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Ashtabula weekly telegraph. (Ashtabula, Ohio) 1853-1873, May 04, 1872, Image 3

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bollar.a 1 a.. luvarlMr la Advance.
Local & !Miscolitineous.
Ula-ei.-rall kind fur tile at this onto..
Teme. it Hrother have jn.t received a rrefh tul
las market, Try t barrel, lino
mllh. In. PhotnjrntphBr, te dolus; a blif business
loung the lulling cltlrens of Ashtabula,
Go to Cm..KT' fur yonr Doom.
. Bny four Building nisturlnle of U C. Cullet Ashia
balk. r Pet your blinds of ullet.
Cullet has the only sash worth using.
Call nd lee.Ctjt.i.ETS burglar proof lock.
B. L. UnOTERof Klngsvllle, U the only authorised
Kent of the celebrotod Hingtr Sewing Machine, In thla
portlaa of the crimpy.
M. E. CUCHOH. The Eile Annual Conference ot Ita
at aeaalon. appointed Dr. Clamce, tho pmtor, a dele
ft, to the Dett Quadrennial General Conference to
meet in May. Tho aeaslon will contlnuo month or
snore. Daring the abaenca of tho paetor tho following
minister have kindly tnpaented to .ccupy the pulpit :
April 8th, Rer. T. Stabbe, ot Cleveland i Mar 6th,
Iter. A. D. Morton, of Ulrardt May 14th, Prof. J. P.
Villa, Lake Shore aeniaary May lfltta. Uur. B. Kceler,
of Erie ; May 86th. Her. N. Stuhbe. of Erie ; June 2d,
Jaa. Pbllllpe. of Ashtabula.
Wood.?, or 2J feet wood wau led imiiHcli
lely at I big office.
Tbe April debt rcducliou is $12,500,000.
CnAHi.ii K. Bwrrr will furnish (lie C'loreland LhemU
al Paint at Cleveland friax. Call and eec aamplea of
Drake, of the Amliojr House, is about to
replace tbe village Hotel oo tbe old site during
tbe present summer.
Tbe old board of Directors was elected ot
the Railroad meeting on Wednesday-, at Cleve
land. Wr regret to bear of the unfavorable con
dition ol Mr. B. II. Mkbbiam or tbia village.
Ilia beallb la quite precarious.
Tub Aslitauulu Loan Office, urnler tbe mani
pulation of Jambs Kasb nnd Webb Scoville,
1 putting on very comely and tasteful front.
Viets & PA lis u all, in tbo cigar business nt
KinRsville, have dissolved partnership. Mr.
G. G. Vikts will continue tbo business.
Riplet's shingle mill at Kcllogcsville, was
destroyed by fire a few nights bIiicc, inflicting
a loss, U is said, of some $2,000. Cause of fire
Tbe Cincinnati Platform was not carpeted,
but you can find tbe bust assortment of Ilernp,
Ingrain, Three-Ply and Bruueli Carpels in
town, at Morrison's.
Notice. As Mr. F. V. Ulakesleb expects
to attend the Photographic Convention nt St.
Louis, bis rooms will be closed on Monday
next, for one week.
Persons desirous of testing the virlms of the
celebrsted CundurAngo, need not send away
for It, as Cuas. E. Swift has the agency. A
supply Just received.
The Town House part;-, in Saybrook, has
been left alone in their glory by the withdraw
al of the Injunction suit against them. This,
we suppose, is the end of the finlit.
Division Superintendent Kouinson, bus tak
en trip to the Pacific coast for tbe benefit of
bis health, and K. D. Page, our model con
ductor, steps into the place.
Ed. Field and lady, letl ior California on
TTedeusday eveuing lust, Agent Strong fur
ishlog the through tickets from his new agen
cyrate, $130.65.
Tbe great Mnstoclou Show, notwithstanding
the mischiet done to the bills by the winds
and raiiis, will not be forgotten on Friday of
this week. t
... Oerrit Smith tbe life-lorn Mend of Sena
tor Sumner has announced his intention of
supporting General Grunt, for rc-uomiuutiou.
He opposed Lincoln in 1804.
A. H. Stevens, ex-vice president of the bo
gus Confederacy, will bo at Cincinnati to as
sist Horace Greeley in tho Liberal Republican
juovement. '
Omissions. The large spaco occupied tbe
last two weeks by the show advertisement,
rendered it neccsjary to take a little liberty
with some of our old patrons, by a temporary
omission of their favors.
Mr. S. Smith, u citizen il Rome, mysteri
ously disappeared last week, and though
search has bcCn carried on for several days by
the people of the neighborhood, nothing has
been found to solve the mystery.
Tbe Station House at Jefferson is a very
tasteful, pretty affair, aud withul arranged with
' an eye to comlort and convenience. It ap
proaches a completion, and Mr. Castle, the
builder, takes a just pride in it.
Tbb Brown Will Case from Saybrook,
has been occupying the District Court lor
most of the wcck. Large numbers of wit
nesses are In attendance, and every inch is
Fare has been reduced on llieL. S. & M. B.
road 15 cents to or from Clerelaud $1.05 be.
lug the rato since Tuesday last. Fare, to Buf
falo, 60 cents less. The inquiry is why is
this thus t
.Lettuce and Asparagus. Jennings &
Baxaoe remind us that whatever the indica
tions of the weather may be, these vegetables,
on their grounds, have attaiued a maturity for
the table. Very nice, nnd gratefully received.
Dollt Varden tho fortunate young lady
after whom the fashionable dress for nest sum
mer is named, was the charming daughter of
t London locksmith, Gabriel Varden by name,
tad lived la the -reign of George III. It is
supposed she wore shoes similar to those fine
Serge and French Kid just received at
A Large Dai's Work. Mr. F. W. Blakks
I.EE, artist, of this place, Informs us that on
- Saturday of last week, bo took eighteen nega
tives, three of them being views, taken ppu
and a half miles from his place of business.
Also two tin types; every one a success not
miss or failure during the whole day.
I AM. thoroughly satisfied that Simmons'
Liver Regulator I all it cluluis to bo for indi
gestion and Biljous Complaints. I have also
jieartl manv of my friends speak of it, and all
agree that t possesses the virtues claimed for it.
A. H. IIiqiitower,
Conductor M. St Yf. R. R,
i ij j- . -'
Tbe District Court bean ts session Tues
dayJudges Caufleld, Gliddou, Freaae ami
Consul on the beu,ob, Tuero were seventeen
eases pu the Docket, nine p,f which are appeal
, and eight error cases. Argurqeuts In the error
pases have been submitted, bul pa decisions
yet promulgated.
'. A Qooq AqENcr. -The Equitable Life As
surrance Society of New York i Assets $18.,
OOO.OOQ.OQ , Inoorae f 8,000,000,00 t doing tho
largest sure business of any Company ; desire
an sgtspt in Asbtubiia. A good, contract vuu
, be scoured by addressing-
A. Langwortut, Uuo, pist. Agent,
t Tojedo, Ohio,
The School Question.
fr. Editor The object in view In ths open
ing of the school question haying been In a
degree accomplished, It is proper Hint tire dis
cussion growing out iA the Investigation
should bo brought to a close.
I see In a little note of yours in the InM Is
sue of your paper on expressed fenr that Iheso
articles may result In injury to our schools. I
wish lo sny that there Is no grounds Inr this
fear In my Judgment. The only object is In
kocping tho public fully poslcd, so Hint noth
ing shall bo covered lip aud every thing shall
be Hindu plain. Tim public schools of Axilla
buU will live and flourish long after you and
laud all Iho meinben of the School Board
shall bo sleeping our Inst sleep, and the boys
of to-duy will be occupying our places. These
schools are tbo pride of our people, nud they
will bo sustained. The present management
may bo changed and u new policy introduced
if It becomes necessary to thu existence nnd
prosperity of our schools, ludividualsand In
dividual interest must give way when ills
shown that tbe welfare of the schools de
mand it. Individuals composing School
Boards must expect to have their ollleial ncls
criticized, and their management of the
Bchool interest laid open lo public gaze, and
it is folly for them to lake exceptions to it.
Tho sooner they, su'imil to public investiga
tion and yield to the voice of Iho public, the
better It will be for them. lu the opening of
this question of tho management of our
schools the past year, I knew 1 was undertak
ing thut lrom which most people would
shrink, yet it must be done by some one, and I
believed I was strong enough to do il. I am
willing to leave tho results in the hands of my
fellow citizens. If I liovo wrilleu anything
calculated to stop the needless expenditure of
he public money, then I have accomplished
one of the objects I bad in view, and if my
writing will have a tendency to impress upou
tbe mind of the School Board the importance
of lenewed effort to keep their school ex
penses williin the line of their resources, then
I have accomplished iinolher object.
I believe the future prosperity of the schools
will depend largely upon a strict observance,
of these rules. The schools will ultimately
fail if they ure not adhered to, lor these rules
are the very lire-blood of tho whole school
system. Had the School Board paid more at
tention to the discussion that took place
about a year ago, and made a note of some of
the suggestions then made for the government
of their finances, I beiieve their ballauce
shcet would have shown much more to their
credit at the end of the last fiscal year. I rep
resent a large and respectable class of our
people in this investigation, and if the Board
will comprehend the situation the greater will
be the effect upon their minds and the more
utieutiou they will give lo my suggestions.
Tbo amount stated in my lint article ns be
ing the receipts of tho School Board during
the past year, from all sources, appears to
have been too high. My 'informant was evi
dently mistaken. I kuew when I made the
slatcmtut that the Board would have their de
fence, aud could show it lo bo an error if il
was one. I made it without one word of com
ment at the time, leaving it entirely to the fu
ture to be deyelopcd. There was no one more
pleased to learn the fuels thnn I was, for it
was a report of the School Board I was after ;
let thut report strike where it would, I with a
large portion of our people, wanted to see it.
In looking over the report of the Treasurer
of Iho School Board, 1 find on bund April 1st,
1871, $3UG7 12.
Rec'd from all sources during the
year, 4029 08.
Total. o-TsSoTbT
Ordinary expenditures, $G,007 37.
Extrn'iuary expenditures, 1,098 89.
Contingencies, ftsg 8:3.
B.WJi 08.
Showing a ballunco on band
April 1st, 1872, of
Allowing tbe same amount
rec'd from all sources,
as in 1871.
$801 10-
4,029 00-
6.7U0 111.
Sumo system of necessary
expenditures as the
year past, $0,007 37.
We rind the school in debt nl the end of Ihe
present fiscal yeur 277 21. or ia other words,
their current expenses lor Ihe year will exceed
their resources by $1,078 81.
Now gentlemen of Ihe School Board, I
wish to ask you iu all sincerity, if it is no', be
ginning to look us if you would have to take
iu suit, and reduce your expenses? I um In
formed by your report that your scholars
number 450, uli (old. I believe the average,
attendance is about 300. I underjtaud that i
of this number Is iu the infant school depart
ment uud taught by a lady teacher for $350 u
year. Tho balaucu, or other , are taught by
tho remaining seven teachers. I have not tho
spaco or I would show how out of all propor
tion these salaries are divided among thu
teachers. Iu looking over the report, iu this
respect, one is reminded of what Orpheus C.
Kerr would say s ''It is braint, my boy, it U
brains that gets tho money, now a days."
I find an item in Iho report I must mention
before I close, to-wll: $897 08, paid for re
pairs, etc., in tho payment of which I find one
of the members of the School Board directly
interested. I regard this ns being one of (ho
very worst features of this report. Had tho
Treasurer given us tbo dales when the differ
ent sums were paid out in the contingent item
of his account, with a statement showing for
what this money was paid, his report would
have been more acceptable und appeared
much better.
The report has the impress upou it of can
dor and J believe It to be honest, aud far
more to the credit or tbe Treasurer than the
miserable abortion called a report of the book
Mr. Editor, accept my thanks for your
kindness in allowing me the space in your
columns in which I have discussed these
questions oi public interest, hoping and be
lieving that you will receive the thanks of the
people fur the generous manner in which you
open the columns of your paper to a fair aud
free discussion of all questions in which our
fellow citjzeus hare so deep an (merest.
Important to Butter Makers. Our
attention bos been called to the oelebrated
Eureka Churn, the great favorite of Eastern
dairymen, If we may oredit the reports of tho
best farmers, agricultural societies and farmers'
clubs iu New York and New Englaud, where
it has -for tbe last two years met with sales
unparalleled in the history of valuable Inven
tions. Arruugcmeuts have already been made
with Mr- Q- V. Culley ior their tuauufaoture
for Ashtabula county, the more readily to sup
ply the demand fur churns which will be sure
to follow their introduction. The proprietors
are stopping at the AahtabuU House and will
he ready at all times to put their churn in
use iu any dairy In this vicinity and w ill bu
ready in a short time to fill all rdurs.
With each churn Is furnised a valuable
treatise on butler dairying.
Village Colncil met on Monday evening
tout. Mnyor Klni: being a barrel, Councilman
Crosby filled the chair. Trem-nt, CltikTyli-r
and MesHrs. Geoppinger, Faulkner, FW-rce,
Smith and Milkey- Cbclf Engineer Hitchcock
prcaentrd his annual report, and accompanied
it wllh his resignation. The report read and
ordered on file. Resignation not accepted.
Bill by J. II. St. Clair for care of Hook nnd
Lnddet Implements as eudorsed by C. E. al
lowed. Mr. Smith from committee lor moving sew-
cr well In front of the preniists of John
Booth, reported as completed. Accepted.
On motion Hcwlttd, That notice be seived
on parties named below Ior tha repair or re
laying of sidewalks, which work is required
to be attended to within three days from noti
fication: L. W. Smith Nil Hall store new;
Mrs. II. B. Hulbcrt dwelling new j store re
paired, and on Park street new j Seymour,
Strong & Bperry Main Street new E. How.
ell Mall) street new j Mrs. Scoville, Main
street, new j L. W. Smith, Main street, new ;
Dr. Nelson, Main street, new j Mrs. Richard
son, Main street, new j W. W. Smith, Main
street, new Mis. J. II. Thomas, Pari; &. Lake,
Naney Seymour, Pari; Lake, new; .Mrs.
Sawtell, Park, repaired; Geo. Ford, Main st.,
repaired; M. Dickinson, repaired; Jumc.4
ICauc, repaired; O. II. Filch, new ; H. Udy,
Park and Center streets, new ; L. M. Crosby,
Center street, new; T. C. Crosby, Ceuterstreet,
new; Philo Blakeslee, Center tlreit, new ; J.
II. NoyiS, Clieslnut street, new; Robert All
Cock, new; II. E. Parsons, new; C. E. Fox,
repaired ; II. Redhead, repaired ; L. Tyler,
new; Geo. Cooper, new ; Lewis linker, new ;
W. G. Benhuin, new ; L. W. Smith, new ; 11.
Redhead, repaired ; Q. C. Culley, new ; W. O.
Nultall, repaired; L. P. Collins, repaired;
Robert Fuller, repaired ; J. Capendale, new;
James Kane, Main slreel, new ; D. W.Gaiy.
Main slreet, new ; Gipsou Fox, Main street,
new; T. S. Moshcr, new; Chas. Gillette, re
paired; Fisk, Sillinian & Co., new; ILL.
Morrison, new; Mrs. Hall, new; Win. San
born, new ; M. G. Dick, new; I has. Booth,
repaireil; Johu Booth, new ; Mitchell eslale,
new ; F. Carlisle, new ; Win. Butler, new ;
dutch Webber, new ; Edgar Hall, Center street,
new ; Harvey Maun, repaired ; P. F. Good, re
paired ;0. S. Gillelf, repaired; Mrs. Torey, re
paired ; C. R. Vaughn, repaired.
Moved that tho committee on Fire & Water
proceed ut once to repuirlill cisterns needing
Mr. Geoppinger moved tbe following Be il
Jltnolved, Thut Ihe ordinance to regulate and
rest ruin Beer and Porter Houses or Shops iu
Ihe Incorporated Village, passed Jan. 10, 1870,
be repealed.
Mr. Smith offered to amend as follows Bu
it llesolted. That the time limitirg the hour in
said ordinance, for Beer and Poller Houses,
Shops, ice, to close, be exrended from 9 to 10
o'clock, p. ii. Yeas and nays 11,1011 the adop
tion of Resolution us amended Faulkuer,
Geoppinger, Pierce aud Smith yeas ; nays
Gilkey and Crosby. Adopted, to take effect
from uud after passage.
It was moved by Mr. Geoppinger Be it Re
solccil, That the ordiuauce eutitled uu Ordi
nance to regulate and restrain Billiard Tables,
and Billiard Saloons in the Incorporated Vil
lage ot Ashtabula, passed Jau. 10. 1870, be
hereby repealed.
Mr. Gilkey offered to amend IiA Ihe follow
ingBe It lleaolted, That the time limiting thu
hour in said ordinance for closing such sa
loons bu extended from 0 to 10 o'clock. Upou
udopiiug tho amendment, Geoppinger, Faulk
ner, Pierce, Gilkey aud Smith yea; Crosby,
nay. To take effect from passage.
Mr. Smith moved thu appointment of a
coir, m it tec to confer with the Baud and Fire
companies in regard to music lor said compa
nies during purudes tho present year. Smith
and Gilkey appointed such committee. Adj.
Rail Road Matters.
The work of ballasting up this end of tbo
Jamestowu Branch is going on wllh nil the
steadiness nud force consistent with thorough
ness. Thu weather is good, and the material
ut hand of the best quality , but thu labor re
quires much accuracy und persevering ulten
'ion. When done, there will be uo ground
ljftfor couiphiint.
Ckmeteiiv Bridge that over thu railroad
at the cut, is now ready for travel. It was 11
part of thu work embraced in Rouertson &
M'Kenzie's contract, tho buikliug under tho
direction of Charley Lantuy. Its dimen
sions have been heretofore given ; a pasting
uolicu of the job is due. Its design, of course,
the work of Chief Engineer Williams, nnd
needs nothing to be said of its tduptuliou lo
its place and purpose. It is or pine, light und
airy in appeaiunce, und yet firm, substantial
and complete, showing in workmanship ns
well as desin, a disposition to meet the w ants
and approval of botli commissioners aud citi
zens. The approaches, and tho gulf end of
the road for some distauce, aru hat.dsomely
graded and provision made fbr thu proper
dispositiou of water. For u structure of Iho
kind, we are told that il has no superior 011
thu liuo betweeu Buffalo and Cleveland. It Is
credltublu lo uli concerned.
Work wus begun 011 the Yuuugstown branch
of the Jamestown lino last week, ut Andovtr,
and also ut other poiuls along the line.
Morrison, alter a long silence, it will bu
seen, bus inudo his uppeurunco again in our
columns. He has cauitht the spirit thut be
gins to permeale uud leaven our citizens und
business men, thut everything is to experience,
jog, and our growth and importance is to bo
posilivt over-shadow ing reality. Of course,
uo ouu wishes to seo this good time coming
without tbe advantage of being prominent,
by udvertisimi, uinoug competitors. Largo
stocks of rich goods such 11s Morrison in
dulges lu must have a favorable place upou
tbe market, and the people Ihe reading peo
plemust know ot the advantages iu both
qualities and prices, that are lo be found at
this establisumenl. After looking over his
advertisement, go and look over his stock.
J. Mansfield & Co., or Cleveland, ire en
tering into a full tide of a brisk Spring trade
with buoyant hopes and flattering expecta
tions. Wishiug to be remembered by old
Ashtabula friends, they have renewed their
advertisement und offer inducements for
friendly aud bus! ness relations. We are
obliged to defer their favor until next week,
assuriug their customers that It is from a
large and elegant seasonable stock that they
are Invited to select.
Haskell has returned from New York
with his offerings for the season, His long
stay in the Metropolis cannot but have been
productive of Important results, and we ex
pect to see that flue store decorated' fUreVtf W
zaf, and offering all sorts of attractions, will)
which tq supply the present and coming
wants of the people,
M. Guy Washburn, who was injured by
out in the knee from a hatchet, while survey
ing on tbe A. Y. & P. railroad, at Warren, has
so far recovered as to reach home. His knee,
however, is seriously injured, aud there is
reat danger that fee w)l (jaye a bad Joint,
Ti Examination tt candidates lo West
Point sml Annapobs occurred In Wsrren oo
Wednesday of 1I1U week, and was slUiidi d by
some thirty yourn uu-u from tbo different
counties In the District. Tli'-y wern oa the
whole, a very Intelligent nnd r-nrH-ctnlili! body
of men, and moat of them sauted a good ex
aniluallon. Tiny were l-fore Hm Hoard or
Examiners most of the lime from 10 A. M. to
10 P. M., ud were extensively quitted on the
subjects of Oilhognipby, Jtrading, AriihiiK-iro,
Geography, Grammar and U. S. History. The
work of looking over the various papers and
fixing the grade of scholarship of nil these
randidiiles, nccnpled the Hoard till about 5 A.
M., of Thursday morning.
The candidates were kmrwn to the examin
ers only by nuiuhen which tticy drew from a
bat, ud at Ihe final H innning up, No. 38 wus
found to grade t7; No. S;j lo grudn tid, and
No. 10 lo grade Hi ; taking the number 100 n
the standard of perfection, Uicm; numbers
wero the three highest, and as No. 38 bad
made application for the position ut W.st
Polnl uud No 23 had applied for Ihe Cadet
ship, the Board decided in favor of these two.
On openihg Iho envelopes that contained Ihe
names, however, il was round ihe three high
est were all from one county, viz : Ashtabula.
ll.ro was a dilemma. It would not do lo
give both these much coveted positions to one
county, and il was decided to withdraw the
applicant lor the Naval Academy who stood
highest on the list, nnd Ihe next highest prov
ed lo be No. CI a young man from Geauga
eolinly, w ho stood Tin s'; two young uieii
then received Ihe formal approval o!' the
Hoard for these two positions, unit well de
servo these high honors. No. 38 is a Mr.
Saunderf, of Orwell, aud No. 32 a Mr. Chap
man, ol ParUinan ; N'o. T.i is Charlie Eaiiu s,
of Ibis village, and No. 10, Mr. O. C. Pinney,
of Geneva.
New Tr.i.i.hit. Mr. Southwick who has
been the very ready and accommodating Tel
ler ot Ihe Fanners' Naiional, having been, ns
heretofore stated, elected to the cashic rship of
(lie Ashtabula Loan Association, the vacancy
occasioned by an acceptance, has been suppli
ed by Mr. C. C Booth, late of the firm of
Wills & Boolh. Mr. Booth's business appli
cation and competency eminently tit liini for
the place.
Dki'aktliiks. The Vampyre, Capt. Geo. N.
Purmelee, Haskells owners, OiteUa, Capt.
Bently, nnd Iho Wend the Ware, Capt. Wright,
thu tw o last of Hubbard & Co a fleet, were
about reudy to sail on Thursday last, but
would probably await favorable winds. Capt.
Benlly goes to Chicago, and thu Wend the
Ware lo Saginaw after salt.
TilK old Crosby Foundry, on Spring street,
belonging lo David M. Stiiono, has been sold
to Messrs. Howey & Culver, carriage makers,
for $2,5(J0. The property has a frontage of 1)0
feet, und is very Well puichased. The inten
tion is to lit it for the carriage business. The
sluud is 11 very good one und we trust it w ill
be found u prosperous one for our industrious
and worthy mechanics who have made tbo
Capt. W. R. Hancock, of the Harbor, hav
ing uccepted u railroad positiou at Green Bay,
will leave soon lor entering upon its duties,
and becoming 11 citizen ol that place. The
Captain is one of our most worthy cilucns,
and his competency and fidelity iu positions of
business and official trust, have been fully
shown. While we regrel lo part with such of
our cilizeiis, wc cannot but commend him lo
his new friends and field of labor.
Installed. Rev. F. MAgi.NMS was install
ed us Puslor of the Presbyterian Church iu
Rome on Wednesday of last week. Rev. Dr.
Hitchcock preached the sermon. Toe charge
to Ihe Pastor was given by Rev. D. K. Steele,
and that to Iho people by Rev. J. N. McGifferl.
The house of. Mrs. Vikts, living on the
goro load near Amlioy, was burglsirously en
tered, williin n few days, during the absence of
tho family, and a quantity of bedding, wear
ing upparel and otner ankles taken. Though
suspicion rested upon a family iu Ihe neigh
borhood, a search of the premises failed to
furnish ground for suspicion.
Musical Convention.
A Grand Mnalcal Convention will bu held at Anibuj-.
Ohio, commencing at 2 o'clock, p. u. of Tuea'.luy, Muy
1th, Itfli and continue four days. Prof. J. A. l.uttvr
fluld, of t'lilciiL'.), who is Ruining great popularity la
the Vet, and Indeed a conductor and vnculii-t of Ihe
very Unit rank tn Ihe county, w II conduct tho Conven
tion, aoeUled at thu Plnno by Prof. lulr', a plaulrt and
organist et-rond to none In Ihw pmreasion, of Chicago,
Mies Agle Lewie, a very popular soprano, aoloiet uud
ballad aingcr, is nlo tui,riied, and nil the lulaat which
Is superior to any ever brought to tbe county in con
veiition, will poaitliely bo prvscut. J. L. I-'o.dioiik,
L. N. PARKER, Sec'y. Pres.
Diicd Suddenly of Heaiit Disease.. How
common is thu announcement. Thousands
are suddenly swept in'.o elei-nily by this fatal
malady. This disease generally has ils origin
in impure blood tilled with irritating, poison
ous materials, w hicli, circulating through thu
heart, Irritate ils delicate tissue. Though tho
irritation mny at first he only slight, projueiug
a little palpitation or Irregular uclion.yct by
and by the disease becomes firmly sealed, uud
inflammation, or hypertrophy, or thickening
of thu lining membrane or of tho valves is
produced. Il nv wise to give early iillciiliun
to a case of this kiud. Unnatural throbbing
or puin in thu region of the heart should ad
monish one that uli is not right, and if you
would preserve it lrom lurlher disease, you
must help it to beat rightly by the use of such
n remedy us shall remove Iho causu of your
trouble. L'e Dr. Pierce's Golden M-dici I
Discovery before the disease ba3 become loo
seated, aud it will, by its great blood purifying
and wonderful icgulaling properties, tffecl u
perfect cure. It contains medicinal properlies
which act specifically upon thu tissues of tho
heart, bringing about a healthy i.cliou. Sold
by ull first cl..ss Druggists.
Ashtabula Market May 3d, 1872.
Ashtabula Market May 3d, 1872. Dealers pay the following Prices.
Wlil.T Nol, Whilo $1 7KP.1 60
do No. 1 Uud 1 UL&l 73
Coax Shelled 00
do Ia the ear 4
Oats .
Bimxa tltou
Dried ArrLsa 9
Labd 10
Kooa 15
Potatoes OltoBS
Kuiua. Belling Paicsa...
Corm Meal per ton ,. IS 00
Chopteo Feed Cora and oata 80 AO
Inilauiuiulory diauaaoa leld to a ullllgunl uan of
tine potveriul preparation. Ia the loot, and ueck, thuir
approach abould he chocked at once tr aupperuilou
euauea, diojror U tmraluoiit, ard the knife canuot be
aiployed without Jeopardising lite. Tbie Ointment
will remove the disorder, without cutting, pulu or peril.
Sft ceuta per box or pot.
Hollies Full of Beamy. Ladlea, tr you would
have beauty by the uoule-lull, all you have to do ia to
Iiurchaaa . flAuaM'a Maunolia Balm. That peei-leea
leautAerof the complexion not only heluhtuiie uatural
charm, but renders eveu the pUiueat couteuauce ex
cewllnjjly attractive. It recalla to the pallid check the
May lliiiro of beallb, removes pioiplee, blotches, rong-h-liesa.
aullowneaa aud other blemishes, and imparts lu
tbe akiu a most delicate fuirnes and aoltueaa. It
autootlia the lurrowa caused by lime or caru, aad gives
face, ueck aud arms the plump aud ennming appearance
of youthful beauty. All Ibia la accomplished by ibe
moat natural uieana, via : y Konlly and naturally
etlinuletitiK the eireulation iu Ihe capillary blood veseele.
Ileadea being the moat fieviita.l aid y beauty ioa W
Bod,rn 'vttflW, ' , ,
A Fragrant Hroalh aaaPrarly Trrth Are
easily ettiiiiia. ,,,,1 u- h ,i llt .al inrm..-w,.,
or iho nnh, phonal not complain whn ar-n.-i f
rr' ni-Klwl. 'Illn K,MXT will IKlll -,! ai
iheM. i.f a foal bre.Ui, U-awlftiuu Aim prerartinu
trie li'-'h fl Ujo dlq.-i r a
5f"'!t!?ls "nil In rwry b'
trl las Kii-iitltte Yticunie prt-varailon ; a
prr.-ei aiiiiMf rr ai,l mure nit. nt than L.Mur oil,
anil la la-eht u, Lake. t ii, n, traf-in in a
litiral rrinarkahle mamitr ; dora i:a rll-irr.. or Krlp",
but i-ratea nlu-ri all .,ir.r V m-,- ho falM. Il la
Cnrtuln Hi .npHrai rl f,,., I .t.r Iril, .N .tohIc Hjlilua
m, ail o-h-c .iwij4tie anrl xi itiiitf nvllelnve. 'I if
t.ai.,r! coUUina ur.Oi.-r Mineral-. Morpbint- nor Alco
hol. Ily lie ciiioilenl. xiothini: cn. ci, 11 ..,irnll. a th!
ri.l an.j pr.a.,c. a nam ml m,-v lurticnljry a.lai.nnic It
l cry I hi; 10. 4 l.jflh.nir chirlr.n I. cur.-. hi,,,.... i. a.i...
Wlna t.ullc, I onallimtiiai, r iKirUcncv, t'ruiiir and tol a
Vjornia. Miik.-yuur Diuei-l i-n4 b.r 11 1 lie will
ah. a), k
II. cvr l..;inlr n.u-t luvii it. I.,...,
oat Iifiy
unab .Uiu. I,-, 4t
l;vcry I'ainllr Miatild Kep Fag'. Arnica
oil lu IMe Heuu,
It enr.-a x .il.U. burns au.l Itcblne hamnra.
l.hliii.alii-. w.,nii(!-. aurt pna.ful minors,
II li.-alli j (niitiii.'ht ! no ran Und
A i;ri-au-r Dj.-a, in lot maiikoei.
I'r' HaiMlrakt Liter PIIU
re nilld. e-r'r.'n. -n f. mrl 1 fil.-lenl.
I'.ii-'a M;iii.i-,ik.. i.i,,.r i'mi-auo- irt"?piA.
I'i'rfi-'a aiimdiaki- I.i .-r !:. u..- II. jil... h.-.
l'i;.;V Amen ml um.. I'mplvs uu the fare.
rohi ny uli Dnivglrt-. ii;;:n
AB of mhu uu; . I, , ukcerr
advien, and pin. ha-e jonr Ti -k-is o.-r t.x- old reliable
and pup-.ilur Jtleiiii- Ia i0c Hullroud, bl.:a
l rummr. Ihe oi.lv l ine thut n.ui tU-t Dl!y Kx
I1"" Trains from St. I.i.ul- to Km-i :: v i.i.u i!..j
Wct I and l, fii ivn.v. II. only i,if, rJ.,,
I'llllmaira I'sla-a M-i.pera ai.'t rlnu iJny l...i,..-
U'lrtUlij fur iwr) ti:'i4 win, Mill r's nifn y
1'litffonn nn. I ti,u I'at.M.t uu I'.rtik'. Irr.rn hi.
I.oiiln to Km sua ti';, F'.:t f-';.-lt, I'ar-'.ra, ri.ce,
Leavunuorth, Atehi on, St. Jii.-i.-pli, Nebrkk'i ill,
l.'.iui.'ll llliiT-. Kiel lliuil.i irt'hml r.un'jt. Korleri.r.
tii:iiiri in r.-L'.r.l lo 'I hue j ;,l,i, . ia-A. .tioi,iV
polnl in Mion I. K1M1.. Ne iru-ka. I oloia..i. 'I era
or r.i.irorniu. e.!l iiji-.n or anilreas K. If. 'i'ie,ii-.(,s.
Ai-e-.l. !i--..:i.i p.-ie.'l:.- It., ill oaf I, I ol'jn.l.n. Iil.io: orj
U. A. Komi. Iieneral I'n e.-er Ajjr.. SI. Lu'Ji-, M .
Announcements free: Commendatory Notices, half rate
lu tbi- villain, on r'ri.li.y. Apill -rath. Lriiov ( l.mr.,
(.!, ol i.nnii t'. aie.i C.;. i.c;;u ..a:a i.'i. J
y. hy and r nuiiii'i-.
In .Ulital.nla. M iv -J.nl, I .1. V. l.nwe. Mr. Wn
A. YcAMANa. I f I i,!ll!. C.ll, I. .wo, Ul;d Jltlra l. A il.
Ni.lTt.i.VON. or AslllU'.ll.S, t.'l.io.
In I'lim.eiili. Aji-li -r), ,V ; iw. n.,r(.r. i:.t.. Mi.
tllll.Ml i .M IT' H KM ;lllj M. !m,i-uia Ki.l-Ol,... bulb oi
Jelfer-Oll. Ollio.
Plantation Eitters.
S. T.18G0 X.
'T HIS womlorfnl vprrHtalilc mstnrnlive
the ht-nn-hor of tfn fit me aii'i tlchf iitntnl. Api
touic nnd cnrftial 0r the afrl ami Innuifl it ha no
Miml tinitMn; olonmrlitcs. ta tvint'dv l.ir tho iicrvnu
w;ikiHf-. Ut whi.-h huhihm an- c-pwiu'llv -u.j. rf . It in
niiiT-' (iinii: f-vcry lir xtUntilitnt. "In nil limatc.
tni.Ufil, li'iiipiTulo ur frir.l. it an a utM-riflc In pvi--tv
hpf-fir itf iliMirtl'T ultifh inntfiiiii.. U.e )cilHy
vtrvugtb 4uii breaicii dowu tu auiia-l apiriLa. 114 J
Beautiful Woman!
HAGAIV'S WAfiNOI l i cItph to llu
llAflaK'a Maoxoi.ia. Bai.m overcomes the t1nbrd r,D
pcantuic cnuHntl by litt. fatiine and excitfinunt. H
nuiUcti the nidy of lurtv appwii- hut iwi-ittv. ami o nnt-
urul and piTK-ct Unit no ptTon jin del- t iu upulirft
titni. 1W Hi uku tin roUL'titint fUiu i mudu to nvul ihb
pure rndiunt li .tittrc nl' youtliful beauty. It remove
nsnuiF., D.menrr, ami pitnpit's. it cmitaiue notni
thai will injure the kl iu itie k-tni.
Magkoi.ia Baim 1h ncd by all fafhf(.nohlt ladlea In
New Vurk, Londuii, and Parif, It cottn only lb cente
per Itonle. and H mytd hy ail Dnuft-'iM and i'erlamvr,
Agency Oflice.
rUIT.L pive pronit atti'iiiioii lo the
aalo, purchase, and r'fiital of Ifcnl Eotatc. to Tirt'
and Lffc iiMimnci in lin-i c.a ('onipaulL-H. tmaiinir
I. o.Hn, Wr'itiL'anU Acknovt loii'iug Lecdf. Mortgages.
Coniructei. Willi., &c.
Ai'hliihula. O.. lL-f. 7th, IrtTI.
8.H) AC'KES TIMr.P.I.nn L.Nn in Denmark, near the
linn of Hit; JauifriltiAit bruiuii lfu'lituiu. A.ho, ulutix
lj mi lo from rund hind, 13 ..cici ol lund, uu uldch
liitrt) ia a tSaw Mill iu uoud urd.-f. Will he wdd on lunj;
tiiutj if dfidred.
121 ACItli KAI'iM in Ma UVUI. one half in.drr ocd
Piatt' id' iiiltirtiiiit. ItuililiiiJ Jhh. uod f. nit ai:d liv
lnix wiiitT. ood tlmbtTtm pari of li.nn. 'if nun low.
buquiru ul tine ottico ur uf Uvj. W. liaitraiu, vu pruat
IM ArUS DAUV FAHM. on Turnpike, Austh.hi!:,;,
iit ur 'iiIiiL't'. tiood htiikiinir-. ill ho cold on lun
ert dit if Uemd. Lnquire ut tliif uilicu ur uf A. U.
IiuiU-y on pri niise?.
MOt'rfl-: AND UT of 8 acri'f near Afhiflhtila niflp.
with uu out lot of 1J u;ti-, pirt tiiiiher hail a mi!' Inmi
il. A r.-iru eh a nt" l lor 11 !mtmr--ad. K:iqi;iic' tit thia of
fice or liurvcj- i'tirrii-ti 011 prt:ida.
HoI'SK mid LOT on Camp St.. with iood Uara.
BuilUit)L;t nearly liuw. Friec very luw.
HOFPK ann I, OT ru Froopcct Sr., with roo-J Baru
and elmit y iruit, lar;i Loi, ai.d vtr dutinihie. Tvrina
DFI.fTII CITY LOTS. Several deIrohU Lola !n
Dnltitli e.ii) he huu ul u i;iri;ain.
lind iiiur Ntiuuw C'iiv mid if ncren in liiehi.i.n! Co.,
ifLoiiiiji. til Lu &ulu or exehau'tU itr luia iu Atli-t-hulu
UFILDINO L(TS, io tliiTereiil parla of tha Viilnpu
fur Mile uii ear-y teruif,
THE MTTLFTON FA I'M. iho Premium Furm of
the nui.lv, i-Kur)iv.i!y hiiu ii d, only I S i.iilcs from
Achtahnl.t" Vilhiye ; cont:tiii .Vi nen ii. with 01 ! I i.ild
i lit.iv-e iiM jihtl nevt-r iatlin fpi-n of yurv
tef. Te niif Vi iy reaMHiabL'. Ktuju.iu of Mr. ISeiiU-ion
uu Ihe piij:inrc or u( lliitf :eiicy.
ftOOU HOI'S:-: Jt LOT. next Sonlhof 1 reytoripn
f'lijpt I. it 1 atk im ., iu A i-liUt tin !a il iiitre- A un tle
frirahlu local iuii at u is luar ilie Li;i-aittt ettme.
HOFHK si- t;-ll) LOT. n North Side cf I'roupett
St., irhort ui--iui.ee Wcl oiMauou bl.
F.Mi.M IhTSK with new l)iiiltiinii, ? mile frnni thU
Village uu I'laiiU IN ad. with l'i tu t, M.rood land. leu
ty of friMid naier and fruil wiuid u.aku a coir.luiiaolo
litllu laiui.
Hi ACKLS OF LAMJ atljolmrc the rati: cream
Thia land w ill he h Id ft ptnute lioni or hi toanecUou
Willi ahovc itiiuied Iio:ie and 12 Arret.
Come and Settle.
AM pcrnn who have tiusetlled accunnla on mv books
prinr luJamwi v ll, Ihll, uru hereby leililkd that Ibey
are due. uud such persona are respeelf.illy requeaied so
call and settle Ihe same iuunetliulely.
Those ti.'iviiij notes past due aru also reminded that
thev nium bo paid, as I must have nionev lo pnv my
Jel.ls. UEO. WILl.Alil).
Aabtabula, Jan. S3, 181s. tl-.M
SlCVEN Aori's of Land, with pood
buildings and choice fruit. Situated two mllea cst of
Ashtabula Vlllui;uon hosih Itide. Tbia isa very destr
nhle property to any uu. sucking s home near the tovru.
l'lice a,taJU. 1.. M. CKOrtHY,
Sltf T. t'. fltiiSHV,
Riecntora of the Ksute ol Z. Crosby.
Ashtubnla O., bent. 1th lbTl.
' Oa Marrlase.
Haptt Helikt rou Vousu Mun from Ihe elTeeta of
Error and abuses In early lite. 1uIhxm1 restored.
Nervous debility, cured. liiip.Kliuaeuta lo Marriage re,
moved. New method of tieulmeiil. New and remark,
able remedies. Books aud Circulars aunt free, in sealed
Addiese, HOWARD ASSOCIATION. No. ( Fou,to
Ninth 8l., Philadelphia, Hi. 87
Soft Soctit for Sale !
TlTE fmbscrilier has on liand a large
3uantlly of superior SufJKoap, mBlch b. U drsirons of
tspoeiiie.f l.y tbe barrel or la leaa quantities, at ths
Glue twwrr. GBO. tiOtl'l'INOKK.
Aitkla, Mareli Wk, t87. ll(.t(
! J 1 1 F! rropi-rtv of tli auliaciibrr. con-
wilte ft t 7M 'i I'-r-a nt land on I'm-i -t Rt. )l..ni
"-ll finl-hf-d. with rK.l hrn. eo. wa.r-r, l n.lli
arilv i.f yrw; -a. rhi-rrtc. .!ima, ln-ai rn-.lwrrtc-,
i ' '" J ''I'-i'l nerf the ijnaiin.r ol Innd I.-w place eaaai
it. aoi aale low and liuvKinii H n-air rl.
. , . hA Ml LL LilFKOtrr.
Aaoutmla,, F.-'iroarr, tsK. M IT
Fr bi'jlit U p,'rlfMt,
Bat tbe klinmonil peltlcs Mill
pri r ii.
if1 you vam.'i: voni j:yi:sigiit
" ll'"-. Ti.i-lT.'fl t'.'.t,I.T, plil lTvt I'lflf Iin.IiP
4 liaminn: " (... .iy DU'H tit '."v linr-'.;,! - 11;-! l.ri'!l-ri v.
T- tt 'nl litt t.,u,y . ;, - x ' '' '.f!'. rtr'l 1 W tiT
ri 'I "'ip-fi'-r p) i ii--r-. ll 'v.'. - tin " I 1-v J . K
S;Mirrf ;t!.'l :.. Y. ( "'i-t'ioi'. 'i ::-THif'r.t,!
" ,; '" v ith (.iir itu-Ie m. rk. r,. 1 1 k i'n-ori 1.
-r nut Optii 1- ft, A . ,!,!, 11. 0.. I inn
Wll'Ort lilt Clt OTiiJ hv Ci-; ib:r), No y.f'Wft. C-f. j.lnvt-f!.
1 ;
li t'ne-fjrn of LrTX ISTT.XCE. originated and
just UiT rjucwj by tiie o'.J mi poputu
Insuranco Co.,
cf niairoac, cow.
It is confailcnfly rccornTaf-rdf Jl a5 r nprkr la
ftlIrtrJp'-cti lo tny Ton tine or oilier i;Iaau;xia wliicli
r-;-mc-nt of profit? is 'Jef'.TT'id. Inrarance cn 61 tha
DlAitw.a c'erti bj ihi com any al far Lower
BaUa thaa &rs L-Ujurn. L; other mutual C&jaaiets,
JoIl.N :4A.s; ir'i.i'. AL'.-nr.
A-.i T)i;'a. Ohio.
R.j 7t.eo-T
WANTED, Al'.ENT.S-.lji.') i-
' .' r,0 ;v r ir;-.: i V . .,;...,! r -n
ih: ..i l:,i.r : ..... .... r...,n.- i-i.i(,i-l t I l.
NAi:i.l. StiW U ?Ui T':i M..c!.in'
e ill stpcl.. 1. eni. f.-ij. rttek. bird nrh.,. (f,r.l, (j-iilr. :-i'il
eml-ml l. r In lie- ..:-- -iije r:.-r ;n nine-.' Pr.'r . , iu,
f'lllv li;..:i-e'l r.ii. v..irr-i.if fi f r tle.-y r. ','e !i j.v
?1ISK, n,r lii.y l,:ut i.-l.e, ;t;i'i, i.-r;.:e or l.Jrt. ti.af nili sew
a stroi.'-er, n, l.er.'.t !f lil or r.,f.r- ei-;i. stirth than
our. Jt tiuikwa th- iXArTiO ITl'll. EliT
setotid Miico t ll be e::l. r.nd sllil The e'jlji rnr.r ie'
pulleil n;.nrt i"? i-Lt te.uo, V. u ny -nl. ill-")
to f -J."-.? -, r n;.-i:!:, or a e..j,:;. fr.,-;'i e.i.H'h t.Mie
tti.il amount em l,t ii,t.iv. ior circu.a.s bhl '.cria,
eppiy io ur df r.-' --.
fc. :ii.tiis:i.ii.f. a o..
C.WTftV. Jin r."t be 1ripo-..f! rp- n . !.? jj.irii. .
Irjivelin..- llir .:.'-:i tie- coin.tr l of. v :-nl!-s
i-a-t-iron na.:l-:r:.-n u;.:' -r tie- -i.!i..- i.-,-.i-o: i.ti:-1 v. i-.
Ours is t:r only tr'.nn.nj ana ifuiiy ci.uup ri-.el.ii;,;
i.iiiuriei ur -'. ...j 4,!i
70fJ POI! TIATCHl.Vtr fir,TTi ll..-
follouiu cl.oi.e : ri -'ie-: IKr!; Y.-u. :rj. J:u:T
I.Vsrhlt:. fr!l-r r-H!.j: -i i.Jh.U-:,,, Vt.li lliwalvj
Ouiue. una Ayle-;nir .jiv.k.
Sunt fur J'.'ie L,ct on' ' irc-hr.
'I"-5M S. H. VX POV. At:t.l nht O.
Real estate ron pale r,t,
fuvor.ilili- terms. All nf 11- 1,'enl Itnte of tL. lale
TUUS. Kilt llt-LL 1- il. r -d f, r ule l.v
A. V. Ill I'.HMill. I .-,.
.1. 1.. MIVi.Ui.LL, Eicca-ors
A'htabnla. April 10, e,l if
There will br- cxnmlnaticn of Teu'.hert at the places
ail. I nines uu;..,-, iiij; ;
Connenut. Moii.biv. April Oth.
Auslinl.ii.-f, S..tuiday, iljy 4:li.
n. c. jonssov.
Or.rcll. Fob. Mih. 1ST4. ten
V.J knowludc to all. Kent free for t-voiUrap. Ad
dree-8 Dr. Iii)NAf aiits ! Co., Ciiiulnnati, Oiiiu,
I rilfi I !!Tlft TIME KLEPI.Ii and lmdca
I I 14 V I illlW ti)r iKfitwnfal.If to everv
traveler, lr.vkr. br. farmer, and fnr F.YKKY1MDY in
red of a rdiar-'o iinii kiicr. F!inl nntch ni utrf l
wotk. ffia-t cryMal. iu rejt OZ.01DK cae. w.m:ham.u
to d'Unie corn-i t tirie f'.r two ji ar-. oftU'j iii-e it.
l.tW) cold weekly. 'i'iiU vsh:!ih!e aakle, iu neat cav,
will he n-iit, prtuitl, nnywliert. fr it : a for ii, Trv
w.tv i ircul:u in c. (iider ordv Iroiu taU sole A-renta,
K. KINti aV. Co., Uraultburu. i".
- 0V
The inimm-e il.-m.-i!.'! f.r ll.U.r.'nVAY'i PiI.f.R nrl
OINT.MI-NT. but teniple.l uni,r:i el;,ieU .uiii.- lo
Coniltt I'leil llM-re v.ahr. I.i? Ii!e';!i-il:e.-.
In onier.to j-i.efl il.'j (in '. i.- ii'ij iii.rM-leea, we hire
issued ii ue; - 1'nnle Mrtrk." eon-intii.-r ef i:n I L'y.ni'Ui
e.relenf a perp.lM. wi!h I 111- It-." r T II lu tile c.'rtl-r-.
l;e.TV 1"X r,V :.eul.il.C U AU-o'-VAY's I'll I i.l-.i Hir:T!eNT
v.ll I-h,u iLii tiuilc tuaiuwU ii ; nun..- arv -e!iiiiuc wiu;.
UUl 11.
If. V. CitEXK-Al Co ,r,.'. : rrnjirietora,
Jlai.leu I sue. K.-wYnrfc.
.'..us D. rAJiC Cli.eini.atl, W.Io, K-lu ?:.t for the
Slr.le. l:5Ty
Now Draw Feed,
lt:i j::n been re.-c!-.-".l. an.'. Is now It e Tst Fasiilt
MAelllNt: in the nr.u.el. ll l..al.es ti.o
ILork St:t-h, Ii S!ni:lc, o1sc!ih,
i:usily C;crntrl,
an.l Trv rfl'erttee. T w.-.r.t f;OOI PBWIXO M.
CHIN U A" F.NT in a'l li;e.e. r:i.iell I "rrin.rv. to r i, m
we will i.e Iho 11. .-I Ti. r il t Th" l- l.l ll'TIC ia
the LASliiai' il jtlli.Ni. Tu ULLL In il.u iujret.
C-ner.il Ai-euts,
17 niTii a i i:-fE,
I'lTWil "KGir.
Fools. &s iEtXlllis,
Hoyt's .Lealher Belting,
' D4Al.KIi3 IS
Rubber Goods arid Laco Leather,
mi aart.rior i,,i i.i.t,AAirU, (
Cabinet Organs.
Tb Maaon A ltn 0o"l Co., rMpeelSllly
rinuhre IUA InlrodnrlloM of IMiproeemellta pe susA
more thau orninary lutnrevt. Thes are . 1
iii i.u Afvnpirr.i a m11! (:t oboaks,
belrie tha r.nly anr. ea.rul comlllllAtldO of RIAL ril'lat.
u i lb p:i-flt ever made i . . .. i
UAfn i it i'oio Krr-notRn,
nbleh enn he In-tanlly mol.l In thV' right or left,
rleti.iflne ilia plieh, or tr,ii.apoarn th. Ifj. For draw
l.ca and deaerlpltone, pen cin-eJar. - r
Mew aud l.lf-enni Mylr. mt O.nVI 11..
u blurt Organ, ' ' '
at .110. (Wl. an.l fnxi earh. fontlHrlt CiT,"'.
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Cheap Varum I J Vre Homes I
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A i.v;i orant or
1:2, 000,000 J.cxxa&
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Sow rr Sale!
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J. V. CII YIMJAN d: O., .Hadlcen, IaJ.
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The Christian. Ai'wM''
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Pure White and over one Hundred DICT.r.
ent hliade. aud Tints.
This paint Is made cf the purest and molt durable
maicri.il heretofore used by painters, combined wijh a .
lar-e pmiHirtfou of India Jtubber, which is etiamicail
tiultrd in Micb a manner, as to form a smooth, gloaay,
firm durable, elastic and beantitat iialiir, which txemea
liriuly caraeiited to the lubsiiiiice to which i ieappliw
r-y Thi.c points are prepared ready for on, as4
so'.U by tuu cullon onlv.
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A work deoorlpilvo of Ihe City ot lfr
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':, t:iii'"f M.. Cir.t'nTiaii, or St. Ltuir, irto.
Urcirtew ai.d laecli.ai.n W0i k, cfui
an cn-
of unatnal
The Home of
God's People.
The 'Trateat atirl mod foimkrls.v.k net ; rowfellltjg
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l;i d.ijif. The lici-t ::ianc.v to n.nko money ever offt red.
I mt' o : ni'i'i.t wanted in cvtrif tn,tii"hip. Bead for.
0 ir niri! ;i, v.-iin n-w. 'iinT.rp'-:.l.) drcriitfon.
in.V.r.emo-.t' .-tc. tCf;N CITY l'LHUSUINU CO.,
i'! "'r. S C'li : all. O.
T.ic lift tiiui t.'i"i.t'-'i Tn ilia tier niado ; wiilly ron
niiucti'd Mitt n'L'iilrtitd. Fir tirculara giving fall ln
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a: id ii'r.ui.m. -t. lJ:irtMu;ai-pfrif. U.STlSbOK A CO.,
I'iiii An l iiitiifhcr, l'r.laid, Miine.
Urj I'tano n.N. Y. 1st ra$W0. NoaftnU.
C. ii a, .f In 40 Stalea lu Clrrnlar.
anil nil who cont-Tiplate lluiMint.', supplied Willi CSS
Levv ll!nti!iivil t'ui.;li.:r;itf r.n receipt of stump.
i'rA. J. Uli KNELL Jt CO., An hile'lural
IV..U I t--!i ; Warren Ht-e. t. M. V Aj
N Ol'ENING for 15ii8ines.--AD7
I ener.-si ie,;i?t Uy a small rush ontlar, ra. Irak.
in llrce iv. nil. on i.nr IN-lianca Kon-BaphST.
Att n 1 nci i lor Kero-ei.c 1 amps, A ainiple cl aap and
sir.- reine.lv i r e.:l oil h jnp cxplo-iota. ciu any
Ln.ji, and warrant a to make it absolutely safe. PT.OGO
so!., in t'.Y.' nioi.ii.a. A county of Mt.ouu population ha.
;.V iMl..ii'.iI.s ev. re i.unp needs ft every family can.;
i.tl'.rn it. s.i.m.le fur tr.al he mall, 80 cents. Terma'
ui i! Cir i-.l;ir free, (.es s M.llili, I lo Investigate ths
i.ile'. lmi.iircof 'he K'Miorof this Paper or addreaa
the i-.lnlee-.. S. S. MANN A. CO., SIS Houhxjui 8lrs-t,
Kn:i!i:or.., M1.
f MMEXCE tVCCESS. Asj'is wsnt4,
. Male "r Vt iuaV. in evertf county In the I'piM Sta'
and l uiiaria. lo acll our rew and tnowt ui-ful l i.
fn.ui i.i:.1 to fli ud In everr funiilr. 100 rrefiit.'
cr isr.-mi'ifd tor rai:pie aud, Urma, uclo UaecxM
aud adrlrM ,
r KKUl S(N t CO.. R5 IUvct Hlrtrt, Troy -a. 1.
O f!7. 4' 4tH at , New York. Fef?rnca frraa
C1( rtrvnitu iu Ibia ciiy. I o ij unlll curJ. SaiUWr
' Uoltarn lteteartl
For any ease of Bind, ls4lrL
lulling, it. V'eeraed Pi see thai
Im liido's Pii.a KaiT Mis s.
a. It mi treearea eipreei
to care l ri S . and a-oiniaj
;else.. gol4 bj . slj l)KAUUa
Whet la ibis Graud CpcrlQe tor .ytcstpals
thia kubliliu., aparkiiuc, cooling, ponfyia. ragu tlaf
Uraaght they call Tarraky a aVrrutTEKsaT Su.Tsaa
ArsuiEXT t , it, H W-siiij.ry the Cbcmlcal f
of 8uiuer Iprlirp atjr, hica, for 100 yaura. aaa aaa-)
accnnntr the Cneu Cathartic sad AlUranTl
Ti ,!LD iir all mtr"i;' V'
n hi W BA I"
Price, 1100.

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