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iHHf ;
Carrol I ton:
ruioA v.
,....U.VIiCU 15), I8i0.
Yellow Cmk, Carrolllon e 'Amir Rail
Zj iii.--Wij have, ui length, the pleasure
to lay before our loaders ilio Report of the
Engineer of ill Yellow Creek, Carrolllon
mill Zour Rail Rone Of lh inciiis of
lhia report, wo are not prepared tohasvud rom s0 ,0 0(, bs eBch 0i, WtJ
any opinion of our own; but other, in Lis Jay la', one of the hogs died i and,
whose competency to judge we fcnvj im-j one al er another, ail were dead on
plicit confidence, believe lha report to) ' "' l i at which lima the heifer be
exhibit a very correct ixposii uf the pro ; ,:im" Nfcingi a,"il " Tuesday, alter
licabilily ami cnsis of the contemplated
road. Ol one tiling, however, we are en
liruly convinced, ilio estimates ukco
altogether, are ultu id intly rim jjle.
It ii scarcely necessiry fir us lo reitt r
utu the opinion, wlii, h we hue kcre.o
loie yiven, ol the great superiority of our
improvement over any other of ilio prnpu
ecd liuksof connexion between the Ohm
River and the Ohm Canal. Disclaiming
u!l hostilitv ur nnmwitliiK 1.1 Ilia riu..l
, - , ,
6i In mci!, we eoiiddeiillv ln;liee lliul our
Ha l Rwd alfjr le a belt, r opportunity for
u prontuble investmeut nfoapiial, thou
nny other iinprnvouient north of ihe Mu
ki. ,,. VWile.l boiin-l also t.. r, L
rand, in t ih ih-i.hhiiI t.iiint m. i,n i -
irg, the faet should orreat iheutteniiuo ol '
5, ul, miuuiu .hum nit luiflliion 01 .
those win may be disposed tu invest cap ;
ital in public iiiiproveinenl of the kind;),
that Ihe el.aitcrof Ibie company is nut
clogijed with pi oviaoea which ran render
it u dead letter; iht is Ha tititbilily put in
jeopardy by any LcgLlat.oe boon or ex '
elusive i riilege,the eonatiiuii.inaliiy of
which has fe-jii uoul led, end ill which the J
tilt atid lournaniept of poiitical Quixo
tism can be elL'clively directed, I
Wo ask the altenti m nfour readers tu
the Engineer's report, and to the rem ttks '
which acco.i puny it,
Tax Tiruns Thj Auditor nf ibis
county, has milled us to read n copj
of an net passed al the late Session of the
Legislature, and communicated t
In him !
by letter; from which wo learn
. .
(now situated ill thi county) at laX sale
iii Ihe adjoining com ties, and were pro j
vented fro n receivfilg deeds, by the er,; j
lion of Carroll may no v ii'ilaiii deeds
lor lands and town lot 40 purchased, by
making npplieution to the Auditor of ih'o
1 . 1 1 . ,
county til tthien ihe aides wi re mnde.
The act n ieli ws esteem ai a hterarj
maioeuu; an I, believing its provisions In
be of importance to many of our readers,
We shall, at some convenie.il tim , pub
lieh it at laro-,
UrcM i'r,rl A' r. rf. ,.f ih ..,v !
Lisbon 'Aurora,'1 In fng hI,ou hi seek r, -
pose iiernporary, we nope , irom lour
ear's e'ditoi'ial i.ftl. cndeavorti in convince j eluding Voluntce.s. Brigadier Qen
his Vj6rfets,feW (if whom, we fear, ever; eral Clinch stales lha', on the ai rival
hoieru ii'foiiT homblu selves before-, thatjof Co'. Lindsay al Fori H O ike, Tarn
ibe'CelaWt a WHe'tuoiaon in lite Kt o P y. wiih ihe Alabama regiment,
and conduct of ear piper. "VV are n-i
iher musorta nor nnii m isoiH,'' yet we
bubliimvd Mr. Dallas' letti 1 1 We eirqni
rid forllin frtotlyel whi. h iiuluceJ Li lies
to form ant'l slaver) kocjoiie' all I, hence
Mr- Frost discovers ihu want of harm
li V . All llnit w have to lay in ie Iv, i,
We knew not which In admire m st, ihe
t)pngrnphicaleiiiphnsisbfihe Aurora, or
1: riMKuniiw nowera. Uur inn-s is over
upjii for the dicussionnf.iny .i' j..ut con
necicd a itlt
a cntnmon interests of the
pi O i!e, but we iniist be excused outselvi
Irom 'Ushing lilio every rrusidetn which
'sick I) philatthr by'1 uiay give riae.
VV beg lenve lo enquire nf .Mr Fro1!,
whv he COllllllllea, lo pilbliah, at ihu head
of Ins p iper, a seiiiuiicu purporting tu be
a part of .Mr. Dlllaa1 teller, when, in
im b, .Mi . 1). wrote no such ihingf It
leeomst'i us.tb u puttlisbar who claims
o Le iniparllul, nnjht 10 ho aahamed ol
rncli n pervcrviait of any iniu'a ladguage
howover much he mi.bi despise the ni tn'o
principles. Areynu a jenlleman, Mr.
F.o 1.'
fcxpuaifiHg cc enaior fnlk refutea
to nhoy the iuatrucijou of the Legislature
ftf Virginia, upwu 'Hiigraind Ihai, those
'jtintruelions reqiirelum tndo an tineoii
stiuri 011I iiel, Mr. I will r.'ii his
ni in ihe U. S S lilntil, mil h avows,
,ji h is been Ilia Intention, for so, n (irtte
Ifi.Ul, Ui retire, in tim 1 In permit ibenleo
tintl df his sneee-'sor by the IT't li'lIS-
Inlnre. Mr. Iltves iicet!eds Mr. Tyler.
To fl-nernl Aesein! Is if Penravlve.til 1
nnii Maryland have pat lesolbiiuns io
atriiuliug their S r.iior in ''ongiess to
vole iig linat Ilia l''xi.i.ging pr iss, Res
il ut i m iiislruciVng the Tinnei'ii'ij Sen 1
tors in t'otii for expunging, failed in the Le
i;hitur of th ii -jt.ii ;.
fjjT Tim ppiirlioninont Rill, we, learn
frmu ihe Colone'iis papeis, hid oil Ihe
lOthianl.niis.e. I bulll branches of the
Legislature, vV have n,,i seen the I in.
ill have understood that it gives Carroll
Ranrvsenl. Hive; , in, i Cri.e! and ' i-
d'o iim oiih Senator, and one Htltor Sv
fin I81HI V 7,
O'rMr. Kclloy'd rf ply to Mr Duvatll
! will uppeur in ou: next paper.
About i he latter pin of February
las', a in a 1 1 do if came la the farm of
Adam Fifhel, 5 mtlea North if Car
roll;.)" ; ami bit a heif r uf i yeaia old,
and likewise 5 hiK'S that would wciuh
ne ,in in.it h i i iiiit-u uniit. r itu mau-
neas, she wn shot.
March 15 h 1830.
DENT. Bv and with the udrice ami covs nt nf the
IVixliam I) Jo.Nui.ol c incinn.iti,Oliio
to bo Consul for Uikui y of Mexico,
EratUftD C. VVAfitofOlt, lo bo Consul
Inr Trilllduli de Cuba.
an. niir all, llmre lias 1 een an a w f n 1
., ,.,),,, , , .
e ii ihi,i.Ke 111 Lliiua, InuOgll U na.i 110;
swallowed up tbu Citv uf Pekiu. The
lullowing in re inlinnul and probable uc i
u,JU"t 'l '!'fom a Vulpnraien newapa I
I ... .1 !.. .1 , I, V .
m,JUIC .vivemoer, le
1 1 .1 I.,. ,. I .1.. . rr.,. ,1 ., It .. .....
' ' U IHU UJIIVtll Ui If
l 4. Ill, !
,; !. p, (; ,..,, ..,:. ,1. 1
tails of the in 111 terrible earthq'Dika iih I
m ,h meinoiy of man, Thcahocka con
lined at intenala for twenty one d.is.
III is ostim-ttod llaut in that four province
one hundred iiinusaiida houses mum do!
alruyed. The fields were covered with!
dead bodies, and in one ui bury ihemJ
and the survivors ,vere Obliged li live in
the open air exposed to the inelemoncy of
lha weuther, Al Pong Tcchin tha earth !
ouened, and a stream of black wulrr burt
lortb, which oarried wy produce, men,
animals, houe., and whatever it met
wi.h it) its course,"
LATHS 1' FUO vl FLO Hi D .
D commtinlcition rr-ceiveJ si ihe
Adjutant llri.erai's lili'ie from Major
General Scis dated ihe 3JI of teb
ruary, it appears that he ariiv. d a
Picolata. Florid i, ihe day previous
, . f , .. . ' i r
Qeorpt f0,,t n position. He repon
ihe 1st battalion nf Georgia mount) d
men on the south side of the M. Ma
v i re i I.e.,,, , Id , h i, Inn Ol
1 ry' river, and that 1 ho sM moouted
:'b',na:io" h,J m0il probably pommeii- ;
f ceil its march liom Ihe inleiiur ol ,
,, . ,
tieoria. Ihe head coinpmy ol ih- !
, SoufU Oroi( momtvl regiment had :
reached IheOgee'chee. Tne regimeni
of foot from thai State, under Col.
! llfisbane, was at St, Auosiin--, (ii-o
eral Scott received a despatch froni j
iirigadier Qsneral O'inch, dated ihe
of 1?' Oiuaiy, w ih a return of .Ire
. , runpi ui.i, r 11 ,i coin ,,
al Purl
Drjne and its vioini y , d.,U d ihe 17 h.
rtlis r orPC consisted of 5JJ men. m
,i .pr t Derm uainr wi i one ai
iliat place near C, JO J men, nd shun; :
100fiieu.il) I diani. Cr.wic of 8th.
BkAutipVl I.tctORfir. -Ai ihe meeting
ufcitit ns in the MtiluVdiii Ch lrch in
lireeue street, held lsi eveuins, for the
purpoae ul taking measures 10 rebuild the
noble structure know n us " I'll mulliodisl
11 ,ok Ciiueerii,'1 Vi rv Inlorehliil j and I'll
huoesivo oddlvleVe wore delivered by the
IJ .. It ....... II ... I U). ... IS.
11 "V"i """ 11 "
1 IV ... .!. 1.. .1 ..r 1 : L.
,., i, 1,1 ,,,c uuiiiav "i 1., ,e,ij,ii,
Dr. iJuios related ino lollowiuu remark
l. incident. Amone IMo buniimr Iraa-
, mi nt., ui 1 o anu prinieu slicels, win, I)
were whirled aloft Upon wings ul flame, &
borne onward upon muse ol ihu wind, was
n page of the Uible containing ihe tilth
chapter of I sai .1. It was picked up on
the morning nf the conflagration, about
twelve miles d slant, on Long Island, and
before the eaiaairophe was known which
had carried it thither. Il was indeed a
winged messenger of truth, in a double
sense, for the fuel is no less sirikiug than
lutheutic, that every word of the page
was so marred as pi bo illegible, save the
1 ltli verse which read in tho follow ma
'Our holy and beautiful bouse, where
our fut here protect! tine, is bumcd up wuh
lire; and all our picas, ml thillga (Iffl laid
True, there seems no apccial reasnn
why such 11 messilge should havu been
providoillially senl In ihe man who found
il; bul Iho niessagi) was soul, and all hut
the ineHsiiiie obliterated by the mvlanclm
ly occurrence of which ii gave signal in
lelligeuca The leaf was brought over to
I hies city hy Iho finder, nod has been
placed in one of our bookstores. N. Y.
Co n. Ado,
d v:r smalt piece. The affecta
tion of the limes! -This phrase, so
common at dinner tables, is I ho most
unmeaning in the language, or rather
it ha a meaning almost diainetiically
npnoshu 10 iis apparent lignifialiail.
A man ivhn has eaten nothing lor six
hours, qualifies hi demand for turkey
with ' a very amall piece," when, in
fact, he wishes "a very large piece,"
and belere he leav, Ihe lahle appro-
Pr'alf i much q iadruple.1 lo Ihe ap
pascinent of liia aj'pelite. '1'hc iea
der re memberi an old antedate of the,
lady who excUinied, "U.'ar Me, air!
you have helped me lo a can load," 1
when thccarvir presently perceived I
that she had cleared the dish, berarrd
leave to pnd her ' 'another cartload !"
To carvri iVe hint the true me.iriinz
of llm phrase. "A very small piece," ,
f applied in 4 mrk y,' means three !
lices of ihe breast., wire;, and two 1
pnnniful of the rireeitn, I a -little" ;
of the rav y
rwin to,
, , - - .
l ehimedofan ipfte .tr. It i
ol the most vilu.ih!,. aif-i of hatorr.
A little boy, who honoVi ui anme
iiinen ny DeeommjC tne eompani in oitnie vns: the Souih Eaat Quarter of eret
our leisure houri, wan the oihr day !;(), Townabip 13 in Rautfe ("; the So
oflTerrd al i friend's hoosr, a pieea of j
oake whi,'li he refused After we had I
eparied he complained of hunger and
lo our inq t ry why ha ha efee'iried
lo our mq i ry why hi hil tfee'irtea n nange o; enn u.o oouiu
he take, ifplieil, "Oh I vv.iui-i iij1' of the . E- qjarerof
very much, bm I thought i mor ! dt-; n 13,11 li f-hl
cent to refue.' Tins now, is a son : !'irt . oe..n i
r I i f
ol duiiltci'y t.i th eai b f a v nue. i
,, I,, I
lie MIOJI'I OSVB OUen U'H II ll.li IU
,. , , , , .
ri lose, but to have accented with frank
lies?, anoto nave panaarn wi.noui
t.c.3i. For, afti-r all, .v'icre i ihf
sage, the poet, ihe philosopher, ihe
sluden"' Ihu lover, the belle, above a!l
the aoft anxieties and pleain.; agita-
,V. Y. Mirror.
li V H
4arried on Thursday iue luthiosl
hy Ihe Rfli. I). Kotbicker. .Wr.JOHN
I'RBSSEE io Jisi li LAPflN all
of Tuscaravas C'uuiity.
-On Tuesda) the 15 h inst, by
he Rev. John Ren, Mr. JOthN WORK,
Harrison county,
Prom ihe Mnssillon Qeetti
uRAiN VViieaf, ptr Lu3li,
1 03
S li )
j 5l)
I li!
) 88
ii .0
Floor Snpcrdt
e ..u
Flaxseed per I ushel
V i
Chive i do.
7 3
lie ma, s-ni'i! ah,!-, per buh
Mi s, pt'r bW,
!. j:)
I'd 5 1
Key pei
l by bbh
r lb,
icon 1 1 mis, p.
itter Fr, s!i
it -Wind aord
pplei, pir bush,
rcfli a
tViiiti", nr bbi.
M ickcrol, per bbl.
u 00
Ilulti 0,1
( 00
2 V!0
ill per bbl,
;,u, Muscovado 4t N 0 per lb llil'Jt
(..011 1 r v
S 0
Lxil .V Lamp
CuflTee in baga
1 lidt a Qreeu, cart
L.-e'ncr, sole cwt.
Iron - H i n,nereJ, e a 1.
1 Is 1 10
5 00 ;
23,.2i no
ti 00 1
0 00
cwt, a to 10
1 75
7i 50
Ball 00
rjr.l .1
Ii Ap S rouu
IT title Li lie -per UUli
bush' I
X.i. Is S to 10J cwi.
a to lid
Flutter Ground, per 100 lb,
per liusbvl
- in Smne per 20001b
10 00
Glass by ibe bog 1 by "J 3 75 .4 00
8 by 10 4 0O.i4 50
10 by I'd p 00 5 50
Shingles Pin letqmtl per 100'J 3 00
Second do.
Wax Yellow, per lb.
1 allow,
y 1 j
Wiillnm Shields, Dfiiitlit,
Respectfully annouces to f cili
ZJiis of C'jrroliton ami iM vicinity
that ho is prepared to p'rfurm denial
operations of every kind, at the I'x'
change, in Carrolllon. Ladies will
be waited on at their places of resi
dence. Aareh 18th IS36.
BY virtue cf sundry wriU of ft fa el
lee fit, i.isueJ out of iho Court of Common
Pica,-; in and for the canity of Stark in
the St.ite of Ohio, and t me directed,
there will be sold at public sale, on Tues
day, the 2'Jlh doy of March inst. al Bales'
Taoern in Minerva, Carroll Co tnty Ohio
&cfu-Ci-naeio.vnl0o'c;,c;l. .1. aid
5 o'clock '. jI a large quantili of
together with a general Assortment of
MERCIIXNDlSF.-scized and taken in
execution as the property of Dm'd C,
Middleton at the, suit of D an'u I Hunter,
an well ai at the suit of the Bank of Mas
sillnn. If said goods should not be all
sold on the said 20(A day of March; the
tale will be continued; by adjournment;
on Wednesday and Thursday (dO and 31
inst) commencing each day at 10 o'clock
A. M and adjown'aj at b o'clock I1. M
until concluded
B. GRIFFITH, Sheriff,
of Carroll co.
March 181t 1S30.
VaeJtmn itfUr Nttc. Tmm Wffl.
3TA1 'EOF OHIO t )n pail
Cahu'.li Coc.viv
Katharine llrower, widow of David
Brower, iSlizarelfa 11, ib-ene, John llrow
e.r, Isaac BroWer, I'eier ttrowcr, Cilen
Brower, and Caroline Brower, beire t t
Lawr' l,c "J D'1 ,J Ur,wC'. deceased,
" uk" "'"tL'' i4 "fl,,,1," r,"1'1
Z"'" l.TV" y L
it.j. Ill .us ol O.iiiitii'lii rifiin in
t...u.iA i-..... n ' ,
Bliil nn IIIH WMIIII w Bl all
0r Ohio, by Joaeph 0oer, and .a una
UBd.U, hrein .aid JiM-.h ,r .1,,
iiij im B.IU .if ui oai iui ij tin 1 .3. a 10 i
f0,ad, partition of the lol lowing real es-j
until !
Veei quarter of eeciton J, Townrl.tp 13'
in Riuie 6: the Bait half of ihu North I
Bt quarter l aactiou 84, Townabip 13
n Rang f ; and tt.o Souiii half of the
q Mr er ci aocuon oj, '
oi o seven h .
it lolled V net :
Kin 1 1 1 1 1 tu i1, i cu i y i f 1 1 1 ' j
. . . . "
er in sil t lands Le asstoi
erallv. tttnl lh.it In r I) i i I
I or in o .i taiicli Le . .i 'ii' U tiie s.i.ii
, .r ,. . r 1
'aulianue Ur,wi r as widow of Ui.lJ
u, . , r... ,i i ,i ,
BruWtTi oe' e-iscj ; anJ Uiit ul ,,i next
Ur,n ur iaMi ri,ulfi HUUUrim, w,;i u
in fie oy me salt, j .S' p:i u ower lor an
order thai partition nny be made uf (aid
r- f.iis t.
Pearce, Starkweather, At J rvis,
A i rnni foi i) miiiuun.
March I8lh, ISKJ.
Co rm AO it Pltat Vacation uttr N.it.
Henry Dickinson J
vs All
lac!, mc r,t.
Samuel Ilirs'
All persons interested will takr r,o
lice, that Henry Dickinson on th 12 h
'il,'f. j,ch A" l MJ3 5,"',i c,,t a
writ of attachment irom the Cuuri of I
l ornr.uii I lets, 01 Lurol l.ounli,j
Stale uf Ohjb'i against Samuel litis.,
'or ih - Mini tfOne hundred ai.d s x v
two Dollai'l and ft T y cc".'s which
writ has been s. rve I and re u,i.e i. !
D VN'IELM'I OOK Clerk 0. (J l.
I'eafct, Starkweather, i,- Jarvii ,
Attorney for Plaintiff.
M arch 15 h I83R.
AUG 11 ON.
n ituction ii H. K 3
i .5 a 1 1 , ii , v
,v of il.is m ur.h.
Match li b, IhllV
Tin ; in i f J i l:-ou & Tien s,
1. 1,1
, nsviiig n hi rllssoiveo uv consent, 1 ti
j tin mi es v, ii he cm ri d on. in future.
by TliS N.N & Co', in Ihtj wmc
j shop; whefe they me ,ji,p,r,d lo ex1,
I ru e all 1 rdeis in their Hue upon it.
i si,.,rii si notice,
i (.'.irrollior, M ireh Um I63u.
NO I'lCR is hereby givn lo ilie
Rlecton i f 1 he I) irousrh of Carrolllon,
thai .hers will bi an Klection he'd ai
Ilia Court II mm, on Ihe jeeond Mon
day (1 liti) , 1 . ir I nr x', bet ween the I
hours of 1 1 a"d 3 1 .'clock cf siid diy.
for the purpoiu i ftlcrling one Presi j
'leni, one Rccnrder, li vo Truatera, one
Aj! vi,r, one Tree urer, one Town
Vlarahal, and one S reel C imn it in j
er, agreeably 10 the Aci Incorpori ing '
the I'own of ('a' rollton,
T1I0S. I!. II R!IAU0J1 Rec'r. J
P, rrollxin. March I lh, lS3o.
S hereby given lo ail arsons in
lerested. that at my miar.ce a
'vrii ofattachnienl waathtaday iued
by Jam s II. Itoil, a Justice l. .lie
peaee of Washington Townabip, in
the County of Carroll, aamst the
Goods, ChaUtli, (litfhis, Credit-, mo
neya and (T-cis of Grafton Uaker, an
absent Cl btor.
March .) h 1S30.
L. II. DAVIS most enrnesily
solicits all who have accour.is with
him, to cjII and maUj seltlemeni.
Many of t he accounts on his books are
of several years standing; and, having
prepated himself for sijunniiir njf, he
hopes this call will be attended to, by
all who are in any way iuterrs'td.
Crrrollton, .March I III) IS3G.
N. H. CM. Davis is determined
to do work cheaper than ever it has
been done in Carrolllon, heretofore,
and in a neater and much better man
ner than it can be done in any other
eatablithmeut cf the kind in the place.
He hasjnsi received the la'est New
York & Philadelphia fashions for I lie
ensuing spiing and summer. Cash,
or produce! al a fair pric, will ro
taken in pivmeol for work.
I will offer for ti.ilo al Public Auction
at ihu Iho donr of the new court house.
between Ihe hours of 10 and 2 o'clock, on j
tho 1st day of April 1 cloca, 1 Bale, SI ,
sickles, and some oilier trifling articles. ,
WM. JOHNSON, Cum. of Imolr. j
A'so, ul Ihe same lime and place, on i
hureao, several bedstead, one table, a
quanliiy of books, a lot of joiner tools,
sundry neat and faahionqble engravings,
pnintinga, iV - ''oih with nnd witlioui
frames logelher with Romo urticies ol
great uutiquiiy and much curtusilv,
W J.
Feb. 11, 1S30
'ti,; nmi.iinaBil.iirauBuivvBMagajBa
Sale af Low in the A'atria of
2 S 37 11 ... v ?Z2i LT.
The subscribe: will U, to the hi;liesl
bolder, on ThiiKiiiiv ihe iiltli of March
next, a uuni.icr ol Valuable l.nu in the
town ol Downinajvillr, Carroll county, O.
Those who may wi.li louurciiase am re.1
aittteiHilly iuviied W aUettd, anj ex .miu
ilie premieM for llaenmelej a amall pur: !
ol fhe purcbaae money will be reiuirt4
in lurid ; and a libeial ere Jit yiveu lor ibe
bkilOatodonlV in.e of ihe "Sandy V
Reaver Canar at that wall known point
,.IU.I. I!uin,:v-t!... ..U-
whera lha road from Sien'.er.vrie i Car
rollton, io li ilivar croesea ,S tody, A varie
ty of rOade centre at thi pUce, etnoogoti
which ure ibe following one from Cadia
to Canton one from (be nmo'li f Big
Vt I 'uiv .( ri-i If in in Cttift VV. !viIIh ftn.i
Irom New Lisbon lo Bolivar, and Z-.r,
and one from BetMctiea on thcO.no fa -
D wning il'e is eight miles from Boll'
ear. thietasm from C-t-iuilu-taJa.aoaad
a hall from Cut in, and fllteen from New
Philadelphia. There is at preaamta firs'
rate on n bant mi I eijniiilfig the twn
plat, knd severs! oihei in the neighbor
ho.d i wo aw a, il ill It in oovraiiofl
the ensuing spring, in the iunnediate vi
cinity of tha towe. Coal mi ,es and itone j
quarries, abound 10 the nrigbboihood, if
couVeoieiit lo ihu lown l loa general faca!
a'id no, r vrd cooJiitoii of the couutrv,
toiiher Willi the l. c ! aittiation of th-r'
(ilsce, yiv... il a j ut p.'jferro e over oilier :
place in the iciuil y, if
Tha ire si liberal terms will
! iiven lo 1
those who will make valuild inipiove
maul ill asiJ lown. Sile lu com neuce
at 10 o'
sale w
when terms "f
j .11 1 l.uL.v, I
, i30.
II 'oiorV, will p'ea-
he Ohio
antiliab ihu nMeguiiig idveniseoKiol una
ineday o sale, aiiJ forward the aouoo'j
to Mr Mi It r.
1 i , .
1 the uud r ! iniil, a-k n.wit iw. u
, n . . !
y jj, u c ' j .11 a tun ui u,i , ,.itiil m 1.
he collect 01 cf the V,hin2ion Ni
lional M
her. Hy a
,'y e lilt
loll III
nn nent Sieieiy, fir Ohio,
p in John M si'oriniek Jep
1. or fir lbs L'jju'y cf Car
J iiie.
Cv'. V N M 9
ton, Peb. 20'h. I S t i.
1 1. .
ribi rs ir.fpi eifolly in
ni' i chan's , f O.,io, lht
are n ci ivana a large
ii form 1
ihey have ,
an. I gpiti a'Sorimeni nl ileairsble
hicli Will he s'.K
on Ihe mos' adven-!
isgeous term . by the piece er prk
at iheir Wsre House. No. 103
.Mai ket aireei, Philadelphia.
PO ri'S, UEYiNOLOS & Co.
March 4 1J j 3 n
N.in'JJTlON CO .tl'JSY.
NOllCBii hereby (f'ven 'o
s ock hoi.li i of siid company, thdi on
ihe tweoly-seeond day of March. U
1836, between he hours cf 10 o'clock
A M ., and 4 o'clock P, SI., to tlte-
lion lor seven iIiilc:ois of the One
leg Navigation Company wi'l be h&W
eu al il.e house of Henjimtn lletcock,
iii L irroit i.uuuty , vj : . i ,i.
15j 0.dr i I lha boaid
of Cnmmlasionere,
wm. POLLOCK Sect'y.
February, 12th is,).,,
k Lj persona luvmo claims uga nsi
A ibe estate ol Abraham Co, lata) ol
. . .-, ...A,
Perry tow nsbip Carrol! court) , t cr eased, i
nro hoiehy notified lo present the same
leg illy proven for settlement Within one
ear Irom this dale, and all (hose indebt
ed in i ho ealale ate requested to make
immediate p n nwnt.
I A XCrOX Admt'x.
NOI'ICH ia hereby given, thai all per
son indebted lotheestateoi Charles
Urowii lata of Harrison Township, Car
roll County, Ohio, deceased, are required
to maun immediate aettlamehl with the
subscriber; and all who have claims n
g nnst s iid es'a:e will present ihcni legal
ly proven for aeillement w ithin tvrelvt
montha from this date
Nov. 27 h. 1S35,
r T RO R aVBi naV
Begin to (at vour
o R s a Bi
I want lo purchase ad.ove of Horses,
Ihe li of mxt m or. ill. Von that wish lo
sell, come lo Carrolllon.
ii. A. 8TJDGER.
Feb. 10. 1830
J. Pearcc. D. A. Starkuiealktr, Se D.
Jaitif, AtToiinkw at Law,
"""AVE formed n Partnership in the
1 1 practice of t belt profeaaion D
A. Starkweather and 1 Jet via can be
consulted at Canton, Stark county, and
J. Pearcc at Carrolllon, Carroll co. 0.
Carrolllon, Sept. 1S34.
THE underaipoe ! respecttetlJlf unnouu
tee lo hie friend ui.tl the publicum
erally, ibai r.a Ti i taken, b.r ttrtu wf
t,,u urt" wretofiife in il"t
octupaucy of Daniel JiJiatdr.and koowa
Way iieaburgb Hotel,
, 'he lown u' Vj neiui(i b, bum touu.
I 'J'i Ohio arnein lie u uicuiied u kiia
prompt and unieiiiitted atteuilou l th
cwn,,"M a"u l8t,,' aeiolnu,w.Uli..o ut
i ,f ,vt"' M u' 0 'y ai
ar"'1 lhelr patronae... The llul.-l IS
spacious anJ conreitimi', and us i i.
lure cnliiely new. eai uy, ihere a,
txl jiisive area reserved lor ihe ruceptiii
of Carnage, iVagutM, i . nod in ihin,
there is an cveiflowing lU'.M'ii.i ul Um
purest wa'.er, cuii Jueld by liyCiianls irom
hilla.-H.. Roarl .hail dm
; Wf W'h Ihe bwal Km ... .rfc eUoro;
i and his a ir aiw ays (m '0190 wilhkri
' '''c'"'ry rfaittit. His Si., dun; is
WH'"" " atienueu oy
Carelol and -.c.i'e hoslle.s.
I'ne undtrs'giied MS deioi mined lo ren
der ins eeiablisbineax ma coiufortahle .
bide . i a. I v. Iw may please logive buu a
VVayncaburgh, Siark C"U"tv, O-
lebruary b, l(3d.
I ! In rely K'en, ibal all persons whri
9 indebted lo ihe estate of A oraham.
she, U.e of Ua'iou Township', Carroll
couut v. O il i.eWceaed, are n q ai sled tu
,n,lii immediate payment lo iheoubsr.
ber. and nil ili hive k"al elHims -
! j..in1 inidrvtite, wfll preaenl thetOj lejal
j, pr iv :.; I or sell emeul Withlrt one yeur
; :'rj..i ike J ite h, r
PHILIP CRAB-"?. ) ,. ,
Pe!, 2o b, fed
Two t oti s i! li md drawn by Je'tmah
t .. ,,,, 1 , Hi ii. .
I .v .uae ' 1, .in r, :t maiia I n IJ i:.I I
I . , ,
l .o..',.ii. ;, .'. -.I; e to Alexanner jlcllis-
ell or ardor, b r be ,t,ii o! y It 1 and MU 1
crnie oach,beve bewn wrongfully i..ken .ut
uflba pesMtawioaoi ibe aubsciii.tr. I'm.
die refci 1 , is 1 0 lore a mi 11,1.11,! Allbeogh m t
pay aid maWa lo any person other
lb to tne su sen .er or his father, Cb irlcs
il isrell, ol Ui lim tod, JeJ ii m Coooljf
1 nn c s 1
t.h, iSJj
I notes Imar dale, Pubruary
sod carry laieicsl irom : u
'i'S, 1 83d
Cerniilten, Feb
rS A
m i mm m J
lie Stockh i, Jon nl lite Sandy aci I
I He .v.r Cm! Company are hereby uol,-
! t ft' I A T ihov are Mfilreel .i pav', In
I ,1,. 1.,. m A I'.-,, '..
Mi' treasurer, a,
j Ilie l. m I ol Hanover, oi lu Ins itnls, a.,
iiiatalment nfTtMp- cent, upon in 1
Ospitil et'ick ofssiW Company, on or
j ,'ure .he oioaHPtbtb dav ul March nexl
', beii j .he nil, ih ioeialmeuV
Uy rdi r oi il.e Board,
j nft.ht Sandy Sf Bearer Cd t
, n ;l CeMMMy, Feb, 5, ISitn.
Thai aiabaefibae fluiatad with unnv
icstini niM received from millers win
; Uavu t.ojttt. tnJ us-J ilieise v .tumble bolt
jnjr cloth in their Merchant F.our SWI,
begs leivg to iuf,rm on leis unJ oih-
eri, lhal ho has receive! a lurgo lot of
Bulling Cloths, dirrct Irom ibe tnaoufuu
'.ures; i.,d wi". he batfjy tu supply -lers
on liberal terms wi'h Hie article,
which he w ill Warrant.
FitUlh Pa.Pehrmiry 10, 1830.
P. S U irr Mill Stones and French
fjnrr U'ncln on b in I as usual .
I want to sell my I1URSE, SIR VVIL
LIA.M, or eichane him for others. His
character for cohs is us good aa any oth
cr HORSE, in this section o the Slate.
M.rch4, 1S8G.
miH JUvm wwWwSs
NOTICE 'Pbe tinal account ol Isaad
Crumbecker Gu irdiau of John Crumbeck
er, i, n idiot, (now deceased) wae filed in
ihe office ol the Clerk ol ihoCoorl oiCont
mon Plena, CarrollCo. Oal Iho November
Term of said Court A I) I83.".
Februarv, 10di ln3U.
The subscriber beo leave to inform
his old cusionu rs, and tho ri; izens jjener
ally, thui ho hs removed bis ,hop from
Mr Arlmckle's in the hollow, to the int
end of his own h .use first door be ow
Mr Koheil Goul0e well known Ulack
smith Bhop, in that deltnbil'ully situated
part of the lown uf Carrolllon, called by
tha vulgar, Shc-p I1UI where he in
tends manutiicturing and keeping 04
baud, a general tn-snrlinenl of
lie fe.ds ale.) graicfol in being able a
add, lhal the paironnge he bus reCeiVii
sines contmeunnj; hnsines in Carroll
county, will be a oufticini silmulsi.t 1,1
induce bun .0 givu general saiisfnrtiou.
February 5th isaiJ

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