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rf'Ciack-'a Excelsior' Hair Eestorer.-'
rppB only; Hir Restorer in the market
JL which poascaees aJJ the merit claimed for It. '
T"T V. 1 f??' Excelsior, Hair Restorer, , . , ,
The only perfect Hair Restorer anil Hair Dressing com-biaed.-
; - .
- J.v
.. Clock's Excelsior Hair Restorer.' r
The only Hair Restorer known where the proprietor re-
. . lunufl ine money u 11 xw
1 "p:vu J ..perfect satisfaction. . : y-.; ,
Ty Clock's Excelsior Hair Restorer. ' ' "
-f i.-t f ... - "
Used asd recommended by the 'Orgy and the Faculty
; Clock's. Excelsior Hair, Restorer. : ;
tTsrranted to restore gray balr td its original color. Stoo
pair trom nuunr on anayesiore hair on Data : -
if- -.1 ".3
.heads where the disease l not
. f
: J:
Clock's ExcdalorHafrRefltoreT.; ;;, w
Iftn aot state the aloe. linen or the sacst bonaeV :
-Mi . ;v Clock's Excelsior Hair Restorer. ,'" '
Stand flu above all other preparations for the hair,
"""'Clock's Excelsior Hair Restorer.
: .1 !'.':
, - . ij-tT'i - - r
A single trial convince the most skeptical of its Talus.
' ; V,V Clock's Excelaiorriairllestorer. ' ,,
"'.Oace use, It and you will always use it,'
Oock'f Excelaor Hair Restorer. ;
" "-" " " I- ..ii'- : - !
sold ererywhere by Druggists, at $1, per bottle, or
'i f . "Jtr CBottles fox $5. , CaU.for.
Clock's Excelsior air Restorer,
and take ho oiler.
F. B. Clock, Proprietor, ; - ,
Manchester, N. H.
II. A. Hendry, Agent, Ashtabula.
Ashtabula, March 16. 1367. . r: 8l
T-'Worke etfTVatare. Iaa state ef health theut
teetinal canal may be compared to arirer whose waters
flew orer theadjoining land, through the channels nature
r art has made, and improye their qualities ; so long ss
It'mni Toa smoothly the channels are kept pure and
. healthy; if the course of the river Is stopped, then the
water In the eannaUe no longer pore, but soon becomes
jtagnant. There le but one law of circulation In nature,
'When there is a superabundance of humorial fluid in
' the Intestinal tabes, and eostreness Ukea place, it flows
back into the bloo 1 Tesscls, and Infiltrates iUelf into
the circulation. To establish the free course of the riv
er, we must remove the obstructions which stop Its
free course, and those of Its tributary streams. With
the body, follow the same natural principle remove the
obstructions from the bowels with BRANDIiETH'S
PILLS, which never injure, but are always effectual for
the perfect cleansing of the system from all impurities
and disease!.' Bemember, never suffer a drop of blood to
be taken from yon. Evacuate the humors as often and
'eahonc as they are deranged, or aslong as 70a are sick.
'- ee that B. BRANDRETII is In white letters in the
Government stamp.' Sold by all Druggests. 903
- Helmbold's Extract Bucbu and Improved
Kose Wash cares secret and delicate disorders .'n all
thetr stages, at little expense, little or no change o r diet,
ae inconvenience and no exposure. It is pleasant in taste
and odor, immediate in its action, and free from all inju
rious properties. - 1
Feraeh China. Middle of the Block Cooper In
, stltute. New York, Badley is coneUntly receiving large
' Invoices of French China, of New and beautiful shape, at
one-half the usiul selling prices.
White French China Dinner Sets, 130 pieces, $30,00
do do do 1 Tea - " 44 " 7,00
do do ' do' Dinner plates per dox 3,00
do do. do Tea 44 44 1,50
. - . do do do Cups and saucers, 34 pieces, 3,00
French Cut Goblets, per dozen, 1,50
Also Fancy goods in China, Dinner, Tea, Toilet Sets,
White Parisian stone Ware, Cut and pressed Glassware,
Silver Plated Ware, Cutlery, Ac., tc, at equally low
prieea.' Oeeds packed to go all over the world, by ex
press or otherwise. House furnishing goods in large va
riety. Bemember ...
. HADLETS, Middle of the Block.
J3fSendj for Catalogue. T" No connection with
corner stores. "' 899-m8
The Glory of. Man is . Strength. Therefore
the nervous and debilutedshould Immediately use Helx
solb's Eatbact Bcchc.
coirsviriPTioN ccbabl by db
tion, the system must be prepared so thai the lungs will
heaL To accomplish this, the Over am rini ich must
first be cleansed and an appetite created focJbd whole
some food, which, by these medicines will be digested
properly, and good healthy blood, made thus building up
the constitution.- SCHENCE7S MANDRAKE PILLS
cleanse the stomach of all bilious or mucous accumula
tions ; and, by using the Sea Weed Tonic in connection,
. the appetite is restored.
wen as medicinal, and, by using the three remedies, all
impurities are expelled from the system, and good,
wholesome blood made, whichVill resist all disease. If
" patient iQ take these medicines according to direc
V'tfoaa. Consumption very frequently in its last stage
: yields readily to their action. Take the pills frr quently
. to cleanse the Liver and Stomach. It does not follow
that because the bowels are not coetiee they are not re-
quired, tat sometimes In diarrhoea they are necessary.
. The stomech must be kept healthy, and an appetite
; created to aflow the Pulmonic Syrup to act on the res
piratory organs properly and allay any irritation. Then
' ili that Is required to perform a permanent core it, to
prevent tafiingcold.- Exercise about the rooms ajnuch
'as poealbte, eat all the richest food fat meat, game, and,
ta fact, anything the appetite craves but be particular
and masticate weH. TC o. t-ly-STB
2laohoo4 and Youthful Vigor are regained
Jf HaijnoLo'a ExraacT Bitch c. : '
fci 1 1 . .1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 j, wm
1 yjhaeloa , Eapfconlal Xtabrleatora. The
People's Most Sure and Effectual Eemedy for Coughs,
Coughs. Colds, Croup, Catarrh, Asthma. Bronchitis. Diph
theria, and all Pulmonary Diseases. The Lubricator
Is a medicinal preparation In . the form of a Lozenge,
which of all modes Is the most pleasant and convenient.
They contain no deleterious ingredient, and are Warra
UA to be always safe even for the weakest and most scn
eltlve stomach. In Ctb they give immediate rtiitf.
Tot Coughs and Colds they are Invaluable. .;' T
For Catarrh, Asthma and Bronchitis they have no equal
' In the asarket, (vide Certificates accompanying each box.)
: ZHptherta, that dreaded and desolating disease, they con
trol wondermlly and almost immediately. ..:
He Pabac Speaker, Singer or Teacher, should be with-
out them, as they remove hoaraonoss and strengthen and
. clear the voice. - . . . ,, -v
. . : . pf" Always use them In time, and If the symptoms are
'. aevere use very freely. J. IL BLADES CO., Prop's,
- BTKU3U a AKMSllw-'vu, v noiesale Agents,
Cleveland. Ohio. '
;u For sale br H. A. HENDBY, Ashtabula, Ohio. 870-y
' Shattered Constitutions Restored by the use
f H bxjcbolo's EcmucT Bcchtj,; . - .: 1 .. ,
- ' Hall'e Hair Renewer.
" Is the most perfect preparation for the hair ever of
fered to the public It is vegetable compound, and con
tains no Injurious ingredients. It will restore gray hair
to its original color will prevent the hair foiling out
sad will promote its growth. It is a splendid hair dress
ing deaaing the scalp and making the hair .soft, lust
, rous and silken. K, P. Hall & Co., Nashua, N. H.t Pro
prietor.' For sU by all Druggista, Jpn. .
. Permanent and : wide-spread sneeees Is the best evj
dence of fite goodness of Braadrath'r Pills, - They should
be la every family, ready for use oa the first symtotns pf
tiisease occurring. This method win often save life.
"Kcmember, the Cholera must be treated as s Poison, aqd
year safety demands It should be got rid of without de
lay. Colds, rheumatism, asthma, pleurisy,, diarrhoea,
colics, la fact, all sickness Is the consequence of active
impurities in the Blood. These being removed, the
health li restored U oace, . .. . ,-. Jgua.
It la pleasant to reeommend a really ineritous article,
hence we ask those suffering from Dyspepsia, Nervous
Bees or Debility, to try Dr. Strickland's Tonic ; Dr, X.
JL Sams ordered $4 worth for J. C Hays, Decatur, Ala.
T. Hart, New York City, says 1t cured me ; where can
I get it for soy friends? Thus they write from all quar
ter. . SOS-mi
s , To CoaeaaaptlTea the advertiser, having been
restored to health in a few weeks by a very simple rem,
ady, after having suffered for several years with a severe'
lung affection, and that dread disease Consumption is
'anxious to make knows to his fellow sufferers the means
of cure.
. - To all who desire it, he win vend S copy or the pre
emption used (free of charge), with directions for pre
paring and using the same, which they will find a stjbb
eras for Coasamptioa, Asthma. Bronchitis, Coughs,
Colds, and aU throat and lung affections. The only ob
ject of the advertiser la sending the prescription is to
..heMflttheaJflictedi aad rpread Information which he
conceives to be iavaluable, and he hopes every sufferer
win try his remedy, as it will cast them nothing, and
BMy prove a Ueeaing, Parties wishing the prescription,
rM,b7 return mail, will please addresa
o908"1 '.r : WUltonsburj, Kings Co. N. Y.
BY frAKS RP. '
Two Dollars a Year Invariably In Adranee.
Local & Miscellaneous.
"Spring Opening Herrick ft Bro.
ta?Wool Wasted Kingsville Woolen Mills.
t3?-TiUage Ordinanoe.-AshUbula.-, ,")
rTactficBanroad-ohn J. Cisco
taf-New Goods Geo. Willlard.
t" See Swift's Advertisement.' . T : I y I .
pPatent Truss L. Munson.
Notes. We haye a few books of cheaply put
up blank notes ihat will be sold quite low. -i
,"n ,:-"n'
,i ... .
Cherry Valley is to hare a Horse Fair on the
4th of July, at the centre, and premiums of var
ious sums are to be distributed, ,t:. , .. -h".
M5 convention for selecting delegates to the
State Convention at Columbus on the 19th inst
comes off it will bo recollected at Jefferson, on
Saturday, of the present week..
- The heaviest fleece clipped at the late annual
shearing of Lake County, was from a three year
old merino, weighing 18 pounds 3 J ounces ; the
next was ' 16,G, and ' the third 15,15, from a 2
year old merino,.
Cadktsuip. The committee selected by Gen.
for -making a nomination for naval ca
det for this county have decided to present the
name of Carl TJ. Calkins, son of C. Q. Calkins,
Fsq.. of this, place,. for that position. The com
mittee nave bestowed their favor according to
the claims of merit and justice.
The chap that has our new umbrella, and un
moved looks upon our Venerable and worthy
name painted upon the inside before putting it
to use, every time he . opens it, and resists his
convictions of duty to return it, is hardening
himself for an experience that a twenty-shilling
cotton umbrella will prove but a, poor equiva
lent for.
Cests or 1858. The demand for cents of
this date, and the high price offered for them,
has lead to quite an eagerness to procure them.
The Ceveland LTerald. to show their estU
mated and established value', offers to . give $5
a piece for them. The reason for this valua
tion does not Appear to be very clearly under
stood, r
The match at base ball between the Austin-
burg Nationals, and the Ashtabula boys came
off on the Fair-grounds in t his place on Mon
day afternoon last, with the result the same as
at the previous match at Austlnburg, with
merely a change of parties. In the first game
the Ashtabulians carried the day by four, and
in the last, the Austinburg boys came out a-
hcad - the same number. It is now expected
that a test match will be played to decide the
question of superiority.
The efforts to sell goods, showing the condi
tion of the market in the great commercial cen
tres of the east, may be judged of by the number
of drummers that are pushing among our mer
cantile establishments.- Orders for almost every
thing are solicited nearly every hour in the day
by runners for New York houses. One of our
merchants said the other day that he had more
customers tor selling . than purchasing goods.
We are not advised whether this Increased force
of drummers is the result of a sluggish market,
or apprehended decline in prices. If the com
mon idea that a market brought to you, is a
cite better than one run after, be true, our mer
chants are enaoled to avail themselves of it to the
fullest extent. -
Satisitxd. Many housewives who have been using
Soda for years, have become satisfied that D. B. DeLand
& Co'sBcst Chemical Saleratus is better for all purposes
than soda, and therefore cannot be Induced to use soda,
or any other brand of Saleratus. " -
- Sexatob. Wade and party arrived at a point
on the north Platte, 305 miles from Omaha, on
the 30th inst. . The next day thoy went to visit
one of the Forts in the vicinity, in company wiih
Lieuf Gen. Sherman.
The weather was delightful and allwere en
joying themselves immensely, being supplied
with good rifles they kept up a continual fire
all day .at antelope, and other game that was
found along the track. Rails are laid over 40
miles west of that point, but owing to the ' high
water pf Platte river, travel ;and stages still
leave for Denver. Gen. Sherman, after accom
panying the excursionists to Fort Mc Phcrson,
will join Gen. Augur in the field. Gen. Augur
is understood to have a sufficient force of caval
ry to ive protection to the railroad route and
all, working parties.
The depredations frequently, noticed-upon
well grown and valuable shade trees by the
heedlessness of hitching horses to them, calls
for a village' regulation making such conduet,
here as in other places, an offence punishable
by penalty. We sometimes see a horse tied to
tree when a good hitching post is equally han
dy." A dollar penalty would serve to sharpen
the wits of such persons, and teach them" some
thing of the value and appreciation of these ev
idences of civilization, and comforts and ' orna
ments of village life. t ; .
We6ee, too, a new path made within the
lines of trees and over the grass, across the
north green, proving that a momentary conve
nience .or gratification is of greater moment
with fome than the maring and disfiguring of
a beautiful and cherished public park.
j ; i
Installation. We barely alluded to the fact
of the installation of Rev.; II.: C; Haydn, at
Painesville last week. Below will be found the
minutes br proceedings in detail. The occasion
was one of pleasant interest, and the part taken
In the order of assignment were marked by in
telligence and judgment. The day was fine and
the attendance large. The examination of the
Pastor elect took place at 10 a. m, and the in
stalling exercises at 2 P. M.
The revival spirit the only appropriate spirit
for an individual christian or a church, was the
theme of the sermon. It was finely and forci
bly illustrated and reasoned, and showed its au
thor, Rev. Sir. Goodwin, a man of discrimina
tion and intellectual power. President Hitch
cock's charge to the people was plain, pointed,
truthful and appropriate the grounds upon
which disturbances between pastor & people are
based, hinted at a flagging interest on the part of
the people gives place to the discovery that the
partor's preachjpg is not what it had been.
CouUl the truths it inculcated be practised by
churches and congregations there would be few
er cases of dissatisfaction with rninisters and far
more good accomplished.
The music on the occasion was very fine.
We hope the relation thus consumated, and
now so happy, may never be marred by unkind
or unchristian word or act, and terminate only
by tho departure of the faithful r.nd beloved
pastor to his reward.
' In answer to letters missive, the pastors and
delegates mentioned below assembled in the
house of worship of the First Church of Paines
ville, at JO o'clock a. m. for the purpose of in
stalling Rev. H; C Haydn as pastor of the a
bove church.
Rev. C. WiTorrey called the council to or
der, read s copyof the letters missive, and nom
inated Rev. 8. Wolcott Moderator of the coun
cil, who was thereupon unanimously elected
Moderator. Rev. John M. Ellis was anno-inted
The list of the Churches invited was then call
ed, and the following pastors and delegates re
ported themselves present in answer to the let
ters missive 1
" Columbus Rev. E. P. Goodwin and F. C.
uPl.ith. Church, Cleveland Rev. S. Wolcott
l. l. s -
A thtabtrfa James Reed, M. G. Dick.
MadisonRev. C. W. Torrey, P. T. Stafford.
Geneva Rev. A7"D. Barber, G. F. Sadd.
( ( CollameF-rRtv. A. Sharpe, Win. H. Goit, ;
HunUburg Enoch Beardsley. -
Kirlland Rev. G. F. Bronson, T. M. Mor
ley. '
Claridon-Her. E. D-Taylor, Lester Taylor.
Ifamdcn RevP. A. Beane, Z. R. Sheldon.
Thompson Rev. W. II. Brinkerhoff, Elias
Rev. n. L. Hitchcock, D. D., Hudson.
Rev. John M. Ellis, Oberl'm
Com. of the Church at Gainesville W. L.
Perkins, Rev. .N. P. Bailey.
Praj'er was offered by the Moderator : after
which the Committee of the Church presented
records of the. act ion of the Church and Society
in calling Rev.' H. C. Haydn to become their
Pastor, nd his letter of acceptance. t
The Pastor" elect presented a copy of the ac
tion of council in dismissing him from his pre
vious passorate in West Meriden, Conn.
The council voted that the documents were
satisfactory, and that they would proceed to
the examination of the Pastor elect, with a
view to his installation.
The. Pastor elect read a brief statement of his
belief and gave more full statements in answer
to questions by the Moderator and members of
the Council -
After an' account of his 'christian experience
the examination was suspended.
lhc council voted unanimously that the ex
amination was satisfactory, and that they would
proceed to the Installation.
Rev. A. Shame. W. L. Perkins, and Rev. N.
P. Bailey were appointed a committee to make
arrangement in conference with the Pastor e
lect for the Installation exercises, and reported
the following order, which " was adopted :
Introductory Services liev. A. suarpe.
Sermon Rev. E. P. Goodwin. '
Installing Prayer Rev. S. Wolcott, D. D.
Charge to the Pastor Rev. Prof. Ellis.
Risrht hand of Fellowship Rev. Chas. W.
Uharge to the feople lie v. rres. mtcncocK.
Benediction The Pastor.
The Council, after aonrovinff the minutes
took recess till 2 o'clock, P. M. ,
At 2 o'clock Council re-as6emlid ana tne
Installation exercises took place according to
the order above given, when the Council ad
WOLCOTT, Moderator.
Launch. The schooner Amaretta Mosher,
built by Alfred Mosher of West Troy, N. T
was transferred from the stocKs to her proper
element, on Tuesday afternoon last. ' She is a
craft of beautiful proportions, built with a gen
erous outlay as to modern ideas and Improve
ments in marine architecture, costing already
over $30,000, and the largest vessels ever built
at this place. Her extreme length is 131 and
breadth 31 feet, and depth of hold 11 feet. She
spreads 1,988 feet of convass, and is to be com
manded by Capt. Robeet Brown. The launeh
was a success, slipping from her position, where
each particular timber and plank and bolt, and
taught and stiffened line and rope was by slow
accretion and apparently feeble instrumentality,
when compared with the majesty, strength and
beauty of the finished design, have been put in
place, with the national ensign and private col
ors gaily fluttering in the breeze, broad-side on,
into her congenial element, availing herself of
the occasion and cooperative presence of that
element, to show her contempt for the blocks
and wedges and shores, .and all the incongru
ous paraphernalia thathad so long held and re
strained her, by freeing herself of them all at a
6inglc effort, and in her pride and beauty, sit
ting upon the waters like a thing of life. May
the season become more auspicious, than now
for a bountiful return forso generous an investment.
Jefferson.—From the Sentinel.
gone t spend the summer in Minnesota. We
are sorry to learn that the delicate condition of
Mrs. Ensigu's health has compelled a resort to
summer's residence in tho more favorable
climate of Minnesota.
The May term of the Common Picas closed
on Saturday last, after three weeks session. The
most of the term was taken up,with civil causes.
There were but few criminal cases, among
which were three convictions of penitentiary ofT
fences. These were: Abraham Newton, of
horse stealing, sentenced for three years ; and
Henry and Hamlin Hull, for stealing wheat and
oats, sentenced for one year.
Hokace Haines, who was convicted ot the
murder of Hibam Sutliffe, 1854, and was re
turned from the penitentiary where he had serv
ed nearly thirteen years of a life term, on a
writ of error, was discharge under a nolle pro
sequi on Friday last ;
Court Proceedings.
Anions: the cases not heretofore reported are
the following : -v ' - ;- A
Samuel Evcrit vs Nv 11, Bancroft Jury trial
Yerdict in favor of the "defendanC' fx
Viola. Costs by her guardian vs V. R Palmer
Jury triaL Verdict in favor of plaintiff $ 100.
i R. C Sheldon vs S. Bunnell Jury trial. Ver
dict for plaintiff $400. " . V
OhiovsH. Myers Keeping rooms for sale
Liquors.- Nolle entered. .
Ohio vs Elon Dam Same as above.
ObicvVa C. "Webster Keoping rooms for sale
Liquors. - Fine $50. "
Ohio . vs F. Hartwell Murder. 2nd degroe
nolle. " "
R. Stillnianref Jvs G.' Turner Judgt for
plaintiff $00.0 l - .
W. J. Woodruff vs J. A. A : E. Smith-judgt
forplaintiff,$259,22. ..,..-
J. G. HazeltineTS.W.-E'. , Perry judg,t for
plaintiff $44,48. r.irT-
Kate L. Dyer vs G. Dyer. Divorce canse
willful absence and drunkenness for three years
decred granted and petitioner restored to her
maiden naae, Kato L. Jones. , : ,. .
W. Brogks, vs R. R Brooks Divorce, cause
adultery. . Decree granted. -
The Liberals have trained another im
portant victory in thetlonse of commons
an amesdmeut depriving . all boroughs
having lc6S than 10,000 inhabitants of the
right of sending a representative having
been carried by the large majority of
127. .. . ... .. '. '. .'-..; .'.. ,-;
Cleveland Wholesale Market.
FLOURr-duIl and unchanged city made ix sorinz
13 5xai4 : do xx fed winter 1GHJ 50. live Flour held
$tl 75(10 25.
WHEAT dnll and lower sale 3,000 bus no 2 Milwau
kee spring at $2 50 to arrive. -
CORN three cents lower and quiet sales 2,000 bus and
cars No 1 from store at 96 eta. . ".
OATS-inacUve and nominal at 6S cents for fto 1 state
from store.
RYE Ne 1 held at f 1 701 75 from store, -BARLEY
fcrm at $1 20CU 25 for Canada ; No 2 state 85
g$l. - - -- . .
SMOKED MEATS in good demand and firm sales
5,500 lbs sugar-cured Hams, -canvassed at 16 tfc ; -4,000 lbs
plain, canvassed at 15jc ; uncanvaseed do Uc; 1.000
bs Dried Beef canvassed at 23c ; uncsnrassed da 22c ;
Breakfast Bacon," canvassed 16c.
BUTTER dull and lower sales 10 kegs good West
era Reserve at 17c .
Cheksu Continues quiet ana sieaay ai .ioc ror in
ferior to choice dairv and factory, packages Included.
Very choice selected factory, in a small way, 15X16.
Koos Steady at 10c.
Dribd Apples Quiet at 88Xe packages included.
Potatoes--! n fiur demand and. firm. . Sales t cars
PeachbjQVfsetl.25per bu.
ifBAHSTCfrinn at $3,UU&3,ZS per oa ior prime wmie.
Dr. E. J. Mattocks, the renowned Analytical Physici
asks the question of all persons suffering under the
torment of any of the forms. of Billions Diseases, why
they will continue to suffer when relief is at hand ? The
Doctor is noted for asking questions, but he does it for
good purpose, and before he is through makes it a point
become master of a patient's-feelings, symtoms, pains.
aches, and ailments of whatever nature. It behoves all
invalids, therefore Jo call on Dr. Mattocks when they
have an opportunity, and receive treatment and care aj
bis hands. Be visits a limited number of towns and
cities in Northern Ohio monthly, tor the purpose of ex
amining patients and treating their eases. The many
and complicated diseases otFemales receive an entirely
new and universally successful treatment by Dr. Kat-
tock. Let no on,-r-man, woman or child, be deterred
from calling on the Doctor because of their poverty.
The ooor verv liberally treated. Consultation U alwaiva
free. His next visit to Ashtabula will be on Wednesday
ana 'jnursaay ism mhi ami uajs 01 June, 1867. Ate
stops at the Jfisk Bouse.
M aeieal. The Normal Academy of Maslc, at Paines
T111B, UDIV, tuumiaiw ta aouuH 4 U1J JBU lODT. A
1. p. Knm. nt amliumt infttrairtnra V . . 1
and no nains are being spared to make it the LtuUma
Music School of the Wett.' To teachers and an music stu
dents unusual advantages are offered. For circulars, ad
dress N.COE STEWART, Cleveland Ohio. - 808ml
Errora rTontla. A Gentleman who anfferad tor
rears from nervous debility;' premature decav. and aH
the effects1 of youthful indiscretion,' win, for the sake ' of
suuenng numanny, sepairee nil wno-Beed it, the re
cijc and direction for making the simple remedy Vy
which ha was cored. ' Sufferer wlihlnv ta nrnirt V
advertisers experience, can.do so by addressing, la per
fect confldenco, JUUN B. OQDKN. ;
908-yl' ' 42 Cedar Street, New Torkj'
! Helmbold's Fluid rJSxtract
nr -. ..- -. :
J.S a Certain Core for Diseases of the
Bladder, Kidneys, Gravely Dropsy, Organic'
weasnesses, jremaiecompiamis, gen ral Debility
and all dlteases of the : . , . : . , . i ,
' Urinary- Otgass,
whether existing In . " :,r -
Hale or Female.
from whatever cause originating and no matterof ". '
. . - . . . '. ('.. ' now; long standing.
Diseases of these organs require the use of diuretics.
If no treatment is submitted to. Consmmntioa or in.
sanity may ensue. , . Our Flesh and Blood are supported
from these sources, and tte
and that of posterity, depends upon prompt use of a relia )
vie rcuicu. i ...... . " '
Heimrjoia s .extract Buchu.
established upwards of 18 years, prepared by
n. i. uxaMbuiaj, uruggist,
. 594 Broadwav. New fork.
104 South 10th street, Philadelphia, Pa. . : . 896
Pkbsoxalj On Wednesday Thursday the 19th V
90th days of June 1867, our citizens wfll be favored by
another monthly visit from the celebrated Physician;
Dr. K. J ollle Mattocks, who has an extensive practice
throughout Northern Ohio. The Doctor's head quarters.
as usual, wui De at the risk House, where he can be
consulted during business hours. It is well to bear in
mind that consultations are free.' The Doctor cures
all forms of chronic Diseases, by the Analytical method
of treatment which he has pursued with unvarying suc
cess for forty years. He' will visit this place every 8
weeks during the present year, and would be happy to
receive a call from persons suffering under chronic Dis
eases. - .
Asux, Chills, ok Intirh ittent Fktir cured, oi the
money refunded. Dr. Witt's Ague Pills are entirely a
new medicine, and having been tried in oxer 1200 of the
very worst and obstinate cases of Chills and Fever, and
not failed even in one case to effect a speedy cure, the
proprietor guarantees them to cure every case, even after
all other medicines fail. Those suffering should imme
diately give them a trial. They are warranted to - cure.
For sale by druggists, or sent by mail on receipt of the
price, $1. Address Dr. Witt, Box 611, Cincinnati,
Ducro A Bro., sell a good Sea-Grass matrass, at $4.
Ducro A Bro., sell Spring-Seat Lounges, at $1.
This is the season for conghs and colds! those suffer
ing with such, or any affection of the throat or lungs,
will find Dr. Strickland's "Mellifluous Cough Balsam' an
excellent remedy ; in fact, - all his medicines are worthy
the confidence of our readers. See advertisement. $
Restore Youb Health. Dr. E. Jollle Mattocks, the
celebrated analytical Physician, who has made Billions
Diseases the study of a IKe-time, and who has success
fully treated thousands of cases, will continue his month
ly visits to Ashtabula and a few other important points
in Northern Ohio during the ensuing year. All who are
suffering with affections of the Head, Throat, Heart,
Lungs, Liver, Stomach, Bowles, Kidneys, Spleen ; or
Nervousness, Fits, Dropsy, Rheumatism, Fever Sores
and all Diseases of the Blood, will do well to call on
him and receive an examination. He will tell you
promptly and Without' prevarication what your com
plaint Is, and will undertake its cure. - Comultation it
always fre. See his time table in another part of the
paper for the list of the days on which he wfll, visit this
point. His next visit to Ashtabula will been Wednes
day and Thursday 19th A 20th of June at the Fisk House.
Valuable Advicx ron tub Awlictkd. Dr Strickland
in reply to numerous applications for advice, wishes to
inform those who arc afflicted, that they may consult him
on all Acute or Chronic Diseases by letter, stating the
age, symptoms. &c, with a fee of two dollars enclosed.
Dr. S. has" obtained great notoriety as an experienced
Physician, both In Europe and America, especially in
the treatment of chronic complaints, after other Doctors
have failed to effect a cure. Those suffering should im
mediately send for a prescription, by addressing Dr. A.
Strickland, Cincinnati, Ohio. 897-yl
Dr. Eaton's Anodvne Corc-'al will always be found at
IW SWEET OPOPONAX1 New Perfume from.Mexl
co. The only fashionable perfume and ladies' delight. )
most elegant and essential personal requisite for a lady,
Extract of Sweet Opoponax."
E. T. SMITH 4 CO.. New York.
tST SWEET OPOPONAX! Is the sweetest Extract
made. Supercedes all others. Try it once ; will use no
other. ......... :
t A NEW PERFUME I Called Sweet Opoponax
from Mexico, manufactured by E. T. SMITH A CO.
New York, la making a sensation wherever it is known.'
Is very delicate, and its fragrance remains on the hand
kerchief for days. Evening Bulletin, Philadelphia.
tS SWEET OPOPONAX t Ladies, in their morn
ing calls, carry joy and gladness, when perfumed with
Sweet Opoponax. ,; , , , . .: :,; ;'
f3T" 8WEET OPOPONAX I. The only elegant Per
fume. Is found on all toilets, and never stains the hand
kerchiefs.' .
very rare, rich and fashionable perfume. - The finest ever
imported or manufactured in the United States. Try
aueVbe convinced.
The American Commercial Arithmetic.
A new work of 368 pages, for Business Colleges, Schools
and Academies, complied with a view to the practical
illustration of business rules. Giving practical business
examples of a kind not in Arithmetics now In use, in
volving Gold and National Currency. The laws tot col
lection of debts, damages on protested bills, , and legal
rate of interest for every State, given. Also rules and
tables for Cental System. Every teacher, library and
business man requires one. To be bad of booksellers
if not, address, enclosing $1,73, -' ' lm908
MUSGROYK & WRIGHT, Cleveland, Ohio.'
Millixeby & Fakct Goods. Miss Whisht A Bro. ar
filling up their store again with a very desirable and
chcice selection of Spring Millinery, consisting as fol
lowsLadies and Missesjstraw and fancy Braid' Bonnets.
Hats of all the prevailing styles,' and! novelties of the
season. , . ,.
. Mourning Bonnets, Veils & Collars, , Ladles Caps. In
fants' Caps & Bonnets. Elegant Silks, Flowers, Laces,
Ribbons.Straw trimmings. Ornaments, HoopSklrts; Cor
sets, Stamped-Yokes, Star Braid, Ac. ..... ' '
Particular attention paid in making Old Ladies' Bon
nets. Straw Bonnets & Hats dressed over in the latest
style. In connection with our store, a first class Dress
Maker can be found. Patterns and Dress trimmings for
sale. Don't forgetjtbc place, 2 doors South of the Fisk
House. .
We also have the agency of Dmar Co's extensive Dy
ing Establishment. Ladies or Gents wishing anything
in that line, will please leave their goods at our store,
and have them sent and returned free of charge.
Miss Weight & Bbo.
Ashtabula, April 1, 1867. : S01
Announcments free: Commendatory Notices, half rates.
At Red Wing, May 4th, Julia Wilder, only
Child of Frederick and Lavina J. Joss, aged 3
years; ' . .- .' . ''
In Tuscola, Mich., May, Mrs. Huldah E.
Colburn, aged 22 years.
In Piqua, O., May 26th, Emily, wife of
H. Wright, aged 48 years, formerly of Jefferson.
In' Monroe, May 31st, Elizabeth, wife of Jno.
Curtis, aged 67 years.
Been purchased by G. Zeile A Bro. who are put
ting it to the best posssible use In the
. TriWTlO lW T "V Af,TJl?'D
To supply this work they are in want of
for which rash at t.h hloHoat m l naiA
Their Leather is of tho heat quality, a fact that
owners ana onoe-maKera wui realize on trial, ana oi an
the various descriptions.
We hava alan nit tanl a amt vMllnnt aannlv nf all
the different kinds of
which will be sold on the ntoet reasonable tens.
wus a ceil.
Ashtabula, Not. -.
881 LZE$WtO.-
For.HooU ,and:S7wes;
fiO.'to? 4bw iNew; Custom Saop; Main
VJ street opposite the North Park, and nt nnon
ARTICLE, custem made, in good atyle, from the best of
Stock.... :!-.- .:: -.,.!:.,,.
Pair will .tMlt-Woair Two Pairs of
Kaetera Slop "Work,
A '. And ' cost ' but Utile, .' if any more.
a new process for repairing Eastern sewed work.
. v., O. n- ADAMS.
. Ashtabula, May T, 1867. ' li: 909
1867. Boots & Shoes. 1867
..-.. .-.'.:-: -..i-......-,t-j.f, r ,.:,-, m
-''' ' ''-' '-- ''' ''.i -V -. .
T HAVE joat received mj Bprinjg tock
-'.'en - ;, -.T-., .-.. -:.; r-:nT--; . j -. i
.1 : -i-T'i .' i
Botrght for caett, and will sell for tne " stamps'" at the
loweit figures. Among my stock maybe found- all the
styles of, - " "
Consisting of
IeUes Clove Kiel Balmoral, . , ! ,
Ic1Ier Gmt mm Kiel Balmoral . .. ' "';
'i.- ;i :'i"--; ... :
Last! CalT aai4 Kiel Balmorala, ".'.'' i
Ladles' Feb. Gralai Balmorala,
Radios Calf BalmoralsW J " -. '- "'''V'-s
40 eloau erre Calters stkel Balmoral. '"
Tipped and Plain Bloaclier.
French Calf (pegged and Sewed) BOOTS, warranted. ;
A full line of Men's, Boys' and youths' Calf. Grala and
Patext Railroad Ties and Balmorals. .
Gents' Serge GAITERS ; Carpet, Plush and SUd SLIP-
PERS.' ..... ' -' '
A great variety of CHILDREN'S SHOES AND CACKS.
- all styles.
Any person in went of good, honest work, call and ex
amine my stock, and 1 will guarantee price and quality
to suit;
! -
, . o LOT OF . ,
,11 ATS , AND. CAPS,
i I
A choice stock of
Crushed,' ' ,: " '
n O S I E R Y.
All of which I submit for Inspection.
AshUbula, May, 1867. . .. ; . - -t . . . f0
.1- !.l I
: "I I V i.
. i.
'-! "
Ll.Ji r
II v:
' , i W - i
JL?m 43-
Asktabab, April IS, 1667.
QOTTON YARN, Batts, . Ac The
aatiamrKAM 1mm i - ,.. .
i ',!? of their customers have been so
long waiting and wishing for. Cheap and of irood qual-
aT". TV TAT (no rrm t .
Ash tabula, March , 1867.
. .... mm. n. fxAanvriLJ! a. 1 .1 1
:i f
-t it J ! Ji'i ? -:
;i .1
.0 .0
g 33
q H
o h
H 0
0 H'
in O
0 UJ
& a
g t
Real Estate-Farms.
- - ........ : J , - . ' -
For the Sale and Purchase, of Rca Estate; -OFFICE
Slain Street, Ashtabula, Ohio.
E2P Property sold for Commission or otherwise, re
agreed upon, and so axuc, mo chxxob ?
A Sale Direct or Indirect, constitutes a Commission.
CLAHENDOV HOTEL That first class river
four-story Brick Block in Ashtabula, known as the Clar
endon Ilot"l, Including about 66 rooms and one of the
best halls between Buffalo and Chicago, 50x80 ieet ; threw
stores, Saloon, Barber Shop, Restaurant, and two-tory
dwelling house and barns now on the premises. Whole
size of block 70x80 feet. Brick block entirely new and
built with all the modern styles of improvements. Whole
size of building on ground 70x30 and 84x44 feet and two
stories, and dwelling bouse 3Gx45 feet two-story, and
barn 44xS0 feet. Hotel now doing a large business and
one of the best locations on the Western Reserve. To
some person fcvored by fortune the above property oilers
superior Inducements as it Is the very best location in
the city of Ashtabula, and is that superior kind of prop
erty in regard to location and buildings, Ac. that doe
not ordinarily come into the market, and is a chance
that may not present itself sjrain in a life time. To aa
enterprising business man the above is a rare chance, for
sale for (35,000 and poeession given immediately. Sub
ject to leases. One half down, balance in 13 34 and S
years, secured by mortgages on premises.
1 4 Flee A ere Lot within mile of the Depot.
For sale for $1U0 per acre. One-half down, balanf oa
House and Lot oa Center street. For sale for
Lot on Elm Street. 4.' rods front a very desirable
building lot. Price $400.
Among the many valuable Farms and other property
now offered through this agency, I would call particular
attention to the following, via :
' 102 23 acre In Ply month. 4 miles from Ash
tabula village : small house, food 30x40 foot bans lUi
sheds ; good young orchard of 130 trees ; pears, peaches,
grapes tvc; good sugar bush of three hundred tree ; larm
well watered with a never Failing spring of water: 4U
acres timbered land, balance improved and in a high
state of cultivation. Price $43 per acre and terms of
pavment easy.
- 69 acres of the very best timbered land in the coun
ty, 4 miles from Ashtabula at Plymouth Depot, consUt
iltgofa large amount of white oak, suitable for ship
building; a large amount of whitewood, ash and cucum
ber; timber has not been culled. For sale for $75 per
19aereeat Plymouth depot, suitable for building
good barn, for sale for $00 per acre.
53 49-100 acre Farm in Plymouth. ZX -miles
from Ashtabula village, and X mile sooth of the center
of Plymouth, good new two story house with two wings.
3 good wells, a good 30x40 foot banr with two sheds,
orchards of about 100 trees, li acres timbered land situ
ate within 1-2 mile of the depot, a very desirable home
stead, for sale at the low price of J3.5C0. and terms giv
en for a portion of the purchase money If desired.
35 acre Farm in this township, 3 miles from Ash
tabula Village, good new house and barn. S acres of good
orchard, 15 acres timber and within yi mile of C. A K- R. .
R., farm well fenced and in a hieh state of cultivation,
a very desirable homestead and 'for sale for the low
price of $2,550, and time given for part if desired.
67X Acre Farm on the Lake Shore i miles East
of Ashtabula Harbor, eood house 22 feet square, good
30 by 40 foot barn, good water, 100 good apple trees, cher
ries, peach, Ac, about ten acre timbered, soil black,
land gravely tnd farm well fenced and in high state of
cultivation, for sale for $80 per acre, and time given for
a portion of purchase money if desired.
- 37 1-2 Aere Farm, 3 miles from this Village good
house and Barn, 4 acres of good Orchard, good Water,
and farm well fenced and In a high state of cultivation,
for sale for the low price of $l,7Ut, or will throw in one
acre of wheat, one Cow, 40 sheep, one yearling, two
shoats, one iron beam plow, one harrow and two wag
ons, for $1,900. Must be sold within ninety days, if It
has to be sacrificed.
61' Aere Farm n North Ridge, three-fourths of a
mile from KiugsviKe Dtfpot, with good house, soft water
good barn and shed, good corn-house, Ac. good orchard
and about 16 acres of good timber. Well fenced and in a
high state of cultivation, with water in every field but
onevfor sale for the low price of $90 per acre and time
given for a portion of the purchase money if desired one
of the most desirable Ridtre farms in the county.
25 Acre three miles from Ashtabula village good
house, barn and water, good orchard of 3U0 trees cherries
and small fruits of all kinds a. very desirable homestead,
for sale for less than tho buildings can bow be built for
price $-2,600.
78 3-4 Aere iX miles from the village of Ashtabu
la small house, good barn and stables, good water, 44
grafted young apple trees, good u?ar bush, 14 acres tim
ber for sale at the low price of $3,300, and time given fo
a portion of the purchase money, if desired.
25 Acre Farm in this Township, two and a half
miles from Ashtabula village. Good New House, chioce
young orchard of apples, peaches, pears, cherries, Ac
Ooodf soft water, three acres timbered, price, fiSCO.
92 Aere Farm at Kingsville Depot, good house
four good barns, splendid orchard of apples, peachesf
pairs, cherries, quinces, Ac Black sand loam . One o,
the best watered: farms in the county, water can be taken
into any lot on the farm, six acres timbered, one of the
very best farms in the market and for sale for the low
price of $85 per acre, and time given for a petition of pur
chaser's money if desired. Also a ten acre wood lot,
connected with the above, seven miles from the same
that will be sold with the above or not, at the option of
the purchaser, on which the timber is worth double the
price asked for the same for sale for $35 per acre. .
106 Aere Farm, two miles from the village, good
house, barn, fruit and water, full equal to any of the
Ridge Farms in the market. For sale for the low price
of $ti5 00 per acre,
C3 Aere or Land, 1X miles from the village.
Sandy, gravely hnd, about 8 acres timbered, on the line
of the C. A E. R. R. For sale, very cheap, price $oS per
acre, or will be cnttup into lots to suit purchasers.
94 Aere Farm, on South Ridge, in Ashtabula, 4
miles from the village, good house and water, 3 baron
and shed, a never failing Spring of water at the barn,
two old o.chr.rds, one young orchard.-about five acres of
heavy timbered,. being an old homestead farm and not
before offered for sale for the past thirty years, is now
offered for sale on very reasonable terms. One of the
very best Ridge Farms in the market.
Xlonee and Lot, on Division Street, good fruit
and good water. . Price $1,300.
House and Lot of 3 71-100 acres, on Prospect
Street, house well finisned, good barn, good water, splen
did variety of grapes, cherries, plumbs, peaches, rasp
berries, black-berries, straw-berries, etc. Considering
quantity of land, few places equal it. For sale for the
low price of $4,000. and time given if desired.
Lot and Shanty at Depot, for sale for the low
price of $140.
A Good noaae and 9 Lote, in Blocks 7 and 3, la
Humphrey's Plat, at Ashtabula Depot. Situated North
of Rail Road Passenger House, and bounded South by
Rail Road Depot Grounds, a very desirable business loca
tion to be sold in lots to suit purchasers. Price of whole
75 Acre Farm in this township, 3 miles from this
village. Frame bouse, good water, two acres vineyard, a
eood young orchard, a good water power, SO acres of tii.
ber, for sale for the low price of $i,500, and time give
for a portion of the purchase money, if desired f rise $t
900 .
70 Acre Farm in Plymouth, on the Plank Road,
between Ashtabula and Jetferson, six miles from this
village, a -pood house, .two barns, a good orchard and
water, 10 acres of timber, the balance in high statemte
cultivation, for sale for the low price of $4,500, and .
given forta portion of pnrchase money.
95 Aere Farm in Plymouth, two miles from the vil
lage, good farming land, facing two roads, very conve
nient to be cut into two farms, for sale for the low nrica
of $43 per acre, and time given on a part if desired.
Flee Lots on the comer of Nathan and Main streets,
rood fruit, one of the most desirable building locations
In town, for sale for the low price of $150 per lot or $70U
for the whole.
A Good Honse and Lot on Sycamore street
For sale verv cheap. Price. $S3a
A good Honsve and Lot, 40 feet front, with good
price of $1,300, and time given for a portion of the pur
chase money, if desired.
That very deairable Property on Prospect
street owned by Edward A. Hitchcock. Large and com
modious new house, with all of the modern improve
ments. Lot, 80 feet front, containing 9-10 of an acre.
Good fruit and water.
Also, connected with the above, and fronting on Cen
ter street, and bounded east by the rail road depot gronnds.
that well known shop of Edward A. Hitchcock, with 13
horse power steam engine, and boiler with all the tools
and implements for the buggy-ebaft business, good new.
planing machine, and all the necessary tools and machi
nery for making dry barrels. A rare chance for an ester
prising business man. For sale cheap. Price $10,01)0..
Knqnire f Edward A. Hitchcock, on premises, or of J.
li. Cook.
98 aere farm, four miles from village. Good house
and barn, good orchard, good wstor. ao acres timbered.
For sale very cheap, and possession given immediately if
desired.' Price, $2,750.
135 aere farm, about 4 miles from this villaee.
Good house, barn, fruit and water. 25 acres timbered.
Price. 1 4.500. Possession iriven tmmediatelv. and rim
given for a portion of the purchase money, rf desired.
a aw uup iiirm. a mues from village. Good
honse, 3 good bams, good watev,-ned orchard. 95 acres
timbered, and near the C. and E.JL K. One of the most
desirable Ridge farms in the market. For sale very cheap.
ana nine given ior a portion 01 mc purcnase money u ae
156 10-100 aere' ZH miles from vilfjce. 3 good
houses, 5 barns, good orchard, good water. 00 acres tim
bered. Good snar bnsh. Price, $6,250.
36 20-100 aere Arm 3.V miles from this village.
Good house, barn, water and orchard. lSacreatimbnreri-
For sale verv reason Die ana posessioa given Hnmm.... r
ly, if desired. j
45 1-2 aere on Lake 8 bore, 1 mile from King villa
depot. Good house and barn, and out-houses, good wa
ter, good" orchard of 150 trees. 3 acres timbered. Price,"
$3,000. -
Honse and Lot of acre, on Prospect street.
Good fruit and water. One of the most desirable resi
dences in town. For sale very cheap. Price, $3,000.
32 atns. three miles from village. Good house,
bam, fruit and water. 90 scree well timbered, balance la
high state of cultivation. . For sale very cheap, and pos
session given immediately, if desired. Price, $2H)0.
81 1-2 aereaoa Ridge, 3 miles from village, 3 houses,
3 barns, good fruit and water. Price, $7,450.
Also, SO 1-2 acre adjoining the above, 13 acres
meadow, well watered, for sale at $S0 per acre.
54 acre 3 miles from this village, (rood house, ham
and water. Good orchard. Price, $.3,500. "
52 acre 3V miles from village. Good hnsM. ham.
orchard and water. Price, $1,000.
a 10 acre 9 miles Horn village. Good souse, 14
rooms, 3 barns and shed. good orchards, good water.
17 acres timbered. Price, $53 per acre.
241 acre 4 miles from village, 3 good house.
barns and good sheds, gona fruit and water. 40 acres
timbered. Balance In nigrh state of cultivation. Can be
divided into two turns. Tor sole very cheap, and terms
of payment easy.
8 O acre, the old homestead farm. 3 miles from this
village, oa Lake Shore, in Ashtabula, formerly owned by
Aaron Harmon ; good hous and water, 7 barns, good or
chard of 125 bearing trees and 125 young trees, good
sugar bush, 90 acres Umbered, balance under cultivation;
for sale very reasonable, and terms of payment easy : en.
quire of GiuxaT ELuurox, on premise, or at above office.
23 acres of Timbered Land, within one mile f Uua
village. For sale very cheap.
43 acre, 3 miles from the village, jrcod house, barn
fruit and water; a very deairable homestead. Price
$3,226. Enquire of B. H. Mxbxbax ctr premise, are J
R. Cook.
Also 1 4 mere adjoining the above. Small ho-a
Pries. $60 per aere.
100 acre in Prvmouth, good honse, 4 good barn, 3
good orchards, good water, 20 acres timbered. Slid (arm
in a high state of cultivation. Price, $4,500.
50 aere of land in Plymouth, small bouse, 30 acres
Improved, balance well timbered, good water.
$1,500 -
Also a nam be of rery deelrablo balldlcs
lots Lathis Yiiiag- ITor saiecheap. -

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