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Ashtabula weekly telegraph. [volume] (Ashtabula, Ohio) 1853-1873, June 15, 1861, Image 4

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Unwritten History.
It iMtui to bs iDtMptttJ la omi aur-
Xt Ibftt the Mom of tfis.ory, o jetri
bene, will, n nh lift. th recording pen,
ponndrr orer ovprt-a. not oiilik th.,
Daring the w.r for th) rcatornion nni
perpttotion of the American Union, tbc
1-odors., and Loniedrte -rune. cu nnm
bering fifty tlionndf were- drawn tip in
Wtle array; Tin prize immcdiatel- at
take wa the eccnpnncy of Harper'. Ferry
Englpi were aoondltipf, drums rolling, rifles
rattling, ahelia baratmn, cavalry charging.
three or four thousand toen hod Mien on
tsuhef aide, and victory ws trembling in
Iba balance.
' Just at that moment, big with the fate
of an empire, messengeri came datdiiiig into
the line of the combatant, and informed
Gena. Pattemon and Jobniton that two or
three thonoand alavcs, six or eight miles
wey.'tnking advantage of the fight, hud
risen In rebellion, proclaimed ajnbilee, and
were in full Eljtht toward the North star.
Instantly the bngles of the Federal and
Confederate arraes sounded a truce, and
each look up the lino of march in double
quick time for the scene of the Africo exo
dus. Johnston being a Major-Ueueral in the
regular army or the UotifetJeracT. while Tat
terson was only a Major General of Penn
sylvania, ranked the iederal commander,
assumed the command of the allied forces,
and gave the order to chara-e on the sable
fugitives. Thereupon the Fire Zouave the
Texas Rangers, the Massachusetts Sixth
and the Mississippi First, the Philadelphia
Blues and the Pensacola Grays, with
Ohio Grenadiers and the Arkansas Grea
sers, with all the other crack corps of the
iwo armies, balled the order of the Canfcd
erate Chief with a wild shout, ruahed upon
tue insurgents, and vied akh each other
In the effort to 'put down the insurrection
with an iron rand.'
The Cub. was desperate for the negroes
were striking a last desperate blow for lib
erty and life. But the trained valor and su
periority of numbers of the allies proved t .0
strong for the uudisciplined courage and fee
ble resources of the African-rebels, who,
after a furioos contest, were either killed or
captured by tho combined IVorthera and
Southern forces.
This episod in the main battle being over
the allies piled up hetacombs of slaughtered
negroes, when Patter-on and Johnson lush
ed frauternaUy into each others arms, some
what after the manner of Wellington and
Blucber at Waterloo, and gave one long
embrace over their common victory. Then
tearing themselves ' tenderl? asunder, the?
oraerea ineir respective commands to re
sums their old positions, a hero they egniii
formed iu line of battle, loaded their rifles,
wiped the negro blood from their cutla.se,
onlimbered their grins and commenced the
war opon one another with renewed vigor.
Draikaoe. -The principle benefits of drain
age are the following ; Jt prevents wash
ing, by admitting a sudden fall of raiu
quickly into the ground leaving little to ruu
Off. It enriches the soil, by euuing it to
absorb the rain quickly, to lixiviate theru
eud to retain for the ue of plants their car
bonic acid, amonia, and other mutiurul
matters, instead of ruuuing the in off to
gether with some of the riuhasi top aoii.iuto
neighboring brook.
Mori Awt rA. foreign letter says that
Col.' Fbeuovt will bring back with him a
large uumber Of improved ruut-kets and a
heavy park of artillery -0 twelve pouud
ere. Mr. Sax-oro, also, onr Minister to
Belgium, has bought on his on account,!
number of rifled cannon which will be
Immediately shipped to this conntiy.
CSrWhatevever ia necessary to be done
can te done.' Sature is tco wise end btncO
cent to yoke necessity with impossibility.
tSUlt is said that many a man has miss
ed being a great man by splitting into two
middling ones. Concentrate your energies,
If you would make a figure in the wot Id.
la-Poverty breeds wealth ; and wealth,
to iu turn, breeds poverty. The earth, to
form the mound, is taken out of Ui diirh ,
and the height of one Is near about the
aepio ot tne other.
. VOODCr Iddv IO Maiiie srlrrrttcsa
lor ine joang man who "embraced an cp-
Funuuii.jr, uu says u os a hi coine over to
laeir town ba can do better,
VfB.W like to see a women ent io the
ttoruiug scraping op chips to build a fire,
7. . u iu uoii ; n sqows mat sne
ioidks more or bim
than she docs of her-
' fWProfondts Imos thinks that Uncle
oam is going tuto tbe chair bottom busioi
a the North is now enfraging in raisi
Mg i and tbe Sooth in raising Cain.
- J"! Rochester young lady, last week,
donned male attire and followed her lover
io r.imira, at wbich place he is now serving
as a volomeer. She pant for love.
atB.Thare are plenty of ops and downs
ta tbts life. We kuew a man that once ran
Tor a constable, and tbe next day a constable
time bad a bit in his mou b.
. Dr. Cbaaaa auaia'a
v-orotno. u Cheeseman. 11. N. York Citv.
9a ara- . r ... .
r - J
,,ri1r ta peril If L 1, mad 00(rh u M
EaJin.T,U1 to which twmZ ofW
.."mcn aelaa anhiact. m
9iiI'ZE.??, ' aaten.U,d
iurtMifwMl. mi .. . . f r"'saa witlwiut pa n. all die-
?.7 ,ilU ,.el,ra' rmo'-
aaauattoa ajul 11 , . wnntHwrai au-
Jlma.a HI . fTiv Tmnor. JlystaneaTelpaama.
awuatiaa. ant an M : ,. ""awaerat aueu
aaaaa at a. 7.r - . luocuooa. ia the wont
""S lav SMT Mtt, tbmj tfwl a speedy sura.
b. , 0 VViM and Mairwtia.
ImJZ'i'!'"',1'' Uie .nlyai, mnm.
rTf"? an.d trtf regularity. atJ saaaa.
A WaasK
a IT-Vr w . tlmtmr rVaai 40 tm aa r,..
pamphlet, to be had free o7 th. AgeuU. Piu.
w a.idrry-s;?..":.''
Io tba Caaaraj
a. B. HLTCHixm. -aa r'i.. v wa.
sal. k aflri faT-at f aa, U tl.U. 4 '(TaW-a
"-TarJT U ttaoeKM Suuss aa. by agent
I I vi.n. . 1
ia bat heat . uLLamJliT. ?!' 'J Janaary 1MI, wke4le-
gUaWly. ana s,tu tuassaw
w,k, ?J?J.":'jj-
"y awhtsl ia
a ua aa siiswa, .
aa4aB, ilk. lt, V(
Ac: l.iH ....
111 b.
piacwo in 01
" -
Ashtabula Union School.
RT. 0. Brtraa, A
St. sacrists sdW
1. Tmr, A, M
rV.wrtpel of Flift School
A etant la High ?r,ovd
- Onrmmar Hehool
Intermedial Dratvnvit
lMlrf..,t tn .Im..
NtniUiui u. SoiooraAKtll,
Ml" ELItA A. "TOSS, -
MlN M CoennAUt, -
Miss 5TWJ "ammo,
aiis As o,
Th. Seisml vv 1fm sesli p-h eat a sotubia ar tvluln
within th. U limits, and th L Votrtct attached theme
for School purpose.
Fort; weSs constitute a Tear. Trm tor pupils from abroad.
win o
For Primary per una. t'.W
For Grammar - 1? 00
For High fclmol ------ )C,oo
Tuition Mfkb le In advance.
All applications for admission tobsmsda to th Suptria.
Tho Fall Term eomnimm StpttmVtr IJ, lSei, ud Ui
w lutur urn januarv liu,
It U hlzhlr drurablt tkatall iwpll mnild twrtn at Xh ora-
Ing of toinia. No pupllii out of tha vlllaaa Ul ba rarvirad for
a laa pat tod thaa one tarm, aod do deductions for abaanca aa-
capt ta
of NicknaMOr ra.finral.
It. L. lloKRIHO.V, rVMl,
A. F. HraaaKD, Cltrk,
8Tkrntx IIai.l, 7m.
Q. C. Ccllit,
1 Hall.
H. Fanhktt,
Baaid of Education.
Patent Vnlcaullc Drntal Atnc),
Me. M8 broadwaf, New York.
Octobar 81t,lS0.
rFIlIS is to certify that Pr. A. Dakkktt,
JL of Anhtatmla, (Duo, In Ilia onlj prnnn in Ahtabuba
countr, that can la full j maka, air, or rand for olbara ta
a, tla
Vulcanite Ttase for Artificlnl Teeth.
Tlila Baa lor ttb baring brenma an popular on aemttnt of
tlia aaa and eninftirt to tlia waarar, that aiana Hanlnla ara
ollaringwitrk niaOefiom inferior maleritiK lima atlainptii'R to
aTaila tlia I'ataiiui. Tba pnlille ara hareha notlllfd that ana
parD offering to lurnlli tliia work In Axhtabula or liclnltv,
aithnnt a licenaa to rnnlia tba aanta, no matter by what name,
ara infrlniring the (fomlyear I'alrntA, not only rendering the in
aelves liable to proReeut'lon for Infringement, but also thne
wearing a at ol teeth made b an infringer, are ln liable
for damage. Eieir lenlit hiring a right to u the Vulran
ite In hi practice, holrle a licence from the American Maid
Kubber Co. The cnmmanilr bare the mean of protecting
themsolren, bv demanding of their Dentiata the credence that
be ia dulr aut'hoifzed to ue "aid Mae for Aililicial Teeth.
66H B. W. KKANK LIN. Cen'l Agent.
Pr recent Important rhnngea thin road i now ah!e to fur
ni.h nnutial ficiitieK for iuterc 'Diiuunic.-itlon, Hast and West,
Northweat and SouthweaL
Full Connection atth alt ilirough trnln In I'hilndelplila
and New York, hi the E.lt with the Smith. I.r it Washing
ton Branch Boat! Vy Tlevi Innd and I'ittntirgh. I'enlml Ohio
and alarriatta and Cincinnati tralua, Hilh tl.e Northweet, Weat
and Southaeht.
Tlmmgh Ticketa to or from fl.iltimore, riillmletpMn. Vew
York or Briaton give the pin I'ete of lying oai at anv of the
intermediate citica. Two lnlnr" additional give tl.e pllitega
1 1 visiting WaahinKton city aa runtt
Tl.in is the only route that can fnr-i.-h Through Tickoie or
I r trgnge Check-to or from U'ashinttou rily.
Fare as low as by aty other route,
sleeping cars on a'l niu'lit tiaine.
.lak lor Ticketa ly Ualtimoie and Ohio Fsil n .d.
J. II. Sll UV.VN,
Gtu'l Western .gi't, Heii.-iie, nhio.
W. P. ?M!Trt, I I.. M. fill V..
let of Tranepaitatton, Crucial Ticket Agent.
Baltimore, M. (,;.-y
Wheeler & Wilson Machine.
Saw Improwementa, at Ktduead Prices
rT'HE Wheeler & Wilsnn MnnnrH,tni inir
A Conran haeina rained all their auita at law. v-lth In.
frinrtng manulHCtureni of Sewing Macbinea, projoae that tba
public khail he bnefl;td therfbr, and bava aoonrdirgly to
djoed the prioea of their Sewing" Machine. After this data
they will be anld at ratae that will pay a fair profit on the
eoet of manufacture, capital invested, and expenae of oiaVlng
; auco pnoee aa win en ante inem to maiia nrst claa
tnachlnee , aud, aa baratofbra, guajaefce them is arorj pirtic-
Ko. 1 Jtedlom, arlth G'aaa Font and Rammer. ... 00
2 Biack, ilmriros-edj with Ciaaa Foot A llui-joa.-, W 00
e Blaak, (Common) with old Hemmcr, 45 00
" Lrge Hefhinaon Flain Table, with IlemKCr, IS 00
" Cyli At- Maobina, on plain table, with Hemoier, SS 00
Needjea. per doacn, ft
Enary Wbaala, each ' Zi
Marking fluacca. each. 1m
ConSera, each go
Bioden, (new and ImproTcd,) each 8 60
. . , . . James Retd, Agent.
Aahrabula, Vor. la. !.
worthy of
Universal Corfideoce and Patronage.
Ladieemd Gaiitiaiuen. in all narta of the ar irld traitrv in
edicOy of Prof. O. J. Wood's i.'alr Keatoratire, ar.d gc DCcjlcn
the Prera aia snanimnue In iu p aw. A few te.timoniala
only can be here given a circular tor core, and it alii be
tapaiib. for uu to doubt.
7 Wall Street, f w Torit, Dec. S. th, JSCS.
QssTLrarcy f Your note of tlia lnih Intt. I,.. wn a.i
ed, saying Uiatyou bad baaid ttiat I bad ben beceiitted by
tba ua of Wo"d'a Hair istorative, and requealiug my at'rli-
inla Ilia .A, . I V. A i : . . : . - i
4 "hii u bo you cDenuilT, because I think it
use I think it due. Sly age
Is about to yMtt ; j j,,,. ( mf ,uburo ,n() inciiBta
ny luur I
.i.ira It
and the scalp on the crown of my bead to lota Its amaibi'lltv
uwi.w ia ypara Mnr 11 oegan to turn ffiST.
ana OADQruu to lorm ujn Iu Each of that dlsagreabilttie.
li-.crea4 with time, and ah.iut 4 tnontha ainc a tnorth aa
added to tbom by hair falliag of tUa top of niy head sad
In this anplaaaant predloament, T we induced to try Woode
Hair Restorative, maiuly to arrest the falling oif of my hair
tor I bad really no expectation that giay hair could evor be
reatoied to iu original colon eieept fiom dves. I wk, hov.
evr, greatly aurpnsed to find after the uaa of two bottlca on
ly, that not only was the faliing off arresu-d, bnt the dor w.ia
teatord to the gray hai.s and rcnaiUlity to Uk sculp, and
dandruff eeaaed to lorm on my head, very much to the grati
aeatioa of my wife, at wboi solicitation I wsa induced to
try It.
For this, smon? tl.e ciavy ebUgatl-ns I owe to tr rex, I
strongly recommend all hutbanda ho value th admiration
of their wive, to profit ty oiy example, and use It if gioaing
gray or getting bald. Vary respectrnlly,
T - J- TTood t Co, 4.1 Broadway, New York.
My Umily are a Want dem th city, and I am no loaacr at
Jfo. 11 Latioi I'lace.
. Fiamaetcn, Ala, July 20th, 1S9,
To Prof. O.J. Wood: Dear Sir : Your Hair K,tora
v baa don my hair so mu'h good sloe I eomniencad th
oi , lni wun to make known to tb nub.io of ita ef-
Kcu oa tba hair, wbieli are great. A man or woman mar be
TImV ' "air, ana or a raiiort to your ilair Keator.
ative, the hair will roturn more beautilul than ever i at ieasl
this ia my experience. Believe it aU.
ooratruly. WM. H. KEXEHY.
r. 8 Yon ean publish Uieabnr if you like, lly publish
.u our oouinein papera you will get more patronage south.
ur ceruncate la Ult Mctn't Mcrivrii,
strong Southern psjr. vv . 11. Kem dy.
Wood's Hair Restorative.
raor O. J. Wnon Dear Sir, TI..I.. k.a .1 t-.-.
n r i " "v nair, noni ine efleeta of the
. j i , vr.eana in ini. i a a. Indued to maka
m ' youT'r'Pr"nr. and found it to answer aa the
,..... ...ru. nr nir is new inick ana gloaay, and no
S....H ...-, .'. ...I 0 .'".".'" ai
w...... can rxun-M mr nnniniTiiiti. in . 1. .
tng piaora sa strong and artet aa to
For Staitsmen. .Tn Hr B .( 01 1 -1 ..... .. .
Kw.u I 1 fc , "", 1 n..iri.ii, or me oiacst
-.rUIIHW give n ineir unniia it ed a.t.rH..n 1
eeTlaT 7 ' ef"" of "l'i". and disewe. 0 th.
that it wm p, u,, BBir flon) w ,,om f.u.
w any age, as well aa reatore. head the lollowing :
Paor O J ar 0lK 0Y'- s- '"e 24tli, 1S6S.
""dTninln.,'; "W H"ir iiftoratiw b
Uvea perfect 'tail"1'-" "i,s n '' "ir Kc.to.a
ftwnX'Ialu: ' 'aetaiiaa aa to be thrown
my bei raoaived a nvit wTibu Vu'- "T . "m w
a great deal
and external
aorfao of the h..l (,. .Z- "? "rain
Anal.. Vat,n.l .1." , " f
u.. tiwfi 1 run d..a , miT7.L "d- '""
time of it. total dias,,praoc,, I are, ill J"'""''
lh.a Of, being a pro!,n 'J? ?Z,tMV
mlaraunding th. natn r. of the due " "
K I could
fea'ed in .v.ry prescription ailranaed. ' ". 6n"J'
lhaae and oUier ciieumstaneea 1,..!,.,. .
your worthy liair Kaatarative, which I hat ... "
believe, 1,1 edi iced a very haimr result ! twn ,"
Arat anplicatino. 1 bad aa kaaiitiral a baa .1 ... . r lle
saw. (ar arhidi I certainly owe you ,i mo.tX!? 1
KtdV -r sir, I shall reennJV,!
aaedr to all Inquirer ; moreover, I shall aas air luauealT
Yu caa pubiiah Ihia If you think proiier.
Yours, rsry -.apeclfully, at , J. WRIGHT, M J).
OSIee of the JaifHranniaa PLlltlnnl V. n.. ia ...
Daw Sir J I (eel it my duty aa well aa say pleaaare, to sUte
.' :" '""'"""" C H!,,ul"DO. wuicu you ean use as you
tbihk proper. A gentleman of this place a lawrer haa been
rr sine hie early y.Kith ; an much so, thai n. was com-
Kllad to wear a wig. He waa induced Ui uaa a bottle ef your
ur Kaatoralire. which he likad n n.k . A ... .:' .
two or three boiuas hi hair grew 0.1 luxuriantly, ai.d
hf fcaoda,ne head tar lw. The genUeanan a am
""" aaaaa net. aery welt knows in oar adjoining
- j . i.niy ki sue irein or una ateta-
et J give it to you at tbe reuuut of Mr. rbadtwa. kea
,n . fmx of ,our ,Uir Krtnmtif a is this and ad
Joining aouutU. if you bay th proper aaenta.
Youra.ka, TilKlflVON siURCII.VOB.
M'i . ' nw Sles-Penntt to ta eipreM the at liM
2nh"",'rla!raV" rt"""" " Wr I, ia
raSu. f" "T r the V. flute.
luTr TVJTJ' """I 'Wlieathm o?
..aside, "0u "are4 h. origins hue. I
The Beataratar. U ... .... "AUiKrU.
medium aad small 1 II. n.ii bolrt. V . , '
to, M. doliae raw kaitla": 'LiS' .?
eaas. aaae. ia aeavartioa thaa u.e nal i.ii . "
ihsra per butU. i Ui large .iT. . " 'i W.!'
proportluo, and retaUa i,l in. n
-. 00f CO, Prapraytora. 41 Iraa... ',. '
. L. w. a , , ' '
""" " .A is t'.
ft IT
tawavt's Lars; Oto, A.lr-Tlgkt,
WARRANTED to bo tho best Cook
Itig Stove in Uie world, and requiring lee thaa
One-half the Fuel of the common Cook Stoves,
For aale br I1KO. C. lll'MURD.
Ashtabula, July IMA, . . (48
A fitnarttmt faafifvfwa, aafaaiaaarf Aa tptriml KnJmtmm
for IA Rtlitf Iff tht Sick aad Ihtlrrurd, mfiiclrd tcilh f'ir.
lent aaa i:mfeatie lwnsts. aaal wpicimltf ft (Aa Card
iJiereace a f Aa Stnmi Orgmnt.
TEDICAL ADVICE giv.n gratia, by
1 JL tht Actinft Riirfrron, to ftll who vpW br lcttr( with
a decrittion "I Uiir c-m'ttiton, (np', cruflion( habit, of
lift. Ac ) mid In cane of rxtmn) povvrtj, ftltrtlifine fumUh
cd fiw of cliirfrp.
Vatluabl Hr-nrt on 8iormtorrhtTi, fcud otlitr DiamjuMi of
tho Sf-xitnl Orxn nnd on tit Nkw 1ii.mkdiki mplnred io
th IXurnevarT, nf nt to tht flllctd in waled ttir nvf1nfi,
ftf of charge. Two or tbrv aStAiuN for potUte will be c
Addn-M, Pr. J. 9KIM.IV tlOl'OHTON, Aetinr Purirpon
Mownrd AMociatlon,Nn.3 South NIMH iStwM. I'hiladeli.hii..
Vm. By order of the Iirprtorp.
K.KA D. nEAnTWEI.L.Pnldvnt.
r.FO.FAinnni-P, fecrvtnry. ft7
Th PIrectom nf the County Innrmarj Uke thin
inejthoA of eiiHlnff th Mtwtlon of trnerol?nt perMtna) to t lie
op'rortuoitr now pretenttd of mwixiinir and rtmrfn theletl
tnte Orphan Children now iu the Innrmaty. Thte children
enniprie both mxp, tnnrititr from 0 nifMithi to 10 yonrn of
aire. The Director are antinu to provide the children with
ejood hntnpn, fan l lie l thf will be oared Hr, and tmtvht
ueful occupntion-v. For purticulam, apnlr to either ol the
undetigne1t or of Uie Sutveriulcndent of the Itiflrmnry,
RInirmiUe, Kor. 7, 1fi0. fini Inflinmry Mirector.
ASHTAItVI.A, nil in.
la the anthaiired Aunt for AahUhnla County, or the folio'
ing named Insurance Companies, which have complied with
thelawanl Ohio, and ara atitlmilx d to transact buMUeaa in
this Al.t.
Hl.kK L.Len on Finn and delntclicd bull'lings nnd contents,
at the loa-ext rates nf responslMe compauiea lor one to five
veara, and on property In rillacea at fair raiea.
LoaatB honoiably adjusted and pnmiptly paid.
Home Tnsiiriiiicc Company, -
Cash Capital, all paid In Jl.flOO.Oof)
Surplus, over 416,M5
, . . . .T
City Fire Insurance Company,
or tttmr nans., cox.
Capital actually paid in.
Surplas nf over, i
tlfio.noo Of)
174,300 00
Charter Onk Fire & Marine Insurance Co.
H.RTronn, Cox5., JaxriKT 1, 15S0.
Cipltal actually paid in cash $300,000 00
Prompt attention to applications from any part of tbe county
Tbe undersigned la also Agent for tba
Charter Ouk Life Insurance Company, .
of llarttbrd. Conn,
tbe repntnrfon and actual condition of which Is not surpassed
by auy company in tbe L'nion. .
Ashtabula, M'irch 12, 1M0. 434
Baffulo and Fancy Robe a.
Xj. Honodiot jb
aoi smmoR streex,
have orsred tba Urjett and best assortment of
; - ' ! 1' , . .. .
ex r offeTtd la Kortheru Ohio.
v v . . ' ,
VT hav just received iiraet (Voa tba - . ' ;
American Fur Company,
t '.art eo'.letttOB of
Buffalo robes,
wlich we y tl! sell low at wlie'esaU or retail. Oar stock of
Mitteun, an J
ecty comp'ate. VT iavinr ftlenda ef A sli tabula and
vicinity to giia us a call. I'ricaa eiy low.
101 Svperior Slrttt,
Cleveland , Okio.
of those new txA beautiful
-Two cases more
Brocude DeLaines,
. Velour Cloths, and
High colored Merinoes,
All the eeryivttt; designs, and very cheap. Call and see.
'"' 7. IWI JNl). p. K.lHEKTSflN.
3VLa.r lolo !
rPHOSE wishinrr Marble Work of anv
X description caa find it at
The Ashtabala Marble Works,
(Pollahed oa all aide,)
f' nJW " 010 0,r, a"! other eslahlishment
T.'.l ,' ", "amine wora an'l prices lielnre you be
lieve all that is told you by an unprincipled traieling agent,
whose knowledge of marble cou.i.ts in a few draite or duaigns
on pajajr. will duplicate all such work,
both in style and price.
Brlnwonyonr designs, and let na bare a chance to make
ourselves understood.
Willard & Reeves.
Ashtabula, March 14, 141
qqqq just received,
O ff U ta P. J. STArrORDS
Automatic Breech Loading Pistol.
Also, a Dew stock at ' H - . . . ' 4
Tlit .Vr it York Book tj- Fancy Store,
; M. O. DICK.
New Shoe Shop.
1 1 AKR Y ItKDURAn, willilllT to
i' inn iMti,, haa token the shop re
cently vacated bv 1 edeeLar. tl.a M,.i .1 1 S, 7
r.nlr. r. .1. loieim 10
From a BaLui Cack; to a CtniUmnni
" ' Bool, ' i
raf.... . J. l;... . , --- UUIieSS
iau win u man under hfti awn ... ..a . ; iu 1 .
w wwiawiii&j aaiu laaiv. , . .
IjT A share of pobllc patronage la aolldled.
Aahubula Nur, 16d0. 667 H. REDHEAD
a. .11,' '
A. A. Thayer
rX.S!.,..".''?'"?, of " J. P. Robertson's
ni-lllttS fa la ao .m,l b.1.1.. V 1 . .
Kts fa i so wout to Uke. Yes, J Intend ta
and d an kintU aw
drl. of fciLrJJ-, thelow-wt ,ri, o. ta
That b,, .j,, ,plgaoia ,tJ J" ul4
tub rnoTOGiurn,
firjr.,' . Mho.
1 au.ll make it uy stud, to .211. " " tr4
up with the Umea. . "'V aoaiaTa, and keep
J inrite the attj.Bll nr LI . ' ' ' ' ' ' '
throughout lb. auanty to laalga', aociuioUueM
The Deautifu! Fictore yon waqx : : ' '
t all I say 0um and Sse a
a la, Marab. 10-
CVoia aud Old Jaauuka, li-Ola) Ualaaad. aod 1 1,1111
CWa,Glfc W,,,,,,,,, Bourb0,ppTi,lltlal At3
' ii"; ; tJ. V.""'' " vfctawea and
f a.u T,
tfaaHSy tot Bala ay - , -
wwjnii of th paiaaO
r OOft NEWS Jim! irlafl .iJintt to all
VJT - FeyaiWIeatie, Pell a. Demoeyata, lrkrldgara,
tXraglaalt a ide Aw.kea, and Faat Aalswps.
Thrr It BO doubt bnt the good time so ion. coming ana ai
laatwetn.- yMhvaunl t being laa)iatw4wiin,p IT') 1
I : v I f-i.NEWQ00D3,. ! H'.r
all of (Tie newest style tnd most tpprnred designs, an a
moag tlieia ail, no Isiger ttotk or greater yailat; caa be
found than tio(T M0BR1,0N-a.
Th rt In.tallment of our Fall stock, arilved o Tliursdsy
and we shall b receiving eimstsntly for some days tn com
larger secessions of sll lb different styles and varieties nl
Uaxida, that ge In tn:V np a emphte stneb of Dry GodN
Orncerlea, RarfwaTe, Ifnots snd Slmea. flats sn taps, t.reek'
ery, Iron. Hteelnd Nails, I'alnts and Oils, Books and Station
ary, which for fort quality aod law itca.. think, eannot
be beat In tbe countv. ,
. k..a ,l.l .nnd. Iii this market tor a long time, snd
aM . w.n law. that the least amount of gas or brag on
our part la entirely unnecessary, and we leave that Io nlhe rs.
Oalhllcd that strict Integ.lly and fair dealing will In ruture.as,
heretofore, secuts fur us our share nf public patronage.
When looking round, Ju-I drop In, and we will dn our best to
plvaee you, as we aas and will sail g"l ary thP " tsh
II. O. T
ML'ifi .'
tlaa heen (IxtnyaTet his eroeeryfc Proves lo Store, and has
made it what Aahtibul lias long need ad,
A Fi'tt Clam Family Grocery Store!
He Intends to keep everything In his tin of ths choicest
kind. Ills goods shall be right tn every respect.
Yon will always Snd at his stor XXX, XX and alugle X
Sour, with prices to eorrespona a we quality.
flams of his own curving; also pork purchased by himself,
and warranted Corn-fed.
Also, sll other kinds of Provisions and Groceries, together
with horse reeo, oats anu win. .
He keeps sn assortment of Oils and Faints; also, Nails and
Hardware, &e., ; 1 ?
' Coal and Carbon OiU, and
will be found at hla store, nf all prices snd nustitlee. In
short, he intends to supply the want, of th people, and Is
bnun tv seep up wivn sue uiiMja.
He has lived In Ashtabula about 16 years, and has been en
rseed Iu the Grocery business for the laat & veara and the
knowledge lie haa acquired of the wanta of the'peeple, and of
th baslueN in wnicn ur una seen engagea, enable utin t
, Maintain Store and (jorxU,
Jnsl adapted to their wanta. T dn so, is bis highest ambition,
and he will leave no effort untried to satisfy and pleas his
He respectfully solicits a share of the patronage of his fel
low cttiiens. I
IT. C. TesiiiKs.
Ashtabula, April 13. lSfif).
He is ilie Agent tor the sale of all kinds of
Also O. F. Sadd'a Agent fW the sale of
T.l.XHEF.D 0
by the Mil. Price to correspond with Claretand ami Clncln
natl market.
I'hr ii'opvitor ond innnurnfjlnrrt-a rf IK'S
TEUS can atpeal with perfect coiiliiU-mc to
pliysieinusiiuU citizins (rencriilly of ilic L'niii-il
Bintes, becftuso the article litis nilnincil n i-i-hi-tiilion
lictctofore unknown. A few l.icls iiiun
tliispoini vill gpcnk more powerfully (ln.ti
roliinics of bitro assertion or bluioiiing puHevy.
Tlie consumption of Hosteller s Slonuicli Hit
ters for the Inst year auonnieU to over a liult
tliilllott bodies, Mid 4Vom its manifest sternly
increase in times pnst, it is evident tlml during
lite coining year I lie consumption will tencli
uuaroiio million bottles. This immense iinmtiiit.
coubl never have been sold but. for t tie rare
medicinal properties contnincd in tho pi epnrn
tien, ami the sanction of the inoxt pioiuinrul
phyaicinns in those sections of the country
where tho article is best known, who not only
recoitimond the Hitters to their ptitieiiis, lint
arc ready nt all times to give testimonial!! to its
elliency iu nil eases of stomncliie Uei angciiiciiis
ami the diseases resulting (herefrom.
This is nota temporary popularity, oMnined
liy extraordinary efforts in the way of littiti
peliug the qualities of the Flitters, but u solid
estimation ot'nn invaluable medicine, which is
destined to lie its enduring ns tune itself.
Hoetettcr's cjtam.-icli liittars ' hnvo proveJ
n Godsend to regions where fever ninl nguo
snd various other bilious complaiuis hive
couuted their victims by hundreds. To be
able to hi ate conlidontly that tho "Uillcrs''
aro a certain cure for tho Pyppcp&ia and liko
diseases, is to the proprietors a source of un
alloyed pleasure, li removes all mot bid matter
from tho stomach, purities tho bloo.l, and
imparts ronewvd vitality to tbenei-vouBttjHicm,
giving it that tone nnd energy iiidispeurabla
lor tho restoration of health, it operates upon
liio stomach, livor. nnd other digestive organs,
niild'y but powerfully, and soon- restores thorn
1 0 a eoudii ion essential to the healthy discharge
of the functions of nature.
Kldcrly persons may use the Hitlers daily ns
per directions on tbe bottle, and they will find
iu it aslimulaut peculiarly adapted to comfort
declining years, as it is pleasant to tho palate,
invigorating to the bowels, Oaccricrti ns a Ionic,
and rejuvenating generally. havo (he evi
dence of thousands of aged men nnd women
who have experienced the benefit of using this
preparation while suffering from stomach de
rangements olid general debility ; acting under
the advice of physicians, they li.ivo abandoned
all deleterious drugs and fairly tested tho
merits of this article. - A few words to the
gentler sex. There aro certain periods w hen
their cares aro so harassing that many of Ihem
sink under the trial, ' Tho relation of mother
and child is so absorbingly lender, that tho
mother, especially if alio bo young, is apt Io
forget her own health in her extrcmo nnxiely
for her infant. Should the period of maternity
arrive during tho summer hcason, Iho wear of
body and mind is generally aggravated. Here,
I lion, is a necessity for a stimulant Io rcoupc
lale the energies of tho system, and cnublo Iho
mother to bear up tinder iter exhausting trials
and responsibilities. Nursing mothers gene
rally prefer tht Differs to all other iuvigor.v
lots that rcccivo tho endorsement of physi
cians, because it is sgrceablo to Ihe taste -.s
well ns certain to givd a permanent increase
of bodily strength.
All those persons, to whom Tee lmvc particu
larly referred above, to wit : Builders from
fever and ague, caused by malaria, diarrhoea,
dysentery, indigestion, loss f appdiio, and
all diseases or derangements of tho slonincji,
superannuated invalids, persons of sedenlary
occupation, and nursing mothers, will consult
their own physical welfare Vy giving to Hos
teller's Celebrutcd Stomach liincrs it Itinl. ,
CAl'TN'T tVe caution the public ngaiiibt
using uuy of Iho many imitation or counter
feits, but ask for Hustktti u's ( i i rnnATKii
P i oMAiru UivTKIts. aod Me that each bolllc has
the words "Dr. J. Hosteller's Stomac h Tillers"
blown on the side of the bolllc, mid stumped
on 1 lie metallic enp covering the cork, and
i.K -one that mr autograph signature is on tic
' Prepared awl sold by nOSTETTEfl ft
' EMITII, rutsbureli. Pa., and sold by nil
edruggiiits, grocers, and dealers generally
throughout the United States, bouth Ame
rica, aud Germany.
IJrPbt k CorKtA.vjS, Agents.
Ducro &, Brother's
Calinet Ware Rooms Ash t alula.
"''V TtlKSUBSCRIBIns would
i fully inform the citiaens of Aahubula,
a' aJaad vicinity that tbay kay opeued a
New Cabinet ware room
Having bad, during a residence In Germany, aa aieeUent oa
porUinlly r learning their business In all iu di nartuiecu. and
baaing bred eerwtml ysara tn th. Kaatern RUtoa and lZ!7.
an business io Jalferaon, Sir the laat two year, ther feel
authorised to any that they can oreaaut euatomar. Jlii. ...... '
they re
1 work
that aountry. Aa aaaortmant of Germaa, Frauoa aad En.
now an hand ready fcr axblhitioa to rlaltora, sod their nJl
respectfully solicited.
W ar determined not to tat anldona .III. i ,1.. u.
our work or the eheapoaas of our articles. TIT tt oik doui
Keut aa band, of all alnda and aa. -na ui. .
snortest aoUca. . . '
fy Ihin't (urgat Qia alaea aad sign of
buildings south of r. i. Joaaa Co." lUrisIa 8aon- aad
rnaetnbar to eaU before pnrebasin. elsewhara.
Ashtimula. Jan. 1. HAe joq
bZbu ubu!,iae PerH,Deot "rrauge
...Roclt Spring Mills, t Tifllo,
JJperios artW, jTW, .akh I will au t iruajj
- V. Aft m a '
.ovi j, .ror Vsn odIv.
wavaaatad every Uirel a.
. tn it.
shiaUila, I
sal : Taos who Ilk eaed
fe 4, 1M,
UAL!.' " ' ' k
i;.i ..... ASHTABULA, O.
100 Pianos and S00 Melodeon
wntraded (br, ta he anld daring th present year; .1801, at
Wholesale and lteUiV
Others ar soon ta be established.
Geo. Hall,
With an evperlenee of 16 years with direct refeience ta ascer
tnltitng what make of I'isnos and Melodeons ate really the
best fur durability, tone, rfnii.h, aic, Is now ready with more
than Ion Fianne at command. 10 njen a trade on a scule with
out a parallel In tl a history nf the business In the I nil- d
Stales. Ilr. II. sin a at two things. First : I'ecunlary beaefit
to himself. Heeond I The dilfusinn nf music Ihrnowh a conn
tiy of long-faced, bowed down, gloomy set of moilals. whose
ambition eeenis to he to scquli Isnd snd money, for aotliing
In particular.
How to bvy a good Piano Chtnp I
On tnGRri. UAM. and sar. "I want to buy a good I'lano.
ana 11 is a thing I know but little about. Your knowledge nf
. .a. ... ri.ni.in you to neirlend me In the purchase nf an In
strament, and I am willing to pay what agrmd I'iann Is worth."
SiBiiNt ! of course Mr. II. ukea pnlues to furnish bis cus
tomer with a good Piano.
How to buy a poor Piano dearly!
.... .. . ueaier, ana ten him y.ia "came to select, firing
a . ng a teacher" ho can play freearitfs. Try th ! ln.i
give voor opinion A,u lf lt lft ,nd y
hare seen splendid IMsnne adveitlsed Inr l'a) Jnllara. and yu
theme, anrfli ,,rV ? Snodomfnrthat. Banter well on
U at Me PWr '''""".y" 'l apt
IVAat Pianos are but.
sir. iiai.i, gives its his most candid opinion lint the
. .? ??.,S"lnwy, I Ighte HraMIirv, ef New York.
nd the I hlckerinir. Eiuenmn
if l.ad rianos of Doston, are
the beet S mukea in innrket.
Chtnp Pianni, Ilnmluerv !
rteware of a class of chea,, Pianos, pretending to have great
Imnrnvementa n. .! 1 - i.. s s' rn
agenta, it Lu" " ol by traveling
. 500 Melodcems.
Vngnilicent styles, of Sand Kt . .
lavet anrt I ). .., anllnn. ." 1 ' ree 1 o oc-
in ; ", r: rr. '"."7" 'n1 a. now
i w A rA1"",, bH,OT flln bought than ,
he bad of Ceo. Hall at Aahuimla, and on bo tetter tern.. I
y Terms of Sale.'
T. . 1. - - 1. - : v . ... . .. . .
"T""" iii win oe gtrca or s, S, 9, ar 1
months. Also .a tern, rf 1J leswns given 'grail, ta'h pn"
chaser, apon the InstraioeDt byaeompvteht teacher at Ash-
Teacher's Register
All persons qualified far Piano or Melndeon teaching wisk-
dress, stating how long ttiey have taught, what the, feel con,.
I. tent tn rin. Sre. S lm II, nM ImJ:.... i- . -
. . -j' """" snowing ol places
, ... ....iru, mr, rmineeved ta write, stating tbe
numbeMif pupils that ean be hed, Ac-, - - . . -
Sccntid hand pianos and Mclodeovs
taten In eicbanse for new at lair rates, and such will be for
sale or to rent. . , ,.
I ' Customer's List.
Individuals now owning Pianos or Melndenns, also those
who Intend bni ii.g at nme future time, will please send in
their names, and each will receive a namnhlei i i
p-'itant information in relallnn to Instruments, ther-tudv of
Music, propor age to begin, fcc, ic, , , . . . .
Foreign Customers.
Mr. T7AI.L viHII ship Pianos and Melodeons to persons te
nding In any Slate in the Vnion, California or the Canadns,
and individuals may rely upon being as fairly deit with as
though they were here to select themselves.
Guarantee 5 Yevfry,
on all Instruments from date of ssle. tir. Flail will roarrrvs
LV sell tbe best Piano and Melodeon in market, and so ovii.
Hug, and 1 1 prepared to sell thejn lowsh than nod dealers
can afford to. Ne "Eauicoaf Instrument kept for aale at
any price.
"Who ia this FIail, the great Piano and Melodeon dealer?"
Mr. H. Is a native of "Old A.htibula." where he now re
sides has aerer heen excelled in soiling flrst class Pianos and
lleiodeous, and Ktvga win us. "Excsh-loa it biauietta.
Customers coming from a distanea oot ie-edlng ion niiles
topllrehas will have t'uelr expenses, K. K. fate, Ac., deduct
cd txooi the regular price of the Instrument Uiey purcliaie.
JV. B.JY. B.
KEVER ! order any circumstance purchase without first
writUig to Mr. Hall, sa you may save money, and what is far
worse, tbe miserable feeling of haviug bought a poor thiuz
you can't gel rid of. .
Who are Critical Judges 1
First, Manufacturers. Second, Tnners and Dealers. Thlid,
Kobodvelsef Some think they ar I .
The Great Book. )
Pichardson's New Method for the Piano and Melodeon
alnmit supersedes tho necessity of a teacher. Send f.r one
at once. Price f3. Mr. Hull buys them by the hundred, end
will send them post-t,id on receipt of $3. Clubs will reorlie
10 copies for $25.
Post Office Address.
Direct sll letters to GEO. HALT,, Ashtahula, O, or to any
of those places above named, where his offices are located,
sud such Utters will receive prompt attention.
Geo. Hall, Piano Dealer,
February 14,1861. Ashtabula, ohic.
A J"RS. WIXSLOTV, an experienced nnrpe
-t-TX and Female rbysician, preseut to tba attention of
uLuvir, ucr
Soothing Syrup, Tor Children Teething.
hlch greatly facilitates the process of teething, by softening
.iv auiiia. renucins all lnn-imrnalinna si ai ir n.r. sus
auu spaamoaic acuoa. and ia sura
To Regulate the Botcels.
Depend upon It. mother. It will give rest to yourselves, and
KeUif aad Hfllk to year (.
We have put np snd sold this article for orer ten veara. and
.j in cnniiueuce anu iruin 01 , wnat we have nevei been
able tn say of any other medicine never haa it tailed in a
single instance to effect a cure when timely used. N ever did
we Know an instance of dlaaatisraction by any one who used
it Ou the contrary, all are delighted with ita nperatioo,aud
speak in terna of commendation of iu magical elhvte and
.... tiuuca. vi e speaa lo nils malter, "what we dn kaow,"
after ten year's .spaiieuoa. and pledge our ntnuUtmn lor the
lulhllmeulof what we her declare. In almost every laatanee
where the infant is sulleiine from naia and asl.au.tJan. relief
aill be found in fifteen or twenty n.ii.ulaa all. ...... l.
This valuable preparation ia th prescription of on of th
rienoen auu aauiiui nursea in Mew slog-land, and
...wuuumuviid never-iainng success ia
Thousands of llairi.
It not only relieves the child from nain hut Inrlanralea iha
anu laiweia, correcia acinity, ana gives tone snu eu.
ergy to the whole system. It will almost Instantly relieve
Clriuiiiiz in the liowcls. and Wind t'olic
sna ovrrconie convuhions, which if uat speedily reaaedied.
end In death. W e heliev it the best and surest remedy in
ine world, io all eases ol Dysentery and Diarrhoea in Children,
whether It arises from Teething r.ntl,e. ...... u-a
Would SSV 'O aver tlnlha. l.n 1... . 1 ( I . t ....
oi Uie luregm.g complaints, do not let your prejudices, nor
.... ,...,uu,iV. w iiiners, siana oeiween you ana your suiier-
a .""'iswi uie iwiier nisi will o sureyes. abaolutaly sura
.......w ine use r nils xeuicine, u timely usel. full ai-
using will acenmpaay each bottle. Nna senoine
"" la rac-wmille of CUKTld S I'ElllvlNd, New York,
on th oiilaide wrapper.
For aale at HENDRY k COPELAND'S, Ashtabula.
rnneipal (IBIe., IS Cedar Street, N. Y. Pne onle S els
pr uouie. sor w.ie la Ashtabula by Oca Wlllarsl. sajy
pOR SALE. The Homestead of
A the subscriber, eligibly situated on Park street, in
une Or the best neiirhl.nthnn.la In 11.. .III... A .
pleasanteat portion of that beautiful .treat, in tfood condition
. ,,u, suppnea wun all Ui aUracllons of shade aod
.. sreea, snrubbery and Bowers, excellent garden, good ri
r. Uu altogetliar a moat desirable alare. la ottered lor eal.
lo any one wishing for a quiet aod aulllcieotly retired real
oenee, in a fin thdfly village, good society, the best of schools
r ...u. .urcnn, anu wiinin aconrenient atstano. ottlis
great east and west thonraghlar., th. lake Shore Koad, where
fl7,. mkr" atop, withlo three ndlea .f the lake, and
williall aurrouuued by a country hardly paralleled for Ita beau
ty and varied produc Ureases, aad health, this ia tba epot
par aivus wane May aaa sauafaeuiry. All inlurnav
uoo eoneerniug the property, may be had of th (ubscriher
living oa tb prueaises, of br addrassivg the ditor of Hi la
Jtsbtabnla, July 12, U6.
THE Subscriber
has started In th
Draylma; Baatacaa.
aud will devot hia unra
oiittiug attaulloa lo lis
proaaculioo. lf prompt CJ
aese. anerirv and a.L-i.. V
wt lanUtt. hlrato aahaee of bnsloeaa, he bom to marit IL
All ordajs Sir hauling to aod from th Depot, or about the
u "ft Wl" b "'aakfally received aud aatisfaetartly eaaouled.
Me will be found upon th Koad at all Hum, not naeaiaarlly
devoted to rest aud (ted. ' M W . H. 1KKKY
Ka-NT-For rarlicularg call at lha ,
0d aoor Korth of th risk Boos.
J. t. ClUPMAV,
( ) AT8 1 OAl 11000 bo-bel of Oats
1 1 .. fyi n ,i
A compound romedr. delc;nt'd to be tlia moat
'ttTi'dtual Akmvtix-i that tun be fnade.' Tt I
wonewntrafod extract -of INtra garaapayilla, i
o combined with -other uttnnc of atill ,
(ftcator alterative power a to afford an eltVe-.
tivo antidote for tho disoaaei Unrnnparlllsi It '
roputrd to cure. It in belirrrrl that tuch
enidjr Is wanted b? tho who tiff.- frriyri
i Strumoui complnints, and that one which will
accomplish thpir cure must prove of Immense
ervleo to tliis larjf claai of hut alflicted f. llowa .
ciligena. JIow completely thi compound will ,
do it hai lecn proven bjr experimen,t on many
of the Worst eaact to be found ef tho following '
complaints i , n . , , ,
Kavptto", ANn EitupTira DiarAsm, Ui.eKfta, '
l'lMi taa, Li.oTciiaa, TumoBi, Sal Hiikux, ;
SeAtn Head, Svriui.H and Syrim.itio Ar.
rrxTtova, M-vctmtAi Dwrasb, Ditorar.NEc. '
Tepsia and iNiiiOFHTiof, KaTxirEi.Aa, Hoaii ,
: on 8r Anthony' FntM, and indeed tho whola '
clans of complaint arising from Isivtiitiiy u
Tim lii.ooi). '
This compound will ho found ft great pro
motor of health, when taken in the apriitg, to
expel the foul humors which foster in tho
blood at that aeason of tho year, liy the timc
ly expulsion of them many rankling disorder
are iiinpjd in tho hud. Multitudes can, by
the aid of tliia remedy, aparo themselves from
th endurance of mil eruption and ulcoroiu
ores, tlirousrli which the system will tnve to
rid itself of corruptions, if not assisted to da
this throurrh the natural channels of tho liody
by an alterative medicine. Cleanse out tho
vitiated blood wheneve you find iu Impurities
bursting through tho nkiii in piniplvs. eruptions,
or sores; cleanse it when you lind it is ob
structed nntl alujririsli in tho veins ; clcnnsa it
whenever it is foul, nnd your feeling, will tell
you when. Even whero no particular disorder
is felt, people enjoy better health, and live
longer, for cleansing the blood. Keep the -blood
healthy, nnd all is well j but with this
pabulum of life disordered, there can b no
lasting health. f Sooner or later something
must er) wrong; and tho great machinery of
life is dUordtircd or overthrowrl. ' '
Sarsnparilla has, and deserves much, the
reputation of accomplUhUsg these ends, Hut
the world has been egrogiotlsly deceived by
preparations of it, partly because the drug
alone has not oil the virtue that is claimed
for it, but more bceuuta many prcpnniUona,
pietoniling to be concentrated extracts of it,
contain but little of tho virtue of Sarsaparilla,
Or any thing else. " .
Jhiting lute year the publie have boon mis
led by largo bottles, pretending to give a quart
of Lxti.ict of Barsapatilla fur cue dollar. Most
of these have been frauds upon the sicl;, fur
they not only contain little, if any, Sarsapa
rilla, but often no curative properties Whatev
er. Hence, ;bitter and painful dwippoiiitmcnt
has followed the use of tho various extracts of ,
Sarsaparilla which Hood the market, until tho
name itself is justly despised, nnd has become
synonymous with imposition and cheat. ; Still
we call this compound Sarsaparilla, and intend
to supply audi a remedy as shall rnscuo the
name from the load of obloquy which rest
upon it. And wo think we have ground for
believing it has virtues which are irresistible
by tho ordinary run of the diseases it ia intend
ed to cure. In order to secure their complete
eradication from tho system, tho remedy should
bo judiciously taken according to directions on
tho bottlo. ......
Price, 1 perUottloi Six Uottlc for $3.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
has won fur itself nnih a renown for tho cure of
very varicly of Tlno.it and Ltniu; Complaint, that
it is entirely unnecessary for u to recount the
evidence of its virtues, wherever it has been em
ployed. As it has long been iu constant nso
throughout this aection, vre need not do more titan
assure, the people its finality is kept up to the host
it ever hns been, nntl that it may be relied on lo
do for tlieir relief all it haa ever been found to do.
Ayer's Cathartic Pills,
fob tot curin OS"
Coslieeiust, Jaundice, Dytpeptia, Indiyestion,
Dysentery, Foul Stomach, Uryxijtclas, llcadaclie,
Pile, Wicumattun, Eruption ami Shin Diseases,
Liivr Complaint, Dropsy, Tetter, Tumors ami
Salt Rhaum, Worms, Gout, Xewnlyirt, as a
Dinner Pill, and for Purifying tht Rlood.
They are sngnr-coated, io that the most senai.
tive can tako them pleasantly, and they are Ihe
liest aperient in the world for all tbe purposes of a
f imily phy.iic.
Prioa in eeat per Box ; Five bozos for $1.00.
Great numbers of Clergymen, Divsicians, States,
men, and eminent personages, have lent tlieir
names to certify the unparalleled usefulness oC these
remedies, but our space here will not permit the
insertion of them. The Agents below named fur.
nih pratis our Am nmosy Aim a AO in which they
arc given ; with also full descriptions ef the above
complaints, and the treatment that should be fol
lowed for their cure.
Do not be put olf liy unprincipled dealers with
other preparations they make more profit on.
Demand AvKn'a. nnd take no others. The sick
want the best aid there is for them, and they should
have it.
All our remedies are for sale by
I. I.von, Conneout ; N. Parish. Klnirsville : Gin. Wiu ns
tna nisnsv a iiimiD, asntsiiuli ; vl. K. Al.LKS, .letTer
bob ' H. B. Rtkvkys, (Jeneva I Moftitt Ai tlanww. Ketlnnra-
ille ; aod by all Druggist and dealers In Medinfne everr-
, No. 22 Merwin St., Cleveland, Ohio,
eAi.ims ik
Flour, Grain, ..Tpik, Slt, Fiob, Butter
Seeds, Higbwincs, Water Lime, Dried Fruit,
I.IX8SEP Olt., lie,, to. til
and Building Hatariala. Uulay aod Saab Mill Saws,
Cross Cut, Teonnn and Hutting Saws, Hand fin, Hack and
Compass Saws, Chisels, Hand and lleneh Axes, Broad Ar.es,
ineliet Jlrmava, l.ixnum V ita, Mallets, Banch rterears, both
troosad Wooiiea, Usooli Planes, lland Maw Handles, Chisel
Handles, Steel Squares. Bevels, try Squsres, Drswing Knives,
th best make at a esiita per inch, Hpirlt Levels, flmw Bars,
oi Chains, Coil Chants at 8c par pound. Manilla Knya,, ainall
nd laige.ite Strap HinRes, Blind llnuinns, Unrtios lyicks
and I-atchea, Kim Ijkjss, 1'ad lieks, Chest Locks, Trunk
Loots, Lillioa lUiidlea, bulla a awews, aad tloor trinrmlDKs
f .rosy diaeriptiana, common Aug-era, ( sat Hll Auawa.
Cook's patent ; Aiir llitta, Plan Irons, Files of all dtseria.
tiona. Carriage Bolta, riliaaa, Hhaars. Wilkinson's boat; Hani,
m.ra, liatckMa, Aaas, Brass and Mirer Cari iair. Bands, Whit
Waafa Bruahea, Mrubl.in Brushea; Hn.it, Bakes, Forks, Bim.
reia, hpadaa. I'icka, Hal-Traia, Koa Tra.a, Wolf i'rana, heires,
Snaths, tioythes, Bik-k and FlasUring Trnwalla, !K II taeh
Auiera, Kniveaand orks, from 0e to if per aett; Poekat
Kiilvea, Shears, Bclsaors, Chalk Lines, epiKils, Scratch A'vla,
ksssdss saowaaaiiMrsa abiafa wbioV ( ta aiaka afuiiaa-
soiiiuvuv. tan always o lounq at
1 Koot 4 Morrison's
' Men, Women and Children
tn th crowd all rushing ta
-W. XI, A 1 1 aa 3a.J tm, . .
to me tb imuu-u ptltra of
which h haa just brought ta
DRY GOODS thMpar than th chea peak Bpraroea best
prints for 11 eta ; all the common kinds 10 eta. A areat ea
st. W iadi tiraa. lias aa vaaw. .aaaaa.
ueuia oaawis u all kinds. Broadcloths, Caaeinieres, Satinvla,
Twae.la.tfl, Bruaaala, Weol, Usmp, aad OU Carjaita. Ureal
Heady-Made Clothing. ' - '
lo0 Over Coats, from tl tn i9 i oa rt. . .i o..l r.
tl to lil i loo V.aU tl to $o ; lue puu $1 ta . Wiapjstn
Oraawa, Ins., 1.
Good Kuiar at HC eta. Tea Ha vi f..r.. o.i.t...
Bloa. Tobacco. Codiish, Starch, aud Qrooerlea of all k'luus.
Mont Snd Shoes Of all kimla sarv ek-. ll. c. n . .
12 40 to $i 76. ' ' cv"
HataaodJ-aps, Druga, Medlcluea, PyaStuffa, Book, and
RUrtmnry, 8chd BooI kc. W ,ay ,ne and all tbatw
caugiie you belter bargain. Ihsu was sver belui. o0.rl In
thU county. Call and se fur yourselves and be convinced.
Jed.rsoo, Kov. fi, lKnO.
W. H. AI.I.KM.
T.00K HERE FOR CASH i will
-A palu grain and varnish door, for T asote slda, or
? ""'r which for styl .aa- qaalily of W.rk. aod
lane, eaaaot bs aqualMl lo auy city to lb. United SUUa
KsrssarH I u.4 .... . ...
. - - i vau anflgsf His tewr.
jndg for yourselves. T
K o!" c'lnM sad other wood .wvk. taialaad as atv, lor
shilling, per sup'l .Uar,
,. . ; V, BluacOE, Pralnspane rainier,
Warch land, Hoi. Aahubuia, Ohio.
N. B. Sign and Oraarorntal FaluMsg af vrf drseripMou,
Uildingoo (,!aa, c At
tt -s.
11" WT' r-rio.ll. .Ihw-lrs of Ifrr,, m
twit Utnimln any b kf.r.nti t Ma M tellaai JT "7
They act (renllr upon the bowels, reaaovlng OWnrsaaaj.
.l"'J '"I"n' 'tSM-nlt, Delloat, femslea. Snd all pa.
sons of ssa'a.rary a.,ls, they are valuable aa a 7.j.!. h.
proving thaappallta, giving (OB, ,na .). w u,. di,v
ai".""' MlvnX "d r
f Th Crraaiio Pilw ar th result of long Lvestiaatlon
and carefully eonducted experiments, having bean lb as
snaay years, during which thaa ihey have prernitM .i
JT' !nonnt of P"ln and sulTerln from Heailache, wheffi
er arftinatlnt la the "eryosu systsm or tram a. darangad atal
. ar, vnnreiy TeyaiaDie in ineir eoinnosltioa, aad an,
b taken at all times with perfect aafttv without m.vtn. ...
ehanir of diet, and f A. .Ssear tf awv aVaaarSawtf. laaha
n.iMS am... i. J . ... I
J --"..... taaas oauarsa.
Th irenuina hay tr signatures of Hsary C. Baaldina at
aeh Roa. " , . . i
gold by rirngglats and all other Dealers la Medicine.
A Bos will b sent by mall prepaid an receipt of Hi '
Trice 25 Cent. , ,
. r . i .
AU otders ah. uld b aiitlresaed ta
Henry C. Rpalvtlnar,
672 ' ' ! '. 48 Odarstratt, Naw Tart'
The following endoraaraenai of
Spalding' Cephallo Pillt,
will canviae all who aagar from r- .1
UE ADA C 11 J? ,
' ' tall '..: '
Speedy A ur Cvr It wlUis thwlr Batvch.
At Otut Trsffsiam'afs wsr. waaah'tt.! ky Mr. RraLMSO, faf
jra! mnfutxttmkU proof mf Iff ffttrnty ff this ;
truly anaf0c disraa-sry. '
Maamviun, Coss, Feb. , 1841.
Mn. Rrat.mao Sia : I have tried yonr Cephalic Pills, audi
f bin Mess s. waff that 1 want you ta send me tw dollar
woith mora. Part nf these are for the neighbors, ta whom I
gare a few ant of the Brat box 1 got from yen. 6Dd ths
l-illabruiall.audol.hr. '
Your ob't Servant,
Java Cchssdt.
HavaarnsD, Pa., Tab. S, lief.
Ma. Srsinrso Sia : I wish ynu to send m one more box
of your Cephalic Pilis, I Amrt rtrtivi a grsaf dtal af .
fnmthtm. Yours, sespactfully, ' '
Many Asa Sroisnors.
Rravea Csass. ITunUngtnn C , Pa, Jaa. M, 1S8I.
H. C. SrAt.ntno Sia : Ynu will pleas aend me twa base
of jour Capbalie Pills. Rend them immediately. .
Respeetfully yours, Jno. B. imovs.
P S. or sued mtthottf your Pitts, aad find tktm -eaaVat.
Rsi.t.a Vasxos, Ohio, Jan. 16, 181.
Assay C. Priimso, Ksq I'leaa find inclosed taenty-rlve
cnts, for which send me another bet of your Cephalic Pill.
Tktm ars truly IA aest PMt I sans arsr f ned.
, Vireet, A. Btovss, P. U. '
Bell Vanoa, Wyandot e, 0.
. TJsvkslv, Mass., flee. 11, MdO. '
H. C. Rratatsa, Eaq. I wish for som circulars ar large
show bills, tu bring your Cephalic PIMs more particularly be
fore my customers. : If you bare anything of the kind, alraas
aend to me.
One of my customers, who ia subject ba sevr Sick Head
ache, (usually lasting two days.) was enwd as all ack in aas
oar fry year Pills, which I sent her. . r
KespoeiflI yours, W. B. Wins.
RsyxoMisitcsa, rraaklia erk, O, a. t, 18St.
Pr sav C. PraLnisn, No. 4s Cedar st, N. Y.
' Unas Sim : Inclosed find twmty.gr. cents, (28,) br write,
send box of Oephalic Pills. Seno to sd lreas of Key. Wm. C
Killer, Beynoldshurg, Franklin county, Ohio.
itmr JUt work Ulu a cArmnr llndacht almomt as
Uuiltr. Truly yours, Wat. C. Fillbk.
' YraiLAKTi, Mion , Jan. li, 18et.
Ms. Sraimso Sis ' . , '
Not long sinos 1 sent to yon for a box of Cephalic nila for
th cur of th Nervous Headache and Coaliranes, and re
ceived the same, and thty had m goof aa tficl aaa I mat la
ittrrd to indfor aeri. Vlaaae send by return mail.
Biivest to A. R. WaasLas, Ypsilantl, Mich.
Fri tkt Exmmtmor, Norfolk, Fa.
Cpbali Pills accomplish Ui object for which Iter war
made, vis : Cur of headach In all its forma.
From tkt Ezamintr, Strjotk, Fa.
They har. been tested in mor than a thousand caa, wsvb
ntir success.
From tkt Dtmotrat, St. Cloud, Nutm.
If yon sre, or here been troubled with th headache, sesd
for a bo. fCrnhalia Pilla 1 an that von k. !.. il
f au atuck. ' '
From tkt Adttrtittr, Pravtdtnet, R. I."
Th. Cephalic Pilla ar said to ha a r.n,.rk.hl. .rr.l.. ...
meily for th. headache, and ou of th vary beat for that vary
frequent complaint which ba v.r been disssysrrd.
From fA fTesfsra R. g. GmutU, Ckiraft, 19
Wa heArtilrendora Mr. Studin.. and l i. i,ri..li..l
phalle Pills.
From tkt Eaaawka FalUf Star, Kannka, Ta.
TT are sure that persona suOarln. wlfh II biadaak.. whn
try thsm, will slick to Ihem. . . ,
... ..... ji
From tht Somtktrn Path Fiaiar, JVns Ortsaas, La. .
Try th.m t yon that re alflietad. and wa ar. anae.that ttnmr
testimony ean ba added to the already numerous list that has
received beuelit that oopUicr uvsdjcfne can produce.
-.. Vast (At SULouit DomocraL.
Tlie Immense demand for th artial. iranh.il. thiui a
rapidly tuereatinr ' r 1
- '' ' .. ' " 1 : '
From tkt Gaitttt, Dattnport, Itma.
Mr. RpaWlnr would not siniut I, la ai .uk u .i.l.
he did not know u possess real merit .
From IA Adttrtittr, Framidtnta, JL f.
Tba UaUmonf ia their farar ia a tram, fram tha -
spectahl. qiuutara. ,
; i ... ... '
arsas fAf Daily Stva, iXtteport, MU t ,
Cepballe Pills are taking th place ol aU kinds,
Fross tkt Commmial Butlctim, Bomtoa, Many ,
Said to be very efficacious for tb headache,
From tkt CammtraaL CUtiamati, Okim.
SuOtiriug humanity mm now b relUrad, .
.iutll''?'b0t!" 9PAtv'B PR7AlUD TLni
will save ion Uaria, n aaa aaauaUy. Jri . ..
spaldino's pjimittU tiLvt ! ,
VST" rire n Tins Bavas Kiaa.'n ' n
. . ' 1 " ' 1
As aacldenta will hannan area in wall reantaleH lamlea lt
very dauliabl to bar aoai sliaap aad coavettHrirt amy sur
repsiilng k uruilur, Toy, Crockery, kc. . . ,
Spalding Preparrd Glob , .
moats all such mrgeoeies, and no household ean afford fa
wiUuiat M. It is always ready, and eg a th sticking pnlaa.
-VHful ia Emory ffa.se, , f
H. 8 A Brush aeeoiupaslee each BetU. Price, 26 ce.W,
Addxeas, HENRY .0. RPAMlINO; " i
Ma. 48 Cedar atreet, Nw York.
OABTION a-A ertala anprlnalpld persona ara attemna.
Ing la palm odt oa th. uajsiai.ling public, imilattnaa of a,y
paarAMso Olds, I would eeuliu all person to examin aav
njclias.,snd sea that ths Bill aaroa, 1. .
f gT Heauiiao' PkssaSSO (ll,oa, AT I ,. r .
DaUMMsia8W.anr j ail ethers ara aarn?IBux eoawierb
... .. Ml

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