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TrMsVs-Taa k'Mtau Kan Psssa ia pablwh
d srery Friday uivn-iimg n gi poll sb at rtf
tr CCbts per annum. siyjble in advance, or ro
avifcar rebJ until thread of ikayear. No
liwwmd um.l all arrearages art pa
ualeaa at to option ul the publisher .
Oar aquare, I fourteen line, or leaa.) larva ineer
tloAi 1 1 1 (vary subsequent insertion, l cents
(wfcr nara in proportion. A literal discount wi
atawa lo tboae ahe advertise by the jcar
wn caatAa sr.
A F not tons Rai. One night lest week a
German and hi wife, whn reside at iha Weat
enl of eke town, arete d mar bed in their ektoa
ny the freoeeoi erica of an infant lying in ihe
cradle near their bad. On getting up to ap
peas the child, a large Norway rat araa aeen
10 leap from ihe cradle, and on eiamining the
child, h was discovered that the flesh wea part
lyaasen free both ua handa. InAamatmn suc
ceeded and iha child hai suffered intensely.
Tim. Adocatt.
(Or Seven ihousan I d-dlars worth of gun
piwder were confiscated at Brooklyn, an Satur
day, it kaiof found aa board a schooner in a
situation contrary to law. The proceed go in
tba " widow' and orphan' fund of Jece.wd
An Old Ewtoi Pinneaa A'len, Kq . the
aeaior editor ol the Ptiisfield, Mas. Sun, has
been p blither ol the same paper for 63 year !
He il wedded 10 '-types and shadows."
laws of l)io.
published uv unioiim.
No. . AN ACT
To lit and provide fur Holding the terms nf the
Court ol C"oiin ii I'leas hi the luurih Judi
cial District oi O iio.
Sec I Br it rnnelrd by ihe Genrral Atfm
h'y of ihe Sia'e ol Ohio, Dial ihe terms nf-ihe
Court ol Common Plena shall be hidden in th
SHvernl counties ol ihe lourlh Judicial District
ol Ohio, a Hows :
In thn run m v of Lo'as, on the iwentv first
day of March iha Irak dav ul Jul), and Mr
twentieth dav ol M rvMifcer.
"In the t'ountv oi'Onawa, on the ninth day o
May, the tweon-miiih day of August, auJ the
fiiirt "vaak l'"v " 'l ' r-
In the rotiuty ol Sandusky, on the fourteenth
d.iv ol M icch'. the twentieth day ul June, and
the fifth ilav "f 0 ffnaef.
in the roiialv of Krie. on ihe seventh (lav ol
F hruarv. iha sixteenth day ol May, and the
tinny tii .si dav ol October.
In ihe county ol Huron, on the menu eighth
day "f Fr hru iv. the 'Iih Hay ol I vine, Mil l tho
twenty fir-l day irl November.
second suudivision.
In (hp county of Lorain, on ih' second Toes-
dav of F- bto irv. the b d Ttieaday of Al iv,
ami thf tiro, 'avaaaar f N ivemb -r.
In the ctMiiuy ol kkdiiti mi ihe fisi Tiieadav
of March, ihe lai Tui-Mlav ol Mn), and the
fourth Tu-'liivoi Nov, raHer.
In ihf coimiy of S.i'iiinii. on thi third Tu
dav ol Marc-h. tin- aWeiHsd TMWdk) ol June, und
the tirt Tuesdav ol I) -n.-n.li, r.
In thn rount of ('uynln'ga, on ihe fifteenth
dav nf Pi hruary. the seveno ciuh Hay ol Ms),
ihu aeeund day ol August, mid ihe tilteeiiih d.i
of Noeinl) r.
S.n. t Tnai whenever iSe state of liusinens
in any ul the auid Courts of Connnon Pleas is
au'il as to render it necessary, such curl nh ill
have power in nfipniiit and Iio l an nljniinel
term, lor ihe purpose of compl' tiog the Imsines
ol any rtgulur icrm, upon notice thereof being
entered upon its j lurnala
Speaker of Ihe Hnnr of Rfirrxrttiilivei.
Pretid'ni of the Stnate.
January It. 1053.
No. 10. AN ACT
To amend an ari rntnled "An net to amend the
act creating ihe office of Count Surveyor,
and defining hi duties," pus-ed December S5,
Sec k. Be it enaeied by the General Assem
bly of tke Stale of Ohio, Thai section one of
the act entitled An net in amend ihn act crea-
ting the offi -e of C -univ Surveyor, and defining
his duties,' passed December 15. A. D. I83H,
b , anJ the same i hereby so amended as to
readas follows :
Sec. 1. J3e i( enacted by ihe General Astern
bly of the Stale of Ohio, Thai whenever ihe
office of County Surveyor shall become vacant.
oy uea,n,re..gn.no,.Ur oinerw.so ,ne v,ouri,
VUIIIIHUII ir,,, ur,i , uo uinurii ,ip, hiu wi'U'i
ry where n such vacancy shell have huppened
or thn "Commissioners of such county, in the
racauon or said court, ahall appoint n person j
...l.k A ... .1. .. v.... iho ,1i,l,Aa ,.l Dun 11II1I.U I
qusilliuu iif Uintlllijg ,110 nuiica ul nam HMii
who shall hold such appointment until the next
annual election, and until his successor is elect
ed aod qualified, and shall lake an oaih or affir
mation, and give bond, with security, in the
.111 inner provided in the fourth section of ih- .-i
no which this is an amendment : Provided, thn
when any auoh appointment shall be made by
ouch commissioners, the same shall be by Hit m
forthwith certified to the clerk ul the coun of
commo 1 pleas of the proper county.
I Sec, t That the original section 'one of
.aid act, be and the- same is hereby repealed.
beaker of the House of Representatives.
President of ihe Senate.
January 12, 1863.
, Authorising incorporated companies to change
their names.
Sec. I. Be it enae'ed by th General Assem
bly of the State. tf Ohio, Thai trout and alter
the pa-sage ol this act, it shall be lawful for any
company now incorporated within this State, to
change the name of said company in manner
and lorm as ia provided for in this act.
Sec. t. Tbai upon petition being filed by the
directors of aay company b at'or- stild. 111 Ihe
-court ol Common Pleal ol tin- county in which
Ihe princtpa offi -em uch corporation ioeuui.
and upon giving ihmy days statea by puinicn
ti -n in a newspaper ol general circulation in
aid county, nf ih ohj ct aud prater i auch
petition, said court situli, ai any regular term
alter the publication of snd notice, upon good
cause shown, decree the cbaiig-t ol the name
sought for by said board of directors.
becS. That iacane the name of any corn
pan re changed, ae aforesaid, a copy ol the de
cree shall be filed with the Secretary ol State,
amfaleo published in one newspaper of gsme-
ral Circulation in the County aforesaid.
See. 4. That arken the provision afurrtaid
have beta complied with, surb company shall
thereafter be known by such new name, and
shall have all the powers, and be subject to ihe
same restrictions a if no change of name had
been made, and no tuch change of name ahalt
affect, in any manner, the right of auch com
pany, or of any Individual, or other corpora
Speaker of the Home of representative.
Preaident of the Senate.
January It, 1653.
Supplementary in the act eaiitltd an act to
abolish the office of Keg etc i and Receiver
of the State Land Office atsDr(iance, and m
r- gulaie the sale of lands a said office, and
to crente the office of Land Commissioner."
passed April 16th. 1852: and in repeal the
(jvemh and fourteenth taClioM of (aid aci.
Sec. I. Be it enacted by the General A item
b'y oj tke Slate of Uko. That sections seveu
auu lusjrtMl of raid act be and the same are
hereby repealed : Ptvnded, that such repeal
-hai' in no wise nflVt any righis accruing do
dcr snid aeventh section repenle t.
Sec t Thai said land shall be sold to actunl
seiib r at seventt live j.er ceot. below the np
i rni' d sniue : Pa.ivinri). that there yhntl nm
be "old id an? one w rsin. under ihe or visions
ol this art. at sueh reduced price, more than oik
(juaner of one section of said lands, aud provi
lt d ilint any applicant a ho applies io enier or
! urche any ol said land al said reduction.
sbjeJI, W fore any certift.'ate or other evidence
ol purchase or euiry m iued lu him or her liv
said isa salsa aei mske and subscribe no affi
davit thai it i bona fide hi or her internum.
iiliin tailvo months Iron, and alter said pur
chase, to enter upon and improve the tract so
j.urchused ; and iha- he or ahe hna not mad,
aid purchase tor the purpose of speculation
norelv; bm for ihe purpose of aecuMiit a home
or bun-elf . r he, sell and lamily tHnch ftli.la
tt shall be presi rved by the commissioner
aforesaid aiih ihe records ol bis offi -e.
S'C. 2 Thai in the evout of any p rson ei
iter rirtctv or indirectly euteriog a greater
(juantti) ol land tloni lie is prmillt'dlo pur
chase by the second Se'lion of this act. all en
tries or purchases made bv not such person un
til r tin-m i shall be hel,j and .d, chu d Intuitu
ea lor all intents mid purposes; and if no deed
has Issued lo tun b purchasi r. none shall ever
be delivered to hlnij and If a tleid da-t been ex
(ruled, then lie same awed he held invalid as
Me. d ol conveyance, upon avatd of such Iraud
nlciil entry or pnrcbas.i, and the purchaser shall
INN only lose Ihe benefit ol Ins purchase, bul
ka J hi mi u) rrcovt r b.nk the mouey paid
fur a a ul lands.
i wto's r Ktiiv(tv
Speaker of the II 'tne wi 11 pr SetllNOVsie,
1'it-sldi ul of tile S uMte.
Jariiarv 12. 1853
No 13 J AN ACT
I'o provide for the distribution an J stfo keeping
ol ihe Liws an I J niri:als.
Sec. I. Be ii enacted bv the General Assem
bly of the 8t ate of Ohio, Thai ihe (iei erul As
sembly al each session thereof, shnll hi j nm
resolution, din-ci ihe nninber of the Laws and
Journals io which each County shall be entitled.
In be distributed nod preserved, according u ihe
provisions ot this acl.
tvc. 2 I hm ihe Secreta y of hwte shall, at
the , lose of each session ol the General Assem-
bly, or us soon thereafter a the laws and i-iur
nals may bn printed and ready for distribution
lip the UUM'ber which each coumy may be
led 10. and forward the same bi public con-
nice, directed to the Clerk of the Coun of
o. o, Plu... nrA in nil .. ..d .. K . , .-n . . ... I.
1 -untied
vet mice,
Uiinmnn flea; and in nil cases where such
laws ana journals cannot reacn me county seal
of any cuiiniy, for waul of some 111 tide of pub
lic conveyance, thn Secretary nf State shall
cause the same to be de.p ,sited in n secure place.
as near ihe coumy sent of nny county as may
b ,,rariii-abl. and noii'y the clerk of ihe deliv-
cry of the laws and journals ai such point ; and
in all such cases, ihe Secretary of Stale shall
contract with the said clerk 10 convey such laws 1
and journal to bis office ot ihe coumy scut of
his county.
Sec. 3. When the Secretary nf Smie shall
forW(,rd l(u) ,ws and j ...r.ials to the several !
counties, ns provided for in the second section
of this aci, he shall pay the freight on the same
I in advrnce, nnd take a duplicate receipt fur th
am()m jd ()ne of wnl(.h ne ghtt fi(j wj(h
. . an
AUUIlUr Of oldlC
Sec. 4- Kach member of ihe General Assem-
bit. en h clerk nod sergeant at arms, each judge
of every court of record, each jj,uce of ihe
peace, constable, sheriff, fcifviier, recorder, an amount not exceeding the amount now lim-cootinis-ioii
r 01 insolvents proseeiiiing atttir j iied, or that may herealter be limited bylaw,
uey (for ihe ue of in" grand jiry.) coumy an- I fur Iho pay me II I of claims egninst townships,
d.ior. treasurer nn t surveyor, eotluty commis- J0H nil the taxable propeity in ihe limns ol each
sinners, ihe directors ol the eouiiiy infirmary township as 11 was bounded before such change
township trus ees and township clerk shall be
entitled to receive one enpy of iho general laws
and each clerk of the supreme court, and court
of common pleas, shall be entitled 10 receive
iwu copies of the general laws, for ihe use of
their t fficea and each township clerk one ad
ditional copy, for the use ot the township offi
cers, not hi P in provided for.
Sec. 5 The Secretary of Siate. at thu atme
time that he lorwards to ihe clerks of ihe courts
ol common pleas of the several ciiunues of this
stale, ihe laws and j uirmils, as herein provided,
shall for ard such uuinb-. r ol extra copies nf the
g neral laws as he may deem necessary, 10 be
disposed ol, at a price not exceeding the actual
cost, to those wishing the Mine, and the pro
ceeds ol such sales shall be paid into tne coun
ty treasury of auch couinv.
Sec. li The Secretary of Male shall furnish
tip-G Heritor, b r his (wnuse. wnh one copv,
and wilh such number of copies 01 the gent nil
laws as may b r q iin d lor 1 x-. hncg - wuh nth
or Stale he sha'i furnish in- auditor of State
with lour, and the treasurer of Stale wi-h two
the attorney general with m e. for the use ol
1 heir offices, and the Slate Librarian wjih fie
c pie of the gent rut laws, lur ilie ute of ihe
Lihrarv .
Sec. 7. When ihe Lws of a 'ocal nature, and
ihose of a general inture are sun bed in sepa
rate votume. each member of the .General A
sembly shall be entitled to mi" copy 0' the In
cal laws; and each clerk, o ihe upreinu court
ood court of common pleee; each
ffce I ilea the Male aid
court of Prolate, and rab rovaiy auditor thai!
(revive one eery of the local lava for the ase
of their office respectively; and each township
clerk one copy of ihe local law, for the use of
his towosbip ; and each of ihe trustees of the
several wards, and clerks of cities skall be en
titled to one copy, and each presiding officer in
any incorporated town (ball be entitled to one
8ec. 8. Each member of the G eneral A seem
bly , for bi own uae. and each clerk of ihe su
preme court and coun of common pleas, and
county auditor. Tor the use of their offices re
spectively, and each township elerk, for the uae
of the inhabitant of hi township, sball receive
one copy of the journal of ihe Senate and
Houie ol Representatives, the auditor, secretary
and treasurer oi State, shall each be entitled to
one copy, and the state librarian, for uae of the
library, five copies of said journals.
Sec. 9. Each University. College, Academy,
and Literary Institution of this State, or that
may hereafter be established, thatl be entitled
to receive one copy of the general laws of this
State, one copv of the journals of the Senate
and House if Representative, and one copy ol
uch earh session thereafter.
Sec. 10. The clerk of the coun of eorrmon
plea in each county shall, on demand, deliver
In each of ihe persons and literary inaiitutions
entitled to copies of ihe Uws and journals pin-
vidi d for in this act, takit g from the respective
peisons their receipts for the aws and journals
so delivered, which shall be filed in the county
auditor's ffi.-e, subject to inspection.
Sec. II. F.verv person entitled ( xcept mem
b rs of ihe Ceneral Asse bW, clerks and ser-g-anis
at arms, j idg-sol the courts and literurv
institutions.) to a copy or copies of the laws and
j nirnal. and who has received the same, shall
deliver over the saint! to his or iheir successors
in office, and the same shall remain ihe prop, r
tv ol the Stnte of Ohio; aud if any person afore
said, who is required lo deliver over to his sue
ccs so r such laws and j mrua's, shall refuse, on
demand, so to do, be shad forleit and pav any
sunt not less this n five nor more than fiuecn
dollars, to be recovered in an action of debt in
the name of ihe Siale of Onto, b-lore an) J is
lice of the pence, for the us) of ihe count v.
Sec 12. Whenever any gr.-nter number of
copies ol the laws und j iiirnals sball be forward
ed to the clerk of the court of coinuo-n pleas ol
any counIT than is necessary in supply each
person, ,-ffi cr or institution, or In be otherwise
dtspost tl ol. according in ihe pr ivtsious ol this
act. and which shall remain uiitotd, then the
el rk aforesaid shall carefully reiaiu the surplus
number of the laws and j lurnnls in his nfli -e. lo
be deliver, d in the ffici rs ol" any new town
shin which may be hereafter orgmnz d in said
S c 13 Whenever nuv grenier numb'r of
ihe latss and lirhats shall 1ft) printed Man m is
be rtqiired iir mirfndiiiiu blidVr this net. ih"
lyip'u coie,s shall lie deH,sied in the offi e of
the S ' r lar) ul' Stale, su'j ct lo future distiibu
ll'ui i law.
Sec. 14 I'he net f -t the di-trihmi m and safe
ke-pu ft ni lire In? and j 'urn lis. it.issed M trch
1 2th. 1 83 1 , be an I th si hp is h -r liv re,e tied.
Speaker of the II .use ol K -iiresentaiives.
President ul the Senate.
Jnnuitry 12. 1853
No. 76. AN ACT
To dt fine ihe liability of townships, where the
satn'3 hnve been altered or diminished.
Sec. I. Bet ii enacted by the General As
8eml.lv of the Stale of Ohio, That whell-Ver
.ny township in this Slate shall have been or
mny hereafter be altered, diminished, or in any
1 way changed, by the formation of new town
ships, or additions to other townships, or oilier
wise, such original iow,hip. and all parts and
portions ol the same, shall remain liable to ihe
same exienl, on all conirncts. engcgemeiii or
I . ; J J i : . .
habiliii.-s, contrucicd by such township, pr.or 10
such change, as if no such ulieration, diminu-
lion or change, had taked place.
Sec. 2 That the Trustees of any tnwhship,
case of a division or change, as provided in
the first section, which shall have retained the
original name of such township, sball. in levy
ing a tux lor the payment of any legal or jusi
claims, against such township, contracted prior
to any change as aforesaid, procure a certified
abstract from the auditor of the proper coumy.
or iti case parcels of such township shall have
been attached 10 townships of different counties
ihen from the auditors r.f the counties lo which
any portion of such township shall have been
attached, of all ihe taxable property situate in
such attached portion or portions, together with
the names of the persons owning ihe same ;
q( m om
and in making the assessment and levy for ihe
pay ment of any such indebtedness, or interest
thereon, ai the lime now. or that mnv hereafter
be provided by law for making such levy, levy-
'and certify an abstract therenl to ihe county
j auditor of ihe pmper county, or in case parcel
of such township ahall have been attached to
territory in diff-reut counties, then aaid trustees
shall certify an abstract of ihe lax levied upon
thu property in such parcels respectively . to the
nudnors of the respective counties, together
with the name of the person so assessed, and
ihe amount assessed to each ; and such auditor
or auditors shall thereupon enter the same upon
the duplicate, designating the persons ao taxed.
nnd for what purpose such levy has been made,
aud the tuxes shall be collected thereon, as in
other cases.
Sec. 3. The treasurer of ihe county or coun
ties collecting any tax ns aforesaid assessed,
shall, on demand, pay over 10 the trensurer ol
such tow nship, or the order of ihe trustees there
of, alter ihe first day of Miiicn ol any yenr
lieo the same may have been Collected, a
titoneya ihai may have bei 11 collided lor such
township, and shall bo eiilitted-10 ihe same fees,
and sul j ct in the name liabilities, lor dunes
p -rlurmed under this act. as in other case.
J tltlt',0 VI. Jl 'II. SO IS,
Speaker of ihe H n'e ol R'-p siaajtattaajh
President of the Senate.
May 1, 1852.
No. 77 AN ACT
i'u pruM'ie lot t ol teem j; the Statistic of Crime
.aw, I,, J cfod ltktQtntni 4"rt
iwuo idr lo lav ttr w -i tof '
Ike ttMHuitaa f
OHIO, FRIDAY Ftbmarj i Ml
mf th Simla f , h. That aa, b Proeeu
ting Attorney shall, between tae tenth ana tan
tietk days of Dneasribete. ia every year, report
to ike Attorney Geaersl a particular asaiiatical
aceooas of all crimes pr ensealed by indictment
in bin county , daring ike year nen preceeding ;
srkieb aceouoi shall apecify the number of per
sona psosecuied, the erisae or ciimes far which
each person was peaaeeuted, the resell of aach
proseeuiion. and the aaaiahaaeat ( if any ) award
ed ihweraBaa. mmA mlmn iha mMim rJ . .. I
r . u him is, rasaww mmn a nun. i ds .
each caee.andahat poruoa iheeeol baa been, nod ,Sueaod e.(ht haadeed aad thirty ,e, aad me I w . H, Ctmtm . AtmMm
aha, portton probably a.ll be codec- .ad thai j fo.nh .ioa af the passed rVbraare- eigh-! , , J ''' 1
each proaactmng attorney shall report, likewise, leenth. oae ihnoaaad eight hundred and ony-1 f ' J, " ' , .? , .
which tha ereaaoper-eeaied, vme. h,. eight. 0ed a. act tTe.tend the a tZ? Z fil
opinio., commuted under the lelaeace ai ard- ,of .he act paraad Kearaara eeeenv-eighih, ene I T, ' JhTSL aZo7
" i'-Ki e,f ht barred end tsK,,Hh,eTei.W JSL AT7 TTT'
8ec. 1. Thet th clerk of each coun having an eat to author the Coon of Comsnoa Pies Wt. f B-e'-re t-'saet. jaaysa -vara-cogoiiaoee
of pkM of .he 8a. rrjed by " toTfublie VVorh," ,jcj TZ
tuuictwieiii. snati, oetween tne nrst ana eisn oava
of December, in every year, make out and de
liver 10 the Prosecuting Attorney ol ihe coun
ty, an accurate statement of the costs sued or
taxsble in each case, prosecuted as aforesaid,
and determined during the veer next preceed
iug , which statenr-nt shall specify the portion
of costs collected, bv execution or otherwise,
from the defendant or defendant, and in a bat
case executioo has been issued.
Sec 3. Thai each court having Prgn;lsnce
as aforesaid, shall mak - such allowances, pay
able out of ihe county treasury, to ihe clerk and
prosecuting attorney, for performances nf the
h reby required, as , the judge or
...r m . ' "
judges thereof, may n-ein r'-nnnnhle
Speaker of the Hute nf nrprrxeniahvet
Vtetidtnl of the Senate
May I, 1852.
No. 78 AN ACT
To regulate the In ns of judgments.
Sec. I, Be it enaeied bv ihe Genrral Arem
.- . c. ,. ' .
6', of ihe Stair of Ohio. That judgment, by
coo-.a-.on. a.tn jtiogmei... on an sun. renoereo
al the same term or the 1 onri al which aato
suit is coinmeneed, shall only have a lien on
Uhd from the day on which said judgment shall
be rendered ; Provided, that no a ich judgment
shall have priority as 10 such lien, over nny oth
er ejeh judgment rendered at the same term.
Sec 2. I hnl the net entitled nn aci "in re-
Iniion to j idginonis by con'eesion. passed Feh -
ru irv I hit, 184b. h. nnri the n,ne is herebv
repel,.,l. JAM KS C JOHNSON.
Speaker of ihe House of Itepre.eniativee.
President ul the senate
May 1. 1862.
V, 79
an ac r
Defining ihe powers of Plank sn I Turnpike
K ad Companies.
S -e. I Be il fna-lnl hylhe Grnrral Assent
by of ihr S ulr nf ' Am, Thai n -It'll ami o ,v
ha la'ul lor ho P anltricid or I'urnpllt - Com
peflV h-retofore chartered iiiidi-r ha laws ol
this S.sie. f ir th, pttfrt n- of o tsirueiiiig any
roa ' amhoiiz -d hv ih- tr ropeenve charter", an I
ii'lir.vide r nuv present in lebtedtiess which
noiy t-X'si Hgiiusi aajad contp tnii" r -specnvel v.
10 issue ihe bonds of suc'i coinptnv. lo the
amount, including mich inil- hi- ilncss. ol nun
half of the capioil lock of said company ac
tually paid in. aud expended in iht constru-li ui
of au- h road ; ani l bonds 1 1 bo issued in sto h
sums, and 11: such forms, as , h i -a r f ol ilir-cl-or
nf said sev, r.d companies near, each pre
scribe, and 10 bear ntieresi and iiecoui payable
ni such time c.r times, nnd pl.tce r p'a-.es. as
ihey may severally designate; and for the re
demption of which, th" failh ol nid several
companies are hereby respectively pl dged, in-
' gether wilh the property, ribt nnd franchises
j .hereunto belonging, aud which said bonds .hall
, b subject to a higher rate "f mtresi than
, ,hH, pri,v.de.l by Inw; Provided, that noihing
herein contained shall be so construed as 10 au
thorize bonds in be issued of a lest denomina
tion than one hundred dollai. or in ihe simili
tude of bank notes designed 10 circulate as mo-
Sec. 8. That the stockholder of any com-
pauv winch shall issue bonds under the author
ity of this act, for the purpose ol raising mo
ney with which to construct the road of such
company, or nnv part iher.-nf. shall be each in
dividually liable for the pnvmeni of such bonds,
over and above ihe stuck by such stockholder
owned, to a sum at least equal in amount 10 the
slock owned by each, ai the time the indebted
ness on account ol said bonds shall be crented.
Sec. 3. Thai any con.psny thai shall avad
itself of the provisions of this act. shall be gov
erned by and be subject 10 the provisions ot any
general law that mnv hereafter be passed, for
the incorporation of Turnpike and Park Road
companies. JAMKSC. J 'HNSON.
Speaker of the House of Kepr, si niNllveS.
President ol the Semite, pro tern.
May 3, 1852.
No. 80
j r0 provide for filling vacancies in ihe Board of
Coumy Commissioners, nnd prescribing iheir
powers and dunes in certain cases.
Sec. It Be U enacted by the General Assem
bly of the Stale of Ohio, That the county com
missioners ul ihe respective countie snail nave
power in compound lor. or release in whole or
in pan, any debt, judgment, fine, or amercement
due to their coumy and for the use thereof, ex
cept in casea where they, or either ol them, are
personally inn rested ; and whenever aaid coin
missinners shall compound for. or release, in
whole or in pan, any debt, judgment, fine, r
amercement, as aforesaid, ihev shall enier up
on then journal a statement of ihe facts in the
case, and the reasons that govern them iu ma
king such release or composition -
See 2. Thnt thn proviiona of this aci shall
. .
nut exiena to ensns mennoneo in an aci eonoeu
an aV-i restrainii g the power of county commis
sioners to remit fries, penalties and judgments
in certain case., passed rvb'Uirv cighih, one
thousand eight hundred and forty -seven.
S-c 3 That whenever there ahall h a va
canev m the offi nf count commissioner
mm death, resignation, repmval. or any cans.
oihe'r than the , xpiraiion of the term for which
he was elected an I ihe inteiesl of ihe couinv
shall leooire sueh vscanev to h filled before
the nex annual election, iho Pr line Judge
Auditor, and county R -order, of such county
qt majoTuy gf them, shall meet at the tottof
sraaW dot.-: Ma1 1 lawfac -.-sr
jnstiee o the conns v. aad aaaasat aae or
eomeataat -taers as th ease easy require, aha
shall ceatihue ia rssaee anol the nevt Masaai
election, sod until ihe cssaatansai i nr com mis-1
sioaers then elected, sball be qealia-d. and ae I
longer . and the eh ace of see enmmieaMner,
from ihe roomy, l.,r sis mnnlhs n,
shell be deemed a resigeswoe of ihe
i m nifi u mnm wn on wjcsiflWS
of ihe act eoiiilesi aa art eatabbahine hneds nf '
J Tl., . s - t .k. j . ir
- - - - i i . u. i
wwt-assepweas, ae ana ineaamei
a rat haraha sasaamaaaS I rsaal aval I
Speaker of the Hon of Represaeiaitvee.
PrceuieM af the Senate.
April SO, ISM.
N. .85 AN ACT
To provid for ibe adjust neni aad settlemeat
til ihe aflsir oi lecoioorate aasoc atiub and
8ec. I. Be it rnarlrd by ihe General Attrm
'-Z. Z ' "' ' "".'""
Jortgmeiu. ofer or deirea. lo bu h any no-or-
1. f 1 i-- C. ... -f O. .
iporaied association or company ol this Ssate
, mav b- a party, either p'aini ff or I lend.nt,
I shall abate, be ilicnntlou d or m ,imu d. bv n-s-son
(rf the , xptratton of ihe charier of uch at-
s.ii,,,,.,, or onipanv. out install suen suits,
aeiions. J,,Hgo,en,..or(je decries.. hsll pro-,
cetd to tiual i tdemei t. hmmvl. .....f........ ,
;or fsf tiipnt'-iu. m in ruruftraiM huh f ..h
bSll if I HI k if) (it frasatiieistw
Sec. 8 That iha boa'id of director, for .be ,
. 1 . .
- atfcep officers ha.in, the amwmi I
- -7 "" I . " '
nou or coin psnv in tr.ts sue are herebv au . i.- 1 u , r T -
,i - , .township clerk, wh ie duty it s ia be lo pre-
I'loni'd 10 appoint three trustee. loar'iMl and! J r . . . . " ,
..I ,k a- , w " serve ihe ssme. for ihe use of the electiooa. aod
Settle the nliors ol such asncioon nr compa- ! , L ., . , . ,
, . . j . ,. """r" carry said ballot boiv with a ce.tv of the law!
nv : and the in, nee. ... i,,i,.,i k. 1..... I ' J
ihorised io use ibe corporate name of their at
. - -11 . - -
a- in, 1, ,-r 1 ihiimoiiv. tor sut.11 ierioo n mnv
, ' , . r ' .
:of affsir. by suit nr olherwiw.
kTT' " -ruMe-pp,,n,leounoe, .,,,ct.i!fr j, ft,by fefllir.d fi:WwfB oav,
shall repor, annually to the ...e kh.Oder. ot t before hM , , f
the,r ass,,.,,,,,, or company, a full and auc-, ,pn M ,ne n)ldin f , ,(
cmc .,a emeni ol it, ati.tra. Llee.ion. in g:v pob'.c notice bv proclamation.
S-c 4 .. mjor.iy of ihe stnckhMders, in ' throughout li s rounty. of the line of holding
inure, of hat such association or taaapwn. aich itreetitae. and the number nf offieaee e
m-tv remove, and shall have auihorov to an- I n,.i mm ,, iw. rlmwn ? on eoi.v ofWi,-h .k.it
p. - ,
I points iru-iee to ti I a vneincy occasioned by 'h- po.t-J up nt each of ih- places where tba
death, re.ig-.ntiim or removal. elections are appointed 1 b-v hoMeu.and inaen-
I 8-e 6 I'hai suits shaa be laatlmand bv Md in some ofewspaper iuhl hed in the county,
iaajsWM not 1, rporaiid ass,, 1 m .n taftnavp !if any !" puhlt'liej" ther- in.
r,v. in this S ate. a t r ihe ex ,i,h,i . i j,, r-hnr. j gP. 5. r-haV al ,i elections lobe holder an
ler. lor debts dn- or liabi in. . hjrJsWvd h-lon 1 l-r this act. the po It shall be opened betweefl
the , i.tirnnon d su h charf r. aad a s , for debt-1 rHe hour of ail and ten in the morning, and
dlle and liabllllle incurred b ihe OUSlHtu , m m ihn l'l ronrm. n ik, iiini. .
such association or coioiauv. in the pr-pi r dis
charge of ih dunes of iheir appoiunneni.
S.'f. 6. That where a suit hns been com
uiencetl against au incorporated association or
companv. under the provisions of this act. s(-r
nee shall be made neon th trustee, th- r ,.f.
Spenker of the House of stepreo.aiivea.
Piesidei.i ul the Senate.
Miy I, IS.Si.
IN... 86 1 AN ACT
I'o aumor l the Cotnioissionert of two or mnre
counties, to build Bridges j iiutly in certain
S-c. I. Br it enacted by Ihe General Atsem
bly of the Slate of (Jttio. I'hat whenever it shatl
become necessary, lor the public convenience,
to bridge any stream of water which shall be j
on or near the lim-s of two or more counties.
which said counties shall tie traversed by the
road or roads 00 which said bribgo is needed,
ii ,hall be lawlul for the commissioners of such
counties interested, 10 build or authorize the
building ol such bridge j lintly, 10 be paid for
111 proportion as said commissioners mav agree
Speaker of the House of R presenianves.
President of the Senile.
May I, 1852.
Making appropriations in part for the year 1852.
Sec. K Be it enacted by theGeneril Assem
b y of the State of Ohio, That ihe following
sums be, and the same are hereby appropriated.
out ol any money in the Treasury, to be paid
l-r ibe tear IBM. vig :
For the pn meni of the menher of ibe G -n
ernl Assembly, iheir clerks, sergeaois at arms,
dm r keeper, and messengers, the sum of iwen
ly thou, mid dollars.
For ihe payment of such priming na haM he
ordered by either House of the General Assem
bly, seven thousand dollars.
For the nnvment of di licit in the annrnnria-
lionoflast year, on i. couul ,d nriniinu. ihiruw-n
thousand two hundred forty dollars and fi'teen
For the pnvmeni of deficit in the contingent
lund of the Auditor of State, one thousand six
hundied seventeen dollars and sixty -one cents.
tor thn contingent fund of the Auditor ui
Stale, five hundred dollars.
For ihe contingent expanses of the Secretary
of Stain, one thousand dollar.
For the payment of deficit in ihe contingent
fund of ihe said Secretary 01 State, eighty tix
Hart and foriy-hve cents.
For stationery for ihe State, 10 be furnished
in accordance with the coufact made, and to
pay d fi.-u on iasi your'a appropriation, twelve
thousand dol'.urs.
For ihei pat meni of taxes erroneously or ille
gally charged and refunded, four thousand dol
lars. Jj w 1
For mileage of county treasureis, one ihoiw
nid five- hun lied dollars.
For prvaecuting tne wnrk on the new State
House, fifteen lh'iuand dollars, mil of which
- hall be paid ihe Warden of the I'entieniiart th"
in mini due ihnt Natilwtltlh the fisi duy ol Jan
uary. IB5i. under ihe provisions of ihe r-'solu
lion passed March 31, 1850,
Pr tha psryrneet tf vksvaajta of firoaecQvng
Mil auia. eai limit ush ,s3a; : Van -di i.i
Sshacnaara. ahe
taaajauary.aM I
If aubacriber order t
heir papers the publisher as
I eat ua r arrsarsges are aa
t- ff S'ibacrihrr acffict -
papers from the ofare whirn
are held responsible till thee
bills, sasi seaeaws thetr paaaal
4 tf Skcikws
ooti'vinr the wubl'hr.
la eaaa aWetiaa; t
snH srasxponieff evnvtet aha "aiiiwiaary
fifteen thousand duTlo. a 'hi . h- a "
i am m ('HMm9thi
Sp-aker of th 1 1 wee nr It uilaHaa1ee.
wil.l.l AM MRUILL.
January It, 186.
t vj m
reevtese SMa
- . r Cni, P ... S.,ff Co--.
V ' '
County Auditor, L'oumv Commissioners, Coun
ly Trenaurer, Cauaty Recorder, Coaaty tut
veyor, I'rusecuiing attorney. Senators and Rep
J reeeniaiivee 10 the General Assembly. Judge, of
'the Criminal Conn of any county, a id Repra
'aentatives to ( ongrets. shall b- held and con-
Jdufted n th manner pr earn bed ia thia act.
kW. t. Thai each luansbip in ihe iever..l
compare tn eWction didtrici. un
h ,0"n '" " B0W' or hrtra wr "
j : . : i j 1 1 : j : u - r - .
an i ''l, bv lw. hiio more districts taaa one
ihe election to be held at such alsce in such
maushtp 1 r disoi 1. at the trusieea ia each
township shsll direct ; and each ward of any
city, thsl is or msy be divided inle aards. shall
comoose an clec-iion district ; tha elecwuoe
theiin to be held at uch places aa the mere
b, rs of the city council for th- ir respective
wards, sha1! direct ; and in all electi ins bidden
, . . ,, . .
UnMhW"r4; 'e!' T?" J"f"
p"rfr,n ih " S Uianabtp Us.
: lees in 1 1 fc - cases.
S- c 3. That the sheriff' f the several coun-
V ? "
10 me coumy. n Vim 'iw ,t,r not tj. oww,g
, . . HI-ZTf
the same ; sod eauaa il to be deco.iled with tha
...i..nllia ,y m , 1 ,,, , 1. u . 1 . i -. - r
hold ng el etioo m hi. lown.hip. as often aa il
w - r r -
1 . r
mav be nec-ssary 10 meet abd vote for officers
. X Tk.l I, .V,,ll k it,. A..lm c.w.. .L...
I a ,, ,. .iimii ! no u u , vi inn unri-
See. 6. I hai at all eh ctions to b- holden un
it r ths ad. the trustees of tha several town
ships shall serve as judges, and the clerk of tha
township, and such other person as the judges
shall choose, shall serve as tlerksof the elee
turn. wh i. u gether wilh the judge aforesaid,
sbnd nceive two dollar p. r day. each, a a
compensation for their services, in be paid out
of ft ! te n try of 110 rt pt cmn y.
Bay. 7 Ttv.tt if 1 ither of the trusieea, com
bbm councilmen, or clerk of any township, ahalf
fail 1 . attend at the limn and place of holding
electi oi. or if either of them should be a can
didate, then ii shall be the duty of the electors
pr' sent, to choo. , viva voce, suitable persons.
- t - -tit
(is ihe case mav require.) having ihe Qualifica
tions nf electors, to aci as irige or clerk, fa
'the esse may be.) of tha election ; and previous
j to any votes being received, each judge and
clefk, not being a trustee or clerk of the town
ship, shall take an oath or affirmation, which
mav be administered by a justice of the peace,
trustee, or deik of the towosb'p, in ihe follow
ins form : You, A. B .do solemnly swear, (or
affirm, as the case mav be.) thii you will per
form ihe duties ol judge or clerk of this election,
(as the case mny be.) according to law, and the
best of your abilities; and thai you will studi
ously endeavor tn prevent fraud, ddccit or abuse,
in conducting ihe son-."
S-c. Ii. That if aov trustee, common coat).
ctlmnn. or township cleik. shill refuse to dis
charge the duties imposed by law, pr (" those
who may he chosen to act in their stead, ahall
refuae to act, thn pen on so off 'odmg shall for
feit and pay a sum not exceeding ten dollars, fur
the use nf the county in which he or they may
reside, to be recovered, wilh coats, he lore any
justice of iho peace ul ibe township, in an ac-
lion of debi
Sec. 9. Thai each elector shall, in. full view.
deliver to one ol the judges of the election. a
single ballot or pitce of paper, on which ehaU
Ih- written or print: d. ibe names of the persoaa
voted ior; with a pertineul designation of th
office which ho or ihcy may be intended to
Sec. 10. Thai the judge 10 whom any ticket
shall be delivered, shall, upon iho receipt there
of, pronounce with on andible voice, the name
i ol the elector ; and it uo ol j.-cttons be Blade to
him, and the judge be satisfied that tba elector
is a citizen of the United Stales, and legally en
titled, according to the constitution anil laws of
ihia Stair, to vote ai the election, he shall jm
mediately put the ticket in ihe box, without in
specting ihe name written thereon; and the
cierk of the election shall enter ibe name of
ihe elector, and number, in the poll books,
agreeably 10 the form pointed out in oje eight
eenth section of this act,
S-c 11- That ai the closet tha.aolls, ih
poll books ahull be tinned by the judges, sod at
tested, by the clerks ; and tha name therein
contained shall be counted, and ibe number act
down at the fool of the poll book, io ibe man
ner hete uaiier provided, in ihe form of the poll
book. ijraeaifc . oarn
Sec. 12. Thaiafur the poli bouka aieigad.
in the manner hen iuailer Contain-d, in the fcuii
ol ihe poll books, the ballut bone shall bjsjppejv
ed, and the balvota or lickeia therein Cjtilgptij
shall be taken out, one ai a itme, by aaae-j-idges.
who ahall read distinctly, while the uet
ei remains in hi hauU, the name ot naiti
therein conia.ned, and then deliver it to the sac-
j . l 1 -wae .
on. 1 jiui-. wr-o snaii t limine tne sain. ant
pa-a it to ihe third judge, whn hajl stung it on
a ihread, and caretul.ljr preserve Utr same j thn
1 ae method he taa rjAwyrvrd t rveperin

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