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Ashtabula weekly telegraph. [volume] (Ashtabula, Ohio) 1853-1873, June 22, 1867, Image 2

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ike as ef IXorris wuz playin the old game
ny declinin what hed" m; mtii ffeTwt
him. His letter wuz sIndi-bntts aad
tinklin 8ymbil&? - ''H fC JL
"Shel I eater him. or TV, risked tje
Sekretary. i:it M A
"It's a curia ease.sed JLiicifer, .et
mindin him. ''He hez bin agin me, 'by
spasms, and whea be-bei. done things
trfcft I coed approve, I feey alluz, so far,
entered it ivpAa tbdaccoutit uv loonacy
fori am petikelee at to put. my claw on
to, apj roafk wt 3W,t V-og .! i i
hey frjcleaar lite tqvery oiieXgiti IfThis
bst tric ut. Jujuta"ggcrs JujMi-b
that the old man wuz, "all along, opoosin
strvms and sieh; not From any deep seatid"
disEIe -to the article! bat' becoz oppbsin
-uuiijs wuz uis oeSb non r aw re lc mai
Levin . been rat the minority j all ' his life
and ionnd therein' profit Wcdz it tps hap'
pened that the rabrfty wnz rite,' that be
is now anxsho to, get vato that fix agin ?
Does Horra 6se4 that, hevinthe
strength vv v successful career to -back.
Am, and bevin a htuidred thousand more
or lessy who are irt the habit of -reading
iipa-The people will foller bini thro the
stiukin slums uv error ez lively ez they
dkf pvtr the breezy bills uv truth ? Hez
. bis vanity got the better uv his discretion
at last ? . 1 lev .the hangers on .wich alluz
iuff ineease into the face uv success, bin
surnin. hasheesh afore him, and bez it
intossicated him ? Is he, at his ad vanced
age, in imitation uv Sut Livingood dad'
dy, goin to play boss, furgittiu the horn
et's nest into which his great exemplar
plunged? . i .
"Sheljlput down his name or not?"
askt the sekretary: again , ruther Lupa
ahently. J: : . 1 .!:
Nol" replied Lucifer drawin bisself
tip decisively "Ef be splits up the Aboli
shnists we shel be so -deep in his. debt
that be will deserve to get clear uv us.
Ezit is, be hez done cnuff to entitle him
to our gratitood. lie hez restored Jeff
Davis to fue; be bez enlarged his field of
usefulnis. He is dcmonstialin , the theo
ry that there aint no such thing ez treas
on, aud ex a matter uv course,1 that -there
ahirt bin bo crime committed by ray frend
Davis frends. ; Ez Horris is cstabltsliin
the fact that the war agin my Trends in
the South wuz. unjustifiable, I shouldn't
be surprised ef the, next thing he does, in
order, that justis may be done, will be
to insist' than the niggers be returned to
em.; After all,; I speckt that's wat he's
driyin at. ,;Xow that slavery's abolisht,'
Lbjeeve he'd like to her it restored, that
be may. he v suthin to do... His okkepa
shen'g gone. He's : short uv a subject
now His pen hex bin so used to writin
slavejy 1 . slavery 1 slavery ! that be'
roclv, at sea.: He wants the old sin' set
rrp for, bim to batter -at agin he wants
Loveioy shot . ovev ain, and bleedm
Kansas to be repeetid.t iVaf a a perfes
sional Reformer, cf thcr aint not bin to
reform? .Wats a corn doctor in a coun
try wher they wear big boots ? No ! let
bim go. He is shoor uv punishment
extiT anyhow. He's a Universlist, adoc-
tritf the . mistake uv which he'll diskuver
some da vl but he's verv likelv to realize
rf . J f
Jus rjee uv punishment on urth, for u en
dell Phillips is after., him, 'and wat wuss
kin lie sufier? bet this last act uv
bisn down ea honesty streakt with loona
cy, or rctther the loonacy beiu' the' big
gest, z- looaacy streeked. with honesty,
and. leave him ,out. Go on with the re
ports.- Where's Davis now?. Ahd pa
tikelery, wbcre'a Johnson ? Ef he does
anything agin me he does it through mistake.-'
Keep track nv-Johnson, don't
let f -i-.': :..vv .3 i-;- -
At this point I wuz aroused by. some
body shakin roe. It ' wuz" Basctm. It
wuz. 8 o'ekek, and ez I bed not bin over
for my morsin bitters in which dooty I'm
very regler, the good man hed gone out
to look for me.- How plesant' 'tis to Ivev
somebody- to care for voo, ven-ef 1 thef J
sousiiooa springs irom a tencent moiive.
(Wich is Potmater,'V and Profepsor n fhcHam'. ni
Japheth tFrre Academy :fir tbe derlnncraBt ur tthe
r S d
Saturday Morning, ; June 22 1867."';
,0FTke first geoaine- reaaa ioT chlordf was ro-.
ported in New Tork oa Jlondar r.iit;l (, t.
-CaTTlie State Treasury of Loulsisaia Is back
rnpt and tbe ofScials can't got their salaries.-1
;0"ltis genecally conceded in itepnUicani
circles at Washington, that Congresa will ' con
vene in July. .., - -7 : Hj.'i
-i S"A paper is in circulation at Washigton, and
Is being numerously signed, asking the Presiden t
to pardon Gen. Longstreet - J'" r.;-
'The small-pox prevails to an alarming ex
tent In some parts of Chicago,'- and the- diaease''
Is on the increase: ' " ii juv .''n
A florist in Rochester; T. 1 V.Vhas nowtin
Wboijaf a field of tulips, containing twenty thoos-.
and" specimens of three hundred varieties! " , ,
In Texas two Judges defy the laws of ' Con
gress,r and refuse to admit thV testimony of ne-
grops in their Courts. ( 'V.' I '
tarThe A.. W.Taber establishment at Nurem
burg, Germany, sends 'out '-O.OOO.OOQ load
pencils a year. "" ' ".- - '
. Q-The peach crop of New Jersey, is !jsald to
be very "promising this'jear, and Uic general
appearance In ail the fruit States is favorable., "
a late census the .popuUUoa of . Youngs
town was showed, to be 5,8J)2. This entities it'
to tlie.rank as a city of the second class,
iritis now definitely settled that, a July
session is to be held. : The difitirent Senators
have been notified by their presiding officer, aod
will be promptly on hand at the appointed time.
Queen Victora is about to devote $2,600
600 to the foundation of a convalescent hoepitaL
The nuiwv m&d Is the accumulation of her
privy parse duringtfce- years of her widowhood.
'The Couunissioness. appolntod to audit the
war Claims of" Ohio, are ordtrelJ ta meet.' or-
xanizediand proceed to the 'dtseUaige of Iheir
dutie aColumhjaon. the , 1st of Jury.;1 . ,
Hr.'Iteid; Bupermte'nde'nt 'fit the Union Pacifijc
Railroad, has Just arrived from, 'the,; North,
Tlattt. ;.He says that the ; 'work on IfJie- yoad
will',havt.to-Zje abandoned unless. nior,epirotecr
tlm AStafioVded from tbe Indiana (-. . . :
IdAn agentor the Pacific Railroad; jCalfor
aja sideJhas arrived in ..Washington ,lo obtain.
throogh thftFreedmen s Bureau, the. services of.
from 1,000. Sfc000 colored laborers, on that
road:.;., ,. :.r.A ,r .,.,;J.
r &Vm colored element is cotmaat ia full
-"-j iexas.. At xsavoeota, near
QalrestOBipry compoaed wholly of bracks,
was impanceOedthe odiattiayj and called task
nrcases.. -,. ,, -. -.,. t .., ,
S"A diamond; weighing twcntyHwacwatsy.a
Is reported, Jbias been found in ihe Orange Km;
oowaariiua.. n nas for years been. belfcv,r.
that 4rtdistficf was rfclMn dlamondsj and'the4
coioniai goverament , are taJifng ineOTures-ttf-
at to x thoroughly explored.
Thomas Brown, late of Cle veland,, the fouad
cr af(M-mer.IlToTTtlieWo Z&rmei'., died
last eek ia$hrookjn NJ Y., "fofyrtlioicl, fever.
sefviceiof UieQovt9meat; r j f t
ist-TiL. xtUk ji n ifiiiD6eli Mioiateii to
-Mec(Aasiendere(! his renatioS!ts-Iudi W'
ficcr. His reason is that he does not feel in
clined to follow' 1 ho instructioftsrecently sent
hini from the Stiite Department. His resigna
tion has been accepted, but no successor has
bcenappointuL ' ; '
The Chinese import duties for five years from
the close of 1860 were $18,000,000, and export
re venu derived,. by : ( China Jfropx, her : foreign
comme'ree was nearly" 12,000,riod, ' a gain ot
nearly $2jbo6,obo opon;thai'i:18G0i. '
Mr. Jarcd urry, of Concord, has been feed
ing twenty-aine steers tor 1 two .seasons. ; They
are now three and four years old, and their
average weight is i C25 lbst.i They are said by
good judges U, be the best lot of Fat Cattle ever
fed in Northern ' Ohio! 3ftssrs. M. J, Warner
and E. E. 'Hodge have . bought 'them for the
N.Y.' Market. -. - -
The Radicals of Italy -.are about as trouble
some to the old forgies of that kingdom as
those in our country are to the Democrats and
Conservatives.' They propose to sequester the
church property, estimated at six hundred mill
ions fraces, or one hundred and twenty million
dollars, for the benefit of the government. But
the plan has not yet fully been carried out ow
ing to some hitch in the arrangements.
2?-The '.California ' railway.; builders . put
thingsthrough ia double quick time. The Sum
mit tunneljJCGO feet injlengthwas commenc
ed last September and is. nearly finuhed. sixty
feet a .week .beng .construct ed. . They bored
from each direction at . the ends, and sunk a
shaft in the middle and worked both ways from.
tk.t,-,ThoIIoosac tunnel contractors in Mas
s ;chu6etts might take a hint if they - chose,' and
hurry up their big hole a little faster.
The. evidence of Sergeant Dye, identifying
Surratt as being in Company with Booth; on
the pavement ia front of Ford's theatre, a few
minutes before the assassination of the ' PresP
dent caused great sensation in the Court-room,
on the 11th as it is the first testimony adduced,
in the conspiracy trials, showing Surratt's pres
ence in Washington on the day and night of
theasttssination. ' ' -
i' ID"A opecial to the New York Time says :
On Saturday the 8th," the United States' Treas
ury held the largest amount of money ever held
at any time since the organization, of the Gov
ernment, to-wit ; $180,000,000, of which $102,
pOO.OCO were, gold, and .78,070,000 currency.
This ampunt was reduced $10,000,000 by the
maturing of the June compounds and - interest,
and on he 15th vas reduced to $3j 000,000 by
theiutereston the: June 7 30's. . t. . :
CsTThe Cleveland Leader has been making
calculations as to how Congress will stand
wheu the Southern States are admitted to re
presentation. It arrives at the result that if we
give the Democracy thirty of their fifty Re
presentatives the House will stand one hundred
and sixty-one Unionists to seventy-two Demo
crats, a two-thirds Union majority. In the
Senate, giving the Democrats one-half of the
Senators from the reconstruction States, that
body will be politically divided, fifty-seven Un
ionists to twenty-three Democrats, more than
two-tbirds Union majority.
CJ-That once ntcd villain, Jefferson Davis,
seems to have fallen: almort entirely , into ob
livion, not having excited a fair ripple of curi
osity even in Canada,' and no , enthusiasm ex
cept at ' Niagara, ' among a squad of brawling
Confederates. The fact is, Davis is a nsed up",
and a pl!iyed out" apology for a man that will
be the soonest forgotten of any 'o. the brood of
rebels over whom he exercised his "excessive
obstinacy.!' We doubt if the South would get
up a respectable hurrah for him .should be take
a trip that way. .. ;
CJ-By aa act of the Ohio - Legislature passed
in April last, it is provided tlrnt every Railroad
Company in this -State . 6b all .cause all' its
trains for passengers ;to entirely stop at every
town on its line having a population of 3,000 or
more ; and all trains advertised lb stop at a sta
tion, shall stop long enough to enable passen-
Igers to get off and others' t o get' on ; aud e very
ploy, that violates this law,' wilt ' be 1 bible to a
penalty, of not less than $25 hor.more than $1.00
for every offence. It is provided that in all
cases the Conductor of the train shall be held
prima 'fdete to' have caused, the violation of
this act which may occur by the tram in his
charge. , , . ... i ,
0"Says.a Jate number ; of the Erie (Pa.) J?-;
rstr rn
ft isood for weak . nerves,, .and exhilirating
to stroDbraju.s, ;to jead'of General Sheridan's
energeticniovements .against r the. ex-rebs of.
Louisiana Jlislast act of .grace was, displac-?
ing jLhe Water ."-Commissioners f who had charge
of the horadsof the State, for mending the le
vees., pie means .business; and, that means that
he' wont permit a set of make-shifts to stand
in the way of doing- what ought to be done.
Phil, looks our for the" interest of the people,
and in so doing looks out for the 'government.
The winning of the mnrde: 6os Monroo at Wash
ington does not frighten'himi-' He is ja soldier
in the truest sense! ; He(rnot 'onry figtits ftr the
rl-rht, but he stands up fby it in his decrees and
decisions. !
! iSnie foiied rebeL '
chieftain has at last
spoken. Serenaded at. Niagara,
Canada, he
."Gentlemen ; I thank you TBincertly for the
honor you have this evening fhown to. me it
shows that true Britisli manhood to which mis
fortune is always attractive. '.;May peace and
prosperity be forever the blessing of Canada,
tor she has been the atyluni far many of my
friends, and 6heis.now an: asylum to myself. I.
hope that Canada may forever remain a"part f
the British empire, and may ; God bless you all,'
and the British flag- never cease to wave over
This has little significance; perhaps , none at
all.. If it mears anything iris that Mr.. Davis
intcBds to remain under' the 'British flag,' and
therefore hopes not to see Canada' annexed to
theU. S. . ;;. - - i '
: In thegreat battle for .universal suffrage now
goiug on in thejworld.'we find l'uany well-foun-;
ded objections, but the , most original one yet
is the following from the New York Times :'.
..Women are,najurally and inevitably aristo
crats.; and whenever they get tbe right to vote
and, Jo hold .office and if they have one they
iWt . have .the. other also we shall stand a
very good chance of having out democratic in
stitutions overthrown, .and ; an unadulterated
aristocracy established in their place: - :
'' Tuad.: Stevkxs 'is'fcutiu'A' 'publistic
letter ia ivIucU Le adyise a rsessfon t
Cpugrps, to. e;bejd at the,-beginning
of next month. He rebukes the Attor
ney General for : erring in favor of the'
rebels in the opinions given.; ja : r'the Ke
coostr uctioa Acv'ani charges'; hira jsith
iussunung too. much power when he set si
uo hi diseosMons a binding: In 'short
the "CHd Cornmoiier' thinks, and plainfy;
tjs, that the Attorney; Generalp pinion,
should earrr no mar weigh r.aiitfej?r
tr thoik that 'et amy 'other man wJl Tersi
cd in leranore. -
. fC
The Colk-Hi8cook Case, Agaix. There is
quitilTdDpiQoliyaHbng journalists toinflu
eace and modify sentiment, and save the seduc
er Iliscbek from thei odium and abhorrence that
justly attaches td'jn criminality with Mrs.
ColcJ.and tiKreby tci expose the avenging lm
oaiid to thp'unishment of murder. The desire"
is to give the transaction tbe cast and charac
ter of coolness "and premeditation. What ob
ject there can be in this course but to check the
tendency of the public mind, and to" screen a
most infamous "class of reprobates, it is hard to
see. It is no less difficult to understand what
is to be gained to society, or added to the secu-
MIe1inVl"SanHilie8 briocial Kie reachlng
that eud. , While legislators and laW-makera,'
from some equally unacconntaole motive, neg-
lect and refuse to provide adequate" pains and
penalties for this species of iniquity; there seems
to be no course left for the punishment of the
prowling libertine,who seeks for the gratification
of his passions at the expense of the family
peace and purity, but to let him take his chan
ces for life at the hands of the injured and dis
honored party.- There is' no crime in the. calen
dar more base and revolting, and the consequen
ces of whicli a man of pride and virtuous sensi
bility would so much dread, as this." And who
is, more frequently than otherwise, the guilty
perpetrator ? Be Is, as in this case, the friend
of his victim. . lie is the. one who is welcomed
to the family fireside, and sauglit in the hour ol
need,' perhaps of sorrow or' affliction, for coun
sel, at the bedside. Instead of regarding the
trust reposed in.hinv he. violates the sacred
claims and consideration's of friendship, plies
his seductive arts upon, perhaps a weak woman
which latter fact is. urged as. a. palliation by
some of daily cotemporaries and plays, the as
sassin, not against life, but that which is worse,
the assasin of character, position and purity.
He plants a thorn in the pillow of the united
head of the family, and entails upon children
and relatives ontold shame and mortification.
We confess we have no sympathy with the
wretch who is' capable of applying the torch to
such a train, even though overtaken by the aven
ger's, bullet. Were it the lives only of his vic
tims that were . taken, his crime would be far
less grievous, but he deprives them of all that
is dear in life mixes its ingredients with sor
rows as enduring as life itself. Why not con
sign such "wretches to the infamy and retribu
tion to which they are 60 justly entitled ?
State Coxvextiox. The labors of the State
convention at Columbus on the 19th, resulted
in the nomination of Gen R. B, Bates . of Cin-
cinnatL The vote by counties was for Haj'es
250, for Cowan 115, and 'JO for Galloway.' The
friends of Gov. Cox very properly and prudent
ly withdrew his name.
; Some nine nanie3 were submitted as candi
dates for Lt-Governor, embracing Win. C. IIow
ells, Peter Hitchcock pf Geauga, and Griswold
of Cuyahoga. When the vote by counties was
called, Galloway led off, our candidate, W.; C.
IIo wells, coming next, and Peter Hitchcock fol
lowing next in order. The formal vote gave
for Calloway 485 votes. . i
Jubge John .Welcu was renominated by ac
clamation. James II. Gcdmax was nominated on the 1st
ballot bv 288 votes, and Mr. S. S. Osborne of
Lake had 43, the next in order.
Sydxet S. Warxee was nominated by accla
mation for Treasurer.
Wm. H. West for Attorney General, was
nominated by acclamation.
Puilijp V.'Hekzio was nominated for Mem
ber of the Board of Public Works.
The Platform is briefpertinent and sensible,
but not within the scope ot our ability to pub
lish this week. ' t .
Although Galloway's overshadowing influ
ence eclipse 1 all competitors, our candidate
made a very fair run, and came home feeling
that his friends who had brought his name be
fore the public had no occasion to feel that they
had been compromised. Another effort like
that which placed him in the Senate may be
successful in crowning their ambition, by put
ting him in the second office in the State.
The Chicago' Jlcpuhlicali makes the follow
ing observations, which are entitled to com
mand the attention of all who intelligently de
sire the Protection of Labor and ; Laborers ; in
this country : . ......
(."An Illinois manufacturer,, recently; re
turned from Europe,, , asserts that he was
astonished , at -the amount of orders he
found there being rilled for this country.
Aiuorica is the market place for Germa
ny in many lines of trader and the combi
nation made to retain this trade are both
powerful and untiring in their, action.
fhere is no hope of elevation : of labor
in. this country without protection. ,:Tho
competion is direct with the cheap iibor
and accumulated capital of Europe.; ..The
Atlantic cable has to a degree revolutionr
ized foreignrade. The importer can tel
egraph an order and duplicate it, and
have his goods in New York by steamer
within a fortnight, or three weeks.. ,The
freight costs littlej and the comparative
ly light tarhT. enables him . to .block the
wheels of our mills, or compel our labor
down to the level of European operatives
so far as hours and .compensation aro. con
cerned. A strike in any industry in this
country is the signal for increasedorders
for. the products of that industry abroad.
Thus, is r labor, and all our cftbrts at
its ' elevation and compensation paraly
zed.". .. . ;.. .. ... ;,
The large proportion, probably one-third of
the manufactures of Great . Brrtlan, as .well as
those of Germany w find thetr way to this
country, and come in competition under the
light import duties imposed upon them, and the
heavy excise duties that burden bur own indus
try, with the manufactures of this country;
flooding ottr markets, beating down prices, set
ting the balance of trade against us, draining off
specie and embarrassing domestic trade. :
We clip the following paragraph, indicative
of good feeling, from the Mobile Register :
For the first year after the war the Federal
troops were regarded with natural suspicion
and jealousy, as the military jailors set to wach
a conquered people. But the moderate and
admirable bearing of the officers stationed a
mong , us has beaten down that feeling,
and now in place of being our jailors they have
come to be regarded as the just" and reliable
guardians of the peace, safety and good order
in tbe community.' It was this : feeling that
broke out', in:. spontaneous public and private,
greetings and hospitality to the ofllcers of the
United States ship Purveyor, on her reecnt
visit, and Which has opened the doors of Our
private clubs to ' several of the officers of : the1
Fifteenth Infantry; I and : which' should every
where, treat them , as men of an honorable pro
fession, who have , done . their duty well, and
whb 'represent a 'flag' which all of us ' sincerely'
wish shall be to ils what it is to them the em
blem of protection, Justice and equal rights.
This is the only true and the royal road to re-
construction the reconstruction of sentiment j
and opinion, ,.. We hope to Bee it.actod on by all
classes .
I Hon. Isaac Newton, Commissioner af Agri
culture, died at Washington. ; The duties ; of
the late Commlssioiier wDl devolre ad interim
on John W. Stokes, chief clerk of the Depart
ment.. ' : ; " '' : : ... - :- !.
, Grtss hoppers are doing great damage ' on
both sides pfthe Missouri : river ; for a distance
of 100 miles gardens' and corn fields are being
devastated. ' '"'.""'V'
Cleveland Wholesale Market.
Cleveland Wholesale Market. WEDNESDAY EVENING, June. 19, 1867.
FLOtrB-The market continneH vorv" aufet, aftd price
thouph quotably unchanged, fiivar bsyersj WecoHtiuuei
to quote :, i City made XX' sprina $13,00(13150 ;.- do do
XX; red winter $15,5016,00. Kye flour $J,75tO,25.
WHEATr-There il" no demand, ind pHccte are entirely
nominal, Vo 2 Milwaukee rtring held t$2,40?;No 1
rett winter 2.75 r No 9 do ' Vi Kol white winter at
3,W. " "
Cons Firm, but dull. Sales 3000 bu No 1 from etore
at 83c. . . ...
Oats 3c better, but Tcry qniet. Sale 1 car No. 1 from
stwe. i - ', I"
' RTK--Demind right and prices irregnlar 'at a range of
fl,15,l,25. . . r 1. --
Smoked Meats Tn fnir rfpuiflnH and stcadv. Sales 8-"
00B8Sugar-euredHanj3, canVassed.'al lfiic-J069 lbs
canvassed jinouiaere at 12c : Vain Mams, cav1lo, ipo
Dried Bccrcahva8sed23c Cleai rib Bacon l3c ; Break
fast Bacpn canvassed, ltc..
Butter The market Is Inactive, and prices are weak.
We quote nominally at 14(gl 6c for good to. choice Wes-i
ternKeserre. ' 1 ' ; '
Cheese Dull at T14c for Inferior to choice dairy and
fectory. .,(. i: , ,, ... .. ;?- ,
, Eogs-j-Weaker. Sales at 20(gi21. t..;t- rr
DKrED Applks Dull and nominal at "fc packages
lacloded.:' ; ,.. .u.r . ;i-
Potatom Quiet Peachblowa l,15ai,20 per. bn., , ;
Bbass Scare and firm at $3,7500 pet bu for jriine
white. - .' ' ' '
Feathers In fair' demand at 809oc 'according "(o
quaUty, . .. .. , . .:- , ; j
ROOMS roil-' KENT. The rooms
how occupied by Dr. Hall as-af Dental office, ' tttiN
able for an office of almost any kind, for rent. Enquire;
OI - - HOKTOJN. li.rJlA.UW W, .
Ashtabula, June 11, 1 867.; 1 . . st )vn$H: ":' -'j
A NICE lino of Ladies Sactirigs iust
opened at . ' 910 - UERRlCK ifc BHO.
THE undersigned has just received a
large consignment of Waterfront all the celebra
ted "Springs of Saratoga," and can supply dealers and
families throughout the rounty with the same by the
case, dozen, or in single bottle. .. . . - - .
Persons w'ho have never used these waters, or who are
not informed in regard to their medicinal virtues are in
vited to call and obtain circulars.
; - ' (3eo. ' wii1laed.
7 somethimTnew
Saratoga Water can be obtained of the andertigueS,
COOL AND PCftE; . ;, . . . .
" from the . "
fountain, . : ;;
and just as agreeable and refreshing at if obtained at tho
springs. For sale by the glass or in larger quantities.
The nndersigned is now prepared to furnish our citi
izens with pure Soda water, manufactured upon tho
most scientific principles, and drawn from .
JMathew's Celebrated Fountains.-
Warranted equal to any in the United States.
Those in want .of this cool and healthy summer bever
age are hereby notified that it cam be obtained at all rea
sonable hours.
Ashtabula. Jnne 31, 1S67. 1 ' ' GEO.' WILE AKD.
, .f Fruit Jarsj '
JUST Received at Herricks, a large as
sortment of the best kinds of Fruit Jars, including
... .. The best Glass: Jars in use, ; , .;;
' .. The Iron' Stone Brown Jars. . :
The common Stone Brown jars,
The Iron Stone Glazi-tl JarsJ '
Of this glaited Jar, we wouW scy it is Iron Stone with
a glazing of flint glass, out side and in, and is inijervi
ous to acid and air. Its advantages over glass, arc,
1st It is much thicker and heavier aud not liable to
break.- - . r
2nd It keeps the fruit dark and cool, and thereby pre
vents moulding. - . , ;
3d It costs you less money, and Is better.
To all who have never used them' wc would say, try
them by all iueaus. To those who have,-we need only
say, we have ui.re of them for the present season.
Jnne, 23. 18tl7. HEKRICK & BRO. '
1867. SUMMER "GOODS. 1867.
Fine Freix-U Organdie,
and Jaconets.
i ' - -
Chambrj-s, .
' : : ' ,:': ' 7.
Swiss and Jaconett Muslins , ; .
Plain'and Beaded -.1 t- .r;.'f
- ,
. sprikg,''and!' summer :. sackings
Men and Boys --1'
-ii. !(: i: ' '. '
; , i i. r ,.
l.'i Vi. :v.j5iarQLE!SDRILIri4:
r 4 - .
.7 :ta:t.!-
: ' p "-."-fcisH BUYERS mrr') 1
; ! . ! ? CASH BUYERS -
are invited to examine our stock., ' ; r
- ." ' SMITH Sc. . GILKEY".
' Ashtabnla. Jioe 20. US67. ' i -
77. Xaxes7Aiinittl Listf Vl867,
HJIE. Assessor C the .7 9th , District of
- OJufrhaviiirendercdtome; his Annual. Tax List
for the year 13H7;-embracing incomes 'forfhe year 1JC;,
Special Taxe, tformorly Lkewc,) Carriages, Watches,.
Plate and Billiard Tables, for the year commencing May
1st, 18B7: ; - ' i .
NOTICE' IS HEREBY OIVIEN, that said Duties rr
Taxes have become due aitd pavable, and tht th.a sanje,
will be received until and fncktning .
: Satnrdari Jsne 29th',' 1867,V-' rf,:
as follows't j..., :,'.::;. '.-
FOB ASUTABTLA COrjXTY, by myself, at my of
fice in-AsTUabula.- .
Esq., Deputy Collector, at bis office in Warren.
FOR MAHONING COUNTY, by John Wetmore, Esq.,
Deputy Collector, at his oflice in Canfield.
FOR PORTAGE COUNTY, by Joseph D. Horton. Esa..
Deputy Collector, at hi oflice in Ravenna.
FOR GEAUGA COUNTY, by Isaac N. Hathaway,
Esq , Deputy Collector, at his omcc to Chardon.
All nereons who do not nar the Duties or Taxes as
sessed upon them in said anaual list within the time a
bove specified, to the Collector or bis Deputies, as afore
said, will be served with a notice, demanding navment
of tbe same, with a fee pf twenty cents for the issuing of
such notice,' and when served personally, 4 cents, per
mile, and if said Duties or Taxes; with fees and mileage,
as aforesaid are nut paid within ten days after the date of
such Mtke, the sme will be liable to . a penalty of 5 per
cent, per uiMutlu and to distraint and the. cost thereof.
voice aours troni J o cuh a. m. nam 4 o ciqcg 1'. M.
... -. ( -! iiENRY" FASETT, ' ' ; :
'-i ' -fi: , -.is Collactor 19th Diet, of Ohio.,-
. Ashtabula, Ohio. June 10. 17. , " r
A' Meeting of tho'I qualified electors i
. .Anbthbula Borough and., the .Districts -attached
thereto for school purposes, will be held at Firemen's
Hall: on Mondaf eveninc. June aith. at 1 P: -M to
vote for or against a tax for the purpose of paying for
we nuru story 01 iuc stuuui uuiiuiug sou ; lor uum;
ud and frtrnismn'r the same for school : room. S350. nnd.
for painting the school building. $250, amounting to $350.
- It i well Known to most of the patrons that ouf schools
have become so crowded, wore particularly the prima
ry department, as to be very deleterious to the health of
the pupfltvand tht the increase of room so argentiy de-
mended can thus be so economically obtained, is eonsid
ered gratifying. Pott will be kept open from 8 to 9 P.
it. By arderof tho boad of Education..- , , . if
Oll-wS . ii. W.. DICKINSON, Clerk. :
WANTED To jriake arrangements
with quite a number of women and girls.' t wort:
in My Fruit Howe chiefly, during the frait season, vhiea,
comraenm ocn and lasts anti about Nov. 1st. Also
two or three men who wish to fMca to solder cop. ! ; :
f' 2 " "f ' frr? tra r . f - ,J 1
sinners nf AahtAhnln Cnnntv u.-tll nn PHHa v. JhIt '
5th, i8t7, receive proposals tor building a bridge 'over
Ashtabula Creek, on the old turnpike in Kelloggsville.
PaT4 bridge to be a lattice bridge, coveted, seventy (70)
feet loilg and fonrteen feet wide in tto&clenr. with stone
abutments. Abutments to be let separate or with the
'superstructure, as the Commissioners may decide. Pro
posals received at tlie site of the bridge. said Commis
sionerireserve the right to reject any pcupMals is not
deemed for the interest of the country. " " ' " ' -
June 12, 1807. 911w3. W. H. CROWELL, Auditor.
sione.rs of Ashtabula County will on Wednesday,
uiy, aa, lNi i. receive proposals lor nnilumga Drioge
near John J. Hoyt's in Morgan. Said bridge to be a com
mon suspension,' covered, siity-five (f feet span, with
stone abutments. Snrerstmctnre and ahntments to be
let separate; or together at thw option of the commission
er, , proposals rcceiTedat the site of the bridge. Said
commissioners to reserve the right to reject all propos
als mot deemed for the interest uf the. couatry---- .
rinne isxn. irvji miwij. vv. n. unuwELij, Anaitor.
WOOLt rOOL 1 1 "WOOL lit
X 0,000 lbs. wanted at tho KINGSVILLE
O WOOLEN FACTORY. Having added about $4,0(10
worth of the latest improved machinery to our establish
ment, we are prepared to exchange Cloths, Flannel, and
Yarn for wool. All kinds of custom work done on the
shortest notice. Pleasegive n a call. -. . 910 : r
Kingsville, Jun. 5, 07. I. CROWTHER & CO.
" ' " 1 1 i' "' t 1 11 . i 1 j i ' 1 '
I7XTRACTS of Lemon and Vanilla, at
Soirodont, " . : " Bav.Runv', '
. ,Cocoanef"" ; '' Il'dfc'f Extracts, ' ' ' ,
vocoa fjream, Colognes.
Hl'lnnTol PfnoTM
Pomades, ":
JI rs" Allen's' t)ressin
1,1 vl Kathaiion,
A 1 loni o T T o W a T? n-n r w n x
Chaiissiers' Empress, knisWs'.Restbrer, ;
Cercasian Hair Oil, : ,, Clock's Restorer, .
Mrs Allen's Restorer, Butcher's Dye,
Ring's Ambrosia, Matthew's Dye,
j.qiiristodoios Dye at SWIFT'S.
Brown Sugars, .
Coffee Sugars.
Crushed Sugars,
Green Tea,
Black Tea,
. Japan Tea,
0 lb. kegs Lead,
Ground Zinc
1 lb. kegs Lead,
Dry Zinc,
French Ochre, Whiting, .
Putty, Vaniifelies,
- Vermillion, Green Colors,
Boiled Oil, Japan Dryer, ;
- 1 at SWIFT'S.
Carbon Oil, Candles,
Chloride Lime, Bath Brick,
Stove Blacking, ' Shoe Blacking,
Clothes Pins, Box Blueing,
Starch. Iiulisro,
Ashtabnlfi, Jnne 8th, ISfi". 910
ber offers for sale, on favorable terms, two of
Hall's patent Brick Machines, the best patent fora hind
machine in use, nearly new, and in good order and con
Ashtabula, May, 1, 18fi7. 905.
Subscriber would like to sell a good steam boiler,
12 feet, lonir, Sit inches in diameter, with two 12-incli flues,
and wonhi make the price favorable. JOHN S. SILL.
' : ' ' L. MtTNSON'Sr
THE subscriber Avisbes to bring before
'the public his
recently invented, that isionnd to answer the end of such
an instrument more completely than anything hereto
fore introduced. It is heartily commended bv physi
cians, to their patients affected with hernia or rnpture.
There is but one opinion of it wherecver tried, and he
has the assurance tliat it will be found a blessing to.
those suffering from this complaint. From among his
friends who have used the Truss, he has been favored
with the most cheerful and unqualified testimonials, a
few of which are appended, whicli will, perhaps, be some
indes of its appraciutiou and merit.
Saybrook, O., Jan. lst,lSG7..
This is to certify that I am using one ofL. Munson's
Tnis-ses, and do consider it the beet in use.
. . . Geneva, O., Jan.1, 18CT.f
This is to certify that I am nsing one of L. Munson's
TrusHcs and doconsid .rit the betin use, as a Double
or Single Truss or Supporter. . Hbxky Bkown.
Saybrook, May, 1867.
' L. Munson. Sir. I have worn one of your double,
seH-adjnsting Trusses for three years past, and find it to
be the best Truss in use. Previous to usiug yours I have
used three different kinds, but find yonrs to be all right.
I can now do all kinds of work without snffcring any in
convenience from my rupture. ' John Pierce.
; Kinsman, Trumbull Co., O., May 9, W7.
Mr. L. MrNsoN', Dear Sir This may certify that I
have been afllicted with Hernia for the most of the last
five years, making it necessary for me to wear a Truss
cmf"tantly. and having' tried severnl different kinds, I
most cheerfully say that I find the one manufactured by
you. to he the most comfortable, convenient and easily
wbiu of any "that I have ever made use of. '
. .;;'. - . ; .: s.D. Galfix. j
H' '' ' 8aybro6ki Ohio, April i. lS6fc"
- I do hereby certify that I have used one of L. Munson's
Steel Trnsres for two vears past. haringprevionslT nsed
one of Dr. Stephenson's' Malleable Trusses, which was
considered a superior article, and after having seen var
ious other kinds, I can say withont hesitation, that on
account of its lightness, easy adaptability, and ready ad-,
justracnt in every position of the wearer, "Mr. L. Munson's
Trnss i3 far superior to any of which I have any knowl
edge. II. Pascost.
. Li. Mtr'SON, Patentee.
Savbrook. Ohiot Jnne, 18i7. fliO '
The , Union Pacific E, E. Oom'y.
Are now constructing a railroad from
;' V'' ": ' OMAHA ; NEBRASKA,
westward towards the Pacific 'Ocean, making with its
connections an unbroken line . i - .
jPheCompany now offer a limited amount of their ; . :
haviDg thirty :years to Jim, and bearing annual interest,
payable on the first davpf Jauuaiy and July, in thu, city;
ofJSdwydrk.otthtfraitof ' ' ,,.
t r six-pee cent, m gold;1'-
' At Ninety Cents oii tlie Dollar.' '
-This toad was completed from Omaha 805 miles west
on the 1st of January, 17, arid is fully, equipped, and
trains are reuluHy running overitv .The company- has!
now on hand sufficient iron, ties, etc., to finish the re
maiuiug portion to the Rocky Mountains 212 miles, which
is under contract to be done September 1st of this year,
aud it is expected that the entire road will be in running
order froin Urnaha to its western connection with the
Central Pacific, now being rapidly built eastward from
Sacramento, t'al., during 1S70. .
Estimating the distance to be built by the Union Pacific
to be 1,2UB miles, the United States Government issues
its Six per cent. Thirty year bonds to the Company as
the road i finished at the average rate of about $28,250
per mile, amounting to $44,208,000.
-The company is also permitted to issneits own First
Mortgage Bonds to an "equal amount, and at the same
timef which by special act of Congress are made a First
Mortgage on the entire line, tho bonds of the United
States being mibordindte to then. ( ,
.'The Government makes a donation of 12,800 acres of
land to the mile, amounting to 10,082,000 acres, estima
ted to be wouth $:JO,(KX),000, making the total resources,
exalusive or tlie capital, $110,41li,00U; but the full value
of the lands cannot now be realize!. :i . ;
- The authorized Capital Stock of the Company is one
hundred' Million Dollars, of which five- millions have al
ready been paid in, and of which it is not supposed that
more than twenty-five millions at most will be required.
'The cost of the" road' i9 estimated- by competent engi
neers to be about one hundred million dollars, exclusive
of equipment. , ".
The railroad connection between Omaha and the east'
is now comnlete. and the earnings of the Union Pacific
on the sections already finished for the first two weeks in
May were $1 13.000. These sectional earnings as the road
progresses will much more than pay the interest on the
Company's bonds, and the through business over the on
ly line of railroad between the Atlantic and Pacific must
be immense. '
The company respectfully submit that the above state
ment of facts fully demonstrates the security of their
Bonds, and as additional proof they would suggest that
the bonds now offered are less than ten million dollars
on 5i7 miles of the road, on which over twenty million
dollars. have already been expended: on 830 miles of
this road the cars are now running, and the remaining
187 miles are nearly completed. '
. At the present rute of premium on cold these bonds
pay ana'nnuiil interest ouithe present cost of
and t Is believed thaf on the completion of the road, like
the Government' Bonds; they will go above par. The
CpmpaBy intend to sell but a limited amount at tho pres
ent low rate, aud retain the right to advance the price
at their option. ' "'' '' '- '
.subscriptions wm dc rcceivcu m jsew l orKDy tne
: ContinkjjtaiN ationaL Bank, No. 7 Nassau St.,
Clark, Dode A Co.; Bakkers, 51 Wall St., :
. Jou.f J, Cisco fc Bon Banksbs, Ko. i Wall St., t
and by BANKS AND BANKERS generally thronghout.
tne initeo mates, -oi wnont maps uescnptive pam
phlets may be obtained. ' They will also bo sent by- mail
from the company's oflice. No. 20 Nassau St. New York.
on application. Subscribers will select their own agent
in whom they have confidence, who alone will be re
sponsible to them for the safe delivcry-of the bonds. ,
910 i . ; . ',!.' .... NEW .YORK. ,
signed wishes t disnoie of his bbildrnp. situate
on Main street, near Field &. Wcatherwax's meat mar
ket, and next door to Mrs. Stoddard's millinprv.'
' . :'V : &ETI1 Vi PATTERSON: i:
QQCIALJ?ARTY. There will be a o-
Kj cial Party at Smith's Hall on Tuesday evening, Jnne
25th. Good musie is provided and all are cordially in-
ntea. JB111ZI. -A. n.KAPF, is. a. HiTcncocK. T. C.
Strong, nd GW. Dickinson, Committee. Vll-wl
WE shall open on Monday next a
splendid lot of PARASOLS, plain and beaded.
Ashtabula, June 1. 186T. 910 HERRICK & BRO.
HASKELL & SON have on hand a
fino lot of first quality HEMLOCK SHINGLES,
Sawed and Shaved, which they intend keeping in stock
at all times. Give us a call.
Ashtabula-, April 30, 1867. 906 -
r OTIIIC or . Octagon Fruit Box.
may want them for Marketing. Strawberries Blackberries
and all kind of small frnts, at so low a price that Fruit
growers can give them away and furnish to buyers neat
. ti .1 .nnvpntcnt n ft n "p fnr tut-in t
the necessity of handling the fruit until ready for the ta
ble. The box is well recommended by fruit growers and
fruit buyers ; bnt it will recommend itself. Please look
at it and judge for yourself. It can be had for two cents
per box, (quart or pint boxes;) Vita considerable dis
count on large lots. They can be used in th crates nsed
for the Cook basket with a little alteration inside.
. Aslitabnla, June 1, i7, 908w3 JAMES PHILLIPS.
LADIES, don't overlook this! The
best preparation in the world for the complexion.
For 25c we will send a receipe for the above preparation,
so that every lady can make her own "Circassian Balm"
for one quarter what she has to pay the drnegists, and
has the satisfaction of knowing that there are no poison
ous drags in the mixture. Address,
908-vl' P. O. drawer 2S9 Cleveland Ohio: '
C. FOUD, has just received a very
handsome assortment of large and medium sized Travel
ing Trunks, some of elegant finish, which will be sold at
reasonable prices. Call and see them. 900
70ULD Respectfully inform the pub-
. lie that they ore now receiving direct from New
York a large stouk of Goods in their fine consisting of
for men and boys, of the best make, and
&c. &c. Ac. Ac.
In fact EVERYTHING usually found in a
These Goods MUST BE SOLD, and to satisfy yon that
we CAN and WILL undersell anything in the County,
Directly opposite the Clarendon Hotel,
May, 18C7.
ALL that are in want of seasonable
Goods ore requested to take notice that the sub
scribers are mow receiving their .
and are prepared to offer inducements to Cash Buycrt. .
We have Bleached Cottons all widths from to 2
yds., and all qualities from New York Mills and Utica
Down to the low grades.
Brown cottons from Colerain cheese sacking to the best
and finest makes. Ticking, all grades, and very low.
Brown, bine and striped Delaines various qualities.
Striped Shirring 333 and 6x3, also a good article of
checked do.
Cott.onade8 of all grades from the New York Mills
double and twist, down.
Linen and Cotton Table Diapers, bleached and brown
f inon aliln lrf lid airnnM. - II i w t- tskm .1ini.vn.. i K.ui ...
Common Knssian and American crash Hnclc and Dam
ask towels very nice; Irish Linen, all grades; 5-4 pil-
iuw rase iiiiuu , iiiieu iiwub nuu i-aiumic, etc. titc.
A beantiful stock of embroideries, insertings and
thread lace, and some real Valencienne edging and in
serting. We offer a very attractive lot of Prints at prices rang
ing from 12c per yd. up ; also some very handsome glazed
furniture Prints.
A good line of SPRING DRESS GOODS, some of
mem saiu to ne very Handsome ana ciienp.
In Casimeres for men nnd bovs wear we offer SPEC
IAL INDUCEMENTS. W have the Largest and Best
Stock, and the oaeapest we have had since the war be
gan, also a few pieces for ladies sacks very desirable.
We would also mention that we have a few Pattern
Sacks that we will be glad to show at any time ' - -
: Onr stock of willow baskets is larger than ever, com
prising every tning from a Misses Basket at 50c to a trav
eling DasKet mrnibbcd for two and worth $10.
As we make a speciality of the Wall Paper Trade we
have paid more than ordinary attention to the selection
of onr stock. Our assortment is large and contains sev
eral styles of Gilt, any number of Satins, and common
Wall Paper. Painted cloth Shades very handsome, and
from six to nine feet in length. Curtain Cloth by the
yard, both green and bnff. Paper shades, all colors and
prices. Curtain fixtures, Curtain Cord, Picture Cord and
Tassels, &c Sx. - ,
We have onr usual stock of Boots and Shoes, Hats and
Caps, Crockery and Glassware, Groceries, Shelf Hard
ware, Shovels, Spades. Garden Rakes, Manure Forks,
Tubs, Pails, Brooms, Scrubbing Brushes, Mop Sticks,
fcc. Ac.
We shall be happy to see our friends and patrons at all
times and will sell as low as any Regular Bouse.
Ashtabula, April 25, 18C7. ' 904
R FULLER, of the Ashtabula . Vil-
lage Brewery wishes to inform his patrons and
friends that having taken a through course" of lessons of
the roost noted ana scientific Brewer of New York, and
spared neither time nor expense to perfect himself in the
art, is now prepared to supply them with a superior arti
cle of ate, which he will deliver to any part of the village,
at the rate of $9 per barrel, and to those wishing it by
the gallon he will sell cheaper than can be obtuned at
any other place in town. Don't forget the place, back of
the Ashtabula Bank. - R. FULLER.
Ashtabula, May 18, 1867. 9UT-m3
A RTESIAN WELLS. The subscri-
ber, who has the right of Ashtabula connty, is en
gaged in putting down these wells to order, "fbeir ad
vantages are apparent to all who have seen them, or who
understand their principle, and are their cheapness aud
ease and readiness of sinking, and the fact of driving any
depth necessary to find a supply of water, if at any time;
the first supply fails.
These wells are made by driving into the earth com
mon Iron Gas pipe (suitably pointed and perforated) to
the required depth, attaching one of W. B.3ougIas,
pumps, and after pumping a short time the fine particles
of saud and gravel will be drawn to the surface, causing a
cavity below which is kept filled with pure water by the
vacuni created bv the pump. Address,
L. H. ROBERTS, Agent, Ashtabula.
'Ml; Office at C. E. Fox's Shoe Shop.
Formal Academy of Music,
THE . Eighth Term of this Institution
will commennn .Tnlv 9ri and continue eftrht weeks.
affording unusual opportunities to those desirous of pre
paring themselves as Choristers or Teachers of Music in
all its branches. By the liberality of the Board of Trus
tees, the Principal will be able to present Two Frek
Scholarships to ennh rnmitv in Ohio. Pennsvlvania.
and forty of the Western connties of New York. For
circulars, giving full information as to Classes, Terms,
Location, Route of Travel, Lectures, and general partic
ulars, address, np to July 1st,
TUlLMJORE Ji Pi.Krii., rnncipai.
Care Brown & Perkins,
906 - 420 Broome street. New York.
mms ot t mTsrvTCSS stayd HAS
Been purchased by G. Zcile &Bro. who are put
ting it to the best posssible use in the
To snpply this work they arein wan of
for which cash at the highest market prices is paid.
Their Leather is of the best quality, a fact that
Sadlers and Shoe-makers will realize on trial, and of all
the various descriptions.
We have also on hand a full and excellent snpply of all
the different kinds of ,
which will be sold on the most reasonable terms. . . ..
Givensacall. t !-""
AshUbaJNoT.14,136S. Q, ZEILE A BRO.
Western Ifammotli Fire Insurance Company
Enterprise Insurance Company
craciinuTi, omo.
mci fronts, i860,...
THOMAS SHERLOCK. Preirt. r . -,- , .
' ' if. WM.HWOIARsoScV.
W.B.CASSILLY, Vice 8c" e
1 L. TEEPLE, General A gepnt. ry
Cincinnati, Ohio, was organized in February,. 186, and
its net profits the sam year were greater than' any com.
pf-n America, being U0,51S,35. It has fclry com
plied with the laws of New York State, an4 pWs hself
uponan equal footing with eastern Companies, and Jills
the want long felt in Ohio, viz : of a No. finanrance com
pany. Its capital is thm tin. -.a w
anyf r Wetjrn Company, ,nd ta comparjoa t th
uamiiucB grenicr in any company In Amerfcc Ta
stock and management are ia the hands f nd
energetic westers business men. bene it look t ta
west lor patronage, which it fully merits thereby retain
ing the profits at home and building up our own institu
tions. . , . . .
- : . . . ..
Total Assets Jan. 1st 1861, 11.159 334.1S
Total Liabilities. Jan. 1st, 1867, 18 947 96
Net Assets,Jan. lst,1867..v..j.t,... l,l),51iS5
' "DIRECTORS NAMES, ': " - '
R. M. Bishop, of R. M. Bishop A Co.
Theo. Cooxrof Barker, Hart A Cook. " "
Joseph C. Bctlkr, President Lafayetts Bank. "
Hi oh McBirntt. of Hugh McBirney & Co.
T S?1 'Adda, Hull & Co.
A.R.Wwsu)w, of Winslow Smith.
Chaw.es Ruin, of C. Rule 4 Coleman.
ADOLPH nnnn aT UnUk J a. t. ...
SmiJJTo, of John Shillito 4 Ca.
yK. oi a u. Bullock A Co,
D. T. W ooDBow, of Wood row. Mears A Co.
Allen Collier, of John Swasey A Co.
L. A, Harris, Mayor of Cincinnati.. r j
E "W. RICHARDS, Agent, A.ntabnl.
. o.
Dusuucuo: L.OOUCH Asia., JefTerson, O.
C. D. and S.J. Rockwell, Agents, Kingsviile.
G. F. Sadd. Agent, Genera, '
C. and C. W. Hall, Agents, Conneant.
Ashtabula, May 18, 1S67. OOT-mS
Harness WorJc. '
WILLIAMSON has driven lis stale
v T firmly, and identified- himself with the business
interests of Ashtabula, and adding to this his ability to
furnish the community with as good work, and at as fa
vorable rates, as any of his competitors, and his claim
for a share of patronage will hardly be denied. He has a
good snpply of finished work on hand, and is prepared
to meet with promptness any call tar either the fiht and
tasteful, or for the more heavy and serviceable articles ha
his line of bnsiness. Any one ia want of harness work
will do well to give me a call.
v. v , ,r W.H. WTLLIAMSOX
Ashtabula, May, 1SC7. .305
Spring Millinery and Straw
Goods of the Latest Importations.
WE invite the attention of the Pub
lic to onr SPRING STOCK, consisting of
full assortment of .
Every variety of Bonnets, Hats, Trimings,' including
all the . ..
Prices greatly reduced. - , .-,.,
At the new Millinery Store opposite Fisk House. AshU
bu!a,Ohio. 4t S01 O. H. CHENEY Ajt., ;
-i-l prising all tie innumerable variety of styles, very
p.t -. ..., . 7,. X
.; !?? . a
first door north of the Fisk House, Ashtabula. OhisV"'
Ashtnbnht, April 20th, 1067. . , . . . 301
- ' . . . - - . ' f
TRS. G. A.
STREETER will open
rnssa - - - - y it r
i.TL on Monday, April
and be prepared to do work very ehep Also Machine
work constantly on hand and rioae to order.
Call axl
rue TijiuunHc yiir Dun. JllVJ.
Ashtabula, April 30, 1867.
G. A.
SUPPORTERS and Trasses. II. A.
O Hendry, sole agent for Fitch's, Chaprn's and London
Supporters. Shoulder Braces, Suspensory Bandages, At.:
Sold at.wholeeale and Retail by
11. A. HENDRY, Drnggf rt.
Ashtabula, April 13, 1867. - 901
FOR the past two or three week; the
nndersigned has been receiving from New York,
Which have been
. ir-. . , : i : ' f ' v
. In price, and ,', ? ti3 ;.t.it
V FOB RdiBrPT Cisif.
, ' FOR PROMPT cAsra.
Please call and examine goods and prices. . ' . ' ' . .
- ' .- t nr.,
5 H'I'ls P. R. and N. O. Ssiear.
ALSO ' - . .
..i ' t r .?
FEE SUGARS, ... . - v r- i
for sale CHEAP. . ... ..; ; , , i; a
The best assortment of Ladies Dress Goods that can bft .
found in AsbUbnla, for sale by - ''
Ashtabula, Jane 8, 1867. W9
' . ' 1 1 ! 1 "II
. ' a. ' f
- .;; .- ;'- '-' ,.-'J
X 8 4 j ' r-irvO "4'v:.
" THE BEST T02IIQ ' : V mvi
: IN rSE. . ,.;., ..,,.-.. .: .,
Also,, a most delightful and h$Us , SI
A wine glass fnll of CONSTTrCTION KTTFRS thrt
times day will be tha besi yrsventaUv slu ,
' ofdiseasethatcaaboised ' V'.V
1 ' 'l ' ' CCEE 1 '
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, and Costivenew,
Prevents Fever and Agne, and all Billions Diseases.
. They are tho - ..' : !
Stomach Bitters of the Ase.
They are prepared by -
They also prepare the .:' .
Alisma for the jJSair, y7,
' vtii I. Hut Best - -
Hair Eestorer, : Eenewer and Dressing
now m ine niaricei. i ' " ,ti. n -s
head from Dandrnff, and thoroogWy eradleatersiU
eases of the scalp. ' '"'" nl..ui Vikil.
Benton, Myers A Canfield, Agents, Cleveland, OMsv- A
Sold in Ashtabala by . fci",,.
TTri.n hDr. J. PsrshaU, ami Whitnsy A Cats.
and by Druggists genersUy. - --:
V Two Story House and Lot for sale,'oo,8ycmots
Posaessien given immediately if wasted.
. Village Property far Sale.
THE sabscriber offers for sale his bouso
and tot on North Ridge, Trith the lot adjoin Inc. npo,
which stands the cooper shop, and which may easily bo
converted into a good barn, the two lots containing
something rer an acre of gronnd. The bowse is in good
order, and the lots wM stacked with frnlt, enongh for
the use of any family- The place is supplied by a well at
excellent water, and is togetnradwirlhewe-vdi
Forsalelow. - r-.-DAKiLS CiUU)8i
. Ashtabula, May J, 186V ... v. -i .
, . ,i jr-,t. ' o..J :i;iiUk(I n-?-

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