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Carroll free press. [volume] (Carrollton [Ohio]) 1834-1861, February 04, 1853, Image 4

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tcmfc r. mi...,
, vuTt uFfoe a .t h )
l btralr !.-! rr in Pr Good'.
X. ii nw Srrrw, Pitttkmrtk.
la aaaaar aHk(l
i.f Ft!) tod
Wilier Dry GouJe, F.Tstge "',c ! u
btc tojMkM attention U the Western
Uj eta will be f-
ergtiiK, iati-, ritaiBoe m
Brvae .WeUge and Sbtrtinge. U Jetcriptlont
Haefbrt t1- y eery qui lily in taw.
lltM(k .'fillings, ilaeginga.
TktaiA ii: hu Ban.
sJtirtiajk, litnfa, vaiae itkoa. full Ukort-
Aero CWW. TweeJe tad gripes.
fctpera, -. JtcqiMrd, blM, git J, eruwn tnd
An taieaal tawaartment of . f 4-4, saarlet,
hif. w. yellow, plain flannels, and mrdiuOa, sod
nlr in ae heavy ectrlet, green, ladlgu, blue,
-otr-vu 1 '- umiTt.
Ait wowi.tyttllmaa sand Weetarly ; high color ;
pit tags tad taill ; red ind blue came lion, i
stripe A. A 1m, wool ind cotton, high color, i
Wi.a4e.pbie Linaeys. medium to extra qua' tty . I
UJatl M U.Oa.'W.S
1, I, aaana W , ii Kiwi, 4-' ,w, piiHM, tniu
ad Mottled, prinUil ind twilled.
Blacks ; Fane- Colore, Belgian and Domestic,
FWsw sod Wood-diad black, heavy goods. AIM,
Be tsars, Fe,ts. 1'r tersham. Uniuns.
.Medium f ey.rs. Wealed wool, and piece ilr
Hark Doeskins and Csrsiineraa.
Fancy new sod desiiaule styles.
Mara; and f.i
Pta u and 1 willtd Unions,
lei (. . r
Me)ati in rxoaOx'oid M x'd Ctdn.
Marks, Braes, fancy rolors. lii.ey makea.
r ii. lad, striped, and Mottled Sty'es.
Ail wool and eat ton w-r;. in (fat variety.
Sivarsnritlt- I -ne, and Heavy Tweeds,
Shaft Senna, Bang up and Miner's Cards.
, i , MINI".
Mfw Fall styles ol Spraenes, Unions. Peikins.
Crtote, Mernuiv-k, A miV Duunells, Mamrues
ter, AmArirail. Ri;i', It trusts, and goneiallk of
oirka-r styles to taiddr, OhlnlX, and eHeain aoik
blues, Ulue anil raiige , U.ue and Uteeu, .-car
let. PI mi cofir.
furnitures, English flue Work Woik Chintzes
HoyleV Dooldir Hurplrs, . and 4-1.
Mourning Pi in is, in treat variety.
Frsnrb, ermn, and Srotrli Ginghams.
Glasgow. Lineast-r, and Philadelphia Count
suoksa, all witt'i n I styles.
Ottx-t hoods.
Printed "d plain, English and American D
Lames. newt di-sifis.
Rich Printed and Plain, Peraian, Parisian, and
Lama Cloths snd Calimrrea.
Paris printed, MoMttUa Of Cainesof ros'iiMin,
and very rich styles.
Plain and fi .ured hlaik and eolorrd dree
sTi rr ooom
6-4 Alpacas, Htaik. Modi-, aim fanry colors,
rteil Mitara I.nctres, low u mij.i Hi'.f.
Muliair SI d !..!- r . iy;iired Lneirec.
-4 and 7-1 high ro'oud Codotirgs anil Pari
-4 i.hot and new styles I.yonree Lustres.
OT'-!! UMfBI,
A vsrv tiTpte Viiiiny ol la 'e. Krfginf, Insert
ir g , F ttif . I, ir.en (. !. ,., iaconetta. Cam
tirim, t wih Mulls, V'icioi is I.wiih, H'lf Core'
and stj y "ir'ned (laml'ritii, Tape, otin and
Hew ..rips,fr
Vsleaeia Caahmer, .i k and Putin Vesting.
Wainsn's Cotton and Worsted, Ca !iiMre. Al
paca ad Men. i i, ristaand laney luil-lioite, KluriR
Thase.sin giaal varirtyrnJ atylts
Bi.ovi a
Caehrnere and flfery lined Ueilln, Woolen, Kid,
and Buck Lilovas and Alius.
Woolen cravats, Neck ura, a larga aaxoi tment
tor men sud uoys.
Fancy daik styles Uonnsi.Csp, ai d Netk, new
frinted rona-ns, best sly us, Madder and
Clsiiiit work, bandannas, Spiitarisi h, Cuton and
Oil dya Saga, linen cambric, llek'is, all vanet.es.
Law-priced Winter MiawK and Hdk'i's, Square
ana king ehasl-, ol bay state, Uslvntrre, Wster
loo, Kretrh, and other niakns, all styles, plain und
Iriab Linens, ehertinga and cloths, nmhri-llas,
snspeiidets, spool cottons, sewing silks threads,
Ira., and every description of vane'y goods, ami
others not emuiieialed, to inert the wants of city
and countiy dealers.
Us assortment will he kept full throughout the
season, and lie reapertlully asks all who visit tin
maiket to call and examino his prices. I hey
will prove to ha as low as the same goods can hi
hour hi by the piece, Enst or West.
Western Merchants, who nmy have been ai
the ape use oi going to New Yoik or Plulndel
phia, will rind in this unirket, eurh large assort
wants ol every description ol conds, and offered
at such prices, ss will convince theui they would
da better to lay in sitpplits here eveiy month i r
so, than to be at the loss of expense and tune,
and making Isige purchamair going East. Come
and sea, and judge lor yourselves.
Pittsburgh. Sept. 24, I Hi 5
BRANDt , also .he genuine Port Wine on hand
ai the drug Store of C. A. BOKO EL.
Dec. 1 1 . Hal.
Jl'ST MaCIUVID a large anmuut of Dvx
W ooDs.auch aa Fustic, Cam Wood. Log Wood,
Red Wood Ate., 6to.. which we will sell at re
educedpfu vt. by ihe barrel, or in quaiuitina lt
awil purchasers. Call at the Drug Store af
Dec If. ttttl. C. A. BO i CF.L
Paean WIB nn a..-vvinu r is eoming
snd in ordeV to keep yon comfortable wa have
, s trrmet'Uona t itr lot ot shawls. - Ijma ;
1 hibet, Silk Iringed, together wiih a
H assortment of til kinds which we will sell un
wamily cheap. CUMMINOM A BRA( KIN.
' '
aX) psfee I ffrrvo , handsomely tnd durably bound,
Illustrated ilh Engriviogt.
Ntay yeart Editor of the ( lncinnsti Daily
from i le
Tne INrBfertoeT will she,rily receive from the
Prfti, sn addition of the above vsluable work, tnd
will (Welsh thr ee who with to become Agents to
rlrcnltte the tarns on tba moat favorable terete.
For farther partlruitrt ted til necessary informa-4oa-
sppictnte will pleeae drett their letters to
OowB aPlw4BaTl aaFaPT ,
B. MAN -'FIELD Pnf btKt
mtMrnt fa L t . . -a nVM .. mm mm
-i ia3 rr. atv flfiv?'., V
inter it com-
,n ro' o he pie pat ad for im- rhlbi g
. tftr t' have pi rrhsted a lot of heavy over
1M, 'awek ft frock do, vesta kr , whirl we el
f 1 rat esle cheaper than ihe Ctretipsst. Call and
awe IVe ateart Whti r ,.
AsjMatutoitwtur a
On ih i if." i . Itiri r r. A D.I 8
St. the Pf.itisA- C "Ti Caarsll r. .yiiv.de
i' sr. d the raiau ol ).ul IWin kman, dectward.
to b probably u anUeoi. Creditors are. there
lure, ri (iir red to prrarut their claun agair.st the
esiau. mi the undersigned tor allnwaura, within
sit months from the time above mentioned, or
thay will o t be ratitled to oaamrnt.
Carrollton, Oct. tt.6t. Adniiutstratnr.
Mrs. Swaf j'i hrhaal.
The exercises of this school will be resumed
on Monday the 1st day of Nov. nest. The
number of pupils will he limited to So. and the
tutiiou for all, without distinction of agw aw rtud
tea, will be! 1.00 per mnsjth. No deduciiooa foe
"beencos except aoch aa are occasiooed by stck
neas. Cartollioa. Oct. l. 'St.
Mian Doctor
The undersigned hat located himself In the
town of Ctrrolltop, Carroll county, Ohio, where
ha will lend to all caaea that aie entrusted to his
care, both chronic t ad acute. (rr Ciucera, Scrof
ulas, Rheumatisms, Old Sores. Consumptions, Li v
ar Complaints, terna e Complaints of all kinds.
Office East and ol Main street.
ti. B. Exclusively on the Indian System.
June S, 1662.
eriUt, LAIMfctV GAI I KR8 ol all colors, Jen
ny Lind Slippers, with a lull assortment of all
klnda of the vary best make, on bund ind for
skkt.rleap.bf CUMHIMGS& BRACK IN.
Relief far t ie Afflicte;'.
Ccnestii! liiiiiment.
Prepared upon the most scientific principle, and
In strict accordance with the laws ol chemical at
Unity thereof, forming a remedy better calculated
o permanently cure the following ciaeaaes than
any oiher ever yet discovered :
In man cures Rheumntism, dwellings, Sprains,
Bruses, Cramps, Pains in the limbs, back, breast,
aide or bins, weak or stiff joints, tooth-aihe and
I pains in any part, at c. In liotsa, twcPii g. spiv in,
wind-galls, callous, I mencss, t iraiua, sceatchea,
iilo M,rea. rnrks. stiff1 Lilnta. iiiinns. rinir Ion
. . ..... j .-.. r-, b -p
jamcd shoulders, Ac. 4c.
Prepared by Dr. Wm. larke, Brooklyn, N Y.
None genuine without the signature ol Wnr
larke. For sule b b Sti veasun, Carrollton, and
in evi ty villsgo in the countv.
Ms j .1. 'M.-tim
$500 fiiLUHL.
WiiATlvxgc ti iit-st ih li-itlili and linppiriees
if a people is ui a I tino-s ol ihe most vn ualde ss
portauce. 1 luke it for gran led tli.it vi'i y pi r
son will do all i i their power, to s.tv tlf lives
of rlieir cluld'Cn. and tint every per oti wi11 en
deavot 10 promote tip ir ow it hruhh a' !l sucri
liees. I leel it to he my duty to sob ninly a-siire
voti lliul WORM-, aecordlng to ihe opinion ol
the li ot relelirat."'! Physirlana. are the primary
causes ol a laige nin'iy ol ifisrasieio w tncli
children and sdulti aie lia'i!" ; il ou hat can hi
petite i otilinnutlv rfikllgek le ti' in oi e kind ni
nod to ai other. Had Iheaih, Pafh M lfe Siomiich.
Picking tl ihe Hi s. haulm ai d Fade,affl
.-lie Belly, I ry Cough. Mow Fever I'uUe Isregu
laF 1 III' m er lint nil tins, denote W I 'R M..
Hid you should at onre a) flv ill" remedy :
A n m tieie loHioled upon Scientiie Principles,
onipouiii'e I With purely vegitab e stilietaneee.
'eing iriecty safe when i.iken.Hnd Cfl be g.v-
n to ihe most tender Intnnt with rlecfcled hem fi
iil edict, where Ihiwii Ciini'lniiil ai"l Dmr
Ann hue made tlu-iu w e k and nehtirtaid th
tonic pin pei lies ol my Win in Syrup i e s arh, tin I
if Simula without an equal in ihe catalogue o
iwaslleinWi iu giving tone and strength to the
Stomurh. which makea it an (akalllh'a lemedy 101
those nffi ied wiih Pitpr iia, t'i astoni-hing
ures peiiormed by this -v up af r Physicians
have tailed, is the bittevi enc f its superior
rhcary over all others.
Till-: TAvf. WOR VI!
This is the most difiruli Worm to dee'ny of all
that Infest the I ummt sy.-ueiu, it grows to an al
most Indefinite length, becom'iigsn coiled and
listened in the Intesii us ami RlOtMth affecting
th h'slih so sadly nh in cause St. Vitus Dance,
Fits, ic.j thai lliose iifllo'teil seldoiu if ever sus
pect that it is Tup Wm ni hastening them to an
"srly gruve. In onler todest'oy this worm, a ve-
ry eneigetir treatuient must he pursued, it would
herelore he proper to take 6 to H ol niv Liver
P Us so as in remove all obsti unions, that the
Worm Syrup may act direct upon the Worm,
which must be taken in doses oi 1 Tablespoons-
3 linns a d iy tin so diiertinns followed have
never hi en known lo 'til in curing the most ob-
itintte cute of Tape Worm.
Itbciin'k'si Liver Pill.
No pan of the system in more liable to disease
than the LIVER, it serving e a lilterer to purity
in piiitty the blood, or giving the proper secretion
to the Bile so that any wrong nrti.in of lite Liver
Herts ihe other important parts of the system,
tnd results variously, i i Liver Complaint, Javn
lire. Dyspepsia, Ac. We should, therefore,
w a eh ever rymptnm that mini t indicate a wrong
ai i n oi the l.iver. These Pill being composed
i pi frr V PMNTS iiiri'ibH hv ni.mr .
heal the sick : Namely. 1st, An EXPRCTORANT,
which sngments the secretion faaaj the ulniontry
mucin membrane or promote the oischnrge of so
creted matter, ft. An A LTERN ATI VE, which
changes in tome inexplicable and insensible man
ner the certain morbid action of the system. 3d,
A TONIC, which gives tone and strength lo the
nervour tvatem. renew ing health and vitror to all
parts nf the body. 41 h, A ATH RTI .which
acta In perfect harmony with the other Ingredient,
and operating on the Bowels, and expelling the
I whole mast of corrupt tnd v at d matter, tnd puri-
lying me mood, wnicii Destroy uitease and re
ttorvi health.
ton will find thus pills an it valuable medicine
in many etsajplatala to which ou are sul ju t. In
obtirurtisnt either total or pat'tial, they have been
mind of inestimable hem lit. restoring their ttinc
tiontl arrange ntents to a healthy action, puriiymg
the blood snd other fluids ao cflectuallv i nm
flight ill complaint which may arise Irom lemsle
irregularities, at headache, glduinot, dimi:eta ol
sight, pain in the side, bac. & .
None genuine tiniest signed J. N Hobenttck
all others being htte imitation.
rJCjr Agentt wishing new tuppliee, and Store
Keooert tieatrout of hemming Asentt n.uat ad
drett the Proprietor, J. N. Hobenaack, Philadel
phia, Pa.
A OEJa"Tf!.
C. A. Bncgel. Cariolliiui ; Wm. Waters, liar
lem ; Win. Curtut, P. rra villa : I. II ilh m &
Co.. Kilgore; S. A. II gh snd, New Ham
burgh ; Geo. Arbuckle, Malvern ; Hull ft Hus
Omida; C. ft V. Manl'ull, Augusta; Dr. Jas
Couer, New llagcratown ( Amoa ('trr. Leg
burgh j J. Millisiuk, do. ; J. Niwall, Ley dell
villa; J. Welti li, Palirmo.
W holesale Arrnia Jan ea Bwlte, W bawling ;
Heyaer ft Mi I vU, Puuburgh -, Mrs. R.-ck-tut,
lasj K hi.! II
Ea.ai.'.-I.e.i in leave ,.g . ty Dr. Kinheiui. N. W
CO 1 r ol T""d aifd Uumii strerta, tten
bprucg and Ftas au., Padadeiphii.
Eicarirx years ei extensive sud atoiaterrupt
ed practice spent in this cry, have render. J D
ri. the looal x perl and aucceaaml praciitioner.
tar and near iu the treataueot el all diseaeee of a
nrivsie natute. IVreana siBiciad with ulcers up-
on the body, throat or legs. pan. a iu the hesd or
bonis, it, uicuriui rlteuuiaiM'Ui alriciures, gravel,
datease artaiag iroiu youibtui excearaa or liupurt-
net ol the blood, whereby the constitution baa
become sufeebied, are all ireaied with success,
He who places himself under the care of Dr.
K. n.sy religiously confide in bit honor as a gen-
lieroai:, and confidently rely upon his skill as ,a
pbys cian. )
Taxi "AkctCfuaa wemcg. Young men' who!
hare injured ihem-elvea by a certain praeuee in- j
dalged in a habit irequenily learned froui evil
companions or jucliool , the effects of winch are ;
mainly lelt, evea when asleep, and destroy both
mind and body, should apply immediately.
Wrakneaa and constitutional dabihty. loss ol i
inilaritlar energy, physical lassitude and general
j prostration, iiritanihty and all nervous affections.
indigestion, sluggislmraa ol Hie liver, and every
disease in any way connected with the disorder
of the procrestive unctions cured, and full vigor
Read!! Yam n manhood A Vigorous
Life, or a preuuture aealh. Kmkelin on Sell
Preservation Only ti Cents. This book just
publish' d is filled With useful into1 mation, on the
infirmities snd diseases cf the Generative Or
jaiis. It addresser, iteefl ahke lo Youth. Man
hood and Old age and should be read by til.
The valuable advice and impressive wsming
it gives wih prevent years ol miseiy and sowtr
nig, and save vnuiully 'I liousands ol lives.
I'aieiite oy reading u grill le irn hotv to prevent
the destruction of their children.
aA remittance of t5 rents, enclosed in a let.
ter, addressed to Dr. KlNKKLIN, N. W. corner ol
Third and Union streets, between xpiuce ai d
P lie. Philadrlf hut u ill ensure a book undei t n
velope, per leturo f mill.
Per-nns at a di-tiiica may address Dr. K. ly
letior (110-1 paid ) and h cured at home.
P.ickagei ol uiHilicines, Direction" &c. for
warded I y sending reiuitlana), and put op se
rine IFOSM d i ng1' "i cunoslty.
Ilook-sellere. News Agenli. Pedlers. 'janvas
sers. ami a I others sunp ied w Uh the above woik
s r-r lo W stea.
I.; l.lt (OJlPLtltT,
Jaundice, Ltepeps I, Clnoii c ul mrvous lebl i
tv, diseases oi ih kidune, and all diseases mi.
sins Irom a dlsorilend liver oi stomach, su h ai
constiparion inwaid p lea, ullnpoof hiool 'O the
head, neldiiy ol the stomach i Hsfti, hear'
burn, disgut loi lood, lulluess. or weight in ihi
h oiomcIi. soui ei ih tal ons, sinking or t)itterlinr
ii the i no thes k-narh. swniiniing oi iln-'iead,
hurried and d ltii ini b estlnug, aterii ul '.In
heart, rkokll g or siillocaliiig eensat oi s whn in
t lyi g icture, duniiessot vision, ut- ni nth
l eu r. tlie silit, lever snd dull p on iu the hind
d ticiei.iy nl piespiia mil, yellowness il tie
-km ami eyis. pain in ih line, bat J chert '"
IfCa, sudden II ishes ul hea , uiFUlttg ill th- ll lli
consta i iinagiumglngt ol evil and gre it depres
sum ol sp r is, can l e rT-ci intlly cun il by 1
Horsrl I. I'm i.'en biati d 'it man Hi'.u i-i. prepat'
ft ll C. .VI. Jackson, at the Herman Aledini,
Stoe. I ti) Auii strict, Philadelphia.
Their power ovi i the above diseaeia is not e.
celled ii iqnalied y any other preparation in
the United .Mite-, ai the cures attest, in mam
cu"s all. r killlul physicians had tailed.
These In leu re woithy the attention of ill
Valid. Po eesaing xreat virtues in the icciiHc i
tlon Ol ill-'V C nl ill'- liver anil lessel glands,
exercising I'm- ino-l aearrhing powers in Wdk
n ss ami aaTeelmi s ol the diKesHive origans, lltej
u:e witha'i sal.-, certain and pl'ssant.
R,'.D and he c invinceu from th "BaatMi
Jjee.' lie Enter suid, Oft. ??od Dr. Moo'
Ian IV l.'elelirHted Oerm 'it Knit x tor the rmi ni
Liver complaint. I .undire. Dyspepsia, etonie n
Bji FVMa del'iliiy. is deservedly one nl the most
popular nietWeinia (l' ,,My- These M Wvs
have been used hf thoiniiids, and a irien I at
our elbow save he h a h.Uiseli rereived an effect
ml u'n I perniaoent cure ot liver complaint 'io n
llietneot th e remedy. We ate convinced that
in the use of thesa bllteis, the patient gains
strength and vigor t tart worthy ol great cui
ahter.iiioii They are pleasant in i.i-te and
smell, ami ran housed hy p reons with the uio-t
delicate a orach w ilh salety, tuider any iirum
elances We are speaking I row experience, and
to the afflicted we advise their use.
"Scon's We. kly,'' one ot ihe best Literary pa
per published, said. Aug t5
"Dr llootl i mi's C, mi hi Hitters, manufac
tured by D.. Jae !!, are now recommended by
some ol the most prominent members of the fac
ulty as an article of much i fficacy in cars o
female weakness As such is the case, we
would Bilvise all mothers to obtain a bottle, ami
thin save th'iiisilvea uitt' h sickness. P..irson
dl debilitated constitutions will find these Kilte s
adviitoagemiH to their Health, as we know Irom
experience the salutary effect they have upon
weak i-ystems."
Mohk F vidence. The Hon. C D. Hineline.
M 'yor ol the city of Oamden, N. J. says:
"HootlaiulV tierman Kilters. We have seen
many tl.tt.i- r or inticisof this medicine, and the
soui ces from which they cume im'u'ed lit to
itirke inqti'ry respecting its inerita. From inqui
ry we were persuaded to use it, and mutt say
we 'on nl it specific in its action upon diteases
ol ihe liver and digestive organs, and the pow
erlul iiitliteuce itexeits upon nervous prostra
tion is really surprising. It cabin and strength
en! ihe nerve, bringing theiu into a suit of re
pose, making slesp refreshing.
"If thit medici ne was more generally used,
we are aati.-fied there would be less sickness, us
irom the smmach. Itv r. and nervous system the
great majority o' lealand im iginati ilieases em
anate. Have them iu a healthy ( ond ition, ami
vou ran bid defiance lo epidemics gemra'lv
This extraordinary medicine we would advise
our trieuda who re at all indisposed, to give a
trial it will n commend ileal. Ii should, in
tart, be in every turn ly. No n her ni'diciue can
produce such evidences of nieru-''
Evidence upon evidence has been received
I (like the loregotng) from all sections af ihe Union,
i willnii the last iltr-'e years, and the strong
est lestinitny in us favor, is. thai th"re i more of
it teed in ihe pract'ce of th" r'gular i hstciaiis ; we to n fleet ocfore trusting this hea ih, h ippineta
ol Philadelphia, than ail other nostrums com- .and in many meet their ive. in the hinds o: p'iv
liined, a fact that ran easily e establia hed, and iticiant ignorant ol this ci. of mal'diet. It is
'ully proving that a eeient'fi ' pieparatinn wilt ! certainly imp aible for one man to u,idertan I all
meet with their quiet approval when presented I the ills the human family are subject t . Kvery
eveh in thi lorm. Iretpectabe phv-ii i tn hit hi p'oulhr branch, in
I'hat this medicine will ears Liver Complaint which ho it more successful than his b-oih -r pro
ami Py-pcpaia. no one can con it alter u-mg it feasor, and to th it he devotes m ist of Ins tinu anJ
as directed. It acta spenfically upon the atom- ttudy.
ch aid liver; anal is nrftpraiata to alom-' in' Yeare of Practice, exclusively devoted to the
ill bilious ditettes the effect it immediate. They study and treatm nt of dieaet of the eex tal or
can be ti'minittered to It male or infant with tale- gads, together with u cer upon the body, throit,
ty snd reliable benefit t any time. noae, or legs, pain in the head, or bone, mercu-
L ok well to the mirk of the genuine. They ria rheumatism, strictures, irrvel, irreuru arltle.
have the written signature of C. M. Jackson upon fiease triaing from youthful exres.es, o impu
the wrapper, and hi name hhvwm in the bottle, ritiet of the blood, whereby the constituti m hat
without which they are aporlrsaa. become enfeebled, enable the Doctor to off r
For tale a holesale and retail at the German speedy re ief to ah who may p ace themselves un-
Medicine ttore, No 190 Arch ttreet, one door be-
low Sixth Philadelphia ; and by respectable deal
ep generally through the country. Paioxa
DVCIP, to enable all elates of invalide to enjoy the
advantage of their great restorative powert.
Single Bottle 75 cent.
r..aw iu, aniaw, BO ii. jii obii, awrruiiaon v-
Wboleeaie ag'tt for O ; Spink ft Howard, Wooa -
ii., r... ..I. k- D u nj-r.ii n ii.. a-k
Carpet Chain!
300 lbs , Colored Carpet Yarn received tnd for
tale by
Oarrollo, July Ifcb, tee.
S.ivc lour MoBn!
We are ju-t receiving on our Fall anH Winter
aaark of gols. which, 'or virieiy and extent,
nevwrhae i excelled in tM pari of the conn
try. Ourtk consist of aluioai every article
Uw w hi s of the people require ; which we are
aiabltd and are determined to eel? st the very
lowest prices So come along and ex imine our
gottla snd you will be well paid lor your time.
we are rot saaarwp an mis noise ( uoiuu.g, wr
nio' a-suredly have the
" iaia s ava
1 lot of goods ever btoughi to th s low a. Why.
(every nook sud corner about ike pienusee sre
SUed with jusi such articles ss you want. You
can't nam' anything, from a ready-made con to
'olion glove Iroiti an sxeio a needle, thai we
have not got in great abundance and ol
Aln .e v COME bring wiih ycu a
itlla a" k
Islllie I tan,
and yoo can tike hart i .t perfect cartload of
goods, all paid h,r. CUMMINGSk BRACKIN.
Met. Ifc. 'SX
Xntw.4 MCOrdiDl lo Act ul UatTM. la U j -1
tail. k. J. X UOtUIITo.N. M P.. Oi U "'
OSua ut Ui" District Csart ( r Um Asaura
pi. in t at h jaitu
Another Scientific Wonder !
oaf. QAttTatlC JIICIT
Prepared from Rennet, or Ihe fourth stomach of
the ox. after direct ion of Baron Liebi, the great
Physiological hernial, Uy J S. Houghton, M. D.,
Philadeipbia. Pa.
H dites " Such it the true meaning of the
word Pcpurr. It is ihe chief element, or great di
gesting principle of the Qaetfffa Juice- the eol
v, ut of the bust, the pu il'ying. preserving, and
stiu.ul itin agent of the stom n h am) inteatinet.
It is extracted Irom the digeative ttomach of the
ox; thus forming a true, digestive fluid, preritely
like the niturnl Gastric Juice in itt chemical pow
ers, anu lurntatung a complete and perfect tuhiti-
tutc for it-
Thta ii na'ureN own remedy for an unhealthy
stomach. No art ol man cun rqinl it. curative
powers II contain no uh liohol, bitten, acids, "r
astjsaout drufa. It la extreaaly agreeable to the
taste, anil m y hp takwa hy the most feeble p.itienia
who cannot ,'ut a water encker wiihout scute did.
in -s llewdrc of drugged imititiont. Pepain is
mil a tVuaf,
Half a teuspnonful of Pepsin infused In water,
will digest or dissolve five pounds oi Roaat beef
in about I'.vo hour, nut ol the atom ch.
(ttrThe sci nt i ii rvidenca upei which thit
remedy is based is in the highest degree curious und
Gallon the sgent, nnd get a detrriptive rirru
lar. gratis, giving t large amount of scientific evi
drnre, Irom Lieaif't Anunil Chemistry ; lr.
Ci mbe't Phvsi .'o,' of Digestion ; lr. Pt'Vi ira
si Food und Diet I Dr. John W. Draper, of New
York University : pri. Dungliaun's Phvtloiofv ;
Pro'. Bllllmin.of Yale College ; Dr I'arpenti r's
Physiology ic. togetlier wiih report! of curet
from til parts of the United States
Dr. Ilou 'hioti'a IVuaiii ia nreoired in nowder
tid in fluid loriit and in prescript io'i vials lor the
M-e of phyaiciana. The powder wii be sent by
mail, Iree id aostiige. for one dollar, tent to Dr.
Ilouahtoft., Phtludelphia
r7-Ooerve tbisr Kvery bottle of the genuine
epain hears the written tignature of J . S. Hougb
ton, M.J)., sole ptop i(!tir,P.mde!pliia, Pa Copy
right and trade-mark aecured.
IKJ"01'1 Dy " lmggits and dealert in medi
cines. Price- one dollar pe bottle.
AgenU C. A. Bagel, Csrrollton: John J.
Smith ft Co-i New I htladelphi i; lleniitg ft itfel
vin. Steuhenville; Ni hohis Hour, Canton.
i;ti I .imnv Mliiitlld Halt- 11
Dr. HUNTKR'Medical Mtnui I tnd hand ho k
for the iifflicted. O'ontHining an outline of ihe
Origin, Progress, Trentrnent and cure of every form
nt diteste, contracted by Promiscuous exual In
tercourse, by Hel -abuse, or by Sexual Excess, with
advice for their prevention, written in a familiar
st v le, avoiding all medical lectin i -a lilies and every
thing that would offend the ar of decencv, from
the result of some twenty years tuccettful prac
tice, exclusively devoted to the cure of diteatet of
a delicate or private nature.
To weich it added, receipti for the cure of the ;
above diieate, and a treatite on the causes, tymp.
tomt tin I cure of tha Fever and Ague, for twenty.
five cents a copy; stx copies one dollar; wil! ke
lorwardedtoany partof t e United -tattt, by ma
free of pottage Address. pta.M pii I, B ,6
Post Office, or the Author. 3S North 7th street
Fifty dollars forfait. Dr. Hunter will forfeit t"0
if failing to cure any case of secret disease that
may come under bit care, no nutter how long
siandinf or sfflicting. Either sex are invited to
hit Private Rooms, 38 North 7th street, Philadel-
j phia, witnout fear of interruption Irom other pa-
tients. tranters and others woo have been un
fortunate in the selection ol a Physician are in
vited to ra I.
Imfotkrcy. Through unrestrained indulgence
of the passions, bv excess of seif-abuse, the evils
are numerou. Premature impotency. invohmtarc
seminal dit harget wasting of the organs, loss of
memory tdiatitefor female society, general de-
bility, or constitution! derangement, tie sure to
follow. Ii necessary, conull the Doctor with con-
, ndence, he offers a perfect cure
Read asp Reflect. The afflicted would do
der ntt care
Medicine forwarded to any part of the Cnited
E ta.ee, price five and ten do ar per package.
October 23. I83
I:. .a... .i I t J a
j law aiarra-uy o.icri lllsu inf U'lor-nouuwaj laaae
. been appointed and qualified Executors of the
estate ol llez -kiah I . Hsvors. deoaaaseri, Al
those indebted to aaid estate will make immedi
aiF payment ; and those h ivmg claims again! it
will present them, legally proven, within otie
roar from tbi date. THOI. COBLK.
O -lohcr tt, IfMTt.
TI.MlV Ar L4tV,
W,L . I'. IL ME the prsitoe of big lrb
o-i, hi t'ti cooiiti- of Csiinll. Ttisesrswu
4 ok. Cultimbisns, ffirriera snd Jefferson.
(r-Oflce, west of the Public ?H)tiare. at
love Me-sr. S k J Sterling's saddlers shop.
Carrollion. F-b. S. !". t
Office in t e Stidosx Houax."
Feb. 11, I Hit. tt
JOH II. BltMHILL. Allornew and ou
lellor at Law n4 Solicitor in Chancer j, wi
titend to all hutineta entrusted 10 hi rare i
ho counties of Tusearn was. Carroll. Hairi-o
, Coshocton. Hnitnes, Stark, or eltowhere. Of
nee in Uhrichsvtlle, Tuscarawas county, Ohio.
July lx, 1860.
A. S. Kamspr,
lll.M LHV
Will practice in Carroll and adjoining; counties
Prompt aid efficient attention given to til rttr
entrusted to hit care Office in the Court Hous
Dec. 6th, 1850.-ly.
nLTur kotiie.
. T. Ready, Attorney and Cow tt I lor ai
Lnwnnd Solicitor in Chancery, will practice
in Tutcarawas and the adjoining counties. All
business entrusted to his care will be prompt! v
atinnded lo. Offico in New Philadelphia, Ohio
April 5, 1850.
a.XCgtxr. ;. M. pTv::.
Attorntyt and Courutllort at Law,
HAVEentered into partnership, and w ill practic
tt their profession in Carroll and the adjourn
onnties. All business emulated to them illri
ive pi-omi'i rlio.ninn Offisrir h 'V r s hull,
t ng, opposite the west door of the court hoose
mo . '49
ATTORNEY and Counsellor at Law and cVjs
ritor in Chancery. Office in frame hulldingt, op
ppsite" ourt Inane " up stairs, ovr the store o
Cameron tnd K 'nnaJy."
October ft, HftO.
u : 1 1 S3 k v .
Sloragr, Sbipp uir A i nmmlssloii f rr h mts,
- , r tan. oaa, g :usier, OfC. cyC.
', o.i u k. a id l;ll, River-st.,
c at aava'aw MAPE n, C0JI 10 ;Mf;NT,,
OT I nt I'tH ill Steam Bute and Pro sell
tl the L
ke Superior L'oe.
i'Vin. A. Otia It Ai . . ,.t...,.i
Refer to
atallN tl Wh e..r, . . . nnir.io
I' M.HiV- Otsllier. - Ktmhorrrli
Feb. I, j2
To the Stock hoi lert of the Carroll co'inty Rai'
road tit r pany :
Those who hive nit pail the amount of the
RlOi k by them suhscribed, a.e hereby notifi -d that
il payment be not mule on or before he I5l.h day
of Del. mat. the oollection of the a imemut be
enloriTU by la. The present condition of the
wVr'( ut " money he n it iniinedi i tnt Iv ob
f"'t,'l the work must stop 1 1 is hoped that those
, "l:r-''eu will not neglect Ihi. nutter.
Carrollton, Oct 8, 'W.
IVlH le
ts hereby given that the undoes! jned have been
appointed snd qualified aa Administrators of tin
cttate of J. 0 Kennedy, deceased. Those in
defiled to aaid estate will muke immediate pavment
and those havtrlf claim against said estate wil
present them legally authenticated within one yea
from thit data.
July 9 IR5?. Aalni niir ilnra
New UBtiletiak
Di n (Boobs Cjinm
W. Htmplnn. J'hn WHtn. S. Cnrnjibt.
Ilnmplon, WIImui a t o.
No. 45, Wood Street, opposite St. Char'i
Hotel, are now receiving direct from mami'm
turers in this country and in Kurooe, their fir-
slock of drv aood. con prisma ihe most coin
petn assortment ever off-red 111 Pittsburgh o
,he inS,eciion of the retail irade. A memb. .
Lf ,he firill) ,,f mMy yeafs experience in the.
. -n j l- 1
i"'1' ?fll deVr hl" l",,en"0? lm'm V
!clu,"vely 10 ,he l,urL,hMM; bV which " "
ttcck will be kepi lull a id our assortment com
I'1''"' throughout the teasnn.
Tho nttention of cash and prompt buyera I
respectfully solicited.
Pitisbnrgh. Aug. 87. '6?.
Sltri of Ike Mack Uwrur.
I HI'', IiNUKRbIGNKI) would re
spectlully inlorm the citiz-ns of Car
rollion and surrounding country, thai
he keepa constantly on hend the butt
assortment of
in the country. Also, thai he is determined to
sell the tnme nt low ea any body else dare-
having come to the conclusion of permanently
locating in '.his place, and devoting our time
to the above business, we are bound not lo be
betii en, and will aell at wholesale or retail very
low for cash.
N. B. Order from ihe country will receive
prompt uteuiion. Doctors, when ymi come to
Carrollton. call -at the Sign of ihe BL "K
MORTAR before buying eUewhere. Gentle
men give ut a all.
C. A. BOPaOEL. Druggist.
!. inn.
For Sale.
Th- Pt'ton Hu-e, Oi nltvi, i hershy of
re I tor t-al o t reaaonaule lermi. A good title
ay 11 lie given.
For further partictil eu''ehf
Ja'r I. St -if.
Cantrth. Ohio
N 'licit
I hereHy given that the undersigned hae been
appointed dministrator ol the estute or Jaioob
MiK-kiey, late of Carroll county, deceased.
Thoe indented will make immedi ite payment, and
those having claims aealntt aid estate will present
them legally authenticated within one year from
tMtdete. JO EPIl RAalNE.
t)(!tobera, la.Vi.
SOOOCitir-keuw TurAira
IITAN TED, for which I will pay the highest mtu
ket price in CASH if delivered at my hmiov in
Carrollton, next daor below the Picayune office,
rlr JjBiht aloiag. B. G. McKEE.
: MY Malw ireet, fcli, I. f .
ruRuu UTiiitiimt mnu
s assksB)w tar
S Itlst . .
.,,.., umusjat'.'l sm. tsw la
k aa rss. la rtfc aaSr-e raji Ihi a sfkSsS; saS
sn.sulr isw .. s Lsuiaa ?W saf
tf taaf skl a is lusaai
APPucATioa or tux nrm.
mu at i ! sT tka attaan u, : Im umm tlsaidsa asaa
akniu, a umU timmm ; af sUaa anida an iSaai aaa OW
aansi UMSW la W wkhm ia M kwsii .1 1 -taa ifHila
arMk tnui, takMitf taa Kstoa't. he . at taamta aF aaa
h iaM)iislr nlwul af law Sara' am at Urn aaatsaaa. aaa a
aaisMalwaifaiaMltsr lUaw. Imiw
fciHib aaaelaial. aasaaesaaaas aF am tjaaaa)
rl Msirnulw. Na amda kai war man afarad nami OrU,
vakli wsaM (sack Ika kind l SiuiMa. ll mm) 1 1 I all I aaW
m on a4 aaWoa malr. awl asl M paalaal at im m.
u anal f rami In (hi. ilirtMnnf iiast af iapp'la Baa Stnv.
ahU. All broksn .loss, ilsniltou.1 nanuilntiani, haai IM atM
a aawcarr. will Sail tha t,rn'ini liens ol Ihu asicla (a act
ai.iisli . una th siiwaiii Miiism soi.lii ntsd I'rwpj Um lyMsak
awsrvrr. will an,1 iaa lirai-ma liens oi tin, anion) is act .
.ash . nn.l III. s,i IWHsm Hliiwral s, n.O, nt-d 'ram im arsaas.
Ths 111 tlultnrt iiiuimim win. ii ,mium ihl, Hftluls. SiSHllast
asttwi sanu-alHrlr in it aniils-ilion ol tha ceaijoanil, lor (Sa Sii
MIS vlnsk ol voan.lilnu slii.h lied.l tliu ,..jrr.h. I
Van) am POM ail In tk aonh ol Rwvpo, a
Hii-h In nil Ammam ar aorinfrmsnu of (ho lomnla few
rioiw. ainii-iiltso, snlnful msi-lrunlioni. hv . aao touloa a car.
Tin, riMll I iii.llrsiion. toooroail. fuuml in Ism nnnnliUoa. njSt
at vastii inal inisnr. XnisU wita m. aa oqaa) ; i( (orwM on- aa
iinioun.11 in Ino rni inaiofi, which, na n wholo. la (Ho boK
! a.ft ci.on ta tobilitaaoS laaanW ; N it ansa, nnat taa arauaa
will W rsaionsl in ho-ihh Iir lla
For ins rslwl ol' all Svmiinthols lliaaaaao aainnaWat aa aaoaatara
S alia a ltio-o itiilrr..nir anil ii.iinlnl Imuhloa .anu-h oAofl oucar wait
ha awrataa anil unmnrnsil loneiwa. in.1 rstnovoa Uaoa
atrni'lmiia n hi. h nnao Irom lakinf onltl. It.
Mual'usrlnV .aan I,,,. Cia.i hit. tntnaaak I
..', .f iia ).unn. fvoarna. CWaa, Hsora'Sua, AS,
Ism,. MVainou. arc., lor all thota Siaaaiaa as Hoaiuaa was
boon tuoqaal.
KECTIONti lu MUieiat has oaal n cannj. (At woral aai, lit
na aaa ajlichd n-ilA (Aoaa cows'"1". 'r "" atktr. AaailaK U Ira
lAia .nWiaiaa. aa a caro M aaTslsLt rtialt Jaam "i f".
lArra'oam; na' Aadirmr saw atart (Aa nJorM rf mail.
Mfamu ana fal a roisawai.
Ta tha Croat VFaat anpouallr. aaal wnoacvaa Uaaot I
rail. Uua oataicilM la ollaroil.
na doistoriaaa oaaapouisl a n pari ol' thia aiiatnra, il coroa tbrao dta
onaaa with isstasata and noloTHr . ami ritsa nnl tonao (ho aj alooa torpsi.
It ia aAilool'rrsatB nWno, anil w pnroly a Vaa.iahlo Prasarnuaa, aaa
hna not lioiff in iu roaaiioallMa wbirS can in tha Ions injnro aa poraon
aiwtor any els-nmauoi:oa whauavor, Noaaanana iwruricou ol taa
kiihaal raaiioaiibili(r an pabli.hwl in ih tisauiblata, waiah ond
Uiboual iminilsaalf .
a enini.Ua! at a aaaot soiiifal i-hnra- ior. ia
frill al BJBJBBJ UH lJ III (I I WW IIPM aa at " 11
.nar aatliaar . irsai an r :. M.krk liar tills itlsVjaa. Of I Of ft.ll OtHCt UstxNM (rllkleAft-
ting Iroiti imiiur blHl. He t'imphUf.
will tiirii thf Jl.ti e iirupvrlitw ol tliM arl.i U
din. ilrit iiifs tHMiixsf, irom the tr-tcrn. Hew paMtltlai for ua-rt
muuv ol'nir tu ull ill'tMri. whuli tlw Umiteol au atsrtiaBjMMt will
not ot-rmii 10 lw iiHiutTl Item. Arwuie fiv thaw ttaHf ; Uitjf cftUUi
tt uxtiM "1 u-ruti:..'.wa liltftt h inutwwT, uti n etrtMtj
or (hi airlnaaorn rrao,li,ino, noir niimro,l. ll la nna of 10 SoaaHat
rituma ol lb!" nriitl Itial il nnor Inila lo larMtll Ir any oao. nrul II
ImiiosihI rouaolo arc tail lo linilil aeon 11 ih aiuduual ami liaaar
lui uiatiu
ami kii inkliia ih :u.llcuu a lo;.. aa (km I aa laaeaoranaaat.
Tti iirosraauar wousl
aa-aisal n nuuaWaot'arlictra wMat i-oaa on I witOwr th hoad a
aa enroa for I k r. . , . Hfavat kc: Thcr ar aiNnl lor aaxhiaa, ana
eon' otrtoil to ' all lb tswatr i
Tls-lr mvpiiUaa asts IwaSglS af I atwal aimli ilhwnaMtill ihka artli
ShiI ilona il. raafl lal alawranT Its awonSwa laa.iMoatli aalusiani,
Aa.nl unJ nil win. wil III .irtiiito lira
MlnM ty. fill um in oil oa. Iioltlv. cl II tl ax. ilo. iilBrta
omli lis Inriran liolitliia K ox. mosrilinn lan .miill holiUa. f.aii ,,ai
ml mil xal irNuiiaro' uyan. V.f lioill hna " Vnuatiu'a Vaaotahl
1 .at loa', i rai( - .Vlialorr. ' tilnwn nimn tlac alaaa. Ilia- arittfa ai.iialww'
oi '(. C, Vnoaiin on tta iWli allaaa, un.l li C. Vnuahs. Itiif.
fulo," alaaaaaal aa Uucurk. Nona ottiaa nra oaaaiaa. I'raiiara-I
bi Dr. it. C. ViiueIiii. anil tolit bl th Crim-limi I Itflr, Ltli Mnln
atroi. Hnilntn, ai wIiiiIsbhI nml mail. Ma niasitaaa aivon in tur
nntaaa coal sunt uoa( exiil trllara, or vsrbnl ininioniircnlnina -oilviu
Ina ml v ii a, ,roniit1 Mtiwii.lasl lu, arnna.
lVhnla.nl Alamo, (Mroll, MiiKe on Si Riiliin.. No. It., tlnhtaa
I .an.-. a York nil ; Ml. 8. K rra 0a, Ho-ton : U, B, tlurrl.
an I a l'o., (.'inuiniind : J. Ilaraa at I'o., IVimit; iaara a tl .i. Clii.
nam; Fi.k a Hull, Ciavrlnml ; H fi silr. FrUakaaaat Winwr
a Sim-, llnniiltwit, U. W . anal lor saa Las hy nil a i raatiovui lit llraa
aitta innioaiuyia list Uauail Smioa nuil Camilla, nn,l m raiail Uy
r'oi s-.lo . Ui.vJ. i ti'tiil (J iiiuiiii'ii O.
J mea Korbre Cr, Ni l'i l!' ran n; II. R"ly
duCo, Leesvilh: R K S-niih. IVkin; H. V.
B vc, Oiv ids; F. .1 RatfcriuH & I nt. Miicnn
iia; Ci e.'ti ii Nnre. N-w Lisbonj Am r & Nich-
ils, I'ainvt r; H Tlill, Mmervii; R. K (irey,
vVrfypa.bUrf ll Jno. II. Klippard, Louisville;,
loh" B :ill, Csdiz 0; Cn ski v iV Pork r. New
tlmk. ;J'ihn J Siniih, Neva I'hilaileiph'n; C.
W ib-l. Z 'iir. Henry Crew. Richmond; lit Inert.
V''" '.. Ki ! M'i. U'nlu-r. Harlem.
JOHN II1LBEKT, rmpiielor.
Tbo EiUhlihm"tit. In been put in complete re
j iir, and iie.v buililtn-j erected for the comfort of
'ill jut and Via tor Hick and other t'onvey
inaee ctnttntly running to all the Principal
kKVLDV &, ( 0LK1IA.
All kinds of work in our line executed in the
most approved style und on moderate terms. Give
us t call. hop tt the south-east corner of the
public square.
Carrollton. P.. April 9. I86g -3m.
A Partnership has this day been formed between
the undersigned in the mercantile business, under
the n line an I ttvle of Cummin" fc Brae kin and
we ir.vite all the customer of the "old corner,"
and the public general ly, to call and tee aa.
March 15. I852. J. P CUMMINGS.
t'd Liver Oil. A superior amok j at re
ceived ai th-- ffrtiu Sit rn of
Dec. II, IB5I. I'. A. BOEGEL.
Look ! Here
The public and 'the real of mankind," are here
by informd, that I have rebuilt my etttbliahment.
which wa destroyed by fire, and that i elil. carry
on the
In New HarriBburgh, where may be found at all
times a splendid assortment of
WHIPS. dc . dc.
Alto a great variety of Boot A Shoot.
am determined to do a cheap busmen and will
assure those who give me a call, that the articles
offered them, are made ol the be t stock, tnd got
jp in the most auhsiautiul and elegant manner.
A good aupp'y of
Of all kinda always on hand.
Call and examine for youreelves, tad I ant well
tatisrte that yi u will go away fully convinced, that
th place to get Boatss is at ' Per t'b" in TfeW
OCTCatih paid for Hides & tsMna all the
May 1852. 3m
The undcraignei has been tppointed and qualifi
ed a Executor uf I le estate, oi Hubert l Ponlpa Ho.
IWMWI. Those 'hi -in claims against eairrrmte
. I . .1 I . , . ....
wm prescuv mem i jgaity proven wiiom one year
from thit date. JtjhN A. I DTI lihr,
m ma IW 'tmrm isllaai K'hsiLis1 wu las '.
sa'o u til ' J tuall, ta saT la a 1 latft faatW. Jfi tslfl
r'.'i tT, "iuL,. i' taaiilaam'aala a MaaasuUIYT'uW "BfP'aB
a laa mat. . I ll .

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