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iyt dorroll fret press.
Friday, if
f Ok LOT ),
Of HifMJ.
to Lit IT. UM'K.
Isaac J. Illri,
Of RkUtmd.
airy Bracbaai,
Of Hamilton,
torn ucmtiki or stats,
IValsti I. Vrkta,
m tt mEMB JrwiK,
rr.iklti T. laekift,
Of ("wjwojr.
k attobkv Mxaa.lL.
1 1 1 1 a I. iksi,
Of Seneea.
Jeka Waille,
0 t"o.Aurto;i.
with the occ of Commioner, the moat prom
inent asnoag whkh i that of Lata Andrews,
Esq. We hav mo personal aeqeeintaaee with
ike illiaiiB ; feat b atteaded ike Teacber't
Institute lately m seoe in thi town, and it
spoken of by member thereof with much favor.
He baa apent a year or two in traveling through
(he State aa an agent of the State Teacher'
Association, and know a much about the
want of the people, in ihia behalf, aa any oth
er man. We do not know what his political
creed is, nor do we can to know If be be
the kind of man ha is represented to be, and
should be selected by the teachers of the State,
he will hate our cordial support.
In fine, we request the people to view this
matter as it should be looked at, and do not
suffer e corrupt central clique to use yon as the
instruments for the destruction of your chil
dren's beat interests. Such an attempt is be
ing made, aa is clearly evidenced by the fore
going extracts, and it will be carried out unless
yoa determine it shall be otherwise.
I chanced to
swl roNltcs.
It was supposed by the friendt of the new 1
school law, that the tyslem to be introduced I
by that measure, would be kept separate from
the party polities of the day. That all, without
distinction of creed, would endeavor to set it in
mot ion with a view to the benefit of the whole
people, and not make it a hobby to be rode by
Whig or Locofoeo. But in thi reasouablc ex
pectation they are doomed to bo disappointed.
This is no chimera of oar own. There ia am-
LA Wit.
Rome of the lawt of last winter have already
taken effect, but owing to locofoeo mismanage
ment, we have not been able to see them.
Among the number are the lews regulating the
duties of Probate Judges and Justices of the
Peace. Under the provisions prescribed by
the legislature, the publishing of the laws was
let to a little paper in the northwestern part of
the State, which cannot possibly furnish them
before the first of next January. We must
wait patiently, for the utmost anxiety would
not hurrv the matter one hour.
The Knth on d.
Retailed, That the 'Corroll County Rail-
On the last day of my stay
visit the kitchen, and there, with rag ia
and tha box open before her, sat my h
with owe cheek in a most beautifal glow, while '
the other looked sbout the color of the ashes
of iaspsir. If yoa were to exsmine one side
of her face, and then walk around and examine
the other, yon could not be persuaded that they
belonged to one individual. On account of her
embarrassment I soon left, and she presently
appeared ia her usual attire.
As these town ladies are very witty at the
expense of country girls, 1 thought 1 would give
them the benefit of my observation.
If you will give the foregoing remarks a place
in your paper, you will oblige,
C. A. H .
H n, April, 12, '63.
Moat cheerfully do we give the foregoing a
place. We are glad to find anything to divert
us from the beaten path of paity politics. And
further, it is a matter in which the ladies alone
..a Inl.M.ln.l an. I ia inrtlt fcT tkl t iwtll'fit
.v iukicku) au - h B f 1. Inn Is
We know nothing of the truth or falsehood of e . .,8
the statement she makes, the ladies know
more about these things than we do
le a speech
UN., which
UHsr Everett
The Hon. Edwasd Evkbxtt made
the U. & Senate, em the 2 1st
seems to have ended the debate oa Foreign af
fairs, sa perseveringly protracted by Cass, Doi
olas, Soils, and other War sad Manifest Des
tiny men. The speech of Mr. Evssstt was
worthy of sn American Ststesmsn snd the au
thor of the elaborate State paper in reply to
England and France on the proposed Tripar
tile Treaty. The Baltimore American says
"The great body of the speech is s quiet reci
tal of historical events, free from all bitterness
to the opposition or to England, and conveyed
in the most oraceful language. Kreh from the
an- o v
must come ia a jest cause, no foreign Stale
ao, sir not all combined csnsend forth an ad
versary that yon need fear to encounter "
This, sdds the American, ia the taest piece
ssf massive, no i shed eloquence we have seen
Tus Nxw TsaaiTueje. Tha N kx press
thinks that slavery is sol excluded from the new
Terriiorie of Washington ami Nebraska. The
Evening Post, on the contrary, thinks eavrery
is absolutely excluded from both these lemto
for s lone time. It revives oar recollection of ' rie. by virtue of what is termed ths Missouri
. . m , P a . . , . - .11 li . . Liak vtrrtv iH. . thai tl.r.rv ujl
old fashioned statesmen ; but, better than all,
it is the roup eV grace of war-monger
lUtirsti r.
evening about
On Friday evening about 9 o clock, our
usually quiet Borough was lartled by the an
nouncement of one of the mott atrociou and
cold blooded murders that ever stained the an
nals of crime, perpetrated in one of the most
Diplomatic alcove of the State Department, , public place in town, at an hour hen places
Mr. Evsnxrr is full of their secrets. Yet, with of busmen were not yet all closed, and when
all the temptations of debate, he never betrays j persons were on the streets in all parts of town
!..,. Hull ii U virlnt iliat the Senator usually freauented durinsr the evening. The
IVHUIHHVl. ' - . ' . I J 9 MT
felt it his duty to divulge enough of his Lon
don and Washington experience of British Pol
icy, to dispel the childish tuticion upon which
certain Senators expended so much rhetoric
last winter. Accordingly, his succinct state
mentcovering the piratical origin of British
Irwtirmrnts in Central America, passing thence
.. a - . w
facta a we learn them are these : Between
eight and nine o'clock P. M., a Wm. McEl
heny was closing his Store door on the East
aide of the Diamond, he observed Da. G. W.
Baskin, passing up in the direction of his office
on North Pitt ttreet ; a few moments afler be
heard a scuffle near Mrs. Carter' store ; but
to the negotiations about Nicaragua and Costa supposed it to be some boys and paid no atten-Ri-
anifelosinir with a view of the Colony of ;tion to it. Several other persons were within
the Bay of Islands presented a complete ar- a short distance of the spot, one of whom, Mr.
gument of the whole controversy in the shape McKean, going up street, passed the Doctor
of a lucid narative. His candor, experience between Carter's and his office ; presently af-
Compromwe, which provides that slavery and
involuntary servitud shall be excluded fore
er from all territory ceded by France to the
United State, not included in Misaonri. which
lies north of 36 drg. SOmin. This teres Ne
braska. Washington territory is a portion of
Oregon, and the Jeffersonian proviso applies to
that whole region, and ibat exclude! slavtry
from that territory.
Colomxatiok. The Philadelphia Confer
ence of (he Methodist Episcopal Church, at
their late session, passed sundry resolutions in
reference lo the colonisation cause : First, that
they regard with increased favor the cause of
African colonisation. Second and third, that
they approve the course of the Pennsylvania
Society. Fourth, that they commend the mis
sionary aspect of colonization in Liberia. Fifth,
' that they recommend the Agent of the Coloni
zation Society to the several congregations with
in the bounds of the Conference ; snd, Sixth
that they recommend a public meeting in be
half of the Colonisation cause.
Black Skow. A letter from Wslpole, New
a . . . .I I . L aJ - t ..... ... .
it thin and recent employment places an asseruou. wr a person was seen oj ujc ..g... . ...- Rm dHtc(1 n,L
. . . .i j .i k ,i j r.H nF ,-.nrM his armimem ninninor into me na pass nir uirougn oucrm e . . , ., . -
;i(lv. troni the counirv. nas sianuireu mem, mum., --p , -- - -- r . o
she should be reprimanded.
open for a defence.
Our columns are
!trw Cede.
pie proof that the locofbeos are determined, at road' shall be opened for carrying passengers
all hazards, to make it subserve the endt of snd freight on Tuetdsy, the third day of May,
party aggrandisement. The big roosters of the
party ar beginning to crow, and henceforward
the whole tribe of rising chiekendom, with thick
voices, and elongated neckt, will be vocifera
ting their cock-a-doo dle-doo.
They will charge that the whig first made
the attempt to ride it as a hobby ; but to set
this matter right at the beginning, we will
show conclusively that no snch complaint will
lie. We do not charge that the masses of the
democracy wish to entangle It with party poli
ties. They all have an interest in the success
of the movement, and sre not disposed to en
cumber it with what does not properly belong
to it. A good system of common school is
what they want, no matter by whom organised,
or carried into effect. But to the proof.
it is well known that the Ohio Statesman is
I hereby certify that the foregoing is correcty
taken and copied from Journal of the proceed
ings of the Board of Directors of the Carroll
Co. Railroad Company.
H. Cbosikb, Stcrttury.
April nth, 186:).
This is good news. The company have had
a hard struggle, but the end is now in view.
Unlets accident prevent, the cars will be run
ning on the 3d of May. The foregoing retolu-
have had in some parts of this town, snd in the
adjoining towns, what we eall a very remarks
ble occurrence vis., a fall of Uuck no. I
send you some writing with snow at it fell, and
written with a clean pen." The writing sent
by our correspondent is perfectly legible, and
has the appearance of having been written with
pale black ink. We leave the explanation of
the phenomenon to the scientific. Bm. Jour.
The Mormons. The St. Louis News notices
that a number of Mormons who have arrived
there lately, some have most positively refuse d
station. (Saturday i.t i . m i no- to go on to Salt L,ake. it is said that emigrant
-----, , .. . - . , ,.',! ,., 1 . J . . , . . . . . .
but his peroration was devoted to the righteous tuing has yet transpired wnicn is naeiy -o ieu associations nave been lormed to fcngland by
lourret of national apjrand'umtnt, and upon to a discovery of the perpetrator of this foul which the terms of passage from Liverpool to
this superb theme his spirit kindled with a fire crime. All is yet in myttery. The handle of New Orleans have been brought as low as $10
that must have burned his patriotic lesson deep the knife was found soon after the occurrence to 12 each adult. With a view to avail
gambling, Ate, are henceforth within its exclu-! jn lhe hearts of all who heard him :" at Sheriff's hall door. The whole blade was themselves of this extraordinary low fre, it ia
sive jurisdiction. The cases sre to be present-! ..jn our views of the gloriout future that 7 0r 8 inches in length. A club was found stated that many professed themselves mern-
ed by Information, briefly setting forth the cf- awajt our country," said he, "we are too apt, near the place with blood on it, which none 01 bers of the faith, and on arrival here, repudia-
could not be upset without a personal issue of new building.
fact, in which perilous enterprise no one was mg proiuseiy
rash enough to engage. The opposition, con
sequently, was paralyzed ; yet the speaker's
atvli. was so resrjectful and so just, that every
The Justice's code, Probate code, together opponent felt he was not ronqutrtJ, but only si
with th Civil code, go into effect upon the 't enced by the superior information of a true
of July. I Statesman.
The Justice's code repeals all the old lawt ..yet jt must not be imagined that Mr. fcv-
and defines the Justice's duties anew. erltt confined himself entirely to that kind of
The Probate code repeals all the old laws which would please as well in an es-
. . -. . - ,
His exordium upon per-
full of courtly eloquence
regulating the practice of this Court ; and em-; gav ag jn a speech
bodies itt wnoie power ana auiy. iv vanes gona matters
away from the Common Pleas, jurisdiction in
all but penitentiary and capital cases, with per
haps a few other cases, and invests the Probate
. . . All - . . .
judge inerewun. ah nou, peuy mrceuico,
The Dr. went to his office bleed-
He called for a candle, and hav
ing got it w. nt to the glass and looked at ine
wound which had been inflicted upon his per
son. He then swooned and was laid on the
floor by an old gentleman in the office, and im
mediately expired. He brought with him a
cloth cap, which was somewhat bloody ; a part
of the blade of a large knife was still in the
wound or cut, in the lower part of the neck
just above the collar bone, having sundered
the jugular vein. An inquest was called which
kvm in session. (Saturday 1 r. m. no-
fence, without
limit as to amendment. Ohio
Who Is HIM
1 ., , (, ., iiw.n.r ii in its neoirrftDn- thp witnesses who were examined nan seen
in 1 unujp w vuiu vi, a 0 0 1 . f
leal extension as the measure and the index of there before. B. F. Baskin, Esq., brother el
a . ,1 , . f .1- A I ..IV...... v r.i u k v.. . .1 nl l,r ttu. ilfter
nrogrett. 1 dO not deny me currecurcoo ui mm me uececu, uucio tuiu i"i" -
idea to a certain extent. 11 it necessary w uic
1 Will not Senator Atkinton, who drafted ' formation of the highest qualities of national
lion was passed with a full knowledge of the We know of no man more competent to give
slate of the work, and with a full determination
of carrying it ont. From our own knowledge
of the situation of things, wc think it can be
done. It will be done.
It is probable there will be some tort of a
celebration, but what the programme will be
we arc not advised. Hundreds of people will
be here to tee the Iron Horse make hit debut.
tion and conviction of the murderer.
P. S. Since writing the above on Saturday,
the Sub-treatury bill, and who was its true I character, that they should be exhibited upon the inquett then in session, before W. S. Ran-
. . - - - . S . a I . 1 MM .... 1 1 ' t. 1 .1 J I.kn.. an1 tuAlbr.
ul- Km. rjSd.. nave cioseu men muum, mm , v ,
ed the following verdict i " That the said
George W. Baskin came to his death under the
hand of some person unknown, by a wound in
flicted on his left breast, with a weapon or tcalp-
'el, made for, and which came into the posses-
ksjv uuw j " '' "
friend and able defender throughout, furnish
the public with the 'rise, progress and down
fall, of this important measure, together with
the pteuliar influenctt which secured its defeat ?
than the honorable
a rrrnnn rxiens ve SCB e. uey ..(.iiuv..
formed and exhibited within the bounds of a
petty State. Neither, Sir, does this idea of ge
ographical extension necessarily enrry with it
the idea of collision with other Powers, al
though it may. nerhBps, by natural association,
a . , . . . ,
t'tt organ of the locofoeo parly in the State, and
.... 1 . 1 tfl tm I A -II .La
mat in wnatever airecv.on m ,y We anticipate a good time.
smaller fry will follow. Well, the said Ohio ,
Statesman, in speaking of the Stale Commis- The dchoolntusier A
sioaer, holds the following language : The following it a verbatim copy, except the
' We want no school leacher, or itinerant names of the directors, of a notice which may
lecturer, who, while traveling the Stale, will be found at the northern end of Lisbon street,
make 8cott speeches. Do not be too mack ta- The writr thercof jg we,. calcuialedi ..over
ken with the specious idea, mat a sysiem 01
education has nothing to do with Democracy.
"In the meantime, if we wish a real, solid,
. . . .1 .1. L:.l. ..nn,.t Kv
substantial growin, a growm wmw. j
It is its life blood.
" Our colleges and schools have been too 1
often the nurseries of Federal ideas. Why do
so many of our young men, emerge from these
seminaries of learning, with tpectaclet on their
supercilious noses, all perfumed with conserva
tism ; ready adunro nao, to sneer nt "com
mon men," ready to pinsnf a blacksmith or a
bnteher should come betwixt the wind and
their nobility. Too many of our professors and
literary men inculcate, while they illustrate, a
certain intellectual pride, or foppery, which in
dicate! everything but true culture. a
" Commend ut to a man for a School Com
missioner, who will see to it that our school
masters, when they happen to be Democrats,
are not proscribed, (which we know to have
been done,) and who will instal a more gene
rous culture and better faith in republican in
stitutions." Bach is the platform upon which the head of
the locofoeo press, in Ohio, stands. Such are
its notions of what should be the qualifications
of the officer who it to have the charge of the
educational interests of the State. He further
says that a State Convention mutt be called to jtg ae
select s candidate for the office. In short, he
is ia favor of sn out-and-out locofoeo, to be
elected as a locofoeo, and taught to know that
ha is to discharge his duties as a locofoeo. This
would be a powerful engine for the promotion
of locofoeo interest, as they suppose ; and fur-
left," to have charge of the educational inter
ests of hit neighborhood.
want the hout hout holder of thet trie
the true tacts in lhe case
Senator." Ohio Patriot.
" A good suggestion, and we hope that Mr.
Atkinson will regard it of sufficient importance
to respond to it affirmatively. The responsi
bility of defeating a meature intended to lop off
corruptiont and abuses in the management of
nur nublic finances, should be nalnablv exposed
I, tha Tln.ne.rar.v nf Ohio. The. aennev of nrwtihilll.v hriivr us into collision with
-- ----- --- -trw r v :. . " .-
every actor in it, wneiner in or out 01 me le-
S'slative branches, should be truthfully stated,
at such unworthy nublic servants may be
made lo feel the weight of their shameful de
linquency." din. tinquirer.
" Certainly, by all means. The mea who
opposed the important feature of requiring all
lhe taxes to be paid in gold and silver should
be exposed. The public interest demands that
this whole matter should be thoroughly under
stood. Will Mr. Atkinson mske th .expos
ure." 0. S. Jour.
.. m i. - .. , , m ikt . .1
suggest it. But I think there neea oe no iear S0n 0t a certain John layman, in wesi uissti
that to far as geographical extention is neces- j ville, some tix weeks or two months ago, and
sary, wetliallnot, in the natural order of things, farther, that we do believe on the evidence pre
have s much of it. and as rapidly, as the best sented. that the person who committed the mur-
ted the whole thing.
What Golo rs Cominu to. The Noth Amer
ican Review has an elaborate article on the pro
duction of gold and silver, in which the writer
thinks it but the exercise of ordinary caution to
assume that "the annual supply of the precious
metals will not fall below a hundred millions of
dollars for many years, and that in a quarter of
a century this supply will depreciate money to
one-half or one-third its present value."
A Strikk The hotel waiters in New Torn
demand $18 per month. The Attor proprie
tors offer 917, but it is declined. The propo
sition to employ females at the table is enter -tained,
and will be adopted by some of the
interest of the country will require or admit, der it the aforesaid John layman. houses. For most purposes, they would be
The John Tayman, above named, is a young 1 preferable to maleSl and much more appropri
man who had been working in this place, as a ...
foreign Journeyman tinner, most of his time tor sever-
. it . ... . . Kn ..anvu -1 II. l. . ...... a ... .r I It a CUUD tlHW
powers we shall nave h in iwcnvy-"! yen.- ai years, no was mc jpigmv-u v... .
tn our hearts' content : not by the geographi- pending in
The Opium Trade of lhe English with the
Chinese, has drawn from China, within the last
a , .1 T .i..r I...,
which the uocior wa ueieiumui.,
cal accession of dead acres, not by the purchase and it was proved that he had made threats of half century, over four hundred millions of dol-
f PK. nf hv thn narl t on of Mexico. bUl violence towards him. tie was lasi seen nere mrs in surer, n mr irnue cununucs, iv in
" v"""- "J I. . . . ... ., j i: j : i.. .1 . . ..
nomber 'I senter tonship to met at the chool
house the second Monday day of aprile, namy
ley on the 1 1 day of the month 1 863 at one
clock ia afternoon to the pur puse of a electing
a full borde.
director D S , C N .
Rev. Mr. Gild't school commenced last Mon
day. Mr. Laird opens on Litbon street on the
25th inst. See advertitement.
New Ueosta.
Cummingt & Brackin, and Mr. Huston, are
receiving their Spring and Summer Goodt.
Call and see them. See advertisement.
tW Wheat it worth 73 cents in Carrollton.
Graham's Mauazinb, for May, has been re
ceived, and as usual it filled with valuable read
ing matter. It is (he prince of msgasmes in
Nkw York Maskst. Flour 94.62(0)4.87,
wheat 1. 1 3 t 1.33, Lard 9J.
(For the Frei Prtu.)
EoiToa :
I was brought up in the country, and
. t L. IJ .IT I I - ' I ll. . I
mer, wmsi -urU "Fr'J " - know very little sbout " fashions," vulgarly to
dissemination OI locoiuco nocvnituu auu scan
called. I am not skilled in the arts and graces
! with which vnur town ladies adorn themselves.
On the other hand, the Whigs advocate, and , . wnnAprtkA ,lftW ... .l.. thpv
are in favor of an entirely different mod of ,uch uillite inU.rminglin of white
procedure. They insist that the Commissioner
should be chosen without regard to his politi
cal sentiments. They propose that lhe candi
date be selected by the teachers of the State,
at their annual meeting, uninfluenced by party
bias. Such is the unanimous sentiment of the
Whig press, saeh is the sentiment of all, ex
cept locofoeo party leaders. Who should suc
ceed ?
It may he supposed, by some persons, that
this U a matter of small importance, and that
it ia no matter bow the man be chosen, provi
ded be be capable of tilling the place. Be not
deceived by any tuch notion. If the incum
bent be elected ss s psrtisan, he will act as a
partisan. He mutt do so. Hi bread and but
ter will depend on hit doing so ; and there are
few who would not be influenced by tuch a
consider lion .
Notwithstanding the law was enacted by a
body of men who are not proverbial for hon
esty or capacity, yet we have no doubt the
friendt of the measure desired to promote the
best interests of the p0 le. We mean the real
friends thereof, and not those who favored it
for the purpose of providing a place for some
office seeker. Ws hare the law, and it must
be executed ; and we desire for it a fair trial
upon itt menu its execution will cost the
people of the ifcate a great amount of money,
0fti Wa foal satisfied thst they do not wish to
are it made a political project
Several names are mentioned in connection
(Joimecilciit Election.
Nxw York, April 7.
The electioni, as far as heard from, stands !
thut : House, Democratic 100 ; Whig 70 ; one
dittrict lo hear from. Senate, Democrats 16 ;
Whigs 6. Nearly two-thirds of the House are
Maine liquor law men; the Senate, it it thought,
are opposed.
tiho4c iNltand.
Proviocncc, April 7.
There it little doubt that the Democrats have
twept lhe State, electing their Governor, and
obtaining majorities in both branches of the
General Astembly. Both the Democratic mem
bers of Congress arc elected.
by the simple, peaceful increase of our popula
tion. Have you considered, Mr. President, that
this mysterious law of our nature, wnicn was
(iromulgated on the sixth day of creation : 'Be
ruitful and multiply and replenish lhe earth ;'
that this great law, in twenty-live years of peace
and union for it is nil wrapped up in that
ii I I I r ! . ..I .... linn an.
Will give US, aiueu ov ioreii;ii ciiiiki'hiuu, avuuu . . .... - . - ... A ,
win gi.e j e o .... I . . . , ,,. Tiar,J In trht of Gftlves
other America of living men equal to mat wnicn tie rrejao. x '""o--- , rh , ,vprv officer undar hig controi a wiifui
V.. Sir an far aa v nc ton. The number 01 killed rwuu.uu ---o- - --; --- -
milted, and one week before, was at Franklin.
Mercer Whin, April 4.
Stsamboat Explosiok. The tteamers Nep
tune and Farmer again undertook the race last
night, coming from Houston to Galvetton.
About eleven o clock me ranuci uren uU mr
the re
maining live hundred millions, which it was
'computed that country possetstd, will be ex
' ported lo the commercial nntiens of the west.
The sum total of the patronage, under the
immediate control of the Pretident, it rated as
14,01,600, in the Xotional htelliijtnrer. But,
although His Kxcellency hat a legal right to
we now possess
men are concerned, it will
I 1- 1 ... C ii- Mil.l i 1. -at 1.1.. a. a.a.K
that the ! not yet been ascertained, but it ... said to be -ZZtZZ? TaaET
. . ' u": !f:i..M .t, .frt. TV,- al.ntun mmM ClOSS OT WDSU K. -nuu. ....
arm oi umnipoience couiu gic ua, , r-""". , .-,, Innr or partisan friends,
and red upon their cheeks, hut was fortunate
enough to get into the secret a few days tince. I
During my attendance at the Teacher't In- j
stitute, which met in your town last week, I
had the honorable privilege of being the guett
of one of your belles. In the evening tcveral
of the ladies of the village "ran in" to tee their
acquaintance, during which visits they spoke
freely of dresses, parties, beaux, die. Ac.
Sometimes they came tolerably early in the
morning, before they had donned their " fix
up," at which timet they looked but liltle like
the persons I met the evening before. The
moat striking change was in lhe complexion of
the face. In the morning, none of the ruddy
and beautiful hues of lhe evening before, were
to be seen. Sallownest had taken the place of
the white, and a deep bronse supplied the place
of red. All thit was a mystery to me : but as
I am naturally of an inquiring mind, I was not
long in solving it
Court Gossir. The following conversation,
says the New York Tribune, is reported to
have taken place between President Pierce and
an office-seeker from Western New York :
Pretident. How did you vote in '48 ?
OMce eeeker. For Gen, Cast, of course, tir
He was, you know, lhe regular candidate of
our party.
President. I have been informed that you
electioneered for Van Buren, voted for Cats,
and celebrated the election of Taylor. How
was this ?
Office seeker. (Greatly embarrassed, and
fumbling hit watch chain,) Good-bye, Mr.
Pretident. (He took the next train for the
Extra Compensation votip by Congress.
It is stated that over t28,000 were voted at
the late session of Congress to its officers and
various employees, as extra compensation; and
during a debate in the Senate on the subject,
on Wednesday, Mr. Bright said :
"The Secretary, whose salary is (3,000, re
ceived &,000 extra; another officer, with a (al
ary of 91,600, receives 9260 extra; and clerks
i at salaries of 9 1 ,600, received 9260extra, each;
call up from the depths of the Pacific and join
to our western border another America as pop
ulous as ours. And if, by any stroke of pow
er or policy, you could to-morrow exlend your
jurisdiction from Hudson's Bay to Cape Horn,
and take into the union every oiaie, every uov
crnroent, and all their population, it would not
give you a greater amount of population, inclu
ding your own, than you will have at the end
of twenty -live years oy ine simple law oi in
crease, aided by immigration from Europe.
'Sir, I shall not live to see it. My children
mny. The Senator from Illinois (Mr. Doug
las) in all human probability will live to see it;
and perhaps no one is more likely than he, to
imprest his views of public policy upon its
growing millions, and to receive from them in
return all the honora and trusts which a great
ful people can bestow upon those whom they
respect and love. Let me adjure him then, Sir,
to follow the generous impulses of his nature ;
and after giving, like a true patriot, hit first af
fections to his own country, let him be willing
to comprehend all the other friendly countries
of the earth wilhin the scope of his generous
considerations ; and above all, to cultivate the
spirit and the arts of peace.
"It is the opposite spirit the spirit of mili
tary aggrandisement and conquest, that hat
forged those chains of Europe which he had so
eloquently deplored. It is this that brought
down Asia to the dust in the morning of the
world, and that has kept her seated there in
sackcloth and ashes ever since. This blasted
Greece. This destroyed the liberties of Rome.
It was not the foreign enemy that laid the axe
at the root of her freedom. It was her pro
consuls, coming home from the successful wars
of Asia, gorged with the gold of conquer
ed provinces. This spirit of aggrandisement
and of military conquest have done the tame
for Europe ; and will iney not ao ii ior us u
L.et not ine oenaior inina
tli. cYTiiiisum innk nlrtct'
the killed and
wounded. The missing and supposed to be
killed are Captain Welsh, the commander;
Thomas Pritchard, the clerk ; Caleb Robert
son, and William Warner, second engineers,
and C. H. Stearns. The scene ot distress
.lsrrile( as heart-rending in the extreme,
The Neptune returned immediately, after dis
charging her passengers, to renew the search
for the missing.
ould be as much as his-
popularity is worth.
The Supreme Court of New York has deci
ded that the city corporation has the power to
authorize a railroad track in Broadway, but
they confirm the injunction in the pending case.
18 on the ground that it was fradulently and cor-
- I .. , .i I m, . ... .1 :
ruptly ooiamea. aihs seines ine principle n
the highest Court of the State. We have no
doubt that a road will be authorized there with
in a short lime.
1 . a..
(. ml CI. Q... U,a,a II j . i . I II A-
ri RTUKH. ine oieamer own unim .g.u -- -
turned from the wreck of lhe Farmer at half l Reduction in Fare. The fare from Ctncin
patt two o'clock thit afternoon, bringing the nati to Philadelphia and Baltimore has been re
bodiet of Captain Welah, Thomat Pritchard, duced to 915 60, via Pittaburgh, on the Ohio
clerk, A F. Dunlevv, carpenter, and a German and Pennsylvania Railway, connecting at Cleve-
name unknown I who was a passenger, inree land. The rails are now an lam ou we v. am.
of these bodies were found by grappling about 1 P. R. R and on Moday next the cart
twtw ..nli had of tha wreck. It is known
that there are five others killed, whose bodies
have not been recovered. One of thete, the
second engineer, it is supposed, was blown to
alomt, at the bnckt ot the lurnace were ci
tered with much apparent force in the direc
tion of his uaual position.
Passengers escaped, including wounded, 20;
adding to these eight killed, and supposing, ac
rnrdintr to the best information, that the total
number of passengers was forty -five, we have
ill run
from Crestline direct to Pittaburgh. A further
reduction wil 1 in consequence be made, of about
two dollars in price, and four hours in time in
a week or two.
Cincinnati Election. The Cincinnati elec-
tion resulted in the success of the Democratic
! ticket generally. The complexion of the city
council, it is thought, will be nineteen Demo
crats and thirteen Whigs.
The Gazette says, that in every Ward ol the
umber of passengers was rew-am , - ; . . - &hj candidate8 were triumph-
seventeen olhert missing, ana conseque.my
killed, making the total number of soult lost nuy w
The Dauphin, Eleazer Williams. The N.
York Tribune has the following, which is im
portant, if true :
We are told by one of the parties engaged
in this investigation, that a letter has betn re-
o . ,
The railroad from Dayton to Troy was open
ed on Monday last.
"I digest !" F uch is the true meaning of the
worrl Peosin." or of the two Greek word from
which it is derived. This is the significant and sp-
and the emploveet receiving 9300 or 9400, re
reive 8250 each, extra. This too. for the short , we indulge them ?
aa well aa the loner suasions. Even the orate-; that I tUSoect he wishes to indulge them.
keeper, remote from the capitol, got the extra, they not giv3 us vast standing armies, overshad
The Senate had reached a point where the ' owing navies, colossal military establishments,
abuse should be checked. If the emplovees frighltul expenditures, contracts, joos, corrup
ceived from a lady at New Orleans, who stales propri.te title of the true digestive hum, or gts-
. it t I. :.-..-a nronarnrl hv llr I . HniltTntnti. fit rllll-
II IV JUIW ) ji ui v-vt "j - . - - mm
adelohia. from the fourth stomach of the ox, f r
the cure of indigestion and Dispepsis. It is N-
. a .. ... . . :. I 1 I iL.L..a.r ik. a,J.
are not satisbed witn meir regular salaries, tion, wnicn mases ine unwi mv. ..
there are plenty of well qualified gentlemen to contemplate ? How can our simple repub
who would be glad to take their places in fif-, lican institutions, our popular elections, our an
teen minutes." nual or biennial choice of those who are to rule
The Senate, however, has resolved that, over us, instead of a rule of hereditary succes
hereafter, no allowance of any kind beyond the sion, supported by pretorian gutrds how can
regular compensation, shall be made to any of- thf y subsist under influences like these 7
ficer of the Senate. "Do not mistake, Sir. I counsel no pusillan
imous doctrine of non-resistance. Heaven for-
Pui-uTinv (if thu je. i tll a .T.u ... i i hid. Providence has placed us between the
a specially complimentary mood when he wrote ! two great world oceans, and wc shall always
the following. There is, probably, quite as! he a maratime power of the first order. Our
a . - i ' .
much truth as poetry in it, however :
" Col. Wm. H. Polk, or, to speak of him as
everybody speaks of him, 1 Bill Polk, is trying
, . , , . i Bveryoooy pea ui uiui, om i vn, n mj'8
I had observed that the lady whose guest I ( j. Mr PierCa t0 appoint him mm.tot to
was, each morning, belore going lo the lnsti
lute, with a box in one hand and a small mir
ror in the other, had absented herself from my
presence for a short time, and always returned
with bar rail over her face, ready to go ; and
when she arrived at the church she looked fresh
and rosy, which I. in my simplicity of heart.
b - r w
apposed to he the result of the walk. I thould
in all probability hare been satisfied of the truth
of my supposition, had not accident disclosed
the real cause.
Lima. Bill is looking up. He was once glad
to have the office of Charge d'Affairs. By the
way, when ha was Charge to Naples, he spent
a large portion of his time in Paris. If he
were to go as Minister to Lima, he would spend
his time just whore he could get the best liquors
on the best terms, it has a very decided turn
for the most inspiring beverages. As long as
commerce already visits every sea, and wherev
er it floats it must be protected, uur immense
inland frontier will always require a considera
ble army ; and it should be kept in the highest
state of discipline. The naval school at An
nanolis. and the military school at West Point,
ought to be the foster children of the Repub
lic. Our arsenals and our armories ought to
be kept filled with every weapon and munition
of war. Every vulnerable point upon the coast
ought to be fortified. But while we act upon
. O . J a a i . a
the maxim, 'in peace preparea ior war, ie. us
that she is the person to whom Belanger made
his dying declaration, in regard to me uaupuiu.
She is well known to Dr. Hawkes, having been
a member of his church when he was settled
in New Orleans. She says that she has in her
possession a trunk iuii oi aocumcuw ,..... .s
lo Ibis question, communications from the roy
al family, Ac, which tets the matter entirely
at rest, and proves the Rev. Mr. Willismt to
be the Dauphin, beyond cavil. An ageui nas
been sent to New Orleans to obtain possession
of the documents. Thete facte were stated to
us by a gentleman who has been closely con
nected with Ibis matter from the beginning,
and if they are facta, we hope the documents
will be hurried up as soon as possible.
The receipts of the Cleveland and Pitta
burgh Railroad for the month of March, 1863,
are as follows :
For passengers, - - 918,139 63
For freight, mail, Ac. - 13,630 49
lure's own remedy for an unhealthy stomach. N
art of man can equal its curative powers. It ren
ders good eating perfectly consistent with hctltb
Fee the figure of the ox, in another part of this sepcr.
MARRIED. On the 7th inst., by Rer. N.
E. Gilds, Mr. Conrad Becklcy to Miss Eliza
Caroline Krissinger, both of Brown township.
April 7ih, by Rev. W. 0. Henderson, llr.
E. R. Eckley and Miss Martha J. ZoUars.
On the 3d day of March, by Rev. W. i.
Brugh, Mr. James Peterson to Mis Ana Wc
Conaugbay, both of Fox township.
Bv the same, on the 17th ult., Mr. EKaa
Johnson to Miss Jane Crawford, both of Me
chanicstown, Ohio.
On the 31st ult., by the Rev. a M. Mer
rill, Mr. Milton L. Thompson, and Mies Matil
da Amrine, nil of Union county.
he live, be mutt hare a cask of good brandy J also remember that the beet preparation for war
for his neighbor, and when he dies a clause is peace. This swells your numbers. This
will probably be found in his will, directing augments your means. This knits the sinews
that hi body shall be embalmed in another of your strength. This covers you all over
cask." I with a panoply of might. And then, if war
Receipts for March, 1852
For passengers
For freight, die.
931,670 02
915. 740
Increase, - 916,929 77
The Board of Directors of the C. & P. Rail
road Company, have established a Transfer
Agency in New York at the office of the Ohio
Life Insurance and Trust Co. Charles W.
Rockwell, Cashier Agent.
The Madini family has been liberated and
ordered to leave Tuscany.
Hook and Ladder (aapa).
The regular quarterly meeting ol the Car
rollton Hook and Ladder company will be held
in the Court House, on Saturday evening next,
at the hour of 7 o'clock. WM. M'COY,
April 13, '63. Seo'y.
- - . , i ' -a
For Sale or Rail.
I wish to sell or rent my house tnd lot, on Main
street, opposite the Picayune office, in Carrollton ,
where C. Sheldon now lives.
Possession will be given on the fimt of April
For terms &c, apply to B. 8tevenon.
March 18, 53.-31. JACOB EVERHART.

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