was subdued, but not until it
llH , honied Imrtilioili Hlu, pilrt of ,he fluor
,, cej,irlg, Mosl (r tlie furnilllre WM d-
,. Th. r. ..r n.. fic s. i h
Fiiik On Monday morning, about 2 o'clock,
Mr. J ohm A. IIkkvkt of Jefferson, says the
1 . VJ .
Bastarov The trial of Amos Fuller was
had at Amboy, on Monday, before A. C Dib.
ble, Ksq., on a charge of bastardy, preferred
by Miss Bemus, living in the same vicinity.
The accused was put under bonds to onswer at
the next term of the Court of Common Pleas.
Dbath or Mrs. Ennr. Mrs. D. M.Eddy, of
Painesville, who recently submitted to a very
severe surgical operation, and whose comfort
able condition for some days after gave hopes
of recovery has since died.
Kenyon Cou.egk Dimcui.Tr. All but
twenty of the 50 rebellious students signet
the required pledge and wi re taken back
by the faculty. The twenty who persisted
remain expelled, and most of them have
left Garabier.
IT. A. Davidson went into the store of
Duncan Brothers, of Hsweville, Ky.. Feb. 7tn,
with sfligbted bomb in a basket of eggs. The
bomb exploded, blowing the store to pieces
and wounded Hon. Wm. Sterrett, C. B. Dun
can, J. G. Dum sn, James Hesding, and Mr.
Bennett, some of them mortally, including Da
vidson. It is supposed thut Davidson intended
to kill SlerretL
A Wiiitb Slavk. or one whose vital current
was impregnated with only one-sixth Africau
tuint, the daughter of a leading physician or
Wasliingtion, was introduced by Mr. Beecher,
to his Congregation a Sunday or two since, and
her price $800 raised upon the spot to save
bar from the fate to which five or six or her
brothers, sisters, and mother bad been doomed
to, go South, and drag out a purposeless life
perhaps a life Osvoled to the pleasure and profit
of some other sprig r chivalry like him, whose
offspring she is. She was . child of 9 years of
In annonnclng the fcet that Mr. Pugb, o
Ohio has just thirteen months more ot Seoato
rial life allowed him, the Boston Traveller says
be will then be "added to the nobis pile of vic
tims offered by the Democracy to the Dragon
whlub they bavesel up io their desire to o
grsft ibs fetiche worship of Africa oo the iasti
tptlooj ofAmirics.
Ciuaoi or KiD AfPtKO A Frb Bot Sold
into Slavkbt. Deputy Marshal Manson yes.
terday arrested one Dr. Hardy, whose office is
the corner of Court aud Soamore on a
charge of kidnapping. It is alleged that, some
time since, a likely tiegro boy came to the of
fice of Hardy seeking employment, and was en.
gaged by him as an office boy. After a tlmo,
is said, Hardy Induced the boy tosell him
self, and then on some pretext, succeeded In
getting him across the river to Newport, where
sold him to a man named Brown, a resident
that town. Brown took the boy to Louis
ville where he was put upon the block and sold
for $1,100. The boy told his story, and his
purchaser being an honest, humane man, tele
graphed to this city to see If it was true, which
resulted In the arrest of Hardy as above stated.
Cin. Com.
Barn Bornro. A barn belonging to Obed
Dibble, in Kingsville, was destroyed by fire on
Sunday morning last. Eighteen tuns of hay,
seven hoad or cattle, together with grain, farm
implements, Ac, were consumed in the barn.-
The fire is supposed to have taken accidentally.
Washington. The proceedings of the
House of Representatives on the 8h inst.,
exhibited the strength of the Opposition to
great advantage. Mr. Forney was. chosen
Clerk on the first ballot, and Mr. Hoffman
of Maryland Sergeant-nt-nrms. Mr. Forney
wns the first choice of the Anti-Leeompton
Democrats, who resolutely stood by the Re
publican candidate for Spcuker from the
first; and the promptness and unanimity
with which the Republicans recouized this
claim is a most satisfactory feature, of the
protrncted contest. The action of the Re
publican party iu both these eases eminently
honorable to all concerned. Seldom has
any party exhibited a more resolute bearing,
and at the same time a more becoming
temper, thnn bus now been manifested in
the election of tho officers of the House.
The country cannot fail to see in which
political organization, temperate counsels,
order, good conduct, and moderation pre
vuil; nor where it is necessary to look for
passion, turbulence, insulting language fac
tious purposes and traitorous threats of
dissolving the Union and breaking up the
Government. The members of thut Oppo
sition have fairly earned respect and con
sideration of all just aud reuscnuble men
throughout the country.
9 1
Amen and Amen. A despatch from
Washington brings a statement almost too
good to be true. It is, that a Presidential
programme hns been agreed upon at Wash
ington between the Americens and Repnb
licans.by which Edwakd Bates, of Mo., is to
be nominated for the Presidency, and the
gallant Senator from Pennsylvania. Simon
Cameron, for the Vice-Presidency. Senator
Seward is to huve the French mission.
We have of course no know ledge as to
the authenticity of the report. If ii be tlie
programme, and can be carried out, we can
drop the discussion of the hitherto difficult
question low shall the Opposition be
united ? It will unite itself by natural af
finities, nnd without the aid of party ma
chinery, Bvff. Com.
8Rev H. W. Readier made aralher
ludicrous faux pas at Salem, Mass. a few
nights since, by aiming several smart extem
pore sentences in rebuke of religions bigot
ry at ii bald head in the audience, which
he took to be that of Rev. Parsons Cook,
of the Puritan Recorder, with whom he
keeps an open account. The direction of
bis remarks was so obvious that the whole
audience turned towards the bald-headed
gentleman. But it proved not to be Mr.
Cook, .and Mr. Beecher was not a little cha
grined when he learned that he hud been
hitting the wrong man.
SkBT The Hon. Gnstavus Swan died in
Columbus ou the Gi h inst., nfter an illness
of a lew days, in the 74ih year of his age.
Palpitation of th Heart ThrmnT ptr
nnii AllhcUl with tlifl ibove diwum, who utiuuld givt the fol.
lowinir their attention.
"Thin i to certify, tint I har been troubled with thm
piutino of the heart for Mreral Tf',nd lit UW no revere
that I could not luj flown anu nieep at nijrht, and after applv.
lllir wveral remeilien and found no relief. I nrocuied of Ilia
agont, P. A. Hulftnan, one bottle nf llonriand'ii German Dir
tern, prepared by Dr. C. M. Jaekion, of Phllailelpliia, and I
found no much relief from one, I continued to use It, aod now
am perfectly relieved of the di-ai-e, and I io lecouiniend it
to an wno may ne armciea wun lue sane dUeaitea, aa 1 am aut
fled It in a valuable medicine."
Given under my hand I is the 14th of October, 1S66.
Waco.Elltston Co;, Ky. VALE Tin BAUHaTARK.
There Bitten are aoldat 75 eenta per bottle, by drufrfrUta
aa'l dealers in medicines everywhere. 2w52
gee advertisement of Dr. Sanford's I.lver Invlgora
tor and Family tathartic Pilla io anoUicr coluuiu.
In Springfield, P., b K. K. Robinson, Km)., Jan, 17th. Mr
Jostra J. Colvy to Miss Sabab J. tt nmNo, both of Kioirs.
vlll.. B
In Orwell, Jan. 19th, CIIAK1.E4 MARVIN", ion of A. D
anil Mary E Pratt, aired 11 months i days.
In Geneva, Jan. 20th, LEWIS H. youngest eon of E.S.and
Chios A. Watkins, aged 1 month Aud 14 tlaya.
In Conneaut, Jan. Htb, Mr. Jobbi'b U. Wustkr, aged 29
Would Respeetftiltf InthrtnnU friends an4 the Publlt awiwr
ally, that he has opened a bhop, ever
Smith & Lockwood'i Store,
where he will be fwis at all reasonable hour, ready to form
"foes! Aaetls" for all, and hopes by sti let attention to buaiuesa
merit and receive a suara of Pubiie Patronnge. '
The Latest London and New York Faahiona,
always on hang.
A- Cutting done to order and warranted.
All kinds of Produoe 'akea In Eiohange tor work.
Ashtabula. Pet, Mtli, !. tit
eery nice, ean tu rtmnd at at. ROBERTS".
George tinnlnham has taken
the room over the Drug more 01 A. Hendry, where
win ue nappy io pee ins oia rrienns ana acuuain-
tancea, and supply their wants In bis line. Aa be does his
own work, he is determined to put his prion at tbe lowest
llvinir standard. Frenrh Calf Boots for 84,W ; Kip do. br
$3,76, end Rir tapping Men's boots 60 tents. Other work in
proportion. Give us a call.
Ashtsbnla, Dee 14, 116t. &2J
MEW HOOKS. "The Impending Cri-
11 sis of the South."
"The Minister's Wooing."
"Gold Foil" by Timothy Tltoomb. it M. 0. DICK'S
t. r ft
has removed to
(3 Mcxitla' lVow Qloolt,
First Door North of Flak nous.
Where will be (band a full and eoiaplsU assortment of
Staple Dry Good. !
Men will be .old.
THE Subscriber has taken the above named Store, for a
tenn of yeais. and hopes by fair and liberal dealing to receive
a share ot public patronage. His facilities are such as will
enable bim to sell most kinds of Goods In his line lower than
can be bought elsewhere io this ooutity.
His motto i. "CHEAP FOR CASH."
A floe assortment of
PuciGc and Manchester Delaines, for 29 cts,
a thing never before done In Ashtabula.
AlsoA nice lot of Prints.
These Calicos are the best ever offered for the mosey.
Shilling Prints for 10 cents.
Cotton Cloth
Bleached and Brown Shirtings,
Clouks, Shawls, II pods, tc,
Nice, New aud Cheap.
JQy More New Goods next week. -8
Goods Received Weekly, makes the Stock always new and
fresh. Ketnmber the place,
No. 1 Smith's Block "Cheap for Cash."
Ashtabula, Jan. 12,1800.
of Potash, and of Iron. A new article, just received,
at tne Drug Store or A. 'HEN'DKY.
CODA ASH ! 1 One ton pure, just
Kecelved from New York.
Sal Soda,
A half Ton, Just received, at A. HENDRY'S
at the Drug tore of A. HKN'DKY.
GOLDEN Svrtip, and West India Mo-I.ASSE-t.
MALAGA RAISINS, fresh and nli-e. Just
Received at the Drug tore of A. H K.N DRY.
Drugs and Medicines.
HAVING pnrclinsed the entire Dniff es
tahlihuient of A- H. Stoekwell, in thla Village, and
having added largely to the old atock, I am now prepared to
sell to all who uiay favor niO with their custom, a urst class
stock of
of a perfectly reliable quality, and at reasonable prices.
I still retain the services of
Mr. James M. Allen,
a gentleman long and favorably known as practical Dkcc
oikt and f 'HKMI-.T.
Physicians pretcriptiona carefully and truthfully attended
to. 1 intend to add to my Mock from time to time, auch
preparations aa claim the attention of the Muiirat Pmifkm
io.v, and be prepared at all times to All any prescriptions
A splendid atock of
Including almost every grade af
Tiab, Sugars, Corm, 4o., lc, io.
Pur Wines and Liquors,
from Importers hands In New York. Whiskey of rnv ow
Kectifving fur medicinal purposes, and warranted KltlE FKOM
I cordially Invite Physicians, Merchant, Farmers, and Me
chanics, to an exainius'tion of me stock, willine at all times to
compare prices and quality, with any siaiilar establishment
a .vriuerw uuio.
Ashtabula, Oct. IS JO. (10
THE Subscriber
baa started In th
Drawing Buatness,
and will devoto his unre
mitting attention to Its
prosecution. If prompt- f
nesa, energy and fidelity -
will entitle him to ashare of business, b hopes to merit It.
All orders for hauling to and from th Depot, or about the
village, will be thankfully received and satisfactorily executed.
He will be found upon the Boad at ail times, not neceoaarily
devoted to rut and feed. lit W. II. TKKKY.
Relief for th Afflicted.
DR. S. G. CLARK. German Reform
ed Uripothle Physician and Surgeon, (formerly of th
Arm of Clark a Ulbeouj can be consulted at th following
Mines and places t
Conneautvllle, Power Hue, Feb. h
Oirard Glrard " 7th
Couoeaut, Tremont llouse, M 8th
Kingsville, Kodirer's Ileus H vth
Geneva, L'uion llouse, " lush
Ceutervillo, hotter House, 11th
Painesville, Towles House, " 13th
Ashtabula, Flak House, lh
Jetlerson, Tbomieoa, N lAtb
Hock Creek. Limiard " ltb
Orwell, f inlth House, " l"l
Cole Urmik, Eieliange Heuae, ltU
Jamentown, Pa from fub. lath, to Mar. 4th.
Dr. L. O. Claik, having had naquent and urgent solicitations
from his patients and tuetr friends, IO visit tlx Deitieorhood
eocaaionally, that tbev might onnaull I hn personally, a well
aa by ease, will hereaiter visit the alio re named plaous onos
Having had seventeen years eiperieno In th practice of
medicine, during which time he baa treated thousands of pa
tienta in all foruiaof aeuu and ohrouio diseases with un par
tial led aiieceas fof which some of your fitende or nelgbbora
aa testify ) and is prepared to give relief t all wh amy ap
ply. Particular attention will be given to tlie euro of Con
en at moa, and all diseases of the lunge and ahast, Dispepsia,
Nervous Disease. Female derau-eaiata of every eaaractw
rill be treated with success
Also will our old aorea and all araptlv diseases ef whe.
vec eharaoter they may be He make vs ( universal
ifeieascas1 remedies. No ealomol er thw daleteriou drugs
are used.
Parsons at a distance desiring ad via aad Medio! na will eead
rr-7?r -- i
general disortpuon of the appearanoa f th uiln, with a
urreot etateaieal erf th causa, angle f th disss is, and a
gvueral history f tb symptoms, wtb name, age,
Ail enmmiiiioattoae must b diracead to
44 . af 9.
A large lot, just received by
Febraary 1st. 1800,
T71REWEEI) Dr. Nathan Weaver'a
concr'ntrfttrj ix tract of FlRtWKKrX tmrf rmmlr for
tVcrtfu)A, RlitumatUni, IfrwirWprtkv, CV)tivn(i, CWikrt fait
Kb um. ErvltlajL JVeuralria. VHk LUr CVimplainC atd
CatartMua affM!tlonii ffvmrl.y, JVoro Ey of Ixn)r RUixllDg,
KTid an tjtttMMii aruiug iron an unpun autf 01 w imooo.
For Salo hy Hoot fe Mohrlsok.
T. Or. Wrlsliti
and tare your money, as he has th
Lnrgegt and Best assortment In Northern
Ton will save 25 to 49 per cent.
Examine Lis stock t be conviuced of thia fact.
Sold at low rates, and all Warranted
Ashtabula, Not. 1806.
A Popular Dictionary of General Knowl
edge, edited by (ieorge Kipley and Charles A. nana,
aidod by a numeious select curps of writers In all branches of
science, art, and Literature.
I The design of Titf Nrw AxttRica Cyclop xdia Is t
furnish the great body or intelligent readers In this ooantiy
with a popular Dictionary of geueral Knowledge.
II It Is intended that the work shall bear auch a character
of practical utility aa to make It indispensable to every Ameri
can library.
III Throughout Ita successive volumes Tit Kictr Avki
can Crot.or.CDiA will present a fund of accurate and copious
Information on Science, Art, Literature, Pliiioaophy, Keligion,
Politlca, Agriculture, Commerce, ktanufaetuiea, Law, Medi
cine, klathematica, Astronomy, History, Biography, Geogra
phy, Travels, Chemistry, Mechanics, Inventions, Trades.
In HiSTORr it will give, not merely a catalogue of barren
dates, but e copious narrative, under their appropriate heads,
of the principal event in the aunala of th world. '
In Qkoobafht and Ethnology It will embody all th re
markable results of original Investigation which so brilliantly
distinguish the present century.
In HiooRArnr It will not only record the lives of men emi
nent In the pat, but will devote a large space to sketches of
distinguished living persons, prepared by writers who, from
locality, personal aoquaintauce, or special research, are moat
ouinpeutut to do theiu complete and unbiased justice.
Aohiccltcrr, In all It branches, will have lb most care
ful attention.
The IxnrsTRtAt Arts, and that Practical Screxct which
has an immediate bearing on the neoeviiUes of daily lire, such
Domestic Economy, Ventilation, the Healing of Houses, Food,
etc., will be treated of with the thoroughness which their
great importance demands.
The History of Religious Sects will be written, aa far as
possible, by uUlinguisbed members of the didereut denomi
nations, reflectively, who have made their history and doc
trine a special study.
IV All tlie late?t intelllirence on everr tnDle has been nrn
cured, and the information brought down to the very day f
In 6ne,nothlnghaa been left undone to render Th Niy
Americas CTCLorADiA the best, as well as the moat recent,
work of General Kelerence in the English language,
rntct and tsrxs or thb
This work will be published by Subscription, in fifteen large
8vo. volumes, each containing 760 twe-columu pages. Vol
umes I. to VII are now ready, and subsequent sola, will be is
sued every two to three months, uch pujablc on delivery.
pbicb :
In extra cloth, per vol, f 3 00
In Library Leather, per vol 860
In Half Turkey Morocco, per vol., . . ... 4 00
In Half Russia eitm gilt " ....460
in Full Morocco, antique, gilt edges, per vol 6 00
Also, in Monthly parts, (3 purta to vol.) each 81.
D. APPI.ETON k Co., Publishers.
THE Volumes will be delivered to subsciibera, a fast aa
Issued, at the Pubiuhft Tires. a
A full advertising circular will be sent to all who apply.
All ordera by mail, from responsible parties, promptly at
tended to. Addresa.
C. O. Calkin, Ashtabula, Ohio,
61T Sole Agent for Ashtabula County.
New and Increased Stock of Goods.
C C. OSBORN, hue of Kmjzsville, tinv-
tO lag purchased an lutarcat In tht Grocer Ovulnau of
Prentice & Siniih,
the basuMM will t hereafter conducted under the rnnrne and
firm of
Prentice, Smith & Company.
in nearlj tbe wme rmnpe nf trade u heretofore, but with mach
enhanced fttuck and facilities.
One (if the firm nan just returned from Kew York, where
time has bt-en taken to make liberal purcuani, with diitcrinii
nation, of such gou u will not tail to u,et the wwita, and
challenge to meet the approbation of the citizens of th Til
l.ifre and county. 1 hf reunite, of tltew purchase may be acen
aud judged of; aa the good at comliiif to hand daily, and
will h tu I lowed, bj other ai neccewity ahali require. The
condition of the market Kant In a sut)icint quantity of tlie
favorable ranee of price, at which thene purohawtN have beii
mad. Tliat thw InducemenU oifered may be put to the teet
Is the oh iff desire of thune making thein.
In thU department tbe establishment will he m well sup
plied with un general and choice a selection of good as cac be
found io the couuty.
CnnsMingofPalKTulis, Wash Hoards, Sugar Tube, Mop,
Oroonis, Butter ladels, Kolling ritis, Ac,. Ac
In large rariety, such aa Clnthefl and Market Baskets, Rocking
Ili dug and Sitting Chairs for the children, Buggies aud Cabs
Hobby HnriwMi, Hand Hied, for the Boys :
Betlin Bankets for the Ladira.
In the Dry (ioods Line, may be found an anaortment of Do
mestic Goods Shetine, Shirtintr, Ticking, Oeuiui, Prints, Vsv
This in a trade to which special attention wl'I be given both in
the purchase and sale Will keep constantly on band a full
stock of Flour, Feed, Pork, sal, togi-ther with Wawr
Cenwnt, Curel Ham ft and Shouldera, for family u &c
Daily supplies of Fivtib Can Oy titer, both Fair Haven and
Baltimore, Pickled Clnmnand Oyster, Lohnter, and Sauces.
timall Dealers furniabed with freb nufiplies or liberal tonus,
1'KENTICE, bUlTli k CO.
AshUbula, Dec 1st, 1S8. 4
XJ one? If. O. PICK'S Is tb place to buy. II has just
openea a large lot, Cheap I cueap : I
35 ornt Uaguitnee, regularly taken at 20 eta each.
18 cent uo do do - 16 eta each.
0 oent 1'ajiere, do do A eta each.
6 cent i'aters, do Uo 4 cts each.
J. E. Chapma.v.
LETTER PAPEIl-Call and pet Pome
of thst SITEKIOK article of LETTER PAPER aud
SNVELOI't-i, Cheap at
J. E. Chapman'!
Kew York Dry floods and Variety Stor.
Physician and Surgeon, will be in attendance a follow
Ashtabula, Ashtabula H., Wednesday, Thursday, Feb. 22 U.
Conneaut, Tretnont House, .... Tuesdav, February 'ilsts.
Painesville, Cowlva llouse, Fiiday February . ... 14
Chardon, Chase's Hotel Ssturday, February SMa.
Cleveland, Johnsoa llouse February 2b th and Wih.
The Mode of Examination pursued by Dr. VT.
1 very simple and entirely nw ; and by it disease of any
of th Internal vital organs, la in a verr few minutes delected
with lacilily and certainly without asking the patient a u,ue
tieu. or haviug th leet itrevious knowiedee of the eta.
Among the diseasca treated aucceaafutly by bim, may be
mentioned the following :
All diseases peculiar to Females, and all chronic diseases of
tbe Brain, (.yes, I tirout, i.uuga, Heart, Stomach, Liver, Spleen
Kidneya, Skin or other organe. A speedy eur warranted ta
all diaaaaea of a Syidilliptic or venereal eluu-acter, without th
use oi mercury or uiuer KiMius.wbtch destroy th ouatitutiu.
Regular visits will be made during th year, giving thos
whe eomineitce treatment, onoortuuitv to eontinue aill mrrf.
Dr. w. has fully qualirled himself for the practice of ki
proasion, of whleb any poison shall be satlsKed by calling
No eertilirat of cure puhlUhed, but refeiwnee to any
number of patients, who have bean cured, will be given to
vuone utMiing mem.
Scrofula, and all Diseases of a Scrofulous oricin.
Ulcere, Tumors, Enlarged Ulanda or Joiuta. Hip Diseaae, swell.
eu necv or uoitre, bcioluloussore e.yts noaiu Head, brupuon
on the Face er other parts, Canorr, FUtula, Spinal liueaees,
)yspiala, Gravel, lmuousac, Stricture, bU Vitus liaao, tja
lpsy, Rheumatism, iiropay, fta Ao.
7s ftor Ltbntttj Cnmdmt
Any pereon sending a correct statement of their symptoms
and anclosiug f 5, will have snediciue, adapted t tbeir case
auBicisnt to Ust on month r I r weekaent tbeaa by Kzis
IJT Tun EiTaacT wiTuort Fan, Oalvais.
Addraae H. W. WAPyORTH. M. P.. BaUvta N. T
-TYfOPUOSIMUTKa of Lime, Soda
Poasaia,a new aud fresh supply, aitt from th
awuaaetuftn tu New York aud Phil
I rmiaoriunia. at
HARDWARE. Heavy Hardware.
Hhovels. Hoe, A sea. Mechanic's Tool, Raw of all
kinds, Maaoa Trewaila, Picks, Pump nature. Glass, Putty, evw
rnhwg alumst, aeaiprunng a auuiulato awsikuest if but) ,
lasftvy aaeii avtiwve, iw aaio sow oy I
K00I ft JfliHIEhVa.
New Boot and Shoe Store !
E Subscriber dciiret to call tLe attra-
tioa of tht tttUes of Ashtabula and vloiafy, to hi
Large and well selected assort
ment of Goods,
eoibraeing every vartely la th above Havlog bwa ta
gagd for sotr Urn fast, and being new oimete4 with a
Large Jobbing and .Manufacturing House
iu iVvY York,
is nU4 to ffr God fut Ceah, at priaa
Nvr yt Raachad ta thU Markat
ean aupply Uaemtelte la tlu Una, . .
At New . Tork Wholesale Prices 1
t. B. LAY.
Stora Two Doora Sooth of Fiak LTeoM,
Atlitabula, September 30, 1839. 610
klitchell' Patent Uetalie Tipped Shoes for Cbildren
well known fur their durability, for sale very cheap at
LAY'S New Boot aud Shoe Stor.
John p. Robertson
Has the Largest,
Xx-y GOoda,
such a
Shawls, Organdies, and Printed Muslios,
Berages and Cballies,
Priuti and Gingbams,
Black aud Fancy Silk,
Hosiery and Glove,
Shirts and Parasols.
Ilatfl aud Caps,
Ladies Shoes,
Boots aud Shoes,
Wall Taper,
' CoflVe,
And a large amount of Gonna that cannot a enumerated, thai
ean be found nowhere else ia luia village.
Ashtabula, Oct. II, ltt
New Goods.
THE nmlcmifvncd bos just retnrnetl from
NEW TORK, with a new supply ol Goods, consisting
ol all tb varieties usu Jly kept by biiu.
Theae Goods have been purchased slue th reaeut decline
in prices in New York.
My assortment la now a eery desirable one, and tho In
want of tioeds, aan and almost anythiug ther need, at prloes
tar below auy other atabiiahaiut ia thia v'ilag.
Remember, I am closing out Stock, and this new tuition
ha been made to give my euatomer ana th public a more
gaiiera) asortinut to select flout.
I deeira, if possible, tn cloa out my entire etack by the 1st
of April neit, and respectfully iuvit my frieuda, on and all,
to gii ene a calL
AhUbU, Ott T, ll9.
Woolen Goods A Olothlof I
rT',HE undersigned has received frora New
A YORK, a An assortment of
Broad Cloths, Cawiimerrs, Satinets, Kentucky
Jeans, Vantiugs, Ac, tn ;
and baring secured the services of competent Workmen, ta
pnepare to saeuulaotur Clothing of vwry disoitplioo, TO
oimia, on ti. shortest notice, ana oa th raoat reasonable
nr Ready Mad Oothlo oa hand, sod tor sal cheaper
than ever belbre olleied ia tliia market.
3f" Cutting don at all limes, and warranted to SI if pre
penv made up. . ' ,
3- AU kind of Trimmings furnished cheap.
0r( WLUar.
Ashtabula, Nov, ti, JSM. ,
A Large assortment of Ladies Calf, Kip,
Enameled and Mom Boot, tnm ft, up to t'i,
with high heels, at th sign a tb blO rlflOf.
OTws) !. Wsgea For lets.
NE ff J. P. Stults, Superior Horse
Wageoa, af th keai tmpravtd styl an Suiab. (rest ai'ea,
pspcorvd avupliogs, with Naok Yoke kiiake, auqavfy tois.g
ataoplef, itw, aud to (ovd asdai. Knuue af
JJy (, 16,'J. .
KOVEsthkR TKHM, lev.. ,
Dan Parker TiErtos Loomis. :
By vtrtn of vi Order of sl duly hened ftrca aaM Co?
In the ahnv eas to m dlteeted, 1 IU anVr rot aaM to mmt
f Pubiie Aoetloa, at th Door of lb V
Court House, io Jefferson,
Ajhtabnla Coanty, and State of Ohio,
On Wtdnetday, Ftbrmary 22i, A. D. 1869. '
betweea th hours of 10 and 4 if cine ot said dar, the W1ow
Ing drarlbvd Real Kttat. to wlt I Kltuste la tit townehla
of Oenev, County or Ashtabula, nd Hut of Olilo, aad
bounded and described es lollowa j being part of Lots S.
twelve and thirteen, In tract number four. Township nemher
Twelva, afofvs.'ild, and bounded as follows! Lot number if
bounded on tbe West by Coontv line rosd j on tb North and
Esst by the lot line : and South bv W m. Wbeeksr- land
being Ui North half of sold Lot Intended to be ecu rarest,
oontilnlng fifty acres of land. Appraised at f
Alan th iouth half of Lot Ko IS, tractand tewnslilp afr
aald, boundod on the West aide by tlie County Hoe roed ; aa
til North be th North half nf asid 1it No. IS i an tu tV
and Aonth by tb Lot liu of aaid lot, oontslotng fifty aeisa)
fiand. Anpraid at WM. IIFMikf,
Slierir OfTie, Jan. IT, IftO. wto
Aabtabnla Common Pla Nor. Term,
Hector King m P. If. Wood and Wita.
BY virtu of ta Order to 811, duty tomed fVom said Cewrl
in the abov eaaa, to me directed, 1 will ofli Kf say of .
Poblio Auction,
at th Door of th Court Roan In th township af
Jeff-irsjn, Ashtabula Connty Ohio,
On Saturday ilienihday or March, a, D. IS 50,
between th hour of 10 4 o'clock of aaid day, tit foil wl
Real Estate, to wil t
Situate lo tbe township of llarpersflold, '
County of AnhUbula, nd State of Ohio, known and dessHbd
as part of lot No. tliirtytw (SS) township No eleven 111) la
mjv unu lutu uaiiirv, aim oounqeq as roliowa, to wit : begtis-
Jiiip iu im .-.uivu k nFfc corner m uie uarytng Urftund in rai
ionvilUkon U.eEoutb line of th Rid Road, thanr flot
evo and a half (7 I-) rods, thence East three () .
theno Noeth sereo and a hslf (? 1-21 rods to th Rhlg R ai
thence West along the South line of said Ridire Road thr
(8) rode to th place of beginning, containing tweaty-tw iSU
Hida of Undpappraisrd at 1 1 08
WM. HF.N0P.T, tater Commissioner.
FheHn"a Qfrlca. January 17th. IfrCO. tiiAKTg
MON PLEAS November Taim, ISofi.
milium Puli )
w. 5 Order of SaU. '
Horatio JS'. Rankin,
BY Virtu of aa Order of ."ale. dulv btsued from aaid Caarf
tn th abov case, to m directed. I will offer
For Sale by way of Public Auotioo'at the door
of the Court House io Jefferson, Ashtabula
County, Ohio, on Wednesday tha S2J day tf
Febinury, a d. 1660, between the hours of 10 d,
O'tlock. of said day, th following described Lands and T
men la, to wit t being au acre altuated in lot No. eighty e)
In the Township of Saybrook,
In tb County of Ashtabula, and State of Ohio, bounded aa
vn Aono oy tanae oj a. B. atvora, tsq. oa tn East by to
Highway, on th Booth by land of C. B. Merlll, oa th wast
by lot elgbtynin. .
Also, twelve acre of land In lot Ko. eighty-nine, la saldTf
township of Saybrook, bounded on tha North by land or Uetly
B. Hart, on tb Fast by lot No. eiRhty-elelit. no the South bp
tends or (Coos Rider, q th West bv lands of O. B. Haaulaim
appraised at
WM. HEVDRT, Sheriff; a
Special Master Commissioner.
Dated this 17th day of January, 1W0. tttttefd 74
Wheeler & Wilson Machine.
Prloes ZteduoecL
N Styl Family Vacblo, ,$M W
Putted, n Plain Table Ii W
" Half Case Panel SO as
Hair Case, Mahogany or Black Walnut,. . S6 0
- Full Case, Mahogany or Black WalauL. .100 0
, " Full Case, Kosewoed, 11 0
large Machine. 100 vw
lierumera, (extra.) IN
NO FAMILY at tliia day cm aflord to do wttooa a
Sewing Machine.
Their greet utility Is now beyond question. An obstacl la
tlie way of their general adoption. Is a want of aoquaintaaaa
with tJiequalitv and merits of the varioua patent now la mark
t. Th eoubdent ropreaeotaliona of interested agents, and th
sorry exerienc ol thos who hav purchased th aiogle
thread. ravelin? machinea nn tb atreneth of thoee mikmiU
atlons, hav aomawhat shaken th public eonfiileoce. T
void deception, a purchase aoould not be haatily made, or
without lull opportuuitiee for a deliberate teat of the respect
ive merits of tlie dlHerent patent. One unerring guide snap
be relied uoon. In selection. The lock stitch I the onlv deale.
abl stitch taken. A TJcublt Tkrtmd, Ltk Stiica Alacaaa,
wi, um, ;uu cnaiHlk weu M ucceiwa I " 111
Whaler tf Wilson's Machint
ts one ef this description, and for a Family Machine ha nr
gooupoiota than any other in oa. It ha stood th teat of
time and experience, and occupies a higher plac in pubii ee
liuiatlou, than auy of ita eomputitora. U infiinge on ao otfaar
patents, aud haa no injunction hanging over it, a a score of
cheap machinea hav. It haa responsibl local agent to maka
good all that is claimed for it, and to eupply eviy thing need
ful to keep it in successful Operation, enlightened economy,
aud experience point to this aa the cheapest machiu now be
tel tne public. It advantag ar lues, and if any on
wishes to test them oefore purchasing, they ar invited te do a t
1 Its simplicity and beauty of construction.
2 Th excellence and neatness of Its stitch alike a bth
sides, and its freedom from anything lik raveling or
brous cord on th underside.
5 Speed accuracy, and reliability at any rata of speed.
4 Economy of thread.
6 Portability ase of operation and management.
t Quietness of movement.
7 Read) adaptation to every species of family aswing, gath
ering, to.
The ltmmr, which has recently been added, Is on af th
moat servicable inventions of the day. A hem ia turned with
the same fiicility that an ordinary seam Is stitched, ud with a
umioi mity and beauty that cannot be appreaahed by hand. Ita
perlnrmance never fai!l to elicit admiration.
This ia a pure and simple narration of iu quatitie, which
will appear to every one on actguaintanc with th mahiq.
It design aud mclitntm is aueh, as to mak its presence an
acquMtiua to any one's parlor. For tbe truth of Ihsna dew
larations, -eferenre may bad to th Auulliea of Rev. J. M. OU
Ivtt. llr. Karriucton, L. Trier, Mavor rlendrv, John kfaa
Seld, Gooree C. Hubbard, E. C. Hubbard, Cant. J. B. Hall,
tieo. W. Ihckinson, and Mrs. 8. B. Hulbert, all of Aahtabul.
8om of tltcae persons ean speak from aior than a year ex
perience, and from a comperison with some of tb cheap ana
chinea, having purchased and used them until tb onviottoa
was forced uron them, that th stnrlt-thiaad, raveling aua
ehlnea were not adapted to meet the want of th family.
Tlie testimony vl Jt nog Mticj. Hresldent of tlie Anierieaa
Institute, is that Ther ia but on Bowing Mauhine. aad
tbat ia Wheeler A Wilson s."
Oue of thee uachinee may b seen In alteration at tha rewl-
deuernrthesubserilwr, who is authorised to supple auy demand
tor them in tbia vicinity. J KKEDw
4'me(.u&, May, l.-;a.
gUMNEll Si COMPANY, Importer! f
WtM, Brandies and Foreign Liqutrt,
And Pealere la
Fine Old Whiskies and Segsrs,
I PlCKLRD A PRXSlxva FaL'm, a.
Ko 3 Red House Rloelt. i ; : Krre. Ta.
HAKDWAUE & lfuildiiiarM.teriaU
A fu'l aaeorttoent of .shelf, and Heavy Ua dware, Buii
rs itatasuls, and aleenanics' Toola, at very low figures.
Hoot & Morhi, -
Q.OOD Letter pajver at 1 shil. per ttairts
k'OOJ E.N'TBI.OfES, at t eta a package.
Oeod Steal Tens, aad ChtoGol4 ra.
Best aalitte f Ink Black and Red.
. Arnold's Ink, Quarts, Ptnta, aad Half Mate
At the Cheap New Ycrk Variety Stea.
Remember th place,
J. E. Chama.
Biker's Plaining Mill. '
KJ TORYW would sail tb attention f Builder ta ear
Doors, Sashes aud Blioda,
and to oar farllitlee mr )Ianuaoturtag. Our alachinary U al
new aua oj me iiwmi impruveu ainoa. wa fnpioy aoa but
the moat expuiicnced workuieo-we aee th Leet quality ef
Mlchiau Fine, whkh is all thoroughly aaaoad befnr ,b
ing we eouaidr our Cacilitiaa unsurpassed by any otiter aua
ufarturei iu Northern Ohio. s tiirelur tl,iuk it would ba
to tlie advantage or any person wanUug aiy thing iq ui ha
to give u cull, tn examine our work,' nps-t Tiirpnsis.
which w warraut to be as low a t.us of any othar awn q
tu the counby.
All good securely baled ar) dellrand at tha Rail Raad ba.
pot, in isiaevi!l, (ieeot'(hig.
Any person ordertnr of us by mill, will be ear to get geONi
an aitic.e a if the ware her la select tui thutttla
llaounwtor near Geauga uo rahieertll, lak Cav Cv
Smbld I hUl I -ill Hi. f-rei.lMane.
TOBACCO, will indt v
qVticl ol Uoay lHnt Ittntuc,
Lmi Tohevtx- U 4ieuUiUU (' '
.in' ystJbaagetb bee
A uric Fair aad NU
BCKJh'A. AND K40""';i
Blank Books waddt aud rult J to onkr.
w k Al irtr,
?AMlLYTi.le Suit, 0 1 ''', tJi.
Btv . a. , . t a. . t

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