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Ashtabula weekly telegraph. (Ashtabula, Ohio) 1853-1873, February 08, 1873, Image 2

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ySftfLLli il ill Jill1. IK.1..... .1 JL
Bfttnrfey Morninff, J.b. 8, 1873.
tVr-HrMltrf emphatic ?oti of 85 to. V
tha renun) lrnla gtatc Senate ha Inslr.tiotert
Senator Carry-nm and Scott, to, Vote 4tinat
lb titla T)Ttnph bill 1 ben il ovi t Uf
frk Uwe llte State Senate. '
I'JpTha Senate has tabled Va.bi)l-. to aitbal-
4V the Webb line of AjmiraHan ateaniere.
Tbe aabsidy baaineaa U becoming uiipop
nlar, end our national, lawgiver will h well
HfWa M little r&piia. '
'tTbe lMltlutlre Coitnclk- cwirrlng.
Prince Lau,aNllt wtg innueaivtH Klnif ut
the 8and,)rh lalajuls on Jan, ( Ha win be
fore the dealt) of the lulu known as
Prntoa Bill, a JoaUd,, goudt fer-nolliiujf, bard
Catuklnjr, native.
, 3f"Tbe Iron wovkatra of Wales liave been
a a. Mjke ftir aar a month, aa many a 75,
((00 men bave etopped work. It is reported
Wiat threats ot aasnaainalior. bave been axidii
In caae tbe rumored employment of Cliiiie&e
later ahall prove true.
Senator Pomeroy of Binsna, h aalir to
V Utterly broken down, in Vxty and mind by
the charge tnnde agalnat lilijl, and by bis
Tlielnilng defeat, physwmm nra In as--alrJuon
attendance at ba bedside, and. fut w
aulU) from lilt prostration.
tj It Is proposed to ttittjiel, the OLiUi and
Miwlmlppi Rivers near tlieir junction,, in or
djtr to facilitatu railway movement.. A com
pany for tbat purixwe baa taut) lornmd with a
capital of $10,000,000, and baa apnljttNk to Con
gress fur an act ofiuoorpnraiioik.
tW The mon.tWjt CiiiUniilfwn. of the pnli
lip. (JttWy hae. M:t mi Interruption. There
a Increase o the debt appurnnt In the
December atalemieot, and It is announced' in
tdvanoe tlifia l4 alfrtcment on Ibt fcl luap
KHJsJiaT. DMreow:n, fo JpimiHry.
OT. We liave, tbe news Hint the City of
Lebree, in Bulocliistan, India, lias been over
whelmed by an earthquake, and thftt 600 of
tbe Inhabitants were killed. L hree is a wall
ed city, haying, a. total population of about
HfiWi I he cisy uaa bei'n.abatiupncil, apl. luo
Peoile ire, fl.mg tu tin- niouiitulii.
tJf The inefficient conduct of the proeecu
tiou la tbe Tweed cimo has resulted In, a di
agreement , of tbe jury. Tbey Blood, 11 for
acquittal 1, and 1 tor conviction, and nollilnR
tut-tlie unuuuding tttiuitini)i( Uuo oni nil.
ajUnate Ju,ryman anv.mj, (lew VpiU. fautu, tint
(liagraoa uf aqquilUpt tiie Qpsa thief..
- SS1" Russian ftwlfcig Ifc being brought into,
m war fevvi by att'W of atrocious outrnge
con)mlttcd,by tbe Klilvun upon tJicVr RuHtilna,
prisoners. EXnudlllqps ttfo- being Coined tt
venue these wnongs, ami the exql Unseat bus
spread amonc; the tioliitiiy,. i)iuny of whom
bare voluuteered to accompany ihi mm.
tW In continuing his tenliinnny belorn Uie
?r.eJll Mobiller Cotpinittee, PiesUUtut Clur.k
iiJ'WVl that, when tlio pressut iwiUHRe
inentbave ossurd Uiemselveaof alJi tlie fuct
la relation to tbe frnuds cointnltlvd on, the
road by tbe Credit Mobiller, tbey would lake
measure! for the recovery of their proper
ty, i ;.
An Invcsllgntlnj Committee of New
York JmuWure reports that, in the construe
Uptt of the Ilwhjn), V'our H,omte, frauds were
cenjmlltfd, nearly eialt to thsa ii the. Court
IIpuM). It recommends that some oqtion be
taken, to, punish those concerned lu these
frauds whlqu, were, cinonud, uglily n year,
H- '. ,
tU Mr. Senator CaldwelU, nn,T!iii!iid ry taal,
tuade bit defence li a cntral denial ot hutt
ing used any money to influence, bis eVQlicm.
lie admits having paid money to Induce opop.
HV4i. to Withdraw In bis favor; but kciht.uIIy
IPUlP new moral code that the use
tnopry,ln.,u,btaln an election to the Benuto,
Hot illegali dtaltAeati.or disgraceful.
tW A fearful' sunwajonii descended ttpnn
England very much Ufce those that desolated
the prairies of tbe North west,und overwhelmed
New Tnrk. In London taavel now Is virtu
suspended and tbe streets, dascr.tedi Tne
r.njlslj and Irish coasts ar strewn w.lh
greeks tnd dead tiodles. The storm, ls.one
tpp rnst, violent that evei v lulled liyen IJrjt-.
Id at- tjf te uf year.
WCaplln JcA.. tlie Modoc Chbf hftcr.
havlnjt been slilledi by the United States
troop baa been shgj tyid wounded in the arm
Wjt some of his own peoplo dlaaatUfled wlb.
hM want or vior in the qondHct ot the wda
He bat made up hi mind (Jinl peace la much
better than warring between tiwe. aunb flics,
and, at bis Invitation, two oIUjois. btue gm)
tsMi big talk with biin.
HrX'ia Paciflu It.illroad reprrfut a, qosV
or about 340,0On,0O0. It lias bei-n dcnion-
ttratrd that ti rad could have been cott.
aisTucled for about liulf this sum. The amount
of Oorframerjl UimIj given to (lie Uiii'iii Pa-
Clfloand Central PB.4J! Iliads Is over
Mtt,QPt Tbf wlitilp auipujit of niniier hns
Iweo stolan, over aod.aituttfl tha amouut tbut
tbe roads should aotuallv Usva- coat
3-It was the ftnanlah .team Miirrlllo.
fiat ran CO vn the Norilifl.et in tha Knullali
Channel, ths other day, and curried so. many
Ki,etlty. ' Ehu was not dumaged lu the
l"aat by tlie eollUton, and baa arrived at Cadla
i t parfrot wadliln. LUhon aa her di-siina-
lioa. but, as,bomcers and crew on laiidluj
trpuld ba bvn, vreated tinder the ex.
KadJUoo law betweea Ureal Dililun aud For-
tJMl U CaxrUd Un Wjo to a Bpaniah
tvart. .
tyTb. evident tkea 17- the Poland
Committer ,1M,IB . tha Credll Uou.il.
fra.M ao.ToM.l..r,lH,ud to ha.ortnlad.
ad It was ruirt.er ordered tbat ao mtic o
WreJitvSfc. member of tie ben ale be
Mtinleatad'ta) tmtlbndrv fiubwquentluou
tbe rr'vlpt of Die lellnony In the Seimlas
tnotluo of Mr. ?oJleratn, t was referrtxlt, to
aclect Committee of. Qve,. to lovetii;e
tfriffB ' Moatort o rl V'rtdlt M(jjllu,r.bui
1 buralng of the Couct lkat
2obearbWfay, tbcro waa lost a ve.
Cuiloetl'Mi' ni fljcUl ' archives and bUtotucal
odlfl floaainsuU. among them, all
record of tha tftovlaea of Lower Caaitd
Tbae papm.-frw of which can be replaced,
-rlated to tbe dlsaavery and eiploratioa
ajaeada, tha Bt Lawraav, and tbe lakes,
trew light oa tbe early siU-of, much
Vie tf,ur now wltUla the-aorrusrw JUouuda
VOkJeVValUdrJlates. '
- tV TbavUormona are feeling , tfclr
J jlo Arlsoaa j Balnts bava bot'Dtixdofed
avto open tua wajr tor coinniea irom
wbi(.i. raae thetnaeiiies along the route
U talf-ilftb paralUI VtuXAo JUllroad.
iuo hM lv; bcea oo xf b moat peatlfe.
reus oesbvof saSaea on the Uaotioeut, but
tlU bax1r andiraliflo poopU gaiava bold
tbat UuiloTY, lb Iodlaa qttoi4kl bo
plified a 8jJJ.tary expedition could
4,0 It
tfT Governwi: Washburn's nMiiR ' S:ld
Hint there wsaa ue lnWnrrlnc sgalnst the
Almijfh'jy k the effort to make a port at I
luth,iun Nture bad Hlrendjf jneyjdi a list
boi; at Rtipeitpr. only U mil iwnjr,
Tlicre w.aa confireiiqe on the 20)h bo.
tween tine SJah) Finance Committee and the
House Blinking and Currency Committee to
Idiseuas measures of leglijailon for the rewmip
tlpn of secie payments. Kob ot Ike plans
! proposed for that purpose hm'I with mote ap-1
proval :bn SeuaUn feli?rnm '". As to
the precise djite, Ht which spceio shouW bo
gift to eirewkile In the place of pipee, thero
was a tfjht renco of opinion, ImiI moat of the
members favored the llnio by Senator
Sberuvin.J. 1, 1874.
lAblll lias been Introtliiceit Into tho LR
ishiture of New 'ork to authorize the con
Hiruotjoa of a sliiii-ennut fr,om the Hudson
Rivet to Jivke Chninpl.idu V pnsa vessels of
1,000 tons burden. It 1 claimed Wist, the
Cau;hnawaga Cftwal f,i bo built, and tlie
Vcll;)d,and, St. tA truce Ciinuls, of a Blmi-
lir ie, will be conyilted, by Uwo time the
$ew. X"rk cntinV can be ftnUheiU The coal
of tlie work will be somt t?,OOO,Q09. The biU
provides for the Improvement ot the lludson.
by locks and cbus we pte!ww.e, to Fort Sid
ward, and from Ibenee nectU U). Uilakc. The
distance Is wily 80 niilea.
How it is KnoBotiT About. Mr. I lor acq
C)arkev President of tho Union PuciJc Rail
road, wUUn! sliowlnir, on the 80111, before the
VVUson Cre-liil Mobilicr. Committee that he
Ivad never pctujjitedi the expenditure of a cent
to influence the action of Congress, unfolded
the shameful manner in wblclt, Ciigneasinen
solicit corrupt advances.. Mr. Cluuk tcslifles
that through Ben Htttler's private seeretary
some unknown. C'otigTessiiwia menaced the
Union PucUlc Komi, wrlh iuWee KelslAtion,
wliish he was told, with the usual clrctimlo
otttions, soul J-be foreHltillud by a liberal ex
penditurq of money. Ipi reply, Mr. Clark; n
sttredi tlifgiifljfJtweeni tlwij not a ceot sImiM
be ftirtheotnmjt f- 111 it pivrpose. Tlie next
dny the threat wns put in execu'lon by the
introduction of a resolution into, tho House
to compel the Union Pacific to pay tho Inter
est on Its bonds. Negley, of Pennsylvania
bus the honor ol having presented It.
-Vv Jiditor:-Mtil n very short tip) a bow inter
venes before the peoutp will assemble to elect
id) lgntet to a Constitutional Convention, pro
vided for by thIcfjishitnrc of our SJtate.. The
delegates to that Convention will iisseinble,
reresent'ig the enic&i;d wlslios of tho oco
plq, fo changes or. aii)endwt)ia,t the Constl
tution. What are these changes oc ouqd
tnenta to be
AJllimtxU tike aiibj-oct of a eonsjltutloniil
Conyeatlvn has been frequently ppokei) of dur-
Iflg the past two years, I do not remembei;
notjcliitf aqy discuHsbin. lAOUr ubli.e journals
as to what particular aiiieudiuen,ts aae propos
ed or desired.
Havl;ig li,vcd lu Ui.e SU1 of Ohio over forty
year, and.al'wsys hawing given whntatteoilion
I could to the workings of our Constitutions,
both old and' li w, I think II have noticed some
defects which require aincndmeiU la couse
quenue of Um gneatly changed coullllon. of the
population and business of ouit Slate. In tho
fow short arlicl' s I propose to wititcH if wy
health will permit, and you will furnish me
little space In your paper, I will not claim any
superior kuowlode ubove my neighbors
neither kIiuII I attempt any elaborate style
waiting, but simply indite my thoughts lu the
plain, blunt language of an old farmer, only
hoping that some abler pen will tuke up the
subject ami UcuLU to WJiQutr lis importance
1.1 will be evident llwt Icnnuot go iuJen ex
tended argument t estiibliMh beyond doubt,
any proposition I tuny offer.. I shall content
mysc.ll' mainly, vwltl, a lew. suggi-silpus, and
leave It to others to tind the reasons, pro uud
enka their JudDWiit may dictate,
i And DvH ur.ogiine to speuk of, our.
Any one who. baa fcequeiUly aitended the
sittings our Coums of Comnt0n Ifk'as aould
not fail loinotlpe the vexnilon,. dilityk uul i)i
creased cost U litlg.ints lu consequence of
uncertainty as to w hen a particular onso will,
be reached. Parth-s frequently have to slay
many days, with a host o u ijucsses, iifrjiid
leave lest tlieir case lose ir plucu on.lh Calen
dar. But beyond the vexalioa. and delay and
the extended Bill of Costs on tbe Docket,, the
(trial loss of time, wasted in bunging, for dnys.
afloiuidtOur, Court 1 louses, (to aay nolking
Uie moral aspect of the question) Is a still'
stronger reason for some change that will rvm
.dy thbdsfcct Ui mill Courts, as uow orgau
'laed. Ordipaallyii there otithsto be no reason why
an unfortunate litigant lu our Cotirta of, Com-
ninn Plena, n.ii?Ilt not go to Court w.ilJi.
I stuiia cvtuUit of rt-'tttliipj; his case ua llu: day
laaaiKiietl lor Its trUil, hs Ue is lu a VuuA bo lore
a Justice of the Peace,
Tlrst,.! would Ktriko tint tUut i;novlhhin
the Conatliullun wLlch dinldt i Iho State Into
Jtidictul JJisljkl and nlve the Lejjldlutlir." full
power to oraatiUt) the luwar Cotuis, tut pro.
I vldliig, that tuern ahull lie one Common Fleas
JU'lK" ' toun'y.
This would do away vUHi tho great, gMliet-
liifi attiuilliiK "Court Ittiit ;." fir the lufyi
should te rt quired l hold Court whenever
Lease was rtnly fur trial, and he euuld.clc.ar
Docket, and could forever prevent any. avcu-
mulallou to cuusw delay and have half hU lima
to spare.
Nt X would "iholUh the office of Probata
Judge, (iW8i perhaps, a few counties having
litrK cities,). and return tlie business to
Common Pica Curi..where It was originally
transacted. The Common VU at Judge, liav-
In 0,,, t,l bttallUM of on. COUnty,
0U,J ample time to attend to the Pro-
bate buliiikt n'o. Here wotild be asavlngof
expense In the saluries of tbe Pt4ial JtulgoSi
Mid tliej building of iifflret, more ttiatii ulll
cleut toxuver the lncreaed expense fir Uie ml
area,.cf; tha auldillon.il Common Picas Judges.
' I. do not oUilo. detail to provide for Circuit
Cotirts,.Uie seleaJlril.Qf Juror, &a. think
will be conceded that the Common Pleas
JudZ' t would have as.taucii tltna as now
attend Circuit Cottrla, and coiinati could alrlke
aud s'1ect JurleSjiWltb tha lunia facility
aiifactlun,.at Is-uow.praullcvd befura JusIIcm
uf tbe Peace. i
V There U an cvlLalUadlug ourprrscnt
MaMtein. which baa tuna? been noticed bv Inanv,
A panuel Jaacluclrd fox,a term of.Qourt
quently for several days tbey are oouipelloa
l.aadjlsien.to tbe progress of a. oase,
than perhaps, spend a sVtepleas night In.
honest endeavor to agree upon a verdict.
U Conjng Ipto Court wllh their tteudjet,
a.TCj.unei.rpmMio, niu-iificuiiia.upDi at
ybcy are returned io the Jury bo, .these
- peat what the bava Jttst passed through,,
to continue tills proorsa lor noes or,
Week. It It an womlrr-that a Jury,
bartaatad, worried, and exhausted, should
oaok:Uaspd..lpdlffrreat. of. tb rostter
paislog bt-fo thtwf W.M us,, If daifed
fresb Jury lu every lmtortunt ease, Yf lut
desire la'boaeelchonpRad speedy JustleoA
1 knve thus give a were outline of whl t
think would be alictv r and more sattsfaetory
organization of out Courts of Common Pteas,
the most Important tribunal in tho State.
. In my nex.1 1 propose to police the Grand
July sjHh-iriy and perhaps, the rrlufand punish
ment of minor offenses. And hero, I close
thU crude article,, asking the candid render to
bear hi mitid that It U not a detailed and com
pleted system tliat I Hi to present, but mere
ly audi outlines aa I think might be elaborated
lU. a perfect system, wuvklng lu harmony In
all. Its pacts.
THE REMEDY. From the Cleveland Herald.
A bill is now b-f'oreCoinjreslo d'tvido
OfuV Ui.lo. tlwce Vt'dt'rttt Judicial . dis
trict. Tliu idea is. to ureate u I'cdcral
Court for Columlnis. Any one at all fa
miliar with .tlie class of aaes originating
in the United States Courts can see at &
gliUioo tbat u. Federal Court for the mid
dle counties of O.hio is a worse than use
less cxpciijliiiire of publLu monej-s The
iniportunt vases arising in tlie Federal
Courta we in tlie con titles bordering on
tlie Luke aud the Ohio river, Tbe Ccn-
ttal JJiHtrict can lnelivJu liut a very un-.
Huportaat section ol tho ti)cr Ohio and
a very limited section i ex. tent, anil all'
there will be fol- adjudication in a Ceil
tral Disiriul bo now a.nd I Lwen a p1
oflico diJuJution, au,d for a time a
few. petty revenue stamp lnuat-l wns.
j6r these tusigiiifrcunt imitteis there will
bs a District Judge, and. nil, tho legal
naiaj)lieri)alia ot a Co.irtk including
grad and petit J.aiors, tlio ex,pt'tues of
wluii cannot bo t'stittkttled, but which
will.be out of proportion to tlio amount
of businesa, transacted. At the moat all
that can. bo required sA C'jluujbus wotild
be tiow am) then a session of the lislriut
Court, thii. inachinery 1 )tt which van be
put on thu rail mid transported 1 10 111
Cincinnati as is doijK now in this Dis
trict to accommodate Toledo. ,
lji these day" of correotlvui of abuse?,
Cxxigi'Ms shou.l.di not be guilty of fciuan
deriug tho public hinds by a worso than
miclcgs act, dividing Ohio into three fed
eral district. .
Kolbiug, cutxio ot the talk which Capt..
Jack Bought oalbo ifl.eau of ending tho
Moiloo war. VYhen. iluu time ariived, toe
the conXerencc, which, watt, to bo held on
a hig.l Ml LvtiKceu tbe hostile camps,.
our representatives presented lUeuwiI.ves
as Capt. Jack had rcqucHled, but that ru
doublubbj chiLltaitj. refused to emerge
Irota. tbe sectwity of Ida. catwp. Ha has
been, told- pel einptoi ily, tkiit il he desires
to hol,4 uny rworu big talks with our' offi
cers,. Lu must suk. lluux iu, iliio: own
quarters. 1 lu is given. I wo days to make
his peace, failing which, ho iuiJ,hi peo
ple will find their lava beds ujadu too
hoi for. Lhcm..
1 r -"
T4ii.kaoj, ZS'ow that Congress- hns
abolished the i ranking; privilege, it pro
poses in a bill rcwuavlly brought in by the
Judiciary Committee to abolisli the twin
evil of mileage. It hue bcou diseoveied,
among other things,, that many 111 ctu.be is
w,ho are receiving liom $1,000 to i.,5)0
more for trtileturo thu'ii iLawo whose homes
ate nearer the i-alitl itteqnently do not
expend any more money to reach Wash
ii)t!tottvaH they all travel oil! ptiHses. It
is proposud therefore, to pay actual ex.-
petiBCB insicndi or HhiU agiv Stioh a plun-
we cannot but think would be subject to.
abuse. At il is probublu that there will
booh be a demand for an extravogatit nl
lowaiiue, in placu of thu franking privi
lejro which has been taken
aiiiiijlcst titiJ licst pi in would bo to lix
tlio ralurii'H of t'oiiicssinrii at a ratu
which Hliilil incltl'la timl t xt-lndu nil nl
lownncca. Thin wutiM le tliu clirnpcat
and r-afesi for the country, in tho yiul.
IAtNHAH. Il bevonifs a avriuNA HieB
tion whather tho (JonccaMionaL liluuva
i 1 i .. i; it i . i. :A .i
iron i juiuihhk can im uau'u ni uw, u mo
tulw ia Stiully to be auiJied thai In iliery
nd biibu-tnliiiij ahaJl bo ft diatOHibfioa--
ioii. Mr. I'omt'i'oy isoulot the qiiualtou,
88-.000. have aJieaiiy het'ii discovered na
the huh nil lull Mr. uulilwell expended
to aci-tire hia t'lectiott ;. and now we are
reminded that Air. Jul'uJU reaently ao-
now li-dtruil Uulore the Jtuiiciary Uom-
mittoe tKal lit bud cilH-rnd. a bribe ot
.K)0 to the aon-iu-luw o I' Judge Del Uiay,
of Kanana, which waa accciited, and
aid with a draft on Mr. lWalla'' New
Yoi It client. It is. tbotul)i Uiab this- wilL
iar out Mr. Inenlls trotn hia Beat aa a.
Unilcd States S'Halor. There ia evl-
ently-a change i'or some new meti with
olitii-al aspirations who-will couiieut to
move to Kaiirwa.i
Tiik Is'ai oi.konu. A coriccijondbut ot
tliu New Yotk HurAi call, at ten tiou to
the vicigriitudes whiuU lit oalu-a o tho
ISoiinpartcs have iindurgotie. flie dtiHt
of the ffidt Nugohjon rebts-ia tho In v ai
led. JoHi tiliine ia Luiied iU Moltoaisun,
nd the King of liome ah Suhoubruon
Joapph, Ltitiion, Charles and Jenomt.the
brother of the Ktuperor, lie-in d iflVrentr
pari of Europe. Charles Marie Napo
luonHof Coriua,.tli father of the whole,
family, and Napoleon Charles, the eldest
son oty JbiRtamso and Lotiia,.are buried at
Stv Lcu Nagolt'on Louis, the elder.
brother of tie late Emperor, is albo
buried at St. J'u. Tha remain f th
late Emporor hiniBelf ana deposited at
Chiselliurat.; 1 he chan:i loeue of
their, lives are in keeping with, the fate
wliioh suems. to. follow, Lhum. a4j.t their
danthi. . .; tn .'; , '
A.Subr Cvhk fob Fklons. Many
poraona are liable to extreme snfi'trinir
irom. iulous oua Uie fiuoer,. , These afilio-
tton. frepmmly ouoitaioti periuanent
crippling, of tho flngera aftVated, , The
loiiowinsuniii Msoriptipn is reoom
mended as.a cure lot tha distress'insr ail
meut:. laue common rock salt, audi
ia nae4 in Baiting down pork or Lett, dry
it bt an oveu,.tlion pound.li tine and mix
In wub, spirit ot turpentine in cqnuLpart.
l'ut it-ou a.rai. aud a it rrcla dry out
ou mora,. and, in, tweuty-fottr houm jou
aro ourau: abb id ton. win ue ocaoi.
will lo no barm to. tr i.
I.lat of Patent lirninl a-nm thn Itittad SKtcn
Puii'in tmire to Ohio Invi'iitnris for ths wft-k end
ing Jiwinii? IHIi, )H"3. mutwrh banrlnstlmt flute, fur
nlKlivd lW uuvt hj, Cox A Vut, DollJIlors ul Vtiuu,
Medical Compound, for Uorscs, Aic. J. An
drews. Hrin co. - -
Paper File. O. W. Billow. Bliejhy.
1'ninl Urush.. J. J. Uornvan. ClnciuaalL
Machinery for Bundling Sbfnglea. R.
Law. Toled-v
KeftCtlon Pump. E. Rhodes. Jr. Clyde. '
Wood Screw. J:. A. HI 1 well et si. Cleve
IjiihI. ...
Watch 111 ntt er'a Lathe. ; P.. Cvales. Cleve
latid. Inilicatliig Filler for Lamps, &o. 3. A. Ryan.
Heel for Knives for Reapers BtvJ Mowers.
R. Allsltitteti HnakiUom.
Screw Cutting ALichiae. 4. EwlnR. Cin
cinnati. CVpet Stretcher. L. Prankhauser. Cohim
btiat Machine for Clnmperlng and Croing Ruirel
Staves. J. V. Jones. Middleport.
Spectacles. J,. K.ing Warren.
Spring Vehicle. J. M. Miller. Cincinnati.
Grain Rnjister.. J. . Price etal. Cham
paign co.
Cornabuitci. A. P. PajitK Cincinmtf.
Pitman Connection for Harvesters, li. F.
Water:). Garretsville. .
The Chicago Advance demands a Cull Inves
tigation of the Beecherecandak The ground
upon which it bases, the demand Is, that Mr.
Becchec Is entitled to be freed from aH suspi
cion. IS'ot fur yoars has tho weather been, so
serious a matter nit lor the oast tew
luonlhs. Peoule are j,usti(jL'd in iuuik,iug
it tho theme of' their convei'saiiouj. for
in ks catastrophes more lives and prop
erty nave uecu hmsI tlie i.vn ur year
than by any other siiiL;Ie cause. The in-
tuidaliou&in Italy, France, Ejiglaud.and
along the German Uiccan tlio stoi'ins
wlitcli have ravaged all those coasts, and
swiiit our own lirutncs, have wioneht
great mischief.
Dlaaolntton of Partncrehlp.
1 HIS day the firm of Snedekor X
Kafka Is nintnully dhteotreit. V. T. Riucleknr r.-llrliig.
ine nrin win nureeiiur 00 Known as n. r.nrncn a i n
Ashtabula, Feb. Bth, 1873. KHEil. KAFKA.
N. B. All trdehtedneKS to the Arm will be received,
by Mr. Kama, at Ihu l'topiea' Htore. m
Divorce Petiiiofl. Notice.
.IIAEL O'MAHRA, whose place
of restdvaoe re noknown, t herebjr notified, that El lira
O'Marra did on t'e 17th dajr of, February, A, I).,
file her nettUsn tn Uie office of ttu- Ch-rk or the Court
of Common Fleae, wtthta and fur the C'ountr of Ashta
bula and Htete of Ohio, charutnir the said Mlehne
O'Marra with habitual drunkenness for the three years
last past, and also with gross nejrieoi or duty towards
me said tuiza u .warra, ana won extreme cruelty ana
that she may be divorced from the said Michael O Mnrra
which rjetitiouwill be for bearlnvatthe FetruHrv term
A. 0, 13TU, of. said Court, btln the next term inereof.
Bv E. HFitcu. her Attorney.
Dated I0) otn.oyor reDruary, a. u.
The, firit and vnly complex
the l'aclfic Slope ; Jjcscripuurm of
1'rnduciA- MoiiatAins.hrencmr.Val
Ijiken, FtircfH, Watcrfall.t, Liuy, ft Harbor. 7yo Pn ((:,
00 llluitratiuna and Map. Illustrated (ivtrculltn Free.
WM. FLINT A CO., ('ixciksati, Ouia
concern . Tha unsettled accounts of II, n. A R. V
Van Norman, now In my hands for ciflh-ction, if not
seUU'd b the 1st rf JAnunry, IST3. w,HUe thereafter reft
for collection at tlie cost of the tiuletited. Ph'tu-o call
and sel,tli at once. m I. O. FIHIIKIt.
"Y"OU can't get along without wra,pperg
-a- ana drawers, ana yoo oaa.aaa
the best article ths market affords
In onr Stock. list
WA1TE & 81
FctroJcum Oil !
WISH to snv to our friends and
customers I hat we test every barrel of this Ol! before
weonurltrnr tale. We will iniarantae. all oil of till
kind we sell to stand 110 decrees ot, Uenl. Kalinsnlieit
1 ins is acknowledged ny an cuumisis to nu periucoy
safe for use.
If you wish to bu sure 01 uuttlni; lue 01
you waut fur safety,. We us a call,
TOM BBS ft lino.
SVibwarv 17-
llavlni nnrchased the-motusive rlaht for the own-
tree of Ashlalmla, Lako, Lorain aiid'CnyirtioKa, (lucliid-
liiv ( leyiiliiMU,I am urepared to lu
my uatroji
wltli tlio tmiiweu uud I
iucouipurality beautiful
Mezsotbt Photographs f
(Mi'lnorth's Tateiit and Improved,)
Prof. Kowler. anthorof several wrk ou Photography.
vl o i aeknowledcud to be "authority.!1 thu sueuWa lu
ine piionc journals
Some of
the softest, ronndest, and most chamiins
pictures are lylngf henire us that ea:i be linairlned.
Mer.aotints"--a ifood name, hut it does not explain
II it does not tell you a word of Hie marble like ap
pearance which dMlnyuithM Uute plcturtt from ail oiter
rJoeelmeu of these " most charrulna " cloture can
be seen at my Gallery.
This style Carte d Yitltt, 5.00 per Dos,; or $5.00 per
half doaen.
Photoitrinha usual style and quality, SH.00 per do.:
or t.1 ,7fi per nlf. doaen..
Tyler' Block, 11H ASU'BABLXA, O.
IF your old hat ia lieeinninff to look
shably. w on suaiilx yon with nsw.ona. thU will.
Just exactly suit you. 1166
IVAlli, iX Dl LIj.
Has on hand a good- aaanrtmcnt of
darners of various kinds, lleavv and l.tHt, Hlngle and
Ooiilile. uf tint best worknianshlii and niulerlal. He ia
urepurmp to All all orders for work ot.auy desorlpllou
lie ha Inst laid In lame supply of lame and medl
on. slrt Traveling Trunk. They are of various
ouatlties and value, and atlorded at favorable prices.
The assortraont Is altogether the lars-eia of any lu the
region. ue .raveling punnc ara luiuaea u. leva, over
this slock, a ihoy cau hardly lull to And simeihlar to
their wind. . If. V. VOttl.
AshUliula.BeDt..SlrTra. lalOtf.
BUY Glovea,. MiiteuK I-Laiulkxrohiofa,
I laen and Paper Olrkaya, Collar end Cuffs. Ties.
Hernfa, Miettter. rMispeudere, Knameled' Clota euid
Leather, Valtuea, Lliuin aiut W'otflua.ablrt. to sborL
buy ererytlnmi In Uie Hue oa '
Cloths, Clothing' and: Genta-vEirntsh-inj
i,t the Clothing House of life)
' 1VA1 1U BIIL.L1.
New Store t New Goods
IN. Uta New Hrlrk Blook of R. P. Moore,
the west side of. Mala tttreet. nearly opnoelre tbe reel.
(taucoof Henry raMU.Jiad oa. door Nor' of Doctor
n. i.,au noruiaa aomu.,.aiaj oe luuua in. ana or
1 i ' . : L .
1 Willi a complete sUKk'ol i , . ,
Cc ,, c.l '
eraleUitFr a targarvarlut; ol art!
clesaueh a twnsirMlav kent lu a Orel clas stores
kUid. All.ul wlilc , oaf to Ut. publio at tUe.lwert
, aa, ou Bjsa.iir a?r
W only ask a call; feeling aaaaradlhat nona will
tea) wiiiiuut numhaelnv, WOORa BRO.
N..H.J-AJ1 klnua of. i'roduo takes la a.uluie;e
i histnry of
snffasr lrv Wivrn
(HIND Picked up the other a Watch
hlclvth owner run hava ty ldeqtlrylS aud sjlng
r lliAinveniN'mi'iit. '
Alitlnl. Fi-nnisrir S. tT!.
TISSOUTTIOX. The rnrtnerahip
hiTfitmforeeiliitlnKhatimi'B Wm. Hunrtorton nd Wm.
win. niiilKt tha arm. nm of 8nndi'ro V lrk
I. this d.y dissolve. Iy mu.u.i VnDKIISON.
Ashtshuls, Fob. 1878.
Steam Engine Works. I
1. RINK & WIUE Uave SllPOCeded to
bnslnees of Hiinderson A Wire. I nner tins name
the badness wlU be carried on at the old eland. The-
new Arm expect tomuel lue aeqianoe oum rrKm
Steam Engines Machinery, M.U1 Work anu
Repairing Generally.
TheleWichlnerTte ofthebeet klnde, and the enerfrr
andnklllortheentablUhmeot Is hclleveil 10 oe equal
to the dlepatxh. of worn in a crccmanie ana
rr style, orders bihiciuiu. lenn """'"U".
Ashtabula, Fehmary. 8. l7!h
Acrcnts I A Karc Chance I
W will nut all Airents am nrr weeR IN CASH wno will
engage with ue at once. Everything famished and
expuuscs paid, jinnies.
A. t'OUU'KJt CO., Charlotte, Mich.
A Kent Wmnerdr tnr Bnnyaal
Tito mot hi-Qtrtlful edition evnr publiolifd. Printed on
elegant )anr, with- nearly 5(10 exqtrirtlte lllnntraMona.
I'ronta ime mm auiea acini. jLieryveny wauiv iuii
noble work. For circular and trrmn addrenn
JOHN l. POTT Kit CO., Publkherii, Phllaipnld.
UK f COn Pc oar Agents -wanted t. All
S)J U W4JJ ucasees of' working people, of
tuner sex, yuuiix ot old, maae more money at worn tor
us In their snare moments, particulars free, Addrese
O. STiNSON 4 WO.. PortldBd, Majiie.
For anr ease of Illtnd. Blecdlne. Ift-hinff
or Ulcerated (Mies that Oa Hmo'i Fn.a Kaxcur fails to
cure. It Is prepared expressly to cure the piles, and
nothing else., bold by all druvitista. Fajce (I IK).
We mint the habit permanently,
cheap, quick, without eurrerlito; or in
convenieace. Oeierite your case. Ad
dress 8. O. ARMSTRONG, M. 1)., Ber
F. O. BflxB.
Are yon or any of your friend a flitted wh Epilepsy or
Fltsl If so, yoa or they can bo cured bv iikIuk Drs.
I'lper & I.auRhry'a Great Fit ltemeily. It has cured
hundreds of ease, anl Is tlie only remdev known that
will cure tii fearful dteaase. In order- to-con-vince the
skeiitical, we will send a pactum of the nu-dlcins free
ofeharire to any place in America. If yon order medi
cine, wnre piainiy your post onice address. Addrese
IHM. FlrKR A LAVGIIU, Manor Station, Wcstuiore.
mill iO., ira,
A book, of 138 pagee, showing how, whea and where to
advertise, and containing a list of nearly 8,000 newsia
pers, with much-otlier Information of interest to adver
tiser. Address ttKO. P-. HOWELL ic CO.,
I'ubllebuora, l Park How. New York.
Bargains iu Dry Goods !
Wi ni a view to altering or rebuitdiug
my Stocc the ensuing season, I wlU for the-
Neit Sixty Daj-&
Offer my Entire Stock ot
Dry, Goods at Cmt for- Cash,
cither at Whole Sale or Retail;. The SUek.bargo aud
erobaaces almost every variety of
Ocesa GoJds,
, (k'lulhs and Clouklngs,
tiliawlg, '
Yankc Notion,
My. Stock of Hanlwane. lron and Nails,
Drue anrVMcdlalnc,
Paint. Oil, &.o
Will bo offerod under current rates fort'-lile order
reduce stock aa niuch a, possible to tho Iwt uf April
j All person wjhtilng tn avail Uicmselvi-s of good Bar
limliiaare resoecltullv Invited to ftnorove this conortu
lulv. UJiOiUiU WU.I.AU1).
AjhUbula, Jan. IS, 1873. 1
Klln-drled, All Fine Door for
$1.75 to $2.25
X. LIE Subscriber, being onvinoed of the
necesaliy of. ( low priced, door, tias-uudfi areanusmcuts
to rurnisn tnvm at ine above
Astonishing Lotw Prices,
And all othorgoodt m hi tine In tbe- atue ratio,
aii, and cAMi- ualy.
"Small Profits and Large Sales"
1 ny motto in the future.. A- larca sUiek of 8ah,
llliuds. and Door constantly un hand. Over
One Hundred different varieties
of Mouldings. Heroll Sawlnir done on short
notice, ud W AllltANTKl) XQ OlVlt SATiaFAOTUON.
A. Xifirg Stock of'
Oa hard. Alas a large stock, of Biding, Celling
Call and so. before you buy, a I un dearnulned
make It au objuol for the people to buy of me.
Ornre aad Will oiDnlia) Cbuw-h Park. Street. Maia
Ashtabula. 61 tl. C. CX Li-C V.
X good home, Just enquire of the people In Ashtabula
and stou.over aud look Air vAtimelf at a aoleniltd a-arden
ol nearly thrue aurea. uudvr hlt. cuitivaiioa and full
the nnoH-est nut, wjlti gixxl house and out lutuiiiuirs
smmi repair arso. welh elsluru. audi prlng or n"'r
uuung water,. wiu inree goou puntpe. iea .firiu
elirlil leet square, wall laid tu cement, anil 170 rone
tiU drain nn Oui.nlaRM It ha lAbi.il tbe first uremlllUl.
. ... . ".. I I ulll
nir eiL'i nr inn w.u.n. wiij,i,ii, .u;uuuh. nu win
sold' very cheap, with aii)Orunntnifu year. If desired.
Also, a. hoes;, waaoa. gerdeu tools. sjk household,
good. Hituatud a little southwest of the borough II.
ou the Kosmil' Head road, kuowa lie lille property.
Ashtabula, Jan. 1, WlU. , ,
piIEAP Canartrierea, Wediom Priced
J Cassliaen. and la Cawimeeat,
The Deal Ameriuan. Engliah, French,
and vit-rman JUakea,
or the Fall and Winter trade arooa our Coaiiter
v- ; JUee Viotbas
to be th.
v. hava purehaaed aad are w lt prepaml. maha
meuls. from the following brand of. Hroadcloihe
Ovesktn. Illlger Brothers' Waraer' Bovkheeker.
aad aUiuable 1 also Oevoushlre Kersey and lidiedon
In all tha desirable ahadee, veil (lermaa Diagouai
oa Dtraigut taueu w ouukis, our uae or
IS very (upefivr to Crroapo.l to lb. oods eaume-at.4
Partly hut.htJ fcotlunla an.oi amlth A
will ploa notice Oiat.rter November 1st I hall.lev
all account nu paid, wiub Mr I. O. Usher, who
uifMDeea u one. o-miu evueeuusw.
AsblaUuU, Oct. IT, Itf. E- U- OILKCT.
BKU"e0ou gar.
STEAM Saw Mill lor Sale, rontaHnon;
Wilier Hnw.Lat Siw, and on of Hall's ratviit
pnintfsjti ins. nv uvmi dilii,
Kaet Athtahiila.
Successor to J. V fiMnaonjirT.
lilvory JStCi"tlo
AVINO acTJeif nifenr ftna IIorsc.
and F.lerant frr1se, with new Robes and Carriage
Blankets, to the former st-K-k, ho can now furnish To
pleasure parties and bualimss men Just suctt."turn outs"
Call and ice that Ashtabnla cm skuwI city ttabloi tn
" fiks
Leate Ordeaaai Uie Flak House foj
QumllMiti trhieh run, to (tud
I J 11 lit vivviw j.i tcsm
lneclai Balnto,PMHcii Ihmtees, Fotierete e.
t lt()3tf.
YOU can buy 0vereonta ot all grade,
from a oearoe Satinet t the
atth.C.oth.nKHou.e.f WA1TE & 8HJL
Frame, CJtromos,
Almtma, Stcseocontc Views. Btcreoscopee, fonldlnre,
l'acsepartonts, I'hotoirraphHC Ma4iriaai, a?d everr
article connected wfib tho 1'lctiire and Fwnsi
business. Send for Wholesale Price List (
Cliromos Framee ot every description.
Dodffe, Collier tC Perfcfn,
Its ivaahlttctortStfcBOSTOK. '
Aleo. publrshere of the followlnif MKV7 .HROMOB,
equal to the finest in the market.
Royal Dpaaert, After C. P. nun ; the bestrnilt
4'tiromo ever puuneneu-. dijsv, xuiei. tswu iw,
1 12.00
Tho Toaeimlte- Vllejr-rllforta. Afber B.
Chaximbi. bine, Uixm. ietw yrice, m
New Knelandt Wrntr-r. Alter tho eana AitLit.
Hiie, 15x4. UeUil prle f'J.
Little River. Move, VI.-
Alter Gnioos.. Slxe
loxxi. Kutuil Price, U.
m sir ii t n ir o
the Clyde, Tt. Aftes Uie tame
Artist. BUe Itetall price, fv.
After B. C8amjpnkt.
Btze, 8rl3X. Ketall price, each mounted, tl.SO.
On the Paco Klver. N. n.
Lake Chncorua and and Mountola, Whlto Mountain.
Autumn on tho.tfcenehoc, Matnet
Wheat llarv.Bt, Delaware ltiver.
The above are some of Champney best sketches,
and are brilliant la cotorlnaaud trae to nature. Execu
ted lu the best manner.
Size of each, 8-xlO. Itetall price, each, $1.80.
Of tho followInK subjects, irom Oil Paintings, and
eq,uai u tue uuust worn in uie awraei;
Beatrice Cencl GHtdo.
lloly Family ItuphAcI.
later Ooloroso Guldo.
Madonna Midrid Mnrlllo.
Imuialculajie Conception Mnrlllo.
jrTadounaand Cliifd MarillD,
A liberal discount to the trad.
1194. klS WaKhlnKtoB-St.t noaton.
Boots anil Slwesl
5Q Cases save one I!!
rceeived at their estahliithment dnrlog the past ten days
the above qn ntlty of Goods, which are now open and
ready for lni ecrfun, ajrU which they, are oBuring
' those lu want tf
A Good Solid Understanding,
I Cheap, for Ui same qualitr of woikvaa aan be found.
we SjOonMuau ua
Shoilily, Low priced' Boot &SUC8. from
Hub ol creation,
and have selected our stock from the best manufacto
I rlesal Troy, Klmyra, Bnd'alo and DiMghastitiwa. M.
and V aterfond. Pet Our SUwIcol
Ctiil Ucns, Misses aud Men's Shoes,
was newr so Fall ml Perfeel a this fall.
A Splendid Hue of MISSUS
Calf Pollah, Fcbble Ooatv Goat, Sega-
Serge Foaed.
They can't help but suit our tasteful and discrimination
The beati selected aad flnsst line ot UADIK8
Goat and. 8trL'e Button and Laea- 4kod
that can be found here or elsewhere.
Onr Blocker, Wmyra and: Watorford Boota apeak
themselves. li hand mjii ami warranted-.
We will try and merit a continuance of past favors
do Justice to all wbo favor nr w ith thetr nammaire.
JUH It. UOllKiaSOH . bON.
Aahtabiila,.SepL 80. l0tf.
"Small Profits and Quick Sales."
aUentlon to bl laajje and
The result ot bis enlarged and Increased facilities
He ia Prepared to, & is Selling Cheaper
Than any other establishment of the kind In the country
or city, t mean wjiat 1 say, ana wouiu invite tne
lu fl-eneral to see fur themselyea before buying-
where. 1 am makliiK it an object for any oua ul glv
me a call, aud it will pay tbeni well for coming to sue
larjje stock to select from, which Is as lanreaa any la
city.. UjtvUig siAleen year experience in businese
uuyiliv so hit vin;a. uirev, iiuiu ,uv Ht.ti.M..u.wB uw.
suit eniwlut-.tliiir mv o-n business enables me to
lower tliau ny competitor in the reirloo. My work
as It lway ba beeu the best,
1 .uhKii mi hand a larire stock nf Eastern work
which I sell very low famoiiK which will be found sliutle
lounges, bed louuge.. carpet and rep lounge.
bprinL' Mi:ttresss, at anally reduced priaea of
""oon't rbrset the place a few doors south of Flak,
Jb b-lonrand Feedbtore.
Also tiartt. ular atleiitlon paid to carpet laying, Curtain
and C'rnnice haniiina, all of which will be done
readiness aud dlutca.
I also keep constantly oa hand a large assortment
rea.lyi made I'uinu, Hoee woou Iniiuilen, Hlaca. walnut
aud liniuitun of Blatk. Walnut, all of wulck Lean
In two hour notice, lu anyetvle requester., equal !
I'olVjr. a).
called for,
jioiur. aleak aulensUd Hears tq reiuliaeeawhea
(luivl fl ivrna A new Ir k. Mwantlv been
ded to this liimltnrn aalahliaeineiit nr rather to th
derwker's department of it one that cannot fall to
land llaeiri Oie eniiiinimltv and will show the dispo
slilon of the proprietor to make bt eswhllshnjent
reavemeuL of ureotilne tlu) remains ui u
tu. ,'...'i,. , i,in ou eand.aud w)
Immediate nae. a stuck of irmve-clelhe. . A variety
shrouds, for both male and female, made up witn
usie aud approprieumoaa,
black and white uerlals. A inKle ot. ft
for a
llmn.fr.ri, Allinraev ,IIW ii,fiiiim..- w.
- - . W.V. U - - ,k
and thu save U friends of Uie deoeawd. In- the
f griefl.froiw much that eiKin particjilarlg dirjgreeabl
aud luooiMNous uii.i t""i" ""j3 iu.V.o?;
Asbtabnl Qlilo Jn. 1st-IK70. luuitf
3Sro-7vr Z3z-uts. Btor.
JL received so ainortmont or fur urnge, Medicines,
Perfnmoe, Soaps, U-nebes, Ye. al
o. Ml
I b'o"l Hooka, fkotognph Album, blaUouiuw,
I fou, .
ir Would lauaaafully solicit a hr ol pabl
pauuuag. , , VLOWKH A 1IATTKSON,
JUiu 8Dnra4,.AabtabuU,,0.
v. . auiwia, b a .
s. D autrraaoH.
N. fr.rhyilcta&'l prewrlpt'on careluil 0001
eu. imnh
lle else
n,. with
tit M $Ut U bujf
(iaodt tela vtgarOm of Profit, fir TlAty Bay
at ILuktlCt,
UtwHelt, mHihg to raina hit StookflntmrM trn
provementi to bt made in hie Btor, prh
jfeeeti to, tell good from hie -merute
Regardless, of Profit!
Go to IlaskclFa
Go to HaskcITs
Go to. Haskell's
HoMay Gloods.
Holiday Goods.
Holiday Goods,
1 -;
Thirty Daya.
Thirty Days..
. - - - .'ti
Thirty Days.
1 . i
: . 1 kM.t a.
WOOL Str-A."V7TL.3
T hate about J3verJyFibe Shawl, ia Long
Square,, RetertaUe Eta, tchich I promote to.ofet
for Thirty. Jaya. The. l Humbug,
tab,, and I hope mVijrttnMwu agpretstatt. anal
takt adtanUxgt .
cash sales,
"cash sales.
cash sales;
; XlasfccW
. ' .,,-,
I ;...! . 1 .... .
isaooD ivarioB:

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