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Ashtabula weekly telegraph. [volume] (Ashtabula, Ohio) 1853-1873, July 25, 1863, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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. tfiVT 1 HIM DKINR!
. i
i - . t . - -
"f fcat.av.ll relieve Ike !, ame)
Dr.-Hobfland'a Gel-man Bitters,
rf.naveAfh.TV fl. U JIOVHOK. rhllade.nhla. Pa , will
elirehiall ant bom certainly ear all eiet arltiag
J - . v ..........
Disordered. Liver, - , ., .- -t-.'...
' . Stoinacli, -of -' ......
,.l v .. " v -A
" Thaumud oieur cJtheneare entering from Drrau
we iereat HOortAADS UKKMA.N MITTSIW will
cur thros.
Pyereriwle Liver Dlnne.i
V fie you fit with eotd tonru merrd, ad
tun In lh mouth and poor appetite foe brUaataal r U
feel wh.o v.. " P " " Tf'.iJL.f'S
mreely gat about r Do J on ban dirrtoM hi On kad at
lis., a'd eftea a dulloe... with IwwtarW ee.r.eliy I
Ctnt toot bowel emrtiv and Irregular, palte
aelel Do you throw up wind from tha eVnnacb, aaae
vou ml an nftan r D. ya fcal a rullB- after eating, and
a rinklog wUn tha toua If empty ! J baveheert.
Kiraaoelaiaeallyr De yon fool fcw aplrUed. and look on
tn dark (id ol Mm r Are yon not unumelly nereoue at
Ml 1 fm nTI Ihw raatHM.. and .fun lay until
ufcuilgbt before yoa ran to t and ! at "",
Wt yea feel dall and amet f tha tiro J la your
earn dry and eeaJy f alao aailow I la ibort, I aot jour Ufa
a barthon, lull uMbodinf r
Dr. - lloofland'a German Bitters
wii, mm AfrTtimnlc Ar Varvana IVIiIlltr. Tl i
-t4 tUa Kidsta, aud Ularaaaa ariidnf froaa a diaordanrd
titmach. t
t)hiwT the fnllowrtii gynptnaw, nwllln from Dlaordan
fUialMptUraOrgmna: . -
. . CoMtl.
ffatlun. Inward
fila, FulooM or Blood
tn tha Head, Acidity o( thr ta- '
maca. Kaaara, liaarMiarn, Dltguat for
Tood. Kulncotor Waightin Oi Stonaeh, r '
K nictation, Siukina or Vlattoiiuf at tha Pit or tha
iflowiaeh. SwlDiaoiaa of tho Head, Htirrted and mfflcnlt'
Kraataiag, HatUrlng at tha Heart, Choking NT Suflocatiiif
rnMUoaa wnaa la a IJUS poaiure, t'lmocaaoi tviob,
l)ota or Waoa bafora tha atght, 'arar aud Dull Paia
ia tha Hoad. Dftcracy of Peraniration, YHltw
aeM ol tha Skin and Cyaa, Win in tha
SMo, Back, Chart, Limha, co.
badorn Flnaba of Haat,
Barainw is tha
' ' ' rich.
Ohatut luaglnlnga of Eril, and groat Daaraotoa af ?firi
There are'ruany prrparatloai' auld amtrr the name of Bit
term, put up in quart ttottlas compounded of the ehcapeid
wuiaay or commou ram, aoninf ma rv w w pw gal
lon, tha teale dumiald be Aniae ar Coriander Seed.
- faie alua of Bittara baa enured, and will eoallnae to eaana,
aa Ion a aa ther can be aold. bund.-edt to die tha death ef the
' drunkard. By tholr aaa tha ayatem ia kept aoattn .ally andor
the iniuenea of Alenfcolie tinwiaota of tha want kind, the
detire fcr Liquor ia created and krpt up, and the reanK ia all
tha knrmra at'dadant uion a drunkard'a lifc and doath. -
For thoae who detire and wtU aara a Liquor Hi tera, we
nuMlnh the lollowina rrcin :-On One Bottle AOOFLANiTjl
.KRHAX BITTEiW, and nix with Three Quart, af Oaod
Rrandr ar Whlakr. and the reeutt will be a areoaratioa that
will far excel In medicinal Tirtaae and brae eierUenee any of
thtraaierona Liquor Bitten in the market, aad win am
mar km. You will hare all tha Tirtuee of HOOl LA.Wfj
Hill hKi4 in eonnectien with a good article or Liqnor, at a
ngrb Inn nice than then Inferior metaratlone will coat
you. - ,
Iloolland's Geruiau Bitters
. ul aire vou
WIL! otvtrotr
Tboee earlering froni Broken Down aail De'.U'ate Constitu'
ttona, from whatever eater, either ia
Iloofland's German Bitter?.
That will re tore tliera to their uaua Ihrtith. fuch baa been
the out ia thouaandt of ioatancea, andartirttialli but re
quired to proT the ancrtion.
That these Bittern are
Tha Profrirton bare Thousand! Of Lettert from the moi
rbyMciau, aud
Tortirj iuj, of their own pcreonat koowledgr, to tba benedrtal
enecia ana arcoirai viriuc m uwv ttwom.
r fire. J. Arvtoa Crmca, D. C, A Ator tf IU Kiuytir
ncdia a Kabfiew A"aetMaar
Althon?h aot diaooadd to faror ar recommend Patent
Medieinaa ia awueral, through uietruat of their tugreltenia
aad eoveta, 1 yet know of no aalhcieat raaaoua why a loan
may aotteatify to the beucou he belurea tiiuaelf to be re.
eeired iruta any nan pie preparation, in the hope that ha may
thua ooatrlnute to the beuant ol othera.
I do thii tha more readily ia regard tn lIoofland"a Carmen
mttere, prepared by Dr. V. al. J aaaaoa vf tuU ci'y, brcaae I
waa prejudiced againat thein for aiany jeara, uudcr the lai
nreaaion ihat they were ehiedy an alcuholia mixture. I am
indebted to Bay I rood Honert siraeiuaker, Kaq., for tha re
moral of lb la prejudice by promr tola, and for encourage.
Bent ta try them, abaa auBeriug from great and Ion oa.
tinned debility. The uae of three buttiea of theae Bit tera, at
the beginning of tha pieaeut ear, waa followed by eviilent
relief and rratorati,n ta a degree ol bodily aud mental rig, r
which I bad aot wit for aix mootbt before, aud bad aliuo.l
duaired of regaining 1 iherefore thank God aud my friend
tor directing bm to the uta of tbeuv
rhlladrlnhla, June 13, 1M1.
Diseases of Kidney and BladJer,
Iu Yoonj or Aged, Male or Female,
Are epeeuilj remored, and the Patient lettered to Health.
Delicate Children,
Tbnee eafteitag from aURABWU-t, watting away, with
aaarotly any fl..h en their bone a. are cured in a ery ahort
time ; Le lot'.le iu tnch came, iii bare a moat aarprielng
FTaTtng tuffertcg vblldrefl aa ehoee, aad withlng to rtiae
them, .111 oeirr icgitt tha day they commenced with theat
Liierar Men, Siodents,
k thote working bard with tbalr bralaa, thould alwart
keea a buttle of Hoori.AN'O'd HirTERi near tbas, aa they
all! aud much benefit from ita uae, to both mind and body,
imtforating and aot depreaaiug.
It is oot Liquor Stimulant,
Afid ltarea aa prottratlon.
ittcntiont Soldiers I
And the Frleuds of Suldieri !
' ' We (all tba attention of all baainc relatlmai or frleadt ia
the army, to the fact that " Hooueuat Uerman Bitten" will
aura nine-teota of the dleeaee induced by eipoturee and
prtretieaa luoident ta camp life, la the Ittta, publiabed al
moat daily La tha newapapera, on tha ariirai at the tick, it
. will be noticed that a rery large proportion are tutoring
' tram debiiitv. Bverr eaaa of that kluel can be readily cured
by " riooftaad't Oerman Biuere." Wa bate aa beaiiattua ia
aiailoa that, u theae Bittera were freelr uaad auwa. our ml-
diem, hundred, af Urea might be tared that olberwiM would
Tha aroprlatora are dally laotlilag thankful latum from
tufrvrera in the army and hoapiUtK who have beea ran ly Tad
to health by KVt oat Of thew kStlara, aaut Ui them b their
Beware of Counttrtiit I
ff" Saa that tha Slintture af C. H. JACKJOV
tha Wn)ueruf each Buttle, . ,-
CJf" Price aar Bottle, 74 oeett ; at half aaa. tar 4.
ase should your aearaat drugglat aat hare tba artlele, 4n
aot be put aa I7 any of tha uiujiksatiog piepwatioaa that
may be eneeai u lie alaaa, but tend Iu ua, aad wa UI ror
wad, arwurtl fraau by ax p aaa.
. . Principal Office Bad fclaoufactory,
(taaet.rt ta a M. Jackaoa t CaJ , ,
' 1 ... . ,; ProprieUr.
IT Ml BALI by Draggiaa) aad DcaJara ia reery Ua
as ta. vetate
Buttfcr and Produco Wanted.
1 A Toot of Oood UoUer, 1,000 Ptwea
lU ec laa. M waie. the bigbaat laarket artaa will aa
aid. ttaattUaf alaat PtaaVtca takaa la aaaaagefuf
aoate at Caaa rteaa,
Kaawrauica 1' tiarn Call sad aaa fur yeanlea.
-,-A Ashtabula Union School.-
j daort 'Wl "W-Hw.'V. aim 'wilaal.aw
hxi W. Wiira - rttaatpal of Hit
Mlaa BuU ajdrreV .; 4a-tart a Hlltakaol
MKadAMIlM. Bowoaxaaaaa, - OfWnaiar ohool
Mln kUMa.BaTB, . - totarajawlat nrpartmatit,
MIm Brai tAtnim, aoill Dapartawat
Vlaa "mutr . Wius - - - - IWmafj Dapartmaat
Mia, fcaai Caff, " - ' " riT
Ttia tml a tn all ptnw of a toHabla ajr ijrfdlnir
within Uh rilllt Hwrfta, aid aba "IHatHa alUaard Uar.lt
tor He tool aarpoaaa."
rnrtt wa wwiKM a ym Tw r papa froat abroad
"rrrt-ar, - " ft"
Tm Oraaiaiar . , ... : V' 1
Tnlrtonnar',I,'- itV . . -.
All rflK'i,aa ntfadxaiailoa. U taaatda ' fkiparln.
tandani. -
Tit Fall awa eaaundamda Mnadar, S t 1 r lit,
11 and tua Wlatar Tana January tb, Ito2. , . .
It ia hlfhly oWrabla that all panllt thonl I" tla t . th nrd-
ina of MtrmV Ko sttntla oat of tha vtMav wl'.l at idtXtad for
a lata parted tkaa on tarm, and ao dadaatti t Mar ak taa ai
aapt la aaaaa M tleknaaaor ranmral. ;
. J M. 01I.1.BTT. J " .
. Kt. R. H. CON HUN. S tttiltl fdafalloB.-
v. a. nitut K.
. faamrrtw TraVt
H. 1.. oao,TVt
tat. t - '
Board af EdamUnn
J. S. CnaT.
iTinu Haix.
a. . ncaainn, orcrtfary.
jf5 Ifotipur Lgcar OTen, Air f ixht
COOKING STOVE , for Wood or Coal,
daptad to Citjf or oowntry aaa.
The great Wonder
Store of the Age 1
Combining arary facility far all lha rarlrtlaa ol Cooblnir.
aurnnaunrall mndorn InrantlnM In Ita aaoarior nnrratlon
and practical rennomy. t alara 8 qnara Tnna, and II iIm Kx
Un.ion Tnpo. Maaaiaotarad by VOSK C. Albany, N. Y.
.rorSaltbr . . " 66
1. iMc UL1RR, AsDtauula U.
Boots and Shoes.
t a uvga atoeh of , , ,
Boots and Shoes. ..,
Bwuaht for eaak at tha tan lowtet (tart, aaaoac whldi
may be brand
13 eaaet meti 8 eoara ooota.
A.cacet reea'i kip boot,
4 case nea'i calf boots,
8 canes boy'icoarsa boots,
6 cases bojr's ItTp boots,
3 cases boj'd calf boot. -
A Large stock of Women's Morocco and Calf
Bootes, Misses' and Children's Kip and
Calf Shoes of eery variet,
Bubbars, ete., ete.
All ef which I offer at the eery rnweet eaah price.. Aa I
Intend to nay particular attention ui tlite branab of trata, In
vite a'l wlahing gooda ia thie Uaa to eall aad examine my
a took and price a.
A!ao, a choice atuck of
Family Groceries
which I offer t. paying ehtiamra at bargaine.
Aa the time
itpaat lor mag credlta.
and the atate of our country la
each aa we know aot
what will be an to-morrow. I have
concluded to trim my enlta under the Ready Pay Syatem, (not
the nimble aixpence, but the little poatage atamp, la the order
of the day,) I oAVr good Barwalua ta aura buyera. Hoping
to aee my old friend, and eiatomere,
I Remain, ete,
Uh tabula, Oct. IT, 1SA3. J NO. P. K0BF.RT9OV.
aaitis ta
gVCirwCerlfS and Provisions.
(Hik Black.)
d - !
fj) WLile Fish, Cod Fish, Mackerel.
Wooden Ware and Stone Ware. Q
- 0
General Groceries, Confectionery,
I am aow reciTlng a aplrnttld attortment of I
Carlca Family Groceri i Ohuort eicpUd,) A
ax V
y which are offered at that y l.wett llelng ptle
AU adtof rroduca w ated.
Aihubula,0. Seat. 18, 6S.
For the tdeepy and aarmaaant Cur of
Seminal H'eakurti, Inrontintnce, Crucial
Debility and Irritability, Gravel,
Stricture and Affeetloaeof I he Kidney and Bladder,
Which baa beea ated by upward, af
In their nrieate practice, with entire auceaaa, aunerottrHng.
Cubheba, Copaiba.f'.Bf.ulea, or any compona-1 hitherto known,
are epeedy In acttoo, nru-q edetiug a cur.
in a aw oaa,ano wbaaaeuro la atreetea Itta permaoent.
Tbay are prepared from Vegetable extract that are barm lea
on tba ayttein, auu narer aauaeata toe atornaea or tmpreg
na'a the breath; and being aurnr-onated, nil naoaeoua taau
ta avuidad. No change of diet ia necaat.ry whlltt uaing
them. Nor sort their action Uttrfara with bualnaet paraait
Each box contain, til down Pill. Price ana dollar.
Dr. Belli Treat! ou faerta a. uaaAaw, gaff Mm, (rat
arrltM, Git, etc, a PmBpblet of U eawe aaattlnin. ttnpar
Untadria to the afflicted BENT i'KLMi etaU are requir
ed ta pay pattega.
DM. MtLLi GKEtir BOOK.-k compUt Trwtlae aa
Conmhea. Aieet, Stricture, t-ypeilli. etc. in all tba ear km.
aUgee, with wT Preeertptlnna in Eng'lab, adapted for tell
treatment, without the eld of a Pbyeician.
The Pllle or Book will be tent areur from baerratiaa by
mail pawt paid, en receipt of tle naoney be
tl. BUY AH, T Cedar Btr.at, If. V.
(Sax aot.
or tey Adrerrlaed A rent.
M Bold by A. Maualry, Agent for Aahtabula.
Stearn's V, Co. 'a
Ash-House and Leach Combined.
THIS is made of Six Stones, fastened
with two boll, crowed ia the canter, and I aaaily taken
down. It can be ahipped aad eat up. by any aim. It la Ire
proof, the bottom atone projacta about 4 lathee all nraawt
with a email eweae near th. auter adg. Making a parawt
hah. It bolda 4 barrel, of aahaa, and can be Itacbed aat
wttkMt ehasgingtheaahea.
Alt, qton. CUu.ru, 4 f.t square, oa th ahnr. alaa, utia
til atom , ala. mmk a aiautra haUlng SO barrela.
H. I DT, Ageat.
Wjll-Strmt, .n ., Ct.Ura Cr. nagging af all aiaea,
JaaHlusDawrCap. aad 8111. Coning Wale
Tabia. aad Ouotna. mrrfmd by lha aaeecriher at hi 8inn
V1'" 1 f af Uta M.thiiat Churab. fit
Aahlabala, July W.laas. .
Alaa, Wfrtoouae trueka, taytter Priitu, Aa. A a.
1ft Laea Btrwat, C mla.
Bald ia Cletelaad by . : , aa E da rgaaa
. B nafi4 la buy aal Uta geaaJa. as.
M. latk Bog,'.' anted aa) Nataaand Aoammtt, aad la Ea
aapgw i.rxi..' laab. USOataai
AakatkaaAjetar iaai,,':t I
4 PITT.T. aaaAamn4 afhAtli Pammam m m A
J. V White, BUM Chlaaaf tha aannlar Huron PatuMrm.
ekicb wtU t. aa.4 lo 'trCathvat U'JRhlSWf.
A tXiW Cwifow- Simitar to the A-furul
. . . .-i t . .
f v,J"
k Cl.F.Ay. wb fa aad alatant nrnuuwHnn for timmnllna
the growth, Iniurtanoe and baamty ef lha Hflr--nmoiiug
dandruff, tcalea and ecurff, and curing'tlie entaneoSia dtaraaoa
of the eoaln unequtled for keeping the htlr mole, iHriautJng
to It a rich Inater. It la unlike anr of the Alctrholir and Oil
pre par? tlont aa common ry uaed for "tlre rlaia, Ita aurerlnrity
oeevau nmr rarapmrauona ennaiaia n ixa pmicriiea nring
mnlitaalnc and eoolina. inatead of dry and hratinr. aa the al
eholie preparation, are ;m4 taring free af tha trreaar? naailttra
Of marrow, rHla. fcc Ita power to ieeie.a tire glaaiaone eawtWig
which obatrncu to. Mrea ol e amn. When onneai'nr, ana
which perrenta the ajfltelea froaa exailkifran oily euh'ance;n-
riaiary at the natural moiaiare,. bcauiy auu growin ol toe
lUiriaurwnuatled. . , "
tine free application nfth Itafr a Ion -arllt rarp! b raoee
hating beauty and moieture, to tha hair, than a whole bottle
ef the artw-bcitr Bwerwrntiouaujni't'lv aula. ....
Mntbera will Snd tliia preparation the brat Trier can bee
tn dree, children', hair, keeping It In nitre, gtrtng H moat
beautiful luatre and waning rt to gr"W hitmantly. If any
preparation of art can eauae the hair to grow, the Spauiih Hair
Qlatn will do It, -
Manufacturad by C. t. FAY, n.eroi.t,
H.--.. - -New York I tr.
Hold wbolaaala aad retail by fikO.'WILLAKP, AahUbula,
Ohio . .. .CM
v .'. Dr Harvey
CllKOyK-TUlL.RNJI. IXStJLt Pll.t-f,
rnr the Vraeenlloa and cure of all dnticuttiea to which the
female ayatem ta peculiarly HaMe, ariaing from Stoppage of
Naturr Obetnirtlona. There IMlla haie neeer lieen known
to tall when the direction have been atrietly followed, and
they am perfectly aafa ta take by lb. mott delicate.
T iMauTMe tny are iai tteolarty reenaanoded. aa
they re mora difficult! rt and reatore natnra, no matter trcmi
what aauaa the oberructton mer ariaa. A few daya in moat
cum will aawdueathe deal red effect land although an powerful
ret na injury will eeer nault from their aae; but thoae who
HMut ahmild not u. them, aa they hare an effect
contrary to natnra. Pampbiete detailing tbelr rlrtjiea, with
mi me: (Kit eertiacatea rrom wen anown pnyaiaan auu aiHiwie
rariea. ran be bad on application to tn- agent, who will tend
the Pilla.if dcaired.by mail, poet pal'l, to anyadureaa, na
receipt nr (he money. Price per box fl.oSand two Poalage
atampa. Sold ia boxee onntai .ing eiity pillt, by all the prin
cipal druggtata ano ueareea vrerywuere
i). W. l-I.AriK. Urn. Agt, 118 Superior at. Cleteland O.
A. HEIfD Eiir.ole Agent for Aahtabula.
To tht Pblic!
FOR Nearly three yearn,
gaged la tha
I have been en
Pnig and Medicine Bualocat In thli place.
and during that time I hare reeelved rery many kinuarw
from my frieada, and many eettrtoctory enconrageuieuU Tron
a generoua public, for which my hmrty thankt are returned
Many of my cuatouiera are indented to me on book, and nin
ny to whom I am Indebted. With one and all 1 aak a act tie
meat, whether the account la agalut tn or la my faror.
I keep for tale eearything In the Drag and Medicine line
that you caa mention aiiocai.
Drugs, Medicines, Dye Stuffs, In Prolusion.
Paints, Oils, and Brushes in Great Varioty.
rtrfumtry ef All Kindt,
Prom 1 rente to IS. Including Poma-iee, Ram Oil. sad Bear
OU by tht barrel at 2S rent tba tingle barrel.
The heat Sticking Sale in the world good for Burnt,
Chilblain. Corn, Ire,
r.odfreya Cordial, Babmnan' Drone. Torklngtnn'i Balaam,
Sperm and Btltleb Oil, Cod Ueer OU the beat, Mr Win
low' Soothing Syrup.
Sale fhr Mole aad Ptniolra. Toothache Drena, Ere fairer
Canker Balaam, aad other Ullage ia till Una too amine root
to mention.
Dagucrrean Goods.
A eery Large and raricd Stock, telling elf at Cott !
Lamps, Lamp Oil, and Trimmings.
Shoulder Braces and Supporters.
Pure, hoice. Liquors.
The very beat kind af Rum, Brandy, Gin, Whitley, Port
Madeira, Sherry, Sweet, and Champaign Wlnet for medicinal
Con great Water, Coogb Remedied, and tba thouatnd t one,
Patent Medicines.
Mierwnrt and Tar
Hall a Balaam
Hoetetler'a German Rittera
Wataon'a Kauralgta King
Ayer Cherry Pectoral
Ayer Ague Cur
Mann'a Ague Balaam
Vanghn't t.ltbmrtilptie
Bach'a American Compoond
niatar w.c. Balaam
SeorUI' Blood and l.iver Syrup.
notmea a Scandinavian runner
ITnonand Ormaa Rittera Tobiaa Venetian f .Inement
Roorbava'a llolland Bittera Hnodand'a Balaamlc Cordial
Perry Davla1 Pain Killer Baker", Crenry'a and Porter'a do.
SUbber'aCberTT Pectoral Staboev a llianhaea Cordial
Dr Eatnn'a Balaam of Lif McAlialer'a Ointment
Dr Raioa't Cordial Bloan'a Ointment
Sruith't Condition Powdera Golden Ointment
Dr Eaton' Cordial Staria't Condition Powdera
Magnetic Fluid Pare' Climax Sale
Gargling OU, Ememnn't Hair Kattoratlva
Ac Ac Ac.
f.lnamBt, Opodeldoc, Sweet Oil, Trachea. fMdlltx Powder.
Gelatin, aad an andlea eari.tr of other notion and article
a tn jieatctn una.
Pills Pills.
Among th larg auantlry I aara, the Printer aara be will
aot have raeta ta atealioa but a tw. Among them ar the
Braadreth'a, Jaaae. IfofTatr Hollow.v'a, Rcnaci'a. Parker'.
Madam, tlorine a ItrarTenherg, n, Kile a, tTnf aainan a,
Matt'a, Poor Man'a, Spaulding.s c Ac Ac.
I aoald go oa ad lajtatfata, but apace will aot allow.
Hoping to bear from you eccaeloBlly, a your aeeda lequlre,
I am trnlyyoara.
412 A. nENDRT.
4V rjandiep, Tea, Coffee, Sugar btarch,
Allapiea, Prpoer, Soap and Toilet Artlele, Cologne, Eeaenee
Aa. I Amp Tripping, Ijampa nrpatred, Braahea, Aft kind
Roota annilerbe put ap by tb.8haa.ra. Paint, al kiad
ia email Tin Can for family uae.
Dahlia Roots for Sale.
A LOT of the phnieettt kind of Dahlia
Root may be ton ad, properly labeled, for aal. at lh
Store af J. P. Rnbertaon. DAVID Dl UOlS.
Aahtabula, April 14, 1UI.
How to Make $5 a Day,
When all other Efforts have
HOOD k CO., 186 Broadwar. New
York, bar jut publibd ONE HUNDRED VAL.
IMBLS SECRET!, peaaBiu. them, any on, ml
amwle, aaa eneily aaaka i s day, without aapital, in any
ally or ell lane. Every an ahauU aoaeeaa lhata OMreta, fur
they are worth SoOO to lay tiugl or married paraon. Horn.
theae Seerau bar. wet aold for VJO each. Onealona
enet a t'UG tm ta right u pukliah It. Wh.a yon one. awn
them yea will aevar part with them for anoney. Haver!
praoa r now making lli par month by theae Reerrta
Br thtra aa. aeraoa aaar aaaka moner aaailr and
meauiy- wa waa aa. none ai Barrel arr aa aaaie,
aapita aeata, alab af Sea eoeiee 1.
Head Govarnawnt
for tha partbaae and tale af
Cutter, Chceso, Pork, and Flour,
., i . .
Grata Seed, Dried Fruit, Ac.
Libera amah advance aa ongnmata (ar aala ar r ainl .1
W alaa aUkWcar. Mnltmta, Ria,Coha, T..burca.
Balaraiaa, rtah, Aa, la tvet, a gian al aiaok af Otuenrin
aaa rwata, ai mil a aar snipper ot rraauaa aa adi
aa nut, nav m etora, ar f eta.
, t. WILLS.
t. If. FATLE.!
. i tOOIf ULRHl ; , " .
H. O. TO M B 13 S -
IliutHaen fitl rarer blaOiooery fe PrcleioB ftors.aail lra
made If what AbtbuU ha loug Beaded,
' A H'tt Cla'S Family Grocery Store ! .
He In'endatt aem aTerthlnf tn hie Ho nfUte eholcetl
Wad. Hla gooda atiall be right ia .rary retract, ,
Yoa wlll alwaya Sud at hla atnra XXX, XX and tingle X
Sour, with prima to eorreapond to tint quality. - 1
Tfanta nf hi own anntlng; alto fork purehaaejd by blmaaU,
and warranted Coen fed.
Aln,all other VlneWyif Prorlalont and Gfoerrlea, logofhcr
Uh hoxM amd, t aad Cera. .w . ,. , ,
It keep to aaanrtmenl of Oil and PaUit; aln, Xtlli and
Ilatdwara, Ac, are; '
1 - Ctxtf and Car boh Otfr, nnd-v ,.-.:
GOAL O X Ii -1 A M I S 1
wDl'be fland at hi (tore, nf all price and qnalifV. la
abort, he I ateudt tn tntpply tit wauta af the people, and it
bound to I eep up with the timet.
"lit fitallrrd In Aahtahhta about 16 year, and ban been rn
Ptged In the Orocery btialnea for the laat S yeera, nd tha
nowledre be ba acquired of tba want nf the people, and of
the buaineaa in which be ha been engaged, enable hiiu to
' ' Maintain Store and.Goodt,. . ,
Jnt adapted to their want. ' To do en, la hla hlgbeat amattloa,
and he will leare no eflort untried to aatlify and plea, hi
He rerneetrully anltclttt rbare ot ha patronage Of hi fel
low attitena.
. " IL, C. ToilBk..
lie is the Ageut for the sale of all Liodn of
AIM 0. t. Badif Agetrt for the aal of
by the hot. Trie to correipond with Clarelaad and Chicla
naU market. - -
Duoro &. Brother's
Xev Cabinet Ware RaomsA$Jtlo.lla.
hilly Inform the dtiviu of Aahtabula. rfct
aad vicinity that they have opened a ' '
New CaUiupt iAvarc room
IB thabiin itngfnTTfiettr .Crrrplrd a. tba" tore of Jfr. Stewart)
oatn enn tta otnwt.
Harlne had, during a rfMeor In fTnnr,n eneellent on
portnnity for Ivaruing Ihelr l.ii.lne- In all Ita dppartinecta, and
naxlng llrcd aeveral vesra In the Kaalem Watea mnd alao car
ried on bnainee. in Jeiienmn, for the laat two yeara, they tVal
anthorbred to my that they ran present matomer with wort
Jn thi country.
Aa 'awortment of Oermin, Frwoch aad Kng
It dow nnhKnitrfiidr for rxlifliitloo to fii-itor. tnfl thetr ttH
are rnri4ctliUr iwltcitfij.
We Ufa rVtennin-pit not to fvp ontdon, pTiTit n Qie nuaJitj
of otvr wArk or the elijwwior tlratclei. fTT" Woikdone
to order, proip r, and Wavrrmute-J to KtreNtlkfthCtloo.
Kept on hand, of all kind and ttre.. aod mad ta order, of
tne anorreat nonce.
fJT Don't forget th plac and tlgn of
thre biiiliHottt eouth f RecTO-saod WurrV'e Marble Sboniand
mnember to cell beforr puirhuiiig eUewbtro
ArHH-fjqO.a, afaUI. 1. i50O 1HJV
.00, Ayci''.i
From Emery Kdr, a u-cU-knotcn merchant cf
(Irjortl, Maine.
" I have aold larjjo ijiiiiiititics of your SARSArAR.
Illa, but never yet one bottle which failed of the
desired effect and' Dill mtmfnctioti to thoae who took
it. Aa last aa our people try it, they agree there ha
been no medicine like it before in our community."
Eruptions, Pimples, Blotches, Fuatules,
Ulcers, Sores, and all Diseases of the Skin,
'rant Bev. IIM. Stratton, Drittol, England.
" I only do my duty to you aud the public, when
I add my teetimony to that you publish of the mu
dicinal rirlnoa of your Sakha PAim-LA. Sly daugh
ter, aged ten. had (a afflicting humor in her ear,
eye, and hair lor year, which tve were unable to
cur until we tried your SARSAPABn.LA. lib baa
beea well for tome mouth."
from Mri. Jane S. Jliee, a Ktll-huncH and muck
etttrmed lady tyf DenniviUe, (tape May Vo., lf. J.
u My daughter has ullent for a year pat with a
eerofuloua eruption, which waa very trouhletome.
Nothing afforded any relief until we tried your 8 a b
CAraaiLtA, which boob completely cured her."
from Charltl P. Gaffe, Ktq., ofiie trfef inoim.rlnTi
qf Gage, Murray If CV)., maunoofwrcr o cnain-
tiled papert in JVashua, .V. U.
" I had for eeveral year a very trenbleeom u
Bior in my face, which grew eonarantly worn until
it dltflgured my feftturr and became an Intolerable
affliction. I tried aimott everything a man could of
.both advice and mediuino, but without any relief
whatever, until I took your eUnaArAKiiLA. It
Immediately made my thee worte, a you toltl me it
might lor a time; bat in a few weeka the new i kin
began to form under the blotclie, and continued
until my face I aa emootli aa anybody', and 1 am
without any symptom of the dipeaee that 1 know ,
of. 1 enjoy perfect health, and without a doubt owe
it to your Sarbaparilla.'1
Erysipelas General Debility Purify tha
. Blood.
From Dr. Jldbl. Sfcirin, Jfoutton St., -V. V.
Dr. A yep. : I seldom fail to remoib i-.'mjifi'oiii and
Scrofuloiu Sort! by the persevering ute of your
BAnaaPABiLLA, and 1 have juat now cured an at
tack of Mali'j'taM FrviiptJat with It. Ko altera
tive we no sac at equnlttlie ciAUAPARILI.A you hava
supplied to the proteuion aa well a lo the people."
From J. E. Johiutcn, Eng., Wakeman, Ohio. .
" For twelve year 1 had tne yellow Eryaipela oil
my right arm, during which time I tried all the cel
ebrated pbyeician I could reach, aud took hundred
of dollai' worth of medicine The ulcer were ao
bad that the cord became virlble, and the doctor
decided that my arm mutt ho amputated. I began
taking your Sarsafabilla. Took two bottle, and
tome of your Tills Together they have cured me.
I am now a well aud touud aa anybody. Being in a
public place, my cat i known to every body iu thi
community, aud excite the wonder of all.1' .
From Hon. Henry Monro, M. P. P.,nf Xewcattle, C.
If., a leading member of' tht Canadian J'arliamenl,
" I have naed your Sarsatarilla in. my family,
for general debility, and for purifying the tVowf,
with very beneficial reeulta, and leel CutiUdeuce Iu
eommeuding it to tha afflicted."
St. AnthoDy's Fire, Hone, Salt Bkeuiu,
Scald Bead, Sore Eyoa.
From Harvey Siekler. Ktq., the able editor qf the
Tuncknannock f)tmocrai, Pennsylvania.
" Our only child, about three year of age, wa at
tacked by pimplea on hi forehead. They rapidly
pread until they formed a loatbtom and virulent
tore, which covered hi face, aud actually blinded
hit eye for lone day. A ekill'ul physician applied
nitrate of eilver and other remediea, without any ap.
Imrent effect. For fifteen daya we guarded hit hand.,
eat with them be ahould tear open the fettering and
corrupt wouud which covered hit whole face. Hav
ing tried every thing elae we had any hope from, wa
began giving your Sauafauilla, aud applying
tha iodide of potato lotion, at you direct. The tor
began to heal when wa bad given tha Brat bottle,
and waa well when we had finirbed the acaoud. Tha
child' eyelMhe, which had come out, grew again,
and he I now a healthy and fair aa auy other. Tha
whole neighborhood predicted that tba child mutt
Syphilis and Mercurial Disease.
From Dr. Hiram Sloal, of St. Lonit, Miieouri.
41 1 and your 8 a as ay a rill A a more effectual
remedy for the secondary symptom of SyphUU,
and for typhllitk diteae than auy other we poMcee.
Tb profetaion are indebted lo you for soot of tba
beat medicine we have."
From A. J. French, M. D., an eminent phytlcian of
Latertnce, Matt., trao it a prominent member qf
the Ltgittature of Mattaehutrttt.
"Da. Ayer My dear 8ir: I have found your
Sarbaparilla an excellent remedy for Suphilit,
both ol the pnmai'. and tecondary type, aaa effect
ual in some caaea tbat were too obatlual to yield to
other remedies. I do not know what we can em
ploy with mure certainty of aucces, where a power
iul alterative I required."
Mr. (Aa. S. Van Lieto, qf New Bruntvcl; X. J.,
had dreadful ulcere on hi leg, eaueed by the buu
f mercury, or atcrettrKW ftae, which grew mora
aad mora aggravated for year, ia evile of every
remedy or treatment that could be applied, until tba
pcraevtrlug uae of Atbr'S Sarbaparilla relieved
him. Few our caa be found more inveterate ana
diatrcsiing than thi, and it took several dozen not-
net to cure tutu,
. Leuaorrhcaa, Whites, Female Weakness,
sre generally produced by Internal ScrnfuliMi Uteer
atiou, and are very often cured by the alterative
effect of (hit Sakbaparilla. Some cate require,
however, ia aid of the BAitaAPARlLLA, the skilful
applhialloa of local remedka.
From the wtlUmown and leidely-eeltbrattd Dr.
Jacob Morrill, of Cincinnati.
"1 have fuuul your Sarbapahii la an excellent
alterative iu dieae of females. Mtay cate of Ir
regularity, Leuoorrboea, Internal Ulceration, and
local debility, ariaing Irom the Kroflilou dtatbtwi,
Lave yielded to H, and there are few that do not,
when itaeleot ia properly aided by local treatment."
A lady, unwilling ta allow tht fubtiealion of tier
name, trrilet:
"It J daughter snd myaelf have Wa cored of
very debilitating Leucorrboea of long standing , by
two bottle of your 8arsaparilla,
BJieumatlata, Gout, Liver Complaint. Dys
papai. Heart Dlaaaxe, Neuralgia,
. whea earned by Scrofula ia the ayatem, are rapidly
cured by thi Lit, Bab.apabili.a.
assess so many advantage over tha other pur
gatives in the market, and their superior virtues
. are so universally known, that we need not do
non than to assure the public their quality is
maintained equal to the lest it ever bas been,
and that they may be depended on to do all
that they have ever done.
- -Prepared by J.' C. AYER, If. V, t Co.,
Lowell, Mass., and sold by
4 got,
aa, tea,
t Ceo. Wlllardand A. He
, Aahtabula. I . I.y-
a, Uetuie boty
nuit, M. Pariah, King.
H. Btevaaa, Oeaera,
at thi .Sk.
good tHertmrut ea bead at all tlaie.,
' 'i ' -4s ;."
' tevvert's Large, raten-lrTlai4 r. .
II jeLajiij - ""
, aat,4 -'- 'jjf'ni.l''''-gf
X'''-alt.a - -''" ,
WARRANTED to lie the best Cook
T lngBtov world, and requiring let than
Ouo iialf the Fue tbc common Cbok' Stoves.
For tl by ' ' ' CEO. C, HUBBARD.'
Aahtabula, Jaly UHJ,
A Medicinal uae.
and LIQUORS,, for
Cognac nale and red. Dra.
Dkaxiiikk 4H4 Otsrd and
8t. Croix aod Old Jamaion.
fli! Old Holland, and Ixindon
Boorhon Onnor lMattllad flne-
ChatleaOln., Wniniv 014
tpfle, Monongahrlla and E
xrelator Wblaky. Wikk rnrt,
Mi'leria, Sherry Mall
ciarr.il, Alao Oitawha and
Pa retro Chemrultn VVIl
1 -warranted of the. pnrett
gaaiuy, inr mie ny
TT. fj. riltNtlAM tint at Innrrlh ncrfi-clorl Ma tin'.!.
nem tmnrerrent, ra that the public may be accorrrrrroUatcd
oa rallfor orottof th . . . .
Various kioda of Pleasure Vehicles, :
hiring a number now tnlahed on and read. 4rw dettvwre. ha.
ride a laege quantity af work la rarloa atagr of proirreaa,
" mu'iowii upi,H very anon nonce, wnen pre-
ferreL. . .
Dntera will b received for new work f anr particular atvle
or pattern, ......
With a mil auaply af ta boat hand te be found In the
eouutry, he feara no competition, eaat or weal. In the matter
af taateor tryhsof icrUnea af tiiawrtal, or Uat fldelllyand
boneaty wit b. which hit work i put together. Of th troth
Of there atatenteot, any One m-ly aatlafy hlmmjlf by peneraal
B7aJltfaaHHIlS.( ' 4 , . f
Rrp:iii1ng of all kioda, don with prooiptces, n on taila-
. Wm .0. Brrham.
. AahUbula.Hprch OT, 1S40.
la the "nnlae and rnrrftratim"' tint an enriatantly rages.
And la ehronlolerl fmth In the Teh-graph'a pagea,
.thout Dry Oooda.and Pre at Rooda, and Oeuaoaand LtMt,
Shawla, Bonneta, and Cloak, that rival tha grace.
May 1 claim your attention, to a brief reheannL
trf a lirt of Chnlre llnoda in rtneh wulveraal ; -And
though lea pretending, are in merit more Wuad,
And are quietly waiUng your nolle down town.
There Cloth of all grade, and texture you'll Snd, .
Of pure Wool frPiu your flock and nf Alabama. oomMmd,
And eaUnga, the fncr Maraellle. Rtlk and illaek Ratio.
Tarn made of Cotton. Thread. Warldine inH R.lll,,.
VI Icka. llnriDela, bleaejied gooda, .stripe., Sbeetlng t twine,
Aod Mualln and Iwna, bomwt.drewi and twin Sue,
Cambric and Summer Stuna, eheck'd, atriped a white ahlrtu,
(iiove, Prcai Omnia, Shau la and Hihbnna and Skeleton Skirt.
u i , , . ,. ........ .... .. "
.-pic, imr, iuq rnaaui, aaieraiua, fgma meuati kaolin amtp.
Broom, buekett, aud led cotila, cloth linet.bujk glnr,ad
coll rope,
Kapar h'aa, augar ando fr, e,b,,th Java ami Rio,
uie, aa wvw mn i louno in tne fttrite ot llhio.
Paper hanginga, bran ketUea, fanry prlnta and band boxe,
Clothaplna, woolen ynrn, and bow for theneckaof ynnroi'ea.
Stone cbarot,.iuc'. jrand crocka, aanorted glae and nulla.
Mop handler, wood and irno. aaah, pitch-rorka.apd water naila.
Shoea for children, boya an.l lacliea, alao gent and ladica ho.
And hoea for gentt to woik with, wooden puinpe, and aupei
Scythea, anatli, rake, and waah.boatdn, half bathela, and
role leather.
Chalk, roaln, whUhig, coal oil, and umbrella for tad weather
The larptri tot of IIM ami Capa, of everv grade nd atyle.
If all uutalfle were heaped at once 'twoul'rln't be an big a pile.
Shoemaker., too, a word with you, I have for you good new,
tere'a nearly all the Implement for making boot and ahoea,
Ijwta, pega, pineliera, bauimara, kulrea. thieid, peg and tew
ing anl,
Ttcia, halla, nwMiandlee, brialle. lining, binding, heel balla,
Kreneh calf, French chalk, kip. Hnata, aire aticka and morocco,
Wel'bing aud laatinga of variou ahade, aboe nsedlea, and
But hold I my mute, nor further tax th printer' gentle
He'll ne'er Snd apace for a tithe of the liat of thi full ttock
nf fjoodt;
4ay then, that the atnrk la full and enmntet..
That w are anximialy awaiting, our patron tn greet,
Invite them all, from South, fiuni North, from Eaat, and from
From city, from country, I.lnenlnite, Douglaaltea, and all
the real.
From every point nf the enmpaaa, eom all,
Leave all rour anar. dimaa will, ,mr rH.,,,1
odd tl.nh.M Hall.
Aahtatmla, Oct. 87, 1800.
rOBACCO You will nlwsys Gud ilie
la I Brands of Flue Cut, I'lng, anil Smoking, at
and Dniidlmr Materlala. ll.v and s-.i. Mm a..
Crnaa Cut, Tennon and Hutting Saw., llnudSawa, Back and"
Coue Sawe. Chlaele, Hand and Iteiich Aee, Broad Axea,
;...T,,,iu, i.iK'iuiu iu. aiaueia, iiencn erwa, both
i.,.,,u n,,iT,nerKn i mura. nana pur ilanoie, Chiael
Han.llea, Steel S.tirea, Revvla, Try Squan ..Drawing Knlvea.
1 1 . hB, ninl. a . , . ' i . , . . .
, V., V. ,. .. 1 ' "l"r" rarm, '.row iiara,
Log Cbama. Coll Cbainaat 8c ner nmin.t Ufinlll. n.,... .....ii
and large aire Strap Hlngea. Hllnd Ilanlnga, Mortice licka
and Ijitrhea, liliu Lucka, Pad l.nrka. Cheat Lock, Trunk
Lock, Lilting Handle, Butta a Screwa, and Hour trimming,
of every diacrlptiona, common Angera, t'aaf Steel Augr
Cook' patent; Auirer Bitta, Plane Irnna, File of all diacrln
tkma, Carriage Bulte, Sheep Shear.. Wllkinann'a lieat; Ham.
r-r. itaicueia, Axea, iiruaannil Miver earring Bunda, White
Wah Bruabea, Scrubbing Bnialieai Koen, llnkea, Farka, Sho
vel, Spade. I'icka, Rat-Tinpa. Fox Tiapa, WolfTrnpa, Selves
SnalbSeythea,BlllknllPhltering Tmwell, 2hi A 3 inch
Auger, Kuivra anil Fork, from fitic to $7 per aett ; Pocket
Knlvea, Shear, Sciaaora, Chalk I,na, hpoola, Scratch A-vla,
beahlea a tbouaauilmore thing which go to make a fulla t
aortineiit. Can alwava be found at
Aahtvbula, October 8. IWI. MORRISON'S.
Attention Shoemakers !
Slide To Your Lath and
Our Gloriuut
TIIE SuWriVirr hns very m-icli cnlarped
lilaatnckfFlndlnga,and Phov Mnker'a Tool. Every
hing required in the Shu. Mmp ran be found at my Store. -iMther
of all deaeription ounvtanlly no hand. Caeh invari
ably. T S 1 AY
Aautabula, Aptil lat, 1863. .
Familly Medicine ! !
The Uest and Cheapest in lh World !
An Alteralive, Tonic, Diuretic, mild Cathartic.
Price, 23 cenlt per box, containing 40 Pill.
FACH box contalna fifty pllla, which makea themaa cheap
airaiu aa any other atauda d pill, and four timea cheaper, aod
warranted much uiriur in the cur. of vaiioua diaraaea,
to any of the tyrup uilituret aold ; bealdet being in a more
convenient and proper form for aae.
Tlie pillaare principally an alteiatlve medicine, (their ba
ai Wing lb. enlid ei tract of Saraaparilla, prepaid la a tu
parior manner,) nut tuOiciently cathartic to gently aetlat na
ture, without purging, unneceaaarlly, which make thera pe
aallarly adapted to weak and enreenied prnrona. Invigorating
and tlrengihiog the body, purthingthe ayatem, prodnciog
new, rich blood, and a healthy action ef the etvmach and
T hey are acknowledged hy our ableat phralelana to ba not
anly uueiceptinnabie, but eSicaclon in th bigbat drgr,
and a a gne;al
The Couipottm! ParaArarllla Tl'la are uatd ft.r tha perma.
lent our ef thoae dianue which aaut nam aa impure atate
of tb. Wood, and morbid acretiona of th llrcr nnd tlomach,
and diaeaae ariaing from an Iniiidictoua uaa ormereure, ng
whrvr Bwdicin ia required to invigorate and purify the
ay ttem.
They are purely re rata Hie eomponnd, and may be need by
neraona of all age. They are pleaaant lo the paUte. and pro.
uuee no naiieea, iineaain.t, or griping lo their ape ration.
luuurmu wMrunmie aouia b given ol tnow wbobavt uaea
them with great brnelit.
Pnrthaaer will be ptrilctila to aak far "Dr. Robert.' Com
pound naraaiarllla Pill.'' ud olwMve that tbeirreen wraDaer
on each !ix haa a facetmile of tha algnatiire of Joa. Roberta,
a. ir ,aoa v. r.ray,ana u puroaaae noneoiratr.
All anplieation for geneiea, and letter on the nhjct of
tenedkia, mutt b addretaed, foat-pald, to C. P. Fay, N.
inl.bole tale and reUll br GKO. W1LLARD, Aahtabula,
Ohio. sea
Groceries, Groceries.
17 R. WILLIAMS, hRTinjr purchased
-Jo the e)t,,re funnerlw oeaupled by Praailee aod Oebora,
bat with much care aeleeted a choice lot af Urooerlna, which
Ik intend to aell at very low price for the, tiro, aud
bone hla old ftwud and th public generally will giv him a
Ha expect tn pay eaah 'for moa! kinds of country Produce
aa well aa for Lumbar.
He ate the ageney eftiie eelebrated improved "Hubbard
Standard and Light
to which b would Invite attention aad trial, belteruig they
are In beat Meat, eeet invented.
Aahtabula, i une 44 latta. 101.
' TVnmaaitlruu. . !
EAVY. and TTue Urown tJottoni. Cot.
ton Vara. BatUog, Wadding. IVulina. Btrlpee, Ttcka. Heavy
Bummer pood for Men and Boya near, Ulah4 Celtona, al
ierv low price, tue the ilaitt, at
Mat l. Vi MtiP,Riyn'S.
'Hi (lliiiuiil . k Mitt ii
' "or the '
Thr Hetoitrn qf our 1 Soldiers abd Baltore.
toL 12m'o. rrtVe, iiSt.
The erttlea aad the nahlt are rtgrrt In ewdlcwng thrt Uih
will aurpaaa, In graphic n- rraUre, exciting Inlereet, and eat.n
atre ponularHy, all other hlatnri of-th War for Uia Crrtori,
Ita theme will be the heroic daring patient tuflerlng, ad htlr
breadth eacanea of ouraolrilera and mllrrra, and Ita tnetrlerlf
will form tht them of eonrermtion at ennmembl arealram
for year to eom. It will contain atlrring detatla, the phlla
Aophlcal Anaryel of th Caaaea ef the Wwvhy Joitrt LOT a nop
Mnri.tv,!.!.. 1)., AntbnrofTheRI.enftherintrhllepUhlie."
etc., th data nf all the Important erenta from th.. John
Biown raid, an aero rat a and reviaed account of the prtnclpl-'
battle, with engravlnga. . f
On third the proceed nf all aarerintinrw at dlreet ton
win nr given nir tne neilet of lllaahred Soldlem, and all per
aona who wtah a ropy of th Work, and alao to benefit lh aot
dlrra, ahnnld aend in their name and aridreaa at alan
anr ofrlwr or private, or peraon In any MHnarth eaontrv,
having knowledg of a heroic act or atlrring incident, will
will oblige na by tendtnguaan xcennnfnf It, . ''
Bookarllera, roatmaatera, and Canetatlng Aeanta will be
fitrnlahed with a Subecrlptlon Pro. pec tut, on tpplloaUon to the
iwniianem. . . , . , .
lV liheral eawtmuarwe fian t ScUiert dedrimf to met
am Agetnt ia i.ai.g- mrecravaewe.
' il;
Tht History of Ameriean Manufactures,
.From 1608 to 1860.
e ,.
Hy Dr. J . Leardkb Bibtiop. yole., 8yo.
Vol I. now ready, Vol. II. nearly ready.
Thi. la pmnaMv the large! and moat important work now in
Ibe American nreaa
We have atfen juat pnbllahed new ctlitloBSof rhe Ibllowtng
uaeiui aue popular uotajj t
Tbe Dusincss Man's Ixgal Adviser j
or How to Rtr Moner, hy Conducting Bo.lrloea aeenrdlng to
Iaw, aa expoiword by the Beat Bad Lateet AathoriUea. 400
pp., aheep. I'rlce, ll.
Oppnrluuities for Industry ; or, a TbousaDd
Chances to Make Money.
Cloth, It. Thii baa benrepublihed In England.
Every tmatneaa man and etrk ahoald have theae book.
They will par the huyer a hundred fold, Every parent thouid
get them for their tou.
All the hook are mailed, postpaid, en reel ft nf price. We
pay particular attention to mailing honk, wrapping them up
carefully, and will procure and tend, prwtpald, any book any
where, ooreceipt of publiahera price aud aix atampa. Addie
FREBD1.Y 4b, Co.,
Tribune BuUdlng N'ew York.
PI A IVOR. rron who wlah to buy Piano of tb boat
maker will be abown how they can aave a handsome Bum In
th.pu-eha.-e if they addie.a Pia.no, care Jot Cor, Co., I'tb.
liaher' .Igeut, N.w Y ork P. 0,
Wheeler & Wilson Machine.
New ImroTementa, at educerl Prices
rTMIE Wheeler A Wilson Mnnufactiirioir
I- Comiaiiy having gained all their anlti at law, with in
hinging nmnut'actnrera of Sewing Machuiea, propone that the
public aliAll tm benefitted thereby, aud hava accordingly re
duced the prior; of their sewing Machine. After thi dat
they rill be eoid nt ratea tht adll my a fair prodt on tbe
coat of manufacture, capital invealed, and exiienae of making
aalea ; euch prlcea aa will enable them to make Aral claaa
machinei, and, aa heretofore, guarantee them in every partic
ular. PRICES I
Vo. 1 Medium, with Glnae Foot and ITemmer, ... $AR 00
" 2 Hlnck, l Improved ) with (liana Foot A llemnier, 6ft 00
" 8 Black, (rominon) with old Henimer, 4& on
" 4 Ijirge Machine on Plain Tnble, with Henuner, 7ft 00
" ft Cylinder Machine, nn plain table, with Hemnier, 8ft 00
eeitiea. per aoten, ......
Kinerv Wheel, each . . .
Marking Guagea, each,. . ',
Cordera. ench ........
s oo
s oo
Uiuder, (new and improved,) each ,
James Reed, Agent.
Aahtabula, Nov. IS, 1860.
The War Goes Bravely On!!
Roanoke lilimd and Fort llei.ry Takeu !!!
Aahtabala Boya gone to Fort Ellaworthl
Retorus to Ashtubula to Recruit.
GEORGE WILLARD thinks w hav,
tuea eonatch there bow to lick the rebfls. and jm,
therrfore K4sciirvd the "arfrrioct of Mr. Gifford, who vrtUtttk
Um otir cbargfj of his
. Clothing Department
wbrbein7 1m tVB boar and
will be havpij- to wo all of bis oW friiKla sud ctssWrnsrs, as
Ct'thlDjr nuuie to ordrt on abort not'eo, and wamntrii to
(IU Perwiiu having cloth, can have it Cut. Tttanvsd aod
mad up.
Cutting promptly done at the old eitn-Uh merit of
AnhUbula Ftbraarjr 12, 1862 W4
i fuflv In
fuflv Inform his frieods Ihat he has returned to his old
plac at (IK'). WII.LAIUH, and troiiM be harr to see them
allaln daystrone by. before he wotfora Mtgrr." Tliank
iul for t fuvors he hope, by fttrict altentirn UtbntineM,to
tain hi oldcut-tvam era and gain a bout if i new one 68.
ASH I'LANK ToO.000 Teet White
Aah Plank, feom 1 to 4 incaee thick, for which eaak
will ba paid by HKKK1CK k BilO,
Clothes Wringer.
IIITNEY'S Celtbriited Gslnfied
Iron Frame Cloth Wringer, for tale br the tabecrl-
ber. Agent for A.htabuU eountr. Ohio, at lha Old Bazaar.
ThUi lndMlaeuper.exMllent Artlele. and en which no
nj!y ibould be w Itbout Look at it before puicbaalng other
J'rcss Goods.
A LARGE assortment of ChnTtli. CiiuIIi
AJL Delkln. Oraf Morella Cloth. Ingllah Berage. Mocam-
blque Clothe, Haymalaya, Laa,. Orgawlle and othr atyle
varying in quality, atyl and prtce,from 10 eta, upward. Can
v oiana i
May let 62. MORRISON'S
Snuff & Tobacco Manufacturer,
(Formerly 42 Chamber Stree'', New York,)
Would eall th attention of Dealers to the article of hi
niauufacture, vlx:
Vine HAwae. r vwa,.,"
Cuara Atpp, Kachitoebea,
AaWcai) Geathiaiao, ' CopeoUtgeo.
geotah, Moaay uew aeotrn.
tiigb TMI .colon, rwi, nun, iv. .Willi,
Irian U'b Toaat, Freeh rJootoh.
er Caedyfoot,
far AttaatLui kt calltd to th Urge reduitloa la price
of Vin-t)tCbawts aod Muukuig Tobaeoo, wbiah will be
bund of a tupetior quality,
rWOWHO. mi cut cniwwo. ' bmouxo.
lUf, ' r. A.UarpUla 8i4.t
' Cavaadiab or etwaat, . rxaia,
v.. a u u..,AJi iiMBAH. Canaatr.
hoa'. I k (mixed, TiaFoUtateiidlth,, Tarktak
V. lh A rlrsi.hr f prbwt eiU U tet.1 ei il.lk"tl'' 1 J"4
TUB AtlufrFiriltftfT IhREB.
The Great American Remedies
kaowti ti' '
'.. ..A . . . " w . ,,...,.
nclmbold'i Genuine Prrparatlong
HellBhoIt'a Bitraet Bwchat,
Helanaolt'e KatraeS Slar.esar4Ila,
llelanboll'a Improreel R6i4 Wattt.
Helmbold'i Genuine ,Frtparati'' Uikfy''
Concentrated Compound
Fluid Extract Buchu,
A poiltlve anil Rpeeiflo Rameriy hr dlaeaaea of th Blatde'r,
Kidneya, Gravel and ()roplcal Swelling.
Thi medicine Inerfaae the power of DlgetUnn, and eg
elt'ia tbe Abaorbanta Into healthy action, by which tbe
Watery nr CaleeroUi owpoaltlon, and all th namtural aw
largmenta are reduced, a wall a pain and inlammaUoa,
ami It good far Men, Women and Children.
Ilelnibold's Eiitiiti LVLnf,
For Wtakntsiitt' Ariitng from .
Eicesses, Habits of. DuwtioaLiou, Eurly IodiV'
.' , ., .erwtifro or Abuse,
'"si attaadVe) wMl Un following aym'ptoma I
, Indlrpo.ltio t. Eaert'en, I.oaa of Power. ,.,
I.o. of Memory, I liffiaulty ef Mraalaiag,
: Weakeierve,--. Trnaollng, ,
Horror of bltra, Wakelulne,.
, IHirnMM of Virdoa, . . Pain in Uie Mack,
Uaiveraal Laaiituee of tb Munculr tyttem, .
Mot llauda, t luihlng of tli Body,
Uryuea of the Skin, Kruptiona oo the Face,
I'alM Contiti-nance.
The aymptem, if allmied tn go oa, which thi medicin '
Invariably remove., tber noon follow
lmpolency, Fatuity and Epileptic Fit,
la a et which th. patieut may expire. Wbo can tar that
they are not frequently followed by Uio "di.eful diaeaae "
Inaaailtjr and onaainptlaal.
Many are aware of the cant of their auffering.btit Bone
will wiifeaa. Th taearua of th. iaiiaoe Aayiuuia, aad the
melancholy death by ConaumpUon, bear am pi witnea to
Uie truth or tne aaaerUou.
The Conatltdtlon Ono Affected with Organic Weaknea
Require the id ef WHtdielne to atrengthen and Invigorate the
aytuui, which UKI.MIlDl.rs EiTKAuT BiJCliU, invariably
doe. A trial will convince tha nwt ekeplical.
Femalei ! Females I Females I !
Old or Yovng, Single. Married, or Contem
plating MarriagCi
1 . . n..,i . . u , i . a. i ii. .. . at--, , -
unequalted.by any other ramoty, In Ctiloroai ar retetrtioo.
Irregularity, Painfhlnaaa, nr ttniiprealon of tbe euatomery
Rvacuationa, Ulcerated Sohlrmu atate eftbe U tenia, 1euoor
rhoaa, or Whitea, Startlity, and lor all complaint Incident ta
the ax, wheUier ariaing from indiacretiou, liablta el Hi
ition, or in th
Decline or Change of Life.
See Sy.nptom Ab ir.
iVo Family Should be Without it.
Take no Baram, Mercury, or Unpleasant Mofliclua fur V
ploaaaut and Danguruua Dine aae.
Ilelnibold's Extract Buchu
lo all tbeU-atage ; at little expense i little ornoobange a 1
diet ; uo iacouvvuirace,
It rente frequent desire, and give ttrength to urinate,
thereby removiug obatructiona, preventing auu curing atrict
uie of lh Urethra, allaying nam and tnSama'ntion, ao Ire
quent In thlt claaa of diaeaaea, and expelllug pouainou, due-'
eated, aud worn out matter.
Thoutanda opon Tbouaaoda who hare been the
Victim! of Q iucks,
ahii " I ' . I . , . . , . . j , c, ... uvtuavM ii, asuvi, time
have found they were deceived, and t at the poiiou. ba-
by uae of Powerful Antringenta, lieuu diied up lu the eya
tetn, to break out In ao aggratated lunu, ferbapa artar
Use Ilelmbold's Extract Buchu. -
For all Affectlona and DUeat of the
Urinary Organs,
Whe tber exhtixg tn MI or Feml, from whtver eauea
Oritni.tiii,r anil tin nuiller f,f hnw Inn. .unriiiii. Hi...
of the., Organ inquire tb aid of a Lnurttic.
lie uibold's Extract Buchu
la the Great Diuretic, and it I certain to have tbe deahed "
foct iu ail iJUoaaea for which it I roomiuadd.
Helmbolt's Highly Conoeot rated Compouod
Fluid Extract Sarsaparilla.
Thie U an arTeclion of tbe Blood, and attacks the Seinal
Urgauii, Liuinirao the iNosts Cars, Tbruat, Windpipe, aud
uth.r Mucus riurUceis making its appearance In tbe torn, of
L leers, Heltubold's Extract baraaparilta purities tbe blood,
aud removes all Scaly Eruptions of tbe Skin, living to tba
Complexbtn a Clear and bealiby Color U belnit prepared
expressly for this elaas ol ejuoiplaiuU, Its ti Ka-Purifying
i iitrrlies are pceeerTed to a greater extent than any oter
ptepatratioa of tiarsaparilla
Aa exoellent Lotion for Ptaeasei of t Syphilitic Nature,,
and at an .iijsctioa In IliatwaMof the Urinary UrKane, ariniug
from hits of diftipatiun. used in couueetion with the Ex
tract kiocUu and Sartsaparilla, lu such diseaees as reoom
Krioac of tbe moet responsible and reliable character will .
acoooipaOij tite Biedllaes.
From eight t twraty veara (landing, with name known ta
scibisca; and Fame.
For Medical rroertie of BUCHU, e Dlapenaatory or the
United stole.
to Profeaaor DEW EX'S valuable woik oa th Practice ef
He. remark mad by tb late celebrated Dr. PUYSICK,
He remark, made by Dr. EPIl!U:K,McDO WE'LL, a eel. .
brated Phytlcian, aad Mambnaf tk Rc Qqja of Bur.
genna, Ireland, and published ia th Traaeactieoa.ofT.ua King'
aud tjueen'a JournaL i ...
tSee MedloD-tiiurgtcal Review, publlabtd ay-BENJAMIN.
TRA VEbX, Fallow of tbe Royal College of Surgeou,
lee moat of th late Standard Work oa Medic kit, '
A'xfraaf Jhteaa, .1100 per MU, 'or tx fat 'S 40
" amrmmpmrilU,. . 100 " ' 6 OO
Awarvead Uvt ffaa,. .40 " 1 40
Or half a don or each for 9,112,00. which will be augicicut ta
cur tb aioat obatlnat. ca, if direcUon u adbared to.
Ilellvereii to anr addt-B.aeoureIi packed from obaervatlon.
tTr" beacribe tymptom ia all oomuianioati on, C ureal
guaiMtaad, Adrlo. g,raua.
Ptraoaally appeared before me aa Aldemiaa of the city ot
Philadelphia, II, T, IIXLMBOLn, wbo, being duly sworn, doth
ay, hla prepare tlona contain oo aar oo tic ao mercury, er
other injuriou drug, but are purely replable.
Swora and aubf crlbed before me, thi 23d day of Noraa bp
1864. WU. P. IIIBBAKD,
Alderauu, Klath ttrU apov. Itace, Pbila,
Addrets 1 ten lor infonnatloej ia wiuAdene. . . . . t
II. T. HKl.iiUlJi.l), Cbamlat,
Depot 104 South Tenth-atrect, below CbeaUiut, Phi la.
.n.. nr TIIK1R OWM " and .other
BWamww.r -, r -
art idea on tbe-r.putattunakt.inwl g
rialuMuuia I uuuine rorir.,
a Kt tract Bucnu,
a .. a . . Mtxaaparrlla,
a a Imbiovad Roaa Vrath. '
' Bold by aU Drugglata svsrveaore'
rutauttnearHarfiaeneat tad b4 lot W, a4 atehl

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