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Ashtabula weekly telegraph. [volume] (Ashtabula, Ohio) 1853-1873, May 24, 1873, Image 3

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Two Dollars a
. Train going Wl-lcav Afclatai
Ar.al Clev. :8o.
Two Dollars a Invariably in Advance. L. S. & M. S. RAILWAY.
. Train going Wl-lcav Afclatai
Special ( IiIci.ko EipruM, Ul a, m. Ar.al Clev. :8o.
ToMo Eiprea Msll . m. do t:t.
PaolBo Kiprea BJtp. ai. 1KX).
teambokt Kxproii t:Ma, m. da 5:10.
Accommodation (1:8.1 a. m. itt MIS.
Train Oelng Kaat-leara Atfilabwla I
Accommodation 7:10 p.m.
Special N. T. Kxprea 1MK1 m.
Atlantic Expres :. m
Day Rxprena l:n p, m.
Cincinnati Fpr 8-.IM p. nt.
Local & Miscellaneous.
On and aftor Thursday, May Sflth, 1.VJ8, and untl
aotlce train will ran a follow :
Kxpn'se rnr.io'T
NO. 1. NO. 5.
wo. 0.
8 00
9 04
II 83
10 18
10 48
10 5.1
11 80
118 8S
(it 45
1 10
1 85
1 4)
I 15
I 50
8 00
8 40
4 18
4 40
5 00
NO. 8.
A. M.
"A so
1 18
7 l
7 88
7 M
8 OH
8 10
8 85
8 45
8 58
t 08
9 II
ft 6
10 M
10 8
10 85
10 45
L.S. A M H.t'roaalng
Asntanuia.. .
....Munaoii Hill .
Anpltuhiirir. .
Roc k Crock. .
Wow Lvme.
...,"rth Bristol.
....Bristol Centre
Uravd Bank.
A. A O. W. Croealng
fJIrard . .. .
Briar Hill.. .
... Yonnifflown..
.Pills bo rtfh.
8 90
t 15
I 58
1 l
) 84
1 IS
1 115
I 110
18 45
It 14
18 07
11 58
11 45
It 90
11 SB
II 111
10 47
10 8
It) 98
7 00
5 00
4 15
8 55
8 20
8 '5
9 04
1 XV
1 45
J8 14
n a
11 95
10 41)
10 00
8 S
7 54
7 91
7 00
1). B. McCOY. ("apt.
The new P. OITlcu building goes right ahead
and will be inclosed In the course of Hie pres
ent week.
The Post-office mid Thorpe's market are
mow lo be found iu the rear of Haskell's store,
on Spring sireet.
The dwelling house of Dr. Huhbaiid, by
the aid of Sweet's trucks, hasftmnd a plaoc
on Park 8t. near the corner of Centre.
- M'Kekzib, the contractor, bad an offer the
other day, of $300 for his 1 urge brown team,
heartily welcomed to the pleasant festivity of
the occasion. .
Tuesday ana Wednesday oi tuis ween were
the most seasonable duys of the Spring, and
vegetation hag kit the Impulse more sensibly
than at any previous time since the opening
of the vernal season.
which was reluctantly accepted, after a hasty
agreement to do so.
T. A. Dohmak sold two lota on Auburn st.,
a new street Just opened between Round Head
road nnd Ann street, to James 11. Cdapell
Consideration 400.
Mr. Bieder, tins been Inking some pains to
Inprove his saloon department, by enlarging
bis stalls, painting up nnd otherwise making
things more airy nnd tasteful.
Geo. O. Chapman lias purchased the Snedl
k.or place adjoining that of Gko. Nettle
ton on North Ridge, lor $ 3.5ik, and contem
plates moving Into town again.
Dust. Our streets are getting dry and
dusty, and with the fresh winds that have
been blowing for a day or two past, it ia be
coming not a little inconvenient and disagree
That new Fisk House gong, in tho way of
intimidation, would answer the purpose of a
whole Chinese regiment. Its n terrible affair,
and plays the very mischief with one's tym
Social. The Methodist Indies will give a
oclnl at the rooms oi their church on this,
Friday, evening. All are invited and will be
Gilmorb the coucert man of Boston, pro
poses to get up a concert m Chiccgo on the
cale of three hundred performers, which will
begin on the 5th of June, with acconuimoda-
tlons for 50.000 spectators.
The Stable property of Wm. Bowman, do
ceased, was disposed oft on Wednesday of
last week, at what was considered fair prices.
The Omnibus was bid off by James Caunt at
400, and the Hack by D. W. Gary at $170.
Advertising Agents. Tuose of our rea
ders who have advertising to do in the smut
ty city will And Trios. L. McClellend, dit-
patch building. G7xG9 Fifth Aveniue, Pitta-
burg, a faithful and bonwuble person to. till
their orders.
A pair of three year olds, this grass, recently
purchased, and now in the hands of. Austin
J. Smith, are more than ordinary nniuials.
Their weight ,aM will Indicate tueir size,
ak .. A V. .. 1 nunmnliiAsa nai-ria.Nl n l 1 Qnl itn
1' o-
Should be secu to be appreciated.
The statement mad last week, that the
fcrick block that is lo occupy the old Bile of
Miclienlc's Rw, was to be put up by M. H.
A W. C. H askeli, ,waa n Jt quite correct. Mr.
M. If. Haskell. Is master of the situation
nd sole proprtutor of tlientrpirse.
AuoNa tUo runny lumdaomi nvmum'jnU
that are to be seen at Chestnut Hill Cemetery
is soon to be numbered one of Qulncy Gran-
lie, w cos r " ' "
piace oi .ue u " "
tot t. D.HMnASUUvU.
. . .
Th wnhwr of the post-OftiCC, aBOUt WIllCU
llnln .lieltiulji Una been felt, was on Mon-
j i, ,-Hifiillv moved, and stand erect
.ln.t 'ilia Sni'lnir street side of Haskell's
.n lrrPrrtfll,l conftmialion of the truth
of .h. mm.r.lle anhorlsak of the Imniortal
Sam Patch "that some thlogs-ettu bo tloun a
well as others."
Supervisor Giddinqs w.1ws drstrlct em
braces the road lo the Harbor on the East
side has, humanely listened to our entreaties,
sod gone aver the worst parts of I lie road
with a. scrapers. and sluned off the ride and
measurably filled- the ruts, rending au essen
tial service to the public, and made the tran
sit to the Uke comparatively asy.
Mr. Elumpib of tb East Ashtabula cheese
factory inform us. that he is working that in
stitution up to. Us full capacity, waking
cheeses. duy. The necessity ol more presses
nd another vst is an imperious one, and the
Company have so far yielded lo that nesessily
SsJo order these additions. When tho cowg,
of the oustQWW ot tills eBtfdlllsbmenl w0
11 come ln,.lt is.epected that they wUWAaye
Uiemilk of at least ooe hundred niftrs-lUaa
. hist jesc. .k "'
... .
AaarinLA Co. Sdndat Bcoob UNWN.
Xach Township Vioa Pmsid.el.it wno; presents
as ths- sannuL Convtcntiou a. full aoponv
the oMulUi)n.sf School his townhib
will reoelwe waif card,'. Sk2 iucUo, la site,
fpr his Sflhool; - -
Thscard-baaprlnted on it on guilt letters,
bs prsyerGDd bless our Sunday Bchool.
Sensmben the Convention is to.be held;
;Wet Anflover, sod will comraeno at ,1H
Mr.L. W. Bbhtii. lady n1 ion snlved on
Wednesday last and domiciled ihemailvc for
Ilia present, at least, In llitir obi i'iartcra.
Tlo lilot k on Centre Birerl. k now to receive
ettenllon, aad will probably be pushed Tor
ward Willi slestty pcrvercn.
Mr. I.Tviirkii, w learn, ilihiha or building
a store adjoining and nlfurm with llio
Bmllh Block. flhoulil lie determine to do so,
quite a space will be taken tip ou Ilia Uuck
between Main and Park 8 1 red.
size, but one of the m st symmetrically form
ed animals (bit we hnve seen. He bo-d whal
Goo Col.T. Wo noticed on tse street, tlio
oilier day, ft dsrk brown coll, 22 months 1l,
from the Mazing Blar Horse, owned by Mr.
Curlla of tiaybronk, thnt attracted consider-
nblo attention and plensurc. llu wai of fair
was uniistinl iu a colt of thnt age, Iho develop
ment in rounded fullness and breadth of breast
and hinder parts of a five year old. Ho was
hound t Inst winter by Wm. Netlloltm, of St.
Paul, for $200, and la left In tlio cure of Mr.
O. It. Scovllle, of Snybrook, by whom It was
SmiKE Ended. A special dispatch from
Youngstown, dated the 20th, Buys: A large
number of the old aVinrrs wcit into tlio several
banks on Monday at Church Hill, Coalbnrg,
Brooklield, &c. More went in Ibis morning.
About si venly loaded coal cars came down
to-day on the Vienna branch. The strike Is
elided and miners, storekeepers, business men
and ciliw-na generally, appear elated at the
event. The Inst iinporlhtion of emlurnnts,
which came last week, have left the mines,
having been provided by the operators with
work on the new railroads and cfeewherc.
tusk of raising their bull Hug. As the Council
Grade The fixing ot the Grade of the side
walks on Main Street, la a work Hint our
Council should not delay. Parlies that arc
putting up new buildings, should not he sub
jected to inconvenience and needleas expense
by (fiung ll mind, ns they are compelled to
in t)i a I bence of any data for setting their
building's, in relation to the sidewalk. We
undiTstaml I Hat the new store of Waitr &
Sill, will, upon the tilling of live walk in
ft-ont, to the propusi-d height, have Its floor
brought about ruin level wllh that of the walk
and pel Imps anbjt-ct the proprietor to the
hnve the mailer in band, they will hardly be
excused for droppiug it uulil the grade is es
Without a Scmmeh. A good many peo
ple, especiaiiy (but non-complaining clans, the
agriculturists, are apprehensive we are to be
cheated this year out of our average iient nnd
sunshine. We don't believe n word of it.
July and August will conic along iu due time,
with their sweltering hot days, oppressive
and sleepless nights, nnd the blithesome music
of the musquito bird, ll mny be our chilly
and ungenlal spring-time is a wise preparation
to lay in n Block of endurance for the trials of
the fiery furnace ol later months. The pecu
liarities of Hie present season all over the
country recalls to recollection tliu dark yenr
described by New England fanners, of 181C
the year without n summer. l ew persons
living can recollect it, but it was the coldest
and most cheerless summer of which wc have
accessible information, at least in this country.
Burglary. On Saturday night last, the
bouse ot II. E Parsons, Esq., was entered by
burglurs and robbed of money, watches and
jewelry, amounting in vutno to some $400.
The cutrnnce was i fleeted by the use of a
tickle found on the liiemises. uilh which the
l)0j, of ,hc i,,ck )m omj of tho first s().v wJn.
dows was removed. Mr. Parsons belli ir absent.
tne runurv linxi nil taken to tlio upper rooms,
go that the lower part of the bouse was left
free for the reconuoilering nrivem mis of the
depredators, and they seem to have nvniled
themselves of the nrraiigemunt. Nearly ev
ery room-was visited and drawers and other
receptneles rausackud. The porl-momtie of
Mrs. Parsons, with some f 139 of the Indies'
society money, was found, nnd the wallet of
Mr. Parsons, coutuining some $15 more, was
found In that gentleman's office. Beside these
amounts in cosh, two gold watchi s of moder-
at0 vniuo wm. ,akt.n) 01,a nl)oul 10o worth of
Nothing anwarlne aeimt them, thev were
iib(.raU;;i Rnu tle alrjir rcin:lis without a clue
or BUsriU:jon
Mnwir on.) O ....intl.n n;itr...r P;....w A i-i
i "'i v vi4 ii vji i iii . i viiinc ) , 4 ivi lv,
thorp, Hitchcock nnd G.'niipinger. Council
jewelry. Another watch of cousidernlile val'
ue, iu tho drawers overhauled, was over
looked, and a quautity of tahlu silycr was
passed over and left: The family were not
disturbed, and the robbery only discovered In
the morning. Marshal Tuoitv fwuii'l three
strangers loitering lxiut, one at the station
and two ia a burn in the neighborhood, nnd
took them into, custody aud detained them
until the Mayor could se nrwl examine them
Council met on Monday evening, present
mtui Pierce officiated as Clerk pro toa, In the
absence o the tegular Clerk. Solicitor Hall
together with Marshal Tliorp i, Supervisor
Fuller, &c, were also, present
Fire and Water committee reported the
condition ot cisterns, and showed Unit a large
proportion of them say one-half, were defec
tive and but partially supplied with water.
The large one on Main street had but about 4
fit mid flint. mur llip Ar.ttliml lat -Ifctirr-li
from, which the sprinkler issupplied-was. not
Uhowiug tlie abudance of last veu.
r,,n.mill,. .I.l,.vv,,ll,. w.n,.rl,..l nrll,.llV
' - -' - ' '
I t r. ... . i . ... . i- .. ! i ii...
ruiercuuo io vuo gruuo ui aiuewaia iiu
"am atneet. Matter deferred.
a. u.uapp was elected uiuei jngiueer o
Fire Dept. to fill the vancacw occasioned by
" resignation of Chief Ililchcock.
- pelitlod of 40clliaens for the observance
of the Ciufth of July, auking tlte-Unyor and
Coiuicil to take direction ot samu. Referred
to a committoe of three Hitchcock, Faulkuc
aud Apthurp.
Solicitor Ual,.to. whom, was rclerted the
matter of advertising ordinances, &c., report
ed by resolution, that both papers be employ
sd, and that the old rates of 7.1. cents a rqtiare
and 25 cents for continuance, be accepted, as
the proposition of both 2'Ut graph and Citizen
PfctiJiSm: presented for the vacation of Fisk
street, and for the hiying nut of a new road
Trout, that to Centno street. Read ami laid' up
on the Ublbk.t'1 .' i T.
Ordlnauce submitted by Councilman A,p
UMrp, provuuug,lir tlie payment oi lines, au
posts oi vagraucs ua aisiuruers oi ine peace,
by hard labor upon Ue-r-oads.. Passed oven.
Petition of M. II. Haskell lor "tho erection
of a flight ot iron, stairs on. tlie west Aiduof
Ilatktll's block. Spring slrret ia lieu of
gors- to be conveyed, to. the coqioraUonj.ruu
ulng along: Uie east side of that street, of some
4V j-fest widlhi ai Hie widest part near- Ful
llsr'S stable. After some discussion' lultloer
fi until, due notice by publication be given..
Tho following bl Is were presented and sp
proved: ' . s
J. E, Watrous, painting engine house $ 5 50
Wm. Howe, labor on park
T. A. Dorinan, trees for park, k . . .
J. A. Cook, 88 shade trees. .... .'. .',
j,X 8 JJaddpeftjW.dpai CSgs. . ..... .
Btr 49
0. ninkrale, repairing pump 1
Ocorge Lewis, work on pnrk 9
i. Mesne 11, police
1. Sinclair, police
Mrs Huil(h,229 loads gravel S3 00
Chas. Merrlinan, laljt on roads K
James Taylr, rad work 83
Ueorge Parker, road work 4 50
Flsk, Sllllmnn & Co., gravel 8 80
Hen. Kenedy, road work 8
Thna. M'Call, road work ltf
Tlios. Downs, road work 9
Andrew Jackson, road work . 0
Lovcjoy, road work Vi
Su.nrvlsor Fuller 12
John Prenllce, toad work 04
Kugene Packard, road work DO
Harvey Dobell, roadjWork A
M'Uargle, road work ZH 50
Israel Warren, road work 0
J. II. Chapcll, police 8
Wm Trim in r, repairing lock-up 11 7.1
James Thorpe, Marshal 10 25
Q. C.Culley U 43
J. Eddy, police service 0
Wm. Heniiiek, wnlch 2 months.,.. 100
11. R. Hollk, (tare or engine 0 65
Telegraphing bill Mayor 1 25
Edwnrd Blakcslce, lumber 44
Gip. Fox, gravel 1
The terms uf lr. Furrington and E. A.
Hitchcock us members of the Board of Health
having expired, Dr. Farrlngton and James
ltecd were nominated and elected fur the long
term uf tlurec years.
An early meeling of the Board of Health
was asked for by Mr. Geoppimicr, in reference
to steps recently lukeu for the abutuuenl of
ills' glue factory.
On motion, voted that the sum of ft Oft he
paid to the Band for the present yeur, for
turning out with the lirtinen, playing m the
reon, &c and if their services were required
on the 4ih, an additional sum of $50t
Adjourned lo Monday evening uext.
The Bo-ikd or Health was called togclh-
by Couiicitinan Geoppinger on Tuesdy af-
lern:on last, and was organized by full num
bers, and tlie qualification of the two new
members Farrlngton and Reed. As now con
stituted the Board consists of Drs, Farrlngton,
Hubbard and Eames, Ge-x. C. Hubbard, Geo
Willard and James Reed, and Edgar Hull,
Clerk. The coming together of the Board
ns not for the purpose of abating any new
r recently developed nuisance, but to go over
the ground again and consider the character
f Geopplnger's Glue factory. This old bone
ol contention has come up Hgaln by a move
ment on the part of (he citizens of that neigh
borbood to see what virtue there is in law, to
rid themselves of the stenches that rometimes
make their residences very tutcouifortublc, ll
not unwholesome, and poisons the stream
running by the factory, along its whole length
below, and mulcting its waters unfit lor any
omestlc use or for watering of animals. As
as stated last week, nn injunction had been
served upon tlie proprietor, and his business
stopped. Of course this necessitated some ef
fort ftt relief from the difficulty, and hence the
all for the meeting of the Board. The ob
ject, therefore, it will be seen, was in the glue
factory iulerest, not for the purpose ofubatlug
nuisance, but ufter a pretty thorough
cleansing of tlie premises, to show to the
Board lhat the complaints about these noisome
smells, which have come up from that neigh-
orhood every summer for a score of years,
re without fonnduliotk The Board of Health
therefore, is sought to be used evidence
that the manufacture of glue, ns carried on nt
this point, in the midst of a thickly settled
illage, is without objection, nnd (ho people
f that, locality grunt aud complain without
cause. cr reason. After consulting the law in
reference Iu. nuisances and th e powers of
Boards of Health, tho B.iard visited tlie facto
ry, tnd examined the premises pretty thor
oughly, and the stream passing through line
premises, and questioned the proprietor ubout
the mode of manufacture and the causes of
the coKiipluints made ag-iinst the business.
After which an adjournment was hud to
Wedeusday evening.
The meeting of the Board of Iljultli on
Wednesday evening wns occupied mainly in
lie dUcussion of the subject of nusisaiices, nud
what constituted a sliilut'wy nuisance, or
w ithin the province of a Board of Healih.
The delude was some what irregular, and took
a rather w ide rauxe. Doctors were found to
li.-sge. Dr. Eames u Chi med lhat the odors
from decaying animal matter wcro nvu
phitic Injurious to health aud lite, while Dr.
Hubbard denied h. The discussion, howev
er, was a I'm it less- one, us every member of the
Board seemed to have lusnpiuion made up
not to be ebanged by any thing that wus
brought out iu I lie discussion. Dan'l. Mitch -
ell wns elected Health Officer, without oppo
sition, and Dr. Eambs submitted a paper de
fining his views noon Uuj matter iu hand,
which concluded wilh the following pream
ble and resolutions. As the Dr. was called
away, his vote does not appear in support of
these resol utions s
Kheeeai the Glue Factory of Mr. GeoDpii-
gei while in active operation must necessarily
poisou uieauiuispuere aiuiaue sircum on wiucu
it is situated and endiingi t to some extent
the health and comloft ot that neighborhood
and whereas Its removal will be aliunde U with
considerable trouble nud expense Hi solved
1st. that we eariustlv request the illnge
Council to provide un ordinance lor Us speedy
removal, and 1 hat we ieco4nmend Hint
fund be raised either ftom the Village Treas
ury or by toulrMiulion from those Interested.
or tiy both, sullleient lo uelray the actual
expenses ol such reweval. Question called
Geo. C. Hubbard, no. ; 8. II. Fariiiglon, no;
Geo. WilJuud.no j. J. C. Hubbard,, no ; JLauics
need, yes.
Arricei, May 10h, scow Perry White, Capt.
Biker, from Erie, with cool to Dunhar & Co.
Arrired, on the llTtb Inst., barge Eliia, Cupt,
Croft-, from Bay City, Mich., with 150 M feet
pine lumber t ) Prentico aud Hitchcock.
floured, Mny 17.th, scow Ferry White, Capt.
Baker, for KiugsviUe, Cunaday for railroad
t'WfA on tlie 20lh lust, bargo wa. Cupt.
Croft, light, for Sandusky.
So far tlMrly'ntw-vessels have orxlved at
Detroit the present season.
Cleveland & Pout Btanlbi. Tlie stea
mer City of Sandusky leaves Clevelund every
Monday, Wednesday aud Friday evening for
Port Stanley.
The schr Mary Buttle- ssnived st Port CoK
borne Wednesday night, tlio main and tlie
nWs.eamasU carried away in a squall on Lake
The Bhrge -fftaa cleurcd light fr Sandusky
on Miindav last. Before- her oargo- was out,
dispute arose belwecmthe owner nnd Prentice
& Hllchcock, eonignees, sbout the point
delivery and discharge. The unloading was
suspended, and ne agreement being effected!
she put oft', with her consort, tlie Tug llsr-
cule; on Wednesday morning, running her
MQ' risks of the penalty ol violating her
manifest and oalh of her muster. Owner Mc
Curly ovav And lhat be baa taken on a great
er load than lie will be aui lo cajttr.
Thk Zftreuteshas siooe arrived at Cleveland
and been taken into custody, and afjbe of$2o
imposed, for the violation of the mifsst
Railroad Mattrs.
Naw Time Table. Hupl. ll'Cor lies
brought otM s new lime table for the A. V. St
P. road, whic h tnlu s effect on Monday next
May 20lh. The leliyrath tabln has been cor
rected snd will b found relUhlu.
Our railroad companies in their progrc to
the harbor are becoming In earnest, and sluiw
thnt enrneatneM by continuous lalwr 7 '.)
In the week. Last Sunday the force of both
companies were at work grading, while the
U H. & M. H. wers petting down pkb-s tit the
bridge which I to span the crek.
The A. Y. t P. line, below the Ution,wi;l
be so far completed this week, It In expected,
as to nduilt the pamngo of trains over it lo the
h irlwrr. Considerable business iu the way of
freight swaits the opening of bimineaH. The
docks are also in such a Male of fomaidm-aa
a lo admit of their uie as soon ns the track U
down, and the trains In readiuesN for moving
Tho Mahoning Coal Road Is nlio about
ready fur biwluess, and we shall, II, en-lore,
have In a lew days, competing lines for tlie
Younjs'lown and Pittsburgh busiuess. Though
the harbor division bus, as yet no dock con
nection for the opening uf lake commerce, the
line, however, Is down to I lie creek and an en
gine luade a trip lo the "Elm Tree" ou
Wedensday Inst. As soon as the bridge ia up,
which, we understand, Is being framed and lo
be brought upon the ground ready tube erect
ed, the whale line to near the poiiiouu bridge
will be ready for the tie aud iron.
HfNo railway abuse, in the opinion of the
Erie Investigating Committee, requires imme
diate attention so much as tlie leasing of rail
roads. As the law now stands. Din-dors,
without asking the consent of stockholders,
can lease their property on terms which
amount virtually to a sain, nnd in this way
sacrifice their rights ns well ns the public in
terests. The Committee proposes t3 meet lids
evil by a general taw prohibiting the Ic-iMng
of any line le another lhat is competing mid
parallel, and allowing those only to- uuile
which arc continuous and connecting. In any
case, tlie consent of three-fourths of the stock
holders must be obtained.
Tns Ashtabula Cu.SabuatuSciiooi, Con
vention will hold its uext annual meeting at
West Andover on Wednesday ami Thursday,
.May 20 and 30lh, 1873. Hour for meeting on
Wednesday, 1 o'clock, p. M. Subjects as
signed as follows :
1st. The object of Sunday Schools, Rev. J.
X. McGifferf.
2. Duty of church members to the S S.
both in regard to lis success and active
participation in Its exercises, Rov. J. Brown
and F. C Farley.
3. Tiie appropri ite u to o." blackb i ir 1 In S.
S. exercises, nud illustrations, Prof. J. Tuck
erman, and Mr. Tisdel.
4. S. S. Teaching, R-v. Mr. Morion.
The model S. S. Teacher, Prof. Johu-
Singing iu the S. S. Rev. G. W. Phin-
S. S. Literature, Rev. S. D. Peel.
The best method of conducting the S. S.
to keep up the interest, Dr. Hitchcock and
Mr. G. W. Waite.
9. Relation of the Pastor to. the S. S. Rev.
D. L. Hickok.
lo Who shou-kl bo teachers, and how cho
sen. Rev. II. D. King.
11. How much lime should he occupied in
S. S. exercises, Rev. R. SI. Keyes.
12. Prayer in and for the a S., R;v. S.
W. Sin eter.
13. Iul'aut class instruction Mr. A. D.
14. Passage of Scripture, promises to
children, Convention .
15. Address to children, Revs. 8. Chafee,
Lake and Wells. Tho service will be nt 2
o'clock v. it. oil Tlutisday, and nelghborln g
Sunday Schools lire invited to. be present
17. Senium en Thursday evening, Rev
Mr. Wells.
Those wishing to attend tho Cunvenlioai
will find teams at the Depot In readiness for
the end-ot-the-spoke is still iu motion and
fast working to the surface. Our people
are exclaiming "Let those laugh who win."
The greut te with us, of course, is the ad
tent of the curs. Already do we see people
from the Slute of Wayne. Greeneiles, Cole
broukers, ISiiiiaiis, Uartsgiovers, lumbermen
from the bills of Hunlsburg, WindsorUins and
duellers of Mcssopotnmia, flocking to our de
pot. Over thirty years ago, iu anticipation of
luluio need, nud for their present necessity,
our fathers built n broad highway past Ibis
point, nnd this Spring we, their children, have
re worked it from the very bottom. The daily
Rail Ronder informs us IhM thus fur twice as
much business has been dona at this station as
at uny other point between Ashtabula and
Morgiaik So you s.-e, Mr. Editor, what an
advantage thoughtful ancestors sometimes
are. What could we have dune wltu all tnis
rush of business, if, like some of our neigh
bors, we bad beea without a road t. our sta
tion I
Oui citizens have recently raised the money
to btiy three aeres ot land, in addition to that
already owned by the company at this place.
This w ill furnish excellent building accouuno-
dalioosy a-nd we have no doubt w llr.be duly
appreciated by Iho powers that bo. The road
at Ibis poiut will command the shipping of a
district extending eighteen miles east and
west by fiye miles Iu breadth a yery rich dai
ry nnd farming eoaalry. We have an doubt
this business will, ultimately, be much hi-
crensed by a branch road to the inexliaustible
quarries of Windsor. Such a road can be
easily constructed from- the place.
We understand that Spring has reached
Nashville we are looking for a small install
ment of it hero In- a few days. Indeed, one
family olt-eady reports a brood ef ehlckeus,
Wo huv had oi every day for a week pBstr
still our larmers are plowing iu hiutgiualiotx
May 13th, 1873. O. K.
C. E. Fox has purchased a house aud lot of
Charles Philips, fi $1,500.
ea-fltokes is druwbig near the end, wbatev
er it is to be. The Court of Appeals ba de
cided to begin bis trial, the last ha can have,.
on the 201 b inst.
Whim tsidrla eheniieS than you can make
them at Tvi.BU Jt Cari.iw.b's.
The Cashmere Boquet Toilet Soais
w hich so much is snld for ite fragrance, is for
sain at Swift'b.
Save MmjT. lo.ooo liiilU of Wall Puper
at cost fos tweuty days at
Floweu & Mattbrson's,
Dress Makiho Uhe subscriber ii prepared
to receive order for Dress Makiug sod will
give her attention to cutting and filling ladies
dresses In the most Auulonauie siyie, snu wuu
due degree of promptness snd dispatch,
ber rooms over, ihe People s Store, .slain M
AshtHbuln. tS175t Mbs. Robekts.,
Bangui bs Uu Bosli-ry sod Gloves at
Txlbb, Si CAutata'i
We have tlie satisfaction of feeling that St
last Hie y fang of winter are thoroughly
broken and venial spring, with all her wont
ed life, vigor and beauty, U with ns, cUanglne
) tho somber and dutliiiMof ft and mud
Into good roads, pasture green, and brauteona
meu'hi, forest being rloilii-d In rich and
luxuriant foliage, lazy lui-a humming, and
leathered Bongaler pouring forth tUfr sweet-
eat melodies on (he morning air, making the
earth s bright and lieatililul a can tw ; and
wllh all this life and vivacity, we Jefferson
have caught the uiin! Milrit ol life and more
than Hie usual display of i neiy, it would
em, I displayed iu our inldnl. Enterprise I
a lunt'-rial which ia In no wise lacking with
us, being maniftnb d in that form wliii h indi
cates a fitui, steady and Le ilthy xrowlu In all
desirable improvement. Our streets are I
Ing filled up in good style, tml vxui w ill l,e
fit f "r the fastest or slowest dilving, and
should any of the young bloods of Ashtabula
desire a fine chance of di-plny ing themsi lvrs
and their girls, and driving of whatsoever
sort It may be, they will find our Boule Yard
a delighlful place In gratify Iheir desires.
There is going lo be something done In the
w ay lit building, and improvements in ikis
kind, and in the way of trade, we judge, Irom
the wdl-filled stores ol Ir-hh spring goods
and the more than usual numlrer of purchas
ers, that this ib-partment of industry will re
el' ve more than Its usurl nin iuut custom.
We speak not as a pnihet, but only 1 1 con
sideration of circumstances as Ihey nppcur to
us. In the first place, our merchant of all
sorts, dry Koods, groceries, boots and shoes,
millinery, it., seem to have got a much better
nnd mote extensive slock of goods mid they
spcni lo have put the prices down to u rati?
where it would se'iu they intend to live and
lei live; nnd llien, connected uiih this, the
Idea that we nr.? in a good location, accessible
by rail, &c, wc c inuolbiil tiiink Ibut trude
will be good with ns this season.
We notice Hi it Ashtabula lias been tnkine
measures to prevent tfiat malarious and dis
tempered atmosphere which warm wealher!
and decaying milter, in towns, engendeu,
which in our liiimhlu opinion, is mo-t wise,
nnd in our congratulation we have also the j
pleasure of stating that Jelfcrsm is in uo wi-c
behind in this rasped.
Oar B nird of li.-allh have been most active
and vigilant In searching out all debris and
filth and places where seels of ill health
could cougri eale, and then Usuini; edicts und
tusnil'esens and we suppose bulls, nil
to the effect that said nuisances must be imme
diately removed or l.i lieu thereof one IK-nry
B. Tutlle would soon be around to do the
same, at tile expense ol the owner of tlie
preinisi s. As near as we can learn tin; results
nre highly gratifying, tlie Board not having
had to enforce Iheir rules by tde decapitation
ol a single suliject. Their powers lire iliiuiit
al.K In the way of amusements wehav-e to state
that the Austinburi; l.tlitlools met thejeffi-r-sou
Fighiiug Tigers in a muiie of bae ball on
Ihe fair trouud.on Tuesday lasl. U which the
"Tigers" come out first, by ri.-hl billies. The
game stood as we learn, 3'2 for Jeffcrton and 24
for Austiiiburg.
Hon. D. S. iVinle is to give a lecture this
evening in the Brick Church, as a benefit for
the Organ fund. He relume K Montana on
Saturday. , .
Hon. Ii. F. Wade letuned home a few days
Hon. II. B. Woodbury spent Inst Sabbath
at home returning: to Cleveland on Mondr.y.
Miss Annie Howell of the "luter Ocean" is
speudiug a tew days tit Ivome.
We nmsl close Imping the readers of the
Telegraph will V more hiterestod with our
letter than we are, nnd thai in the future that
ever delusive bourne, we may be able to pro
duce a healthv letter. Respectfully,
May 22 1873. JOSH.
Lakk Fukihiits from Chicago were easier,
quotable at 5f to 5e for corn to Buff ilo, nud
6 to 6Jc for v bent, closing nt the inside.
Tut Yellow stone, u river of Montuua and a
tributary of the Missouri, which it joins nt the
poiut where the later crosses the boundary
between Montana and Dakota, is found to be
' navigable for n large part of its course. An
exploring expedition under the charge G-n
George A. Forsyth hns just ascended the riv
er iu one of the largest steamers ol'the Upper
Missouri. They report Unit, although the
water wns lower than for three yenrs before.
the river was navigable ns for ns the Powder
River and 80 miles farther it's slight obstruc
lion in the channel be removed.
tylt is expected that the Boston and New-
England R. R. Co. (old Boston & Erie) w ill
soon put a loan of ten millions on the in irket
to raise Cinds for the completion of ike portion
of their road west of Waterbury, CI.
CSPNow arises a controversy about the
Trwesd ale bridge. S inic experts ssy it is a
miserable pattern, and others any just the op
posite. All we know for certain about it is
that travelers will not enjoy iron bridges as
U :y did before the Dixon catastrophe.
t?Tln John Sluiirl Mill the vol Id loses one
of its clearest thinkers. He untdu little figure
hi British politics, but was one of those solid
Englishmen who spend their lives in solving
suclt as they can of the great problems villi
which political and social science is so terri
bly complicated. Aan-rica is loo young, aud
too money-making a country, to produce such
men as yet.
Book Notices.
The June number of that time-honored
monthly, llu I'ltreiiologitnl Journal, nminNiius
its character for excellence and progression.
Its long table of contents discloses a freight
age at once timely, interesting andedilying.
This valuable journal w ill commeuce iU UJ'ty-
se veil lb volume wilh tlui July number. Sub
scription price 3 00-a yeur, or on trial, $1 50
for six mouths. 30 cenls single uumJjurs, 8. R.
Wells, New Y'ork.
Bckisnbb FokJckk. Among th striking linliirc
of Bcibnih's fur Juue are N.l. LaiiKford'a rulertkluiue
and lendll(ly.llluslratel account of "Tho Accent of
Mouut Uajden ; a new picture and Moi j;t.y or l)rt t
HarK-, tlltistrutnl papers on C'liraetl VniVerelty and
Our Poalal Car barvioe ; a cnwuuaaud lniporiaut pa
per by Su. Walker, auperlufi-ndent of the late t nu.ou.
Uie relutlve luccewe, by blrttai, of tho "Anicr-
can tolali and American (Jermana ,-" "A heuuoe wlui'
Fo.tr the Mpiraualist ." and an article by Prof W ie,.
the well knowu acruuanl, iu oppofltiou lo Hie received
theory of the tldua. Au luterui-tlug account of a
vielt to the Pup la givu and tlioroi aro two oapltul
hurt atoriea, "CapL.Luce'a Kuemy, by Jane T. Mc
Kay; aud "An Old-raeuiomd blury." by Marian
SuicktDD ; besldea thu cuntluuillou of Dr. Holland
"A rlli w Mouulcastls wblelt the hero baa a New
Year'a Experience, nr. Ilrilland, In "Topics ol tno
Time," dti-cuaiM "i'ue Aalauiio Uisaior and ita Le-
aon, " .'ouciuuce atiu couneay io i mimu.
Ihe "Old Cahluet" there are a halfa d.ueu aonncK;
"Hume ana Society" aud Kiciuuiia am mure mu u
nally full, and In the "Culture aud Viagra there are
beaWUsa Uw huok-revlew. arilclea ou "1 he W illlaul
Marsria W indow aud oiher an mnlier.
'The Orcal Houth" aerk-a will Ue commenced in Ihe
July number uf Boiiibnhb
Ladies don't full lo examine the stock of
llamburg Embrodery, at 1't.lb & CalidLk's.
Lookat the gseal barnnius iu Parasols,
Tiler & Carlisle s
Ella C. Tiiisoii,OrgttuUt at the Presbyteri
an Church,, is prepared togive lessous on the
Piano, Organ and Melodion.. Persons wishing
ber servioes please enquire at A. Q. Bxydeh's..
Dou'l fail to buy your Curpr Is while Tiler
& Carlisle sreolfutlugthcrtt.aUauoh very low
prices. . , v '
Ed. TtlrarnpKi
On Ihe 17ib lnt tl deed body of a mm
was found by Mr. Milton Wwodworlu and
other on the shore of Ihu lake, near Ihe firm
Mr. Woodworth.
M. W. Wtlirhl Esq. with Dr. J. Parahall
repaired to the shore, and a Coronersjiiry come
the following conclusions and facts that
iiid person mere to hi death by drowtring.
and al a period remote a but lall and thai
fron il vi ly good atate of preservation, the
body nasi have been frozen, moat of, or all
the winter. Said body or person wasO ft high
teeth natural and extra fine In fact perfect
in every e.iec. Age from 25 lo B3 yearn,
floth ii t-lnit drawers and pants witbpocketi
and oil cloth verill knit under rlilrt and
dark striped flannel shirt wllh high shoes
lared around his ankles, with colored Widen
sock. Hair all gone nnd In form w a stout
built. Tho body waa enclosed in a box pf
pared for th purpose and Inb red In a bury
ing gio'-.nd in that viciniiy.
Dr. E. it. Weliater's sicknets la enaailng
the nit i ntion of most every one and up' to t.ie I
past thirty hours. For the last two or three
days we bad nrroed the word wa over,
bul alas, on yi-sterduy the fever came on In
all Its fury und the united skill or Drs. Hard
Hsbbard, Yi'ard, &c, seems lo le at fault.
The spinal fever is of such a character I guess
Unit when the patient apparently g'-ls well is
then only in the Cist stages of the disease.
Our n-lhburs on Ihe lake shore and contig
uous thereto, have, by the right of franchise,
sought to "s-cede from lite- Union'' aud set up
an independent school district, and by notices
duly posted, n meeting was called on Ihe 17th
int., and tlii.ueh a very d-ci-ive vote, the
whole question of being linked to Kingsvitic
tow nship for fclu.l purposes, w as summarily
di-Hsed .l .ii ll.e nrgatitc side of die ques
tion. Now, this i Iheir pn roiraiive, per
haps, under the old law, bul from Ihe terms of
the new 1 iw, v Inch went into (IT i.-t on the 1st
of May, ills sud they nny fully reaiiz, if
never lt n-, llial tln-y Lave cxp- r'n nced one
of the "ninny slips l twixt cup nnd lip," an I
if the effect Is mortifying lo soni ov'r s -iisi-tive
natures as consequent on the fa!ur of
their plan, we would say "b t bygone b- by
irones" and let us "shake bauds over the
blo'idy ehnuis," nnd nixxi, when b -lter nc
oi-iinted, will find Wv-.can trot in Ihe same
harness togei r yet.
The St. Cloud hotel at North KingsviMe,
lias a landlord w hose name Ki th is synony
mous of succf ss coming of good I nidl ird
stock, nn-1 then Ihe location of Ibis hot' l is
one of advantage, and we b:s))e:ik for it de
served success.
Last Sabbath rooming;. Mr. Edwin Dibell
occupied Ihe desk wilh Rev. Hickok, of the
Presbyterian church, aud preached a dis
C2T There seems to he tome feeeii'ig iu the
Norther.i Presbv teri in A"senibly, and partic
ularly ai.iong the t'etern delegates, ngainst
the Board ol Public ilion of the Church. No
such charges of dishonesty and fraud arc-
preferred HKainst it ns have made the Metho
dist Book Concern an object of attention. It
is accused only of expending the ChurcUmon-ej-s
nnd rendering no account thereof a
course which, i is urired w ith plausibility, no
body uf men, however respectable, Lave a
right to pursue.
NdTici. live or six tkuuaand feet of lieoiluvk
Fencing fur sale al market price, by
R. L. liROVEB. Klniravil.c, Ohio.
Pine Lcikb.-Mr. Q C. CetXEl ra agent for Mr. J.
M. Clark. lo- baa left town, fur clearing oat hit etocfc
of Pine Lumber, stacked np and prc-tty well a:asone:l.
at the Centre etreet elation. Those In want will find
this a good opportunity for pprchaing .
WhehS Shall wb bct oca BooKaJ The name or
Inhain Clarke A Co., of Cleveland, to widely known
that It baa boemne almost a "bonaehold word" to our
readers and to our Bttnday-achools, appear In our ad
veriialns eolumea to-day. Their miin aalearoom at
17 Superior street, 170 feet in length, la real empori
um of books, and ia the general reaort of reading peo
ple, while their wholeaale department la well supplied
wilh sclioul books, atatiouery. albuaw etc., for the Job
bing trade. This Br in aapply books in every branch of
Literature, Law, Medicine-, Science and Religion. They
also supply puMIc and private libraries with all books
new or old, American or foreign. With their 80,000
volume of Sunday-school books they are able to meet
the wants of any S. S. Library of whatever denomi
nation. Such a collection of boufca idilfe our
renders to call and see when they go to the city, aad
in behalf of the arm we extends welcome to every
To Couumptlc,-The udvertlaer. havlLg been
perauineutly ctliteloC thai druad die&iHt, i'unsau ption,
by a simple remedy. W auxiomi to make knowu o his
fellow euUVrers the means of cure. To- all who desire
it, lie n ill send a copy of the prescriptaa used, (free of
charge,), with the ttretiun for prepariac aud uing the
tame, which, tht-y will Snd tun Van Jar Cotuumpion,
At'hma, Brmehte t -.
Parties wlshiua th pcescrlutlon will please address
168 Peim Street. Wimarwbm-gh. N. T.
The Improved No. 9 Graver It Baker Shuttle
Scwina Machine sell rapidly wherever Introduced. It
has many decided poinu of eaeaUuaae- wbieb p'Jice it
at Ihe head ol tha anny competftcra lu the market. Ws
offer very liberal inducements tocanvasaets lu Northern
Ohio, bend fur circulars and terni.
SmljrW 8tPnbllc Bq.. Cleveland. Q.
M e Claim Uiat Mis Smzn'a Salts la entirely
different from all utbera.
Thai there are a great many boot) Salve offered
fur aale but uue as goo-J a Miss Sawyer' balvu.
That every fanillv should have a box.
That It will do all and even mora than It 1 recomput
ed to dov -
Put np rn boxes at 50 cents each. Bold by all Prug.
gtst . T.'1-.'in
Iu Perry, on the Vst lf. at the residence of .1. .1.
Thomou, father or the Bride, by Rev. J N. Mctflrrerr.
Mr. Wiluam 9. SaaTTt'CK, and Alisa iEiu-i C. Tuoa-
in i.toahnU M.r inA hv Rev. I. O. FUher. Wu. A,
CHSiVma. of ludiaua, m& Mis Unix II. llDUDot.it, el
in i pmif Mav 7i Ii. bv Elder K: D-irthnlomew. On-
lanisi L. Hall, of Union City, Pa., and Misa Id il.
i .. uin.iviiu Vi, m.h. hv Sct. I.. D. HickoK B.H.
Phvuub and M'li tuXABtlu J. ELaoN, bvtu vl
i Kk..mlrf .An tAiQthrfav of Mar. br Andrew J
Wh.pple, J. P., Mr. Okbib I). Babcoik, oi Mii,K, V.,
to Altse LIOLLT ANN UANNAL, Ol oueuiciu. . -
Ashtabula Market.
ASHTABULA, May 24th 873.
Dealers pay tin fuHswlug J'tici s.
Wheat-No. 1 White ,
1o No. t ltvd..
Conn Shelled. -
uo In the ear
Oath, nut
riitiBU ArrLEa
Potatok, new
Cohn MbaL per ton
Cnoerao Kbbu Corn and oata.
I no to 8 00
1 80 to 1 85
40 to J8
II to 18
10 Ui 18
18 SO to W
81 00
tH (Ml
ASHTABULA, May 24th 873. From the Chicago Tribune.
The Ch
on Tuesday,
pork was rn
caeo produce market were generally weirttor
iv In rpl'eof courinocd bad wealher. Jle
mora active, and 0c per hrl lower, eloein.
am IKI rush. Lard was moneraieiy aeiive, aun w
?.erlTio Va I "werTat t for winter, and 1.S0 for
furnnier rendered. Meat war; dull nd nDchanged
it KVA11X for aweet pickled ham. t;k frelabl
were active and c lower, cioalog t 50 for corn i lo
Buffalo Floor waa active aud ateady. Wheat waa
null and 1(3- lower, cloatug at SI.S8 cah, and il.fi!'
iellerJune. Cirn waa moderately actlv. and lnlwe
d .Mnir t 8B);c cash, and 8" aellir June. Oata
more tetlve and. U lower, cloalug at 81 caah. and
s-jwo, teller Jun.. Uy waa qulat and firm ' wc.
Bir ey waa onltt and uncbauired at 71(SD for No. S.
I'h .toctaf irraln tu .tor In the city of ; h18n.on,J'
uitlay last wr. 618.SI7 ba wheat, 4.RU.0a4 bu corn,
t !W5." ha Oiita. -il lu ry. 8S.8l bn harWy. Total
T.OW.881 bq, or l.rt, Jw let than we MVl
Hoc oponad weak and lower, bnteloaa-d Srm (.S4
CUle d tkp r fairly actJv. ,
1SLST T'1tr,
tAKlKM' mTfXK. arid
lUaaanv other hrmw In 1h Wt.
114 &. 116 Hank Street.
c ft .
j ii a
M K in Q
5 i
S 1
t i
a ms
V5 3
f. 1
j -
3 to
5 i "
H "2
w ?
i a ; s
"2 5i
E -
C 3
s H. 3
ef a
t Z
i 4
5 i
i ?:
" 6
- -c
15 5
w p.
C -J
c w
t a
lsriMAJtr, airnrmtros mtwrr, cLivrLAJB,
tj- ttlllirlimi--' ' I
Wall Paper I Wall Paper I
May he be amt the bext eWct-d stock of Wall Paper
iu every variety of aryle ever offered for tale la KurtU.
ern Ohiov AU poraoua aocdlnn
Paper lluujiiy, "Wlnduw iJtaJ uW
will Unit It to ftieir interest lo eive im aarJ brr pur'
ha4ing eltewbere.
IhMi't forcet the place, oppaalle tba Ashuliula Ilotiaa-
Ashlabula, Youn?stown dc Pittsburglv
Bail EoadGoDgany.
AHTArt a. f. Alt MtS. HOI.
rPlIE .Annni.l Meeliiif otilhe (to(-k-
l bolder ofli t'onipany tirtheeleclknof Direct
ors for the eiisuini; vear, nnd fur the transaction or
other appioiiiiate hirliiess. will be heldai rlw omee of
CompiMis. In the Inenrporaied Villaire of Awxa'muu.
Ohio, o Wediiewlyy the 4ih dav of Jan it. at:
rleven o'clock A. M. F. felLLlMA.N, SecrcUry..
ISwlSlS -
Rubber Gpodsl
Of every disrrlpiion including
CLGVUirGt tie.
Alo' Aeenla fur
Uoyt's Leather Belting.
Sol Agent for
Gates' Buck Tanned Lace Leather,
(P2'( Patent.)
Bobber am4 L.eathsr fin BAStie Hn.,
WbolMal and null.
GEO, T. MILLS fc CO.,.
' '(8ocoerloPek M4H.r.,
" ;.'- . I9 BOTJTH WATBK W.I .
Uvanuo' Bkx-k.
i I4T WrlPg cpl'e.
api i t f

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