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'Weekly telegraph
Tot Dollars Year In variola la Advanes.
Unocal fc !MiHColianooiiH.
Ulanke orall klnda for Dal it this ofllca.
L. S. & M. S. RAILWAY.
Trains going West-lea) Aalitaltulal
Special ChltLgo Express, 4:51 I, m.- Af.alt'lev. Ml.
Toledo Express 11:41 a.m. do 1:110.
Peellc Btpreisi o-.fffl p. m. do
teamboat Kinross m. di :).
Aeeoeamodatlon Ml p. m. do P:5.
Trala elag Eat-leaT Aahlabnla I
Accommodation ton p.m.
paelal N. Y. Express - 11:M . m
Atlantic Express 9:34 1.111.
Day Express 13:48 p, in.
Cincinnati Express T 6:'.p. ni.
" WniT PLKHBY, for Hour Stomach.
TDon'l hawk, hawk, spit, Mow, blow, and
disgust everybody wild your Cnlmrli and lis
offensive odor, when Dr. Banc's Cutarrh Kern
edy will speedily destroy all odor, arrest luo
disc liar go, and cure you.
The Painesville correspondent of Hie Cleve
land Herald, says that the Female Seminary
of that place, lias never before enjoyed 10
Urge shnrs of prospeilty ns at preieut.
James II. Dresser, of North Madison, was
one of tbe ill fitted crew of the schooner C. C.
Griswold, which went down with all oil board
la Lake Superior in November.
Considerable opposition is beinjr developed
among tlis citizens r Futrport to the propos
ed annexation of that precinct to tbe corpor
ate limits of Palm sville.
Bcicide. George, Folwell. of I'liiucsville,
gent for the Weed Sewing Macliino was
found dead in Ills room in the Forest City
House, Cleveland, Saturday afternoon. Three
vials which contained hydrate of chloral,
gave evidence as to the cause of his death.
Ohio Statistics. We are indebted to Qits.
Sherwood, Secretary of State, for a copy of
Ohio Statistics lor 1871, mudo up wllh the
usual care and comprehensiveness of the au
thor's mode of dealing with these mutters.
W see the name of our neighbor II. E. Pau
ohs, among the Directors recently elected, by
the A. & O. W. Huilrond Co, P. B. McClellan
ud Wright are again President and Vice Pres
ident. J
John W. Tylke, ot Couueaut, who has been
in Californiaa for the past tweuty-two years,
and hits but recently returned, became violeut
, ly insane a few days since, and has been sent
to tho asylum at New burgh.
' : Orft North Kingsville neighbors have a
laudable ambition lor the growth and pros
perity, of their very pretty locality. Sobriety
and good or-ler, Is the first thing among them.
Whihky has no hiding place, and education
is the next thing in ordei. A $3,000 school
liouse Is propnsud.and the proposals for its
building, advertised for.
It is said that much Indignation is felt in
Kftme over the recent verdict in the llotisel
case. It Is not eusy to see how a verdict for
anything more than murder in the second de
fjree could have boeu arrived itt, in view of the
tfolimony bearing upon the relation existing
Oetwceu kim utid oilier members of tlie house
hold. D. R. Rookrs, Esq. occupying the Samuel
New Ion place on the South Uide east, bus
made a sale of that 82 acre farm to Haiivky
Parish, of East Village, for $3,200. There is
reason to fear that this unmooring of Mr.
.Rogers, may deprive us of his society, as he
has been thinking of going back tu tho oil
regions, where his business interests are.
Another Pat Day, with its crowd around
the A. T. & P. railroad office, occurred the
present week. Some drunkenness was seen
in consequence about the streets, but much
less than in days post, when the whisky drink
ing races more generuly monopolized railroad
work. The Swedes nud Fins, now so gen
eraly doing the. work, are. temperate and or
derly, and a little ready cash furninhei no
temptation to indulgence and irregularities.
Clubbing arrangements should he complet
ed before the close of the year, and iiny.one
wishing to avail themselves of the reduced
rates, should hand in their money, that tho or
ders may be given promptly. These arraugc
fuents have now became so general, that no
difficulty will be found in effecting such ar
rangement with almost any paper or magazine.
It is on this account that we have not given a
special list of publications. If the reader will
name bis choice, we will sec that he shall be
Six weeks of snug winter and almost unln
tcruyijed sleighing, such as we have had from
the opening of tho season, Is not a little unu
sual. While 1 we write, the " slipping" Is sel
dom better, and " The snow the snow the
beautiful (snow," seems bent upon its conllnu
Duee. The cold is strong enough, wherever It
has anything like a fair chance, to make firm
and safe the paths of the marshes and forests,
and afford the farmer au opportunity to get
out his wood and limber, and complete tho-
work of the season.
Religious Interest. Tub Rev. II. H
Wrixa, the young evangelist, has been holding
morning and evening meetings in the Presby
terian Church at Willoughby since the sec
ond Sabbath of Dec. Inst., and the effect is quite
marked. Delegations from the Y.. M. C. A.
of Cleveland, and Norwalk, where Mr. Wells
has been laboring of late, visited the Wlllouirh-.
by church on Sunday last, and talked to the
. people, who caught the fervor and spirit ot
their visitor
Entertainment. The Ladies of the Con
tregational Church will give au entertain
ment on, Monday evening next 80th at
Smith's Opera liouse, some of the features of
which will be ofa rather novel character. Be
sides quite a range of programme, wo are to
have the glowing warmth the clustering
Interests ora New England Kitchen of olden
times, in which will be served iu harmony of
style, a bountiful supper, with attenduuta in
character. The public are invited, and as the
avails go towards tbe purchase of a musical
Instrument for the choir, no one will hesitate
to give vent to his geueroslty.
. Dr. O. W. Moore. Allusion has heretofore
bsen made to tbe partnership of Dr. Moork
with Dr. Moss, snd the card of the company
appears in our business card column, which
has fully, no doubt, informed our citizens
of tbe secession to our population of another
medical praclicioncr. The standing of Dr.
Moore at Tontogany, Wood County, as a phy
sician and gentleman, may be more readily
gatbeted from the Wood County Sentinel of
the 19th, published at Bowling Oreen :
"We regret to mention the removal of Dr.
Moore from our midst. Dr. Moore, by his
genial and social manner, has made numerous
warm friends, and his skill us a physician has
been so often and so thoroughly tested, that a
good aud substantial practice whs the legiti
mate result. Some or our people wonder why
he should leave ao good a location j but Ashta
bula offered a widet and wore lucative Held)
and what we have lost, Ashtabula has gained.
We hope that ere long some good physician
may supply ula plane here. Ilis-family will
join him at Aub tabula, (it the spring."
Mors and more, os the years go by, U the de
llghtful festival, proclaimed from Heaven by
the angels with "Ulory to Uod In the lilghest,
peace on earth, good' will to men," oWrvcd
and made practical. Not ao much perhaps,
on account ol any sober, religious sense of du
ty, In Its recognition on the part of tho mass
es of tho people, but nevertheless, throughout
Christendom It lias come to be ft (tayof swoet
social and domestic observances. A day in
which the mad greed ofgnln is arrested and
the overworked brain and sinews of the peo
ple halt for rest. It lilts the child Christ from
Ills cradle in deeds of charily, In words of
kindly cheer, In pure and happy devotion to
klnslolks, snd the dear children who shed sun
slilno about tho hearthstone, and' whom ho
took In Ills arms and blessed while on tniih.
Ills a most cheerful sign, when austere Puritan
and devoted Churchman can Join in holy feel
ing and sweetest christian charities, on this
closing festival of the year, as generously and
Joyously as on tho former's Thanksgiving.
And may we not hope, ihatcvcu now, as the
nations glide down tbe centuries, the procla
mation made to the Shepherds of Judca, may
find perfect fulfillment and "peace on earth"
universally prevail.
Xew York Timet. We welcome to our
t-ible, the Daily Hint. We shall bestow upon
it jur confidence for fidelity in the field of Re
publican politics, and look to its well filled
pages of the general news of the day, for a
share of selections and material for a rehash
for tho second page of the Telegraph. We
part with an old friend the Tribune, which we
have taken since lis first number, with a feel
ing of sadness for the folly of its recent course;
and that feeling is not lessened by the conse
quences of Hi at lolly tho death of Horace
Oic-ley. That lolly lias sapped our founda
tions of confidence iu tho Tribune, and in com
mon with many of its former steadfast friends,
we must purt company lor tbe present at least.
Its independence simply a brusk Uuuie
lor neutrality iu polities is not unlike tiie
lukewarmucss of the Laodiceans, and very
likely to meet with the sumo fate.
Those of our readers who wish the
weekly Timt, may avail themselves of it
iu connection with the Teleohapu for f 3. a
year, for the two.
Extreme Colo. Saturday night last, was
the coldest night of the season. And Suuduv
niijlil though a Tittle less severe, was followed
w ith a more vigoious and earnest temperature.
Again on Monday night, the mercury fell
below zero, but how much we aru uot advised.
The extent of the cold suup seems to have been
pretty wide, though with varying degrees of
strength. At Cincinnati it was 4 below; at
Chicago, at noon of Saturday, the thermometer
indicated 10 below ; at Toledo on Sunday
morning, 13 below ; at Minneapolis 36 below.
Accounts from Arkansas and Kansas report
the coldest weather lor years; At Iudianapolis
the mercury reached 10 below zero. A loco
motive became disabled between (Joshua aud
Warsaw, Indiana, on the Cincinnati, Waba-h
and Micluuan road, on Saturday night, and
the engineer und fireman, iu ulteinpting to
reach a residence u mile distant, were frozen
to death. We read, also, of various explosions
some with disastrous and even fatal couse
queiices of kitchen ranges, with hot water
pipes. The pipes having been stopped by
freezing, afforded no escape for the steam gen
erated by a brisk fire, were the causes ol this
rather new form of death and destruction.
Payson's Indelible Ink lias for many years
been before the public and is acknowledged by
all as being the most perfect and reliable for
marking all sorts of apparel, especially when
the Uiiggs' crystal marklug pen is used. The
dillkulty of m ilking ouch articles as hose,
coarse sheetings, etc., is obviated. These arti
cles are neatly put up in a portable case nud
sent to any address for 40 cents. Address A.
Lyman Williston, Northampton, Mass.
ZeWt Monthly Mittiizine is a comparatively
new publication a popular nud illustrated re
view of literature, art, and science ably con
ducted by L. DcColunge, LL.D., Philadelphia
und New York. Price, $3 per annum.
The Hi ut rated Christian WerUy has just
closed its second volume. Tbe new yesr opens
as a temperance number, and will contain a
full-page portrait of John B. Gotigh, an illus
trated article descriptive of his home, an arti
cle respecting him, by his friend, T. L. Cuylcr,
D. D., with other temperance illustrations, and
a story by Mrs. Beers. Copies iu buudles at
reduced rates. Terms, single copy, $3 per
Tub Publishers of tho American Stock
Journal want Agents in every part of the
United States, to cauvass for subscribers. They
offer spleudid inducements to all who are
milling to aid In extending the circulation of
this valuable Agricultural Journal, also a (3
picture to every subscriber. For particu
lars address, N. P. Boyer & Co., Publishers,
Paikesbrgh, Chester county. Pa.
Garnered Sheavet Tho complete poetical
works of J. O. Holland, with illustrations.
This is a most tasteful little volume, in Scrlb
ner, Armstrong, & Co's stylo, printed on tiuted
paper, with red lines. The possession of a
volume thus containing the poetical works of
the author. Is indispcnsiblo, as his rank among
American authors has long sines been admit
ted. No libmry, therefore, Is complete wilh
out the Gathered Shentet. The volume makes
a beautiful present for the season.
"1HB Ingham lectures." Is the title of
of a 306 12iuo, vol. embracing a collection of
ten lectures ou the evidences of Natural and
Revealed Religion, by as many different D.
D's und LL. D's., delivered before tbe Ohio
Westleyan Uulversity, Deleware, Ohio. The
course was gotteu up, and sustained by Mr. Ing
ham of the firm of Ingham, Clark & Co.,
Cleveland, and published by the firm. Hence
the name. We need givn but tbe subjects of
the lecture, and the name of each of the lec
turers to establish the Mgh character of the
work. They are as lollows 1
Personal Cause ; by Rev. Randolph 8. Foster,
D. D. L L. D., President of Drew Theologi
cal Seminary, Madison, N. J.
Origin ol life; an Examination of Huxley t by
Rev. Randolph S. Foster, D. D. LL. D.
Origin of Species an Examination of Dar
winism ; by Rev. Randolph 8. Foster, D. D.,
L. L. D.
Theism aud Anti-Theism in their Relations to
Science ; by. Rev. Asa Maban, D. D., Presi
dent Adrian College, Michigan,
Miracles; by Rev. Bishop Edward Thomson,
D. D. L L, 1., Delewure, Ohio.
The bible a Revelation from God ; by Rev.
Bishop DavU W. Clark, D. D. Ciucinuati,
Scripture Inspiration by Rev, William F.
Wurren, D. D., President of tho Boston The
ological Seminary, Boston, Mass.
Tbe Alleged Discrepancies of Scriptue ; by
Rev. Fales H. New hall, D. D., Oliu-Proles-sorof
Rhetoric and English li erature, Wes
ley an Uuivirsity, Middletown, Conn.
Adaption of tho Scriptures to Man's Moral
and Spiritual Nature j by Rev. Daniel Curry
1. D , Editor of Tin Christian. AdtocaU,
New York. City..
Tbe Person of Jesus Christ ; by Rev. William
D. Uodman, D.- D., . President of Baldwin
University. B.-rea, Ohio.
11.75. Mailed orenaid on recelnt nt ,..!.
. Co, 27 Superior Bt
The miiKical portion of our community are
wldii awnke Ibis winter, supporting two sink
ing schools. Our, taught by Prof. I), Ii. Walk
er, and held at the M E. Church, is numerously
attended and lias Ihn support of that society
mora especially, w hile the oilier l to hetnuKhi
by Prof. Rice, of Geneva, tinder the atiKplces of
the Bay brook Choral Union. Tho rivalry be
tween the schools is somew hat sharp, and we
may therefore expect considerable progress.
Mr. Spencer's writing class, nt the Town
House, closed lart week, but the pupils liked
him so well as a teacher that he has consented
to teach another term at ttie same place. He has
also a class at the Station, in the cheese fac
tory building.
News Items are somew hat scarce aViut these
times, but if wc should follow the style of the
Sentinel'i Ashtabula correfpondeiil, W. F. 8.,
we might fill a column or two, a bo does, by
interlarding our Items with n Utile gratuitous
advertising. If that's the order, 1 presume our
business men will like it.
We noticed at Van Allen & Bates' a fresh
kit of mn.ckerel. Go for them.
Our esteemed townsman, Geo. W. Cooper,
lies dangerously ill, nud has been a long time
In that condition, with disease superinduced,
it is supposed, by tho kick of a horse some
years ago.
Go tu Bulk's for holiday goods, choice fam
ily flour, raisins, fec. His gentlemanly clerk,
O. K. Latimer, will hand out the goods and
take your rhino with pleasure.
Wm. G. Webster, W. P. Button, and others,
have taken their teams and gone to the pine
woods of Michigan, to spend the winter haul
ing logs. We don't envy them the exposure
to the rigors of a wiuter in a lumber camp, but
would like the appetites they will have.
G. U. Scoville, our blacksmith, does a fancy
jub of horseshoeing. If you don't believe it,
step U aud be shod.
Thre? young blonds from As'.itabula were
brought up with a round turn the other day
by C. W. Burdick. They were slushing along
w ith a gny team And sleigh, when one of them
struck Burdick's team with a whip and then
put the whip to their own horses. Burdick
naturally resented such treatment and started
after them. One of their hats blew off, which
Burdick picked up. ' Blood w anted his lint and
showed tight. Burdick coolly told him that
he. could have it for five dollars. They swore
some, but finding wind work of no avail, they
compromised, took their hat and left for town
very much chopl'allen. They struck the wroug
team that time.
Sunday and Tuesday morning wero tho
coldest ot the season. The thermometer show-
There were.cight applications for divorce
at this term of the Cemmon Pleas, all but one
of which were granted.
Ilarpcr't Monthly, for January, is a welcome
visitor to our table, and abounds in pictures,
stories, niul pleasant material gathered from
all sources, claiming the greatest quantity of
matter for the least money. Harper Brothers,
New York.
Scri'jner't MonUtly, for January, is one
of more than ordinary attractions, containing
pictorial descriptions of remarkable Becnery,
especially in "New Ways In the Old Domin
ion," "How Stanley lound Livingston," Dr.
Holland's Slory (Arthur Bonnicasllc) Is capti
vating, und we wish that all educators of the
youthful mind coulJ read it und profit by its
practical teachings. This work shows tact
and energy to meet the growing demand of
the reading public. Chus. Scribuer & Co.,
New York.
M'Afferty the Elocutionist. It is i.ith
pleasure that we announce to our citizens, that
this gentleman Is in town, and expects to give
reading til the OP"-' House, on Tuesday eve
ning next, 81st. We deem it unnecessary to
give anything more than a simple announce
ment of tbe fact, as the Professor is so well
known, and his readings so well appreciated
by our citizens. Iu the dourth of entertain
ments this winter, wo shall no doubt prize
more highly, the enjoyment of listening to the
unequalled rendering of the best English con
ceptions by tills gifted and popular reader.
As another evidence of the progress and
prosperity of Ashtabula, may be noted the re
moval of the Cvnncaut Citizen, C. G. Griffey,
proprietor, to our old location in the Hendry
& King building. Tho name will' bo changed
to the Atktabula Citizen, and the first number is
to appear after the opening of tho year, as an
independent paper, according to Mr. Griffey's
private conversations. Of the capacity of
Mr. O. for getting up a good paper, he himself
has given sufficient evidence, and that there is to
be, if not at present, patronage enough for sus
taining a second establishment In town
would not be becoming in us to question.
Last Number. The present is the lust num
ber nf the year, and the untico of the fact is
sufficiently significant of a notice of settlement
with those with whom wo have, running ac
counts, and of new subscriptions ou the part
of others, having no other business transac
tions with us. 1 ho cash principle has been
so generally adopted in all our business affairs
the present year, that we begin to feel that we
are getting down to a true standard, aud raises
the hope that the days of credits, or at least of
long credits, are passing away. We hope for
the companionship of all our old friends, aud
many new ones, and that advance pay will be
looked upon and treated as a matter of coarse.
Grateful in the review of the past, we greet all
with a Happy NeW Year for tho future.
List of Patents issued from the U. 8. Patent
Office to Ohio Inventors, for the week ending
November 28. 1872, and each bearing that date,
Furnished this paper by Cox & Cox, solicit
ors of Patents, Washington. D. C.
Grain-drill, Geo. S. Ball. Dayton.
Steam- engine. Edward H. Cutler. Can
ton. Gralning-machine. Gottlieb Geigcr, Cleve
land. Spring Bed-botlom. A. E. Miller. Arcadia.
Treadle for Sewing-machines. C. H. Mor
gan. Clcviiund.
Meat-siuffer. A. R. Silver. Salem.
Bee-hive. Wm. R. Clark. Piqua.
Cooler for Ale, Beer and water. IrvIngErs
kine. Bowling Green.
l'itman-couueciiou for harvester, Wm. Fcp
ris. l'leaunt Plain.
Knilu Tfnd Fork Cleaner. J. L. Hannum.
Paper-folding machine. AlvuU Washburn.
Band-cutting Fork. David Arnold. Clyde.
Rifle for Sharpening Harvest-cutters J. R.
Clifl'iou- West Ltiny.
bharpenlng-bench for Harvest Cutters. J. R.
Clinton. West Unltv.
Apparatus for Preserving Fruit. Joseph
Cope. East Fairfield.
Car-coupliug. W. A. Dean. New Lexing
ton, Funnel for Cunning Fruit. Sarah B. Hertulg.
Device lor Handling Corpses. Henry Huber.
Snuit-machlne. J. 8. Poulleny Akron.
Iron feuce. Timothy Rogers. Fredricktown.
Bawlng'iiiacblne, J. P Summers. Tiffin.
Cur-Coupling. L. ii. Wilson. Caldwell..
Apparatus for convening, Jroq jj,to gieel by
mean of HydrQ-onvUttn Vapors. T. It. Bcow
iibt ViocUuaU , . .
Times for Holding Courts in the Ninth Judicial
District of the State of Ohio in
tn Plsrfc finnt, on Sejt.niW Isih.
J a rnrn.il ro'jut.r mi Ki'pti'nir f.itt.
11 .Hi m ,1 riMinly, Hrii-mhir tt'h.
In Miliniiliiif comity. n H.-ptrniir swiu,
Iu Trnniliul critiuljr, on A p. 1 1 I lib.
In HiiriK wrmijf, n AerllSlat,
Jn lilrx'iiiiiiix, n April sr.ih.
11 Guiles ei.iinU. on April lb.
la Ahulu! riinnijr, on April tuih.
Tn rsrrr.tl county, on iin'y Sih. Mure h Slut, -t.l. tf.
In flark -ounHr,on Knh y Mill. May nih. Nov. Iiltli.
In Vi- ni'ilnna rnnniy on-laii'v kii. Kr fall, On, h.
In MiihonlnrcMiiity. on .lan'y Mh. May Mti. On. i h.
Ill I'nftnirr Minnty, on Kfli'y M, May Mil. Oct. 7lh.
til Trtinilml comity, on fell llllfi. Jiina n4, Nov. 17th.
In Lake couniy, on Jan'y will. May IU1I1, Nov, 4 1.
In l. nn nullify, on 4un y lath. Mar ih, Oct. sutli.
In Anliialiola county, on Fch'y tun. Jnnilih. Not.VMh
Ilollowayia Ointment and MIN.-To 11. e
an espruaalva Weitern ptiraw?, tlie Oliilmont Ipca
out" vary eruptive snd nlcerom dliordcr, while the
I'llla piiritu 1'ie lnlcra.it organa of ill Imparity, Hold IS
Maiden Lane, .V, V. Prli; f. cvnta pr put or box.
Alc for new atyle j the old la counterfeited.
TO onauinptiVFa,-The advertlaer, havlnx been
permanently ctued of Hint dread dleen'e, ( onnn ptlon,
by a simple remedy, la nnxlona to uinke known o hit
fellow sinTe-reTa I lie meana of cure. To alt who dolre
It, he will aend a copy of the prescription uaed. (free of
charge.) with the direction for preparlne and nlnif the
wimc, whlcl, Ihey will find a r Curt fur Ommmpiiim,
Atthma, HrunrhUU. v.
Parties w lahlng the cccrlptlon will plea'e aiMrera
1M Penn Htreet, Wllllam'liurch, N. V.
Rural Ilea Ilea and
a Clljr Ilellra. (oimtry
Klrl are not a whit behind their metropolitan eliiciain
the natural elements of lovellueet, but It mut be con
ceded that the city belle hunt understand the art of
preserving and hclirliteulnr their pergonal beauty. Tie
most perract fealnres lose half their attraction ualesa
the complexion la properly cared for, and If Ihe pretty
jrlrli of the raral districts wish to compete wllh Ihe
"fair stars" of the fashionable world In retlncd iltrae
tlous, they must pay due attention to this Important
point. They ouht to know, fur the fa t Is notorious,
that IlAOAs'a Maiihilh Imparts to the sktn a
delicate, pearly appearance, unproduceahle by any other
preparation under the tun. No matter how the cuticle
may have been roughened by exposure or discolored by
the sun, the Halm will render It soft and pliable, aad
removes cvtry blemNh.
tn JeflWnn, December 10:h, by Franc!" Brown. Mis
Fi.oha IiORiiki.l. of W'et Andover. to Air. aiM) K,
Ciiasu, ol Charilou. (.iuauga county.
In Cherry Valley, Dec. Kd, br It. M. Skeels. Miss
Kiina Wiij.mot, of Chciry Valley, to Mr. Albiiiu ii.
tiuirriNo, orNew Ljnei.
In .IsfT'-rson. at the Thompson nnne, December 2 llk,
by K. C. Wright, Miss Ann Hoomiiocu, to .Mr. Auoa
VAU II. IlCTTKs, both of Geneva.
In rnlonvlllo. T)ec. 17;h. 1371. at the residence of the
bride's fi.lher, hy liev. I. Wuodworth. Mr. K. I. IUn
tiioloxkw, of Oe.ne.vu, ini ilis L. K. Oale, of L nioj
vlllc. At the same time and place, Mr. G. B. Poolcb snd
Miss L. .'. Ckaiu,
Annonncmcnts free: Co -a mandatory Notices, half rate.
Tn Vaw l.vmn I luf -. . .- 11,1. nr I U
Olivb li wik! In the 7Utli year ol her ujre. '
Ashtabula Market Dec. 27,1872.
Dealers pay the following Piicue.
ViifAT N'ol, Wa'.te $1
1)0 No. 1 Ited 1
Cons Shelled 50
do In the ear ss
Oats, old 87
Oats, now,. 35tu37
BCTTin.. SO to 85
Ciibeb, 10toH
Dntsu Ai'i'LKS 4 to 5
LAt-.n f
Fuoe .' S5
Potatoes, new K to SO
FLorn Sku.ixo Piuck
Coax Meal per ton 24 00
Choppkii Fast) Corn and oats M 00
AsllTASt'LA, O. Dec. 3, lo'i.
VfOTrCR is Hereby Given, that tlie
1 ANNUAL MEETING of the Stockholder of The
Hitns C. Smith Iron Mlnlui; Company of Lake Superior.
Mictticnn. will be held at the othce of said Company, In
the Village of nshtatiuia, in the State ot Ohio, on Mon
day the tlili day of January next, at eleven o'clock, a.
m. to then and there elect Directors of said Company
tor the ensuing y ar, ami for the transaction or ollmr
business, JAMES PIEltCK, President.
llK.Ntil Fasset-, Secretary. 4t 1106
-i Ivl
TF yoi; rind yourself in a bwj and can't
aud YesttT u "W fAujr-"aq yvi; raoii
Valuable House and Lot for SaV,
with out buildings ail complote. Situated corner of
Waluut aud AsiaUula sli'eew, Aibtahula Harbor.
Dally tlO: Sem'-Weekly 1 i Wsek'y $3; Dally, wllh
nuiniuy Kliilou, $is,
SK I' A I' bit.
A ttepu'dlcon ourrsl denoted to Iterorm In M;uigpnl,
Male, aud General fiovrriiiiicul.
APupcrfnrthePirmT. a pspr f r the Mechanic,
Paper fur tlie I'e iple.
In lubi of Tlilrly, l l'or Annam.
Term fjr the Weekly Tun a fjr is?? :
One Copy, oni year
Club rites, all at one postolBcc address :
Fire copies f j
Ten Co lies ,
Twenty copies I
Thirty copies t '
Ami one eltra copy o each c! lb. ror eery Clnli
flfly. otej copy of lljv sioui-weeajy Timet to the -tler
Up f the cluh.
tf Ul,..f, tha n ,-.. ,.t ..,l....lk... ... ...... .1....
be written upon vmi h isip.-r of ibceluli at une. p.istofu.-
aunress, uvu cents lit ej.a copy auiiilioual ta the above
S P K .1 A L A N N o C N C KM EST.
In acrordaiice with our last prospectus, the specialty
reduced rates for 1jii, via. ;
Weekly, pnryenr . )
Heml-W'eekiy. peryesl.. S
wl'l be msintaincf fr ad new sub-crllwrs. snd all old
subscribers fcliewin prior Iu tiie l..ih tins of jal.uary
117:1, wneu the aliove enl'i rates will Use iji"..el.
The New Vork Weekly will contain selected
Rditorlbls from tbe usily Tlti-" ; tr'.-iieral Mews, rlonies
tie slid foreign : Ihu proreeaiii'. of I 'dk,'i slid tiie
Htato j.i-iri-Uitires: r'ull and iotere,f, i,. corre-iioud-eliee;
bi.k reviews; li.u cliokunt elclions; while lis
most proininenl P-niure sriil l.e a compVi BL'riculturl
department, wl'h oriirinsl arlii h s Irian practical farm
ers; full reKirts or toe Aineri'-.-m Insliiaie Fsroe-rs'
l.'lub; complete. Weekly n.siket reM.rls; Simik u, d.
meslic Ihe
produce. stM-k. dry weir and yeueral.
The Time will have no mip -rior ; it will
lie free from all appeal to vuUur ami impure
tasters, ami in iv Uc safely admitted to every do
mestic circle.
The Tiwei iil Ii dvuted, n in Hie tm, ti
an inlelliifCiu and firm tiiiiurt, of tin; Repub
lican l'urty. ll culms in r.-ii-reiice in the
Tammany lii'y, nt a titue hen all the uthi-r
daily pnpi rs i:i . w -V.nk nbrirucled and di
coiiraued its tlfor;, Hllisl i:s sincerity in the
Rel'oiin. The I imki stood alone in Uenintid
itti Reform Irniii W,'j u the close of 1371,
and there is no inrcre and honest proposal lor
Reform, in any branch t, tlio Government,
wblcli will not be bt-uilily supported by tlie
'f lMKs. Rut il will nut C'His'ire in nsjistiug
ttmbi'.iuus politicians or deuiuoiruea to reach
power limier luls" prctenbes. It will not en
courage defection liom the Republican I'ariy,
which is "till ihe pnr'y of progrtM, securiiy
und nniioiial pniiitTity.
It w ill sust. mi, wiih all tho force and lufl't
encv at lis coiniiianil, the principles and policy
which have rendered Hint Party so justly la
moua in our bisiory. It w ill udvocali; those
measures by which the honor, the peace, and
Ihe piipeiily of Hit nation can be best secur
ed uml .iMiui!etl, and will constantly atudy
the wauls ol the people ralher than the wishes
of the icinuM.
Is published every Tvctltvj nnd Frui ty, nnd
contains all Ihe agricultural anil literary mai
ler of the Weekly edition, and a full and c ire:
f'.il compilation ol editorial and news Iculuioa
of the Daily.
Terms of the Skmi-Weeklt Times: One
copy, one year, ?;t ; two copic one, year, 3;
ten copies, one year, and one tstra copy
buli3Ciii)tlo:is to either of our editions receiv
ed !or a less length ol time liiau one year ut
the yearly r::t;.
Tiiese prices r.re Invali :T.!r. noinil in
dra in on Xew-York or Fosr-Ofliee .AI uiey fr
dcrs, if ios.itie, and where n' itherol lliesMctin
be procured, simd money in a rejintiirrtl
letter. All I'oat-imiKlrr are ol.liired lo rej;is
ter lelb raivben requested to do sn, and Ihe
systfin U an absolute protection against looses
by innil. Address The New-York Timf.,
N-w-York Citv.
aLbl.UU.Orl '
In the woniorful mci.leW to tvliIchMir nfTlrlpd
Rrj nhnvo piiut.! for rcltcf. Ihe i.li-eovi'rrr lit
linv.M he lm co:iif1ii ed in hartM.iiy iihtc tf .
tiro's -it rfver"l',ii cumlive irciei-tl a, wMf h
GjI hi- (iHtillol i:ita tiie VfirdnMt' khiLilom U r
hUin tin Hitk, than cta vVit hrfor I'mnl.ttv:!
In o'i" mo lie in a. Ttio evidoncfi of tlitt fuv U
fonuJ i'i flit u'Otl VAriuty of lmint t.bptinatf tlir
e'Ji willed ll ha.- bwn tauu In conquer. In tit
cur: nf llroiic hltl. Severe Coup It
ai l t'ia early eU rf- of CoiiKti liiptlIi, il 1 fin
Mt'-uNiYid tho ni Jilieul fiiculiy. nmf (mlitrnt ) y
k:i:m pnt:ionri'o U tlio ffreftleft aedunl t'lrctyM
tv of tin n: While it cures the M-veret-K'tnif.-lip,
it streii rthi tho ovstcin and Vin lllm ihe
. b.o t'l. By H;,'rpAt and thorotiu'li Mnori j nrily
t i ( prn nrtl'j-t. It cure all II n morc fn m f,
w ir.t Scrotal a to a coinnmii Hlotcb, Pim
!6 or abruption. Mei-cuilal UiHCHe, T.ilnc.
r.il IVio m, au:l thair flictis are i'ind!ra,-d, aid
iX'irotw health and a onr.d rnntitiiticn rfiab
lUho'l. KryloIa Halt Kbriiml ever
M roa9 Scaly or ltoiipU Nkln, In phori,
all t'ia nu numiie di aoea CBiined by bad b)Md,
Ard ci i'piore'1 bythi powerful ptuifj ing and tu
vi rrnti.i me licino.
;ify 1:1 fjel diill, dro nv, rfebllltatrd, tavir.-l-i.v
cLir of lcttt, or yello U hrt Fpi. en
f.i3 or balv, fro. incut head acho nr dizzintrr, 1 nd
tite in rtnii, InteritAl heat or cbillt alltncltd
with h t rt-iti.;, law fplrfUa and pleomy fore!
In, irrejtilur apperltft, and tongue ci'ntid.
aj iiir.-riii from Torpid Mfr i)rwH"H
I i 'i tu iimay cuen of LUr
C niilililt" .only part of thtfe Mn pn n
iro c jrioac?i. 'As a remedy for all nu h racea
Jlf. Pierco' O tldu.i Medical DWovciv an io
e a it oTucti pjrfoct curcf. !tn h.'it t- Um t
arm thrif--l an I h-nltliv. For tl:n line (I
H ibUuil CoiiAtlpatl on of tlie Vt 1 It
I A ii nr filling remedy, m.d tbofe wloltvt
a I It fir t'lU parjote are loud In it piatt-i.
T.n prnrbnr offera $1.1(0 reward ft r a nxc'l
ciiia t!nt will eqiml it for (lie cine of all ll " dia-ea-i
fir which It la rcrnm mended.
S 1 1 lir drUirrUt at 1 per bottle. Pret-arrd 1
It V. Piorc . M. P.. Ht.io riopfieti.r. at bis t hrm
Icil Lihoriiorv, VHKeiMfA atrrrt, Ilufliilo, N. Y.
SjiuI yotir A'idreuft for a painohleL
FllENCII & WEIP.LEN JlanufactTir-
rrs DacU'rs in LHATHKH 4c I'I DI SIC"; (
Hollow, opposito J'hurUtx Fuuilltry, Miu '.reel, i
tal.ala, Oliio. "
Just received, aud now for t' . "
tuck of " wl (urtl
as can be found In -, Vt's ,.. u..i,. . i . , .
bu sold on the rue j( "'l"??. ,Jrkc,J "nd whleh wll
n oIiihti for ' . I -snnawo fenns. I hope to aaaka
ta the vEnsT' ?d Bll,,u "d l,arnee' Mauniaeiarir.
satlsl"-,, V- bvormo with their painumiw, iwiluu
o if,.s. . CH" c" ",cm everyililmf nil la iiieli
I .SllleSS hlu..n .an k. r,.n...l I. Kl 1 1
th Fstern Markets, t hereby aavlinjfrsifUtaud tmvelluir
e isuses, and loss of time.
All an conliully Invited to cult and examine my atnrk
hvSn iiun-hasliig elsey, here. CoiUldeut that 1 urn make
It for your Interust to buy In this uiarkvi. I shall take
pleasure In seeing my old Iriemis am) the nulilTr,
showing them niy atusk. Bulow, I giv i puriiol list
articles :
Spanish and sla tighter, aoie, ppiait harawta leather
Spanish aiidslausrlitrf kip; iTencli calf and kip; oak
hemlock calf and kip ; collar leather and horse hides
men's and women's morocco ; baud aud lacing leather
ItnlUk-s, bludiuirs, suviiinir and rnsseta.
Ijists. pe"s, thKd,wrhh, Packard's Ink, Iron and ilni
nails, roundhead lacks, b.-Isflcs.kvtis, hammers, nincert,
sandstones, re,", knives loati slae sticks, ana straps,
boot trees, shoe fares, ,jiiuclies lasting irons, eyelets, eve
lot sets, B!ltch- htHi. siftch-markers, heel shavee, edirt
lug oprd, lastinr tanks, heel and toe plates, boot blackintc.
boot brushes, harness oils, and all kinds of finishing
Irons; etti, otc, FHKNCU WKIBLEN.
uiies, siriji avris, wen amves, einsnc, neel ball, stltca
11 liS
IV' tour old hat in beeifitiinjr to look
shsffiy, ws carj toi you wliha Sate An, that will
just exactly lull you.
11 Ml
0 Vlvr; ft 'Ci w.'ty v.'i h i -,? ifcJJ
rtiRts uiiuttta ur tit -
riyn trek
rn i "n rmnm ,1 t
IT i giaiifiymo; to im to inform tlie
public that 1t. l 0. Wl.hsn's Pine Tree Tnr
Conllsl, for Throat aud Lain diseases, has gained an
enviable reputation from tbe Atlantic to the Pacific
coast, and from thence to some of the first fsuillles of
Eirope: not through ih press alone, but hy purena
thrriuakoot the Hietet aclually benefitted auu cored at
bis oflice. While he publ ahes.less.so say our r . Miners.
h Is aaabi to aapply the demand. It -sli and Lolda
Its reputation
First, Xot by stnpptn cunj-'i, but by loncnlnjr and
assisting nature to throw off the unheslthr mstler col
lected about the throat aud broucLlaJ tabes. ul,l,-h ca
ll TitttUtA,
""cond. It fmtrrt ih came of Inita'lua iwhith
produci-s coii-h) of the mucous oiemixsuo ami hrooeliUI
ttx'Kt. assists tki- lni.jrs to act aiii throw off the uu
heaithy accretions aud parlfl ; tun blood.
Third. It Is free from so,ullK lox.!la. Icac aad
n..t..n. ... ..LI..L . ....
..,..,,. nmiii mo., mroai ana lan-j remedies are
composed, which allay .-oah oaly. and ill-nrKoiire the
stouiscli. It has a soothing eff.Tt on tku stnaiach. acts
on the llvrrrand Kldnrys. and lympaaile aud nervnas
rcclons. thus res hh.? to esery par of the sy.fem, aa '.
In Its Invigorating and pu-irylt, effects it has piiued a
reputatloa wblcb it nut. hold above all others In tie
The Pine Tree Tar Cordial,
i-RI.1T A.irmt lN DVrPI.p(4 PILLS
worm sugai: Daors
B-;ln; auicr my loitneillate direction, they shall not
lose their curative qualities by tbe use of cheap and
Impure articles.
rKF.K nrr rnincr n. t r r- ;.....
Oftice Parlors are open on Mondays, Tuesdays and
Wednesdays, from tl A. II. lo S P. II.. for con.-ullatlon
hy Dr. Wm. T. Mairee. Wilh hlra are a-swiated two
COIlSllJlliltf t.llVl.fl..ll. Itt ..Lllnul,.l.,ul .kilt.- 1-1.1-
opportunity Is not offered by any otb-.r Institution iu
All letters mtisl be ao.r. ssej to
L. Q. C. WISItAliT, jr. D.,
No. 232 N. srCOXO ST.,
It will pay to go to
Parlor and Chumlier Fiiriilhire, Mattresses and
Spritifj Beds.
The largest Stock in the West.
114 & 110 Batik Street.
Foil 8ALE1
OEVEN Acres oF'Land, witli frooJ
buildings and choice tVnlt. Situated two miles west of
Asfir.bula Villaveon 8ilh HHipj. This isa ven- deslr
able property to any one seekiUL' a home near the town.
Price i,50U. L. M. flto.sHV.
Htf . T. C. CHOSBVfc
. Eiecators Cf the Estate of Z Cfoshy.'
JN refiilinrj this pn jp of Advert ifi'tiients
yon will Snd our contributions In several plans. If
you haveu't lime lo hunt them all up. please bear In
mind that our stuck of Cloths.
Keatly-Mftile tlotliin;; ami Furnishing Goods,
Is lareo and Complete, and ttiat we ire reads to make
np suits from the best troods. with TrimmiueVio match,
as che.p as la consistent with neatness and eood
workmanship. Yours truly, WA1TE tt blLL.
A Great Offer
will dispose of NEW PHNOS, MKLOUEoNS. and
OHOANS. of sii flrt -class makers, Includiuij W aters,'
at very LOW PKIL'ES for Cash, or part ca?h, audbui
mice In small monthly Installments. New T-octv
first class PI AtS. modern inipiorcmenls. for li)9', A
cash. Now ready a COM'IWTu PAULMIt OIi me
most beautiful style kud perfect lone ever mad'-. Il'lue-tratedcataloj,-nes
mailed. Sheet Music aud Tousle Mer
chandise. lKU-t 3m.
CHEAP CiiFsiineres, Medium Prieed
Casslmeres. and Fine Cu'sslmerct
Tbe Best AmeriVnn, English, Frencli,
and Get man Makes,
br the Fall ao-1 Wle.rer trade arc on our CimnteM await
HI! iuspect'.ju. elieviu? the
Best Clothes
to bo thi
v have purched aad arc werf orenarH to matca car-
Tkieiiin, from the followintf hnnidv of Hroatleloitiiv. and
Doe-kin. Hither Hroiliur' Waiiier'a Hmkhetker.t
aud Schuh)w ; also lcvoiih.re Kcrnt-yn and Kdiedona
iu all the tlt'H.ratalc iiada welt a (.ermau JJiugunal
auU huaifi-l Luultf WurKltdit, Our Hoe cf
Is sy aupetior to correspond to the seeds enume-aed
abovo. a 116d
II AS. on hand a good assortment of
llarnesft of various kinds. Heavy and LfffM. 9fng1e and
Ilollhle. of the best workinsushlp and material. He ia
prepared to UU all orders fdr wurkofany description
Iu liia line,
T IX TJ 2J & & !
He hat
Just laid In a I arc supply of lartre and medl
TraVelina Trunka. The. as nt veriona
Out slaed
hi'iKlltles and values, and aliorded at favbrable prices.
. us .mi kuiau, is B,i-.oxci!c.r me mruesi ui auy IU tne
realon. Tua Ire, veil fi pulilie aro Invttm) to look over
I his slock, aa Ib.iy rau hardly full Vo Aud eomethtiut to
tbelr wind.
V. t'. FOItla.
Ashtabula, Sept. V, IStl.
I nnOO AUT VT1 Kl,-Vf maraatsa
JJJJ employment S all. etihsr sss. at t"i fcs-t dss
j or es issj or bioki pi.r yesr. Mrs sinlifii Mrs. M It.
Klosil anil others. Htincrb V'lttililins flvva srss,
I Xi'ti-t ms.te rspiillr ami ss-tu, (Vriitulara, fr,
r.r.,s viii t i n. lit., iincinaslt, siLlit.
Child's Commentator,'
On the niklc, for Hit llama Irrla,
l.Sno tisiree. Sou Ki.L-ravlnir. Tlie hest enterprise of the
er lor aiieiil. livery I'.mllv Kll have It. AsVUnw
its It mow tnitorhrt p, r ilicelsis. atdrse ll. a.
Uoou-ei so k t,o., al p.irk How, .New Vm. i
Onlf SI a i,."r.- I'agea.
Tbe Tlesl Family Paper.
Tiie Best Air ncnl sis' Piper ,
1 he U. st Political p.p. r. -
'lue llest rlorv I str.
Tae He! Fashion Hermrts.
'Jbo lte-n sltle Msiket Beprifte.
The Bo-t P: per kvrj Way.
Tllf!WirKI,TIV.ttlMKIH. Klukt
paifi.., uScniuini.s (I a year, or less than s cents a
nuullier. bend iOar aollar,
Adiresa TIIE ft!. Ksw Tork.
LL bOLDlEl.9 tlllt aeVr wotin.lr.i
cancer p -n-mmi tf wrHi.tir to JOHS k JRKPATUICK.
Gov t Ci-tiia Agent, MiiiUlUouru,Oblo, inkfh g pw-t-
1823. JUBILEE! IS i'i.
or tin '
Tje Ilcst RsllKtntts and Hcculs- Family Kewspapnr.
S a rasa wtn tiu it ar.aa rasa book.
SIDSKY a-'.. MOMl 'f., 8T Park Bats.
S'UiladelpInJ. reae.es,
Send for a tmtnpfe Copy.
$5 to $20
per day Ajfmts wanted I All
classes .4 Mbrkintf ..r
' r - ..onus or ii. r iiiwv nnie y at work ut
s in their spsre moments. Parr1ca!vr free Adoreea
i. STI.N8(i.N' to . PoMiand, kbsilie.
AmtIXL 33 Oil.
Red Horse Powder
Horse Epidemic.' .
Scatter th? Powder freely In the manger da.v. If
your tot;k in dipedoed. loiltr tii rrt li fi acctjvitrjrauyjr.
uru d 40 .'nt pttek rcrnun ano fcnii'li,. i ,.r
3ourMir! and Imut. mix In th-'lrdlup; fi.r putiUiy,Tnx
in ih nnt-r :hv ririiik an1 Tht-ij n (!. Tuin l'odr m
prfrar.:U liv a Kl 'H liWiWS, Jifuysiat. t.emi-l mh4
ilrtem.tb of nanty-fiv y ir xfwrin?v, at ht Druf
aiii) i.htfnir ii t,iiiHriiim, Milton, t'.t. If yotir net.rt-t
itUS",'-! 4r m-jrrlmiit hue not ths P'td-r aend to the
Hntprivti ir fr t h.-m. H- ill si'itd fim. nlMcttitumv a
of cnr on all k'iOui of to k aud poiiiiiy.
Wnn'd you avoid beine "Mt" Vr Homes. a!n1lcis ai 4
lliim mi? )i-sd ties " Star brsM.i.r.u BsNMra." A
lsp.;e. ii.u-trated 40 co!on.n c psife fsijr. .7er sir. .
ripleO'lid Ctories. Ssetcnes. Tales, l"u ins. Wit. Humor,
Puzzles. Recipes. 4c. lilh var. fl a rear, wi b s-l-irsnt
Prsu; tiirouw. "AiTrax Lrsvks.'' free to ail.
k.VLY l. Tnv it ov t. tnHfiHiiiM pvarntiltnl .
A.'ents iinteij. iiutflt H,EE. fpeclmenr. 4c, r S
c ms. A Mna4 -il VM.VER." Hinsdale, N. It.
PIRD'S Indian Herb Mixture.
PJ The only preparation that will riftctnelly
Ml a Curl Crimp, and Frlu tb Hair.
Diseases of the Scalp.
Send a atamp for C'irenlar. Address
A. II. ASHALD CO, Ramttsville.O.
$75. Vanted Immediately. $200
AC yuna im-n an l lailies tn tit. lliani-"'-1
selves for positions as salesmen, book -keepers,
Ac, Ac.
Situations Guaranteed.
For fall Informal ion, ad,lre. with siaxp, OBKHUfr
Blsiness CoLLtol, Llrawtr in, Oberiiu, O. ,
Store New Goods !
Ix the New Briok Blrtck T tl. F. Jloore .'ou
the west side of Main Street, nearly opposite the rest
d'jnce of Henry Faseit, aud oned-ior North of Doctor
H. II. Van .Norplan t uuice, may be fouud the Sriu of
M 0 (JBE & BRO.
V'Hk a romplcte atock of
cons!st!nc nf a resrearfety of artU
etsTich as Is nsnallny k-nt m riret ciass store of llils
kind. All of which we offer rt the public at Ihe lowest
possible rates for
Te only ask a cult, feehnit assured thaf none will fa
away without nurcusiiur. MOfiKB m, BKO.
N. H. All kinds ol Produce tal fa to ezchnage for
goods. 7tf
8. rrnmist . like f ntatr es, are of
Ii nst vnlue wlien the crop is tUa
. KXQW VP, That Athtabuls Is tha place to bay
eoodn Cheip: and that Iba cheapest place aud the spot
to get yoar money's w otlh. is at the more of
H. L. Morrison.
The old flu; still waves, and tbe hire Is roll of newer,
brighter and Cheaper goods thau ever betore.
A New and Splendid stock now opening.
Dress poods, Merinos,
Tails. Poplins, nil sliailea.
Black ami C'ulored Alpacas,
MuliHirs. Reps. Silk Mixtures,
JapaneSH Stripes, It-pel Inula,
CassImerifJ, Doekius, BvHVt-rs,
Blankets, Lao Hobes,
Slinker Flannels,
Shlrtin? Flinnela, rtpera Flanneta Bras rTknnet'.
White Ail Wool Plaunels, Scotrtt PUhh. Ladies' Cloths,
f'ottfin Klaniels, a larje stock., htiti til brown and
bleached, Kconoruv Checks, tUe bost Flung out. White
fioods. Linen Table Iiams.ks. Ited Loom Iilce, Napkins,
Towels, idnen Haudtte-oUS-f-. Ho-servaud kuit i.loves,
bhirts, lira wees, .lacets. ItiirOons. Ibices. Embrouier
Kilziuirs. Urvss Ti-iHimjtis, buitousy, p'riiii;ess
A laiye stuck ul Beautiiul
Ottoman Reversible Shawls,
Some entirely new Styles, aud very Bandtoueand cheap.
Cail aud l"oit at li e i. ,
IVtu Osr-s. otrsw M.lttln;f. Floor Oil Cloths, 4
ti l. ti l and s-l inch to match. All wool Ingrain aud.
Three P.y L'arpeu. 'Mair Clilclollis.
lioots & Shoos.
Men's hand made Thick Boots, every pair warranted.
Youths' and boys' Thick Hoots, Men's I'slf Boots,
Ladies' faif Ijico Boot. I.silie-' Her)re Gaiters, both
Lure and Butlou. Ladies' Pebble Uoal Lce aad
Kiinnu boots, Lsdie-' Moraccu Lace Uoots, KUc4
Sere, Morocco and Pelihle iluat BOis. ( hit
dreu's Shoes, Old todies' buskins, kubbers and Hufe.
ber Overshoes. My slock of B sits a id Kho-a
never larger, uever hotter, ted never t ba per than Dow,
Xubiiis. Comforiecs,
CUUilren's Knil Jm-keN, ,.
tniiersliiri am' liawrr,
LkIIi-s' Meriii- Vrsia ami Drawers.
A ftitl slock of Pcamless Kid Gloves, both ooa and
two Butlou. In Black tbe
anywhere, as those know vary well bo have tried them.
A full and Complete assortment of '.' .
Traveling Basketa. Satckets, aad Ladle'
I'l-aveiiua Kiitrs.
An endless variety, nf Combs, But tons. Suspends!-.
Blushes, Needles, Nock Ties, Scarfs, Bows, Ac., c.
These, and s thonssnd other thlnirs, will h eold for
Cash at Bo I TOM PKH.Es. Tall and ae me and I will
do you food. Look ai si I the cheap John establish-
iueut, aud then call aim tee luttr 11 is yoursaii.
" - ' ' II. L. MORUISOX. "
AlhUbuU, O , Ott, t, IWI r M
the u
undersltmed has been appointed anddnly na'l-
tied Ariiuiutstiaior ol th. Katate, ml Win. tuwatsl),
deceaaod, law of Ashtabula ton u.hi.. Obto. .a
Athtsbula, Nov, SO, Jft. , .. .
Sbi'f J? I

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