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Ashtabula weekly telegraph. [volume] (Ashtabula, Ohio) 1853-1873, February 18, 1871, Image 3

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lv . T JAMB JiKim.
Two Bollarr a Year Invar-lot A ,
Unocal fc !MicolinneouH.
laakoofoll Musts for sal at Uh office.
Ma. l Park Row, 1. T , and
lltOHOI r. ROWKIL at CO,
10. 40 Perk Row, R. T.
Ars duly rjttiorlied. sgpnt Hr the 7elryr?A,
la that city, ana art fully empowered and prepar
4 to eon tract for ineertlna edveTttseBvmts ftir m at
oar lowest cash rate. Adverlscre In that city, there
fore, seeking; country advertising, will Ind their farm
promptly, honorably and correctly attended to If left
with either of the above hensea.
Lookout for tho coming New Black of Jet
Jewtlry and Ladles' Chains and Sleeve But
tons at Drca's.
Anylhlnic you see on the "Clioap Table" at
M. O. Dick's, you can buy for leu (ban half
Rer. Mr. Mili.ikkn line been employed ly
tbe Congregation of the Brick Church In Jef
ferson, and the Congregational Church of
The Ashtabula Brats Band are sgalu taking
lessons of Prof. Crowtrkr, and expect to be
able to take posltiou with the beat bands of
the region.
An Error occurred In the statement of the
number or grape vines in tho notice ot Mr.
Buss' garden last week instead of 102, as
given, the figures should have been 235.
The number of certificates granted to
Teachers by the Board of Examiners, In the
county for the past year, was 38001 main
and 289 females for terms of from 6 to 18
Belt-out, a rather Important point, and one
"which Germany ns well as France has strong
yearnings for, has, It semis by Inst dispatches,
surrendered, and the garrison, it Is said, will
be allowed to march out with the honors of
The Voice of Prayer, is the name of a
pamphlet poem from the press of Carlton,
Madison Square, bv 8cmnf.ii Barlow. lis
versification and fervor will bo especially pri
sed by the advocates and adherents of a liberal
While there is not sufficient snow for sleigh
ing, purchase a box of Wagon Grease from
Swift's, use it on your buggy, and you will
Toll along so rapidly and smoothly, that it
will require only a little Imagination to fancy
yourself sleigh-riding.
Harbor Appropriations. the Committee
n Commerce, in their bill fur river mid hnr
appropriations, read twice, referred and order
ed printed, is an item of $13 000 Tor Ashtabu
la Harbor. For a copy ot this bill we are In
debted to Gon. Garfield.
Liveht Change. The change of owner
ship ia tho livery business of Sir. Uhoicciiaft,
has been noticed. Mr. Bowman, who succeeds
to the business, and whose advertisement ap
pears in this week's paper, will be at once ro
ognlzed as the right man in the right place.
Us understands a horse at a glnuoe, and pride,
taste, and business qualifications, cannot hut
make him master of the situation and his
table model stable in all its appoiutmeits.
Mr. TtrcMUWAX, of the Austiuburg Insti
tute will deliver a lecture to the citizens of (bis
place, on the subject of " Practicability or Im
practicability of Learned lfe? on Friday eve
Feb. 21th, Mr. T. Is one of the most practical.
as welt as one of the most learned men of
this county, and the lecture will, doubtless, bo
one of rars merit.
Runaway. Tho team of A. J. Baldwin,
of the Lake Shore, took .fright at the Station
n Thursday, p. m., the 9th and slteering so
shortly, thiew Mr. B. from the reach, and then
put for the village ; coming up Muiti SL, until
opposite Robertson's Shoe shire, wben tiny
took the side walk. In the'suewpt to go both
sides of Fox's sign post, it was carried away,
and they freed from the vehicle, came to a
Jislt, without muck damage to themselves or
ny one elso.
Ann dal Settlckknt. The First of Janu
ary, has, to bo sure, passed, but those indebt
ed to us, or having useU4 accounts willi us,
will not draw from that &ct, Use oouclusion,
that the work of settlement has been etupend
d. We are all the more urgent for a bal
ancing j, because some, .and we suppose they
are to be fouoA auuotig those now ia arrears,
mho will think tbat when they hare passed
tbe tsegiemiog of one year, tku. they are good
tor tbe begianlagof h next,
. Thr At pt Concert, wWcb 1s to come off
next Thursday evening, was alludedd to la
our last. The opinions of tho press In every
place where " these concerts have been held.
more has sustain the opinion of their merits,
than ventured, Tbe tuoujie, as a whole, are
represented as constdvra'bly above any com-
' rany tbat bare been be f one the public, juH
Mr. Appt, as a violinist, consummate waster.
- The fact that he was solo violinist with Jonay
Llnd, wttsa sbti gave her farowell concerts in
this country, waauLi seem to justify high ex
pectations ot him,
Not Bo. Somebody writes from Coancaut
to the Cleveland Herald, tbat
The Tounj Mea's Christian Associations of
ueneva Ashtabula and tAtis plaee Conneaut
liars been dissolv4 asul abandoned as aiot
self-sustaining. A ditvuoa of rvliirioiM senti
ment and a difference of opinion as to tite
node of conducting the affairs of these socie
ties, were tbs chief reasons tar tbeir ditsolu-
. Bo far as Ashtabula lseonoerned.tus state
ment is without .foundation, but Uist fact, ore
presume, win state iwtlang bom the Ingenui
ty displayed In reasoning out' and fortifying
the writer assertion.
-"Too mu.uh pudding will choke a dog," is
-vulgar sayjng, but about which there may be
qm wholesome., practical truth. If true,
.however, Ia the catoot ihe-quadrtted, we ses
.no good reason wby tbe same should not hold
oquaUy true, In that of the biped. Thus rea
soning, tbe .effect o HswaUnent upon our
:taybxMdl lei w stltLaeus, as spplied by
neighboring organ, will be watched ' with
Jively Interest. Democratic dosing, In years
past, has bad the effect to turn their political
stomachs, and it would be a matter of surprise
Anoy should Mn. lijke tjie &og to
jDAS Tonut.-
sveoesr, w;tb deep regret, that Mr. John
Hum (ContempUUs taavvijij- Mils place in
tne D(rjajrv na niajftng ToungAUiwB Ahs
,' fif b.l RMibAecdenc. . fit oe of
regrot, at -ttWJf, jU, Uit wo statf lose so tsL-
usblt citizen. He has for a long lime, con
trlbuled largely to the business and growtaj of
Ashtabula. Hit taste and bearing has sde
Its impress upon the coaiuaunity i in wunic,
especially, has be Oiled a place, In chuch and
ptiUlo fUat few, are capable fit ffllng, W
?$J.Wu4taA.trfi never sluggish i
any question or eff Inyolyi.nir bs goo4 d
welfare pf soeiety.- flv earneHJe fs, k
iat of many others sA b may mrj Jn-
f'ArV.V VrTIslf.OaifSplaitSO t
fUtkaAD MRRTinn. A call appesrs In this I
week's Palnmnte Telegraph by tbe cltlacns of
Madison, to those of Falrpoit, Petvy, Madlaou,
Hsrptrsflehf, Austlnburg and JeflVrsos, to
meet at the Town Hall to Madison, Feb. 24th,
at I o'clock p. m , preparatory to the organisa
tion of a company for tbe purpose of con
structing a railroad from Pairport, running In
an easterly direction through Perry, Madison,
Harpersfleld, Anstinburg, intersecting the
Ashtabula and New Lisbon Road st that vil
lage, thence to Jefferson, connecting with tbe
Ashtabula and Jamestown Road.
Thk Milling Business for months past baa
been better than for several years before. The
store mill In this villsgo, runs day and nlghti
tbe supply of water is not sufficient for this
constant draft, and steam has to bs brought
into requisition to meet the deficiency. Tbe
price of wbest has been gradually Improving,
and the recent purchases of Messrs. Fisk, Bil
liman ft Co., more Jthan tax their utmost
capacity for storage. The article Is of tbe
best quality of Ohio growth. Willi a contin
ued upward market for bread stuffs, there Is a
slight prospect of a comfortable margin of
profits. Fortune favors tbs brave sometimes.
"Cp Thk Kuinb." This is tbe subject of a
lecture to be glyen at Smith's Hall, on Friday
evening of the present week by Rev. J. N. Mc-
Giffkrt, Pastor of the Presbyterian church
of this village, The letters from this gentle
man, while on his continental tour, last sum
mer, which appeared from week to week in
these columns, will not have been forgotten.
Although they were written with much haste
and under unfavorable circumstances fnr de
liberate choice, either of topics or expression,
they were read with much Interest. How
much more a dclebcrately prepared lecture
will administer to plessuie, may easily be im
agined. The task is undertaken in obedience
to the request of many of our citizens. The
trifling admission fee of IS cento Is asked to
defray the expenses of Hull, ac.
Tub Prospects of a Railroad at Paines-
viu.e, Bccms to be treated with much fairness
and candor by a correspondent from that place,
while writing to the Cleveland Herald. Faith
is virtue in railroad matters, and our competi
tor has given goad evldcuce tbat she is far
from being faith less :
"The prospect for a railroad, which is to
open up the communication between the coal
neias ana our liaruor, is In a situation where
outsiders see "as through a glass darkly."
There seems to be a growing conviction that
the road will be built some time during the
coming season, but such belief strikes one ns
being uasca to a great extent on iuilli. The
various companies tliut have been organized
bold meetings and mysterious conferences,
from which great results are augured by the
uninitiated, but all ol which have, so fur, tailed
to make any definite progress. At present
more faith seems to be placed in the company
organized in the interests, or at least under the
auspices of tho Pennsylvania Central Kailrend
Company. This feeling appears to be based
upon a conviction that that road more than
any other needs such connections as would be.
afforded by the proposed route, and that from
that source will the aid needed, be moat likely
to come. Aside from this thero is. also a
stronger popular feeling in favor of the men
composing this company, and a firmer belief
in their enndor and iu the trust that can be re
posed in them, than there Is towards tii oth
ers. All these combined make the oulilic now
look Ut them as the oues from whom th ne
cessary action must come.
Representative Fitch, spent Sunday and
Monday at booK-. A residence at Columbus
evidently agrees with him, ur his ald rnianic
proportions attest, and nx1 bare his own tcsll-
monh that his animal enjoy ment eating and
sleeping sre allowed blm in about tbe same
ratio, ai to others of the same genus. Mental
and bodily vigor being favorable to increased
usefulness, we bflve JittJe fear of any want of
application and assiduity to tbo business In
terests of his constituency. We regret to hear
trom him, that our (mud Havward is still
confined to tho use of bis ttrutches, and is not
recovering his powers of independent locomo
tion as rapidly as binuelf and friends had
The weightier business of the session is not
being t s promptly and I o'dly entered upon ns
eo-ild be wished, Tlve financial matters.as coi -
neclcd with the basis of taxatior, which a e
implicated requiring sober, thoughtful and
deliberate action, are hoaglug along, and ti e
session is wearing away. When It become
absolutely necessary to take the. bull by tire
horns, and these matters must be put into
shape, the jnembrrs of the legislature win,
perhaps, lisfe boooine tired .ofCulunibus life
impatient for a return to their homes they
will then be but poorly fitted for passing upon
these considerations. So, Messrs. Legislators,
use the .goad upon the Board of Equalization,
and show them that rump parliaments are not
in fashion nov--davs. Let us see something
that looks like .determination to enter upon
tbe wane iwpurlnt business of the legislation,
Cocncu, I'ttacEjiPiNos The regular raontlf
ly meeting of councK took pleeeon Monday
evening lost. There were present Mayor Bey
MotTR.and Counciluien Willard, Robkrtson,
Fitch, SinoNo, Kkaw and Dickinson, Uie
latter rting as clerk.
Proceedings of previous meeting read and
Tho followisg Mils yrcM presented And al
lowed: Printiug J. Reed f 8 20
Lurabor sidewalks, B. P. Mann. . . SI 03
Sewer material Faulkner A Son 18 00
Surveys N. Hubbard, 8 yrs. jun.,, . 58 60
Sundries L. E. Fire Co. Z8 47
Sewer contract 250 00
Cedur Posts protection Spring Hill
J. W.-fiilvlus-. , 1 00
Hook A Ladder Co 1 13
Sundries Protection Co 1 50
(308 83
The following Kills woro RtaJid xfCwd:
Police John Horton.
Spikes, nails, &c4 Crosby & Wetbenvax.
WM covers (Castings J5eymour, Strong &
A remonstrance,, numerously signed y the
leading business wen, agtkoetMain St. Sewer,
was submitted by the Mayor, read, briefly dis
icucsed iu favor of the work, and laid upon
tbe table.
Foreman Ducro wade a statement of tbe
wishes of Lake Erie Company for a more suit,
able hose carriage. Tbe one in use,, purchas
ed, we think, last summer in Chicago, 4s deem
ed lumbering and ivwleldly, and illy adapted
it tbe sexyAce. He further stated Uuit iUo en
gine bouse, now occupied in common by tbe
L. E. company and the Hook A Ladder com
Pany, s not sufficiently coiuochous tor
both, and (the proper icpuvcnjen.ee and efficien
cy of tbo L. E. company were retrenched by
the crowding of tbe machinery pt botii upon
tbe premises. He tlterefore asked for the ex
clusive use of Abe fcvuae ibr Uie company bs
represented, ity some the provision for tbs
Hook and Ladder company. Tb.e batters
were tatetrrt,
The Hofc and Laddef eP4wy asked for
permission U increase tbebr psiuiMr of men
M befog- tbeir present cotnplijuent whb
question was diseusaad ia colloquial way,
and referred to Fire iu4 Water Committee,
svitb pblef and SAsjsfc engineers and fown
For the Telegraph.
Ventilation Again.
In say last eoaamunlcatlon, 1 spoke ol some
of the properties of Carbonic Acid and Cst-
bonlo Oxide, ss noxious sgents tbat sre some
times found In dwellings. These fH9 sre
both tbe product of eumbustton the latter of
an Imperfeot form of eombnsiloa, where oxy
gen Is not supplied In sufficient quantities to
fully oxidise tbs carbon of the fuel
Tbe result of such combustion Is the forna
tlsn of part Carbonlo Acid, (Carbon, ons
eqnivslent and oxygen two equivalents) and
psrt Carbonic Oxide, (Carbon ons equivalent
and Oxygen one equlvslenl.) I also stated tbat
when fuel burns with a blue flame, this latter
excessively poisonous gas Is formed in large
proportion. When this escapes into close
rooms, and Is respired, its effects ars more or
less injurious, and always mere hurtful than
carbonlo acid. When the supply of air Is
shut of? from a fire this ess Is always
formed, and it often Is allowed to escape Into
the room. The opinion ia almost universal
that ttove art ununilthyhiU opinion is
doubtless correct. They cause headaches and
neuralgias and lay tho foundation for various
other more serious diseases. It is not because
tbey carry off more oxygen than Bro pUcei or
grates, because tbe reverse is true.
Fire-places and grates, however, are always
supplied with oxygen and hence cannot form
the most deleterious gas, and whatever inju
rious substances may bo formed in them Is in
stantly swept up the chimney or smoke flue
Hud thus out of reach. They also necessitate
a constant change of air from some source, to
prevent a vacuum. Hence they are justly
considered healthful. Well made stoves, with
a direct, open draught, are equally flee from
ine opinion, nnwerer, is quite common.
that a hot stove in a room Is capable in some
way of injuring the lr, simply by its best
ed surface coming in contact with the air.
Home Bay it thus burnt the air or burnt out itt
oxyijen. Hot iron Is, doubtless, capable of uni
ting with oxygen and forming oxide of Iron
as all have observed, when watching the
blacksmith. His iron at white heat, soon be
comes covered with scales of oxide of iron,
which be always brushes away before be
welds the iron. At red best, it unites with a
very small ainouut of oxygen, but not enough
to make any precepllble difference in the air
of s room, or even form the thinnest crust of
iron rust en a polUlied stove for many months,
if it ismly occasionally brought Jo a red
heat. A hot stovs does not thut contamluats
the air. The atmosphere will stand any
amount of heat without changing its vilal
properties. When cast iron, however, is heat.
ed to a high degree, itB crystalline structure is
so changed by expansion, that it permits the
gases within to escape through the porous
structure, and then it does harm.
A fire l ox or flue thus heated, might permit
gases to escape, either by exudation or through
the joints or cracks, especially if the upward
draught through the smoke flue were obstruct
ed. Hence, we find that stoves with reversi
ble, or diving flues, and especially those of
cast iron and those Hint burn coal ore tbe
most unhealthy.
The. attempt to save heal by keeping tbe
smoke and hot uses h long time in an air
tight stove and tho flues connected with It, is
quite apt to injure the atmosphere for, more
than it warms it. The mere nearly the store
resembles the open grate in its mode of action,
the more healthful it is Kkely to be.
In this connection ullhoiigk pcrhais nut
apropos to the subject I would refer to Uie
notice, in the lart Sixingfleld Mass. Itcpub
UtHii. of the d"H!h f iin old citizen of Hins
d tie, Mass., a very near clhbor of juino In
my early childhood. He wws then a hule old
man oi three score and ten, end occupied the
brown bouse of bisarly years, and sat by its
buge, open fire-place evenings and slept by it
St aighc lie labored hard and drank deeply
of bis hard cider and so.meiiiuc ot something
stronger. His ago at death, wus 108 years, 10
months and 24 days. His great Jongeviiy illus
trates o some extent, the greater beulthful
ness of the old fashioned etyle of 1.1 vUug, al
though this Is by no H.-t Ike best part of i',
Ia my next, I shall speak of some of the
poisonous animal cxbulutiwBS.
Court Proceedings.
From the Reporter.
Disposition af CtMet tor the week uihtg f b. ittht
Lorala P. Baker vs Lsbau S. Sherman, civil.
Hearing upon demurer to amended petition.
Same overruled and CodUwjcJ.
Laura Fobe vs Joshua Fobus, Jiy,ojrce.
Decree granted on charge of udultey,
Frederick Hurrington vs Edward Crane, ct
al., civil. Sheriff ' al J Jands confirmed
and deed ordered.
Mark Sltanks vs Henry !.nwn, cIvB. But,
milted to Uie courjt. Judgment for plaintiff
1353.09 and costs.
Fanny Fariwworth vs HI. W. Bailey ot al,
civil. Jury trial. Verdict for piaijaMCT Philo
PJaoey 2a'J 80 and costs.
Polly Mountain vs John Mountain. Di
vorce. Decree granted n charge of neglect
of duty,
Itosceus Newell vs Aaron Higley at al. Judg
ment forpluiniiff by dclault f 4V0.47 and costs.
David Decker vs E. Bailey, civil. Judg
ment for plaintiff by default f 159.30 and costs.
B. C Warmingtou ars 12. J. Co veil, -civil.
Continued on motion of plaintiff.
John Howard vs Cyrus (iter ct al, civil.
Judgment iurplaiuUtt by default (U5J!9 aud
Q. M. Alwater .vs Fhlttip KeHcher., et alM
civiL Submitted to the court. Judgment lor
plaintiff lor 1378.28 and costs.
Frankie .Stewart vs ifr'oirUiington -Stewart.
Divorce ; decree granted to plaintiff.
Corolino Main vs Henry Main. Divorce.
Decree granted cause extreme cruelty.
Aimon Hawley vs Andrew Coy, civU. Jury
trial. Verdict toj- defendant, ipiajutlff asks
fur aecund itrjiii.
Wick Hathaway vs Thomas Bsfle ctAl , civil.
Jury t ial. Verdict for plaintiff in tho sum of
I7U5.95 and cost. Defendants each demand a
second trial.
Charles Pcsse vs.exr's of Tlutatas Mitchell,
civil. Plaintiff to give bail lor cost 40 days
before next term or petition to be dismissed.
W. B. Orlswold ys J.obn PMlips, ciyil. Plain
tiff to litre bail tor foals 30 .days before next
term or petition dismissed.
Isabel 1 MoClujry vsDwikUtGlapp. Bustar.dy..
Adjudged by Abe court that defendant pay to
plaiutif tbe sum of $375 and cost of suit.
Nancy Swinton vs John Swlnton, clvlL De,
cree granted. Cause adultery.
Lucy WoUof vs Sylvester Wolcett et al,,
civil. Judgment far plaintiff by default (937
and cost.
Harriet Minor vi Lockwood Lobdell, cjvil.
Judgment four plaintiff by default fl.023 and
E. A. Pritcbsrd vs O. W. Bartxara. civil.
Judgment for plaintiff by defauM $8 and cost.
Incorporated village of (Jeneva vs Sylvester
Fisher, civil. CouOojid with leave to de
fendant to answer,
L. C. Woodworth ys Albert Fields -et oi.
civil. GwittBued with leave to defendant so
L, M. Csvraacs vs E. D. Hyde, civil. Do,
murer to petition overruled nd coutiaued
w itb leave to tietoodaut to aaswer.
James Rogers ys William Meager, civil; sou
tlnued with leave JU deldo) ,tr answer,
J. B, Crosby ys.O. A, Andrews i si, tiy II,
Jndgwant for plaintiff by default f 8.80.
ft. Qtprm w Atfog Uffr, Sul
mltted W th court. Jorljment for plalallff f 3 '
aad oost.
8. I). Ashley TS K A. Wrtsbt. civ II. D s-
salssed without prejudice.
Wax. Walts vs N. A. C.l et al. civil. Sub
mitted to tlx court. Jo1jiiieot tar sVtffadant.
Carlln, 3,5I1 04, plaintiff White 7IL Canroik
f I 'J rw mum vww.
A. Ol'mQre,stiryivor.st.viOr1sndoCboiT.
civil. Kubmlrrd to the court, jadgmfnt for
plaintiff for $354 .80 and cost.
Andrews. Ban ford A Smith vs Orlando H.
Cheney. Hubmltted to the court, judgment
ror plaintiff for fMd.w and coal,
Oertrudo Murra v vs Oeorre Murrav. tMeoaca.
Decree (ranted on the cbarcc of willful ab
sence and petitioner restored to her maiden
Executor of Thomas Mitchell vs Ilenrv
Field, civil. Judgment for plaintiff by default
lor $218.00 end cost.
Adolnh A Geert e Rettberc vs Joslab Fuller.
civil, bubmltted to the court. Judgment for
plaintiff for $283.80 and cost.
L. Q Dean vs I'billln Newman, civil. Junr
trial and verdict for defendant
C. 8. Harmon vs C. B. Clark, civil. Con
tinued with leave to file petition.
O. L. Huston, et al.. vs Joaiah Hicks, civil.
Demurer to petition sustained, aad Is continued
with leave to amend and make new petition.
P. Sweet vsj. H. Juller. civil. Continued
on motion of defendant.
Channoey Sharp vs J. 8. Fuller, civil. Con.
tlnued on motion of defendant.
Josenh Chatlardnn va John Hurkiv Mntlon
oi piaiunu - to compel aelendant to answer
sustained. Demurer to defendant's answer
sustained, ind continued with leave to defeu.
dant to tile a cross petition and make new
parties, and plaintiff has leave to amend peti
tion. C. J. Crowcll vs A. P. Whittler, civil. Mo
tion to strike off petition overruled and sub
milled la the court. Judgment for plaintiff
or ;uz..to pnu cost.
Judson Luzell vs O. W. Foster, civil. Do.
fendarit came by bis attorney and waived the
issuing oi summons and entered into appear-
Ohio vs Elisha Haine
Stabbing afl'ray.
Ohio vs i homas Calhoun. Assault, etc.
jollied St tlftndDt s costs.
Ohio vs William Snxton. Perjury. The
defendant enters into a recognizance with
Benoni Webb and William Barnes as his sure
ties, in I lie sum ot f uuw to appear on tho sec
ond Monday of the next term.
Ohio vs James Coelidge. Perjury. Tiie dc-
lemlant enters into a recognizance with 4 Mi ley
" "is surety in int sum oi fuuu to ap
pear on the second Monday of tbe next term
Ohio vs William Gardner. Bulling liquor.
i rim uj jnrjr. v eraici u guiiiy lgui(J, jje
fendaDt is fined $50 and mat and slamhi com
mitted until paid.
Ohiovs Jesse Pitts, Grand lsreeny. The
jury in tins case returned a verdict of euiJiy,
thereupon the defendant s attorney filed his
Diotion to set asid (lie verdict and rant tho
prisoner a new trial. The motion was over
ruled and the prisoner ruceived his sentence.
which sentence is that be shall be confined at
bard labor in the Penitentiary for one yeur,
buu vokis oi prosecution.
L. D. Joy vs Timothy Root, civil. Juiy
ii on. v eruiui ur ueieiiuniij, ior uis costs,
J. A. Uiddinjs vs W. H. Saeger et a), civil
submitted U) tlje court. JuUnK-nt tor plain
tiff vs W. II, Sacger $171.34 and costs.
Morgan Cox vs Lucy Humphrey, ciril. Jury
trial. Verdict for plaintiff for $I17.'57 a cost.
D. Kennedy & Co., vs Win. (i. Benham
civil. Judgment for plaintiff by default $113,-
j ana cosi.
E. H. Pitch receiver vs John Thompson et
al, civil- continued witu leave to dctendant
to answer.
Wiedman, Tiedman & Kent vs Poller and
Potter, civil. Sheriffs sale of lands confirmed
and deed ordered.
Moses Heyman vs I, Mendlesog Mud flon
civil. Judgment for plaintiff by default f :J08.
ami ucienuani uenmwu sccoud trial.
Asabel Piugray vs C. L. Bushnell, et al,
civil. Subniitied to the court. Judgment for
plaintiff for $335.4 und costs.
Chas. Ballnrds vs Theodore Hall, civil. Sub
mitted to the court. Judgment for plaintiff
for $200 and cost.
Willard Marshall vs Jaoob Fickenger, civil.
Submitted to the court. Judgment for plain
tiff $1331.87 and coat.
Amanda Pelton vs Morgan Bacon, civil.
Submitted to tlic court. Judgment for plain
tit' for $175 and cost
Wm. Rinnenian vs W. B. Chapman, civil.
Order of sale set aside. Defendant has leave
to fill answer cause continued.
MnnitY's McsEiJM lor Febratry is
handsomely illustrated and filled with
good stories, poetnx, etc., for bojg and
Since ibis popul.tr Magazine was start
ed thirty yvars ago by the renowned
P?tr Parley, a score or more of periodi
cals inteinled tor the young hava been
bom only to dip, or to be absorbed by
their rivaln. Mkriiy liimsell lias swal
lowed a half doeen of tbem. The Mu
RKt'M is publinhed by Horace Yi. Vvia.rk,
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Our Vather't Houte, or the Unwritten Word,
by D.nie Mahch, D. D., bns Uee .during
Uie vi week, delivered to subscribers by the
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In this work, I be writer has happily drawn
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Error oX Vitb. Ablaut IbCiftQ who bit i.c&
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and all the eflVctxjf yttuful IndeKntuo, wii, -fur tho
uko ol ButTtiring humaultjr, eud-Irte to all who weed It
tluj recefnt and dlreotloji for makUuf the nimule remedy
ibyhlcbiie waa cturvsd i(li rere.iiiiug io profit by
(the advKrttacr'a experience can do ao by .Adilreawimr.fu
porfer.t confldence. slOtlN H. OGDKN,
y o ronanmtlvett-Th0 advertteer, having hn
tMkruwiuentljr cured of that dread dUe, pouiinuiptiuii,
by -a Liti1le remedy, ,1 aoxiqua to qiake know iu Jhtia
fellow aulTuiKrti lUo 4V4&iit of cur. To all who dnttue U
he will (tend a copy of the uruavriptieu ueei .(frtde ol
charge), with the directions lur pre.iiug and outina the
aame, which they will find eure cue or irvttuiiiplion,
bthiuA, Jttroncbltia, .c.
I'artlM WULitf the reMwipt!e .wlUfsleaMAMref,
Kav. 1WAHD A. VJLii,
y87 65 Ho. Hecoud kt., WUIianu.tmrKb, y. Y.
ClANiUKo Tjlb RiArOD.' iiDon wlsich charlat&u
hav.e barui:d uuch.iia not a mere catch-word and de
1 unit) ft. Vhe microscope ahuwn that aome diaeaaea ex
rjfti iiKe pariuHic grownn upon me kioouioboi iisa niooa,
and It la further kuown that aome anbtlle aitbatancea
,deatroy or expel .thein. These tubs tailed have been
combined to make Aybr a Buraaparille, whloh doea f
fectunlly expel the diaordera that breed ud rmnkle.ln
the,liod. to txt out, a H were, tbe machinery of life.
tana to
Reduction, of Duties,
8nd Air oar sew Price Ltet and a Club taint edll -.euaij
It, eii,Utiulo( full dlrectiona miui targe
Mviufi to couaunera and ratuuaoralve4 .cUib.Urifania
jera. THBOiUtalaalrfBlCANg'KA.CO.
P. O. Bon Mia. 411)6 jl 4V-tl Keaej HI. M.T.
Bill, Nota & Letter-Heads
be oq th Disk of &9&w but-
ineea.ua. Tbe Telwroepc Aoi Imb U he &kaa) tlo
floats and Shoes I
50 Cases BftYe one
J. V, UORRimoy 4 HON, have
tMrt at Uurtr MtaMUhiMirt ar1f tke aaat t0 Sara
the etoe a atHr mi Woo4, whicS are a op anS
laaiectloa, a ak it tu eufntot to
A Good Holid Vpdursts,nding,
as Caeaa, fc the Mate ijtialltr of work, a ota as foon.
we Mqiaste tn
Shoddy, how priced Boots A tios from tbs
Has of rreatlo.
sn4 ksr '"la :joS ear atnnk fjnro thWt BaaafceM
riraai Trnr, famyra. BuBal- ui HiaC4HlKSi T
aad watwiuad, I'a. Our Mluct of
Cuiidrens, Misses end Men's IMioes,
waa'neTer o Fall anil fprfret aa Ibis rl-
A apiepaiq imeoi (nnr.a
Cslf rollsh, Tcbble Goat, Goat, 8trge
perge f oiru
They ran't kelp hul suit nur Uflfrul aad diecrtailnatloa;
be best aalected and Ineat Una of UhlT.R-t
G'jst ind Rerge Button nd f.s.f Goods
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Oar Murker. Rllr.rre and Watcrfnrd rVx.u. rn-ak tut
thmlvt. all hand iw id and -arraiiid.
We will try and merit a continuance of uaal favora and
do js'tlce to all "to fa'or nr Kllh their (ialronai;e.
Aahtahnls, Aept, SO, "T,
Oil KALE. IlandKomMy lorRted i
mllp Wrts of Anhtabnla Depot, ft farm rptitnlnlnjr u
7l)-Mi0arreof land undor tfirfd fityof t'Ulltation, Kood
irnii, ana wen wau-refi, hiiiminirt an nw an" ninty or
them. Tin ttrvove l in m- told witHn 4V day. AUowltb
the farn wiM oKettaA Jirow, new t hore wmtmn, new
one horm: Imjvy aud forming tool. T',rm rnnde ea-y.
ARbuhnle March IW. li6Vf
rn. sciikxck Annan
Tlwinoforthe t thirty-ore yeeri deTotetf my whole
tlnw and attmtlon K tho Piudy of lunf dieteae and con
Mimptioii, I fol that 1 unilcmand fully th cvune thai
ougiuio im) nuraueu 10 reMura a toieraoiy uu case of
tllwAwd luna) to Iiralttiy eoundacaa. Tlic Dnt
and nHMt
Important step In, ff Ui patient to avoid Ukimreokl;
and the bent uf all blacea on tht t'snitrvrnt fur I
ttel pvr-
MMe,fii winter, I Florida, we) down (n the Kmte v
the tcrmxraiu re f recular. and nut aabKci
toaiK-h varia-
tlom a in more northern latltusiea. t'elatka I a i
1 enn recommend.
A aorid butrl la kU t
xj nHriia KatH tnere iiy n
y l'eter
tan. L.1U Winter I aaw arveraf nefDvni there whn
In Influence of the climate atid, my pWiatiiiea, were get
in mil.
Oao hundred mllt ffcrther down thf river ! a fvoint
which 1 would preftT to falntkA, et pe Jinnraiure )
tnoro even and tlie air dry and bracinf. Mellunville and
Knterprfne ere l'jcatrd there. 1 vhouul Klve a d-cttkd
'reference to alellonvlllei It la two miles frum rlvir or
nke, and It acenia almot Impowllile to take cold there,
'i he table In r'kirlda mlfbt be better, and Mtlentscum
plaln at timei; hut that Uagixid ftiKn, a ft inllcatte
return of eji(etlte: and, hen tbUi the cane, ihey Ketv
erallv Increase in fleb, and lbe tii lunpa mupt brat.
Jackaonvllle, 1U bent la, tureen Cove, and manyoiher
place In varlona parta of Florida cw be tuifeiy rt-cum-inended
toconnumpUveain winter, iiy reanuna formj
Inff to are, that patlenu are leaa liable to take cold th ro
than where there la I cm evee (euifaeratgret and It !
cxpoaeahlmaelf to frequent colds, be la eeMaia to tiie
ahortly: therefore mr advice la, to well do a into the
Plate, oat of the renew of prevailing et wind and
Jacksonville, or almost any otbefof the localilira 1 hue
not neccmary to ear, mat, wnera a cgoaujaiptive jenron
named, will brnentthoacrtho era troubled with a torpid
liver, a disordered stomach, deranged bowel, sore ttiroot,
orcoufrh; but, for those whose lonftsare diMased, a more
uuthern point Is earnestly recommended.
For fifteen yeare prior to itj 1 wanprofteamnelly la
KewYork, IVoston, lis Ul more, and rhiladclphie every
week, where I eaw end eaamlne4 on an average fiva
hundred patients a week, A practice so ei tensive, en
braclnx every piiulble phase of lung dlsemae, has ennl'Ud
me to understand tue disc
c fully ; and hence my caution
In regard to taking cold. A person may take vast tiuanit-
tlea of " Bchenck'a l'uimonie flyrup. heawecd J iilc
lnrulraerUla.'andyJtdieuuedw not evoi
In Florida, nearly ererybody ia nalnir Schenck'a Man
drake 11 Ms; for the climate la more llkejy to produve
bilious habits than mora northern .latitude. It is a well,
established fact, that natives of Florida rarely die of cot
auraption, especially those of the aoulhern part. On the
other hand. In New tnirland, one-third t least of the
population die of this terrible disease. In the lllddle
hutea. It doea not prevail so largely ; atll) there arc many
thousands of cases there. What a vast percent of
life would be saved if consumptive were aa easily alarnj
ed In regard to taking fresh cold as they are aboutacarr
let fever, small-pox, Ac. I hut th.yare not: theyiike
wliat they term a little cold, which .hey erecreduiiHaS
enoush to believe will wear on in a few daj a. They pay
no attention to It; and hence- it lays Uie foundation for
another and another etUi, iUl the tunxa are diseaaefi be
yond all hope of cure.
My advice to persona whose lunga are affected, evra
allglitly, lstolayiDaiockuf Hhtuck's)'uluionIc8vruts
Hcbenck'a Seaweed Tonic, and cbciickMidrakcVlllft,
and goto Florid 1 recommend these particular medi
cines, because I am 4hoxotighly acquainted with tltcir
action. I know, that, wvere they are ud ifi atrlct ac
cordance with my directions, they will do Hi work that
la required. This accomptiahW.uaturo rrMl he rest.
The physician who praaoribea for eold, coutA fr aibUt
aweata, and then advise the patient to walk or ride out
every day, will be anre io av 3 wpae p hi biVkda
before long.
My plan l, to give my three rocleinesen aceordaaee
with the printed direction, except In aome case where
a freer tue of Abe iiaadrake l'lUsjsioccseary. ! object
it. to rive ion to tboaiomacb.ojf ufi xouf app
tile. JtiaawayaAgood algnwhcjTA palt4suf tbegiiui
arrow hungry 1 havs luape of such. Witii relisJi for
Tooa, ana ipe
Itlnod. and wl
aTratiflcauoa sa that reusn. conies a 00
, and with itmoresh,whlcfr jc lose lyoHo wed
t, a fiMlinsr of tha iuuata-inen iiiiJmOUita iuoaejii
abates, tbs creeping ebilUacullammy aweau no
longer prostrate and annoy, and jViU cetswrU,
provided he avoids taking .cold.
Vah the. rat sirai .man VXinaiLITnKuiSl Wbrt hare net UiS
means to go 10 r lonaa.
hex)ueation may be asked, Ja
rtaJhlr there is. Jiv advice
there no hopeorauch ?
Uaucb Is, and varliaa Jpeen, ? euy in 1
during the ,witer,Hh teBfreraurfi of
degree, which should be fcfrpt uuljly at
.bcepjju? euy in a warm room
1 oouaaeTeniy
atAbst point by
means or a uicrmomeicr. atwa pm
eaerciae within the limit of the r ora by w
susra u murh aa his streniith 1 'ill Jrtnn
it Auke bia
ke bii
keep up aieeflthylroutation.of tiie bioo4 I have CMeed
tiwMianrida bv .ihti avstem. and can do ao attain.
er to
aumptlon 1 a eaUy fHure any eOtbiw disease. If it.ls
taken In tlme.,nd&eropcrkhrd of treatment pur
aued. Tbe fact eland imdishiKud (Vn record. ,ibM
bchenck'a rulmonle Hyrup, alandi-ake I' ills, and Sea
weed Tonic have cured very many of what seemtd to bo
hopeless case ofeonsumption. Oo where you will, you
will be almost certain to 0nd acme -pour consumptive
who nas boea xeecucd from lle very jawa of dcatiisby thrlr
Ho far at tbe af aadrake Pill ere concerned,
, everybody
should keep a auppiy of Uietn on hutd. Theyact on the
liver better than calomel, and Icavo none or tuburtful
effecu behind. In fact, they re eaceUept In all caaeg
vnere e purtrauvti nicaicuic is rrum-u. si j w un
partaken too freelyf fruit, and 4iaiTna jrnsue, a dose
of lb alaiMaraaea will cure you. If you are subject to
etck headache, Uke a dose of the Mandrakes, and tlirjr
.will relieve yuv Intwoliuur. lfyou .would obviate the
effect of a change of water, or the too free Indulgence la
.fruit, take .one f the Mandraaee every night, and you
nay thcu li"k water, aud eat water melon, Jears, ap
Dlea, plums, poaebe, or corn, without the riaa of being
inade sick by tbem. 1 hey will protect tUcavixwIw live in
V.danip situation HAU e.lsill and fevers. Try them.
They areperfectly'hannlc. u-y ob aq jou guod only.
1 bave abandoned myiesafeasauiittlalftUaJto lion ton and
New York.'but continue to sue patU-iiUaUtiny oftlce, ho.
16 Korth Hlxth Btreet, JWWadel phia. .every buturday,
from 9, to o, T-M- Those who wihha.ihorouRh ex.
'emimatlon with tho itetWameter will be charged five
doUnra. The JtpIromeifr-diMMarea the xact cuditkp
f the lungai aud paUenta can readily leant helltrr
they are curable or not- But I detiru It distinctly ju
deratood, that the v'ue of my niedlctnea (IcpijidR.enUro
lv uuin their being taken strictly according to dlrectiona
In conclusion, f will aay, that when persona Uke my
medicines, and their system are brounht Into boalthy
condi 1100 etheroby, they are ,not aoltsiUe pa Uke cobl
yet no one with diseased luutiaecan bear, auddeachangs
of atmosphere without the liaoyit of Mntater or.Jessirri
tan on of ius prvncniai tuuts.
Full direction in all Isnfuagesnceompany my medi
cines, se explicit and clear .that any one can use then,
without ,fMnWMj'g me ud can be bought from any
4ruiV l. IT. ftCHUicjL, M.D..
Ko. 15 North Sixth trvt, riUUdclpbla,
V lioloranlo A(C-nt .
Fine job printing
wV ars aowitaea.na;ut worttlhat is
Lrnturpaeod in .C'jVy .or CauntrtI
lEItharla price. or wursmajiahj.
In Valuable Premium! Glren to the Subscribers to
Lloyd's IVcw Map of JVorth America,
0 inrbes Price only 3 pr copy 20,000, only, will bo sold.
reccs one of Uie following' pKtalums i
'.-a , .: J:' .a.
The t'lrat Grand r"-n,lora
Dickinson & Kinjicy
ftltnated near tbe Railroad Depot, to Palneftllle, Ohio,
r"a" '''W ia ii aaa Li
track to tbe bnlldlnt, Trark Aealee, Ilnjr Krslea and pnrrnant Scalfe air in food order. There- ecalea slene eoat
upward, off 1,90ft. Tl(nrnaona pf bnlldlny-Sn i ISU-wlth jrnodCcllar apdei the whule.
There la, alao, Infwsnrdlpn aitb Iht. property , a lare Coal Yard, new lelng eneilrite Ubetoii., and
the beat location for the coal trade in tbe cite.
Tbl properijr la now palng in annuai'rcnlal of fl.rfirj, the learf of trbjyS ,tf plrea Ma; I, I'll, a rrnui
Dayd wijl be fWrii to the fortui ste penop, subject to tb4 condltlona of the nee
List or I'iikmiums j
The Picki'Uon & Kinney Store and tV'sp-hous?, valued si
I r)imre tifiil I'inno, viilued st
1 7t OctsfTT-JJiisewoorl r I'isnit
5 i Oetnvr jnsfcnul fnac PUms, valued ut tri esxili. .
2 I'urlnr f)rirns vl' i l 300 cacti..
3 Parlor Organs nli. ! .t r p'l'. .
9 I'urlnr Oceans, valued at Ti't eacli...
4 Parlor Organs Tnlucd ut ir0 cac't..
10 SiniT S-ini Macliim-s. 75 w.tM. .
10 Optila' IH carat Gold W'atcliei-iiitinw iiidi.u 2) escli,.'.
10 Gents 18 csrnt Gold Vn!clie
15 Ladif-s' fine IH carat Gold Watclica
17 Ludii-s' fine Gdd WricIk-.
25 Heavy Silver Hunl'g rase Sii;iu-WinrJcr. . . .
ffO S.'lvc-f Hnniinnc casp Watclies .,
10 Elegant Krencli ( lurks .
75 ftiif rt) Oil Painlinyj valued at frum -I0 to
JW Miperb Gil Tainting! raiurd at frorrj
19,5. lieaittilui Allographs 2
! X 2$.
20WO P.'euiiums valued st. .
TLoeeviiA p:.fT a 3o; In place of tbe Map, can make a aelection from the following litt :
IJfTA RACT. ..f NORTft aod SOUTH AMEMCA-lncluu!;!,- an sccouut of the Ute Plonx War -bj tlon i
rt. Htui.T i.ar. anj! 0 llln.trfltlon..
IIXt-STHATRR IHTOR of the IIIBI.P. hj J K. BTnni! IS lll Enr-avinjr. - min pn;i.
T'lR ORKAT MS'I KfiPfiMg a mirror of Near York 4t JfNira flr.:iu BnowyK-SK tni.-ra IngK-TOO f;ei.
PCItHONAI. HITOKV nf f. a. HA.NT-hT A. T It" -iraniiviw '.'a tnraiilifP-Vi pr-f-. -
HMO'S BATTLE lltM'I'fiHY of the I.KKaT RKHKLLIOX 17 Cue ilapt end nuirerous Kncravlnz'- THup.
LIPE and TIMt" or litillKKT E. I.t-.E VtU pajfi-i ut Siei-I r'nrrailnpn'.
LIKE and EF1STLE8 of T. 'ALL profufely iilnetrated with Sfups aiid 1 fitwir.gr nearly 1,1(10 pntM.
Recollert thia I. no Lottery or Gift Enterprlie rwlndle. or bopn Gift poctrri. bnt hi honorable ale In evutj
reiiecr. 'e propoe jo do ait ie premise, or n-fund the money 10 wich and ;very aubiiribfr.
For fall depcri.tion of Map, ttiokr and Premium, aea our PampUial in tic luude of Agent In every town,
or mailed free to nnvadrir'a. on application.
t'enlficaii-o mthlir.g the hoUer to a prnmlam, aeit b mall, ani Man. or Book. di'TI-orcd fVoe to nenrett Ex
pren ofllce. on receipt of price. ' ddre Dlrklnaon, Hlnnry .4V W llaon, Paliierllle. o.
Ttie dJairlbntip if $ 'j.(y wnrtb of rreminra jrtll bp managed ajid ccLtrrHlra1 pu4!lHy dlrinteref led and
Impartial gntlemi-n of known ixilHritf and rr.f rfi hliity, anil to con(larti.d thai ihc tbtcrcftla of ery eertin
cate hni'r will rtM:ele fair and honrrahle proeertion.
For the bnrfil of lhoe who mlt le nnacquatnled with op. we r-fr by permii-piuD. to tt'C followlnc well
known arm; aud iod:vidiui,ii. hy appiixatipn to winun tbe facts can be aaccirtiUud rard to oar renpouiiibili'y
and honriaMe uiodrnf doi4ui-inei-.
Aarom Mt'im-ox. slayor. ad Itanker. Piineeville. O. SrrH Marmiali.. Pr-t lt Vat. rtHak. Pair,tllle, O.
iloRAce bTt.tLM. ruiiiker. Pnlrti-.vllle. O. (-Inttnuz E. Pa'NT. I'o-t t-t.T. P:ut.-Ti;l''. ).
EliwAnna. 'fo'NF.M A i'At. 'h. Orera ileveland. W. A. Fihek & Co. V.'hoJ firortr. t'leeiar.d. O.
i. ii. hiaiaoNP a: "!. Pro. and Comm. Merchauta, itAVUAi.1.. FUp.siopk t o. Jj-t1rnoi..'l imi.-orteri, r,- Nu?aa
( Irreland. (. Street. Sew Ynra.
Ut.iT. ('Diui & Ci,. i-hhiWiiunt. Bjiffaly. tj. Y. MaTTBiwa 4 Waiuiek. Printers and Pubs. Buffalo, V. Y.
Kiihwripttnns tterelved be H. K, Nana, st
J. M. Veahll, UrtiUt. KdvIIIv. UIiio.
To KKOUCK STOCK 4 t)w lowest
posailde point hjeuge JtiTantorr we pttft gfttiit St bar
aijo a for tX &X o ae.
Overcoats which we are all hoond to sell. The are thje
.Tr,Vtter'j Jtj'.la sil will be tsdd at aMmeric.a.
EacV SQpicriber wU
i "1
tbe frefierty knuvn an II c
StortJ and Warehouse
bnlu hj Dleklnupa A Klnnrx In IW. There la a rallrnaA
f I3.0i id.
- ' fl0.
i my
1 ."(.0.
1 .020.
1 .250:
5. mm.
15 ) cueli . .
, 75 each . . .
. W e:n li . . .
CO fncli. . .
25 tncli. . .
40 eaclj . . .
125 each. . .
a0 each . . .
1 i-acLi. . .
tbe Pott Office, and IVflle & llvotli, Ait.Libu'a.
l.u 1101
T O E Y !
Hli: RALA'Xlt'E (4 aur Mods' Oveai
rts we shall set! ateoat What we haT ar jarjajje
rtor in Style, Quality ud WorkaifBahip. - p
E WISH to diskcje xf it ltirfro
mount of Enods In ontcr tv "Po ip our abelvea for
spring atoca. tan ana ac i ,(c " uw ii ou.
WWr ;'..Vajiv
AN uvia.linw Uf iody tor nil Uitiiu liiiil
DIIBciilttoa,X,oni.'be..CotiIs. Uoarscnvcs. Asllinn,
Ulplheria, Dryness of OieTUroal or Wilid Pipe and all
t'atarrlial diseases. The wondurful discorery of l arbol
lc AUU.-ts duktuiuct ,10 become one of the gntvet hlus
Inga tuiuankind in iu applicatiou lo din-acee "f the llu-
uiho Ce. and Lu preat' curative qaalitiisa tn all afftx
tioua.tal tiie Che,:, L'.injfr aud Htoiuack
boldes the preat aeeiit -Carbolic Acid rontain ortier In
(rrodlenta.aniversafiy n-coinmeiiik-d, whkh rsu-nhoaiit
conbine, prorbieine a Tablet .more hichly medicliial aud
belter adupted.for diseases nfjlie human race, thru u
preparation evqr befgre offered lo-tlie public.
tZi! ITI AW "u i1 W"1'- Osrbolle Tah-
z.rvJ 'a.llets; dou't Ul oiher gouala be lialmeit
off .on yaa lu, their pliicu. 4t9S
lEX'f S 'WANTED (225 a month)
by tha
TON. MAbii
.or St. .LUG1S. MO.
free inn.
Dr. John U. Ellis. Stupendous
revelations and atartltnvriisclosnms. Tbe whole
anbject laid bare and lu bideousueea exposed lo uiiivur
sal execral OO. IIW'Ken Ja Iht intertill nf ViriluaHon,
CkrutiaUt af -f PuUi'vloratity. Rend for circulars and
terms. U. b. i-uhrbinv Co., N. Y., Cincinnati, i'liiea
to, and 8t. Louta. M
with the Oreen Tea Plator. War
ranted lo snlt all tastee. For ale
evervwhere. Fnr aalc at wholesale
only by Ihs Great Atlantic Paclac
i ea c;o., UTin.ii ii. iew inn.
VSA foiThoaVNeT-
f. O. BOX 9UU0.
(VATGII r REE,Dd t30 day sure,
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P. O. Drawer Xo -M. Fultnt.vill-, N. Y.
'FlIE 3JAT.IC COM 1 5 will ihanpe any
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Coo mako 40 lo 1 1 &0 ja tuonth with oor
i PriTM-ilo-w T3n aIt-ci AKnra At PlVfnrPC.
1 60 Paues by iuaiT free.
aVIIK CuuiaJna Fleetwoods "fjfti of Clirlat,!
l.ltjiHT "Lives Df tbe Aposlle'j. Fvnijrellsla and
r 'Of Martya'a; I)oddrliltts "Evidences of Cbrle
TUK tlanilv;" "History of fl.e Je s." Joeepnu:
W OULD.' J) Ulstoryof all RNiirlous Dononiinst'ooi"
with irealtsos aud tables rolsili.e to events counet-ird
With Bible History, with many dne Kngravlngs, forming
a complete Treasury of Christian Knowledge. W. Flint
Co., No. SS b. Itb St. Pbiladelpbia, S Custom Route
riace, Cbjcago, and lit Wi ia 61.. CpKlsaaU, jot

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