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Tot liar Yaar lavarlalr I .
Tjocal & iMiiscelifUieous.
laaknarall klstsla for ssle at this office. .
L. S. & M. S. RAILWAY.
Train kolna; Wat-lae Ashtabnlat
poclal Chlcigo Kipros., 4:111 , m. Ar. 1 dev. 8:88.
Toledo Btpreaa It41a.nl. do 8:80.
PaclS. Kxprese t:(Wp. m. - do 7:08.
Stsamboat Kipresa tfS8a.ni. do 5:80.
Accommodation 8:51 p. m. do PJ06.
Tralaa Gala g BmMt Asbtabnla I
Accommodation T:0np. m.
social N. T. Biprtu 11:57 a. ra
Atlantic Kxprrna. IMl.1.
Dsy Bxatma.j 18:48 p, m.
ClaelnaMI Bipress.. s:Hp,m.
Ladles' and Children. Merino Vest, and Drawers at
TyUr A HW',
T Ik LasllM.-K. Bntterlck A Oo'a Patterns of
Ckwaaenla for Ladles, Ml net and Boys, at
Miss CowKi.m's.
Ottoman Nock Bcarfti at Tyler A OaHltU't
Barrn, the Phntogra pher. 14a Ike erclaslve tight lo
Bitfce the charming Mcuntlat,
The largest Stock of Gtlaare and Real Thrnjd Laoea
Is at Tyler A " taUrU't.
Torabea .. ft Brother tiaTeJnst received a Ireah
lot of thoee choice Fremont Bam. They tW keep
constantly on hand the celebrated brand of St. Lonla
White Wheat Flour. Olve them a call. TO
Cnlldreu'a Flinnel Hood at Tyler A varlleh",
Bwirr at hi Drnj Store, ha. all the appliances for
the Kpitootic. Disinfectants, Carbolate L!me, Carbolate
Boip.Jurgnrson'. Wonderful Oil, Venetian Liniment,
-, with dlreetloaa for treatment. t
Irian Poplins la choice shade, at: Tyler A CarUtW:
The first book of tlie, season fell on Friday
The Desk of llie PrfstvjrttTinn Church will
lie occupied on- SiiMwttli next, by the Rev.
Mr. Sbthotjb. of Clevoliirtd.
Mr. Omsk Wilcox, President -of the Ohio
Eureka Cltirck Company, it tVtjrpirtg at the
Ashtabula ITtiiisc. . .
Dr. G. W. Mookk, of the wester part of the
State, who made a recent visit to this place.
was so much pli-nst-d with It, that lie deslicns
to, return In a few days, with his family, and
become a partner wild Dr. Moss.
'Don't boy your Woolen Blankets snail yon examine
nr stock and Prices. Tyler A CarliMt.
A Tkacbbii's Institute w ill lie organized
t the High School Buildinu In Ashtabula,
November Both, at ten o'clock, A. M. fro
jjramme next week.
jOtj Fbiknds, generally, will bear. In mind
Jliat tlie fane for subscribing for another year
for the Teleoramk is nearly at hnnd. We are
entering mans avesv sawes, and hope, to retain
All our oW ones. '" -"
We notico by the Warrea Chronicle that
Rev. Dr. Bailey. Presbyerian, is esxaaagia::
pulpits svllli Rev. Dr. Day, of that place
Me'.Uodist Just as if tkey both belonged tt (he
same fold.
The Insurance companies of which Geo.
"Willard is agoot Underwriters arid the In
surance Co. of North Ann-Hen, tle anminl
statements or which have a place in our
columns to-diiy make a favorable exhibit,
allowing the txsaadness nod promptness o
meet all their liabilities.
jKBCBbdino. l ue lake appears to be at a
lower ebb than we have eyer noli ced it, during
our sixteen years' acquaintance. This, if but
temporary, is favorable for the improVeirlents
goiug ion at the IlaxUor ueu a biusling Ihc
.rock, and deepcuins and widening its navig
able capacity.
Mr. Ho rack Watshst, of Plymouth, has
purchased the house and lot of Mr. B. C. Ful
ler on the Roundhead road for $3,000. Mr.
W.' contemplates moving Into town, for the eu
Joyment of a larger share of life's comforls and
privileges, than are unusally found lu l lie
parceJy settled iuterl r farming districts. His
purekase ts w'ell'soleeted aui will be a pleasiiul
home, and Mr. Wtu&in nnd faintly will bu a
wholesome accession lo Ashtabula society.
The Horse Distemper is finding its wny
over tho lesser places, since its respects have
been first paid to the cities and larger towns.
It bus made its appearance in the livery slables
of this place, and the horses are nearly or quite
all takea with it. The otnnibusses suspended
on Monday last. . The mails aie taken in u
one horse wagon,or1ri some cases are'eonvey
ed upon tho backs of bipeds. The indications
Are, that the scuge is to bo no less geueral here
than, lo other places visited in advance of us.
A sad antr fatal accident occurred at the
cravel pit of the A. Y. & P. Railroad on the
morning of the8tU lost. As the gravel train
was backing up, a young Fiulander, of some
20 years of age, in attempting to climb upon
the rear car, fell, and the wheels paused over
both bis legs near the knees. He soon became
so exhausted as to render amputation a work
of doubtful expediency. A rally of lite was
waited fur, but he continued to sink, until the
next morning, when ho was relieved of his
offerings by death.
Our Hahbor presents quite a lively ap
pearance with two dredges, one pile-dnvrr, a
quad of drillers and blasters of the Harbor
bottom, the wood-workers and graders, of the
new docks, aud the vessels coming In from a
profitable summer's work and dismantling
preparatory to laying up for winter. Beside
these evidences of activity, uuiuerous team
ten are delivering piles from the interior to
keep the pile drivers busy. This work la
somewhat impeded by the condition' of the
roods, and the alow and tedious work of the
delivery of piles in such quantities as to give
Steadiness to the progress of tho work of
A copy of the Conncautville Courier, comes
to band with the following article marked for
our attention ;
tyrhe Ashtabula correspondent of the
Jetlerson tkntiuel has the following In his
I ast letter :
''The editors of the Conneautvllle Courier
went In Ashtabula recently trying to rent
room with the intention of removing iheir
paper here. Wo re'gfet'tbat thy were unsuc
The writer bos been misinformed. Neither
Of the editors of the Courier have been lu
Ashtabula within ths past Ova years a or
)taT they lbs remotest idea of removing
their paper there or any place else.
Htmptoms or Catabrii. Dull, heavy head
ache, obstruction of nasal passage, discharge
filling Into throat, sometimes profuse, watery,
crld, thick and tenacious mucous, purulent,
rnuco-purulent, bloody, putrid, offensive, etc.
In others dryness, dry, watery or in rumen
-flwglo tn ears, deafness, bawklug and
COUBUlOil IQ Clear Iliroat. uicurauuiin, stairs
from qloera, voloe altered, nasal twang, offen
sive breath, Impaired smell and taste, dizziness,
menul depression, tlcklln cough, etc. Only
a few of tho above symptoms are likely to be
reaenkinnjr oaje at oqe lime, No disen.se
more pouirquo, or leas unojeWQaq uy puy siqnqs,
Tha pMpremr oj Ivv Ua?ah Hums
PT will Jy f loo rewafO (uf ft case orifetarru
which he cannit cure. Sold by Druggists
W .. .
Grnbva CoLobt. Ths commlttps for locat-
atlng the Geneva colony, bare been spending
several weeks In filing a point for the settle
ment of the colony, and will bo ready for ma
king their report on Baturdny the 10 Inst., at
1 o'clock, P. M. All, therefore, who wish to
unite with the colony, aro lnvted to be present
at that meeting to bo held In the Grand Army
Halt, Geneva.
- t
Joi.LiricATioN. Two efforts at a Jollifica
tion over the lalo victory at this place, have
resulted, for some reason unknown to us, In
failure, and some of our friends In adjoining
towns have been subjected to Inconvenience
and disappointment, we suppose. As the Re
publicans cannot get up a bit or a hurrah, we
move that our Liberal friends have an oppor
tunity. ,Tlny can give us odds, and then bent
us at crowlmi, as was fully shown In the
opening of the campaign, and If they fall
tbey will be no worse off than we are.
The aiipcnranc of the Horse Disease Is an
nounced by our local exchanges in almost ev
ery direction. It seems to have Utile prefer
ence for locality, but like our travelling show
men, favors the larger places first nnd niter-
wards p i.vs due attention hi the smaller. Our
livery stable are attacked first, but private ones
are not safe. Our two livery stables are kept
as hospitals for homo patients, and teams aro
obtained from other regions to keep omnihusat-s
running.' They aro therefore making regular
trips again as usual.
WThe prevalence of the horso disease
makes It of some Interest to note how vast Is
the capital Invested in horses in this countryi
which has been embarrassed or Jeopardised by
the "epizootic." Thi number of the horses in
the country has more than doubled since 1836,
nnd Is estimated to have bewi 8,09n,ooo in
February last. They are estimated to have
been worth f.,3!),7o7,9l6, the average prise of
each animal being J 73 37. 'They are owned
In the large numU-rs In New York Texap,
Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa and Pennsylvania
-the great agricultural States of the country.
There are altio'in the United States l,27G,2oo
mules, valued at $3,842,229. The prws vnlue
of the liorsi-s and mules of the whole country
is sJ78o.733.232, compared with $321,562,003 in
oxen and cattle, $32ft,4n8,f)80' In milch cows,
$88,771,197 in sheep and $138,733,828 In lings.
It will be seen from these figures how serious
an Inroad would lie mndo upon the business of
the country If from any cause we Bliould be de
prived ofonr horses permanently or for any
length of time.
North Kidob Yiusancb Association.
The fact of the formation of such an associ
ation has been assrtcd. Wcgiro below a list
of the officers :
SHas Cook President.
John Cnslle, )
J. M. Netlletim, f
John Vilkinon j
Geo. E. Neitletou. i"
Daniel Mitchell Treasurer,
J. II. Cook Secretary,
T. C. Strong Captain,
A. A. Lee 1st. Lieutenant,
Win. Warren 2nd. Lieutenant,
W. J. Smith, C. W. Bnrdick,
CIihs. Andru, J. II. Hughes.1.
Wm. Brown, Geo. E. Neltleton,
Williard Randall, J. M. Neltleton,
A. W. Tinker, Geo. Cray tor.
Puksidio off San Francism, Cnl.
November 4th, 1873.
J as. Reed, Esq My Dear Sir:
Tito Second artillery exchange with the
Fourth artillery. The Battery to which I he
ling will be stationed at Fort Macon, North
Carolina, to which place please change my
I called on E nanitel Mitchell the oilier day,
and lo my surprise met Ed. Field. From them
I learned of oilier AHliOihullans and wo went
out making calls. I do not renienitier of ever
having spent so pleasant an afternoon in San
Friuicisco. Our trip down the coast was a
pleasant one notwithstanding it was rough
crossing the Columbia Bar, and also the firs'.
d::y and night out. Six B itteries leave here
to-morrow at 0 o'clock, A. M. by special train.
go with that battalion. I do not know what
route we take beyond Omah i.
I leave the Pacific coast with many regrets
and I lliink most of tho officers do. The almost
universal sentiment seems to be ''I am sorry
that we are going East."
I am, Very Truly Yours,
E. B. Hubbako, 1st. Lion. 2d. Artillery
Fins. Among our railroad operatives la to
be found a considerable number of Fin landers
a class of people that have hut recently mnde
their appeiirnco among us. Like their neigh
bors , the Sweeda, they aro a hardy set of men.
steady of purpose and habit, frugal, sober and
ludu8lrious Upon any rainy day, they may
be seen In clusters upon the street, nlways in
the possession of their unclouded faculties,,
sober and orderly, nnd giving the best evidence
of their value as an accession to our popul
ation,' Qd hereafter to become good and
wholesome ci linens. For them the saloon ap
pears to have no allurement, and unlike the
Irish and some of our own people, whose
place they supply, their peaceable bearing Im
poses no necessity for' an extra police force,
and extra burdens upon those among whom
they seek a livelihood. They came from a
northern latitude, and whut would seem to be
an Inhospitable climate, from theVestern por
tion of Russian Europe, where the long polar
nights, renders the task of existence an earnest
and sharp one. If the specimen among us is a
fair sample of he race, their emigration will
prove highly ndvaniageous to the country. II
like the Sweeds, they possess the true spirit of
patriotism in a strong attachment and love of
Ihc country of their adoption, refusing to hear
Its government maligned, their numbers and
preseuco will go somewhat to balance the
hos'.ilily aud pernicious influence of sections
of our own countrymen, and that class of emi
grants who squat down in our largo cities, and
make common cause with the dregs and lower
classes wilh which their afjlullies generally
lead them to mingle.
Arbited, on Stiuday last, Bchr. Juma
WiLLAitD, Capt. Wilson, from Buffalo wllh 73
barrels sail to owner. The Williard lays up.
Abb i vxrx Wednesday, ISlh., Scow Pkrrt
WurrE, Captain Baker, from Buffalo and Erie.
with So tons coal, consigned to Dunber & Co.
for use of dredge. The P. W. goes iuto winter
Lake Disabtbiis. A Buffalo dispatch says
The barge Forest queen, from Saginaw, laden
with lumber, while Iq tow of the tuir Burllne
ton, during the late gale 'cut loose, two miles
outside of the breakwater, and Is supposed to
be lost, with all bands. The barges Kentucky
and Star of the North, which were In tow
the tug, also broke loose atjhe same time.' Tho
former is waicrioggea ana lue latter was
brought In. Portions of the wreck of the Full
est Qytieen were seen by the crew of h Ken.
tut, m
The Huflalo and Lake Superior steamer
China, bound dowa w ith 2.0.QQQ buab.oa wheat
nnd so mo flour, sunk lo St. Mary's river below
, . , . u.. - .w si..ii t . wm -
I me vniii, po vs mo xiunaiu tcprtm.
Nbw Housks are to b seen going up on cv-
cry hand. Station street, parallel lo and lit
tle west of the old plank, h ading from the Vil
lage to the staihin, lias a full shsre of improve
ment of this kind under way. , Home tea or a
dozen new buildings, or thoso In progress of
erection, are scattered along its line. Others
aro going up In tho fields, between the two
streets numed.on a Hue of street to bo opened
In Jhe rear of Prospect street North Rltlge.
Among the better btiildl'igs up, or going up,
may be named one on the north aide of Centre
street, by Mr. Valoiim. . This I a building of
more than ordinary taste and comeliness. An
other Is one Just erected by Mr. Pkhiiioo,
on Prospect street, and another Is a brick house
being creeled by Mr. Gbo. Russrll, on part
of bis own home lot, on Prospect slrccL Most
of lliesii buildings are being hurried up before
the selling In of winter, lor Immediate, occup.
ancy. I't rhaps we tuouiu have alluded to the
near completion of that fine residence of our
friend Dick, on Division street. We uru now
enabled to see fie effect ol lis full design nnd
appreciate its tasteful details and harmonious
proKrtioiis. It Is an ornament to Its locality,
not only, but lo this section of the Ulitte. We
do not sec that its windows, about which
so much has been said, are any the less beauti
ful because of having been adopted in Hie re
construction ofihe etliloiiul bungalo. Those
who have enumerated the new buildings, about
town, put the number at Afly nnd uowiirdt.
Quite a number of these are for railroad em
ployees, brought hero by'the opeuiug ol our
new lines.
Black Silks In great ra.lety and very cheap at
Tyler AfaiUdt'.
Rail Road Matters.
It Is now understood, that the A.Y. & P., and
Mahoning Coal Railroad Companies are ngreid
Upon the use of one and the sume track from
tlio station to the place of divergance near Ihc
Elm tro'j bridge, and both companies share in
Hie expense of the grading. This work proves
to be of greater I'ormidalilness than was expect
ed by the uninitiated. Tile culling is almost
entirely th.ough clay, and sum : of it at a depth
of I'rou. 18 to 23 feet, or more. It is progress
ing wllh as much steadiness aud energy, ns the
frequent rains will permit.
Tuts Reservoir ill the course of construc
tion ocar the Harbor by lite A. Y. & P. Co., to
which allusion has been made, is now ap
proaching completion. Its dimensions seem
to justify uolici'. Its diameter is 110 lect, and
s'opiug to a depth of 13 feet. The grade from
the surface to tho bottom Is such as not to re
quire masonry, and as It is dug into the blue
clay, there is no reason to question its capaci
ty for holding water. It is on the plateau,
sonic 40 or 50 feet nbovc the Creek bottom. It
would seem as if its capacity, wiili a steam
pump lor supplying it, from Hie Creek, would
lie sufllcii'iit to supply nil the railroads run
tiiug in and out of the place, and one can
hardly imagine the use to which such a quan
tity of water can be put. Properly econo
mized, wilh such a fall, with the new inven
tions in water-wheels, it would answer to run
a half a dozen iilit iiianulitctories. Hut as
railroad companies keep their otiu secrets, and
do not tell us what they are going to do in ad
vance of doitiK it, the exercise of the virtue of
palicnc", will perhaps bring their plans to
light, and I hen we sha'l know all about il,
and be enabled to speak oruutilarly of their
Floor Oilcloths In New f.t turns at Tyltr A CarUtU'e.
Nothwithstanding the unfavorable weather
for earth work. Contractor McKenzie is making
good progress with his work along the east
margin of the creek and across the lagoon, to
wards the point of crossing ttto creek at tho
Elm Tree. The grading at this end lias
nearly reached the creek, while at tho oilier
end the batik in tho rear of Mr. Thayer's
premises, is being notched Into for the It ack,
along that part of Ihu line wlierG lliu creek
crowds the foot of the steep bank. The space
here, between the creek and tho road ou top of
the bunk, is s;i narrow that lu sloping up, a
portion. of the travelled path, as the stokes
are driven, will bo cut away, and the road
thrown over toward tho north and c ist. This
track is to bo main track to the Harbor, and
nly the usual dockage height above the
water. Besides this there is to lie a shunt track
running up the bank to a sufficient height for
ml pocket and cliuleslo facilitate the loading
f vessels. This second track, therefore, will
at this point, proh ibly take up much or all of
tho travelled road, require a considerable
change of the old highway. If the broad stir
face of the marsh between the line of tho road
and the mnrgiu ol tho creek is lo be tilled, as
we presumo much of it is, there fs a large
amount of work yet to bo done and a large
mount of the Harmon and Belknap banks to
be cut away.
Tha distant render will uurlcr stand the location of
tho Kirn tree bridge, by belnir informed that It Is nearly
due Kast fro.n the house or D. M. eWroug. The h'lni
tree is a prominent land mark, standing as it does on
lite margin 01 int'crava, near me prupusca crossing.
Marsaitles lied Spreads to: ti.'JS worth 43 at
'Tyler A Carlisle.
Ashtabula Market Nov. 15, 1872.
Dealers pay ths following Pncce.
Whsat No 1, White , (1 70
BO No. I Ked 1 HO
Coaa Shelled 50
no In tha aar 85
Oats, old 40
Oavs, new 32 to Bo
Burrsa W to S5
Chessi 10lol8X
Dniao ArH.se 5 to 6
Labd 10
Euoa 5
PoTAToif, new 40 to 45
FLoua....'. ...Sslunq Pntcxs,.
Conn M al per tun M 00
Cboppkd Feed Corn and oats as 00
Holloway Ointment. Searching through ths
skin and gland, narvs aud muscle, ta ths very source
and centre of external disease, this mild yet powerful
vegetable aalvo effects a curs with ainaiing celerity
Sold 1i Mald-io Land, N. Y. Price tj cents por pat,
Ask for new style ; the ola la counterfeited.
The Great llalr Prodacar. Hair Oils, Poma
turns and Pomtdea have had their day. They belong
to the mu.ty put. No tody that understands Iba chem
Istry of tho hair and tha philosophy of Its frowlh, think.
of nslng them. Inatuad of clo-slog tha pores of tha
scalp with thick oiijxuunta. ana thus obstructing the Id
sensible presplratloa which I. esseutlal to the health of
tha then, wa now tooo tha aurface of tha head with an
Invigorating application which penetrates lu ths root.
of the hair ani stlmulstos them the same way that th
lerttllilug age-Ate spread over ths xaeadoSra .tlnialate
tha grass root, sud causa the blade, to spring up
myriads, coating Ihe earth with verdure. Tha euvlgor
ant best adapted to this purpose I. LTONH KATUA-
BlON. It may well be called tha "fertilizer of the
head." To the barren scalp It coruaunlcAte. vegota-
tlvs power. If tha hair la dropping out, or ksooming
dry aud wlthe.-ed, It arrest, tbs pruousi'of dilapidation
orbiuit. The half, tic Icons an 4 beooiaes glossy and
flexible uasr lis genial operation 1 sad aa a dressing It
Is onipproached by any prepAmtlon that tiM J been
laid on the toilet of Fashion.
To ConaiiBMitUvaa, Tha advortlser, having been
parmananlli cmtat of hat dread dlsoasa, Cousan ptlon,
by s simple semedy, . anxlou. ta raako kucrwu, a his
fellaw sufferers lbs (oeana of oniu. To all who deslra
It, h Will sena a )ty of tha preaerl ptlon used, (froe of
cliargaJl wUa lkrscUon. lu arapaslatt and nslng. ths
aaava, watel, they will tad a surs Car or CbttsuHAJxsaa,
atatVn, RrmehUlt, Ac.
Parries wishing tha prescrlplloo will please address
; 198 Pens Utreat, WillUrosborgh, Jf. T.
ARR YOI CtOINU start -II so tektimr
adrlce, and pnrehasa your Tl-k-is orer '.he old reliant
and iH.njInr IIarl Partus NllraA, which
Is rosirrvai.T, the only Line that rans three belly Rx
press Trains rrosa at. Louis to Kaaisa City and the
West I ai.d Is, roeirivai T, ths only Mm ehlcb rana
Pullman's Patac Blecpera and Pin Dsjr CMfte
nif-laUy fnr mnrtri) equipped with Miller's Ktfeiy
Hilfmn and the latent Httam Drake, Irntm Ms.
I.oala In Kai sas City, Po:t Heutt, PrM, Lawrence,
Leavenworth, Alcblsrm, Bt. Jos-pb, Nebraska City,
Council Hints, and Omaha HUwul change. For Infor
mutton In regard to Tim Tables, rates, Ac, to any
point In Missouri. Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Texas
or California, oall upon or address S. H. Tnonrsoa,
Airent, Mlssoarl PaclAe Railroad. Colnsjihas, Ohio; or,
t. A. Komi. General Paesuneer Aiceut.ttt. Lonls, Mo.
A'o frouM to aneu-er vuulUme.'
At Bt.Teler'sChnrch Ash labnla. Nor. 7th, y the
Rot. Jesses Moure, We Is K . Blak sales, and Mellnda T.
Hlewa I. oolh ol AbutHila
In Oonneantvllle, Oct. Slst, hv Rer J. X. Ilalleek.
Mr. Ai.assiT A Mhsw. irf Bbeffl leld, and Mlsa Dausiu-a
B. Hut-hihs, of I'lerpont.
In Ksst Asbtabnla.Nov. 1ti,by Rev. I). L fllckok. of
Rlng-vllle, Mr. Khkic R. Wstbovs, and Miss Leer
Asm i'anisa, Ix.luol Arhtabala.
In Nhw York. Oct Wib, bv Iter. W. F. Morgan, U;
i.' A. McKxAaix. and Mis. M. MiLLsrAtoa.
In Palnesvllle, st the r -l.l. n. e of the bride's parents,
Nov. Sih, by He. It. 1'iosrer, of l. relond, Dr. A. L.
Oaiiunkh. ami HIm Kati tlui;hirr f M. It. Ooolittle.
In Monroe. Oct Sin hr Ui llcnre 11 Klnu Mr J fl
CnsaaaHLAiN of Curry I'a. aud.M.ss Lioa .UssasTT of
In Jeffcrsoit. at the Thotnnson ll.Hise Opt fmth hv
Rev. K. t;. Psrler. Mr. HAet Alexakuh of lswia
ton Pa.atid Mire Carrie V. Miner of Wllliami-ni-ld.
In Jefferson st tho Thompson llonso, Oct. Stah bv
(. K. C. farlcv. Mr H. I). IIkatii ..r H.hroi.k and
lllssjANr.M.Jiuuof Klntp-vtlie,
nnnnncment frectOuin.n tnilabirvNotlees. half rate
In Arlitaliala. Nov. 13th. of Diphtheritic Croup, Fnxr
IR J., only child of Charles and llaltle K. I.u.-M In M
6lh year. '
In Ashtabula. Nov. Sth, of Typhoid Fever, William
Bowman, Sri years.
" tnqiiea-loiiably the hrnt aualalned work
ol sue Klad id the w .trial.')
KoUeei of the PrsM.
The ever-Increasing circulation of this excellent month
ly pin us aiiapuon lo popular dtsires and neeos.
Ind'.ixi. when w think inioliow many homes It pene
trates every month, we must consider It as one ..f the
educators as well as entertainers ol the public mind,
MiMimrny naa oeen won ny no appeal to
sn-juii:i.vBurui'pnivea iasics.--yfoiOA Uinoe.
i no i-nsrau.er wnicu mis niajf.ietno possesses for va
ely. vntcrurlx. article wvanh. and llt..n.r itliHra
thai has kept Pace wllh. if It has not Iwl that m..
should causu lis conductors to regard It with justifiable
complacency. It also entitles iliem to a great claim
npou Hie public Kratttude. The Mak-aziuo has. ilouo
Kood and not evil, nil the daya of Its life.
jsroMuyn aig.e.
HAurtR's Maoasins, one year $4 00
An extra copy of either tho Magatln. Weekly or
Aauirwlll ho supplied gratia for svery Club of Five
Huhscritiera at 1 each. In one remttuun! or sir
copies for $), wnhout extra copy.
aioiscripuons io narntr s Mannunt, w eetry and
Jvnxar. to one andreas lor unn tin nr innr
uaruer a renouiuais, 10 one acturei-a for one year, 1 7.
iiuiiiurin vnii ue uiporu ai any umu.
A complete set of UitrMt Afnamine mm- p imnrllrir
4 volumes, lu neat doih binding, will be sent hy ex
press, Irul'ht at expense of purctiafor. for ti.ii pur vol--ime.
bini-le volume, bv mail, noetntiitl. a:l t.if.th
cases lor bmillng, M c;nl, by malf, postpaid.
i ue postage, ou tiurper s Magazine Is ill ccnl s a year,
which must liu paid at tlie." subscriber's post-office.
Address, llAKt'UK & UUOTHKHS. N. Y.
Ashtabula Trlesraph and Harper's Maira
slus;, uue Vear, tfi,.
A complete Pictorial History of the Times."
A lio "est, cheapest, tintl most successful
Family Paper in the Uniou."
. Splendidly Illustrated.
Koliet of the Prett.
The ir.'w Is the ablest and most powerful Illustrated
MariiHlicai published in this country, its edirorials are
echolarlv at.d convincing and carry much weight, its
illusirntloiiH of current events are full and fresh, and are
prepared by our best designers. With a cimi a:ion of
160,0110, the Weekly Is nad by at least half a million
persons, and lis influence as an organ of opinion is
simply tremendous. The Weekly maintains a positive
poiilou,and expresses decided views on political and
social problems. LouuciUt Courier-Journal.
SUBSCHIPTIONM.-Terras for 1873.
IlAartta's Weekly, one year.
.(4 08
An extra copy of either tha Mamuint. Weeklu or Hoxar
will be supplied (.Talis for every Club of Five rluhscri
bora at t each. In one remittauce : or. six conies for
(30, without extra copy.
Subscriptions to Magaunt, Weeklyaai Kasar to ono
address ono year, 11); or, two ut Harper's 1'erlodicals
to o..v suuress lor one year, r t.
iitca nuiuoers can oeauppiieu at any time.
The Annual Volumes of Sariter'e Weeklu. in neat cloth
btudinx, will be sent by express, free of expense, for
91 each. A complete set, comprising IS volume., scut
on receipt of cueh at the rate of So. SO ncr volume
freight ol nrjtenee if purchaser.
The postage on Ilarner'e Weekly la 90 cents a year.
which must be puid at the sub.criber's pos -orHce.
Aauress IIAKt-ttttll Ultu ill bits, N. T,
Ashtabula Telegraph aud Harper's Week
iy9sici issri Ma.
From and after October 8ih, trr, Passuiger Trains
will run a follows :
No. T.iNo. l.l
r a , a at i
tW 7U0
5 4.1 1 U&
Sua 70
1H 7 Ml
ass 7 at
8 40 7 6S
8 51 7 5H
4 tH 8 tW
4 zM 8 t
4 SI 8 SI
x4 Si id 8S
4 41 B 47
4 61 H OS
J 10 II
161 16
6 8UI 81
s as
10 011
,t0 13
. ;lti S.H
10 40
;io hs
i 11 10
1 s zil
I r at
a ATtoNS,
0 OlOII City East....
0 0 a Junct.ou
1 1 Oil tlly-Wcst.
P M A at
S 60 3 07
45 00
8 411 8 50
80 8 40
J 8 8S
8 18 8tl
8 111 S 08
1 M 7 6M
1 4 7 47
I sti 7 81
I 88 7 88
El IN x7 88
I 07 7 11
18 611 7 08
18 45 8 47
18 U 8 43
Noon. 8 SO
ll 61
II 41
11 84
II 18
II 00
10 -ll
10 13
io Go
7 4,1
I l l ituoo .
7 i
IS 8
E franklin
1H lis Hoik
irili Haymillon
tH 6; Naples
as 8 a Mtoneboro
81 8 Branch
SS 6iC'Hrk
8J 8; hartley
44 8 balem
48 liAaU WCrosslug ...
(1 1 i Jamcslnwu
61 Turner-villa
67 x Simon's Corners
(il s s Audovor
08 tii Barber's Leon
70 4 Dorset
7l l i delfurson
Hi 4; Plymouth
87 x As itabula
141 7iCievelaud
Train, .ton only on Hlgnal. xTralna do not 8 ton.
zTeleerauh Bfatiotia. Clevuland Time.
Tnejenurson Acciimmooauou leave, jencrson ate: 10
a m annarnvesat t;oo p m.
An Accommodation leaves Oil City at ft:17a m and ar.
rives St Franklin at 10 a in and return, at 11:80 a m, ar
rlvlmr at Oil Citv 18:16 n ni.
The Way Freight trains .lop at Jefferson In going
West, at 8:40 P. M.. and doing Kast at 7:W A, M. These
trains cam paasengera.
Passenger lare at the rate or 8 conta per mllo: to wav
stations, couinea in even nan unnes.
Boots and Shoes
50 Cases save one ! I !
reeeived at their establishment durlngthepaat ten day.
tbe above qu ulltyof Goods, which are now open and
ready for lusi ectlon, and Which they are ofi'erlng to
those in Want uf
A Good Solid Understanding,
a. Cheap, for the same quality of work, s. can be found
We abominate tue
Sho.My, Low priced Boots & Shoes from the
Hub ol craitlon.
and hv side :f ed our slock from the best manufacto
ries at Tro;
Khnvra, Hiirt'slo and illug'hauitun, N.
and Waderi
rd, l'u. Our Block of
ChlHrcDa, Misses aud Hen's Shoes,
waa'sereT so Full and Perfect as this fall
A Splendid Una of MISSES
Oulf Polij'n, Pchhle Goat, Goat,. Serge and
berfiO roxeu. . , t
Tbey can't help bnt suit oar tasteful and discrimination
Tha bast selected end flue.t Uoe of LADIES
Gost and Scree Button and Lace Good
that can be found here or elsewhere.
Our niooker. Blntrra aud Waterford Boots, speak for
themselves, all hand mideand warranted.
We will try and merit a continuance of past favor, and
aoinallo. to all WOO tavor irsn. ineir uBiruiiage.
Ashtabula. Bspl. 80. lwsi.
' ii Ou MarrlaKe.
' HarPT Rntrcr roa Yonao Mem from the effects of
Errors ana anuses tn eany me. ususa rwuseu.
Nervous debllltv cured. Impediment, to Mrrlajt re
moved. Mow aiethod of treatment. New aud reiuark
able remedies. Book, and Circulars seal free, la sealed
Ntbia St., rhllsdtlyhla, ra.
Extraordinary InduremenU to A Hniteribert t
too fases for II.OOI A., .
Tha PahlUh-rs NtrlhueT'e Utn'hly In th-lr Prsss.
Just tssui d, promise ror the ensuing year s ansa
brilliant array of contributors, and an increase la ska
Variety aixl beauty of lis Illustrations, already cmmss
el lit the crlili s to be Jls.r thru, any which hate Aeto
erUt appturttt in arty ofhrr American maoaeine."
yar. which will n utoraobleal In trm. and will
nr. ioi i Ao, in r.iiuir. will rile the serial story of
iMiiraiiMl oy suss iiailoca. II Is entitled Arthur
ikmnlniitU, and will H-il wlih some of lie morn rtlf-
It Is entitled Arlhtr
problems of Amxrh an lASm.
It III be coaaaMacel
i its November nmner.
There will ho a new story by rUit tlota, The
Khui MKTa, the It'll wrlttr ttf ihori itorler nmr IMntr.
contrtlMie a characteristic story, entitled 7'As Assc
fullteliiKn, which will be ll a.lrated by abspstrt.
M. II. Htoixjamd wlli write a aeries of entortstalnf
papers almut Anlhtiri. IhHr Jtrtmat ChararimrUUm,
Hume l.ife. rnmUlte, Friend; Wkitne. anil Way. A
in 1-ortialUof Ucint America Writer; It also
"' l f.'ona will write abont frUrtre, ant Ou
hecmaiiiift of Ami, lean llimtt. 1 hesa papa-is will ha
eminently practical as wells.arli.il.-. and will he II
lnairaud with designs and sketches by aamemoe art
iste In addition to those which the writer himself will
Among those who will contribute are :
ll'i'H Amlrrmm. llrym', HuehneU. KoryUtUm, FntJue,
lltgrilnMm. Hlminp Ibmlmubm, llrtl Hnrte. John Hay.
II. M'lfDnrvWI. MtlcUHl Mitt I'.uJm. iVe-lman. Work
:." H'vlUint. Vtl'a Tntu'er. n.. n.tr, Wukinevet. Mire.
nhUnty he-i'les a host ol olhers.
Tbe editorial cmitrol anil illrvllon of the Msrszlne
will rennin in the h iml of Or. llou..ii, who will con
tinue to wrlie - The 'lnjriee nf II 'tine," which tha
. V. fnteivtnti,nlny --ate mure itHly QwAed than
elm-lur iforst'ii ay Amtrirnn, inwiHtine."
Watson tin. urn will write ' 'i he Old l.aMntt;" aa
hithrr'.o, IVoi. Jofi!i c. IniArra conducts ibe llepart
nients ff A'i'wrr nntl betenrr." The departraems of
IJ;nu tintl ociy"and I nlluri nf frugrei " will en
gaye the contribution, or more titan a wore of pena on
both ldi-s of the Atlantic. The Wnichman dndHrfeti
or evs ' rkribner's Monthly for Heptrmhcr Is wetter
then nnal. which nidlriite. a nmillrss waste of editor
ial bruins and pohll-her'a money, f.r the Ma'-axine was
(ood enough l ft.te '
.! a year, with special rates to Clergymen. Teach
and Po.tma.ter-.
KX rKAOKOINAKV ISUrcKMT.NTS ; For ft..10 tha
PnbllHlieia will send, oranr Honkwlier or Newsdealer
will sutHilr. ttie msfrattlne for one stir. and Out twr..lve
numbers ol Vols. Ill and I v.. combining the heginnlnsr
Mrs. Ollplisiit's Herial. "At lli liates foe ft SO.
Magazine fr one year, aud the 24 lark nnmhera
from the l.egliinlng ; for f 10 Ao. the Magazine for one
year, and the ai hack ritirniters bmnd 14 vol. rhims
iHiund sola. paid. This will give nearly 5U0n pages
the choicest rea ilng. with the Sne.t Illustrations, for
$10.50, or nearly 600 pages for a dollar land will enable
every eohscriherto obtain the series from the 4rat.
ot'uittNKH ft t.O.. WM Broadway. N. T.
IEADV niailn C'ai-iinerc
v grades, at the C lolhlnir House of
Suits, all
"VJ'OTICK. To whom it mav concern.
' We, as a Ann. and as Individuals', have this day
placed In the hands of I. O Fisher. J. P. all accounts
Notes. Ac. due us and parties are hereby notified that a
prompt settlement is expected. Your early attention
this call w ill greaily ohll.-e
Dlts. H. B. ft E. V. VAN" KORMAN.
rK you find yourself in a Imny and can't
wait to have a S.lit maris to order v.',n ran k. wll
suited from our bwck of Hue Ready-made Coats. Pant
auu esis. 11W
ALU ABLE House' nnd Lot for Slf.
with out buildings all complete. Hhnated corner of
Walnut and Astabula htreuts, Avhtahula Harbor.
Neio Store ! New Goods !
IN the New Brlt k Block of R. F. Moore, on
he westsldeof Main Street, nearlv miDostte the rest
denceof Henry Fassett. aud one door North ofDoctit
it. a. an rionaau a umce, may be found tbe Orm el
With a complete stock of
Sc., :c.,
ronslstin!? of a larcrvarictv of arti
cles such as Is nsuuHay kept in a first class Moreof this
Kind, aiioi w nicti w e user to tue public at the lowon
possible rates for
We only ask a call, feeling assured that none will go
away wiinuui uurcuasini.-. muukb bs dku,
m. ta.-
All kinds of Produce taken la exennage for
CAPS of nil kinds. Cloth, Knit., Hearer,
Pln.h, Ac , dec, may be found iu nur Stock.
IHU W All tide SILL.
STEAM Saw Mill for Sale, containing
Mnlev'. Saw, Lata 8nv, nd ouo of (Isll's Patent
filing Mills, bv
east Asutanuia.
favorable terms. All of the Real Kstato of tbe lata
THOS. MITCHELL is ottered for sale hv
4.'l..'MlTCHKLU j" Kxecotora.
Ashtahnla. April 10. 1x'l. Sl-tf
"YrOUcfin'i get along wilhoiil wrappers
m- nna urawerv. ana you can nno
flits besi article tho market affords
In our Stock. . . t'
This Cut lllut'.ritst t'-.s tnan.ijr of Uiing
T-l A t rTl T.iAl.sa IB
This lntrntient Is especially designed Ihr the per
feet application of
It ts the oulv form nf Instrnmciit yet tnventecl
Willi iv'iicli Said me.ilciuu ran lie carried Hah v
a'l l n-irfcclly a;v 'I. d loiill ntrls of the uH'ectcd na.al
p-t.sa ti. ai t tlu cbaiiiliers or cavities couimtititrat
l.i r lu.ircwliU, l i which orc. and ulcer frcqucnlly
exUt, a id fr.iiaw iiicU I lie raiarrlial tllschsrpe geno
rilly pmcsads. Tha want of sneevs. In tnating
Catrra hercto.'nra hs arisen birgcly from l be Impos
ainiliiy of sp.ilyln remedies lo these ravltlv and
cHinurs by a.iy of Ihi iinlluary methods. Thi.
oVflcla In tul way of cn'uctlng cure. Is entirely
ove.-com) hy thi Invention of tlio Douche. In nslng
this '.minim ml. tha Fluid la carried by tts swa wslahL
5aiu Inj, feroinf sr pumping bama raqusrad.) up one
nostril lu a full gently llowilii; stream lo tlie highest
p-irtion of the na.al passages, assea Into and Ihor
o l 'Illy cleanses all the lubes and chamlierscuunectea
thurowlth, aud Sows sot al thi MeM naaerlli Its nsa
is oluasaut. and so simple that a child can undeN
.laud it. fail ausl expllrls sllrwralanb
accomoanv each lostrumont. lien used with Uila
llisiniiuc..,. .. . ,- n .
enres recent
by a few sp
at lack, of "Cold la tkta Me
m is -
It! V X U .if
Hymptotna of Calarrli. Frecihent heed-,
as'.iu, discharge falling into throat, sometimes pro.
(use, watery, thick mucus, pnruk-nt, t8V-nsive, et
ii other, a dryness, dry, watery, weak or Inflamed
eyos stopping up or obstruction bf nasal passages,
riiciug in ears, nearness, hawking and rouehtng 10
clear throat, ulcerations, scabs from nlcers, voles;
altered, nasal twang, ofletislve breath, Impaired by
total deprivatlou of sense of smell aud taste: dlzxt
ness. mental dopresslon, loss of appetite. Inulgvstloa.
eillarvoil tonsils, tickling cough, Ac. Only a lew or
these symptom aro likely lo be preacut la any Case
at one I'iine, . . . , , .
Br. Haao'sj Catarrh Hemes)-, when ascd
with lr. slertifa Nasal Uoarhe, aud c
ooupaiiied with the constitutional treatment which
Is recommended in tlie pamphlet that wrap, each
bottle of the Remedy. Is a perfect spcclnc for this
(uitlisome illsoase. aud the proprietor offers, tn rood
faith. SOO reward for a tar he can not Cure.
Tha Remedy ts mild and plcafBiitto ass. coulaluing
ho strong or caustic .drugs or poisons. The Catarrh
Remedy Is sold at 50 cents. Douche at 80 cents, kf
pll Drwaalota, or either will b mailed by pros,
prleiur on receipt of 80 cools.
.' M. V. PIEBCE, M. Dni
Bole Pnuirlstor.
tvrvki.o. n. n.
sn- a. s- . -
Haskell's Column.
13. AV. HA9KELL,
I take pleaanre In infrirmlnc my
numerous patrons that I am
receiving a vrry large
and complete
at mtirh re
dueert Prices, ns iliey
were Imuglit for CASH since
the recent dec line. Please examine.
Receiving dally kraatlhl Ursa vt
boagbt ta th Aoxttaa Room, st
sPiis-saa (ter Isslww tatalr Talaie.
etc., JtC, 4C,
ta great vrtsty of Qoalitlsa sad Priests,
hrcrlTtd ibis day
Tkss' t rait ts iu tacts rXad. Urort perehaslhr. Ton
III eartaialy Sad prtliss atath resrsr Utaa asaal resold
la this aurkst. "
D. W. UASKBLfc,.
.! Ji'.'J"
Thsimmcns" demand f r HOLLOW ATS Pit. LA sad
OIKTVIKNT. has templed uiinrlnclpled parties; ta
eoantsrlrtt thee valuable medicines.
In order to protect ihe public and nnrselvae, we hava
Issued a new Trade Mirk." consisting of an Rgyptlaa
circle of a serpent, with ths letter II In the contra.
Bvcrv box of n inline Hm iwu'i Pii.m and Omrarat
will have this trade inarkou it i iioims are genuine with
out il.
K. V. CtirairAt. f'o ,aol Proprietors, , ,
71 Maldrn lane, New York.
Jons D. PaiiX, C'locinn.tl, Ohio, Bole Agent for the
State. ll&7y
TF your tild liat i licirinninrr to look
shabhv. we can .ripply yog ith a new one, that will
ust exactly suit ou. 1184
iiTkness, &c.
rATJU O. 37" ton. 33,
Has on hand a good aaaorlment of
flames, of faring, kinds. Ilcavr snd Light. Single and
Double, of ihcbet workmanship and uisterial. lleta
prepared to All all orders for work of any description
in uis line.
JTe h9 Junt laid lr, a l;irA rupplr of la fire and trierfl-
m tlr,ed Traveling Trtink. J hfjr are f vnrion
O'lalltluti and valae. ami aftorded at tavorabla prlr-.
The aiwrim-nt U altoutn r thu la-trat of an? tn
r"tjin. Tio travflin? (jiiMic arc Invif) to itk over
tint itork. a tbey ran hardly iit to find nftmoihlin to
tbflrminrl. p, FORD.
A'htHbii.a.Srpt. SJ. IK 0Hf.
Child's Commentator
On IU Rlble, for tbe Home r frcle.
1.900 paza. 250 En?rhxnp. The bftenterprlite of tha
year nr atui. r.v?ry nnuiy win nare it.
Ukt it note pvhlithtd. For rirrnlar-". aidrc
GooPripcisD L Co., :i7 lUrk Jiuw, .New York.
li. i
V.8 of the highest order for 91. Agents wanted In ev
ery towr,, on a perpetual Income,
men to ' Smith i Itoliar Maqattn;
Hend ltic for FnecJ.
'61 Utterly Ut.. N.T.
ThJ Cmp&ny W wr of aad Barafaetorea anda
Wm. Green fevfral pit nritl if ihe only company
in the w.jrld that makes t aint from pure, hard Lake Hu-'
iteri'r Iron KJre. outU u u u&i in furnacea for makius
tSfTUe Mopt lnnrmieal. Moat Fire Proarl Moat
V-urer frowL sOurablc and mont L'aeXni Paint
bearing the above "trarte-mark..' and masofacrasasl ex
ensively by ns. are endorsed and recimnrsrsades y tha
leading Fashion Mar-iziuc ibroa;hout rhe emintry,
ar.d the asost eminent Iine-Maker in New Tork C'ily
aa ki-tog the most beautiful and best adapted trimming
far Black Alpaca and Mohair t?uits.
tyTuis trinimiiiL' can be obtained sSssnajw the prln
cipAl Drr Goods and Drv;a Triiumioig Lorc through
out the t'nitcd 6ia:cs.
41! i sod 4xf Cnadway, New Yoilc
Seeking homes wVrryiil Ml terwuf TlescrlptlTe Circular
of -IsBprovsdf-arun forf-ale," lr. the be?t Conntiesia
North Misscrari. Ailf.rc- . H. tLINORlKD at
CO., Laclede. Linn Co., Hi ssonri.
St. Ls.is, MllcblKai, lognetle MprlikSB,.
The irt Magnetie Water discovered iu America y.
l&as been viMtou by over ju.uuu perfcOLS.
Senntlla, I an -;i. llheunm-tim. CsmA,. lilAv oft
tku Bladder an'l Ki.1tU'H. lyi-pupriat muvtuHrj ajv,
all tli8coi of ltic Ntou yr-u w. ,oti-ucle4 Julm
!iicml iJeiHliTy. lUrus. Vur i)jinultit coo
Uiuln iecr!ition, himIvk t,f watvr. bjil.;i(Vier im'
lonnauou. ar-a aiAt.Nb'TlO l'AN. CUJIFASY.
Hi, iwirt. (inttiut Co., Mi.-h.
stare Lips, Sryncss of tbe skin, aVc, eke..
Cured at once hy HKf.KM N'S CAMl'UliH ICE WITH
GLYCERINE. It keep- lb" hands soft la !! weather.
See th.it you get IIIXiKMEVS. Suld by all Druggists.
Trice Scents: seut by mail lorM vcau. Mauulactured
ouly bv Heoemax A Co., Ihomisls asitt Druggists, t. O.
Box -", New Yoik.
$500,000 IN SANK.
Postponed to BKru.iiBEa 7,
In aid ol t li Pcbmc LiuuAHY or Kks-
tccky. asuounced for 8epteiuber 88, ha. beca post
poned to BeccMibcr 7. 1 872, because the accumul
atiou of orders me l't-w uiys before the drtiwlug made
11 physically Ifitpo'Stuie to nuuiupiuce wuuouta lew
davs' delay, aud ss a short post pouetneut was Inevit
able. It was dcteraslncJ to deter It to a time that would.
lake a full drawing sure oy uie saio ol an ine ucaeis..
1 no money necessai
-ifta la aow upon depo
The moaey necessary to pay In full all the uswree)
gins is aow upon deposit tu tno r sriners' ana wwvera
Bauk. as will be seeu by the fullowlug ccrtlttekU of tha '
rAt:Ufhi' AMD DltOTERS BaKK. I
Lo u isv u.LK, h,v., rept. 88. 18TS. I
Thi. Is toC ;Hlry that ijere is now on deposit lu Ve!f
bank overs million of dolltra to the credit ot the Vl'li
Concert fund. i Si.O-H of which is held bv this bank aa
Treasurer f Ike Public Library of Keutuckj; so. pay off
all gifts td ke swarded at the draw U; '.
I, 00 ?.1zca, amotmtluz 80
$500,000 In Cash,
vis st swsraM, las n'gutMn prices o'-'ing vsvv,vwb
AsWOUU, a)5.0(IU, sud uuwu in (vgMUtr graUiliu4i
2 t
o 7
vts. y
a iwu, wuicn is tuv tvtwesi..
Tne drawing will isvUively. scA sf qulvooally take
place Doeemtier T, AvicnV. aro uorompiortly req.uested, ,
lo close saiue and aV.e reiucu. Noveraner 88, lu orle '
ta elvs srap e iw o thu rliiul arrunements. Ordsja .
tickets nr fjjpUuutious for circular. sho14 ba ad
dressed la
. Ageul 1'uuitc Library uf v,ujitiicr,
. L"usvllle. ky. 1
STllMA. ( ,f
The snhscrtbera aro Vannfkctnrer. Agents for R. W,
Read's celubrated AMKHMA KKLHtf". the best remedy
for Asthma yet discovered. Insiaul relief guarauised
or purcliase money refunded. Tha niedlciue Is put ap
In three sisus, which retail flr sic., hoc. aud l. Pos-
sons rsuiltting price will hsve ths BMsuictne sent Wes hy
niall orexpre.s. Also ssinok-s sut free to auy whis '
lesire. EtURIDCL, TL'Ll.krl CO., Rome, H. T. '
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