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I U It ft I (H
iFnr,y ike Ihnham Hotue
Tata Ivft assi aea.aane.8saj MtoMWharnt hat
kM UMsrusU repaired, sod reaorated throaffa
Hit, aaa. will cvmpar- favorably with any of ibe
6rA class HetrU ia Um Mate. It ontaios mure
thaMe hundred roooia, all ia complete order
Th aoea h besaYtifully ntuated on the Public
irthe ( curt Hi
loose. In the centre of bus-
iii CM, ana hat the ad anlart; of oure air anJ an
"b spare amend it. The table ia furm.hed with
the beat the markets afford, and the Procriotiw ia
Md to ssexe neither rxpense nor effort, to
r toe Poreat Git? a oleasaat btiioninir.uUrp t,.
tbuce ajrko say mil levelaod either on business
aria the Mi of pleaaure. An Omnibus n a! -wayaia
reading le eonvey paaaaaiffta to and Iron,
m sxeaasbott landing.
CWrelaaui, April Id, mi
Drntistrn !
A. W. at
w. r. SCMPLE.
oq opw prepared to insert teeth in Whole or
rrte of 3u, with nr without Artificial Gums;
also upoo Atmospheric Pressure, or any other
method that may be desired, and ail work will
JM" up neatly and elegantly, with a riew 10
Utility, Comfort tod Elegance that caonoi be
All operations are warranted, and always re
paired without charge. Aoy comiminicaiion
addressed to A. W. Sample, Steuben villa O.
ill receive prompt attention.
Juoe 18. 186?.- ly
Nru Wanlfd
TO r H A ; i.l. AS AUENTS.
The ubscriber i now publishing a Third Edi
tion of the life and royagrs of
A ,11 U H I f : 1! ,
The great Navigator alter whom out country was
Pro's: Tint New Yosk Jouhnai. or ComiEit' e.
''Thia ia a vety interesting and itmrticiive vol.
me, especially to Aiuericans, as it relates to the
discovery and early history of thin continent.
'Hie Platea illustrating various pointa In the hix
tory of the great Navigator, add to the value of
the work, and still more to its acceptubleneps to
the common rei der."
Fkom the New York Cna srua. OrasRvta.
"Ia this elegantly primed .oltime, the eompitera
nave pieerved all the iiilorm.tioii accessible re
specting this Ci-lebiaied voyager. The L'ook will
be a valuable acquisition."
r'r.oH ti:e New York Re o int.-"Tins ii a
worthy triUite to one ol the great navigatori
whoc nume and history, will be forever connect
ed with the American continent. The work in
well worthy of attention as a repository of much
that is ea'itithle, beating on the early hintorv ol
the New World."
Pi on ill': Albamv SrKcmo.t "TIip subject
RaaiJemDeotiott of Steubeorille, tender their -elf in the west end of Carrolltoa, Carroll eouaty, mind ana noay. awuM aay immeoiaieiy.-
profewion.l eervices to the c.iiiea, n f C.rrnl Ohio, opposite the Methodi.l meeting house, In the I Wc.kt.e-. and oon.i.lutjonal debility lew. o
,oo. in all m.uer, JnsininI 1 V u n brick houae formerly owned by D. Lotx, where I muscular nerfy. physical lassitude and general
MkStaS ,Te'l,, lr- he wil SSmi to all cas th.t s.e entrusted to hi. , p.awtraiion. irrTubility snd all aerrott, .tTeeo,W,
2 hj oii!! dI8- kn0V0 ,D ro,nmun'- 5rT Mh elironic and .cuts. (4 Cancers, Sr'crof- Indigeetion. II l I.M. ot lb. Iirer. and e.er,
m - iii n i rr in i a.i. hi i h..
. . . .. ' ... 1 , 1 I II -lll'.
fjf this wo k is sufficient of itself to attract and ideavor to pto note their own health at all sacri
Utereet every Ametican. The man who gave!ices. 1 feel it to be my duty to solemnly assure
jimiiil In iliifl arr:il iL'i..liih fV.iilinAttl i- in
be foivollen
"It is wiitteu iii thai flowing and atittctivc
style, which characterize all Mr. Lester's pro
ductions, and camioi fail to have nn extensive
rirr illation."
A number of aetire and Intelligent men of
good character, are offered profitable einployiiient
in ei.xu i ng ny suuNcripnon, me siwve valua
ble and .interesting work in this and adjacent
counties in the BUM of Ohio.
The Terms will be given on application to the
bubeeriber. post paid. H. MANSFIELD,
134 York St., New Haven, 1 Publisher.
PnTsacRGiiCHAiB dt Cabinet Wakb Rooms
No. 08 Third Street, South Side,
Respectfully inform their. friends and custom
era, that they have, if not the largest stock ever
belore teen in this city, tho greatest variety ol
ityle, the finest finished, made of the best sea
soned material, and by tho best workmen of
any in the western country, nil of which they
aie determined to .ell as low a any other man
ufacturing esttibliihme nt in ihe west. Our
atock is all of our own manufacture no im
portation.. OrSteamboat. and Hotels furnish
ed at the shortest notice. All orders promptly
attended to. O'DONNEL At MULLEN.
Dec. 17. '68-6moi.
I. hereby given that the undersigned has been
,-appointcd and qualified Executor of the estate of
William Ileum, deceased. Those indebted to
said e.tate will make immediate payment, and
those baring claim, .gainst said estite will pro
rent :iein legally authenticated within one year
from thia date. GUY DUDGEON,
Dec. 17, 1869. Executor.
Thousands of parents who use Vermifuge com
posed of Castor oil, Cilomel, &c, are not aware,
that while they appear to benefit tho patient, they
are actually laying the foundation for a series of
disease., such a. salivation, loss of slyht, weak
ness of limbs, die.
In another column will be found the advertise
ment of Hobi nsack's Medicines, to which we ask
the attention of all directly interested in their own
a. well a. their C hildren's health. In Liver Con
plaints and all disorder arising from thonc of a bil
Iteu. type, .hould make use of tho on'y genuine
medicine, Hobensack's Liver Pilla.
ftr"e not diceived," but ask for HohenanrU-
Worm Byrup and Liver PilU, and observe that
each has the signature of the Proprietor, J. N
HOBEN8ACK, a. none else are genuine.
Belectlc I ii ti lute
The Spring Term of this institute will
mence on the i lib of April, and hold its sea
sion. in the Canal-.t. School House.
It ia intended to accommodate itself t0 the
education of Males and Females, in such A mnn.
aer aa not to conflict in their intellectual or
moral facilities.
The branches of study pursued, besides the
English branches, will be the Elements of Nut
oral Science, Mathematics, the Latin, Greek and
tJerman LMjruages.
Tuition will range from 82,25 to 66,00 per
term oi iweire seeks ot sixty ttays. For fur
ther particulars, etc., apply to the Principal,
Riv. N. E. GILDS,
Carrollton, Carroll Co., Ohio.
JUrch 17th. 3t.
Estate of Samuel IdtUngs.
Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned
have been appointed and qualified executors of the
estate of Bamuel Iddings, decesaed. Those in
debted will make immediate payment ; snd those
having claims against said estate will present them,
legally authenticated, within one year from this
Mah 4, 163. Executors.
lot It. Clocks-A beautiful article oi
mantle, "New Styles," j.mi received and for
.! low In CUM Ml WIS ft RRACK I N.
14 Fish, White Fish snd Mackerel for sale
dec. 31 5. C A. E0LGEL.
To Schawl Tract.-.
The tindersigoed acLool examiners for Cat
roll cunty Ohio harinc organised under the pro-
riaiona of the aev school law by the appoint-i
ment of A. & Ranjaey Clerk of the Board, here
by give notice thai liey will bold aaewUBgs at
the Court House in Carroll toa for the exarnina
tion of teachers ss follows :
Tuesday May 10th at 10 o'clock A. M
Monday " 30th
and such other times as may be determined on
hereafter of which dot notice will be iriren.
No persons need apply, tor cert incates UIM.sae arising trom joti'.Mui ricsasss or impuri
except on the adore days as they will meet with ties of the Wood, whereby the eonsiituuoa hat
at MMinTtinrv refit) that law re-nnirinrr all i hrraine turret'led, are all Ueatrd with success.
i ka .kli. .tJlA I
i i ill I u am ii 3 av uv fwunv Buiv wsbbvi wnvua
i r
Examiners. 7
April 29th 1863.
Indian ) o r 1 o r .
The underi2ned has permanently located hhn-
ulas. Rheumatisms, Old Sore Consumptn
er ( ' .'in plaints, female Coaiplainte of all kinda.
Otnee days rridays snd Safirday.
N If Exclusively on the Indian 8ystem.
CH0E8, LADIES' GAITERS of all colon, Jen
ny Lind Slippers, with full assortment of all
kinds of the very best make, on hand snd for
sale, cheap, by CUMMIMG8 A RRACKIN.
Relief for the AfllclN.
Gcncscc Ii ni in en l.
Prepared upon the most scientific principle, and
in strict accordance with the lawa of chemical af
finity thereof, forming a remedy better calculated
1 to permanently cure the following diseases than
' any other ever yet discovered i
In man cures Rheumatism, Swellings, Sprains,
Bruses, Cramps, Pains in the limbs, back, breast,
side or hips, weak or stiff joints, tooth-sche and
paina in any part, Ac. In horses, swelling, spavin,
wind-palls, callous, lameness, sprains, scratches,
old sores, corks, stiff joints, lumps, ring tone,
lamed shoulders, Ac, Ac.
Prepared by Dr. Wm. Clarke, Brooklyn, N. Y.
None genuine without the signsture nl Wnv
Clarke. For sale by B. Stevenson, Carrollton, and
, in every village in the countv.
May 21, '6a.-6m.
$500 iiiilleivue;.
Whatever coneernes the health and happiness
of a people is at all time, of the man valuable im
portance. I lake it for granted that every per
son will do all in their power, to save tlie
if their children, and that every person will en-
you tliitt WORMS, iieeonliiig to the opinion ot
the most celebrated Physicians, are the primary
causes of a larae majority of diseases to which
children und adults are liable ; if you huve an ap
petite continually changeable from one kind oi
loot! to aiioilier, Dun ureatli, rain in ttie moiiiucii,
picking at the Nose, Hardness and Fullness or
the llelly, Dry Cough, Slow Fever Pulse Irregu
lar reinrmber that all these denote WORMS,
and you ehould at once apply the remedy :
An article founded upon Scientific Principles,
compotindol with purely vegitable substances,
being perfectly safe when taken, mid can be giv
en to trie most lender Infant with decided benefi
cial effect, where lluuel Cmniliiiiitt and l)iar
rkam huve made them weak and debilitated the
tonic properties of my Worm Syrup are such, that
ilatandl without an equal in the catalogue oi
medicines, in giving lone and strength to the
Stomach, which makes il an Infallible remedy for
those auiicied with l)ypt)tia, the astonishing
cures performed by this Syrup after Physicians
have failed, is the best evidence of its superior
efficacy over all others.
THE i in- WORrl!
This i. the most dilicult Worm to destroy of all
that infest the human system, it grows to an al
most Indefinite length, becoming so coiled and
fastened in the I ntssiints and Stomach affecting
the. health so sadly as to cause Si. Vitus Danse,
FitS SjrO., that lliose iilllieted seldom if ever sus
pei t iluii ii is 7'iiic tf'nrin hastening them to an
Sirly grave. In order to destroy this worm, a ve
ry energetic treatment must he pursued, it would
therefore be proper to take 0 to fl of my Liver
Pills so as to remove all obstructions, that the
Worm Syrup may act direct upon the Worm,
which must be taken in doses of -' Tablespoons
liill 3 times day these dure lions followed have
never been known to fail in curing tho most ob-
Hinute case of Tape Worm.
Iloliciisniit'g Liver Pilla
No pan of the system is more liable to disease
than the 1.IYT.I1, il serving as a liltererto purify
to purify the blood, or giving the proper secretion
to the bile ; so ihut any wrong action of the Li vei
tin ts the other important parts ol the system,
snd results variously, it Liver Complaint, Jatin-
ce. Dyspepsia, Kc. We should, therefore,
watch ever symptom that might indicate a wrong
action of the Liver. Theso Pills being composed
f ROOTS & PLANTS furnished by nature to
heal the sick : Namely, 1st, An EXPECTORANT.
which augments the secretion from the Pulmonary
mucus membrane or promotes the discharge of se
creted matter, and. An ALTERNATIVE, which
changes in some inexplicable and insensible man
ner the certain morbid action of tho system. 3d,
ATONIC, which gives tone and strength to the
nervour system, renewing health and vigor to all
parts of the body. 4th, A CATHARTIC, which
acts in perfect harmony with the other ingredients,
and operating on the Bowels, and expelling the
whole mass of corrupt and viatid matter, and puri
fying the Blood, which dettroys disease and re
stores health.
You will find these pills an invaluable medicine
in many complaint, to which you .re subject. In
obatructiaus either total or partial, they have been
found of inestimable benefit, restoring their func
tions! arrangements to a healthy action, purifying
the blood and other fluid, so effectually to put to
flight all complaint, which may arise from female
irregularities, aa headache, giddiness, dimr.es. of
sight, pain in the aide, back, &c.
None genuine unless signed J. N Hobenseck,
all others being base imitation.
fr Agents wishing new supplies, and Store
Keepers desirous of becoming Agents n.ust ad
dress the Proprietor, J. N. Hobensack, Philadel
phia, re.
C. A, Boegel, Carrollton ; Wm. Waters, Har
lem i Wm- Curtus, Perrysv lie ; I. Hilbern At
Co-, Kilgore; S. A. Highland, New Harris
burgh ; Geo. Arbuckle, Malvern ; Hull At Buss,
Oneida ; 0. As C. Manfull, Augusta ; Dr. Jas
Cotter, New Hagerstowii ; Amos Carr, Leea
burgh ; J. Millisack, do. ; J. Nwell, Leydell
villa ; J- Wcllett, Palermo.
Wholesale Agent Jam es Baker, Wheeling ;
Heyser dc McDowell, Piusbugh; Mr. Rock
ens, Cincinnati!.
Attl.ilrd Kt ad! M
Catablwhed IB years ago. by Or. Kmkelin, N. V
coar of Thud and Union streets, between
Spruce and Tina eta., Philadelphia.
Ei .htix years of extensive and uninterrupt
ed practice spent in thia city, bare render d 1.
K. the most ex pert end successful practitioner
far and near in the treatment of alt disease, of a
nrivite nature. Person, aniietad with ulcers on-
n the body, throat or lea, p.it.. m me neao oi
bone, niureurial rheuonttin; stricture-, (travel,
lie who place hinaeel! under the rare oi Dr.
K mar relifioueiy ronnde in Ins honor a a "
, a
tlrruar. and confidently rely upon his akill as a
Taix raaoictitaa OTice. Young men who
j bare injured themselves by a certain practice in
Idu'ged in a bawl frequently learned (rom evil
nri.iarlii: lb- fffrrLa nl mloihai
. ' - - . . ...l I
nightly le l. even wuen viaep. ana oes rjy ooi"
!of the procreative lunctions cured, and full vigoi
Read! !Yoi Til akh m.iMtooo A Vigorotn
Life, or a premature death.-Kinkelhi on Sell
Preeervalioii Only i Cents This book just
publi.hed w filled with useful inlotnialion, ou the
ilifintiitie. .nd diseases tf the Generative Or
trull It flii dresses itelf alike to Youth. Man
hood and Old age and should be read by all.
The valuable advice and impressive waning,
it gives will prevent years ol misery and suffer
ing, and save annually Thousands of I ivee.
Parents by reading it will le.trn bow to prevent I
the destruction of their children.
'A remittance of 25 crnta, anelosed in a let
ter, addressed to Dr. Kimcfliw, N. W. corner ol I
Third and Union streets, between Spruce and )
Pine. Philadelphia, wil! ensure a book under en-1
velope, per return of mail.
Persona at a distance may address Dr. K, bt
letter, (post-paid.) and be rured at home.
Packages ol ineiiicines, directions, c , ior
warded by sending a remittance, and put up It
cure 1 1 on, da i.age or curiosity.
Hook-sellere, News Agents, renters, canvas
sets and all others tuoplied with the above woik I
at very low rates.
Jaundice, Dvspeps a, Chronic or nervous
sing ironi o uinuiuvia-H i ,
constiDanon inward pies, iiinnes oi moon to tue i
head, aciditv of the stomach, nuea, hearl-
I burn, disgust for food, fullness, or weight in the
stomach, sour eructations, sinking or fluttering
'at the pit of the stomach, swimming of the head,
i hurried and difficult b eathing, fluttering at the
heart, choking or suffocating sensation, when in
a lying posture, dimness ol vision, bots or webs
! belore the sight, lever and dull pain in the lirml,
t deficiency of prespiration, yellowness of the
skin and eyes, pain in the side, back, r lies t Man
fcc, sudden Hushes ol Ilea', burning in the llesli,
constant imaginingings ol evil and great depres
sion of spirits, can be effectually cu eil by Dr.
Iloofland's Celebrated German Bi'.tev. prepared
by Dr. P. M. Jackson, at the German Medicine
Siore," 120 Arch street, Philadelphia.
Their nower over the above diseases is not fl
,, , ,, , ... .i.. ....-. i
ce.ie, -.. rriua ieu-.y ay .,.. , , , '
tin: uiiuru oimrr, w iiicnn '
cases after ; skillful physicians had failed.
These bitters are worthy the aiiennon of In-
valids. Possessing great virtues in the reciiSca-i.
lion of diseac ol the liver and lesser glands,
exercising the most searching powers in weak
ness and affections of the digestive organs, they
are withal, safe, certain and pleasant.
Read ami tie convinced. From the 'Boston
Boe.' The Editor said, Dec. 2"2nd Dr. Iloof
land's Celebrated German Hitters lor the cure of
Liver complaint, Jaundice, Dyspepsia, cronic or
nervous debility, is deservedly one of the most
popular medicines of the day. These Hitters
have been used by thousands, and a friend at
our elbow says he has himself received an effect
utl and permanent cure of liver complaint front
the use of this remedy. We are convinced that,
in the use of these Hitters, the patient gains
strength and vigor l fact worthy of great cin
si deration They are pleasant in taste and
smell, and can boused by persons with the most
delicate stomachs with safety, under any circum
stunces. We are speaking from experience, and
to ihe afflicted we advise their use.
"Scott's Weekly,'- one of the best Literary pa
pers published, said, Aug. 25
"Dr. Iloofland's German Bitterrs, manufac
tured by Dr. Jackson, am now recommended by
sum of the most prominent members of the fac
ulty as an article of much efficacy in cases of
female weakness As such is ihe case, w l
would advise all mothers to obtain u bottie, and
thin sive themselves much sickness. Psrsons
of debilitated constitutions will find theso Hitiors
ailvaniageous to their health, as we know from
experience the salutary effect they huve upon
wenk systems."
Mokk Evipence. The Hon. C. D. Hineline,
JVhyor of the city of Camden, N. J. says :
"Iloofland's German Biiters. We have seen
many Hutu ring notices of this medicine, and the
sources from which they came induced us to
mako inquiry respecting its merits. From inqui
ry we were pcrsuaneu to use it, ana must say
we lound it specific in us action upon uiseascs
of ihe liver and digestive organs, and the pow-
erlii influence it oxerts upon nervous prostra
tion, really surprising. It calms and strength
em he nervs, bringing them Into a state of re
pose, making sleep refreshing.
'If this medicine was more generally used,
we are satisfied there would be less sickness, us
from the stomach, liver, an 1 nervom system the
greal majority of teal and iunginary diseases em
anate. Have them in a healthy condition, and
you can bid defiance to epidemics generally.
This" extraordinary medicine we would advise.
our friends who ore at all indisposed, to give a
trial it will recommend itself. It should, in
fact, be in every family. No other medicine can
produce such evidences of merit "'
Evidence upon evidence has been received
(like the foregoing) from all seciions of tht, Union,
within the last three years, and the strong
est testiunny in iv favor, is, that there is more of
t used in the practice of the regular physicians
of Philadelphia, than ail other nostrums com
bined, a tact that can easily be established, and
fully proving that a scientific preparation will
meet with their quiet approval when presented
even in thia form.
That this medicine will cure Liver Complain
and Dyspepsia, no one can doubt after using it
as directed. It acts specifically upon the stom
ach and liver; snd is preferable to calomel in
all biliou. diseases the effect 1 immediate. They
can be administered to female or infant with safe
ty and reliable benefit at any time.
Look well to the marks of the genuine, They
have the written signature of C. M. Jackson upou
the wrapper, and his name blown in the bottle,
without which they arc spurious.
For sal: wholesale, and retail at the German
Medicine i ore, No. ISO Arch street, one door be
low Si:.:. ,Philadelphir ; and by respectable deal
ers venersllv through the country. Prices RE'
ouckd, to enable all clases of invalids to enjoy the
advantages of their great restorative powers,
Single Bottle 75 eents.
Also for sale by R. H. McCsll, Carrollton, 0.
Wholesale ag'ts for O. ; Spink & Howard, W ous
ter, O.
The mndersigned has been duly appointed Ad
ministrator of the estate of Elizabeth C rosier
late of Carroll county deceased.
Feb. II, 53.-3t. ROBERT CEOS ER
la hereby giren that t ft underaifaed haa been
appoiuted Administrator ot the estate of Jaooob
Muckley, late of Carroll county, deceased
Those indebted will make immediate payment, and
those hsvmg claims against ssid estate wili present
tbem lee-ally authenticated within one year from
tS. date. JQ?EPrI RANNE.
October M. JMj. i
A taf icrtl imrln.fi. of the most popular
Patent Medicine in w. Call at the mm oi trie
Black Mortar and examine my stork before buy
ing r.-e wheie, a it is nnporsiU Ij me to enu
merate the arttelee 1 liars (or sale.
C. A. iriEiiRJL
For Ihr le.-ulit-.-Psrarneus. sll col-
n , i, : . I . t. - , . .
ore, rrenrl mrinoee, i naaiii ciuub, i
d lainrs, together wuhaKill assortment of new
and beautiful .t,le dress g.io.1 which are it
mg off last Callaoon and do not mi a Marram.
aTw4rw 4?tslcBi
11 ANTED, for which I Will par the HIGHSST Biar
n , . , , . . lib, t j. .. ..... . .....
set price in i-non u kikchu a, wrj
price in UACfn u delivered at asy noose m
C.rrolltoo, rxtd.K)r below tne Picayune t.mce. r
Bring then right along.
Aug. II, ii-
8. G. M K r K
arrorJ oi U Art ST CSaaSSSS, la Ulf r"
1MI. b; J. s UOIIIIITIHI, N. ll , In Ui Irrai
OOk of Um UtrH't Ourt t Um Eaitera
OtstrVt ot ea-ylaoia
Another Scientific Wonder!
Prepared from Rennet, or the fourth stomach of
the ox, alter directions or Baron Liebtg, the great
Physiological Chemist, By J S. Houghton, If. D.,
Philadelphia, Pa
"I digeat." Such is the true mesning of the
ora PePgil1- the chief element, or greet di-
. gesting principle ot me uastric Juice the sol
atinj atrent of the Stomach and intern noa
it i. extracted from the digestive stomach of the
- r , ......... . . .'r-
ox; thus forming a true digestive fluid, precisely
like the natural Gastric Juice in it. chemical pow
er., and furnishing . complete and perfect substi
tute for it.
Thia is nature's own remedy for an unhealthy
stomach. No art of man can equal its curative
powers. It contains no alchohol, bitters, acids, or
nauseous drugs. It is extremely agreeable to the
taste, and may be taken by the most feeble patients
who cannot eat a water crecker without acute dis
tress. Beware of drugged imititions. Pepsin is
not a drug.
Half a teuspoonful of Pepsin infused in water,
will digest or dissolve five pound, of Roast beef
in about two hours, nut of the stomach.
aciENTiric 1 vipkhce!
iJ aw B-c
0C-The scientific evidence upon which this
remP,,y i8 bage( j, in the highest degree curious and
on ;he d deMrip,ive circu.
. , .. . . . in . . ',. "T
. :,., rh..,., . r.
Combe's PhyBioloj of Digestion; Dr. Pereira
on Faod and Diet ; T)r. John W. Draper, of New
York University : Prof. Dunglison's Physiology ;
, - . , , ...
Prof. Silliman, of Yale College ; Dr. Carpenter's
Physiology &c, together with reports of cures
from all parts of the United mates.
Dr. Houghton's Pepsin is prepared in powder
and in fluid form and in prescription vials for Ihe
use of physicians. The powder will be sent by
mail, free of postage, for one dollar, sent to Dr.
Houghton, Philadelphia. '
OCrObserve this ! Every bottle of the genuine
Pepsin hears the written signature of J . S. Hough
tun, M. D. , sole proprietor, Philadelphia, 1'a. Copy
right and trade-mark secured.
OrSold by all Druggists and dealer, in medi
cines. Trice- one dollar pot bottle.
Agents C. A. Bagel, Carrollton; John J.
Smith & Co., New Philadelphia; Hening Si Mel
vin, Steubenville; Nicholas Bour, Canton.
Is lureby -i veil to Themes White Jr., of Tua
cirauas county, Ohio, Barbara Ellen N ckols, of
Bureau county, Illinois, und Robert McAllister,
i f Carroll county, Ohio, that on the I5ih day of
April, A. D. Ib5:i, a peiiiion was filed ataMaal
Utoaa in the court ofCgmman Pleas of Carroll
county, Ohio, where the same ia now pending,
by Thomas Nii kols, David Nirkols, James Nick
ois, and Ruth Cook, intermarried with John P.
Cook, of tlorenu county, Illinois, and Geoige
Nieknls, and Lticretia Nickols, intermarried with
Barnaul Nickols, of Morgan county, Ohio, Char
ity Dodds, intermarried with John Doddr, of Shel
by rottiKy, Illinois, Sarah Wineman, intermar
ried with Eli Wineman, and Buhsheba Milner,
intermarried with Edwaid Milner, of Belmont
county. Ohio ; demanding partition of the follow
ing premises, in Orange towuship, Carroll coun
ty, Ohio, to wit: certain lands lying in ilie north
part of the north-east quarter of section thirty
four at, in township thirteen 13. of ranjre
six 6J, and in the south-east quarter ol thirty
live 3.r, township and range aforesaid, the
whole of said hinds amount to thirty-seven
acres, more or less, and is the same lands of
which Thomas While, senior, died seized.
The petitioners demand that partition be made
of said lands as follows, to wit : To Petitioners
ihe nine undivided tenth part of one undivided
sJxih part ; to Barbara Ellen Nickols. oue undivi
ded tenth part of one undivided'sixih part; and
to Thomas While, Jr., er those holding under
him, five undivided sixth parts of said land.
At 'he next term of said court application will
be made for an order of partition, en l such oth
er proceedings as are allowed by law, tec.
VAN BROWN. Atfy for Pet'ts.
April n, 1853.-0 .
N o i i c i
Is hereby given to Humphrey K. White, of Car
roll county, Ohio, and Barbara Ellen Nickols, of
Bureau county, Illinois, that on the 15th day of
April, 1863, a petition was filed against them in
the Court of Common Pleas of Carroll county,
Ohio, where the ssme is now pending, by Thom
us Nickols, David Nickols, James Nickols, and
Ruth Cook, intermarried with John P. Cook, of
Bureau county, Illinois, and George Niokols, and
Lucretia Nickols, ntertnarried with Ha man Nick
ols of Morgan county, Ohio, Charity Dodds, in
termarried with John Dodds, of Shelby county,
Illinois, Sarah Winemen, intermarried with Eii
Wineman, and Bathsheba Milner, intermarried
with Edward Milner, of Belmont county, Ohio, de
manding partition of the following premises, situ
ate in the town of Leesburgh, Carroll county, Ohio,
to wit : lots numbered five 6, eight 8, and sev
enteen 171, in said town, being the same real
estate oi wnicn I nomas White, senior, died seis
ed. Humphrey K. White is now in possession
oi saw premises.,
The petitioners demand that partition be made
of said real estate, as follows, to wit : To peti
tioners the nine undivided tenth part of the one
undivided sixth part, snd to Humphrey K. White,
five undivided sixth parts of said real estate.
At the next term of said court application will
be made for an order of partition, and such other
proceedings ss are allowed by law, &c.
April S3, 1863.-6W. Att'y for Pet'rs.
Business tfar&s,
WILI' KEMJMK the sks. tM
ot lii irelesi
on, in tie com. uea oi
lark, Culum'Mana, H irrie
ir7-0lfice, weal ol thr
;.iroil. Tuaraiauts,
a and Je(feaen.
Pjlbr Square, an.
ale Jlf-n. S at J. Sterlii g'j saddki' shop.
Canollton. Prb. IS. IRSf t
Omci in the '-S-. idob Horse."
Pb IT tMt ('
J0II1 N. BIBNIILL. Allornn, and m
ttllor at
attend to
Law ffitd Sofieior ia Chnctrf, m
all business entrusted to hit care in
couoljt.,, 0f Tuscarawas, Uarroll. Hurrtson
h Holmes. Stark, or elsewhere. Of-
lice in Uhrichsvillc, TuscariWM county, Ohio
July U. 1850.
A. Ktwser,
I HAM Kill-
Will practice ia t'arroH and adjoining counties
Prompt aed efficient attention given to all esse
entrusted to hi. care Office in the Court House
Dec. 6th, 1850 -lr.
A, T. Reaily, Attorney and Com ttllor at i
Laic and Solicitor in Chancery, will practice I
in Tuscarawas and the adjoining counties. All
business entrusted to his care will be promptly
attended to. Oflloo in New Philadelphia, Ohio.
April 5. I860.
. ft. KCKLKV. 1- M. PAVIK.
Attorneys and Comutllori at Late,
HWEentered into partnership, and will praetirs i
at their profession in Carroll and the adjoin ng ,
counties. All business entrusted to thent will re !
eive prompt attention. Office in the frar.e build
t ng, opposite the weatdoor of the court houae
ar . UJ j
joiin n. t u 1 it
ATTORNEY and Counsellor stLaw and S lis j
citor in Chancery. Office in frame buildings, op
posite "Court house " up stairs, over the store o
Cameron and Kennedy."
October 16.1850.
Storage, snipping & Coimnissioi IKerck i nts
Wholesale dealers in
White Isad, Glass, Fish, Salt, Flatter, SfC. 4.
No. 70, on Dock, and I3J, River-t
c. stt advances ma it. on run ts.
(r Ag' nts lor all Steam JJjats anit Propeller--in
the Luke Superior Line.
t Wm. A. Otis ii Co, - Cleveland.
Refer to?Niles & Whiter, - - - - fJuirulo.
ft. M.Howe, Gishier, - Pittsburgh.
Fell. 6. Kit, tl
Is hereby given that the undersigned have been
appointed and qualified ns Administrators of the
estate of J. G. Kennedy, deceased. Those in-
' debted to said estate will make immediate payment,
land those having claims against said estate will
' present them legally authenticated within one year
from this date.
July 9. IBS.
Administrator's Notice.
Notice is hereby iriven that the undtnigned has
been appointed Administrator of the estate of Zi
ba Norris, deceased. All persons indebted to said
estate will make immediate payment ; and those
having claims against said estate will present them,
legally authenticated, within one year Irom this
date. JOHN H. TRIPP,
March 35, 1863. Adm'r.
The undersignei has been appointed and qualifi
ed as Executor of t le estate of Robert Peoples de
ceased. Those h 'ing claims against said estate
will present them I sgally proven within one year
from this date. JOHN A. 1 UTTORK,
April lfl, 1863. Executor
Farm for alr!
I desire to sell the farm on which I now reside.
It contains
400 Acres;
and there ore on it a good brick house, with a
well of water at the door; a tery arge Frame
Barn, and oiher nut-buildings, all got up in tin
very best style, The land lies one miles south o
Carrollton, on the toad feeding to New llagrrs-
I intend removing west, and wifl give the pur
chaser of this lartu a bargain.
For terms, inqtiiie at the Free Press office, or
of the subscriber, on the Premises.
No". 6, 'fit.-at.
We are just receiving a splendid lot of LA
DIES' DRESS GOODS, of entirely new styles.
Plain and Figured Persian Cloths, De Laines,
Nov. ii.
For Re nl.
I will rent for one or more years the I raven
Tavern II on no,
.tore room and lots tn Harlem. The stand is a
a good one for business. A person well recom
mended can have a bargain. Possession given im
mediately ; csll on the undersigned st Carrollton ,
March , 1863,8t.
To Bridge Builders.
Sealed proposals will be received by the Com
missioners Carroll county, at the Auditor'i of-i
fice, until the 19th of May net. for building a
bridge on the SteubenviilC i mi e east of
Carrollton. Specifications of the fork m,y be
seen st the Auditor's office.
March 18, 1863. Commissioners.
1,000 Book As cut Viniited,
YEAR 1863.
1000 Dollars a Year!
Wanted in every county in the United States,
active and enterprising men, to engage in the
sale of some of the hem Books published in the
country. To men of good address, possessing
a small capital of from 92A to 8100, such in
ducements will be offered as to enable them to
make from 83 to 85 a day profit.
(r The books published by us are all useful
in their character, extremely popular, and com
mand large sales wherever they are offered.
For further particulars, address, (postage
paid,) ROBERT SEARS, PoausHaa,
181 William Street, New-York.
Iard Oil, Winter strained, Lamp cones
Lamp Wlcking, at C, A. BOEGEL'S,
K. HT Mali Street, Btlalt, R. T.
nctriiu iiniiTiirri( iinui
raiia nl I ill aaajaV
an aataan aiaaias
k aaw rlsMt u Um aal-ul rfenaaaaa aaa k I !
patoaaalf vkk aarihat Lat aar aaa wka haa awtaT
aJTucAnoi or Tjrj nrm.
a mwis tha nfm aaa (at Um aaaaaialaaal lyaaw
aalr la .11 as acaia. aa.1 Saalti a. m i. a fcii Wllasal
r ia.Maaata MMaaaa.aa a aw aj -m. T
i aaf Maa af dta I uat a MM aanaaa, ri aaar
a lau inn.
.pa at! a-aaaa, rf Aa aMMj. aajaaa, aw Um- 4
mkiim, k Kaaia alaaa ; a aW anlah aaa nm
mm Madia, ta wm mimiIi ajast ataiaialJ
woak Mask, VI
Il iamaMdwltlr
tt Um KidMart. kc. . a
adnOVtd atf ft aW ' 10
af aaTa
eon m alwojra ft
iii oh i sat mm. it nana av
for moss coanraijaunta, tntl also lot sloraii,
ammful aMmi Hanoi No
wakb wootd loo oh thia kind oi dorunr
JwSamaTTi au kaTCTaaaa
I IM M nanuM ia aa aa.
M o aon a ad aonuvi
in, clu ol ixMplaiala hial awl thia pwasnya.
laaja aat aaaa aaaa ta ta, aana ,i a,a,apa, a
which ia ,11 dimai ac ihtumna af tha fcnaala haa. aakfa
timw, itilntHliitf,, painful aMiuiruation,, a,., aa, aShalaa iw,.
Thi, rm a iaSlcaaoa, ta aar mm, tM laaad ia tana miiti.ii. aa4
a, n aMNlKinal praiwtr. untl, withoat aa aqaal ; H fanaa aaa aa
tha aau"iHM I, aha vnunratioa, which, a what, a tha ana
nmwlr ver givan ta a feaih'!atl faauat i a ia aaaa, aaa taa ayaaaat
will I mtnn) ... health liy il, ua,
Fa, lha lalul al all STawatkath
it allar, Ukw diauauaf aatl luiinl'al
orn THl WOtLB
i Sinaa Jarasass aaat h aasass-
jUawa t Mas caaaylagjsaayalaaSraliia. aajiwrf saw
t3Lul aTtWaaa. aaa Um Tpjjwa af Jm
aiWi. Umum k wwi w a .tasna waM nalii, a fmS
uaatr aaaaw w aaa. 8wa aaifia aaaa aw Iiaiami.
tajfcaau af Um fraMk
aipwaf af aaaa, la tah rtan i ila aaaa af aaaasaah. aaa aaa.
phl-i AU aSaa 4awa, 4aliia!d eowinatfaaa. Saaa tka it I
aT i.rr, will Siut Um Imdna namral tab aniala la aat haaaa
aliiialr. l tim na pi i T mlicaud Aaa. Ua mmm.
Taa SI iliMiaat avapariH, whuli . oii, ua, aniala. aaMtSay Saw.
lr nutieolnrtv ia iW aimtlealMa of taa oaMMM. fmr taa asanas
Fa, watana.
I imahaaiwhiah eftwi occ!ih!i
.anil n an, ai Unit iaH,di,la aaw
la mbiiImI n:l unBamail faaaaha.
trucllmu whiah aria, Iroa lahia, cold, he
CONSUMFTtON aaa Liaaa Cnarcatar, gaWaa, Dwauaa.
Stmu. rfaaAaaaa, it., tor all Uw Jiiiaaia aa Olilalai ha. ar
awn IU aqaal.
r"ElTi0N8 ill, JKnlicia, tmd it tarra (Aa wrH caaaf ; M
aa aJhaM ant Itui aaa,atanu, ar aa
Mi, MSicmt, a, a car, mil i ntuu
tier, iiiif aa Mrdietn, aaw ttftrt U Ml
araaa aUMr. kaiUU la try
itult ruull Jrtn
i aW aWa- , aaauW. Call
jsgrmi uaa a rampntti.
To th Graat Wot aauaciallr, aul aharerw thaa, i
rail, ibia amtlaan la aaaraa.
ao ilclaiftion, latsanatl a part of thia ailitaia, it cara, thoat di,
aaar. with cartaint, ana waiaritv , aral itiata not laavr tha irMeai torpal.
Il i miHic of root, a lour, an. I t, purely a Venataldo errparatHM, aral
ha, nothini in in ooaapaaiUan whltkoaa in tha Iran injara aar pmofi
nnilar any oircamalanoaa whatarar. Nunwawt, tawuliratt, ol tha
hiihaat raapaouhiliur art pablaM in Ua iaankhHa. wkiak aiaaav
Iribulril iratoilouair.
a aniUUat al a moat painfal okuractar, it
and a car, follow, lr a law ilar, u of tki, aniala : N b rai hafora
any otlicrr rrnarntion for thia ilitaaar. or for any othar dhtau, oruina.
tiag Croat impura hlowl. Sea pnaiphlat.
will rind tha allarativa proiHliaa of this ana'la
ami driva auuh iliaaaaa, Iran lha lyMaaa. Saa paaaphhrt fa, taMi
tony ofcarao in till diaaaara, which lha Until, ol aa udvarllanaaat will
not tierotU ta ba namatl lawa. Aaanta tiva than away ; thay aaalata
iS pace, ol ofrtiftoulaa of Inn h character, and a ttronger
aftha tirina, of n taadidna, navar appanaad. It a aaa tf lha paiaSat
feuturaa of thia urtlcla thai il navar li.il, la benefit in any i:na. aad at
bane and muacle ore left to baild upon let tka aataciated aad tracer
ini iavalkl
id keep InUna tha mailitlna ua long aa thara ia aa iaePtOTtaient.
aa proprietor would
agoinot ft number of artiotoi which coino out iiinla-r tin head oi
aa cure, far Dratiay, Gravel, ao.: They ore good for aathiag, aaa
oofltocled to full the anwary ;
Their inventor, never thought of enring each dieeaeee till tine article
kail done it. A particular ,tudy of ilia pamphlet iaeunuatly aolwntad.
Agent, and nil who tell the article tire
gratuitously. Tut uti in 30 or. bottie,, U SI i IS at. da. at K Ota.
aach the larger holding 6 oa. more than two affiall bottle,. Aee aul
and not get tatpeaeet aaaa. Every bottle has " Vaughn', Vegetable
J.itlionlniitic Muture, ' trfowa upon tha gtaea, the writtn aignalnra
J'i " 0, C. Vaughn an tka directraaa, and "ti. C. Vaughn, Baf.
alo." itt aaaed aa (Aecarg. None other are genuine. Frepareil
by Dr. O. C. Vaughn, and Mid at tha Priaeipal Ufflaa, HOT Main
atreal. Buffalo, at wboleeala and retail. No attention given ta letter,
anleea poat paid ttoat paid letter,, er verbal ooaamuntuationa agavh.
ing ndvica, promptly attended to, grata.
Wholesale Aaenu, Olcott, McKeaaon k Robin,, No. If., Maiden
Lane, New York City , Mm. E. Kidder Ji Co., Boaton ; C. 8. Bard,
aall fc Co., Cincinnati; J. Owen It Co., Detroit; fteere It Buy. Chi.
cago; Flak fc Hull, Clevolnnd ; ft. E Sailer, Piltaburgh ; Winer
A Sim,, Hamilton, C. W . and lor aale by all alia reaiieclable Drug
gu throughout 'be United Btulee und Canada, and at retail by
For sulf by Dr. (J. A. Boegel Carrollton O.
James Forbes Sr, New lserstowii; II. Roby
it Co., Leesville; R. B. Smiih, Pekin; H. V.
Utvi-r, Outirla; E. J. Bsrkdull & Co., Magno
lia; Gregg & Noce, New Listy Arter & Nich
ols, Hannver; II- Tritt, Minerva; R. K. Grey
Waynesburgh; Jno. if. Klippard, Louisville;
John Ilea II, Cadiz 0; Crtskey it Purkcr, New
Market; John J. Smith, New Philadelphia; C.
Weibel. Zoar, Henry Crew, Richmond; Hilbert
AiCo., Kilgore; Wm. Walters, Harlem.
arlcm Springs
JOHN HILBERT, Proprietor.
The Establishment has been put in complete re
pair, and a new building eret-ted for the comfort ot
Patients and Visitors. Hacks and other i onvey
ancos constantly running to all the Principal
All kinds of work in our line executed in the
most approved style and on moderate terms. Give
us s cull, .'hop at the south-east correr of the
public square
Carrollton. 0.. April 9. 1858 3m.
A Partnership has this day been formed between
the undersigned in the mercantile business, under
the name and style of Cummings At Brackin, and
we ii.vite all the customers of the "old corner,"
and the public generally, to call and see us.
March 15, 1858. J. P. CUMMINGS,
siRit f tfce Black ltfortar.
apectluliy inform the citizens o( Car
rollton and surrounding country, that
he keeps constantly on hand the best
assortment of
n the country. Also, that he is determined to
ell the same as low as any body else dare
having come to the conclusion of permanently
locating in this place, and devoting our lime
to the lo0"e bM'n, e are bound trot to be
beaten, and will !' 5l wholesale or retail very
low for cash.
N. B. Orders from the country will receive
prompt attention. Doctors, when yon come to
Carmllion, call at the Sign of the BLACK
MORTAR before buying elsewhere. Gentle
men give us a all.
C. A. BOEGEL, Druggist.
Dec. 1 1. '61.
" " For Sale.
The Patton House, of Carrollton, is herd y of
ered for fale on reasonaole terms. A gcod titla
will be given.
For further particuhrs enquire of
July I, '52--tf- Canton. Ohio
For Sale r Rtit. T"
I wish to sell or rent my house snd lot,oa Main
street, opposite the Picayune office, in Carrollton,
where C. Sheldon now lives.
Possession will be grren on the first of April
next .
For terms die, apply to B. Stevenson. -
Hsrch 18, '83.-3t, JACOB EYERHART.

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