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Two Dollars a Year invaribly in Advance.
Local & Miscellaneous.
BlarfWvaf alt kind for sal tt thU offle.
Ingl Copl of Ik Telegraph, In wrapper,
may at any tlm b taxi t oaVa. I'rice S ceuta.
Jot) Printing;. Work of til atyloe don In the
bt itjrl of workmaaahlp and at low rate. Overture
from outside pertlee duplicated In prl -e, gutarlal and
workmanship at th TsuKuura Orm-a.
Local & Miscellaneous. L. S. & M. S. RAILWAY.
Trains going- Wet-leav Aahtabuta I
peelel' Chicago Exprnee. 4:51 a, m. Ar. at Clov. :.
Toledo Eipress ll!lB.tn do :.
Paclffe Express 5:ltp. m. do TiftO.
Steamboat Exprosa...... t:Ma. m. do 5:50.
Accommodation &i8 p. m. do 8:05.
Train Oolog Eaet leave Aehtabnla l
Accommodation 7:10 p. id.
Bpaclal N. Y. Exproaa 100 ra
Atlantic Exproaa 9:25 a. m
Day Exproaa ' 1S:80 p, m.
Cincinnati Expreaa B:M p. n.
"Closed OUT." A placard oa A corlaln
saloon door at the depot bears tbe above In
scription. Two UviwnKD and Fifty negro miners,
from Virginia, arrived in YouoRStown Wednes
day noon. '
"We regret to learn, say the Reporter of
Thursday, that Mrs. Palmer and one daughter,
died on Sunday afternoon with smallpox.
They were burled on Bunda niitbt
Do not Forobt. Tbe peoplo of Ah tabula
mast not forget tbe lecture of Q. T. Fokd
Esq, at Smith's Opera House, on Wednes
day evening;, tlie 12th Inst
Ths) Asbtabula papers any that regular
Iratusare running from that town to Youugs
iomn.Painemille 1'elegraph.
We are not of tbe number, friend TtUgraph.
"DwTTmo About." An account ot bis
tour through' Switzerland, Venice, &o., is tbe
subject of O. T. Ford's lecture, at Smith's
Opera House, aext Wednesday evening.
A Fifty Cent Lecttjbb for Twenty Five
Cents. Tbr price of admission to G. T.
Ford's lecture was fixed at twenty five cents,
ia order to enable every family to attend.
' Representative Howland, on the 2nd,
Introduced s bill authorizing the trustees of
IlartsKrove, this county, to erect a town hall,
and sell or lease tbe aecond story of the same.
The new M. E. Church, center of Perry,
' will be dedicated on Tuesday, February 11th.
Bishop Jesse T. Pec e, D. D. will prencb at 11
o'clock A. M. and Ik v. J.L. YoTjMAXs at 7
r. m.
Flock of mournlim doves make their ap
pearance dailly around tbe door of the "Spring
Mill" in Kiugsvllle, where they are regular
ly fed and tenderly cared for by Mr. Rhcn, the
propri etor. .
Thanks to tbe ladies who have taken an in
terest In tbe lecture next Wednesday evening.
There Is sure to be a full house, and those wbo
fail to attend will lose more tbuu tbe price of
The Safe Business has been quite a lea
' tureoflhe week. DiCKfRsoH used up about
two days in getting in a $2,500 one, weighing
some 13,000 pounds, and Stkbbins, tbe old
one of Dickinson.
The health of P. U. Watson, Esq., wo re
' tjret to learn from a recent private letter, is
not what could be desired. ' Rest and restora
tion has been sought by a lew days rcspilefrom
Ills arduous duties. 1 .
V Rbt. Trjo's Powell of the Baptist Church
I in tbis place, says the Timet, received a unan
I imous call from the First Baptist Church,
Zanesvllle, having a membership of somo three
1 hundred. He has not yet decided to accept.
Hdblimb and Ridiculous. Q. T. Ford,
Esq., has a dry, original way of mixing up,
tbe sublime and ridiculous which make bis
lactures exceedingly interesting. Do not full
: to avail yourself of the opportunity to bear
; ' The Bill abolishing the Franking privi
lege, the passage of which was announced
last week, has been signed by the President,
and is, therefore, a law of tbe laud. After
June next, Pub. Does, will not be coming
along so much as they were.
The suggestion ot councilman Gllkr-j-,
tbe meetlug last week, was not correctly re
. ported by, us. Tbe point raised, was not
acceptance and working all tbe new roads pe
titioned far, but June far it the council called up
en to make jmrehatet of right of way for thetc
The annual Ground Hog nonsense is being
repeated by our cotemporariea. They tell
in substance, that he emerged from hyberna
tion on Bunday last, switched bis tail, grinned
.horribly a ghastly smile at Its shadow, aud
a sblverlng survey of tbe world, went back
kud curled up again, '
" While doing a little trading at Gilkey's
store the other day, a lady customer being
struck with tbe shape and size of the cranium
of the thief clerk, asked if be was not a rela
tive Qt Horace Greeley . George blushingly
knd wilb tne little confusion, told her
they wore all out, but more was expected
Week. ' ' v ;
New Firm. Attention Is called to the
of Messrs. . F rink & Wiusj
machinists. They have a very complete
'of machinery for executing any work called
for, and they are both superior mechanics.
The establishment having become oue of
Institutions. tf Us place, and such a one
contributes lo the prosperity and wealth,
course, It should be tho policy and pride,
of the community to throw its patronage
in tbe way of Its worthy aud industrious
Correction. The East Village M.
Church and tbe East Plymouth M. E, Church,
i seems ars dsUncl and separate Institutions
notwithstanding they are both fed and nurtur
ed-irplrlltuallly-!srb7 he sme jvntora.1
"We. carelessly supposed that they were
stantlally one, so. was not duly careful in.
acknowledgement made last week to the
.. .Village Church, when it should have beea
' bfi E,ast Plymouth Church. . As It Is so pleas
ant te be renembered by the ladies, we hasten
" to make this correction and thus put ourselves
, on tbe r,lgb.t side o( those of East Plymouth.
" Ovb Coasv Won tain Friend bus favored
s with another, o his pleawwtt letters,
which will be found in tbis uutubec
letter are read with so much, biWt.'alKaud
- generally commended, that tbe annouucment
or MOer- xclV be ba(Jed, witb satUfacUon.
. Tbi No. i kthtiid m (predecessors In
and f tapbicnes, and tbe tangible
" ajpiwUhj evidence, of tlia bjand and equ
t ciiiwrs,te,9f tbe Pacific Copst, contained In,
one, affords, Der,hApK a more vivid audi
. pable one than has been, brought to mind In
series. t tbe reader would- see. these, flpwers
Ukn from their stems on the (2nd or Jnaruiar
At. tUef may do so, by visiting our
Ukt. Thomas K. Bkkciirr I advertised to
lecture at Cnnnsaut on Tuesday evening next,
February llih.
TiiitFnurr Buns. We look occasion Ibis
week to Interview somo piaoli anil cherry
Irces, and found tlm buds of Iho pcne.hes en
tirely killed t B on bad rsiiapi-d the freeze
ing. The cbrrrlos we looked at, which wero
the red sour kind, were apparently untouched
and gave no sign of Injury. Hent
Revenue Assksaohb. Until the flnUi'f -Inly
next, tbe Deputy Assessors of this collec
tion district arc reduced from five to two.
Tbis oounly and Ocaui-a aro united In one
tub-tlistrlct ; and Cornelius Udell, K-tq., I "P
pointed Assessor. Those having business
with tbe Assoisor will address him at this
place Sent, '
TllB Rev. 8. D. Pket, hns accepted tbe call
of Iho Congregational Church and society,
and arrived In lown with bis family taking
up quiirtors in the Fowler House rt Park
street. His pulpit effort on Bunday morning
list, gave mucU satisfaction to bis people and
bearers, and he enters upon bis labors with a
whok-some, responsive fueling from the peo
ple of bis clmrgB. -
The Educational, Monthly is among our
most valued exchanges. Its pnges are always
well filled-ludiclously and ably filled with
matter of Interest to tbe ccncral reader, hut
especially so to teachers, educators and school
officers. To such, and to all, it Is commended.
It is neat and tasteful in appearance and exe
cution, and tbe new drees in which the last
uumbcr appears, makes It as fresh and bcauli
ful as could be wished,
We are glad to bear again from our chatty
fiieud Horace, and hope bu will continue to
favor us with his leisure hour musings. He has
made a good beginning, considering the bold
the late Liberal lurch took upon blm. We
have hope, however, that bis usually level bead,
has returned toitsbnlanco again, and that what
ever he may please to favor us with, will con
vcy its own evidence ol the clearness, ot tbe
medium through which It has passed.
- Atlantic & Great Wksteiin Railroad.
Tbe managers of this lino arc placing upon
the road, as fast as possible now pasf.cui:er cars
of the most modern pattern finished finely and
in every respect as comfortable as could be de
sired. The local trains are Dot to be discrim
inated agatnst, but aro furnished with cars
equal to tbe express trying, with tbe excep
tion ot Palace Drawing Room Coaches which
are only demanded by through travel.
Morgan Cheese Factory. Messrs. Means
and Wigblman, report to tbe Timet the re
ports of tbe season's work as follows : Began
operation the 8th of April and continued until
November 16th and used 1,697,033 pounds of
milk manufacturing 170,476 pounds of cheese.
The net average price received per pound was
81 cents. Tlio avaniju number pounds of
milk used per pound of cheese 0 05-100, net
to patrons 0 8-10 cent per gallon. From the
1st of Oct. Allyu, Sceley & Co. look bold,
until November lOtb. tbe average net side of
12 cents per pound fur cheese and the average
number pounds of milk used per pound-of
cheese 88-10 a net average to patrons of 14 0
10 cents per gallon.
ter that
vertlsement Bt (
Lecture of G. T. Fonp, Esq. Tbe Akron
Time has tbe following regarding one of G.
T. Ford's recent lectures in that city s
Tbe third lecture of G. T.Ford,. Esq., In
this city was delivered at tho Academy of
Music, to a large und Appreciative audience,
To say it was a success does not do the lec
turer justice. There is n-t another speaker on
tho stage et tbe present time who can for two
long hours bold an audience enchained as did
Mr. Ford on tbis occasion. From tlie moment
be commenced speaking until he closed, a
could have been beard bad it b en dropped
upon the fluor except when tho audience gave
vent to their feelings as somi rich and ludi
crous joke burst from tho. speaker's; lips. Mr
Ford spoke slowly, distinctly aud yet threw
enough force into bis lecture to give it life und
vitality und lu tho finer portions of bis lecture
where be desired to present some flight o
fancy, or give a description of some beautiful
scene in art or nature, bis words were beauti
fully chosen aud reflected tho thoughts of
mind carefully trained and exercised. His
jokes were well timed and pertinent aud were
well-received. .
Tub Oratorio of Esther oa Thursday cvo,
by. our Jefferson friends, under the direction
Mr. M. W. Ferris, drew a full but not crowd
ed bouse. It was no doubt a surprise to many.
Tbo scale upon which It bad bceu got:eu
was far beyond what was looked lor. Tbe
Urge number of chorus singers and attend
ants, tbe costumes, and the personations, dis
play, nnd management in the carrying out
the various scones of tbe memorable events
tbe sacred story, showed with what patient
care aud study, as well as expense it bad been
prepared. Tbe choruses were good, and
solos and other parts, were rendered with
fect, and by experienced and appreciating
performers. The thing was a very decided suc
cess. Tbe leader Is a mastor of vocal
formance, and tne song, given at tbe close
well performed. One thing Is true, and
is tbe scale of preperation, was altogether
elaborate for the reasonably expected receipts,
and the company cannot but fall behind pecu
nlarily. Had this been known, a better house
might have greeted them. It would be but
fair roturn for tbo entertainers, we tbiuk,
give tbcm an Invitation to repout the perform
ance, putting tbe tickets at a less price,
make tbe attendance general.
tftl E
v'stjr and
havo appointed Louis
The trustees havo appointed Louis
Brockbtt Township Treasurer to fill the
cancy caused by tbe death of Mr. Geo.
Cooper. '
This proceeding on the part of tbe trustees
gave our large Republican majority a surprise
as the appointee la a Democrat and resides
Close to the weal Jine of tbe township.
latter fact will cause great inconvenience
those having business with tUuTreasun r
tbe former should surprise no oue considering
that tbe heft of the board of trustees la Dem-I
ocrats, - - ..
Mrs. Georce Loyerid&b died very sudden
1y on Friday morning Jan. Cist aged
years. She bad been 111 for aopte time
convalescent, U was supposed, ber
cian prescribed paregoric, In Homepathlc
cs, but she feeling somewhat worse that morn
ing asked for, and her husband gave ber
leaspooBful, sad alter an bear of two gave
another teaspoonfulof clear paregoric when
soon, closed hereyts and died without a
gle or groan. It hi supposed1 that owhig
some peculiar couUilioo of ber system
small quantity of paregoric . stopped
wheels of life.
Our Mait arrangements have been out
gear for tbe past week, so nuich so that
have received but two. maibi from, tbe
during the week.
A big dog owned by: Landlord Munson
went to tbe barn of Horace Walton tbe
day, and tore In piece a buffalorobe
at f 20.. I Wt kjipw, 8. tbs dog la madk
Nr. Had i Circumstances IVn control the
destinies of meiKand numon notable oota
slou within tlie imtntory of lbs pfetont geiirr
sllon, It proved the winding abcot to the polit
ical hope of a prominent statesman. Why
not then, control lessor mortal t Ioiig since
tbe determination was made lu visit the sane
turn of "Ye Editor," and at his familiar table
smld exchanges and prosy communications,
discourse upon tbe current topics afloat la
oewspaperdoin but "circumstances" have un
til now forblddeh me the pleasure- of a per
sonal greeting. What mighty events In Hie
history of the country have transpired, and
how many political hopes havo been blasted
since our Ust " dial 1" YH even now Is fore
shadowed a revolution lu the country which
Is likely to overwhelm and destroy the char
acters and life-work of atatesmen, under whose
former leaching it has been His deigbt of so
many thousands to sit. We look bark at (lie
revelations and tUo astoniahlng disclosures of
fraud and corruption under the rule ol Tain
any in Now York a year ago, and wonder bow
such things could be ; und ere the guilty aro
finally arraigned, tbero comes another " bomb
shell," laden with tbe missiles ol war, and
burls its weapons of destruction without re
gard to position or eminent service, and leaves
a foul stain upon the fairest names of the bind.
What Tammany and its numerous "rings"
concocted in New York, has been more than
duplicated under the wiley and seductive In
fluences of "Credit Mobilier," and to day the
people stand aghaat at tbe revelations w hich
aro transpiring at Washington. It is not alone
that tbe Government has been swindled out of
forty millions of dollars lu tho building of the
Pacific Hallway, but that men berctolore high
lu the confidence of the people entrusted with
the legislation And the liberties of a continent,
should betray those sacred trusts, and wheu
confronted with their guilt, add perjury to
their already Infamous deeds. It is needless to
capitulate here tho names of the lallcu, but
et us lay tu our hearts the sad leasou It con
And then Mr. Reed, look away yondei to
" bleeding Ivans-is," a territory that has been
baptised In bloud lor Freedom bow great tbe
ill of her Representatives in the Senate I
There Is Caldwell and Pomeroy i tho former
undergoing an ordeal preparatory to expulsion
from bis seat, and the latter just entrapped iu
corrupt Influences to secure bis reelection to
the Senate. It is not well to dwell upon tbe
infirmities of men, but there is a duty tbo
Press owes tbo country.
But let us turn from tbe contemplation of
these matters, and advert to topics which eu
liveus tbe hopes and renders tbis an era of
progress. Among these is tho Civil Service
System as recognized by the bead of the Gov
ernment. Political hacks may quarrel over it.
but strictly enforced, it would go far ia weed
ing out tbo corrupt pliunces that have crept
into almost every channel of thu Government.
Another u the abolition of the Franking
Privilege, a reform that has long been de
manded by the people but retarded because
it took opportunities of personal reward from
the law-makers. Tbe wagon loads of useless
"Pub. Doc." that are stowed away in old gar
rets, and uovv and then carted off to the rag
buyer, attests how a large proportion of tho
literature received under tbo frank of a M. C.
Is appreciated.
But to come nearer home let me hove your
car, dear Editor, before leaving tbe sanctum,
congratulate you upon tbe disposition evinced
to ignore conventions iu the upproaching eloc
lion for the Constitutional Convention. The
Sentinel breaks ground iu its fivor, and your
village cotcmporary assumes likewise, a be-
coming attitude that Is at least hopeful. Let
A wanton assault was committed by some
drnnken fellows, on Thursday last, npou tbo
person of J. Biedkh, one of our most peaceful
aud wealthy citizens. The party called
oysters, but took offence because Mr. IS. re
fused to serve them. Not satisfied with abus
ln,r him with their foul tongues, they caught
bim by the throat nnd choked and otherwise
maltreated him. Tlie leader of the assault
was taken on oy uie Marshal, who It seems
did not feel aulh irized or disposed to hold
him lo unswer, so that was tbe last of it.
From the Ohio Farmer.
A Beautiful Handwriting.
There aro but few of our readers who would
not like to acquire a rapid and beautiful baud-
writing, for there is uo other one accomplish
ment so highly prized as tills. Tho business
colleges of tbe country have afforded the
instruction iu this branch, and have succeed
ed in producing the most accomplished pen
men. Tbe best penman In America to-day
Prof. Gaskbll, Pres't of the Byrant & toin
Collego of Manchester. N. II. Tuere
few lovers of the beautiful art of penmanship
wbo have not heard of this wonderful penman,
and many have seen specimens of bis
His large specimens have attracted great
tenlion in New York City and throughout
country where thoy have been placed on
He Is now engaged day and night sending
out Copies for selr-instrucliou, which hu writes
himself expressly for applicants, so that
oue can learn to write at tbe home fireside.
These contain full printed instructions,,
are put up In large heavy envelopes, and
by mail prepaid for 1.00 per package.
are all numbered and so fully explained
no one cau fail to learu lapully from them.
They have been ordered by thousands
by poor writers alone, but by tbe leading
teachers of penmanship throughout the United
States and Canada. Our readers would
well to write for a package, as nothing so com
plete, beautiful aud useful for sclf-iustrucliou
will ever again be off, red them.
' Tub Republican says there was not a
trial at tbe lute term of Court for Oeauga
county, all tbe cases being submitted lo
Court and that the Jury w ere discharged
days before tbe term ended.
Bupt. CuuTiaof the Infirmary report
there aro more persons occupying the cells
the Institution under bis care, than at
other time since lib acquaintance with It.
Tub bill setting aside tbo reservation of
Island of Mackinaw for a park has been
reported. ,
From the Warren Chronicle.
er valued
A. Y. & P. R. 11. There was a
atCatifield, on Monday last, ol
representing the A. Y. & 1'. la.
kud tbe Simitar It. It. Co., to
the differences existing between
them, ana to endeavor to agree upon
plan of reconciliation. Judge -It-
Uaiir.y, iPree't McCtvery, and J.
Jisq.. represented the A. Y. tfe P.
aud Judges 'Puttie, lloiYmaii, and Messrs,
John Stambau and John Tod,
Slrulhers Co. W are informed
although very liberal propositions
made oa behalf of the A. Y, & P. Co.,
comDromiso was uot leaohed, and
ther litigation will enau. It ie true
pose of tbe A. Y. r. Vk to- earitnavor
env aav.
, . ,
Coast Mountains. Cat. Jan. 24ib 1873.
As we jr up here, "1 hare liwn below
again You know a person will lake an un
common long or short drive, a the com may
ke, In order tu atop at a particular hotel. I
xpcot that If you wrr going from Aablnbula
to Ausllnburg, you would go by tbe way of
Geneva In order to have To Tvller's "genial
face smile upon you." It was so with me. I
bad heard of a new hotel Just opened on my
route; so I only Jogged along 19 miles Hie ftrsl
dsy In order to. get lUe first wear uf the house.
(Hi wiading an abrupt turn of th mouutaU, 1
came to a story and' a half bouse msde from
rough lumber, with a porch extendi along
tlieliont. This was the "TmyoIIm's Houy."
On riding up to the door, I was met l y some
six or cig lit rough looking specimens ot the
"denus Homo," and on requesting a night's
lodging, six or eight voices murmured, " ym
gave my liorte lu charge of a burly sun ol
Erin, and entered tbe Iioum. The L uiuiord
a tall, lank, Missourian, who canw tj this
State in its earliest days stood behind the bar,
and baek of blm was a profusion of glass ware,
making an excellent background for bis red
and smiling countenance. Tbe room was well
filled with a lot of lazy looking fellows group
ed around a forlorn looking individual en
gaged In extracting " Zip Coon," with varia
tions, from a greasy old fiddle. v Stranger,"
said the landlord "you are one day t m soon,
we are going to have a dance here to-inoirow
night. I have got my music, ready, ami in the
morning I am going to, send nut fr the "gals,"
and if you will stay, we will have a good time
V '" I thanked him aud said, I never
dance. "But you will take a drink T My
liquor Is pure. No headache In Ibis." When
I informed him that I never middled with
spirits, be seemed astonished, nnd said
" V hero do you liall from. 1 ulu Inm 1 was
a native of the good State Ohio. " Ah," ild
he, " Ohio is a noble State, but she can't com
pare with Missouri." Supper being announced
fiddler, lasy looking fellows, stranger, and all,
made a grand rush for the dining room. After
boing seated around a rough table without any
cloth, I was served with steak smothered in
onioua, aud potatoes fried in rancid lard. A
tall unshoru youth, with pantaloons rulled to
his boot tops, and a grain sack about his loins,
was promenading around the table with a cof
feepot iu one bund, and a teapot in the other.
I presently bad business outside, aud lelt, re
gretting that my stomach should so suddenly
go back on me. The fiddle aud w hisky made
tbe evening lively. Upon my w ishlng la retire,
" Mine host," said " as be was very full.'
(and I thought so to,) I would have to take a
bedfellow to roost with me." I found tbe
sleeping roomi compared with the rest of tbe
bouse. The morning dawned clear and bright,
and after paying a bill that should insure bet
ter treatment, I departed. The location of
this hotel was grand, but It was kept in
primitive style. From tbe porch we could
look over the waters of tho Pacific and
see Point Reyes and the Faratone Islands,
from sixty to eighty miles distant. The white
winged vessels looked like ships iu mlnature,
I rode for twenty-five miles along the shore,
and-the low sullen roar of tbe treacherous
waters were music to my cars.
It Is surprising to see the amount of liquor
that is drank in tbis Slate. Besides the hotels
and saloons, many private bouses have a side
board of choice spirits. The traffic has proved
a profitable one, as nearly every person takes
his toddus. We have a Sunday law now, but
it seems not to be regarded. The saloon win
dows are not boarded up, and card playing
and gambling are done openly. No bouse
without its card tabic, and the N. Y. Ledger,
and dancing, fills tbe minds of tbo youth.
This State has an excellet School Law, and
tbo advantages for an education in tbe cities
and villages are good. These mountaius bi
and there aro dotted with school houses,
they are so far apart, that many children
unable lo attend school at all. Teachers re
ceive good wages, and school teaching is con
sidered an honorable employment. These bills
will never be thickly settled, as they are
rough, that a large tract of laud is necessary
to obtain a living t and thousands of acres
perfecly valueless, except for their timber.
Pardon me if I again spenk ot the weather,
as it is so delightful. Not a flake of snow
vet. and but very liltlo rain. The air is
warm as it is with you iu June. The 'listant
mountains aro green, and oats are kneo high
Thu farmer has but little foddering to do,
the most of the stock ruus out tbe year round
The dairies arc making grass butter, and
fued is good. Flowers aro in bloom, aud
n cvideuce of tbo truth of my assertion,
will enclose you a rose, picked from a garden
on tbo shore of the Pacific ou the 22ud of Jan
Valentines Just received at Flower A Matleton't.
Album Very Cheap.
Floirtr A Matleton
Pen. Cowln & Brabam's Nickel Silver Pens.
Flower & Matteton.
Leiral Can Extra I-ccral CaD Paoer.
Flotcer & Matltten.
Trusses. Common-eenee Truaaea and Supportera
at Flowtr AMaUtton't
. medlatual.- Choice Wtue and Liquora for medical
uaee, at Flower & Mutteton'e.
Look at thoee Under Shirts that we are cloeing out
75 ceula. . PeopU't Star:
A lew yarda more of those Murimao, &pra;;ue and
Prints. Remnante at 10 oenta, at People' t Store.
Buckwheat Flo nr. A anperlor article for
hanclug the pleasure of the matlual meal.
. 1 Tombet ot Bro.
Oyetere. In caua or bulk the beat In market,
alwaya fretb and In order. Tombel A Era.
To the Ladles. E. Buttcrlck at Co.'a Patterns
Qarineuu for Ladle, Miaaea and Boys, at
Atx ConJrfla'f.
eral that
vorably Cabd. That our euatomer mar be aupplied
coal, with tha lest Ineoaretenc to tliemaelres,
aa onfar alaM will be found at th I'oit Office,
well aa at our OOtce at Yard Illtcbeuck'a ahop.
St Jae M. Clnaa
People Store. Now la tbe time to buy the
Gooda at tha PEOPLE'S STORK. All of
WiHna aoon will be aold Cheap I Ws mean what
a1 W will 11 Nuhlaa worth fl, at TS ceuta.
worth $1 90, at 1 1. Othera in proper I k.
our Winter Oiovea win be aold at Baralna.
Wool Scarfa will be ckwed out st Reduced
Sbawla, Winter Drata Gooda, Flannela. Ac win
cloaedoutat well w mean batlneaet Dont
to call at tin People' t Store.
ties H
Co., con
aider a
To Cnumptlve.-Tb advarllaar, havlnv
permanently cured of Hurt dread dlaeaae, Conauu
by a eluiplo remwiv. la auxiona to make knowu o
fellow aiiffurere rho mean of cur. To all who
It, h wlU aeud a copy of the proacrlplion need, (Ire
charge,) with the dlrecUou fur preparing and natiis.
same, which they will Und a eure Our for Contumpilon.
Atthma, BroitckUle, Ac.
Partte wtahlng the preacrlptlon will pleaaa addroaa
1186 y - Hov. EDWARD A. WILSON,
ltd Fsuu Street. Wllllamaburuh, N.
Tha Oonfeaalorta of an Invalld-PublUhod
aa a waruins aud tor the beneUt of youuic men aud
era. wto euftar from Nroua Debility, Wa ol
hood, etc., snpplylng '' ; 4 N
Written by ik who ba cured hhneelf, and sent
oa receiving port-paid directed mivoIoku.
Wit - Hauofcrya. N.
pT Pimple ou th he. Eniptlona. Blotcha.
sUuadiaaa. and all torn artine from Impure
ra cured bf Dr. Fix ' GoUtutt WdJcl Utatovary.
Hollo ? rille'a AOIa-aaaat- A Itbonck.
I to of toiler la ch manors, U1 VtIUl '
f Eorj. ha sdopwd the at sesiwUe. Wker-
th rd,flrPPl atnaWa.M ailalt,
fid ertiailTorilaordere diaapptar. mVl J MaMea
Uie. F T. M tl ecat pr bos or ant. Ask for
new jl-tbit I eonBtarfetV
f f o Vmwmrr fh Anrntpa, maar Mnoaa
rrrirri Irum Mh matlvm. Nitralir1a, IUwIh, A
Tfutttiaeh. Waaay nmn'iwmry Har-anae tH emiM.
tin or ytaiK'n M LiMta s the affVu
riart, or a rw drop uf It ra the v imtn. a'r'tai
rieianunxona, and wtnl la hotter, yrwiaaeoS rrllrr,
F'r rata.aroaiHta, HrQle. awelMnr, and all d1aa
arhlrk require trmliwiitMimaal'r, Ma liniment U -
hr rnrardd a tbe imti inifeiit aad rllahl kea.
Iiir- r"t In falatenn,. Knrau i"nl Injuria or all-
In i'-ftVrenn, at Jrf7frrn floa oa fti
a day of
' oa tb tk
frl. 1M7S, aa P. ). W rlaht. Mr. Valuta k
lo Miaa Evrk M. Foaaaa. both of Uttdeatill.
In vnnit. aal h SOth t of Jannarr. nv Ker. T-
I. Minn. Mr. Ai.aaraa. heraai to Mlaa Era -aarr
birtl of Coaueaat.
In flenera. Jan. 4th. at the re1il-nr of Iba hrfde'e
faihar b Ke. O. W. Plilnncj, Mr. rHium Kru.xa. of
Im Muluea, luws. to Jilaa M1 ( caaiaaaaa, uf u-
: OuauwnrUtur If otleea.tuilf rata.
Annonncntanta In
In Herlirouk on the ISih nit., at Ik seeldaac oX i
alah Fairer, DawAT Tvwsa, ayed So
In Lenox, Feb. th, Liirica D. Joaa. sged S reara.
I n AodoTcr, Feb. Id, P. T. Witxiai, agd 71 rears.
In Orwell. .In SKih. Kat M. Ioi.pn, onlr daosbtaa-
of O. A. and Me . Uoipk, aie s rra.
In Plemont. Jan. 19th. Oblt. daughter of M. EL sad
E. Yoiinr, ayvd t reara.
In Wayne, Jan. SOtb, Mine UattiS Biaiut,
At tbe residence of ber eon. In fSierrr Vallev. Jaa.
mi 11. imrvme a. 'loariree, airea ia jeare.
Ashtabula Market FEB. 7, 1873.
Ieiera pajr the following I'litaa.
Whsat-NoI. Wblt $ltats&
rx N". t Hud ,
Coos KWeUed
ik) In the aar . v
Oatk. out , , SH
()TH, DCW,,. SStO-
Rr-rrKB to IS
(null ixioiajf
imtau Arrxai 4 to 5
IIabu JllOIX
Lako llol
I'n-rAVOXt, new , Www
Flour Sinxiaa Paicx. .
CfiHN M kal per ton ftOO
CnorriD Faau Corn and oata t 00
Chicago Market.
CHICAGO, February 4th, 1873.
Tlie produce markete were rather more active. Lard
w ia rather qniet and a thade eaeler at f 1.7Xand 7 90
per 100 t cub, and fT.4j&7.M aeller Marcb. Meata
were In fair demand aud steady at 1e per t. for 17-t
green hama. Dreaeed hoge were moderately acnre.
at (l.em4.90 per 100 Da riour waa qmti ana nrm.
Wheat waa moderately active, and 1. lower, cloeing
weak at tl.ttX eaah, $1! aeller March. Com waa
actlT and eteady at axA,c eaeh, and Sle aeller
Marcb. Oata ware more active and Ho higher, at S5,V
cash, snd WJiSMXe aeller March. Live hoga were
active and firmer, the market advancing to M SBaVt-B
for coarse heavy to eitra light gradea. Tha !
market wat llfelcaa. Sbeep wera dnll and lower. The
Blocks of grain in etor in Chicago laat Saturday wera
l,58S,0W bu wheat 8,451.SUSbu corn, 1.147.8 ou oata.
O 5" !
Ii: U o 2. 1 "
-r- J s-- C-ef M
Pi 3-" r ss- m "13 s ?
5i!!H rfu hr
pi p - ? y V? m 5 a
3 f ii J M . "
IIP lot IS ?W
I" a .t.Z ; " s 171
2 1 0 s 0 in
w H n :
, I I n i f W
H M 5 as
n i U
S Pi o
S l- tj
HO S 3, r
? t & f I o
" gs q i g ? 2
z j- e J
rim ? W 58 ' S
c z $
3 S'n s ff ts
4 n 1 I S t
checo en
PI A w ? H
CD p
13 w - ff P s
g J .Ce f?
p & a
O frl s g
PI H- J S-
to p ? I
afler. a
lowing our
bian All
Y. '
Parlor1 aud Chamber Furiiliure,utlresscs
'. ' . . Sprlnn Beds. . v 1 ' J. :.
The Largest Stock in the Wtt.
A. 8. HE REN DON b CO.,
lis 110 Bauk Struct.
W would call lb Mtja, sat.
ar la aeed of
Pill Headt,
Jfote Head,
tetter Head,
Shipping Bills,
Orders of Dancing
&c, tec,
To the lni'BcemenU offered st the
Telegraph Office.
t-All our Material la Kew, aad none but Flrt
Claa Stock la seed.
t-Wo Warrant all Work to fflr aatlintetlon
12TA11 ordeta by mall will receive tu
atteutlon a tboae ordered In peraon - ,
Note Books, Blanks,"
And a Large Stock of
Printers' Stationery
conetantly on band.
This Cut lUuitntet th ai uvw f Uua( ,
m a . a I
Fountain nasai lniecLor. 'it"t
i. .
1 MaT fV
Thia Iniitrunient la wpoctally dealgned tat tb per.
foct applicaiiou of
O en. Aar catarrh rimcot. C
t, tiui nnlv Lwm of iugtroinent vet inTented
wlih which fluid medicine can be carried high up
a 1 1 perfectly applied to all parta of tha aflected naral
. ,1 .A. ,! tii rhAiiibura or eavltiea communicat
1 1 ' therewith. In which aore and uh-era frequently
ctft,and fm:n which the catarrhal discharge gen.
rillr pmceeil. The want of aocceaa In treating
Catarrh heretofore haa arisen largely from tbe tmpo
aibiltiy of applylnj remediea to there eeviUea nd
rS n'icra br any of tha ordinary methoda. Thia
otutacle in tha way of effecting enrea I entirely
overco:ns by tha invention of the Douche. In neing
thia tnurumont. tha Fhrld Is carrhtd by H awa eight,
(n nults. farewt pumpMif being required.) up oue
M.iril In k full vontlv Suwintf BLroam to the hlirhaat
pirtioa of the naMl paaairea, naaaee into and thor
oa -lily eleauiie all tha tulxia aud chamber counecied
therewith, aud Sew irf l tt p Mtr Jta u
la oieaaaut, and ao Simula that a child can under,
und it. rail and explicit artlotaa
accompany each Instrument. Waea ased with -la
Instrument, Dr. Baire a Catarrh Remedy eurea recent
attacks of "Void 1 tat Head by few ap-
''aiymVioma of Catarrh. Fqu.t head
acho, discharge falling Into throat, eometlme pro
fuse watery, thick mucus, purulent, offensive, Ac.
In othera a dryness, dry, watery, weak or tnftamed
eve etouolnr up or obstruction of nasal barrage,
f7uing iurs, aealtaeaa, hawking and conVhiug to
clear throat, ulceration!, scabs from ulcers, voice
tiered Basal twantf, offensive breath, Impaired or
total deprivation or sense of smell aud Ua te, diaal
ness, menial depression, loea of appetite. Indigestion,
enlarged tonsils, tickling eouvh, Ac Only S few of
these sympUim ara likely to be present la any case
'! ! flatafrtl narMeir, bea baetl
With Dr. Ptercea Naaat bttalche, andao.
f ompanied with th eonstitutional treatment which
s recommended In th pamphlet that wraps each
bottle of the Remedy is a perftjet apecite "thia
lostuaome niaease, ana tne proprietor one, a-
loatuaome dlaease. and the proprietor offers, in good
filth, SSOO rewarA lorscase be can aol eur(
The Remedy la mild and pleasant to Bae. el,nrg
no atrong or eaustio drugs or poison. T Calarrh
Romeily la aold at 60 eenta, Douche SO canta,
II Drag let, or either wlU, ff mal 4 by R
prietorou receipt of SO cants, -,
R. V. PIERrg. Tf. IK. ,
1. J), Kendal $ pt's
I,-, t,
CitQsiNG Out
f Jk. X)
tarwratandte our Imm aalo etne M f
tbs (., ar .tiki 4b, (a praeeat o Vr?19'
oaipleM swfflfftoBt la ;
f . :
locktdtpg all tbe best Ibreiga aad ooasestV; Bake.
I - 1
Aortmcnt of Wollcna, '.
Though drminlihed la kIk, aim prfgwlp la
saaortaieat, eapfldaJlv In Forelga akas AU, ar
Choicest and Cost Goods
At Coat. All our Paacy Moods at Laae tbaa On,
On Button Kid fjlovea, $ 14
Two ButUia Kid Glove, 1 SO.
Que Bolton Beat French Goods SIC to 7, .
Tbltofi Beat French OoodaSH to 8, f Ik
Pnattaa ptalt, entire, 1
PUa Celebrated Iriah Good, OS
America Bilk plain colon and atrip, QQ,
Cloak and Dreaalng Gown at half prica, , -
. J, KENDALL A 60y,
row tub
IT is gTatiflyiiig to ns to Inform the
public that Dr. L. C. Wlahart's Pin Tre Tar
Cordial, tor Throat and Lone Pluain, aa gmlaadaa,
envlabla repnuttton (root tb AUaatle U tb Pads
eoaat, and froja thence to oa of th trat Sualllaa of
Europe; not through th preea alone, bat by aaraoaa
tbrouirnoat tbe State aetaally banedtted aaa carai at
hlaoOca. While he pnU akeapeaao aayoarreportara,
h u nuable to aupplj Iba dea nd. it gsiaa a4 bold
Itareputa tlon , ' -.
Firat, Hot b; flopping cough, but by toaenlng aa4
aalatlng nature to throw ot tb unhealthy saattar .
leeted about toe throat and broacLial tubes, wkick t
Irritation. '
Soeood. It rem ore tk of trrttatloa (wAkb,
produce cough) of tbe auicoaa awmbraa aad binabavl
tube, aaalata the lunga to act and throw oa Wit aa,
healthy aecretiona and pnriflu tit blood.
Third. It I tret from aqullla. lobetta, lpeeas aad
opium, of which moet throat and long inuawle ara
eompoaed, which allay eoui;h only, and dleorganlaa th
laca. It baa a aoothing effect oa tha atoaaack, acta
on tbe liver and Kidneys, and lympoatie aad aer
regiona. thu reaching te ere part of tb ayitiaa, aad
in ita luTlguratlng and purlryiug effecU It baa galaod a
reputation which It ma, bold abor all other la tk
market. ' '
X0 'X l9L
The Bino Tree Tar Cordial,
nd . . ; h
. . . - . . i :;.'.!. I
Being auder my Immedlata dlraelta. thay saall at
loae their curative quaUUea by tba ao of caaap aad
impure articloa.
FREE OP CHARGE -tar. L. 9. C. Wlahart"
Iffin Parlora aro open oa Muaays, Taeaday aad
A'ednerdays, fro S A. M. to S P. M, te aoaaaltattea
y Dr. Wm. T. Maua. With him ara aaaodated ra
onfuliiug phyaiciana of acknowledged abiltlv. Tula
ipportunity ia But oaTvrcd by any other laatltatlaa la
he city.
.VII letters ttiust be addrt-ssed lo '
net. aKCMRsr--
phiIja x ; t r t .
Se'NTJN Acres vf Ittni, 4Jrhh
bulldinirs and choice fruit, Stinted two aifW wear
isblahula Villairvou Snath Hiilge. This Isa eery dalsv
ihle pmperty tu aujr ou aueklni s home near th ktwa.
Price MWU. . C ROWBV,
1U T. C. I'RuHBY!
, . K locators of th aVrnte of Oaaby,,
A Great Offer I'SrW
will riipue or If KW PI ANON. HRI.ODKuNX wd
JltGANK. of si a drcl-claaa ma kers. InoladlasT Waaaas
aver; LOW I' HICKS far Cash, or part v.dSeV.
tne In amall moutuly Insullraanta. New T-octava
trat elate 1'IANoa, modm impioveaa,!. fcw St
h. Now reed a CONfKKlo PA att.lrl ,
aiost beaniirul slyle aad perfect te ever ma tihta
raul catalogue mailed, blnxrt Maal a4 !
Partnership.- ' i
O. B. MOSH snd O. W. MOORS bare tbl day tere
into partlienihlp Sir Ike ameil " Medicine Bad Sr
n ry, lha euaiuue I be euadaohel aader the S I aaata
AnhlahuU, Dee. I. lt. Vejr,
I F yon find yourwlf in a hurry aii J,cb
1 wail to have a suit made to ordur, yon. c vUH
rulted from our Stock uf An Ucaul-ult, fiiblb, I
md Ve sis. - l t
' . . . . . l it. A k A-
r the eaU ir wm. M.ni. o,.
township. Aal ti: ,-.'
A underelgi
ul Asinaoula
iuiis ,
A)illal. Jaa. 1. 1H7S
A N. ufloanajly tva 1- Vu t

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