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. t l.llar.a War Invarlblr la Aavaar.
Local fc !MicelinneoiH.
lnkof nil kind for Hie it this offlcs.
milk, the rhnl.i(rrnilirr. la alolnir a big bualness
Biani lbs leading cltlaune of Ashtabula.
. Apirnilr Wanted. A steady. Industrious
Of, of IT or 18, svlahlnt to Irani the Printing Daelness,
aaj Ind 1 plac la the TiLianiFM Offlcr.
TMMbn Itrolhrr bare Juat rreelvH a freah
lot of tnoea ehnlc. Fremont llama. They alio knep
oaalantly nn hand the celebrated brand of 81. Louts
Vhlt. Wheat Flour, (lire them a rail. 78
Anolhnr Invoice)' of tboto Einlirokl'red
Handkerchiefs, at the People'i Store.
If your hair la falling oat, nee Kenedy's llalr Tea, t
vegolahle preparation, fur aale at Rwirr'a.
. PmtACiiixo. Rev. M. DfLniiRe will presr-h
at the Union Church, East A.litnbuln, at 10
o'clock, A. M., nxt Snltlmtlt.
ClorltiK out our .Scarf Slmwls at 3.?5;
rrince or Wak-a Sltawls at 2.75 QrcnadliKH
0 cents a yard ; Ladies' Cotton Hone, 10 els.,
Mfn't Bnllsli Hote, 29 eta. V will not be
ymli rmild, at the People'e Store.
Don't I Lawk, Hawk, Spit, apil, blow, blow
nd disgust everybody with your Catarrh and
Ita oifcnslvo odor, when Dr. Hugo's Catarrh
Remndy will speedily destroy all odor aud ar
rest the dlsclturge.
Lost On the fourth of August, somewhere
. betwoun the Presbyterian church and the de
pot, a dark, plaid, double ahawl, which the
fttidcr-wiU please leave at this office, for
which a suitable reward will be paid.
The. course of the Madison Pre, tltroiigli
an Ashtabula correspondent, la Its petty and
ridiculous attacks upon some of our reputable
citizens, la uu worthy of a journal laying claim
. to decency or dignity.
Thb employes of the Telegraph gratefully
acknowledge a basket of fine Atrachan apples
from Mr. Allen Piundi.b.
t Bast Ashtabula Cheese Factory has dispos
ed of Its July product the .rate-buing 10 cents
at the factory.
t -Mr. Maudihosian, tho Turk, gave a very
peasant and Instructive lecture of the man
sera and customs of his countrymen at Aslita-
-la' Hall, on Tuesday evening, which, bow
Ter, was but slimly attended.
CArY. Wk! Hancock, after a two or three
weeks absence at Green Bay, with the fnmily
. of bis son, V. It. Hancock, bus rulurued,
." without having gained the object of the trip
. improvement of bis health.
' Milo Tiiokston, sentenced to tho Peniten
tiary for ten years some two years usjo, died in
the prison, on Saturday last. His remains
were taken to Dorset for interment, lie was
about sixty years of age.
Mb. R. R. Aldhick, Pierpont, met with a
aerlous accident on the 30lli, while using n
patent pilch-lork. It caught bis bund in one
of the pulleys, tore nlf the ends of his lingers,
and bruised his band badly.
Orwell. .Normal Academy will begin Its fall
term, Tuesday, August 13th.
Grand River Institute, Austinburg, fall term
begins August 13th.
Pierpont Academy begins its fall term Au
gust 20lh.
Okb of our Bsybrook Democrats declared
the other day, that If under party pressure he
Was constrained to vote lor Greeley, tho ticket
should not soil his fingers he would pass it
to the poll-box between two sticks.
6mxiMRS Photoouapiis of citizens of Ash
tabulu, in India luk and water colors, tuken
by A. Ai.bkkt, while his gallery was in Ash
tabula, will be disposed of at greatly reduced
prices if applied for immediately, to him, at
Holly Springs, Miss. 3.
A serious accident occurred on the Paint s
Yllle JN'arrow Gauge road Inst week, too late
for notice, by which a conductor was killed
and a fireman had a leg broken, by the engine,
wlilch'was ruuning backward, ueur Churdui.,
Jumping the' track. '
Rkt. Homer Wiikuxku, Rector of St. Pt
ter's church at the time of our first acquaint
ance with Ashtabula, filled his old desk on
Sunday of lost week. Ho is uow loca'.ed at
Ilaclne, Wisconsin. .
Thb Merchant's Union Express Company,
ao far as the Jamestown line is concerned. Is
merged iuto the Union Express, a company
made up of the Adams and American Express
compaulis. Messrs. Tombks & Bjiotiieii re
main the ageuls here, aud D. B Avkii, that at
Our-Vili.aok Authohitihs are taking up
the well at the watering place near Firemen's
Hall.'- Enlightened policy would seem to
have suggested the pulling of this expense in
to the -project of brngtng the surplus water
from the south cud of tho village. But they
think not.
Mails A special messenger is to be depu
ted to carry the malls ou the trains to aud
from Jefferson, until the mutter is arranged
batween the Railroad company and the Post
office Department The 10 o'clock a. m. Ex
press from here will carry this messenger.
Picnic A grand Graut and Wilson picnic
Will be Jteld by the colored citizens of Ashta
bula County, at Sturgeon Point, Geneva, Au
gust 13th, 1873. A cordial invitation l ex
tended to all. Speaker of tho Day A. J. Da
vidson. Mr. Geo. Cook, of New Lyme, snys the
Sentinel, met with serious accident on tho
Jnd itrgt, '. While driving down a bill, some
part of the harness gave way, lotting the bug
gy against the horse, which took fright and
began kicking, Breaking Mr. Cook's leg and
injuring him otherwise.
'To tub Elkctobs or Ashtabula County,
regardless of former party predelictions, who
are in favor of the election of those heroes of
Justice and Equal Rights 1 (orach Gkbelit
and B. Guts Brown are hereby requested to
meet id Mass Convention at the Court House
In Jefferson, on Wednetday, Augutt lith, at II
o'clock, A. M. Onb Hundred Voter.
Th Sentinel Ashtabula Correspondent takes
flre, at is Very proper, at the shabby way in
Which one of our clilaens Is used in tbo Madi
son Pre, and follows the paragraph with one
about as tasteful and gentlemanly, in reference
to an attache of the Telegraph office, whose
bearing is' About as correct aud proper, and as
far above ridicule, as any one In the community.
Greeley's life-size likeness, very well exe
cuted, has. been sent us by some oue we tup
pose the, Golden Age office As we have no
Interest in Greeley or his political kidney, it is
as useless as a tail to a toad, and it will be
' told. OHt to any admielug friend, at discount,
TaAXf it or Hkal, EeTATE.-rTUe bouse,
barn and h.s)f acre lot on Division, at near the
angle with Prwp"Pti belonging to the h'lrs of
R. B. Howe, deceased, has been sold by the
agent MaJ.- Pkp wb, to Paul Ford lor the
The two aore lot n Depot st tba east side,
belonging: to Gen Wim.akd, bus bevu tola to
ftp Ikpeett; for tfifSSk
Ja'HtM JLJ.IMIL-JI' J. 111 JJi..U L
Tni Frankliit Division of Hie L. 8. A il.
S. road was opened for regulnr business on
Monday, the Sth. The delegates to the Re
publican County Convention rejoicingly look
tbd flint express train for Jelleraon, which left
this place at 10, a. m. The road Is in fine or
der and the lino Is quite direct-having but
two curves of any account. Between Ashta
bula and JiflVnoii thure Is but one stopping
place that of Plymouth where the ground Is
Mng prepared lor a platrorm. Fencing or a
u'lillbrm character Is going on along tbo route,
and all tho necetsary steps for finishing the
line Is actively under way. Passenger trains
meet ul JetTerson. The return of the deleirates
in Ihealternoon, was by a freight train at four
o'clock, having some half a dozen very hand
some new curs Just front the workshops ol
(tpringfleld, bound for Terre Haute, lor a new
route called the Peiin. Petroleum Co., Into
W hlcli we were permit led to take seals. The
conductor kiudly held up at Hitchcock's cross
ing, where I ho company alighted and walked
to the village, much pleased with their first
trip to the Couuty Seat by rail.
Mr. ik:itor:U the proverb, "Whom the
gods wish to destroy they first make mad,"
about to be realized lit connection w ilk the
saloou buslucts of Ashtabula T If it is, the
friends of decency and good order trust Hint
you will bear with palience the onslaughts
made upon you, by those w hose madness is ol
the "mania a pvtu" variety. Il such attacks
indicate that there Is a "good time coming"
for our village, when sobriety shall be the rule
and rowdyism the exception, from early tveu
iug until the witchlug hour of midnight and
beyond, you can well allord to endure for the
present, in hope for the future. But there aro
many indications about us that we are not
making rapid progress toward tbo mucb-to-be
desired goal. It looks iudeed us if the relgu
of Temperance is at an end, while. Bacchus
mounts the throne and with his willing sub
jects, holds "high carnival." .How else can
w o interpret the action of our Villuge Council
permitting the beer shops to be kept open
until W o'clock, when the major purl of the
intoxicaliou on our streets comes of fluids
"lifted in" during a few half hours previous
to that time T How elso can we explain the
fact, vouched for by those who nre in a situa
tion to know of what they testily, that there
bus not been for a long time, so much drunk
enness in town as duriug the past two or three
weeks t' How else can we account for these
gloomy fuels? That men of wide influence
uphold the saloons by word of mouth, as well
as by occosiouul patronage; that so many of
our youug men can't worry through the day
without frequent trips down the street, and
Hint hosts of boys we taking those lessons
thai sooner or later, w ill mukcthem a curse to
to themselves and to the community? But
even these unwholesome. I'acis are not the
worst phase of this matter. Things seem to
have come to this pass : That a man w ho does
not believe in drinking, must either change
his iiiitid, or keep his mouth shut. If in ordi
nary couversation, one chances to drop the re
mark, that the saloons are a disgrace to the
village, he is prfctly sure, In pass.ng nuy of
these places, to hear his remark aud his name
associated with it, in the druuken orgUs ol
those who "tarry long at tho wluo." You are
not ulone, Mr. Editor, the recipient of such
abuse us muuy a good cilueti was compelled
to listeu to on the street, a lew days sinco.
There is not a friend of temperance in town,
who has backed up bis belief with vigorous
action, that is hot subjected to similar abuse,
ulmost every night in the beer shops of this
coiumuuity. Take ns a case in point, the ar
raignment of one of our best citizens for vio
lating United StntCB laws, a few Weeks since ;
a more malicious attempt to injure the good
reputation of a staunch friend of temperance,
camiot well be conceived, and the malice thus
shown is well carried out in the slimy insitiu-
ulious, of "selling iu secret," and "smuggling
Irom Canada." This is the animus of the
thing, aud what can we do ubouUl V Shall
we avoid such attacks by simply believing in
the virtue of temperance and studiously clos
ing our lips when that belief claims utterance r
Shall we refuse to declare, our honest convic
tions for tear that th! "Liberals" will talk ol
"Blue Laws," and call us, "Puritanic" 1 Shall
we merely nod asscul, w hen ou a Sunday the
good mmisler reads "Wine is a mocker,
strong drink Is raging and whoever is deceiv
ed thereby is not wise," but be carul'ul and not
quote il, or any seutinicnl akin to it, on a
week day, lest we should olfeml a saloon
keeper and bring down on our devoted heads
the drunken curses of his patrons? By the
way, when did the leaders in spiritual tilings
read the above quotation in our churches last
and portray the curses attendant upon ilr.ini-
sulliug and uram-driuking ? Isn't it-about
time that the friends of society lay usidu this
vacilluliug, God and mammon-serving course,
and pi. luting themselves firmly up m the nick
of Temperaucc, deal sturdy blows at this de
mon, who threatens the peace or now happy
families, and the prosperity of our pleasant
The Rock Creek Celebration did not seem
to stop the tale of Coat's Thread at 0 cents, at
the People' (store.
For the Telegraph.
Mr. Editor Oa behalf of the committee
who reported od tho ttate of the Editor's corn
patch, allow mo to any in regard to your coin
ments,which began in the spirit or chivalry jou
declare yourself loo gallant for any defence
against accusations thus brought by the la
dles. But Ibis chivalric Bayard mood gives
way and we are really threatened iu a certain
contingency of the future. Then Shakespeare
Ib made to subserve a rather slangy purpose,
and your comment closes with w hat is in fact,
if not in terms, a direct contradiction. Not
desirous of repeating our former statement,
we will leave the matter to an enlightened
public to say If the testimony or j ladtet is
not of more weight and importance, than that
of one man, aud bo an Editor I Now, Mr.
Editor, we shall not attempt to deny that we
take a little malicious pleasure In setting your
weaknesses and foibles before you, tor it
brings you out generally, but w hether you
are put to your trumps, or give us a triumph
ant flash or attip wit, it is alike enjoyable.
You will never' conclude, of course, because
we tell you the truth, wo are therefore, your
enemies, for it it not to. We, however, In
tend to keep an eye upon you, and unless you
curry yourself with tolerable meekness and
editoriul propriety aud modesty, you may,
perhaps, bear agaiu from some member of the
and put ourselves upon our good behavior.
We would not wound their pride for the
world. We would like on this account to
smooth any ripple we may have occasioned
by that contradiction. No want or veracity
on the part or our gentle friend, was thought
f, but as to what ladle know about corn, ex
cept iu the matter or cooking and eating it, is
not supposed to be very extensive the chance
for an error of Judgment was thought lobe
quite possible. With this explanation, and
commending ourseir to their generosity aud
ibrbearauoe, w would await their further attention.
LI! JUi-Jl iL.
Ton Rbvenob Cottbh Perry, Cspt Ottkb-
OKH, ttenmed Into our H.trboron Wi dmtdny
Inattnd scnl Ilia night, leaving In Hie morn
ing for Connenut. This Is the first visit of this
fine vessel lo our port, her cruising ground
having heretolore been In another district.
Tho field of the I'errjU now the whole of
Luke Eric. This cutter Is of a somewhat dif
ferent model from the Merman. While aliont
the same lenglh, her Itreadlli of beam It much
less, making her one of Ihe sharpest vessi Is
upon either fresh or salt w ater. Slio was built
under the eve and direction of her command
er, with a referenco to staunchness and sailing
qualities, both of which objects havo been
successfully secur d. Shu Is called a aide
wheel propeller. Her wheels being but semi
submerged, are driven by four unique looking
engines, the shall of each w heel having a di
rect connection Willi two of these reciproca
ting engines, standing obliquely to Ihe deck,
and worklmc from midships, longitudinal line,
outward. These are capable, as we were In
formed, of eighty revolutions, and of produc
ing a speed of tome 18 inib t an hour. She
bus a drufl, with a supply of coal, or about 7
feet. Cupt. Ottknokk is a scientific naviga
tor, whose professional and practical attain
ments are not bounded by the mere routine
duties or a commander, ss the government
recognition of some of his Inventions lor
tho relief and rescue of the wrecked and
unfortunate, fully attest. Besides which, ho
has all the heart qualities of the true sailor.
II is company of officers are also gentlemanly
and intelligent, und we are under many obli
gations for their attention to our party, in
Bhowing and explaining every purl and equip
ment of their very neat, orderly and beautiful
craft. As we took no memoranda, we find
our memory fulling us Iu giving the names of
each. Lieuls. Glover and Tuttlk, the latter
late of the Sherman, First Engineer Wiikkleii
und Mr. Turi'EU, are those whose names we
recall. The hour or two spent on board the
Perry lend us to wish that her visits may be
frequent, and acquaintance and friendship
strengthened. Under the new arrangement,
Cupt. Martin, lute of the Sherman, Is located
at Detroit, and is charged w ith the district ly
ing between that point und the Straits of
Rock Creek Celkiiuation. Notwithstand
ing the doubt and uncertainly that hung over
this matter in respect to obtaining transporta
tion, it was 'ascertained ou Monday evening
that a train of ten platform curs could be had.
This, of course, left but Tuesday for prepara
tion and the extending of Information. This
amount of transportation wus seen nt once to
be insufficient lor the crowds that w ould gath
er for the trip. Notice was, therefore, given
by bills, that tickets would be provided for
stockholders, and that the company would be
made up of Ihe holders of such tickets. Not
withstanding this precaution, on Wednesday
moruimr befciru the hour of starling nine o'
clockalmost ull the available space upon
the train wus occupied. The ticket system,
no doubt, restricted the number.-, hut the. offi
cers of ihe road did not very rigidly enforce
the restriction, aud uot a few were permitted
to take places, who bad neither tickets or
stock. The number that found seals or stand
ing space upon the train was reported to have
been a lit .le over tiOO.iucluding the fire depart
ment, with its Cliief und the Band. Tliu en
giue did its duty, by pushing, and this heavy
freight of humanity was run up the grade
with much apparent ease. On reaching Aus
tinburg, a halt was made long enough to ar
range lor the accommodation of the people of
that place by a return lor them after the load
or Ashtubulians hud been dispiwid of. This
arrangement was curried out, uud a goodly
number were delivered upon tho very appro
priate und beautiful grounds that bad been se
lected for the gathering a fine, rolling, onk
grove, well sheltered and well provided with
seats. Tho run over the unballasted track
was made In oue hour. The array of carriages
upon the ground of thos'j who bud driven in
Irom every direction for miles around, showed
that the numbers brought thither by the train
formed but a small proportion of those upoji
Ihu'ground. A thoughtful estimate of several
of our citizens was, tlml the multitude would
uumber at least 5,000. This, however, was
below the figures of many. Alter a free liba
tion of lemonade, the company became, seated
for the enjoymeut of the refreshing shade.
The occasion wus enlivened by the Lenox
Band as well us our own, and spenking that
now beuan. Interspersed with music was led
otr by E. 11. Fitch, Esq., in a very commend
able elfort, followed by the Editor of tho
I'imet, w bo did himself no discredit either in
head or heart, but the tightness of Ihe place
wus a little apparent as well amusing. While
the spirit seemed to be willing, the flesh was
weak. Then followed Old Father Ci.akk, one
of the godfathers of the old-New Lisbon en
terprise, who contributed hi tliousauds al
most by the score, for securing its building.
His voice wns too feeble to hear. Ho was suc
ceeded by Tiieo. Hall, Esq., whose effort iu
noting the halting but certain progress of im
provement, showed him quite happy In that
which ho seldom undertakes popular, off
hand address. His appeal to the "Gentlemen
of the Jury" brought down the grove. The
literary entertuiumeut was wound up by Col
lector Fassett, who ventured upon a touch of
tho mirthful in a parallel between the old
maid, in her long and discouraging delays
and ultimate success and the consummation
this far, of the A. Y. & P. An adjournment
for unpacking and disposing of the contents
or the lunch baskets here took place, and the
way it was entered upon showed that there
was no luck or appetite or the means of ap
peasing it. After this very pleasuut portion
of tho day's observances were through, the
hours were spent until about 5 o'clock, in so
cial amenities and wailing for the train, which
returned first with the Austinburg people to
their homes, when it put oft' also to Ashtabula
lor a supply or water, which inade the lust
hour somewhat languishing. The arrival ut
Hitchcock's crossing was made In good time
and without accident a thought tlutt camo
very graciously to tome or those who hud
responsibility in the results. Several ot the
directors of the company and the Resident
Engineer, used their care and vigilance toward
this end. - These gatherings and social ameni
ties along the line are having the food effect
to identity it with the people, aud to make
the Interests of tho road the interests of the
The procrammo of the day teemed to be
under the direction or Mr. Bretell, or Rock
Creek village, and ita currying out elicited the
commendation of til visitors.
Accidentally Shot. On Wednesday, last
week, says the Thnee, Mr. Alansou Potter, 20
years or age, accidentally shot himself while
handling a revolver, at tho house ol E. Potter,
6aybrook. The young man was alone in Ihe
room and had the weapon In his hands in the
act of turning the cylinder, when it was dis
charged, Ihe bll entering just to Ihe right of
the breast Ixme and passing obliquely to thb
right, struck a rib, which turned the course or
the ball somewhat, when It .entered and
loxUed in Ihe space between two ribs. Dr.
Webster extracted the ball and dressed the
wound. It was a narrow escape from death,
but at it It, the young man it in fuir way to
' il. 1. J-J-UJIJi.JL-J J.J! J1IJLLXI
Ret. Edward Anderson has, or It about
to, fix himself upon the editorial tripod,
and with the editor of the Clmtstiqua Demo
erni, lint luawd tin prospertut for a dally,
Greeley 'niininl tl JauWlown. The position
Is one in which our reverend friend will be
very much at homo, a lie hold a sharp and
rsry pen, tnd no doubt may d- aomelhlnt In
the way of adding a contortion or convulilon
or two to the rapidly stiffening enrcnat on
Greeleylem. e would commend to his allen
llon.lbe returns oflbe North Carolina election,
before Investing very largely In Ms proKHd en
brprlsc. Whether be puis off (be cloth or not.
we are not advised, but our advise would l
If lie preslsls In hit new project, by all mesne,
to retain nn Intensl In the prayers of bis
friends. Whether llda Is a fining connection or
not. the congratulations sent us while her, for
our fltti lily to principle, wire received In all sin
cerity are duly and gratefully acknowledged.
J. E. Smitii. We notice by a New England
paper, titling bark a few years, that our Tel
low townsman, J. K. Smith, known atr.ong ns
as a fine miiaielun, ami an artist, achieved
some reputation at the South as a draftsman
and architect. Ilia model of a monument to
the memory of Gen. Quitman, Is spoken of In
tome of the Soul hern papers, ss a fine speci
men of skill and taste. A description of It
given In the paper we quote from, Is a most
clear and graphic one Indicating that ir h
had turned his attention to this profession he
would have been equally successful as In the
Photographic line. With such versatility of
genius, there is no reason why Mr. Smith
should not make bis mark.
Ptnr Mr I beg to acquaint yon (hat I nare no lntr
eat whatever In the manufacture or ale of Medicines
that are now being edn-rtlred and fold In the Mates,
as "Holloway's Pills and Olntmcnta.
Oiwb frauds have been practiced upon me by one
Joseph Ilavdork and' a Divirt Prlnirlc, both f New
York, and who at different times were manager of my
hnslneas at SO. Maiden Lane. In that city. David I'rln
irte now wnmcrully ata fnrth.thot he has tha'OoprrlKlit
to make and sell my "Ilollowny'e IMIla and Ointment-"
And for this and other nils iolnga, Icpnl proceedings
are now being taken by my representative In New
Tork, agslnat them and others.
Ijist year, I jrave a power of attorney to one Henry
M. Slartlu of New York to put a Hop to tlicne pnr,
'.Icca. hot Instead of doing ao, I regret to say, he ha
irreaily abnacd bis trust, and among other tiiii.g, with
out my knowledge or consent, gave a llc.cr.ae for the
formation of tho New York Chemical Company, to
make and aell Holloway's Pills and Ointment, which t
believe le being advertised In your paper, aud thla
greatly to my dctrl merit, .but for bis owa advantage.
Kroui Information which reached me on tbia subject, I
Immediately deputed a Mr. GcoTje Martin, my brother-in-law,
to proceed to New York to annul the Power
of Attorney of the former.
I am aure that you as an honorable gcutlerotn, can
not dealre to aid by means of your valuable paper, un
principled prtle iii committing frauds upon the
American public by the unju'tlflnble ue of my nnmo.
There is no desire whatever In thus addressing you
thin that the American pnblic should know that tho
medicines which they msy buy In my name, do not em
enste from nie.and that I have no longer any Eftub
tlchment la America, nor are my genuine medicines
sold there. Youra, faithfully,
Ashtabula Market August 9, 1872.
Dealers pay the following Puces.
Wheat Not, White (1 GO
do No. 1 lied J 50
Coiin Shelled M
do In the ear 35
Oats 87V
BrTTKB .- 14tolS
Cnssss 10 to II
Dried' Apples S
Laud 10
Kous 15
Potatou, new 40 to SO
Fi.ocn Sm.uxa Tares
Conx Meal per ton M 00
Chopped Feed Corn and oats SS 00
In IJverybody'a Mooth . ' Trat-s the 8nto
dont." Greatest luxnry of modern times hcantlflea
and preserves the teeth. The repulsive breath la ten
dered as fragrant as a rose, and coldnaae by friends, or
in hulness. will now be no longer noticed.
Spalding's Glue mends broken toys, Ac.
IIollowaT,s Ointment. The family dcsllluie
of this preparation Is literally wll!.ont;tho only safe and
certain means of curing those eruptions, nlcors. rwell
lags, and painful nervous complaints so common to us
all. Hold 73 Maiden Lane. N. Y. price 25 cent per pot.
Ask lor new etyle ; the old la counterfeited.
Tbe llunian Roof and It Thaitclilnar. If
the man deserves well of bis country who makes two
blades of grass grow where only one grew before, surely
he who produces a glorious crop of bair on a compara
tively barren scalp deaervea the hearty thanks of the
obliged parly. . All honor, then to 1'kor. E. T. Lvo.v,
for, unquestionably, his rcuowned Katiiarioh accom
plishes this object. Gentlemen w bore whlkore ire shy
of making their appearance In force, or the fibers of
whose mouHtache disclose those magnificent distan
ces" for which Washington City was once so famous,
will and Uila Hair Persuades the most wonderful en
coursgcr of Ahroas developmeut that has ever yet been
Invented. Both sexes arc advised to use It, as, by all
odds, it la the heat article for Improving the growth ai d
beauty of the hair, keeping It free from scarf and dand
ruff, preventing It from becoming harsh, dry and pray
giving It a rich gloss and endowing It with flexibility
that Toilet Chemistry has ever evolved from tbe
vegetable kingdom.
Perhaps no real medicine ever gained the rapid
popularity which Cantoris lias done. One person re
lutes their experience of Its good cflccte to another. It
Is a vegetable preparation, perfect y liarmlcss, pleasant
to take; docs uot distress or gripe, but regulates the
system, and Is auie to operate when all other remedies
havo failed. .Any person who has ever used Castoria for
Stonueb Acbe.Oonstlpatlon, Croup, Flatulency, Worms,
Pile .or deranged Liver, will never again use nauseatteg
Oil, Bitter Pills, or Narcotic Syrups. The Castoria con
tains neither Minerals, Morphine nor Alcohol. By Ita
soothing, quieting effect It produces natural sleep, and
Is particularly adapted to crying and teething children.
It costs. hut As cents, aud one bottls will save many
dollars In doctors' bills. 77
The ConfcsalDua of an Invalid. Published
as a warning aud for tbe benefit of young men and oth
ers, who suffer from Norvous Debility, Loss of Man
hood, etc., supplying
Written by one who has cured himself, and sent free
ou receiving a post-paid directed envelope.
At71 Brooklyn. N. Y.
ARB YOU GOING WKSTt-It so take oar
advice, and purchase your Tickets over the uld reliable
aud popular .tllasourl I'aclUc Railroad, which
Is positively, the only Line that runs three Dally Ex
press) Trains from St. Louis to Kansas City and the
West I and Is, positively, the onb Una w hich runs
Pullman's Palace Sleepers and Fluo Day Coaches
efjieciaUy for mown) equipped with Miller's Sttftty
llatfurm and tho Patent Steam Urate, from tit.
Louis to Kacsas City, Fott Bcott, Parsons, Lawrence,
Leavenworth, Atchison, St. Joseph, Nebraska City,
Council Binds, and Omaha without change. For Infor
mation in regard to Time Tables, rates, Ac, to any
point In Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Texas
or California, call upon or address 8. II. Thompson,
Agent, Missouri Pacific Railroad, Columbus, Ohio ; or,
B. A. Fonn, Goneral Passenger Agent, BU Louis, Mo.
No trouble to antwer qvettionet
In Kast Trumbull, July tlst, by Rev. Ira Slater. Mr.
A. I,. 1Iknktt. of llurperslleld, aud allsa Maby M.
Kaarr, of liarl-grove.
In Colehrook. July tlth, hr John Gee, J. P., Mr. F.
B. Jkwett, of 'Vaynu, aud Miaa Cabkie Shoemaker, of
Announcnients free ; Coaiiaeiidatorr Notleea, half rata
At the Methodist Parsonage, In this village, August
Sri, Carrie 8. Clarke, ail. 'pled daughter of Key. U.
W. and Mary B. Clarke, In tus fifth year of her ags.
At Keystone, Indiana, oa Ihe S7th nit., suddenly,
Mrs. Leer t-'MooRSR Diuslb, aged St years.
Tbe remains wera brought to Ihia place for burial,
and the fuuersl took place irota the rvsldeuos of tier
fiuher, Mr. O. U. trooker.
Id New Lyme. Anirust 4th. Lahira, wife of H. A.
Bevve, Kq.. aged 41 years.
In Itlchmond, sfUh lost, TJabtbt Tctoier, aged 60
Is Boas, Jofsrn MeTTom, tge4 ts rs9-
J X.i! 1 ' U
To the Citizens of Ashtabula and i
Vicinity Greeting :
Ws wlak U remind yno it t it4 plane to uy Clothing
la al Me 'Jl'Sblnf House f
rpiIAT vou uiav 1h ftMiirvl Unit our
jL Muck ft ib l.r' rt BLd nvut Oomp'r.? to h
ffjuiid tn tl.tt wj ut ujHfi rfrr, for your
Mmumi r atliM. ait tri.titii' taiia of a few u( Ui liw: pf
to Lm fjuut1 at our IIuumt.
Xmt OXjtOTXim
lift ran tt-fcu an unusually tatf; ami Unm aort
vent. IMIt) itif that lti H-t jfrf' of ei'.Ui ara
M'fwl tilffriuhfr a; 4 proillwMr iottir.nuaifr,
WC tiV avoltJtfl tllf Ctf-T I Mm (if tttitjt(
In Ion, Hi--fitly afKH'otttfi Mir-t Clutln,
iu luakit.jf.Mjf JHj.rlij wurr.iiH-, mutl
havu iM:kffl tMir iJuth JJepari-m-t
t wlih tit; Uvt
AmrUun, JSnyilih, i rrnrt ttnd Urrmmn Cepdi,
In all tu Jitrlte
mhiUm nt Blur, Urnwu, Dahlia,
Kiiioke. Oiat., tic, Ac. Our Ifitiof
Bruauuiutlit and 1n;hIi1d eotiialu. among
utlier. iht I.iUiiwIiik baud: lltlvr liru. a,
Wagiii r's JhM-kbtM k.r aiJd trt ImaMe . Wc bar
.,r KN'(U-.I1 K KIlM.Ylj ftm cufMMit h Ir-aii-n.
OtTHiau Dtraiht Linni and IMaiu.1 VuraieJ tual
lug-, av d an lit market affuniti.
tact OijuHi2ttz3ni3a.
Wa arv itfmrn to itiow tt:iM who can apprcelata
HaA K'MMitf, tba n-rjr heat Amrluiri and rurHj;ri
Mftmilaciur. H ak cinl aitfiiflon to ottr I'ant
I'altcriiR a Win if the imim! tlvflirmhle Ht:k in llii
ttiMtiiirti of country. conufmiijf ail iliu ilcsirmUiv ttLJn
Hair J,iu-f, hUbliht and Jirokm Li .', Mrriii U.tit
Mixtures, rkotcli Lmess. Ar. Vif dite a few
I'uitL-riia or vuiy flue aud liiht Wort:i-rt, lb dirk
Color, fur t-Jttffii.ts hot Mouihitr. in tUn rartoua
Alixturva our flock la large and I'xrn-'ALT.r akLkcr.
Qd a'Xt.XIVlTVrTIJO-stSi
We hstv fak'-'D more than fmuuary pmun thin priof
to iun;l a hultHhie TritAtQilni'ft for ua In maUn up
tliu :loihfl and ;auiierv nolle c-d above, and cu rti f
the bi'flt Karuier'a rttleria. Padding., liair Cloth
Hleevo Li mn an. to he found Iu market.
In tbe Mnkiiuj iff tarmenU wt pnruoa to employ
only tuu hi-et woikuieii, and are jruaraiitee Thai our
tJI.Mln, Trimmliiir and wo"k ahall ail b uch a w
auall nut he ahaibi.d of or our pauon dlt-tirtte4l lib.
We have Bulla at all tbj cua.omary price, and gooA
that are tuaie uo with more liifiii untiuit. care. Ua
oiler lreft CoaU iu l(!ue auu Black t'Mba. Tricon. 1I
HfonaU and Orttiiilep ; black and tlluu Cai-clmere, Uoo
kui, t'Htor and Tricot Taule, with ert lo match.
We offer a choke atMtoMiuent of hiyiinh tiininy and
Summer ItutU. and urn warraut both the gouu and
the work. W otter rk-ot h and American Cheviot huiti
od find cheap, and Cam-Inu re ttaita in ifreat vuriety,
vVe offer ulct;umi- from a larjec stock of YuothV, Hoy'
and Children a hulln, aul al price that cannot UU to
pieaae woae w no want me worm ul iiivir luouey.
Our Stock contain rtulta.Coatt-. Pant, and
Veol vaud Julera In ail the dilTereiit atyle
aud good". fcxli1ariivii'i To-: t and io
tera, also Htack and Iark Hiririi Alpaca
Coils, and liiiitied 'aittunre II Ion fen. for
" The Heated '1 erm " H e i.avo JUarreillea
VeftliitT, In the l-t Eneli-h.Go'K!f While,
Hurt, i'lttitl, and Mixed colors ; al-o, Heady
inade AiarMflles Vmia Iu the tatert etyiea.
Our Cottonade Pant and tfv.rnila we rec
oiuiueud as the beat, and the bet luade, lo
be found lu the market.
3lb. A?itl.0 OVE1ICOATS.
Onr aaaortmnnt U unoiaMy jjood. aod well worthy
thu attention of liioao who have to hay.
1th. TT AsTS cft 0-As.Xei.
We show ull ihe new nnd Htmiflard Htylen. in'rlartlnp
the (iiieey. Alexia, Ueionu, 1'ic-iiic, lioo KiuUh, rlluu
Cloth, Hcocch, bilk. Linen, tti-.. kc. In all tbe lendiui;
(hade of color. It le our purpiaj to have at all tlmeM a
full line of flue bilk llai, rucli a we cu recomiueud.
Onrat'ortmeiit erobmcea aeTeml ifradp of Panama,
Malacca, Canton, and oilier braiu ; aio a lare variety
of Pa! iu Leaf, UarvcMl a W illuw Hate for every day wear.
Oth. J?xx'xlmlxtxiG Oooda.
Kid, Doi;l:ift, Rtirk-Uin. and Uerltu Oloven, American
and itriiirh. fioui the iiuet J .ail.ru::: flu and Lidu
Thretid. down ihiouh ail tne j-'rauust of hrown aid
IMixt'fl, to tlx- very cht-Npul varieties.
Tbe cc lv b rated Hay Mate hup nder, one piece of web
bing throughout. AUo, lidiei' and tteiitb' Snoulder
Bracen. AH toe Krate of Suirla, Including
ChIIco, t'otion. Percale. Lineu, Citviot aud Woolen.
Linen uhu Paper Col I a re, HnMim. and Cuff.
Vnietl Leather, and Knamled Cloth. Valine and
Shawl Ktrapt. 'I runki. Wrtippera A Uiaw era, ail kind.
hleeve UultoiiM, htudf. Uoaom Plna.
ScarN, Tlett and llmr. In gral variety. The beat
bilk. Lint-n. and CiHton Thread.
Button, binding, HurklcH, LuihrcilaH, le, Ac.
Tbere (laol we jimpoH!' toacil a Ciibap at they cao
he fold for Ciih. We c hall not give lon cndli if we
know it ami wetukehit oppon unity to rec mm end to
loi.g winded buyer I hat tbev buy where they Will have
to pay l.pi or vu percent for tlieirlon-wliifliliieftt. We
are t hi It-tied from the teady increase of our biiflntiii
Kince the year cooimeneed. that the C'b or Equivalent
Plan la the beet for all coi certte'l, and we propoae lo"
adhere to it nure chttely than In-fore
With thnki for favor aln-idy received, we would
a uro our Irieitria that we ahall ctrve to merit C4iiitiii
lied pa ronapu, by ellin; itimkI at the lowed puetdble
rate coni&luut with, a rfafe ltufhunf,
WAl'lE & SILL.
-V. B. Thoe uhOK account art oter-due art heitby
noitjttd thnt ice nttii the tnniry dm v. in our btiiinrs.
Tomch thU notice anu.r etrrt at ftrcjHtratory to tearing
for cotiettion alt accoente not atUmltd loin a rtam.ahU
time. WAITE ibILL.
Ashtabula. O., May S4, 1878. Ks
" Small Profits and Quick Sales."
attcntlou to his large and
The result or bU enlarged and Increased facilities for
He is Prepared to, & is Selling Cheaper
Titan any other etMahlUhment of thekiniUn thr-conntry
or city, I ni"au what I my, and would invite tbe put
lie In general toaeu for iheiioM:lyei before buying else
where. 1 urn mnktng it an object for any one To give
me a call, and it will pay them well fur coming to ae a
large flock loaehct Irwin, winch ta an largos any In any
city. Having aixfeen yean experleuee In bufint-fe ami
buying all my atock direct from the manufacturers Eai,
and conducting my own baHiuefa unahles uie to aell
lower than any competitor In the region. My work la
at it always ha been the best,
I aim have on hand a large etnek nf Eastern work,
which 1 Hell very low ; among which will tie found single
lounges, hi d lounges, carpet and rep toungva.
(Spring Mr.tlreaaca. at greatly reduced prices of my
own make. . V -
Don't lorget the pl.ic a few doorssouthof Fiek, 8ilH
man tt t'oV Flour and Feed Store,
A Iff i pnrtl ular aileutlou paid to carpet laying. Curt In
aud CroLi. u hanging, all of which will be doue with
reaUlnecij aud dtauaicb.
I also keep constantly on hand a large asaortmimt nl
ready made ColHiif. Koae Wm-d Imitation. lt!ark Walnut
aud linllailon of Itlavk Walnut, all of which I can trya
in two hours nonce. In nnv ptyle rHuesieci. tquul to any
cltv. also have a fpleniild Ilcaraein road iu ess when
called for.
Grate Clothes. A new feature !.a rrc?nt1y been ad
ded to this furniture cuiaMisemeiit orratherto the l'n
dertaker' depnntuent of It one that cannot fail to com
mend Itself to the community, and will show the dispo
sition of the proprietor-to make his establishment
fie r feet as may be. It will go lar to relieve the work and
mstle. incideiitftl to. and so repugnant In seasons of IO
naivemcnt. ot preparing the remains of tho departed lor
burial. This consists in ket plug on eaud, and reay for
Immediate um; a stock of grave-clcluea. A variety 01
shroud, for both male and female. mde np with much
tasie aud appropriatenee, various In price, aud both
black and white materials. A slnele order for a coffin
mav, therefore, embrace the habllllmenta of. the dead,
and thus save the friends of tbe deceased, in the mldet
of grief, from much that seems particularly disagreeable
ud incongruous in the way of preparation for the irrave.
Ashtabula Ohio Jan. 1st.. 1870. K&tt tf
SeVEN" Acres of Land, with pood
buildings and choice fruit. Pitualed two miles west of
Ashtabula Villas on South Kidge. This lsa very desir
able property to any one seeking a home near tbe town.
Price 600. I.. M. CKOSHY.
ailf T. C. OKOHWY.
Execr.tnrs of the Esute of Z. Crosby.
Ashtabula O..Hcpt. 7th lh71.
New Store I New Goods !
Now 37lxxrL !
Tn the New Brick Block of R. F. Moore, on
the wvtt slileuf Main Streot, nearly opposite the real,
donee of Henry Fessctt. and one door North of Doctor
H. B. Van Nonuau's Odice, may b round the flrm ot
M00RE& BR0.
With t complete stock ot
conelstlnf nf s laryerrarlety of srtl.
cles such sale osnallay kept in a tret class sioreof this
kind. All of which wa offer to the public at the lowest
possible rates for ' i
.: CAbll, On HSADT PAY.
Wa onW ask s call, feeling sssnred lhat none will o
sway without purchasing. MtHJltB. BRO.
N. II. All kinds of Frodose taken la aACboste for
gooJs. W
Klln-drlcd, All Vine Doora for
$1.75 to $9.25
TlIK SuWritpr,1i-in? onvincp1 of tlm
secmlty of a low prlcel it ior, has mads arrangements
Xu tur.lsh thviu at the soo e
Astonishing Low Prices ,
And all other good. In Ills linn In Ihe sains ratio, for
ca.h, aud taaif ij!j
"Small Profits and Largo Sales"
Is sny motto i h futnr. A lairs -tnck of Hash,
Blind, siid boom constantly on hsnl. Over
One Hitfidri-d ditlef-nt variet1s
of Mrmltiini't), h-rfi ae. ing d-re on st'nrt
A La rye Stock of
On hard. Also a large stock of Hhlinir, Celling aLd
2?' x. o onuvc,
Call and ae W.ire yon tnv. a t am il' Ur.iilm.-il to
make It an object for the puoulr 10 buy of L.--.
OftVe and Mill ojp'-alte Churrh park. S .. Yalu
AahlaV.aia. TjT J. t . ILLKV.
Has on liand n fo'1 .TssortniPtit ol
Harness of -artnoa kinds. !l.ivr and Llch', Mlir)eand
loubl-. of tie tw-at wrkitaiiihlu anrt nii.l:rial. lie
are prepared to til ord-ra l-jr work of any uu.cripllor
Iu bia line.
riDIM! BniDI.KS,
He has nt laid In a 1rke unaW of lanrc and me-
dlnm stxed Tr;iVf:!!ng Trunks. 'J hey are of vaiiou
qnalltlea snd valne. and a opjed at wv"r: V:e prices,
'( ie asaortmenl Is alioifethef the ls'"t of atr In tbe
reff.n. Thp travftlinir pii'tlt? are tnvitrd tr '"oV over
this stock, as they cau bardiy full to f.i.d onr-'Mi.g to
their mind. V. C. l OIXP .
Asnta'tnli.ftept. . 1MT,', - Prifitf
i ALT.XXr.ott.
I la
, ruFis wsEAtaosmr
In the wonderful medicine to which the afflicted
are above pointe-1 for relief, tbe discoverer I e-li-Tea
he has combin ed l hm-wony rrore of .'a
tare's mt sovereign enrative pmpenies, whirh
Gil h iiHtilleJ into the veu'cinM Vn'jdom for
h 'ml in the sick, than wore ever before ci.iiiMiied
ia one inniiclue. The evidence cf tbs fact ia
found lti the trret variety oi most cb-tinate dis
eases whlrh. It ha bn found to conquer. In the
care of Hroue ta I tt , ficTCre onbs,
and the evty stae. of Co una mutton, it hns
atiolshel tho milcl faculty, and cn.un.-nt phy
sician protioancft it the grea'te. nieiiical dicove
ry of the a e. While It cures the sever"M eom-hs,
it tre.itb!i tlio erstem and pnrlflm tbe
blo)0)I By Its great aod thorotiL'h blood purify
It; pnmsrttB'i. it cure all II it moras Wra the
wotvt Kcrofulatoa cemnmii Klou b.Fliu
pi.), or Emptloti. Mercnriol d'eea-'e. Miiw
rat Pj.oni, and their effects, aro eradicated, and
vi.m-oj hsalth aud a sound constitution otah-li!i-i.
Krvalpela si. Salt nhrtim.lcver
8:re, Scaly or I&ohkIi SKIji. in .liort,
ail tiio n.iJi',ru dU cases laust-d lv I .ad bitKfd,
ar-s conriuered by this powerlui pahfyaig and In
Ti 'otutlu ma licinc.
ifyMi foel dull, drowsy, dihillutid, LflTe"sl
lo r col'ir of sUitu or vello wib bn wii jN.ts rn
fa:-3 or bo lv. frotueut nead aclie ordizrltrcss. bad
ta-t Innmh, iaternal hi -at or chills altcn at d
wit'ihot dashes, low spirits, sod t:Jooniy foiehcd
in?-, IrruMlar a ipetite. and tnt;e tt-a;d. vco
a-e ifjrln r fr-j.u Torpid l.ivor or (4RII
I tl hi." In many cuf-os of lAwer
Cttnplaltit .on'y part of theMi synpi ms
are exo-tricnccl. As a rem-.-dv for all Mich cares
Dr. Pierce's GtUuii Medical Difcoeiv fca- iio
ei-itl. a It eTacn perfect cures, leavii e the Ihe r
stirh!a"l and healtuv. for ihe cam of
HabitUatl Conatlpuii ou of the hccls it
W a vwjr f-iiliu remedy, aid thos who tae
u l It fjrtliis parpose are h A in itr riaiM.
Ttl'i pr trictar ofie.-s $.U ipvard ffr a r.M t!
cluti ill it will eiual it for tbe rme of all tl c dis.
eaj for w-iich it is recommenced.
8M bydruiryists at l per bottle. Prtrnied by
R. V. Piorco. M. D.. Solo rropi letor. at hi ( h-m-lcnl
fjihoratorr. l:t) Seneca street, liutlalo, N. Y.
Bund your add res tor a pamphlet.
Successor to J. A. Fi-oeckaft.
1 I AVIXG ndtled nmnv fine Tlorsc".
and Elevant CarriaKits. with new l.'ohes and Carriage
HIankets. lo the rormt r .ticK, ne cau now rureiiio :n
nleasure nartles and buaiuees uicxi jti.l such "turn outs
as mar be wanted.
Call and sec that Ashtabula ran eqnal citj.slabks in
funcy aud DusinueS "n'iM.
Leave Ordera at the Flsk House for
Omnibus which runs to and
from each Train.
Pnrelal Rates to "Turtles Uuuters, Funercls Ac.
Hoots and Shoes!
50 Cases save one.!!!
T. P. ROBERTSON & SOX, l.avi-
reoelred at their e.ublishmt-nt dnrlnfrihepaat ten duya
theahorequ nlitvof itoods. which are now o;un aud
ready for iusi ertiou, and which they are oflcriug to
those In waul i-f
A Good Solid Understanding,
as Cheap, for the same quality of work, as can be found.
We abominste tbe
BUoddy, Low priced Boots & Shoes from the
Itub ol creatlou.
and hare sclo-tnd our stiirk from the best inannfacto
rlc. at Troy. Kimyra, Uiiflalo and UIU;bau.loa, Si. V
and Waterfurd, fa. Our block of
Chil liens, Misses end Men's Shoes,
waa'nerer so "full and Perfrct as this fall
A Splendid line of MISSES
Calf Polish, Tebhlo noat, Goat, Serge and
Bcrge Foitod.
They can't help but suit our tasteful and dlrcrlmlnatlon
euaiomuis , .
The best selected and finest Hue of LADIES
Gost and Serge Button and Laco Goods
that can b. found her. or eltcwher.
Our Blocker, Klmrra and Waterfnrd Boots, speak for
theuiMtirws, all nanu in iuo ann warraniea.
- We will try and iuo.ll a enntinuauce of past-favor, and
Qo Jostle to all WUO litrnr Uf aim incirnatronoife.
Ak!.kttla W
Female Seminary...
NeVt Rehmd Year beiHns Nfoiftnv Kth. lftTm. Iiarl
and Tultien from tvo to o wr annam.
Auureaa, lor iitiirinttion or i;nlalovues,
MarlellK. Ohio.
The nrtt l"rm Ix itlna Auun.l tilth. INTl. In Ib.
Aradt ll.T sMifirnt are unparvd for t lfi-f?e or fr I.up.1.
nea. 1 he Inatliullon n.ia one of the latireat llbiane.
lti Ilia coiinlrr. good huiltlliiira. estenalve and srell
ai-lpf-tfd appdratiia, able and eKperlenrd In.itnrtnr.
lip atti-if.l iiir-c the tart year waalarirnr than ever befow.
.Toruijr .in, i, -iu. iH iiiiuu it are aiiit-u. rir i a'aiiyue.
applrt.lh.'r,.l(l. i,l, 1. W. ANDHKVVS.
Tlil srldolj-hnown "rl.mil sITi.nla thomurb hrlatlaa
T' nwi inn, ntre iimn a a wen ; rit.
af ,iw '.I'ryymtn. iLt-Tin sc. .ion, (so wevua)
os:iia ht-piinbrr ; lib. IrfTJ. '1 he aitdrea. of all liitmr
puplla ia reue. ti d. A ffrand re-lliniMl at the rl.e of
i.iu i i-xl year. H.-111I rur uai:ltiil :rs lo l;0v. tilAHLh1
':. BlvA l I V. I) it., I.I.. (., Sii.,1., or Iter. A. II. Itfcll,
Pit II I'ritlt-'llletl
fterrb.Blrllte, N. J.,
T'"ir mile, frmn I'hllad. Ipula,
(fornicrly Jocalcd al rriucr'ou, N.J)
Iter. n. N. iiuv.EI.L, A. M., Prtnrlual.
Forty fourlb Aunual Turin bc-liia beptcniWr lOih.
H-nd t'ir Circular.
A. Wellinglon Hart & Co.,
For Insolvents ami liiinkiupta,
1 i I I UVABU UT., Mi IV 1WHR,
tyh--fiTi nrp, f.f ihf. .lh.f rJ,rf.rtf.r jpnd flif
GENTS WAXTKl) f..r (Jl.iuwburliu'i
-iA- Ureal Camnalia Book, Ut
Stuugglk of '72 '
A Aovt't in flJUicjt an' frjmlar Lilrraturt.
A 'Jiuenir; lli.firy of tlie Kepubiiran and ftemocratis
Punli-a; a ricy ak.-K-li r li- .naill.j Lil-eml Kopnhll
ras Parry ; au tniit tine of tut- Cincinnati Convention.
'I be nuiior Ikki-t". or niit ihriui of liiy raniiwin. Tb.
Il!irl llin-lmicd l!.,-.k I'uliii-ln-il. A bonk wanted by
every Ann ricau ir.tiz. it. 'i''j M-mrc ii-rniorv aiouoe,
scuu 1 Ir ou:fn. I MON PI til.IMII.Nu 10.,
!' w t-iii v-sccoiiii rl., lUM-airo.-lll.
TIIIItTY New sml Hi-autlfnl
Dial'll'. (let Price List of
'I. . ftleharda 4c t o.,
laul 'r.. 4! Alunay bl., N. .
J. & P. COATS'
Frura Ku. 6 to 100 iuclubivc.
QTTTM A i'0,iiam s asthma spk-
O J. 11 IVl ri.t C lFl'J i-. wfirrantfd to relievo
tun worr-i caj.fj in tan mm a ten, ann oy pwrevr
in in ita u-i efftH't a ' fi:. for aa!n hy all
I'rttvi: t". or - vjut lij' mull, p.nt tia'it,, on receipt
cf u;.e l..i:ar. AuUrt.e T. l'OI'UAM A CO..
rtlbalplna. I'd.
ACiENTM Wanted. .'if -ntrt tpp:c more mon y al
wi-'k I'ur uc tit-iti ar tdivi f!tse. Iiufn-fti lftrht
atiu J. 'inmntrt. I'ai-ik-ularV Tw. STI2ibO ft CO.,"
t :nr An l'uitili-h'T-. IVruaiiH. Maiiie.
For any case of Blind,
BIi-iMnLr. Irehiiisr or t'lcer-
d I'll, e Hint 1) Hi nb s
PILE KKMhliY falla to
.-Tr.- li i. prt-pared ea-
. prt sly lo cure me Piles,
Bold hj-al IJJruiat! ;s. - Prlce-tl.to.
an1 nothlr.p'r!.
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wisrcpiEsl,ER'a .
Tlie cn-atopt Medico-Chemical Discovery of tba aa.
v e ifuaruiiiw 11 i otr a p nun pi, ceruia nun prrrnaiicn
care for ' onnmp;lon, Brnnrliir.s. Ac.nmaj, Ni-rvoua an4
I'hwical Uebili'y, ho of bm-cib, Yiforautf Awef te,
PiralTi, N-uralia. Dypenia. Scrofula, and All Wa
" ari-iii' t'rcii a DUtaac.. and Impnre Comlitton of
th?"lilfd. No r-trM.n mn ukm Winrhter,a lly
ophoaplii' r?oriliiv to tiircvliou. and, with
projt-rcart! and imn-ir. r-maiQ no well. To the weft
it if tu valuable a a mtraua of im-rtf-rvlnj the b4th
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or ij v&Ln inori! tinu lWiMfO racua of Jo)iumption
hive hct'ii cont.r-ti lv tiirwl hj it. Uo you wa:t to he
cumi 'I'aku our advice. (Vo tLia caicJimt-.-d liemcdf
iinioediatcly. NOW MS THE Tl.tlii,
utirintr liiemild m turner weather, hJikd tho jiatieat fa
Uf!(Ur :ih: moat fnvomble atmospheric condition. Xia
uol delay. Your l;le Mat etnkc 1 it may be aavedl
1,1 CURED.
Send for .ur Clrcu!ar. One Dollars per Kottic. Bold '
by al! Drn;iri,s.
J. WINCHESTER & CO., Chcmiils,
Si; John St.. New York,
T'MIE Chfmltifry of Divine Providence
A- hi;, nertr ptrtucid a tcincral which rombfues In
-u-h V'.-ifeciiuu ihe qiijniitir of anlihil!iiu tonic and
nt!:ariic uu-ai.iiie, aa Unit of the bvlner Spa; aud
T.t iihakt's KrrKHvsacrNT Skltsku Apkiiient is Ilia
ariiticlul eritilrtileur ot thnt pri-st nainral rciucdy.
n;9-x TO $100 per Week marie essy
V " ''y any luily. w.Cun) .old In six months. Th.
mcst wonderfully rnpid M-lIinar ariiclca vver invented
for married or single la.:l.-a' use. Ao finalt can d
icith'Mt it. IluiuTil;-. cii-SLl. 'ctiaaM, anil wrbal ha.
alwara be,:n vsnten. and always will. 1'rontH Isrve.
Itiuhtu for sate. I.a.ly si-u'a en n-ake fortuuea.
buudard articles. Circulars 1'rue. Aiidreiia
142 Fultou St.. N. Y. Y. O. tS.
Perew's Hamblctonian.
'"PHIS splen.lid young Ilnrse hat some
I of 'lie Lost tncls or any hnr?c In the n'lnn. horn,
nf his colt. riuise rt'at sliced, lie will euud al the
Perear Farm, North HiiIli. toi Ihe sessou. Terms, $36.
for the sednon. ori-Vi for Insurunci'.
Pei-cw's llauilili tinii.1!! i iix years old this eprinj;, ai
very beam iful Iwy color, Ane flow hit; hlscL inane a4 -tail,
all black poinie, 1 imiiila b itb. wiib elt-t-nul mo.
Hriions.iiiifi in carnuirita "tacsiiniiie ' of bie illustrious
sire. Ky.dick'. tlaiuhU-luiiluu. of cheater, Oraufer. 4'o..
N. Y., ibe -lrc ol r.iore trollura aud flue roadstct. than
sny otnt-r knnuu bor-e.
ftvdicL's llamblctontan Is the lineal ricrdst at
old Impjried Mcvsencr, tbrriWh Atiiallsh sm! Mesa
orino. iiin oam wn uy Dv-lllviuuaer, Jiraliu aaul uy
Haniblctonlnn. mid he bv ihe old iinnorr.l MsMisrer.
1'be ila f Per -w'a Haiiibli-tonian was the ftnious tn i
Ur l.lZlti UAVV. OOI), by Aim ricau flar, a wcll-bndl
and exciH-dingly popular sullion lu Oraue couu4y.
1 - .nr..
Pure w a rlamhlot jnlsn w ill show for hlms.lt w
never trained, shows irreut .pei-ri aud artiou. was por
chased in 8r-sex couiiiy, N. J., by cam. Krsak Pefewv
at a hitrii Strnre. to cnim with some Sue aiai.s of hi.
owu seieciioil. aa wen an in uit inv mjlf aan. m
vice.11 b nirTussiiig hia hloial Ibrouirh suam. ol lb. tho.
ronnh bred u.ari" -f ihe Uuckt-jre tela I. and A.hubalft
couuty in psrticutor.
Flowers! Beadtitul Flowers I
WE wish to say tlutt we"liHve ffreixly -ENLAlttlED
our (iKKEN Uul'fB PACILITUtt,
and have recemly lankily tucreaaed onr suck. ao
tliat uuw we are rcart.d lo supply all who may tavof
ua with s eail. with s large varleiy of
Green IIoum Beddlsisr Planla,
and all kinds ut Vesetable Plants tn their season.
We are prt-inl lo funilnh any or all tha varieties of
Kiihssht oh oun a mental. iiut'SaKKr, Green llous. or
other atock fnim tbe very extenaivd slock of BlUitHS,
II AKKl.-tON CO., ou very abort nol.w, ami st ibetr
Csbiloinie Kates.
We iiropoae sending s wairon troood town sasm .
weekly to supply cusiooiors wiib
their seaaon. and w. will be nappy to t II asd dallTSf .,
all order, for Vlowere or Plania that may h. mad.. -
We have on band a One aupply of I'aCtlc, Roass. ,
V.rben is, Dahllaa. Uladlolua, UeranlaM. and in ISri a -.
veil Mtlected and varied slock of Plants ana Flow.rs.
soubraciugs large stock of choir. Annnala. W.akkJ
a v.i. ru'i.

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