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-wiMn s..
published every Friday by PearCs
AVu Christy, at "Jper-tinnum, payable
-ha-tfyearly in advance; if paytfrent 'be de
cayed twtirafter the end of the vear.jgS,
"0, will be charged, ifidvertisenvants
nit ejreeeding.one square witl belnserted
'three weks for one dollar, four dollars
.for six months, and eightdvl'arsper year.
Communications mu.it be postpaid.
'-For the continuation of the
IE interest of Wii I iam Johnston (-Efl
in "tine establishment, having been
-transferred to Jihn Christy, the Free
resa will-in' future be conducted -by
Kkahck & CHBI-.TV. The poll ical com
Vphxion ol this paper will not be changed
the editors being firm in therr determi
tiaiuta preseive its neutral character.
The transfer Iri-nfMrJwhnston to Christy,
has been made vnh the hope Of ensuring
the continuation of a newspaper in Car.
trolllon: And with this riew, the editors
appeal to ihu -'i)le of the coumy fur a
jpulronnge equal to the -merits sunt impnr
Maoce of their en'erprise, Oue-of (he id
pilots being a praoticul printer, awl-having
xleleiwwiedite devote bis time exclusively
vh ilio mtorcht of the paper, it iseoiifilent--Jy.
tipped lhatfwrrh a reasonable increase
'oTltrerr subscription list, the Carroll Free
free may be continued to the mutual ad
vantage ol both subscribers and publish -
Of the convenience and necessity of a
JibJic Journal, published -at ibe county
eal, even' citizen of the county must be
xotivincid; and the editors trust that, the
jieeple of Carroll will sustain them in their
i'Tibrwio promote public good, and too
cure an honest maintenance.
Tkkm3. 'I'he Free Press will bo pub
lished every Friday morning, at Two Dol
lars per nnrniwi, payable half yearly in
advance. If payment bo delayed until
flrthe end of the year, &Q -will be
ruqurrai..nt -as payment in advance is
(lor the interest'';!' wll parties, this modi
m respect ful I v rewiH-mooikrifl.
Advert Vstmcnl s iniwrtddutf !ic usual
rate. All communications addressed to
'IheUidftuKwitusl le inst paid.
iCorrollton, Carroll Co.O Sept. 1835
Jo be edited by .. BuUliacJie.
WJhe'liigh rmpoTlaiire of dissemina
JL tiii correct Information among
'dhi f-ra' hody ul' the American pi ople
.t ikw rresent alarming crisis in our
ojlional affairs, In in universal iy ad
am it ted, 'it 'is deemed iunnecessary lo
assipnat length the reasons whichseeni
'to rvqnire the publication of a semi
-.rvei kly netWpapeT at ihe-si-al if gov
rininctit i ( this great Slate; at least
sititfl the cuminir slrugile for the next
Presidency ahitW 1 avu hevii hruughi
lo .tine. Siifti ra it lo nhservc. tb.-ii
wwkH iounial, hawevri capacious.
tinisl m cessorily be too contracted, as
veil 'no lanly in i s qWtUoM, to
"tneei ihtKl(Mniea dfThalrmea Two
Kulat nun bi rs jier week, it is belie
'td, vill in h gri at rreasure, supply
Iho 4Hvlbx'j! l-flclencv. in or
l r, -lln-refoi e, lo injure a Imge circu-.JaMii-.
to the piooel pwblwaiion,, and
lilac it within ihc rearlt of tVfry one
ahiiic of lubseription lias been
vinu,'ii doHtitutho lowest 0iMhle
An ihf pnliiicsl opinions of the Ivl
'Iimt -ire. Tinlitowo in Ohm, tl is
deemed uhitecwsary io give any other
jib dge ul i be rourse he intends lo pur
-ixie, lJuil to oheive llul. being fully
ma'iiedM'ue election of Mmikn'N'an
liuiiLN o I he in m Preaidenry musi
ffOVt highly deirimental io the pub
lie ini-eei, js weif as imitlineDll)
lanaeruus te u- liherties of the citi
nv,vne iviM'Z Mluusly lattwr to prevent
ao dejilorahle n I'OMlIt, by afi'ordiug an
active, anJ so fur as m iy ajefiemi upon
Ji i in, on efficient support in THK
From Maine lo Georgia, ihe freemen
of the United Sltits are runliil g to tin.
"it srue of the tountiy wilh a Spirit
vorthy c f the days of 'Jti. Nothing
more is therefore uecessaiy lo secure
lo.then an easy and complete tiiumph
Wet Ihe oliic-j holders, lhan a perfect
urganiz ition. To effeal Ihis, on hon
iijjible and lasting principle!, shall be
leading object of tie Journal; and
while most cordially responding lo
the recent enthusiastic demonstrations
of public sentiment in favor of our
I'lstina-nished fellow-citiz-n, VV.M.
JIENKY HARRISON, as (ion. Ja.k.
sou's furcessor, it will treat wilh true
fraternal kindness all those who, con
cuiring with 4t in uneomprising op
position to Mr. Van Iluren, may nev
( i lliele's deem Daniel Webster, or
Hugh L. White, entitled lo the pnfe
rencc In other respects, the semi
wetkly Journal will camain the cur
rent news of ihe day, and such olhcr
rnaiiara as shall be thought interesting
or instinctive; and nothing will be
omitted, on tlx pail of the Editor and
Pdbrighers, Id-render it worthy of 'ari
extensive and liberal patronage.
The Osio State Jouhmail will be
published orr a large and handsome
imperial sheet, twice a week, from
the lermination 'of the present Session
Wf 'the General Assembly Until the
first day of December next,atrthe'io'w
rate of Three Dollars for i ach individ
ual adbscrtptionj-burCoiinty 'Cortrniit
tee, or individuals desirous of procu
ring extra numbers ' for diribution,
may Obtain ten copies for Twenty five
Dollars, twenty for 'To tty Five - Dol
lars, or fifty for One hiindred1)ollrs
payment in ail cases lo be made1 in
The weekly Journal will 'be issued
as formerly ; but strch of the present
subscribers as may be desirous of re
ceivitfg the-semi wetJcly in its place,
will obtain thesame'upon the pay
ment m advance of one dollar, in ad
dition lo their present subacriptton.
C-olumbus,'Ftb.39, (March 5 ) 1836.
Dissolution of Part unship.
l&Mil-Mj Partnership lately existing be
k ' twecn Johnston and Pearce, us pub
lishers of the Carroll Free Press, has been
dissolved by cotisent 'All who have claims
against the late firm, are requested to pie
sent their accounts for-settletiiont, to J
Pearce, to whom all debts-duo the firm
must be paid without unnecessary delay
Carrollton Oct, 1853
AHM43 undersigned, appointed a com-
mittee to contract wall competent
workman, to build -a church at the Big-
Spring, wish to take. .proposals 'for the
erection ol the sum.', the ensuing summer
I he size is 45 by 50; the wall is to be ol
brick, 15 feet high, lUo fust contract to
enclose thu-iteuse and' ltiy the under floor.
'I'he place of building, is ten miles west
ol Currollton .Monroo Township, Curroll
county Ohio, for further .particulars en-
1 1 1 1 1 - ol the coHHWtiec.
Juauary, hih, 1!5.
4 J,L persons having -claims against
V 'ho Eslato ol Ji hn McJvniglit late
of Monroe Township Cm woll county, de
( eased, me hereby nottfied to present the
same legiilly proven lor settlement with
in ono year from this dele, and all those
indeliieii lo the estate uro required Iv
make iuiinodiulc piiyment.
January 8ih 1835.
NOTUkE is'hcieliy given , tfcufhH who
are indebted lo the estate of Elijah Moore
late of Orange township, Curroll county,
Ohio, deceased,, ace -ieiMiiH!(l b) make tin
mediate payment to thu subscriber; and
.ill nholiavo legal claims against said
estate, wrll present them propsrly proven
lijf bi tileiiii nl, wiihiu twelve mouilm
'rom hms uaie.
J aim say J at, 183ft,
STONES, o( various sid'S, from
1 lee i to Sib .iieJits. Just received ami
(ureahs by JOHN RHEY,
No, 8, Wood etrtiet, Viilsburg
June IfOh
i m. mm ass
1 w V
' 0. KENNEDY (ul-rms ihe cili
.ens f Currollton and his customers
inera, generally, that he has temuvad lu
ib.o bi ding oh Maiket slrect, one door
West of ihe Pout Office, anil nearly on
posil Mr. Kendall iuckson's Store
where he is prepnroc1 h do till kinds mI
worii in the TAILOR'NG Line, in the
neatest manner and j-on iho most uc
e immodaMiu leruis.
N. U. J. (i. henuwdv has ust receiv
ed V'iSooV(New York) Report of Pash
ions for tku Spring and Summer of 1)35.
Carrol lion, May t, 1S.".
H, Mokt-lv Mini IE, N't. lave,
Atlorniti and CouMtlloi't at Law,
HAVING formed a fnrttofehip in
their profession, will practiceto'
gctbev in Garroll county, Ohio
It. McCLAVE may be consulted at
his office in Carrullton, or S. 8TOKELY
in Steubenville, and in ail Oases tile re.
'aincr of ihe ono willongago the service
of the other.
Currollton, Sept. H'M.
Allot vcy and Counsellor at Law, and
Solicitor in Chancery,
HAS removed liis Office to the room
lately occupied as iho Auditor's
Olliee, Cirrolltor, Carroll countv, Ohio
April R), 1885
Nowns your lima, )ou that want cheap
goods, cull on II. A. Sudger, on iho Hill.
Feb.iith, 1835.
J. Pi: U( 1), Attok.nkv at Law.
WILL practice in (ho Courts
of Carroll, Columbiana
Slnrk.and Tuscarawas counties. Office
nearly opposite Iho 'Carrollton Hull,
Currol'fou, Curroll county Ohio.
The Janoary number of the Knick
efbtje-keri, br New-York 'Monthly
Magazine coirfmen'cesa new' volume,
and wiill form the twenty-first tiumber
issued 'uflder the supervision bf its
present Proprietors and Editors. In
the brief Advertisement by which the
n sw series was introduced lo the public
-whose patronage was only so lar soli
cited, as it should seem lobe deser
ved, that the assistance of some of
(he eblest.pens in the'eountry had
been secured' in 'behalf of the work,
and thai-, us it was thereafter fo 'de
,pend rather upon its meritj, fhan up
&n -ifrequent announcements of the
fiilure excellence to whieh'it was to at
tain,' it was submitted to its readers
wiltrthe confident hope that it would
prove oeserviivg-of the public favor-.
This hope has hot been disappointed.
-Up to the present moment, the Jour
nals ol the ehnerenfStaics in ihe'Uni
on, (to the-number 6'f more lhan six
hundred,) and that silent but convin
cing sign, a steady increase of patron
age, have borne testimony, that the
labors of the many eminent wt iters
presented to the,pub!ic thro' the "medi
um af ihrs'-pc riodicai have not beer,
undervalued. While,, therefore, the
publishers acknowledge wilh graii
tude the feTndr.ess with winch their
exertions have been received, they
would take this occasion to repeat,
ihfit their efforts Willhe untiring, and
thai in a ratio with the enhancement,
ef iLeir ahility, through the'lifcerality
of the public, will be their endeavors
withotit regard to labor or expense
to cater acceptably for the various
lilerary appetiteso'f a 'wide Naiional
community. The subjoined is a
brief, plan of the work, lis Original
papers will be so varye'd as'to 'iortn a
combioaiion of the Uesful wilh thu
Entertaining ami the Agreeable.
These will embrace the departmental
af'Useful science, Essays, Tales and'
Poeiry Which nay ieservO ihe name.
The Literary Notices will comprise:
summary and candid reviews of neVv'
woiks, wilh such extracts, when prac 1
licahle-, as may be necessary to evii.ee
Ihe iusiice of ihe accomnanv iite pfiii-T
loismi. The Editor's Tables will b
devoted lo thefimilisr discursion oil
local and general maitais, mciudina
the Drama, ihe Fine Ai Is. ele. Thef
iiubhslu'is design lo make ihe Maga
zine aureeahle to the old and young
lo thesedste and the gay, lo all par-
tics in politics, (i su Iji ct from
which, being RON parlieius, ihey
stand all aloof,) ti mingle the vai
uable with the amusing. and lo pur
sue J.he tenor cf their way, with cordi
al feeling's towairls ali coitmporaries.
The work will cofllain bilween 80
and !J0 pages, of a cloic and beaulilul
lype, per monih, makinj; two vol
umess of upward of a thousand paes,
ai the end of the 'year. And the pro
prittors believe tin y may safely aflirm
that, as regards beauiy of execution
the Knkkcihockir Mag;.ine wiH nol
lufier in comparison wilh any similar
publication foreignordomeslic. It may
not he amiss lo say in addition lomany
contributors whose merits are incon
testable, and whose uleuts are honor
able -to ihe country , ihis Magazine
will be found, belurc the close of the
seventh vo1. lo contain articles from
Hie pens ol James K. Paulding, W,
(I. Hrj eut, the Rev , Timothy Jlin1,
II. V. Lonifellow, author of -Oulre-Mer,'
l)r R. M. Bird, author of l'o
liT Simiple.' 4J.icnb faithful,' 'Japhel
in search of a Father,' etc , William
Leggel, author of "iNnval Siories,' E.
L Hulwir, author of ,clham,''L)eve
reux,' ect. James 0. Ptrcival, Esq.
William t. Duer, L,L. D., President
of Columbia College, VViiliam L
Stone, Uev. Waller Colton, author ol
Snip and Shore,' Matthew Carey, E-q
iVfiss Fanny Kemhle, (Mrs. liuiler,)
(Jen. 11. L. I). Jlolstein, author ol
Talleyrand,' 'Secret Police of Napo
leon,' etc. Mrs. II. Sigouruey, Miss
Mary Anne Drowne, London, Mrs
Ellelt, Mill Leslie Uev. Calvin Col
ion, author of 'Four Years in Europe.
Mrs. Daponie, Mrs. S. A. Philips,
Uev J. P. Schroeder, MissL E. Lan
don, Henry R. Shoolcrafl, Ksq ,Ty-
lone Power, Rev. Constantino C. Pise
Col. McKenny, Hon. D. D. Barnard
B. W. Richards, Esq., Robert Mor
ris, i.sq Ur. John Barber, Professor
of Elocution, W. B. Chorley, liiver
pool, translator of Koi uer, W. Fisher
Ames, Ek) , Philadelphia, W. D
Berrien, Esq, Georgia, Professor L
L Daponte, VV. (1. Simms, author of
Guy Rivera. ' IS, B Thatcher, author
of a 'Bingraphy of the Aborigines of
America,' Samuel 1. Knapp, Dr
Samuel Melcalf, Hon. Judge Hall,
author of 'Border Tales,' Sketches of
the West,' etc. Professor Rafinesque,
Philidelphia, Br- Ruschenburger, au
thor of' Three Years in England, No
ah Webs'er, LL. D. John Inman, J
bould. Mrs. btdgwick, author of
Allen Prescott,' etc., William Dunlap
author of 'History of ihe Arts of De
sign in Ihe United Slates,' etc, Miss
C. M. Sedgwick author of Redwood,
Hope Leilie,' etc. Dr Rush, Philadel-
fphia, Mary tf6w;t,EBgand, 1. M '
ienao-Jr. Ci?q, BostBn, 4iev. W. T.
Brantley, Phiiidelphia Hon. W. H.
Seward, Re'v'Orville Dewey John
P, Kennedy, Eq. 'author of 'Horse
shoe Robinson,' etc. WiRfawE. Bur,
ton, E-q. Philadelphia, GeOfge'Luiltl
Mass., Rev. H. J. Whitehouse,D. D
Eiwwrd S. Gould, Grenville Alellen,
r.ic;. IVIrs EinTna U. Emburv. Rev
E S, Garffiet. BoitOnilev. 'F. Beaslv
h h. D. New JerseyJames Brooks,
K q Mainr., Miss M.rF Gcfufd Rev
W. B. 0.. Pea-bCfity, Charles .West
Ihompson, Mrs. K. A. Ware, End
T. 'PhroopjMartin, and many other
writers whose eontnbuuon to I'he
quarterly 'reviews ard -otherrmmi
nent publications, have "Won deserved
encomiums. The foregoing fads; in
relation to this Magazine, since ii
came in'to fbe Itsnds of i-s 'present
Proprietors, are given net in a Vain
and boasting spirit, but to ahow (he
course which is intended lo be pursu
ed, and ibetneams which are at fcom
mand to fjffect the "fulfilment of Vhe
promise asstrmetl hy the work, and so
liberally commended by rhe public.
IT". ,
In presoniirig a prospectus for the third
volume of ttiB Ohio Furmer to the publicjj
the 'Editor conbe'ves 'it ' tfr.'neeesSary lo
enter into a mii.'utt detail of its charac
ter and object. TKCSe have been clearly
eviftced Since iis comfr.cnceinent, and
from' tlio; higli testimonials received from
Agriculturists and lloriiculturisls of Ihe
lirsTetnr.ding and intelligence, rre'-s not
without a h ope that h i a labors ha vo b2(.
of some service to the cause of Western ;
Agriculture, and that there has been, at
least partial satisfaction to those who pat
roT!ieVhe"wol:k. :
There was never a period of deeper in
leresl to we cultivators ol the soil in the
great valley of the Mississippi than .the
present. Tfcere never was 'a lime when
intelligence cjld bet to better uses'
when knowledges wasfcf greater advan
tage. 'It-is the era of advancement i the
art and science, of (he Cullivatitm of the
earth, and ihe improvement of useful sni
mals. And he who leluses to keep pace
with-the 'tithes, uy-informing himselfol
what is transpiring irotiod him, will louse
more than lull' iho .pleasures end advofl,
ages ol his own age The cerlaihly ofa
ready market and u rich toward for all
the productions ol the eauli should "bo a
duuohj shuHileat to increase ;the'quaUti
' The OHIO A RM'Efe-wiU'be devoted
toOaioiNAli Essays, and articles select
ed ti'om tin- best works1, and occasionally
illustrated ly ENGRAVINGS, -No nsfri'
cultural woik ever published in the Wel
has been so liberally Mippliid with origi
nal utricles, Ike mosi ot which havo been
copied and -received a wide circulation -in
other papeis Hio culture dfsoil im
proveinuill of unvnuh-of garden 'vegetables-
of Agricultural iinplementtt, and
Geology lloiauy, Chymistry, fKt otc.
will receive due attention,
SILK As iho culture of ih'is rfc-w ar
licle of wealth and industry, is exciting
universal interest through the whole coun
trjs we contemplate devoting a sufficient
porWMi of the Volume of the farmer lo
this subject, lo give all new beginners a
lair start, who may wish to enter into
thu business, either on a large or a small
scale, liom the sowing of ihe mulberry
seed to ttve reeling and nafiuTttClariflg ef
ibecocouns, colouring 4"c.
Each Volume of tins paper is famish
od wilh a Title Page aliU Index, express
ly for binding, and will make aiioui'-'oo
pages, The Ural number of the 'llmd
Volume will be published on thu isl day
The Parmer is published twi''" a moelh
at )l,tMii adtanae. All notes on sol
vent Uauks received. Payment may be
made ai our risk, free of iietfagc. Per
tons obtaining 5 subscribers and forward
ing I ho money, shall roceivo a copy for
t n r trouble.
03Editor8, who wish lo reccivo the
Third Volume will please publish tire a
uovo, and forward their papers for ex
Columbus, Ohio, November, lsn,").
LOS 1' in CarrollliKi, or somewhero in
this vicinity, a small leather Puckei-Book
much soiled by use, containing six dol
lars in money Ihe same being ono bank
bill ol $U, cneo($l and two dollars in
silver; wilh several times of hand umoun
ung (as nearly as recollected.) to twenty
one dollars, A reasonable Kkwaud will
be given lo any person who may have
found said pocket book, and will return
il with its contents to the subscriber.
Dec. 18th, 1835.
THE Firm of McDowell Sf McElder
ry has been dissolved by mutual
consent. Notice, therefore, is given to
all who are indebted to said linn, thu t
the undersigned have pluced their com
pany Books, No'es, dfc. in the hands ol
J, Pearce, in Currollton, wnh whom set
llement must be mude before the 20th of
November next, otherwise collections
will necessarily be made with cost.
Carrollton, October 23, 1835.
Town VaU
r"lli'; subscriber Oilers ut .private sale
JL or a TOWN LOPS in
Hamilton's Addition to (ho town of
WA YNESIiUOtl, Stark County, Oliio.
These Lois afc' beuuiifully si uated mi
mediately on' (lie' Canal, (at the point
where it is orossed uytho-great highway,
from b eubenville to Canton?) and, 'u
part, along a '"bllilT which trflords the iriOat
commanding and advantageous sites for
WAREHOUSES, Near the centre til
the plat, there will be a large and-com
modfous llasin, which together with
the natural uivanlges of the siluatiouj
will -render rheso the most desirable auo
valuable Lots on the Cnnal. Wayues
burgtris siiuuto in the-midst-ol a lerlile
and populous country: and,' in the qpin
ion of commercial men, promises to e
conie the most important pomi en Hie
Sandy and 'Beaver Canal. Persons de
siious lo 'niuke purchases of lots in a
place every way eligible -for business,
will do well to call on the subscriber,
who Will make the terms known, and
warrant the title' to'pfure'husefs
'Waynesburgh, Oh lGih, IS35.
New ttrot'er Siturc.
THE subscriber has jusl received and
is now 0)ehing, in the long w.hite
house formerly occupied by r. Pat'fon,
frontiiig the Public Square, a -well selec
led supply of
Consisting in part, of Teas, -Sugar -Cof
fee, MolaSsCs, Mackarel, Tobacco, "Su
gars, Spices, Pepper, Ginger and Indigo,
Lead. 'i owder and Shot, -fSoap, bboebluck
ing, Allnm, IViirlash, Coitou ''Bitting
Raisins, Confeetionaties &.c. &c. Ali
of which ho will sell on the mdst' re iSdnu
ble tenrts forcash, or approved co mtry
CarVoHMn Df-c.4ih IS (5
pffOTfOE is hereby giv.mythat all per
sons indebted lo the estate of Stephen
Maxwell, late oi Orange Township, Cai
roll county, Ohio, deceased, lire required
lo make immediate settlement with the
subscriber; and all who have claims a
gainst said estate will present them legal
ly proven fcr settlement xitttiti '-twelve-months
from this date.
NOTICE is hereby given, thin ail.per
sons-indebted to theeslate ut Dauiul
Berleene, late ol Orange Township, Car
roll comiiy, !)hio,deceased, are retimed
lo make immediate Sefthimiht Willi Hie
subscriber ; and all who hava claims a
gainst said estate will present Ihcm legal
ly proven for settlement withm twelve
monihs from ihis date,
'Nov,2'7ih, '183T. :
for Sale hy the Piece or 'Package,
() upeuiiig ..t No. 8S, Wood -St.-Pittsburgh,
an unusual largo as
sorlment of
Purchased in the Eastern Cities, most
ly through the dull business nromihs,
(Juuu and duly t wilh apailuular view
to ihe present and approaching seasons.
Evcr,y facility "will bo offered fo meet
the terms and wishes Of -)Mrciisers
Pittsburgh, Pu. Sept. H, lfc3o. ?t
ULciU I Dill at Hie U'larrics iii t ranee
kOjusl receiving by latest arrivals,
wutre are ulso to be had, ihe lint r Mill
Sionu, w arrmited tUat te any ia the
United Statea.
John riiey,
No. N, Wood street, Pittsburgh
June 19,
marble Yard,
MTMBUlt S, WOOO ltriM8T riTTsBUliG.
t"ARBLE Mantels, wilh Pilasters
i.f.1. and Columns, Head and Pool
Stuues, Monuments, Tomb Stones, Gar
ble Counters, Slabs lor Pier and Centre
Tables, Slabs for Side Boards, Door Sills
and Steps, und u II work in the Marble
Orders thankfully received iV prompt
ly executed on moderate terms, by
June 12, 18'W
Aitoi'iicy at Law,
PRACTICES in the Counties of Co
lumbianu, blurk, antl Uttrrolh lie
will attend to the collection of claims,
assist administrators, executors, and
guardians, in the discharge of their du
tics; and do any other business apper
taming to his profession.
Office in New Iiibon, Columbiana
county, Ohio.
JaiiuaivKJ, Ir05. If.
O Y don't U
Call and settle off your old accounts nnd
duebills. I want to lay my old BOOKS
oWny; iherelore, I wish them settled off
the time set is unnl the 20lh of March
Feb. 5th, 1830.
SiO Barrels New Orleans Molasses
usi received and for sale by
Wellsville, Nov, 20, 1835.
Tbo'tfkiHeti Rned,dVnrs of Mrirclmik
Prour'iiig Mills, "in FehiiayWunla, Ohib
and 'Western Virginia, ha'Ving severaily
purchirse'd and for"9i)ino litm.'h id 'iu opu.
ration, Prif-ch Biftr Mi l ''Stone, 'mumr
fiictured by Mr iJohn'Rht'y 'of tne'ciiy Uft
Pittsburgh, sake airJlfawefaiitttfngHhsH
their Biirfs, boih tr. 'the tiaRfy'6ftlre ma
teruil and in the workmiin-i1tij,hu,ve;gi'v-on
the most en'iVe tairslaciion,
The eilterprTst1 manii'csied l)y Mr!KhrJr
in'SdiRblishing ihrs maifufacMfy,'hrs e
eriioti iti iprocuring the'fhriili txpnrieucell
woi:klnati, his"CUre und skilMh'the -selection
ol-siooo ill a superior fTus'l'iprioii,,
strongly Ktsohtmenrrhhi esi'.'olMhnlsittttfi
the ni.fice dfipurChirsors, and we-itre'hap-py
to "have It'iii'oirr ipuwer 'to 'ber 'ihis
public test imonia'l 'tn brs'fa viitrr.
las. Patterson, Brighton, U.javer fcb.
b Walker, 'Co. ElAUiidtfrttfwii;, IP
.). A Mi ler, R rim Mills
t. MitcllbH Sewi'diley
Jacob H. filler. Utrriaon "Wfiff
r Laac' Walker, ueart'iiishurgh
.lames'IJ. Wlnte, New Utrsfle MilS
Job riighFalsion, 'Beirvir 'C.
Gco'Cooper & J.'Cassidav, ft.enln
Mil, fnrar'Piitsrmtiih "
Isaac Pnjurn, S. M. Mondrigivhela
W.Jb. "fla'wkirfs, 'Alleieity
t rolt., rme crm.k
Abraham -ScholerE ihfnopdla
irVid M. 4 ank'iii, lEtna'SFuaMftce,
'J iriies M6fr'r)w,'C.'rrbll im.
F. Ziu er, Biii Beaver-,
,14. & J-. Lindsay-VeHivngeo.
J. Jiihltaion,
Stephen Maplo,
J. Meuns, Steubenvillr-,
fobrtftfry lb,
CATfc&TTNfc BEATON, lire.ffiwt ir
cciving u veryGencrul vAssorlh'NHVt mnli
heavy sioek of iriceries jPitfcibti'ih
manufactwed -ffrticlen, Jye.'-!-o.
1G0 Bags Rio Col".
30 chests Young Hy'adh T-e&.
htf. u 'tlo do
SO 13 lb. Boxes (To 4o
10 6 lb. Gun ptetvtter, tfrb
-60 'flox Chocola"e.
Loaf iSugaT
25 bbls. N. 0. 'di
Pepp c
50 .Vla's.'fJassea
30 Kegs Beafty's PowJ
19 do Rock do
W9 Box, a'sTeYh TCtfbirCi
10 Kegs do xia
'10 Box Pipes
25p(K i ommcn 'Seg'4irt
fe;0o0 Spsmisli do
5,000 Melee . -do
B Ct'rOtfn'sf Indigh
i hhd. Madder
3 Casks Alum .
2 bbls. Sfittri: urptWrrfte
1 Tierce Sperm Oil
k Wtiafe xhj
1 ,d0o " Spanish VVhiiing
500 do Brow fc
'500 Venetian Ue.l
500 Glue
30J ' Sell Pelre
300 " fepSorh Satis
k!0 Boxes Shaving Soap
l'o tr. casks Sweet Mahg WtfM)
S ' :Si. Lucre
5 rt Lisbon do
5 fcoTie do
2 " Supr. Old do
1,G0U lbs. AssNk Confetfionarieaj
1 case Lifjuoiiee
500 lbs. Keg Raisins
10 Uoxs. do
2 bbls. Almonds
2 do Ground nun
1,000 lbs. Cast Steel
1,000 do Kng. Bist. do
Mill and Crosscut Saws, Shovels,
Spades, Patient buckets Colten yarn
assorted Nos,. CandleWick, Cotton bat
ting, Cordage cf every kind, Shot
Lead, Writing and wrapping paper,
Iron, Nail's, Glass and Sash.
Also, 20 crates Queens ware assort
ed, 75 Dozen common plates by the
All of which they offer on as good
ternra, as livey can be booght west of the
WcllsVille.NoV 1st, 1835.
BY virtue ol un order lo us directed
by T.hn Shober, justice of the Peace
fur Jefferson tp., in Carroll county, wo
the undeisigned do certify that we havo
viewed nnd appraised a certain stray
mare, taken up by John Korken ot said
township, and hud the same to be a dark
bay, white in her forehead, anJ two hind
feet while, about fourteen hands high, Sf
suppose her to be between 15 and 20
years old, and value her at four dollars.
Given under our hands this 2d day of Jan
uury, A. I). 1836.
JOHN Y1NGLING. $ Appraisert
Sworn lo and subscribed before me
this 2d day of January, A. D. 1836.
State of Ohio, Carroll County, SS.
It is hereby certified that the foregoing
is a true copy from my eairay book.
Given under my hand and seal this 12ih
day of Jan. 1836.

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