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Court. The next lurtn of Ihe Court of
Common Picas far this county, will com
mence on Monday, tho 2d day of May.
Way papers again. Wo take pleas
ure in corrictinpao errors into which we
were led by Ihutinieoieiil ol m- f the
mail carriers, on the route I'm m .Steuben
villa to Ciin'on. The fid owing para
graph from the Staik cou.it i ) mociat,
in relation to tho privilwrtf of Triers, ac
rords precisely iib wh ii wo li ive here
tofore understood to be iho directions of
the Post Office Department, on the sub
jert of way paper:
Our neiglit orsot the Carroll Free Pros
labor under some misapprehensions, as to
the "direction of the Postmaster, nt Can
ton,'' on the (Ul'joct of mail carriers not
being permitted to carry newspapers, out
of the mail, Sir.
We would inform our neighbor that
the communication reeeived by the P-sl
muster at Canton, was simply this: Tn.it
mail carriers were not permitted to carry
packages of new papers In lie left at tav
erns, stores. Sec. in the immediate. i ini
ty of PostofRees; bui they are permitted
to carry them to places along the route at
'inconvenient distances from offices Will
our neighbors please ccrrect their ttate-
meni f1'
journed on last Saturday, after having
permanently organized by the appoint
met,! of Gin Alexander M'Connell
President and Jon: JJioi.er, E-q. of
Dayton, Secretary. They decided to
proceed with, and expend for the con
struction of (he various wotks as fol
lows, Muskingum River, 100,000
VValhonding Canal
Hocking Valley Canal,
Miami canal north of Day ton, G0,000
same from sales of canal
lands, 125,000
Warren county canal, 80,000
Repairs on the JMiam; S? Ohio
Canals Improvement of the
Muskingum from Zmesville to
Dresden, ami fur the new lies
ed it on his hand, and entered the j;in f
gle. The leapord seemed uneasy it '
his approach, waved its tail, rested its
head upon the earth, yet made no at
tempt to spring. The cooley did not
give his enemy time to commence an
attacl; but advancing boldly, struck it
on the right eye, and drawing the in
strument across its head, blinded it in
100 000 a moment- Tho wounded boast start
110,0'K) , ed up, and yel'ed in agony; when the
man deliberately plunged the weapon
under its belly, opened a prodigious
gash, and the animal's en'rai's proirud
ed through the wound. It rushed for
ward, and catne with such stunning
conta t a.ainst a tree, that it instantly
TI11I undersigned has resumed the
business of Tavern keeping in his
buildings. on Steubenvilb) Street, Carroll
ton, O., at the eligible stand known as
ar roll ton Hull.
OTICE is hereby given, that all per
Jl sons indebted to the estalu of Abra
haul Pitlenger, late of Monroe Township
Carroll county , Ohio, deceased, are requi
Agreeably to the notice givci, an eleo
tiou lor Directors of the Onaleir Nnvi,n.
' ' . . i .. -- w
red to make immediate settlement with Hon liompany, win hM at tho house of
ihe subscribers; and all who have claims lenainih ll.ucock. Carroll coutily, O:
gainst sine1 estate will present (hern legal
ervoir on Licking Summit, 80,000 s roke from the instrument despatched
fell, turned upon it's back, and not be j patroui-e the Hall.
ing able to see its aggressor, another I
This establishment is well calculated ly proven for settlement within one year
for a Public House: and, with some ' Irom this date.
slight repairs wh ch are nearly comple- ( PETER PITTENGER, )
(ed, i( will, for general convenience, com WILLIAM DAVIS,
pare with any oilier House ol the kind in April !. IS.1U.
ihis part of Ohio. The Bar and Bowd
will be sunplied liberally, and every at-1 PUBLIC SALE.
(eution given, that may contribute to the ' V)17''L'' u! sold at the residence of A
comfort and pleasure of those who shall T T bruh.im Piltenger, deceased, in
Virginia Elections. We have returns
from thirty counties, which give 20 Whig
and 17 Administration delegates to the
next Legislature of Virginia. Not hull
the counties are yet heareu from.
"Col. Ran om takes charge of the
Ohio, the Miami, the Wabash & Erie,
and the Warren county canals. The
National Road, the Muskingum
River Improvement, the Hock hock
ing and VValhonding canals, and all
other orders for surveys of proposed
roads ami enna's, made by the last Le
gislature, were aligned to Mr. Wall.
Ohio Eagle.
Abolition. We haVe nothing to any
in answer to the spirit of a "tempest in
Ihe teapot" of abolition in Stark county.
The gentleman who, with Protean facili
ty, is, nt the same moment, "A number
of Abolition L idies," -'An abolition L.
dy," and ''one whose costume is better
suited to a newspaper war," was inform
ed, some time past, that we could not en
terinion controversy with an rtiionjf
movs writer. Believing the writer refer
red to, to be a gentleman of some respec
tability in Stnrk county, we threw down
the glove to him not doubting th t his
fanatical feelings would induce him to
unmask But hiving practised a decep
tion upon his readers, he is unwilling lo
nnnenr in his primer Person; and t ilia will
rr ii
not excite at v surprise, if we observe
how illy the temper and 8'yteof hi com
niunications become the delicacy and ri
fineincnt of that sex, in whose finances
nd furbelows, he fancies himself decora
led The editorial remarks of the Djmo
crat.upon each ol the writer's ro nmtitii
calicns, the writer's shle, as well us in
formation derived from other sources, sat
isfy us that "A number of abolition L i
dies," isn mere man. With that man we
ore still willing to contend on the subject
of Abolition; bocause we know bis ch r
acter, and have seen him in his p 'ofss
stonal btskin ; anil we had (littered our
selves thut he knew us loo well In sop
pose he could deliver ns over to the sub
ulterns of his party, if indeed he desires
lodo so. In short, thai we may provoke
him toabandon his concealment, we now
say to him, that his lust aboli ion essay,
ovinc tsu recklessness of truth, or anig.
noiattce cm ihe ' -ct or s'avetv, which
would disgrace a school boy, 10 years old.
We refer, niiioi g. oilier instances, to bis
assertion or iiiiiuuttioii ill it, in regard to
slavery , the feelings of slave holders' huve
tl ...... A ... lit,, uimr. ..(mi, not Cor two hlin
IIOWLU ill s" tilt, vintiiitv, i". ......
died years;-' that is, public opinion in the
slave Slates has undergone no change fa
vorublc to ihe slave, for two hundred
! N iw we arc ronvneed thai
"Money matters." The bank
of Washtenaw, (Michigan), has'ssued
the following notice
Bank of IVashtentno, Ann Arbor,
Murri 24, 1830.
An unexpected and continued run
upon this bank, caused by unfounded
rumors , having made it necessary to
suspend payment for a short lime, the
directors consider it a duty to caution
the holders of Washtenaw notes a
siainst making any saci ihV.es upon
t he m , as ihe hank has available means
to Ihe amount of $30,000, beyond its
circulation, and will s ion resume pay
ment. Persons having no'es in the
bank are rrq tested to pay immediate
ly, and interest will be refunded on
ihe notes not due.
By order of the board of directors.
David Page, pre i dent.
E. W. Mohgan, aisher.
it. The victor returned to Ssvajm
w thou a strateh. This won the
Maliraila'sadmiralion; the coMey was
immediately enrolled in Sevajae's
army, and from henceforth b came a
distinguished man. 77ie Romance
of history.
Callett & lleaton
AVE just received Irom New Orleans
7.1 Barrels Molasses
Wellsville and Fairp'irt Rait Road.
We leani by the WelUville Adverti
ser, (fiat the stock for the above road,
lo the amount of 285,000, has been
taken on the contemplated route, and
that 50,000 more would have been
l,i k a, if the books had remained open
one day longer. The Adveriiser con
sldera the q-iei iun of the construction
oflhil impoitant public work as now
settled, and ihat it will completed
at an ear'y day. Sjceess to it, say
we. N. Lisbon Palladium.
Ji rich Gold mine in Virginia.
According to the R chmnntl Compiler
the mining company of thai ci'y have
discovered ihe ore of Busby's mine,
Gothland county, io b uncommonly
lich and abunt'aot, and increasing as
it dins; the pan washing of o.e yield
ing five dollars per 100lbs The s'ock
of the company is selfing al 70 dollars ;
advance of the oi iginal cost of Ihe
The following beautiful passage, as
true as it is beautiful, is from Mr. James'
last novel, ' The Gipsey:'
' Round the idoa of one's mother the
mind of a man clings with a fond uQ'ec-
lion. It i: the first deep thought stamped
upon our infant heart when yet soft and
capable of receiving the most profound
impressions, and all the after feelings or
the world are more or less light in com
parison. I do not know that even in our
old ago we do not look back to that feel
ing as the sweetest we have through lite,
Our pafrsions and our wilfulness may lead
as far Irom the object of our filial love.
we lo rn to pain her neart, lo oppose her
wishes, lo violate her commands, we may
become wild, headstrong, and angry ut
her counsels or opposition; but when
death has stilled her monitory voice, and
nothing but calm memory remains to re
capitulate her virtues and good deeds, al
feclion, 'ike a tim er beaten to the giound
by a pasi storm, raises up her head and
smilctf amongst her tears Round the
idea, as we have said, the mind clings
with fond affection: and even when the
earlier period t'Ur loss forces memory to
he silent, fancy takes th place of remem
hrance, nnd twines theimige of our dead
parent with a garland ofgraces, and beau
ties, and virtues, which wo doubi not thai
she possesses."
Selling Upon Credill A friend of
ours, out many mom lis ag.i and not a
thousand milcsylT, having a barrel ol
rider 1 r sale, sent ii to market by one
ol his servants lo he retailed at a pub
lie collection. Cato, who was by no
means an adept in the arts and myste
ries ol iiade,soon however found rea
dy sale for his cider, & drove on home
again with an empty barrel.
Well, Cato," said his mas'er
"where's ,he niutiet ?'' "Me s ll'm
oti a credit, massa - no got de money "
On a credit! well, who have you
credited, you scoundrel?" Wy gr t
garanii'y, massa, how I know? dare
de marks 'pon de barrel!" The bar
rel was covered with straight marks.
Norfolk vtdvocule.
Extract of a etl-r fro n Oapl, Birr of
the L iiiisiati i volirileei'S to III Ittoi ol
the Now Orleans B.illelitt, dated tort
Brooke, Tampa Bay, rob. i7ih:
"O.i the morning ul our arrival, an In
dian prisoner was killed in an attempt lo
escape; hu was taken in a manner which
might grace even the NMUMttie days ol
chivalry. A Hun noble looking Indian,
asked in muni lie the daughter 'jI Black
Dirt, a friendly chiellaioj tho olJ man
diudnrad thai none but u warrior need
pretend lo his daughter, bmH d sired
young Yellow Hair, if lu h i-ln-d lo
prove himseil one, to go into Ihe woe
and make peisonera ol three hostlile Dniii
mules. Yellow Hair accordingly brought
i in three of ihe enemy; whether he sur
rounded them ( a the Irishman did.) or
not, I do nol pretend to say, nut two oi
ihe prisoners ate now chained in the loi't.
mid the other was kiPed in tho m miter
1 mentioned Yellow Hair of course lliUl
riui! his black haired damsel, and set out
on ihe loMi, at I he be.:d of u party ot his
countrymen, lo actus scout to the m no
armv, who have marched in hm of the
1 ' llavanna Sugar
UO ' N :w Orleans do.
25 ' No. 3 Mackerel
15 Tanners Oil
20 casks Sweet Malaga wine
5 Scicily Madeira
5 ' Lisbon do
5 Tierces Iresh rice from Cincin
nati 40 Kegs assorted tobacco
ITJO.OOO Com. Sega is
120 Boxes Mele do
500 D z. cut and dry tobacco
200 lbs. scotch snuff
10(1 raopee do
ALSO from Phi adelphia via. the ca
12 crates assorted Queenswure
All of which we offer on accommoda-
liug terms.
Wellsville, April 22, 183d.
Xew and cheap Nriug and
UAVH junl received a Splendid assorl
meot ol Spring & Summer Goods,
among which will uu found a choice se
lection of
Consisting in narl ol Pine and Superfine
Broad Cloths, Ca-ssinit,
Flannel, Assorted coor
fd Silk fo Lulirx sWatei Callietc of
t'u I ; tut s! il . H ivn miuliiu. 4-4 yard
f.'l Cm' . .i.td ...'. itJiulk'j'j, Cotton
.If II, ( 'oil 4 it It. ''Ij', . '' .
Also, a fresh h.ij,,.) ti u.'oo.'nes, fish,
sn;;ir and molasses, a ood supply ol
Drugs and Me, lit ines :
Ail of which will be aild lower for
Uusll than any goods ever oil . red in Au
austa. I ho subscriber solicit the atien
lion of the people of Augusta , and else
where, w ho may wish to purchase goods
cheap and get good prices for their pro
duce, io call at ihe fubaeriber's alore in
Augusta, where they can be tiCLoininodo
I, d mi Hie I esi lei os.
; Monroe Township Carroll county, Ohm,
ion Friday, the 2!ih inst., horses, callle,
'fdieep, hogs, household and kitchen Uirni
lurs, Gram by the bushel, and gram in
Ihe round, f,. riming utensils, Sec. logelh
er with a great van .'ty of other articles,
A mil 15. IHUO
The State of Ohio, Carroll County. SS.
M.y Term, A. D. 1831
Notice is hereby given that Isaac
Brown, John Blair, Jain a Wa lace no.l
Henrv Stuller hue applied tor -the ben
on the 22d mt, and resulted as lollows.
Alexander Scull, Benj lleacock, Amos
Sherrod, Henry B,.h. V, i vVilfa hi), Wio
PotWk nnd .los.pl. .,!..-. On lha
20, !i ioal, the Directors I U.. e-
lected DrTbomns ' uoimiitg, lv Ml-rit(
and Dr Elijah T. S arp. Secrrimy, ''hj
board after devising ceil nn-meHsiiro ti
the sale of'slock Vi . i.ilj u i,nl in nWl
again on Ihe 22d da nl ril in
April 16th, I83(i
BY vrtue ol a wit ol ti fa -t lev fa i
sued out of the court of Common Pleas in
and for Ihe County of Carroll in the Siaie
ol Ohio, and to me directed, there will bo
soid at public sale, on Saturday, the 30' ti
day of April iir-xl, at ihe door of the Court
House, in Carruillon, Carroll county O.,
be I WOfll the. hours ol I 1 o'clock A. M.
and 2 o'clock P VI. nil tbe Ki.'hi, Tt'le,
; Inlervsl anil Churns of Alexander M Coy
: in ami to an undivided tract of land situa
tflt ii. 'IV.u,..!.,.. rririll rjiuntv. O
..C. V.I ...-..-. I .1 ..I In.i.Uunl . "'"'' "
eat oi ui -nu i..r iuc - i su, quarter ol Section
debtors," and will present their petiliurs
to said Court at said term.
Conxnvtsionet of Insoh
ALL persons interested will tnka no
lice, Ihat, at my instance, a writ of st
laehnwnt was on ihe 2Sth dav of March,
183G, issued by Charles H. Hays, E-q.,
u Justice of ihe Peace in Augusta town
ship, in Ihe county of Carroll, and Stale
ol O.; against the goods, cbatlles, r ghts,
moneys, credits and efl ;cts of John Gill,
an absent debtor.
R (1 L1GGET.
Augusin. Ai-ril 15, 1880,
1U, ToTrnslnp 14. and R-n'lte 4 seized
and taken in execution as Ihe prop, rty of
Alex .nder McCy, at the sUlt 'd' Andrew
Sweaiiy, Adminisiraior of the eftlJ of
Patrick Dixon, deceased.
Carrollton, March IS 1S30.
soar na
lair writtr,"An abolrion Lady,1 needs in
ttrueiffth on this lUbjecl: nnd we feci
strongly disposed to nfford that in
struction, particularly to n gentleman
learned. t the law, who denominates j afe c,,mics
slaveholders "lawless tyrants.' Cotir
age, then, (ricnJl DotTthe musk J and lot
us reason together.
Q7"Vill our noigliW of the Democrat,
for whose renders, cbieflv, this article is
iutetided, do us the favor to iiopj T
A Washington letter writer s'ates
that all the signatures lo the Abolition
memorials presented to Congress at
its present session, do not exceed 27,
000. and that ot these, nearly 10,000
From the Massillon Gazette.
AugUbU, Apiit22 l&3ti.
N. B All those who are indebted In
R. H. Ligget, of longer standing than 3
months are reioested to call and dis-
lliinre I tei r neetinnts.
VLL persons indebted to ihe estate ol
Thomas Miller, late ol Union Tp
Curroll county, Oulo, deceased , are heie
by notified that they are n quired tv make
immediate payment to the undersign!1-;
and those wi o nave claim against MMl
estate, will present them legally proven
for settlement, within twelve mouths Irjm
this dale.
joiin pranc. e,
Admiinsirntors with the Mill aoaeXed.
April 15; lS3d.
Remaining in the yist Uifiee at Carroll
ton, Can nil county O.. on the tirsl day
ot April, USSO, aed it nol tjkeiiojt by
Ihe first ol Ju v IHA, will be sent li
the General Post Ulii. c as dead ki
te is.
Akins Thomas Aigne Charles
Albactl Jamea R. Bracken Sarah
Bohart Mary Burk I im uhy
Barnbili Robert Bracken John
liuilin Ahrum
THE subscriber wishes lonell his larm
lying on Iho waters of litile Coin o ton,
on which there l a grut Mill, wiili
tn eighty or ninety rods of the liwelliug
house. There are ubuu'. sixty five m re
of cleared land on said larm: fifteen acre
i of which are in grass on the creek bottom.
I here are on this tract u number of Hav
er lading springs, two dwelling houses,
and a duutde B.ni she.:. led on iwo sides,
and al! coven d with shingle.
Said larm lies within two miles ol New
II iffuttwrgb, and f mr liom Couuolion -Adjoining
with Leonard Hersb E-q.,
James B xter and o'-hers.
Information can l.e h id.,s to the situa
tion, and terms made known by applying
to the subset iier Imng on said land,
Sampson rice.
Usnison Tp. Carroll to o,
March 25ili. 183d.
7 ILL he sold at the residence of
Cha fant M.
I Cul lestor Eitns 2
i Condel J II B.
Couk Philip
('line John
I) 1 1 1 1 John
Davis Jane
Dennis Jacob
Eerrall lames
Fisher Joel
Foa. The recondi'e John S, Cutts
who nerh os is one of the greatest nal
uralsofthe sge, thus acccounts for
the phenomenjn ot log- 'It is occa
sioned by the Mmosphere's coming
in contact with (he Hemisphere,
which causes the earth to swiail
A Mahratta Anecdote. Sevsjoe
was one dsy passing through a moun
tain iungle, when a leopard, was ma
Texas The late news from Tnxas,
which will ba found in this week's paper,
iaof a deeply interesting character. It
would aeem, that the gnllnnl Col. Crock
ett is now no m-H! This, hawever, we
cannot believe. The Col. has seen loo kin its way stealthily through the
tniwli anrviirr 111 then.cV ii-ml. t fal' un bushes as if tbrea-ening nostiiny
dcr the blow of a Mexican. j The cooley (a porter) was de-endm;
' . i 1 1 I. I nml . n III , I I m
I tnrjniu ai is mviiu-.-n .. .
Connecticut elections. -Returns leopard, volunteertu to attack n,witn
have been received from ll ihe towns! a weapon as singular as it wasformt
in the stale, except Willington and I dable. Opening a small leathern wal
Sherman, which will certainly return j lei, he took from it an iron instrument
Van IWn men. The result is 1 33 J wl ich fitted the hand, covering the
- tin !. I I. .a 11, .i i,. ,il llin
Van Piurcnitcs. and 7 :i v ntgs eiccteu nngers nxe a gsumni. -j"""
lift nt iho niK-rn ii sxtenaeu io mr
"I" - .
GRAIN Wheal, per bush.
Flour Superfine, per bbl,
Flaxseed per bushel
Timothy do.
Clover do.
Beans, small ivhitf, per bush
Puik- Mess, per bbl.
Whiskoy per gal. by bbl.
Bacon Hams, per lb.
Butter Fresh
Fruit Dried apples, per bush
Fish White, per bbl.
Mackerel, per bbl
3alt per bbl
1 00
0 00
5 50
1 12
1 25
4 75
lal 121
$15 50
12 50
1 50
12 00
8 00
Ual2 00
6 00
Thomas Miller, lute ol Union tp.
Carroll county Ooio, deceased, on lues
day Ihe 10th day of May next, the follow
ing nroii' rtv. viz:
Wheat. Rue. Corn. Grain in the Everett Isaac
ground. One hare. -Cattle. Hag, House
hold Sf A' tchenfurnitue, Harness, $c.
Jjc. ice.
Sale to commence nt 11 o'clock on said
day, when terms of sale will be made
Administrators with the will annexed.
April 22d, 1880
Cunningham F.
Casntr Leonard
Culbertsoji David
Cm e Daniel
1) iwus Win. A.
Davis J. inns
Da ib Mury
.Vol ice
IS hereby given that at my instance, a
writ of attachment was issued hv Wm
Wiiherow.il Justice of the Peace, for Fox
township, in the county of Carroll, and
Slate of O., on the 4th inst. against the
goods, chniCes, righls, credits moneys Sc
effects of Win. Graham, an absent debt
April 22d, 1S36.
Lrwin Nancy
Fleck Elizabeth
Fishol Mary
Gillilun David
Girres Lucinda
George lvobeit
Gillespie Samuel
Haverslick Christian Hattery Thomas
Il.il Eiizihelh Harsh John
Hart John S.
Holmes Wm.
Hawk Michael
Harsh George
llariiiun Lavinia
Hannah Andrew
llewit Samuel
io the hnitsp of representatives. bd
'wards, (he Van Huron candidate lor
governor, is elected hv a majarity of
between 2500 and 3000.
The Board of Public Works ad-
length of at least three inches curving
like claws,tapering lo a point as sharp
as the lip of a dagger; being brought
to an edge under the curve, nearly as
keen as that of a razor. The man fix
Sugar, Muscovado & N O per lb 1 lal2
Cuuntrv "a
Loal&Lump IGlalSi
Coffee in bags 141al
Hides Green, cwt 5 00
Leaiher.solecwt. 20a22 00
Iron Hammered, cwl. 0 50
Tire o w
Small hoop S( rouud cwt. 8 to 10
White Lime per bbl. 1 lb
bushel ?5
Nails 8 to lOd cwt. 7a7 50
3lo0d Sail 00
Plaster Ground, per 2000 lb. 13 00
ner bushel 024
In Stone per 2000 lb. 10 00
Glass bv the box 7 by 0 3 75a4 00
8 by 10 4 00a4 50
10 by 12 5 00a5 50
Shingles Pino 1st qual per 1000 3 00
S. C. MARKER begs leave to inform
his customers, and the public generally,
that he has removed his
to the building one door West of "Car
rollton Hall," where he has for sale, ut
verv reduced prices for cash or approved
country produce, a well selected assort
ment of Groceries, dfc. Sec. He respect
fully solicits the calls of purchasers.
Carrollton, April 15, 1830.
Jackmati Adam
Jamea Thomas
Lane Jacob
Low Luiher
Jackson John
Johnson Wm.
Little John M.
Miller Peter Miller Hiram
M'Ciinttck E izabelb McElroy E.
Murphy James McDowell Alex.
Meeker Henry 2 sMaple John
McGavran Thomas Martin David
ManifbW Benjamin Morehead Jamea
Maxwell Robert M'Caelin George
Norrts David Pons Wm.
Richardsun Samuel 2 Rider George
Roudebush Jacob Roach Win
Sac ket Joel Scott Samuel
Sline Solomon Sells Benjamin
Stephens Wm. Saltsgiver Henry
- . XfjWE- -IS,herby'i!iveii
to all jiersons interest
IPii, 'balsu r;y instance u writ of a'.tairli
meul w'isMh d., i-u.-d by James II.
R-irs, a' Justice ihcP. aceol' iVashmg
ion TnWiisliip, in Hie ijouuiy ol Cairoil.
ag iin' ihe G'-ods. ClihlleU, Rights Cred
its, M me) and , ti'. els of David Fulton,
an a latent debtor.
one of the T. uslecs of the Methodist Epi
copal Church tit Cu.roll o,i,
tprtl 1st, l JO.
For the improvement op
THK :ti:-:ir HAEt P.
Cvtnmi .sioitt rs Ojjlce Cat rod , ouuy, O,
THE following Resolution w is eonsid
ed and adopted by the County Cotnml
sinners of Carro.l county, fur the i i.pp.va
ment of the breed o'- sheep in iid couii.
Resolecd, That the act cntiti-d "an act
to improve the breed of sheep," passed
January l3ih Hs'."J be, and hereby is adopt
ed I Or! ceclared in luce in the county ol
C i rroll, and that notice ol the passage of
this R 'solution be published in the Car
roil Free Press, tor thirty liaya, previous
to the hrs! day o! June l!Jo.
GEO, B BATTY, Commissioners' Cl'k.
bv order of Ihe Bard
April 1st 183'j.
.Vol ice
IS hereby given, '.bat David Maple, and
Tunis Maple l.ave, this day, tiled their
Final Acccounl, as Administrators of
Jacob Maple, dec. in the office of the
Clerk of the Court oi Common Ptea in
and for the county of I! a rroll, O.
D. M'COOK, Cletk.
April 1st, 1S3G.
Vou arc hereby commanded to parade
i n front of iho Western Hotel, in Carroll
ion. on Saturday the 30th inst,, urmed of
equipped as the law directs- then and
there, proceed lo elect one captain, in
room of H. S. Siouffer resig ned.
By order of the col.
S. K DAVATT, Lieut.
Shuch Jacob
Scott Francis
Thompson John G.
Thompson James
Tripp Wm.
Wherry Joseph
Wyanl Burkei
Wolff Mary A
Snider Susanna
Tomlinson Henry
Tope Henry
Vunhorn Jacob
Wisely Saruh
Wiley James
Wilson Elizabeth
Zollars David 2
FARMERS now is your time, you
that wan' to raise good horses, call
and see Sill WILLIAM; be will stand
at the stable of Cupt. Wm. Hodge, in
tiurrisutigh; the first three days, ttierce
al the s.uble of David Richards, next three
days; and the following three cays at the
stable of 11. A. ondger, in Ourrulllon, so
on alternately j lor particulars see hand-.
bills. ':
tor 11. A. S'.idgar.
April 7. 1838.
Yore Nathan
Zook Jacob
April Stb, l3'.
SO Barre's New Orleans M.olasses
ust received and for sale bv
Wellsville, Nov, 20, 1835.
Willi tut Mhieltl'ts, Dentiit,
Respectfully annouces to the citi
zens of Cat rollton and its vicinity
that he is prepared 10 perform denial
operations of every kind, at the E
chargi . in Cat roll Ion Ladies will .
he wail ii on at their places of real
Mich IB h 18 b.
J. PtstytfE, Arr knkvatLaw.
T tUL pr .ctice iii the Courts
Vf of Carroll, Columbiana
Stark, and TuscurawuB counties. Office
nearly opposite ihe 'Carrollton Halls
Carrol'lon, Carroll county Ohio.

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