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Ashtabula weekly telegraph. [volume] (Ashtabula, Ohio) 1853-1873, September 05, 1863, Image 4

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TllS Dl-TCmiAM ASD THK DftAFt A pro-
uiiuent candidate lrfore one o,r tlie com
initslunom, wit in imlfrlnatiT9 Teuton, bj
the ndmeof efitcdb' Schneider. " ' , f
, What Is tun matler with Jon,' Jacob?.
', Veil, miio pack Uli most piokc. : ".; ,
Iiocul or ibrouic? atksd lbs. cojituiba
-iutier, " ,
Lognte or groneclc fat's da'f
I mean la joins a standing comp'Hm J
Nctrt, I laj-n on dor ped gciienrfly.
Well, flow rfid you brfrt your buck?
, . Veil, L tos, orue Leer drink, last week,
In dor saloon, and I eoes tnt house in, and
deal goes niine stairs up, audi duuiMes
my window out, and den I strike de aide
walk oU my pack, atJ I lies iu dcr bud for
dree tnooot.
Ah, -said dm, lyou Ml out of . the win
dow last wcekT
Yaw. ' .'..' r
And you laid abed three mowihs. . Haw
do you make that ou? , -
Ich nix fustay. Ich can niclit so uiueb
English pprachen all dcr while.
lie didn't get his pajicis.
Mtns. Ocn. Blnut, in a private to a friend,
rccouut'iug-liia victory-over the rebels at
the battle" of Honey Springs, Arktinsn,
Juno lT.b,' bears the following testimony to
the CghUng'iftalitiis of the oegro trootis'in
fcis'cotnmand.' lie snysf
One Texas regiment of rebels went iu
with three hundred men and enmo out iih
only Rixty.' This regiment was opposed to
(ha Kuoeas 1st colored, ami the uegroti
were too much for them. And let me sav
here, that I never suw such lighting d nu
as .was done by the negro regiment at the
battle of Honey boring. lhey fou
like Veterans, .i,ih a coolness
and valor
that is unsurpassed. . Thy
preserved their
lino pcrfict thronghout the whole eirguge
incut, find, alibougb in the hottest uf the
light, they never ouee faltered. I no muci
praise cunnol bo awarded them for their
g:tllanUy. Tlie question that, ucgrocs will
iiirht is eutilctl.
' T. JTcGuirc,
H .'. s
AS Removed Lis Stock of Goods
Stoves, Tin Ware, 4c.
to the store formerly occuped.as a Meat Maiket, nearly oppo
si:e UitMtld rtaaui , - . .-
Thankful Hr pint favor and patronage, I again uppral to
the public to t klud enouge to cull at my WW htnnrt having
.urcliapunl. fitted up and permanently Incited niyNf If, opposite
the K.ak Housa, 1 a ill endeavor to accoiumotlatc ioy fiuioda
aut! UtapuriHc a iib everythiog in my Hue, itucii as
Estovsn, Tin, Uopicr ami Sheet Iron, Uiittanii,
and Glusi-U'are, Coal Oil Limps,
J:iipaucd Ware, Tea Servers, Cutlery, Pumps,
Xails and some llardtvareand Cutlery,
i;rass and Euame'cJ Kettles, AN'ood'ju Wore,
. Farming Implement?,
Hi.-reu -Rakes, Cultivators, mower and rpaper
OriuJvrs, Scythes, Forks, Shovels Spades, Axes,
' ' Ase irclvc?, &c. &.o.
A.lww me to-af wi'h record to my Flrt Clust Stnve that
I .-.in rt frr to many ut llio Iwst citizens of AnUlnlnlla and vi
tttmur to aliow Ibat tWy aie giving a good uatiaiUcUou a any
in thecouutry.
Live me a call ouioi-tte the Ktk House, recollecte
ijbUbuU, Jan. i. 180J. Oil T. ic UL'IRE
Haeo Srinr1"' biaGroceTy t TrovUioo Store.and lias
made it what AilitatnUa baa long Deeded,
A Fwt Class Family Grocery Store!
He Intends to keen everything In his line of Uie choicest
kind. His goods shall be right in every rect.
Yoa will always find at his store XXX, XX and single X
Sour, wlUl prices to eorresiiond to the quality.
Hams of his own eureing; also Pork purchased by himself,
and warranted Cora-fed.
Also, all other kind of Provisions and Groceries, together
witb. huree feed, Oats and Corn.
II keeps assortment of Oils and Paints; also, Kails sxd
Hdwue, tc &c.
Coal and Carlon Oilt, and
will Ihj found a his store, of all prices and qualili.. Iu
short, he intends to s'in'ly the wants of the people, and is
Icuud to keep up with the times.
lie hasltred in AshtaluiU akout 16 years, and has been en
in tin. r:rrv htiiinss fur the last 5 vears. and the
knowlecle he has aeiuired of the wants of the people, snd of
the husiue.a in which he has been engaged, enables hiui to
Maintain a Store and Goods,
jnt adapted to their wiir.tx. To dnso, htltis Wghest aml.itlon
and he will leave no ellort untried to satisfy and please his
Je respectful' solicits a jLare ol he patronag of his fel
low cttiit-us,. .. . . .
Ashtabula, April 13. 11C1.
He Ls the Agent for the sale of all kinds of
Also G. F. Sadd's Aireut for the sale of
by the bbl. Trice to ewespond with Clerelaad and Clncin
riiti markets, j . ' ' . .
w .
wirjV SMITH by tl
II ,9f F, W. Carlis'.s, has agaio
' ' . r , i l ,
the withdrawal o(
i again become the aolt proiici
e'.or ornt
Tanning and Currying Busiinus,
at Ui old stand in th village ol Ashtabula, where wlilbs
found at allUiues a geoaral aaaorUueut of
Boot arid Shoe Cudings, Freneh Calf,' Kip
' .-Lining and Tnppinjr Skins,' .
For salo at Ivbolssale and Retail, as cheap as can be found
nubia ui any othai klaxkvt
- W. W. 8K1TH.
bvcll persons having Notes and Accounts with me, are here
t,!,' ' ' W yf. HMlTfl'
Sinclair's Harness Store.
Jlalat Street, Aabtawmla. ' " " '
5a5l.J."tL SIKCL'A IR late W. Red-
SM UEAll would, inwras th public, that ha la now
Located Opji0(.itc rJe; Fisk Ilooe, r
where his be Invites natrons to cll and sea bit stock , . C2S
Karl PHystcal Dtgeueraey of
Tiro Amorlcftu 3?eop!!
1UST rUCLISlIEP.by; liriX'.S.we.'
' . FhycUn to Uit Itoj Iuuf uU Hrfitnic Inrtitut.
. A Titiitv eu UiCuiwiof iaWrly iJJ.ici. itcitn i A
iriic IVojI4 Uta.uuw ftf iSt4fvu itSrfgility, 4Jotuutnp
;.u ui MtiMAu. L
TiiU work it one of hgh moral tone, Written to cliat, yet
thrilUag UDgtUbg. and appeal., dlieotly to the morul con
jitMmem uf All MAftevra and finardiitus esj-pcifttlr, ditail
trig tcieatitie and retimryfe aldi and rreatr.trit for cum.
J4 will he aut Itf aasil oo tii rift oTtwp (li cent tamri.
yrv oU and (itttWyuMi, but Dot WmmmJ aui oOltttu tJ tit twuti.
Voting Jhlo, lull not to aeod fi r tliii btxik.
ldieit, you too, abould at oucc avcurv a ooj of thia book.
A Word ofHukmio-Cobsciebtious- Advice lo
v . Tboeo who nill IteflecU a i w
r A flaaa t inmUiu ptnil to afHui mIm. is torn
koMl. ikiuij) ai Ivml HMt,ou jruath of iwtn mm acau
fcitj, usii oorly XImmo diiintwii an wary iiu perfectly
MatUMi, 9 Uj rjilorJ uaajtitttMa, or ryrapuania ar
XH vxMi lWililv. iiWiajuitioa w4 axtiauaitivn Uaiiihi or
hlfau Guuuuil4ia o4 thm tianuag oflba vboio bajdv i uLtorV-
naMiwl atrjUia.iaf lifrii WimUuuic o madin a kill or
lUtrbt o(t,Unm I craat ualpiULiua u t Hmrl ; Aaiitas,
Hit-tichiuaaik. auro TUtMt ; atiakknr tlmuf tii Hauni
and IMfo I veniiia to aocifty and to butdnvMi oratuuy ;
d'annfMvf Utttwglil ltaf )( tilt uittiuory, dLuiuOHa of tho
Juiivi, jveuraigia, aia la tho vartuo (tarta ol luo botiy ;
Mm iu tu b-tfat or iiuiba. Lutubfco, Dlftpotiaia or IuOiK
tion, Irrejfularlry of tha bowelai, draujd aooratioua of the
JviUiid Liar gtaad of Lk m4y, mm LemtxMrriim or Flour
wtui,tAi. a. 4MMitiyto gii0pjt jiyawna ana Aarvoua
nliuttr nluf ease la sry huadml, all th ahnv
naatad JuUvia, awl a liust uf otuera, a Manniitioa o( hm
l.una, sjjd that moatiuak lious arul wilf awwiW eoawuatitioa
vfthvajiiu.il uarviM, know as Ta4s sneawnWrim, kar tbtf
at.tul origiu la Uia.is.iss ofl'slvi Viae. Uenos the want
of suatMMS ia th awt of u.4 school practiol Ui treating tvutp
I01.1S ouis.
Ir Andrew 8 ton, PbyilrUa I Um 1 ror f Jrng an tfyglenie
lutltnuo. AS.MW suswgwl traaluqr tttis cui-t Of iu "dera
tt.i' t'lles Wltlt th moat aUuilAL.iug sxaeaiai. Th uwat,nent
a J-.; ted by the iustitutioa la aw ; it is baao tua setenuf
Ir t lui'l) h t, a llh new discovered reuiwltea, wtluetit aiiaerala
!.n.li4. Th fiailitiasof UAA aj-CMu b that uslitnu al
fe r tr. ft at (heii huuiva, iu auv part ut tli wnttr. Swat a-
ft r. de.eriuSuit of their easa b,r letter aa4 kev the
liv.-ilu'luw sent bv 4 or express i'rlntetl interrogator is
v ;lt foiwardee oa afrlioatiwM.' '
'oouionUoa, t'ttUrrh and diisaiiss of tfa threat eured
at rll at the l.onss of Ui ualiiuu., at or fqanluiion. by
Hu.iiog th. (,'oU MMiiaAtecl lUALia BAiaAMie Vahikm,
atilt luhair aud ajitpl liii'ectuiua if rhsir, ussaad (lunar t
Ja.. - . ' - I
' I i"lv"e Aiil)iins)ar Milwsnato.1 or atrrtot,' arrlst
:., t r,',.tJAi k'mi.u. Ui ait ailwiuosi.
t "3""! wiuu fnaascua wiU ha toaaal at ths laatlu
ti o Inr r' li.ultUuufruin V. ABI4 - ta. Caeh da. Hun-
tu'tiit I'u'.uuun, AiMnnai -
AKDKBW fTOuVr;, : -'
'f ysl Un t th Tr.v l.aug Urgiea InatiUtla,
' ' " t1. ' 1 hjsioaa fur fit inm Ah Heart a tongs. '
lf . , t 1 pik btraetj IVo, .V. Vork,
NEW SHOE SHOr. llarrKedhead
wishing to hav hanc In among Uit Bp"4 downs
I If, ha taken IN. new aae-p next la M. O. IHoal" fe'lete,
wbeie ae Intend te Sll ordtra for we, - '
From a Dubj ' Cack f gJU a Ocnts Fine Boot
alileli will be made nmler hlsnan aye, and wllh an hoott
fereoce to durability ml taste.
ff A sliarntfpnltMepstrenage h Mllcltr1.
J.litatmla, Juue W, lWi'i. 607 II. RKDIIKAO.
from Emery F.drl, n trell-kiunch tiierchunt if
Vxjbrtty Artj'ue. . - B
" I havo sotrt largo qnatiHtfrasl'yonr Sha,ar
tl. LA, but never yet one bottlo wliiili tuiled ol the
tlesirwlcNeot and lull rallslacllon to tliose who took
It. As taut as our people try it, tltey an roe there has
been no ruedlciuo liku It hclbre iu our community."
Eruptions, Flmples, Blotohea, Pustutoa,
Ulcers, Boroa, and all Diaeoaea of the Skin.
From Ilrv. litM. mrminn, jirutrm, y.nicmn.
" 1 only do my duty to, you and Ihe liulillc. wl
I add my testimony llm' OH rllll I'1" 1
dklual virtues of vouf Saii p a ttl.LA. M Oeu
From Ilrv. lliiit. Strallon, Jlrhtnl, f.nghmd.
Usr, aged ten, haii au atlllcting humor in ncr ears,
eyes, and hair lor yoans which we wore unable to
cure until we trk.l vuur cASSirAIUUi. hho has
kvca well lor Mm inontlis."
From Mrt. Jane K. ltirr, n trrtl knnvn and murh
tutnenuU truly f IMunuicille, fit Man to.. A'. J.
lly danifliter has sum ierl for a year rst with a
orotiiloui cruptioii, wliiall was Tr irouUwomei
Nothiiigallortli-d any relief until we tried your ta
sapauiixa, vt lilcli toon completely cured her."
trnm Charltt P. f7iyc, Kq.,rfthcirtiM!-kniniJlrnr
vf Oaii, Atmrxif ., tiHinwticrurert o cnam-
eltcil iiupvrt in Aimiuswj A'. 11.
" 1 had for several enrs a verv trouiilesomo Au
mor In my Isco, whioli Kiow conslautly worse until
it dislivuicd my Uutiuie and becanie an intolerable
alllictton. 1 tried almost ever) thine a man could of
both advice and medicine, but w ithout any relief
whatever, until 1 look your rAMarauiLLA. It
Immediately made my liice worse, n you told me it
might lor time but in a lew weeks tits new skin
bmm to fons .under the blotches, and eoutiuiMxl
until my fact is as MnootU as anybody's, and 1 ant
without any symptoms of the disease thut 1 know
of. 1 enjoy perieat hetiltu, and without a doubt owo
it to your SSAHHAPAUiU-A.'' , , :,. , , .
Eryslpolos Uonoral Debility Fuzlfy t
. . 13ioud.
Vrnn l)r. HiM. Ssiirt'it, irouifon St., AT. 1.
Dk. Aran: 1 seldom luii to remove A r a ions and
Scrqfiilout tsorf by the perteveriiis; use of your
Haiisai'aiulla, and 1 have Just now cured au at
tack of MtUifiuant Krpsiptla with it. K aJtera-.
tive we ltossoss ctiUBisrne DAiistAi-Auii-i. oh
tl to the prvlesslOB as wen as io iu peupw.
-Won J. E. Johnston, Em , H'nlwwvm. VMo,
" i'ur twelve rears 1 Itnd the yellow Erysipelas on
my right erm, dris wkiwb time I trieti all the cel
ebrated phyticiuasl euld renoh.snd took hundreds
of dollais' worth of uioUhmuo The ulcers were so
bed Hint the cents weaiiw viMuwi-aitu sue vvtira
decnled that my asm must-to umiuralorl.' 1 begun X
taking your y AKBArA iuila. -'l ook two bottles, and
somcofyour 1'lLI.a Tot'eihct thcyhav cured me.
1 am now en will aerl sound sa unybtxly- Kwing in a
public place, my cose is known to every body iu this
community, anil excite the wonder or alL".
From Hon. Henry Monro, M. P. P., o Xciecantlt, C.
)('., a teatliny member qf the CamuUan Parliament.
" 1 have used your SArtfAriiiLLA in my family,
for general debtits', and for pvrifyiug th UmnL,
with very beneficial rucults, ami lccl cunlidcuue iu
coiumcuuiug it to the ulluctod."
St. Anthony'a Fire.Bose, Salt Bheum,
, .., Boald Head. Bore Eyes. . r
From llarrey Sickler. Eq., the able eilitor nj lh
Tnnckhannotk Democrat, Ptnntntrania.
" Our only child, about thro vcant of age, -was at
tHcked by liimples ou his forehead, 'lhey rapidly
spread until tnoy formed a loathsome mid rirnJi nt
sure, which covered his lace, Bnd actually blinded
his eves lor some dav s. A skilful physician applied
nitrate of silver ud otheriemedius, without any a p.
rmreiit pfleot. Kor lilteell dnvs we euunied his bauds.
list with them he should tear open the festering and
corrupt wound which covered his whole face. Hair
ing tiled every thing else we had any bopefrom, we '
began giving your saiisapauilu, ana applying
tho iodide of notush lotion, its you direct. The sor
began to heal when we had given the first bottle,
ano n well wheu wc had llnii-licd the second. The
child's eyelashes, which had come out, fvew agnin,
and he is now as healthy and fair as any ither. The
whole Lcigliborheod predicted that tut child must
die.'1 ...
Syphilis acd Mercurial Disease.
From Dr. Hiram Stoat, of St. Louis, Mittoinl.
ul find your SAitSArAiULLA a more effectual
remedy lor the secondary symptoms of Swphiti,
and for syphilitic disease than any other we possess.
Tho profession are Indebted to you for some of the
best medicines we have."
from A. J. French, 31. D., an eminent phytician of
Lawrence. Mas:, trho 1$ a prominent member of
the Legislature of MastachiuetH,'
nit. Av Ell jav aeur Bin a nave luunu juw
id yo
8ab.safauii.la au excellent remedy for Siphilu,
excellent reucuy lor oyjmu,
and secoiidaro type, and effect-
both of the primar
m and teconaarti tvne, ana
ual in tome cases that were too obttiuuto to yieiu 10 .
other remedies. I Ue not know what we can cm-
ploy with tnoro certainty of aucceee, whore, uowcr
fill alterative it required." .n- '
Mr. Clias. S. Van Liem, of Ifete Drnmnrct, N. J.,
had dreadful ulcers on Ills legs, canseo? by II abuso
of mercury, or mercurial disease, which grew ruore
ourl more aggravated for years, in iit of every
remcdv or trcatmeut that coald be applied) tintil the
persevering use of Ayzk'h Sars.apaiui.la relieved
him. Few case can he found more inveterate and
distressing than this, and it took several dozcti hot
tics to cure him.
Leucorrhaea, Whitea, Female Weakneas,
re generally produced by internal Scrofulous VUsrv
ation, and are Tory olleai cured by the alterativo
efleet of this A tin A FA kill A. Some cases reiiuire,
however, in aid of the 8au8APAiuli.a, the tldlful
application of local renicdie.
from the tr-t7ioim miff vUlely-cetibrntitt Dr.
Jacob Morrill, of Cincinnati.
" I have found your Saubai'aiiii.la nn excellent
alterative in diseases of females Sluuy cases of ir
regularitv, Leucorrhrca, Internal t'lcurutinn, and
local debility, arising from the scrofulous diutlicfi.',
have yielded to it, uu J there are few that do not,
wheu itacfl'ect is properly aided by local treatment."
A lady, unwilling to alhne the puMicatio of Iter
name, writes:
" My daughter and myself have hcen cured of a
very dchilituling Leucorrliceo of long standing, by
two bottles of your oAttBArABtLLA."
Rheumatism, Gout. liver Complnlnt, Dys-
pepsiv Heart Cisease, Neuralgia,
when caused bv Scrofula in the system, arc rapidly
cured by this txj. SABAi-ABiLLo,. ,
possess 80 many ndvuntftfros orer the other pur
gatives in tho mtirket, and their superior virtues
tire so universally' known, that we need not do
more than to asuuro tho public their quality is
maintained oqiml to tho Lent it evor ha Uvea,
and that they may be depended on to do all
that they havo ever duue.
Prepared by J. C. ATETl, M.X., & Co.,
Lowell, Mais., and aolil by . .
A'-nts. f!e o. V rlWn sit' A: Hsrt.lr)-. Ahtalatra. - I.. Ly
on. C'llMMwt. S. I'arish. Kinsvlllo II. Leoml aveon.
h Jelferson. 11. B tilevens, Geneva. - ' i ' -
Dtxcto 8l "Brother's
Iftie Cabinet Ware Rooms Ashtabula.
' tllE ffjSS'CTJBKHS would
Itlly inr()rni the citizens of Aft
:ned a M
vicinity tluU they have ppened
i cwi Cabin ct ware ro om
iu l1i bort'lifii ftihuHrAj occubid a tUe atorvo Ur. Skuid
out a rou Jiain nuwji.
Httvini haxL durinar a rem Jtiice in Gprmanr.fto excelleat
portucity frr lianiin their budri in all it dtpai-tiwcta,aDd
nad ua Iwiaineai in Htttrmm,jhm tio laat two year, thaylaol
auUMmairti to say Uiat tiioy eaa pmMin ODaUMuora wiia work
in this aoautry, !
An 'aAaortnentof ttnrjaii; Preaeli and
luin , ,, ,
is now on hand ready for exhibition to visitors, and their
are raspeciiuity souclletl, , !
v,e are iletennlnetl uot to be Outdone, either In thermal!
uf ur vork or tliecuanrmeasor otirartUleei- f"' Tri l k aon
10 oruer, proranity, anu warraatea to gtycsetlttactiocl. '
Kent on hand, of all kinds and tiaes, an4 made to order,
Uie sfiort-at notice. ... , j j . .
Don t forget the plan ABt Alga of .
threTuiiliogiooth of ft4eriand Murry'i Uarbla Shop;
rvitaaiiiuer vu wi utMurv purciiaUiiK ltWUrrv.
Aahtwiula. Jan. 1. l&irO - - - 909
Clothing! Clothing!
the' largest' stock eveu
X brought. Into hi niarket, conalelina; ,of ;;t
Ready-Made Clothing j Furniahttig Qaodn; Rub
ber ud Oil Clotb CloUjiug 5 Gloves and Ilosie
ry Shirts and Drawer j Collura aod Ties
Uatg Dd Cups ; Umbiellat ; Trouli ;
Carpet aud Enameled Beg j
ia short, every variety of Spring and Suinam Coed
Mco and Boy'i Wear.
en th esast liberal term tor Cash. V$ would earl apecaxl
attlNltlOO t s
Our very extensive aBortaveBt of Cloths,
tad th rasiUtls we liar tor Making t Order, .
GuiuicnUof tie Beat Btyle, at (Short Notice.
' Our ttoek ol Ready Made Clothing, Rat aa Tap, will
wa full, and of tht best j uii'.iu of fattrrn ktmafaetiira.
a'h ar oer aiafcgajaUlAirkglag, that w are teaddtrd
as ran sell tiooda In our line, cheaper Aaaa eaa ee eoegbt
siM ettt-re. i lease can ast
Ashtabula, Aj.iIU, JSoJ,
lMnajut fll asid axaiuioa fc.r vnurselvM.
cij MASslli-LUA; uufCE,
rAthtabula Union School.
Usr,.W. Walic,
A. B
(Jssi. W. Wait! i -
' Principal f Riga School,
Assistant In tllgk School
Grammar frs
Intermediate Depart eni,
' Secondary Depart t
. - Primary Department
Assi )p Primary
Miss Rita JonxsTOK, a
MisaSARAU M. BcuooraaatR,
alias Maria 0. Kaitmav,
Mis Si'sa Saarwosi, t . .
Mlss8rtAK M. Wiknaa,
Miss Fjima K.iriu, -. -
The School Is rs to all persons of eultabta aga residing
within the .villag limits, and the "District attached thereto
for School purposes.
Fortv weeks constitute a Teat. Teres for aplls from abroad
Kot Prtniars war annum. t'.wO
Ki.rnraminar - - 100
Kor Hlgk riehool - - - -' - - 10,00
Tullio pavab le la aesnea. -All
applications forsdmiaeion tebeauHM A, M rhleorua-
The KH Term commences ynnday, S 'ft n I it 1st,
180!., and the Winter Term January Stk, lflU.
It Is highly dealrable that all pnplls should bi lln a thl Knee
ing of terms. No pnptla out or tlie einaga will raosired for
a less period than on term, and no deductioi s for Bb I iH ei
oept lu cases of sioknaas or riuotal. , ,
Bee. J- M. 01I.I.KTT, ) . .
Kev. R. H. CONK1.1N. DoarJ ol Eduratlo, .
C. K. mtlCE. J
H. Fawwtt. rfsl,
. H. L. Momisos,7Vj
0. C. rt'i.i.r,
J. B. Ckobt, .,(
BTKruKX Hall.
Board ef EdoeaUnn,
A. P. ncsaaan, Sttritmry,
. A.
The Hotspur Lg.ear Oven, Air Tibt
COOK1NO STOVK, for.Wootl or Coal,
adapted to City or country use.
Tho groat Wonder
Stovo of tlio Age!
Combining every axlllty for all the varieties ol Cooking,
tfurpnsfttug all modem Inventions hi its superior etneratloe
ami prartiial economvt S sires 8 onnre Tops, and 3 sires Ks
tension Tops. Manufactured by OrE k. Co., Albany, N. Y.
- Tor Sal by . 65
T. Mc Guirk, Aslitabnla O.
Boots and Shoes.
iug a large stock of .' '
Boots and Shoes.
Ilnuo-M Kir cash at th very lowest flgaies, among which
may -ve aneal , c '
i: 1$ cwcg men's) ooarse boots,
w4 ease nitti tip bootSr
, " : 4 coses men' calf boots, ; - ; ,
. 1' 8eaeboy'gcflilrse boobJr"-
6eu8eboykipboot8, ; A
i - i ? W C b9f i i ' ! i ? ' a
A .Largo l?!Tf U'omen'a Mofocoe aridi Calf
ioote?t Misses and Cliildren's Kip aud
-Culf Shoe of every variety,
llubbufs,' etc., etc.'
All of whhii hVr at th Very lowest eash prim. As 1
Intend to pay particular attention w this kranewof tratr,lin
viua'l wishing goods In this lin to call cud exauiui 'J
stock and prices. . . i ,t .
Aiso,a clioic stuck of , .. . .
Family Groceries
which I odor to jinying customers at bargains. ' As the time
is ast for long eieilila, and tlie sta'e of ouxcouutiy ia
such as we know lint what will be on to-mormw, 1 have
eonchiiletl te wlia my stills anrler th Kenk Pay System, (imt
th aiotkle sixpence, but the Utile paskig stamp, is tbeorder
of tlie day.) 1 ouvrtrood Usrgaius to such buyers. Hoping
to see uty old fi ieuos and ci.stoiucrs,
1 Ktumlii, etc, "
tsltttbula, Oct. !?, 188S. JXO. I. ItnnErtTsOX.
ii. II. i r a i i l,
y Groceries and Provisions. U
" (fill klotk.) M
3 TEAOfFIil- AND .SUQlIlig
Q While Fkh Coi Fish, Mackcte!.
Whim Fi1k Cod Fish. JIackcte . kV
0 :. i1' K
r Wooden Ware and Stone Ware.
r5'.:i!'V! V.
1( ) r i !
Q General Groceries, Coufcctiouery.
I am uow receli tug a splendid assortment of LJ
CW Ice Family Grocer! l (lltmor excepted,) Q
which a offered at the t ty lowest living price
A Huils of Produce' w
Alitabula,0. Pent 18,
.-,: - i
JlTEW medical discovery,
For the sdeep7 and permanent Cure of
Scmiual Weakness. Incontinence, Ctneliil
Debility and Irritability, Vravcl,
. Stricture and Allectiouaor Ihe Kidiiev aad Bladder, ,
. Which ha keea used bjr apwariltdT
in their orlvate nraetlo. with entire attentat. auDereeedinff.
Cubhebs, 4paib.Ca.auleii, or any eompound hitherte known,
llelt s SiMcittc Ptlls ar soeudy In attioa, often eileting a
In a few days, and whea sure Is uecte4 it la panaaneat.
Titer aie propaied (root 'egetable extract that are bannlesa
on lit syetiwi, and oovr Dauaeale th stomach or tmaeeg-
nute the Itreatlt; and beiog sngnr-eoated, all nauaeoae
is avoided. N'o change of diet ia neeoaavrr whilst
them. Ko does tueir action Interfere witb hvsineaa pursuit
r-acu uox otuuius six ooten rills, rnce one aoiiar.
Dr. Beli't Treatise mi lesis av ft'taawtt. Uttf Abrnte.
arrkus, (ilcel,tc a Faluphlstot AO patre aentaioiiiar hitfOr
tautadvice to th nulieted rJKN'f t'ltk,Kia eeuU atrefatr-
ea tonay aoslag. t . . .
DR. KKl.t.Sr.nF.T.ft BOOK. A eomnleteTreslls
flonnthea, (lleet, Btricture. aypeillla, etc., in all th Tar
statres, witn mt t-resenpttons to Eng'isiij adsnteq for
ireatineni, witnom rue ata ot a mysicun.
The rills or Book will be sent aeenrt from ottservalkm
mail post paio. on receirtt oi lite money ny
J. lilt VAN, TO Cedar Street. H. Y.
Box S070.
- or enjr Advertised Agtnt.
W8 - '. fold fcy A. Htudrv, Agent for Athlahula.
'"; Btearn'a Cog" '
Ash-lIousc and Leach Combined.
rpiIIS is made of Six Stone, fastened
I wtth two bolts croased lo th euter, and It eastlt
duwn. It can beahliiped aud aet ud bv ant one. if la
proof. 1 he bottom stone projects about 4 Inches all
wiinasniallereaaenearine outer dg. Making
leach. It holda 4 barrels of aahea, aud can be leached
wuuoui cuangiag in asuea. ... ...
A us, Stone Cisterns, e (aet vnara, oa the above plan,
aia avwne, w utca Baaae a astern noiuiog ju isirreis.
- H. 10 V. Agent,
Well-Stnnsd sll !, Ctshrra Covers, FUgglng of all
Window Csnsand Xllit, floor Cp and fills, tXtping
Table, and Quoins, furuitlavd by Ut obecrtbr athitaUta
t ri, aoou t ito rod n st of Ut iltUMRllat Cltateb,
AJhUUila, July 10, llvui. , , . ...
-S--S. MEI., pntnared from the reeetpt of Madam
Leveraon, the celebrated I'arislaa iAuliea' Enamellv.
tb skin, giving It a (oft, astia-lik texture, aud
paru freshness, anoothaea. pearl-Ilk tint and tranapar
uey to Ui aon.plesio, which 1 ;ult natural, without
"17 w a in, aud eaanot possibly be detected.
Uakoiwovala-rraklaaanA .tutktim.
j WARRANTED, i , ' V
, fj J'T , (i"lta- 're of postage, aeourcly
aacluid fntm obaaevalton. lk A
... 1 ' . mmm. .
Adore, Ht'HT CO., Perfumers,
las Soeth Heven ttUswt, and
. ..... t iglit treat,
-.-i , KMf ' illadcljthla,r.5
Crockery, ; :.
A r VLtli assortment of both Comrrvon
wnite, Btone i nine or the popular Huron Fs
popular Huron
,.k-JJk will be told low fcx'.-o.al
whitrus Im
- t
A anient Corrmoand Siautarto Iht JVahtral
. i r tl
A Ct.PAK, wk t and elegant rpratloa for fmmntlng
th growth, lusorlanea aa4 beauty of h Haw removing
danilron, seal and scurf, ana raring th cutMneoaa dlswisss
of tln aealn un.ileil a kseptng ctew hair tmtlst, hnoartln
o It a rieh luatas. It Is anltk all of th Alconelle arm OH
an-mnrtioM ao mrlCTOnly taw for th Hair. Its annertnrtry
me all Ifaur fwtaraUona aoaswoi lu mnrtfe-e hetng
aalM an.) Miliar, inirlsaa ofrTal haating, a th ei
chollc preparations are t asst taring rre of t k ereaay snalrlHM
Of manww, mia,wa. n,pi''"lm. ...B....,...-.-..
l.lrk.dntrwetatlM wre f th skin, whaa anbralthy, an.
whteh arrrewt Ike Mllcls froaa nufUng aanlly eh'anr;o
ersrary to th n rural aiolstare, be an I J a4 growth ol in
Hair Is unequalled.
tin free application of th llalr Oloss will Impart a mo
lasting fwanty and moisture, to the hair, tliaa a whole UotMe
of th aleoholle preparations osnallv sold. ' ' '
Mothers will Bmi this tireparstton the best Uier fan wa
to rlreas ehlWreo's hair, keeping H In place, giving It a most
beautiful lustre and causing It to grow luiniantly. If any
prepare tlo f att can eaus tl aalr Ugr eUt 3i.bIsU Ilait
Ulosswlliaou. ut , , )(1 , ,
I ' . )Ianafstred by C. P. FAY.Cliwni.t,
.; v,w Vork t'ltr.
Dotd wholesale aud retail ty f)K(). WII.1.AK1), Ashlabula,
Ohio 4
; , Dr. Harvey's r
r..r il nnnreallon anil cure of all dlfllcultia to which the
fern! system Is peculiarly liable, arising from Stoiuiire of
Natur or Ohstrucllons. These Mils have ow-neeu known
to bill when the directions hare been atnetiy roiioweu, anil
.1..,. . n.rWM, aura to hike br th most delicate.
To Married Aatfies they are particularly reeonmienaed, at
they wmove diflicnltles aud resur nator, no matter from
what earn the obstruction may arise. A few days In most
easeaalll prodaes tk desired eirecttand although ao powerful
yet ao Injury will ever nault from their ose; but thus who
aie preguaut should not ue them, as they hare an etTect
omtraiy to natnr. Fauiphleta detailing their virtues, with
awtiatraua ertlooatea from well known phyaician and auothe
eariea, can V bad apfiHeatata to tlx agent, who will send
tlie PilU.tr 4sired,ny mail, post-paid, to any addnwa, nn
receipt of the money. Price per box $1,00 and two l'ostnge
Stamp, gold In bnxra containing sixtt pills, hr all th prin
cipal drugglani and deek-r vrjwbr i i
U. W. OI.AKK. lien. Agt, 11 rtnpetiorwt. Clersa 0.
A. HENO RYtol Agent for Ashlabula.
To the rullit! "
170R Nearly tbrco venrs, I bave been co-
aged In th
f i
Dmg aad SsUlciu Buslnesf In Ibis place.
and durlnc that time I hate received very many kindnesses
from my friends, aud manv Batlsraetory eoeoorageinenUi rrom
a geuemiis public, for which my hearty thanks are returned.
Many of my customers ar indebted te ate on boik, aad ma
ny Ui whom 1 am ludebted. With oo and all 1 ask a settle
ment, a huther th account is against ni or lu m lavor.
I keep for sale everything In th Drug an aledlcln line
that you call inuutiou almost.
:' ,' !-; ; '. ,:;!tt'.;
Drugs, Mediciues, Dye Stuffs, in Prolusion.
Paints, Oils, and Brashes in Great Yurie. y.'
Perfumery of All Kinds,
From IB cents to fS, InrludOi rormvlaa. Rose OH, and Bear1
Oil by th barrel at 25 rents the single barrel. , f .
Thabest Sticking rfal'v 'ii the' world good for Bums
Chilblains. Corns. 4.C
r:n.irr'a r'orillnl Tlatem'tn's (irons. Tnrklnirton's Balsam,
I Sperm and Billlsh Oils, Cod LlrerOle-the beat, Mrs Wius
low't Soothing Syrup, "
Salves for Uola and Plmnles.Toothaeli Drop, Eye Salves
Canker Balaam, aud other things iu Uilalioa too numerous
tomentlon. ,.i ..... ... .
' Dagucrrcan Goods
A rery Large and vatled Stock, svlllng vff at Cost I .. ,
. ' - - i t' i -
Lamps, -Lamp Oil, and Trimmings.
Shoulder Braces and Supporters.
Pure, hoice Liquors.
i. - .-.'; i ' ' -';' - V .'i ' -
The very belt kinds of Hum, Brandy, Gin, YV bo-key, Port
Madeira, Sherry, Ifweet, and Chawnalga Wines for medicinal
Congres Water, Cough Retnedles, and tb thousand & oae,
- ! Patent Medicines.
:, ... ,.K4 :.i . I l 'i '
Liverwort snd Tar ; " ' Ayers Cherry lVeloral ""
Hall's Balsam Ayr' Age Cure -
Ilostetter's German Mltter Msnn's Ague Hslsanj
Watson's Kauralglt King Vaughn's' Mthoutriptie
Bach's American Compound Winters V. C. Balsam
Seovill't Blood and Liver Byrup, , , V
i i 1 Boback't seandiuawla Punflar .. ; .
rioodand's German Uitters Tobias' Venetian I.lnement
Boorbave'a Holland Bitter . - ' lioouaad a balsamle Cordial
Perry Davis' Pain Killer Baker's, Gregory's and Porter's do.
Siahber's Cherry J'eetorel ,,i l Staober's Dlarrhaea tatrdJal
lr r:atons rMrsaia otA.it r jicAiisrer innxmeni
lr Eaton's Cordial Sloan's Ointment
Hntltli's Contiew rowder ' 'ioldeoOiatinent
Pr Eaton's Conlial Starln's Condition Powder
Magnetic Fluid Tage't CUmax Salve ; s
Gargling OU, , , . Eiuertoo't Halt BettoraUve
Llnameat. Onodeldoe. Sweet Oil. Troches. rVidllts Powders,
(ielaUn, utt an endless variety nf other notion and article
. . ' . . . I ','!!'' ", r 1
Amonr tlie large ontatltyt have, the I'riotersays hs will
ot liave room to mention but few. Among tbeiu are th
following . .
DratMlrath's, Jantee, MofTaU' Hollcway's, Bnhaek', Parker1!
Madame bovlne'a Uranenberg, Koule a, cneestnan s, ,
, i Mett's, four klali'a, tJpwkiingA . . - .
1 could go' on ad injutilum, out space wlU sot allow. .
Hoping, totoai frnnT eoa WeaatTintty, mfstit aedajequire,
AH ' . . ... . .A. HNDKY,
.. A eia iniHivtuav v ,. , -
Candies, Tea, CoBee, butrar, euren,
Allspice, Pepper, Hoape aad Toilet Articles, Cologne, Rsaeneea
ko. jtuapTrhrpiags, Umi repaired, Urashra. AMkjtjrlt.nl
Koolt andllerU put bp bv the 8hken,, rauita,ofal Jjiudi
rn small Tin cans ror lamllj use.
H mm tlnti i 'in .i . i ' 1
. CahllA Rocts for Salo
LOT of .hty fhoicest kinds nf Dahlia
Hoots mar b (rand, nrooerlr labeled, for sale at th
Store of J.P. kobertaon. .. ,,,PAV1.
aVid Di BOIS,
AaaasMiia, AprM it, ltta. .jij .hi
IToic tQ Make $5 a Day,
.,1... I Til III I 'T .T-.l.s K.S 4'-
When all other Efforts have
. mt . I a1 - a- ''
HOOD t CO., 186
Tork, liav Just pablisbed
rroarlwar. New
UABLE BECKETH, poaaesaing them, any one, male
leniaka, can easily saak ti a day. without eapital. In any
eity or eUleg. Every oae atasaa pass sat tb aaetets,
tliey ase wortb ttfiot) to any elegl or married person. Home
oi these Keerets bare been sold for I JO each. One alone
oast aa litfl Urn Urn rieilt IO BiaMiak Wksto !
them toa will never nart with them for money, rlevend
person ar now making f 1X0. nr mouth by tites ttterela
aloe a. By thsa any peraoa may uak money easily aad
svidiy. . W seaat ewe Book ef Secrete for M esat. two
eopAs M
elak ef tv copies (1.
Bead Government
' Lumber Wanted.
r WILL' Pay the markek price to Cash
fr any er U to fillowlne kind of Lumber, delivered
at tne (More in tit it place formerly eecantee by rrentlce
Budth Co. or at the Uarbur of Ashtabula, to wit I
500,000 feat Ilnch Tbitc Wood 1J fbetloDK
100,000 feet 1 iocb While Wood 12 feet loog;
ou.wuu iei ij )ucn itair riaoic i leei long
200.000 bet 1) to 4 lochs' thick 12 feet long
60,000 ft & to 10 in sqr colomus 13 foot loug
200,000 fcet 1 to 4 is Whits Ab 12 feet long
. ' tr. It. H iLiAJAaa
tULlabuis, V-.-e. 1? Mi i
, Btewart'a L.ar(, Orettt AlrTI(itt
WARRANTED to he the best Cook
I I Ing Stov
world, and rtqulring less than
One-hair tho Fue
Pof sale by
Ashtabula, JalylMo,
tho common Cook StoTca,
0E0. 0. HUBBARD.
V .
Jt- tteoieinai na.
BKAKUiaa-)ld titard and Cbgnae pale and red. Koa-
fit. Croix and Old Jamaica. Oik (lid Holland, and lmtlon
Cliarles til. .Waiaar lld Boarbon Opner Iiistllled Ptno
apple, Monongahella and Excelsior Whisky. WlXK Port,
Maderla, 8hrr Msllaca and Clanett. Also Cktawb ami
Koreigo Champalu Wine all warranted of th purest
eualily, tor sat y ... - ut.il, W ILI.AIIII.
Vf. G. aIrkham hag at lenctb perrecred his busi
ties arrangements, so that the pabllt may b Moummodated
on call tor aiosi oi we
Various kinds of Plcasuro Vehicles,
baring a number now 6nlshd np and ready for delivery, be
sides a large quantity of work In varlnua stages of progress.
which may be completed upon very short nolle, when pre
Orders will be received for new work of any particular style
or pattern.
With a foil innplv of tb best hands to be found In the
ennntrr, be fears nn competition, east or west, In the matter
of tasteor style, of excellence ol material, or ui- naeuiy ana
honesty with which his work Is put together. Of th truth
of these statement, any one may satisfy himself by personal
Bepalring ef all kinds, done with promptness, and on soils
factory terms. , . .
Wll .u. XJKNUAM.
AshUeala,Mrch SS, I860. 63g
In th "noise and confusion" (hat so constantly rages,
And Is ehrenteled forth In th Telegraph' pages,
About Bry floods, and Press t.noda, and i auses and Lac,
Kliawls, Bonnets, ami Cloaks that rival the graces.
Hsy I clsim voiir attention, t a brief rehearsal, . -' . (
Of a list or Choice Goods In a stock universal ;
And though lea pretending, are In merit moreaoand.
And are quietly waiting your notice down town. .
There Cloth of all grades and texture yor'll and.
Of pure Wool from your Hocks and of Alabama combined,
And Vesting, th fancy Marseille, Silk ami Black Satin,
Yarn made of Cotton, Thread, Waddinc and Battlnsj. .
Wleba, Flannels, breached goods, Stripes, Sheeting A twine,
And Muslins and Ijiwns. bonnet, dress snd swlss fine,
Cnmbrlcs ami Summer KtulTs, chec.k'd, auiped white shirts,
Gloves, Brest Goods, Shawls and Ribbons and Skeleton Skirts,
Spice, pepper, and cassia, salrratua, (gold medal) kaolin soap,
Brooma, baskets, and bed- cords, cloliis lines, buck gloves, and
on repe,
Super teas, sugar and o ffee,both Java and Rio,
Pare, as w can be found in the Stnte of Ohio.
Palttr hanirimr. brass kettles, fancr urinta and band boxes.
Cloth nlns. woolen ram, and bows for the necks of rour ox'es.
Stone churns, jus, jars, and crocks, assorted glass and naila,
Mop handlea, wood and iron, sash, pitch-forks, and water pails.
Shoes for children, boys and ladies, also gent and ladle hose.
And hoes for gent to work with, woodeu puuips, and super
Scythes snaths, rakes, and wash .boards, half bushel, and
sole leather.
Chalk, resin, whiting, coal ell, and umbrella for bad weather
The tarfftn lot or lints and Caps, or every grade and style,
If aU oMtside were heaped nt once 'twouldn't be so big a pile.
Shoemakers, too, aaxonl with you, I bave for you good news.
Here's nearly all the Implements for making boot and shoes,
j.ais, pegs, pioenera, nammars, knives, ibisd, peg ana sew
' In awls.
Tacks, Nails, awl-bandles, bristles, lining, binding, heel balls.
r rvnrii rail, r renon cnata, sip. noaia, sire STICKS anu morocco,
Webbings and lastings of various shades, aho needles, and
But bold 1 my mute, nor further tax the printer' gentle
' moods. '
lle'll ne'er and space for tithe ef th list of thl full stock
or liootis;
Say then, that th stork It fun and complete,
That we are anxlonslr awaitinir. our natrons to ereetl
Invite them all, from South, from North, from East, and from
o r-s
From city, from country, Llncolnltet, Donglasltot, and
the rest.
From every point of the compass, come all.
Leave all your apare dime with your friend,
SC6 , sieilhea Hall.
. Ashtabula, Oct. 27, ISflO, ).". i'l
'T'OBACCO. You. will alwoys find. the
-n tett Urands or I ine Cut, Ping, and Smoking, at
I1ASAX.LL at 8U.1D.
and Bntldlnff Mater.... Millar and Banh Mill Snwn,
Crow Cut, Toaon tud Hutting Bawts Hand Saint Itaok and
CtritQM Sawn, Clilwlfi, Hand and Bench Axen, Broad Aim,
Socket Firmer, Mfrnara Vlba MhIMk, Bench. ftrrewR, both
Iron and Wciodaii, Utwch 1Udii. Hand Haw Hundlen, ChWol
Randleo. Stel 9uuari, bevela. Try gmiartft, T)rawinir Knlvet.
tba bflut Diakv at (etnU par iuch, Upfrit I.ptW, Crow Bant,
Log i tiaiup, iOii c DHinttat oc per pound, .Manilla Knpe, nmni
I lartm nine 8tmn Hiniren, Blind Hhniinan. Mortice Ivockn
aud 1-ate.iSrv lUm ItaiCrin, Pad Iockit, Chest IockR, Tnink
LoctB, I.ifti.ie Hnndiefi, Butt a Screw, and I)Ofr tritmniim
nf every sdlricrtptiftn, eotnniOD- Auerat -Cnst Steel A u pern.
Uook n uteut; Auer uuw, riane irons, Mies ot an uicrip
tiou. Carriage Bnltit, Sheep Shear. Wtlkinxou'a bent ; Ham-
ixerK, uatciMia. amis unuwand aiirer uarnaee ianda, White
Wafh Bnmlref . Scrul.btiiff BniHhea; Hoe, .taken, Forka, Sliu
rela, hpadec. I'icka, Rat-Trapa, Foi Trap, Wolf Trapa, Reive,
Snath, Seythea,Brtrk and .Mastering Trowella, i a 8 Inch
Augara,Ki'iiTaDd Ftn Kp, from 60c to $7 per aett I'orket
Ku?verSheaiSciwora, Chaik Line, trpoola, Scratch A'vla,
lideaathnaaandinoro thitiKawhichgo to make afullaa-
aoriment. van aiwaya ue iouuu a.
Afbtvbula, October 8. 18C1. MORniSOrTS.
, Attention : Shoemakers !
Stkk To
Your Lasts and
Our ' ciorms
TlIE Subscriber has Very much enlarged
X. hit stock of Findings, and 8hoe Maker' Tools, avert
alher of all description! constantly on hand.
Cash Invari.
ably. .. ,
T. s. lay.
Ashtabola, April lsl, Inez.
Pamilly Medicine 1 !
The But and Cheapest in th World t
An Alterative, Tonic, Dinrctic& mild Cathartic.
I'rlce, 25 cents per box, containing 60 Tills.
EACH box contains flftr bills, which makee theme ebean
Again as auy other at, daid pill, and four time cheaper,
warranted muen aupenor to the cure or various diseaaea,
to any of th syrae mixtures told : bealdet beloir la a
convenient and proper form for use.
. I be pills are prbteipaily ea alterative medletu. (their
being th olideatrset of Snruparilla, prepared In a
perior uianuer,; out suiucuuiuy catuartie u gently aaaisi i
tuns, without purKlng. unnecessarily, whiou makes there
culhtrly adapted to weak and enfeabiad persons. Invigorating
and strengthing the body, purifying the system, producing
new, ricu pioou, aud a healthy action or the stomach,
They are acknowledged by our ablest physician to be
only unexceptionable, but efilcaciout In the highest degree,
anu at a general (
The Compound Sartararllla Pi 'Is are used for the perms.
nent cure uf those diseases whteh aside Prom an tinpnre
of the Uood, aud nssrbid secret ions of tne liver and stomach.
and disease arising Irotn au injudicious us of mercury,
wbrvr medicine la required to lnrlgoratt and purity
Bjsiem. ...
They area purely vegetable compound, and nay b aatdkf
persons of all age. They ar pleasant to tb palate, and
due no nans, uneasinsss er eriulne In thir ooerattoo.
Hundreds otaarttaaaAea aeuld be given ol thou wbohavensed
uienj wun great oenent. .
I'nrshasers will tmt uartlaular to ask for "Or. Roberts'
pound asrsapartlla nils," and observe that the green .wn
nn eucli box has a ItoesauJe of the signature at Jo. Hot
K. D..aii 0. u. 'av. and to mirth noa other.
All applications tor agencies, aud letter oa tit aabjaet
in meuiclue, mutt be aildieetsil, poal-paid, U U. r, say,
Bold whoUyal and reUU by GEO, WILLARD, Aahtahula,
aujtu, Va
. To ' Discharged Soldiers,
Wounded or Disabled la U fiarrlc.
YOU ire i entitled by a late Aet of
great March 84, l3lo the Bounty provided
Act of Congress of July M, ladl. Hav your C lsl ins lorwardad
t once. In order lo get rly returns.
Th uadaralmuM).
thorltad Pension Agent, will transact yoor bnsluaat at
lienstuneata without charge, unless the elaliu are allowed.
ben allowed aud proceed received, So No need of
vui uwveieua lor agent when you can nay jour
wn a wvii, aua at less xpana. nearer nom.
Athtab.la, March H.196J evl
Duttcr and Produce Wanted.
1 A Tons of Good Bntter. 1.000 Dozen
X V of Egg. for which la higbaet inarkst prlet will
iu. aw suvisoi oiuer rruauce laaaa Ul eaenaogeiot
vvwa a, nnoaa.
Heetiig is teiievl ng. Call tni tee for youraelvee.
A." ia.
, .Vi i t m ., MtMkfAlMlO
sis su
Ox-jAt ZJooUat lax Xrcmm
Th Heroism of omr Soldier and Sailor
Illustrated. 1 vol.. 12mo. Tncr, $1.25.
Th critic aad tie nubile ar right la predicting that Ibis
will surpass. In graphic narrative, xrltlng Interest, and extan
sir popularity, all other klatorlea of the War for th Union,
Its theme win do vne neroie earing paiienvsunerina, "
hrearfth annanea of uraoMiera and Ratio r. and Its incidents
will form th them of conversation at enumerable firesides
foryesrs to come, it will contain stirring details, tne pnno-
hlcal Analvslsof the Cannes of the War, br Jon lothhop
Mortar , 1.1.. U., Author of "The His of the Dntch ltepubllc."
etc., the datea ot ail ine imponanv erenia irotn ui."nn
Biown mid. an accurate and revised account of th ertaclpl-'
battles, with engravings.
On third the proceeds of all subscriptions sent direct to e
will be given for the Belief of Disabled Soldiers, and all per.
sons who with a copy of the work, and also to benefit the aol
uvra, should send in their name and address at one. Also,
am officer or private, or person In any section of th country,
hsvine knowledge of hemic net or stirring Incident, will
will oblige us by sending us an account of it.
Booksellers, Postmasters, and Canvlsslng Agents will b
furnished with a Subscription Prospectus, oa application to th
Publisher. .. , .
V7TA libernl tmmintim le Selditrt ittirinf I ad
at Agtntt in taking mherptim.
T7te History of Ameriean Manufactures,
From 1C08 to 18G0
By Dr. J. Leandkb Bishop. 2 vols., 8vo.
Vol. I. now ready, Vol. II. nearly ready.
This Is proUbly th largest and most important work now In
... . . r ..... .j... .... a.iii.
We bv also just poDtisnea new euiuoaa u, .u
aserul aud popular oooaa i
' The Business Man'a Legal Adviser j
or Itow to Saw Monev, by Conducting Business acconllng to
I he Ilia Beat and Latest Author! tie. eOS
pp., iheep. Price, $1, . ,
Opportunities for Industry j or, a Thousand
Chances to Make Money.
Clotb, $1. This baa been republished In England.
Kvert business man and elrk abonld have these books.
They will pay the buyer a hundred fold. Every parent should
get them for their son.
All the books are malleiUpostpald, on reclpt of price. Wm
nayaartlcularattentlon to mailing books, wrapping them op
ii.r.n ..i tit nmmr and aend. nostnatd. anr book any-
-k... ..l.n.olut or oubllsher' orfc aud sit atamu. Addra
FREEDL.V fc Co.,
Tribune Buildings ,NW kork.
PIANOS. Persona who wish to buy a Piano of lb best
ndbam will he MflOWU HOW ineTCtinM IVO ,ia,luFl.. u...
.i ..I.... ir thee address Piaxo. cans Jot Cor, Co., Pub.
Usher's Aaents. New York P. 0.
Wheeler &. Wilson Machine.
New ImproTCtnent, mt , educed Price
TUIE Wheeler & Wilson Mniiufactnrmir
L rmntant ha.lne rained all their salt at law, with in
fringing manufacturers nf Sewing Machines propose that the
putttle AUAll be benentleo ttiereoy, anu nave accurumair iv
dueed the prices of their Hewing Machines. After this date
th vlll ka anM at rates that will ear a fair profit on the
cost ol inanuiacture, capitAA iuvHaieu,auu wiwb w "'.'-'"S
aales ; such ttrices as will enable them to make llrst class
marsiltics, aud, as horclefoie, guarantee them In every partio-
Ko. 1 Medium, with Glnss Foot and Hemmsr. . . . "5 00
" !i Black, (Initrnved) with tilass foot a ilenuner, oo uo
z Black, (Common) with old Hammer, 45 00
4 large Klacliine on nam laoie, wun nemmnr, to vu
ft Crllnder Machine, on plain table, witb Hammer, 84 00
Needles. jier doxen, to
F.merv MHieels, each 25
Marklne liuacea, each, a 00
Corders, each 800
Binders. Daw and uminivea.) ecn vu
jamri xv.eeu, Agent.
Athlahula, Nor. 18, 1890.
The War Govs Bravely On!!
Roanoke Island and Fort
Henry Tukeu!!!
Fort Elltworlhl
I Aahlatiula Bavi teat lot
Retnrns to Ailituliula to Recruit.
r.E0UGE WILLARD' tliinks we have
men enough there now to Hck the rebels, snd baa
therefore secured the services of Mr. CuTurd, who will tukt
the entire charge ol hit
Clothing Department,
where lie may be found during all proper business hours, and
will be happy to tee allot hi ua Lriuaus ana customers,
Clothine made to order. o abort not e. n warranted
(It. Persons having cloth, can hav it Cut, Trimmed aud
made u.i.
Cutting promptly done at tba old etMllhmeat of
vr r;rt,ii2ie u'n l ipn
AshlabuU February 12, 1862
I 3..'
TOIIN GIFFOUD wonld respect
fJ futlr Inform liii friendi that 1 hu returned to hit
place. OBO. WILIjAKUA. and would be bappjr to eee tbera
all, aula day gone by, before he went for a 'aoger." TUaok
ful iVrr past favore he hopes by etrict attention to bnnineu,
tain hU oldcuatom ere and gain a hoetof i new one.
A Sll PLANK. 100.000 feet White
- Ash Plank, feom J to 4 Inches thick, for which
will os paid by
Clothes Wringer.
WHITNEY'S Celebrated Galvanised
IT iron Frame Clothes Wringer, for etle be the subscri
ber. Atent for AshUbulaeountv.Ohio.at th Old Basaar.
Tbtsu luaeed asuper-exoeiieni Anici. ano on wiucn
amily should be w ithoui. Look at it before purchasing other
Wringers. CIKIU AVr.lt.
Dress Goods.
A LARGE assortment of Challis, CLalli
Delaine. Gray Morella Cloths. Sorllah Be raise. Moaam.
btqu Clothe, Haywialay, Iawb, Organdie and other
varying lo quality, atyle and price, front 10 ct. npwarda.
n eiuno t
May 1st '6X MORRISON'S
Snuff & Tobacco Manufacturer,
(Formerly 43 Chamber 8 ties t. Maw York,)
Wld call the attention of Dealers t tb arUds of
niaauukcture, rixi
Mteaboy, ' '
t iu ttaoD.
4'are Virginia, '
Coars Kapnee. Machltochea.
Awricaa Gentleman, ' Copeubagea.
Scotch. Honey Dew Seetek.
Align Total ncoten, i rean itoney llaw gaoieb.
snail ui. siesu oeoKa.
01 Lundyfuot,
rT Attention I called to the lare radaslloa la nrlae
of Tne-Cnt Cbewiaa and Hmokint ToLaaau. whteh will
SOUIHl VI suMriw quality.
long, P. A. I., or plala 8. Jago,
Mo. 1, Cavendish or Sweet, . Bpauiah,
No. S. .. Bweet Sesated thwooeo. Canaster.
No. Ik mixed, Tin foil Cavendish, Turkish
J-w I .'- - - " V-.-,-A- a."jAit-r
The Great American Remedies
" know a
-. ' . . . ''.'.
Ilelmbold's Gcnnlne Treparatlong
lUlmbolt'a Extract Bwafca, ,
Ilelmbolt'e Kstratet areapwrllla,
Ilelmbolt' Itnprowea Re Wah,
Ilelmbold's Genuine Preparation Highly
Concentrated Compound
Fluid Extract Buchu,
A pctlllv and Specific. Remedy for dinettes of the Bladder,
Kidneys, Gravel and Dropsical Spellings.
This medicine Increases the power of Dig vtlon,ndx
cites the Absorbants Into healthy action, k which the
Watery or Calosroua depositions, snd all th unn vturel
UrgnMDt are rrdaced, a well as pain and tola. taxation,
and I good for Men, women and CnQuieb.
Ilelmbold's Extract Buchu,
For Weaknesset Arising from .
Excesses, IlabiU of Diselpatioo, Early India
cretion or Abase; .' '
attended with the following symptoms I
' Indisposition to Exert'ou, Loss of Power,
Loss of Memory, Difficulty or Breathing, .
Weak Nerves, Trembling,
Horror of Disease, Wakefulneat,
Dimness of Vision, Tain In the Mack,
I alreraal Lassitude of tb Moseo lar system,
Hot Hands, Floshlng ef the Body,
Dryness of the Skin, Rrnptton en th Fee, '
Palld CAuntenane.
These symptoms. If silowsd to go en, which tblt medldne
Invariably removes, there soon follow -
Jmpolency, Fatuity and Epileptic Fits,
In en ol which the patient may expire. Wbo eaa say that
they are not fietiuently followed by these dl eful disease "
Inaanlty and "onninptln.
Many ar aware of the cause of their tufTertng.bnt none
will confess. The records of the Insane Asylums, and the
melancholy death by Consumption, bear einpl wltnest to
the truth of the assertion.
Th Constitution Once Affected with Organic Weakneas
KMiutre the aid of medicine to strenvthen and Invigorate Ihe
system, which HKI.MBol.l"d EXTKACT BUCHU, Invariably
does. A trial will convince the moat akeptlcal.
Females I Females I Females ! . .
Old or Young, Single. Married, or Contem
plating .Marriage,
In many affections peculiar to Femslel the Extract Buchu I
uueu.ualled.bj any other remedy, as in Chlorosis or retention.
Irregularity, Painlulusas, or tjuppresion of the customary
Evacuations, Ulcerated Schlrroua state of the Uterus, Leu cor
rhoea, or Whites, Sterility, and for all complaints lucldrnt to
th sex, whether arising from Indiscretion, llablta of Dis
sipation, or in th
Decline or Change of Lire. ... . ,
See Symptoms Above.
No Family Should In Without it.
Take no Balsam, Mercury, or Unpleasant Medicine for U
pleasant and Dangerous Disease..
Ilelmbold's Extract Buchu
In alt their stages ; at little expense i little or no change a
diet ; no incoui emeace,
It eanset freoueot desire, and elves strength to urinate,
thereby retnovtug obstructions, preventing and curing strict
ures uftlie Urethra, allaying pain and luilammation, ao lie
uuent io thia das of diseases, and axpelling poisonous, dis
eased, ana worn out mailer.
Thousands upon Thousands who have been the
V 10! 'ills ul Quuvks,
And w.m haV'i j -
ihvv Kw'H to be curt-d 1:1 a b
e lei ivd. autl lL i:) j;'.
rt tivj
have t .uuU 1.;,'"-,
.i j;'r.-.Ol, hat
l; l.i t'.v hVK
i b urte m , .
turn, to hi.u;t
.-J,- -Miry. 1 ,
Use Ilelmbold's Extract liucliu.
for aU Affections and Disease of the
Urinary Organs,
Vi'he ther exlftlhg In Male or Feir.ale, from whatever cause
originating, and uo matter of how long aaandlug. AlLMtaaee
uf these Organs require the aid ot a irtursac-
Ilelmbold's Extract Bucbu
It the Great Diuretic, and It Is certain to have the desired
feet in all Diseases or which It Is recomuienuea.
Helmbolt'l Highly Concentrated Compound
Fluid Extract Sarsaparilla.
Thitls an affection of the Blood, and attacks the Sexual
Organs, Liuiogs of the Noiie, Kaia, Throat, Windpite, and
otuvi Aiucut nui laces, luakiug ila appearanoe in the form -of
Ulcere, iielotoold'a Extract baiaaparille purine th iilood,
and removes nil riealy Krujitiou of th ctkin, giving io til
... . . . . . . u m. ui.m muu ii.aiMij ww,. a. v. ' S 'ivjio.i.
eApressly lor this class of cuniplaluta, its Uhiod-x'uriryiug
l'ropertiesr preserved to a giauler extent Uiau any otaer
pteparatiuu of barsaparilla- .
An excellent lotion for Diseases of a Srnhilltlc Kature.
and aa an injection in Diseases of th Urinary Organs, arising
from habits of dinsipation, used lu connection with th x
tract unchu and Saraaparllla, in tuca disease as recom
mended. evidence or the most responsible ind rellaU character will
aixompany the mtdiciute. .1 .' j . .
From eight to twenty yean (leading, with name known to
bOiklNCk: A.NU t'Atlfi.
For Medical 1'rouerUet of BUCHU. aa DUpentatory f the
United States.
Be Professor 1)EWB 8 taluabl workt oa the rraetlce of
Bee remarks made by the Ut celebrated Dr. rMYSICK.
Be remarks made by nr. r.rrtKtiat touuw.i.j,aeeie.
brated fhyaician, and Member of the Koyal College of Bur.
geons, Ireland, aud published in the Tranaacttont of th King
aud Queen'a Jounial. I i
Bee Medleo-Ciiurgioal Review, published by BElfJAMlN
TRAVEKS, Kellow of Uie lioyal College of Burgeon.
Bee most or the late standard oras on tteuuine., ( .
Ailrart Buekn, tl 00 par toil Is, er tut for & 60
" barpmrillm,. . 1 Wl " 1 00
hmnroeU kmt Mask.. 60 " " IU
Or half a down of each for n,00. which will be suffidsut
cure the most obstinate case, if dinetlon aie adhered to.
llellvereo to any ddr-a,seeureij packed rrom observatio.
17 Describe symptom lu U oommuulcaUous. Cure
fuarantesd. Advice gratia.
Persoaally appeared before ue att Alder-nan of th ity ot
Philadelphia, H. T, Hxlmbolu, who, being duly tworn, dotlt,
ssy, hit praparatlon eon lain aa. aareoUe, ao awseury, or
other iujurioiu drugt, but arec-unl. reeAabie,
at, T. HKMiUUUA,
Sworn and lubaoriked eafer as, Uu VH day of Noeeta her
ISM. WM. S, lilUSARa
AMartaaa, Ninth atratt. akeve Bae. Phll
Addretl Lsttara lot IpmnsaUpa la. oadeaee.
U. T.HkLmiol.D,Chtrlst.
Depot 104 Beat. TWttr, lslu-( Cb,itoV. fbUfv. ' ,
Wbo endeavor to dtspos 0F TUSH OWN " and "other'
artidas th raputatloo attakasd by
Aiwiukultlt titoulua rrtauauona, . . . i
' a XxbaetBueha, '
w : Barsaparilla. .I.I
t Ironioved Uoae VYaA, ,
Sel4 by ail Dragglat evtrywutrr ", ,
OTHER. . , , '. t
Cutout lit sfv trtlseiututaBd ttnd fci It, aad avoid
lauM aad S'fetart. If

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