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Tm H. AikiMM.
,t bis Tib 8h. In Csrrolftoti
.If seleeted lot or ALBANY
booking Stoucs.
Slavaa bare aaaa recently pm tkami ia Al
ar mm eere.eatf eeeajnee we very
naa A letret i-r'"" L
.oagtheaelhe GULPt r R.u.a..r-.
aot eatem, will be foood the most convenient
I perfect eookinf Stove ever offered for eele ia
a aaetloa of coo at 17.
la amnion 10 tne above, ha haa on MM
fani eanriment of coal enee. nf rl I I 3-
vOKGH MANUFACTURE, for both kitchen
. jd parlor.
A new aod beautiful pattern, arill be found, on
iaJ. to haa mora good properties and faarer
,d onaa. than any other coal Cook 8mve ia
Xm taction of country. Tha top level and
month. oen large and convenient, flues io cod-
a mm mm u. ........ i f. ,nn heat for baking nur
ses and at the aame time consume a large Coahoc.on. Hoimee. Stark, or elsewhere. Of
mount of the smoke and aoot arising from the "ce l'hville, Tuacarawatcouoty, Ohio.
jal. hy which one of the atrong . bjfctiona l W '. 1860.
ia use of coal for cooking purpoai s is rem. .red, TW KOTirB
id constitute! u one ol the moat economical.;
- - nrl nlpssant conk stoves dow in
u iiU'iu' r
ror the Parlor,
The Bachelor Coal Cook Slave,,
so much admired, thai the demand, in many
taea, cannot be supplied.
a beautiful parlor stove arranged with sliding
ore. and combines all the good properiiee ol
round stove and open fireplace.
These atovea being of Pittsburgh manufac
ire. are, of course, heavy and durable.
.. . . 1 1 f i UI..I... A,
Ha has. also, on nana mm """'-
iirheock's Darlor stove, and their celebrated
Vemium Parlor Coal (irate, with milling ooors.
hich, for beautv of deeign. economy of fuel,
id family comfort in cold weather. Jtanda uo
vallod in this or any other market.
1009 pound old Copper wanted
He haa also on hand and is prepsred to make to
deron tha shortest notica COPPER KETTLES
id Braaaware, Stove Furniture, and Stove Pipe
ouaa Spouting and Tinware.
He ia also prepsred, with the very best materials
r putting up Lightning Rods in the moetsubttan
al and improved tyle now in use.
He has also on hand a good sssortmoni 01 ytxj
Lard Lamps, decidedly the beat article ol lamp
wxA nnuy in ilrtrt.
His prices, in all cases, will be low. and a con
ant effort will be made to accommodate all who
tay favor him with their custom.
Car ollton. Sep. 86, U61.
All kinds of work in our line rxeruted in the
ost spproved style and on moderate terms. Give
1 s call. hop at the south east correr of the
MiC" 080. f. KEN ROY.
Carrollton. 0., April 9. 1868. -3m.
p tie iM ifir
A Psnnrrsliip hssihis day been for-ned between
ie umlersignen in uie inortoiinio unu,-.
ha tinme snd style of Cummings Sl Brackin, and
e ii.vite all the customers of the "old corner,"
nd the public generally, to call and see us.
March 16, 1852. J. P CUM MINOS,
SIkb of the Black Morlar.
mmnm THE UNDERSIGNED would re
Wf aoectfully inform the ciiizena of Car
Hal rollton und surrounding eoumry. ihm
J lie keeps constantly on hand the bust
assortment of
a the country. Also, that he is determined to
ell ihe same ny body elae Har'-
aving come to the conclusion 01 permanently
ocating in this place, and devoting our time
j the above business, we are bound not to be
eaten, and will sell at whole-solo or retail very
ow for cash.
fj, B. Orders from the country will receive
irompt atwntion. Doctors, when ymi come tc
Jarrellton. call at the Sign of ihe BLACK
MORTAR before buying elaewhere. Gentle
map give us a an.
C. A. BOEGEL. Druggist
Dec. 11. '51.
For Sale.
The Patinn House, ol Ca roll on, is hereby n'
r red for rale on icasoiiaule tertlM, A good till'
will be given.
For further pattirnl i enr u're nf
July I. '62 -if. Canton. Ohio
For Sale or Rem.
I wish to sell or rent my house and lot, on Main
street, opposite the Picayune office, In ' arrollton ,
where ( . Sheldon now lives
ICIC 1 . Uliajiuwu II""
Poaaession will be given on the first of April
For terms Ac spplyto B. Htevensnn.
March 18,63.-3t. JACOB EVERHART
I ; v i i i I it 1 1 1 ii i e)
Tub Spring Term of this Institute will com
mence on the 11th of April, and hold ill aet
ions ia the Canal it. School House.
It i intended to accommodate itself to the
education of Males and Females, in such a man
ner aa sot to conflict in their intellectual or
moral facilitiea.
The branches of itudy pursued, beiidea the
English branches, will be the Element! of Nat
ural Science, Mathematics, the Latin, Greek and
German Languages.
Tuition will range from 92.S6 to t6,00 per
term of twelve weeki of sixty days. For fur
ther particulars, etc., apply to the Principal,
Rtv. N- E. GILDS,
Carrollton, Carroll Co., Ohio.
March 1?ih.-3t.
la hereby given that the undersigned haa bee'J
appointed -dnunutrator o! tne etuie ol jatoo
county, decease
Thou Indebted will make immediate payment, an
those having claims againat said estate will presen
themlegslly authenticated within one year from
tola date. JO. Efll RANNE.
October 39, IS43
1 (.f Bf rl Assorlmf Dl oi the most popular
Patent Medicine in use. Call at the sign oi thi
Black Mm tar and examine my sir k be'ore buy
ing efcewheie, as it ia imposed e for me to rnu
aasrali the articles 1 have for sale.
Fr Ihe Lndira. Parametai, all col
art, Frenrl merinoer, Persian cloths, caebmeres
ats lainee. together with a full assortment of new
and beautiful atylea dress goods which are go
Ing off fast Call scon nd do not ni a a'ain.
i at rd Winter atrsinerl. Lamp rooe
LaaiaWicking, at C. A. BOEGEL'."
( a. Flsk. White Fieb aod Mackerel lor sole
De. K ' A. tOitajsL.
Business Cards,
WIL'. RESUME ih- f of Ma Irofe-
ein. in ni enunli ol
Stark. Culumliisn.v H irr'
Office. w-9t o' thr
ifff Mf s ie J. Sterti'
C if. nil TilTarawri
n i ni J 'fTer-on
P i' in- Squ ire n
' saddler's ahop.
A T T o R H l v T IAN.
Orrica over James Cameron's Store,
Feb. ML IKit. tl
J0HJ H RIRHIM,. Attorn-- and cmn
tellor at Law and Solicitor in Chancery, wil
attend to all business entrusted to hit care in
tha counties of Tuscarawas. Carroll. Harrison
rt. i. urmij, Attorney and Couriel lor at
La u und Solicitor in Chancery, will practice
in Tuscarawas and the adjoining counties. All
b'isiiicas entrusted to his care will be promptly
uttonJi'd to. Office ia New Philadelphia, Ohio.
April 6, 1850
Attorneyi and Countrllort at Law,
HAVE entered into partnership, und will practice
at their profession in Csrroll and the adjoining
counties. All businessenirusted to ihem still re
eive pro'iiiit attention. Office in the frar.e build
f ngl oppwite the weal door of the court houae
i r' , .
AT TORNEY and Counsellor atLsw and S. lis
citor in Chancery. Office in frame buildings, op
posite "Court house " up stairs, over the atore 01
Cameron and Kennedy. '
October 16, 1840.
Indian Doctor.
The undersigned has permanently located him
aelf in the west end of Csrrollton, Csrroll countv
1L . L S. . I 1 1 . . V '
jiiiu, uppumie tne irieinoriisi meeting house, in the
brick house formerly owned by D. Loti, where
he will attend to all cases that aic enrn h;. 1
csre, both chronic snd scute. frV Caneers rrof.
ulas, Rheumatisms, Old Sores, Consumptions, Liv-
er Complaints, female Complaints of all kinds. I
wmce oays rnuayaand Sat-irdays.
- DR. V. TR CO.
N. B. Exclusively on the Indian System.
djarlcm Bprtngs,
.11 I1ILBEIIT, Proprietor.
The Establishment has been put in comDlein r,.
pair, and s new building erected lor the comfort of
Patients snd Visitors. Hacks and other nnU.
1 ances constantly running to
all I'le I'rin
P - . ... 1 ... 1
- :";SSEV- i. S.NCLA.R
III SSI V A MM I tlll.
Slorape,Slilnng & o n hhs , , Merch tots
White fsad, Glats, Fih, Salt, Waster, dc Sec
No. 70, on Dock, and 133, River-si
c.eveland, oiiio.
T U nu lor all .Stea,,, B iats and Propeller,
in ilie Lake .Superior Line.
Nile- & Wh eler ,(,.
r I. ,'Vl.Ho.-, Collier,. Pin.hureh.
rtb, . as Jj
PiTTsjiuRGi. Ciia.r & Cabinet Vare r,)0Ms
No. 98 Third S.reei. S.-uth Side,
Respecilullv inform their friend. Bl,d cUs,om
ers. thai thi s hHve. if n, ., 1... .
- - c mini-Hi stock ever
helore seen,,, ,h cy. ,(, greaie,, variety o
"Hie. the finest hnihed. made nf , k.. 1-
"""BO "I"""8"' and by ,he best workmen of
""leu UI
... .... . -e.tr couuiry all of wh
ich thev
am rioierniiiied to sell na .
..c . .. .
- woj uiuer man
u a -tiif nu i'i h 1 1, i.. ... : .
1 ,17 " ,n ,ne Went.
n ,
i"CK is an 01 nur nan ,u.,r.
. . . . """"" 'nre no m.
p.mat.tma. (KrSieomhoa.s and Hmels ftirnish.
ed at the shonest nni.ee. All order, prompil,
ai.eniied 10. O Df)NNEL Ac MULLEN
Dec. 17, '52-6,nos.
. w. A W. P. si
Resident Deniints of Slenh,.nill- ...J .l
, " inii r tneir
prolesainnal sorvices to the oi,i..n. ,.r n 11
"l v HI run
"' "' matters periaining to Teeth, )r.
' i ";"DPP"""F known in this communi-
," rraeimoner in Eastern Ohi
nuu i iinw ire win i ir ...... i. : ml .
P.... ,ro.. r - , 7v ' nr"e or
. ....a otta, Willi or Without Arllfl.'.l
.l. A... , ,a' "urns;
I .l i rressure, or any other
.......u mH De desired. and . Work
he goi no neatlv ilfa l ansa I .. 1
IT.ii;... h " . Y,.n,mT' w,n a view 10
suVpasaed 01 "a tU"c"- cannot be
addressed ln a w V' . y com(n"nicaiion
Ii dresied to A. W. Semple, Steubenville 0.
ill receive prompt attention.
June 18. 186?. v
irurmenyine Uunlwm HouteA
A. SMITH. PRni.uiu-ivVr,
Thii largo and -'- .
been thoroughly repairmly Z
- . . .ww. ,-oiau ar
llirhlw ..J i
1U.1 CUIIIIIllli l,i..a ..i.Li!
out. and wifl comnare U.VxIILT' lnt-
.um leva iru. Bllll MHA..I.J .,
out. and win compare favorably with ait Tr fu
firatclaaa Hotel, ii the -tale It VrJ 7 of the
than one ksaasW ..,"! ., fj " c?nUin more
The hou.. I. el. . T. ol"1' ,n "P'tte order.-
upvn space iround it
upt-it space iround t Tk. . ut i . iu
the beat the m.rkeU afflrH 'f.w fUJnished with
determined to ware ,ee ' " oprietor i.
render the PorwSt, S'J 5S t0
thoie who may visit re !?i."0PP,n.-P'ce. to
determined to ware ,i.i.-.'."a.u,e ProP'ietor ia
or in thepureuito! plei.ure ,r, onlbu!"'
y. in rekdinea. to conve, aarlSaSl t ,
the depot. .d .te.mbo.t VS' t0a
Cleveland, April 16, 1883
, "rjval:
Pl.in and Figured .Vrsi.n Z "dTl 2 Z
rvov. 14.
.rees-d io,.,lel.y 0. A. HIIKi.J?
Irai. Nails A Sail, a fresh ...Bi.irrr
ceived. CUM VIINtJS Ar RU iPu'im
.VII I 11 .
I hrCfca, to. la-A beauuful article o
mantle, "New Styles." iu, r,r, a ... .
.alt, insw i.s, nm,,l : ' r '0
" " -7 VV.UeUi
Jsand'ee. Dvspep a. Cbromr or nervous debit)
if. dieraeaot the knliues, and all sWaeee an
nul troin a dwordefed livei o; stninacb, such f
ouMiporion 111 ward p ies, tuMneaof biood m the
iead. aridity ol the sioniach nueea. hrsr.
urn, diHgn-i for lood, ftillneee. or wncht in ih.
koiuarh.sour eruLtatioiis, sinking or flu 1 :
1 the pit ol thaetO'iiarh, swiniinina: ol thr'ieail.
lurried and difficult a esthina:, fluitering st the
heart, choking or eulfocsiiin aensationa when in
1 l)ing posture, diinnesaot vision, bote 01 il
etore thraiabl, tevrr ind dul! pain in the head,
I. fU-iency ol prrapiration, yrllownesa ot the
kin and eyea. pam in the aide, back, HMM Iksat
arc, amldeii fluhee ol hea , barning in the rV-rh,
t oiisuiit imsginingiiigs of evil and great depres
-ion of spirits, can be effectually cured by Dr.
Hoofland'a Olebrated German Bi'.ters, prepsred
by I . C M. Jarkaon, at the German Medicine
siore. ItO Arcn etret, Philadelphia.
Tbeir power over the above dieeasea ia not el
relied it equallrdby any other preparation in
the United Stater, as the curea attest, in many
ease after skillful physicians bad failed.
These bittera ara wouhy the attention of in
valids. Paeeainc great virtuea in the rectifica
tion of dieac of the liver and leaser glands,
xercising the mceu searching powers in weak
ness and affertions ol the digestive organs, they
are withal, safe, ceitani and pleasant.
RfcAD AND BE CONV1XC0 From lh "BoetOll
Bee.' The Eiiior said, Dec. ?2nd Dr. liool-
land's Celehraied Orraaaa Kmers lor the cure ol
Liver complaint. Jaundice, Dyspepsia, eronie or
nervous deliilitv, ia deservedly one of the ioi
popular niedicinre of the day These Bitters
have been used hy thousand, and a Iriend at
our elbow save lie has himselt received an efferi
u il ur.il permanent cure ol liver complaint Irom
the use ol tins remedy. We are convinced that,
in the use ol these Bitteia, the patient gums
strength and vigor a lact worthy ol great em
siueraiioii They are pleaaant in ta-ue and
smell, and can be used by p 'rsons with the most
delicate etoivaeha with safety, under any circum
stances We are speaking from experience, and
to the afflicted we advise their use.
"ScottV Wet kly,'- one of the beat Literary pa
pers published, said, Aug. S5
"Dr Hoof! uxfs German Bilterrs, maim Inc
lined by Dr. Jackson, are now recommended by
some of the most prominent members of the I'ac
u ty as an article of much efficacy in cases ol
female weaknes As such is the cne, we
would advise all mothers 10 obtain a botlie, and
thus save themselves III", h sickness. Persons
of debilitated coiietituiions will find these Bitters
advantageous to ti.eir health, as we know from
experience ih' aaluiary effect they have upon
weak systems."
More Fvide.nce. The Hon. C D Hineline,
Miyor ol the city oi UaBMf R, N. J. says:
'Honlsnd's (JernMtl liiiters. We have seen
many flail' ring 1 olices of this medicine, and the
sources from which they came in,'u"ed us to
111 ske inquiry respecting its aaerita. From inqui
ry we weie persuaded to use ii, and must say
we' found it specific in i ih action upon diseases
ol -he liver and digestive organs, and the pow
erlit influence it exerts upon nervous prostra
tion is really surprising. It calms and strength
em he nerve, bringing them into a state of re
pose, making sleep relreshiug.
"II this ni 'dicine was more generally used.
we are saiii-fieil there would be less sickness, an
from the stomach, liver, uml nervotH system the
great majority 01 1 eal and im iginart diseases em
anate. Have ihem in a healthy condition, and
you can bid defiance to epidemic general
j Thin extraordinary medicine we would advine
our friends who nre at all indisposed, to give a
trntl it will recommend ilsell. Ii should, in
fact, he in every lamily. No oilier medicine can
produce such evidences of merit'"'
Evidence upon evidence has been received
(like the loregomg) from all seciioniof the Union,
within the last thrpe years, and ihe strong
est testimony in its favor, is. that there is more ol
it csed in the practice or ihs regular physicians
ol Philadelphia, thin all other nostrums com
bined, a fact that can easily he established, and
fully proving lliai a scientific preparation wil'
meet with their quiet approval whan niTsenteil
even in this lorm.
That this medicine will cure Liver Complain
and Dyspepsia no one can doubt alter using ii
as directed, ft acts specifically upon the stom
ach and liver: ii'id i" nri',erble lo enlnmel in
all bilious diseasea the effect is immediate. They
can be administered to femalo or infant with safe
ty and reliable benefit at any time.
l,ooh well to the marks of the genuine. They
have the written signature of C. M. Jackson upon
the wrapper, and his name blown in the bottle,
without which they are spurious.
For aal wholesale and retail at the German
Medicine . ore, No 130 Arch atreet, one door be
low 8i; .Philudelphi, : and bv resnectabln deal-
eri generally through the country.
J .... wjg.. ..... iuuiiii,. x iiiwbb nc-
Prices re
DUCED- t0 enbh5 all clases of invalids to enjoy tho
d.vuntl,gei of lhe'r 6t restorative powers. J
onigie Dome 70 ceuts.
Altn fVt u.il. L... D LI . r ., n
....... aaic uv iv. ii. .1 t.n . t Hrrin nn r
ivnoieaaie ag'ts tor O. ; Bpink & Howard, Wooj-
ter, O.
John D Park. Who o.a o gant, corner 1th and
Market its . Cincinnati, Ohio
Is hereby g-iven to Thomas White Jr., of Tui
ctrawus couniy, (Hiio, baibara Ellen N.c.kols. of
Hureaii county, Illinois, and Robert McAllisieig
i f Cutroll county. Ohio that on the 1Mb day , f
April, A. D. 11153, a petition was filed again
them in ihe court ol Common Pleas oi Carol,
county, Ohio, where the same is now pendingt4,
t) 1 noma NickoU, David Nickols, Jumes N.ck.
ols. and Ruth Cook, intermarried with John P
look, of Ilureau couniy. Illinois, and Geoige
Nickols. and Ucretia Nickels, infrniarried with
llarman kols, ol Morgan couniy, Ohio, Char
ily Dodds, iniermarried wiih John Dodds, of SheU
L,'lV,Vyr,llv oi,' M Win'n, la ter mar.
ned with El. W nenjan, and Biihsheba Milner.
intermarried ith E,lwa,d Milner, of Belmon,
county. Ohio ; demanding nariilion of ihe fil,.
ing preimseo, in Orange township, Carroll coun
ty, Dliio.to wit: certain lands Ivino- in il.o nr,u
,.oi. , u.c no.iu-easi quarter or section thirty
four f34, in township thirteen 131. ol ranje
ix 6J, and in the south-east quarter of thirty,
five 35J. township and range aforesaid, the
whole ol said lands amount to ihirty-seven
". il,orP or p'"'1 B"u 18 lands of
which Thomas White, senior, died seized
The petitioners d-msnd that partition be made
of said lands as follows, to wit : T Pn.;,;
. , . . . . . - -- . . .i.-u'ir-rei
tne tune nuumaea tenth airi nt .i;..:j.j
.l-.l. is , ... . .. . ,v """'VlltrtJ
7 P" i to naroara tnen Nickols one undivi-
ci innin part or one tinuivnled sixth part - and
o t nomas WBIte, Jr., or those holding under
...v u vitnu eitn parts ot said land
At 'he next term of said court application' will
be mtde for an order of nariilion. n l ...., -.k
er proceedings as are allowed by law, ite.
v aw oKUWN Atl'y for Pet'n
April t. 11.53 -6w.
l,O0 BtMik lircnta n.iuici.
Tit tCtl n, .
sfs, .civnut, usbful WOKK1 FOR THE
YEAR 1853.
1000 Dollars a Tear I
Wanted in every couniy in the United States
active and enterprising men, to eng.t(.e j0 ,h8
sale of some of the beat Books publiehed in the
t-ountry. To men of good .ddreas. poeieaiing
imall capu.1 of from $ih i0 ioo. auch in
dueement. ml) be. offered .. ,n enable them to
make from 10 tft a day profit.
0 The bonks published by ua are all useful
in their ehir.-t,.r. extremely poplar, and com
mmwmm iffrge sates wnero.er ihey are offered.
For further paniriilars. addreoa,
-aid.) ROBERT SEARS. Pdbcimirr
IBI William Siret. Nnw-York
!hawls, aaplenaid lot coming to suit thVsea
ion. Call toon if vou want m see thm
in. rr. r tr
$500 ClliLLE.MjE.
Whatever conrernes ih- health and happinca
of a p' opl. ia at all times of the mosi valuable im
porui.re. I tke it for granted that every prj
son will da all in their power, to save the lives
of their children, and that ever per on wi" ens
deavoi to piomote their oa n healih at all sacri
fice. 1 leel it in be my duty to solemnly assure
you that WORMS, according to the opinion ol
the most celebrated Physicians, are the primary
causes of a large majority of diseasea to which
children and adults are liable ; if you have an ap
petite continually changeable Irnm one kind o
I nod to anoiher. Had Breath. Pain in the Siouiaeli,
Picking at the Nooe, Hardness and Fullness o'
the Belly, Dry Cough. Slow Fever Puiae Irregu
lar rem' m'er that all these denote VORM
and you should at once applv the remedy :
An article founded upon Scientific I rincip'es,
eompounr'ei with purely vegitable su'flanei s.
heing perlectly safe when tuk. n.Hnd can be giv
en to tne most teiid r Infant with derided hen, fi
eial rlfei'l, w here ?i.rc Comlaiuti ai-d Diar
rhcta have made tlu-m we.k and dehilitafd th
tonic properties ol my W01 m S rup are such, tha'
it stands without an eqi.al in the catalogue o
medicines, in giving tone and slreugil
Stomach, which makes 11 an I
those bfliicied with Dytvri'tia, the seioi.ishing
cures perinrmed l y tit's (nop alter Phyx'cians
have tailed, is the in st evi Ii nee ol its supcrioi
efficacy over all others.
This is the most dificult Vara to .1 strm of alt
that infest the human system, it grows to an ut
most Indefinite length, becoming o coil.d ami
fastened in the Intestiin s and Sloiunch afTec
fiip lipalih ftnaiiiilv mm in CMtise St. i llu
Fits, 4c, that ihose sfflicted seldom If ever us -
pect that it is Taie Worm hasieiiing them to all
early grave. In order todestioy this w,.rm, a ve -
ry energe';c treatment e,1 ne parawea, it would
.inTetore be proper to lake 6 10 0 ol my Liver
Pills so as to remove all obsu iiriions, that the
Worm Syrup may act direct upon the Worm,
which must be Liken iu doses ol 2 Tablespoons
full 3 times a day these diiertions lollowed hive
never been known to ail in curing ihe most ob.
siinate case ol Tape Worm
llolM'iiM.'H-it'ie Mvcr riii
No pin ol the system is more liable 10 disease
than the UVER, it serving hs a filterer to purify
to puri'y the blood, or giving ihe proper secretion
to ibebile; so that any wrong action of tlieLivw
affects the other important paria uf the system,
and results variously, j 1 Liver Complaint. Jaun-
uyspepsii, 4;c. We should, therefore,
watcu ever symptom that ui'ifiit indicate a wrong
L - - . ... .7' '
action of the Live,. These Pilh being compo.-ed
o, ROW k PLANTS fur.id I.? .0
heal the sick : Namely. 1st, An EXPECTORANT,
Which aurrmenta the aeeretine. lr,,m tl, , 1
mucua membrane or promotes the discharge of se
creted matter. 2nd. An ALTERNATIVE, which
changes in some inexplicable and insensible man
ner the certuin morbid action of the system. 3d,
A TONIC, which gives tone and strength to the
nervour system, renewing health and viijor to all
parts of the body. 4th, A ATH.ARTI , which
acts in perfect harmony with the other ingredients,
and operating on the Bowels, and expelling the
whnle macs of corrupt and viati d matter, and puri
fying the Blood, which destroys disease and re
etorea health.
ou will find these pills an invaluable medicine
in many complaints to which volt are subject. I
onstructnns either total or parti.' I, 'hey have been
found of inestimable benefit, restoring their lunc
tiona arrangements to a healthy action, purifying
the blood and other fluids so effectually to pul to
flight all complaints which may arise from le.-nnle
irregularities, as headache, giddiness, dimi.ees cf
'ei, pam in tne side, back, Ate.
None genuine unless signed J. N Hobcnaick
uit oiiicio tit-nig nase imitation,
fjir Agents wishing new supplies, and Store
7 .1 ""'r"."a ' becoming Agents n.ust ad
dress the Proprietor, J. N. Hobensack, Philadel
phia, ra.
C E JV T S .
C. A. Hoegcl. Carrol I ion ; jWm. Waters. Har
lem ; Wm. Curius, Perrvsv lie ; I. Hill), rn &
Co.. Kilgore; S. A- Highland. New HHrris
hiHflh ; Geo. Arbuckle, Mslvern : Hull Af It..
1 ..,.. ... .-"-a.
r',r,un , Mtniull, Augustn j l)r. J
C"""'. Now Hagerstown ; Am"s Carr, Le
ourgn ; j. muiisuek, do. ; J,
..III... I ttf.ll .. 1
inr . j ' rn i-iiuir,,,..
Wholesale Agi nts James linker, Wheeling
Heyser di MeDc well, Puisbugh ; Mr. Reck
ells, Cinciiinaiii.
The attbseriber w
OW Itll 1 1 lr.li I nor n Tl.:, I t?i;
in,, .1. I'i ' D .i. iJiu-
,u" u' toe me una voyages ol
"" B K I ti 4.
i lie great INaviguior alter whom our country was
t ROM THE INEW i ohk Iournal or ( OMMERCE
au.. veiy interesting unit iiistrtinive vol
ume, especially to Americans, as ii relsies t0 tlin
discovery and early history of this .online,,,
Ihe Plaies illustrating various points in ,lf, ki
lory ol the great Na viB.nor. H.I is. ,i, ........ ,
the work, and still more to its acceptablenens to
ihe common rei der."
From the New York Cinerufj OriSRVE
m this elegantly primed .oiume, il,e c,., ra
have me.serveil nil il.e i,,i-. .!
. uiiimtiuii rtccessni,,' re-
pect,g ,l,l8 celebrated voyager. The Hook will
be a Vftliuhle rtrqui-ition ."
hRovt the New Yo ik Re o ice i .-"This is a
worthy tribuie to one of the great navigator
whoae nume and history, will he forever connect
ed with the American continent. The work ia
wen worthy ol attention as a repository of much
thi I N-. ' WorTd.'" g bi8try 01
Frou ins Albanv Speitatok -"The snbjeci
of thi. wo k ia sufficient 0f itself ,o attract snd
interest every American. The man who gave
name to this great western continent, can never
be forgotten,
.,2l !r'JiuT lbat fl3W,nK nd 'ractive
ySmA ""l"1l"D.erizes an Mr. Lester's pro-'
Auctions, and cannol l;i . I,..,. v. '
an extensive
uirr uiauon. '
- - ( ly IIIAl C
A nilmliA. .C ! , . ...
anZi rh." aciT nd '"'Migent men of
f - l"'"r,rr' re on-retl proBUb e employ
in cirr.ulat n he ..,i-r.e..; .k- '"""!
nrculating hy .ufsacripionTTne
nd interesting work in this i.H
counties in the State 0f Ohio. -V '
The Terms will hat i van .-an aHni:...! -a,
Sucriber. poe.paid. H. MANsnRrV
iaa ion t New Haven, f Publisher
nnecti nn. 'uonsntr.
Ia hereby given that the .. .,,)..,; j i r
and those having claims against said estate wm
f.,!!e"th!, te"y uthenticated within oTe ve.
from thia date.
July , I8M.
ktanS MiiiaiM to An tf tmrnim. la rm
utiw' a aoLUHTiav, uTif. u
oav mt Um DuvMt onm a u us
KM 1 rummy
Another Scientific Wonder I
OH. ts l UK J I 1(1
T. f Mrm
rreparea iron, Rennet, or .he f.mnb .tnm.ch 5f
tne ox ..iter direction, of R.ron Liebig, the great
"I digest Such U the true meaning of the
word Pepsin. t is the chief element, or great di- i
gesting principle of the Gastric. Juice- the aol
vent of the food, the pu.ifying. preserving, snd
stimulsunj agent of the stomach and intestines
It is extracted from the digestive stomach of the i
ox; thus forming a true diwemive flni,i r,.ii..
'd sueng.h , v,e like the natural Gastric Juice ,n its chemical pow
ntnllible remedy ;or era, and furnishing a complete and perfect substi
tute lor 11.
This is nature's own remedy for an unhealthy i
stomach. No art of man can equal its curative '
powers. It contains no alchohol, bitters, acids, or
nauseous drugs. It is extremely agreeable to the
taste, and may be taken by the most feeble patients
who cannot eat a water cracker without acute die-
tress, oeware ot drugged inanitions
I. .
Vpsi n 18
not a urug.
Hall a tcaspoonful of Pepsin infused in water, '
')l digest or dissolve five pound, of Roast beef
, in about two hours, out of the stomach
aciEXTiric evidence!
l OT'he scientific, evidence upon which this
, ren""y is based is in the highest degree curious and
Call on the agent, and get a descriptive circu
lar, gratis, giving a large amount of scientific evi
dence, from Liebig's Animal Chemistry ; Dr.
Combe's Physiolog, of Digestion; Dr. Pereira
en Faod and Diet ; Dr. John W. Draper, of New
York University : Prof. Donglison's Physiology;
Prof. Silliman, of Yale College ; Dr. Carpenter's
Physiology c, together with reports of curea
from all parts of the United States.
Dr. Houghton's Pepsin is prepared in powder
and in fluid form and in prescription vials for the
use 01 pnysicians. i ne powder will be sent bv
.....II I .. f e ..
nun, iinc ui p.ioinge. ior one dollar, sent
In lis
Houghton, Philadelphia.
fnT- i tl.. ....... u - 1 m , .., . .
U-V Vf.focur mio: CVCrV DOM ft nl Iho non,.,..
I'.nolr, i,..ra .K V. l"""
! onr M D le Ztod rt r P In ui Z ' ? "l"
V Sold bv all DruuiriaiV and .... 1
' ,'r i.Bg"il8 .'nd dealers in Uicdl-
Ci,ts.. 1 riCC- one t 11 nr nn hottlo
i e 77 a, Bwel' afollton: John J.
Smith Ai Co., New . hiladelphia; Hening Sl Mel
ain, Steubenville; Nicholas Botir, Canton
A III 'd cil K iid!!l
r.-taljliched IK years ago, by Dr. Kinkelin, N W
co nr of Third and Union streets, between
8prure and Pine sts., Philadelphia.
Eriiiteen years of extensive and uninlerrupl
, -f practice spent in this city, have rendend D .
K. .'in most ex peri and successiul prarlilioaer,
fur and :iea." ill the irealniem of all diseases ol a
. it eta, , . ,
inivaiena uie. i nruits umicieu wun ulcere up
on lAf body, thi-at or legs, paics iu the head or
loins, mure art aj i.euwathwai strictures, grtve',
disease arihing ir0,. v,'uililui exceeses or linpiiri
lies ol the blond, wii"1' ,,v 'he consiiiutiou h is
become enfeebled, sre ale trailed with success.
He who places binstf lu'd,'1, the ca e of Dr.
g. Oet religiously confide in ,''' .'onor as a gen
l mar, and coi.Udently rely urn,'' skill aa a
pVeieiaVA, '
Ta.-'E rARt'lCLLAB NOTICE. You 'lg "IP" WU0
have i.,,!lied themselve. by a arita aJfA 5
dtl ged hi habit ireqi.f.t.Uy lenrne.J- Irort,
ompaniei.s rataehoeh i1P prr,.....,., t
hily le It, even when asleep, ami b..sM ih
mind and
loly, should apply im.nediately.
and coi.si'tutional debiluv. loss o
i.ii' illiir e,ie
V. phys.cal lassitude nd Bener-i
prtratlta. irriuuiWly ,; fl nervoin Hireclions.
iidig.si.oii, sI..Rk1m,.i,s. o, ..'.e liver, and every
B'SMie in an; way connected :-h the d,sorder
'M Probative unciions cund. and lull vgo
liiADli-YoiiTii avd MAN'Hoon. A Vigorous
i ll', oi a preia(Ure Heail,.-Kinkelin oi Sell-Presnvunon-Oniy
.rT", . .
Eft! fcm,.tio7.n th.
.. f. unit es ,,,! d.seases of ,,e Genentuve Or-
lOod anH O fV " Ta " Voilth. Mail-
hood and Old age and should be read by ail.
flu. valuable advice and impreaaiva wimteg
t gives w,ll prevent years ol misery and s ufTer
ing. and ..ve onm.aiiy Thoi.-ands of I iVea.
la eiits y readingitwillle.rn how to prevent
the deetraetioa ol their chi,re 1
A remittance of 25 ceils, cloaed in a tel
le . d dressed io Dr. Kinkeun, N. W. co ne of
Pne pJ , IT lT'belm 'V-iceangl
P i e. Phil idelj.hia, -,! en.Ure a book under en
vlope, per leiiirn rf msil.
Per m,, at a di.sntuce ,ay address Dr. K, by
iwiwr. (poet-Mid ) and b cured at home
. " lire ol
MllhrillOu HiraaiU... I.
J . ""'nl j-siiti Aiuiir.. LV 11
cure Z7,"H r"", and pul upse
"lie Iron, d i age r ,.,,,, 1 1
fiook-seliere, Newn A,v. p.ji... ,.
vert .... ., .L "nv""! snuirin, '.ailVBS
aim on iiiue ra sun
'plied 'it! tne above work
t very low rates
Thousands of parents who use Vermifiige com
posed Ol Cast' T Oil. slomel ton , r avoare
that while they appear to benefit the patient, they
are actually laying the foundation for a aeries of
diseases, such aa salivation, loss of slant, weak
ness of limbs, &C.
In another column will be foundtheadvert.se
ment of Hob nsack'a Medicines, to which we as.'t i
the attention of alldirectlv interenfeH intboi. I
errr.. oo uieir ni luren s health . In Liver Com
(... ma ana an disorder arising from those of a bil
leatlia tll..s L...I I a .1
VKc, onouiu mase use o. tne on'v genu ne
niO.llr.ina II. .1... US- .. J "
"" '" I iiuucmacg a jriver rilia.
& Iff "ol dt-ceiv-d,'- but aak for Hobensack's
Worm Syrup and Liver PilU, and observe that
HnnigaatUre lhe PrP"et". J- N.
nUnbNoACK, as none else are genuine.
Relief for the Aflilcletl.
Genesee Liniment
Prepared upon the most scientific principle, and
n strict accordance with the lawa of chtynical af-
M...., .v.v., .u.uj.uk a remeuy oetter calculated
.u pcriuauenuy cure tne following diseases than
any other ever vet discovered :
In man curea Rheumatism, wellinge, Sprains,
Brusea, Cramps, Pains in the limbs, back, breast,
siue or nips, weak or stilt loints, tooth-ache and
paina in any part, Ac. In horses, swelling, spsvin,
wind-galla, callous, lameness, sprains, scratches,
old sores, corks, stiff joints, lumps, ring bone,
jamed shoulders, &.c die.
Prepared by Dr. Wm. larke, Brooklyn, N Y.
None genuine without the signature of War
larke. For sale by B Stevenson, Carrollton, and
in every village in the countv.
Mv l. 'fta.-fim.
Hr tM m nilr ( ! urer ,j
and eale stthe Drug Store ef C. A- BOEGEL. '
Ke. Ml Wall Street, Biffale, I. T.
dr. a. o. v Auomrs
mnuii UTiiiTiirnc nimi
si m 1
1 Mklac
a tsar waoM iw u auatanu
m evTonu 0 nmm ud talk wMttauSwtwr mm wil,
oalr to all is hw. uO iMHr i tmmttmJimU. m imm
guMt! itatmm.iilayn !, il iter 4I eWl
eat sl teaaaa sf tte list iu
an smasi
no Max ftub
Ulas s Mas, auoa
- . . . - . a. -
1 aaa fasi na;
UMiBaa IS ! caaaiaa Ita, mm
1 aaaeaMi i-aaa
DimjTT or m ittux,
mtrnk tawt, tstisi s tte KMav. . at taaaa
b iaiawnatalr lattaxA a? a law .iiri as. ml tte
aara B alwaii a njsalt of iu ata II Maate a,
far sac asmi'laiala, sad ajaa for daraasaraaMa af Uw Steala tejaa,
aaiarnl awmraanam. Na aruela tea nmr tan afssaS at asp. ttia.
wkkaS waaU uach tkia kiad ol aaranaiaMl, It aw ha fa
aa a aata aad aftacuva nHSadr. aoJ UkI w. laal pacteute
auau una
aa MOOT .if nitaa ia tkia diatnaani claja af oaaiplaiata Baa aaa.
pfcbt. All bretaa down, dabiliutad caatetattaaa, Osaa tte aaVs
ai laaccarr. will Ami Um hraeiM paw at el tkia art! ate to not ia.au
dinialr. and tha pataaimn minsral tntilicatad ISMB Ite trataai.
Tte IB ilnhnct psauaniaa which roaiisM ihit atticla. aianiraH thaas
aslat nan it ularlr in tte application af tte comsaaad, fcw tte diatnat
ma claa ol coaiplawla whuh kaad USa parafrmak. Fof vaatanaS
Oiara hat liaan aaad in tka north af BaraM, a
kick la all dlaaaaaa or ' nniiMlnni of tte laula frafwa, okatraa-
teltllBcalttao. uaiafal iiiiarnjini, fee. tea ataalad a cant,
root la Indlf onoai to oar aoll. and too id ia lane aeaatitiea, aoj
aa a aMdictaal ptooartr. abode wUkoat aa aaaal ; it fonaw one ot'
tte aaaapoaada In tka prooofottoo. afWak, aa a whole, aj tte ScaU
foawdr ever finn to a debilitated (eatalt . It ia sate, aad tte inlial
arill be imoreil in tenltk tir iu aaa.
1 ror tee reiaii 01 ail or mpatnetai tnaeeeei iieanaot ea ptogaaaer
it allari Ihoei diatsaaaaf aad painfal troablaa which oAoa eaear heU
atraetioai which afiae from uklnc poW, Ac.
10 ownai ami nniatii.ii i.a.w. um, wwmmnm up, frnwrnwrnwrnm
CONSUMPTION an Us CoariiiaT, ieM fu,
faAaaiaiafiea tAa .ae, CeBfAa, CWa, Neoreraaaa. XLfU
AveeU. ITaaaluW, 4., lot all theee dlaaaaaa aa MedKUM aaa ate,
been IU eqoal.
KEOTIONS lAu Mf4tctmt Aal aaa i cmnmt (Aa teeral aaM, Iff
tie ant mMicUi xiA tluu anrnfUinU. er any ettar. Aaaiiata ia try
tin AfaJicttu. a a cara mil csaTAISLr mull real u tu,
Uuri etiaf aa Mmiicint rum eaura (Aa mrU tla ejaal. Caff eat
Jlgnu and lit a PampUtt.
To t-.a Graal Wut eapociallr. aad wheteeet tbow complalaH pre
tail, Utta medicine u oSefed.
no doleteriont compound ia a part af thin B.ileie. it earaa taoaa dif
ease, with certainty and eetcntr. ami dnae not learr Ihe reeem terptil.
Itii mmle or reou alone, ami n purely a Veaeialilo Preearataae, aad
haa nothinf in iu coatpuaition which can in the least iiynre any person
nmler any circumnancea whatever. Numerous certificates of the
tnihest raaiiecUbilitr are pabliahad in the pauplileta, which ara dis
UtLutail Kratullouelr.
cimu'i unt ol a moat painful ohartcter, ia
and a cure follows af few daya use of tins atuale : It Is ft liefora
any oilier preparuliuit fnr this ilieeuae. or for any other disease orinlna
Ung from impuis) bko.l. Sea pnraphlet.
will find tha ulLraMive ptopaftiai of tkia article
and drive inch diaaaeaa Irani tha system. Sea pamphlet for testj.
mony ol cute, ia till diseases, wltlcb the limits ol aa advmUaaasoat will
nut permit to lie named here. Aeenls aire Ihem away ; thef oaalaia
j paaea of crTUltculos ol hilh chiimctef , and a stronger
r Ida virtnaa or a madicioa. never aprjoorad. It at one of Use oaealiar
features of lids article that It never lulls 10 benefit In any case, and ir
bona and muscle ure lalt to build upon Id tka amotdalad awl llags,-
Ing iuvaltd
and keep taking the medicine as long as tliara u aa iiap.ovaiiieal.
Tlio prupriator would
against a number of articles which coma oat under Ih lit ml
a onrea Tor Urntwy, Gravel, Ac. Titer are good for nothing, aaa
oon.octetl lo i-ull tlx unwary ;
Their inventan never thong hi of uarifig tuoh dlfaraJea till thia anlila
had done ii. A pnrticiiUr study rrt the pamphlet lieameetly solieiusa.
AgenU ami all who sell the article ure
gratuitously. Put on in 10 oa. bottle,, ut Hi U or. He. jlMoU.
....hiha lnrL'nr li.d, inrSoa. more tlian two smnll bottles, .est eel
Ind not get intnojcii aoeti. E'
tlMriitrlpiic Mixture, blown
,J "11 P V.u.hn '' nn the,
Everv uottie na, vaugnn s segevaBMe-
n niMn the rises, the leriftea Slinature
on the directions, and " u l vaagna, nu
siaraaed ea (Aa cert. None other are genuine- Preparer
net en a cere, rfono outer are genuine, srsuanr.
C. Vaughn, and sold at the Psyacipal office, X) Mais
bv Or. (
atniet. Ilultulo, ot
ut i, luil see
la and artail. No munition given to letter.
unless post pawl
post paid letters, or ratraal uoaaaatiaioattnaa solicit-
Wnolssale Agents, Olcott, McKesson fc Rubins, No. 17., Maklere
Lane, New York City ; Mrs. K. Kiiiiler a Co., Boston I C. 8. Bunl.
aall fc Co., Cincinnati ; J. Owen It Co., Deirail: Sears fc Bar. Chi
cago I Fisk It Hall, Clevclaml ; R. K Seller., I'ltlshurgh Wnwr
It Sims, Hamilton, C. VI., ana for sale hr all she reenocteblo Drof.
lieu Olmaghout 'he Untied Mutes and Canada, and at retail M
Fur sale by Dr. C. A. Boegel Carrollton 0'
Jumes Forbes Pr, New Hagerstown; H. Roby
& Co., Leesville; R. K. Smith, Pekin; H. V
Bever. Out idn, E. J. BarJrW-ll &. Co., Magno
lie; Gregg & Nnce. New Lisbon; Arter & Nich
I.. .. I..... ...nmiillw nltanila.1 lo rnln
uls, Hanover; H. Triti, Minerva; R. K. Grey
A'aynesburgh; Jno. H. Klippird, Louisville;
'oh.'' Benll, Cadiz O; Croekey di Parker, New
ke'; John J smith, New Philadelphia; C.
I. Znnr, Henry Crew, Richmond; Bilberi
Wm. Wallers, Harlem.
Know Thyself."
tie Rook far ?5 Celts.
An Ikraloa-
-i than three nionihs.
600 conies soil ill let.
d improved, just is
new uddiiion, revised a..
Wa iniiSTaTa m j- , t, inua' h31"1
o ik lor ihe atttu'ted-aodi taming cure py
he origin, progress, Iwaataaai and v,igCB8
ry lorm of dlsae, oonti acted by prL
i I -. . t 1 If I .. SCarfttS
-eAUUt nitrtt-truior, iv ne-1 1 ll sjrttf, gf 0)
e.xcess, wiih advice for the is preevwuion,
tea in a familiar style, avoiding: ail: Natiieal tt
nic:tlities. and everything that would-. t?d u.
.ar of decency, from the result of sowe ttweaiy
years surcesf'Hjl practice, exclusively, ttestowdj tm
the cure of dediUiee of a delieuteor iirivaitnivk-
To which is aiUed receipts for the ettre of- that
above diseases, and a treatise on the eausertc.
symploins and cure of the Fever and1 Ague, for
twenty-five cents-a ropy ; six copies one dollar::
will be forwards): to any part of the United"
- tales, by mall, free of postage. Address, post,
-tfc'e pain, Cdeii & Go. Publishers, or "box 196,
Post Office, I'liiltdelphia."
"Thia is, wiihoot exception, lhe most compre
henive and intelligible work published on the
claas of diseases ol which il treats. Avoiding alb
technical1 terms, it addreesea itself to the reason
ni its re. tilers. It is. tree from all objectionable
'alter, a rd no parent, however fastidious, can
o'jeel '.o placing it in .the hands of his sons. The
iuihor has devoted laany years to the treatment
of the various coinp-aima treatd of, and 'with
oo little breath to-puff' and 'loo little pre
'timptioii W impose, lie hasotfered to lhe world,
at then:' rely nominal price ol 25 cents, the fruits
ot rime t 'Veiny years most sucoe?eful practice."
H.ald. ..
"No teaci. er or M",ent sltoiiU be without the
kuowleo r ka Parlpd in tb invaluable work. It
would aaie ye. yn of P'n' wr'''.fi'n and sor
row to the ioutb l"der -lrge."-...PeopJe,e
Advocate. , .
A Presbyte.i, n clergvmaa in CHiio, in writing
of "Hunter's Mad"' . js : tnom-
mds upon thousan i 'v"
pie and the i ifluene ,fr hP. have been
led into the habit of a P0,lu,hn witnoui reali
zing the sin and fearful t W'qncea upon tbem-
aelvee and their posterit. ''. 1"e cwisuiuiione of
. . tu rrt I . !,.. L
thousands who are raising r ' ""n en
feebled, if not broken den n' nd. .hJ do nt
know the cause or the rure. AJy mH ' ean
he done so to enlighten and I, the public
mind aa to check, and ullin, "lv ve tbte
evide-epread sourcn ol humai . ' wretehednsee, ,
would confer ihe greatest nlessim, ' i"Xtio there
Igion of Jeeus Chriet, on the pret and com
i generations. Intunpersnee, (n, l"e fee of
uox caiing drink.) tih- mgh it haa jVt,tt "iniaande.
up " ihousa,iile, ie o 04 a grea1 eeQv"Je-'t',','e
humn race. Aceep i mv tt J V' of
UM atHicied.and be I i..Ve r ."Va 0 l'ft?
ihe good woik you i .re tj ? ' c0' no
, One copy will be tt rWd?J T'X'S.
iea ana postage pairf .) on . cr-ttvr
six eop.e, if $t A, 'dr, er'tSVi cDu
jbiMtm Uinl, dSnMAsS, m. l b svOm
iwue.B, nox ma, i-Jiiiadlr,i Qf

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