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A 8 II I A D U L A i
roR tic psrsttirr.
t turn fomim cpcm,
toft irroiuirT lunui,
to ansa e mil ar Pi-aue worn,
f nnmmu tiacroM to ni ctais it lamb,
tt Dbtrlet B
M " William M. Dirkenn,
M " frank MeWhlnney.
dik " . John Filey Km.
Ilk I. H. Murphy.
TIN Keren) Hnsh.
. " John F. lllokl.
loth H. 8. Bund?.
IHk " lnl B. Stewart.
Itih ' Willard Stoeum.
lela 0 Joseph Ankeny.
imk ' Sdwerd Hall.
JTk " Johe A. Davenport.
19tk homl B. Pbllbrtrk
Republican Conventions.
-pnbtlean at th toth ConirmnlrmiU District, eom-
peeed at tk Counties of Mahoning, Train bull and Ashtabula
arereqeested t mf by Delegate, la Coorention, at John-
Centre, to Tmaaull Coaaty, at 11 'lock, A. M a
Thursday, the rtttwnth day of August, 1M0, to nominate a
Cendtdate for Wpreeeotatlve la Congress, and a Candidal
fat Presidential Elector for this District. Th Ivk of repre
ewtatlen afxMapmt fe fiif Convention, h am Delegav ta
math 1W recaa cut far Got. Deontaon, la October last.
Signed by the several County Committee.
Th Republloaea at Ashtabula County ai requested to meet
la Coarantioa, by Deleratee, la th Court Hour, at 10 o'cl'a,
A. M, am Wednesday, lb 16 th day at August, 1800, to noral
aat candidate tat th following Co My CMS can t Auditor,
Clark at tb Court, Probst Jdge, County Surreycr, Coronet,
Canary CemrntaatoBor, and laBrawy Director.
Taa JterwelleM nun at Ashtabula county ere eeerrrdfn gly
eqeested t meet at Uie usual place of holding lectiona, is
their reopeetlr township, oa atnrrlay tha 11th day of Au
gtt, I MO, and elect aa Adrtaory Member at th Central Com
mittee hraaeh tewoablp, and Delegat. la thCon,miool,
ad Oaaaty CeorenUnn, a follow
(Taa Seat enlnain indicate the aamber of Delegate to the
veugismisnai unveuiioB, aoa in met lue county.)
, AeeUaburg, .
t ... t
... a
jioaree ......
Morgma .
New Lyme. . . .
Pierpent, . . . .
riymoutb.. .
Ktehnead. . . .
Payhronk, .
Blteffield, , . . .
Trumbull . .
VYilllaroaOald, .
Cherry Valley.
c4toa"isil 0 w i
, 1 .
, 1 .
Denet, ...... 1 .
tieaera, .. St
rtarwA14 . I .
HarirraT, ... 1
JelTaipn. .... t .
' KinfpmUa. ...Si
Leaoi, 1 ,
M ludrar, ,
The election at theee delentea wl be by ballot j and tha
Oowimtttee reeemniend tha nee o the townahlp ballot boxea.
Th Primary awetlDg will be at thro o'clock in the afternoon,
the eating for Delegate! to ooaimom aa toon aa convenient
Aer organising, and Dot to eloee before Are o'clock at the
earliest, bat may bo continued till later boar, when the
eaUre prefer It
It fc reeommended that there be a fall attendance at the
Primary Meeting, and that th oaoat efficient men be eboeea
a tbe Tewnehip aeembers of th Central Comroitte.
A. KF.l.t.OCO,
. nnbj ii r. r. l,
I. C. AI.I.EN,
July 25, 1860.
Will adJresi tbe people of AhUbu! coaot
at the Cottowlog placet, viz :
folefrrooft, Monday Evening Ja1j30tb.
New Lyme, WeAieeday Ere. Aug. 1st.
Windsor, Tnarstfar Eve. Aog. 2J.
' ITartagroTe, Friday Eve. Aug. 3d.
Morgan, Saturday Ere. Aog . 4th.
iaaalnel aad Reporter pleaa copy.
The Census.
It it i(f that tte return already reeeired it
WaalMrTgtoo from Illioois, clearly indicate tbe
popafation of tbat State to be 1,800,000, a
(aiut 851,009 in 1850. And tail is only a
part of the attoousUing growth of the Great
West, Wiseonna, Iowa, Kansas ami Nebraska
will ahow atill greater relative increase. Mic
axmrl will alto exhibit eoesiderable growth
io wealth and population. lo tbe meantime
the east remains stationary. Even Ohio, now
DO feflger part of the west, it is said will show
sligfrl decrease since tbe census of 1850. Tbe
rnral population of New York is smaller than
tea jesft ago, and only tbe immense' growth of
her metropolis can maintain her ppBlafo at
its old standard.
- lite star of empire passes westward. A new
apportionment of tbe Congressional representa
tion will probably diminish the number of mem
hers from New York, certainly tbat of tbe New
England delegation. The south will gam i
thiog in the House. Whoever ber increase of
population way be. It will be lost in, and over'
whelmed by the multitudes who have colonized
the prairies of tbe norlb-west. There, here
after, vest be the centre of power ; thence
Mart issue the mandates wbieh will gorern tbe
yeiiey of the Union.
Th people of the Great West pereeie, al
most instinctively, that the oppression of s
part cannot conduce to the happiness of tbe
whole ; tbat a general diffusion, of wealth, an
equality in social conditions, a respect for tbe
band as well as the brain tbat toils, are part or
tha naranit at hanninen and tanrl Ia n.iVn.l
greatness and to individual welfare.
In few West more strikingly that at the East,
' the aemal condition of freedom has been pre
served, and tbe end most be tbe advancement
of liberal government, aod an increased iufla.
. eoce to tbe spirit of freedom in our national
. JW Buffalo ComiiaciAii AtKBTisEa.-This
1J and influential paper Is now doing good ser
vice ia the Republican canse, and we arer glad
fe aeev tbe evidences of prosperity presented
by Us neat audi elegant typographical appear
ance. It has just donned a new suit of type,
ftea the foundry of Nathan Lytuae mf VaOalo-
AaTantAi Weu Thie monster hole lad
reached tbe depth ef 1.517 feet at noon on tbe
17th. Tbe aiea engaged, work day aod night,
twenty-four hours constituting their working
beers in each day. Tbe rock tbronjh which
1 they are boring is white sandstone, which they
struck at tbe depth or 2,35) feet. The- work
ansa express streag hopes of reaching a supply
f water when they get through this rock.
jar Ho. Jobs Sbsbma boa been nomina
ted for re-election by acclamation of bis district
In convention assembled.
StJWERinaop the Christum or L Biwo
A letter Io the Boston Traveler, dated
JuoaSfst, announce that Zacb, the last
strotigholj of the drlariwii at Lebanon,
bad been captured and burned, and that
Jhe Christians were flying iof all direction.
It was rumored tbat Sidon had also been
destroyed, and 2,500 Christians magetKred.
Th dftnic of Zacb ra bcrclc.
Mr. EniToa In your lai week's TaiR-aiara
yott rave some scconnt of the annual elimina
tion cf the Lake Erie Female Seminary, as It
anneitred on Wednesday. Term-it me to offer a
word In reference to tbe eenoluding oercites of
this aeiriversary oetaeioa, oa Tfatfreday, as
this was a dsy of eery special interest I feel
it to be due no less to this Iostitatioo, than to
tbe cause ef edocatVea io general, to call atten
tlou again to Ibis subject, and to speak tbe earn
est words of troth and duty in relation to It.
I no people should know, and feel too, what a
precious interest they have bere In their midst.
not for Painesville alone, as the soxpieion too
often is, but for Ashtabula county and all aorth
eastern Ohio, that they may cherish it as a child,
tender and beloved.
I look to this Institution as a retolutfonlser
In the business of Instruction, that Is ere long
to eitend its influence to every district, neigh
borhood 'and family, and shall have the effect
io tbe increased demand for tborongh teaching,
to send with shame back to the schools for
something like cirmpelency, or forever from the
profession, the sickly pretenders, under whoje
baneful ministrations too manifestly, this whole
region now painfully lubors.
I will not, at this time, go Into tho reasons,
why edacaliou io this port or the State is at so
low ebb, or our schools so inefficient.
The obvious fact itself should arouse the ,
people to the inquiry, aod to a more just appro
ciation ef the elements of good in their midst.
No one, I think, eould listen to the examina
tions of Wednesday, of which you have already
spoken, and those on Thursday nvornin, which
'did not, iu any respect full behind, hot if possi
ble, exceeded in perfectness, those of the pre
vious day, without feeling that the revolution
bad already bepunt in the earnest, thorough
scholarly preparation, and just where reforma
tion is most needed, promising and hopeful.
And as this Institution shall send forth its grad
uates from year to year to engage in oor schools,
thoroughly furnished, as it was evident to oil,
wero those of the present class, (one of whom
I am hnppy to know, h to teach k a neighbor
ing Academy.) who can estimate tbe inftuence
for good upon families whose daughters were
there instructed in sound learning and piety I
upon neighborhoods and communities, some of
whose numbers have been touched with the
Promethean (ire, upon schools, whose high pri
vilege it shall be to have iu gentle woman, a cen
tral luminary, "polished after tbe similitude of a
Tbe anniversary exercises took place io tbe
grove, just back of tho Seminary, ond were at
tended by a very large assembly. Rev. Presi
dent Sturtevant of Illinois College made tbe
opening prayer. Rev. Mr.. Storrs of Cincinna
ti, gave the anniversary address.
Rev. Dr. Hitchcock, of Hudson College, ad
dressed the graduating clnseraod the Rev. Mr.
Fbelps of PaioeavUle, pronounced tbe benedic
tion. Mr. Storrs' address was a bold" and1 manly
premutation of humiliating, but as tbe speaker
evidently thought, wholesome troths. He be
gan by6tating, without discussion, fourproposi
tions in regard to female education, as at pre
sent very generally admitted :
1st. That woman should be educated.
2d. That this education should be thorough
and protracted. '
3rd. That it should be open to the middle
and poorer classes.
4tb. That it should be religious in its char
acter and influence.
lie then announced his subject to be the po
sition and intellectual necessities of educated
women. Ia tbe discussion of this subject,
which continued about an hour, many severe
strictures were let fall : as, tbat a high intel
lectual position of women io -this country was
rarely maintained. That the educated women,
though promising well in tho beginning, com
monly fuil'to grow intellectually after fioishing
their academic course, and consequently to keep
ia sympathy with their more thinking husbands,
brothers and sons, making it imperative on the
latter to seek other than female society for in
tellectual stimulus. That, however promising
and successful in the schools : however bright
and beautiful the morning, for the most part it
was sore to settle down into a very ordinary
kind1 of dsy.
The speaker then proceeded to set forth the
remedy to be found. 1st, in reading, as fur
nishing the materials of thought; not of novels,
not of tbe modern Sunday school literature ;
nor yet of tbe newspapers ; but of works of
science of and solid- worth, at least io propor
tion of six to ooe of the former. 2d, in con
venation, for elegance ami freedom of expres
sion. Sil, In composition, prmoed lor accuracy
and deBniteness of thought To the common
objection of a want or time for this extended
course of mental culture, the speaker suggested
economy, and a eh a age of habits, fntinrating
tbe tendency, of the age, in tbe fact that a bun
dred horse power sewing machine seemed less
likely now to save time, than to multiply flouu
CJs for the last Paris fashion.
Nevertheless, this address with all its severity
of criticism, so courteously and deferentially
spoken, was listened to with Merest and, I be
lieve, was favorably received by tbe fair and
highly appreciative audience, accounted for in
part, perhaps, on the ground of conviction, and
io part, it may be, that these strictures fell rath
er from the loving lips of a devoted husband,
than some captious bachelor.
It is impossible in this brier notice to do jus
tice to this address. I hope it will be publish
ed, that this glorious reform may in due time
be fully initiated.
On the whole this first anniversary occasion
was a complete success, and well calculated to
inepira tbe friends of the Institution with re
newed confidence aod courage far the future.
D. F. F.
Taa GbsaP Eastsbm. Tbe
Great Eastern draws to a close.
visit of the
Tbe Direct-
ore announce that she will be elosed to the pub
Re after the 28 lb Inst and that she will depart
for England1 on tbe 16th of August On
Monday July 20th, the great ship will make an
excursion to Cap May, with one bondred of
Dedworth's musicians, and a few thoesand ten-
dollar passengers ; land them at the Cape, take
a new crowd of Pbiladeiphians oo'board, steam
down to Iiatteras aod back, exchange passen
gers once more, and return to New York on
W edneaday. After that dale she will be an
chored ia tbe stream, and no more visitors will
be received on board till she sails for England.
Oa ber way borne she will touch at Halifax, to
land paateagera who may desire to take a trip
in ber to see tbe ceremonies attendant apoo tbe
reception of titer beir to the British throne.
She will, undoubtedly, take out a large number
of passeogere on ber voyage to Eorope.
fij-Ti' Philadelphia JVm" pe of
Qen. Case a a "silent member" of the Ad-
mlnUtretioD part.
Candidates for Congress.
Several or the) neighboring Congressional
Districts have alrevJ made their nominations S
nd the subject bee not been lost sight ef by
the re publicans or this District Daily Inquir
ies arc made as to tbe probable nominee f and
a itrf general disposition Is manifested te pre
sent tbe name or Mr Giddings to our next con
vention. Various reasons arc given why bis
name should be presented. These reasons as
we bave beard tbeet, hare been given without
noy disparaging reflecllona cpoo cur present
Representative. Those who now orge the re
election or Mr. Giddings, believed that he
ought to have been continoed in Congress, aod
returned In 1S38. Circumstances since tran
spiring, In the general politico! asptct or the
country f tbe condition erf parties the pros
pect of a radical change In the administration
or the Government) the necessity for the wisest
end rtost experienced in the Halls or Congress;
as well as the historical identity or Mr. Gid
dings with the rise or the Republican party ;
bis steady advocacy or its principles ; and his
recognised leadership in the party, throughout
the country ; and the very generally expressed
desire outside or the district that bis services
may be secured in Congress ; his long experi
ence, and thorough acquaintance with tho do-
tics or a Representative ; his association Tor
years with tbe fathers or American Legislation
are to many of his old constituents, conclu
sive arguments io favor of bis being again call
ed to represent them ia Congress. Acting up
on these arguments, they will again submit bis
name to the nominating Convention.
So fur as we can learn any facts connected
with this movement, it is frco from opposition
to Mr. Uutcbins, but it is bated alone upon tbe
fitness and propriety of returning Mr. Giddings
to the seat which they thought ho ought not
to have left. His reputation is national, and
was acquired as the representative of this Dis
trict ' The District and the Nation are now
entitled to the ndvantagei of that reputation,
as well as the long and ripe experience, which
has grown from tbe service he has rendered tbe
The personal claims of men are not to be re
garded ia this relation. Tbe greater interests
of the people and tba people's cause, should
govern all .action, or this kind. But if such
claims are taken into account, they surely arc
greatest, where the greatest a longest service bat
been rendered. These are all questions import
ant for tbe constituency of the district to settle ;
a the people of course, will dispose of them. Tbe
manifest disposition to insist upen the return of
Mr. Giddings this full, we mention as a matter
of public information. It is right tbat the sub
ject should be freely considered especially
when the people are so much io earnest
Ashtabula Sentinel.
From this article above, which we copy from
tbe Ashtabula Sentinel or tbe 11th inst. it is
made apparent that Mr. Giddings and some or
his friends intend to have his namo presented as
a candidate for nomination at the forthcoming
Congressional Nominating Convention for this
District This is his and their undoubted right,
but we object to the manner in which it is done.
We consider it no part of the duty of the Re
publican local press to canvass the merit or de
merit of different republican candidates for
nomination for any office 'ib the gift of the coun
ty or district io which tbat press is located, but
tbe duty of selecting nominees from tbe F.epub
licon ranks should be left where it belongs, viz.,
with tbe voters or the County or District, or
their delegates io Convention, who a this case,
at least, are perfectly competWot to perfoim tbat
duty without any .instruction from tbe Sentinel
or ourselves. We regret therefore, exceedingly,
that the Sentinel should see fit to advocate the
claims of Mr. Gidding?, as ogainit those or Mr.
Uutcbins, they both being Republicans, good
men and true. Cut as that paper hat done this,
justice to Mr. II. compels us to answer.
Mr. G's friends find no fault with Mr. Hutch-
ins in point of ailhfulneM, or efficiency. These
are conceded iu the article we have quoted, but
tbe old argument which for years was urged in
behalf of Mr. Giddings, viz., that the good of
Me causa requires bis return to Congress is now
revamped, iu order to displaee Mr, Hutchins.
Tbe Sentinel docs not point wherein the
cause has suffered during tbe last memorable
session of Congress by Mr. Hutchins being in
the place formerly occupied by Mr. Giddings.
It docs not pretend that if Mr. G. had been
there, tbe action or Congress would have been
more favorable to the success or the Republi
can party than it has been. Why then, does
the Sentinel urge that the constituents or Mr
Hutchins should treat him as no faithful and
efficient Representative or this District has ever
been treated, aod refuse to nominate him for a
second term T If long experience is necessary
to eftcieirey in Congress, why should Mr. H's
eonstituentc deprive him of the means of be
coming efficient f Would it bave been just to
Mr. Giddings, after he bad served one term in
Congress, for bis predecessor, Mr. Whittlesey
and his friends to have endeavored to dieplsce
Mr. O. aod return Mr. W. on the plea tbat the
long experience of tbe latter bad gamed tint
such a national reputation that he could be
more useful to the cave than Mr. G f If Mr.
G's constituents bad tbus treated him, where
would have been Air experience aod national
reputation t
The Sentinel intimates tbat there is a "ttry
generally uprated desire oultide tf th district
that his services may be secmrtd U Congress."
That Giddings has, and deserves to bave many
warm friends outside or this district, we do not
doubt ; and tbat both himself and bis friends
io the vicinity of bis borne, should often bear
Bettering wishes expressed in his behalf, is a
matter or course ; and wo hope tbic will always
bcihe cas but that there is a general wish
either outside, or inside or this district, that
Mr. nutehios should be ousted tot tbo purpose
or re-electing Mr. Giddings, we do not believe.
Our personal experience while on a visit to
Washington during the laat two weekc of the
last Session of Congreaa, and bearing freqot
expressions of opinion by Republican members
on this subject leads ns to a very diOereot eon
elusion. But whether socb is the ease or not
makes no difference, ft Is for tbe people or
this district aod them elms, to cboose by whom
they will be represented, and they neither wish
to dictate to other districts, nor to be dictated
to by them.
Although the Coostitntion and tha taws re
quire the voters u th District shall elect their
Representatives, there is, however, no law re
quiring tbat tht Represents tiv shall reside
Ik District, aod therefore, if voters in another
District very muck desire tbat Mr. O. should
returned to Congress, they can elect bim
MW representative.
If Mr. G. ia "an acknowledged leader ef the
Xepublieaa party," tba ioeomiog Rfpcblieao
Adminliilrallon Will, without doubt acknowl
edge his services, In the organisation of the
08 w administration, so Itirtt no wrong will be
done to blm In that re-pec t, if Mr. II. is not
displaced to make room for bim. It can de
tract nothing from tho reputation or Mr. Gid
dings ir he kt not returned to Congress, for he
has already served in that body, with great
credit to himself, for the very nemo term of
twenty years but It will greatly detract from
that of Mr. Hstchins, If be fails to feceitt from
his constituents the sUat endorsement or a
nomination for a second term.
What we have said Is from no desire to lake
from the well earned reputation of Mr. Gid
dings, one laurel leaf far frorii It ) wo arc as
proud or that reputation as tbe editor or the
Sentinel can be J wo only ask tbat simple jus
tice be done to Mr. Hutchins.
As we said before, we think discussions rela
tive to the cluims or candidates in tbo republi
can ranks, is not the province or Republican
papers, and we sincerely hope we shall have no
further occasion to refer to it ; but as we have
published the article or the Sentinel, we hope
it will also publish oars, and se let the maltcr
rest when berth sides are before the people.
Warren Chronicle.
Democratic Troubles in Trumbull.
The Warren Chronicle o last week con-
tniws a kiitrthy account or the Dourlas
Ratification held at tbat place oa tbe 7th
inst. It had been announced that Hons.
David Todd, It. P. llanney, II. 1$. Payuc.
Dr. D. Ii. Woods, J. W. Oray, Esq,, and
other distinguished speakers would uddress
the meeting. Out of all this array of elo
quence, however, only "President," Todd
was there, Hanked by D. M. Wilson, Esq..
or Youngstown, who probably ranked a
inong the "other distinguished speakers."
The Chronicle says tl'ere were probably
cue hundred nod li ft J persons present, or
which number about fifty wete Republi
After tbe rending of a series of resolu
tions, which were accepted, but not adopted,
by the meeting, Mr. Todd took the stand.
After iudulgiug in a few stole platitudes
aborjt his life-long labors iu the service of
tbe Democracy, aod the vast indebtedness
the people were UDder to that party for ail
tbe good inat nau ever ueon accomplished in
theuation siuce its organization, be proceed
ed to arraign Messrs. Buchanan and Breck
enridge, and other promiueot "bolters" ss
abstractors and mischief-makers in the bilh
erto ha: mooious ranks of the Democracy.
lie tnougut it not Honorable that men who
had been so favored by the party, should
now turn traitors toil in its hour of need,
lie regarded it ns presumptive evidence if
man was an onice holder under the pres
ent Democratic Administration, that he
was a traitor to the Democratic party. lie
mentioned frequently and offuntiively, the
names of Jugde Biicbard and Judge Ful
ler, tbe latter of whom was present. He
charged tllem with being "traitors, bolters
and deserters," and recommended that they
oe snot, as an deserters siiould be. He
said the Administration party was "a mis
erable faction, whom official position hud
corrupted." He charged that Judge Bir
chard was influenced iu his present course
by a desire to rcccivo from the President
the place made vacant, on the United States
Supreme Bench, by the death of Judge
Daniels. He attributed to Judge Burtley
the sarao motive. He was satisfied to
charge Judge Fuller as corrupt without
motive, for lie did not incutiou anv nlucu
be was after.
He next proceeded to pitch into Mr. Rit-
ezel of the Trumbull Democrat, for merely,
giving, as items of news, that the Demo
cratic party at Baltimore was "split up,"
and that one faction hud nominated Doug
las and the other Breckenndgc, ond for
placing two "National Democrjitiu" tickets
at tbe head of bis paper, which- he playful
ly characterized as "his celebrated two
horse act." He advised all democrats to
stop taking the Democrat, as be bad done,
and contribute money and start another
Mr. Todd in substance further snid, that
these bolting democrats, President Buchan
an, jur. lKeckenridge, Judge Bircuard,
Judge Fuller and Mr. Ritezel, claimed that
Douglas was not the regular democratic
nominee. "Did not I," continued Mr. T..
"as President of the National Democratic
Convention, declare bim to be the regular
nominee to the democratic parly, and ask
God to bare mercy npon bim the Union
which he represented ?" This form of ex
pression, attributed to Mr. Todd at Balti
more, indicative to Mr. Douglas's speedy
executiou. we have hitherto regarded as a
joke, but now we bave it by authority
The Chronicle says that Judge fuller, in
a few well-timed remarks, repelled the abuse
and charges brought against luin. lie
maintained bis consistency and integrity oi
a democrat, and after a few remarks by
Mr. Wilson, the meeting adjourned.
A Self-Made Man. Stephen A. Dou
oor gallant standard bearer, is emphatically a
self-made man. Clev eta nd t'latndealer.
Perhaps more "emphatically" a self-un-made
man. Self, io his case, is always "emphatic."
9 The Pbince of Walks arrived in two
steamers at St John's oa tbe 23d, at 1 in the
evening, . He landed at noon, the day following.
He was greeted by an immense concourse of
spectators. The Newfoundlanders shut up shop,
aod gave themselves, op to the work or paying
tribute to theirjneipient sovereign.
How. Lew Caswell bas announced bis op
position to tbe Republican party, and declares
tbat he spitsopon its platform. JN'ow, we bave
no particular objection to Lew's spitting npon
oor platform, so far as tbe matter of bis sover
eign contempt is concerned, but the whisky
taint that might thus be Imparted to it might
bare the effect to mislead some of bis political
coadjutors, aod raise expectations which total
obslioence wocld be troubled to allay,
Lost. Tbe schooner Washington Irving,
with an entire erew, were lost last week between
Erie and Buffalo. No traces of tbe vessal can
be found. Tbe crew belooged at Erie, and the
Gazette says nearly all bave left families.
The Battle or Liu Exrt On the
tenth of next September, the annii ersarj of
the battle of Lake Erie, the citizens of
Cleveland, will place In position aod inatrn
rate a statne of Commodore Oliver Hazard
Perry, in honor of tbe victory of the Ameri
can over tbe English fleet on tbat dsy.
The Hon. George Bancroft, tba American
historian, will deliver an oration on tbe oc
casion. Aa The i population or PainesvilU .village
2,624. aod the township 1,7 IX Tbe gain in the
two since tbe last census, 1,208.
' Io ffiUomtrhlu. then vera to 1850 in tha
J whole township 2,081. 'Now tbert'ara 1MI
io the township proper, and la the illagc 75.
The ri.mcAL Pre or Omo.-TU
State Journal has tsken the pains to clnsify
and publish a full list of all the political pa
pers in (he tfghlj-elgnt corhtin of Ohio.
There are SI 9 papers in tbe list, of which
139 arc for Lincoln, 80 for Douglas, 8 for
Brecleorldge, and 2 for Bell. There arc
eighteen counties in which no democratic
organ of either wing is published, and
twenty-three counties in which no Douglas
organ it published. The Journal says
"Twenty-two of these papers are printed In
the German language, of which 8 are for
Lincoln, the rest for Douglas. Eighteen of
the papers on the list are printed duily, of
which ten are for Lincoln, six fof Douglas,
one for Brcckenridge, and ono for Bell ond
Everett. .
Destruction i Stria 'The destroctimt
of a large number of Greek Christians in
Syria by their scmi-barbnrous neighbors,
the Druses, is a very shocking event. There
seems to bave been some provocation on
the part of tho Christians, sufficient to
arouse tho traditional animosity between
the parties, nnd the Mohammedan oflrcials
aiding and abutting the Druses, the Chris
tians have fallen an easy prey to their ene
mies. The reports may be exaggerated,
but evidently some thousands have been
miserably slanghtcred. Tho houses of the
American missionaries have been the safest
places of refuge for the poor bunted peo
ple, and the Americans have generally been
respected. There is n considerable foreign
fleet at Beirut, but it can only protect the
people of that city, whilo in the interior
tho Turkish officials are enable, or unwill
ing to afford succor to the Christians. ' It
is intimated, and perhaps with reason, that
these ontroces have been inslitfated by
Russian Intrigue, in order to make out n
case for intervention to protect the Greek
iflnstians in Inrkey. France and Enrrland
cannot resist the force of the argument un
less they can compel the Turkish govern
ment to secure the rights of all its citizens.
jeyA proclamation has been issued for
the sale, in October, of one million acres of
land in Minnesota, not heretofore offered
for sale. . , , .
JSy-Tlie wool clip of Ohio will amount to
about 9,000,000 pounds, and as it has been
sold at good prices, it will bring into tbe
State over f4,000,000.
BItissaid that Ex-Secretary Guthrie
declines to endorse either Breckinridge or
Douglas. Mr. Guthrie was tho choice of a
nisjority of tho Kentucky delegation for
ftarOne of the recent on dilt of London
is tint I Sir Edward Lytton Bulwor has be
come reconciled to bis wife, and that they
are obont to live together again.
5QT"They ore experimenting on gropes
ith great success in Northern Louisiana,
by grafting the best varieties from France
upon tho "wild grape vines which grow lux
uricntly in that region.
Gen. Comonfort, a former rreiderrt of
Mexico, is now residing with his family in
iifth avenue, New lork. Mexican great
ness and power are unstable as water.
B&.John Tyler, ex-President of theU.
States, bas written a letter, in which he
declares he is a Disunionist in the event of
the election of either Lincoln, or Boll, or
Douglas to the Presidency.
OSrllon. John Hickinnn, of Pa., became
disgusted with Mr. Donglas' subserviency
to the South early during the last session
of Congress, aud now is an nncompromising
tSrMr, J. M. Morrison, cashier of the
Mftnhnttnn Bank, having lately inherited
thirteen slaves in Kentucky, has emancipat
ed them all. Two little boys be has brought
to New York to be educated.
teaf-The Ottawa lumberers propose to
man a hundred canoes, each crew in uniform
and banners flying at the sterns, to welcome
the Prince of Wales ; nnd thus escorted,
they will eonvey him the length of Lake
Duchesne and back again.
VSyTlie amount of the annual increase of
tho public debt of France under Napoleon
111 is staled at lifty million dollars. The
Emperor menus that there shall be a strong
semi-annual interest taken in the stability
of his Government.
The ship Castilinn las taken on board
four hundred of tbe negroes at Key West,
bouud to Liberia. It is represented that
the mortality among the Africans held as
prisoners at Key West continues to be very
great, the whole number of deaths reaching
ioo up to JancSUtb.
The Haytiun8 bave indeed subscribed
some $28,000 to the John Brown's widow
fund, but only $684 of it is In Spanish cur
rency, and the balance, being in Uaytian
dollars, is equal only to $1,802 : so tbat
the widow will only get $2,486 from the sub
Sa5""A Lowell writer states tbat a care
ful computation shows the steam power of
the ureat hasteru steamship is equal to the
water power tbat drives the mills at Lowell.
This gives an idea of the immense power of
the steamer, equal to that required for the
works of the great manufacturing city of
Joseph Gales of the National Intell
igencer, died on the night of 21st inst at
Washington, in Totb year of bis age. lie
was, during two-thirds of bis life, connect
ed with that establishment. Jbor several
years past he bas been very infirm, but con
tinued bis nsnal visits to the office until to
wards the end of the last week, having de
servedly been held in bigb esteem by all
classes of the communty.
137 The Milwaukee Dailj JVueonsin
snys that more Eastern "drummers" have
passed tbrongh that place In the last thirty
fkye than for two years brfore, "This
shows that tbe promise of a good crop has
done much to raise tbe credit of the West
again, and tbat Eastern merchants bare
not doubted the inclination, but only tbe
ability of merchants to meet their obliga
lions. The large crop this year will enable
oa to purchase much more goods from tbe
east than we bare done for ten years past'
AtTHENTlc AwrcDOTE. Oo one occasion
Mr. Lincoln was splitting a rail in the par
lor of Judge Donglas' residence, when tbe
latter joined him, and thinking to make
good joke about our hero's extreme leanness
remarked : .
"Why, Abe, yon are a rail, yourself."
Mr. Liucolu looked up from bis work
with that sublime glare which bas often
petrified a world, aud gravely responded :
"You, sir, are the reverse of a rail."
. Douglus immediately grasped his bat and
carpet bag, went to Washington, and asked
the President to explain what Liucolu meant
by that. ' - -
Wbf replied the PreeideDt, "the're
Terse of rail is rail spelt backwards
THE AMERICAN HOUs-KJ at the Jlr-pot.
bo Jim bn put In order. nd bring onnrenlmtlr and
pleAeftlly tfltnAtl, wlt'i enod eecommoditiioiie r n,n n,i
bea-t, la a good dipping place ftir trrler, nf tlioaa 'mm
the Interior having tenia to be Oareil St while dnrlng a
temporary ah.rnr. he the Railroad. S. NoWKV, Proprie
tor. AahMbi'la. Jul?. lKrKt.
INSTATE of KZItA SMITH, d.reased.
i The anderHrned bee beeej duly appointed Eaveotor of
tbe Lett Will eud leeUtnect of
Ezra Smith, late of Ashtabula,
Athtebalaeoaaty, Ohio, deeeaawV
jMlra, July 39, W.
n. j.
harlnc cured hie o of Coniumptrrm In lie wont
autre, arter being (Iren np te die, hy the moit celebrated' phr
elrlana, dealrra to me known th mode f eure. (which
prfrree eiiecxnful fci crery oaae,) to thoce elltlcteil with Onutlie
Cold and Con.umr.tlon, and he will aend Ui eatio to any ad
aVeea, free nf charge. Addreea, ncloln( two etamna t pay
return poetare.
M3WS DAN'lEl. A DEE, 82 Franli fort Street, H. T.
AV. Bummer Term of this IneUtutloa wiU
Tuesday, August 7th, 1800,
and continue elercn week, under the following
C. V. Hep-wood, A. M., Principal,
Teacher of Claulca, Bella I .elf re and EloeuUon.
Mia Sakau E. Holdin, Preceptren, teacher of French and
Ktaa AttHKi.tA TT. Chapba v, teacher of English Binoche
and Math-mat ice.
Mr. I..O. RANteTKR, teacher of Apograph? A Natural Science.
1. W. J. OinenK, aaatetant In Chuuiic and Matuematlca.
Ma. D. B. Davis, teacher of PeavjuMliip end Pen-drawing.
Mhs. 0. W. lie, wood, teacher of Ornamental work and Tea-
Miaa 0. E. Harrictt, teacher nf rianoond Tocat Uuilo.
Ha. C. L. Smith, teacher of Violin and Ouitar.
Rate of Tuition, term of p-rymeAi, Are., a heretofore
Th officer feel enrc that nnder the aianaeenient of th
abore Faculty, the former atrength of th aciiool will he In
ereaaed and Iu popularity augmented. They take grent plea
aura In announcing aa I'receptreaa the nam of Mia SakaH
E. IIoi.nn.1, who brings from the Faculty of Kalamasoo Col
lege, nf which she is a graduate, tratlmoniais ot th meat
aatiafactory character, recommending ber as a "careful schol
ar, -a siicreaaiui teaclier," a '"one whom they onn eare ly
warrant to gireauch mtlnfoction to the patrons of KlngsTilie
acBwrir. nirj uugni to expect iroiil a I rcc-f-l reaa.
The schml was nerer mire nme rmn than at nceaent. Th
Catalogue of Oi leaf th yenra allowing a steady ana healthy
Increa.e In fhe attendance. That of the nreM-nt tear thin far
exceeding that ol the laat some twentr student each terra.
WMh Increaaed confidence, then, the omcere ask th eocomu
Mty for a continuance of their former lilieral netronege.
U. HAWKINS, Prasidcat.
Kingwrllla, Jnly 24th, 180. StAeS
rJpII EATRE I Smiths Hall, Ashtabula.
J. F. Breyer's Celebrated Company,
Utaf Poughkeepale, Saratoga, Schenectady, Utlea, kt., to,
The Best Establishment Traveling I
Th Manager reanectfullr Mate that ha haa nnened ih
Theatre for a SHOUT SEASON, with the same well onranisrd
company that haa recently performer with great sucscas In
the above nam cities, and by talent and rectitude gained the
highest eeominm from th Pre, a well a tha friendly es
ter in or the citirens. See opinion of the Preaa.
A selection of the most nonillar niece will he nrndnceiL In
which he will portray "m of th principal character, sup
ported by Mlas RRKYER and nther artist of acknowledged
ability. SPI.ENnin NEW FCENKS. no ward ol thirty la
uiuinr,iuafiAVfilil.blu RanLinuoE.
On Monday Evening, Jaly 30, 1860,
trill be performed Dion Rourcieoalt's admired play of '
Don Caraar Do Baaan,
T a Match for Stbg. , And th laughable fare of the
Spectre Bridegroom,
or a Ghost In spite of TUmeelf.
Acmiwion - cents. Door open at T H o'clock : th cur-
mnwiiwsu. a cnange of performance erery night.
LASS WAHTC Th cnl,cr.rlho. !,.
i -w- - v wuvjviiiivi una
juHt reeeired
a large assortment of Glaxs Ware,
from which h Sn tnnh?4 to mft th wmntn 'nf oar cHlsena.
..11 1 J - ; li 1 1 t .
mm "vr-M wnpitij irr-ninvH, uivo i it in tan rncpu mntierme,
ftwhuitmin, July, inmt ti.rs t. MOUlllR.
poll SALE.
One Pony, ft ftjbrn old.
One Sorrel Mare, 6 rmrtrold.
Tb tlarneiutec.
On onhont Witon.
Th abnre nronprtr will bet utAA mi tx Trv low ftr-iir. fa
CASH or approrcd ooi.
July 1.7, 1SW. 653 pMTTIi h T.OCKWOOP.
Abbtabnla Common Pleas. June Term, 1660.
Ovnrj9 WHltrd,
5hrnl, Hiram H-.ll, liar-I Order of Sltr.
nrt R. HnU, KntHy 8. Hall.
Marv E. Hnl1, Ciami Gate, I
E. I- ox, a Elisabeth A. Harvey. J
Br virtue of an ordr of Hal duly l-ntuetr frotiViiattfCtwri.
In Ibe Above cum, to me directed. I will oiler lor aal br war
of public auction, at the door of tbe Court JIouk ia JeUer
on, A lb tabula couuty, Ohio, on
Monday, the 3d day of Septoroer, i.( 18G0
between the hoitra of 10 and 4 o'clock of said day. th fol.
lntrtnir described Land ktvi Teneiipenta, to-wit : .Situate n
tlie townf-hip of I'tyrtioulb, bounty tit Aplittttan; and H tat
nf Ohio, beiiiff rixty aeiea of land in the mnWlt imrt of Briirl-
nal lot No. twenty 20 and bounded as firllowv to wit : hfe
(ttnninjr in the Kant line of thirty acre in Mid lot, formerly
owned by the heiri of Thomas VV be I pier, at a pomt formerly
intemeeted by the biirhway; tbeitc Kant alone the center of
aid highway eleren 11 rods; thfnce North to m ftmall
brook, Uietwe along the center of an id brook to lta junction
wiin ine urooa caitea iae niaaeaiiee run, irtenoe oown th laat
mentioned run or brook to th Kaat Ha of th 30 acre
arreaid; thence North on aaid Ho to the North Hue of aald
original lot io. io), thence Kaat to the haat line of aerent-
7ti acre heretofore deeded by NVliemUh Hubbard to eado
Mann, the nee South to the Isouth line of Mid lot No. 20.
thence Went on said South line to the Rant Hue ot the thlrtv
30 acrex aforeaaid, thno South to the place of beginning.
It being the farm on which I.inaa Hall lived up to the tint
of hi death, and waa deeded to him on tb 1Mb day of July,
n. i' ur i'. n. r lieu, mm nawr vvuiuiIMKrUer U uuanc
ey. Appraised at $
WM. IlKMWY. Hherlff, a
Secial Maater CommlMloner.
PhrHtTd Offltw, JpfTerann, July IS. K60. 6whfZt 24
MOTJCE. The Stale of Ohio, Abhta
11 btria County, 88. Court of Common Tleaa.
Darid VT. Oary, Henry Culver,
and KHtabcth A. Culver, I'laWs,
John n. Camp, Am Olllett, Petition for Partition.
Cornelia Cillett, I'erry Barrett,
llellen Barrett, Lewis B.
Brockett, licy Urockett, Sarah
y Ink a nd Jauie FUk, def U.
The defendant a bo re named are hereby notified tbat on tha
2th day of Julr, A. I). JfthO, the plalntlffa Sled in aaid Court
a petition, preying that partition be made of about thirteea
aud a half acre of lami, formerly owned by Itavid N. Camp,
oeceaaeil. situate in lue Ineornoratea Tlllare or Aahubula. In
aaid County, and bounded North by laud of the heir of
Amos risk, deceased; v. est by lands or r . Mather; Kast and
8nuth by hirhwai-a and lota of Patrick Connor and otlir.
And Uiat th aaid land now hld in common by the partiea
mar he nartitloned as follows, to-wit : 2-6 to said tiarr. 1-6 to
aid Elisabeth A. Culrer, ft-SO to said John H. Camp, and 1-30
to earn or tbe Ifereodnnta, Uimelia, Lucy, Hellen, Harah anil
jnman. Ana ttuu eaia petition will be tor hearina: in said
court u lb aexi lerm uiereor.
C. BOOTirSollrltor for Petitioner.
Dated July 27, 1S60. w&&3
Ebcnexer Williams, )
r V Order of Sale.
Andrew La Grange. J
By virtue of an Order of 8ale duly issued from aald Court
in the arjorc case, to mc diieetcd, l wtti oiler for aai by way
oi ruuiic Aueiion, at ui isuor oi iu
Court House, in Jefferson,
Ashtabula County, and State of Ohio, '
on Monday, 3d day of September, a d, 18C0,
between the hour of 10 and 4 e'clock of said day, the follow
ing feai csuste, lo-wu : eiiuaic la lit Pio. so, tn Ui Uiwnr
ship of Plymouth, County ef Ashtabula, and State of Ohio.
Bnundrd commencing; at a atak 1'J chain and Ot link
West of tli North East corner of aaid lot; thenee South and
30 link parallel with th East lin or said lot to stake
thence West 13 eliiin to a stake; tbenee North narallel with
the lot Hue ltt chains and 3d links to a atake ia the center of
the highway I thenee Kast 13 chain to th plae or beginning.
cuuuuoing hweuir-aTO acjesoi lan.i. j iinrai.ru ai auza.
WM. HEVDHV, HlieriS, a
Rpecial Maater Commissioner,
herln" Office, Jrffrraofl. July M. 1WHI. 6wii:$4 ii
KJ Ashtabula Common rlaaj, June Term, 1H63. .
Th Stat f Ohio, 1 . .
v Pluriui Venditiona Eiponaa,
McUocthoa Pottsr. )
By virtu of writ of Vendition Eiponaa, duly Issued
from aaid Court to the above oaae, to me directed. I will offrr
for aai by way of pubii auction, at tlie door of th Court
tiotu In JeaTsron, Aaiit4wl touAty, tluw, oa , ,
Monday, the 3d day of September, a. d. I860,
between th hours of 10 and 4 o'clock of acid day, th follow
ing described Land to-wit i Being three 3 ere ol land
deeded by Lemuel Potter to lleianetboa Potter, eituate in tb
township of Harperaneld, County of Ashtabula, and Hut
unto, and la known as Ming pari or l.ol No. aa. In aaid town
ship, bounded o the Eaat by the highway, co the North by
lands or Arelielaus Parker, and on the West and bouth by
lauds of Letuowi Potter. AppraiMd at i"8 00.
WM. liKNOnr. Bberlfr.
8herlfT OBee, JeBereon, July 26, liA iaiiH 2
at REAL ESTATE-nAaWeiwaiComuea Pleas-NoT.
Charles Jackson, .
vs I Older to 811. '
Job Jackson, Eunice Jaekaoa, I
aod Judy P. Tuckrmau. '
By virtu of an Order nf Kale, duly lasoed from said Court ta
the above oaae, to m directed, 1 will oiler for sal by way
public auction, at the door of Ik Court Uoua in isOeisoo,
Ashtabula Couuly, Ohio, oa
Monday, the W day of Septomber, A. d. I860,
betsreea Ih hoars at 10 and 4 ('clock ef said day, th follow
ing described Krai Eatat, to-wii situate in th lowuhlp
ol Trumbull, County r Aehtabukv, and KUt or Ohio, aud
bounded and docribid as pillow i Bring part of Lot Dum
ber Umtcc, is tract cumber two, ia said said tewiiahip. aud
bounded as follows I Ou the North, fouth. aod Wast by the
Hoc of aaid lot, and am the East br th Wt tin nf twenty
ftvc acre ef lead ia said lot. deeded ta llorelto Thumpaoa,
nd mtaifML aa aew aarvayed aod knew, wvuty-lour and
-luu 14 4-14 af hkad, a tbe aan tnev ar lj
1111111 l I . .Ta- HH.NIiHf, eheruV, e
" fceeaal Mat Ciaalasloa.
Pkertrs fee. JeoVewa. July . ltou,
A a. fi , ef I'WiesWi Ma, Pa. II we laat heard rVent
In tha urrfiW iff llfll, In Waalilnirtnn, l. C. Is a better try
trle I en.l fin tsatltt th bil I eriy, daring the eiesle.
V) ir. nmler tb nm of Jeli I Wilson t ! n th Mree-
fliwine nnrler lite same name. Anv Inf.irwiatlna win
li.eiiari.il reccKed bt rflrr.Mne hi hn.laer. E. 1.CI F.HV
e.o rrninul III., rtillailftlonta. I a. ewoc,
MON PLEAS h. .ember T.im, lsthj.
Daniel M Webster, )
' - J
W II Chapman, A ether. 1
tJT Vlrln of an Ptnrle Order of Sate, rlnlr lasned frnwi "eW
Court, la tbe abnr ease, to me dim-led, I will offer lor eel ay
way nf pillule anrthin, at tha dnor f th Court MS iat
Permit, Athtabirt County, tthto, aa - . . . ' 1
Monday the-8d day of 8pWmbr, a. d. 18C0,-
btwn (be boors nf 10 and 4 o'clock of ald dry, tb Aillow
ing described Ijinds and Tenement, tn-wlt I Mieat In th
County nf Ashtabula, and Plate nf Ohio, being part of eriat'
cat lit Nef. elht in Township No. 14, ia the Srt rang
of enWnt"irn in tie Connecticut Weetera Renerre. ad beand
ed and described aa follow i Hclng part of ab-dlrlaioa No. .
S, , 10 and II in said original let No. S, nmimnetng at th ,
Kmith-eaat comer nf E rimes' land in th center ef th .
Rliig Road, running thence Ktrly along th center of wild
Ridg Road to a atak, four rods and all tret West from th t
(liter of the Thompson roed, and there Northerly parallel
with aald Thnmpenn md along the West line nf the Itehool 1
house lot to II, Key Hnnth Tin to th asld Kaat lie nf E.
Pitner' land, and llience Soutliardly Along said i'ltney'a East
line to tho place of beginning, aonUlning tw.lr acre ef
land, be the same more or les. Apprl-rd at
... r s ,-WM. IIKNIIKY, Sheriff, a
Special Master Commissioner,
Sheriffs nffle, Jeffereon, Jnly , I860. ' teU'.'l 4 IS
OF REAL; KoTAIE AihlaUll Cemawa Plea,
June Term, lsno.
... ,, BeUB. BlakMlee,
Order of Eae'
Bealley B. Mana at Sarah Mann
Mann. )
By wlrtne or aa (rrthrt- of Sal duly Kit tied frnai said Conrt,
In the aboee ease, to me directed, I will offer for eale by way
of public anrtion at the door of tb Court Hon, ia Jeffer
son, Ashtabula county, Ohio, oa , . .
MontraJ', the 3d day of September, i. ft. 18C0,
between the hours of 10 and 4 o'clock of aald day, th follow
ing deacribed ltnde, tn-wlt I Sltwat In tlie Township of
Plymouth, In the ffrantr ot AahteNrlay Stat af Ohio, being
In TnwnsMp . I J, hf the Srf range of l owaahip In tb Oa
neetrcht Wesrem Reserve, o oalled, b-lng parta af l.ota Na.
sluly and ltty-oneU-oO SI in aW Township, and la bound
ed a follow : Beginning at point In the center af h
Jefferson road, at tbe termination of the road leading tree
the center of Plymouth, running thence North S7M East
along the center of aald Plymouth mad StO chalna aad I
linka, thence Kaat 40 chaina to a Make, thence Smith S chain
and 60 links, thence Sonth 46 drgreea Weat, IS chain to a
take, thence West 16 ebatn and? 16 link, thence Mouth ST
degrees West 19 chains and SO link to the center Of the Jef
ferson Knad, I henc Noilh 42 degree West along the cen
ter nf th n frf JetrVrson mad, S chain and SO link to the
plan of beginning, containing seventy acre and three-fourth
of an acre ef land. Appraised at SI.344 OS.
WM. HENDRY, Rherirf,-
Special traaflaV Cotannfssfnncr.
Sheriffs Office. Jefferson, July lSfio, 6w6.v.'4 It
Land and) Toaonacmt. -
Ashtabula Common Pleas, Jane Term, 18C0,
Isaac I.Torr,- Administrator of
e-obn u. lopn.
Order ef Sal. ,
Joseph Claflln, aad
XlisabttU Clalln. .. :
D T virtu of an Order of Sale, duly Inaued tfm aald Ceart)
In tit aoor w to me directed, 1 will offet M ay f po.h
lie auction, at th door of Uj Court Ueuee. U cfoftr
tabula county, Ohio.
Monday, the 3d day trSeptemW, A. , ffllt
between th faeon r 10 4 o'clock faid 4y, th lUwUf
deacribed Landa aud Tenemeota, to-w.t t A ...
F I to ate Id th township of Traroboll, County f lib tab la,
and Stat nf Ohio, and bounded and oVaeribe-d a follw
Being part of lot number thirty, in th center division f lot
in aaid township, and hounded as follows i Beginning wher
th road tntereeets th North lln of aaid lot numbr thirty
thence Weat along th lot line toth North-West nnMrf
aaid lot, thence South along tb lot line to th 8outb-w
corner of that part of said Jot which Jhn B. Ceip originally
bought of Hiram Bliaa j thence Eaat on a lin parallel witk
th North line ol the lot to the center nf be highway, tbo
In a Nnrthaatrly direction along th center of lit high
way to th place of beginning, containing forty aeres of laud.
more or icss. '
Arso on other rlee-er aareel of land, sftuat lb th toww-
ehlp of Trumbull, County of Ashtabula, and Stat of Ohio,
being part of lot number elersn II in th Mmfre dirtdon
of lots In aald township, and hounded as mllows : beginning
where th road intersects the South lln of aald lot nnmbar
11, thence along the road center to the Smith lin of land,
deeded by John B, Copp to Albert Pool, tliene West along
nia rotu a.nouin line to a post or sua in th wa lin or
the lot, thence South along tb lot lin twenty rd to tl.lf
South'wpst corner of the lot, thence East along th lot lin
to th place f beginning, containing ntntea aeres of land,
wore or less. Appraised at $
ww. HEVpnr.Fhsrifr; aa
Bpeeial alaator Commivonor.
Sheriffs Qffic, July 20, 1M0. wW.'$ 3
Jay S. Stunes.
Ta Ih Common PI .as,
Ashtabula (.'aunt. O.
jiaaum . ramewonn, omer.
The said Nairn m P Farnawnrth will take notice that tha
said Jay H 8lurcea haa filed hi nelilion in tlie above named
Court, settine. forth that on tlie 2U1h day nf July. 1829, aaid
r if n.worin exeeiuen i iski einrre nis promtseorv aot. lor
S-.17 32, imyablr July I. IMK). and at Bam time mnvtcaced t
said cHurge, Lot No. 7U3, in the Township of llartspmve, ta
secure pnyinent thereof. That Err Hon don and th Hank of
Seura cUim some interest in said Lot, so eject to said neart
gafr. that said Not ia unpaid. And prayine; jndment tnr
said sum and iotrrrst from July 1, I860, ao-1 sal of aaid Lot,
for payment thrreof ; and aald Nahmn P. Famswwnitli is ao
tifled that he la required to arrnrer and an.wer said petition
on or oufoi til third Saturday after the 17th day nf August,
sow, n at. l. i t. Ke.1 n
. . Attorney for PlalntlBs.
PhtedVJullf, 1SC01. wUl
SnrlTie.iiiet rcc'dl - IlAVDRT k COPFI.AN.
Hrktif jaii.
Thea Jars and Corere being wbnllr ef C,n. hav avdean-
tAsra over all Jars. They rejuira no I EMeNT, and ar
tightened in a moment by a slight torn of tli eorni.
Tliey ar admirably auited in the purnos. so perfect ltt
rery particular, thnt a niiiglrtrtat wti inak tittm mdlwpen
able in every Uousrhold.
riK.MmT m trrirKi.AND.
To Darnterrians !
r. WISH TO CALL the attention or all Danrriea
Artist in this Mctioo of tli Couotiy to our
Largo and well selected stock of Material,
which has been purchased direct from th '
Manufacturiug aod Importing Houses,
For Cash !
i t.
enable n to offer yon as great w variety, aii a at ,
Low Figures, ,,
as any other Markrt. Oar aim Is t gfr ntir saVtHbe-tioa.
Call and. 1IENUKY k COPKI.ANO.
JL Tb undersigned has beea duly appelated Esccutar of
the Last Will and testsanaut s ,. .,
Thomas A. Smith,
' i
lat of Ashtabula, Ashtabula County, Ohio, deceased.
. a. E. PAKSOXS.
AshUbula, July 12, 186(1. Swat!
PUMPS. A'spleudid assortment of
PUMPS, from th : ,
Holt Maoofttcturing Compaoy,
calealaled to meet th great Inquiry and glr eatiefretira. ,
Well and Cistern Pomps .
ar eipected every day, at T. VtOCIRaTS.
AshUbula, July 12, '60. eftlfef
Glass, and Liverpool Ware.
A large quantity of the best Styles in Market
Gko. C. Hubbard.
for School, Political, or other processions, upon Silk, Caataav
or Cotton Cloth, io any color.
AIo Maaonie or other emblems, gilded er painted apa
Bilk or Satis, for Apron at fjrarfj.
Ashtabula, May, 1WI0. . 444
A Medicinal us.
Bkhs Old Otardand Oignae pale and red. Urn-
St. C'rois and Old Jamaica, (lia Old Holland, and lndoaj
Charlecfila. Viumar Old Uourboa Oinjier lilatllled Pine
apple, Monongahelia and Eteelslnr Whisky. W I s ks Port
Madrria, riherry Mallaga aud flarrett Also Chtawba and
Foreign Cbampaiu Wio all warranted ef th pore
quality, lor ml by ligtl. WILLARU.
YARNJSIIES A ful) assortment, aoi
aew nignmut of that .. , p.
Gold Medal Sajeralus,' . "
that give snch good wtlsAvctkia. . ., . . '. ,
Also a fresh stock of Drnpre, MerJiefnef,
P.lotsandOlla. ' HE.NDBT h Ot)PELAM.
Uilog aew, uful and agreeaele, . ,
iafPKnia.1 tapers, -
Rnrrrln without wloW. and aasieamlne abasat en ta ajaeth
of Oil during tweoty-fcur hew. Well adapted to a In lb
alek-room. illNUKV h COPELANa
Ashtabula, June 71st, 1 at.
JEW GOODS I!1 ; ' v
Tbe aDdanigned bat Jut rctunei free haw Tork, with
aa eutiie
purchased ainee the eeeat "Brack deem" la price, and I aew
prepared te otfar aplnod barpaiua to ail ef mis Ina ao4
eustosuera, who are In want oi Ooods,
TIaeukful for past favoie, aod anlidtinga tantinaaae
the aaine, I pledge my wi d aod honor aot to h aaderceid ey
anybody whatever. 'ry respectful I r,
AshUbula, Juixl.tO. iitb. WnXAKO.
KA Piece Wall Paper, for aale by
tiU Jaa.eMkM. - 680. Wft
w. a. net

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