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Ashtabula weekly telegraph. [volume] (Ashtabula, Ohio) 1853-1873, April 13, 1872, Image 3

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fwVillirtTNf lavarlblv la Adane.
IooaI fc Miscolianoovis
Blank arall kind for nil at this office.
Tarn be v Hrothcr hev Just received fresb tot
say R MAKES TUB BEST BREAD of in Flonr In
in merest. Try Parrel, noo
Seamless Ooreets-best In the market. Cull and T
" " Mnanisoa'e.
ah cinrtof Seamless Kid Ulovae Kvery Pair War
"""i ' Ayinniaoira,
the Photographer, ! doing t big business
among the leading d teens of Aaataau
Pon't hay ef oae-hore ehopi, bnt go to Cuixrr's.
A few theee cheap Doore t Cuutr'i.
Tlx A Cahusls kav addod to their stock tin
line of White Tacked BkMe and White Apron, to
which taey invite the especial attention of the Ladle.
We ere telling line 4 Ply Carpet Warn at 10 cent per
"d, Tri-ia A Caiiisi l.
Hamuli, bat Just received a line of tboee Start
ynewU that ere taking eu well.
We hair e Just reclcved for the Bprlng Trade, a nice
sscrsawa of Hoop Bklrtt In ell the new Style end
Trxsa A Cari.im.1 ere eeillng the celebrated Minnie
Corset theoMet perfect fltUpg Cortet vor told for
Ladl, doat M
Skirt and Aprene.
She goods.
oar White Tacked
We are offering reel bergalne In
lVuca A Carussi
vJOFKKicr pt-aposes to erect a Towu House
t An tifeote of from ltftOt to 30,000 dollar.
The Bprlng Term 1 Common Plea ww
doted on Wednesday.
Tit Beaeaa Ufku iau tkore lure teen
lit far (he
Wanted A boy aVrrat IS year et age, t
leanj the Barber's trade. CbII m H. Eoiut,
eia to me poet office, Ashtabula, Ohio.
The time for holding- the District Coort for
thU County has been changed Iroin April 27th
so Itiesday, April 80th.
bmitt, Ike F hotographcr, Is doing a bif
inisiness among the leading citizens of Ashta
bula In perpetuating their shadows.
Steam, we learn from the Painesville Jour
nal,) to be pvtinto the Lake Erie Seminary
uuiimng during the coming snmnrcr, of
power accessary to warm the rooms.
Sugar lAB,Tr. A sugar party will come off
at the Methodist Church Basement, on this
iriday-eTening, the pleasures of which all
axe Invited to participate in.
-SB. -
XiWasi Hall Real Estate Agent, reports
me sale or the following property through his
agency: A farm ot 58 acres In Say .rook
township, formerly owned by Icuabob Adams,
10 use, w iixaro. ConsideraUon $3,600.
Such horrid feelings as I experience no one
can imagine. I feel detpondent, as though
something awful was going to happen. Use
Emra.on' Liver Regulator If you would avoid
such feelings.
Dos't hawk, hawk, spit, spit, blow, blow,
and disgust everybody with your Catarrh, and
its offensive odor, when Di. Saite's Catarrh
Remedy will speedily destroy all odor, arrest
Mis discharge, and cure you.
Kkt. E. S. Basses, Pastor, of Union ville,
acknowledges the receipt of a one horse car
raige, purchased by contributions made In
recognition of services rendered in the Brick
church at Jefferson.
Thio.;RKV. II. C. Haydn, who recently left
the Congregational church "of Painesville, for
the Pilgrim's Church of St. Louis, has, it is
stated, bow dissolved his connection with that
church. ' -
E. H. Fitch, Esq., is fitting tip a suit of
rooiHs with bis father, in Flak Block. They
will have four several appartments, which are
commodious and pleasant. We trust that his
business may be in the ratio of the facilities
for doing it.
Jcdob Parsoks and Lady returned lrom
tbeh southern trip the fore part of the
present week, much benefitted in health. Mr.
Bamoel Parsons, for whose benefit, mainly,
this trip was taken, was left at Akin. S. C. but
kas since rescued Marietta, Ga., a point recom
mended by medical advice.
. Xsw maple augur, in considerably . large
quantities, is now in the market The past
week, lias been quite favorsble for the flow of
eap, and there will be more sugar this senson
than ths late unfavorable weather Indicated.
The cold bas kept back the buds, which as yet
give but slight indications of opening.
Tbb Weather appears to be yielding to a
partial consciousness that the advent of Spring
commonly the season for birds, blossoms
and balmy breer.es it an accomplished fact
N svlgation has opened at the ijpper end or the
lake and regular communication between the
cities of Cleveland and Detroit has been estab
lished. - .
A vote of the Stockholders of the Farmer's
Nst Bank on the 3rd lust., was unanimous for
aa Increase of stock 50 per cent., making now
Uts working eapttal $150,000. The amount
of Increase will be divided among the old
stockholders,' except when they fail to accept
or claim it, when other parties may come lu
to share and enjoy It
i ' ..I i
8. 0. Maw Ji Co.. of Baltimore, Md., haye
sent us a little attachment for kerosens lamps
that is "designed to prevent explosion. It
seems to us that it will be effectual. The
pries is only 50 cents, and is well worth a
trial. Accidents from ths use of kerosene
bars become so common that anything that
wlH tpikfl U more safe Is a public benefit
GngKMEB Pastdbks. TheTtev. Mr. Ayrrs
who bsd accepted a call to the Congregational
church In this place, has found a more attract
ive field up in Vermont, and signified bis in
disposition to fulfill bis engagement here. The
desk was supplied last Sunday as heretofore
fat sooas weeks post, by Prof. Smith, of Ober
JjD, who, w believe, Is expepted ta continue
to offytizffi for the present,
XVbovRn. It is about an established fact,
says-the Sentirul, that the Mahoning Coal Rail
Road Compaiiy, from Youngstown via Vienna,
will Intersect (be Jamestown branch at about
one-fourth mile south of Andover centre, with
side track running a the dpot, Capt Keen
and J, B. Morley, Esq., have been engaged by
ihs coiupaoy (or soma time past procuring the
right of Wy. 4 are just about through their
labors.' .- ' ' ' ' ' ' '
H, ' Camp. Ashtabula boys show what
they can 3o, sometimes, when they get away
fromqmp, Johh H. Camp, of St Paul, be
gan business at that place, fifteen years ago, as
A clerk, sad now the pipers of that city an
poynce ibAl ,ba has just epibarked in the
wbolesal dry goods business in a capacious
sraolta fur story store, of 80 by 189 feet in
dimensions. Well, if any one mora worthy of
success -can bs designated, we shall be obliged
to atop and readjust our standard of humanity.
f ifc, Hmmiok Baoth-hs, too, have won
dlallasllaiAk business men, being among the
stoat snvttfsftl! JutaUrdesTcrs M Minneapolis.
. .' f -'''; i! ! ' . ' '' "'
v .i.-1 - -tor,,'.- i- i
Thr Firm Compakixs bars be goA their reg
ular weekly touroouts, the second having tak
en place on Wednesday last Their presence
sturdy In sppesrance,' dauntless and defiant
In their bearing, their tnachblncs in apple ple
order, and themselves punctilious to every
sens of order, ready cither for a long or
strong pull always Inspires a senne ot security
of property and person. Msy their dsyg of
usefulness be long drawn out, and their cup
oi pleasure mat seems to flow from llio per
formance of arduous duty, or Its rtinein
brauce, never settle to the dregs.
lniM08CHURcnwisR,got a little mixed In
the Editor's bmln lsst week, which exposed
i lie poor fellow to some Jeers and laughur
among the thoughtless and giggling numbers
or society. The three gentlemen who bad
been elected Trustees of the Presbyterian
church, by a little thoughtless dasli of the pen
were turned over to the Coaerevaiional fold
LFortunately, the mixing and moulding of so"
cieiy ny me village Editor don't amount to
a great deal, so these officers did not feel so
much "like a cat in a strongc garret," as they
might have done if Ibis hud beeu more of a
verity than n inadvertence.
I ue Ulrard Vomopolil, alter a few weeks
suppression, again makes Its welcome appears
ance at out sanctum, under the auspices of J.
ACM. Bender. Its tone and ability seems
tuny up to its former standard, and In size and
appearance about the same. We understand
that Mr. Dan Ricr Is no longer identified
with it, and that its revenues, represented as
ample for meeting lu expends, will now be
devoted to that very proper aud legitimate
end. Under the management of Mr. Stow k.
its former editor, It had attained a more thau
ordinary popularity for a local journal. Msy
its former position be more than sustained.
Aaskkll is wailinir and watching for cus
tomers, sod not without entoursiiinir results.
as nobody ever thinks of shopping without a
little enjoyment of those smiles, so child like
sod bland that play all over his countenance,
when he has a fine stock of tasteful seasona
ble goods on display. The present is a favor
able time for making a call, for besides the
pleasures which his well arranged and well
stocked store affords, he seems doubly happy
in his domestic relations, as we judge from the
earnest invitation extended to the Editor, to
can ami see the finest little wnif that ever
opened eyes upon this world, recently loft at
nis House by the man that attends to these
A Chanca to Win $50,000, and. at thr
Same Time, Aid tiir Sick and Destitute,
The sale of tickets in the Grand Legal Enter
prise at Omaha, in aid of Mercy Hospital, un
der the auspices of the Sisters of Mercy, will
be continued till May 30(h, when the drawing
wilt positively take place, in open public.
This chsritable enterprise enjoys the confi
dence of the Governor, and the best business
men of Nebraska ; also, the Mayor aud Presi
dent of the Board of Trade, Omiiha. . Highest
prize, $50,000. Total, $150,000, in cash. The
tickets ere $3 each, or two for $5. For full
particulars, address Patter & Gaudikkr,
Business Managers, Omaha, Neb.
Job Kkkves, an old townsman, to whose
skill we arc indebted for many of the tasteful
ly wrought monuments to be seen at Chestnut
Mill cemetery, alter tuking the rounds of
Warren, Erie, etc., finds Ashtabula about as
good for a steady rcsideuce as the best of them,
has returned to engage iu business with Hart
Udy, on Center street, where the beet work in
marble, granite and sand stone, may hereafter
be fouud. Those who are capable of discrim
iuatlng between mechanical taste and excel
lence, and illiterate butchery, as much of the
m mument cutting is, will be ulad to know
that there is a place iu town where their pul
ronage may be bestowed.
Library op Pok'tuy J. B. Fobd & Co-
Park Row, New York. We have received a
copy of this work, and feel that we have one
of the greatest literary treasures. "It is un
doubtedly what iu preface claims it to be, 'the
choicest and most complete general collection
of poetry yet published.' It will be deemed
sufficient proof of the judicious character of
the selections, and of their excellence, that
every poem has taken its place In the book
only after passing the cultured criticism or
Mr. William Culleu Bryant,' whose portrait
constitutes tho fitting froutisplece of the vol
ume. The work could buvo no higher en
dorsement Mr. Bryant's introduction to the
volume is a most beautiful and comprehensive
critical essay on poets and poetry, from the
ciays oi -tue lamer or JSnglish poetry', to the
present time. No othtr tUction we know of u
a naritd and ttmplete at this ; and it must find
its way into every library and household where
poetry Is road and appreciated."
Poor Lo 1 Excavations for Paul Cheney's
national mansion at the Harbor were beirun
last week, and in their progress developed
some rather interesting relics ot the mut
Some three or four feet below the surface the
skeletons, more or less decayed, ot eight
Indians, whose bodies had been buried there
many years since, were found. How lonir
since, of course is a subject of conjecture, as
there are none to tell the story of those days
when Poor Lo lazily stretched himself upon
tne nigh, green bank of the lake, with its
bouutifulexpanse of shimmering water.monarcb
ot all be suryeyed. That they were Indians,
there can hardly be a doubt, as legend has it
that this was one of the resting places of the
groscr parts of those whose spirits bad rone
to the celectial bunting grounds, and the en
joyment of the society of the great spirit
Besides, their positions, side by sldo, with
heads to the west, after the Indian mode of
burial, seems to confirm this conclusion. The
bones were much decayed, many bud crumbled
to dust, but the skulls with their teeth, and
the larger and denser bones, were all tliut hud
Withstood the tooth of time. Some of these
were taken by our citizens for preservation
Whether the fact ot so many belnif found to
gether, rather indicating a simultaneous
sepultre. is evidence of war, pestilence or
famine, are matters for speculation. Similar
deposits have before beeu thrown out in this
vicinity, thereby strengthening tbe opinion
that this ws a place of sepultre. for the
aborigines of the soil.
We are informed that we were in error In
saying that tbe government bad soma tea
acres upon the brow of the bill. It seems
that Hubbard & Co. own" tne brow of the
bill, and that the government DoaaeaMlon I.
only )i of an aore between that and Uie house
lot or j. u. HuLBRRT.. . As our informant
was the light bouse keeyer, we naturally sup
posed there could be no mistake about it
Supervisors Electd at tho late tow nth Id
election i
District No. J-Wm. Crandall. K
-L. K. Shaylor,
8 D. Beckwfth. ,
- Win. Brown.
B P. Sweet.
0 Geo. P. Fargo,
j - 7 D, R. Rogers.
-w. .8-F..RflFassett.
i .A3-.'i!NA. Election.
- ; lO-Emory
Public Expenditures.
It Is well for every person, once A year, lo
tske Recount of stock and settle with them
telvrs. It makes but little difference In wbst
their stock consists, It Is well for them to know
how they ttsnd, whether they can show ro
grest and an accumulation of capital. This
rule holds good when applied to cither finan
clat, mental or moral development In fact, It
Is the only safe way to manage business of
any kind, end the men or w oman, or body
of men, who shrink lrom a settlement of
this kind, tire moral cowtrds, and will proba
bly prove themselves failures sooner or later,
aud bankrupts financially, mentally and m.ir
ally, frequeut settlements, prove checks
to worthless expenditures and keep one with
in the line of his resources. If tbit rut Is ob
served there will be no danger as to how one
will;come out at the end of the year. But if
we branch out in business without regard to
the amount of capital we have to begin with,
and the amount of our resources upon which
to depend in case there comes a lull or a tern
porary reverse in our Dustiness arrangements,
trouble aud dicaster is sure to follow, which
Is sure to prove tho best evidence of our un
fitness to occupy a position of responsibslity
and trust. . .
By liurcc of Its own logic, this brings me to
an exumlnalion of the wov lu w'llch our noli.
ltc schools have been managed during the past
year. I am aware that you culled upon our
School Board to give a detailed statement of
their finuncisl condition, intimating to them
the advantages that would accrue to them by
thus doiuir.nnd 1 hsve been anxiously looking
lorsucua report, but up to this time 1 huve
been disappointed. It seems to me thot these
gentlemen shrink from the consequences of a
simple, pluin statement of fuels such a state
ment as will enable us all to see Just how this
branch of the people's business is conducted,
and whether these men have proved them
selves worthy servants. It is nn unpleasant
tusk to perform, I assure you, this looking into
what may be considered the affairs of others.
aud I would not do It wero 1 not a friend of
common schools, nnd acting up to my con
victlom of duty. I have all my life seen the
benefits to be derived from a proper and
correct manucemcnt of the common celumlu
or our county. I believe the only sure way to
inunage them is lo be careful in so couduclinjr
their nuances as lo make them self-supporting,
avoiding as for as possible, the necessity lor
asking for increased taxation; and when It
does become neceraarv to aalc for mirh in.
crease, It is highly Important that tho people
should have Implicit confidence in the honesty
ana auility or those who ask it There is no
way so well calculated to inspire and maintaiu
that confidence as an open, frank und candid
showing st all times a lull nnd complete rec
ord of a Board of Directors whose duty it is
to handle monies thus collected.
In the abseuco of a report from our School
Board, I am left to gather such facts as I can
reach from unofficial sources. At the com
mencement of tho last fiscul year, there was
In the treasury, goo.
Received from all sources during the
year, 8.800.
, Total, 12,700
Am t of expenditures accounted for, $ 8,004
Am't on hand at the close of the fiscal
. 800.
Am't not accounted for, 8,800
Total, 127007
I find In a statement made by the Beard, an
item of $G00 for wood and continge 'ntie. What
these contingencies consist of I am unable to
conjecture. It has tho look of something not
Just right, and it would have beeu much more
to the credit of the School Board had they
made it plainer. I would like to have these
gentlemen tell us bow much of the public
money they have used during the past year In
the book business, aud what disposition they
made of the $100 they took from the treasury
recently and passed to the credit of the book
fund give us a statement showing the neces
sity of this transfer. Please, give us also, the
amount it cost us for teaching the German
language In our schools, and whether the ben
efits deriyed from the personal influence and
teaching of the Professor was equal to the
amount it cost.
I hear, gentlemen, that the outlook is not as
creditable to yourselves as you wish, and that
you begiu to feel a little disturbed about the
financial future of your school, nnd thnt you
propose to maintain the present high 1 standard
of Die schools on credit, depending upon some
change iu the future that will help you out of
your troubles. Now then, gentlemen, if you
begin to see breakers ahead, I adviso you to be
gin to shorten up and take in sail, throw over
board a portion of the cargo, about ship, and
you will find plenty of water and fine sailing.
You cau very easily do this, by giving up the
school book business, in which you have beeu
and now are, unlawfully using the public
mouey, reducing salaries you hnve been pay
ing in consequence of this book business, and
bring all your other expenses wliiiin the line
of your resources. In this you will find safe
ty and success. But If you do not heed these
warning signals that arc now so essily seen by
those who are not members of your Board,
you will find, In time, a bankrupt treasury and
ruined school, and demonstrate your unfit
ness for the place you occupy.
Upon the partial retirement, In April, 1871.1
from office or a Board or Aldermen, who, by
their official acts, had proved themselves a
disgrace to our village, we louud ourselves In
debted something over $11,000, with compara
tively nothing to show for this reckless ex.
pendlture of money. On the 1st day of April,
1872, the balance of this Board were cast over
board and swept from positions of public
trust which they bad disgraced for the past
two years, by on utter disregard of duty in
their management of our fluunces. Either
from a sense of shame, or a fear or conse
quences, they neglected to the last, and finally
retired from office without performing a duty
made plain by the statute, to wit : on page 31
of the Statutes of Ohio, passed April 18, 1870,
Volume 57, you will find the following law
"The Clerk ahull, on or before the third Mon
day of March of each year, make and enter
In the record book of the corporation, an ac
count of all the receipts aud expenditures of
the corporation of the preceding year, stating
from. what sources the money was received,
and for what purposes expended, and showing
the exact condition of the several funds of the
corporation. Also, be shall cause a condensed
statement of such account, which shall be ap
proved and certified to by the Mayor, to be
posted up at the places of holding elections
for officers of the corporation, on the 1st Mon
day of April, annually. And the Clerk tW
publish the tam in tome newtpapir published or
of general circulation in the corporation, at least
flte day prior to thtfirU Monday of April."
I italicise tbe last clause of tbe law, as I re
gard it the vital feature of ths law, and that
feature in which the people have tbe greatest
interest. Why these officers have disregarded
this plain provision of the statute, is not for
me to say but I will say this, that the Clerk
was well versed In tbe law and understood
well bis duty.
I bop among tli first official acts of lb
new Mayor and Council, thry will cause to be
made out a full and complete statement of the
sets of the old Board and have it publiahed In
the TtUgrnph, that we may all see what has
been done, the psst year, by these unworthy
I have made this article much hnger than I
expected to when 1 commenced, and yet I find
the subject so fruitful I hardly know where to
Nxw Road. We are at length, to have a
new road to the Cemetery. A purch-.so has
at length been effected of 4 13 100 ef an acre
or the flat lying north of the enclosure, or Mr.
A. C. Fox. The laying out aid working or
the rond Will be bcitun at once, starting
In fiotn Main street, north or the Glllleltc
shop, at right angles, running some hair
wny to tbe bank or the creek, thence at an
obtuse angle, strelchini off lo a point ab ut
midway ol the Cemetery nor:h line, th uce
east to the high bank and rising that eminence
around Its eastern declivity. The plat pur
chased lies between tills line or road and the
bank, which, after laying out the road, will be
cut up Into building lots. We cjnnot but
think that a much plcasixnter route would have
been Ibat suggested by us some time slnce.along
the bank, making a beautiful and picturesque
drive, easily drnined, mere direct saving one
angle, nnd witli a greater saving in ares. The
purchasers, however, take a different view of
the matter, and we suppose they must be in
dulged. Consideration $300 per acre.
Councii. met on Monday evening last with
a full Board and Mayor Seymour i.i the chair.
The Clerk being absent. O. W. Dickinson was
made Clerk pro tern.
Jumcs II. Sinclair presented a bill for ser
vices In taking care of Hook and Ladder
Trucks, etc., of . aiq qo.
which was referred.
Street Commissioner Merriman.
for gravel and labor upon t'.ie
roads, presented bills as follows,
which were ordered paid:
For himself and team, $27 88.
John M'Brone, 2 18.
II. M'Gargle, l 75.
John Aur, 83.
Mrs. Saruh Smith Gravel, 0 15. 38 84.
Mayor's sularv-
last quarter
25 00.
Discussion sprung up in reference to the lib
erty pole, bused on the fact that Ihe Corpora
lion hud paid $10 for straightening it up, tak
ing dswu the topmast, and rendering it secure
airainit toppling .over upon the beads of our
citizens. This fuel, in tbe opinion or Council
man Geoppcnger, called Tor action of the
Council, making It cither publii properly, ex
posing it to the axe, or a re I'll nil inu' of (he $10
to (lie village coffers. " As it was thought a lit
tle difficult to fix responsibility for nn act that
ttie Corporation had performed upon lis own
volition, the molion was laid upon the table.
There remaining no business before the old
Ronrd, an adjournment was bad with Ihe ex
pectation of swearing in the new one, but le
gal impediments were found in tho way no
official notice having been civen of tbe elec
tion of the new officers, ond tho Cfcrk having
ten days allowed fcr that service. noiMnir
could be done. At the previous mectimr of
the Council, there was shown a very com
mendable and disinterested feeling or econo
my. Votes wero passed cutting down the sal
ary or Mayor from $100 a year to $00, aud
the Clerk from $50 to $1 for each evening
when a record was required. . As this action
was only to affect the Incoming officers, the
impartial propriety of the thing is not to be
eLtirely over-looked.
Council. At nn adjourned meeting of
Council with a bare quorum present, on Tues
day evening, J. II. Sinclair's bill was cut
down one-third and passed, $12 00.
Printing bill, passed, 350.
One day trying cases by Mayor,
passsed 1 60.
Police service Ym. Rennick's bill,
one month, 50 00.
Phillip Kline's bill month or less, 35 00.
Adjourned to Saturday evening 8 o'clock.
Tho Manufacturer's Loan Association made
a purchase, on Monday last, of the corner
room now the office of the Ashtabula House,
which they Intend to proceed at once to fit up
for the office or this Institution. Possession is
to be given iu a few days, as landlord Wakm
ington shall be enabled to fit up his waiting
room across the hall in the rear, for office pur
poses. This is one or the best stands In the
village, and no reason, on account of con
venience of location can nreveni success to
both the new banks, as they both have been
alike fortunate in this respect. The price paid
for this corner room was $4,250.
We notice that E. H. Fitch, Esq., as we
write, Is vacating his office tor his successors,
aud he is domiciling himself In the 2nd story
of Fisk block, where law and equity will be
dispersed without let or hindrance.
Court Proceedings.
The following ce hare beun (111 posed of In the
Aihlabula Comity Common Pleas Court:
E R Spencer vs Herbert R Spencer, et al ;
Pattition. Report of commissioners examiued
and confirmed.
Sarah Pe'tit vs Isaac Trunx ; civil. Jury
Issue verdict for plaintiff for $3,000.
The Home Insurance Co., of Cleveland, vs
J J Sturtevsnt, et ill; continued.
Jus J. Hill vs Lyman Nuvvlon et alSi tiled.
J F Seiberling & Co. vs Andrea Coy ; civil.
Judgment by deluult for $144.88.
Aullmnn, Miller & Co. vs Lafsyette Dickin
son et si ; civil. Settled.
Muriua Uolcomb vs Warren 8a meant et ul ;
civil. Judgment for plaintiff for $059.12.
Hessin & Myers vs R E Boweu it, Co ; civil.
Dismissed at defendant's cost.
E Johnson vs A J S Barnes; civil. Con
tinued with leave to defendant to answer.
E II French vs Charles Spencer j appeal.
Judgment for plaintiff for $88.27. .
Ohio vs Horace Pungburn; telling liquors,
etc. Second count lu indictment nollied, plead
guilty to first and fined $20 and costs.
James F Johnson vs Clayton M Arthur;
appeal. Contiuued with leave lo plaiuliff to
file petition.
' Ohio vs Silas T Steffy; peace warrant. Dis
missed for want of prosecution.
Mary E Stevenson vs Thomas Stephenson
et al ; partition. Report of commissioners
examined and confirmed.
Frederick M RobfiiBon vs David B Stanton
civil. .Dismissed without prejudice.
Orlando Miller vs Obed Di Obeli; civil.
Defendant has leave to amend his answer in
stanter, Same filed aud continued. i
John Pbillins vs J W Boyd et al ; clyil.
Heard upon demurrer of defendants' to peti
tion 1 same sustained. Plaintiff has leave to
amend and continue!
Ohio vs John LsGrsnge and Angelica Cul
vert assault and battery. Continued. -
Ovid Pinney vs G W Cummingsj civil.
Henry Tidd vs Win Tidd et al 1 partition.
Report of commissioners confirmed, a answer.
Geryls Ford ys Wm Hendry; civil Con
tinued with leave to plaintiff to reply.
Wm Webb vs Wmtttolickcri civil. Settled
at defendant's costs.
James O Smith vs Samuel Gilbraith et al ;
civil. Settled and each party to pay one-half
of the costs.
W R Alien vs Chaa L Loomis et al 1 clv
Continued. - -
Bubcock & Co vs J B Phillips 1 civil. Con.
tlnued with leave to defendant to answer.
Margaret Phillips vi David Phillips; all-
tuony. Dismissed.
it o Hunt vs Edward Curbss et nx civil
Judgment by default and sale of mortgaged
premise ordered, ' - 1 t '. ' , .
Promotion Tb 'resignation of Superin
dent Hatch, ef the LS.sM. 8. road made a
vacancy which hat been filled by tbe promo
tion of Chief Engineer Painr, and this vacan
cy bat lo turn opened the way for th advance
ment of Mr. Chas. Collins from Division to
that of Chief Englneer-a place for which bit
long experience and service of the company
eminently qualify hlin. His general popnlari
ly and the favor enjoyed by him, especially In
this place, will lead msny to rejoice not only
in hla good luck but also that of the compa
ny that is to enjoy his fidelity aod cspacity
for ntcfulnese.
Kino City Is to have considerable additions
tliis Spring. From this place, we bear of
three trsous who are preparing tut a removal
thither. Mr. II. A. Hkndrt goes out In time
for tuning a paper for the colony In Jane, to
oe caueu tue w ruerton ltmee; Mr. Sam. Al-
C 'CK baa sold his house and lot to Mr. Geo.
Wll.LAKD. preparatory for rcmil n.l Mr
biMKON Waitr of the Lake Shore, has told
Ids farm Tor the same purpov. A like contri
bution from other towns in the county will no
douul swell the population or this crowinir lo
PRRACniNO. Rev. Mr. I)i..f.A NOV lll
preuch nn Sunday mornlnir nexl. at F.ut Vii.
i:igc, at tne usual uour, on "Uod s Method of
Duivauon. nnu in tne anernoon. at i fit, i, nr.
Lttall, on "Who are the Infidels."
.... ... . ' -
The Township Elections.
Harpbiisfield. Tniitut, H.Curtis, D. Van
Epps, A. i. Purke ;
Clerk, J. Hump Sclicverell j
Treasurer, B. F. Luther ;
Alienor, S. Olinttead ;
Constable, A. E. Billington, Edward Philips.
Hartrohove. Truiteee, Ben. Norris, Chas.
Warner, Charles Gladding ;
Clerk, E. W. Hunt ;
Tretiiurtr, Nelson Uriswold ;
Assestur, O. S. Davis ;
Constables, 1. J. Marsh, J. P. Uoxhorn.
Gkkkva. Trustees A P .1,, I, 1
- , ... v VUUUWU, . (J
binitli, A. W. Ward ;
Clerk, li. Brett ;
Treasurer, II. B. Stevens;
Axsessur, O. A. Fuller;
Constables, C. Burthlomew, M. L. Fitch.
Windsor. Trustees. S V, VViUnn n
Mcliitosh, E. Wiswell ; ' '
Clerk. A. i: Cook ;
'Treasurer, B. li. Austin ;
.lMor, E. D. Gleuson ;
Constables, Suinuel Rawson, Franklin Nye ;
Justice Tease, E. J. Adams.
Plymouth Election Clerk Wm. Mann.
'Trustees Ann L. Coif I. It trulfnian i;.-.
Jones. ..... '
'Treasurer Randall Seymour.
Assessor--O. W. Mann.
Const.UUS. M. Harper.
Caatorla a uhflltuje for eartor oil s rcireuble
preparation coBtalning nch her mineral, nioriih ne nor
alcohol, it ta plrauiu lo take, duea nut nauieatv, and
oueraiea when all other reinediee failed. Dr. Pitcher
haa experimented fifteen )ear in producing a prepara
tion more elHcient than eaalor oil, without ila horrid
Uite. 'I lie Caetorle n-RUlatea the ryttem j turea con
stipation, Honiach ache, croup and flatulency, and kllli
Hotinr. It dot'b not diatreav or jrrlpc. lijr ila quieting,
aoolhilij; effi-ct it produces natural nlpop. and la particu
larly adapted lo crying aud teething children.
We denlre pliyi-lciana to teat tills article, and will
forward three bottles cratis to the address of any one
so authenltealed. In.ift that your druggist order it for
yon. li costs hot SO ceuta. aud one pottle will save
many doctor's bills. got
To Colonial CiolMeT West.-1-nv yonr tiekels
over ihe "Old Reliable" idisaouiu Pierre Railroad,
Ihe popular mule from St. Louis to Hedaila. Ft. Scott,
LawrencR. Ktn City. Alchlnson, St. Joseph. Omaha.
Denver, aud all points In Missouri, Kansas, Nehra-ka.
and Colorado, to which people are moving. Thia I.in
has an unexcelled equipment in Una dav coaches. Pull
innn'a palace sleepers. Miller's Safety Platform and the
patent Htbam liKEAK.ai.d ita reputation ror prompt time
and sure connections, ia proverbial. For valuable in
t.irmation a-nd aasistance.and to make neat iai. ahbangb
btknts at lowest ratea otferjd hy any line, call neon or
addrei-sl.u. WIIKELKH. Airent Missouri PacMcRi.il.
load. 7S Lloyd Street, Buffalo, JJ. Y.: or E A. FOItD
General I'asfuuyer Agent, St. Louie, jlu. No trouble to
answer qustions. 55 y
The HMoryefa National Hemeelr. Here
the hUtory of the most celebrated Ionic of the ape In
nutshell. In ItniO It was announced that a certain
eonibinailr.n of vegetable tiiL-redlents. with a pure
diriusive stimulant, was working wonders In the cure
chronic dvsp.psia, nervous debility, liver complaint,
periodical fevers, rheumatism tud constitutional weak
ness. The unpretending name given to tbe article waa
Plantation Bittkbs. The etaiemcnt attracted the at
tention of Invalids everywhere. The new f.m.r M.
eelved a fair trial, and the reaulta more than eontlrmed
11 inn nao oeen aaiu id lie praise. Thenceforward It
waa a grand success. The businoaa eolnmna of the
presa spread the glorious news far and wide, and the
martyrs to indigestion, btlliouanesa, physical prostra
tion aud premature decay, as if by common consent.
sonznt relief lrom thu new veiretahla resti,ratlT Thm
found what they sought. From that time to the present
tne increase in tne demand for Plantation Hitters hat
ueeu one oi me most striking events in tun age.
All tbe World' m Mace and ail tho people
merely players, and we surmise that a large portion of
me ifiutirs ii,crvn musi pn ning mat jusny popular
picfHiiutMtu iut me icciH, rragraiii ouzoaoui. lrom
the iinmease demand there fa lor thai article, the most
deligbtnil, convenient and efticacioua beaiuiner tud
preserver of the teeth the world ever produced.
Spalding's Ulue, useful In every touae.
Holloway'a Pllla. In crowded cities, malaria
and toga an; breathed over and over again, till the
iruiigvsi lungs are incaiaoie 01 producing pure blood,
hence the siuggir-hnese of mind and bodv. th wmHhm
and Irritability of many persona during this season of
iue year, i nese meoicines neliirallxj tnese Impnritlcs.
and give vigor to the head, heart and stomach. 16 centa
per box or pot. .
DIED. Announcements free: Commendatory Notices, half rate
In Burr Oak. Mich., on the 80th lust., Mrs. Wsas,
wife of Ezra Webb, late of Ibis place.
In this town at the Harbor on Wednesday last.
Maktiia Jams, wife of Capt. M. C. Wright, aged 3a
In Rochester. N. T., April 6th, Paor. A. H. East-
aged 6S years.
Plantation Bitters.
S. T.18G0 X.
'TlTTS wonderful vpgf-talte rentbratlve
the heet-nchor of tbe ft'rolo and debilitated. At ft
tonic mid cordial for Ihe ajd and languid it bae po
equal among Momachic. A a reinrdy lor tbe ticrvoua
weakum to which women aru tiecially euliject, It la
upncdluK every other eilmnlant. In all rlimfttea,
tropical, temperate or frigid. It act a a perilk in eve
ry vpeciea of disorder Which undermfi.es tbo bodily
atreugtU and bruaki down tbe animal aplrlta, 114?
1 Beautiful Woman!'
.i , i . -. 4
ll. t
HAeAlftft MAGNOLIA II A LIU arlwlolaa
CompleAloa ( frswltacaM ol
Hasak's hUaaoiu Haist oraromeea the lushed sd
pearauce eajixod by kest. nulgae aud excitement. It
makes the lady of forty appear hut twenty, aud so nat
ural and perfect that no person can dcucl Ila applica
tion, by He nae tne roiigbael skiu la aaade to rival the
pure radiant texture ol youlliul beauty. It remove
redness, htotchss, and nluplea. It coaislna BoUiiug
that will Injure the akin la Iue least.
MaaaoLU Bauf le need br all aisrilsaahls ladles ta
Hew York, Loaooa. ana ran, it aajv
BwtJ sad mti ay t f) warns. east frnts
J V. e
.1 "t
Kiln-aried, All JUue Dear for
. $1.75 to $2,25
TlIE SoWriW, Waz on v inert of Ihe
iTfuXv. :lK.,&tr mtie "-
Astonisldng Low Prices,
Au4 all other foods la hla Use in the same ratio for
iASii, aud asb only.
"Small Profits and Large Sales"
I ny motto In the future. A larre efcick of Sash
iNiuas. anri uoo,ra constantly on hand. Over
m "onorwg nmerf-nt varinlte
of M-mldlnga, aeroll Hawlnr done on short
A Ijtirge Stock of
Oa hard. Also s large atock of Siding, Celling and
f all and e before yn0 hiv, a ! am dvtennined to
make It an object f.,r the people lo buy of me.
Offlee and Mill opposite Cliur'h Park, f lret. Vain
AhtibuJIa r,7 u. I n.liV,
The Immense demand for IIOLLOWAY9 PiM.Sand
OINTMF.ST. has tempted unprincipled parties to
eonntertelt these valuable medicines.
In order to protect Hie public and ourselves, wc have
,--,iu uew iniue-narx. consisting or en Eirtiiilau
circle of a serpent, with the letter II in tbe cer.irs.
Eyrv box of ,eniiliierlAl.lxWAT'aPiLU and Oistvbnt
ill It ,rde m,ko1' " re Ifuuiue with
N. T. Cbisical Co., Sole Proprietor,
' TO Maiden Lane. New York.
Jouk D. Pake, Cincinnati. Ohio, Sol Agent for the
. li67y
New Draw Feed,
Ita Juat been received, and la now th But Family
Macuini In the market. It makes the
Lock Stitch, la Simple, TVoIacle,
Eaallr Operated,
and very effective. We want GOOD SEWIXG MA
CHINK AOENTS In all unoccupied territory, to whom
we win eive me most unernt terms. Tne ELLIPTIC la
tlw EASIEST MACHINE TO BELL In the market.
General Agenta,
Deposit Insurance
la a new form of LITE ISSUE ANCE. originated and
Juat Introduced by th old and popular
Insurance Co.,
It la confidently recommended as tsJt superior to
all respects to any Tontine or other plan upon which
payment of pronta la deferred. Insurance on all th
tuual plana 1 offered by thia company at far Lower
Bats thaa art charged hy other mutual Companiea,
U Tt-eow Ashtabula. Ohio.
This Cut Illustrates tfio mis.w of Utlng; ' i"2 '
DR. PIEROB'S ' tl.Sffl
Fountain Nasal Injector, jjsi
all " ry x.
6 ill i Til a.Tl Pal
Thia Instrument la especially designed for the per.
feet application of
It fa the only form of Instrument yet Invented
with which fluid mutliciiio can be carried high vp
and peredlu applied to all pans of Ihe anected parol
tiasaea, and thu chambers or cavities communicat
or therewith, in which sore ami ulcers freouemly
oxtst, and from which the catarrhal discharge gene,
rally pocaeds. The want of surcera in treating
Calarru heretofore has arisen largely from Ihe iuipos.
eihility of applying remedies to these cavities and
ch&'.noor by auy of the ordinary methods. Thia
Usucle in the way of effect in a cores la entirely
overcome by the Invention of the Douche. In using
this inurnment, th Fluid Is carried hy Its own sljhC
(ne snuffing, forcing, ar sumping being required,) up uue
nostril lu a full ueutly flowing stream lo the hieheet
portion of the nasal passaee, aasea Into and ihor.
oirgaly cleauaes all the tubes anil chambers connected
therewith, aud flows ut ol the apposite nostril. lis nte
Is pleasant, and so simple that a child can under,
eland it. Full audi explicit dlroetlona
accompany each Instrument. Whea used with thia
Instrument. Dr. sage's Catarrh Remedy mrea recent
attack of ' VoleT 1st ! " by S few p
pliuttona catarrh. Frequent heads
ache, discharge falling into throat, ftometimoa pro
fuse, walery, thick mucus, purulent, ufuiueive, Ac,
In other a dryness, dry, watery, weak or inflamed
eyes, stopping up or obstruction of naaal passages,
tlngint- la ears, daaiuwa. hawking and coughing to
clear throat, ulcerations, acab from nicer, vole
altered, nasal twang, offensive braatb, impaired ox
total deprivation of sense of emell and taste, diaxk
aess, mental depreaslon, loss of appetite. Indigestion,
enlarged tonsils, tickling cough, ltc. Only few of
these symptom ar likely ta be pnaieat ta auy caaa
at on tlm.
Ir. ( Catarrh Remedy, when sed
with Dr. Mrce Naaal isoacha, and ao.
eompauled with the constitutional treatment which
la recommended In th pamphlet that wrap each
bottle of th Remedy, U a perfect specific for thi
loathsome disease, and the proprietor offer, In good
ftith, 1400 reward for a can he car, not cure.
Tb fceraedy Is nilldand pleasant to use. containing
Tie strong or caustic drug or poisou. The Catarrh
Bemedy la sold at M cents. Douche at n)-Bta,1
all Itragarlata, or either will h 'iuUd hy pro
jArlcior oa receipt oJifJO ceiit.
f SXt R. V. PIEBCE, w. r, .
! Sole Proprietor.
r ", v bctfXw), v. t.
Petroleum 0
E WISH to iii o our frtf
cnaiomers tnat w tent every rre oi in -wt
Oder It for sale. We will garante all rU
This Is acknowledged hy all ChetutH to be r'.n
Itidwesell lo stand 110 dearer of Seal .-"'"-
aaf for use
f o wl.& to be si r of irellliia- HsV
nv all Chemist to d "v '
yoa want
for safely, glrs as still
i Vjyoss a .
FeVtiary S. 1SH. t,' as-af
Ho ft Hoapfor Sal? I
T.HE mltxcribor had on liAn a lrg
quantity of superior "oftoap, wblrh he Is d.-alrone of
disposing or hy the barrel or In les qnsnllll", at th
uiue raeiory.
Ashtalint. March IMh. 1171.
0IO. OOKlU'lbrilKR.
iii'V tf
ALL r,prson having claims tf'wrja.fc
the unierlned font rectors 6r tbe eonetrortloa
of the Ashtabula ts Jamestown Itallway. must prei.
t hero at the Contractors' ofBe In Ashtabula, not later
than tbe 15th day of April neit. for adjustment. T " T
' tiiitrcVrr.
Paix ksville NunsiiiUKs.
Do yim want Fnilt TrrfH. . '
iJii jroit w uit Minull Fnilta.
lo yon Ha nt Orni.it Vin'-i.
Tr yn want li'lnnt Trm-t.
! jrn wtifit Hnyn Piai'1.
)o J'j want 'niBmn(al Trt.
lo y) want Kvrt;rTwn Treea.
I)o you want Korw JlMthct.
Ilo yon want Home VUnia.
)io yon want Bf!(lintr Plant.
Io yon wnnt I'lautt gflfa-tM from Y hti ffardatia
and ciritif-rvatorloit of Enropt. Anything nfi,l o(
beau fi fill, old or new. It ao. call or arlir-f,
feUli STOtillS, HAKHIBOlf CO.
L A It O E S T
laa t!3. Wopt.
IJeckwifh, Sterling Jt Co,
Art now on'Lint? Xaw vA VhnXcc Psttrni In Flasi
Knifli-h firiiicU, S ii.iir.tir nnd M'Xiiette Carpwta,
Willi lVjni.jri and Itnut to mnT' h, utilikf DTthlii ula
Ir. ).A r...,a..l I.. (I ..;.. A U ...I
ip JntTM.ii, I bru I'lifS, Oil Clolhit, ic.
Alio, a htaatifnl '.lnp of C9 Cnrtalni, fihadet. Tot
fia, and Lamlri'(aia Pulterr.,
Ilarini? purchased onr poodt Twfart! the rac;Tit ad
rincf. v.c aru eoabl'-d to bcilour goods at extrtwrdiA4aj
low price a,
189 Baperlor Street, Cleveland, Ohio,
To wholesale Buvera we sell at Manufactttrars' aad
Xew York Jobliera' pricee.
r'""A full line of L'pholsteiars' Good.
A i work dewerlptlTO of the City of Masai
York; lrtall Ita varlona phaaea.
Its siilendors and wretchedness ; Its high and low lifer
Itsmaihle payees and r!ark dens; Its attractiona aaq
dauber i its Riis and Fvuudt Ila leading men aud
politicin; lis advemurera; ita charities i lte misuj
rles and crimes. ' ,rr
Illnstratefl with nearly 850 Fine Engravlrg.
AESiT1 H l.MKU.-S. jJ for Circulars, an
see our ienus and a full description of the work. Ad.
u:ess .lurirfui ttttttumng t-o.,iuicago iu.. blnlna
Celtic Weekly.
The greatest Illutnited Original Story Paper tsv
America, tciirht new Original Storlea In flrstJ
number. N' lllersry treat snual to It. Ai-ents and
Canvassers wanted In every town and city In the t'nloa.'
SIO a week eas:ly realised by the aale of thia hxtra--
oruiuary in ann American journal, epecimeu copies
free. Por sale by all newsdealer". Price, 6c ; It. 50 per
year. Address, it. J. O'Leakx fc Co P. O. Box .ft
New Tork.
TTie oldest and most reliable Ttltutlon for ohtOnlnaj
a Mercantile Fkluution. r-ntctical ansiaeas men aa
Instructors. For Information, write tors Circular to.
P. Uiwr A Son. Pliiebujgh. Pa.
TreesH.Pknts.SrJe'u; Seeds
Apple and pear Rootgrafta, beet sorts. 10.000, Sao SO
Pear, Sid. Extra, lyr., Bartlett. Ae.,8 to 4 ft .do., t so'
Sla. Prach. bi. it ; Apple, Osage, new, bo., 1S.001
Potatoes, Wbilc Peach Blow, Early Rose, bo., I OS
Seedlings, SvdtHUpl. 000. $1 ; Ash. S: B'm, Sua
Illustrated Vaialogue. HH m. and new Price List, lo.'
F. K. PHOESIX. Bloominmon. lll-
The most valnahle Timber and Nut Producing Trea
on Ihe ominent. 300,000 yet unsold. A lil-paga
citoular free, bend for oue. Chestnut Seed preserved'
fcr plauling. per pound. 5octs.. by mail post-paid. A
15 page Catalogue of Beautiful Flowers and Bare Plant
sent barely by mail any ujetlnce. Try it. Nurseries
established 18 years, sun acres: 9 green-honses. Ad
dress STORKS, HARHISOJ, A CO Palaesvill. Lak
Conntv, Ohio.
ft. II. STAIR dc CO. again offer to their old
Mends and the public a fall aiortmet nt flald.
Garden anal t-'lotver eds, which they conA
drutly recoioinend to all in want of reliable seed.
Send for a Price List, which will be sent free of
cbyae. a. II. STAIR A CO..
March, lsrrt. Cleveland, Ohio.
Supply of Bark Asaared. Price Itedacsd
Bliss. Keene & Co's Fluid Ejtract
Curca Cancer. Scrofula. Syiihilie. Catarrh, Rheumatism,
Neuralgia. Pulmonary i.'owplaluu, I leers, halt Kbeuin,"
rkiu Uiseases, ail Blood Diseases. Is purely vegetable;
IVie but kuoisn hkwi 'uHifer. Sold hy all Draggista.
Price. 3 per bottle, observe the trade mark. Send
for Circular, aomee, 60 CedarM.,Ncw York.
AC E'T8 Wanted. Agents make mors money at
work for us than at anything els. Hnsloas light'
and peimanent. Particulars free. U. 8TLNSU.N 4 CO
Fine Art Publishers, Ponland, Maine. '
UfJ Piano Co., X.-Y. 1st class IS00. NoagenU.
Oi Karnes of Patrons In 0 otates In Circular.
And a good business for one or two person of cifhm
sex In AshtulmU aud ad'eilnglug town, by which yen
cau make from K) to tl pur month, with but lllll
iliterferauce with oniinnry lousiness. Articles ta etapla
aa Hour or eofton rw. A good business for agent.
B it rs IT crs-kiir u k .1 tim.a t a . .1 . . . .t. i . I
If TOUT whole Unit ia irivpn s nnifh ,.., aaVe
chu be mud. Club C'lrculara iruts. glvtntf coinpleta list
of article and co(nmt-ioiji allawtd. Hobtoji. Bblb
nifli an u;nu tv....... . t . . : -m,
Cabinet Organs
The Mason St nAULit OnoAH Co., repecpi)f aa.
nounce the lntrodu,;iion of improsemauU of tnuea
more thau onlinary Interest. These are
bi'lr.g the only sucresfful combluatios of BBAi. PIPEa
with reeds ever uiude ;
which can he Instantly moved to the right or left,
changing the piu h; or Iniusiioaiug th ey. for draw."
Inge uuu descriptions, sec circular.
Now aud Urgent Style of Dabl 111
t'ubluet Orgaus, vt
st 140, !3t. snd :k each. Cvusl.leHng Capacity,
klvjanei, and Ihorvufh r.ctH,nc of WurkmamthJaV
thrv are cheaper thtm aty btort ofereil
..JS Ma,su IIamlim oigaiuj ,- acknowledged
BhM .aud from exUionlluary faeilitlea for murac
ture this Comiwuy cau atfoid, and note undsrtaM to Mil
al prices which render them 11 1
Fora ottavi oboavs $m ch : Fiva octats paA
1 1HS aud upwards. -With three set ceda,l) .
New Illustrated Catalogue and Testimonial Circular
with ojunloua of MOKE Til AS OKU'UOUoaJlli
atLoICfJt8. aout free, 3
151 Tremoat St., Boston. 68S Btoadwy,Xw Yorh
To Advrllra.All pmor-.a who eoateaiptau
making coulracu with newapaptra for tb lnnloa t
Adverllaeoiuni sboulaVteadatu , . I r
Geo. P ' Rowell & Co.,
for a Circular, or enclose S3 cents for their Oas Bsas
dred Pan) Pamphlet, conlalulng List of loot
Newspaper iidetl:ute. showing lb coat of advar
tislng, aUo many useful hint to advertisers, sad SoaM
aocoautof the experiences or me who ar krowa a
Hnaeaaaral A dert laera. This firm ar tbpra
prletor ot the Amwicaa Vcwsnapcf AAantislad
fioy, . ;., , ' ,
. 41 Park Rqw, 1. y.i
and are pc.sed of unequal.! farllltla fc swea
in iiiHmna QTert)einuts In all
t'acUale! t l9t ri.

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