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Carroll free press. [volume] (Carrollton [Ohio]) 1834-1861, April 12, 1855, Image 2

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wiskn lite year.
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r f or Kss ol eoliJ Bi.vUr ad. b sound
JZOT' "' U "ic,, f 0 u 'ua
f wttl tta ,,ttb: j (Vid oaiilurdereU eat, actl s
StT Adv.rtiaaejanH ahoatd be btkAst in by Teas
at teaat.0, to 'iaurs lusentoii tt. k. .
,twT Joe Woi a; neatly and eipeditkwrf extcated at
w ewiee. oa tr fborteit poealble notice,
awT'-AT BKOTnER, u g. Fourth street, he
me Ckesine t) paitaHetphis, areeer aoihotlacd agents
as obtain Ad rtrlisewcuti for ua in ihai ciiy.
"'he Law of ewpnere.
t. fc'.nBHhers who do not givs nolle t the contrs
iryare c ousideted as wlrting to contluui their .u'ncilp.
A l.f subscriber- order the dinconlli.uince of their
twn , tba publisher mty conthwe to Itod thi ui until
starr range are paid.
. If eubtcrifcsr segltet or rsniie to take their pa
rteaitals from tbe otSce to which tbe are directed, ibey
are nsld respuaaiiU till thj bar ieuled id bill and
rd erad tbera dlconiinueJ.
i. ff abscrira iuore to oilier rdacH withont la
WMrsaitif th publi-her. and ihe paper ar sent to ths
larsser pirettion, tuej aie UeJU re.oiiU!e.
A The Court tats decided that, rafujlng to take
taper the office, or retuotlpg aid leeving them
aaeaiied tor, i prima facia atidencet-f intentional fraud
HT Postmasten woo notify a publl.hrr tliata nena
aper is uot taken frjui the office, are isqui.ed to g'.ia
the rn why t'ue are not taleu out. (See Post Of
tee Iaatrui i;.in sud Laws.
M Ote tin Arntten l iee.
Our retders will remember that toon after
Eetattt was reatored to her guardian, Van
3lyke, she wat rearrested by Robinson, the U.
Ifarsha), and, as he refastd to grve up the
girl, another writ of habeas corpus iras issued i
by Judge Parker, and the bearing upon it was I
bad on Monday of last week, in answer to
tbe question upon what authority he held Ro-'
tetta, the Marshal, through his attorney Pugb, J
tnswered that be h 11 her by virtue of the
warrant issued by Coramiasiouvr i'endery ;
that he did not recognise the right of the Court
lo tot in the premises ; that he refused to
bring Rosetta into Court, and intruded to re
tain ber in bis possession. This answer was to
palpable a ease of contempt that Judge Parker
ordered the Sheriff to put the Marshal into
jail till he would comply with the demand to j
produce Rotetta. Thereupon the Mitrshnl was
very properly marched off to jiil. A writ of
habeas corpus was issued fruni Judge M'LtAu's
Court in favor f Robinson, and nrgued on '
fueaday, the Srd irttt., before tle Judge, by
George E. Pugh, for Robinson : and Messrs.!
fjhtte, Walker, end Jolliffs on the opposition
Judge McLean gave bit opinion on Wednea
day, the next morning. (Ie decided thai, I
while the case war jvnding before the Com-1
stationer, the State Courts have no uuUiority
to issue a habeas oorpus. The action on lutbe
as corpus in Colambus, before Judge Jtu)ion
if conclusive, could have hc-en urged before1
the Commissioner. Rat it was not a settled'
qsjtation whether a habeas corpus decision it
conclusive upon other courts. The act of 850
makes tbe U. S. Commissioner a court to ex-1
amine cases arising under the fugitive slave
law. At the State courts had no jurisdiction
while the cue was pending before the Com
missioner, the Marshal w justified in refut
ing to produce Rosetta. He was guilty of no
contempt, and v. at thereupon discharged.
On Tueadty morning, the Srd inst., at 10
o'clock, Commtasioner Pendcry delivered hit
opinion in the ctte of the Reverend Mr. Den
iton. and hit claim of Rosetta as a fugitive
tlavt, He ttid tht act of Dr. Miller in bring
ing uer to unto was me same in its ettoot as
if she had beta brought hereby Mr. Duniion ;
that there wat no "escape', from a slave
State ; that the decisions were uniform, that
here tbe tltve it brought into a free State y
the voluntary t.ct of '.he owner, this act is a
grant of freedom, and freedom once beinj ob
tained, it could not again be lost.
The Commissioner seems to hive taken a
proper view of the case, tnd has rendered a
correct decision in the premises. The decision
wat reeiived by a strong demonstration of ap
plause f iom the audience. So the Slave Oirl
it frt. Whoever, then, (reads the soil of Ohio
it fret by th law of Ohio. All right.
Mr. Van 8lyke, with Rotetta ia charge, ar
rived at Columbus on Wednesday, the 4th
iott., frem Cincinnati. They were received a
mid the tpplaute of over 600 persons at the
tie pot, o (heir arrival.
i'mminlng f'otirtt,
We obtervt that a grttt number of the ea
tt which hv been brought before tho Pro
bate Courts of the different counties, have been
dismissed on the ground thtt the proceedings
before the examining Courts, were fatally de
tective. Great care abou.'d be taken thtt the
papers upon which such cite- are ent up.sdotv
the offence againtt the provision! of the Stat
ute, which thould be clearly shewn npon the
face of the affidavit and warrant. Unlets this
is show::, tike defendants will be discharged.
A majority of tN cases hronglu ba (ore the Pro
bat Court of thi county have been dismissed
for want of proper ca ihe examining Court,
to properly tet foi th the offence upon the face
of toe paper. In this, at well as other coun
ties, violation of the liquor lawac been at
tended with arrests, rnd the defendants bound
Jto appcxjefSre the Probate Court for trial
-c :- P"'Mr.t Attorney has
fitmited to imm met fit Ami bv rea
r , nf ihti faiia. rJ A. . .'..i.u.
-ui.i.i viuri hi
Prtj wkit u.tWp.per.. A ta.lt eare
I tad DTudeBC will frnthii evil. Justirea nf
jjfc. Pfaee Md M.vora thould be very emdl
to adhere strictly tt the Staeate i inch caaen,
and not set np their views of 'common sense and
justice' against the provisions of thslaw. Tbe
taw is a sinlbort ihmg and will have iu way,
ihbir opinWn to the contrary notwitbttanding.
I ml i'im f. r....fn!li v n. i u (L. la mm A -
pare the papers, be taken, and the Prosecuting
Attorney will not btso often obliged to dismiss
ease. toMvethe ezpente of t trial, and the
,.' certainly of a deciticn against him.
T.wn.hl. Officer.,
J w . r-wived re I limn of the tnwnViin
' Election, from all the township, if the county,
eicept , Esst ard P rry. We tnbjolt a lltt of
the officers elected, at re'urned at.
Truttcet, Jonathan Milliourne,
' Andrew Sheline,
" Edwtrd Rutledga.
Clerk, Robert Wilson,
Treaturer, Levi Marshal),
Attestor. Joei Penaock,
Constable, Jacob Wbisner.
Taotiixt John C. Wingatt,
Jacob 8. Pottorf,
" John Bsekley.
Cttat Hugh M. Thompson.
TatAWRXB. Absmr Fit he 1.
Assessor John S Reed.
CoMsTiBLxt. J. A. Tabor,
' A Richtrdt.
Trusties Joseph Maffet,
" Qeorge Moort,
H Dtrid Rethm,
Ci.xnt Willitm McCoy.
Trkiburx Richard Runion.
Assbssor George Foulx,
Constable John Aberaole,
R. Jt DtBBCTOBsJtmes Baxter,
J. H. Tiinn
TsutTXKB Wm. P McLain,
Columbus Adams,
" James McOinotta.
Cibbk R. G. Thompson.
TRKA8CRK Silas Puttt.
Ass'r abd Cobst Samuel SmiUy,
Justiotor Pat ox Daniel Clark.
Trustees John Dunlap,
Daniel Highland,
William Holmet.
Clerk Robt. Crooks,
Treasurer SuuTl, A - Highland,
Assessor Eli Orin.
Constable George W. Perry,
Trustees Crawford Morehead,
' Morgan Thompson,
Jonathan Lee.
Clerk Henry W, Custer,
Treasurer -Samuel T. Tefer
Assessor James Brown,
Constable Daniel Dowell,
R. R, Director David Lee,
Trustees Adam Lucat,
" Jacob Smith,
M Samuel Simmont.
Olerk John H. Shober,
Treasurer William Slates,
A'r. and Const. Henry Smith.
Trustees Robert Russell,
M. C. Wett,
' Peter James,
Clerk Gabriel Tope,
Treasurer James Willet.
Assessor James Haugh.
Constable -Cornelius Hyckoff.
Trustees Sam 'J. W. Rippeth,
Wm. F. Chase,
Wm Majwell,
Clerk Jas. H. Stephenson.
Treasurer. Henry Tucker.
Astetsor, John Shissler.
Constables, Robert Davis,
" Allison Roby.
Trustees, Hamilton Hpence,
" Benjamin Griffith,
" Daniel Tressel,
Clerk, Martin Bowers,
Treasurer, Geo Dowet,
Ast'r. and Conet.. John Spenoe,
Trusteos, Richard Brackin,
" Samuel McQueen.
John W. Ready.
Clerk, Wm. C. ScoU.
Treasurer, James Moore,
Assessor, Stephen Tope.
Constable, Aaron Wagoner,
B, R. Direptor, John Riley.
Trustees, Samuel Hewit,
" George Ebersolp,
" John Be tout.
Clerk, Thomas Cameron.
2reaturer, nomas IFtlr.
Attestor, A. L. Billman.
Constable, John Earnst.
Look out for counterfeit 4 u1 oa tht Wei
tern Reterve, Ohio, ban. They are altered
from t's.
LiBELntM. u!t bet., G.il
the Patriae tiA Hurt than of the R Vn
;. i.n ... j t.
"linn nil waa pr-iuM,, ww men Dj trie
Prob.uL. .m.e.uir.luo.k,
JiniMnl o: it the unti n' .
Thi co.utt was
V - - - minv,
ront character S-..
tvecn Mieee two geplltme, fu certaia j.
out articles, as charged by PlaisMiff, written
and pnbthrlred in the Buckeye State, daring the
campaign 0 itjat fali,i.:ch arraigned the chaf.
scr of Mr Gill, who in vindication there of
Krtvtit suit AinA ik. I . 1 . . n
0. Wilson.
We learn from the Patriot that tbe case will
hare anotbur hearing at the May term of that
Coart. We are soirj to see such things exist
beweea our brethren cf thepreae.
Xtw Bonnij Lund Bll.
We publish below the instructions of the
- ;..;,,, r p : . .
commissioner ot renions givino lull inform..
-66 -un iniorma-
lion at to ike (sett which must be eetablitbed
ia order to obthin warrants, Ve published the
law itMlf a lew wvtLt since, tnd at there are
manv m our county embraced in tht act
deem it proper to give the folio win a niacin
Out columns. r
P . .. .. i t i
The Z . a , r 185' -n"ly -greeu lo by the Vienna Confer
J!L 522? ' du An."e ,n1,,,on ence, reads Wollows: Abolition of the exclu-
cere and soldiers who have been emianed .
the mibtary tervice of the UnS s'afe"8' ao
proved March 3. 1855. entitles em-n file sur"
viving persons of the following clase.,0 c"
. . ig iimmi 10 ear-
titlcaic or warrant tor euch quanl tv of land a
.Km i , . i. , , ,u ii HU,,U"Y or itna as
sbtll make, n int whole wuh what he may
sixlr . Z, TZIT TnlWdnd nd
neriJJ d Zt r Ve 8eVered
period not less than fourteen dava. and l,nll
kiuu) u.iuuiy jana to certain ofti-
M.(nklll, 0,,l ; u ' .
establlsb said service by record evidence
' cviuente,
1. Commissioned and non-commissi..nl r
Kmm.m i . T
ncers, musicians and privates, whether oftt-H
i,l ..,. r ' 01 lr'e
regulars, volunteers, rangers or m.l.ua, tho
were regularly mustered into the service of thi
United Mates,
ill any of the wars in which ih
country has bsen engaged since 1790.
e.2;'Ommi88i0ned?ndn0n'COm f-
Zb. :?Z1 " ITS.?!?'. "Mf
3 Militia, volunteer, and state troop, of anv
state or territory called in'o tniliiarv w-.vice
. . .. . uiiinnry tr tvice,
""u ivguinj uiuc.c.cu u.rreio, anu wimse str
vices have been paid by the United .Stal. s.
4. Wagon roasters and teamsters who have
...ii... ........ i .
been employed; under the direction of compe
tent authority, iu time of war, in the transpur
tttion of military siorea and supplies.
6. Officers apd soldiers of the revolutionary
6. Chaplains who served with the army in
th several wars o' ibis copnlry.
7. Flotillamen who served in the war of 1812.
Each of the surviving persons in the follow
ing elates are entitled to n like certificate for a
like quantity of land, without regard to the
length of service, provided he was regularly
mustered into service, snd shall establish (.he
same by record evidence, to wit;
I. Officers and soldiers who have been act
ually engaged in any battle in any of the wars
in which this country has been engaged.
2. iiiose voluuteers who served ul the in -vaaion
of fJatibbiirg. in September, 1814.
3. The voluuteers who served at the baltln
of King's Mountain in the revolutionary v ir.
4. The volunteers that serve ) at the buttle
of NtckoiacL against ihe confederated savauef
of the south.
5 yiie volunteers who served at the attack
on Lewiatoan, in Delaware, by the British
fleet, in the war of (812.
In addition lo these classes, this aof aln eg. :
tends to all Indians who have servod the Uni
ted States in any of their wars the Draviston.
of this and all the boun'v land laws heretofore
passed, in the same manner and to the siimu
intent ns if (aid Indians had been white men.
Where the service has been rendered by a
substitute, he is tbe person entitled to the bit-
ilityf this act, and not his employer.
in the event ot the death of any person who,
if living, wiuld he entitled lo a certificate or
warrant as aforesaid, leaving a widow, or, if no
widow, a oMttor child or children, such wido
or. if no wi.law unr-h mim., nl.il. I ... i. I
entitled to a certificate pr warrant for the sumn I
- , M...w. ut.i ... v.. uc. s.
quantity ofland such deceased persona would
be entitled to reeeive under the, r.rnTiwri. f
eaid act, if now Hvina. r I
A sub.eque.it marriage will not impair the '
right of any such widow to such w arrant, if i
she be a widow at the time of her application, i
Persons within theaKe of twentv-one'vears on !
the 3d day of March, 1855, are deemed rain, i
ore within the intent tnd raeauing of taid act.
To obtain the benefite of this act, she claim
ant must make a declaration, under oath, sub
stantially according to the prescribed forms
The signature of the applicant must be attested.
ana his or hor persona! identity established bv
the affidavits of two witnesses, whose residence,
mutt be given, and whose credibility must oe '
sustained by the certificate of the mairistratn i
before whom tho anplication is verified.
No certificate will he deem,.,! ...HS.
case, unless the facts arc certified to be 'within
be peraonal knowlodge of the magistrate or
otoer omcer who shall sign the certificate or
the names and places of residence of the wit-
nesfes ny whom the tacts are established h
i i . m , - -
given, or their affidavits, properly authentica-
ted, he appended to the certificate.
The official character and signature of the
magistrate who may administer the oath must
he ceitified by the clerk of the proper court 0f
court. Whenever the certificate of the nftW
leuury oi ma county, under the seal of th
wuo autneniicaies me eicroature of 1 1. a mi.
trate it not written on tho tame sheet of paper j
wnicn contains tne sigpature to be Buthentica. Y
ted, the certiflcate must be attached to said pa-
per by a piece of tape or ribbon, the ends of
which must pass under the official Teal "2
fioprtrv.it any paper (rom rnvtoZir'?;.
flAAhttWl tn thai rtL.t.1 .
Applications in Behalf of minors should be
d . . . - ...... m n, uo
friend. Wheihe nevt
tied to tbe same irratuitv.
declaration . The warrant wi
jointly. l.-WIiiliprofwi;Lu
other case., the najnor must prove the death of rJ th,n ii Z i lm eem
his father, that no widow .Ld..; tl-' .'i'"8" T' Pn. and the p,19oner. eooveved
that he an d ihoSe ie r.pre.en are the on v ,1" T W"' ? eooviot
minor children of the deeased I "neiC,r, W&S smf ered '? dh
Ifa party die before the issue ofa warrant ' SZrStC" "T A'Ube 'f in lh
to which he would be entitled, if hW he the lV destroyed, as well as all
right to said warrant di tJatth i8' I rk hm0 mRrufetured. The lost
8Ma wafnt ClJ "him . In TOch , i. ettimtted at SluO (Jlkj
case, the warrant becomes void, and shoild be I ,uuo
tanoeiieo, a,nu iftc party next entitled in right
nt tVm : i . , j , 9..
mi i i .
tuo BCLv.ce ciai.neu snouia male an annli
caHon; ann inhere b. ,o bucIi party; the grant
lapses under Iks imitat nn nf k..,.;:.-:.. I
, , . w, ...w urrtjuinnes
to the bounty. If the chimtnt die after the j
1 - 1 1 '
of itwue of ihe wntant. the title thereto i sit i.
- ' his heir, at hi in ihe mm Mmr at waMat
tale in the nhtce of the doasiei! ol ihe decestataA
- t t 7
tssig, uLyiJ
i . j i.ii SHV
ApplicaiawA made K Indian m wet be an'V
lUeetrd according o U- regulations to be pre'
ribed br the Cooiniiktiont-r of Indian affairs.
L J'. WALDO. a.mnnaionr of Ptoarows
and brought Europeta date to the 14th of h wwltwaBWttw a eoufteef letea. Jt tb. - art of
u , r I'auojtpipi ou TudT iW 17lb day ul Auaii, ltot
,, . .. . . . 'All pr'toas aia'iif to avail themstlraa of tbfa opportt
I h Irtt of the four pom's of the guarantee, rtTwa pie,,. th t their paerrrtoori f tan tecon
' placing the Danubian Piovinces under the pro- modittt Aetata iotvcbo'r. If aastawaat auatbar
tecto'tt ol the lour rowers, wat unanimous
rs, was unanimous-
ly agreed to.
Tbe new steamer City of Baltimore, in tbe
L'vrrMl d PhitaaJelpbia trad, hat been ta-
aen up oy ine rreocn uoverumeni i r six
ol i r. i i t ,.
months. he eft Liverrioo for Maraei ea.
having in tow the American ship Ticonderogt,
which was also engaged by the French Gov-
t'rn'n' "''
lh lr "a .m7e m P"66"- ""
' v0 J. ftna ng "J-
un me wnou-pis
lapguage is interpreted in a
pacific sense.
The firsf ot the foor points whirh have been
w it vr P i a L",u.,lvla "na
V?""ach' .P"v ' .eeord"d lh Pru
' ) B,,""be,n h.c'd
T" V 7',
paloh from lenna, dated I'ridav eveniair
.i r r. '
(,yn the Conference is progressing lavorab y.
The second point was eilhe sel.led today or
-iHbetomoriow. It must be repeated Va
lhe q 'tiot, of peace or war will Dut b. ded-
i i .u. .liLj . . .
sive pro'ectorate of Russia in Moldavia and
,"r ' l""U point is aeiueti.
in1 ti u j , , , t ,
10 )e Paris corresDondenl of the T.narinn
... ? P " "r' '
T! ..1 U I J . m T-i
initi iuhi toe hcwn iroru v icnna appear? avor-
1.1 , j .i i ,
able to peace; and the people are disoosed to
hA ,1,., uilLL ,i i. '... , .
ie Witt, li-....... r .. ' . I f . V . . . 1 I 1 1
- w-w - wmm-r va, .11' MUtU
. i . 'irt ... . ,
come crit c 1
The new Cz.r ave strono- evident f .hid
:inff by the plans traced out by hi. father, and
l"? f A
m "La T' ",0u,u,-f, on 01 tue
it Hcu o , n,,nin ,,( ,h ri.ilm ik.. .
eri. . .V " . . """-"- '"t
tction of 7'urktsh forlt. in Asia.
CifflSTAKTHrrPL- --Advice state thai i h
l ort is determiner! tomaintnin, lin.ltmintshed
. J ' k w a . l . at a . V . . AT . x
its severeinity ver the Dardanelles. ..ml i.ro.
tests aaainst the Chrislians of the Empire he-
i..,, ..lurl .....l, , r ..T"
ing placed under any foreign protection: Ihe
I orte alse desires the participation of Russia
n the conference. A'li l'lclm.lhe Minister of
Foreign Affairs, has been summoned to l'i
enna. Official reports of the storming of U.c M..I
knff reilonltj on the night of the s?3 1 pfPeh'ra
ary, by the French, as published, exhibit one
of the most gallant achievements of the cam
paign. Gl . 0'teriacken telegraphs lo .vi.Fe
teishqig. 'On 'l.e night ..film Jlltl, we ;,ect
ed a saw redouhi ajhout 3011 yards ia front yf
Kfri)loff hasti m. Our works nr.- heW car.
j rie.l ..n with success. Nothing of iinpor.ance
I before H.ipatyria. General IJurgi.yne NmaMs
in the Crimea, at ihe r qiital ul Hsglan. Vha
j health oi llifj allied Itoopt is taiist'iiclory. The
English position is wt II fortified. The Rus
sians havrt received ieinf'oruemints. ,4t an .1
lied council of war, hel l ..n the4ili. it was res
olved to commence sclive operations. R'g
lan's ba .ip.itflh, dat.-il (Jii. of March, mvt
: ihe weather is tine and dry, the sijk deriving
benefit from the change; that a new Erltltih
1 huttery of three guns hud caused two mall
R lsian steamers t . leave their moorings; that
ih't Russians mt-re receiving sjr.ffj reii.toice-meni-.
provisions and munitions of war.
Nicholas' death was announced at Sevasto
pol on the 6th of March. Litters state that
Russian preparations indicate the evaeuafinn of
Bessarabia without contest. The Grand Duke
Oonstamine direo's the fleet and Ministry ma
rine to cause a levy of recruits to be made
throughout Russia Poland.
On the night of the 1 3th, the ice was bri nk
insr un frenenMv in the Rultin. '11.. fl.-.n,.
British squadron and the first instalment of i ho
u.. . .a . i . ... . . ....
i. . Ti. , m APlU,taa tjr K'd on the
,,u rr .
" USe of or,ls. Lyndliurst and Olar-
,n"on nf "P7'n MTrt,y '-'n9t vacil la-
ZTi ,lr" Tl,'e
2 ' drawtng to a
vu'.- v i j ,
.. T .7 e? 'ece,.r?d.. the "PP""'1
S -i' . . .,')e"c?-
t'he new Belpaan Ministry had been formed
anil only held office one day. The crisis, there
fore, continued,
The Legislative Assembly of Denmark un
animously voted the impeachment ol tht tax
"LIT v ,, P - nMf" 0"
8 'mporlancc from Can-
. . . .
'I'l... U 4. -.. . . r,. . .
I. J Biluc hrought 50 passengers, includ-
! ICK Bisliop Timon. A Flench stiuadron of 25
.mr.on. lhe t0 Genoa had embarked
"'''ntan troops for the Crimea.
, , """c" 1,1 l"e inn, state tnat fnnce
Mt,nROl,lkoff died in February, at Simpheropol,
i 1 . v , 1 1 . 1 1 1 , i 'i'l. ij ; r i i - .
1 "e j.u.-sians naa sunn three or
The Russians had Sunk three or
the ground; 1)6 persons perished
Tk, no.. f Di,L i . . .
The Pone had sent an mh.. nf --j-i
ence and fr,endhip to the Car Alexander. It
--(,-.v u uu.uu..aKt.ii was ordered
i eiersourg to take Kupatona at any
' preparing to ooey.
J B'"N" rvBl.r LouUvilJe. March
-AP' ni- III
e fire broke out at 3 o'clock in I
m mnrninrr In ,1, l- . j . , i
e morning in the cabinet depots of the Pen- j
IWIIblRrV, .
ne ire spread with great rapidity; 1
the portion of lh. buildii,
; ty nom v- iui HJ
he HifTprenl I. run,. I,.,., ,,r i I
.AkIT" "I Th. east wing of
Fifty men left Boston for Halifax on the
SGth alt., evidently for the purpose of enlistirtc
: r.t ... n r- r
u.c retritneni
said they were
for the Crimea.
tne .gent
Railroad laborers.
A-.. n Winl
-4 1W 11941 ltlJ
t tnr- n '
I r c i t h 1 1
Tted fttMctfailr hifc
at tb it-
to cowMrauee oa Monday, tbe 7 ih of lay next, la thi
baatlfWHajy St tb a. A Church.
liiauuctioaa in plain and ornamental Paosaanahip, to
,awtau wiaatba BaUMOt, by Hi. Ulaaaa.
Boardiu, can be bad in prirata faeallUa, on reasons
ble lertat. ' rtlLbiaaa.
April, liih, ICtS M-
" tKHTAt SllOOI.- "
The undersigned woul I most respecttully in
form the euti-n of Ctrrollton tnd vicinity,
- can be seemed lor ay aueuo n k-iu, wm w
commodat'd-trirwls I tIU have all so meet m me
aaooim. School lo b hM ia ta UaaaJ atratt kawat
April l .'th
" wxj1 '
union, Ohio.
Sfauf irtnrrrt nf Printing and Wrapping Vnfr.
Tne hlbst ctt p'te pi"' " Rs.
s hereby given that Land Warrant No.Sff,785
for forty acres of land issued under the act
of Congree approved Sept., tSib,U60 to Uanry Millar.
at fraudulently obtained lioui him, and that a Ob tat
has been entered in the general Land Office 10 arrest tha
iatwaref a patent lhareon.if rttarned located, and that
application will be wade lo the Tension Office (ur a iu
plicate of the amie. HEN'Rt .tfULER,
April It, I 6w. Gen F. Kantdy.ht ageul.
Notice i hrrehy given tint thp tnbicriber ha been
appoint?!1 and ijualitiwl as Anprnlitratnr on the KntU
of Henry mith, deceased late of C'j full counlv, Ohio.
Aoril 1 1. 19M. Sw iA'tl K HA It. II.
Special Notice
TO A ftVIY oh'Hi.'A'BS.Sor.DIVJlS, Vo.rXTEERa,
I KA W t tli S, yA V A I or 1 1J A'A:i,S c A M , MA H
INtvSAMiXAVY CiKKK. A.V0 1 d fcl it SJRVI
visti wiMywsoR mxohi 'Bii,w?vn.
y ' i are now entitled to a Laid Warrant for j
1 16o acres; and if you have already received '
I ' ar Bo ac res, you ere entitled to an additional qihntily j
eijual to 16o acrea. Whether jou dt!.;.a loseM or locate I
roar Warrant, it lamiporiaul dial thcauie be prucu-
i.Ti'h''?i's'h "
, wuo ... . ,u .n i e-acaitw.n,
tb jVepaiuueot as enable ein, to movuic W aa,auta tub
, . . - .,,,-;... ,i..i.. "
1 STfiS? h-.., .
L if. . ...j . . . 1. . . s mQ
cnuniv atiu suit:; i . ... .
nv. leniinent and
ei,'eJ.n,and I'.e t.ttitatu of
hi cnmpjnj; whether the applicant
Ul. .1
"J uu wb .V""" year, and lor ....t t.u .
' whether he ha ever receiii any Warr.iiit, and if ),fur
.w ,, a.-te. what la-become of such W.rr.m.
the olT....t e. v.l i,. tle luvy, hi stattmem mast
t,a . .Ih..r. ,h Lets ,,l ih
If a widow .pplta, she neLt, it. addition, give Hit
p).e.. ,,dl,,oe at ber mariiage, .he n,, .ud oilici!
He of the person who pe,l,,.7,ed tt e ce-ccoi.v, toSetl.tr
a ,-h tl.e il.ne and pl.l e of llT hu.han-.'s death. '
Or.re,eivin)!lh.sCruis,Mr. Livin.:o.. w.ll se-d to
the applicant. uM'. p., -pared, and tetd, fo, . (:u.:o,a)l
the i.ec.-arv p.pe'. with full hni taction. These ...
tiers, after tei i dul exetuied, may be letun in t.i Hi.
Livinj..-toi'; wl.eiei..ou the cerliU. ate will be ublliitd,
and fit iter tho Warraal itself, or tl.e ino' cy therefor,
ss may del red, can be forwaided 10 tho ..plivtat or hi
atlninev. I.egulal' 1.1 t. j ! m,
eases of other, ami loi waid tliein to
will h i liheilly dtalt with.
alio .-pine the
t.ie utidtlti jned,
vin. nil ihe neeifiaiy U'ai.k fi !MI,nd l"':". f'tjll
nir with the reqilirtluthl.'of the law, anil his a. a it
inents hr'n.t; tjtmltt tpfaUcsbW em avoid tnu ib olfier
BtBrtlttbtt ami del, wliieh Ititfbt the ine oce r.
Addiesi all Ooai MMi.iettiqns m .ITllS i.l Vl.St.STtiN',
Omi.n.Usi.iner for till lite State
167, Broadway, N. V,
Hon. W, Ij Marcy, riecr-tary f State.
" Jefferson Davis, Secretary of War.
" J U. Dobbin, Secretary of the ,avy.
" J. (;.Uhrie, Seo'v of ihe Treasury.
" H Mut.'h.'lland, Sec'y of the Intel ior.
" Caleb Uushiuir, Attorney General,
Col J.J. Ab.rt Toporapbicul iing'l , U- S. A.
Lt Col" S.H-Lonif " '
Col, V. S. Belton, 3d Artillery
And Public Officers generally.
April 12. 1865.
j HE underMgned offer for uale their Tannery,
senate In H ashlngton township, ttirroll eo. O., a-
bout 4 mile, north of (Wlios. The yard is eitea-
.... v
sive and convenient, ami hnihlinm n ...i Tt,,
is connected there with fi Acres of land on which is
. . '7. ;- r- ."',lli .
fre,;ed tt gonod ,n"n dweUI"K u"ler "ocetttr, out-
bmllmss- Terms reasonable made to suit puiehaeers.
Apply to Henry Richardson on the premises.
April 5 1855. tf.
IVOnCE is hereby given that the subscribers
I' have been appointed snd qualified a Executors of
the last Will and I'est.nient of Hugh Downing, JJec.
late of Cairoll county, Ohio.
April 5-1855. Sw.
Tho Graceful Ornamrnt to Woman
111 Itirs II A I It 1IKSTURER.
Warranted to restore Hair on any Head that it bald,
April a, ia55-tf
J. C, UAXTKK , Druggist,
Agiitt for Carroll Co,
WHOLESALE dkalers in
Ntt.ftA Wood street, Pill tbiirgli,
aaa now aacivjauaan wiLLK.tr erDCtlorHslto
OK l" t' K1JNU SALrS,
To whloh they mvltw lbe attention of the trade
apnio, 1090. em
THE undersigned would respectfully Inform
the cititen'. of Carrollton and vicinity, that
be has opened out a tailor shop, in the room loriuerly
wbZ' 13! ' h" Str- " !'.
. r'"!"' " eaceuie an wort in nts line no
n the shortest twice, and in (he moat apnroved style.
l,a,se Slre him a call. M. JACKSON.
April 5, 105,1,
Money Wanted,
I would take this method of requesting those
indebted lo me, to call and par their sev
eral accounts and note, as quiet as possible, as 1 an
anriousto leave here as soon as I can, and as I have
uw,..g ro eep me acre only tbe collection of my to
eotints J will receive it set great favor if my frfende
my hieiids
can Boon, it is not my desire to be
coBUieliait to
sue .ny person.
Yours Respectfully,
Of tUA late firm nl n,inin,in t II l..
April 6, 1865 tf. 6.-",
forLii" a DWe' D" P'd 8000 " I'
Carpenter .and Coopert-f have a full assottrnen
L ,1$ TdxbT T' Wcb - Hand n?cZ s
Cut, Chlwlt, c, tc. A K. MMXStm i cT
inform -
that he
red to
u tiding
an Stand,
ty lo watt
y ou nanu
large lot of
Aad tbtr artial, aU t wbatb bed daiawnlaad l kI
cheap, for cash, rleate give Urn a call Ufore pan haa
iiiac iawbi. and IrttnaSrt sK ,
Ma.ch -'4 if J tCOB.TAUTf.
tw rfatUwtal.lp fc.
stars fc. at beea
MirtnW Fwbtt fraaai the saM tVa. . fa basin will
lieeawttST btu iWwBSIl. In aU lttjtJStajBt, by William
luber an lataea JsAttS,u4ajr Ota ttBftrd style of
Fithtri Amimon.
ty All pcraont knowlnf tbtmael tt todabttd to the
lata hr n, in any way, "ill 0lt a4 aattle their rtspec
tive accounts, on or b-foie ine 14 ..f piil A then all
aeoount unsettled will beptteed in fat btml of nfBcera
lor ooaieeti .... W IIAUM f I - li K It .
Pantnn, 0. tre'i IV-'BS. 1WK
hui,r.lii MibL,
Wmmlmm U Lr,'l,v t'lven that
er hanrert
BDnoinledand ,: i.:un'J s fseeufrit el tholat WUI
fend Taalpment of Ko'vJ't
late vl l ai
. - nf i-V
roll coatitv. Ohio.
i rvr.r. "
March 29. 1855. 3r,
Notice It hereby give., mat the subtciiber has been
appoiuted and quslSed as ZTiocutor of " ihe hsrt WW
and Teatsmant ol Edwsrd Foster, dtcnated, late of Ct
real counlv. hto. JOiiX M. BRYANT.
March 29, 1C55. 3w.
' D AV ii) DAV18r AST ATE.
Ncko is htrtbv Bviiu tbe .uheiibei has ben
tppviuted nud qualified a Ejeeutor of the att Wilt
and Testament of iJavid )avi, deceased, late of Car
roll ooutlv, " no. OKORGE DAVIS.
March 26, 18o5. 3w. , ,
Notice it hcieby given ilint iie subscriber has been
appointed and qualified Adailti'strator on the Kstale
of Mart Hajatnan, deceased, l.'le of CsrroM couuty,
March 29, 1C63. 3w.
or tax
Family & School Iiislruclor,
R,A Hepo,Hory of Sue... . aod Art. u.d of Ul
1 . . T. TTTi .7 . . ia
craiu'e, oasen oiqy iipou fie i lot ii uu mj",
. . ve!on-i.2 to mm .The M.u-e-iv steps of MsPrngse o
t frnnVoj- w.e m. 1e.mo.tat lraii.y
i i .... t- i'. 1-, i'i-.a ol the Kam i)
j , ,
a.Hi o. nun..
Ti,. in, The Ornenit TninrovementofSotieiy. Noar
tide viit be i - rti l of douhl'ul nitrtluy. We huu.biv
t usl to be ahle Id lu.nisb p r"'a"ently ipferestina; and
protitable mstter tuitnMe for bnidhig in a lolume lor fu
. . . . i : .... . .i .. i . a ,1 . will ....
ur,! """S- " .-se"i i"r ana i,..uv., -
t' "iU -'"j. '. ncucal .n.truci.on m the
B".?'e fV" " commonly aeqwr-
fd '? M"Mte' tchatV....." As no aat eau be abso-
ue'.lt1 IU u,au'!"i "', ."? lB tardina in ereirbJ
of our neighbor , owe thai I strive to contribute to a
PUre- Pr,n'"iM ":' 0 ajiwt ai.J r,,Ubhcn
I'oh.y.unutotci. wab tect.rn,.,., dogmttism.or tyranny.
Iu advance, U. e copy far one year, ?1,25
" Kl.-c copies " 6,00
Ten copies " 11,50
" Twenty fineopiesone ytar 15,1X1
To memher of a club, c wilt send to tny office or
change the pott ofl.ee addicts. wheterer r.eied.
Auy person obtaining siogte btbseiipiions at (1,25 may
letain lor commission, n aloVe ihe clob piice', trd
fifteen per cent additionally. ,
KniTocs ol weeklies or monthlies, giiug Ibis Tros
peclus tmeUisertinn (it.cludW Ihis note)and h.vi.ii.g
atl.'iiiioti in it, will be entitled to a cop. ol the lust. ue
loi fit- one ye.r. liackuumhe.s su.p'ii:d.
Address, 0 N. IIAfUslfOlfN
Mt Diiieb, Stark Co., Ohiu.
March ii'55. n I
I i.flTer at piivate Sale the following de'-cribed preini
es, situate in Lo township, Carroll county, Ohio, U
wil ; 8') actcs of l.'td. 50 of which is under good cut-
tiva.ion, the b .lance well timhoied on whiob Is eren.
te l a gonl steaui ttd water grit ..id saw mill; a good
dwelling huut and lhet necessary uutbuilulug ', also,
containing two good oiehard. For particulars inquire
of the subscriber on the premises. If bv letter, direct
(post pair!) to Uarleiu Spiiugs Carroll Co., hio.
March 29, 1865. Sw.
1 r itinni I T(l nun.
i H V.L'IV . S OHIO-
V McrP.fi has tBK. n the aoove bouse and
n,vitts f'd ''d t1 PCulie genettJIy to
B" ." call. Every attention re.,,.,,,
U" customers coutforlablo will be given.
So. IS.
Co-partnership Notice
The undersigned have fo.mcd a Co partne.thiti in
rhe mercautilo business, and hope the liberal patronage
extended to the "old firm" will be continued with ihe
nw. J . I. C JMMINGS.
Cnrolllon, March 1C. 155.
H'E are now receiving one of the largest and
I. . .-I m..l ....I ...,,! ... IV. II O I t. -A.
w... . ..... u w, .,al acrs K.iu norue.a
ever before oOertd. Uur stock is. .11 new this 8j.n..K
and comprises the lates and best styK It consists in
part of HsII papers of new and beautiful desl na. Par
lor, fining Koom aud Chamber Papers, ia every ra
riety of style .ud quality.
Gilt, Silver Velvet and common borders of nw
Transparent Window Sh.des. Fig'd nd Pl.in wjth
Putnam' Patent Kixture; Plain Green .Blue and Fig d
Window Blinds and Kireboard Screens In great variety
of patterns,
Willi an extensive ossorlrnent to select frrlfn, and low
prices, wueipect to pltase those who may giv at a
C1L AicUOW ULL ft CO.,
booksellers, Stationers and Paper Dealers,
Matket Street Steubenville, Ohio.
JM.reh , J8o tf.
Mcdowell & oo., "
WSIOLCSALI atO BBTilL .. fl ftd
: . aitlllil 'AW. ;:MAli r.
17EEP always on hand it large assortment of
14 School, .Ueoi. al and Mioelline, a bnnk. P. ...a
Anted Cap and -cite, paper ; Pritnigg and Wran
ping I'tpers of U siaas, Koi Papare, Envempts, Steel
Pens, aud all kinds of Stationary. '
7-h are prepared to fill alt mders frcm Mereh.bts
School Committees, Teacher and others at lew Mees
Havmg a hmdery connected will, our esttAsBaawiiit
wai tr. prepared to make .11 kind of fihsAtr fetA.il
roa4s, Iuamance Companies, Uguuty OQW banks
usTth'at'f0- ,.;riBrCd rrkJto erf. A- -.'
usa tbe best quaHty of Btock.and emnlnv v -...t.
m.f ??r . 8rk I Comrarre favovnbly wUh that of .ny
other itmdery la the Statu. ... t,-.i d
to order. -. .-u
The hiehest mark,.. nrtAA nut.t tn Ru. a IP ' ,
SorPg- McDOWM.f. ttn
Steubenvill,, March IB, 186. tf.
Importers and Jobber, if
Fornlin and Domestic Hardware ,
Tm Ae. atevt th tntranc of Ae taeWeoa Httd,
No. 41, Superior Sreet, Cleveland, Ohio.
.'. "V
lb awbHc Ba. at,
tatr waawa aan-.lt andar

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